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Heritage Methodologies & Fieldwork

Heritage is highly interdisciplinary field of study and, as such, draws widely on methodologies used in other disciplines including Anthropology, Archaeology, Architecture, History, Sociology, and Psychology. Their use within in heritage research is, however, not uncritical. As an emerging field of significant societal importance heritage studies have adapted and developed creolised methodological approaches to meet the distinct needs of the discipline. The methodologies used affect and dictate the aims and premises of research and thus shape our understanding of heritage. This research theme seeks to critically reflect, develop and expand the methodological tool kit available to heritage researchers and the ways in which these can inform the interpretations we make on the basis of our data. Retaining the common focus of Heritage Studies on the use of case studies and fieldwork, the research theme looks at different ways to investigate practices (textual, oral, performative, material) that accumulate around heritage.

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