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Spotlight Archive

The Past is a Foreigh Country

Professor David Lowenthal died peacefully at home in London on 15 September 2018. His critical eye, through which he looked at our present, will be painfully missed. Although, we think of him as the father of Heritage Studies, he is not our reluctant heritage, he is more than that: David Lowenthal is our history.

by Andrea Kocsis, September 2018

Archive Bamiyan

Reconstructing the Bamiyan Buddhas

In 2001, the Taliban destroyed the colossal Bamiyan Buddhas situated in war-torn Afghanistan. The destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas is perhaps the most iconic example of modern heritage destruction. PhD Candidate J. Eva Meharry reflects on what role the Bamiyan Buddhas played in Afghanistan’s political history and what role the site may play in future as the country reconstructs its national identity.

by J. Eva Meharry, August 2018

Archive Clifford

Interpreting the site of a 700 year old massacre

Today the Clifford's Tower is one of the main tourist attractions in York managed by English Heritage. The pretty medieval keep standing in the heart of the city is charming, with its clumsily leaning walls and the peaceful families of geese living around it. There is little to give away that Clifford's Tower is a place of dissonant heritage. However, it is a dissonant heritage site, since one of the worst anti-Semitic massacres of the Middle Ages took place here in 1190. CHRC Graduate Member Andrea Kocsis considers what keeps us from interpreting emotionally the contested heritage site.

by Andrea Kocsis, May 2018