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"UgwC6H_sZp7CNJTSYjd4AaABAg","Bob Bob","CNN extreme left-wing fake news.","3","4","2020-06-08 14:08:59","true",""
"UgwC6H_sZp7CNJTSYjd4AaABAg.99dpWs7QwiG99dpdHoPIb9","I AM NI6HTM6RE36","How this did happen. How is it fake news ? Is it because white supremacists like yourself are not pushed in a golden light ?","5","","2020-06-08 14:10:00","false",""
"UgwC6H_sZp7CNJTSYjd4AaABAg.99dpWs7QwiG99dpzbyPt3t","irish buck","@I AM NI6HTM6RE36 All lives MATTER","1","","2020-06-08 14:13:03","false",""
"UgwC6H_sZp7CNJTSYjd4AaABAg.99dpWs7QwiG99dqERDwsUh","Tim Perry","Remember when protesters rose up and started tearing down the Berlin Wall?
Conservatives were wholehearted supporters of that  behavior. 
But this movement doesn't fit their narrow world view so in this case they call it a criminal act.
Your hypocrisy is showing. Better cover that up.","2","","2020-06-08 14:15:13","false",""
"UgwC6H_sZp7CNJTSYjd4AaABAg.99dpWs7QwiG99drQ-XRz_V","I AM NI6HTM6RE36","@irish buck I agree, but so do black lives. If black lives mattered you would not have to quote all lives matter.","0","","2020-06-08 14:25:32","false",""
"Ugy0jOXFRhzBzRfQB9h4AaABAg","Football watch","First","2","0","2020-06-08 14:09:03","true",""
"UgwkykIMsI3bg9cHPk54AaABAg","Jakeson","Pls don’t say first, there is no point.","13","3","2020-06-08 14:09:04","true",""
"UgwkykIMsI3bg9cHPk54AaABAg.99dpXRRKnB_99dpZHXTGP3","From the 508 Brockton ma","You just did","2","","2020-06-08 14:09:19","false",""
"UgwkykIMsI3bg9cHPk54AaABAg.99dpXRRKnB_99dpb3Rt-nQ","Jakeson","From the 508 Brockton ma fantastic humour I’m laughing","1","","2020-06-08 14:09:42","false",""
"UgwkykIMsI3bg9cHPk54AaABAg.99dpXRRKnB_99dptPOwxy7","O'Brien's Family Dog","What about lucky number 26?","0","","2020-06-08 14:12:12","false",""
"UgzYTFRdnqtEkfvOy8p4AaABAg","Sadike Chopgad","🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥","15","0","2020-06-08 14:09:07","true",""
"UgwupFNvJ0be7wkadOh4AaABAg","Lilstrawberry Wolf","0.0","0","0","2020-06-08 14:09:10","true",""
"UgyAM8B4_iVPsyW2hiV4AaABAg","Kenny Brooks","😎","1","0","2020-06-08 14:09:12","true",""
"UgyLob1fx6BrOYjzwyV4AaABAg","Masson H","The protests in the US have spread around the world ...

Hopefully the US will get back to normal after the 3rd of November.","70","31","2020-06-08 14:09:24","true",""
"UgyLob1fx6BrOYjzwyV4AaABAg.99dpZu-Bfso99dplYefx59","Just-Call Me-Non","I know you said 3rd because of the election but alls i can think is Remember Remember the 5th of November","5","","2020-06-08 14:11:08","false",""
"UgyLob1fx6BrOYjzwyV4AaABAg.99dpZu-Bfso99dpo48-sd6","MrMavrick8888","It will thank goodness when trump gets re-elected!","2","","2020-06-08 14:11:28","false",""
"UgyLob1fx6BrOYjzwyV4AaABAg.99dpZu-Bfso99dpskD7WSY","Masson H","MrMavrick8888   I will be over quickly.

The US has never had a less popular President than Trump. We will have to wait out these last 5 months ...","14","","2020-06-08 14:12:07","false",""
"UgyLob1fx6BrOYjzwyV4AaABAg.99dpZu-Bfso99dpxUlWsGk","nathan ormiston","@MrMavrick8888 trump is the worst thing that's happened to your ""great nation"" in a while","16","","2020-06-08 14:12:46","false",""
"UgyLob1fx6BrOYjzwyV4AaABAg.99dpZu-Bfso99dq02XYT_v","Dee Lee","We will never be normal long as Stalin Jr is in the WH","11","","2020-06-08 14:13:15","false",""
"UgyLob1fx6BrOYjzwyV4AaABAg.99dpZu-Bfso99dq8EwL0Am","POC Skellington","@MrMavrick8888 whoever votes for Trump again is a delusional moron there is no way we can take four more years of that loser","13","","2020-06-08 14:14:22","false",""
Trump is toast.","8","","2020-06-08 14:14:23","false",""
"UgyLob1fx6BrOYjzwyV4AaABAg.99dpZu-Bfso99dq9tL2-Hm","John Winslow","@MrMavrick8888 Little Hitler wanabe tyrent will never be reelected period 
Infact we will find out that Trump was an illegitimate president","11","","2020-06-08 14:14:35","false",""
"UgyLob1fx6BrOYjzwyV4AaABAg.99dpZu-Bfso99dqA7_e1qi","Masson H","MrMavrick8888   After 3,5 years of Trump ...

80% of Americans believe Amerika is totally out of control. MAGA has become a joke. 🙄","11","","2020-06-08 14:14:37","false",""
"UgyLob1fx6BrOYjzwyV4AaABAg.99dpZu-Bfso99dqDUy8RdC","FirstRyan Murray","I hope it's better than normal. But I'll take it over fascist, and bat-shit insane.","4","","2020-06-08 14:15:05","false",""
"UgyLob1fx6BrOYjzwyV4AaABAg.99dpZu-Bfso99dqMCvPwGg","A Taurus Knows Best","Remember, it’s Not over until January 20th","1","","2020-06-08 14:16:16","false",""
"UgyLob1fx6BrOYjzwyV4AaABAg.99dpZu-Bfso99dr1AxY2wb","THE EQUALIZER!","@MrMavrick8888 keep dreaming MORON, not gonna happen.","5","","2020-06-08 14:22:08","false",""
"UgyLob1fx6BrOYjzwyV4AaABAg.99dpZu-Bfso99dr6Cqgk62","immobilien","President Trump will easily be elected. Do you think the silent majority will put up with this bullshit from the democrats?","0","","2020-06-08 14:22:49","false",""
"UgyLob1fx6BrOYjzwyV4AaABAg.99dpZu-Bfso99drHzsHHB9","THE EQUALIZER!","@immobilien reelected, yeah right, Biden is gonna CRUSH Trump's ass!!","8","","2020-06-08 14:24:26","false",""
"UgyLob1fx6BrOYjzwyV4AaABAg.99dpZu-Bfso99drPmZ4vfu","Masson H","immobilien  Can we agree republicans don’t vote for black politicians?

Ever wondered why? 🤔","1","","2020-06-08 14:25:30","false",""
"UgyLob1fx6BrOYjzwyV4AaABAg.99dpZu-Bfso99dsIVuGoE1","sjewitt22","What??","0","","2020-06-08 14:33:14","false",""
"UgyLob1fx6BrOYjzwyV4AaABAg.99dpZu-Bfso99dsIzzBH1u","Southern Yankee","immobilien yes. They'll continue to stay silent because their old and outnumber lol","0","","2020-06-08 14:33:18","false",""
"UgyLob1fx6BrOYjzwyV4AaABAg.99dpZu-Bfso99dsKOrOl1U","TeachAble","@nathan ormiston Ever ... trump is the worst thing to EVER happen to the U.S.  EVER.","3","","2020-06-08 14:33:30","false",""
"UgyLob1fx6BrOYjzwyV4AaABAg.99dpZu-Bfso99dsYZ6bUH6","Vital Signs","@Masson H is it your thinking that thirteen percent of the population voted obama in?","0","","2020-06-08 14:35:26","false",""
"UgyLob1fx6BrOYjzwyV4AaABAg.99dpZu-Bfso99dscrfGPZX","Vega Nona","Yep, right after the election the black single parent rate will drop from 77% to 0.
Right after the election, the 69% of blacks who drop out of school will dissapear.","0","","2020-06-08 14:36:09","false",""
"UgyLob1fx6BrOYjzwyV4AaABAg.99dpZu-Bfso99dtA1GE8Xb","TeachAble","@immobilien Obviously you don't even know who the 'silent majority' is ... LET ME TELL YOU:  They are the 100 million who DIDN'T vote in 2016 because of disillusionment and disgust PLUS 65 million Dems.  Now trot on back to your President Bonespurs.","1","","2020-06-08 14:40:49","false",""
"UgyLob1fx6BrOYjzwyV4AaABAg.99dpZu-Bfso99dtRAjSpSk","Festerbestertester6","@TeachAble - Trump is a stain upon the ENTIRE WORLD.  If anyone tries to put up a statue of Trump, it's going to be destroyed with great violence.","2","","2020-06-08 14:43:10","false",""
"UgyLob1fx6BrOYjzwyV4AaABAg.99dpZu-Bfso99duNR4ZXhO","Stephen Samantha Patrick","I hope so🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞","0","","2020-06-08 14:51:23","false",""
"UgyLob1fx6BrOYjzwyV4AaABAg.99dpZu-Bfso99dv4sFEWEl","Stephen Samantha Patrick","Hopefully once Trump is voted out of office he'll be shipped off to a black site never to be seen or heard from again","2","","2020-06-08 14:57:36","false",""
"UgyLob1fx6BrOYjzwyV4AaABAg.99dpZu-Bfso99dvCazJBUF","Dubjax 30","The US should never go ""back"".
Yes trump is malignant festering tumour eating away at social justice and equality but even before he came along there was much that needed fixing","3","","2020-06-08 14:58:39","false",""
"UgyLob1fx6BrOYjzwyV4AaABAg.99dpZu-Bfso99dvKsIHQK2","Backpfeifengesicht !","I hope it won't go back to normal. That would mean that nothing has changed. Police brutality and systematic racism won't just disappear once Trump is gone. They were there way before him.","3","","2020-06-08 14:59:47","false",""
"UgyLob1fx6BrOYjzwyV4AaABAg.99dpZu-Bfso99dzCahsG9J","GT Nismo","There will be a new normal. A better normal. A normal that we the people deserve. Not a normal for the rich.","0","","2020-06-08 15:33:36","false",""
"UgyLob1fx6BrOYjzwyV4AaABAg.99dpZu-Bfso99dze8EMjUo","Pilot Perry","Depends on what normal is?! The way things have been going in America for the past 66 years needs to be abandoned, it's not working.","0","","2020-06-08 15:37:30","false",""
"UgyLob1fx6BrOYjzwyV4AaABAg.99dpZu-Bfso99eV65BNqFV","MrMavrick8888","Masson H it’s only democrat strong holds that are rioting and burning!! Republican districts are fine! Liberal policies are what leads to unrest. Do your research and you will see where democrats have been in power for decades are falling apart and on fire","0","","2020-06-08 20:21:04","false",""
"UgyLob1fx6BrOYjzwyV4AaABAg.99dpZu-Bfso99eVEy6yORh","MrMavrick8888","THE EQUALIZER! Ha Biden cant even talk!! He is demented!!","0","","2020-06-08 20:22:17","false",""
"UgyLob1fx6BrOYjzwyV4AaABAg.99dpZu-Bfso99fxWcyNm2c","A Taurus Knows Best","immobilien.  The “Silent Majority” was a fabrication when Nixon spoke of it, and it’s a fabrication today. The American Dream was always a Dream, not a realistic potentiality, statistically speaking. Poor, Young people are smart enough to realize that us poor, older folk have been delusional to have thought, for even a single instance, that THE DREAM exists in reality. It’s over. Even if they mobilize the military for a Police State Gov’t. Once it’s over in the minds of the youth, the future, the whole system fails...","0","","2020-06-09 09:57:20","false",""
"UgxQIIOTG5cCm-Dlug94AaABAg","Bob Bob","Trump 2020🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧","2","1","2020-06-08 14:09:24","true",""
"UgxQIIOTG5cCm-Dlug94AaABAg.99dpZsbn32A99dqag_ZtmU","Dr. James Olack","Bob Bob 

Troll.","0","","2020-06-08 14:18:23","false",""
"Ugwbhev3fb7Ng3_1HqN4AaABAg","Football watch","That's good","4","0","2020-06-08 14:09:24","true",""
"UgxCgLYmd4EK9Gl3JtV4AaABAg","Dada Tv - Nursery Rhymes & Children's Songs","Good for them, it's 21st century and it will be harmful to remember that your grand father was a slave for your neighbor grand fathers","110","12","2020-06-08 14:09:26","true",""
"UgxCgLYmd4EK9Gl3JtV4AaABAg.99dp_A9cWcL99drH0hMxly","Gaming Nirvana","Peace.","4","","2020-06-08 14:24:18","false",""
"UgxCgLYmd4EK9Gl3JtV4AaABAg.99dp_A9cWcL99dsaUqdsCD","Tom Marker","Lol let's destroy history it's the 21st","0","","2020-06-08 14:35:50","false",""
"UgxCgLYmd4EK9Gl3JtV4AaABAg.99dp_A9cWcL99dtpflXQav","Dada Tv - Nursery Rhymes & Children's Songs","@Tom Marker  it will be harmful to remember that your grand father was a slave for your neighbor grand fathers","1","","2020-06-08 14:46:39","false",""
"UgxCgLYmd4EK9Gl3JtV4AaABAg.99dp_A9cWcL99duOXnw1cT","Tom Marker","@Dada Tv - Nursery Rhymes & Children's Songs you lefties are insane. People need to know their history you ignorent tatertot this is sicking just like the Muslims or the explorers in the new world","0","","2020-06-08 14:51:32","false",""
"UgxCgLYmd4EK9Gl3JtV4AaABAg.99dp_A9cWcL99dulicXil3","Robert Vaughn","When true nationlists get in it will go back up again}:‑)","0","","2020-06-08 14:54:51","false",""
"UgxCgLYmd4EK9Gl3JtV4AaABAg.99dp_A9cWcL99dxaDtchoN","B. lessed","More along the lines of, great great great great great grandfather","0","","2020-06-08 15:19:29","false",""
"UgxCgLYmd4EK9Gl3JtV4AaABAg.99dp_A9cWcL99dyRxm_bnw","Zulu Oscar","​@Tom Marker You have the mind of a child. 

Do you believe that people will forget slavery existed because we get rid of memorials to murderous psychopaths? 

People today are doing justice to the memory of those who suffered unspeakable evils at the hands of greed. People are standing up against institutionalized racism and divisions that were the cornerstones of modern society.","0","","2020-06-08 15:26:58","false",""
"UgxCgLYmd4EK9Gl3JtV4AaABAg.99dp_A9cWcL99dyjZoVvic","DiamondTraquel","@B. lessed well over here in's more like great grandfather on back bitch","0","","2020-06-08 15:29:30","false",""
"UgxCgLYmd4EK9Gl3JtV4AaABAg.99dp_A9cWcL99e0pa4dd0p","Tom Marker","@Zulu Oscar there is not racism. It's called intelect privlage","0","","2020-06-08 15:56:32","false",""
"UgxCgLYmd4EK9Gl3JtV4AaABAg.99dp_A9cWcL99e0z7pH8jO","Tom Marker","@Zulu Oscar this isn't justice lol this is a childish tantrum funded by tax payers lmao","0","","2020-06-08 15:57:50","false",""
"UgxCgLYmd4EK9Gl3JtV4AaABAg.99dp_A9cWcL99e15UZwr8P","Tom Marker","@Robert Vaughn I stand with black natonlists globalists need to get thrown in the river","0","","2020-06-08 15:58:51","false",""
"UgxCgLYmd4EK9Gl3JtV4AaABAg.99dp_A9cWcL99e1GE2xEo8","Tom Marker","@Zulu Oscar you realize the north where the aggressors right? Why should people have to be ruled by some one when they don't want to be? Enforced with the blood of the most American deaths. In the name of protecting federal government authority, the same authority you are crying about now","0","","2020-06-08 16:00:19","false",""
"Ugzo5BVCPmhoddihytN4AaABAg","Kay Klash Music Artist","😮.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣","4","0","2020-06-08 14:09:27","true",""
"UgxaQcsZ7_SsCyyL3mB4AaABAg","Modernwoman 201433","Go Brits Go","1","0","2020-06-08 14:09:31","true",""
"UgzJV0s40jEbbdG2SPZ4AaABAg","Lyons T-BAG","Absolutely excellent thing to do with a statue on such a disgusting person.","23","0","2020-06-08 14:09:32","true",""
"UgyvOMrf91o3lrmbhh14AaABAg","crocco doggo","Whaaaaaa?","1","1","2020-06-08 14:09:34","true",""
"UgyvOMrf91o3lrmbhh14AaABAg.99dpa7GyxsP99dpvWCrE0A","Garry G","A monument to a filthy slave trader was torn down! And those Confederate Statues that glorify slavery and treason days are numbered too!","1","","2020-06-08 14:12:29","false",""
"UgyHbkYmmo1leKA-kM94AaABAg","Vuthy Lim Art","Look so terrible","0","1","2020-06-08 14:09:41","true",""
"UgyHbkYmmo1leKA-kM94AaABAg.99dpayNQgdN99dpewo8uwN","crocco doggo","Helo","0","","2020-06-08 14:10:14","false",""
"UgyYWltZiuo-H-bn5PB4AaABAg","karma Deluxe60","💪🏿","5","3","2020-06-08 14:09:50","true",""
"UgyYWltZiuo-H-bn5PB4AaABAg.99dpc1SBWeg99dpd8lXpix","crocco doggo","Hi","1","","2020-06-08 14:09:59","false",""
"UgyYWltZiuo-H-bn5PB4AaABAg.99dpc1SBWeg99dq82udy6I","Matt H","💪🏿💪🏻 we in this together 🤝","1","","2020-06-08 14:14:20","false",""
"UgyYWltZiuo-H-bn5PB4AaABAg.99dpc1SBWeg99dvzrbAdjZ","karma Deluxe60","@Matt H 🤝","0","","2020-06-08 15:05:31","false",""
"Ugz9MTVBP0s8LQvXM0t4AaABAg","théo bugey","Vivement que cela se termine.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:09:56","true",""
"UgwAYQGhIEUvhdwe2tZ4AaABAg","Nicolas Cloutier","Good. That statue should have been gotten rid of a long time ago.","9","0","2020-06-08 14:10:00","true",""
"UgwzcPhLTfu6a6C90X94AaABAg","JONATHAN SUTCLIFFE","alleged social distancing restrictions overhauled? anyhow; no news r.e alleged city officials ever wanting to lose the statue... so... cnn decide this is course of action???? pooh on them...","0","0","2020-06-08 14:10:01","true",""
"Ugwy2ScZnQIwaOZeM6h4AaABAg","Tim Perry","Woot!","2","0","2020-06-08 14:10:02","true",""
"Ugx4f1-cGnRm56q_w4h4AaABAg","irish buck","These rioters should be jailed immediately 

All lives matter","4","0","2020-06-08 14:10:05","true",""
"UgwJklKUhBesLcECFo14AaABAg","YooToob CensorsMe","Democrats fought a war to prevent Republicans from freeing them.","0","4","2020-06-08 14:10:07","true",""
"UgwJklKUhBesLcECFo14AaABAg.99dpe5irohi99ds0yOQ-Bo","bonnie duncan","that is such a tired old argument...if you have two brain cells to rub together you know that the parties have basically switched sides...proof is in the fact that there’s no way steve king, mitch mcconnell, or jeff sessions would’ve fought against keeping slaves...good try though...","0","","2020-06-08 14:30:51","false",""
"UgwJklKUhBesLcECFo14AaABAg.99dpe5irohi99dsi_udlrp","YooToob CensorsMe","bonnie duncan the argument that is old and tired is that the parties “switched sides” when the reality is that Republicans have outperformed democrats on every single piece of landmark civil rights legislation from the 13th amendment through the CRA of 1968. Here’s the vote tallies while democrats were pushing Jim Crow into the mid 70’s. 

13th amendment to abolish slavery passed with 100% Republican Support, 23% Democrat support

14th amendment to grant citizenship to blacks passed with 94% Republican support 0% democrat support.

15th amendment granting the blacks the right to vote passed with 100% Republican support, 0% democrat support.

Civil rights act of 1957 passed in the house with 90% Republican support and 52% democrat support. It passed in the house with 100% Republican support and 61% democrat support.

Civil rights act of 1960 passed in house with 90% Republican support and 65% democrat support. It passed in the senate with 100% Republican support and 65% democrat support.

Civil rights act of 1964 passed in the house with 82% Republican support and 69% democrat support. It passed in the senate with 80% Republican support and 61% democrat support.

Thurgood Marshall was confirmed to the SCOTUS with 10 democrats voting AGAINST in comparison to the single Republican voting AGAINST.

Civil rights act of 1968 passed in house with 87% Republican support and 71% democrat support. 11 Democrats didn’t vote at all compared to a 100% Republican vote. It passed in the senate with 91% Republican support and 72% democrat support.","0","","2020-06-08 14:36:56","false",""
"UgwJklKUhBesLcECFo14AaABAg.99dpe5irohi99dvbA_SQhc","effawefweafawefwefwfqwWQEWEFEYHTYKJYUKUT","@YooToob CensorsMe Look up the party switch","0","","2020-06-08 15:02:08","false",""
"UgwJklKUhBesLcECFo14AaABAg.99dpe5irohi99dw7-hAkae","YooToob CensorsMe","effawefweafawefwefwfqwWQEWEFEYHTYKJYUKUT look up why it didn’t happen. Look up how many Dixiecrats became Republicans. Out of 120, 4 of them became Republican. The rest went back to being democrats or left politics forever.","0","","2020-06-08 15:06:37","false",""
"UgyqhHu2GdnCQyRo7kB4AaABAg","Adham Abuirtaimeh","Hi","1","0","2020-06-08 14:10:08","true",""
"UgxT7esz5YnRKTOKoNF4AaABAg","takamex","Their dream is to throw Washington and Jefferson next and stand in their place Marx, Lenin and Mao.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:10:08","true",""
"UgxsYq4fiv-6AKtbCkZ4AaABAg","NOTHING BURGER - CONFIRMED.","*GEORGE SOROS IS Y'ALLS NEW **#SLAVEOWNER** 😂*","7","0","2020-06-08 14:10:10","true",""
"UgyDCGcUAWDPstuY-1R4AaABAg","Deeqo Haji","Omg","2","0","2020-06-08 14:10:12","true",""
"UgziNqf-pxv99qu2RhJ4AaABAg","Mr Random","Get to working protestors 💪","33","0","2020-06-08 14:10:12","true",""
"UgxVXLgM5-kOoZD0ocd4AaABAg","mazlum dogan","I see no changes all i see is racist faces misplaced hate makes disgrace to races TUPAC","16","2","2020-06-08 14:10:14","true",""
"UgxVXLgM5-kOoZD0ocd4AaABAg.99dpeyAa7vZ99dqbzN7MlQ","musicvideos2695","mazlum dogan isn’t it crazy how those lines still have meaning some 25 years later","1","","2020-06-08 14:18:34","false",""
"UgxVXLgM5-kOoZD0ocd4AaABAg.99dpeyAa7vZ99drCfItCg4","Paul Rhodes","Mazlum you cannot see until you know what is happening, You are merely looking in a fish tank wondering why Go out and talk to the people in the protests.","0","","2020-06-08 14:23:42","false",""
"Ugwcke32OAYf2GMx-1h4AaABAg","Amadeo komnenus","How on earth does the progressive UK have a statue of a slave trader still!? I'd expect that kind of sh1T in America.","0","1","2020-06-08 14:10:17","true",""
"Ugwcke32OAYf2GMx-1h4AaABAg.99dpfMjT7U399dse0uwvwU","effawefweafawefwefwfqwWQEWEFEYHTYKJYUKUT","It isn't a progressive country, it's still fairly backwards outside of the towns and cities...","0","","2020-06-08 14:36:19","false",""
"Ugx25SbPNyUzigAyrKh4AaABAg","David G.S","CNN = Joe Biden","3","2","2020-06-08 14:10:18","true",""
"Ugx25SbPNyUzigAyrKh4AaABAg.99dpfSWg_Xq99dq-EVmqM0","O'Brien's Family Dog","Common Sense = Biden","0","","2020-06-08 14:13:08","false",""
"Ugx25SbPNyUzigAyrKh4AaABAg.99dpfSWg_Xq99dq2lhooJI","O'Brien's Family Dog","Chaos candidate = Trump","0","","2020-06-08 14:13:37","false",""
"Ugy5cX_dEeaj43sxYgV4AaABAg","Hitech Auto","Hell yea","4","0","2020-06-08 14:10:22","true",""
"UgyyAqMDV4zuIsoJSmF4AaABAg","John Preston","tossed his bronze ass in the drink didn't they...
LOL...","0","0","2020-06-08 14:10:25","true",""
"UgxJo93gd2C-knzd_5F4AaABAg","Dittzx","You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time."" Abraham Lincoln","5","0","2020-06-08 14:10:27","true",""
"UgzdTSkH7nKHeAalLq14AaABAg","irish buck","Wow looks really peaceful!!!!","6","3","2020-06-08 14:10:30","true",""
"UgzdTSkH7nKHeAalLq14AaABAg.99dpgtqhLKt99dqQ6YV52I","Neptune","This man was a mass Murderer!","4","","2020-06-08 14:16:48","false",""
"UgzdTSkH7nKHeAalLq14AaABAg.99dpgtqhLKt99dqkEY9UuY","Ver Coda","Well, simply summing up the reaction here in Ireland today to their action: Good.

Such statues belong in museums, where their legacy can be noted and used for education, Not out in public. Nobody endorses violence - but I'm not going to shed any tears that a slave trader statue was ripped down by a mob and dumped.","1","","2020-06-08 14:19:41","false",""
"UgzdTSkH7nKHeAalLq14AaABAg.99dpgtqhLKt99drlq7Z7Nd","Tim Perry","Every single extended period of peace in human history was preceded by war.
The West has had 70+ years of relative peace. Four generations have grown up thinking that that is normal. It is not. We are a tribal species. Civilization is what creates peace but civilization is not our natural state.
Peace has a high cost. If Conservative types want peace then they are going to have to pay that cost.","1","","2020-06-08 14:28:39","false",""
"UgwmOmct0AyUNwZOiBR4AaABAg","Matt H","Neo-Confederates will call it blasphemy","6","0","2020-06-08 14:10:31","true",""
"UgxBCbXwLhR1DMWmdYZ4AaABAg","NOTHING BURGER - CONFIRMED.","*CNN IS **#SLAVEOWNER** 😂*","5","0","2020-06-08 14:10:33","true",""
"Ugw6INXgJUwiS1sz5aV4AaABAg","Juan-Carlos François","✊🏾✊🏿✊🏽😤","1","0","2020-06-08 14:10:39","true",""
"Ugx5uRxa-Wio14rI0JZ4AaABAg","Jai Norman","About time ✊🏿","2","0","2020-06-08 14:10:40","true",""
"UgynxU-ubHNLtCRVhAB4AaABAg","LoudTake9","I love it!","1","0","2020-06-08 14:10:44","true",""
"UgyTkUHppl5bLhUWNoB4AaABAg","Lay Menghuy","people are not smart just know that NOTHING ! can change the past why throw the statue into the river it doesnt change anything >:(","1","1","2020-06-08 14:10:48","true",""
"UgyTkUHppl5bLhUWNoB4AaABAg.99dpj8N4MdK99dqRKRufas","Lidia Tekle","Out of sight out of mind!!!!","0","","2020-06-08 14:16:58","false",""
"Ugz5BVG1Bl86ZoYCoyN4AaABAg","Exe","YES","2","0","2020-06-08 14:10:50","true",""
"Ugx1_WFzOybT30JY38Z4AaABAg","Clint Burford","Guess they were done with that statue.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:10:51","true",""
"UgyP55zUbxAdLii52JN4AaABAg","Thanh Mai","Unity is strength! Everyone needs to join the movement to end social injustice and systemic racism 🙌💯","205","22","2020-06-08 14:10:52","true",""
"UgyP55zUbxAdLii52JN4AaABAg.99dpjeFF3E799dpy4GRMp9","Jeanine Ruggs","amen","2","","2020-06-08 14:12:50","false",""
"UgyP55zUbxAdLii52JN4AaABAg.99dpjeFF3E799dqOmOvUCi","Oussama Rahhab","what about social distancing measures ? you know the pandemic is not over yet","4","","2020-06-08 14:16:37","false",""
"UgyP55zUbxAdLii52JN4AaABAg.99dpjeFF3E799dqfAEu6bN","Stylez Beast Mode","Oussama Rahhab racism is also a pandemic and its been killing my ppl for over 400yrs the covid19 is not what i fear. A flu type virus never oppressed me or lynched me","9","","2020-06-08 14:19:00","false",""
"UgyP55zUbxAdLii52JN4AaABAg.99dpjeFF3E799dqx4RzYIK","Lou Hayhurst","How do we go back in time and take out the Democratic establishment I must ask?
Do you have a communist funded Chinese time machine?","0","","2020-06-08 14:21:26","false",""
"UgyP55zUbxAdLii52JN4AaABAg.99dpjeFF3E799dr_t1_rm7","Andrew S","Winston Churchill, who led the fight against Hitler and the Nazis, was a racist ?","2","","2020-06-08 14:27:01","false",""
"UgyP55zUbxAdLii52JN4AaABAg.99dpjeFF3E799dre2cp-ch","Sinha Sinha","Thanh Mai..yes! 👍👏❤","0","","2020-06-08 14:27:35","false",""
"UgyP55zUbxAdLii52JN4AaABAg.99dpjeFF3E799drfMv9fYC","Oussama Rahhab","@Stylez Beast Mode Racism is disgusting and so wrong on so many levels, and anyone who's racist needs some reality check I get it ... but we're dealing here with a global health emergency due to a lethal virus that killed more than 406 000 people so far in just 3 months period. The irony here is that black people are dispropotionnely affected by this virus than white folks, so these protests will lead to more deaths and suffering among the black community in all parts of the world simply because of these protesters not social distancing.","0","","2020-06-08 14:27:46","false",""
"UgyP55zUbxAdLii52JN4AaABAg.99dpjeFF3E799drvCmqO9q","White_ Wulf_","Now let’s go after the gangs and cartels like this!","3","","2020-06-08 14:29:55","false",""
"UgyP55zUbxAdLii52JN4AaABAg.99dpjeFF3E799ds99BPOx3","Tim Perry","@Oussama Rahhab Oh, but I heard from conservative sources that the pandemic is fake news!","1","","2020-06-08 14:31:58","false",""
"UgyP55zUbxAdLii52JN4AaABAg.99dpjeFF3E799ds9bmM8Y2","Vega Nona","Point out any policy that's systemically racist and I'll join you. I'm not going to chase ghosts though. Taking down a statue doesn't raise your children.","1","","2020-06-08 14:32:02","false",""
"UgyP55zUbxAdLii52JN4AaABAg.99dpjeFF3E799dsV1nHTKL","Susan Sullivan","@Jack Reagan stupid remark","1","","2020-06-08 14:34:57","false",""
"UgyP55zUbxAdLii52JN4AaABAg.99dpjeFF3E799dsbPUFLrS","SD81 A","@Andrew S Yes because of his actions millions of Indians died. He also was apart of thousands of Africans being held in camps in the interest of growing the colonial Empire. Obama's grandfather was also part of those in Kenya held without cause or trial for 2 years. He was a genocidal White supremacist who fought the Hitler because he was a threat to the English Anglo Saxon way of life. Please read the extensive history of racism of Churchill for those in the know it's common knowledge. Remember the school curriculum isn't all of knowledge out there. Knowledge is enlightenment.","1","","2020-06-08 14:35:57","false",""
"UgyP55zUbxAdLii52JN4AaABAg.99dpjeFF3E799dsdwkIvB4","Susan Sullivan","@Luke Perciballi oh no people against racism showing their feeling sand protesting .  You can go buy your newk kk hood and go to a trumpo rally.","1","","2020-06-08 14:36:18","false",""
"UgyP55zUbxAdLii52JN4AaABAg.99dpjeFF3E799dtVRSanCS","Oussama Rahhab","@Tim Perry coronavirus is not fake news","2","","2020-06-08 14:43:45","false",""
"UgyP55zUbxAdLii52JN4AaABAg.99dpjeFF3E799du4o4R73A","Dragon1717","The racism is against Whites. We must all do our part to rise up and fight against that.","1","","2020-06-08 14:48:51","false",""
"UgyP55zUbxAdLii52JN4AaABAg.99dpjeFF3E799duAuNgvam","D B","@Jack Reagan It will be increased! Implemented and ACCEPTED. Judge me by my mind and ACTIONS, not my color.","1","","2020-06-08 14:49:41","false",""
"UgyP55zUbxAdLii52JN4AaABAg.99dpjeFF3E799duU8xTvHJ","Dubjax 30","So true
It's long overdue","2","","2020-06-08 14:52:18","false",""
"UgyP55zUbxAdLii52JN4AaABAg.99dpjeFF3E799dvjBzjfh9","brain plumber","The next one to be dump into the river will be Trump","4","","2020-06-08 15:03:14","false",""
"UgyP55zUbxAdLii52JN4AaABAg.99dpjeFF3E799dwA47lhNi","REALBADMANSAMBO","@Vega Nona take the sh!t out your eyes and brains","1","","2020-06-08 15:07:03","false",""
"UgyP55zUbxAdLii52JN4AaABAg.99dpjeFF3E799dwT1bn42l","Joel 18","King.","0","","2020-06-08 15:09:38","false",""
"UgyP55zUbxAdLii52JN4AaABAg.99dpjeFF3E799dwhi7T_Zb","Viveka Jackson","Luke perciballi 95% of the people are peacefully protesting the rest are rioting show me were most of the crowd is rioting and I'm not talking the 5% I just spoke of. Get that BS trump fake narrative out of here.","1","","2020-06-08 15:11:46","false",""
"UgyP55zUbxAdLii52JN4AaABAg.99dpjeFF3E799dwylHqcfj","Christina","Could you give me an example of a law that specially identifies race. Because systematic racism is a form of racism that expressly practices legal exclusion from social and political institutions.","0","","2020-06-08 15:14:06","false",""
"UgzTvBJ4fRrdLI738zV4AaABAg","Jack Barnes","Hahaha, nice","1","0","2020-06-08 14:10:59","true",""
"UgyyPSmVieWWcuR2BX94AaABAg","MC King","It appears the riots have gone to the point of destroying historical property. What next? Protesters in Cairo break the Giza Sphinx?","0","1","2020-06-08 14:11:07","true",""
"UgyyPSmVieWWcuR2BX94AaABAg.99dplQt_0aH99dssLT-DrI","effawefweafawefwefwfqwWQEWEFEYHTYKJYUKUT","The statue was put up during the imperial decline, a reaction by people who feared change and seeked to glorify one of the most hideous people in British history. The statue is going into the M-Shed, where it belongs...","0","","2020-06-08 14:38:16","false",""
"UgwyY7yMLIdTz4626vd4AaABAg","Duanne Luckow","DAL ©® Universe guaranteed Republic ™ solution is 2 Peter 3:16-17.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:11:08","true",""
"UgyLNXISHD_sVVUx0CR4AaABAg","Rob Li","If the gov't does not know what to do with certain statues, try pissing few people off and see. 😂😂😂","3","1","2020-06-08 14:11:10","true",""
"UgyLNXISHD_sVVUx0CR4AaABAg.99dplpvt_Sw99dq2WLmbEQ","Jeanine Ruggs","😂😂😂","1","","2020-06-08 14:13:35","false",""
"UgzyV5A8cKxpapRUhi94AaABAg","Cook Black","They tried to make George Floyd out to be a criminal, and now he represents the truth to racism!!!!!","7","2","2020-06-08 14:11:15","true",""
"UgzyV5A8cKxpapRUhi94AaABAg.99dpmMyb_cg99dqHXlWQZT","Ann_N_NC North Carolina","Yeah because its not him that the protesters are representing it's the injustice.","0","","2020-06-08 14:15:38","false",""
"UgzyV5A8cKxpapRUhi94AaABAg.99dpmMyb_cg99dzfNttt9H","Cook Black","@Ann_N_NC North Carolina they are protesting his death due to the injustice that surrounded it.","0","","2020-06-08 15:37:40","false",""
"UgwCHtQEFjDIMyaYPC54AaABAg","J K","Black Statues Matter!!! 👍","2","0","2020-06-08 14:11:17","true",""
"UgyVGNo9kUj3inJAw-N4AaABAg","Fenel Ceus","Why all of the stuff in the world?","0","0","2020-06-08 14:11:19","true",""
"UgzQDmD61WcDQxVQQet4AaABAg","WarLord","It’s unfortunate history but it is still history. 
If that’s the case let’s take down statues of all historical figures- George Washington/Grant/Lincoln (who said he would’ve kept slavery if it was up to him) let’s go all the way w this shit. 
It’s unfortunate history but it’s still history. Julius Caesar and Alexander has slaves. Let’s get rid of paper currency - all slave owners","0","0","2020-06-08 14:11:26","true",""
"UgwZDlaAhYbIQ3xtS5x4AaABAg","Surfer Franco","What statue is next? Robert E. Lee?","0","0","2020-06-08 14:11:27","true",""
"UgwaCFgEm_YGHoM9D394AaABAg","NOTHING BURGER - CONFIRMED.","*JOE BIDEN'S **#SLAVEOWNER**, HE SAY IF YOU VOTES FREE YOU'S **#AlNTBLACK**.*","6","5","2020-06-08 14:11:30","true",""
"UgwaCFgEm_YGHoM9D394AaABAg.99dpoJOo7n699dpwhDu0X_","Dee Lee","You just a liar trying to clout for attention and to change the narrative","1","","2020-06-08 14:12:39","false",""
"UgwaCFgEm_YGHoM9D394AaABAg.99dpoJOo7n699dq3hOORze","Travis Wakefield","Nothing Burger stfu","1","","2020-06-08 14:13:45","false",""
"UgwaCFgEm_YGHoM9D394AaABAg.99dpoJOo7n699dqFzKEcSC","Noiseless Sounds","You aint black if you vote for trump and your black FACT JACK","0","","2020-06-08 14:15:25","false",""
"UgwaCFgEm_YGHoM9D394AaABAg.99dpoJOo7n699dqGuW2GZq","mistery-ed","Trump is so desperate he's taking out ads on CNN!","0","","2020-06-08 14:15:33","false",""
"UgwaCFgEm_YGHoM9D394AaABAg.99dpoJOo7n699dqbA5K_Pb","NPC P00per #2","@Noiseless Sounds *BIDEN SAYS ""BLACK MEN CAN'T TRUMP""*","2","","2020-06-08 14:18:27","false",""
"UgxrM5gCGcSeCMqqIf14AaABAg","RedLightMax","0:08 I guess you could say that there's... a statue of limitations.🥁
Is this thing on?","1","1","2020-06-08 14:11:32","true",""
"UgxrM5gCGcSeCMqqIf14AaABAg.99dpoRkdnty99dqGH5qCRR","Garl Vinland","Oh for crying out loud YOU STINK!","1","","2020-06-08 14:15:28","false",""
"UgzZ6NueAq3b4DWTXQl4AaABAg","Mark 7's","(Sarcasm) Because tearing down a statue means history never happened. Morons!","1","0","2020-06-08 14:11:33","true",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg","J K","Is The Coronavirus Covid-19 still a thing?!?! 🤔🤨🧐","43","34","2020-06-08 14:11:41","true",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99dq0scFXlq","jerbari bp","It was all a lie :)","5","","2020-06-08 14:13:22","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99dq504FSUR","Noiseless Sounds","It's funny how your brain can't think of more than one thing at one time lmao","21","","2020-06-08 14:13:55","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99dq8G0UpcF","Noiseless Sounds","@jerbari bp 100,000 dead is a lie? you are bad ""people""","21","","2020-06-08 14:14:22","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99dqCSkR5zD","Moataz Seada","Yes, 113 thousands are dead in USA, soon to be 200 thousands","10","","2020-06-08 14:14:56","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99dqDA5dCv1","J K","@Noiseless Sounds 
I'm worried about a second wave! 🌊😳😲","6","","2020-06-08 14:15:02","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99dqEF5C2gV","Jestermon1","No, antifa got rid of it apparently.","4","","2020-06-08 14:15:11","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99dqEhkvcbP","Taty Mc","@jerbari bp people dying was a lie ok 
@ J K yup","3","","2020-06-08 14:15:15","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99dqT4L-y8z","Gio GG","LOL I think not.","2","","2020-06-08 14:17:13","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99dqX5s486p","Moataz Seada","My bad, they are now 118,437 deaths in USA, soon to be 200 thousands too","5","","2020-06-08 14:17:45","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99dqZH8AXuU","R","Yes, it is a serious lifethreatening thing.","2","","2020-06-08 14:18:03","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99dq_izAGQn","Mike Churchill","Noiseless Sounds try 400000 your about 300K short","1","","2020-06-08 14:18:15","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99dqeQ8lEVg","Neptune","Over 7 Million people infected and at least 400k death, so yeah it's still a thing","6","","2020-06-08 14:18:54","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99dqiQq1Mka","Librajm","Exactly.","1","","2020-06-08 14:19:26","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99drAIOVfRw","westsideAUKILANI","110,000 dead? You figure it out","1","","2020-06-08 14:23:23","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99drAPcWO9q","xlx BONES xlx","I guess only leftist can riot. It's only bad when conservatives peacefully protest. Those rightwingers are going to k!ll grandma.","1","","2020-06-08 14:23:24","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99drATxu61i","Gaming Nirvana","The main thing.","2","","2020-06-08 14:23:24","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99drAxXz9JL","kefkapalazzo1","","1","","2020-06-08 14:23:28","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99drFSCBDNz","Paul Rhodes","NO","1","","2020-06-08 14:24:05","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99driWn9_ck","2manynegativewaves","Lockdown is eased,the Tories want us all at work and riding public transport...yet bootlickers still quote ""lockdown"" you jolly well f*ck.","1","","2020-06-08 14:28:11","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99drq58Rnka","Ms. Neanderthug","Not sure but racism is and it's a lot deadlier.","2","","2020-06-08 14:29:13","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99dsJmCo825","Gap","You humans are so easily distracted.","1","","2020-06-08 14:33:25","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99dsO343Mfy","empbac","Yes.","1","","2020-06-08 14:34:00","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99dsh40rNti","serey huot","jerbari bp ...then why ?","1","","2020-06-08 14:36:44","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99dsqz9ApxS","L H","Omg!!!!! I have been thinking the same thing. This sad situation w George  has diverted the attention","3","","2020-06-08 14:38:05","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99du-gFwcqB","Thomas Felder","They lying about the numbers","1","","2020-06-08 14:48:09","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99dvCAqPEQv","Tee Burd Talks","Taty Mc actually it wasn’t a lie about people dying from covid19. Many people in my community in New Orleans died. People I went to school with. In a matter of days apart of each other. This was something serious and we still can’t take it lightly. It has been pretty devastating having come out of losing so many in my community from Covid19 to this is just insane.","1","","2020-06-08 14:58:36","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99dvIN9lA8i","Dubjax 30","Yes","1","","2020-06-08 14:59:26","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99dvKcu2Xmm","taylor Merriweather","@jerbari bp no it is not!","1","","2020-06-08 14:59:45","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99dvgLPx1oR","Thomas Felder","Tee Burd! I not talking about people dying about the covid 19 and the number of people dying is a lie! Ain’t no way 110,000 people die in a 5 or 6 months!","1","","2020-06-08 15:02:51","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99dwtz_aU5T","cindy clarke","Didnt  your  stable genius said it will disappear","2","","2020-06-08 15:13:27","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99dxf4gXlnY","jerbari bp","@Noiseless Sounds It was a joke, you guys took me for real?","1","","2020-06-08 15:20:09","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99dyRoAxZ1I","shasha Timberlake","Yes it is but they are taking a chance. May Elohim be with them.","1","","2020-06-08 15:26:56","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99dyaHsh8dD","shasha Timberlake","@Moataz Seadahe doesn't care about his people. It's about the dollar bill here.","1","","2020-06-08 15:28:14","false",""
"UgxoavzQNg7TFcVx0U14AaABAg.99dppbxK-FU99dyzszDcZA","GT Nismo","100%.","1","","2020-06-08 15:31:44","false",""
"UgwBlm1rrywF6A6j1ZF4AaABAg","The Switch Crusader","Would they do that to a statue of washington?","6","8","2020-06-08 14:11:44","true",""
"UgwBlm1rrywF6A6j1ZF4AaABAg.99dpq0EvMqP99dq9x_33S2","WarLord","Right! That’s exactly what I’m saying. Take Julius Caesar statues away, along w those of Alexander, Napoleon, etc etc etc smh. It’s a dark side of history but it’s still history","0","","2020-06-08 14:14:36","false",""
"UgwBlm1rrywF6A6j1ZF4AaABAg.99dpq0EvMqP99dqCRi8Lsb","Disco/Secret","They’re English, Washington isn’t treated like a God in the UK.","1","","2020-06-08 14:14:56","false",""
"UgwBlm1rrywF6A6j1ZF4AaABAg.99dpq0EvMqP99dqHTqp_JL","WarLord","E. Pikfayel Im sure he’s talking about the U. S.","0","","2020-06-08 14:15:37","false",""
"UgwBlm1rrywF6A6j1ZF4AaABAg.99dpq0EvMqP99dqIPizbHa","Kyle Shiflet","@E. Pikfayel nope","0","","2020-06-08 14:15:45","false",""
"UgwBlm1rrywF6A6j1ZF4AaABAg.99dpq0EvMqP99dqLFlzvOT","Najee T","I don’t believe Washington was a slave trader, just a slave owner.","0","","2020-06-08 14:16:08","false",""
"UgwBlm1rrywF6A6j1ZF4AaABAg.99dpq0EvMqP99dqbRtOUyC","Tim Perry","Washington is considered a traitor to the British Empire. You won't find many statues of him on display in the UK.","0","","2020-06-08 14:18:29","false",""
"UgwBlm1rrywF6A6j1ZF4AaABAg.99dpq0EvMqP99drR3mV-ne","Paul Rhodes","hell no, why?","0","","2020-06-08 14:25:40","false",""
"UgwBlm1rrywF6A6j1ZF4AaABAg.99dpq0EvMqP99drjyyp9sT","Paul Rhodes","They didn't make a statue of Washington because he was a slave owner, His recognition is for being the first president of the united states.","0","","2020-06-08 14:28:23","false",""
"UgxtMi59kG4CgJhxTo54AaABAg","atfinn","I guess keep tearing parts of your city apart until you feel better.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:11:47","true",""
"Ugx75GxZH9SXZOlsa4Z4AaABAg","KING X","Awesome 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾","1","0","2020-06-08 14:11:49","true",""
"UgwpD_-fRtjep2ytJxN4AaABAg","l coleman","Yes!!!!!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:11:49","true",""
"UgzwZObbLapfSvTGtSx4AaABAg","peachyparker","I’m glad that people all around the world are taking action. We need it.","303","11","2020-06-08 14:11:50","true",""
"UgzwZObbLapfSvTGtSx4AaABAg.99dpqhNvb-h99dr0yRUDGZ","J K","Don't worry next week everyone will probably move on to something else! 🙄

Remember when the school shootings were happening and students took to the streets and everyone cared about that for about two weeks!!! 🙄","2","","2020-06-08 14:22:07","false",""
"UgzwZObbLapfSvTGtSx4AaABAg.99dpqhNvb-h99drCulwYHl","Gaming Nirvana","2020. Fight Back, Vote.","3","","2020-06-08 14:23:44","false",""
"UgzwZObbLapfSvTGtSx4AaABAg.99dpqhNvb-h99drSQ5gZ9x","Duval Onepiece","Not exactly around the world","2","","2020-06-08 14:25:51","false",""
"UgzwZObbLapfSvTGtSx4AaABAg.99dpqhNvb-h99drSfem1Eb","RTC1655","We need statues to be thrown into the water by morons? I don't think so.","1","","2020-06-08 14:25:53","false",""
"UgzwZObbLapfSvTGtSx4AaABAg.99dpqhNvb-h99drU7wecpN","White_ Wulf_","Are you happy that people in America are getting killed in protests and they’re black?","1","","2020-06-08 14:26:05","false",""
"UgzwZObbLapfSvTGtSx4AaABAg.99dpqhNvb-h99dsLf4_rTw","Susan Sullivan","@RTC1655 we have a moron in the White House who needs to be thrown into the water.","3","","2020-06-08 14:33:40","false",""
"UgzwZObbLapfSvTGtSx4AaABAg.99dpqhNvb-h99dsZBUrg1q","Da_Host L3GT","J K nah this is the largest civil rights movement in history in the US","2","","2020-06-08 14:35:31","false",""
"UgzwZObbLapfSvTGtSx4AaABAg.99dpqhNvb-h99dsZLg0IL9","peachyparker","Susan Sullivan 😂😂😂","0","","2020-06-08 14:35:32","false",""
"UgzwZObbLapfSvTGtSx4AaABAg.99dpqhNvb-h99dsfyJyUFe","peachyparker","White_ Wulf_ The heck??? No I’m definitely not happy about that, I’m just happy that people are protesting in other places other than america...","0","","2020-06-08 14:36:35","false",""
"UgzwZObbLapfSvTGtSx4AaABAg.99dpqhNvb-h99dskMBXlJr","Andrew Barnett","@RTC1655 we need them removed from public places where they are glorified.........most historical figures were shit humans that did ONE thing well they shouldnt be honored for that","1","","2020-06-08 14:37:11","false",""
"UgzwZObbLapfSvTGtSx4AaABAg.99dpqhNvb-h99dvwqMy_Pe","John Ghostclown","@J K Oh yeah! Remember when we used to have shootings. Seems like those dried up last September. What's up with that?","0","","2020-06-08 15:05:06","false",""
"UgzYHQOlKFAvlRQ0FDR4AaABAg","Dee Lee","GREAT!!👍🏾✊🏾","0","0","2020-06-08 14:12:07","true",""
"UgxRkpkPcsPoFopc5Hh4AaABAg","Spirit Winds","*I wonder what they're going to do when they find out that Arab Muslims enslaved black Africans for 1400 years and engaged in castration of most of the men and boys and they were the middleman for the Portuguese slave traders who started the transatlantic slave trade. I think Islam should pay reparations to black people, don't you CNN?*","0","0","2020-06-08 14:12:08","true",""
"UgzoD41PQCw-6GOSPM94AaABAg","Spent-","This is what being conquered looks like","0","0","2020-06-08 14:12:11","true",""
"UgyCNLPqB5DEGKerKR54AaABAg","Jennifer Davidson","It's plain to c we cannot take care of our selves.theyve got exactly what they wanted....DIVIDED!!!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:12:16","true",""
"Ugwf66gUiEu_tAo7Vt94AaABAg","palyy mak","The next step is to find modern day slave owners and also toss them into a sewage tank","86","11","2020-06-08 14:12:18","true",""
"Ugwf66gUiEu_tAo7Vt94AaABAg.99dpu925Um999dqr5HR5jj","Andrew Ensign","The cocoa industry as well as diamond mining and in general mining around the world could be done without slavery. Capitalism is not and should never be equated with progress.","4","","2020-06-08 14:20:37","false",""
"Ugwf66gUiEu_tAo7Vt94AaABAg.99dpu925Um999dqsRNENYu","Densebrains","Maybe we should speak to the bankers and central bankers of all countries because they are enslaving us all using paper money.
The views and the solution maybe different but the problems are well summised.","2","","2020-06-08 14:20:48","false",""
"Ugwf66gUiEu_tAo7Vt94AaABAg.99dpu925Um999dr3xotXBc","Gaming Nirvana","Those bastards.","0","","2020-06-08 14:22:31","false",""
"Ugwf66gUiEu_tAo7Vt94AaABAg.99dpu925Um999drN-FrVwr","immobilien","Joe Biden wants to put all blacks on his plantation....  and if you don't agree... you ain't black.","2","","2020-06-08 14:25:07","false",""
"Ugwf66gUiEu_tAo7Vt94AaABAg.99dpu925Um999drzUuhyxu","Real Life","Slavery is alive and well in amerikkka. The prison industrial complex makes sure of that","1","","2020-06-08 14:30:31","false",""
"Ugwf66gUiEu_tAo7Vt94AaABAg.99dpu925Um999ds0p4na9-","MrMassproduce201","The family heirs of these slave owners should also be held accountable for the inequities and crimes of their forefathers.","0","","2020-06-08 14:30:50","false",""
"Ugwf66gUiEu_tAo7Vt94AaABAg.99dpu925Um999ds8GcksJ9","White_ Wulf_","That would be the drug cartels people in the deep web and rich guys","0","","2020-06-08 14:31:51","false",""
"Ugwf66gUiEu_tAo7Vt94AaABAg.99dpu925Um999ds975ZhKq","s b","start with all the royal families. they are soacked in slaves blood. karma day is not far for them!","2","","2020-06-08 14:31:58","false",""
"Ugwf66gUiEu_tAo7Vt94AaABAg.99dpu925Um999dsNIab_jz","Gaming Nirvana","@immobilien 

Epic trolling.","1","","2020-06-08 14:33:54","false",""
"Ugwf66gUiEu_tAo7Vt94AaABAg.99dpu925Um999e0-hWMtZa","taja berry","@Densebrains the entire world is a slave to the devil and his disciples (world leaders), those are the ones we should fight against and the one that we need to call to for help is the G. O. D - generator, operator and destroyer.","0","","2020-06-08 15:49:19","false",""
"Ugwf66gUiEu_tAo7Vt94AaABAg.99dpu925Um999e6bwKfhRt","Titoo Martinez","Its no wonder the Bible clearly states in Exodus 20:4  you shall not make for yourself idols or craved images of anything in heaven on earth beneath or in the waters below, These people unaware are unconsciously going back to Mt. Sinai to what was spoken to Moses and written in stone, these are nothing but principalities we as christains are all to familiar with, Having material form with spiritual manifestations, If our leaders can't be held accountable to the most high, why should any of these people have to be held to their office??? Let's all heal, hearts minds and Nations.. take them all down let hate have no house to live in!!!","0","","2020-06-08 16:47:06","false",""
"Ugwu0sr6dTbfVVsAswF4AaABAg","Camilla오","Where should people who died in the violence and robbery of black people during the year speak?  ""Emotion sales."" Korea was also communized by such media.","0","1","2020-06-08 14:12:18","true",""
"Ugwu0sr6dTbfVVsAswF4AaABAg.99dpu7yWEpu99drs7llgVi","Camilla오","@Elle Marie It is ruthless and soulless.","0","","2020-06-08 14:29:30","false",""
"UgxLh8-2-leL_aAvByR4AaABAg","rig sospuro","","0","0","2020-06-08 14:12:19","true",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg","OG S1MPSON","Reminds me of Baghdad when they tore down the statue of Saddam.","184","32","2020-06-08 14:12:24","true",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg.99dpuqohV8F99dqWmhL2q8","Elham Koutzase","omg....I thought the same 😂😂😂😂","4","","2020-06-08 14:17:43","false",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg.99dpuqohV8F99dqmiUnx7X","Neptune","This reminds me more of Libya...","1","","2020-06-08 14:20:02","false",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg.99dpuqohV8F99dquaZYN4m","Gaming Nirvana","Or Gadhaffi lol. Nobody even remembers who this guy was.","1","","2020-06-08 14:21:06","false",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg.99dpuqohV8F99dqvBlok_z","Eddy Herrera","Not the same thing at all. Just proves how ignorant the left are.","2","","2020-06-08 14:21:11","false",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg.99dpuqohV8F99dr1HHPoFQ","TeachAble","@Eddy Herrera And you just prove how idiotic and vile trump cultists are.","6","","2020-06-08 14:22:09","false",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg.99dpuqohV8F99drHQs1C6t","Mintee","@Neptune Dictator Muammar Gaddafi was obsessed with praise, photo-ops and always attacked his critics just like Trump","3","","2020-06-08 14:24:21","false",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg.99dpuqohV8F99drUOFaEw7","THE EQUALIZER!","Hope Trump has one real soon so it can be thrown into the river in Washington D.C..","2","","2020-06-08 14:26:08","false",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg.99dpuqohV8F99drVdsQrHy","2manynegativewaves","Except Baghdad was a set up by the US Army,pull back on the footage and you can see them all stood watching a very small crowd doing it.","1","","2020-06-08 14:26:18","false",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg.99dpuqohV8F99drW53hBmm","liligman","Tommy Vercetti Games 

He’s in the White House now, authorizing gas on his own people","1","","2020-06-08 14:26:21","false",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg.99dpuqohV8F99drcT_OTfO","White_ Wulf_","2manynegativewaves show us the video","0","","2020-06-08 14:27:22","false",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg.99dpuqohV8F99drcgHc2LV","s b","believe me this is far better","2","","2020-06-08 14:27:24","false",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg.99dpuqohV8F99drkmSMl60","RocKnight","It was actually the US military engineers who tore down the statue of Saddam.","1","","2020-06-08 14:28:30","false",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg.99dpuqohV8F99drtDVSQQ0","Meister Floh","More remind of Kiev when they tore down the statue of Lenin. Or medieval Kiev, when they drowned statues of pagan gods in the river.","1","","2020-06-08 14:29:39","false",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg.99dpuqohV8F99ds2aQ1kh-","ROB112","Whatever happened to Iraq? I guess after Obama wipped nearly every person left Trump will never pass Obama's record for killing the most Brown People's","3","","2020-06-08 14:31:04","false",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg.99dpuqohV8F99dsApr6tsb","OG S1MPSON","Tommy Vercetti Games i do, because I’m in my 40s 🙃","0","","2020-06-08 14:32:12","false",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg.99dpuqohV8F99dsPQoY_IE","OG S1MPSON","THE EQUALIZER! We should just throw Trump into the Potomac, he’d look pretty funny with his hair wet and his face paint gone","1","","2020-06-08 14:34:11","false",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg.99dpuqohV8F99dsPiNDlSn","SIG","@ROB112 That's why I both no longer supported Obama/Clinton and Trump. Both of them suck and will always do in my eyes.","1","","2020-06-08 14:34:13","false",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg.99dpuqohV8F99dsV7c2y-p","bonnie duncan","OG S1MPSON - you remember the 17th century?? wowzers!!","0","","2020-06-08 14:34:58","false",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg.99dpuqohV8F99dsfENtobG","OG S1MPSON","RocKnight right, but that was a big ass statue. The citizens were the ones stomping and hitting it with their shoes","0","","2020-06-08 14:36:29","false",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg.99dpuqohV8F99dsr3tPYIY","Andrew Barnett","@2manynegativewaves all the Army did was give them a chain.........the people tore the statue down and even asked the army to help","0","","2020-06-08 14:38:06","false",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg.99dpuqohV8F99dsyfeH1yK","THE EQUALIZER!","@OG S1MPSON that to!","1","","2020-06-08 14:39:08","false",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg.99dpuqohV8F99dtPc1dBAh","Jamtommy1","Oh yes I remember when George Bush sent out his little black war salesman Colin Powell to sell us that completely unnecessary Iraq war. 
Lulz.","0","","2020-06-08 14:42:57","false",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg.99dpuqohV8F99dtZIrwdXR","Farhan","@Eddy Herrera White Republican party started war in Iraq first not the left. left wanted changes, not war. Stupid republican are the cause of 9/11 and birth of isis. They are the one attacked Muslim countries first for oil. They lied about weapon of mas destruction and showed fake love  like they wanted to save them form dictators. This same Republicans banned middle eastern people, called Muslims are terrorist. Now they don't want to take the  responsibility for the refugee crisis and the mass they created from those bloody wars.","1","","2020-06-08 14:44:16","false",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg.99dpuqohV8F99ducpKkkRK","OG S1MPSON","ROB112 Obama is living rent free inside your head.","1","","2020-06-08 14:53:38","false",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg.99dpuqohV8F99duiVovV3c","extremedude1234","@Farhan say it louder too the back! Can't fight ya with the amount of facts you're yelling out","0","","2020-06-08 14:54:24","false",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg.99dpuqohV8F99dulT7n1XP","hifismiffy","They forgot to wallop the statue with their shoes !","1","","2020-06-08 14:54:48","false",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg.99dpuqohV8F99dvJfQ121j","SIG","@Farhan Truly agree as I despise the Republican party, however whom started a Libyan civil war in Libya? Which, would then create so many Libyan refugees into Europe?","1","","2020-06-08 14:59:37","false",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg.99dpuqohV8F99dvkgnkUYZ","brain plumber","The next one to be dump into the river will be Trump","1","","2020-06-08 15:03:26","false",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg.99dpuqohV8F99dwIhXqW0n","Thomas Sankara","The one in Kiev was done by Neo-nazi and right wing nationalist.","1","","2020-06-08 15:08:13","false",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg.99dpuqohV8F99dxJ3bUPiS","Someguyfrom Arcticfreezer","But only Saddam is misunderstood man, he stops terrorists and persecuted terrorists and use oil to stabilize their economy. I remember when Americans start a war because they need oil money and their excuse was ""mass destruction"". Even he fight PKK known as terrorist organisation but Americans tries to make excuse of Saddams handling of terrorist organisation by calling him a ""tyrant"".","0","","2020-06-08 15:17:01","false",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg.99dpuqohV8F99dyYTyfvSP","James Lee","Saddam was a tyrant too! Death to tyranny! 🗽","0","","2020-06-08 15:27:51","false",""
"Ugw7lorkdn6wBMj7ouZ4AaABAg.99dpuqohV8F99e0-XOTDNW","SIG","@James Lee Saddam was killed, and then the US disbands the 2003 Iraqi army, causing nothing more than anarchy.","0","","2020-06-08 15:49:17","false",""
"Ugz5SxvF744GAJ2vlWJ4AaABAg","Presillina’s POV","Wow!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:12:26","true",""
"UgzIOWZUSww_JLn50KV4AaABAg","Yori Yasuhiro","Good for them tired of Racism!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:12:28","true",""
"UgyamrEH8CJr9y6O4FV4AaABAg","Jeanine Ruggs","YESSSS!!!!!","24","0","2020-06-08 14:12:29","true",""
"UgwCq60J9AjOjnn-4_d4AaABAg","Jeffrey D","I am now hearing my neighbors in rural country say ""It's time for a new President.""","158","20","2020-06-08 14:12:30","true",""
"UgwCq60J9AjOjnn-4_d4AaABAg.99dpvYaLoAm99dqjENTSwe","X X","How about people start being more civilizied","3","","2020-06-08 14:19:33","false",""
"UgwCq60J9AjOjnn-4_d4AaABAg.99dpvYaLoAm99drHydO6aU","C.D Hen-War","@X X Should of told that to the slave trade and we would not be' here.","14","","2020-06-08 14:24:26","false",""
"UgwCq60J9AjOjnn-4_d4AaABAg.99dpvYaLoAm99drIDP8Hhk","xlx BONES xlx","Bwahahaha you're funny","0","","2020-06-08 14:24:28","false",""
"UgwCq60J9AjOjnn-4_d4AaABAg.99dpvYaLoAm99drgcHky-3","xlx BONES xlx","@C.D Hen-War you should have told the Africans selling those slaves to Europeans to stop and those slaves would have never been purchased. Learn your history, bud.","2","","2020-06-08 14:27:56","false",""
"UgwCq60J9AjOjnn-4_d4AaABAg.99dpvYaLoAm99drqtCXjig","s b","thats a great feeling!","3","","2020-06-08 14:29:20","false",""
"UgwCq60J9AjOjnn-4_d4AaABAg.99dpvYaLoAm99drv1YpSEp","Jeffrey D","@xlx BONES xlx So that makes the slave trade okay?
You're a joke...","23","","2020-06-08 14:29:54","false",""
"UgwCq60J9AjOjnn-4_d4AaABAg.99dpvYaLoAm99dtFi-ixRq","xlx BONES xlx","@Jeffrey D I never said that,  i'm just reminding everyone that Africans sold their fellow Africans to the European slave traders.","1","","2020-06-08 14:41:36","false",""
"UgwCq60J9AjOjnn-4_d4AaABAg.99dpvYaLoAm99dtXG9cA25","Jeffrey D","@xlx BONES xlx Doesn't make it right to take part in. Thankfully they took that statue down.","12","","2020-06-08 14:44:00","false",""
"UgwCq60J9AjOjnn-4_d4AaABAg.99dpvYaLoAm99duIKE9cM6","Skilgannon the Damned","But you are right tho, You wouldnt be ""here"" in the Great USA that's for sure. Maybe Haiti or Jamaica or Africa....scrambling to get out","0","","2020-06-08 14:50:42","false",""
"UgwCq60J9AjOjnn-4_d4AaABAg.99dpvYaLoAm99durKlIMWj","Jaeson Monteiro","@xlx BONES xlx why europeans want to buy it Then?  Because they are lazy","3","","2020-06-08 14:55:36","false",""
"UgwCq60J9AjOjnn-4_d4AaABAg.99dpvYaLoAm99dvdiMKVdJ","Jeffrey D","@Skilgannon the Damned What? That person said we wouldn't be in this mess of protests and black unarmed killing.
Stop fantasizing...","3","","2020-06-08 15:02:29","false",""
"UgwCq60J9AjOjnn-4_d4AaABAg.99dpvYaLoAm99dvtoyzmQn","Brian Holmes","@xlx BONES xlx LOL, like they had a choice. You've heard too much white-washed history. Try a book.","3","","2020-06-08 15:04:41","false",""
"UgwCq60J9AjOjnn-4_d4AaABAg.99dpvYaLoAm99dxk3arhz8","Jason Morris","@xlx BONES xlx in the Congo, originally that was true. Then the Portuguese started capturing slaves on their own and increased slavery 10x fold.","3","","2020-06-08 15:20:50","false",""
"UgwCq60J9AjOjnn-4_d4AaABAg.99dpvYaLoAm99dyaJvHJGG","Laura D","@Jeffrey D Exactly!!! 👍","1","","2020-06-08 15:28:14","false",""
"UgwCq60J9AjOjnn-4_d4AaABAg.99dpvYaLoAm99dyl8Y1iPj","kaykay69","@xlx BONES xlx Right...with their guns and all. 🤔","1","","2020-06-08 15:29:43","false",""
"UgwCq60J9AjOjnn-4_d4AaABAg.99dpvYaLoAm99dyqggogj7","kaykay69","@xlx BONES xlx Whites came over there with their guns and snatched. Let's be clear.","1","","2020-06-08 15:30:28","false",""
"UgwCq60J9AjOjnn-4_d4AaABAg.99dpvYaLoAm99e-0G4F45D","chub93","wait.. are these ignorant whites that voted trump in 2016?","1","","2020-06-08 15:40:39","false",""
"UgwCq60J9AjOjnn-4_d4AaABAg.99dpvYaLoAm99e-_oqGuhR","pimp named slickback","@xlx BONES xlx they wer selling servants not slaves and they wer being brought from moores who wer allies with europe and the arabs","0","","2020-06-08 15:45:39","false",""
"UgwCq60J9AjOjnn-4_d4AaABAg.99dpvYaLoAm99e-eQltvk0","Delling Conley","@xlx BONES xlx Some slaves were shipped back to africa, and wound up being slave masters. Child slavery is a thing to this day in africa.","0","","2020-06-08 15:46:17","false",""
"UgwCq60J9AjOjnn-4_d4AaABAg.99dpvYaLoAm99e-m_ofmwc","Delling Conley","Yeah. They want a president that can stop riots, violence, fires, and looting.","0","","2020-06-08 15:47:23","false",""
"UgwWd9hLlAG4Pw0-ZZV4AaABAg","Born Again & Rapture Ready","There is Peace in Jesus Christ 🤗","5","4","2020-06-08 14:12:32","true",""
"UgwWd9hLlAG4Pw0-ZZV4AaABAg.99dpvqUANHi99dr8TdDM9j","Dre Brito","I’m curious is or was there peace in Christ’s torture while he carried that heavy ass cross and they whipped and beat him  or how about when he was crucified and having nails driven through his hands or wrist and feet. Or when they finally stabbed him near the ribs with the spear? I’m just curious...","0","","2020-06-08 14:23:08","false",""
"UgwWd9hLlAG4Pw0-ZZV4AaABAg.99dpvqUANHi99drNJR9gc_","psychedelic jim","Born Again & Rupture Ready. What did jesus say about how hard and how long you are allowed to beat a slave ?","0","","2020-06-08 14:25:10","false",""
"UgwWd9hLlAG4Pw0-ZZV4AaABAg.99dpvqUANHi99dsXrrqHHu","Born Again & Rapture Ready","@Dre Brito Isaiah 53:1-12 (KJV)  Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the LORD revealed?
For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.
He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not.
Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.
But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.
All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the LORD hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.
He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth: he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth.
He was taken from prison and from judgment: and who shall declare his generation? for he was cut off out of the land of the living: for the transgression of my people was he stricken.
And he made his grave with the wicked, and with the rich in his death; because he had done no violence, neither was any deceit in his mouth.
Yet it pleased the LORD to bruise him; he hath put him to grief: when thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin, he shall see his seed, he shall prolong his days, and the pleasure of the LORD shall prosper in his hand.
He shall see of the travail of his soul, and shall be satisfied: by his knowledge shall my righteous servant justify many; for he shall bear their iniquities.
Therefore will I divide him a portion with the great, and he shall divide the spoil with the strong; because he hath poured out his soul unto death: and he was numbered with the transgressors; and he bare the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors.","0","","2020-06-08 14:35:20","false",""
"UgwWd9hLlAG4Pw0-ZZV4AaABAg.99dpvqUANHi99dsms5QJ44","Born Again & Rapture Ready","@psychedelic jim Colossians 4:1 (KJV)  Masters, give unto your servants that which is just and equal; knowing that ye also have a Master in heaven.","0","","2020-06-08 14:37:31","false",""
"Ugyrj1hZa1SNG0nfwvt4AaABAg.99dpvn3lmWr99dqXVWra2Y","NPC P00per #2","@Noiseless Sounds *HARRIS FAULKNER & JUAN WILLIAMS. FOX NEWS.*","1","","2020-06-08 14:17:49","false",""
"UgyCRsOsH19HnkjcVqR4AaABAg","Noiseless Sounds","Right wingers be like 'YOU'RE DESTROYING MUH PROPERTAYYYEEEE""","93","27","2020-06-08 14:12:33","true",""
"UgyCRsOsH19HnkjcVqR4AaABAg.99dpvupAyPc99dqCvRk2Jo","Dee Lee","Right wing stool pigeons punching the air as we speak😂😂","12","","2020-06-08 14:15:00","false",""
"UgyCRsOsH19HnkjcVqR4AaABAg.99dpvupAyPc99dqKtqN4Dr","Shaneia Pearson","Lol","1","","2020-06-08 14:16:06","false",""
"UgyCRsOsH19HnkjcVqR4AaABAg.99dpvupAyPc99dqU5NCt8F","jcllings","No, centrists NOT right wingers be like, ""You're destroying history so that you can fake it into what ever you like as you have in the past.""  For example, the lie that America was about slavery when the whole world was about slavery at the time and America actually pioneered freedom. You far leftist nut jobs believe that Socialism is the solution to everything and yet it has never worked EVER.","4","","2020-06-08 14:17:21","false",""
"UgyCRsOsH19HnkjcVqR4AaABAg.99dpvupAyPc99dqYNakECL","Worm","Left wingers be like "" TAKE TO THE STREETS BURN LOOT AND KILL""","4","","2020-06-08 14:17:56","false",""
"UgyCRsOsH19HnkjcVqR4AaABAg.99dpvupAyPc99dqoPKqP4k","Noiseless Sounds","@Worm How can  you fire back like that without thinking about your history? I think I know why.....","6","","2020-06-08 14:20:15","false",""
"UgyCRsOsH19HnkjcVqR4AaABAg.99dpvupAyPc99drEFPsaWr","Worm","@Noiseless Sounds Don't like the reaction? Don't do the action.","1","","2020-06-08 14:23:55","false",""
"UgyCRsOsH19HnkjcVqR4AaABAg.99dpvupAyPc99drFJeXHad","Gaming Nirvana","Best get my here shatgun","3","","2020-06-08 14:24:04","false",""
"UgyCRsOsH19HnkjcVqR4AaABAg.99dpvupAyPc99drIJIOU8c","Captain Clone","They belong in museums not on the streets","2","","2020-06-08 14:24:28","false",""
"UgyCRsOsH19HnkjcVqR4AaABAg.99dpvupAyPc99drMJJP24-","John Schwartz","@jcllings America was one of the last countries in Europe and the Americas to ban slavery. Russia emancipated its serfs before we emancipated our slaves.
Try studying history, instead of just making shit up.","6","","2020-06-08 14:25:01","false",""
"UgyCRsOsH19HnkjcVqR4AaABAg.99dpvupAyPc99drXuFME9v","KingOfMints","@jcllings Statues are not exactly a benchmark of history. They're made to glorify certain individuals, in this case, somebody extremely evil. Say relatives died in 9/11, it's like if you were forced to everyday walk past a statue glorifying Osama bin laden, and not only that, but pay for it's upkeep.","2","","2020-06-08 14:26:36","false",""
"UgyCRsOsH19HnkjcVqR4AaABAg.99dpvupAyPc99dr_R2mmaA","Noiseless Sounds","@Worm You people are itching for war. don't be shocked when we give it to you.","4","","2020-06-08 14:26:57","false",""
"UgyCRsOsH19HnkjcVqR4AaABAg.99dpvupAyPc99drjYohic6","TeachAble","@Worm Your name fits you very well ... WORM","3","","2020-06-08 14:28:20","false",""
"UgyCRsOsH19HnkjcVqR4AaABAg.99dpvupAyPc99drkyDTHXG","JT","@Worm Nah most left wingers are peacefully protesting police brutality while getting shot in the face with rubber bullets.","5","","2020-06-08 14:28:32","false",""
"UgyCRsOsH19HnkjcVqR4AaABAg.99dpvupAyPc99drpDkoQVs","TeachAble","@Worm We'll do the action.  What you gonna do about it?  Go cry to your mommie little worm.","1","","2020-06-08 14:29:06","false",""
"UgyCRsOsH19HnkjcVqR4AaABAg.99dpvupAyPc99drs3PK08a","Vega Nona","Black people are like, Now that we've got this statue down our kids will successfully raise themselves.","1","","2020-06-08 14:29:30","false",""
"UgyCRsOsH19HnkjcVqR4AaABAg.99dpvupAyPc99drtxfhoB5","Lu Men","I think i need a photo-op with a bible at the church for insta 🤥","2","","2020-06-08 14:29:45","false",""
"UgyCRsOsH19HnkjcVqR4AaABAg.99dpvupAyPc99ds0JBr9iL","Jagjit Roudh","@Shaneia Pearson read more history.","0","","2020-06-08 14:30:45","false",""
"UgyCRsOsH19HnkjcVqR4AaABAg.99dpvupAyPc99dsAC8MfXg","Worm","@Noiseless Sounds ""How can  you fire back like that without thinking about your history? I think I know why....."" LOL History? All you know or understand is what they teach you. Who is ""they"" would be the question right? Relax son this happens at least once a decade there's your history. And never changes you know why? Because the same thing happens at all these racial demos looting killing and extreme violence right? History lol I've lived it and seen it first hand and have no need for other opinions. Sorry sheep back to your flock!","0","","2020-06-08 14:32:06","false",""
"UgyCRsOsH19HnkjcVqR4AaABAg.99dpvupAyPc99dsACQ8Nb9","Noiseless Sounds","@TeachAble the action we are going to take is not something that will make you feel safe ;) revenge is a dish best served cold.","0","","2020-06-08 14:32:06","false",""
"UgyCRsOsH19HnkjcVqR4AaABAg.99dpvupAyPc99dsOUFXnuN","White_ Wulf_","JT dude shut up. Protesters are shooting and killing people during the riots","0","","2020-06-08 14:34:03","false",""
"UgyCRsOsH19HnkjcVqR4AaABAg.99dpvupAyPc99dsXZJXS5U","Noiseless Sounds","@Worm Hey boy fox news isn't a history book.","1","","2020-06-08 14:35:18","false",""
"UgyCRsOsH19HnkjcVqR4AaABAg.99dpvupAyPc99dsioLGLTr","Worm","@JT ""Nah most left wingers are peacefully protesting police brutality while getting shot in the face with rubber bullets."" Most you say? lol That's a joke for sure right? Because somebody has done an estimated billion dollar of damage while they were peacefully protesting? lol GTFOH   NEXT!","0","","2020-06-08 14:36:58","false",""
"UgyCRsOsH19HnkjcVqR4AaABAg.99dpvupAyPc99dt_SbkW3M","Worm","@Noiseless Sounds ""You people"" do you even realize that statement makes you the same racist as the people your protesting? Probably too young too know the difference I'm sure. Not my war but would be over before it started..Trust me on that!","0","","2020-06-08 14:44:26","false",""
"UgyCRsOsH19HnkjcVqR4AaABAg.99dpvupAyPc99duIj4UFnu","Wili Wds","Antifa is hated in Britain so have a liitle ha ha moment and statues will just be put back then the football lads will sort them out if the shit gets really real 
Soy Boys 😂🤣😃😃🤣😂😂🤣😃🤣😂🖕","1","","2020-06-08 14:50:45","false",""
"UgyCRsOsH19HnkjcVqR4AaABAg.99dpvupAyPc99dup-IcSfv","Noiseless Sounds","@Worm you aren't people you are to evil to be human.","0","","2020-06-08 14:55:17","false",""
"UgyCRsOsH19HnkjcVqR4AaABAg.99dpvupAyPc99dv1vDqIN4","Worm","@Noiseless Sounds NAh...Not evil just educated.","0","","2020-06-08 14:57:11","false",""
"UgyCRsOsH19HnkjcVqR4AaABAg.99dpvupAyPc99dv_mYfdDp","Worm","@TeachAble ""Go cry to your mommie little worm"" Who even talks like that? Seriously your either 12 or just got back from looting.","0","","2020-06-08 15:01:57","false",""
"Ugzpnm34AD2SIGFrGqd4AaABAg","J K","There Not Social Distancing!!! 😳😲","3","0","2020-06-08 14:12:43","true",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg","Mathew Williams","What needs to happen to every slave owner and Confederate traitors statues","488","67","2020-06-08 14:12:47","true",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dqbr9DBa0","Matt H","Agreed, nothing screams unpatriotic like trying to create your own country by rebellion; thus committing max treason, and fighting for the enslavement and infringement of other humans lives, is just sick, twisted, and immoral.","34","","2020-06-08 14:18:33","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dqjJAYOqS","Neptune","Yes exactly!
To all of them!!","10","","2020-06-08 14:19:34","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dqlDUkvxX","Drew Oliver","That includes everyone from George Washington to Ulysses S Grant","10","","2020-06-08 14:19:49","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dqlu69GTj","TeachAble","They did that in Britain?  In the U.S. those protesters would be considered rioting and looting and they would have been shot.  The U.S. is now a police state.","20","","2020-06-08 14:19:55","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dqrKRbFd9","Bat Boy","Something needs to be done about this:
Stone Mountain:","3","","2020-06-08 14:20:39","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dqv99_fqu","TeachAble","@David Mc You're a psychotic pig.  But of course you are - you support an orange cheeto Bunker Boy madman.","33","","2020-06-08 14:21:11","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399drBvQpPMH","Origami Mambo Project","@David Mc Nah, just till January 20th of next year. 2020 will be Trump's last full year in power. He's going to get beat hard like an old drum.","7","","2020-06-08 14:23:36","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399drFPzweMw","irish buck","@Origami Mambo Project All lives matter.  Trump 2020","3","","2020-06-08 14:24:05","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399drKbcQi_d","Southern Yankee","David Mc more like 4 more months 😂","2","","2020-06-08 14:24:47","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399drPR2EX8Y","DRUG ENFORCEMENT ADMINISTRATION","@irish buck all live will matter when black lives matter","16","","2020-06-08 14:25:27","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399drPpBTY5L","geheimschriver","Start with the worst ones like Gen. Forrest.
And don't make it seem that Geroge Washington is also on the list. In that case, people will defend the statue of Gen. Forrest because they do not want Geroge Washington or Thomas Jefferson to be next.","2","","2020-06-08 14:25:30","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399drUbYss-b","s b","exactly! slave traders of hell!","6","","2020-06-08 14:26:09","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399druEgPHLr","ROB112","90% are descendants to the Democrats running the party today","0","","2020-06-08 14:29:48","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399drwTeqRMC","Origami Mambo Project","@irish buck Say what you want. Trump is losing more every day and its going to get worse. Pray or something. Ha. But don't cry","2","","2020-06-08 14:30:06","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399drx0Yv40c","Tom Marker","@Matt H lol the south tried to free themselves from the same government you are rioting against","1","","2020-06-08 14:30:10","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399ds2-h6_K4","Aaron","@Bat Boy yea I went there there was big fat confederates flag right beside the American one and the state flag","0","","2020-06-08 14:30:59","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399ds2uYqat_","Tom Marker","@Bat Boy destroying history. The civil war was about taxes And the right to leave the union.  You hats Trump so much? Leave the union","1","","2020-06-08 14:31:07","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399ds9KetnUH","Tom Marker","@Harleydroxy Chloroquinn out numbered and out guned many died defending their land from the government tyranny that has now swept over the USA. All of you are hate filled sheep controlled by the media","2","","2020-06-08 14:31:59","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dsExl5bTj","Biblical Jesus Was Socialist","@ROB112 like you  reds don't have any of that blood?","0","","2020-06-08 14:32:45","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dsL4NAqnR","Biblical Jesus Was Socialist","@Tom Marker the south is the same government people riot against","0","","2020-06-08 14:33:36","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dsMGQ7B7o","Jagjit Roudh","That's hard to do when you're living under a dictator. Our cops didn't even try to stop the protestors cos they understand that pushing people is worse then pulling statues. Sincerely, good luck.","2","","2020-06-08 14:33:45","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dsMYfFi3p","Matt H","Tom Marker no it was about their economy being dependent on slave labor and them committing treason to preserve it so;  maybe ya shouldn’t have bet all your chips on one commodity. And I’m not rioting, don’t assume what I do with my life.","0","","2020-06-08 14:33:48","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dsPgB15ps","Bunker King","But how will children learn about history when all the statues are gone. If only there were some other way 🤔","4","","2020-06-08 14:34:13","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dsQPk2lHG","Marty See","You can't rewrite history good or bad.You kooks will pay at the ballot box.The 1% are not going to control the majority.","1","","2020-06-08 14:34:19","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dsR3fTgv3","John Patrick","@geheimschriver Why shouldn't Washington be on the list of people who should have their statues torn down?
He was a wealthy, white Angelo-Saxon slave owner from Virginia.
Doesn't that meet the requirements for scorn and ridicule nowadays?
Lincoln's statue should also come down; when he declared the Proclamation of Emancipation, he specifically stated that slaves who were kept in states that were in open rebellion against the Union would be freed, he left the others in bondage for an additional five years.
So, since he's directly responsible for the continuing enslavement of people when he could have freed them all, shouldn't his statue also go?","2","","2020-06-08 14:34:25","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dsTMLW0rB","Alex S","@TeachAble why are you even responding to him? He's trying to get a reaction out of you. Just ignore the trolls","0","","2020-06-08 14:34:43","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dsUmJGjIM","A.o.D","I don't want to poison the water with those scumbag statues they will fit nicely in a landfill somewhere","1","","2020-06-08 14:34:55","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dsjAOyXir","Tom Marker","@Biblical Jesus Was Socialist no it's not it's really not. That's what they want you to think","0","","2020-06-08 14:37:01","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dsnEUiRGI","Tom Marker","@Jagjit Roudh Trump isn't a dictator abe Lincoln killed a million Americans in the name of enforcing federal government rule","1","","2020-06-08 14:37:34","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dtBT9fsmT","Eddie P","Erasing history lends itself to your children repeating it... just sayin'...","2","","2020-06-08 14:41:01","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dtRiSDGM8","Wise Guy","Mathew Williams we might need more rivers","0","","2020-06-08 14:43:14","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dtaT-G4ss","xlx BONES xlx","Lol,  do this morons forget that Africans sold Africans to the Europeans as slaves. Hence the slave trade.","2","","2020-06-08 14:44:34","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dtk4agnYL","D B","@David Mc You feel good now?","0","","2020-06-08 14:45:53","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dtkQBB7-4","online dating police","@David Mc make America great again by removing Confederate statutes","1","","2020-06-08 14:45:56","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dtkejlR3h","Matthew Davis","Harleydroxy Chloroquinn not just lost but lost badly.  Other than Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia the South got steamrolled.","1","","2020-06-08 14:45:58","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dtxwvUUFe","online dating police","@Tom Marker you're probably a treasonous Confederate lmao","2","","2020-06-08 14:47:46","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399duFaTLdon","MAXIMUS","Harleydroxy Chloroquinn “it was a war over stated rights” 
States rights to do what?","1","","2020-06-08 14:50:19","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399duG7TKLEs","Matt H","Matthew Davis agreed, ya wonder why they don’t talk about fighting in the west; Grant massacred them, and split em in half @ Vicksburg 😂","1","","2020-06-08 14:50:24","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399duO0v4Iy9","kappa Pasta","David Mc him and his supporters gonna get murdered","1","","2020-06-08 14:51:28","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dud8e9BSj","Matthew Davis","Tom Marker it never ceases to amaze me how you have to watch the same thing, think the same thing and say the same thing as Fox News in order to not be “sheep”.  The whole rest of the world?  Sheep.  Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity and Ben Shapiro? Those are the real intellectuals.","2","","2020-06-08 14:53:40","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399duwFCktMk","Mizuki Hattori","So, including George Washington too? He did owned slaves","1","","2020-06-08 14:56:17","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399duyB-ki4Y","Stefan","I'm opposite to dump all that shit.  But they should only be kept inside museum for education purpose, or for historical research.","2","","2020-06-08 14:56:33","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dv0P7H-A-","Matthew Davis","xlx BONES xlx id sell Republicans for pretty cheap if I had the option.  Doesn’t make slavery right or the slavers good.","0","","2020-06-08 14:56:59","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dvGVj-c9U","DR X","@ROB112 WRONG ROB.....90% were Conservative dixi-crats...…..but thanks for reminding me about your party's nasty history","0","","2020-06-08 14:59:11","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dvTReZPcy","kyler","If they start saying we should take down the statues of our founding fathers then that crosses the line. Don’t mess with the history of our founding","1","","2020-06-08 15:00:57","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dvTt8iz-h","Southfield Trill","@Tom Marker LMFAO u don't even know what the hell u talking about.","0","","2020-06-08 15:01:01","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dvdVAJVSs","Matthew Davis","Matt H people Southerners wonder why Lee was so uncharacteristically bad on day 3 of Gettysburg.  It’s because Vicksburg had already fallen.  The war was lost if he didn’t win there and march on Washington.","1","","2020-06-08 15:02:27","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dvfXcbLu0","brain plumber","The next one to be dump into the river will be Trump","0","","2020-06-08 15:02:44","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dvk3ae7LK","Awesome computers","@David Mc oh so you want trump to have no term limit? Well thats not a democracy anymore, thats a dictatorship!","0","","2020-06-08 15:03:21","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dwN5aiSPU","Comrade Jason","@David Mc Everytime a Trumper says MAGA I'm reminded of the ""Took Our Jobs/Durkadurr!"" people from South Park. Y'all can't even speak in full sentences.","2","","2020-06-08 15:08:49","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dx5eMcnKA","Dumpty Humpty","@Jack Reagan  if you really think the tech companies are left remember they know every move  you ever made  and a drone will pick you  easy and ...............","0","","2020-06-08 15:15:11","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dxJqhxlx6","thom wessels","@Origami Mambo Project TRUMP TILL JAN 2025!","1","","2020-06-08 15:17:07","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dxi--BtsI","thom wessels","@Origami Mambo Project How to predict the outcome in November:  Remember who the 
DNC is putting up as their very best choice: ""Smell My Finger Joe"" Yeah, him!   Thanks, DNC!","1","","2020-06-08 15:20:33","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dyViKdSmV","R. T. Andrews","ROB112   Wrong! They still live in the south and vote red!","0","","2020-06-08 15:27:28","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dz1t5AMec","jen jen. rutherford","The usa has a conundrum with destroying statues of slave holders as the republic was founded by  slavers . George Washington to start with.","0","","2020-06-08 15:32:08","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dz4D66nxC","Bunker King","Jack Reagan you are triggered. Do you have a bunker you can get in until you calm down? Try holding a bible. It helps.","1","","2020-06-08 15:32:27","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dz7TT56kp","jen jen. rutherford","@Drew Oliver Sam Grant was not a slave holder .","0","","2020-06-08 15:32:54","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dzBsja-qh","thom wessels","@John Patrick ​ Abraham Lincoln signed the ''Emancipation Proclamation''' but he SHOULD have signed the ''Repatriation Proclamation''.    He could have built a fleet of boats our former slaves could have kept and used in Africa to haul sand and ibexes around.   Look at the mess we have today because of that terrible mistake.","1","","2020-06-08 15:33:30","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399dzelUNyHt","Majin Vegeta","@David Mc troll 👎👎👎","0","","2020-06-08 15:37:35","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399e-7peK8lM","Jonathan Snodgrass","@David Mc keep trump brits dont want his rhetoric and racism","0","","2020-06-08 15:41:41","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399e3HdjHrmT","Matt H","Matthew Davis Pickett’s charge🤦‍♂️ dipshits took 50% casualties, imbeciles, they like to act like Lee is this great tactical, when in reality it was that McClellan, and Burnside were so incompetent, that changed when Meade and Grant showed up 😂","1","","2020-06-08 16:17:59","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399e4Es-cWJA","Matt H","& anyone saying it’s removal of history, well do ya think West Germany removing Nazi statues is suppression of history? Should we have a bunch of Hitler and Himmler statues? No cuz they’re terrible people just like the Southern Aristocracy of the time, we don’t need objects to teach the next generation of the evils of humanity. Textbooks are there for a reason.","2","","2020-06-08 16:26:20","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399e5QhG1kOM","Comrade Jason","@Matt H I think statues should be kept up, but recontextualised. Like have the Confederate Soldier statue, and then build an even bigger statue of a black girl looking down at him. Or surround the statue with signs depicting/telling the truth about what happened, maybe include testimonials of former slaves. Use the statue as a joke, like each month a community business or organization can dress it up funny, or throw slime at it, have an artist paint onto the statue an image or phrase that contrasts the statue with its true context. You can also take them down and move them elsewhere, into a museum for example, where they merely become an artefact, and not a political tool/weapon.","1","","2020-06-08 16:36:41","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399e5s-EhLfU","Matt H","Jason Barber that would be perfect, I can get behind that, as you pointed out it’s used for all the wrong reasons, putting a different context would make all the difference, as it shows us it is wrong, and rather something to learn from and better ourselves from our past, totally agree & best argument for keeping them up I’ve seen 👍","1","","2020-06-08 16:40:33","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399e7zNw0_dT","Comrade Jason","@Matt H I live in South Africa, and at my university there's a big statue of King George, a colonial master. One year, students had a protest, and they threw paint on it and graffitied phrases like ""George Must Fall"". The university was stuck, because we don't really take down statues in SA, even the really bad ones, but they chose not to clean it, just to leave it defaced and unloved. And I kinda think it's beautiful. The rage at his reign and what it left behind is clear for all to see.","1","","2020-06-08 16:59:02","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw1399mxNj7F0wQ","Christian MacCready","""Confederate traitors"" 👍🏻

Hit that nail on the head. They were an official enemy of the state, why would any true patriot fly their flag?

- a Texan","1","","2020-06-12 03:10:49","false",""
"Ugx3Ezyereg1KZkJPZN4AaABAg.99dpxhylw139A-jy6WiE_P","Србомбоница","@Origami Mambo Project no way,Trump will win for sure","0","","2020-06-17 11:42:57","false",""
"UgxWXjj4sMAulDvI2qd4AaABAg","rig sospuro","All these white people in cnn telling us how to feel is just ridiculous","1","0","2020-06-08 14:12:52","true",""
"UgwueBZn4OhdFgUX-214AaABAg","Chechen Ghising","Trump Broker🔕","1","0","2020-06-08 14:12:53","true",""
"UgyU4XTElRULPJE_cpp4AaABAg","Chris Harris","You got love england","1","0","2020-06-08 14:12:57","true",""
"UgwIZClrWhq0b0tVwfV4AaABAg","David Daniel","Dumb yourself down, With CNN.!!","1","0","2020-06-08 14:13:03","true",""
"UgymuNIc0qjJAQUQBHJ4AaABAg","Cecilia Anamaria","There were protests also in Vienna/Austria. ..about 50,000 people. ..very peacefully. ..","0","0","2020-06-08 14:13:11","true",""
"UgxJtfAweunSTly37UR4AaABAg","Que Creations","2:38 - She's my future wife!","20","3","2020-06-08 14:13:14","true",""
"UgxJtfAweunSTly37UR4AaABAg.99dq-xdKpsE99dqcZC79Id","juicy420jam","Good luck man. She'd be a great catch. Such a promising young lady and very well spoken.","5","","2020-06-08 14:18:38","false",""
"UgxJtfAweunSTly37UR4AaABAg.99dq-xdKpsE99drGQHX1Q7","Moab Jam Audio","congratulations!🍾🎉","3","","2020-06-08 14:24:13","false",""
"UgxJtfAweunSTly37UR4AaABAg.99dq-xdKpsE99dv9qyaPl5","al ntr","etter hurry, i'm sure there is a looooong her you're worthy, always treat her well and with respect and humility. Good luck young man.","0","","2020-06-08 14:58:16","false",""
"UgxKYSb6qxBzseZlvdN4AaABAg","Leo Bruno","Good job","0","0","2020-06-08 14:13:17","true",""
"UgwMI62XG1c4hFV3Z514AaABAg","MrMavrick8888","This is not how to do these things!! You need to vote on it and get input from community!! This creates chaos and will create resentment and they won’t like it when monuments they like the other side tear down and throw in river! This is a terrible way to do it!!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:13:23","true",""
"UgwZ_XUbr6YqNa_n0Sd4AaABAg","atfinn","Lol I saw like three black people in those crowds.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:13:23","true",""
"UgzvfqvKz81GKNmmMWB4AaABAg","Henry Peck","People do your history all your for farthers were slave onwers. Go home now if you not happy here nothing stoping you now. Get over the way life grew blame god","0","0","2020-06-08 14:13:24","true",""
"UgzFFAlRxTRbqLWLrVJ4AaABAg","Frank Fakir","10 million subscribers and counting. I love it","0","0","2020-06-08 14:13:26","true",""
"UgwIR-nKRS-D7O4nvU94AaABAg","Ryan Ortega","Aw, there you go","0","0","2020-06-08 14:13:30","true",""
"UgzSB_6ZI_-haJmZTcZ4AaABAg","CJusticeHappen21","Don't feel bad for something that doesn't breath, and cannot be killed.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:13:31","true",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg","Neptune","Its really nice to see this!!!
This man had A LOT of blood in his hands!
Proud of the people of the United Kingdom!! 🇺🇸🇬🇧","430","36","2020-06-08 14:13:32","true",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99dsFNdEjTo","s b","remember! england is where all the slavery started!! they where the begin of evil!","15","","2020-06-08 14:32:49","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99dtQS3WpN-","Gottenburg","s b oh soo the whole thing about the Middle East is a lie then?","7","","2020-06-08 14:43:04","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99dtuLinZqW","Queen Cascade & Lioness Of God","People have been petitioning for decades to get that statue removed & always the request been turned down by local government officials. In different parts of the UK there are different statues because of the racist history that have been petitioned to be taken down or the truth about that statue history to be revealed and petitions have been denied. I live in the UK  and racism in the UK is real. We had riots in 2011 because of racism, government defunding communities, defunding educational programs for young people. Police stop and search & of the death of Mark Duggan by the hands of the British police.  After the riots of 2011 small things changed for a couple of years and then back to there normal. So real change is needed her as well as the USA with systemic racism","15","","2020-06-08 14:47:17","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99du3dgV3_A","Robert Vaughn","Ok so do you agree  mosques should now be pulled  down as mohammad was biggest slave trader ?","7","","2020-06-08 14:48:41","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99duLDmCRsH","Neptune","@Robert Vaughn please don't start with this. 🙄🙄
Islam has absolutely nothing to do with this, were talking about the fact that black lives matter!!","12","","2020-06-08 14:51:05","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99duR9HhxIY","Neptune","@Queen Cascade & Lioness Of God so sad to hear that!
Hopefully the situation improves there as well","3","","2020-06-08 14:51:54","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99dubjCFAjV","Black_Iraq_War Veteran","❤️❤️❤️❤️","1","","2020-06-08 14:53:29","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99dvdmH49LC","brain plumber","The next one to be dump into the river will be Trump","7","","2020-06-08 15:02:30","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99dvilk4N3t","Kafia Hussein Ahmed","@Robert Vaughn Did you learn that from fox news, you know nothing about our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) so ask the people with the knowledge or keep you faulty statement to yourself","5","","2020-06-08 15:03:11","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99dvuTBkxsH","Chris xO","@s b no it didnt.....England was actually one of the first places where blacks could live equally among whites, 'slavery' was a status in England that could be bought out of.","5","","2020-06-08 15:04:47","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99dwlupPkCt","First Name Last name","Robert Vaughn who ever said that?","1","","2020-06-08 15:12:21","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99dwnkLa92x","First Name Last name","Neptune thank you","1","","2020-06-08 15:12:36","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99dxNaC1mwx","DARTH MAUL","@sean grant talking about the that library that been burned down","0","","2020-06-08 15:17:38","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99dxqNqJmzB","peter nicholson","@s b Stupidest comment of the millennia...slavery is thousands of years old and has existed everywhere.","4","","2020-06-08 15:21:42","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99dy4FcI8wE","CoolbonnieXD","How to get corona virus:","0","","2020-06-08 15:23:43","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99dyL6QLfKq","Elaine Reid","@CoolbonnieXD 
Covid 19 
Is fake news 
Wake up you 
SHEEP","0","","2020-06-08 15:26:02","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99dySGx8rre","whiteo333","@Queen Cascade & Lioness Of God You had riots in england not the uk","1","","2020-06-08 15:27:00","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99dyUuUZfwr","whiteo333","@Robert Vaughn HA,HA,HA,HA","0","","2020-06-08 15:27:22","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99dzasn3iA7","Luke Holland","I come from the 1st town in England that abolished slavery and our statue is of admiral Blake who is most famous for saving over 1000 slaves and sailed them home, we received a clay pineapple that was replicated to say thank you, and stands on our town centre building to this day. We are famous for forming local militias that fought the government to the death for freedom, also we have the oldest docks in the UK which resulted in a very mixed bunch of town folk, from mayor's to pirates. Check out BRIDGWATER TOWN SOMERSET ENGLAND. look at how we dealt with racism and a shady government, we are true people of the world and 99.9% are white out of 85.000.00 people.","1","","2020-06-08 15:37:03","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99e-Hj4-JmO","Ilana","What’s his name?","0","","2020-06-08 15:43:02","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99e-IuYnX0y","Christina Lomeli","@s b Not hardly but yeah they were really bad.","1","","2020-06-08 15:43:12","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99e-M2E1xoA","Zoey Lowlands","@s b remember, Romans, Greeks, Vikings? Slavery is as old as mankind and black Africans are trading slaves in Africa today. It is bad, and should stop. But you being a racist is not helping.","3","","2020-06-08 15:43:38","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99e-SxJI1Ij","Ken Rimmer","@Robert Vaughn uh what about the bible itself..","0","","2020-06-08 15:44:34","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99e-e3XTIrJ","OG Sperm Cell","s b so if england started slavery who built the pyramids of Egypt long before England became a kingdom.","0","","2020-06-08 15:46:14","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99e-jOQm92e","Robo man","@s b Not true mate. It started on the arabian Peninsula. Don't take my word for it. Research!","0","","2020-06-08 15:46:57","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99e-v1734JH","hanz patinski","@s b that's y I'm proud of them","0","","2020-06-08 15:48:33","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99e01L2u-C-","hanz patinski","@Neptune y should just black lives matter, shouldn't all lives matter?","0","","2020-06-08 15:49:32","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99e02YGmQCZ","Annnora C","@peter nicholson And still exists today,sad, need change.","0","","2020-06-08 15:49:42","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99e06aPi7VL","hanz patinski","@brain plumber u wish","0","","2020-06-08 15:50:15","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99e4FbvDIQs","s b","@Christina Lomeli believe me the english slave traders were evil as hell, dna darkness","0","","2020-06-08 16:26:27","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99e5Dmq73vl","Robert Vaughn","@Kafia Hussein Ahmed ,No didn't learn from fox news its in Qur'an and haddith.","0","","2020-06-08 16:34:56","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99e8lvIc9VG","Christina Lomeli","@s b Certainly, but they were not the first peoples to enslave another's -not by a long shot. Deplorable. Idc who the perpetrators are or when they did. It's the most disgusting act one can commit against his brother or sister. It repulses me.","1","","2020-06-08 17:05:56","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99zuFVutVaB","Queen Cascade & Lioness Of God","whiteo333 I know we have riots in England. I’m not sure where your from but England is apart of the UK. What I was trying to say was in different part of the UK which includes England there are different statues in different cities. I live in England. Maybe what i was trying to say wasn’t clear enough.           If you look at the history of the UK there had been riots in different decades.                ","1","","2020-06-17 03:53:36","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU99zvy-JlOxJ","Queen Cascade & Lioness Of God","Neptune we will see only time will tell, with all countries that face systemic racism in different levels, in different ways in different countries. Praying for us all ✊🏽🙏🏽👍🏽","0","","2020-06-17 04:08:33","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU9A1NeKEkrf6","Buonga H","@s b lol, I'm speechless. Just wow","0","","2020-06-18 02:57:45","false",""
"Ugx4ZE3tQMbEXbEDudB4AaABAg.99dq29qOyPU9ADb6NEhX4z","Agent Orange","do we replace it with statue of George Floyd with a meth pipe to his mouth or gun to a pregnant belly ?","0","","2020-06-22 20:54:56","false",""
"Ugy9U5NdcnHh99g-jPp4AaABAg","Jennifer Davidson","Get on your knees and off the streets..God help us all.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:13:32","true",""
"Ugw8aywR1nCsiKhRD8J4AaABAg","Helen Jones","Good to get rid of idolized symbolism BUT, do not erase our history!  We must remember and teach these bad things to our children so history will NOT repeat itself. We need to free ourselves from the history loop!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:13:33","true",""
"UgxMGzLtZRpojY3iXUd4AaABAg","Bobbi f","Just seen protest ..soon as it becomes violent it has opposite effect... have r be able to personnel go see it.... I have been workingg","0","0","2020-06-08 14:13:34","true",""
"UgztNbyUX_bGsXX5zBp4AaABAg","Brainstorming Plus","In just a nutshell - Mr. FAKE ""very stable genius"" MUST leave!!!","56","2","2020-06-08 14:13:34","true",""
"UgztNbyUX_bGsXX5zBp4AaABAg.99dq2O8A5Q899ds-BXym-R","s b","like yesterday!","3","","2020-06-08 14:30:36","false",""
"UgztNbyUX_bGsXX5zBp4AaABAg.99dq2O8A5Q899dy9elTBVG","shasha Timberlake","You got that right . America is not great anymore.","0","","2020-06-08 15:24:28","false",""
"UgxcnQU6bI1MymALZCx4AaABAg","justxblazed","Respect ✊","1","0","2020-06-08 14:13:44","true",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg","Knav","People are saying the statue “tripped and fell over” into the water...","1835","133","2020-06-08 14:13:46","true",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dsochxkFn","kia cottrell","Cuz that’s what cops say","0","","2020-06-08 14:37:46","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dszXp_xv8","Jack Hwang","The statue was like I’m getting away from these people","6","","2020-06-08 14:39:15","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dszhg2vt5","BLM 1863","That sounds about right!!!!!!!!!!.........................I wish American statues would trip into the water as well.","7","","2020-06-08 14:39:16","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dtBaI53Ej","Jose Gomez","Autopsy shows the statue had pre existing weak ankles , which caused it to fall into the river","17","","2020-06-08 14:41:02","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dtC5TQnCg","MA12","I can’t 😂😂😂😂","4","","2020-06-08 14:41:06","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dtG9nCaK_","Anna Mara","@Sop Nyguyen your anger is misdirected","7","","2020-06-08 14:41:40","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dtJx6DDaS","Natily Brown","😝😝😝😝👏","3","","2020-06-08 14:42:11","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dtVzWFMi5","Tee Burd Talks","😂😂😂","3","","2020-06-08 14:43:49","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dtc0cIVLz","FLORIDA MUSIC PLUG"," george gloyd Gets A 2 piece to the face","0","","2020-06-08 14:44:47","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dtob8UQZd","kay brown","😁😁😁😁","2","","2020-06-08 14:46:30","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dtsWgj1fq","Mauricio Morro","@Shayne Felberg you are so dumb I WAS MAKING A POINT THAT WAS THE SPEECH COPS USE ALL THE TIME  BUT I WAS REFERING TO THE STATUE","6","","2020-06-08 14:47:02","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dtsvAsgRd","John S","So many people are are saying it","2","","2020-06-08 14:47:05","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dtwFMg5k8","Garry G","@Mauricio Morro Since when has resisting arrest, on the ground and in hand cuffs has been a death sentence for white men? People like you who didn't believe black people when they told you about Police Brutality for over a century so I don't want to hear any bullshit from you Mfers now! You wouldn't listen to us about police brutality? You thought we were lying and making this shit up and didn't want to hear it? America bought this Bullshit on itself! We've had Peaceful protests to many to count! And still not heard! Even a football player kneeled quietly to protest police brutality but you called him unpatriotic and you still didn't want to hear it! Can they hear em now Mfer? Funny how people hear clearly when a fking Starbucks is being burned to the ground! The sound I hear now are fire trucks and curfews! I knew it  was only a matter of time before America's love affair with police racism would explode in the fking streets! Breonna Taylor, the black Jogger and now George all within a month was the last straw! Black folk were already on edge anyway with this virus because they are disproportionately effected by it and this was the last got damn thing they needed right about now! And without fail here comes some bitch ass pig to pour more salt into an already open wound! Was it worth it? This American Experiment will never work because this country has to many white people with the mindset like yours and that  murderer that killed George! And the 62 million people who made a  known racist President confirms it! It'll never work! Never has, never will!","4","","2020-06-08 14:47:33","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dtydbI5_Z","Dada Tv - Nursery Rhymes & Children's Songs","it will be harmful to remember that your grand father was a slave for your neighbor grand fathers","1","","2020-06-08 14:47:52","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99du0CXRIpf","Kris Frederick","Accidents do happen","2","","2020-06-08 14:48:13","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99du8xMytX-","Adolfo Enrique","And??","1","","2020-06-08 14:49:25","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99duESVhmIt","Maureen Lionel","It kinda did","0","","2020-06-08 14:50:10","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99duXTdtfrr","Nan ‘59","😂😂😂😂😂😘😌😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ty!!! I NEEDED THAT!!!!","2","","2020-06-08 14:52:46","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dugDVA4lr","Facts Only","The statue was resisting arrest","5","","2020-06-08 14:54:05","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99duhcCTCWK","Jsn English TV","We the so called negros are the real children of Israel we are sons and daughters of God 
And all nations must be prepared for their destruction that is near prepare your armies cause your forefathers been killing and murder the children of Israel since decades and claimed not guilty 
You don't need to march with us you have nothing to do with us 
Go eat sleep and wait for because Jesus will come soon to slaughter yall for what your forefathers did
Zechariah 2:8
[8]For thus saith the LORD of hosts; After the glory hath he sent me unto the nations which spoiled you: for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye.

Joel 3:2
[2]I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land.
This is the justice of God","2","","2020-06-08 14:54:17","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dv7FvlrSz","L Jeans","🤣😂🤣😭","3","","2020-06-08 14:57:55","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dv7dGD7gI","Captain Of A Starship","You must get 1k likes","2","","2020-06-08 14:57:58","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dvBikDjC2","Palma Palma","It took a dive into the water... Too many small particles in the air.","2","","2020-06-08 14:58:32","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dvBrxqLLU","L Jeans","@cows need a nice cheeseburger HEY!","0","","2020-06-08 14:58:33","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dvGiz-lRW","Rojav","I guess that's what a heavy heart will do for you","1","","2020-06-08 14:59:13","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dvI0CQI8Z","Nan ‘59","Posted that line, WITH THIS VID, on my Fb!!!!!
You should, too!!!","2","","2020-06-08 14:59:23","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dvI274_nT","Elaine Reid","Lol funny","2","","2020-06-08 14:59:24","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dvKnWOgUq","William THE ll","Mauricio Morro this is the best one😂","3","","2020-06-08 14:59:46","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dvWH5ozit","Habib Ahmad","Lol funny but what the righteous Don't Lie for Change","0","","2020-06-08 15:01:20","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dv_Geh235","brain plumber","The next one to be dump into the river will be Trump","3","","2020-06-08 15:01:53","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dvdKdfZ1N","Sebastian Martin","🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪🤪🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗","1","","2020-06-08 15:02:26","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dveJm1Wbl","Alex Jointsoon","hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂","2","","2020-06-08 15:02:34","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dvjAipSVz","Ryan-Young","🤣😂😆","2","","2020-06-08 15:03:14","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dvnoonD-m","SierraLeones12","Lmfao I can't man😂","2","","2020-06-08 15:03:52","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dvokG68Af","J","The statue refused to move on and was standing there threateningly, clearly the protesters feared for their lives and had no choice.","8","","2020-06-08 15:04:00","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dw9CmmK2A","Nacculate Vassell","I doesn't matter how it came down, it down. Amen","3","","2020-06-08 15:06:55","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dwEEr7Q0S","saddist1Gtown","He fell over...","4","","2020-06-08 15:07:37","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dwHPvNULa","Elaine Reid","@Jose Gomez 
Lol love it","1","","2020-06-08 15:08:03","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dwVhai9Vt","Jordan Burton","🤣🤣💀","1","","2020-06-08 15:10:00","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dwyPHaZ1M","MIKE M","but the statue was black though.","0","","2020-06-08 15:14:03","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dx8dKusYg","Trash picking Pete","Lol these people wanna be American so bad","0","","2020-06-08 15:15:35","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dxgjSOd-Y","Crystal Masters","Omg humor helps get us through and this was good. MFs","3","","2020-06-08 15:20:23","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dxkJ_K11z","Shane Whitbread","Haha, well that's a shame but hey , accidents will happen .","1","","2020-06-08 15:20:52","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dxlojNNcQ","Crystal Masters","To see so many white people makes my heart hopeful🥰","1","","2020-06-08 15:21:04","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dxnzt56Xu","MIKE M","statue at the bottom of the water: ""I can't breathe!""","1","","2020-06-08 15:21:22","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dxpS3viZG","Crystal Masters","Mauricio Morro yes🔥🔥","0","","2020-06-08 15:21:34","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dxpr9ad8-","Texas Chainsaw Jesus","Right wingers are no doubt crying a river of tears over this, which is hysterical. Is there no historical douchebag the right wing won't defend.","3","","2020-06-08 15:21:37","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dyAvGBidR","leeeastwood","and you win the internet today, Knav!","1","","2020-06-08 15:24:38","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dyNGrUs7e","Brian T","He was reaching for a weapon","2","","2020-06-08 15:26:19","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dyNuvBMiN","Dianna Hill","🤣🤣🤣","0","","2020-06-08 15:26:25","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dyVI3B-tY","Warren Doris","@Mauricio Morro 😀😀😀😀","0","","2020-06-08 15:27:25","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dyWvLzuNV","Afro Ronin","As a black man in american.... THANX YOU!!! I almost dropped my J from the laughter...","4","","2020-06-08 15:27:38","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dyX-Fz6qw","Ana Sueiras","Shayne Felberg He did not resist arrest they do have video and witnesses. Regardless it was murder. What a horrid way to die gasping for air. This is a humanitarian cause.  God be with us.","2","","2020-06-08 15:27:39","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dybPFjUXa","Jane Wright","Expose the truth about confederate statues in the US and rid our cities of theses statues and confederate flags.","3","","2020-06-08 15:28:23","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dyjX17k-w","Paul Young","It did","0","","2020-06-08 15:29:30","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dylM8_2fx","Max Powers","Lol","1","","2020-06-08 15:29:45","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dypwnn2pZ","Vicaria Williams","😂🤣","1","","2020-06-08 15:30:22","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dyxtDCrFd","Dianna Hill","@Sop Nyguyen, you have issues. I suggest psych therapy and spiritual counseling.","2","","2020-06-08 15:31:27","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dz-31Le9z","karma Deluxe60","😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭","0","","2020-06-08 15:31:45","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dz3Tpw4Go","karma Deluxe60","I say replace these racist statues with the images of protesters who have helped black lives matter and have stood hand-in-hand with us the real heroes","3","","2020-06-08 15:32:21","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dzDNxwqSU","Sean Shimamoto","Knav AMEN!!!","1","","2020-06-08 15:33:43","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99dzL8ABdsM","GT Nismo","@s b sometimes karma needs a kick in the ass to show its face. 😷🏍💨👍","1","","2020-06-08 15:34:46","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99e--17BHtO","mako zero","This comment won the internet today. Good job sir.","2","","2020-06-08 15:40:29","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99e--9UAzcn","JRod","🤣🤣🤣","1","","2020-06-08 15:40:30","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99e-8_WeHQb","Jaymanto","LMAO!!!","0","","2020-06-08 15:41:47","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99e-DUijkwa","Delling Conley","That's the violent left. Drowning statues.","1","","2020-06-08 15:42:28","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99e-O2PGl2b","kohdachIslan Amazing","Dee Lee wow","0","","2020-06-08 15:43:54","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99e-qBjPkCe","Heidi Farmer","I 😍 U!","0","","2020-06-08 15:47:53","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99e-vMkKu1o","Itohan Oviawe","@Dee Lee lol 😂😂😂😂😂","0","","2020-06-08 15:48:35","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99e00S3DuqE","Steve Anso","This comment is priceless 😂😂😂","0","","2020-06-08 15:49:25","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99e0T1pNy5H","Warren Doris","@Jane Wright That is absolutely overdue! The fact that those witches came up with that plan as psychological warfare needs to be fully exposed.","0","","2020-06-08 15:53:19","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99e0jtfAZAD","Warren Doris","@Delling Conley Better than you slavery loving reptiles loving inflicting pain and misery.","0","","2020-06-08 15:55:46","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99e4tsFe7nN","stryker9816","@Mauricio Morro exactly","0","","2020-06-08 16:32:04","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99e7sgNihTq","Mauricio Morro","@Garry G OMG u so slow read my comment I was  referring to the statue and paraphrasing the usual speech the cops give us every time they abuse a minority","1","","2020-06-08 16:58:08","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99eTL6vS_OF","Rodrick Lamya","😂😂😂","0","","2020-06-08 20:05:39","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99eUz76hsma","Snow Chan","Colston might have have medical issues. Maybe high on drugs. Either way we can't make a judgement without all the facts.","0","","2020-06-08 20:19:59","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99eZPdXf0f9","Reine Lip Gloss Brand","😂😂😂😂","0","","2020-06-08 20:58:42","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99f2o1tZpUS","JazzyRozie Tay-Evariste","WOW XD","0","","2020-06-09 01:33:03","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99hcsoqX5H1","Pete West","Ha ha ha.  Love it.","0","","2020-06-10 01:35:29","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99ieR5nio2g","Lone Astro","Facts","0","","2020-06-10 11:08:17","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99lUM7XcLJH","Joshua R","Hahaha","0","","2020-06-11 13:29:12","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99mTChIdmVk","Sha Of Anger","He did fall into the water","1","","2020-06-11 22:38:25","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99mXH7ZzRz3","dave berry","lets get rid of bristol the whole place was built on the slave trade","0","","2020-06-11 23:13:59","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99mpoUuZwm_","Charlie Puga","Lmao 😂","0","","2020-06-12 02:04:42","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99muVjsExC9","DolphinsWIthIgloos","dave berry Lets get rid of Islam. Muhammed (PBUH) built Islam on slave trader AND he was a pedo. Silence is violence.","0","","2020-06-12 02:45:41","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99n2DE3IFyA","Duke Martinez","Mauricio Morro 🤣🤣🤣","0","","2020-06-12 04:01:48","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99o9EvM_tgD","Jean West","😂😂","0","","2020-06-12 14:22:27","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99oN4yuD6XX","Milove Jesus","🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣","0","","2020-06-12 16:23:25","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99obdoe1Uvz","Darlene Ullah","MIKE M 🤨 you’re not a jokester","0","","2020-06-12 18:39:23","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99ojkkVjoyW","Freedom0103 Freedom0103","@Dee Lee Speaking with local media on Thursday about the occupation of the police station and surrounding area by radical leftists, Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said that police-response times had increased and that violent crimes, including rapes, were occurring but that her officers cannot get to the victims.","0","","2020-06-12 19:50:14","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99ojls3uw1N","Freedom0103 Freedom0103","@Neptune Speaking with local media on Thursday about the occupation of the police station and surrounding area by radical leftists, Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said that police-response times had increased and that violent crimes, including rapes, were occurring but that her officers cannot get to the victims.","0","","2020-06-12 19:50:23","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99ojpn8gFbu","Freedom0103 Freedom0103","@Nkosi Ndugumuzana Speaking with local media on Thursday about the occupation of the police station and surrounding area by radical leftists, Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said that police-response times had increased and that violent crimes, including rapes, were occurring but that her officers cannot get to the victims.","0","","2020-06-12 19:50:56","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99ojqsPOmR8","Freedom0103 Freedom0103","@Gaming Nirvana Speaking with local media on Thursday about the occupation of the police station and surrounding area by radical leftists, Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said that police-response times had increased and that violent crimes, including rapes, were occurring but that her officers cannot get to the victims.","1","","2020-06-12 19:51:04","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99ojsBfbpmK","Freedom0103 Freedom0103","@SD81 A Speaking with local media on Thursday about the occupation of the police station and surrounding area by radical leftists, Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said that police-response times had increased and that violent crimes, including rapes, were occurring but that her officers cannot get to the victims.","0","","2020-06-12 19:51:15","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99ojtdFmJhw","Freedom0103 Freedom0103","@Da Almighty Booty-O’s Speaking with local media on Thursday about the occupation of the police station and surrounding area by radical leftists, Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said that police-response times had increased and that violent crimes, including rapes, were occurring but that her officers cannot get to the victims.","0","","2020-06-12 19:51:27","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99t0Q0Lf7VN","GTRenegade04YT","😂😂","0","","2020-06-14 11:41:31","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL99umL7rCNYt","coolgem","Whatever he jumped or tripped or was pushed into the water that racist statue is gone 😬😬😅🤭","0","","2020-06-15 04:08:16","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL9ADakzpEdsp","Agent Orange","do we replace George Washington statue with one of George Floyd with a meth pipe to his mouth or gun to a pregnant belly ?","0","","2020-06-22 20:51:53","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL9A_JN3XQ2eR","SD81 A","@Agent Orange No but you can do a historically accurate one of George Washington beating his slave for not bringing his drink at the right temperature. You might like one of George Washington raping his slave. Which do you prefer Mr Orange?","0","","2020-07-01 16:33:43","false",""
"Ugz1MgWl8aTlqlkQ3rV4AaABAg.99dq3soEIuL9Ab9JoIsgQa","Elmo_ Gaming","did you know i can get likes by putting this emoji:😂🤣","0","","2020-07-02 09:44:23","false",""
"UgykyazmG9q8re87_5p4AaABAg","Access to my energy is YOUR privilege","So proud,so humbled to see people coming together for the good of black lives👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙏🏾.","119","14","2020-06-08 14:13:52","true",""
"UgykyazmG9q8re87_5p4AaABAg.99dq4_udZbx99dqs3yOzzW","bigdi77","✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿","2","","2020-06-08 14:20:45","false",""
"UgykyazmG9q8re87_5p4AaABAg.99dq4_udZbx99dr1KoTArn","Gaming Nirvana","No peace without justice. Racially. Economically. Socially.","2","","2020-06-08 14:22:10","false",""
"UgykyazmG9q8re87_5p4AaABAg.99dq4_udZbx99drlnbwFcI","White_ Wulf_","Tommy Vercetti Games if you hurt me I’ll hurt you. Bring on the riots in my home town so I can try my new guns on you","2","","2020-06-08 14:28:38","false",""
"UgykyazmG9q8re87_5p4AaABAg.99dq4_udZbx99ds87SD2j2","TMC TTF","@White_ Wulf_ Hm....","0","","2020-06-08 14:31:49","false",""
"UgykyazmG9q8re87_5p4AaABAg.99dq4_udZbx99dsKnIlVmU","Gaming Nirvana","@White_ Wulf_ 

Yeah. Cos they're scared so they want to act tough. Guns bigger than them.","4","","2020-06-08 14:33:33","false",""
"UgykyazmG9q8re87_5p4AaABAg.99dq4_udZbx99duRKYOXHk","online dating police","@David Mc white is beautiful, just like every other color😀","4","","2020-06-08 14:51:55","false",""
"UgykyazmG9q8re87_5p4AaABAg.99dq4_udZbx99duWbqJr31","online dating police","@White_ Wulf_ ok tough guy chill","1","","2020-06-08 14:52:39","false",""
"UgykyazmG9q8re87_5p4AaABAg.99dq4_udZbx99dv3TBuhTO","White_ Wulf_","Tommy Vercetti Games I bet your freedom of speech makes you feel big and tough too huh?","0","","2020-06-08 14:57:24","false",""
"UgykyazmG9q8re87_5p4AaABAg.99dq4_udZbx99dv7j3gQR0","White_ Wulf_","online dating police everyone is beautiful. Every body type is beautiful. What’s not beautiful is people who have hate in their hearts","0","","2020-06-08 14:57:59","false",""
"UgykyazmG9q8re87_5p4AaABAg.99dq4_udZbx99dxaSikDE0","Jason Collins","White_ Wulf_ Uh oh. We got a badass over here","1","","2020-06-08 15:19:31","false",""
"UgykyazmG9q8re87_5p4AaABAg.99dq4_udZbx99dy4IGeFq6","Crunch Time Fitness","@David Mc white is seasonal! Times up!!","1","","2020-06-08 15:23:44","false",""
"UgykyazmG9q8re87_5p4AaABAg.99dq4_udZbx99dytyfc25l","GT Nismo","The only way real change can take place is for us to stand united throughout the world regardless of color. Hate will always lose.","1","","2020-06-08 15:30:55","false",""
"UgykyazmG9q8re87_5p4AaABAg.99dq4_udZbx99dzJp3xBJY","Gaming Nirvana","@White_ Wulf_ 

Yeehah! Strap me to the moon boys.","1","","2020-06-08 15:34:35","false",""
"UgykyazmG9q8re87_5p4AaABAg.99dq4_udZbx99e-faaId8L","Cook Black","@White_ Wulf_ just know you ain't the only one that's got new ones bro","0","","2020-06-08 15:46:26","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg","lee roden","*THE POLICE ALLOWED IT THEY WANTED IT GONE*","528","35","2020-06-08 14:13:55","true",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99dqwOikIM7","Galactic Warlock","Sure but who wants that crap up.","39","","2020-06-08 14:21:21","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99dqyRGrLsh","Gaming Nirvana","They hated that slave trader. He had a ton of ASBOs.","17","","2020-06-08 14:21:38","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99drHwZ1IKg","Real Life","Good riddance","22","","2020-06-08 14:24:26","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99drL_jXVSo","2manynegativewaves","Avon and Somerset Police,doing things right.","10","","2020-06-08 14:24:55","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99drMVB1QSf","Shadow Skull","Good.","9","","2020-06-08 14:25:03","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99drbqpT7_Q","Nkosi Ndugumuzana","Tommy Vercetti Games 
🤣🤣😂... this is golden!","2","","2020-06-08 14:27:17","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99dre0WjHPS","Kevin Hayes","British police have a totally different approach to American  police actually every European country has a different approach you have deep seated problems in the USA you haven't got freedom of speech rule of law human rights you are like China 😂","24","","2020-06-08 14:27:35","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99drm5m8xbF","ROB112","Instead of being an incel lobbying the internet for clicks & likes you could spend a third of time atleast trying to get laid before you die","1","","2020-06-08 14:28:41","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99dsGVpSQec","Mutesi florida","@Jiorgi it should have been smashed and totally destroyed before thrown in the water some people may pick it again from the water and make it stand again","3","","2020-06-08 14:32:58","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99dsc20TW5v","geheimschriver","Police in Europe is pragmatic and only use force as a last resort. 
At some stage, a senior officer will have decided: Violence or statue. Statues can be replaced, so it's not worth the violence. Even they decided to protect the statue, they would have announced that they will protect it, so the peaceful protesters have the opportunity to leave, and the police will then arrest the rest with as little violence as possible.
Btw: there will be masses of police here, notice how they stay out of sight as not to escalate things. Police in the US have a lot to learn.","4","","2020-06-08 14:36:03","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99dsdHkRYCN","Ross Mitchell","You are giving the police praise??? It's a fact they had to let the demonstrators take it as the police were outnumbered and couldn't physically act. Boris Johnson has said these people will be prosecuted. Listen the statue shouldn't have even been put up. And yes there has been a plan on what to do with it before this for years. Guess this solved that. But don't give the police credit.","3","","2020-06-08 14:36:13","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99dsevA5dky","Mary Sargent","lee roden great, love to see police supporting protesters","1","","2020-06-08 14:36:26","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99dtWcZ_Lmq","Dubjax 30","I hope you are right, it was certainly long overdue","1","","2020-06-08 14:43:54","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99dteMomE_M","FLORIDA MUSIC PLUG"," george floyd cant fight👀👀👀","0","","2020-06-08 14:45:06","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99du9WLQmMG","Aeleks Johnson","Good.","1","","2020-06-08 14:49:29","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99duJZAmql4","Worm","@Kevin Hayes LOL Elected officials dictate the police actions. ALL FOR VOTES nothing more nothing less VOTES!","0","","2020-06-08 14:50:52","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99durHoOayl","Worm","@geheimschriver Possibly the dumbest comment today so far. Police should stand by and watch while others property is burned and stolen. LOL what a naive comment. Do you sleep on a bed of Daisy's ?  GTFOH","0","","2020-06-08 14:55:36","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99dvcNoXJpL","brain plumber","The next one to be dump into the river will be Trump","2","","2020-06-08 15:02:18","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99dvrV4whyt","Habib Ahmad","I love the police for it respect","0","","2020-06-08 15:04:22","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99dvyqdqA0T","FLORIDA MUSIC PLUG"," George Floyd beat up last year","0","","2020-06-08 15:05:22","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99dw0Ltww3F","Habib Ahmad","@Kevin Hayes beautiful Put I thought that too that's so true","1","","2020-06-08 15:05:43","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99dw8tbwti6","Habib Ahmad","@Mary Sargent ❤👍✌👏","1","","2020-06-08 15:06:53","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99dwJ4HyCBH","Habib Ahmad","@Worm well you're not getting votes by not winning people's hearts","1","","2020-06-08 15:08:16","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99dwcIXs9ys","Habib Ahmad","@Ross Mitchell I give the police credit not everybody agrees with Boris and you you these are sensitive times if police really wanted to do something they would have have police car are the power but for that brief moment they gave people the power don't forget that","1","","2020-06-08 15:11:02","false",""
The statue went up in 1895 as a symbol of Empire and the idea of making large amounts of money abroad. Colston's contemporaries saw him as a successful merchant who'd given some of his money to charities based in the city.","0","","2020-06-08 15:11:37","false",""
Are you writing this while shagging by any chance? Because I can't see any other excuse for it.","0","","2020-06-08 15:13:16","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99dx56FT8CI","geheimschriver","@Worm Trust me, the police know everything that is going on. They will have plainclothes cops in the crowd.
I will show you 10 youtube video\s of lootings in the US for 1 video of lootings here in Europe. 
Staying out of sight is key. If looters do not know where the police is, they are hesitant. If the police are not continuously engaged with protesters, they have resources to spare to deal with looters.
Please learn from the Police in the UK.","0","","2020-06-08 15:15:06","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99dx752GMdW","Trash picking Pete","Lol these people wanna be American so bad","0","","2020-06-08 15:15:22","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99dx_BLMg4j","Donn Smith's","He's slaving fish now lol!!!","0","","2020-06-08 15:19:21","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99dxerhNSr4","peter nicholson","@Trash picking Pete No who the f@ck in the civilised world wants that?","0","","2020-06-08 15:20:07","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99dxl1FJ5fM","MoJam","At least the taxpayer won't need to fork out so much money to remove it","0","","2020-06-08 15:20:58","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99dxs6MSd4n","silvia garcia","UK don’t play ✊🏾","0","","2020-06-08 15:21:56","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99dxxRyHyIP","Jim McCracken","@Kevin Hayes, In America we have more unarmed white people, than unarmed black people that are killed by LEOs. However, our MSM chose not to report this fact to the masses, because it doesn't fit their narrative. The MSM is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Globalist agenda.","0","","2020-06-08 15:22:39","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99dyV46tPmJ","kaykay69","AND","0","","2020-06-08 15:27:23","false",""
"Ugwuq4rDdwzVDf79VzZ4AaABAg.99dq4z9dQei99dyyOkRUKd","C. H.","A lot more needs to go into the decisions made about public spaces, public institutions and public policies. We have plenty of proof what happens when you put a few wealthy white men in charge of everything. It causes perpetual conflict. What I'm concerned about is how we go forward in inclusive ways without making more mistakes in the process. In the US there's been a conservative campaign against liberal education because that's what we need to base our cultural and socioeconomic revolution.","0","","2020-06-08 15:31:32","false",""
"UgwcTwjsstPSVQfSiHp4AaABAg","Dominic p","Well done England ✊🏻","149","13","2020-06-08 14:13:57","true",""
"UgwcTwjsstPSVQfSiHp4AaABAg.99dq5CYblPc99drnulKDPN","s b","england was the country where all slavery started, never forget that","2","","2020-06-08 14:28:56","false",""
"UgwcTwjsstPSVQfSiHp4AaABAg.99dq5CYblPc99dsfjDkcmD","Alex Cuz","s b well that’s bull shit lol read a book mate.","7","","2020-06-08 14:36:33","false",""
"UgwcTwjsstPSVQfSiHp4AaABAg.99dq5CYblPc99dtE8sW-2b","OG K","@s b actually Portugal if we talking colonial/chattel slavery but if we talking slavery/servitude in general actually Africa","5","","2020-06-08 14:41:23","false",""
"UgwcTwjsstPSVQfSiHp4AaABAg.99dq5CYblPc99dtbpsuVAi","Andre Ernest","😉👍","1","","2020-06-08 14:44:45","false",""
"UgwcTwjsstPSVQfSiHp4AaABAg.99dq5CYblPc99duQVdWEgo","Rene Miranda","@s b i cant believe you just said that. Slavery didn't start in England it was way before those times. I dont know how old are you but man you have to learn so much about history.","7","","2020-06-08 14:51:49","false",""
"UgwcTwjsstPSVQfSiHp4AaABAg.99dq5CYblPc99duZMsX2CZ","Tee Burd Talks","✊🏾✊🏻","3","","2020-06-08 14:53:01","false",""
"UgwcTwjsstPSVQfSiHp4AaABAg.99dq5CYblPc99dukLpKpZO","Dubjax 30","@s b Actually that's not true","4","","2020-06-08 14:54:39","false",""
"UgwcTwjsstPSVQfSiHp4AaABAg.99dq5CYblPc99dv7tJxXy_","Janelle Northcut","@s b Proof? Didn't Columbus kickstart the Slave Trade?","1","","2020-06-08 14:58:00","false",""
"UgwcTwjsstPSVQfSiHp4AaABAg.99dq5CYblPc99dyPrfup0x","peter nicholson","@s b 3 times you tell a blatant lie wtf is wrong with you?","1","","2020-06-08 15:26:40","false",""
"UgwcTwjsstPSVQfSiHp4AaABAg.99dq5CYblPc99dyaM3xbBW","peter nicholson","​@Janelle Northcut Of course not the slave trade goes back much earlier.Arabs were trading Africans centuries before Europeans.","0","","2020-06-08 15:28:15","false",""
"UgwcTwjsstPSVQfSiHp4AaABAg.99dq5CYblPc99dyyBwPKC2","Arise Arise","s b... The new generation of English people thank you. The new generation of white people are not bad they stand up for what is right.","2","","2020-06-08 15:31:30","false",""
"UgwcTwjsstPSVQfSiHp4AaABAg.99dq5CYblPc99dzKfXhkIZ","Isthisjustfantasy 75","@s bNot true. Don't be a moron.","1","","2020-06-08 15:34:42","false",""
"UgwcTwjsstPSVQfSiHp4AaABAg.99dq5CYblPc9ADbNkKKBsw","Agent Orange","Hell Yeah ✊🏿 do we replace it with statue of George Floyd with a meth pipe to his mouth or gun to a pregnant belly ?","0","","2020-06-22 20:57:19","false",""
"Ugz0FqxgNgjXQ3J3Y4V4AaABAg","Nicolas Cloutier","It’s quite sad that it took this long for the statue to be removed.","106","6","2020-06-08 14:13:59","true",""
"Ugz0FqxgNgjXQ3J3Y4V4AaABAg.99dq5V-QywY99dqmXBx632","J K","People are usually busy working! 🙄","3","","2020-06-08 14:20:00","false",""
"Ugz0FqxgNgjXQ3J3Y4V4AaABAg.99dq5V-QywY99dqr-QYEYI","Gaming Nirvana","That's England for you.","2","","2020-06-08 14:20:37","false",""
"Ugz0FqxgNgjXQ3J3Y4V4AaABAg.99dq5V-QywY99dsjx04-bW","L H","Thts what isaid","1","","2020-06-08 14:37:07","false",""
"Ugz0FqxgNgjXQ3J3Y4V4AaABAg.99dq5V-QywY99duDP8_I1Z","Stephen Samantha Patrick","@J K the local council could've paid to have it removed","0","","2020-06-08 14:50:01","false",""
"Ugz0FqxgNgjXQ3J3Y4V4AaABAg.99dq5V-QywY99dvL-hwoWA","Robert Vaughn","@Stephen Samantha Patrick ,why should tax payers money be wasted just because of snowflakes  like you?","1","","2020-06-08 14:59:48","false",""
"Ugz0FqxgNgjXQ3J3Y4V4AaABAg.99dq5V-QywY99dzeDZRqpp","Isthisjustfantasy 75","Yep, they've been trying to get it removed for over 2 decades. Nothing was done so they did it themselves.","0","","2020-06-08 15:37:31","false",""
"Ugy9fNtjRElwlSv5KzV4AaABAg","Ivanka speads for Quincy Jones","This is why there will never be a statue of trump and a public area.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:14:14","true",""
"UgxUbwodMuoJuYBiw3h4AaABAg","John Preston","Congratulations Donald...
you have managed to unite the world...
against your racist policies...
the world is no longer laughing at you...
they are now gasping in horror...","0","0","2020-06-08 14:14:17","true",""
"UgwNvwrlDo241bJSdS14AaABAg","Captain Harris","Democrazy brings demonstrations n injustice year by, almost no peaceful life in democratic countries around the world...","0","1","2020-06-08 14:14:21","true",""
"UgwNvwrlDo241bJSdS14AaABAg.99dq89cXeJO99dqQOB7Qcy","Jack Barnes","It´s really strange, that you see no Demonstrations for injustice in non-democracy countries, right? They must live like kings there!!! 
{Sarcasm}","0","","2020-06-08 14:16:50","false",""
"UgxM2MBkMvYcSlT5xKJ4AaABAg","favourite music","Blake boy very good 👹💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼","0","0","2020-06-08 14:14:21","true",""
"UgyahIDk9fE5PrlQ9PB4AaABAg","Somebody Dosummit","So proud of Bristol for this, the march was so moving and beautiful and we’re finally free of that awful statue!","287","6","2020-06-08 14:14:22","true",""
"UgyahIDk9fE5PrlQ9PB4AaABAg.99dq8GcVRnE99dqvX8nqIn","Jagjit Roudh","Bristol rules!!!","5","","2020-06-08 14:21:14","false",""
"UgyahIDk9fE5PrlQ9PB4AaABAg.99dq8GcVRnE99dqw4kd_4J","TheGKoenig","Bristol is such an ugly place anyways that the statue was nothing major in the bigger frame","0","","2020-06-08 14:21:18","false",""
"UgyahIDk9fE5PrlQ9PB4AaABAg.99dq8GcVRnE99dr8CE9KYi","Gaming Nirvana","Even aesthetically.","2","","2020-06-08 14:23:06","false",""
"UgyahIDk9fE5PrlQ9PB4AaABAg.99dq8GcVRnE99drpCQcURe","White_ Wulf_","Why didn’t you guys do this before?","0","","2020-06-08 14:29:06","false",""
"UgyahIDk9fE5PrlQ9PB4AaABAg.99dq8GcVRnE99dw0Ip45sF","catalinacurio","White_ Wulf_ Bristolians have been campaigning for years to have Colston’s statue removed, they managed to have the Colston Hall’s name changed, but the council dragged it’s feet re the statue.  Should have never been there in the first place.  I’d replace it with Sean the sheep.","5","","2020-06-08 15:05:42","false",""
"UgyahIDk9fE5PrlQ9PB4AaABAg.99dq8GcVRnE99eDGkRM4cl","MysticMarble","@catalinacurio Yesss .... Sean the Sheep actually deserves a statue 😍","1","","2020-06-08 17:45:14","false",""
"UgwKq6SNapgNBw3mHQZ4AaABAg","Marcia L.","took the city council quite a long time what to do with the statue...
yeah it took a hundred years. statue was erected in 1895.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:14:26","true",""
"Ugz34dm7t-79jZdAsM94AaABAg","J K","2:42 Why does she not want to reveal her last name?!?! 🤔🤨🧐","1","2","2020-06-08 14:14:27","true",""
"Ugz34dm7t-79jZdAsM94AaABAg.99dq8oMw55o99dqZwma8L2","John Schwartz","Because Neo-nazis like to stalk and terrorize people. It's easier than presenting rational arguments to defend their positions.","2","","2020-06-08 14:18:09","false",""
"Ugz34dm7t-79jZdAsM94AaABAg.99dq8oMw55o99dqrb4ShZP","Grendorf","umh, for real? probably to avoid being flooded by hatemail from bigots.","2","","2020-06-08 14:20:42","false",""
"Ugzr2zUwDSAsR2-_k3l4AaABAg","Alice White","Good for them!! The oppressed minorities are finally starting to get justice after all these years. We need to push for reparations!! NOW!!","4","4","2020-06-08 14:14:28","true",""
"Ugzr2zUwDSAsR2-_k3l4AaABAg.99dq8zzZruL99dqlCVvBd-","NPC P00per #2","*GARBAGE.*","0","","2020-06-08 14:19:49","false",""
"Ugzr2zUwDSAsR2-_k3l4AaABAg.99dq8zzZruL99dqn25jPCg","Stylez Beast Mode","And separation,mostly separations","0","","2020-06-08 14:20:04","false",""
"Ugzr2zUwDSAsR2-_k3l4AaABAg.99dq8zzZruL99dqrFtLtFj","immobilien","Reparations for what?","0","","2020-06-08 14:20:39","false",""
"Ugzr2zUwDSAsR2-_k3l4AaABAg.99dq8zzZruL99dr7FIdKKa","Alice White","@Stylez Beast Mode oh no. We need unrestricted immigration. A homogonized society.","0","","2020-06-08 14:22:58","false",""
"UgyEXB9YJPgqL1jpdGx4AaABAg","Jestermon1","Great job destroying the past and adding more trash in that dirty water.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:14:31","true",""
"Ugxxvw4NsENZwZo87-x4AaABAg","Gerri Kupicki","😥😯🤔👊👎👎👎👎👎👎","0","0","2020-06-08 14:14:50","true",""
"UgxsCHJ5b0aIbMRkgEx4AaABAg","Trumpet Music","If we are going to be historically accurate, we also need to get rid of pretty much everyone of our founding father's statues since they all owned slaves. Thomas Jefferson alone had over 600 slaves. 
Also and even more obvious, we need to stop celebrating Christopher Columbus day, talk about racism!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:14:55","true",""
"UgxqVP8Ot2M7AwbU94V4AaABAg","Gametron 227","1:53 that legend","1","0","2020-06-08 14:14:55","true",""
"Ugy9RIhBUSj51J5tNpp4AaABAg","Charles D' Gomes","so only countries with blacks are having with these protests.... not all countries care about these protests btw... BLM is an american problem","1","0","2020-06-08 14:14:55","true",""
"Ugy6r9ykBUVeZF3m8qF4AaABAg","Amna Feroze","We should now end up this racism, because it is an inhumane behaviour","0","0","2020-06-08 14:14:57","true",""
"Ugz8noUV4sQNvUjV9px4AaABAg","SCSL South croy sports & lifestyle","That man should have been hung,,instead people are being arrested put in jail for  pulling  his statue down,. More people have died  from racism than  corona virus,","0","0","2020-06-08 14:15:10","true",""
"UgzE0KTsfAMlw2WvRgt4AaABAg","Gio GG","Love it! ❤","7","2","2020-06-08 14:15:14","true",""
"UgzE0KTsfAMlw2WvRgt4AaABAg.99dqE_vza4O99drAXTiOFX","Fox 400 Fox 400","🍉","0","","2020-06-08 14:23:25","false",""
"UgzE0KTsfAMlw2WvRgt4AaABAg.99dqE_vza4O99drAZIT0Hs","Fox 400 Fox 400","🍉","0","","2020-06-08 14:23:25","false",""
"UgwZ_alIIoY3DDNCavd4AaABAg","Tyke Handsome","Good for them.","4","0","2020-06-08 14:15:16","true",""
"UgyR4NyR-c8JoBTsBnZ4AaABAg","Frany","Good for them 👍","0","0","2020-06-08 14:15:18","true",""
"Ugw6Iq_Idxh1XjbEwyB4AaABAg","Martin McMartin","Did the presenter come straight from a wild night out celebrating? Maybe just slept in 🤣","0","0","2020-06-08 14:15:24","true",""
remove more things that have relation to the dark eviI history of Europe..
No mor glorifying eviI history","53","3","2020-06-08 14:15:44","true",""
"UgzotZMJgANgPaMuOAB4AaABAg.99dqIFN4Q_V99drk6UvnrS","The Wraith","Didn't Big Brother say the same thing in Orwell's ""1984?""","0","","2020-06-08 14:28:25","false",""
"UgzotZMJgANgPaMuOAB4AaABAg.99dqIFN4Q_V99drwJyy8Jg","s b","its were all started, karma hits back the great island of england","1","","2020-06-08 14:30:05","false",""
"UgzotZMJgANgPaMuOAB4AaABAg.99dqIFN4Q_V99dsFA6wgo8","EMERPUS EMEM","@The Wraith no it didn't, have you read the book?","2","","2020-06-08 14:32:47","false",""
"UgwlQ7VWg92sBbX-IQV4AaABAg","H o t r e t a r d e d c h i X","They ""took care"" of Abraham Lincoln, too. I bet you CNN Atlanta gals got a kick out of that, as well (in addition to Winston Churchill)","0","0","2020-06-08 14:15:52","true",""
"Ugy3JsZLY5_cDlqlLd54AaABAg","Richard Frye","Tearing down statues doesn't change history you weakminded pathetic little people!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:15:54","true",""
"UgyTHohi4J-lVnhI6VR4AaABAg","Person McPerson","Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Direct action!!! May it sink just like racial discrimination will be sunk!! #NewAbolition #Abolishthepolice #AbolishRacism #AbolishInequality","0","0","2020-06-08 14:15:58","true",""
"UgzA4kuwzKkHCheU9SN4AaABAg","Obsequey","Everyone: k 🤷🏽‍♂️
Some whites: BUT HOW WILL PEOPLE NOW REMEMBER THAT SLAVERY IS WRONG!!??","0","3","2020-06-08 14:16:00","true",""
"UgzA4kuwzKkHCheU9SN4AaABAg.99dqKAAPokZ99drLyCDo4-","O-dog 614","School history class that's where it should be. You can't just pretend it didn't happen","0","","2020-06-08 14:24:59","false",""
"UgzA4kuwzKkHCheU9SN4AaABAg.99dqKAAPokZ99drMLJv6Ug","Christopher Ramirez","That's the point they wont remember it even being a thing","0","","2020-06-08 14:25:02","false",""
"UgzA4kuwzKkHCheU9SN4AaABAg.99dqKAAPokZ99dwM10QLW3","Obsequey","@O-dog 614 No one is saying to act like it didn't happen and his statue not standing around in public won't make people forget about slavery. 

We don't have statues of Himmler, Goebbels and Hitler standing around in Germany and we don't need to. We are taught about them in our schools and are taught about what they did.","0","","2020-06-08 15:08:40","false",""
"Ugwn5OnCzXqnoC2CV9p4AaABAg","David Linx","Aima Sweetheart!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:16:02","true",""
"Ugzg6FHqscXvCzkWVgB4AaABAg","Kyle Shiflet","Good for y'all England","1","0","2020-06-08 14:16:05","true",""
"Ugw-LQYAHmrClBNI1md4AaABAg","Jeanine","Taking that statue down & throwing into river does not change what happened and rewriting history instead of learning from it is foolish and dangerous.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:16:22","true",""
"UgxKoZDCAqMODEeVZSZ4AaABAg","susanmrib","Omg!!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:16:28","true",""
"UgwboqkexSt2Kpx_fY14AaABAg","Alamene Okoyen","CNN you forgot they took down your headquarters in Atlanta","0","0","2020-06-08 14:16:36","true",""
"Ugz-4VwoPxYowo8hfpt4AaABAg","Yahs Way","This is nuts","0","0","2020-06-08 14:16:48","true",""
"UgyuTkjnjdIRr44YSlx4AaABAg","Patrick May","Lol","0","0","2020-06-08 14:16:50","true",""
"UgwFSNrLDforHIP1_Nh4AaABAg","susanmrib","Bravo!! Bravo!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:16:54","true",""
"UgwUHT_6HHQNsIfOW6d4AaABAg","The Walking Thrones","We Stand with you USA🇬🇧","136","8","2020-06-08 14:16:59","true",""
"UgwUHT_6HHQNsIfOW6d4AaABAg.99dqRTFA_7T99dtyIySekI","LaToya Alta wynn Abstract","We stand with you too!!✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽","8","","2020-06-08 14:47:49","false",""
"UgwUHT_6HHQNsIfOW6d4AaABAg.99dqRTFA_7T99duULg2Yei","Tee Burd Talks","Thank you! I’m in awe. This is the revolution and reform we’ve been praying for!! 
🙏🏾🙏🏻🙏🏼   ✊🏾✊🏼✊🏻   ✌🏾✌🏻✌🏼","8","","2020-06-08 14:52:20","false",""
"UgwUHT_6HHQNsIfOW6d4AaABAg.99dqRTFA_7T99dvru5Me5o","vstar68","thank you, UK we appreciate you. you been with us side by side during 2-World Wars and all our ups and downs through the decades. The Brits are real friends✊🏽🙏🏼🤝","2","","2020-06-08 15:04:25","false",""
"UgwUHT_6HHQNsIfOW6d4AaABAg.99dqRTFA_7T99dvxkBy7jA","Matthew Davis","I love our British kin","0","","2020-06-08 15:05:13","false",""
"UgwUHT_6HHQNsIfOW6d4AaABAg.99dqRTFA_7T99dyD2SJdYY","까마","I stand against all violences.","1","","2020-06-08 15:24:55","false",""
"UgwUHT_6HHQNsIfOW6d4AaABAg.99dqRTFA_7T99dzFm4W7fH","nrjohnsocam","Thank you🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽","0","","2020-06-08 15:34:02","false",""
"UgwUHT_6HHQNsIfOW6d4AaABAg.99dqRTFA_7T99dzZ1AT91H","Fred A","Thank you. Brings me to tears. Thank you.","0","","2020-06-08 15:36:40","false",""
"UgwUHT_6HHQNsIfOW6d4AaABAg.99dqRTFA_7T99e-RT-YxPq","Black Cat","✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽","0","","2020-06-08 15:44:22","false",""
"UgyUjIk4DmguDvajBfF4AaABAg","Sofjan L","Don't forget julian assange","0","0","2020-06-08 14:17:01","true",""
"UgxdBrXWAhW3C1stwnp4AaABAg","janette crossan","protesters tear down slave trader statue, throw it in river  TH PEOPLE SHOULD PUT FLODY UP THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:17:08","true",""
"UgylITNKtrp2BnRyYPd4AaABAg","Clin eezwood","Beautiful! I support the London protesters.","6","1","2020-06-08 14:17:12","true",""
"UgylITNKtrp2BnRyYPd4AaABAg.99dqT0OGP4h99drDIEWEyX","BLM MARXISTS SUKASS","*The slave trade started in Nigeria*

.","0","","2020-06-08 14:23:48","false",""
"UgzhoncXw34LoTxNfOx4AaABAg","Donato Davis","I love it.Many of the Kings and Queens of England endorsed slavery and they got statues everywhere....what’s gonna happen to those?","2","1","2020-06-08 14:17:18","true",""
"UgzhoncXw34LoTxNfOx4AaABAg.99dqTjUeGH899dtNK8SW9j","White_ Wulf_","Probably nothing this will be over in 2 weeks then something else will come up","0","","2020-06-08 14:42:38","false",""
"UgzgHi3QeCHyNvrYiHR4AaABAg","rizznrk77","Good for the UK  to get rid of that statue!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:17:21","true",""
"UgxBSLjB4eTpiPbSDyB4AaABAg","Johnny Doe","Thank god. I don’t know why the hell there’s a statue of a slave master in the first place","291","31","2020-06-08 14:17:24","true",""
"UgxBSLjB4eTpiPbSDyB4AaABAg.99dqUQHOed-99drPxE8c48","Real Life","Racism is alive and well","17","","2020-06-08 14:25:31","false",""
"UgxBSLjB4eTpiPbSDyB4AaABAg.99dqUQHOed-99drQZoNkRs","2manynegativewaves","* Trader...he traded 84 thousand humans. 19 thousand died on the crossing.","19","","2020-06-08 14:25:36","false",""
"UgxBSLjB4eTpiPbSDyB4AaABAg.99dqUQHOed-99drR0MBZ43","lili shyta","To late, the slave trader was being honored for so long.","1","","2020-06-08 14:25:40","false",""
"UgxBSLjB4eTpiPbSDyB4AaABAg.99dqUQHOed-99drRI6KpAr","Marcia Mc Clean","Well said!!  ✊🏾♥️✌🏾 lol... 
sounds Like how we 🇹🇹would say it.","3","","2020-06-08 14:25:42","false",""
"UgxBSLjB4eTpiPbSDyB4AaABAg.99dqUQHOed-99draEnP2e6","s b","because of the classes, royal families, etc","4","","2020-06-08 14:27:04","false",""
"UgxBSLjB4eTpiPbSDyB4AaABAg.99dqUQHOed-99drcS-LDns","Scott M","They have statues go MLK !  Its the same thing !","0","","2020-06-08 14:27:22","false",""
"UgxBSLjB4eTpiPbSDyB4AaABAg.99dqUQHOed-99dsTsf_JNS","Meth Smoking Neanderthal #TrailerPark","@Scott M Um... MLK was a man of peace who wanted equality for all. He didn't Rap3, murder and sell people into slavery like these whyte people did","13","","2020-06-08 14:34:48","false",""
"UgxBSLjB4eTpiPbSDyB4AaABAg.99dqUQHOed-99dsrr09iY8","J","@Real Life and so is the opposite: love.","1","","2020-06-08 14:38:12","false",""
"UgxBSLjB4eTpiPbSDyB4AaABAg.99dqUQHOed-99dsyjiyfhH","Cleetus Luckas","Because that's how Europeans became a world  power in the first place. They had controlled 80 percent of the world at one time.
At the same time they were MURDERING the aboriginal people if the Americas they were doing the same in Australia....pretending to be friendly and offering "" GIFTS""  of BLANKETS.
Turned out the blankets were  DELIBERATELY CONTAMINATED with SMALLPOX. 
The IRONY is here we are in 2020 about 400 or so it's later during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC.
It's not like these statues of RACISTS were accidentally created and honored and memorialized.
I honestly don't BUY it whem people pretend they are SHOCKED and had NO use a who these people were not the history associated with them.
 "" EPIPHANY"" ...,and all of a sudden have a CONSCJENCE and EMPATHY that has apparently been nonexistent for over 400 yrs.","3","","2020-06-08 14:39:09","false",""
"UgxBSLjB4eTpiPbSDyB4AaABAg.99dqUQHOed-99dt-9tsuZJ","Jamtommy1","The Blood Of Ogun #AlphaBlack #B1 👈Racist.","0","","2020-06-08 14:39:20","false",""
"UgxBSLjB4eTpiPbSDyB4AaABAg.99dqUQHOed-99dtHjZqoLn","Meth Smoking Neanderthal #TrailerPark","@Jamtommy1 What did i say that's ""racist"", I'll wait 🤔","4","","2020-06-08 14:41:52","false",""
"UgxBSLjB4eTpiPbSDyB4AaABAg.99dqUQHOed-99dtIXuNcBG","Vinnie J","In the Caribbean everything is named after slave owners.","3","","2020-06-08 14:41:59","false",""
"UgxBSLjB4eTpiPbSDyB4AaABAg.99dqUQHOed-99dtRdcw1Aj","Stephen Samantha Patrick","I was curious about that myself and I'm in the UK","3","","2020-06-08 14:43:14","false",""
"UgxBSLjB4eTpiPbSDyB4AaABAg.99dqUQHOed-99dtqChWUcs","Jim McCracken","@Meth Smoking Neanderthal #TrailerPark, Pump your breaks there.
Rapists, murderers, and slave traders are every color of humanity.","2","","2020-06-08 14:46:43","false",""
"UgxBSLjB4eTpiPbSDyB4AaABAg.99dqUQHOed-99dtqyUej5d","Kj valley","Intimidation","0","","2020-06-08 14:46:49","false",""
"UgxBSLjB4eTpiPbSDyB4AaABAg.99dqUQHOed-99dtsAQEL66","ferkoadr","Because he gave loads of money to the city and I believe funded the uni there? I believe he had a cargo company so he did the transportation over the Atlantic. There were plans to update the information  related to the statue to educate people about the past. In Eastern Europe (Hungary) we have put all the soviet statues into a park to enable people to visit and learn. Something similar might have been a better option.","2","","2020-06-08 14:46:59","false",""
"UgxBSLjB4eTpiPbSDyB4AaABAg.99dqUQHOed-99du4iNwkQK","online dating police","@2manynegativewaves hes garbage at what he does lol","0","","2020-06-08 14:48:50","false",""
"UgxBSLjB4eTpiPbSDyB4AaABAg.99dqUQHOed-99du7p1VCCg","Adrian Chapa","@Cleetus Luckas the wonder of reading some of these stupid comments like yours ""deliberately contaminated with smallpox"" you know back then they had no concept of microbes, bacteria, viruses, etc. And if you you did have an idea about it and spoke out loud about it guess what? You're a witch or a devil worshipper lmaoo and then get burned on the steak lol","0","","2020-06-08 14:49:16","false",""
"UgxBSLjB4eTpiPbSDyB4AaABAg.99dqUQHOed-99duBBFXhGZ","Meth Smoking Neanderthal #TrailerPark","@Jim McCracken Yea but only the white ones have statues and monuments honoring these EviI people","1","","2020-06-08 14:49:43","false",""
"UgxBSLjB4eTpiPbSDyB4AaABAg.99dqUQHOed-99duDfX1QiJ","online dating police","@Jim McCracken the Atlantic slave trade was mostly Europeans..","1","","2020-06-08 14:50:03","false",""
"UgxBSLjB4eTpiPbSDyB4AaABAg.99dqUQHOed-99duUosnyMh","hifismiffy","I think the guy did a lot in his local community when alive. Thank God, that the days of the British Empire  are now history.","1","","2020-06-08 14:52:24","false",""
"UgxBSLjB4eTpiPbSDyB4AaABAg.99dqUQHOed-99dvCqx2ke2","Jim McCracken","@online dating police, In Africa,  Muslims would have the undesirable members of their society tied up, and waiting for the slave ships.
You can play this game all day, but I'm not going to play.
Buhbye!","1","","2020-06-08 14:58:41","false",""
"UgxBSLjB4eTpiPbSDyB4AaABAg.99dqUQHOed-99dvcLlBSar","Joe Z.","@Adrian Chapa sorry, but they did.  One irony of this is that Africans brought the concept of inoculation to the Europeans to protect against the pox.  After much distrust, the concept was embraced.  So the concept of smallpox was known since the colonial days.  Although practically speaking, since the natives here were particularly susceptible to even the common cold, sometimes 90 percent of them would be killed off by even brief contact with Europeans.  The first smallpox epidemic in the New World was documented in 1518.  Also, by the way, the Europeans brought bubonic plague, chickenpox, cholera, the cold, diphtheria, influenza, malaria, measles, scarlet fever, STDs, typhoid, tuberculosis, and pertussis to the America. Hope this helps.","1","","2020-06-08 15:02:18","false",""
"UgxBSLjB4eTpiPbSDyB4AaABAg.99dqUQHOed-99dvm05CiMq","brain plumber","The next one to be dump into the river will be Trump","0","","2020-06-08 15:03:37","false",""
"UgxBSLjB4eTpiPbSDyB4AaABAg.99dqUQHOed-99dwCzTjj44","Marwolaeth01","Because the statue was put up in honour of his charitable works in his local community.  With the money he made he built schools, hospitals, churches and set up charitable foundations, some of which still do good works to this day.  At least, according to Wikipedia.  I'd never even heard of the guy before this happened and all his charitable works count for naught if they were purchased with blood money imho.  Let me be clear though, he did not have a statue erected in honour of all the slaves he sold, that was not its purpose. Now I don't mind that the statue has gone, I would have preferred it to have been taken down by the local government though as petitioned many times. This did not happen and so I guess this is a victory of sorts, just not as strong a message as it could have been if the council had listened to reason and done it officially.  Could you imagine how strong a message against racism that would have been?","2","","2020-06-08 15:07:26","false",""
"UgxBSLjB4eTpiPbSDyB4AaABAg.99dqUQHOed-99dwVlSycA9","Nacculate Vassell","The evilness of it all","0","","2020-06-08 15:10:00","false",""
"UgxBSLjB4eTpiPbSDyB4AaABAg.99dqUQHOed-99dxMzpNJYj","Adrian Chapa","@Joe Z. I had read that the concept of germs and spread of wasnt really widely accepted until the 1800s, but didnt know about this info you just shared. Thanks man I'll actually look into it and read on it.","1","","2020-06-08 15:17:33","false",""
"UgxBSLjB4eTpiPbSDyB4AaABAg.99dqUQHOed-99dyx656YEq","thom wessels","​ Abraham Lincoln signed the ''Emancipation Proclamation''' but he SHOULD have signed the ''Repatriation Proclamation''.    He could have built a fleet of boats our former slaves could have kept and used in Africa to haul sand and ibexes around.   Look at the mess we have today because of that terrible mistake.","1","","2020-06-08 15:31:21","false",""
"UgxBSLjB4eTpiPbSDyB4AaABAg.99dqUQHOed-99dzCRBCdjt","Anita Foxworth","@Scott M keep it just give us our reparation","0","","2020-06-08 15:33:35","false",""
"UgxBSLjB4eTpiPbSDyB4AaABAg.99dqUQHOed-99dzdTMnFzU","Joe Z.","@Adrian Chapa have a great day!!","0","","2020-06-08 15:37:24","false",""
"UgxBSLjB4eTpiPbSDyB4AaABAg.99dqUQHOed-99eht3aHV5Y","ferkoadr","@Marwolaeth01 the Mayor of Bristol is also black, so unsure why they kept the statue there. Apparently the police let the protesters get on with it too.","1","","2020-06-08 22:21:29","false",""
"Ugz9pN4mRwb3vsihzvd4AaABAg","Liberal in Oklahoma","I propose all Confederate statutes be gainfully used in landfills ,
 hoping the trash won't mind too much .","0","0","2020-06-08 14:17:25","true",""
"UgxglroHSDjE1ZjPVdZ4AaABAg","KS","TRUMP 👍","0","0","2020-06-08 14:17:28","true",""
"UgyaM1eglTllV4EN4Y94AaABAg","DoubleEdgeSword","18 year old GIRL, protest organizer and leader..EPIC!..","1","1","2020-06-08 14:17:29","true",""
"UgyaM1eglTllV4EN4Y94AaABAg.99dqV4SAi5l99e0bek2_X_","Today Tmrrw","I agree.

Beautiful black sister.

Stay safe black women
Stay strong black men
#Strongblackfamilyunits","0","","2020-06-08 15:54:38","false",""
"Ugz3PP4nPGuUdr3Yo3Z4AaABAg","Simulation One","It’s lit 🔥","0","0","2020-06-08 14:17:35","true",""
"UgxKYrmoMYKqBXIe0Vl4AaABAg","Damien","No good it's part of why we are here now our history now 👹👹👹","0","0","2020-06-08 14:17:38","true",""
"UgwEentdGrkd0ZNV_Ud4AaABAg","Christopher Morningstar","This is beautiful!. Reminds mi of this Nickelback song.!!  If everyone cared and nobody  cried,  if everyone loved and nobody lie, if everyone shared and swallow there pride... would we see the day when nobody dies.  So this is what happens when the people start singing the same song. I smile at the good coming from so much bad.! #FaithRestored","0","0","2020-06-08 14:17:50","true",""
"UgzQfbvCBAN8LHJXL554AaABAg","Bernie Martinez","Nice im sure that statues worth a lot of money imma try to get it back out of that River and sell it","0","0","2020-06-08 14:17:50","true",""
"UgyU3j1VPR3LzxklgYh4AaABAg","Justice Boofer","Now give your employees an equal share in your business!🌞","4","0","2020-06-08 14:17:50","true",""
"UgwkWLZ_9xUHHxkH6O54AaABAg","Li Ishmael","Men what happened to earth","0","0","2020-06-08 14:18:00","true",""
"UgzFRe8eeYtS71GZudl4AaABAg","Strong Black Panther","People are tired of these murdering, pedophile, rapist, terrorist being celebrated and propped up as Revolutionary. When in actuality all they were was Ol slave traders that got RICH off our free labor!!!!!!!
Many want  to celebrate them but won’t pay descendants of slaves #REPARATIONS","0","0","2020-06-08 14:18:01","true",""
"UgzjB5CJZ7te8oaiJrJ4AaABAg","Jackson Okeyo","Sure Dude is rolling in his grave right now, but wtf cares? Great job in Queen's land!! 👍👍👍👍","0","0","2020-06-08 14:18:04","true",""
"UgxQ24XcSe7TIKRnZHp4AaABAg","Michael Wan","Well done.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:18:04","true",""
"UgzfWhXmDApg8mbLL4Z4AaABAg","Gary Gilbert","Just like this native I'd like to see statues of us presidents taken down for lies told and theft of Native American lands . The deficit is what I teach young natives. ....that's how much backrent is owed to us Native Americans. .....","0","0","2020-06-08 14:18:08","true",""
"UgzQ7U1bvWv2VdxprEd4AaABAg","stefan sk8","Yes, finally!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:18:11","true",""
"Ugz6-xvDHrxpRyDRALh4AaABAg","Painted Bear","Now tear down Hitlers home where he was born. It still stands.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:18:12","true",""
"UgxvFPcB5wHebOJ87PN4AaABAg","Lou Hayhurst","It least in the UK they know what to destroy. I'm betting ANTIFA is not putting bricks everywhere in the UK.
Here in America these idiots and burning down their own neighborhoods. They actually burned the church that MLK likely wrote the ""I have a dream"" speech. 
Well done UK!
Get it right Democratic establishment. You are embarrassing!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:18:18","true",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg","Derek Smidl","This makes us so proud from the US to see the spread","572","77","2020-06-08 14:18:26","true",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99drPI3LUDg","Sinha Sinha","Derek Smidl..👍👏","6","","2020-06-08 14:25:26","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99drdPNGbxi","Captain Clone","Our country is the highest with riots, mass shootings, police violence and racism. There is nothing to be proud about to be from the us","26","","2020-06-08 14:27:29","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dreL2U7pd","kiriakoz","You should be proud. It turned out that your country was so racist, backwards and corrupt that the outrage spread to the rest of the world.","34","","2020-06-08 14:27:37","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99driuTndGv","s b","its actually where all the slavery started,  the great island of doomed england!","7","","2020-06-08 14:28:15","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99ds6p7fWAN","M'lady","I'm from Kuwait 🇰🇼 and our hearts and prayers are with you my lives matter ✊🏿","21","","2020-06-08 14:31:39","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99ds7pKiimJ","Scott Allen","@Captain Clone, I'd disagree. America was a beacon of freedom to most of the world for many years,  that's something to be proud of.","4","","2020-06-08 14:31:47","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dsC8PJnYL","Duval Onepiece","Of Corona virus?","3","","2020-06-08 14:32:22","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dsCEyeWE9","Lisa Davis","Definitely. I'm so so happy that ALL around the world people are taking a stand!!","5","","2020-06-08 14:32:23","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dsDqJX3As","Eagle Eyes","Yeah the spread of Coronavirus 🙄","3","","2020-06-08 14:32:36","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dsJi5Ypwp","LUIS VELEZ","Washington ,Jefferson, Madison ,Jackson statues should be dumped in the river as well","7","","2020-06-08 14:33:24","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dsMfylRtx","Kameron Bryant","@Captain Clone While I agree, the original post that it makes THEM from the US proud that it spread not that they are proud of the country.","5","","2020-06-08 14:33:49","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dsPDMu7dx","Andrew Barnett","@Scott Allen yes and fact many nations like England and France were far more free then America even after the revolution","6","","2020-06-08 14:34:09","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dsPymyMoK","Kameron Bryant","@kiriakoz They never said they were proud of the country only they themselves were proud","5","","2020-06-08 14:34:16","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dsdVeMWpv","greg conde","Yes ..London figured it out ✊🏾 they got it right 👍","5","","2020-06-08 14:36:15","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dsiKNP6El","123456 774","s b 
This is what I always say ( the satanic island ) . In another word the anti Christ island . It is the mother of evil where all problems of the world we witness today started from . Only people with eyes can see this when they  connect history .
Shame it is my birth land .","3","","2020-06-08 14:36:54","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dsl9oEtSa","J","There's nothing to be proud of if you're American. You voted Trump in. He leads policemen that feel comfortable enough to kill someone in full view of the public, in broad daylight. That's worse than in secret.","6","","2020-06-08 14:37:17","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dtEw0Ip78","kiriakoz","@Kameron Bryant stop being blindly patriotic, that's one of the problems to begin with. Your country has been spending so much money on wars and not enough looking after your own people, and because of the patriotism, not enough questions have been asked for decades now.","6","","2020-06-08 14:41:29","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dtKmhxl6H","Gottenburg","I’ll be proud once war comes","1","","2020-06-08 14:42:17","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dtMUbiun2","123456 774","M'lady 
All live matters. “ An Arab is not superior over a black person , a black person is not superior over a white person ......” the only difference is piety . We created you from different tribes and nations to know each other not to hate other . The teachings of the Quran . Shame racism is in every where in society and within the black society too . 
It is the  hearts that need cleanness from this disease .","2","","2020-06-08 14:42:31","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dtMb1zdvF","Scott Allen","@Andrew Barnett, true.","0","","2020-06-08 14:42:32","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dtPgEQl3F","We Are Free SD","Bernie America's hero glass half empty kinda guy.","0","","2020-06-08 14:42:58","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dtkI63-9R","Trig","Proud... when there is hardly any racism or inequality in the UK its the most multicultural country in the world we have free healthcare and minimum wage and 24 days holiday  the UK is a country that abolished slavery had wars with other nations about slavery gave Jamaica to freed slaves. The people doing these protests and riots in the UK are idiots just jumping on the band wagon looking to break something guess who is going to be paying for a new statue once this is all died down ah yes the tax payers. In the UK we have got a Muslim mayor of London many high figures of government are non-white so how is racism that bad here my boss is from Sierra Leone. The main difference here is police do not appear on the news like US police beating or shooting African Americans on a daily basis which is why i am in disbelief that people are attacking UK police officers.","2","","2020-06-08 14:45:55","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dtoEpXjpB","michael brown","You can tear up all the things you want it want change a thing might make you feel good but at the end of the only thing you changed is tore up stuff","1","","2020-06-08 14:46:27","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99duJoSMKSA","Dubjax 30","We (at least most of us) in the UK stand with you","1","","2020-06-08 14:50:54","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dup7mJOY0","swave158","@J Then know this ""J"" the last time we had a ""4th Turning"" Thomas Jefferson wrote a pamphlet on how to be a good British colonial citizen.  After the ""4th Turning' started he wrote the ""Declaration of Independence"" and refuted that a King has ""Divine Rights"" over his subjects.  He stated that ""all men are created equal"", and we have ""unalienable rights"" (Rights that cannot be taken away by a King or government).   Long live ideals of the ""American Revolution"" ✊","1","","2020-06-08 14:55:19","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99duyyQ03dO","DARTH MAUL","@LUIS VELEZ those are presidents","0","","2020-06-08 14:56:39","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dv-Rpridm","swave158","@michael brown It will not happen you are going to see ""Revolution"" that is why England is acting out as well, we are a Western Anglo Saxon Nation, and you cannot stop the ""Revolution"" that is coming.","0","","2020-06-08 14:56:51","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dvFOln-yZ","DARTH MAUL","@J most of America Don't like Trump TF you on about","0","","2020-06-08 14:59:02","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dvHF5u9K7","Ceylon","Thanks yall. This means a lot to us here in the states.","2","","2020-06-08 14:59:17","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dvTxPbxZS","Kameron Bryant","@kiriakoz Oh my God just defending the Original Poster never the country. Jesus learn to read. I didn't vote Trump and I've been BLM since before y'all would listen to us.","2","","2020-06-08 15:01:01","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dv_xL0MsD","DARTH MAUL","@Trig racism is everywhere but you don't have it as bad","2","","2020-06-08 15:01:58","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dve4fxyrz","OldSchool HipHop FanBoy","@Scott Allen Freedom?? 😂","0","","2020-06-08 15:02:32","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dveEXlbBH","Kameron Bryant","@J Again the original poster never said they were proud of America only that THEY come from America and are probably apart of the protest and they are proud it's spreading. Stop attacking allies.","3","","2020-06-08 15:02:34","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dveQnO0Nn","Nan ‘59","YES!!!!!   I’mm USA too!!
⬛️BLACK LIVES MATTER","1","","2020-06-08 15:02:35","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dvfR1GR6s","michael brown","@swave158 didn't we send yall packing","0","","2020-06-08 15:02:43","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dvgqo6e3W","brain plumber","The next one to be dump into the river will be Trump","0","","2020-06-08 15:02:55","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dwCJAKuKb","FLORIDA MUSIC PLUG"," george floyd kicked in the chess","0","","2020-06-08 15:07:21","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dw_oAve18","Tasha IV","Yes ! I know the UK stands with us. 👏🏾👏🏾","3","","2020-06-08 15:10:42","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dwi5z25HZ","SEXY white","The spread of what?  A strong, shit smell?","1","","2020-06-08 15:11:50","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dwplIF0kE","SEXY white","@Duval Onepiece where is that shit when you need it, sheesh!","0","","2020-06-08 15:12:52","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dx55EQQ_H","SEXY white","@Kameron Bryant holy shit man, I can't even understand your replies!  In the friendliest way possible, Use more punctuation. You might have some good ideas, but I just can't tell on either.","0","","2020-06-08 15:15:06","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dxC4CCe2e","Trash picking Pete","Lol these people wanna be American so bad","0","","2020-06-08 15:16:03","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dxMycONr_","Shawn Corbin","You support an evil agenda and are a mere tool of people who could care less about you.  Wake up.","1","","2020-06-08 15:17:33","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dxP_zh-sd","Shawn Corbin","@Captain Clone Then move away, now.","1","","2020-06-08 15:17:54","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dxRWBqEBv","Kameron Bryant","@SEXY white The spread of protests and unrest. ALSO  on your comment referring to me what's there to understand? People are attacking the OP for being ""proud"" of America when that's not true. And when I defend and try to correct them I'm called a Trump supporter. This friendly fire is unacceptable we need to be together in this time of protest driving racism from our society.","2","","2020-06-08 15:18:10","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dxRwZdf1k","THUNDAGROUND","Y'all forget that america influences the world","1","","2020-06-08 15:18:13","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dxSxvfQKN","Shawn Corbin","@M'lady Tool","0","","2020-06-08 15:18:22","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dxa2GfbWv","DoodooMan Tv","@Scott Allen how it is a beacon for freedom yet stripped someone's freedom away because of their skin color","0","","2020-06-08 15:19:28","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dxfufcImX","Black Cat","Same","0","","2020-06-08 15:20:16","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dxgUQq3n6","Shawn Corbin","@LUIS VELEZ Luis, you are a bona fide idiot leftist, GFY.  You are just a brainwashed zealot who is on a crash course with destiny.  Your destiny is one of failure.  You have lost, reconcile.","0","","2020-06-08 15:20:21","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dxiceZU01","Scott Allen","@OldSchool HipHop FanBoy, yes freedom. It's not something I just made up. Try a Google of historical immigration.","0","","2020-06-08 15:20:38","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dy4jA-TQz","peter nicholson","@s b you are so dense you repeated it..","1","","2020-06-08 15:23:47","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dylzdESan","Elaine Reid","@Duval Onepiece 
Wake up you 
Corona virus is 
News","0","","2020-06-08 15:29:50","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dyussTqGR","Elaine Reid","@Eagle Eyes 
Wake up you 
Corona virus is 
News","0","","2020-06-08 15:31:03","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99dz4KBBHju","OldSchool HipHop FanBoy","@Scott Allen people outside of America who immigrated were treated like animals with no equal rights until recently","1","","2020-06-08 15:32:28","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99e-1G5g4b0","Desi Gamer","Bernie America's hero literally EVERYTHING you said was false. India was rated the most racist country, Pakistan has the largest police brutality, and El Salvador has the largest homicide rate.","0","","2020-06-08 15:40:48","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99e-QFB_Muw","Desi Gamer","kiriakoz that's is completely false.Americans acknowledge the problems in our country and are very vocal about them if you actually pay attention. Unlike every other country who can't seem to mind their own business and stay out of American issues.","0","","2020-06-08 15:44:12","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99e02s1a-Y4","PlainJaneDoe","​@kiriakoz I have a major issue with patriotism. ""With Liberty and Justice for All"" is a perfidious falsity. How could one stand with his hand over his heart when the Pledge of Allegiance is filled with so many untruths? Liberty & Justice under no circumstances have been for all and I highly doubt it ever will.","0","","2020-06-08 15:49:45","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99e0Hm3ieUW","T. Durden","""ALL LIVES MATTER"" SOUNDS BETTER.","0","","2020-06-08 15:51:47","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99e0IquXlPm","mahs655","@s b Yes","0","","2020-06-08 15:51:56","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99e0XdaWE1J","Dave O","@Captain Clone why did you leave out murder and robbery rates? maybe because you haven't been brainwashed to think murders are bad? Guess who commits a huge majority of murders and robberies?","0","","2020-06-08 15:53:57","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99e0cZSMy_y","Nell Nell","If we do that in America for every slave owner in our history, there would be no more statue ls.  Eventually we would get rid of the American flag that worships those slave owners too.","0","","2020-06-08 15:54:46","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99e0kbL1jhR","Nell Nell","@Scott Allen gtfoh.  America has been terrible to black people. Never freedom","0","","2020-06-08 15:55:51","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99e0m1e3N9z","untseac","That's because you're insane. What's happening right now in USA is the future of UK. These people just want to destroy things. They don't actually care about statues or what these represent. You're probably so insane that you will only learn when your house is destroyed. You won't see me crying. You rip what you sow.","0","","2020-06-08 15:56:03","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99e0rxl-wvH","Dave O","@s b what bullshit. Slavery has been around for centuries and Africans sold other blacks into slavery. It's funny how many times you ignore reality. Kind of like the high murder rates and robbery rates within a certain community, but that's not an injustice is it? Get real!","0","","2020-06-08 15:56:52","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99e0wtF3kbq","amir khan - - -:","WhiteBritonz created Palestine and Kashmir problems. They must answer.","0","","2020-06-08 15:57:32","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99e1DbzQjt4","colettes Vlogs","Same","0","","2020-06-08 15:59:57","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99e1JjLwCNv","YorktownUSA","Not all of us.","0","","2020-06-08 16:00:47","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99e1XHfCuN3","colettes Vlogs","Scott Allen ok So I’m mostly proud of the people for standing up for what’s right","0","","2020-06-08 16:02:38","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99e1YRa0hRJ","colettes Vlogs","Lisa Davis agreed","0","","2020-06-08 16:02:48","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99e1jBJpCes","colettes Vlogs","LUIS VELEZ I think we should keep Washington he was the reason we won the revolutionary war","0","","2020-06-08 16:04:24","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99e2-2uZ4sS","colettes Vlogs","J yeah I’m pretty sure trumps not winning this year I have always disliked him","0","","2020-06-08 16:06:42","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99e2L4nMDe1","colettes Vlogs","Trig privilege is when there is a problem and doesn’t effect you so you don’t think it exists","0","","2020-06-08 16:09:43","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99eHzzqNAcA","J","@swave158 What's your point though?","0","","2020-06-08 18:26:30","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99fF2W4v3sp","kiriakoz","@Desi Gamer when you're comparing your country to India, Pakistan and El Salvador (even to give people true facts), you lose.","0","","2020-06-09 03:20:01","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99kgcBM_N60","mahs655","@Nell Nell Good, american flag is pure evil,  death, theft and invasions. Do you know how many countries the us has invaded? 95% of all countries.","0","","2020-06-11 06:05:53","false",""
"UgwsQ6ZhROyAzCgUOjl4AaABAg.99dqb0wQBIE99lNpdJ_8Nq","Nocturnal Recluse","We should be doing that here.","0","","2020-06-11 12:32:12","false",""
"UgyyCeRkB_5dMh6A7uh4AaABAg","Angie Sargent","We did the same thing in Birmingham Alabama, the state had to take the statue down!!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:18:28","true",""
"Ugyy0narhMR7bMEukGx4AaABAg","Kyle Wissman","No laws being broken throwing a statue over the bridge?","0","0","2020-06-08 14:18:29","true",""
"UgyX_vDMd-SzdXJLz9R4AaABAg","Ludwig Van Zappa","There's a lot of other statues that should finish that way ...","42","1","2020-06-08 14:18:39","true",""
"UgyX_vDMd-SzdXJLz9R4AaABAg.99dqcdG0of_99pUUJM42Is","KTM","What about gnomes....","1","","2020-06-13 02:47:17","false",""
"Ugzw3N6ahgUMHU4SmHh4AaABAg","xMelanie","Police are breaking laws, a few bad ones they say? Some people see a small percentage of protesters are anarchists starting shit bc that's what their goal is and we're all bad now? Hypocrisy at it finest and ppl see the bullshit","0","0","2020-06-08 14:18:43","true",""
"UgxsoqQJMFTbBufVe9V4AaABAg","Ivan Johnson","At least the UK isn't littered with traitor monuments.  The Southerners of my country have a fondness for romanticizing folks that fought other Americans to keep people as property.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:18:49","true",""
"UgzSP3pTFmdR5DYnlK94AaABAg","immobilien","It's a movement alright...... a bowel movement...","1","2","2020-06-08 14:18:57","true",""
"UgzSP3pTFmdR5DYnlK94AaABAg.99dqep_jAwa99drAsufSRZ","NEPTY","immobilien your comment is as well... idiot","1","","2020-06-08 14:23:28","false",""
"UgwG6XMFg9LobPjYSJt4AaABAg","Rebel X","BRISTOL THAT'S WASSUP. I'm gonna visit","0","0","2020-06-08 14:19:07","true",""
"UgzlEMRKbYqVt_z5-9l4AaABAg","P. Jesson Collins","That's a start. Tear them down.   Tiem to meve on!!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:19:08","true",""
"UgzNalJge-5LgBFttb14AaABAg","Cho Rinu","It's evident that while being outwardly supportive, the media doesn't really understand why people think this is important.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:19:10","true",""
"Ugxqk0DbxW1F6VS1mXh4AaABAg","SCSL South croy sports & lifestyle","That black girl is on there smiling and gloating as if it’s about  her and her so called big success in organising demonstration.. little girl, it’s not about you and your gloating,,you got the platform to drive home a message instead you make this anchor turning the thing into praise the 18 yr old session,,  nothing have changed not just yet dumb dumb, and you might not live to see it,you have lots to learn, I’m a black man tired of these clout chasers,,","0","0","2020-06-08 14:19:28","true",""
"UgxNOBQ_3tFv2O6qI5h4AaABAg","Marcus van der Heyden","We need to toss all racist people into the water, preferably the deepest, coldest part of the ocean.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:19:29","true",""
"Ugx7ZeZ1UIy4qaBUc3d4AaABAg","immobilien","Remember Justine Dumond!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:19:33","true",""
"UgxdtAqfaaS56ldE8wB4AaABAg","Real Life","The fact that there's confederate statues in America is mind boggling. Since we're building statues of enemies, let's put a Japanese statue at pearl harbor?","0","0","2020-06-08 14:19:37","true",""
"UgwOMB5uoVBJZfmpOHR4AaABAg","Paul Rhodes","Thank you London, we need to work together to get the change we need for the people, Not the police not the government not the one percent!!!","0","1","2020-06-08 14:19:39","true",""
"UgwOMB5uoVBJZfmpOHR4AaABAg.99dqk-DVQ3F99drVPTPTdJ","BLM MARXISTS SUKASS","It was *Bristol* ... Genius

*The slave trade started in Nigeria*

.","0","","2020-06-08 14:26:16","false",""
"Ugwkx1ghZn2VFJS1aQh4AaABAg","NewAlias","The fact that this is even a discussion 🤣🤣🤣 Sick fucking world 🤣🤣🤣 All I can do is laugh at this point.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:19:49","true",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg","Rich Giblin","This made me proud to be British. If it took people taking matters into their own hands to remove this then the polititions have failed to represent their constituents.","387","38","2020-06-08 14:19:52","true",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99dsXFqVY0F","2manynegativewaves","Nice and civilised petitions since 1998...makes me wish I was in my 20s again.","13","","2020-06-08 14:35:15","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99dw2fghXE6","FLORIDA MUSIC PLUG"," george floyd fight a security guard","1","","2020-06-08 15:06:02","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99dwZmek_ki","Blind Visionary","Yes, it made me smile to see GB out there fighting for the rights of their fellow citizens. I think the west is entering a new era of change. A change for good. Well done from 🇺🇸. 
I raise my glass to you 🍷","14","","2020-06-08 15:10:33","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99dwrKAzZqn","Vishan Ubesiri","Spot on 👍","7","","2020-06-08 15:13:05","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99dx9n5Vrq9","Trash picking Pete","Lol these people wanna be American so bad","2","","2020-06-08 15:15:45","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99dxDmdS4ZY","kupar s","destroying a statute is nothing..what about the society that let him made profit and thrive.. are they going to throw all that too.","1","","2020-06-08 15:16:17","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99dxMzhMX8M","Red John","When are u gonna return all the treasures u have stolen from world and displaying it in Ur musium??","5","","2020-06-08 15:17:33","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99dxSzSS_f-","Emz G","What made the Western world we live in btw 🙄","0","","2020-06-08 15:18:22","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99dxi-vI_3D","Vishan Ubesiri","@Trash picking Pete  or the Americans  secretly want to become British?? 🤣","5","","2020-06-08 15:20:33","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99dxscePUag","QTee","Good on the Brits! People of the world have said ENOUGH!","7","","2020-06-08 15:22:00","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99dy0C7JfwY","bklue900","😂","0","","2020-06-08 15:23:10","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99dyoualtI-","Brian C","Good on ya, mates!","4","","2020-06-08 15:30:14","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99dze60fioA","James Henderson","@Trash picking Pete Ahahahahahahaha in your dreams. We're perfectly happy not being American.","4","","2020-06-08 15:37:30","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99e-nNL3T0a","Paul Mcdonough","?","0","","2020-06-08 15:47:30","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99e0VAbuKa4","Arioko San","The whole town was made with his money. So it will be there’s houses next,yes.........tumble weed.........","1","","2020-06-08 15:53:37","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99e0zyVC5Iy","Emz G","@Arioko San NO hospitals churches and schools he built and left his money to charities in Bristol that still help people today of all colour and creed... Can't change history but can EDUCATE the future","2","","2020-06-08 15:57:57","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99e1Ii79W2f","missy prime","@Arioko San Bristol is a city & not a town. Bristol was here long before Colston so was not ""made with his money"". 
If you're going to comment on my city & its history then please start by taking some time to learn the history","2","","2020-06-08 16:00:39","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99e1ZaOJmsS","Arioko San","missy prime I apologise for calling your city a town. Ok then more specific. Are you going to take down everything that was created/built with his money?","1","","2020-06-08 16:02:57","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99e2GnhlzaJ","Forza Juve","@Arioko San its the statues idolising him which we oppose. His history belongs in a museum. And yes other things should be renamed and that is already happening with Colston Hall.","0","","2020-06-08 16:09:08","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99e2NQizzZS","Marley Ex","You, my friends from across the pond are awesome!! ✊✊✊","2","","2020-06-08 16:10:02","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99e2T0vQiDV","OldskolFan","It’s ridiculous to have statues and schools named after people like that! It’s like their essence is still there. They don’t deserve to be looked up to fondly! Put it in a museum if you must; but tell the truth about him killing 20,000 people and enslaved many more. 
We don’t have statues of Ted Bundy! But other murdering psychos get a pass because they worked for a government!","2","","2020-06-08 16:10:48","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99e2fEmsF9J","Marley Ex","@FLORIDA MUSIC PLUG And? Having a fight and kneeling on somebodys neck until they pass away are two different things. Nice try dear.","1","","2020-06-08 16:12:36","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99e35NqPEUf","Arioko San","Forza Juve ahhh!!! Renamed. But not taken down and thrown in the sea?","1","","2020-06-08 16:16:18","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99e3B8YpPEW","Marley Ex","@Trash picking Pete lol Actually no they don't. Get out of your little bubble once in a while and learn that most people around the world thinks we're crazy. I've traveled since I was a kid so I should know. ☺","0","","2020-06-08 16:17:06","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99e3LAHpfv3","Marley Ex","@James Henderson Pay him no mind he's just trying to be divisive.","0","","2020-06-08 16:18:28","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99e8ViF2Ev5","Trash picking Pete","James Henderson Yeah, sureeee. That’s why you guys literally copy everything we do 😂🤣😂","0","","2020-06-08 17:03:36","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99e8bZO3Q2m","Trash picking Pete","Marley Ex Yeah, sure. That’s why everything we do, they do after lol.","0","","2020-06-08 17:04:32","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99e98j2XWD7","Rich Giblin","@kupar s as with all things historical, you can't change it, but, you can learn from it.","0","","2020-06-08 17:09:12","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99eEgpYBMrX","Rich Giblin","@Trash picking Pete not everything, no school massacres, free healthcare, social safety net, 28 days paid leave from work a year, and we can swear on tv, lol. We do decide some things for ourselves. 😉","0","","2020-06-08 17:57:40","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99lR6jjoAKB","Trey Totriam","One more thing. Thomas Jefferson had slaves.","0","","2020-06-11 13:00:53","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99ltGyTDZ2k","Trash picking Pete","creator xa Nope, you’re completely wrong. Your ancestors tried conquering this land but were too weak. Just like if you tried us today it’d be the same outcome. Fighting isn’t in your blood. That’s why 85% of the men in your country are gay.","0","","2020-06-11 17:15:42","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99lyyunSC6U","Rich Giblin","and he drops the Mic 🇬🇧lol.","0","","2020-06-11 18:05:31","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99lzTo0-cPs","Rich Giblin","@Trash picking Pete our ancestors did conquer that land, they just committed treason first.","0","","2020-06-11 18:09:52","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99lzf1h8wWD","Trash picking Pete","creator xa You’ll forever be bitter over the loss that you took in 1776, get over it.","0","","2020-06-11 18:11:33","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99lzt5xRTyF","Rich Giblin","@Trash picking Pete and in our country 85% of us men can be as gay as we like without condemnation or judgment. how free we are.","0","","2020-06-11 18:13:28","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99miFZm81Ct","Root_CR","@OldskolFan i agree... however they went for the vandalism and destructive rage option... 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️","0","","2020-06-12 00:58:37","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN99mi_XMMO94","Root_CR","@Arioko San agreed..... as someone else  sugested museum... if we vandalise everything that comes from or reprecents this imperfect world, like crazy assclowns, then just nuke the entire world....why dont you 🙄.... if they are pissed then elect the right reprecentatives fight opresive policies... and  injustice  happening now!  punishing a statue ridiculous","0","","2020-06-12 01:01:29","false",""
"Ugx_9-4WPKi3SMCUNhF4AaABAg.99dql_4lxiN9BvI7hRHrfO","Rosie Crossley","Yeah until they defaced war memorials","0","","2020-08-04 01:57:34","false",""
"UgxLmFo9_UWYHZqc81V4AaABAg","nancyxx2014","This will change systematic and behavioural racism, but it won’t change racism in the heart","0","0","2020-06-08 14:19:56","true",""
"UgxgpVZ5B12kslGzjW94AaABAg","mort picklefeather","DEMOCRATS AND CNN NEED BLACK PEOPLE....OR THE WHOLE THING FAILS FOR THEM!!!!!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:19:57","true",""
"UgwohZqer1kVRsmucD54AaABAg","Gerri Kupicki","🤔😯😐","0","0","2020-06-08 14:19:59","true",""
"Ugxt22exmGAjyHqhpsF4AaABAg","tonettelm","I love these people!❤️","3","0","2020-06-08 14:20:01","true",""
"UgwO2IEpoiWxIbfrBgx4AaABAg","Family Phone","Damn morons. Most of them don't even know the history,  their just there because once in awhile they just have to let the animals out! They don't care who or what it is, they just want to demolish something, anything!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:20:01","true",""
"UgwpglqnAtO14W_X6Xt4AaABAg","hela6208","They should not have done that.In a few years , he and his infamy will be washed away ,literally.They should set up section  in a museum to discuss the history of slavery and how countries used human beings as slave labour  and be the cogs  that helped run the economic prosperity  the museum  .Tableaux depicting the ugliness of slavery and information of people who became rich if it , esp people like this guy , should be put up.Children on school trips and even adults can learn about this dark time.Right now many have no clue. This happened.You cannot let it be lost to future generations.Keep those who benefitted or profited of the slaves , but not in a place of eminence, rather in the place of display for the infamous .","0","0","2020-06-08 14:20:07","true",""
"UgzOM_vHC896nSUIrwp4AaABAg","Vega Nona","Taking down a statue wont raise your kids honey.","0","2","2020-06-08 14:20:12","true",""
"UgzOM_vHC896nSUIrwp4AaABAg.99dqnznRTy999drQZd8wOn","bonnie duncan","but leaving it up will?","1","","2020-06-08 14:25:36","false",""
"UgzOM_vHC896nSUIrwp4AaABAg.99dqnznRTy999dtE1vzpE4","Vega Nona","@bonnie duncan Whatever floats your boat.","0","","2020-06-08 14:41:22","false",""
"UgzMadejCtoMOaHQf294AaABAg","Ting Li","When all is said and done, we'll be back to old school. The protest needs 3.3 million people on the street to represent 1% of the population. It's just a small scale movement you guys have there.","1","3","2020-06-08 14:20:12","true",""
"UgzMadejCtoMOaHQf294AaABAg.99dqnwWLIF699drHO1ixsa","NEPTY","Ting Li stfu","0","","2020-06-08 14:24:21","false",""
"UgzMadejCtoMOaHQf294AaABAg.99dqnwWLIF699drWVRVcio","psychedelic jim","Thanks for that little nugget of useless guff.","0","","2020-06-08 14:26:25","false",""
"UgzMadejCtoMOaHQf294AaABAg.99dqnwWLIF699dsCX_Xz3q","Ting Li","@NEPTY Chill dude. I am just saying society is just not ready to make the change, fact is fact. Screaming on the street or breaking a couple of windows won't build much of merit. Some of those protesters need to be in government to have practical influence.","0","","2020-06-08 14:32:26","false",""
"UgwnhzDy7Q7L0nGCOCR4AaABAg","Brawl starts AFK’s","I'm just going to leave this here","0","0","2020-06-08 14:20:17","true",""
"UgytrvsAq6EMFFHHzkl4AaABAg","Ron Gautreau","Love it !","0","0","2020-06-08 14:20:22","true",""
"Ugxm9BR_ChUkTtXDsTV4AaABAg","Nona Wolfman","The American cnn anchor is so excited about the demonstrations at the US embassy. So disgusting.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:20:25","true",""
"UgzmebU5l4uvNeqwxs94AaABAg","Big Jono's channel","*Should've happened 100 years ago*","255","14","2020-06-08 14:20:30","true",""
"UgzmebU5l4uvNeqwxs94AaABAg.99dqq91bJJs99ds21Qmosl","2manynegativewaves","It was only put up then lol..we've been trying for decades to get rid,same is an the US..first its,""lets put a plaque up?""...NO..""""ok,can we put it in a Museum? ""NO...Ok, F' You,into the harbour.""","6","","2020-06-08 14:30:59","false",""
"UgzmebU5l4uvNeqwxs94AaABAg.99dqq91bJJs99dtznxhv4C","Big Jono's channel","@2manynegativewaves Lol. Cheers for info.. oh well its gone now","2","","2020-06-08 14:48:02","false",""
"UgzmebU5l4uvNeqwxs94AaABAg.99dqq91bJJs99duYJcpkSS","Robert Vaughn","@Big Jono's channel pity you haven't :-)","0","","2020-06-08 14:52:53","false",""
"UgzmebU5l4uvNeqwxs94AaABAg.99dqq91bJJs99duh7S5cTo","Dubjax 30","Should never have been made","7","","2020-06-08 14:54:13","false",""
"UgzmebU5l4uvNeqwxs94AaABAg.99dqq91bJJs99dujGddJik","Big Jono's channel","@Robert Vaughn 🤓👍","0","","2020-06-08 14:54:30","false",""
"UgzmebU5l4uvNeqwxs94AaABAg.99dqq91bJJs99dzpzTFCf-","Faithless Hound","The odd thing is that Colston had been dead for two centuries before his statue was put up in the 1890s. His charities didn't talk about the source of his wealth, and Victorian Britain had suppressed the story of the slave trade to the extent that they painted out the black slaves in their old family portraits. 

So it came as a surprise to many when the slavery aspect was made public in recent years. It should not have: both Bristol and Liverpool owed their wealth to the transatlantic slave trade. In school we all learned about the history of manufacturing and industry, but not that it all grew out of brewing, African slavery and the India-China opium trade.","3","","2020-06-08 15:39:07","false",""
"UgzmebU5l4uvNeqwxs94AaABAg.99dqq91bJJs99e-enxafME","Ramayana Roxas","Amen","1","","2020-06-08 15:46:20","false",""
"UgzmebU5l4uvNeqwxs94AaABAg.99dqq91bJJs99e-oH1Z1NF","hanz patinski","I'm glad it didn't, y rewrite history","1","","2020-06-08 15:47:37","false",""
"UgzmebU5l4uvNeqwxs94AaABAg.99dqq91bJJs99e0EO1tPcq","Dave O","@Faithless Hound and that's only partially true because the slaves are only a portion of the population, so it's impossible for them to build everything or that 100% of all wealth comes from slavery. That's just as absurd to believe. You're all brainwashed, bad!","1","","2020-06-08 15:51:19","false",""
"UgzmebU5l4uvNeqwxs94AaABAg.99dqq91bJJs99e0KMFkcdx","John MacTavish","100yo uk was still busy maintainong their racist empire","0","","2020-06-08 15:52:08","false",""
"UgzmebU5l4uvNeqwxs94AaABAg.99dqq91bJJs99e0VJ9JEKW","KAL -51","Yeah, to the actual slave trader himself","1","","2020-06-08 15:53:38","false",""
"UgzmebU5l4uvNeqwxs94AaABAg.99dqq91bJJs99e0eqB1vc5","Jade Star","@Faithless Hound I heard about their were also black Royal! I even heard that king James was black!","0","","2020-06-08 15:55:04","false",""
"UgzmebU5l4uvNeqwxs94AaABAg.99dqq91bJJs99e1ZFwSE27","Grand MayMay","It should have never been put up in the first place....","1","","2020-06-08 16:02:55","false",""
"UgzmebU5l4uvNeqwxs94AaABAg.99dqq91bJJs99uGFSVX41g","Shaeee","Amen!","0","","2020-06-14 23:19:08","false",""
"UgzGDqK1kqjIgo85vtJ4AaABAg","shainshad kp","Iconic moment, sad that I was not there to witness this. Change is coming,  more power to people","0","0","2020-06-08 14:20:32","true",""
"UgxBwwtApfwUBnE7T_h4AaABAg","WaRLoRd","Well done UK!!","1","0","2020-06-08 14:20:32","true",""
"UgxgHdzlW4J-l6fawUN4AaABAg","mdeck429","Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it ...","0","0","2020-06-08 14:20:32","true",""
"Ugy2WFjdmM8UvWxq4w54AaABAg","guitarist766","wait till they discover who built the pyramids...","0","0","2020-06-08 14:20:38","true",""
"UgwgQj8XHHcqxExX66h4AaABAg","Tee J","YEZZZZZZ Thank you!! Love you guys","2","1","2020-06-08 14:20:40","true",""
"UgwgQj8XHHcqxExX66h4AaABAg.99dqrLomeHC99drFsz484o","Fox 400 Fox 400","Food stamp","0","","2020-06-08 14:24:09","false",""
"Ugwtc5avLT16m4blYgB4AaABAg","X X","CNN spreading HATE from the U.K. now.  what we don't have enough.","0","2","2020-06-08 14:20:45","true",""
"Ugwtc5avLT16m4blYgB4AaABAg.99dqs0fgnT399dthF6Pnhp","Gulliver the Gullible","Why? They are merely celebrating a beautiful moment.","0","","2020-06-08 14:45:30","false",""
"Ugwtc5avLT16m4blYgB4AaABAg.99dqs0fgnT399dw32tA7PD","X X","@Gulliver the Gullible BLM  Burn,Loot,Murder.","0","","2020-06-08 15:06:05","false",""
"UgwM0He9fTUOO04DV6d4AaABAg","O-dog 614","Good for them we should do that too and every time you see a Confederate flag burn that don't burn the American flag burn that Confederate one","0","0","2020-06-08 14:20:48","true",""
"UgyhMDexlRzZobDmgXt4AaABAg","New Music Friday Rap","BLM is all I here","1","0","2020-06-08 14:20:49","true",""
"Ugz80gxlEZaBR6eTgN54AaABAg","liam fanucchi","This needs to be the Robert E Lee statue😂","123","14","2020-06-08 14:20:50","true",""
"Ugz80gxlEZaBR6eTgN54AaABAg.99dqsZLaYiQ99drabUZGh7","THE EQUALIZER!","The state of Virginia said it's coming down soon.","18","","2020-06-08 14:27:07","false",""
"Ugz80gxlEZaBR6eTgN54AaABAg.99dqsZLaYiQ99duPBpm-YA","Christopher Crochet","Yeah for vandalism and destroying property!","1","","2020-06-08 14:51:38","false",""
"Ugz80gxlEZaBR6eTgN54AaABAg.99dqsZLaYiQ99dvLA4LjXA","Rose Water","THE EQUALIZER! What’s the timing? If they can’t get it done in a few days, we need to do it for them. Seriously one more day. As we can see, it doesn’t take but 30 minutes tops.","2","","2020-06-08 14:59:49","false",""
"Ugz80gxlEZaBR6eTgN54AaABAg.99dqsZLaYiQ99dxJ7OeH6e","Briana Anderson","@Rose Water i believe it will take longer because the way it was built","1","","2020-06-08 15:17:01","false",""
"Ugz80gxlEZaBR6eTgN54AaABAg.99dqsZLaYiQ99dxsWUtnl-","Reverend Howl","@Christopher Crochet Statues feel no pain.","3","","2020-06-08 15:21:59","false",""
"Ugz80gxlEZaBR6eTgN54AaABAg.99dqsZLaYiQ99dy9uLWiWq","TJ Jumps","Its coming down","3","","2020-06-08 15:24:30","false",""
"Ugz80gxlEZaBR6eTgN54AaABAg.99dqsZLaYiQ99dyZ0Yo2OB","Dr. James Olack","Couple pounds of plastique.......gone!","1","","2020-06-08 15:27:55","false",""
"Ugz80gxlEZaBR6eTgN54AaABAg.99dqsZLaYiQ99e-IX0bo09","Max Ramsey","It already came down!✊🏾","1","","2020-06-08 15:43:09","false",""
"Ugz80gxlEZaBR6eTgN54AaABAg.99dqsZLaYiQ99e-U18BxsG","Sheeshkebabz","@Christopher Crochet Stop killing black people and there wouldn't be any. No justice, no peace.","0","","2020-06-08 15:44:43","false",""
"Ugz80gxlEZaBR6eTgN54AaABAg.99dqsZLaYiQ99e1Zf2oXqy","Traci Schmidt","Museums.","0","","2020-06-08 16:02:58","false",""
"Ugz80gxlEZaBR6eTgN54AaABAg.99dqsZLaYiQ99e2Be1GWhl","Talia Kay","@Sheeshkebabz Go to Chicago and preach and protest there. BLM hypocrites.","0","","2020-06-08 16:08:25","false",""
"Ugz80gxlEZaBR6eTgN54AaABAg.99dqsZLaYiQ99e3LjuPrYG","OldskolFan","Christopher Crochet you do realize this man is a war criminal! Over A MILLION people were killed in the Civil War! Would you celebrate statues of Hitler and the Nazi flags in every courtroom and in public areas? Germany doesn’t do this. Put his statue in a museum and tell of the atrocities; history is history and we should learn from it. But to celebrate these people is not the kind of mindsets we need to build a better world.","1","","2020-06-08 16:18:32","false",""
"Ugz80gxlEZaBR6eTgN54AaABAg.99dqsZLaYiQ99eheCxPt_h","liam fanucchi","Talia Kay RACIST! MAGAT!","0","","2020-06-08 22:19:28","false",""
"Ugz80gxlEZaBR6eTgN54AaABAg.99dqsZLaYiQ99ekbursl9b","Talia Kay","@liam fanucchi STOP BREAKING THE LAW. YOU WILL HAVE LESS INTERACTIONS WITH POLICE. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.","0","","2020-06-08 22:45:22","false",""
"UgzSdLD1TuA0r71duu14AaABAg","Ms. RayRay","This is what we doing to all you racist out here we taking you guys down one by one","0","0","2020-06-08 14:20:51","true",""
"Ugx9T50yB6M3iTjPfox4AaABAg","Galactic Warlock","Awesome.  In the US people would be crying calling that crap history.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:20:59","true",""
"UgzQtCxE1iNzzpJPWdx4AaABAg","The Ghost","I'm glad everyone is being peaceful","24","6","2020-06-08 14:21:04","true",""
"UgzQtCxE1iNzzpJPWdx4AaABAg.99dquHILr1q99droBONtbB","Captain Clone","Rioting and looting is stupid. It gives the government an excuse to use more police violence against us.","2","","2020-06-08 14:28:58","false",""
"UgzQtCxE1iNzzpJPWdx4AaABAg.99dquHILr1q99dsf52i8dK","Real Life","@Captain Clone yet it's the cops who escalate situations and make things worst","1","","2020-06-08 14:36:28","false",""
"UgzQtCxE1iNzzpJPWdx4AaABAg.99dquHILr1q99dyZJfCvJg","까마","@Captain Clone  agreed. 
*"" more peace(ful), more justice ""* 
For all gether of the people.","0","","2020-06-08 15:27:58","false",""
"UgzQtCxE1iNzzpJPWdx4AaABAg.99dquHILr1q99dz5lZOGTa","kaykay69","So, white supremacy is a peaceful act? I don't think so. The only language racists understands are violence. Period.","0","","2020-06-08 15:32:40","false",""
"UgzQtCxE1iNzzpJPWdx4AaABAg.99dquHILr1q99e0A6c0_Hh","Joel Richardson","@Real Life not always in london the protest started peaceful then turned violent cuz people wanted to start a riot and threw bricks at horses","0","","2020-06-08 15:50:44","false",""
"UgzQtCxE1iNzzpJPWdx4AaABAg.99dquHILr1q99e0Lu8r8GI","Joel Richardson","@kaykay69 the riots will just create more racist stereotypes though, which to display a message of equality and peace the protests need to display that message as well","0","","2020-06-08 15:52:21","false",""
"UgwY4HmM0JMqL0Fnccl4AaABAg","Bhuvanesh s.k","Hmmm .... Whtever... I hope this will fix the problem once n for all","0","0","2020-06-08 14:21:06","true",""
"UgyGeotx-ANN4Whs6F54AaABAg","Ant","Look to Spain the Spanish started the slave trade!!!!","0","1","2020-06-08 14:21:13","true",""
"UgyGeotx-ANN4Whs6F54AaABAg.99dqvO3gcpB99dtPTx9kLO","psychedelic jim",".","0","","2020-06-08 14:42:56","false",""
"UgwJQDdo5gk5AbwY7bp4AaABAg","ItsStormShadow","hahahaha","0","0","2020-06-08 14:21:15","true",""
"UgyKbUHiwTfRHqtZ3up4AaABAg","R","Get ready for a massive rise in COVID19 cases, a higher death toll and the economy crashing because cities will be forced to shut down again. All because protesters don't think about the consequences of their actions. More people dying is counter-intuitive to the reason they are protesting.","7","21","2020-06-08 14:21:20","true",""
"UgyKbUHiwTfRHqtZ3up4AaABAg.99dqwIuclxy99drpgmESlA","Mervyn Codrington","Thats all you have to say.","0","","2020-06-08 14:29:10","false",""
"UgyKbUHiwTfRHqtZ3up4AaABAg.99dqwIuclxy99drs-AAp6k","Grumsi Grumsi","Covid19 works only on a people like you, gullible enough to believe in it. The rest of an immune people are united to protest vs police. Join them, and you don't need to worry about it.","1","","2020-06-08 14:29:29","false",""
"UgyKbUHiwTfRHqtZ3up4AaABAg.99dqwIuclxy99dsEMWjnch","Real Life","Lmao yet when ppl were blocking hospitals, and storming capital buildings with guns, and crying about getting haircuts, that was perfectly fine?","1","","2020-06-08 14:32:41","false",""
"UgyKbUHiwTfRHqtZ3up4AaABAg.99dqwIuclxy99dsWWMHns4","gaming freedom","@Grumsi Grumsi lol what? Covid 19 is not something to underestimate our neighbor at the beginning was like Corona is nothing and was going out side like nothing is going on guess where he is now in the Graveyard!😂😂😂😂 Im laughing because he was a dick and nobody liked him anyway","0","","2020-06-08 14:35:09","false",""
"UgyKbUHiwTfRHqtZ3up4AaABAg.99dqwIuclxy99dsa8CMvBM","Paul Rhodes","This is bigger than COVID-19!!","0","","2020-06-08 14:35:47","false",""
"UgyKbUHiwTfRHqtZ3up4AaABAg.99dqwIuclxy99dskYm2o_1","Lala J","Some things in this world are more important to the survival of  humanity than a virus.  Racism, police brutality and injustice need to be excised from society.","0","","2020-06-08 14:37:12","false",""
"UgyKbUHiwTfRHqtZ3up4AaABAg.99dqwIuclxy99dstLSg_f-","Vital Signs","@Grumsi Grumsi is it that you're thinking that they can't be carriers and spread it to other people that are suseptible to it?","0","","2020-06-08 14:38:24","false",""
"UgyKbUHiwTfRHqtZ3up4AaABAg.99dqwIuclxy99dstk6555e","Stephen Smith","@Grumsi Grumsi you talk complete and utter nonsense. Covid doesn't discriminate. I'm all for peaceful protest but for gods sake do it ssfely","0","","2020-06-08 14:38:28","false",""
"UgyKbUHiwTfRHqtZ3up4AaABAg.99dqwIuclxy99dt6j8W2_b","Dr. James Olack","R 

I've been saying that since Labor Day.  With the craziness at Lake of the Ozarks, etc.....the next spike is right around the can take that to the bank!","1","","2020-06-08 14:40:22","false",""
"UgyKbUHiwTfRHqtZ3up4AaABAg.99dqwIuclxy99dtKj3aBHG","Dregoth","We can expect a rise in the coming weeks when new infected people get sick. The timing of this mess is incredibly unfortunate. Covid19 doesn't care. I  fact if it could it would be very happy. If you can stay home. If you really want to protest, at the very least wear a mask. If you feel sick STAY HOME!

This isn't over folks not by a longshot","1","","2020-06-08 14:42:17","false",""
"UgyKbUHiwTfRHqtZ3up4AaABAg.99dqwIuclxy99dtN2nZbTX","Dr. James Olack","Grumsi Grumsi 

You need to seek psychiatric help.....stat!  What are you, 8 years old?","0","","2020-06-08 14:42:36","false",""
"UgyKbUHiwTfRHqtZ3up4AaABAg.99dqwIuclxy99dtUbd1hyt","Grumsi Grumsi","@gaming freedom your neighbour is dead due to other things, but certinaly not covid19. Don't tell me that I am the first person trying to explain that to you, am I? Some of you people will live in the dark forever, even if we are constantly shining you a way out. Fine, be there, that was my last shine to you. ;)","0","","2020-06-08 14:43:38","false",""
"UgyKbUHiwTfRHqtZ3up4AaABAg.99dqwIuclxy99dtfC5F-PS","natachaCB","R, you're correct about the massive rise of COVID-19, however, you're wrong about the latter statement.  You mentioned the protesters are not thinking about the consequences of their action.  I'd rather say, the officers who were in broad daylight murdering a man, father and son were not thinking about the consequences of their actions.  You did notice his hands casually in his pocket as he pressed his full body weight into this human being's neck saying, I can't breathe and yelling for his Dead mother, right?  Oh, I thought maybe we saw two different videos.  The officer had no expression on his face while he murdered George.  Did you notice how he was not thinking about the consequences of his action?  Just blank... as the crowd tell him to get off his neck.  Yeah, HE wasn't thinking.","0","","2020-06-08 14:45:13","false",""
"UgyKbUHiwTfRHqtZ3up4AaABAg.99dqwIuclxy99dx4fzM4F1","Grumsi Grumsi","@Dr. James Olack What are you trying to say? I am  sure that I was already more advanced than you are now at my age of 4. Are you guys really hearing it from me first, that covid19 is not even real? No one died from covid19 yet, I can't help you if you can not see that. It is as obvious as it can be. Now go on  and put your masks back on, so we can see you from far away.","0","","2020-06-08 15:15:03","false",""
"UgyKbUHiwTfRHqtZ3up4AaABAg.99dqwIuclxy99dyUOg_mxa","Grumsi Grumsi","@Vital Signs No. Covid19 is not real. They are manipulating usual deaths as covid19 deaths all over the world. No need for masks or social distancing, all is a hoax, and you all fell for it. No one died","0","","2020-06-08 15:27:17","false",""
"UgyKbUHiwTfRHqtZ3up4AaABAg.99dqwIuclxy99dysu_efJQ","Grumsi Grumsi","@Stephen Smith Covid19 is as real as boogeyman in your closet. He doesn't discriminate either, but just like your closet more than others. No one died from covid19 and no one ever will, because it is all a hoax. As for boogeyman, that I am not so sure, he may get you one day.","0","","2020-06-08 15:30:47","false",""
"UgyKbUHiwTfRHqtZ3up4AaABAg.99dqwIuclxy99e58uPEs-v","gaming freedom","@Grumsi Grumsi lol sweetheart I know he had because the government told us he had and had to check up his neighbors to see if he had spread the virus to us too but ok it's fine if you don't want to believe me😊😊😊 keep shining","0","","2020-06-08 16:34:16","false",""
"UgyKbUHiwTfRHqtZ3up4AaABAg.99dqwIuclxy99eJV3trE_M","Grumsi Grumsi","@gaming freedom It is no crime to believe what your government said to you, but is it smart? Again your neigbhour died because of other reason and not covid19. Truth can only be one, one and only, therefore i know you are lying or your government lied, which is most probable.","0","","2020-06-08 18:39:37","false",""
"UgyKbUHiwTfRHqtZ3up4AaABAg.99dqwIuclxy99eKrkRJe_z","gaming freedom","@Grumsi Grumsi what why would i lie about someelse death? what's the point in that?😂😂😂 Im just saying the thing they said and if they are lying that's not my problem but im just going in between I'm not isolating my self to death while im not being reckless and going in groups without a mask","0","","2020-06-08 18:51:36","false",""
"UgyKbUHiwTfRHqtZ3up4AaABAg.99dqwIuclxy99eNAoo_jmA","Grumsi Grumsi","@gaming freedomI just know your neigbour didn't die of covid19, that is it. I am sure he was over 70 years old with bad health, if that is not true, you can tell me otherwise.","0","","2020-06-08 19:11:49","false",""
"UgyKbUHiwTfRHqtZ3up4AaABAg.99dqwIuclxy99lTkut-i0c","R","@natachaCB I'm not defending the actions of a psycho cop who murdered someone. I'm pointing out how many of these protesters may get sick and die now as a result of being in a large crowd where everybody is shouting. They should have waited until the pandemic was under control for their own safety. More people dying is counter-intuitive to the reason they are protesting.","0","","2020-06-11 13:23:59","false",""
"Ugz73by2zkczfaohuWF4AaABAg","CNN SUX","George Floyd held a gun to a pregnant woman’s womb, pistol whipped her and robbed her. He was a complete piece of shit!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:21:20","true",""
"UgynMQc2nnA2IcBsb5N4AaABAg","Chris Roze","In a way, the US leads the free world again.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:21:21","true",""
"Ugx1VRRNaisOgprIa_l4AaABAg","Spock The Builder","That is awesome. I hope this just spreads around the world until the finally rich get the idea that we won't continue to let them use race to divide us","0","0","2020-06-08 14:21:22","true",""
"UgyN8hQnoWNmmjVKOAB4AaABAg","Denise Johnson","Shout out to the black protesters in the UK! Y’all some Freedom Fighters fighting for my people over here in America! Shout out to the our white, Asian, and Latino allies as well! God is gonna bless y’all for helping to tear down the demonic system of white supremacy and racial hatred! That’s right tear that shit up!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:21:24","true",""
"UgxqCQx599Exlp1qiY14AaABAg","Jewels of Paradise","Hello Australian peoples,why r u w8ing??????    
   Unity is strength! Everyone needs to join the movement to end social injustice and systemic racism.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:21:26","true",""
"UgxkMvFElm7a4hmvYuR4AaABAg","Captain Clone","They belong in museums. It’s like having Hitler and Stalin statues lying around","92","19","2020-06-08 14:21:27","true",""
"UgxkMvFElm7a4hmvYuR4AaABAg.99dqx5CAYlk99ds4c-G1fG","2manynegativewaves","They belong at the bottom of harbours ;)","29","","2020-06-08 14:31:21","false",""
"UgxkMvFElm7a4hmvYuR4AaABAg.99dqx5CAYlk99dsHeFRyb5","Farhan","They belong under people's feet.","15","","2020-06-08 14:33:07","false",""
"UgxkMvFElm7a4hmvYuR4AaABAg.99dqx5CAYlk99dsKozD0nv","TMC TTF","No, they are to be burned, and forgotten.","19","","2020-06-08 14:33:33","false",""
"UgxkMvFElm7a4hmvYuR4AaABAg.99dqx5CAYlk99dsQQVwz7Q","Real Life","Should be used for target practice","16","","2020-06-08 14:34:19","false",""
"UgxkMvFElm7a4hmvYuR4AaABAg.99dqx5CAYlk99dsbU-6XNQ","Andrew Barnett","@TMC TTF forgetting is a bad thing.......removed from public view yes but put them somewhere where context and historical facts can be placed alongside it as a warning for the future","12","","2020-06-08 14:35:58","false",""
"UgxkMvFElm7a4hmvYuR4AaABAg.99dqx5CAYlk99dso2MTQqW","Paul Rhodes","Museum! hahaha, no way are they getting memorialized!!","3","","2020-06-08 14:37:41","false",""
"UgxkMvFElm7a4hmvYuR4AaABAg.99dqx5CAYlk99dtIr595YA","Alan Brown","@Andrew Barnett nahhh we the black community are cool on all that preserving bullshit. We dont want to be constantly reminded of the injustices we've faced since 1619","2","","2020-06-08 14:42:02","false",""
"UgxkMvFElm7a4hmvYuR4AaABAg.99dqx5CAYlk99dtdgMFEO9","iDeAs Born","Nope.  None of that shit belongs anywhere but melted down.","3","","2020-06-08 14:45:00","false",""
"UgxkMvFElm7a4hmvYuR4AaABAg.99dqx5CAYlk99dttseZhdu","TMC TTF","@Andrew Barnett Nah, I'd rather all statues relating to the recently vandalized one be destroyed as well. They shouldn't be allowed to remain up and in top condition.","3","","2020-06-08 14:47:13","false",""
"UgxkMvFElm7a4hmvYuR4AaABAg.99dqx5CAYlk99du4yqlJfJ","Tee Burd Talks","Andrew Barnett the video alone of the statue being tossed in the river is a mark in history for the future is enough as a reminder. We don’t need these in museums. Just the videos of them being tossed in the river should be in a museum.","2","","2020-06-08 14:48:52","false",""
"UgxkMvFElm7a4hmvYuR4AaABAg.99dqx5CAYlk99duC-RFErF","ferkoadr","This is what we did in Eastern Europe. I believe there were plans but bureaucracy is so slow in cities. Some thought it might be better to keep the statue there but put more info out to educate people on what was going on and where the city got the money from.","0","","2020-06-08 14:49:50","false",""
"UgxkMvFElm7a4hmvYuR4AaABAg.99dqx5CAYlk99duGSpSZcL","11B3V","Museum?? I don't think so!!!","1","","2020-06-08 14:50:26","false",""
"UgxkMvFElm7a4hmvYuR4AaABAg.99dqx5CAYlk99duNRGHyXq","Robert Vaughn","@2manynegativewaves ,you belong at bottom of an habour }:‑)","0","","2020-06-08 14:51:23","false",""
"UgxkMvFElm7a4hmvYuR4AaABAg.99dqx5CAYlk99du_RgwGAi","Demonic","No they are to be recycled melted down not thrown in a lake that's littering","2","","2020-06-08 14:53:10","false",""
"UgxkMvFElm7a4hmvYuR4AaABAg.99dqx5CAYlk99dvA2QOCMp","Ms. Neanderthug","It belongs in the water were racists like him tossed hundreds of slaves off slaves ships.","0","","2020-06-08 14:58:18","false",""
"UgxkMvFElm7a4hmvYuR4AaABAg.99dqx5CAYlk99dvFT56dvd","Ms. Neanderthug","MUH  MUH HERITAGE","0","","2020-06-08 14:59:02","false",""
"UgxkMvFElm7a4hmvYuR4AaABAg.99dqx5CAYlk99dz0dGQLws","James Lee","Ok, Indiana Jones

They belong at the bottom of the sea. 

Liberty And Justice... FOR ALL 🗽","0","","2020-06-08 15:31:58","false",""
"UgxkMvFElm7a4hmvYuR4AaABAg.99dqx5CAYlk99e0U7Ne2o1","Delling Conley","Agreed. Or sell em. Auction. Who needs resources? Just burn and break everything.","0","","2020-06-08 15:53:28","false",""
"UgxkMvFElm7a4hmvYuR4AaABAg.99dqx5CAYlk99e1sF9b7q4","Traci Schmidt","I agree","0","","2020-06-08 16:05:38","false",""
"Ugzo6Grg6LhkpJshOU54AaABAg","Clemons Kunkel","Good
Here’s a show for you… George Floyd was MURDER no GRAY! Trump will say GOOD JOB just like 104,000 DEAD AMERICANS! episode of Super Professor's Podcast","1","0","2020-06-08 14:21:40","true",""
"UgzF0eB5srjQwIjYvxh4AaABAg","Lily Lily","Why do you think that non black people don’t care about this, we do we are really very very angry and I for one support the PEACEFUL protests for BLM.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:21:44","true",""
"UgwYtAK0Woz1jZzEgKt4AaABAg","Jackson Elmore","Sometime in my life I want to build a big Robert e Lee statue on my own property or in a park","0","3","2020-06-08 14:21:51","true",""
"UgwYtAK0Woz1jZzEgKt4AaABAg.99dr-6TBXo799drGiSe8hO","Joey","Please do. Easy to track ur IP address. We comin' fascista!!!","0","","2020-06-08 14:24:16","false",""
"UgwYtAK0Woz1jZzEgKt4AaABAg.99dr-6TBXo799drKe9KQKL","Ian Watkins","Good luck may God bless your heart!","0","","2020-06-08 14:24:48","false",""
"UgwYtAK0Woz1jZzEgKt4AaABAg.99dr-6TBXo799eoL8-d85C","Jackson Elmore","@Joey y tho","0","","2020-06-08 23:17:53","false",""
"UgzHO93oy15jSMJguKl4AaABAg","♿NPC-TardLivesMatter✊","Man-baby liberals always throwing tantrums 👶","0","1","2020-06-08 14:22:03","true",""
"UgzHO93oy15jSMJguKl4AaABAg.99dr0Uat6_t99dsNAidVlR","effawefweafawefwefwfqwWQEWEFEYHTYKJYUKUT","Ah yes, removing a statue of a man who killed 19000 people in the slave trade are all a bunch of cry babies, catch yourself on...","1","","2020-06-08 14:33:53","false",""
"UgwzPDxVCT1bbSkma514AaABAg","Bat Boy","Something needs to be done about this:
Stone Mountain:","1","0","2020-06-08 14:22:08","true",""
"Ugx7ud3wgIZ1AXFXAah4AaABAg","Francisco Toscano","There goes Geroge Washington and Albert Pike. Statue's located in WASHINGTON D.C.","7","0","2020-06-08 14:22:13","true",""
"UgzdpGkuYNqD34vl8eZ4AaABAg","Always Aim Higher","Roll it down the street and into the river. A change will come, a change is comin and it's here.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:22:16","true",""
"UgwaV3CoDvCeFqu9HJJ4AaABAg","Dorothy Button","I love this. Time to leave the past behind or in the river. Great effort by the people.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:22:21","true",""
"Ugw6OZlGw2F3vcCPEGZ4AaABAg","Shadow Mar ghost","The Police behind the Floyd","0","0","2020-06-08 14:22:26","true",""
"Ugw0DGyi1K7-aD6R3r54AaABAg","EDUBB","We need learn from the UK! There revolution will come sooner then America gets there’s. These people know leadership. Shout out the the UK! Tear it all down!! hopefully America does the same","0","0","2020-06-08 14:22:28","true",""
"UgyfcLpX2v_qMF9Q1bB4AaABAg","Brittster","Corona still a thing or.....","0","0","2020-06-08 14:22:34","true",""
"UgxyhqeLeHincaOa7c14AaABAg","jojo abushkr","i want 2020 to end i'm sooo done with it 😪😪","0","0","2020-06-08 14:22:38","true",""
"UgxQ1LYXrFjYrTUTTJh4AaABAg","BcA - Biciclind cu Axel","Next one : Churchill ! :D","0","0","2020-06-08 14:22:39","true",""
"UgwYpO-O4l7fHL_Kqih4AaABAg","Marcus van der Heyden","George Washington was a slave owner. What are we going to do about all his statues? We can't be hypocritical. They must also come down.","8","9","2020-06-08 14:22:39","true",""
"UgwYpO-O4l7fHL_Kqih4AaABAg.99dr4vbgeeL99dvEnS7Mi6","Tworpish","Back in the early 1800 it was normal. The only difference between this guy and G. Washington, is that Washington owned some slaves, and this guy bought, sold, and raped about 100 thousand of em. George was still wrong though.","1","","2020-06-08 14:58:57","false",""
"UgwYpO-O4l7fHL_Kqih4AaABAg.99dr4vbgeeL99dvTc9WnLA","hifismiffy","Have you a good supply of wide rivers to dump them in ?","0","","2020-06-08 15:00:58","false",""
"UgwYpO-O4l7fHL_Kqih4AaABAg.99dr4vbgeeL99dxgvsOGRk","Marcus van der Heyden","@hifismiffy I know of at least 3 George Washington statues in NYC that should be tossed in the East River. Let's not forget that Thomas Jefferson was a slave owner too. Sounds like we may need to blow up Mt. Rushmore.","0","","2020-06-08 15:20:24","false",""
"UgwYpO-O4l7fHL_Kqih4AaABAg.99dr4vbgeeL99dzJ3YyJPJ","English Rose","Tworpish Colston was one of many who worked for a slave trading company back then. It was the company that transported 80k plus people.","0","","2020-06-08 15:34:29","false",""
"UgwYpO-O4l7fHL_Kqih4AaABAg.99dr4vbgeeL99e-lI6h-8v","Isthisjustfantasy 75","He wasn't only a slave owner, he was a prominent slave trader.","0","","2020-06-08 15:47:13","false",""
"UgwYpO-O4l7fHL_Kqih4AaABAg.99dr4vbgeeL99e3DJtyYZt","YorktownUSA","People like me will stand in your way.  All humans are sinners, Washington included.  But we remember great men for their good deeds, not just their bad ones.  Assuming the good outweighed the bad of course (Hitler).  The context of history is important.  Despite his flaw, Washington helped create America, and it to has a lot of good.  He is a cultural symbol and beacon of freedom to many as well.  I do not intend to peacefully coexist with people who think otherwise, nor they me.  It seems like this conflict is indeed unavoidable.  So be it.","0","","2020-06-08 16:17:23","false",""
"UgwYpO-O4l7fHL_Kqih4AaABAg.99dr4vbgeeL99e3PLJKHgs","YorktownUSA","@Marcus van der Heyden Please understand that in doing so you will be declaring war against the United States.  Many of your ""fellow"" citizens will be your enemy.","0","","2020-06-08 16:19:02","false",""
"UgwYpO-O4l7fHL_Kqih4AaABAg.99dr4vbgeeL99eHRFseKTU","Marcus van der Heyden","@YorktownUSA Just pointing out the hypocrisy. Clearly you lack the ability to think critically.","0","","2020-06-08 18:21:38","false",""
"UgwYpO-O4l7fHL_Kqih4AaABAg.99dr4vbgeeL99eHjBvltx2","Marcus van der Heyden","@Isthisjustfantasy 75 He also tried to get back a slave who had managed to flee to the north, if I recall.","0","","2020-06-08 18:24:13","false",""
"Ugz2fbZ_MShyWVVadnp4AaABAg","Armando Estrada","Don't threaten the Brits with a good time bruh.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:22:48","true",""
"UgxYNVGVkMehodsS2dF4AaABAg","GT Nismo","1: its so great to see the world literally standing together for the rights of black people an every other person of color to be the same as white people. To say its long overdue is an understatement. 
2: i saw everyone in those protests wearing masks. 
3: Bravo 👏 👏 👏 to the world.","91","12","2020-06-08 14:22:54","true",""
"UgxYNVGVkMehodsS2dF4AaABAg.99dr6k7FOIo99dwShlfEhh","falling moon","Yup","2","","2020-06-08 15:09:35","false",""
"UgxYNVGVkMehodsS2dF4AaABAg.99dr6k7FOIo99dzhk4S7wf","Joel Richardson","Do you think black people in the UK dont have the same rights as white people?","1","","2020-06-08 15:37:59","false",""
"UgxYNVGVkMehodsS2dF4AaABAg.99dr6k7FOIo99e0Uv__Qg5","Robert barnes","Joel Richardson      “”””SAME “””.   Haha.  What a joke  !!!!!  Check out ANY of the stats from Medical all the way to Education even Living conditions and you’ll find that they are the ones that has always been the   “” Privileged”” ones ..","1","","2020-06-08 15:53:35","false",""
"UgxYNVGVkMehodsS2dF4AaABAg.99dr6k7FOIo99e11XC7ttZ","Joel Richardson","@Robert barnes I dont think that proves white privilege I think that just shows some people are born into wealthy families and to say all white people are rich and have mansions is just not true, however yes the majority of rich families in the UK will be white but also the majority of people that are poor are also white","0","","2020-06-08 15:58:18","false",""
"UgxYNVGVkMehodsS2dF4AaABAg.99dr6k7FOIo99e19TBVY7j","whyputaname2","👍👍✌️🖖","1","","2020-06-08 15:59:23","false",""
"UgxYNVGVkMehodsS2dF4AaABAg.99dr6k7FOIo99e1Ecp7XTF","GT Nismo","@Joel Richardson i think that black people are suppressed in every ""white"" dominated culture. If black people have it so easy over there, why did it take until now and the citizens to rid themselves of that statue? Just stop.","0","","2020-06-08 16:00:06","false",""
"UgxYNVGVkMehodsS2dF4AaABAg.99dr6k7FOIo99e1TnwZ2tG","Joel Richardson","@Robert barnes the reason I'm saying I dont think white people have more rights than black in the UK is because I'm using bristol as an example everyone is treated the same no matter the race or religion there maybe some cultural division however it is very little compared to the US, I know this because my house mate who was an african american was surprised to see how black, Asian and white people all mixed together in multicultural groups which is not like america at all which has a huge cultural divide","2","","2020-06-08 16:02:10","false",""
"UgxYNVGVkMehodsS2dF4AaABAg.99dr6k7FOIo99e2veI1Smy","Joel Richardson","@GT Nismo man I live in Bristol trust people wanted that statue gone for ages they petitioned to have it gone 11thousand signatures were signed but the council didnt do it so it took this to take it down, but trust me when I say life on bristol is very progressive which is why you see people of all races working together to get that statue gone","2","","2020-06-08 16:14:50","false",""
"UgxYNVGVkMehodsS2dF4AaABAg.99dr6k7FOIo99e3T_l07ov","GT Nismo","@Joel Richardson thats how it needs to be everywhere.","0","","2020-06-08 16:19:37","false",""
"UgxYNVGVkMehodsS2dF4AaABAg.99dr6k7FOIo99e4OaKueVQ","Robert barnes","Joel Richardson    The Wheel that squeaks the most ,, gets the most grease....  it’ll ALL COME OUT IN THE WASH ....  And a Statue !!!! A statue has nothing to do with a better education or living conditions or anything to improve yourself .. Now if they want to change things for them selfs ... ABOLISH the LAWS that govern them ..!!!! Let them go as a FREE PEOPLE....","1","","2020-06-08 16:27:40","false",""
"UgxYNVGVkMehodsS2dF4AaABAg.99dr6k7FOIo99e4Q60uCK1","Joel Richardson","@GT Nismo yeah I completely agree, can I ask where in the world you're from?","0","","2020-06-08 16:27:52","false",""
"UgxYNVGVkMehodsS2dF4AaABAg.99dr6k7FOIo99e5QSowsSr","Joel Richardson","@Robert barnes mate this isn't the 17th century the people dont need freeing because they are already free you uneducated swine, and the reminder of a time where people were chained and sold has now, literally been thrown away which was the point of this protest to send a message that the people of Bristol stands with the rest of the world and is and example of a city where people live in harmony in a multicultural city and shows what other cities can look like if they work together.","0","","2020-06-08 16:36:40","false",""
"Ugx2l4GokP59wPflX4l4AaABAg","Baltazar RosadoLourenço","Povo que não respeita a História do seu País não é nem nunca será respeitado.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:22:54","true",""
"Ugw7jSDt9BvRiLPdcQ94AaABAg","yinky","Nothing will be establish unless you are really doing it
stop talking/protest and go join the govt entities or police force
this is the real meaning of activist

for those who can only talk are just ted talker.........","0","0","2020-06-08 14:22:57","true",""
"Ugzfiz_fqRC6XMaSwqd4AaABAg","RX Nick","All of a sudden right? Shit been there for years....","0","0","2020-06-08 14:23:02","true",""
"UgyoANXEP5newN7l8eh4AaABAg","Y M","Yeah throw him where he belongs.","85","0","2020-06-08 14:23:03","true",""
"UgwWQq-v8HvCnpHjrN14AaABAg","M","Why have a slave trader statue?","0","0","2020-06-08 14:23:07","true",""
"Ugwu6Bijh4IzMxo5cNZ4AaABAg","Alex Jensen","Denmark 
Over 15,000 people gathered yesterday in the streets of Copenhagen
''The Copenhagen Police hereby thank the many participants for today's I can`t breathe, BLM Denmark demonstration. The demo took place in good order, and did not give rise to the major traffic challenges. This despite the high number of participants. TAK🙂 # politidk''","2","1","2020-06-08 14:23:10","true",""
"Ugwu6Bijh4IzMxo5cNZ4AaABAg.99dr8erbI0R99dx43T95J7","Lechiffresix six","Tak voor din hjelp","1","","2020-06-08 15:14:57","false",""
"UgwTOiK55P-34BiDH8B4AaABAg","Captain Clone","Police Brutality is a massive American issue what does it have to do with the uk?","0","1","2020-06-08 14:23:11","true",""
"UgwTOiK55P-34BiDH8B4AaABAg.99dr8qvfNqx99dsU_Weupa","E. Pikfayel","you are missing the forest for the trees","0","","2020-06-08 14:34:53","false",""
"UgzNViRtr8RBR7Y0B8l4AaABAg","effawefweafawefwefwfqwWQEWEFEYHTYKJYUKUT","They are gonna put it in the M-Shed now, so any idiots feeling like talking about the removal being a destruction of history have had their arguments made null and void...","0","0","2020-06-08 14:23:11","true",""
"UgyIthJN0YfPcq65Y8F4AaABAg","♿NPC-TardLivesMatter✊","Africa is 95% black... Why such a lack of diversity? Fight racism today!","3","2","2020-06-08 14:23:15","true",""
"UgyIthJN0YfPcq65Y8F4AaABAg.99dr9KUw3Ks99dsQDFWiOy","E. Pikfayel","Region is too inhospitable.  Not much diversity in the Sahara Desert either.","0","","2020-06-08 14:34:18","false",""
"UgyIthJN0YfPcq65Y8F4AaABAg.99dr9KUw3Ks99dstBB-E6r","Nkosi Ndugumuzana","Europe is over 95% White... What is the point of your question? 
Oh, by the way do you have any historical understanding of colonialism that happened in Africa up to the 90’s or the continued imperials that is going on to this very day?","0","","2020-06-08 14:38:23","false",""
"UgzLZbeZKMJVolJ9a4d4AaABAg","A.M.K","George Floyd is having that Emmitt Till effect","0","1","2020-06-08 14:23:16","true",""
"UgzLZbeZKMJVolJ9a4d4AaABAg.99dr9NsgTQM99drVM-zJb3","Lindy Lu","George Floyd's death was the tipping point.","1","","2020-06-08 14:26:15","false",""
"UgyMMlg0kNdiAA-pScB4AaABAg","geheimschriver","Yes, these demonstrators destroyed a statue and they shouldn't have done that. 
The police did nothing. The police could have prevented it by deploying a lot of force. What is more important: 1 statue, or many wounded demonstrators and perhaps also wounded policemen? 
The UK police decided to let it pass. Safer for everyone and less costly for the taxpayer. I hope the Police in the US is taking notes.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:23:26","true",""
"UgyxkdPdd4l3x0x50t54AaABAg","Andrew S","Defacing the statue of Churchill? Churchill fought and beat the biggest racist ever. That is a great way to alienate the UK public.","1","3","2020-06-08 14:23:26","true",""
"UgyxkdPdd4l3x0x50t54AaABAg.99drAcFihMX99dsxgE6VLP","Gulliver the Gullible","They didn t destroy Churchill s statue. They merely pointed out the facts that are conveniently left out when Churchill's myth story is told.","0","","2020-06-08 14:39:00","false",""
"UgyxkdPdd4l3x0x50t54AaABAg.99drAcFihMX99duNGG8Cc4","Andrew S","@Gulliver the Gullible The damage is done. UK people that were sympathetic to the peaceful protests are very angry that the protesters deface Churchills statue. What a dumb move.","0","","2020-06-08 14:51:22","false",""
"UgyxkdPdd4l3x0x50t54AaABAg.99drAcFihMX99emPuTRSJ3","Gulliver the Gullible","@Andrew S it is hardly the fault of the protesters that some people prefer to believe in myths rather than accept history as it is. The statue did  not get damaged, so there is nothing to justifiably get angry about.","0","","2020-06-08 23:01:04","false",""
"UgxYEeCa6F-MkDnZT6V4AaABAg","Chris","#WEHAVESEENENOUGH","0","0","2020-06-08 14:23:28","true",""
"Ugx0jzgqbJfV73G_2ax4AaABAg","Gun Owner","Was this after the same “Anti-fascists” vandalized Churchill’s statue? These protestors would tear down any statue.","0","2","2020-06-08 14:23:29","true",""
"Ugx0jzgqbJfV73G_2ax4AaABAg.99drB3kAeud99ds3rfgvSm","Bunker King","How will our children ever learn about history of there are no statues left to stare at?","0","","2020-06-08 14:31:14","false",""
"Ugx0jzgqbJfV73G_2ax4AaABAg.99drB3kAeud99gCxu_wqUN","Gun Owner","Bunker King Did you not read my comment? They already don’t know history because it isn’t in their books.
You useful idiots are even vandalizing the Lincoln memorial. Learn the term, “irony”.","0","","2020-06-09 12:21:01","false",""
"Ugz2i5wKLIkYk39RuOp4AaABAg","elena bodna","Beautiful ✊✊🏾✊🏼✊🏿✊🏻","1","0","2020-06-08 14:23:30","true",""
"UgwpVpr6BuK4DJIziNl4AaABAg","Gabi Gerlach","Yes it was time. There's no such thing in Germany for the Nazis. So why there are still Flags or Skulpturen in the USA and other country's???
And I would really love to see that they have signs with... ALL LIVES MATTER!!!!! Racism exist in every culture and race.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:23:32","true",""
"Ugw8cAqhPJMnSlmXavJ4AaABAg","Charmaine Ogunbiyi","They lynched the statue actually but the rope broke","0","0","2020-06-08 14:23:32","true",""
"UgxE-YBSlrNEA6AYsVN4AaABAg","Kofi O","🚨The statue caught corona virus and and fell🍾. 2020 the year of change","0","0","2020-06-08 14:23:33","true",""
"UgzHo9pxn16z6e7t07N4AaABAg","My name Jeff","I had to laugh at the irony of the 54th Massachusetts regiment statue being vandalised .","3","2","2020-06-08 14:23:38","true",""
"UgzHo9pxn16z6e7t07N4AaABAg.99drC7oDHnh99dsSo78tMN","2manynegativewaves","Didnt happen.","0","","2020-06-08 14:34:39","false",""
"UgzHo9pxn16z6e7t07N4AaABAg.99drC7oDHnh99dtCK5XWun","My name Jeff","2manynegativewaves you kidding right?","0","","2020-06-08 14:41:08","false",""
"UgxRvwZ4W3oFvABStoB4AaABAg","Moab Jam Audio","whats there to discuss for a long time?","0","0","2020-06-08 14:23:39","true",""
"UgzTo3t4SpdGo5MvGwl4AaABAg","Dario Gould","DARIO 🖤2020 The Elohim returns","0","0","2020-06-08 14:23:40","true",""
"Ugym-9819adNbHFkd0F4AaABAg","Zachary Vargas","Could've recycled the statue, but I get it","0","0","2020-06-08 14:23:42","true",""
"UgwovpKYgY1dcLqcmMB4AaABAg","John Rambo","That looks like a Paul Stanley statue","0","0","2020-06-08 14:23:42","true",""
"UgwTNGY1n1KaC1WkU6d4AaABAg","Ayushman Banik","Why it was there in the first place!!!!!","1","1","2020-06-08 14:23:47","true",""
"UgwTNGY1n1KaC1WkU6d4AaABAg.99drDBjKLrO99dwAJkWM8O","hifismiffy","He did a lot for the community he lived in at the time - in the bad old days when slavery was lucrative for Great Britain.","0","","2020-06-08 15:07:04","false",""
"Ugz2xLl45GBVbB_OgbJ4AaABAg","lost soul","Isn't this what Isis does?","0","0","2020-06-08 14:23:52","true",""
"UgzXTby0rs0Q5UdUQ4p4AaABAg","♿NPC-TardLivesMatter✊","Why do libatards like to destroy property?","0","1","2020-06-08 14:23:55","true",""
"UgzXTby0rs0Q5UdUQ4p4AaABAg.99drEBOWX2D99drptTA0Xl","E. Pikfayel","It's not destroyed, it's just wet","0","","2020-06-08 14:29:12","false",""
"Ugx1feiFspsdqX2UC014AaABAg","Ryan Skillen","She fell off the horse, was not knocked off.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:23:58","true",""
"UgzPbZhu53Yev2L5p8Z4AaABAg","michael dileo","Hello everyone, I just want to say I have zero white guilt and I will not kneel down to anyone.  I look at everyone as my equal so I won't objectify myself into submission because of the color of my skin.  Have a good day and take care.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:24:00","true",""
"UgzeXLXYBDbY8H7MOwx4AaABAg","Vincent V","GREAT reporting!.....","0","0","2020-06-08 14:24:00","true",""
"UgwQtK_Ca5VMpXXUm9h4AaABAg","NPC P00per #2","*GEORGE FLOYD WAS A NO GOOD CRACHEAD BEAT UP & ROBBED A PREGNANT WOMAN WITH A GUN IN FRONT OF HER 5 KIDS.*","11","26","2020-06-08 14:24:00","true",""
"UgwQtK_Ca5VMpXXUm9h4AaABAg.99drEmXvMsb99drMzB4S2h","Bhuvanesh s.k","What ? Really ??","1","","2020-06-08 14:25:07","false",""
"UgwQtK_Ca5VMpXXUm9h4AaABAg.99drEmXvMsb99drXhHBMT8","♿NPC-TardLivesMatter✊","@Bhuvanesh s.k yes really! Check out his CRIMINAL history","2","","2020-06-08 14:26:35","false",""
"UgwQtK_Ca5VMpXXUm9h4AaABAg.99drEmXvMsb99drZu2U7Ol","NOTHING BURGER - CONFIRMED.","@Bhuvanesh s.k *YES REALLY, GOOGLE IT.*","2","","2020-06-08 14:26:53","false",""
"UgwQtK_Ca5VMpXXUm9h4AaABAg.99drEmXvMsb99dreBrKYut","Muggo Mad","Nobody is a Saint. Who gives a shit. This isn't just about Floyd.","4","","2020-06-08 14:27:36","false",""
"UgwQtK_Ca5VMpXXUm9h4AaABAg.99drEmXvMsb99drhrPWygA","Muggo Mad","@Bhuvanesh s.k yeah apparently he did. But personally I don't give a shit because thats completely irrelevant.","3","","2020-06-08 14:28:06","false",""
"UgwQtK_Ca5VMpXXUm9h4AaABAg.99drEmXvMsb99dri1Hujxy","ramalama dingdong","Yup.jammed that gun right into her pregnant belly, but somehow he's a hero. Also had fentanyl, meth and thc in his system at the time of death","0","","2020-06-08 14:28:07","false",""
"UgwQtK_Ca5VMpXXUm9h4AaABAg.99drEmXvMsb99drkFuGXvV","Christopher Ramirez","And every mass murder that kills like 20 people and when he gets arrested they treat him like a king even giving him water and even if he did that he served his time and wanted to start a new that's why he came to MN so if you want to make an excuse make a better one and stop bitching about something that happend 5 years ago and he got arrested and served his time. Unlike some other people that go ahead after they serve their time comeback to commit more crimes","1","","2020-06-08 14:28:26","false",""
"UgwQtK_Ca5VMpXXUm9h4AaABAg.99drEmXvMsb99droxIfpmy","Southern Yankee","And he served his time. Btw, your lying on him beating up that lady. Your pathetic. A robbery charge from many yrs back is not probable cause to kill a man yrs later.","1","","2020-06-08 14:29:04","false",""
"UgwQtK_Ca5VMpXXUm9h4AaABAg.99drEmXvMsb99drrgQQfXe","psychedelic jim","@♿NPC-TardLivesMatter✊ and while you do that also check out the criminal actions of the cops that killed him.","2","","2020-06-08 14:29:27","false",""
"UgwQtK_Ca5VMpXXUm9h4AaABAg.99drEmXvMsb99drzeP8Bjr","Christopher Ramirez","Oh and by the way the autopsy is also a cover up so about drugs being in his system dont think so he would have been able to survive that if he really was drugged think about plus every meth head becomes aggressive and for what I saw he was completely calm even when he was gasping and pleading for air","0","","2020-06-08 14:30:32","false",""
"UgwQtK_Ca5VMpXXUm9h4AaABAg.99drEmXvMsb99dsKpOMijK","Bhuvanesh s.k","He's not a saint figure. That's true. He's a criminal. But it's sad to see people representing a criminal as the inspiration for their protest. Black segregation is a problem.","0","","2020-06-08 14:33:33","false",""
"UgwQtK_Ca5VMpXXUm9h4AaABAg.99drEmXvMsb99dsQ2j9o9j","Paul Rhodes","And the cop had 18 offences against him already, this movement isn't about neither one of them, get a clue!!","0","","2020-06-08 14:34:16","false",""
"UgwQtK_Ca5VMpXXUm9h4AaABAg.99drEmXvMsb99dsVz0pXaF","White_ Wulf_","He also pointed the gun to her belly to get in her house","1","","2020-06-08 14:35:05","false",""
"UgwQtK_Ca5VMpXXUm9h4AaABAg.99drEmXvMsb99dsXrHjS5h","White_ Wulf_","♿NPC-TardLivesMatter✊ yes he really did. Look it up","0","","2020-06-08 14:35:20","false",""
"UgwQtK_Ca5VMpXXUm9h4AaABAg.99drEmXvMsb99dsYEiX0E9","Christopher Ramirez","And btw to use that as an excuse to execute a human being in broad daylight just speaks how far gone your heads are inside your asses. If you are saying that because someone committed a robbery with no casualties deserves to be executed 5 years after he got released and served his time that's just some bs. If we want to go by that logic why dont we grab every criminal in jail with felony, misdemeanors, ect. And we execute them in the slowest way possible and film it while we are doing it.","1","","2020-06-08 14:35:23","false",""
"UgwQtK_Ca5VMpXXUm9h4AaABAg.99drEmXvMsb99dsbGk2Z8I","Kalanzi Immut","LOOK BACK IN YOUR PAST AND TELL US WHETHER YOU'RE RIGHTEOUS.","0","","2020-06-08 14:35:56","false",""
"UgwQtK_Ca5VMpXXUm9h4AaABAg.99drEmXvMsb99dsdMowA0F","White_ Wulf_","Muggo Mad no it’s taking advantage of the situation to hurt people. Why do you think gun sales in America went up? Because of protesters","0","","2020-06-08 14:36:14","false",""
"UgwQtK_Ca5VMpXXUm9h4AaABAg.99drEmXvMsb99dsmj1rAqU","Christopher Ramirez","Winning an argument with smart people is hard but winning a fight against idiots its impossible","0","","2020-06-08 14:37:30","false",""
"UgwQtK_Ca5VMpXXUm9h4AaABAg.99drEmXvMsb99dsp9yWher","White_ Wulf_","Bhuvanesh s.k then black colleges should stop segregating themselves and not allowing other to get in their schools","0","","2020-06-08 14:37:50","false",""
"UgwQtK_Ca5VMpXXUm9h4AaABAg.99drEmXvMsb99dsqEPnDNX","Nuff Said","@ramalama dingdong You can talk all you want, BUT the Villages are speaking all over the WORLD.","0","","2020-06-08 14:37:59","false",""
"UgwQtK_Ca5VMpXXUm9h4AaABAg.99drEmXvMsb99dsrxzQjc2","White_ Wulf_","Christopher Ramirez was it right they way they killed David dorn?","0","","2020-06-08 14:38:13","false",""
"UgwQtK_Ca5VMpXXUm9h4AaABAg.99drEmXvMsb99dt6qV2bfY","Christopher Ramirez","@White_ Wulf_ Was it right the way they killed George, Martin, 2pac, or Trayvon","0","","2020-06-08 14:40:23","false",""
"UgwQtK_Ca5VMpXXUm9h4AaABAg.99drEmXvMsb99dwxREDYoA","Dulcelina Cabral","@NOTHING BURGER - CONFIRMED. he went to jail for it.
Just like every other criminal.","0","","2020-06-08 15:13:55","false",""
"UgwQtK_Ca5VMpXXUm9h4AaABAg.99drEmXvMsb99dx2v8fdmb","Dulcelina Cabral","@♿NPC-TardLivesMatter✊ he went to jail for his crime, just like any other criminal.","0","","2020-06-08 15:14:48","false",""
"UgwQtK_Ca5VMpXXUm9h4AaABAg.99drEmXvMsb99dx7vw0Emn","Dulcelina Cabral","@Bhuvanesh s.k he went to jail for his crime didn't have to kill him though.","0","","2020-06-08 15:15:29","false",""
"UgwQtK_Ca5VMpXXUm9h4AaABAg.99drEmXvMsb99dx_i5lrBY","Bhuvanesh s.k","@Dulcelina Cabral yup that's true... I agree with tht killing him on street without lawful trial is wrong. Those police must be punished. But the prblm is entirely different here. People have tendancy to over react and this is wht it is... Destroying public properties, looting shops etc etc","0","","2020-06-08 15:19:25","false",""
"UgzCEKaJxda73SDO3nt4AaABAg","Cornbeef Boi","December 21st 2020 prepare yourself the world will never be the same again.","0","1","2020-06-08 14:24:01","true",""
"UgzCEKaJxda73SDO3nt4AaABAg.99drEz2bAMT99drdow1ffn","E. Pikfayel","why","0","","2020-06-08 14:27:33","false",""
"Ugxcn3dCkoQKoeD3ocp4AaABAg","Matt Firth","Do protestors not care about fish? Like really?!?!","1","2","2020-06-08 14:24:04","true",""
"Ugxcn3dCkoQKoeD3ocp4AaABAg.99drFK2aqc_99dx09WDdFU","hifismiffy","So long as there is a low lead content and there were no shoals of fish nearby!","0","","2020-06-08 15:14:26","false",""
"Ugxcn3dCkoQKoeD3ocp4AaABAg.99drFK2aqc_99e4KRCjqbG","Matt Firth","@hifismiffy I'm sure they did there diagnostics before hand","0","","2020-06-08 16:27:06","false",""
"UgwkoIHlUKRH_AUiOjF4AaABAg","Tylwyth Teg","Damn. Great on them 👏 👍 👌","1","0","2020-06-08 14:24:12","true",""
"Ugy1no-T35j09KCNX3Z4AaABAg","Neptune","Will this be possible as well with the Statues in the south?! 🤔🤔","7","1","2020-06-08 14:24:16","true",""
"Ugy1no-T35j09KCNX3Z4AaABAg.99drGmGQ1hl99dvhGuZ4hC","Dr. James Olack","Neptune 

You can count on it happening.....","2","","2020-06-08 15:02:58","false",""
"Ugwbt-N-bCB3NS_uB-R4AaABAg","Liberal in Oklahoma","Likely police report,
' It was a hot day and the subject being dressed in Old England garb went for a swim , forgot metal does not float....drowned .""","1","0","2020-06-08 14:24:16","true",""
"UgypjucHPoUjDqBBlCl4AaABAg","Kevwe Tony","There's nothing more powerful than the human spirit. Together we can achieve everything we set out to do. Including making the world a better place for all.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:24:17","true",""
"UgxN0xHWO2HLcUXATn14AaABAg","Nightmare Raven","Remember remember the 5th of November","3","3","2020-06-08 14:24:19","true",""
"UgxN0xHWO2HLcUXATn14AaABAg.99drHAs0Xhy99drTC3iplx","E. Pikfayel","Remember remember the 2nd of November.....and Vote","1","","2020-06-08 14:25:58","false",""
"UgxN0xHWO2HLcUXATn14AaABAg.99drHAs0Xhy99dvgvpU81_","hifismiffy","Another attempt at blowing up the Houses of Parliament? I think security  is a wee bit tighter these days.","1","","2020-06-08 15:02:56","false",""
"UgxN0xHWO2HLcUXATn14AaABAg.99drHAs0Xhy99dwLQq5yl8","Max G","You might wanna learn some history that isn't from a Hollywood movie. OP is definitely not from the U.K.","0","","2020-06-08 15:08:36","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg","2manynegativewaves","Middle Aged White Brit here....rarely been so proud of ""my people"" !","394","37","2020-06-08 14:24:20","true",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99dt3G1Ylu8","Artofficial","You have white pride?","0","","2020-06-08 14:39:54","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99dth7-wBNu","FLORIDA MUSIC PLUG"," george floyd exposed as a Thug","4","","2020-06-08 14:45:29","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99dtlE_gFdN","Wili Wds","Middle aged Soy Traitor Europe waits your arrival
Antifa university spoilt brat rich kids are hated in Britain","3","","2020-06-08 14:46:02","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99dttrZ7_YH","Dubjax 30","Another middle-aged white Brit here.. Also, very proud.
Furthermore, my daughter lives in Bristol, and she was there when it happened, proud of her too.","32","","2020-06-08 14:47:13","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99dtzbBFw9Y","Dubjax 30","@Failed State I do so wish we could","7","","2020-06-08 14:48:00","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99du-DYzWLb","Dragon1717","Little do you know that there is an element in the UK that has a seething hatred for you because of that. That element was within this violent mob here. Wake Up.","1","","2020-06-08 14:48:05","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99duA9l7ODj","Dubjax 30","@FLORIDA MUSIC PLUG Was he not allowed ""Due process"" ? Does his alleged crimes mean that he should have been killed ?","14","","2020-06-08 14:49:35","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99duV2q2BUj","Black_Iraq_War Veteran","❤️❤️❤️❤️","0","","2020-06-08 14:52:26","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99duYlVUo0c","2manynegativewaves","@Dragon1717 Lol,no it wasn't,but bless your heart for thinking of me sweetie. x","3","","2020-06-08 14:52:56","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99dueJcqKYV","DATING HARLEY QUINN","@Dubjax 30 - dont even bother trying to reason with the racist yanks. They are not here for a discussion. they are here to make excuses for other racists...","11","","2020-06-08 14:53:50","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99dukjcxmkr","DATING HARLEY QUINN","If I were American the comments on this thread would make me unbelievably embarrassed of ""my people"".","3","","2020-06-08 14:54:42","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99dun3Q8PeG","Pamela Goode","I agree with u 100% Thank u to all protesters much ❤ from America 🇺🇸","7","","2020-06-08 14:55:02","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99duyex2C8B","2manynegativewaves","@Wili Wds I live in a council house in a former pit village you plum.","5","","2020-06-08 14:56:37","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99dv9_az-6v","ME TWO","Wag","0","","2020-06-08 14:58:14","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99dvBqj8-il","1tonson2","BLACK NIKES MATTER","0","","2020-06-08 14:58:33","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99dvP0naYiS","Mia Mia","@Dragon1717 Dear white UK residents on your return to work feel free to share your racist views with your BLACK CO-WORKERS oh you wont to busy smiling!! GTFOH apppreciate all the white allies that showed up to put fools like this to shame.","3","","2020-06-08 15:00:21","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99dvULudsR3","Visio","Reckyy Jameson your desperate to push your racist narrative","5","","2020-06-08 15:01:04","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99dvXFS8PE4","Karen Staring","Sounds about white💊💉😂😳😡😈","2","","2020-06-08 15:01:28","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99dvae2xJaj","brain plumber","The next one to be dump into the river will be Trump","2","","2020-06-08 15:02:04","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99dvfyc6bq1","Wili Wds","@2manynegativewaves yes you Antifa are easily extracted from the crowd so welcome to your listing by authorities","0","","2020-06-08 15:02:48","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99dvhM3nUW3","Rafael Salas","Good for you!😁🇺🇸","1","","2020-06-08 15:02:59","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99dvkKdyy25","MillySLIME","@Artofficial what's wrong with white pride?","3","","2020-06-08 15:03:23","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99dvq_PjToa","The Geek Is Strong","Mate, the best part is that it was white teenagers tearing it down.","5","","2020-06-08 15:04:15","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99dw84ch1dg","Mia Mia","@DATING HARLEY QUINN America is a shameless country look at the history you didnt notice??...","2","","2020-06-08 15:06:46","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99dwLoaM-cl","Tony Nightingale","You must be on the some good middle aged drugs, mate!","0","","2020-06-08 15:08:39","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99dwNW8x3R0","Nacculate Vassell","They are better than the white people in America.","2","","2020-06-08 15:08:53","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99dwOqhcGw0","2manynegativewaves","@Ron P Lol,is it really that tiny? Have you considered a pump?","2","","2020-06-08 15:09:04","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99dwWjlURQt","Mia Mia","@Visio His Surnmae is not even spelt the great white way his an imposter!... Grew  up with white (Jamiesons) gangster than this jack arse","0","","2020-06-08 15:10:08","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99dweaY8sWO","2manynegativewaves","@Failed State re the EU family..ok, maybe,when the EU family starts cracking down on Fascist Hungary and near Fascist Poland,we might consider it,until then,nope...oh,and I was a staunch ""remainer"" until I saw how Germany and Holland treated Spain during Covid.","0","","2020-06-08 15:11:21","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99dx6o_LpM7","Elaine Reid","@Dubjax 30 
Yes and to me there is good and bad in every race x","3","","2020-06-08 15:15:20","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99dz6EGyBgi","mahs655","@FLORIDA MUSIC PLUG What has they got to do with systemic racism and a statue repersenting the slave trade. Racist fool","0","","2020-06-08 15:32:44","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99e02Z5z3-R","Dubjax 30","@Elaine Reid Indeed","0","","2020-06-08 15:49:42","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99e1d0UMaD8","YorktownUSA","What else would make you proud of ""your people""?","0","","2020-06-08 16:03:34","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99e1pipzeGT","Dave O","@Ron P exactly, poor brainwashed idiots. They don't see how their culture is no more benevolent or malevolent than ours. I will not be made a fool by a bunch of morons. Trust me, we are awake and they are asleep","0","","2020-06-08 16:05:18","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99e1wFrJQEk","Kevin Miller","@1tonson2 I love Nike's","0","","2020-06-08 16:06:11","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99e4XZpCzHl","Chris Murray","Suryoye Oromoye  We never should have left in the first place. ✌️","0","","2020-06-08 16:28:53","false",""
"UgzkT6V6p91k-0acOUB4AaABAg.99drHHa97LF99e73YMplHz","truth tracker33","@FLORIDA MUSIC PLUG , trump is a BIGGER THUG!!!!! why wont you EXPOSE him!!! no you're just a TRAILER PARK THUG!!!! STFU","0","","2020-06-08 16:51:01","false",""
"UgwyxRDpAGqAPSiFWxF4AaABAg","Jonathan 'JB' Bateman","It's like a field day out there 😂","13","0","2020-06-08 14:24:30","true",""
"Ugya74cujdHI1fSITrB4AaABAg","Pedro LaMeyiBor","This makes I think of di ole jam by Bob Nesta:","0","0","2020-06-08 14:24:33","true",""
"UgxHYvDpq0JlexReuPt4AaABAg","ramalama dingdong","Those that don't know their past are doomed to repeat it","0","0","2020-06-08 14:24:33","true",""
"UgyJEGm8gePSlmkXiO14AaABAg","RTC1655","That should fix the problem, lmao","2","2","2020-06-08 14:24:39","true",""
"UgyJEGm8gePSlmkXiO14AaABAg.99drJYf7SkU99dsiS8uMcD","psychedelic jim","Snide.","0","","2020-06-08 14:36:55","false",""
"UgyJEGm8gePSlmkXiO14AaABAg.99drJYf7SkU99e1TfhgBCQ","Isthisjustfantasy 75","It's symbolic. It's a tiny step in the long run, but a positive one at least. Not a single person thinks it'll fix all the world's problems. *But doing nothing won't fix anything either.*","1","","2020-06-08 16:02:09","false",""
"UgwzQsdNhxchqn2tIHl4AaABAg","the last wild one","IN AMERICA WE ARE ALL EQUAL!!  SOME CHOSE NOT TO BELIEVE IT BUT THAT DON'T  CHANGE THE FACT's!!!!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:24:40","true",""
"UgwQQJdxEoH_jTHcbRB4AaABAg","Duval Onepiece","That's a crime","0","0","2020-06-08 14:24:45","true",""
"Ugwh4dA9AxFg1Qtm6dJ4AaABAg","Lollipop lala","Yeah happy to no that we are in this togther.some of us🤸🏿‍♀️🤸🏿‍♀️🤸🏿‍♀️🤸🏿‍♀️🤸🏿‍♀️🤸🏿‍♀️young people this is your world to.who want to live in a world that teaches our children to HATE THY NEIGHBOR! Hate thy classmates, Hate thy doctors, that in itself is to be questioned.change these laws .","0","0","2020-06-08 14:24:49","true",""
"UgwYxeLtYd43MoiBFIZ4AaABAg","Prince Vince","how disrespectful these kids are today. When you try to make the pass go away it'll just come back in full force. But i dont want to have slaves and have to take care of them thats the states job LOL","0","0","2020-06-08 14:24:50","true",""
"UgycALEMtyna4YKok9Z4AaABAg","house2homeplus","Here again cnn inciting the mob and no condemn  for not social distancing","0","0","2020-06-08 14:24:56","true",""
"Ugx-Io8lmHJnZ_enDH14AaABAg","ursaltydog","Silence IS betrayal.. keep it up girl! Best wishes to the new generations! Don't put up with bullshit no more!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:24:58","true",""
"Ugzu0dpcP4nPxik8ZWN4AaABAg","Abigail Fischer","Good for them! If that statute represented atrocities from years past then it was long overdue to be removed and destroyed. So PROUD of them I am ❤","4","2","2020-06-08 14:24:59","true",""
"Ugzu0dpcP4nPxik8ZWN4AaABAg.99drM0Z4nw599dt38BvgWn","White_ Wulf_","Native Americans held slaves too but we won’t talk about that","0","","2020-06-08 14:39:53","false",""
"Ugzu0dpcP4nPxik8ZWN4AaABAg.99drM0Z4nw599dwqhHJZCf","Abigail Fischer","@White_ Wulf_ maybe you won't but I'm sure others will if its brought to their attention","0","","2020-06-08 15:13:00","false",""
"Ugx1yoO59-LhHJXAr014AaABAg","Anti NW0","Good.
Statues of masonic slave owners SHOULD be torn down.
Come over here and rip down the Albert Pike statue.","0","2","2020-06-08 14:24:59","true",""
"Ugx1yoO59-LhHJXAr014AaABAg.99drLxFLTd499dt7iNa9S4","Gulliver the Gullible","Just do it.","0","","2020-06-08 14:40:30","false",""
"Ugx1yoO59-LhHJXAr014AaABAg.99drLxFLTd499dvT744Z_P","Anti NW0","@Gulliver the Gullible Like Nike.","0","","2020-06-08 15:00:54","false",""
"Ugy14dsgKZq0qj6Siq14AaABAg","Lena Marie","The British are stepping up good job!!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:25:01","true",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg","sp0rtbilly77","The world is going through a Spring of social consiousness","315","32","2020-06-08 14:25:04","true",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg.99drMa5mKh299dveWt2lGf","George R","And murder","8","","2020-06-08 15:02:36","false",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg.99drMa5mKh299dytIuwehZ","1000 subs before the end of quarantine","Spring of social consciousness combined with social ignorance.","7","","2020-06-08 15:30:50","false",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg.99drMa5mKh299dzMOT4FYX","Today Tmrrw","Seasons do change, social conscious is but the winter and social ignorance is but summer, who doesn't prefer a nice swim in the pool.

emotions are high now so action will help.
When are emotions return back rational, will you still stand when you brethen is arressted due to race, or accosted due skin, rejected due to heritage.

Then I will believe the world has truly a""Woke""n.

Multiple different genders?


Stay safe black women
Stay strong black men
#Strongblackfamilyunits","3","","2020-06-08 15:34:56","false",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg.99drMa5mKh299e-4l70INv","817 Danny","Lmao there are tons of bots in the chat.","1","","2020-06-08 15:41:16","false",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg.99drMa5mKh299e-9Atn9r4","Billy Bob","No they are rewriting history.
They are book burners at best.","0","","2020-06-08 15:41:52","false",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg.99drMa5mKh299e-A0RWC1h","pimp named slickback","u call this consciousness.smh","3","","2020-06-08 15:41:59","false",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg.99drMa5mKh299e-GcqbHIO","Theme Fresh","@George R  Murder never stopped","0","","2020-06-08 15:42:53","false",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg.99drMa5mKh299e-PDGMJBz","Delling Conley","As opposed to social distancing. Derp.","0","","2020-06-08 15:44:04","false",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg.99drMa5mKh299e-YzW9tbQ","cameron burke","@Billy Bob they aren't rewriting history, they are removing a statue which celebrates a slave owner. Germans wouldn't put up a statue of hitler but he still exists in history books.","3","","2020-06-08 15:45:24","false",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg.99drMa5mKh299e-ilMzjcL","WndrWmn72 A","Not really! Once the election is over, they'll go back to ignoring you!","1","","2020-06-08 15:46:52","false",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg.99drMa5mKh299e-vnf0r9H","Cold Beer","Be careful, the Marxist groups want to steer this into social chaos.","0","","2020-06-08 15:48:39","false",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg.99drMa5mKh299e0R-M2sPz","1000 subs before the end of quarantine","cameron burke This man transported 80,000 human beings as slaves and had 15,000 of those innocent human being whilst being transported killed. 

The falling of this statue was hugely symbolic, I just wish that the protestors hadn’t defaced it, because it will be recovered and placed in the Museum, where it belongs.","0","","2020-06-08 15:53:03","false",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg.99drMa5mKh299e0Sre_N0s","untseac","Spring of stupidity xD these people only want to destroy things and will not stop with ""controversial"" statues.","0","","2020-06-08 15:53:18","false",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg.99drMa5mKh299e0W1h0i9P","untseac","@817 Danny or you live a bubble","0","","2020-06-08 15:53:44","false",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg.99drMa5mKh299e0eRSOApo","1000 subs before the end of quarantine","cameron burke But by your standards mate Native Americans have every right to bring down every single statue of every U.S President, U.S soldier and U.S political/social figures...","0","","2020-06-08 15:55:01","false",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg.99drMa5mKh299e0tai86KO","YorktownUSA","That's one way of putting it.","0","","2020-06-08 15:57:05","false",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg.99drMa5mKh299e14xP1mVK","1000 subs before the end of quarantine","The truth is, powerful people, countries and organisations are playing chess with us right now, we are the unwitting pawns.

Global pandemic
Global recession
Mass social unrest

Someone somewhere let pandora out of the box , and different countries are wrestling for global influence as American global influence is fading. We are playing into their hands, increased racial tensions is exactly what they want.","0","","2020-06-08 15:58:46","false",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg.99drMa5mKh299e1cTm0cwt","OldskolFan","George R murder has been happening since day one. Actually murder/war is a lot less in comparison to those time. But conscious murder (policing, prison, inequality, lack of healthcare, poverty) KILLS too! Just new murdering tactics. Letting people die from COVID before warning the public. Locking immigrants in cages. Etc.","0","","2020-06-08 16:03:29","false",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg.99drMa5mKh299e2gedpALI","Reginald Andrews","@Today Tmrrw Quite prolific I must say!😁","0","","2020-06-08 16:12:48","false",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg.99drMa5mKh299e2rjxqiCx","Reginald Andrews","@Theme Fresh .......and it never will.","0","","2020-06-08 16:14:18","false",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg.99drMa5mKh299e2wk0B3fS","Liam Wilson","George R indeed, crazy conservative people throughout the world are going berserk.","0","","2020-06-08 16:14:59","false",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg.99drMa5mKh299e2zcFav2I","Roval Green","burke yes but germans aren't celebrating Hitler","0","","2020-06-08 16:15:23","false",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg.99drMa5mKh299e35yvYceU","Roval Green","@cameron burke a statue is a way to commemorate someone.  You are comparing apples to grapes","0","","2020-06-08 16:16:23","false",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg.99drMa5mKh299e3RW142t9","Sensitive Skeptic","*boredom","0","","2020-06-08 16:19:20","false",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg.99drMa5mKh299e3o0vAPOB","MR JAKE","more like -MENTAL SLAVERY TO THE ELITE 1 PERCENT","0","","2020-06-08 16:22:32","false",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg.99drMa5mKh299e3sxe8z3R","Darth Bane","@Cold Beer comparednwith right wing people coming out of their closets, the ""order and stability, no matter what"" types, fans of Authoritarianism showing their colors","0","","2020-06-08 16:23:13","false",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg.99drMa5mKh299e422v6B5c","Darth Bane","@1000 subs before the end of quarantine if they want to destroy every statue of Jackson, sure. I don't think they would want to destroy most 20th century president's tbh, the damage had been done long before most were in office","0","","2020-06-08 16:24:35","false",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg.99drMa5mKh299e4NjtTjSy","Darth Bane","@1000 subs before the end of quarantine if you think all that's manufactured, your pretty stupid then. This stuff happens, just open a history book, it's filled with plagues riots, crashes, unrest all the time. Idk why people think ""if it's happen now, it must be staged!"". People are angry, the economy is not working for most people, and we had a world wide pandemic that was handled poorly. On top of that the US economy was a house of cards, it was going to crash again, and it was in such a fragile state it wouldn't take much.","0","","2020-06-08 16:27:33","false",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg.99drMa5mKh299e5b2WSYGy","1000 subs before the end of quarantine","Morgoth Bauglir I didn’t say “it’s all staged” you are showing your ignorance and your inability to think critically. Do you genuinely think Governments do not take advantage of things like a pandemics?  They use this moments to further their own political agendas in their own countries and abroad. 
The economy doesn’t work for 99% of people. The rise in racial tensions is exactly what a group of people in power are trying to do, and we are walking right into their trap. In the U.K. the protestors have been labelled as “the British Taliban”. White supremacists are using the LITTLE violence in these protests to organise mass demonstrations in London next Saturday. People on social media threatening random violence against  random white people.  

We are being played like a f****g fiddle.","0","","2020-06-08 16:38:14","false",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg.99drMa5mKh299e65-ngDIq","1000 subs before the end of quarantine","Morgoth Bauglir Obama, dropped 20,000 bombs in 2016. He used more drone strikes in his first year of office than George Bush (known warmonger) did in his entire 8 year stint bombing funerals and weddings. George Bush, responsible for the destruction in Iraq that led to the rise of ISIS around 500,000 innocent civilians dead. Decimated Afghanistan, and then America signed peace treaties with the Taliban. George Bush started the illegal mass incarceration of people who are suspected of crimes but where no evidence exists. Shall we keep going back through every American President?","0","","2020-06-08 16:42:28","false",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg.99drMa5mKh299eQNZOVr2D","georgelares","@Theme Fresh well it just went up so i guess that progress","0","","2020-06-08 19:39:46","false",""
"Ugw6__ZSCtjvFRPemDV4AaABAg.99drMa5mKh299eSj7n-3Jb","Theme Fresh","@georgelares  It is. Because there needs to be revenge.","0","","2020-06-08 20:00:19","false",""
"UgxcGHNivf1cyo93OQR4AaABAg","s b","karma always hits back","1","0","2020-06-08 14:25:08","true",""
"UgyYcLE0yanuuVrSElp4AaABAg","VegetaTheSaiyanGod","I thought this was only in the U.S but The U.K.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:25:11","true",""
"UgyIZJAo5vTq5LSUool4AaABAg","Red Dog","in the US these statues are called democrats. no wonder the left wants them down.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:25:12","true",""
"UgxXz7B04gS-c2Dgnm14AaABAg","queen c","Great turn out for the UK and of course around the world 🌎! We're being discriminated against everywhere and have been for a very long time. Enough is enough! Cement a change is exactly what needs to be done and Thank you black and brown and non black people for standing amongst of all! ❤","0","0","2020-06-08 14:25:13","true",""
"UgzIDisYkniFRncdYFl4AaABAg","Kevin Hayes","Notice the British police let the protesters make there protest without interfering so you don't have a riot USA police watch and learn","0","0","2020-06-08 14:25:15","true",""
"Ugx8jCip5ix3L3lFmA54AaABAg","All Season Affair","Thats the liberal way to erase history so it can repeat itself. Virtual signaling to riotors here to do the same. CNN is so transparent that I can see right through them now.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:25:16","true",""
"UgwGraOMNw41CKJ7pER4AaABAg","Silver Ranger","Covid-19 left the chat😂","58","7","2020-06-08 14:25:16","true",""
"UgwGraOMNw41CKJ7pER4AaABAg.99drO89URrc99dtx7mrplI","Evan Brad","we will see natural selection in 2 weeks!","4","","2020-06-08 14:47:40","false",""
"UgwGraOMNw41CKJ7pER4AaABAg.99drO89URrc99duDtzuddc","Ivica Jaranovic","Sweden:"" We will give rum for Covid-19!""","0","","2020-06-08 14:50:05","false",""
"UgwGraOMNw41CKJ7pER4AaABAg.99drO89URrc99dvYt9v1eu","Jaeson Monteiro","@Evan Brad selection","1","","2020-06-08 15:01:41","false",""
"UgwGraOMNw41CKJ7pER4AaABAg.99drO89URrc99dwYBiumDI","Forever Remain Nameless","Let us know when Trump, his Republican flunkies, and his racist supporters have left the chat.....","5","","2020-06-08 15:10:20","false",""
"UgwGraOMNw41CKJ7pER4AaABAg.99drO89URrc99e00IHu7X8","Evan Brad","@Jaeson Monteiro thanks, lol!","0","","2020-06-08 15:49:24","false",""
"UgwGraOMNw41CKJ7pER4AaABAg.99drO89URrc99e425-ZUA_","palillo2006","@Evan Brad it was already happening with the conservatives with the covid riots.","0","","2020-06-08 16:24:36","false",""
"UgwGraOMNw41CKJ7pER4AaABAg.99drO89URrc99e5-OFzZFI","Esther Farris","The people of tired of injustice. The covid virus bother the people. We the people are willing to die for the causes of injustice.  TOGETHER WE STAND DEVIDED WE FALL.  STAND IN JESUS NAME","0","","2020-06-08 16:32:58","false",""
"UgwXbJPrh40De9NoZth4AaABAg","وليد احمد محمود محمد الشعراوي","عشاق رسول الله ياصلو عليه","0","0","2020-06-08 14:25:17","true",""
"Ugw8lcJQkEWEm3jdYkJ4AaABAg","Patricia Logan","He was a leader of Grooming Gang in the UK ! Finally!","1","1","2020-06-08 14:25:20","true",""
"Ugw8lcJQkEWEm3jdYkJ4AaABAg.99drOapaECZ99dwQp5ZgnG","Lechiffresix six","this made shudder","0","","2020-06-08 15:09:20","false",""
"Ugxn6JB2SbRCGxq1EiN4AaABAg","thc61976","The protesters should send them a bill for discarding the statue for them!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:25:22","true",""
"UgykdVe9PT9yZu2OQI14AaABAg","Damien","Racial division across the world is what will happen from this so well done lady","0","0","2020-06-08 14:25:25","true",""
"UgzBP8okfTj8nMlcNE94AaABAg","Southern Yankee","💙 💪 💯","0","0","2020-06-08 14:25:30","true",""
"UgzRF8ow-ChPOQtMXAt4AaABAg","ROB112","Never Go Full Woketard","0","0","2020-06-08 14:25:34","true",""
"UgypIYJUAthVYSbGVvZ4AaABAg","Wili Wds","And the silent majority have had enough of the lefts stupidity led by Antifa agitators 
This is all just another desperate attempt to bring down Trump while there Russia B.S is getting exposed","0","0","2020-06-08 14:25:35","true",""
"UgzJLNYS53d6kS-tAc14AaABAg","Mathew","You didn't see the video of a copy kneeling for eight minutes and 47 seconds. There is no video that shows that.","0","1","2020-06-08 14:25:36","true",""
"UgzJLNYS53d6kS-tAc14AaABAg.99drQZKHoD199dtbEBhVHH","White_ Wulf_","Did you see where protesters killed a black man and live streamed his death?","0","","2020-06-08 14:44:40","false",""
"UgxtrkJ66yB784EjHzx4AaABAg","John Merigo","I am hopefully misreading her tone when I describe it as disapproving and slanted. While dumping an already controversial statue into a river is at worst an act of destruction of property, I don’t think it should be described as “violent”. No one was harmed, but that was used as the introduction to an insinuation that “violence” was occuring. Proceeding from that insinuation, we hear about “hardened minorities” throwing stones after dark. I’m curious if there may be some context?","0","0","2020-06-08 14:25:48","true",""
"UgxGnwBzdBMeLU2Y6BV4AaABAg","bitterboi31","I wonder what is going to happen when AFRICANS turn on the Arabs and Muslims for the Thousand Year Slave Trade.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:25:52","true",""
"UgxoNo5BX5DJ34p9aQB4AaABAg","westsideAUKILANI","At times like this you would think white supremacists groups would be coming out or speaking up? NO!!! They are COWARDS who would rather teach their kids to shoot up schools","0","0","2020-06-08 14:25:57","true",""
"UgyrErClmyp_US1SsLN4AaABAg","Vanessa Johnson","😃😃😃😃😃😃😃   I JUST LOVE IT !!!!! PRAISE GOD. PRAYING FOR PEACE THROUGHOUT THE WORLD.","3","0","2020-06-08 14:26:02","true",""
"UgxCQdNJxkfXBLttDn94AaABAg","None Given","ALL PLANNED -","0","0","2020-06-08 14:26:05","true",""
"UgxrSnuUHDZ9HYirVUt4AaABAg","Aquarius 07","This generation is about revolution and reviving the 99% once again .","0","0","2020-06-08 14:26:05","true",""
"UgxZ95SeMzL9_4zJ_XZ4AaABAg","Eddy Herrera","The ignorant left will now decide to burn books which they deem racist and do not meet their purity standards.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:26:07","true",""
"UgyoSazAGqqaShIXQDN4AaABAg","s b","It was not pulled down, the statue tripped and fell into the water. FAKE NEWS.","57","3","2020-06-08 14:26:07","true",""
"UgyoSazAGqqaShIXQDN4AaABAg.99drUHaqr6j99dtQwwlVf0","נבחר Dawid","Lolol","1","","2020-06-08 14:43:08","false",""
"UgyoSazAGqqaShIXQDN4AaABAg.99drUHaqr6j99dtTgUWecL","Rajat Singh","Hahahahahaha!","1","","2020-06-08 14:43:30","false",""
"UgyoSazAGqqaShIXQDN4AaABAg.99drUHaqr6j99dtTr2vb9P","skbwolverine","🤣","0","","2020-06-08 14:43:32","false",""
"Ugz-GZcGZMzoD-ZNRO54AaABAg","Heraldo Medrano","We should do that in USA.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:26:13","true",""
"Ugx5TdIE2RLx8dx-yQF4AaABAg","Karen O connor","White protesters at that yup let's band together ppl only our skin is different not our insides we are all the same dont let'' they '' tell you sho you can mix with Marry u do what you want .don't mind your m.l.k.million man march .❗❗❗❗march now is the time for the ppl to march for ur children and grandchildren","0","0","2020-06-08 14:26:14","true",""
"UgxxKJNUzyLct2Oa9O94AaABAg","TMC TTF","It should've never been created in the first place. Good people.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:26:17","true",""
"UgzSRBfro094yafw5P54AaABAg","HULL GRAFFITI","Good for you Bristol....","0","0","2020-06-08 14:26:19","true",""
"UgyVbywGr3kgYH05fvh4AaABAg","Ms. Neanderthug","Helppppppp  I've fallen and I'm never getting back up!👊🏾🤣","2","0","2020-06-08 14:26:26","true",""
"UgwPg7VRIFWUC78i_dN4AaABAg","Sean Regensburg","We should do this in the states","2","1","2020-06-08 14:26:31","true",""
"UgwPg7VRIFWUC78i_dN4AaABAg.99drXG_OSmn99dvqxY77cd","hifismiffy","Have you got any statues of Trump?","0","","2020-06-08 15:04:18","false",""
"UgxS_JWMWrGoI-rSiDh4AaABAg","Dr. James Olack","From Columbia, Missouri, USA.....I proudly stand firm with my UK brothers and sisters!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:26:31","true",""
"UgwXeIe6CHpum5fS7GR4AaABAg","jon Q","It needs to stay there, because throwing it in the river is part of our history.","0","2","2020-06-08 14:26:34","true",""
"UgwXeIe6CHpum5fS7GR4AaABAg.99drXdnM5sb99drdB7WOCp","KingOfMints","That's gold lol","0","","2020-06-08 14:27:28","false",""
"UgwXeIe6CHpum5fS7GR4AaABAg.99drXdnM5sb99dsYZSWRYz","effawefweafawefwefwfqwWQEWEFEYHTYKJYUKUT","It's going into the M-Shed, where history belongs.","0","","2020-06-08 14:35:26","false",""
"UgwhO2QLit2Q-PatEJB4AaABAg","ursaltydog","So proud to see this from our brothers and sisters from across the pond! I believe there is more than 15k.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:26:34","true",""
"Ugxk3xrbwyPhBB6j0e14AaABAg","uttaradit2","now - do the same to the rich","4","0","2020-06-08 14:26:34","true",""
"UgxUA3AVf9EVGe8YHYp4AaABAg","Uriel Level up Riley","This is so epic❗❗❗❗❗💟💟💟💟💝🎯power to the people","32","0","2020-06-08 14:26:37","true",""
"UgyhA1u7VqWRZJR_9fh4AaABAg","Khrawbok Nongkynrih","Congrats on 10 mill subs","0","0","2020-06-08 14:26:38","true",""
"UgyBNA3_LLMYvyu6rwV4AaABAg","blas4me50","A beautiful thing.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:26:40","true",""
"UgyD2V286DtEFpVXmzt4AaABAg","takamex","Backfiring: The latest Rasmussen poll has 25% strong black support for Trump. More and more black patriots are escaping the Democrat Party plantation that has condemned them to fatherless families and choosing freedom and prosperity.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:26:45","true",""
"UgzyUZchVSK8b0g51sp4AaABAg","DarthBaras13","Well they couldn't put it on the guillotine no, could they?","0","0","2020-06-08 14:26:51","true",""
"Ugw7Xf64DauwC7srswh4AaABAg","liligman","The horse cop actually ran into a traffic light, dismounting them

Edit: for everyone saying I’m sugar coating/cop was hit with a brick/whatever else, I’m simply stating the facts of what happened sans opinions/political beliefs and here’s the evidence:","170","27","2020-06-08 14:26:53","true",""
"Ugw7Xf64DauwC7srswh4AaABAg.99drZt7L6OI99dsPkKE0RH","2manynegativewaves","And ""dangerous protesters"" were the first to her aid...","24","","2020-06-08 14:34:14","false",""
"Ugw7Xf64DauwC7srswh4AaABAg.99drZt7L6OI99du3l9AKuX","Ivica Jaranovic","Is horse ok?","14","","2020-06-08 14:48:42","false",""
"Ugw7Xf64DauwC7srswh4AaABAg.99drZt7L6OI99duG1dgb4z","Michelle Williams","Ivica Jaranovic 🤣🤣🤣","5","","2020-06-08 14:50:23","false",""
"Ugw7Xf64DauwC7srswh4AaABAg.99drZt7L6OI99dupML9w0r","liligman","Ivica Jaranovic 

Horse just hoofed it TF out like “ah hell naw” and bolts away","6","","2020-06-08 14:55:20","false",""
"Ugw7Xf64DauwC7srswh4AaABAg.99drZt7L6OI99dvgh4oHp_","L Jeans","Yeah, that was not the protesters fault. Why they even NEED horse cops. The people were peaceful","4","","2020-06-08 15:02:54","false",""
"Ugw7Xf64DauwC7srswh4AaABAg.99drZt7L6OI99dw-MDGVMG","Ian Tan","The horse looks at the crowd and went ""neigh!""","5","","2020-06-08 15:05:35","false",""
"Ugw7Xf64DauwC7srswh4AaABAg.99drZt7L6OI99dwQNKEACH","JonGabriel Minney","Traffic light mustve been red","0","","2020-06-08 15:09:16","false",""
"Ugw7Xf64DauwC7srswh4AaABAg.99drZt7L6OI99dwSxZDaMG","JonGabriel Minney","Guess she DIDNT have the right of way","3","","2020-06-08 15:09:37","false",""
"Ugw7Xf64DauwC7srswh4AaABAg.99drZt7L6OI99dx0nAd54O","A A","Liligman true but the media twisted it and blaming the protesters for it, I saw the video and she hit the traffic light","5","","2020-06-08 15:14:31","false",""
"Ugw7Xf64DauwC7srswh4AaABAg.99drZt7L6OI99dxt5_5Fyo","Elaine Reid","@Ian Tan 
Lol x","0","","2020-06-08 15:22:04","false",""
"Ugw7Xf64DauwC7srswh4AaABAg.99drZt7L6OI99dxyZsYV3l","Elaine Reid","@A A 
Is not the media always twisting things","0","","2020-06-08 15:22:49","false",""
"Ugw7Xf64DauwC7srswh4AaABAg.99drZt7L6OI99dysFKp98R","Simple Guy","Ivica Jaranovic 
🖕🏻GOLUBOI","0","","2020-06-08 15:30:41","false",""
"Ugw7Xf64DauwC7srswh4AaABAg.99drZt7L6OI99dyt7DdYcd","Simple Guy","Michelle Williams 
Bye GOLUBOI","0","","2020-06-08 15:30:48","false",""
"Ugw7Xf64DauwC7srswh4AaABAg.99drZt7L6OI99dz-qtb6D4","Joel Richardson","Nah man someone throw a brick at the horse which startled it and then the horse ran off","0","","2020-06-08 15:31:52","false",""
even though the reason why horse cop still existing is to threat people and prepare to repress any potential protest","1","","2020-06-08 15:47:47","false",""
"Ugw7Xf64DauwC7srswh4AaABAg.99drZt7L6OI99e-xl4i50n","Eddie L","Don’t try to sugar coat it, I’m all for the protests but the horse bolted as that crowd got out of hand and started chucking things at the police. Pretending like that wasn’t the case is embarrassing. Believing in a cause doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put your hand up and own something that’s negative. In the same way that a few idiots getting out of hand doesn’t mean that the aim of the movement itself  isn’t just.","1","","2020-06-08 15:48:55","false",""
"Ugw7Xf64DauwC7srswh4AaABAg.99drZt7L6OI99e0IH-fOQ5","Mavis Twice","she just needed a lawshenge","1","","2020-06-08 15:51:51","false",""
"Ugw7Xf64DauwC7srswh4AaABAg.99drZt7L6OI99e0ilQIezj","whyputaname2","@liligman .... 👍🤣🤣🤣🤣","0","","2020-06-08 15:55:36","false",""
"Ugw7Xf64DauwC7srswh4AaABAg.99drZt7L6OI99e0sYyXA4a","Peoples Republic of Ninj","@Eddie L I've seen numerous versions of the video and in NOT ONE of them do you see an object pass anywhere near the officer that fell off her horse, she lost control head butted a traffic light and lost the argument....gravity did the rest and the horse had seen enough.","1","","2020-06-08 15:56:57","false",""
"Ugw7Xf64DauwC7srswh4AaABAg.99drZt7L6OI99e0ue3Tbd_","hanz patinski","@L Jeans these protesters are far from peaceful, any reason at all to loot and pillage is y ppl protest, it's the savage in them","0","","2020-06-08 15:57:14","false",""
"Ugw7Xf64DauwC7srswh4AaABAg.99drZt7L6OI99e0z3UoEnz","liligman","Joel Richardson 

Nah, see my original comment, I added a link showing the officer being knocked off the horse","1","","2020-06-08 15:57:50","false",""
"Ugw7Xf64DauwC7srswh4AaABAg.99drZt7L6OI99e16Ux9Mnk","liligman","Eddie L 

You’re saying a lot, but just look at the link in my original comment, it clearly shows she ran into a traffic light. Just stating the facts","2","","2020-06-08 15:58:59","false",""
"Ugw7Xf64DauwC7srswh4AaABAg.99drZt7L6OI99e1OPD3SQi","Meg Peg","Yes it was wrong of COURSE. But, what about allll the horses killed every year for the racing industry? It doesn’t get the same reaction, why? Coz they want to divide us!! Don’t be a sheep","0","","2020-06-08 16:01:26","false",""
"Ugw7Xf64DauwC7srswh4AaABAg.99drZt7L6OI99e1yUf5y90","Joel Richardson","@Eddie L totally agree man","0","","2020-06-08 16:06:29","false",""
"Ugw7Xf64DauwC7srswh4AaABAg.99drZt7L6OI99e4GPphGk-","palillo2006","@Joel Richardson nah, the cop went gun ho to run over the protesters with the horse. Have you not seen the whole video?","0","","2020-06-08 16:26:33","false",""
"Ugw7Xf64DauwC7srswh4AaABAg.99drZt7L6OI99e4PUoWvgn","palillo2006","@Eddie L why are you spreading lies? That is not what happened. The officer took off to run over the protesters with the horse. Idiots like you spread too may lies and some fall of it which is quite sad.","0","","2020-06-08 16:27:47","false",""
"Ugw7Xf64DauwC7srswh4AaABAg.99drZt7L6OI99eJne9GG0h","L Jeans","@hanz patinski So you will prob believe the same exact thing when there are no reports of violence...
You just don't agree for your own reasons. Dont try to act self righteous","0","","2020-06-08 18:42:18","false",""
"Ugy7oaTbhS3EiLSbQnd4AaABAg","David Gainey","End of times.  Jesus is coming soon. Liberals you can rule the world soon.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:26:58","true",""
"UgwUx4BsadMiYJRJrIR4AaABAg","LightTheSkyline","Nice littering the waterways of unnecessary  waste.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:27:04","true",""
"Ugx-hI7OOiCa6VhvMYl4AaABAg","Liberal in Oklahoma","LOVE YOU , PROTESTERS !!!
STAY SAFE AND RESPECT OTHERS PROPERTY AND RIGHTS ,BLESS YOU.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:27:05","true",""
"UgzXYsw9JMV50h08DzN4AaABAg","PB","How about reporting news like this CNN!!!

CNN 🦆 QUACK-QUACK news... still pushing only NEGATIVE narratives.👎","0","0","2020-06-08 14:27:11","true",""
"Ugxfne0Uf3kkou7J-S94AaABAg","Mo Weems","Polluting Shakespeare's river.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:27:12","true",""
"UgxBMPq-bISapQEF5q54AaABAg","K Brunson","School students did this before look what happen to many of them but now it's ok this country boy","0","0","2020-06-08 14:27:16","true",""
"Ugz00aVeUMVZkX-ruml4AaABAg","S Attaway","Markle, you can go back now.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:27:17","true",""
"UgzVNYIzti0DHC7HDHd4AaABAg","Walter De wit","Cultural revolution a la China. Soon the first wrongthinkers will be publicly hanged. And the crowd will cheer.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:27:30","true",""
"UgylUV14Y28s_142zZd4AaABAg","Fix News","This should be done with racists too. The days of asking for equality are over.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:27:31","true",""
"UgysFMFvZRIm6wCpdpB4AaABAg","미스뉴저지","we love to see it","0","0","2020-06-08 14:27:33","true",""
"UgxE2Pb4kPlqjNKskVJ4AaABAg","Big AL","Losers CNN👎","0","0","2020-06-08 14:27:42","true",""
"Ugxx5wVDPmDs-TgG8gV4AaABAg","Stars Love","She’s a future leader ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏼✊🏽❤️","63","0","2020-06-08 14:27:44","true",""
"UgyHQo32uiRs9oTrgjZ4AaABAg","Amos A Lee","Mann hella cool lol crazy","0","0","2020-06-08 14:27:49","true",""
"UgwqyrkqJoUCp5UQ1m54AaABAg","EmJay C","I’m with you","1","0","2020-06-08 14:27:52","true",""
"Ugx-qejj7BkOXrw1eDV4AaABAg","460 rowland","Man I'm sorry but the lady on the left looks like a cartoons","1","0","2020-06-08 14:27:54","true",""
"Ugw-Frv7OMz8eM1bwm14AaABAg","Mutesi florida","it is good thing to see Blacks and Whites coming together to fight the ideology of racism and slavery, many people think that white people are all bad bad and try to make them feel shame of the past, I am black but I also sometimes feel sympathy for the whites, the past looks terrible but the future looks great for all humankind whether it be white or black together we can.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:27:55","true",""
"UgxjjjQzjvFdHCMbvjR4AaABAg","Jupiter Skye","Racism in London is very settle.  It's not blunt like it is in the US. If you blink you would miss it.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:28:01","true",""
"UgylDEspj6QyzTj05Ft4AaABAg","Tobius","Apparently the statue resisted. Notice this English journalists words, key words. Piece of shit , I'm a British veteran and know how they screw the message. Did you get the message?","0","0","2020-06-08 14:28:03","true",""
"UgzNG-XH7H8gj19Eao94AaABAg","Neuropsych PA","THAT's why the world smelled better wonder...saves on air fresheners, so sink 'em all...","0","0","2020-06-08 14:28:08","true",""
"UgzdB2FbGG869nWZx-x4AaABAg","Gulliver the Gullible","Thats what needs to happen in Australia. Still so many statues of colonial murderers around.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:28:08","true",""
"UgxK-2fdWLU16P71C4N4AaABAg","MrMalcolm MrMalcolm","What makes this so astoundingly stupid is, in the U.K. they don't have the same history of the U.S. when it comes to race relations and discrimination. Thats why i find it super odd a BLM organization even exist over there.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:28:12","true",""
"UgwssXs8NDGdwPkLYFd4AaABAg","ZeeC","take down the Queen next.","1","0","2020-06-08 14:28:14","true",""
"Ugw7p8GVLwNEaz_O9914AaABAg","wampitywompwomp dingalingaling","Send them back to Africa! Problem solved!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:28:15","true",""
"UgwtHwIFeK3hWXhMW7l4AaABAg","HiSomebody TrackingMuch?","Thank you UK brothers & sisters! #BLM","0","0","2020-06-08 14:28:18","true",""
"UgyqP5RCp0xUr_5ikNN4AaABAg","Victor Allen Cook","🙏✊🌹","0","0","2020-06-08 14:28:22","true",""
"UgxR861zg2UsrUeeoUV4AaABAg","empbac","Awww... the face on that statue seemed so sad as he went overboard. So lifelike!! I wonder if the artist made him that way on purpose, knowing the work would eventually suffer a humiliating tumble into a body of water.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:28:24","true",""
"UgydnfaOWTeHX4NJz0N4AaABAg","burningfeet 57","Well done mates! From racist America. It's PAST TIME to MAKE LASTING CHANGE! 👍","0","0","2020-06-08 14:28:24","true",""
"UgwsdB6gkONvO1SFj7V4AaABAg","Drunken Joe","Still have to press charges against a crime, you can’t take matters into your own hands. But it’s the UK and who cares about them🤣","2","5","2020-06-08 14:28:27","true",""
"UgwsdB6gkONvO1SFj7V4AaABAg.99drkO_dIHW99drz9BMUjJ","psychedelic jim","Every musician in the US !","0","","2020-06-08 14:30:28","false",""
"UgwsdB6gkONvO1SFj7V4AaABAg.99drkO_dIHW99dsAorQxJ_","2manynegativewaves","You know what,every one there is prepared to face any charges. All it will be will be criminal damage,a slap on the wrist no jail time.","0","","2020-06-08 14:32:11","false",""
"UgwsdB6gkONvO1SFj7V4AaABAg.99drkO_dIHW99dsYLnja4z","psychedelic jim","@2manynegativewaves True.","0","","2020-06-08 14:35:24","false",""
"UgwsdB6gkONvO1SFj7V4AaABAg.99drkO_dIHW99e1FJFUo2q","Valentin MRV","That’s because UK is a joke! The police officers don’t even carry a gun, how are you going to enforce law. Yeah UK can get away with murder.","0","","2020-06-08 16:00:11","false",""
"UgwsdB6gkONvO1SFj7V4AaABAg.99drkO_dIHW99e1KIZi15z","Valentin MRV","You’re a professional criminal?","0","","2020-06-08 16:00:52","false",""
"Ugx-ag5BewjVtHHwZ6B4AaABAg","Amos A Lee","Stay safe ppl","0","0","2020-06-08 14:28:27","true",""
"Ugw4RP60WCCboObblGB4AaABAg","Daniel Deng","This is the *most hilarious moment* of ALL these global protests!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:28:28","true",""
"UgyCzZIRuZWuO-FyuJx4AaABAg","tengku h","Covid is just for the paranoid WHO officers","0","0","2020-06-08 14:28:32","true",""
"Ugzz3um7aIHoI6EYoNB4AaABAg","ORIGINAL VYNIL","This is all planned! They knew people would be protesting thus being close together  and covid 19 gets everyone ! The elites are killing everyone off","0","0","2020-06-08 14:28:33","true",""
"UgxAoTS98ML23E50pB54AaABAg","Great One","They should take them statue down all over how you get a statue for hating other people hell No take it down","0","0","2020-06-08 14:28:34","true",""
"UgxaHtODx-vjvd6zSx54AaABAg","Anthony D","Trump Tower wouldn't be missed either.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:28:39","true",""
"UgxZRg-9YeKKjZj8Tq54AaABAg","ADi Official","1:58 - Roll one and BLAZE UP!!!","2","0","2020-06-08 14:28:44","true",""
"UgzAU7bGuja5HCCzKXV4AaABAg","Ravi Narayan","I support that . Sign of hate should be eliminated.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:28:45","true",""
"UgzvJ0KyNR_g6yNsWwB4AaABAg","ikeep seeing44","✊🏿","0","0","2020-06-08 14:28:47","true",""
"Ugy5RjUIun6GCmYq80t4AaABAg","orphan 200","impeached trumpee thinks they  are cheering him","0","0","2020-06-08 14:28:49","true",""
"UgyDnqB9GaF23QPX_Dd4AaABAg","Jaye Neutron","Lol wow","0","0","2020-06-08 14:28:51","true",""
"UgzPC5nm2i937_zRbyN4AaABAg","plies kings man","From USA to London  where Next","0","0","2020-06-08 14:28:59","true",""
"Ugx_vFkAtaUhG5B3xxV4AaABAg","Wili Wds","Africa awaits Don Lemon #STINKYFINGER and his White Boyfriend","0","0","2020-06-08 14:29:03","true",""
"UgyFsUqGae9v2mhFp4N4AaABAg","We Are Free SD","Wow! That’s awesome!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:29:12","true",""
"UgwcNO5_HG90UmfizLV4AaABAg","Preston Tibbs","I'm trying to understand why would they still continue to glorify a slave owner or seller.had George Floyd not been this statue along with all of the confederate statues in America would still be standing smh..","0","0","2020-06-08 14:29:23","true",""
"Ugx2yHFDC0_EF-KLdgJ4AaABAg","Kay Jacobs","THE RIGHT THING IS HAPPENING, REMOVE OBSTACLES OF RACIAL DIVISION","0","0","2020-06-08 14:29:23","true",""
"UgxXRHYxKwIy1huGYXB4AaABAg","Paul Drusbasky","I heard at night that statue would go and burn down buildings loot and attack cops is this t","0","0","2020-06-08 14:29:35","true",""
"Ugx0fwlocgjAfrU6EE54AaABAg","Lois St. Cyr","Great !!!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:29:45","true",""
"UgwZBWk91_64RDXrys94AaABAg","loc man","With the fishes..😂😂😂","1","0","2020-06-08 14:29:48","true",""
"UgyDa1vh9xZ9nj1tPD14AaABAg","Bad Fairy","Slaves made Bristol.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:29:57","true",""
"Ugz1iDFgKSfdRnGA-y94AaABAg","Mr.comments","Good job U.K your a force to be reckoned with 😉","0","0","2020-06-08 14:30:07","true",""
"Ugw2c5ujKVW-IZrMQwh4AaABAg","Landlord Q","THE MARK OF THE INFINITE IS WITH YOU ALL..🙏🤲🧠 THE MARK OF THE INFINITE SHALL SAVE YOU INTIME.","1","1","2020-06-08 14:30:12","true",""
"Ugw2c5ujKVW-IZrMQwh4AaABAg.99drxGqemN499dsxoK290-","psychedelic jim","Infinite boredom having to read your silly child like and frankly disappointingly irrelevant brain farts","0","","2020-06-08 14:39:01","false",""
"UgyfOKKJDjy5_xts2K54AaABAg","Nicole Treece","About time👍👍👍👍👍","0","0","2020-06-08 14:30:13","true",""
"UgyKd8KhQl7koSF-z8J4AaABAg","themetal","My only question is what took so long? Why was this statue there for so long?","0","1","2020-06-08 14:30:15","true",""
"UgyKd8KhQl7koSF-z8J4AaABAg.99drx_KexVR99dsBUgaDy_","effawefweafawefwefwfqwWQEWEFEYHTYKJYUKUT","The council is really crap, they've been discussing this since the 80's","0","","2020-06-08 14:32:17","false",""
"UgxQSyN3edhlOCaFYCB4AaABAg","Simon Says","👍👍👍","0","0","2020-06-08 14:30:15","true",""
"Ugw5ZP1Iztbvgc8aUi94AaABAg","John Toth","Makes great structure for the fish. Way to recycle a piece of junk.","340","20","2020-06-08 14:30:18","true",""
"Ugw5ZP1Iztbvgc8aUi94AaABAg.99drxxpNHz199dzEUIdnBv","F R","Lol!! It will be a good fishing spot","6","","2020-06-08 15:33:52","false",""
"Ugw5ZP1Iztbvgc8aUi94AaABAg.99drxxpNHz199dzIwmJc_K","JoeGrunt9","yeah especially when the structure will poison them. good job.","2","","2020-06-08 15:34:28","false",""
"Ugw5ZP1Iztbvgc8aUi94AaABAg.99drxxpNHz199e-oF_iVBy","Jade Star","@JoeGrunt9 If you feel so strongly about fish, maybe the garbage shouldn't been built in the first place! Should have been destroyed a long time ago, maybe then the fish would have been ok!","25","","2020-06-08 15:47:37","false",""
"Ugw5ZP1Iztbvgc8aUi94AaABAg.99drxxpNHz199e0eUGKPlS","______________","@JoeGrunt9 yeah cuz I'm sure that water was pristine before they threw it in there. I have no idea what body of water they threw that thing in but I'd be willing to bet you $1,000 that it is already toxic.","7","","2020-06-08 15:55:01","false",""
"Ugw5ZP1Iztbvgc8aUi94AaABAg.99drxxpNHz199e0r_QRyef","Marsha Perez","😁😁😁","2","","2020-06-08 15:56:49","false",""
"Ugw5ZP1Iztbvgc8aUi94AaABAg.99drxxpNHz199e1AAsLcs7","Tez400","@Jade Star 💯💯💯","2","","2020-06-08 15:59:29","false",""
"Ugw5ZP1Iztbvgc8aUi94AaABAg.99drxxpNHz199e1C-lE_W0","Forza Juve","The council have said they will fish it out and put it in a museum. Shame they didnt agree to that earlier. Previously they couldnt even agree a plague to explain what he did so the people took matters into their own hands.","2","","2020-06-08 15:59:44","false",""
"Ugw5ZP1Iztbvgc8aUi94AaABAg.99drxxpNHz199e1M3JEg9I","Rhonda Hurst","😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂","3","","2020-06-08 16:01:07","false",""
"Ugw5ZP1Iztbvgc8aUi94AaABAg.99drxxpNHz199e1NAitDek","jeremy carter","The only thing youd find in Bristol docks are giant rats and psychopathic seagulls.","7","","2020-06-08 16:01:16","false",""
"Ugw5ZP1Iztbvgc8aUi94AaABAg.99drxxpNHz199e1ZEPjFRX","Nate Mekis","All Marine life matters.  Let’s focus on not killing black people first, then worry about fish second","6","","2020-06-08 16:02:54","false",""
"Ugw5ZP1Iztbvgc8aUi94AaABAg.99drxxpNHz199e1_AdgXzJ","chimkin","@______________ the water in the English coast looks very dark because it is full of a dark kind of silt. If you go to a load of beaches you'll be swimming in brown water, although it doesnt look clean it's actually healthy water and safe. Sadly many of our rivers are extremely polluted and not safe to swim in","3","","2020-06-08 16:03:02","false",""
"Ugw5ZP1Iztbvgc8aUi94AaABAg.99drxxpNHz199e2BBnGbbH","Marley Ex","😂😂😂🐟🐠🐟🐠","0","","2020-06-08 16:08:22","false",""
"Ugw5ZP1Iztbvgc8aUi94AaABAg.99drxxpNHz199e2MhKM300","Sam McCarty","It looked heavy and you could probably get a dollar a pound if they just melted it down. Lol","0","","2020-06-08 16:09:56","false",""
"Ugw5ZP1Iztbvgc8aUi94AaABAg.99drxxpNHz199e2RUIdMuE","Rhonda Hurst","@JoeGrunt9 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌","0","","2020-06-08 16:10:35","false",""
"Ugw5ZP1Iztbvgc8aUi94AaABAg.99drxxpNHz199e3OxV-8p0","Darth Wheezius","@Sam McCarty 
Cast bronze so yeah it'ed weigh a freakin' ton, though if someone had taken it to a scrappers they would be arrested for thieving.  BTW being Bristol that statue was the lightest weakest least victorian engineered thing there.  When the nuclear apocalypse comes only Bristol will remain.","0","","2020-06-08 16:18:59","false",""
"Ugw5ZP1Iztbvgc8aUi94AaABAg.99drxxpNHz199e4kFnGF0U","Kirklan Yoshinaga","F R my fishing line may get caught on the hands though. I always hate it when my line gets caught on something.","0","","2020-06-08 16:30:46","false",""
"Ugw5ZP1Iztbvgc8aUi94AaABAg.99drxxpNHz199e4nBHLSPC","Matt Firth","@Jade Star ""if maybe your cared about fish so much maybe the garbage should of been built in the first place"" I understand you think his comment is stupid but you didnt have to come back with a more stupid one lol. What does his love for the fish have to do with something that he had no control in its building and maybe even built before he was born.","0","","2020-06-08 16:31:10","false",""
"Ugw5ZP1Iztbvgc8aUi94AaABAg.99drxxpNHz199e4tej85YR","Richard Barry","I could care less. How about going to North Africa Libya where there's active slave trading going on as we speak..... it's time to put your money where your mouth is","1","","2020-06-08 16:32:03","false",""
"Ugw5ZP1Iztbvgc8aUi94AaABAg.99drxxpNHz199e6lpntwkz","Darth Wheezius","@Richard Barry 
First things first matey, we're a bit busy at the moment and, oh yeah there's no money left to put down.  Oh well the usual British response to economic collapse is just to put up the hands and say ""fuckit lets party"", should be a good decade for parties upcoming so swings 'n' roundabouts.","0","","2020-06-08 16:48:27","false",""
"Ugw5ZP1Iztbvgc8aUi94AaABAg.99drxxpNHz199eZgR3azp9","F R","@Kirklan Yoshinaga tru","0","","2020-06-08 21:01:07","false",""
"UgyG_llXcqPpAkaGoER4AaABAg","Lois St. Cyr","Great !!!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:30:18","true",""
"Ugzbp_zNEGbB3wCaoIV4AaABAg","Amo Sandhu","Boris cannot speak about this because he is part of the problem....he cannot with a right state of mind hold his head and chest out and give a speech on this cos he too is a racist....why do we need words from these people it's like if trump gave a speech about george floyd nobody would listen but they should regardless.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:30:24","true",""
"UgxfBejgBaUAFXtBhSF4AaABAg","thecorvus100","Let me soak in the wokeness.   Millennials are a sad lot. 🤦‍♂️","0","0","2020-06-08 14:30:26","true",""
"UgyO3c9uApWy65Eu2V94AaABAg","Sayyeda Amina","So sad","0","0","2020-06-08 14:30:27","true",""
"UgxDVwJ1S5RP2Yz5Nb94AaABAg","Flamer Melody20","its about time","0","0","2020-06-08 14:30:28","true",""
"UgzdxXZO9Lh5wE8djc14AaABAg","Karen O connor","Who does no one care about getting Corona virus hahaha. As it was never a pandemic to begin with all these protests but covid is going down .now that's fivked up to me if it is not to you then your missing a screw or 5 in your head people.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:30:30","true",""
"Ugy2MruGTHHXDKDxjLx4AaABAg","bomgodd","A truly British punishment. But havent you learned your lesson about your rivers, especially british history.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:30:32","true",""
"UgwmWB8NPAkI5MbJQh94AaABAg","Chase P","British stepped up before Americans this time; there must be loads more of these statues in America that have to go. 
🤔 🤯🤷🏽‍♂️🎈","0","0","2020-06-08 14:30:41","true",""
"UgxyvSglXZEtbjH-6_h4AaABAg","Ihtzel Grijalva","Can you guys talk about the CHEMICAL THAT ICE IS SPRAYING TO CAGES(?) Like if they were concentration camps","0","0","2020-06-08 14:30:42","true",""
"UgzpxAsTuFfa1elc5Tp4AaABAg","Arvydas Å imkus","Just look to these 80+% fake accounts cheering all this movement. Look at their nicknames and fake icons. Ahahaha CNN can't find real people to push this communist propaganda...","0","0","2020-06-08 14:30:45","true",""
"UgzC0qwY1o4UcOcEQwd4AaABAg","Hugo Boss","Please all of my people,  this is not the first time this happens or the last. We are been set up, to spread covid-19 like wild fire, for millions to get infected and die. Please stay home","0","0","2020-06-08 14:30:47","true",""
"UgwzohS82CTKpTHCPER4AaABAg","Blitzburgh let's go","Come on man.. you can't erase history learn from it don't destroy it.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:30:49","true",""
"Ugy7Qe-OT08IwEb0ftZ4AaABAg","OG K","The police officer on horse roe into lampost no one knocked her off the horse can post a link to the video if you wanna see","0","1","2020-06-08 14:30:51","true",""
"Ugy7Qe-OT08IwEb0ftZ4AaABAg.99ds0wtokcM99dsAeguycm","OG K","","0","","2020-06-08 14:32:10","false",""
"Ugw-nekYqeDqiM8Ok4R4AaABAg","Adam tool","Who is that CNN studio taking head? So smug. Celebration of destruction of property.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:30:52","true",""
"Ugw0AC9CCYu0nfFPsyN4AaABAg","Zulfan Jhins","M","0","0","2020-06-08 14:30:53","true",""
"Ugz8eIBzzQfxMf2sfBB4AaABAg","Citizen Joe","Every statue in America  that depicts slavery in any form 
should be torn down.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:30:53","true",""
"Ugwntxtgel35aWmQ3_R4AaABAg","Bill Salyer","Out of sight. Out of mind.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:31:03","true",""
"Ugwulry8d_ZHkxOr2Ip4AaABAg","LUIS VELEZ","WE have SLAVE owning and raping presidents","0","0","2020-06-08 14:31:04","true",""
"Ugwz_iLLmb_7-fDEpUR4AaABAg","Damir Hajrulahovic","The statue owned slaves .","0","0","2020-06-08 14:31:21","true",""
"UgyIQCPTmXiigiN2JpN4AaABAg","John Horse","Can we throw Trump in the Potomac River next?","1","1","2020-06-08 14:31:24","true",""
"UgyIQCPTmXiigiN2JpN4AaABAg.99ds5-vpnJV99dtCkPxdrK","psychedelic jim","Too toxic !","0","","2020-06-08 14:41:11","false",""
"UgzsETIdl7hjTQ4egh14AaABAg","Lisa Davis","Good!","1","0","2020-06-08 14:31:30","true",""
"Ugz4PC4LSTkGIps-_Zt4AaABAg","Jennifer smith","There is a time for everything...AMEN &AMEN.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:31:38","true",""
"UgzQeToARwlq8lV_t4p4AaABAg","Jonathan Wright","18 year old 😮 I love this movement","0","0","2020-06-08 14:31:44","true",""
"Ugw_28Zdj_xlOMNhW6d4AaABAg","Damir Turakbayev","I mean... Will it change something? If we follow the logic of these protesters then almost every statue of politicians must be destroyed. Because every leader or politician is not an angel,  these protesters are just denying the history of the country where they live. I wonder will they destroy a statue of Churchill? He may be considered  a racist from their point of view.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:31:53","true",""
"Ugx8_1bniPdl3EdeRfJ4AaABAg","Chase P","That is a smile to behold; well done young lady and keep bringing people together for the right reasons 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🔥👏🏽👏🏽🔥👏🏽","0","0","2020-06-08 14:31:54","true",""
"Ugwv-K2p6W-Chs_OKQF4AaABAg","Louis Johnson","Good,! that's where racism in this world need to go, into the river!!!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:31:54","true",""
"UgxaRZ0O6Ia4scY-vB54AaABAg","Joe Labantey","Yeah divide humanity and conquer concept is  collapsed/failed. Human beings are Awakening and find out UNITY IS STRENGTH & POWERFUL.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:31:57","true",""
"UgzYkYBJnCndeHl-rBR4AaABAg","barlowbrian521","Amen 💯👈","0","0","2020-06-08 14:32:01","true",""
"UgzFUaXVV5AF0zJ-LIB4AaABAg","ja ma","UK aint playing. Bun down Babylon","0","0","2020-06-08 14:32:07","true",""
"UgysHpLVBC64RaEFxR14AaABAg","Zoned 247","So I'm guessing they will rip down the Nike UK headquarters and throw it in the nearest river? Then the Apple UK offices?","0","0","2020-06-08 14:32:12","true",""
"UgzwUNdzwbQjSfFoQeR4AaABAg","Butch Dye","Remember, “United we stand … divided we fall!”","54","4","2020-06-08 14:32:14","true",""
"UgzwUNdzwbQjSfFoQeR4AaABAg.99dsB5dmhcu99dylkqUtkE","James Lee","Liberty And Justice FOR ALL 🗽","3","","2020-06-08 15:29:48","false",""
"UgzwUNdzwbQjSfFoQeR4AaABAg.99dsB5dmhcu99e1k84HLcW","YorktownUSA","Who are you saying that to?","1","","2020-06-08 16:04:32","false",""
"UgzwUNdzwbQjSfFoQeR4AaABAg.99dsB5dmhcu99e1yD_16xS","Ian Oomen","@YorktownUSA mutual supportive statues","0","","2020-06-08 16:06:27","false",""
"UgzwUNdzwbQjSfFoQeR4AaABAg.99dsB5dmhcu99e4nbWONZW","living in a desert","@James Lee you do know the statue of liberty is a slave..let's tear it down!!!!","0","","2020-06-08 16:31:13","false",""
"UgyHEbu3zsy704fw4w94AaABAg","FeatherSpirit1111","In all the fuckery and foolery that we engaged in  here in the U.S. our protest have lit the world on fire!! We are still huge influencers!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:32:18","true",""
"UgzOSxxqCrBy1E3pYA54AaABAg","anti religions","Well done","0","0","2020-06-08 14:32:21","true",""
"UgwTLWYII6SjHkz3Ilt4AaABAg","CeeRstar","Well there's a few statues in the U.S that should be taken down. Ppl jus ignore the fact that some of our presidents were slave owners.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:32:28","true",""
"UgwNfivlAI5Df-s0OEh4AaABAg","Christopher Long","Nina Dos Santos...That’s a beautiful woman.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:32:28","true",""
"UgyDc5mXh5qpwZlRu2h4AaABAg","Legionary Armada","Here's the thing...why build statues in the first place knowing that someday a group of angry mob will take it down one fine day..?","0","0","2020-06-08 14:32:29","true",""
"UgwWTwpJW9P9-TQO3Fl4AaABAg","V For vendetta","Glad they took the statue down","0","0","2020-06-08 14:32:29","true",""
"UgwxrNp0XCXOGhxTsSF4AaABAg","Alex Jensen","The mayor of Bristol said '' Nobody will be no prosecution''","0","0","2020-06-08 14:32:34","true",""
"UgxeRnAgGqEPhe_Ylzt4AaABAg","paul mc","Can someone tell me, why dnc leadership, ordered sick elderly patients into nursing homes, denying them medical care and hospitialization?  (over half the deaths of covid 19 are from nursing homes), we had hospitals created for covid 19 cases and the dnc leadership used them zero percent, they closed having never seen a covid 19 patient, it was not to protect people, it was to kill as many as possible, , when we do a ""real"" count, and subtract gunshoots/suicides/auto accidents/heart attacks/cancer/etc,,, we will find it is closer to 75 percent of all actual covid 19 deaths where from nursing homes,,,,, which the dnc leadership  intentionally murdered to raise covid 19 fatalities.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:32:36","true",""
"Ugyg03eKfHcap2IsicB4AaABAg","Pearl Perlita Venegas","Why put up statues of these disgusting people?  Can you imagine a statue of Epstein in a public space?","0","0","2020-06-08 14:32:39","true",""
"UgxcSwxJsf0RfyCy4LF4AaABAg","OG K","The police officer on horse roe into lampost no one knocked her off the horse can post a link to the video if you wanna see","0","0","2020-06-08 14:32:46","true",""
"UgxJTGfnkW_kLIBmWxl4AaABAg","LEE","Beautiful 👍","0","0","2020-06-08 14:32:51","true",""
"Ugz_jovdF8nT2hjV3Op4AaABAg","Highlander Official","I did never thought or come across my mind that this status still in British for this long..
What an amazing job they've done finally  protesters well done","38","1","2020-06-08 14:32:55","true",""
"Ugz_jovdF8nT2hjV3Op4AaABAg.99dsG8VzTqX99dseRrnR_q","2manynegativewaves","Im so proud to be a White Brit right now lol...been a while since I could say that :)","4","","2020-06-08 14:36:22","false",""
"Ugw-eTAn1TWdAIATGmR4AaABAg","PUKE SKYWALKER","Alright then let’s start taking down real living slave owners still left in the world instead","10","3","2020-06-08 14:32:55","true",""
"Ugw-eTAn1TWdAIATGmR4AaABAg.99dsG6Xtrka99dtTxg185R","Enrico Moss","There are none except for circus owners","0","","2020-06-08 14:43:33","false",""
"Ugw-eTAn1TWdAIATGmR4AaABAg.99dsG6Xtrka99e2LkPNfjP","YorktownUSA","Such as?","0","","2020-06-08 16:09:48","false",""
"Ugw-eTAn1TWdAIATGmR4AaABAg.99dsG6Xtrka99e3m6sdvF_","Oh Really","@Enrico Moss and you believe sweatshops no longer exist?","0","","2020-06-08 16:22:17","false",""
"UgxCZJ8px0ke_HMVMLd4AaABAg","Bunker King","*MAGA ❤️s BLACK PEOPLE!*","0","0","2020-06-08 14:32:56","true",""
"Ugx5370mMfcpJ4k1Ljt4AaABAg","DFORREAL Log up","Love y’all UK 🇬🇧 stand with us because we stand we y’all.","43","2","2020-06-08 14:33:00","true",""
"Ugx5370mMfcpJ4k1Ljt4AaABAg.99dsGhPvr_J99dw6209roB","Dubjax 30","I was at the protests in London, my daughter was at the protests in Bristol and she saw this statue going into the water first hand, I'm proud of her, and I'm proud to be standing up for you guys.","7","","2020-06-08 15:06:29","false",""
"Ugx5370mMfcpJ4k1Ljt4AaABAg.99dsGhPvr_J99e6RGoN5_x","Andre Ernest","🇭🇹Sak 🇭🇹pase🇭🇹🇬🇧😉👍UK😉👍🇬🇧
🇺🇸what’s🇺🇸up🇺🇸😉👍🇬🇧UK😉👍🇬🇧.","0","","2020-06-08 16:45:31","false",""
"Ugz55r0Kg0jmADXmRsN4AaABAg","Meakey","I love the ideal but not the actions taking in this way.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:33:06","true",""
"Ugx8emYk-VEuQ-0yy1d4AaABAg","D_Chatz 83","Everyone looking for a revolution hit the like button. I'm taking a survey.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:33:10","true",""
"UgxqfQoXQjBEP8V9rq54AaABAg","Chris Holly","Violent and Repulsive content","0","0","2020-06-08 14:33:19","true",""
"UgxtPn34poSph-wgVuF4AaABAg","PorkyPricklyPants","so u got white liberal democrats and entitled black liberal democrats running the cities run by liberal democrats for over 50 yrs blaming trump supporters, white cops, trump, and the gop for left wing funded terrorist gangs bused in to destroy, loot, murder ect...? but the 1000's of blacks killing blacks are ignored in liberal democrat cities..thats strange","0","0","2020-06-08 14:33:22","true",""
"Ugy1ogSKrKRtMZeut654AaABAg","Calvin Hodge Lake","RACISM IS THE SECOND WAVE PANDEMIC 2020
COVID19 IS DEAD!!!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:33:23","true",""
"UgymMsAt_qyWtkjuoeV4AaABAg","Enriko 24","Yeah but the statue was resisting so it’s ok","0","0","2020-06-08 14:33:31","true",""
"UgwjtqLcbItBp81vvvt4AaABAg","Tobius","And no, 18yr olds don't get the message, you  stood on the statues that WWI/II soldiers from many countries served to end the Nazis. Yes, many are racist of the old, but don't shit on our fathers, granddad who served for this very right to protest. And grab this anarchists and WS, they're serving up reasons for racist public opinion. Same rich cunts whose kids will not serve time for their actions.","0","1","2020-06-08 14:33:35","true",""
"UgwjtqLcbItBp81vvvt4AaABAg.99dsL2FM54Z99duQUvcDpU","2manynegativewaves","Grow up.","0","","2020-06-08 14:51:48","false",""
"UgzR9fzdmyT0m7Qtd1d4AaABAg","lee hk","Good Work ,end Racism ,its Ugly !","0","0","2020-06-08 14:33:37","true",""
"UgzTaaqXXAeFyvfRV5J4AaABAg","NomadicReaper","Ireland follows very closely to the UK. People of every race go to the same schools even if its a Christian Brothers school. They get same jobs, same education and they get cheaper houses and given money funded by tax payers. But they aren't saying what they want? Yeah they want no more police brutality? Give them more training in hopes they will use the right amount of force for different situations effectively. That requires funding. Schools need to crackdown on bullying more and bring more team exercises, bring kids together at an early age to counter their racist mothers and fathers or whoever. Racism is taught and you are not born with it.

I support the change that is needed but I will not praise a criminals name while doing so. I know he didn't deserve to die but he was a career criminal. Stupid people use his name to go out looting and rioting which led to death of a black man, retired police officer.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:33:47","true",""
"UgzlAxlWabGt_Qi3AK94AaABAg","Bad at Gaming","When the gov fails the people will succeed. This is the only way in the modern era of dishonesty and gas lighting.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:33:50","true",""
"UgxPvM8r2yc1L3XskDl4AaABAg","PorkyPricklyPants","if white cops patroled black areas they would be called racists, if no white cops patroled black areas they would be called racist and we would be told they don't care about black people..","0","0","2020-06-08 14:33:55","true",""
"UgzDq6yJWGxQ_a1aKK54AaABAg","Tosca Tattertail","arrest them and do a head count on how many of the people arrested for violence are from the US or from Russia.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:34:02","true",""
"UgzSBjaY2h2w-KKdcoZ4AaABAg","5kayonekiller","Cnn lady acting like we achieved world peace","0","0","2020-06-08 14:34:03","true",""
"Ugz59MtVUud5oWs9W1J4AaABAg","Rae Marie","Yes. Yes, Yes.  Brilliant.   Since those in power won't do the right thing, we will.   We're done being ignored, oppressed & used.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:34:03","true",""
"UgyePTk3OOQMlGAWf794AaABAg","Justin Walker","Great UK 🇬🇧, Makes this US citizen wanna be a UK citizen","0","1","2020-06-08 14:34:07","true",""
"UgyePTk3OOQMlGAWf794AaABAg.99dsOv4lzaV99duDmHzL3G","2manynegativewaves","Sadly we have a moronic right wing government too,just a less brutal and unarmed Police service.","0","","2020-06-08 14:50:04","false",""
"Ugy_iIOyjWtvaGVsir54AaABAg","M Ling","Thank you U.K. , I now have faith in humanity after all those supports, one love","1","0","2020-06-08 14:34:11","true",""
"UgwCmZHm9xyQPC3azox4AaABAg","peter nicholson","It is easier to effect change living in a civilised country Americans will find it much harder..","0","0","2020-06-08 14:34:12","true",""
"Ugwd0--G8hHqcovQ1_h4AaABAg","Alejandro Melecio","They  solved the problem from coward officials,","0","0","2020-06-08 14:34:17","true",""
"Ugzrj4zjIONten-KS3Z4AaABAg","Johan Fröderberg","😡😡😡😡😡😡😡","0","0","2020-06-08 14:34:18","true",""
"UgzI9XpPjvenou8bY6F4AaABAg","Timmy Brown","We need to do the same thing in America if they dont want  to take them down then the American people need to. Shout out to the uk .","0","0","2020-06-08 14:34:25","true",""
"Ugy_Cl6p_Ac5hhHVYC94AaABAg","VV Mustaffa","This protesters decided for the undecided to do away with that statue of slavery symbol...It was easy to bring down saddam hussein statue in iraq,but this one took many years.what kind of moral does the authority have.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:34:38","true",""
"Ugy4T2YLDsVEMWAT6ht4AaABAg","Rick Morty","Hell yeah!!!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:34:40","true",""
"UgzhBFY-PXgou2UWo3x4AaABAg","Bloody Jack","Come on people now. Smile on your brother everybody get together gotta love one another right now:) imma cry y'all","1","1","2020-06-08 14:34:41","true",""
"UgzhBFY-PXgou2UWo3x4AaABAg.99dsT6QU97T99du5FMvWgC","2manynegativewaves","oh,thanks,off to find that now on here.","0","","2020-06-08 14:48:54","false",""
"UgzmDXceFRFiK06KUXZ4AaABAg","Dime10 1","Joker Did point out that we indeed live in a society","4","2","2020-06-08 14:34:41","true",""
"UgzmDXceFRFiK06KUXZ4AaABAg.99dsT5P3COt99e13-TDiIC","Delling Conley","Not for long","0","","2020-06-08 15:58:30","false",""
"UgzmDXceFRFiK06KUXZ4AaABAg.99dsT5P3COt99e4Y--ZFlM","Creed","Movie also pointed out the fact not everyone actually gives a fuck about what’s happening and are using this for attention.","0","","2020-06-08 16:28:57","false",""
"Ugxj3QX5B9thNcbzw7h4AaABAg","Doris K","Cool!!!!!!!!!!. Those were slave masters that gained honour in the society because of what we are still dealing with today.... RACISISM!; and exrcised their supremacy over the others; taking themselves as more humans. All humans are same and matter! Better was to disfigure that thing and burry it 2000 feet in the deep sea!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:34:46","true",""
"UgzOkNZ4FJlfWN_LF6p4AaABAg","s b","remember that the island of england is were all slavery started!","1","1","2020-06-08 14:34:47","true",""
"UgzOkNZ4FJlfWN_LF6p4AaABAg.99dsTkI5__K99dsmB54VrM","psychedelic jim","not accurate","0","","2020-06-08 14:37:26","false",""
"UgxNyMuaYn2p5qvnXU54AaABAg","J","Fucking beautiful action.","1","0","2020-06-08 14:35:01","true",""
"Ugxlax6kHGGfxwMVrrZ4AaABAg","James Musbach","Please... Get it.. RIGHT.   The Deep States.. Soros.& ANTIFA... DID THIS...","0","1","2020-06-08 14:35:02","true",""
"Ugxlax6kHGGfxwMVrrZ4AaABAg.99dsVfJ9O-l99dtzgtxkoV","2manynegativewaves","Bellend.","0","","2020-06-08 14:48:01","false",""
"UgxdYPchuU6s3tvKcQ94AaABAg","AJ","Things are never peaceful for black people in the UK either.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:35:04","true",""
"UgzTvl00CsHnj4souBR4AaABAg","Termicka Jackson","Yeah👏👏👏👏👏👏","1","0","2020-06-08 14:35:10","true",""
"Ugz0LHuO1cWBN-NrwEB4AaABAg","Timothy G","Libtards in the UK!!! Haaaa!!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:35:18","true",""
"UgwsrlB1d4MK5E4P4Wx4AaABAg","Mo Khan","Very good. Heart warming to see","0","0","2020-06-08 14:35:28","true",""
"Ugw6r5LU2cb0uhTXKxd4AaABAg","MEGA MAN","Let me guess was that slave owner u???? Was it Ben Franklin was it Caesar was it Egypt....why don't we take all statues down then like Ted turrner aka slave owners Hollywood slave owners royal slave owners I mean who oh ya it's u","1","0","2020-06-08 14:35:30","true",""
"UgxpYbuDn9vTJIBhqRJ4AaABAg","Steely ._. Phill","Shout out to my UK family from the Bronx ny love yall for this","13","5","2020-06-08 14:35:32","true",""
"UgxpYbuDn9vTJIBhqRJ4AaABAg.99dsZFVYJ4I99dtwzP3teQ","2manynegativewaves","Back at ya x Stay safe and avoid the NYPD.","2","","2020-06-08 14:47:38","false",""
"UgxpYbuDn9vTJIBhqRJ4AaABAg.99dsZFVYJ4I99duZfjz1jG","Michelle Williams","✊🏾🇬🇧✊🏾","2","","2020-06-08 14:53:04","false",""
"UgxpYbuDn9vTJIBhqRJ4AaABAg.99dsZFVYJ4I99dwbZv0Bn7","Dubjax 30","I was at the protests in London, my daughter was at the protests in Bristol and she saw this statue going into the water first hand, I'm proud of her, and I'm proud to be standing up for you guys.","1","","2020-06-08 15:10:56","false",""
"UgxpYbuDn9vTJIBhqRJ4AaABAg.99dsZFVYJ4I99e-d5WblvQ","Isthisjustfantasy 75","🙋‍♀️ we're with you","1","","2020-06-08 15:46:06","false",""
"UgxpYbuDn9vTJIBhqRJ4AaABAg.99dsZFVYJ4I99e7L621flt","Alex Fraser","Right back at you. All or nothing","0","","2020-06-08 16:53:24","false",""
"UgzTElmTsnw9pjk83F94AaABAg","El Loco","The blonde criminal Bojo and his Tory mob are in mourning ... one of their soul mates was attacked.","20","0","2020-06-08 14:35:35","true",""
"Ugw0kD_h0lTCBIU_wzJ4AaABAg","Hulk Timberlake","Corona virus is a hoax for mandatory nano chipping disguised as a vaccine","0","1","2020-06-08 14:35:37","true",""
"Ugw0kD_h0lTCBIU_wzJ4AaABAg.99dsZv03sVT99dsqmYY8GM","DONT label me part of your party","Trump bleach vaccine isn't better","0","","2020-06-08 14:38:03","false",""
"UgwPuVuUaFXN-UAydw94AaABAg","MVVpro","I saw some reporter asking if these people should be prosecuted for damaging government property. Apparently there are idiots everywhere. The good thing is that most people are decent and just want equal justice and an end to racism.","0","1","2020-06-08 14:35:38","true",""
"UgwPuVuUaFXN-UAydw94AaABAg.99ds_1iH1mR99dsnhqhRuM","DONT label me part of your party","Let them try lol","0","","2020-06-08 14:37:38","false",""
"Ugzck1wRkvKP2oXVAUt4AaABAg","Think while drawing","I am shocked

By the fact that it was still there
😒😒😒🙏","46","2","2020-06-08 14:35:38","true",""
"Ugzck1wRkvKP2oXVAUt4AaABAg.99dsZz_1ICO99e153J9frA","Gurdit Rehal","Same here. I'm from London and I didn't realise we still had statues like that. If there are any more then they should all be removed from public spaces.

The worst bit is that the statue was erected over 150 years after his death so even 150 years after he died people thought he was a honourable person despite, by that point, slavery had been long abolished in the UK and America","1","","2020-06-08 15:58:47","false",""
"Ugzck1wRkvKP2oXVAUt4AaABAg.99dsZz_1ICO99e3PcD5uHB","effawefweafawefwefwfqwWQEWEFEYHTYKJYUKUT","@Gurdit Rehal It was a reaction to social change and calls for improving of lives...","0","","2020-06-08 16:19:04","false",""
"Ugwfb5fSXUYjRP8VKVN4AaABAg","Charles Davis","STIMULUS-2 = PROLESCE vs POLICE!!: = I took the tong twisted terminology to tactical task thus termination. Pronounced poor or po... and lice out of the spoken scenario – syntax speech and written wording. The proper public personages Prolescing, instead of politicized public people’s policing or policy patrols = pathological patrolmen and patrolwomen. Political parties postponed – purified + purged. Problematic plague protesters punished – put into protective prison plantations. Pastime perpetrators, predatory profiteers, psychotic policemen and policewomen. Purposely prioritized proclamation + preferred Prolescemen and Prolescewomen, properly paid premium prices = $$$ paychecks period.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:35:39","true",""
"UgwLaaC406xkqseiERR4AaABAg","Curt Einstein","Why was that even there in the first place 😭😭","0","1","2020-06-08 14:35:39","true",""
"UgwLaaC406xkqseiERR4AaABAg.99ds_43aIJI99e28fBNmyp","Isthisjustfantasy 75","Because of all the things he did for schools etc, it wasn't there to honour his slave trading. It's been there for a long time and people have wanted rid of it for decades but the council didn't do anything. So they did it themselves 👍☺","0","","2020-06-08 16:08:01","false",""
"Ugypl6ewctJZUs6Mh_t4AaABAg","Binh Nguyen","Peoples cozy and stupic","0","0","2020-06-08 14:35:50","true",""
"UgyIg4xt8FkcIGCx6ad4AaABAg","L H","Now,THATS what im talking about !!!!","2","0","2020-06-08 14:35:52","true",""
"UgxWlqmQu41KvlvldMx4AaABAg","Marty See","If you want proof social media controls people and turns them into lemmings this is it.","0","2","2020-06-08 14:36:00","true",""
"UgxWlqmQu41KvlvldMx4AaABAg.99dsbdByp5x99dsiLuc4GQ","DONT label me part of your party","This is freedom get use to it you racist are done","0","","2020-06-08 14:36:54","false",""
"UgxWlqmQu41KvlvldMx4AaABAg.99dsbdByp5x99dt6e7WERX","effawefweafawefwefwfqwWQEWEFEYHTYKJYUKUT","People have wanted the statue down since the 80's, before social media...","1","","2020-06-08 14:40:22","false",""
"UgyBVPz822rMecHk-n54AaABAg","tn","THANK YOU. I LOVE THEM!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:36:03","true",""
"Ugx5sD58hxh3blGI0fB4AaABAg","DFORREAL Log up","Finally justice for my ancestors who were tortured and put into slavery. That’s slave owner got what he deserved","1","2","2020-06-08 14:36:06","true",""
"Ugx5sD58hxh3blGI0fB4AaABAg.99dscQBqjdD99dt-TPx057","Teemo league","Hopefully they will burn down the UK because capitalism is systematic racism","0","","2020-06-08 14:39:23","false",""
"Ugx5sD58hxh3blGI0fB4AaABAg.99dscQBqjdD99dt5CJ84DD","psychedelic jim","What you suggest people do ?","0","","2020-06-08 14:40:10","false",""
"UgxqJgAfofiLci1Vdut4AaABAg","K Walla","Glad to see we're not the only ones going through this. Yes, the swamp is being drained.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:36:19","true",""
"UgygWOLwaucqpsHhL2x4AaABAg","one word man","not relevant but i think she has a really nice voice","0","0","2020-06-08 14:36:20","true",""
"UgwLXjsttyWMxQ9f-Y94AaABAg","SaveClimate NOW!","Jeez I thought she was like 26-28","0","0","2020-06-08 14:36:21","true",""
"Ugxo9_KofR0LZuK0r_Z4AaABAg","PorkyPricklyPants","Does anyone else find it strange:
The party that freed the slaves and passed Civil Rights is being called “racist” by the party that owned the slaves, founded the KKK, and opposed Civil Rights","0","1","2020-06-08 14:36:28","true",""
"Ugxo9_KofR0LZuK0r_Z4AaABAg.99dsf7BQQkZ99dtfyXxL5a","2manynegativewaves","Nope.Only cretins like you .","0","","2020-06-08 14:45:19","false",""
"UgyCKAvFrkLTAp0E_nx4AaABAg","Stefanija m","Martin Luther king was a rapist, we going to tear down his statues","0","0","2020-06-08 14:36:34","true",""
"UgwMHTD8-zpI49zvrQR4AaABAg","Jon Indiana salsa","some hated this action buuut 
can u imagine Hitler statue somewhere in Israel or in Germany? 
good job protesters💪","1","0","2020-06-08 14:36:43","true",""
"UgxZ9OGU4iUWizM47kN4AaABAg","Jacques Samuel","I love white ppl who fighting for the cause... I'm in shock. Never in my lifetime would i expect to see this day","0","1","2020-06-08 14:36:52","true",""
"UgxZ9OGU4iUWizM47kN4AaABAg.99dsi5H0Ixu99dtcK--kCI","2manynegativewaves","We've been at it for decades in the UK, we had ""race riots"" to protect Black GIs from segregation when they came here in ww2. 
Google them,might warm your heart a bit x xh,and,ps, BLM!","1","","2020-06-08 14:44:49","false",""
"UgzvOnkqs2J9tRd8An54AaABAg","Dregoth","Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, if we don't want it, let it rust.

Slave trader statues..... fuck that.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:36:56","true",""
"UgwTxSz-_usqZ4XSyEJ4AaABAg","PorkyPricklyPants","Democrats Blame Racism To Deflect Attention From Failures Of Cities They've Run For 50 Years","0","0","2020-06-08 14:36:57","true",""
"UgwtYVBV8PKgsLjwbGx4AaABAg","Rin Rin","Beautiful! Impressive to see the protestors wearing masks properly..","0","0","2020-06-08 14:37:10","true",""
"UgzV-6hWo5OP_aqOkx94AaABAg","Not-even -German","The QUEEN is in the Bunker.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:37:18","true",""
"UgxIOaz2ZmW7P3kB-B54AaABAg","kia cottrell","As you can see the way the old world work! IS NOT! Working for my generation! We’re tired!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:37:23","true",""
"UgyZ9LCpSEBJghWt7kR4AaABAg","LUIS VELEZ","Nelson who wrote amazing grace was a slave trader . he got guilty only after he got rich on human suffering .","0","1","2020-06-08 14:37:23","true",""
"UgyZ9LCpSEBJghWt7kR4AaABAg.99dslqrkoHR99dtOyM5Lq9","2manynegativewaves","But he got guilty in his own life,he saw the wrong he did.","0","","2020-06-08 14:42:52","false",""
"UgyzX_EhLMbDtS-kXkV4AaABAg","VV Mustaffa","Thats the difference of young mind today.They have friendship among all group of coloured people.So this protest is the mother of all protest,involving all colours.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:37:27","true",""
"UgzPFcj_JrBqYbJkBs94AaABAg","frantz fanon","Edward Colston a notorious slave trader. Leaving his statue means promoting racism for seeing what he did was good. Better he is gone, idiot.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:37:33","true",""
"UgyqOPIxRNrFB-RiTTB4AaABAg","I’m Champion","Halaroius 🤙😂😆","1","0","2020-06-08 14:37:34","true",""
"UgzrOM6L-AD6Rx5M5TJ4AaABAg","2manynegativewaves","Correction, he was a Slave Trader. 
84 thousand humans stolen from their homes,19 thousand dead on the middle crossing on his watch.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:37:40","true",""
"UgwNzQ6ojc3KNrQtvTB4AaABAg","Jamtommy1","Home invader and gang rapist George Floyd would be so proud of all you protesting for him right now.
Congrats folks  😄","2","0","2020-06-08 14:37:42","true",""
"Ugy0JGXxDdXAhvLOsBx4AaABAg","Julio Munoz","What about blacks who owned slaves?","2","2","2020-06-08 14:37:43","true",""
"Ugy0JGXxDdXAhvLOsBx4AaABAg.99dsoGsCJ7J99dtXAUve9Y","Kevin Montrond","Do you see any statues of them?","0","","2020-06-08 14:43:59","false",""
"Ugy0JGXxDdXAhvLOsBx4AaABAg.99dsoGsCJ7J99dtt1XtdAg","Dr. James Olack","Kevin Montrond 

Well said, my brother!","0","","2020-06-08 14:47:06","false",""
"UgzW6A1y9mMmCjhjNCt4AaABAg","Little Forest","The POLICE dont judge by colour.. they judge by your  attitude, behaviour and character.

Thats the truth..police are the men who do violence so that all can sleep peacefully in bed. In the morning all can blame them.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:37:58","true",""
"UgyPw7t2oGPy3ltLRSJ4AaABAg","Ryan Cummins","Actually the cnn reporter iis  not being entirely truthful, no one attacked horses.

The police woman thought she was superwoman riding through the crowds on her horse, at full speed and she bumped into a traffic light.

She got what he deserved.","1","1","2020-06-08 14:37:59","true",""
"UgyPw7t2oGPy3ltLRSJ4AaABAg.99dsqEmyzDV99dtF7uJZbL","2manynegativewaves","and the first people to rush to help her were ""rioters""...","0","","2020-06-08 14:41:31","false",""
"UgwjOu-YVZBVukgpNvt4AaABAg","Kim Booker","This gives me chills. This is awesome","43","5","2020-06-08 14:38:02","true",""
"UgwjOu-YVZBVukgpNvt4AaABAg.99dsqafxW-999dv_Lw2Y_D","Lechiffresix six","chills = coronavirus. careful what you wish voor.","1","","2020-06-08 15:01:54","false",""
"UgwjOu-YVZBVukgpNvt4AaABAg.99dsqafxW-999e3Z76vRfV","Wojtek Czemas","Hate gives you chills?? Wow seek some help.","0","","2020-06-08 16:20:22","false",""
"UgwjOu-YVZBVukgpNvt4AaABAg.99dsqafxW-999e5_cGmvv-","Frank Martinez","@Lechiffresix six you are the reason Trump loves the poorly educated","0","","2020-06-08 16:38:03","false",""
"UgwjOu-YVZBVukgpNvt4AaABAg.99dsqafxW-999e6e1xiPUj","Alex Fraser","Wojtek Czemas oh the irony. I think you’ll find this is people rising up against hate. Damn you must be considerably dense.","0","","2020-06-08 16:47:23","false",""
"UgwjOu-YVZBVukgpNvt4AaABAg.99dsqafxW-999e9bzr9EC4","Kim Booker","Lechiffresix six you are dumb","0","","2020-06-08 17:13:19","false",""
"UgxA_f16iOlpv8yfq714AaABAg","Atheists Of Liberty","Ignorant youth","0","0","2020-06-08 14:38:12","true",""
"UgwBngA3IY_q309GHON4AaABAg","Marley Janim","No name revolution","0","0","2020-06-08 14:38:16","true",""
"UgzR5l8M8dRgm1tQ-XZ4AaABAg","Sujal Maharjan","Black people mind are not clear mind?","0","0","2020-06-08 14:38:17","true",""
"UgxUSRULLn2VG2nbcHd4AaABAg","Richard Nèmanan NINAMOU","I am proud of my skin colar to see this solidarity of all races against systemic racism.. 👍","3","1","2020-06-08 14:38:20","true",""
"UgxUSRULLn2VG2nbcHd4AaABAg.99dsskIMjPi99dt6kv3QV3","White_ Wulf_","I saw a few police officers kneeling with protesters too","1","","2020-06-08 14:40:23","false",""
"UgxEXoCEGrY67Q83Pe94AaABAg","P Le","Throw racist trump into the river","0","0","2020-06-08 14:38:27","true",""
"UgyUMsfvDuB-givfZIN4AaABAg","chimkin","The statue was built in 1895 despite slavery being abolished  and despised in Britain since 1807. The man used his blood money to build schools and his involvement in the slave trade had been largely ignored at the time.  It should have been taken down and put in a museum a long long time ago.","24","6","2020-06-08 14:38:29","true",""
"UgyUMsfvDuB-givfZIN4AaABAg.99dstvRC0-t99e2kY0Z4G-","SheDa Kid","And by museum, you clearly mean bottom of the river, right?","1","","2020-06-08 16:13:20","false",""
"UgyUMsfvDuB-givfZIN4AaABAg.99dstvRC0-t99e3xy0vRS0","Oh Really","Museum?  Only proper name for such would be The World Museum of Shame","1","","2020-06-08 16:23:54","false",""
"UgyUMsfvDuB-givfZIN4AaABAg.99dstvRC0-t99e4E3-Bndy","chimkin","@Oh Really there's a museum in Liverpool on slavery, there's many across Europe on the Holocaust. They help learn from the past not hide in the sea.

Either way I don't regret what happened to the horrible statue and I'm glad it's gone.","1","","2020-06-08 16:26:14","false",""
"UgyUMsfvDuB-givfZIN4AaABAg.99dstvRC0-t99e4HorrAX_","Perfect","@SheDa Kid abvously you can't just ignore history and be black and white about it.","2","","2020-06-08 16:26:45","false",""
"UgyUMsfvDuB-givfZIN4AaABAg.99dstvRC0-t99eG9xpymE1","SheDa Kid","@Perfect who said anything about ignore? Sure, definitely acknowledge that it happened. Write it in a text book and be done, but I can’t see the need for a commemoration of a societal cancer.","0","","2020-06-08 18:10:32","false",""
"UgyUMsfvDuB-givfZIN4AaABAg.99dstvRC0-t99eIPrvjXgv","chimkin","@SheDa Kid....","0","","2020-06-08 18:30:10","false",""
"UgzaUlIiAz2j8oTsSLJ4AaABAg","READER","People are so emotional","0","0","2020-06-08 14:38:45","true",""
"UgyxdRTk9hi9Kg92PuV4AaABAg","Said Nimr","Beautiful!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:38:46","true",""
"UgzhpDrgyE8YQF9quwl4AaABAg","Jyotirmoy Sarkar","🙂","0","0","2020-06-08 14:38:52","true",""
"UgzyHeAnZsLIL6_j_rt4AaABAg","Ellie Sanders","That's right no more debate just tear those motherfukers down. hey America we can't let the British outdo us we have a whole lot of racist monuments we can tear down let's see how many we can get in a day!","1","0","2020-06-08 14:39:05","true",""
"UgxJK2cmXWchMqYqMzJ4AaABAg","Julio Munoz","What about blacks who owned slaves?","0","1","2020-06-08 14:39:07","true",""
"UgxJK2cmXWchMqYqMzJ4AaABAg.99dsyTV9ofm99dtjpGlW-o","Setlhapelo Mokwape","Do they have statues?","1","","2020-06-08 14:45:51","false",""
"UgyoUAA0LyNPRmfgFE94AaABAg","BigAssFish","It really put it in prospective that what happens in America repeats the reast of the world. Almost as if America is leading in trends.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:39:10","true",""
"UgzQT4_KebA9R0XvLQJ4AaABAg","Planet Earth","Yesssss🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽👏🏼👏🏼😍","1","0","2020-06-08 14:39:10","true",""
"UgyjInC4wbb4uuo4lnR4AaABAg","Sonny Whittaker","From an American that actually cares about people thank you to everyone standing up for this injustice","148","11","2020-06-08 14:39:26","true",""
"UgyjInC4wbb4uuo4lnR4AaABAg.99dt-r_RKD399e-5CBFYnE","Kee To","From another American thank you for caring about people it might not seem like much to you but it might literally save someone's life one day.","13","","2020-06-08 15:41:20","false",""
"UgyjInC4wbb4uuo4lnR4AaABAg.99dt-r_RKD399e-RrII_qA","Ashy RoachKing","@Kee To see when we finally shake RWS off us you bedwenches gots to GO!!!","0","","2020-06-08 15:44:25","false",""
"UgyjInC4wbb4uuo4lnR4AaABAg.99dt-r_RKD399e1HUFTmLB","Dave O","How often do you stand up against all the murder rates and robbery rates in the US? What about all the people who have died as a result of the riots? Can you guess the demographic who disproportionately commits the most murders and robberies? And these choices are not attributed to racism, but are negative aspects of their culture and therefore are responsible for their actions. Get real sheep","5","","2020-06-08 16:00:29","false",""
"UgyjInC4wbb4uuo4lnR4AaABAg.99dt-r_RKD399e2_kIwhjB","Wojtek Czemas","@Dave O Nice talk but the dude is totaly in it , i dont think he will understand anything you just said because these people lost their morals , they are acting like the got hypnotyze and lost logic thinking , this CNN comment section is full of insane people who dont give a F about ""justice"" they just want to virtue signal to dont get ""racist"" label , it took their mind and its eating their souls i pray for them to snap out of it.","2","","2020-06-08 16:11:51","false",""
"UgyjInC4wbb4uuo4lnR4AaABAg.99dt-r_RKD399e2bVrLVv6","Only in Vermont","Much woke, so signaling very hero","0","","2020-06-08 16:12:06","false",""
"UgyjInC4wbb4uuo4lnR4AaABAg.99dt-r_RKD399e3YzhuDOi","Mychael Jones","@Dave O Did you watch Game of Thrones?","0","","2020-06-08 16:20:21","false",""
"UgyjInC4wbb4uuo4lnR4AaABAg.99dt-r_RKD399e4Yp65Ebm","Shawn Razak","@Wojtek Czemas not gonna happen my dude..majority wins and in this case,majority is dumbbbb","0","","2020-06-08 16:29:04","false",""
"UgyjInC4wbb4uuo4lnR4AaABAg.99dt-r_RKD399e5aQ6rl9D","Black Panther","Wojtek Czemas i agree man. i'm a person of color and CNN only airs what they want to see rather than what they need to see. they didn't air David Dorn's death. where's the black lives matter in that???","0","","2020-06-08 16:38:09","false",""
"UgyjInC4wbb4uuo4lnR4AaABAg.99dt-r_RKD399e5bfj21V-","Ron Ron","Dave O You have a lot to learn.","1","","2020-06-08 16:38:20","false",""
"UgyjInC4wbb4uuo4lnR4AaABAg.99dt-r_RKD399e6JQMnB9Y","John Dunbar","The statue stole my wallet!","0","","2020-06-08 16:44:26","false",""
"UgyjInC4wbb4uuo4lnR4AaABAg.99dt-r_RKD399e7-hK9mDT","Neel Wadhwana","@Dave O I completely agree.","0","","2020-06-08 16:50:29","false",""
"UgwRV1quOxhYQ8LS6Cd4AaABAg","no u","Slavery wasn't about race","0","0","2020-06-08 14:39:27","true",""
"Ugwi659mS-5vI9KvVRl4AaABAg","Stonewall Jackson","Good riddance 👏","1","0","2020-06-08 14:39:41","true",""
"UgxTdLuz3RCk3H-w64N4AaABAg","shiine togdheer","What about in Africa. I think they got same statues.  ????","3","3","2020-06-08 14:39:50","true",""
"UgxTdLuz3RCk3H-w64N4AaABAg.99dt2oFuCUK99dvJ13i1Sm","hifismiffy","What was the name - Cecil Rhodes as in what was Rhodesia ?","0","","2020-06-08 14:59:31","false",""
"UgxTdLuz3RCk3H-w64N4AaABAg.99dt2oFuCUK99e12458T4S","shiine togdheer","hifismiffy ABSOLUTELY you're right 😂🤣😃😃","0","","2020-06-08 15:58:23","false",""
"UgxTdLuz3RCk3H-w64N4AaABAg.99dt2oFuCUK99e1QeCzsbk","shiine togdheer","hifismiffy Cape colony from 1890 to 1896 south Africa","0","","2020-06-08 16:01:44","false",""
"Ugw8yQtg51Nm5ioTiJd4AaABAg","la mulata linda Martinez","Beautiful sight. Power to the people!","1","0","2020-06-08 14:39:57","true",""
"Ugy4fW0aFlyUV01V6fx4AaABAg","DFORREAL Log up","I’m s like they keep these statues and monuments in place like a knee to our neck","0","0","2020-06-08 14:40:00","true",""
"UgyS5ToSIZ70CJS7qpl4AaABAg","Jack Napier","This protest is supported and funded by CHINA! We must focus on the real enemy. We need to declare war on CHINA now! #MAGA","0","0","2020-06-08 14:40:01","true",""
"UgyDfPanU633YH-dycR4AaABAg","E. Pikfayel","It's ok because the statue was on drugs and had a record.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:40:06","true",""
"UgxI5xRnMEQfgkJ2AV94AaABAg","Rikki R","I’ve never really paid any attention to these statues but having now know who and what they stand for is shocking. I don’t know why it takes them so long to make a decision on such a disgusting statue.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:40:13","true",""
"UgwDO9cJf0UE2a5kR5Z4AaABAg","Cliff Perkins","Awesome","0","0","2020-06-08 14:40:16","true",""
"UgyM4pVjWyBZ9Q0zroR4AaABAg","LUIS VELEZ","British cops are nothing like the beast we have here, I wish we had british cops here .these people just want to get in on the fun .","23","6","2020-06-08 14:40:17","true",""
"UgyM4pVjWyBZ9Q0zroR4AaABAg.99dt60Piz1I99e0dGTLj6n","Joel Richardson","Yeah that's why I think protesting against UK police is unnecessary and defeats the whole message of the change that needs to happen in america to stop unnecessary police brutality which is the real problem right now not the UK police who run around with batons instead of guns","0","","2020-06-08 15:54:51","false",""
"UgyM4pVjWyBZ9Q0zroR4AaABAg.99dt60Piz1I99e3Jq7DQom","Mide Songz","@Joel Richardson their are still disparaging treatment of minorities by the police in UK. You're right, the level.of brutality isnt comparable to USA, but we still need to pay attention, they are still arresting people for bogus reasons.","5","","2020-06-08 16:18:17","false",""
"UgyM4pVjWyBZ9Q0zroR4AaABAg.99dt60Piz1I99e4DZWnSc2","Conall Ross","LUIS VELEZ don’t be naive. police brutality and racism is not an American thing. It’s been happening in the UK for far too long too","4","","2020-06-08 16:26:10","false",""
"UgyM4pVjWyBZ9Q0zroR4AaABAg.99dt60Piz1I99e7ieCzDLk","Jiminy Cricket","They aren't just protesting police but systemic racism and oppression. Britain has their own demons to confront. Please educate yourself, Luis.","0","","2020-06-08 16:56:45","false",""
"UgyM4pVjWyBZ9Q0zroR4AaABAg.99dt60Piz1I99e7s7OGzWi","Joel Richardson","@Mide Songz oh yeah especially in london, however when they arrest someone they usually have no evidence so they just let them go its more of an inconvenience and annoyance rather than brutality or mistreatment","0","","2020-06-08 16:58:03","false",""
"UgyM4pVjWyBZ9Q0zroR4AaABAg.99dt60Piz1I99eWeKf-mVk","LUIS VELEZ","@EL DIABLO why would they care about a slaver .","0","","2020-06-08 20:34:37","false",""
"UgzrlsjDdo36qTYsRRd4AaABAg","Bill Nevins","Great job guys sometimes you do have to take matters into your own hands especially if your Congress is  sorry and lousy as America's","0","0","2020-06-08 14:40:19","true",""
"UgwZHndyhkzkiZ_dw_t4AaABAg","aeris . . .","Poor statue what has he ever done to the protesters","1","2","2020-06-08 14:40:22","true",""
"UgwZHndyhkzkiZ_dw_t4AaABAg.99dt6du5SZS99duGthxF0h","LaToya Alta wynn Abstract","Ever heard of slavery? We see where you stand!","0","","2020-06-08 14:50:30","false",""
"UgwZHndyhkzkiZ_dw_t4AaABAg.99dt6du5SZS99duMF_eE9l","aeris . . .","LaToya Alta wynn Abstract 
What has that statue done to the protestors not the real person

He was just standing there minding his own business","0","","2020-06-08 14:51:14","false",""
"UgwaMwb39plyaFw_T0B4AaABAg","Andrew Barnett","funny enough trumpers are trying to claim AMERICANS did this in an American city as an ""example of how horrible and barbaric these blm monsters are""","0","0","2020-06-08 14:40:22","true",""
"UgxrALyfiRaTn93ql4N4AaABAg","DFORREAL Log up","It’s.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:40:32","true",""
"UgxQfpw3E6mzoKcxtwB4AaABAg","Compact69","Well done","0","0","2020-06-08 14:40:32","true",""
"UgxddnPYGSpE8we15xZ4AaABAg","S Payne","We are better than this","0","0","2020-06-08 14:40:35","true",""
"Ugy6okG_CHr61inG4xd4AaABAg","Carin Wiseman","In the time-honored tradition (see Egypt) of literally defacing an icon of a previous generation. Ha.","0","1","2020-06-08 14:40:47","true",""
"Ugy6okG_CHr61inG4xd4AaABAg.99dt9kikbtj99e43OjTYEs","effawefweafawefwefwfqwWQEWEFEYHTYKJYUKUT","What? you mean a slave trader who ended up killing 19000 people and enslaving 60000 in total?","0","","2020-06-08 16:24:46","false",""
"Ugz38x5tVvNpmp54t394AaABAg","Kufu X","Every Columbus statue sweating bullets right now lol","0","0","2020-06-08 14:40:47","true",""
"UgxkVELONnWK5Wa5jM94AaABAg","Julio Munoz","I don't hear them being critized!!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:40:54","true",""
"UgwWKyy2C-oi0-d-1Pl4AaABAg","jy001541532","文化大革命吗?","0","0","2020-06-08 14:41:00","true",""
"UgzCfQdkxYWYQ4GrCmx4AaABAg","Smitty","Take the matter in their own hands
That's how things get done","24","3","2020-06-08 14:41:01","true",""
"UgzCfQdkxYWYQ4GrCmx4AaABAg.99dtBOL_SL599e-75sS4py","Isthisjustfantasy 75","Exactly, ppl have been petitioning to get that thing removed for over 2 decades. They've been ignored so people did it themselves 👍","3","","2020-06-08 15:41:35","false",""
"UgzCfQdkxYWYQ4GrCmx4AaABAg.99dtBOL_SL599e0r27V1j9","Delling Conley","Things like spreading covid 19 and destroying cities.","0","","2020-06-08 15:56:44","false",""
"UgzCfQdkxYWYQ4GrCmx4AaABAg.99dtBOL_SL599e5PPuNm0D","Ross Coe","Yep,  kids that get bullied in american schools take matters into their in hands when they open fire in the schools , now there is no more bullying in america","0","","2020-06-08 16:36:31","false",""
"UgwIWnZe0nrbCEe6oEh4AaABAg","Stephen Samantha Patrick","I watched a YouTube video I watched last night the local council were not too happy about that statue being tossed, but I don't think it's good having a slave trader for a statue It's a good thing it was tossed in the river","0","0","2020-06-08 14:41:02","true",""
"Ugzr-Z9zJalKJ3l3I3p4AaABAg","Marley Janim","Greetings from America","0","0","2020-06-08 14:41:03","true",""
"Ugy99dDCFVD2N0k42694AaABAg","Ray Kehr","Discussed by city officials for quite a long time.  That’s why people took it into their own hands. City officials or state officials or government officials talk talk talk and never do anything.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:41:11","true",""
"UgxxcniLOrAQAbxZzy14AaABAg","Jose Gomez","Autopsy shows the statue had pre existing weak ankles , which caused it to fall into the river","8","0","2020-06-08 14:41:13","true",""
"UgzAqJbm3rhk8YAXnf54AaABAg","M. S.","All statues and monuments in the USA should have this happen including slave owners, legislators and legislative writers, senator's, congressman and Presidents. The fact the some of the heroes are memorialized speaks volumes about the thought process of the people in this country. Take these slave owner statue's down, monuments down,off the money,off the street names,off of buildings. Start today. This should not be an argument because they are a constant reminder of how this country was built. Should be a national day of morning for all the indigenous tribes and people,an apology to the both the indigenous people and to the African descendants of Slaves for the breaking of the families,stealing of the tongues of people and their culture. Europeans have done this not just here,but all over the world and to this day think it is normal in doing this so much that that made it a system to control the minds of all they have ever come in contact with. This is the Crux of confusion and all the pain throughout the world at this moment in time. They have a sociopathic and psychopathic mindset. Question: How do you have  WW1 and WW2 come out of 1 place and they are not the world? That's the issue right there. That thought process for over the last 600 years has led to all of this. Will this change? I think not because the goal is to make everyone sociopaths and psychopaths and in that being said the word's used will be nuances about how to handle something so evil.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:41:39","true",""
"UgzywnICr25VYH86XHF4AaABAg","Steven Torrey","A domestic matter, that would normally be a minor event, has now become a world wide movement for social justice.  You can be sure that other societies have a similar problem of oppression/abuse of minority groups.  South Africa comes readily to mind.","2","0","2020-06-08 14:41:40","true",""
"UgwmG_DVDYFoj7jvfBZ4AaABAg","Lynne Lee Luck Dowsing","A fresh start for mankind.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:41:48","true",""
"UgyS0DI316v0pZ00Vbt4AaABAg","Gottenburg","Now do the same with CNN HQ, oh wait I forgot it’s Bong land, now I dare the black community to try this shit in the Middle East","0","0","2020-06-08 14:41:49","true",""
"UgxLsQpMB7LwNPV5tLZ4AaABAg","Dexter Wilson","Proud days for humanity and the world","0","0","2020-06-08 14:41:54","true",""
"UgzPRMPVPdgxuGLsROB4AaABAg","Kerry Fry","To my fellow Bristolians I salute you 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏","2","0","2020-06-08 14:42:05","true",""
"UgzEjH2S-7DdoGJsf_V4AaABAg","Gin Denton","Americans really really need to disassemble Lady liberty and ship her back to France this was a failed experiment","0","0","2020-06-08 14:42:11","true",""
"UgzlkMWrWoz0CiMc0PR4AaABAg","Cheryl Sibson","An enslaved woman named Charlotte was arrested in Montréal after leaving her mistress and refusing to return to her. She was brought before Chief Justice James Monk, who released her based on a technicality. British law stated that enslaved persons could only be detained in houses of correction, not in common jails. Since no houses of correction existed in Montréal, Monk decided that Charlotte could not be detained. The following month, another enslaved woman named Jude was freed by Monk on the same grounds. Monk asserted in his ruling that he would apply that interpretation of the law to all future cases.,the%20slaves%20were%20from%20Africa.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:42:22","true",""
"UgzrW3gVgDGYQfEzPUR4AaABAg","David Vega","God bless everyone standing up against hate, intolerance, and injustice. Keep up the good work, and stay safe!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:42:26","true",""
"UgzMLu_guSUb485ncDN4AaABAg","Luai 1 The Boss لؤي","Still nothing new nothing changed with me yet in the street brook didn't get or recive anything yet regarding me I have no idea Still what is happening with my family because we don't see each other because of the problem","0","0","2020-06-08 14:42:34","true",""
"UgxBWi_Le5Mjo97lTup4AaABAg","kilo Souldevil Riggins","I love the people of the uk thank you for all the protesting big ups to all my African uk brothers and sisters makin it happen the change is here and now","0","0","2020-06-08 14:42:43","true",""
"Ugy9nl5F1MLLu9e08Tp4AaABAg","Jim McCracken","I don't give a toss if the statue stands, or not.
However, I'm pretty sure that statue probably contains some metals that are not good for the fish.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:42:44","true",""
"Ugzm5okYN63eslk-4yN4AaABAg","Steven Torrey","Is that ugly building the American Embassy?","0","0","2020-06-08 14:42:47","true",""
"UgzyBKqDqYjBSgS-le14AaABAg","Paula Keller","I hope in the future we don't have a statue of Bunker Boy/ Inspector Facist Thug Goon with tiny hands and big butt.","101","23","2020-06-08 14:42:49","true",""
"UgzyBKqDqYjBSgS-le14AaABAg.99dtOePy9oU99dzA-pbeP1","Catalina Sanchez","Paula Keller not even his portrait in the WH either. He is not a real president.","14","","2020-06-08 15:33:15","false",""
"UgzyBKqDqYjBSgS-le14AaABAg.99dtOePy9oU99e1n9otbLQ","Traci Schmidt","None should be ever be made. He is a illegitimate President.","12","","2020-06-08 16:04:57","false",""
"UgzyBKqDqYjBSgS-le14AaABAg.99dtOePy9oU99e26-mGNLr","M.A. M.R.","A painting of George Floyd Should be put in place instead of DJT.","10","","2020-06-08 16:07:39","false",""
"UgzyBKqDqYjBSgS-le14AaABAg.99dtOePy9oU99e3HxNWwuk","ron richards","IT WILL BE ANOTHER RUSHMORE! AS IT SHOULD BE!","0","","2020-06-08 16:18:01","false",""
"UgzyBKqDqYjBSgS-le14AaABAg.99dtOePy9oU99e3yZdGvMJ","The Geek Is Strong","I hope you do. I'll make a special visit from Bristol to help tear it down","2","","2020-06-08 16:23:59","false",""
"UgzyBKqDqYjBSgS-le14AaABAg.99dtOePy9oU99e467Nlnpo","Everton Simpson","When ever time he come on my TV I changed the channel.
Is There a way I can program my TV and radio that he or his voice don't come on them ?","5","","2020-06-08 16:25:09","false",""
"UgzyBKqDqYjBSgS-le14AaABAg.99dtOePy9oU99e4WakHzUZ","Brian","I'll make sure it doesn't even go up in ANY public space.","4","","2020-06-08 16:28:46","false",""
"UgzyBKqDqYjBSgS-le14AaABAg.99dtOePy9oU99e4r3UMF6-","Charlene Johnson","The visual 🤪🤪🤪😂","2","","2020-06-08 16:31:42","false",""
"UgzyBKqDqYjBSgS-le14AaABAg.99dtOePy9oU99e4rV-OIJO","Bendu Attitude","I can't have been the only one who read inspector fascist to the tune of inspector gadget, right? I should have that picture commissioned","3","","2020-06-08 16:31:45","false",""
"UgzyBKqDqYjBSgS-le14AaABAg.99dtOePy9oU99e5oJvjuY6","angelbabe dawg","@ron richards Hahahahaha...!! GOOD ONE..!! Hahahaha..!! I thought you were serious there for a second..!!","2","","2020-06-08 16:40:03","false",""
"UgzyBKqDqYjBSgS-le14AaABAg.99dtOePy9oU99e605ZXxQ9","rolback","Paula Keller Have you torn down all the racist, pro slavery Democrat leaders stayed yet?","1","","2020-06-08 16:41:48","false",""
"UgzyBKqDqYjBSgS-le14AaABAg.99dtOePy9oU99e77vcid_9","Mark Oliver","Joe's was basement boy for 3 months coward he is to afraid to come out because Chris Hansen was waiting in his kitchen.","0","","2020-06-08 16:51:36","false",""
"UgzyBKqDqYjBSgS-le14AaABAg.99dtOePy9oU99e7LXdu_wz","Mark Oliver","@Traci Schmidt so was Obama and he did nothing for Blacks.","0","","2020-06-08 16:53:28","false",""
"UgzyBKqDqYjBSgS-le14AaABAg.99dtOePy9oU99e7RTIRS64","Mark Oliver","Democrats started slavery and the KKK","0","","2020-06-08 16:54:17","false",""
"UgzyBKqDqYjBSgS-le14AaABAg.99dtOePy9oU99e7ZXTbGXw","Valiant Quattlander","@rolback the party's switched its common knowledge","0","","2020-06-08 16:55:23","false",""
"UgzyBKqDqYjBSgS-le14AaABAg.99dtOePy9oU99e8EXjf3v3","youknow thething","Aw I see your still hurt because your team lost.  Wittle bitty baby.  Go home to your mama's basement and get your bottle and take a nap.","0","","2020-06-08 17:01:15","false",""
"UgzyBKqDqYjBSgS-le14AaABAg.99dtOePy9oU99e8N-HpufD","youknow thething","@The Geek Is Strong better stay where you are.  You might get your feelings hurt.","0","","2020-06-08 17:02:24","false",""
"UgzyBKqDqYjBSgS-le14AaABAg.99dtOePy9oU99e8nccoJv5","Lexy Swope","He looks so grotesque.","0","","2020-06-08 17:06:11","false",""
"UgzyBKqDqYjBSgS-le14AaABAg.99dtOePy9oU99e8o1jF7VO","angelbabe dawg","@rolback ' Democrat leaders STAYED yet..?? idiot","0","","2020-06-08 17:06:14","false",""
"UgzyBKqDqYjBSgS-le14AaABAg.99dtOePy9oU99eLP6iCf0Y","The Geek Is Strong","@youknow thething ok snowflake. Enjoy your mums basement","0","","2020-06-08 18:56:17","false",""
"UgzyBKqDqYjBSgS-le14AaABAg.99dtOePy9oU99emQLVjoPP","Paula Keller","@rolback Yes I have, it's true the democrate party before and after the civil war. Were the Jim Crow, white supremacist, KKK. But since John F Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King work together for Civil Rights to everybody regardless of race. All 3 were assassinated because they were doing the right thing. Even Abraham Lincoln who free the slaves. Was assassinated by White Supremacist southern KKK sympathizer.","1","","2020-06-08 23:01:07","false",""
"UgzyBKqDqYjBSgS-le14AaABAg.99dtOePy9oU99emY9lpedi","Paula Keller","@Traci Schmidt Agreed and well said.","2","","2020-06-08 23:02:11","false",""
"UgxnBgvPstx0c88zL1l4AaABAg","vincent vargas","I hope the racist maggots see this protest so that they can a preatty good assessment of what they are up against!!!🤔","0","0","2020-06-08 14:43:00","true",""
"UgzsAXxuBncE18qMBxh4AaABAg","with out","love it !","0","0","2020-06-08 14:43:04","true",""
"UgxObyigYMBH1BA_ivJ4AaABAg","Matthew Blake","Look at the anchor salivating at a protest against her own country. Very sad.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:43:18","true",""
"Ugw7x4COdA-N-tsYMyp4AaABAg","JordanSoFlyLogs","We (black Americans) appreciate all the love around the world, black lives do matter and UK you showing it!!! #UKLOVE #THXUK","1","1","2020-06-08 14:43:18","true",""
"Ugw7x4COdA-N-tsYMyp4AaABAg.99dtS68dWIS99e1_DxM72B","Isthisjustfantasy 75","🇬🇧🇺🇸we're with you ✌","1","","2020-06-08 16:03:03","false",""
"UgzXDAIGq3ozQlr1I1d4AaABAg","Matthew Davis","God bless those limeys","0","0","2020-06-08 14:43:32","true",""
"UgzvW82t7nzI8W9J4nx4AaABAg","Chris Quinn","Magnet fishers are gonna get it and scrap it 😂","0","0","2020-06-08 14:43:32","true",""
"UgziwdEF2pXc4Neqb9p4AaABAg","Carl Beckles","Proud of Aima! ❤","0","0","2020-06-08 14:43:35","true",""
"UgzZTvJHGkKuU7MZtbN4AaABAg","iDeAs Born","Fucking awesome.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:43:37","true",""
"UgyrZ0lGWRKEGrUIY3J4AaABAg","Patrice Riddick","That's how you do it UK THANK YOU!!","13","2","2020-06-08 14:43:47","true",""
"UgyrZ0lGWRKEGrUIY3J4AaABAg.99dtVdd9-hA99dv223MP_1","hifismiffy","Devoid of the threat of guns.","2","","2020-06-08 14:57:12","false",""
"UgyrZ0lGWRKEGrUIY3J4AaABAg.99dtVdd9-hA99dwXGcSHg0","Dubjax 30","I was at the protests in London, my daughter was at the protests in Bristol and she saw this statue going into the water first hand, I'm proud of her, and I'm proud to be standing up for you guys.","5","","2020-06-08 15:10:13","false",""
"UgxNrAj_an-7g__rdlV4AaABAg","Ashitaka","They were right; selling people was and still is the most inhumane aspect of humanity. But most importantly, the city should had put that statue in a museum were it belongs, a long time ago.","1","0","2020-06-08 14:43:55","true",""
"Ugwb0RWwSdY79UoyeZB4AaABAg","michael brown","Let's ban amazing grace it was written by a slave trader who got saved by our lord jesus christ","0","0","2020-06-08 14:43:58","true",""
"UgweFqk7_ipqXPRBEtd4AaABAg","Banana Dude","What the hell are these dumb ass accomplishing by tearing down stuffs???? What a bunch of idiots!!!!!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:44:11","true",""
"UgzTL79XgWvJZ14Ltft4AaABAg","ᴋᴅ","It wasn't torn down, the peaceful statue just tripped and fell over into the river, that's all. This is fake news!!!","1","0","2020-06-08 14:44:14","true",""
"UgyHRm43XMo9_VrRy_x4AaABAg","Calibration Politics","This has clearly sparked a worldwide protest and if the government can't realize it's a problem and actually do something our government is screwed up. We not only have a pandemic, but we now have a pan-protest. Something has to change.","2","0","2020-06-08 14:44:21","true",""
"Ugz4xwkHxEuXHGRso3J4AaABAg","Dwayne Smith","They may be across the world but we still stand together","0","0","2020-06-08 14:44:24","true",""
"UgySDlGbFDTfL5CrTEZ4AaABAg","Matt Thompson","I don't care much about statues.  If you want to have an honest conversation we need to talk about violent crime stats by race.  I guess numbers and facts are racist now though.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:44:37","true",""
"UgxmoGkm3txq9d2I7xp4AaABAg","Denise King","It's very bad that Leaders didn't handle those matter's years ago","149","7","2020-06-08 14:44:53","true",""
"UgxmoGkm3txq9d2I7xp4AaABAg.99dtchM0nRb99e3Z9HKCut","The Geek Is Strong","15000 names on the petition was simply ignored. These are the consequences","2","","2020-06-08 16:20:22","false",""
"UgxmoGkm3txq9d2I7xp4AaABAg.99dtchM0nRb99e6HwYRSXV","rolback","Denise King I agree, it’s also a shame that the pro slavery, pro segregation, nation dividing, voter suppressing, Jim Crowe law, KKK founding Democrats haven’t paid a penny of reparations yet.","0","","2020-06-08 16:44:14","false",""
"UgxmoGkm3txq9d2I7xp4AaABAg.99dtchM0nRb99e6Jo7exhK","WSOX Man","You mean all the Democrat liberal leaders in big cities for Decades? You fools keep voting for them. And the Unions keep supporting them for fat contracts and nearly impossible ways to fire bad cops and bad teachers.","0","","2020-06-08 16:44:29","false",""
"UgxmoGkm3txq9d2I7xp4AaABAg.99dtchM0nRb99e6hOgN-Hb","MrTeamFoolish","*cough cough* America","0","","2020-06-08 16:47:51","false",""
"UgxmoGkm3txq9d2I7xp4AaABAg.99dtchM0nRb99e6pdU4eIX","Akoben Renaissance","CENTURIES AGO,
As in 500","0","","2020-06-08 16:48:58","false",""
"UgxmoGkm3txq9d2I7xp4AaABAg.99dtchM0nRb99e7S0F2as-","The Phantom","Denise King they wouldn't have dealt with it","0","","2020-06-08 16:54:21","false",""
"UgxmoGkm3txq9d2I7xp4AaABAg.99dtchM0nRb99e9-xqWmzD","Julius Vinh","@MrTeamFoolish _ Isn't that Man  the Father of the Slate trade from the UK that brought the African to the US  ? If So then the cycle is coming to an end .","0","","2020-06-08 17:08:00","false",""
"UgwZJArFO_lnb5GRvSN4AaABAg","Hanna brown","After all that Camilla Long calls duchess Meghan prince Harry’s dreadful wife and a pig!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:44:59","true",""
"Ugzrulsn1xA2EP1ky5l4AaABAg","BuddHa FAM","EXACTLY,  CRIMINALS DON'T GET A PLATFORM.","1","0","2020-06-08 14:45:00","true",""
"Ugzg64e0LqCCgpI8z9x4AaABAg","Bob The man","That statue could’ve been melted down for scrap.. the money could of gone to another protest rally against the BBC for having a statue created by a paedophile outside its main building! It’s been there for years! When are the masses going protest and rip it down!","1","0","2020-06-08 14:45:15","true",""
"Ugx4pb-JNiksEg9LLmd4AaABAg","ANA TV AFRICA NEWS ARENA TV","Humanity can not continue if we can not coexist irrespective... it's the same blood that runs through us all; only 'animals' will treat humans differently. Big ups to BLM.","1","0","2020-06-08 14:45:20","true",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg","Samantha R.","We the people are standing up against police brutality and systemic racism around the world. ✊🏻 #BlackLivesMatter","404","45","2020-06-08 14:45:31","true",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099dv9RXMd6J","Steph 36","🙌🏾Amen, love has no color! Take care😘","19","","2020-06-08 14:58:13","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099dvItbveIu","1tonson2","YEP BLACK NIKES MATTER fool","2","","2020-06-08 14:59:31","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099dvOETsH6F","Ceylon","Thank you so much! ❤✊🏾","12","","2020-06-08 15:00:14","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099dv_15aVso","Viveka Jackson","🖤","4","","2020-06-08 15:01:51","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099dwGlKkVAs","BlueFly Kennels","Samantha R. United we stand, thanks for standing against a corrupt government and system","13","","2020-06-08 15:07:57","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099dxZ58l_D-","shasha Timberlake","We appreciate it. Thanks","6","","2020-06-08 15:19:12","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099dxcYPyDsR","Gypsy soul","George floyd was a criminal and in prison and robbed a black pregnant woman putting a gun to her stomach.","12","","2020-06-08 15:19:48","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099dyai70Q7L","Black Cat","✊🏽","2","","2020-06-08 15:28:18","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e09KiSlR6","Delling Conley","I'm glad I wasn't tricked into rioting during a pandemic.","5","","2020-06-08 15:50:38","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e0fFEoQ2p","Elaine Reid","@Delling Conley 
Wake up you 
You believe everything the lying politicians tell you 
If they say jump you say how 
Covid 19 
FAKE News","4","","2020-06-08 15:55:08","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e0ljo_yqK","apple's 3","@Elaine Reid then go into a New York hospital and let one of the infected spit in your mouth and let's see if you feel good","8","","2020-06-08 15:56:01","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e1LW6vJaG","lee Harvey","Yes! Time for the END  OF  RACISM and Its sick it goes into the ""bloody"" River! A happy American Girl 
🥰💯","4","","2020-06-08 16:01:02","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e1x-5n84b","jeremy Rogers","@Gypsy soul lier","0","","2020-06-08 16:06:17","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e2-tQdMxx","peter ahlidzi","I love you Samantha","0","","2020-06-08 16:06:49","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e24LxCuxJ","Arc Light","@lee Harvey Racism will never end. Sorry to tell you the truth. It just gets worse.","1","","2020-06-08 16:07:26","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e24XbmVXq","Wojtek Czemas","Nobody buy this BS anymore honey , you made the world more racist , well done.","2","","2020-06-08 16:07:27","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e2D_tNTVO","B 81","Gorge Floyd is alive and well. 
Y’all are being played.","2","","2020-06-08 16:08:41","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e2HWu0kP5","Robert barnes","You say “You want to change the World “ When the Truth is ,, You can’t even change your Race.!!  How can You erase things in YOUR past HISTORY ,, when you keep Repeating it....!!!!!  Call it what you want but people don’t Forget ....","1","","2020-06-08 16:09:13","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e2Tulff1L","Anthony Y","Gypsy soul link to case brief please otherwise it’s hearsay","2","","2020-06-08 16:10:55","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e2aN8U2EU","Anthony Y","Talia Kay you’re dumb they participate in stuff like that all the time it’s just not a headline grabber. Do your research dumby","0","","2020-06-08 16:11:56","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e3Xsq4Pqo","PauloTheMan","@jeremy Rogers","1","","2020-06-08 16:20:12","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e4vlAijJU","Ross Coe","Where have you been protesting, what was it like ?","0","","2020-06-08 16:32:20","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e5MIi_0z3","nittles61","@Elaine Reid You've been brainwashed by right-wing media. Also, the plural of ""sheep"" is ""sheep.""","0","","2020-06-08 16:36:06","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e5i9HB62x","Arc Light","@nittles61 Right -Wing Media?....oh you mean The Truth from them and not lies and deceit from the Left-Wing media that is destroying this country. Got it👍😁","1","","2020-06-08 16:39:13","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e5q-kQlKg","WSOX Man","""Black Lives Matter""?   Which ones Matter?
Chicago=only 6 days of June  136 shot, 15 Dead.","1","","2020-06-08 16:40:17","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e5taYhK-b","Keion Chase","@1tonson2 YOUR MOM, DAUGHTER, SISTERS...
STOP DISRESPECTING YOUR BLACK STEPDAD....","0","","2020-06-08 16:40:47","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e5u1sscBl","ШΛЯPΛТH","Ok, Karen.","0","","2020-06-08 16:40:50","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e5wpnHAQG","Jeff R","Thank you all","0","","2020-06-08 16:41:13","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e61zmBOja","Keion Chase","@Gypsy soul YOUR POINT...
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e66_qpgQu","Anonymous","Systemic racism is a myth","0","","2020-06-08 16:42:41","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e6E7E9A5Q","Keion Chase","@Elaine Reid 👈 THE IDIOT...
HOPING THE 2ND WAVE OF COVID 19 and MAGA MAGGOT KKK RALLIES....MAKE A COMEBACK AT THE SAME TIME","0","","2020-06-08 16:43:43","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e6JOjIkzB","Keion Chase","@untseac 👈 BBC ENVY","0","","2020-06-08 16:44:26","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e6LnfNiON","Keion Chase","@Talia Kay HOLD YOUR BREATH","0","","2020-06-08 16:44:46","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e6kxFKMHN","Beautiful Woman","@untseac you are a horrible human being (the human part has yet to be determined).","0","","2020-06-08 16:48:20","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e6v__yK3-","Keion Chase","@PauloTheMan TRUMP HAS SEXUALLY ASSAULTED OVER 60 WOMEN, AND HAS BRUTALLY RAPED TWO LITTLE GIRLS","1","","2020-06-08 16:49:47","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e7GRQnLOY","Tpndgo 20","@jeremy Rogers know the facts. If he is really dead , even as a felon didn't deserved it BUT , he had a long list of encounters with police and was in jail 5 times one for 5 years. Both autopsies found traces of meth and fentanyl in his blood.
Guy was no saint , and if he wouldn't have been killed by the police officer  , it would have been by stroke , overdose or street rival.","0","","2020-06-08 16:52:46","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e7O9UfHRN","Joan Brown","ALL LIVES MATTER!!! Grow up and act like a human.","1","","2020-06-08 16:53:49","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e7Ub2a6Lm","untseac","@Beautiful Woman says the guy who calls others horrible human being without explaining why. Mate, buy a mirror.","0","","2020-06-08 16:54:42","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e7XzC9sie","Joan Brown","lee Harvey you can end racism-ever! It’s not an object it exists in a persons soul and heart. It’s an idea NOT AN OBJECT! Grow up.","1","","2020-06-08 16:55:10","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e7j9G_XdX","Justly Faith","Yes we all bleed the same blood. Skin doesn't define us , only our hearts. I've never love people the way I do now. We are all 1!!! 1 world 1 race (THE HUMAN RACE)!!","1","","2020-06-08 16:56:50","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e7kdV43J5","mike porter","✊🏽✊🏼✊🏿✊🏾","1","","2020-06-08 16:57:02","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e7nt6gD4W","Sniff Heinkel","Why does it always have to be a black thing? All people are oppressed in one way or another.
#AllLivesMatter","0","","2020-06-08 16:57:28","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e7zcOy34_","Patriotic Constitutionalist","Can we say ""all lives matter""?","1","","2020-06-08 16:59:05","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099e8dOCgTRs","mike mike","@Gypsy soul your right he was a piece of crap but still shouldn't be murdered by people who's job it is to uphold the law when there was alos zero sign of him resisting","0","","2020-06-08 17:04:47","false",""
"Ugx6nzcH49ZQKgejCbF4AaABAg.99dthO_uBd099etoJReV3G","Samantha R.","Sniff Heinkel you’re extremely disingenuous. Saying black lives matter means that they should matter on the equal level as everyone else’s. It doesn’t mean ONLY black lives matter. And you know this but people like you chose to play dumb for the sole sake of attempting to agitate. You’re not genuine","0","","2020-06-09 00:05:42","false",""
"UgwOa_GhauWf3zIrHi94AaABAg","moose boy","About damn time.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:45:32","true",""
"Ugz3HoZbFihmV2BtDKt4AaABAg","Tracey Wilkes","What is a “Hard Minority”? The reporter used this to describe attacks on police.","0","1","2020-06-08 14:45:34","true",""
"Ugz3HoZbFihmV2BtDKt4AaABAg.99dthjIQZ8N99dtwyIsoEG","hifismiffy","A few people hell-bent on causing trouble,","0","","2020-06-08 14:47:38","false",""
"UgxrrJyW4CbDm7hyz6R4AaABAg","Solcitse","Now they just need to tear down the statue of Voldemort.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:45:41","true",""
"UgxP686o16b9IEzn9pt4AaABAg","Kath Hammett","The police woman wasnt knocked off her horse, her horse bolted she lost control of it and it ran her into a traffic light..  the police charged at protesters so the protesters reacted , like in America the police caused the demonstrations to turn violent.. so sick of false reporting on this!!","1","0","2020-06-08 14:45:52","true",""
"Ugx1NO0jXVeb5_2k4ld4AaABAg","Mo Letsoalo","This seems very selective, are they going to take the queens diamonds back to Botswana and South Africa next?","0","1","2020-06-08 14:45:52","true",""
"Ugx1NO0jXVeb5_2k4ld4AaABAg.99dtjuxVjWR99du5zRZFr3","Gulliver the Gullible","Good idea. I guess people do what they can do.","1","","2020-06-08 14:49:00","false",""
"Ugxjq5iO4c2mlob8xQJ4AaABAg","K S","Surprised TRUMP did not put up a big wall at the embassy LMAO or his buddy Boris didn't do the same.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:45:55","true",""
"Ugzk7O0na6XvbWhCD7x4AaABAg","Calvin Lim","Why CNN exclude the pictures where the English police shot tear gas into the crowd? And how about the police rode the horse to disperse the crowd? This is Double standard, how hypocritical CNN is.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:46:04","true",""
"UgwIS9bxRg6iNyYSoId4AaABAg","Eddieisherenow","❤️🙂","1","0","2020-06-08 14:46:07","true",""
"Ugy4d8R1LAJ9_W9MTgR4AaABAg","LaToya Alta wynn Abstract","✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽 now he can swim with the souls, of the murdered slaves he killed!","1","0","2020-06-08 14:46:10","true",""
"UgzXYrGuoEc1lpDDMZ94AaABAg","Jay H","They shouldn't have been arrested people are finally getting the message across we are unifying & the world just kant accept it","4","0","2020-06-08 14:46:21","true",""
"UgykWT7_caVmdAikldV4AaABAg","Eddy Soto","Pretty fucking cool. Looks like fun. I always thought statues were heavier","1","0","2020-06-08 14:46:23","true",""
"UgwweGxRJO_MYCzC0_54AaABAg","Clare","Are all those ppl the real anti-racist? How about the discrimination against Chinese just months ago due to the corona virus? Asian got beaten on the streets, yelled at on the underground just because they look chinese. Why no one has stood out and protested like today? I’m glad ppl come out for justice. But plz don’t make anti-racism related only to a specific race.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:46:25","true",""
"UgxUhhHBs9YPY4AqYE14AaABAg","Aparna Rajesh","Thank God to revomed slave trader","0","0","2020-06-08 14:46:32","true",""
"Ugx1n09slHjEcH42A694AaABAg","Dragon1717","Those involved here are very much like ISIS. I look down upon them. They are scum.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:46:35","true",""
"Ugwn8ZmLndgw4iw44r94AaABAg","John S","""I don't like the way Trump behaves but he makes the stock market go up.""

What does this say about your character?","0","0","2020-06-08 14:46:44","true",""
"UgwmKQj-R2y2mRk4MMZ4AaABAg","d o r a e r i","Them jumping on it sends. Its 2020 that thing shouldn't have been standing anymore anyfuckingway.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:46:46","true",""
"Ugzq68K8nfplSabp5R94AaABAg","George Cass","The United States needs to do the same with our  statues","0","0","2020-06-08 14:46:54","true",""
"UgwkIyPNseqT_WOPMVF4AaABAg","Roma Lawal","It's about time. Bravo guys","0","0","2020-06-08 14:46:54","true",""
"UgwV2W0dgelDoJKOwIN4AaABAg","Kris Frederick","That's hilarious, just tossed into the water, good work across the pond.","130","4","2020-06-08 14:47:00","true",""
"UgwV2W0dgelDoJKOwIN4AaABAg.99dtsE6zK8b99dvkMsj2zI","Dubjax 30","Thank you we are proud of the protests and we are proud to stand up with the good people of America who want racial and social equality and an end to the brutality.
I was at the protests in London, My daughter was in Bristol and saw this statue go into the river first hand.","16","","2020-06-08 15:03:24","false",""
"UgwV2W0dgelDoJKOwIN4AaABAg.99dtsE6zK8b99e5LLIRcG9","Joanne","In many, many years to come there may well be a statue of Trump and that will go in the water as well! :)","1","","2020-06-08 16:35:58","false",""
"UgwV2W0dgelDoJKOwIN4AaABAg.99dtsE6zK8b99hBoGP-rS7","Kris Frederick","@Dubjax 30 Love from Detroit","0","","2020-06-09 21:30:12","false",""
"UgwV2W0dgelDoJKOwIN4AaABAg.99dtsE6zK8b99hBrzXV3PC","Kris Frederick","@Joanne We'll do our part to not let that be made.","0","","2020-06-09 21:30:42","false",""
"UgyMmzp0UHBoeC3e6eF4AaABAg","monique bedford","It got resolved,don't have to think about it anymore","0","0","2020-06-08 14:47:09","true",""
"Ugy5ImQm7Ix7Xz1zLrp4AaABAg","Kris Heck","YAAAAASSSSS","0","0","2020-06-08 14:47:12","true",""
"UgwkrtV0Pb2AVicydBd4AaABAg","Sheeshkebabz","While I applaud the act, throwing it into the water was probably not the best choice. Could have melted it down and used the resources.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:47:19","true",""
       Weed Me","0","0","2020-06-08 14:47:25","true",""
"UgzSSO66JEc6O2uj6wx4AaABAg","JNYC Rhino Bless","☺","1","0","2020-06-08 14:47:26","true",""
"UgxY3PclU06CjDWFa8B4AaABAg","Optimus Prime","So did racism completely stop when we were all in lockdown because of the pandemic? I wasn't aware that racism ended during that 2 months.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:47:42","true",""
"Ugywchr737WiqK9P8Wx4AaABAg","Tuco Salamanca","3:25 ""different genders"". Cause they are more then 2 genders, right? LMFAO","1","2","2020-06-08 14:47:46","true",""
"Ugywchr737WiqK9P8Wx4AaABAg.99dtxrOvyrt99dwhMgh9u5","Lechiffresix six","2 is plural","0","","2020-06-08 15:11:43","false",""
"Ugywchr737WiqK9P8Wx4AaABAg.99dtxrOvyrt99dyzf_a7rA","ShounenX","You do realise that scientific consensus is seeing gender as a spectrum, and as such, could conceivably by divided in more than two? Check facts before pretending to know that you're talking about.","0","","2020-06-08 15:31:42","false",""
"Ugz9bz7MFUxPzih_Rbl4AaABAg","Victor Aguirre","Lit 🔥","1","0","2020-06-08 14:47:46","true",""
"UgzZo6iBkk1iKwghesl4AaABAg","Hans Weissman","The age old confrontation between the haves and havenots! Spartacus had problem with the Romans, so will the slaves of today with their masters.
The disgusting thing now is that those masters call themselves “DEMOCRATIC”!","1","0","2020-06-08 14:47:54","true",""
"UgxA7HL5O_aZdXRjjTV4AaABAg","Ivica Jaranovic","Can we burn Hong Kong, it was build on opium?","1","0","2020-06-08 14:47:59","true",""
"UgxNnAnRUcB6nETVwVt4AaABAg","me myself and i","Take them all down","0","0","2020-06-08 14:47:59","true",""
"Ugwy_gU_Nitsib95sXB4AaABAg","J C","As they fight for their own slavery","0","0","2020-06-08 14:48:01","true",""
"UgzyrF8U2J-EdQ_7iDN4AaABAg","Just Reading The Comments","Absolutely amazing!!! Love it.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:48:13","true",""
"UgxJD0FFlBtTfjGf8SB4AaABAg","deadnights","now would cnn like to cover how in london the protestors spray painted abraham lincoln, ghandi, churchill and the cenotaph? or does it not fit with the narrative of how righteous they are?
unpopular opinion: that slave trader probably did more for bristol through philanthropy than the mayor or any of the protestors.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:48:14","true",""
"Ugy9qP0gYQfNx0_ooz94AaABAg","DOUGLAS HOTCHKISS","Good","1","0","2020-06-08 14:48:15","true",""
"Ugy0MWHuEE388ol62B14AaABAg","Onesmus Muchemi","Only men who improve lives of humanity should be valued","2","1","2020-06-08 14:48:24","true",""
"Ugy0MWHuEE388ol62B14AaABAg.99du1UNBnor99dvfR_XSZa","E. Pikfayel","Yeah we need to put up statues of pioneers of science and medicine and philanthropists and great leaders.","2","","2020-06-08 15:02:43","false",""
"Ugy-DqQ8kh8Qgu8nJB54AaABAg","Lovely One","The corona virus is killing more people then cops, and was not made by a cop, but by a terrorist with another job(medical scientific marine bio farming people) who study disease and DNA matter😒...everybody has scientific people even blacks...who made or did what again first??? Cause history and science is fucked up here..look up genetic engineering of human and marine & bug cloning mosquitos(Zika) etc animal","0","0","2020-06-08 14:48:44","true",""
"UgyXDzjrF9TI-8-Dhxd4AaABAg","Moksha jetley","Wonderful.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:48:47","true",""
"UgzTa4_01qskbgZlknV4AaABAg","Greenpoloboy3","I live in the UK and this statue has been standing tall since 1895, until yesterday.........","4","3","2020-06-08 14:48:48","true",""
"UgzTa4_01qskbgZlknV4AaABAg.99du4UVxNeO99duaHQQuce","Wili Wds","And will be put back Soy Boy","0","","2020-06-08 14:53:17","false",""
"UgzTa4_01qskbgZlknV4AaABAg.99du4UVxNeO99dyJD4bBOG","ShounenX","@Wili Wds The mayor himself said it will eventually be taken out of the river and probably just be put in a museum. So LOL I guess, it's not going back.","0","","2020-06-08 15:25:46","false",""
"UgzTa4_01qskbgZlknV4AaABAg.99du4UVxNeO99e4NdmQaii","Conall Ross","Greenpoloboy3 glad it’s finally been torn down then","1","","2020-06-08 16:27:32","false",""
"Ugz0SYGlnEhU2FW7qot4AaABAg","Sexy Scorpio","NO JUSTICE. NO PEACE!!!! LONG TIME COMING. THANK U GOD. THANK U MLK Jr.❤❤❤❤❤","4","0","2020-06-08 14:48:56","true",""
"UgwXlG-bwv5WTOyWjz94AaABAg","Demonic","Lol so the Protesting spreaded to England. That's insane","0","0","2020-06-08 14:48:56","true",""
"UgyS8Ap-Q_-sSy6VfCh4AaABAg","Adolfo Enrique","About fucking time mate!  😂😂😂","1","0","2020-06-08 14:49:03","true",""
"UgyFoVsMX-GI2rtIA854AaABAg","It's just Me","Yawn. 

Vote to re-elect President Trump 20/20.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:49:04","true",""
"UgyFR6m4pn2EpiWOAud4AaABAg","Mark Youneva","the coronavirus fcked with us, we fcked with racism. 
checkmate","1","0","2020-06-08 14:49:05","true",""
"UgzYxHIEXMfk8GI-AuR4AaABAg","spice tea","Can we get rid of all the statues of those that celebrate the killing of NATIVE AMERICANS !","2","1","2020-06-08 14:49:15","true",""
"UgzYxHIEXMfk8GI-AuR4AaABAg.99du7iXeW5r99e6i2yTzcm","Arthur Culbreth","Yes burn them too","0","","2020-06-08 16:47:56","false",""
"UgyMinsHR6CmuSHcNnR4AaABAg","David Shallenberger","This was a great video. I wish that we could get rid of every fricking confederate statue in this country. They should have never been put up. They hurt and offend blacks and Northerners. The Confederstates lost. Give it a rest.","1","0","2020-06-08 14:49:16","true",""
"Ugxe0mrvH8kZTnVvqhR4AaABAg","Just Reading The Comments","Now its America's turn. Get rid of all Confederate statues. Shameful","0","0","2020-06-08 14:49:26","true",""
"Ugxg97f3qJ3rG0RBtgB4AaABAg","Rajesh V","Why was it let to stand up all these years, anyway?","3","3","2020-06-08 14:49:31","true",""
"Ugxg97f3qJ3rG0RBtgB4AaABAg.99du9iD0QBj99e-N_YaVoE","Joel Richardson","Tbh I really dont know, especially considering bristol is a primarily left city, should have been taken down ages ago","0","","2020-06-08 15:43:50","false",""
"Ugxg97f3qJ3rG0RBtgB4AaABAg.99du9iD0QBj99e3mVfgus0","effawefweafawefwefwfqwWQEWEFEYHTYKJYUKUT","@Joel Richardson Almost every city/major population centre is majority left wing, the only reason labour or any other left leaning party doesn't win elections is because FFP still exists...","0","","2020-06-08 16:22:20","false",""
"Ugxg97f3qJ3rG0RBtgB4AaABAg.99du9iD0QBj99e8A8DwRCM","Joel Richardson","@effawefweafawefwefwfqwWQEWEFEYHTYKJYUKUT yep the voting system is stupid","0","","2020-06-08 17:00:39","false",""
"UgzvcJk-c4HaquBinMl4AaABAg","Ahmed S","Freedom is never given free of charge by the oppressor. Sometimes the masses need to take the so called ""law"" into their own hands.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:49:32","true",""
"Ugx-eu2U33ZZoyME7dd4AaABAg","Mark Wupke","NICE!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:49:35","true",""
"UgzPUY9bQ82Ff1xUgBl4AaABAg","ettekamba6969","No one wants to see Adolf Hitler on the streets of Britain simple.","4","1","2020-06-08 14:49:42","true",""
"UgzPUY9bQ82Ff1xUgBl4AaABAg.99duB4PhHj499eA9oVvlBW","Mark T.","No worries. He's dead.","0","","2020-06-08 17:18:05","false",""
"UgzN8B4nLGHUzwOJc894AaABAg","Управляющая компания ТОР Групп","The wave of protest against racism and discrimination is spreading across the world...but will it ever reach Israel? will anyone be ever concerned with what the Israeli armed forces are doing with the unarmed Palastinian people, whose only fault happened to be that they have been living there in the land that JEHOVA promissed the Israelites?","1","0","2020-06-08 14:49:54","true",""
"UgwHfvhkp3wnf2V6BHt4AaABAg","สุวัฒน์ ต.วรพานิช","Appreciated that you didn't mention the slave-trader's name.","0","1","2020-06-08 14:49:57","true",""
"UgwHfvhkp3wnf2V6BHt4AaABAg.99duCsEjtO299du_726VZf","Mr. Fahrenheit","Edward colston","0","","2020-06-08 14:53:07","false",""
"Ugxo6YQ-OWSEvC1OYed4AaABAg","Kman8962","When the government fails to act, it's up to the people to take action to make their statement. Very proud!!!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:50:07","true",""
"UgxaeiJ-iTncaK4E_yR4AaABAg","Watspoppinton","LOL HELL NAW","0","0","2020-06-08 14:50:09","true",""
"Ugzv0QNuFMmWAAaoWaR4AaABAg","Ivan Fukinov","In the states, the democrat party is the new slave owners.. Out with the old, in with the new.","2","0","2020-06-08 14:50:12","true",""
"UgxGenR8XAisYhl6RTN4AaABAg","Donna Winchell","God bless our beautiful friends in the UK!! Rich USA","12","0","2020-06-08 14:50:19","true",""
"Ugy2cDiuNdznKo-GFR54AaABAg","lamont risher","Damn lil sista is impressive","0","0","2020-06-08 14:50:20","true",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg","ProfoundClarity","Bout time....take all the Confederate statues down in america....","725","92","2020-06-08 14:50:44","true",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e0WV1WhR5","Nell Nell","The American flag is just as bad.","22","","2020-06-08 15:53:48","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e0tyEvkZf","SRHxAMWF","Take notes America","38","","2020-06-08 15:57:08","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e0uqjBc3K","The Imperial Way","No it’s not for example General Lee shouldn’t have been taking down that’s disrespectful for he was a war time general.","10","","2020-06-08 15:57:15","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e0wOnjC-f","The Imperial Way","Nell Nell explain idiot","9","","2020-06-08 15:57:28","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e1SZ39hqH","Chris Redman","@The Imperial Way american flag made in 1777. Slavery was abolished in 1865... that flag wasnt made for us","31","","2020-06-08 16:02:00","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e1Tdt9ed8","Traci Schmidt","Hopefully the US will put them in a museum.  I  don't want to see them destroyed.  It is a part of our history.","17","","2020-06-08 16:02:09","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e1kfwQ102","Schiwi M","@The Imperial Way he fought to save slavery, he clearly fought on the wrong side and shouldn't be worshipped at all.
The confederation deserves all the disrespect!","51","","2020-06-08 16:04:36","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e1y3n1p4V","Roger's Place","That's like germany with not wanting anything nazi related but they still got flak guns 40 pounders and tiger tanks around to this day. As a sign not just for history but to tell the country that history will not repeat itself.","23","","2020-06-08 16:06:26","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e1yMAqZU9","MorningFaroe","they tried in richmond but cops werent having it","1","","2020-06-08 16:06:28","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e28PgU8sF","John Brattan","@Traci Schmidt ""It's a part of our history?"" So were the iron shackles in the bellies of slave ships. Which should be displayed everywhere.","25","","2020-06-08 16:07:59","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e2NrqBU-z","Only in Vermont","@Nell Nell Yes 50 stars, one for each state and 13 striped for the original 13 colonies, so racist! much woke.","8","","2020-06-08 16:10:06","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e2SHcyJ8E","Only in Vermont","@Chris Redman The current American flag is 20th century.","4","","2020-06-08 16:10:42","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e369g0zRX","Arthur Culbreth","@The Imperial WayHe was a trader. All of those Confederate statues in the United States should be destroyed. And that Confederate flag should be burned and made illegal.","17","","2020-06-08 16:16:25","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e3B54r0rS","cardinals22","@The Imperial Way should Germany have statutes of wwii military figures throughout their country? Why would you want to honor someone who literally fought for the side that wanted to UNDO the United States of America? Are you un-American?","9","","2020-06-08 16:17:05","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e3SU7hXTU","Keion Chase","@The Imperial Way WAR TIME GENERAL FOR A TREASONOUS COUNTRY.
PER GENERAL Lee's wishes...
READ HIS AUTOBIOGRAPHY AND STFU","7","","2020-06-08 16:19:28","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e3V8RdBA9","Real M","NEXT: tear down all the Deplorable Confederacy statues if they want to stay in the union. And bury that treasonous Confederacy flag too, once and for all.","10","","2020-06-08 16:19:49","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e3WjW9Yyk","cardinals22","@Arthur Culbreth really? What did he trade?","3","","2020-06-08 16:20:02","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e3a-Za9Xp","Arthur Culbreth","@Traci Schmidt a very dark history.  They were traders not hero's. They and the people who love them are scum. Why should we have to keep looking at something that is disgusting and a sign of oppression. They all should be thrown on a 🔥.","7","","2020-06-08 16:20:37","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e3ePZ1eZi","Keion Chase","@Arthur Culbreth 💯💯💯💯💯💯","2","","2020-06-08 16:21:14","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e3g9W4xI_","Smoove J","Lifelong southerner here. I am so sick of Confederate flags and Civil War statues being displayed. We need to get rid of them already.","12","","2020-06-08 16:21:28","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e3iY-i7i4","palillo2006","@Roger's Place really, so do they have a Hitler statue?","1","","2020-06-08 16:21:47","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e3qFUkY__","🌀","You guys really need to read a history book... The Union were the traitors. There were 32% more slaves in the northern states than the southern states becauss the majority of farmers in the south by 1860 converted to 'yaman' farmers. Basically subsistencd farmers. The confederation was fighting for the choice to allow slavery, not to practice it. There's a difference - a significant one.","3","","2020-06-08 16:22:51","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e3thFb8HN","Arthur Culbreth","@MorningFaroe it's gonna be destroyed pretty soon. They were traders fuck them and anyone thinks that they should remain in the public eye.","7","","2020-06-08 16:23:19","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e47BmV_8r","Arthur Culbreth","@cardinals22 If you have to ask them you are as dumb as that statue.","4","","2020-06-08 16:25:18","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e4DVCpsNi","ssrevolver","Well, they have removed a few statutes in Texas","1","","2020-06-08 16:26:09","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e4DkVubCU","Traci Schmidt","@John Brattan if you look hard enough you can find it.  Big difference between a statue and torture. Not to many people are interested in seeing torture techniques.","0","","2020-06-08 16:26:11","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e4Ht1lDl9","Real M","@Roger's Place 
Saving relics from different eras is history. Having statues of nazis and Confederate ""heroes"" and the likes is for showing respect to those Deplorables. VERY different. 
Do you see any statues of Hitler or his generals around in German cities? Use any excuse you want but they are a reminder of a sad period and must go down. We can read about them and see their pictures in books but NO statues. Period!","6","","2020-06-08 16:26:45","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e4UHA20SF","nittles61","@🌀 lol what right-wing website did you read that on?","5","","2020-06-08 16:28:27","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e4cmZCY_8","Adam Dusenberry","@Traci Schmidt history belongs in books.","3","","2020-06-08 16:29:45","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e4rHA7Plm","David Hatchell","Wrong","1","","2020-06-08 16:31:43","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e5-7vXMie","truth tracker33","@Traci Schmidt , Simple answer Traci, take them home and put them up in your trailer park!!!!","5","","2020-06-08 16:32:56","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e51zxVvRd","Darth Bane","@Traci Schmidt you know what's more important? pictures and documents about Confederate Generals, not their statues. Those were made to ""honor"" people who betrayed the US and lost. Tear em down, I say","5","","2020-06-08 16:33:19","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e54G6PwVE","Claire Bee","I'm conflicted. I 100% think they should be taken down. But should they be in a museum or destroyed? I completely understand wanting to destroy them. They are hateful and remind people of a shameful, terrible history. But should they be put in a museum under the right context? Like ""here is a statue of a slave trader and owner"" etc. Listing the terrible crimes they committed. We can't forget the painful history because it's still relevant today and there's racists that want to deny atrocities were committed. We can't forget.  

Idk the right answer. Just thinking out loud on this one. They should be taken down either way.","5","","2020-06-08 16:33:38","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e56o--7_i","Hyperpandas","@🌀 You don't understand the difference between a subsistance farmer and a slave? And you seriously think there's a difference between ""fighting for the choice to allow slavery"" and fighting for the right to practice it? Huh... i didn't think people like you still existed.","5","","2020-06-08 16:33:59","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e57IRKO5d","Darth Bane","@Roger's Place except they don't have statues of Hitler and Nazi High command in parks and public places.","5","","2020-06-08 16:34:03","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e57pLiNik","Ra","@Schiwi M He fought for his home state of virginia, not slavery. If Virginia would of joined the Union, he would of been in charge of the Union army","3","","2020-06-08 16:34:07","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e5MbxCxaj","Vinie Chwani","@The Imperial Way he lost....","1","","2020-06-08 16:36:08","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e5RV-51cT","ШΛЯPΛТH","You do know the ultimate goal is to erase the history of slavery but go ahead be my guest.","1","","2020-06-08 16:36:48","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e5SqXAGzi","Smoove J","Claire Bee I’d like to start with just tearing them down and tossing them into the ocean like the people of Bristol are doing. Then we can let the racists and white supremacists sort it out from there.

As for remembering how awful slavery was, maybe we could actually start teaching it in school.","5","","2020-06-08 16:36:59","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e5_MBXva0","altitude illume","#SOUTHERNusaIGNORANCE  IS LEGENDARY, WORLDWIDE, and it's lies are crashing.","2","","2020-06-08 16:38:01","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e5aM65ctc","Debra Jones","@The Imperial Way On the losing side. Why erect statues to the losers?","5","","2020-06-08 16:38:09","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e5dOtBx64","Andrea Horne","@🌀 Caleb?!???? There is no difference????, oh poor baby, I know you mean well but please stop! you are not helping!!!","1","","2020-06-08 16:38:34","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e5jDNwOEr","Keion Chase","@Smoove J AWESOME","0","","2020-06-08 16:39:22","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e5mk6bOun","WSOX Man","Oh, so you want to somehow erase the US History? Could it be that these statues are there to remind your punk ass that 600k Americans died for a great cause?  Who gets to judge what should be removed from your sight? YOU?","0","","2020-06-08 16:39:50","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e5nboiy9o","One divbypi","Fish are like, what the hell ? 
There goes the  neighborhood...","1","","2020-06-08 16:39:58","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e5p_iduGp","ШΛЯPΛТH","@Smoove J You're not too intelligent.","0","","2020-06-08 16:40:14","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e6-eiCkC5","plentyofemptyheadedindividualsonearth","@🌀 Nope the fight was because the north was getting more money than the south. It had nothing to do with freeing slaves. Fuck the little wyte lies.","2","","2020-06-08 16:41:44","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e640MKFnX","Truth Bunker","Nell Nell your really stupid","0","","2020-06-08 16:42:20","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e6RXiaoWe","hochmeisterr","@The Imperial Way That Is a Traitor Who fought and Die to keep people In Slavery Take It to A museum where it belong You don't see statues of Hitler in germany do you?","1","","2020-06-08 16:45:33","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e6SV5DcHz","Traci Schmidt","@palillo2006 They did,  it was destroyed along any Nazi symbolism.","2","","2020-06-08 16:45:41","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e6hrzi_zc","Priscilla Robb","Traci Schmidt , yes, that is the right place for those statues.","3","","2020-06-08 16:47:55","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e6oZ0L3ba","rolback","ProfoundClarity You mean the Democrat party(Confederate) statues? You remember history? The pro segregation, pro slavery, nation dividing, voter suppressing,Jim Crowe law, KKK founding, white nationalist,white supremacist Democrats.","0","","2020-06-08 16:48:49","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e7-wKOzsJ","Vin Commons","The confederate States really didn't have slaves they belonged to democrat slave owners in the north.
Kinda funny.
The north could keep thier slaves!","1","","2020-06-08 16:50:31","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e70mA_6me","rolback","Real M Replace Confederate with Democrat party please. Stop trying to mask history.","0","","2020-06-08 16:50:38","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e74I4dXwa","Traci Schmidt","@Arthur Culbreth Lol,  fool.  The proper way too dispose of an American flag is to burn it.  You will only be gratifying it.","0","","2020-06-08 16:51:07","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e77GEU3-9","Vin Commons","I could use a couple of big bucks out in the garden. Jus saying.","1","","2020-06-08 16:51:31","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e7EDypSEU","Traci Schmidt","@Priscilla Robb Ty. Someone with a history.","1","","2020-06-08 16:52:28","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e7Py_6LVl","RANS87IROCZ","@Nell Nell yeah not as bad as the flag that actually sold the slaves though right? One flag sold them into a slavery yet in time the American flag abolished it, slavery still relevant today under the flag that started it all but nobody mad at that one?","0","","2020-06-08 16:54:04","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e7ZQPnDke","Joe Guzman","Nell Nell no you are wrong . I’m Hispanic , to Salvadoran parents and the us flag is ever changing . You will not , I repeat , attack our flag . Sorry , I’m all for the protestors and change but to me the USA 🇺🇸 flag is hope, it’s an evolution of our dreams , and what’s to come in the future .","2","","2020-06-08 16:55:22","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e7eW-SvGP","Joe Guzman","Chris Redman the flag is ever changing to what we want to as a country .the flag is our power and hope for equality","0","","2020-06-08 16:56:12","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e85KUlnpV","Ms. R","What's so annoying about these monuments is the period they built. By late 1870 it was globally accepted that slavery was bad. This statue was erected in 1895 after slavery had officially ended globally and most if not Confederate statues were erected early in the next century. They were made to taunt us.","3","","2020-06-08 16:59:59","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e8BQ1LW0c","B Dredd","@MorningFaroe it will happen. Wait","1","","2020-06-08 17:00:49","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e8BokB25Z","David Hatchell","Claire Bee If the statues are gone so is history; slavery never happened.
I will make it a point to have it taught that it never really existed.","0","","2020-06-08 17:00:53","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e8rQCWMaT","RogerwilcoFoxtrot","Many of us would love to, but there's a lot of assholes who think they still live in the Confederacy.","2","","2020-06-08 17:06:42","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e8wM384zP","AddemUP","Traci Schmidt I agree atrocities should be noted any/every remember what not to do....or how to do something (wrong).....(and right).","1","","2020-06-08 17:07:22","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e90NE7D1w","AddemUP","Traci Schmidt and retribution","0","","2020-06-08 17:08:03","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e90Wtatdg","Kenny Gaither","@Traci Schmidt destroy them all. Statues aren't history. You still have the books, flags, uniforms, etc to hold onto","1","","2020-06-08 17:08:04","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e91zXcsLC","Chris PER","@Traci Schmidt , no museums.  In the former eastern block countries, statues of Stalin, Marx, and others were not placed in museums,  they were placed in an outdoors junk yard left to the elements. These statues should see the same, or they should be tossed in a river similar to what's done in Bristol.","1","","2020-06-08 17:08:16","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e96LLrBHU","RogerwilcoFoxtrot","@Chris Redman the south had to be dragged into abolishing slavery, it was the objective of the north from the start.","1","","2020-06-08 17:08:52","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e9Cs-aZyh","Lillan Thompson","@Chris Redman damn right","0","","2020-06-08 17:09:45","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e9EJOoYDj","Vinny Booboo","@The Imperial Way No! Tear down that Chinese general!!!","0","","2020-06-08 17:09:57","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e9F86JsGs","Jarrod Davis","no let's not worry about your own country!","0","","2020-06-08 17:10:04","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e9G0WafBd","RogerwilcoFoxtrot","@MorningFaroe the Guard saw to it. It came down last night, my god friend was there. There's a reason our dress uniforms are blue, and not grey.","0","","2020-06-08 17:10:11","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e9JaGmhaN","Enrique Ordaz","@🌀 You are so wrong, the unionists were also called abolitionists for a reason. The confederacy not only slaved and traded slaves for the sake of their wealth generated by their plantations, they even justified it religiously and fashioned laws that gave them ownership and allowed them to punish, rape and kill them at will. Stop your BS. If it were up to you we would still be under Crow law.","0","","2020-06-08 17:10:41","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e9MAH9L01","UNGB IKE","The Imperial Way A traitor?","0","","2020-06-08 17:11:02","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e9SMRPudB","Jarrod Davis","@John Brattan part of our history meaning don't forget where we were you can't be this dense.","1","","2020-06-08 17:11:52","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e9_r_wbEv","Randobot TV","@Traci Schmidt yes I agree, it is important to acknowledge the problems of our society from the past, not to completely hide it.","1","","2020-06-08 17:13:02","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e9a7vnFWh","Lillan Thompson","@Ra but he was union. He was for slavery","0","","2020-06-08 17:13:04","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e9chf9fj7","RogerwilcoFoxtrot","@🌀 that's the dumbest, most Confederate apologist bs I've read in years. I was actually taken aback at how stupid your comment is. It's shockingly stupid. It's also a lie. You must think us to be idiots for your lies to be so transparent. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.","0","","2020-06-08 17:13:25","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e9cisyE88","Smoove J","Ms. R That is absolutely true. Many of these were put up during the Civil Rights movement, as a display of white power and authority. Stone Mountain was opened to the public in 1965. It’s probably the most famous monument to the Confederacy.","1","","2020-06-08 17:13:25","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99e9dA7QrZu","Glenda Ridings","Are u talklng about mlk 2 just wonder","0","","2020-06-08 17:13:29","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99eA3pfwH4v","semperfi 1918","Your an idiot to think Confederate statues need to be torn down. Do you know why they were erected... no you dont. General lee hated the fact of the position he was in. He had no choice but to fight for virginia and loose his career in the military.  5 years after the war he was heartbroken from all those who fought and died on both sides. There are countless others who from the south ended in the us calvary after and did miraculous things.  Get educated.","1","","2020-06-08 17:17:16","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99eA3rXZRAT","Enrique Ordaz","@WSOX Man No, all we think about when looking at a confederate general's statue is ""had they won we would still have slaves"" and ""600k people died in a war against traitors who didn't realize change was happening world wide against human slavery. Pretty much like Republicans nowadays, they are still in the wrong side of history.","0","","2020-06-08 17:17:16","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99eADpdrjne","Wisdom4Life LoveIsTheWay","The people are taking them down. I just heard about several that have been removed either by force of choice by the states.","0","","2020-06-08 17:18:38","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99eALzEUIGT","Enrique Ordaz","@rolback Changing names do not change ideologies. Republicans can change their name to The God League of Freedom Seekers...their ideology will tell us they are still today's Republicans.","1","","2020-06-08 17:19:44","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99eBY-EUqrD","Stanley Wong","@The Imperial Way First of all, it was a rebellion, not a war. Second, Robert E Lee kept the rebellion going as long as he could, resulting in the deaths and maiming of hundreds of thousands of soldiers protecting the Union.  Third, after he signed the surrender document, he just left. He didn't stick around to see the  remaining 25,000 Confederates cared for - men who had stuck with him to the last. That was Robert E Lee for yiu. 
But if African Americans try to do the same to a Robert E Lee statue, they better bring their own assault rifles because it would be the start of the Second American Civil War. (I am not American, by the way.)","0","","2020-06-08 17:30:07","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99iwQT8wiAd","AJ 77","Yes please 🙏","0","","2020-06-10 13:45:29","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx99lSDMo5x2n","Roger's Place","@palillo2006 I never said statue I said anything related to the nazis even if there relics.","0","","2020-06-11 13:10:32","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx9ADb7fU5tO9","Agent Orange","do we replace it with statue of George Floyd with a meth pipe to his mouth or gun to a pregnant belly ?","0","","2020-06-22 20:55:07","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx9AZUYz2nBo9","Melie Sin","If u erase history, ur doomed to repeat it.  This is not the answer. It’s a cowards way out...","0","","2020-07-01 08:52:14","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx9AeW-tdv-Ld","robrob637","Nope","0","","2020-07-03 17:00:21","false",""
"UgzjzvAKQ5ljjD2wPiR4AaABAg.99duIdzbIPx9Ap4fyly6xC","Robert E. Lee -Satire-","@The Imperial Way WHAT","0","","2020-07-07 19:33:13","false",""
"Ugy2ywis6cVlfwA6z5V4AaABAg","todd stadel","They haven't taken down Brigham Young statue as yet.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:50:44","true",""
"UgwP94sLj17Ak_cJthB4AaABAg","TheChakwing","Trump and Johnson,  which one is crazy?","0","0","2020-06-08 14:50:57","true",""
"Ugza1zVm8_w6XC4nwqZ4AaABAg","Johanna Barnard"," protesting allows people to now abuse that animals.......... Hurt a poor horse so bad it needed to be brought to hospital........... Is protesting The Answer ?  JW.ORG","0","0","2020-06-08 14:50:59","true",""
"UgyzZ-clFSH61lWD4114AaABAg","youknow thething","Where is all the natives protesting against white men taking over their country?","0","0","2020-06-08 14:51:00","true",""
"UgznlTZhBuQkR5oWFM94AaABAg","jason kidmen","they need to take you down cnn","0","0","2020-06-08 14:51:13","true",""
"UgyCcqsJWxyfTVIx2294AaABAg","Ivan Fukinov","“Out with the old, in with the new”, says the democrat party plantation owners...","2","0","2020-06-08 14:51:21","true",""
"UgyWEDpbEtRnzlYre0V4AaABAg","Colt T","Yessss!!!!","1","0","2020-06-08 14:51:23","true",""
"UgxMbP-TUffpU6SBi8Z4AaABAg","Sati","Seeing humanity on the same page is refreshing. Hopefully after this we can stand up for each other, no matter color, and make sure right is being done to our fellow human.","20","3","2020-06-08 14:51:34","true",""
"UgxMbP-TUffpU6SBi8Z4AaABAg.99duOlGy3k399dyDw0QlKW","Dubjax 30","Yes","1","","2020-06-08 15:25:03","false",""
"UgxMbP-TUffpU6SBi8Z4AaABAg.99duOlGy3k399e3_3qRYdu","YorktownUSA","That would be nice wouldn't it... we've still got lightyears to go.","0","","2020-06-08 16:20:30","false",""
"UgxMbP-TUffpU6SBi8Z4AaABAg.99duOlGy3k399e9kfU8mH6","Pete Roc","That would be beautiful to see!","0","","2020-06-08 17:14:31","false",""
"UgyZcWcVYREYyqi5to54AaABAg","Sunshine Rice","Sunshine 
AWESOME 🙏👏👍","1","0","2020-06-08 14:51:45","true",""
"UgwPOarSJh1SGZvGNht4AaABAg","Mona Wheeza","I support the PEACEFUL protesters as long as they wear mask (all of them) and a bit of social distancing. The virus doesn't care what race you are and those rioters taking advantage of the situation should drown in that river with the statue.
They say black lives matter but when the infection rate rises, so does the death rate. Other people just want to go back to normal life and then go protest and wasted all of that lockdown. Of all the times they could protest, why now?","0","0","2020-06-08 14:51:50","true",""
"UgyPT-1FwTEvdyLd3TN4AaABAg","Hildebeast Clinton","Great, except that wasn’t a slave trading statue.","1","0","2020-06-08 14:51:57","true",""
"UgwfXJrmv1bI5djPf8l4AaABAg","MAG: Marie A. Abanga","What were those Brits even still doing with such a statute in 2020?  Good for them...taken care of now. That jerk Chauvin had done the worst and the best too. Racism must be addressed globally and especially in that America","0","0","2020-06-08 14:51:58","true",""
"UgxtwlMJ-B_ho7IRrIt4AaABAg","Romeo Hermann","The best thing Londoners ever did.","0","1","2020-06-08 14:52:10","true",""
"UgxtwlMJ-B_ho7IRrIt4AaABAg.99duT5phGOX99duf0qdDxx","effawefweafawefwefwfqwWQEWEFEYHTYKJYUKUT","This happened in Bristol.","1","","2020-06-08 14:53:56","false",""
"UgxvvObM0EZb10PVHcp4AaABAg","Jim Beirne","Most of the wealth of the British Aristocracy was built on the slave trade. Shameful.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:52:11","true",""
"UgzOze6hR3kGL025Mp94AaABAg","Nan ‘59","BLACK LIVES MATTER ⬛️
⬛️BLACK LIVES MATTER","1","0","2020-06-08 14:52:18","true",""
"UgwevxkwC367Wy1WalN4AaABAg","eric monax","Say No to RACISM!!!","1","0","2020-06-08 14:52:20","true",""
"UgzPZ-rGVtB84elQuxx4AaABAg","Midnight Owner","Wow! Words can't explain how good this makes me feel. Peace from the U.S.","5","1","2020-06-08 14:52:22","true",""
"UgzPZ-rGVtB84elQuxx4AaABAg.99duUY4xCwc99e8v4wH3FQ","Alex Fraser","We’re with you. All or nothing.","1","","2020-06-08 17:07:12","false",""
"UgwOxsHdt3cF9SSiZPl4AaABAg","John Clark San Juan","COVID-19 WHO","0","0","2020-06-08 14:52:22","true",""
"UgxiA2u_Z0hfkRLpEBd4AaABAg","Joe Lazarus","The statue's like, ""what did I do? I just happen to look like him..","5","1","2020-06-08 14:52:23","true",""
"UgxiA2u_Z0hfkRLpEBd4AaABAg.99duUdbzjbC99e1UFUyEqR","Delling Conley","They should have sold him into slavery into a museum.","0","","2020-06-08 16:02:14","false",""
"UgyYdjw0rpGIzmVkuoJ4AaABAg","Lisandro Esterga","Awesome!","1","0","2020-06-08 14:52:26","true",""
"Ugz9CE2lnkLOoWKkD954AaABAg","Clarissa Harris","It’s time for change","7","0","2020-06-08 14:52:31","true",""
"UgyxHAbXIxTbwrAqAEt4AaABAg","shillbill2214","Now get rid of Mt. Rushmore...let's see if America has the balls to do that.","7","5","2020-06-08 14:52:36","true",""
"UgyxHAbXIxTbwrAqAEt4AaABAg.99duWGfndNE99e-b9NETc8","Leon Wright","Not enough ⚽️ 🏀 🏈","1","","2020-06-08 15:45:50","false",""
"UgyxHAbXIxTbwrAqAEt4AaABAg.99duWGfndNE99e1AuVBycN","stephen wedderburn","Maybe all those nuts with their rocket launchers could do it 🤪🤪","1","","2020-06-08 15:59:35","false",""
"UgyxHAbXIxTbwrAqAEt4AaABAg.99duWGfndNE99e2Bj6EfDI","YorktownUSA","@stephen wedderburn Those ""nuts"" aren't cultural destroyers.  They're Patriots.","0","","2020-06-08 16:08:26","false",""
"UgyxHAbXIxTbwrAqAEt4AaABAg.99duWGfndNE99e2GqImtzy","YorktownUSA","This American will defend Mt. Rushmore.  I don't expect you to understand.","0","","2020-06-08 16:09:08","false",""
"UgyxHAbXIxTbwrAqAEt4AaABAg.99duWGfndNE99eUL1HtjBk","stephen wedderburn","@YorktownUSA you do that, the rest of America will change for the better! Patriots my ass!","1","","2020-06-08 20:14:22","false",""
"UgzE5obuwrmKxxbnQJ14AaABAg","Tania Jones","Good riddance ❤️🙏I hope other countries follows, like with us in Belgium Leopold 2 We know what he did in Congo. They can’t put a statue from Aldolf Hitler. Why the statue from slave takers are still around. That is my Question . Greetings from Belgium 🇧🇪","2","0","2020-06-08 14:52:44","true",""
"UgwS7pMCpUeKUcj-J3N4AaABAg","Tash W","🤛🏿🖤🤞🏿we love to see it","1","0","2020-06-08 14:52:46","true",""
"UgwGIbw3Qy46YnrXOzV4AaABAg","Humble Yourself","History 💪","3","0","2020-06-08 14:52:50","true",""
"UgxOEXvSx2wTfW119MF4AaABAg","AIintel Intel","Minimum wage earners are slaves in modern days. Their executive masters sit in leather armchairs doing no labor.","1","0","2020-06-08 14:52:51","true",""
"Ugwne-XAyuXdl1yHJ_p4AaABAg","11B3V","Dily Dily!!, I'LL drink to that!!!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:52:51","true",""
"UgwYR6XpkXP8YuXPx_B4AaABAg","Long Duck Dong","😇😇😇😇","0","0","2020-06-08 14:52:54","true",""
"UgyxaHXfdSIkQO3JJCB4AaABAg","JULIUS OSEMWEGIE","PFME GLOBALS INC is a scam , they are fraud a lot of people through bitcoin profit and they use fake account like Facebook, telegraph, telegram, Instagram, twitter and WhatsApp+13343458486. The guys are collected million of dollars for many people and many are lost their life because of the frauds.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:53:18","true",""
"UgzyA2uFAC6_WM6wk514AaABAg","ERROLL SCHMUELL","Jamaican and all West Indies county should demand  everything that the british have done to our black people both in the usa and all the country where black people have been scattered in slavery.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:53:23","true",""
"UgzAepOXGgUvpMJLt7V4AaABAg","Justlivingmybestlife","So much for keeping green and the oceans clean lol might have been better to take it to the dump","0","0","2020-06-08 14:53:29","true",""
"UgwMo83AdHohRMAiB8h4AaABAg","Average Joe","That man the statue is dedicated to was responsible for the enslavement and trade of over 100k men women and children. IT really shouldn't of taken this long to get rid of that garbage","2","0","2020-06-08 14:53:54","true",""
"UgyhZzFwMg8LY7iMN6N4AaABAg","Carlos Spiceywhiener","Good Job UK. You ended slavery. lol. Stop copying us.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:53:57","true",""
"Ugw-Ma_PTN0u30zsHtt4AaABAg","elle415","I love this shit. Good for you UK. Well done. The slave trading f@@ks.","2","0","2020-06-08 14:54:12","true",""
"UgyaorM3kTXQVukl2kl4AaABAg","Thisisanya","Taking matters into their own hands. ❤️ the UK","5","0","2020-06-08 14:54:20","true",""
"Ugwznzo2esUlfxl9Lrp4AaABAg","James Appleton","BE-U-TIL-FUl!!! Times are changing! Hip hip hooray!","55","0","2020-06-08 14:54:29","true",""
"UgxQ2s5ZqCGLAQN3My94AaABAg","BERNIEO4","Social media has made the big difference !","1","0","2020-06-08 14:54:37","true",""
"UgzKEBZAvFE2vRFLq_h4AaABAg","Musa Jallow","No to racism in the quran","0","0","2020-06-08 14:54:40","true",""
"Ugyf3Xj9vkDtNJR5ADx4AaABAg","Muhammad Aadam","Is this the same statue that was thrown into water in another video cos I think it might be the same video.","0","1","2020-06-08 14:54:50","true",""
"Ugyf3Xj9vkDtNJR5ADx4AaABAg.99dulamDouo99dvN_Ok_1R","Ray of Lyte","Yep","0","","2020-06-08 15:00:09","false",""
"UgxNPPDxr8w7U2-XsIF4AaABAg","Facts Only","Take all the racist statues down and leave the peaceful ones maybe these racists will now pay attention","0","0","2020-06-08 14:54:52","true",""
"Ugzhx6CRjYL_AtmCLzd4AaABAg","Mr. Fahrenheit","How many andrew Jackson statues do we have?!","1","0","2020-06-08 14:54:52","true",""
"UgwMyiySi0Gu8-Fsp5x4AaABAg","Chris Conger","Listed as a Covid-19 death","0","0","2020-06-08 14:54:54","true",""
"UgyVdYCgQEUCmo4y2r94AaABAg","Karen Mindiola","As an American I am PROUD of the Brits!! Long overdue!! United around the world. It’s about time!!","92","11","2020-06-08 14:54:56","true",""
"UgyVdYCgQEUCmo4y2r94AaABAg.99dumNOH8z599e-9EFCOgf","Joel Richardson","People are hoping in the Bristol that the states will be able to live like we do in bristol, in unison where people aren't judged by the colour of their skin but the contents of their character.","4","","2020-06-08 15:41:53","false",""
"UgyVdYCgQEUCmo4y2r94AaABAg.99dumNOH8z599e2-m-9gzU","YorktownUSA","@Joel Richardson You think that's how your country is?  You think that's how the US is?  You are deeply ignorant.","2","","2020-06-08 16:06:48","false",""
"UgyVdYCgQEUCmo4y2r94AaABAg.99dumNOH8z599e3474qqaf","Wojtek Czemas","With a name ""Karen"" and they way you think you are not American you are living meme , you may not realise that because you are Karen not just by name but your comment is one of the most insane and stupid in this section and there are meny crazy people here who try to be the dumbest of them all but you just put to a shame meny of them :D remarkable","0","","2020-06-08 16:16:08","false",""
"UgyVdYCgQEUCmo4y2r94AaABAg.99dumNOH8z599e3L1DSQl5","Wojtek Czemas","With name ""Karen"" and the way you think you are not American but a living MEME , you just won for the dumbest Karen in this comment section , congratulation.","0","","2020-06-08 16:18:27","false",""
"UgyVdYCgQEUCmo4y2r94AaABAg.99dumNOH8z599e3YdZWoF2","Robert Clarke","@YorktownUSA seems your the ignorant one check your facts before you comment...he said Bristol which is a city not a country so he is speaking for his city not the rest of the country.","3","","2020-06-08 16:20:18","false",""
"UgyVdYCgQEUCmo4y2r94AaABAg.99dumNOH8z599e3tgKuqK9","The Geek Is Strong","@YorktownUSA  thank you for proving American ignorance and lack of literacy","2","","2020-06-08 16:23:19","false",""
"UgyVdYCgQEUCmo4y2r94AaABAg.99dumNOH8z599e4-BTj_A2","Dream Chaser","Karen Mindiola young south african students been gradually removing such statues for decades now","2","","2020-06-08 16:24:12","false",""
"UgyVdYCgQEUCmo4y2r94AaABAg.99dumNOH8z599e7XMtM6VK","Joel Richardson","@YorktownUSA no man if you can read I said ""like we do in bristol"" not like we do in the UK and I also said ""people are hoping in bristol that the states (aka the USA) will live like we do in bristol"". Read a statement properly before you come back with an argument.","1","","2020-06-08 16:55:05","false",""
"UgyVdYCgQEUCmo4y2r94AaABAg.99dumNOH8z599e7aWhCXXN","Joel Richardson","@Robert Clarke thanks man at least someone can read","1","","2020-06-08 16:55:39","false",""
"UgyVdYCgQEUCmo4y2r94AaABAg.99dumNOH8z599e7bQrKGiR","Joel Richardson","@The Geek Is Strong thanks as well man","0","","2020-06-08 16:55:46","false",""
"UgyVdYCgQEUCmo4y2r94AaABAg.99dumNOH8z599e8C5I5Dz2","Karen Mindiola","Wojtek Czemas let hate and ridicule rule your life. It only eats the soul of the beholder. I am a proud American.","1","","2020-06-08 17:00:55","false",""
"UgwIEBXiZbHeclEhzBJ4AaABAg","- Sstevens","Where is the lawlessness accepted behavior by society?  Respectfully petition for removal of laws and statues.... mob rule is the beginning of the end.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:54:56","true",""
"UgyYv-FkY7nskIT-lIR4AaABAg","HaRd_TaCkLe CB","Good riddance","1","0","2020-06-08 14:55:05","true",""
"UgzcR08Qe4VLja0Scmd4AaABAg","muhammad wafri","Glad the Bristol Pusher is now supporting a noble cause, and pushing slave traders into rivers.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:55:10","true",""
"Ugz9hXevFchwG8KMqXR4AaABAg","Amanda Torres","You’re doing great saweetie","0","0","2020-06-08 14:55:13","true",""
"Ugx2yGkkBMa53ZyqDbt4AaABAg","Abram Ongopotse","Good to see British people take a stand and separate themselves from those in their past who committed crimes against humanity. Next: sending back all that was stolen from the colonies including the crown jewels.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:55:16","true",""
"UgyEvNoEpNGBBQRCOXF4AaABAg","J. Muller","Crazy people all over the world","0","0","2020-06-08 14:55:20","true",""
"UgyYcS9sP4i6Q9dwKpl4AaABAg","taylor Merriweather","Whoaw they went cartoon on that dumb statue. 🤣","3","0","2020-06-08 14:55:20","true",""
"UgxJ6oXF01m_4y3x23R4AaABAg","Bill","Power to the people!!!!!!!","2","0","2020-06-08 14:55:23","true",""
"UgykXubX-EsevQTEBGJ4AaABAg","vincent vargas","This is what "" WE"" the people should  to do to the whole GOP PARTY throw them all in the Potomac!!!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:55:28","true",""
"UgxA_sQv7EmYsbt8uFB4AaABAg","Geoffrey Lane","Now go save the actual black men who are slaves in Libya on the slave trade. This is going on right now in Libya.","0","1","2020-06-08 14:55:29","true",""
"UgxA_sQv7EmYsbt8uFB4AaABAg.99duqPzNLGX99dvJlcLD3F","Ray of Lyte","In due course","0","","2020-06-08 14:59:38","false",""
"Ugxxz3z41N2m4O_SXiR4AaABAg","Kelly Emmanuel","RISE UP✊🏽 So proud of the WORLD🌎. This is how it’s done. Now, VOTE VOTE VOTE, run for offices. The future is yours💕","1","0","2020-06-08 14:55:29","true",""
"UgwcRRh7hd6Sqo8J1GJ4AaABAg","AL- BOT","Thats cool, but, the river? 

FISH DONT LIKE HIM EITHER!!!","87","6","2020-06-08 14:55:31","true",""
"UgwcRRh7hd6Sqo8J1GJ4AaABAg.99duqb2MRMM99dzVNud_Gq","Elizabeth Timothy","😂😂😂😂 right?!","1","","2020-06-08 15:36:10","false",""
"UgwcRRh7hd6Sqo8J1GJ4AaABAg.99duqb2MRMM99e-sSVjdw3","Quaranteam","You killed me lolllllll","0","","2020-06-08 15:48:11","false",""
"UgwcRRh7hd6Sqo8J1GJ4AaABAg.99duqb2MRMM99e2b2fnCNw","Cathy Jonie","😂😂😂😂","1","","2020-06-08 16:12:02","false",""
"UgwcRRh7hd6Sqo8J1GJ4AaABAg.99duqb2MRMM99e4Su7zvNr","mwendapoleee","Piranyas maybe lol","0","","2020-06-08 16:28:15","false",""
"UgwcRRh7hd6Sqo8J1GJ4AaABAg.99duqb2MRMM99e8dHu6I1G","REE H.","💀💀💀💀😂😂😂","0","","2020-06-08 17:04:46","false",""
"UgwcRRh7hd6Sqo8J1GJ4AaABAg.99duqb2MRMM99eAHxbDGFD","Na0m1 Fes","😁😁😆 fish be like👉""no"" 😣😣😣😲😭😭""","0","","2020-06-08 17:19:11","false",""
"Ugx79DY-f91L3dpDV7d4AaABAg","mixtele. Azul","When the government dosen't hear or listen to the people's voice, the people must take action to get results and be heard  .","594","22","2020-06-08 14:55:37","true",""
"Ugx79DY-f91L3dpDV7d4AaABAg.99durJu4rg599e102IT85j","G Ma","I like this 😉","7","","2020-06-08 15:58:06","false",""
"Ugx79DY-f91L3dpDV7d4AaABAg.99durJu4rg599e1rGlCIvv","T0mmy 7777","👍","3","","2020-06-08 16:05:30","false",""
"Ugx79DY-f91L3dpDV7d4AaABAg.99durJu4rg599e22d6AqDC","B 81","So, why aren’t they marching into Libya  where they have open air slave trading as we speak? 
Nothing more than George Soros funded pussies taking orders and destroying property.","9","","2020-06-08 16:07:12","false",""
"Ugx79DY-f91L3dpDV7d4AaABAg.99durJu4rg599e2CfSGECz","Anthony Y","B 81 lol you seem mad","11","","2020-06-08 16:08:34","false",""
"Ugx79DY-f91L3dpDV7d4AaABAg.99durJu4rg599e2GOWVqll","darkdarkyday","@B 81 Why the duck would people go to Libya if the problem is at home? You're a smoothbrain.","19","","2020-06-08 16:09:04","false",""
"Ugx79DY-f91L3dpDV7d4AaABAg.99durJu4rg599e2ol32XA8","Mide Songz","@B 81always some BS 'what about' with you lot. Racist properties will be tossed in the sea. I had some reservation about how the statue was remove, now seeing people like you for the last few hours defending the statue, I have completely changed my mind and they might as well destroy all of them fuckers.","17","","2020-06-08 16:13:54","false",""
"Ugx79DY-f91L3dpDV7d4AaABAg.99durJu4rg599e3Lo5ZJry","J Roc","darkdarkyday cus there is actual slaves there. Any slaves in cosmopolitan UK? Think for yourself","4","","2020-06-08 16:18:33","false",""
"Ugx79DY-f91L3dpDV7d4AaABAg.99durJu4rg599e4mmtlr_m","David Hatchell","WRONG","0","","2020-06-08 16:31:07","false",""
"Ugx79DY-f91L3dpDV7d4AaABAg.99durJu4rg599e5e9gwYER","rolback","mixtele. Azul Like when the government does nothing about illegal immigration. Should we take that into our own hands?","1","","2020-06-08 16:38:40","false",""
"Ugx79DY-f91L3dpDV7d4AaABAg.99durJu4rg599e5ivBuvuo","Cayak Dawson","More like SEEN!","0","","2020-06-08 16:39:19","false",""
"Ugx79DY-f91L3dpDV7d4AaABAg.99durJu4rg599e5oSZuICJ","WSOX Man","""Black Lives Matter""?   Which ones Matter?
Chicago=only 6 days of June  136 shot, 15 Dead.","1","","2020-06-08 16:40:04","false",""
"Ugx79DY-f91L3dpDV7d4AaABAg.99durJu4rg599e5utFNhRf","Tom Are","@B 81 bot go home","0","","2020-06-08 16:40:57","false",""
"Ugx79DY-f91L3dpDV7d4AaABAg.99durJu4rg599e5xt3ZnP3","J SC","amen. Beautifully said. But how much do you want to bet that your comments won't get that many thumbs ☝ , nothing compared to the idiot who spouts off like they are some walking protesting sign","0","","2020-06-08 16:41:22","false",""
"Ugx79DY-f91L3dpDV7d4AaABAg.99durJu4rg599e6gkGfTl3","chris mclaughlin","People?","0","","2020-06-08 16:47:46","false",""
"Ugx79DY-f91L3dpDV7d4AaABAg.99durJu4rg599e6nq_nFB6","Neel Wadhwana","And screwing innocent people along the way, like looting businesses that were in no way associated with the issue?","1","","2020-06-08 16:48:44","false",""
"Ugx79DY-f91L3dpDV7d4AaABAg.99durJu4rg599e7ErtTbPW","Tom Innis","What's your problem in the UK. You are very privileged compared to what you would receive in many other countries. Go to China! See how you will be treated there.","0","","2020-06-08 16:52:33","false",""
"Ugx79DY-f91L3dpDV7d4AaABAg.99durJu4rg599e7foO5wH-","Suck my SPAGHETTI MONSTER","@B 81 so whats stopping you from marching to libya","1","","2020-06-08 16:56:22","false",""
"Ugx79DY-f91L3dpDV7d4AaABAg.99durJu4rg599e868k18jA","Jimmy Jazz","@B 81 Your days are numbered white supremacist scuzz. 

Marine Corps veteran of harms way. (White)","0","","2020-06-08 17:00:06","false",""
"Ugx79DY-f91L3dpDV7d4AaABAg.99durJu4rg599e8LZnWwE0","B Dredd","@B 81 because you have to take care of the problems in your own backyard first smart one","0","","2020-06-08 17:02:12","false",""
"Ugx79DY-f91L3dpDV7d4AaABAg.99durJu4rg599e8fCmQpkX","ennie minee","But these mobs aren’t the majority","0","","2020-06-08 17:05:02","false",""
"Ugx79DY-f91L3dpDV7d4AaABAg.99durJu4rg599e9nkDC7S9","I love the universe.","@Mide Songz hell yea","0","","2020-06-08 17:14:56","false",""
"Ugx79DY-f91L3dpDV7d4AaABAg.99durJu4rg599eBu9KCHKs","mixtele. Azul","@rolback :my comment was about this statue that represents oppression and slavery and others like it. Simple as that.","0","","2020-06-08 17:33:17","false",""
"Ugy0PjCMZD_y__WZxep4AaABAg","60percent political","People in Bristol have been trying to get this statue down for years through 'official methods' and have been repeatedly ignored. The protest was incredible and Colston is in the harbour where he belongs! Never been more proud of my city.","316","9","2020-06-08 14:55:53","true",""
"Ugy0PjCMZD_y__WZxep4AaABAg.99dutHM5EUi99dwRwKdi-k","CaliforniaNewYork CaliforniaNewYork","Just saw a post that they have been petitioning from 1998","21","","2020-06-08 15:09:29","false",""
"Ugy0PjCMZD_y__WZxep4AaABAg.99dutHM5EUi99e1bBmuAXc","missy prime","As a Bristolian who signed the last petition of 11,000 people to have this removed I'm so happy to see this statue gone.
From one Bristolian to another I'd like to say ""awreet me babbers 'ow bist thee?""","17","","2020-06-08 16:03:19","false",""
"Ugy0PjCMZD_y__WZxep4AaABAg.99dutHM5EUi99e29PcKP-g","Joel Richardson","@missy prime it's good to see it gone as this shows how progressive the people of bristol are to the rest of the world, proud to live in bristol with the multicultural society we have","10","","2020-06-08 16:08:07","false",""
"Ugy0PjCMZD_y__WZxep4AaABAg.99dutHM5EUi99e493oGJhA","The Geek Is Strong","I've never been prouder as an ex-Bristolian","5","","2020-06-08 16:25:33","false",""
"Ugy0PjCMZD_y__WZxep4AaABAg.99dutHM5EUi99e5Q_7eZyb","Arï Krämpūs","Proud Bristolian here , about time 👏👏","6","","2020-06-08 16:36:41","false",""
"Ugy0PjCMZD_y__WZxep4AaABAg.99dutHM5EUi99e7B7pZnpw","Joel Richardson","@EL DIABLO it's a good example of what society can be like without a big cultural divide","3","","2020-06-08 16:52:03","false",""
"Ugy0PjCMZD_y__WZxep4AaABAg.99dutHM5EUi99e7fudqGqd","Stephen Mutimba","60percent political  I am proud of you","2","","2020-06-08 16:56:23","false",""
"Ugy0PjCMZD_y__WZxep4AaABAg.99dutHM5EUi99eAkHo6uIT","Miss Mac","It should stay in the river where many slaves drowned because of him.","2","","2020-06-08 17:23:12","false",""
"Ugy0PjCMZD_y__WZxep4AaABAg.99dutHM5EUi99eAv9UNg7X","Ater Felis","Surely dumping garbage in the river can result in a fine.","0","","2020-06-08 17:24:41","false",""
"UgyOB26rm5YYlC-NZ-J4AaABAg","rob foster","That city was built on slavery so what now? Ban Bristol?  What about the hospitals and charities that STILL run today that were setup by this man.?  He dabbled in the slave trade like everyone did at that time he also bought the slaves from AFRICAN domestic  slave pushers","0","0","2020-06-08 14:55:56","true",""
"UgwOaiPVUmbbd5BagPB4AaABAg","Tiber Zeek","Libtards mourn a violent felon who terrorized a woman at gunpoint during a home invasion........ignore David Dorn, community hero.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:55:56","true",""
"Ugwd_IPFGjFXEvqTSZJ4AaABAg","DJAS Adventure group","Good job guys","1","0","2020-06-08 14:56:06","true",""
"UgxOLogmfvZygBIy52d4AaABAg","jan","BLM =Burn Loot Murder","0","2","2020-06-08 14:56:11","true",""
"UgxOLogmfvZygBIy52d4AaABAg.99duvYbFmQC99dvcEjP91B","2manynegativewaves","Sun Wheel Avatar using Nazi Nobbers= Virgins .","1","","2020-06-08 15:02:17","false",""
"UgxOLogmfvZygBIy52d4AaABAg.99duvYbFmQC99dwsbxf91L","ShounenX","Nice sunwheel there buddy. I think you forgot your armband though.","0","","2020-06-08 15:13:16","false",""
"UgwAxkt1sdBgjepgoIV4AaABAg","Kath Hammett","Boris Johnson has just said Britain isn't a racist country, this from a racist who has called black people piccaninies with water melon smiles, called Muslim women who wear burqas letter boxes & homosexuals as tank top bum boys.. They are more concerned about the damn statue of a slaver being put in the Harbour than the thousands of Africans he caused the death & enslavement of. 18,000 Africans were thrown alive over board because they were ill as he transported them to the Americas, alive & shackled, and the British government are calling those that put just his statue in the water thugs, its unfuckingbelievable!!!!!!","1","1","2020-06-08 14:56:18","true",""
"UgwAxkt1sdBgjepgoIV4AaABAg.99duwPPzWx999dvZ_VXjfb","2manynegativewaves","Oh,but he's 1/15 Turk,he cant be racist...... ;)","1","","2020-06-08 15:01:47","false",""
"UgxAtB_9d9UynaxqNT94AaABAg","Micah Lee","Charge them with vandalism with a minimum 3 years in prison","0","3","2020-06-08 14:56:24","true",""
"UgxAtB_9d9UynaxqNT94AaABAg.99dux8Rp9qV99dvE7i5qaf","Gulliver the Gullible","That won t happen as.most Bristol are happy the statue is gone.","1","","2020-06-08 14:58:51","false",""
"UgxAtB_9d9UynaxqNT94AaABAg.99dux8Rp9qV99dvWA6kbzh","2manynegativewaves","Er,no,because vandalism doesnt carry a custodial sentence you bootlicking fascist wankstain.","0","","2020-06-08 15:01:19","false",""
"UgxAtB_9d9UynaxqNT94AaABAg.99dux8Rp9qV99dvzQJ6wU6","Micah Lee","Make another statue of him and put it right back up","0","","2020-06-08 15:05:27","false",""
"UgykK-S_248tagvK6TV4AaABAg","brain plumber","Hahaha, that is a real good one. In another few years time, the British. Museum is going to salvage it n place in their British museum side by side with all the treasures they looted from India, China, Africa n all over the world.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:56:36","true",""
"Ugy_551ZYAHCvsRvJi14AaABAg","NovorSec","I dont think UK cops would murder some one in that way in front of a camera just because their ego was hurt
Everyone that has travel to the UK has told me cops there are super nice lol","3","2","2020-06-08 14:56:46","true",""
"Ugy_551ZYAHCvsRvJi14AaABAg.99duzr8cd4V99dvQGJEnTO","2manynegativewaves","Most are,some are thugs,but they get put in riot squads mostly . Plus,they can rarely shoot us,what with not carrying guns :)","1","","2020-06-08 15:00:31","false",""
"Ugy_551ZYAHCvsRvJi14AaABAg.99duzr8cd4V99dwgFgFnFu","hifismiffy","They normally don't carry firearms.","1","","2020-06-08 15:11:34","false",""
"UgwnVGsCuDJH_VMcHi94AaABAg","cdw442","Problem solved!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:57:10","true",""
"UgyWrU2zL4yicEfRojF4AaABAg","sweet life","I cant believe they have a statue for tht!!","0","0","2020-06-08 14:57:17","true",""
"UgyV_SONgNZ5m-VwHO54AaABAg","Emz G","I'm from Bristol quick question what does this actually prove...... Yes a slave trader but who sold those slaves just saying and what built the Western world! 🙄... And it's gonna be pulled out and put into the museum can't change history just have to EDUCATE 👌","1","3","2020-06-08 14:57:17","true",""
"UgyV_SONgNZ5m-VwHO54AaABAg.99dv2Xwi-HS99dvJcGCieH","2manynegativewaves","whats the dock area called then?","0","","2020-06-08 14:59:36","false",""
"UgyV_SONgNZ5m-VwHO54AaABAg.99dv2Xwi-HS99dvNPnmoOS","Emz G","@2manynegativewaves it's Bristol Harbour","0","","2020-06-08 15:00:08","false",""
"UgyV_SONgNZ5m-VwHO54AaABAg.99dv2Xwi-HS99dw1yR9bTz","Emz G","@2manynegativewaves happy I'm bristolian history can't be changed but the future can learn taking it down was always wanted but he is part of our history","0","","2020-06-08 15:05:56","false",""
"Ugz03fXwfvTRHMsDfU14AaABAg","GO-GO SO-SO","Too bad they didn't compley destroy it.  I don't blame them.  It looks pretty solid.","1","0","2020-06-08 14:57:56","true",""
"Ugw6YHo1dIQS8Mm0u8N4AaABAg","Cynthia Kōhler","There's been no mention of the Coronovirus for quite some time,
Nobody is wearing a mask? I thought that it was mandatory?","0","1","2020-06-08 14:57:57","true",""
"Ugw6YHo1dIQS8Mm0u8N4AaABAg.99dv7PAy5on99dvEreGooA","2manynegativewaves","Nope,you thought wrong. Only on public transport from the 15th of June.","0","","2020-06-08 14:58:57","false",""
"UgyGXfRaebe2AxSNfxx4AaABAg","Franco gudado","👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏","1","0","2020-06-08 14:58:33","true",""
"UgzB51rwf_Th7Kw_2G54AaABAg","ME TWO","Scum bag at work","0","0","2020-06-08 14:58:58","true",""
"UgxijasgWOxzQ4FCfiF4AaABAg","Miss Gee","yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!","4","0","2020-06-08 14:59:07","true",""
"UgwuiqQw41yj_PdLF-t4AaABAg","Kelvin Taylor","Love it","1","0","2020-06-08 14:59:11","true",""
"UgyVEU5SrjEaqxjrHDF4AaABAg","Mike Riley","In the US protestors would be beaten by the cops for considering toppling it over & reporters would have been tear gassed for filming them getting their rocks off.","0","0","2020-06-08 14:59:18","true",""
"UgwpkwYmfg5gXC5yuBV4AaABAg","MsTiff ThaBoss","Ok UK I see you🙏🙏🙏💯💯💯💯","7","1","2020-06-08 14:59:43","true",""
"UgwpkwYmfg5gXC5yuBV4AaABAg.99dvKQTSww-99dxmyx7-oi","Lechiffresix six","whew Chile !","0","","2020-06-08 15:21:14","false",""
"UgxjWHHS0m0SvFbXdMZ4AaABAg","ᴋᴅ","Protesters: Destroy statue of a Edward Colston, a slave trader responsible for the deaths of 84,000 innocent African people, 19,000 of which died on the journey.
Racists: MUH CULTURE 😭😭😭","1","0","2020-06-08 14:59:59","true",""
"UgxHJHEGyBhQ0a4NEUl4AaABAg","cindy o","From the US, Thank You London for standing in solidarity!","25","5","2020-06-08 15:00:14","true",""
"UgxHJHEGyBhQ0a4NEUl4AaABAg.99dvO98IE4B99dwYuTZ48L","Dubjax 30","I was at the protests in London, my daughter was at the protests in Bristol and she saw this statue going into the water first hand, I'm proud of her, and I'm proud to be standing up for you guys.","2","","2020-06-08 15:10:26","false",""
"UgxHJHEGyBhQ0a4NEUl4AaABAg.99dvO98IE4B99e3mLd50pA","Wojtek Czemas","solidarity of what?? thugs and riots?? rethink your life sheep you are destroying your own community","1","","2020-06-08 16:22:19","false",""
"UgxHJHEGyBhQ0a4NEUl4AaABAg.99dvO98IE4B99e74pO8ozO","Alex Fraser","Wojtek Czemas dude. Get a life. I’ve seen you comment multiple time’s on the same post. You’re racist and the idea of solidarity between whites and blacks bothers you, we get it.","2","","2020-06-08 16:51:11","false",""
"UgxHJHEGyBhQ0a4NEUl4AaABAg.99dvO98IE4B99eAbFpTcio","Pete Roc","@Wojtek Czemas Did your mother or father teach you racism?","0","","2020-06-08 17:21:58","false",""
"UgxHJHEGyBhQ0a4NEUl4AaABAg.99dvO98IE4B99eCq4uYpGb","Gina Ballard","@Wojtek Czemas troll","0","","2020-06-08 17:41:28","false",""
"UgxoL3s0TsuS1TeUgdV4AaABAg","yallahs mint TV channel","England will pay retribution one way or the other for what it did two people for hundred years we know your history and you know our history we will never forget what you did the chicken are coming home to roost be ready no sympathy for thousands of years the Redcoat March all over this planet Robin looting murdering for one small percentage of the planet population and they are the victims LOL the most high God never was sleeping","1","0","2020-06-08 15:00:15","true",""
"UgyhNVR8KZGHrDGbfOJ4AaABAg","Aloyce Kiwia","Trump's gonna be mad as hell.!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:00:25","true",""
"UgzcCo9qWLVZWTWC10N4AaABAg","Jah Hebrew","I’m so optimistic about what I’m seeing in the UK , here in the US and other countries around the world. Not only We have the worlds attention this time, but they’re listening and responding in solidarity. Let’s make George Floyd the one and last one! RISE UP MY BLACK PEOPLE. The time is NOW!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:00:25","true",""
"UgzBeyEnqFi68RgaCiZ4AaABAg","Gordon Thomas BAILEY","History is their to remind us of our mistakes.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:00:31","true",""
"UgygMd_p_q1PW9hABgp4AaABAg","Res Teras","He was known for charity, builded schools, hospitals, churches, universities.
All USA founding fathers were slave traders.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:00:38","true",""
"Ugy6l2D8W_Fy7CgLBcl4AaABAg","Crazy Asian","This is culture revolution in the west.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:00:42","true",""
"Ugxu7_7z0H3nYK793DB4AaABAg","Man Xue","UK is more progressive than us smh","0","0","2020-06-08 15:00:43","true",""
"UgzGY8Ym75XgdDwn4t54AaABAg","Respect Knuckles","Never show your face sista! You at war!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:00:44","true",""
"UgxpjIkimdy2jk0ac194AaABAg","Lechiffresix six","i hope China is taking notes. unity in numbers. dismantle the CCP party where every politician looks like a deep fake","0","0","2020-06-08 15:00:48","true",""
Pay close attention to the Countries and Islands that have joined us in this fight. Where past and present Presidents have built walls between us and some of these outside Nations, begin to build bridges and if there are already bridges, build highways (figuratively).
On the other hand, I don't condone vandalism and riots within and outside of our Country! Period. That's counter- productive.","0","1","2020-06-08 15:00:49","true",""
"UgylMcXpLawJ94Z1x-R4AaABAg.99dvSRwjCng99dwbuJ5qVx","1G3001","Bringing in 680 Million Third World uneducated Unemployed immigrants to a 330,000,000 population is not building bridges. It’s an invasion to destroy the Middle Class.","0","","2020-06-08 15:10:59","false",""
"Ugz2H8arC4QNU7-BBql4AaABAg","V Drake","Out of the mouth of babes... I love it. She is a black woman who made a different.  Black Lives Matter... around the world!","1","0","2020-06-08 15:01:09","true",""
"UgzG-pu_NIsV-eJ4d8V4AaABAg","Mr Hard Apple","The amount of stupid comments here is astounding","0","0","2020-06-08 15:01:11","true",""
"UgzFrv6WLMy2gwzYqYt4AaABAg","Pamela Goode","To all protesters from around the world THANK U much luv ❤💛💙💜💚 from America 🇺🇸 🙏💪✊🎉🎊😀","82","3","2020-06-08 15:01:19","true",""
"UgzFrv6WLMy2gwzYqYt4AaABAg.99dvW5viPNY99dwfeiXgu9","Dubjax 30","I was at the protests in London, my daughter was at the protests in Bristol and she saw this statue going into the water first hand, I'm proud of her, and I'm proud to be standing up for you guys. Stay strong","10","","2020-06-08 15:11:29","false",""
"UgzFrv6WLMy2gwzYqYt4AaABAg.99dvW5viPNY99eAGtOPcs8","Pete Roc","Thank yu!!!!","2","","2020-06-08 17:19:03","false",""
"UgzFrv6WLMy2gwzYqYt4AaABAg.99dvW5viPNY99eBXcjwlkL","Mot Doai","K","0","","2020-06-08 17:30:04","false",""
"UgzVn20i-NAE2YLtLgB4AaABAg.99dvWpPvnwa99eAn-MgGep","Pete Roc","❤","0","","2020-06-08 17:23:34","false",""
"UgxKwsMszkDMJ3e754t4AaABAg","brain plumber","The next one to be dump into the river will be Trump..","8","2","2020-06-08 15:01:27","true",""
"UgxKwsMszkDMJ3e754t4AaABAg.99dvX4bTrkk99dwMZTQSZ0","1G3001","Getting all of those Black Unemployment numbers down before the Plandemic.","0","","2020-06-08 15:08:45","false",""
"UgxKwsMszkDMJ3e754t4AaABAg.99dvX4bTrkk99dyzTQNAk-","Eugene Sant","Over your dead body.","0","","2020-06-08 15:31:40","false",""
"UgzmySpsjgS0ZHYgSQF4AaABAg","Jeff Roberts","Remember the pendulum metaphor. Our species is evolving right now. Evolution takes time and patience. Let us continue swinging the way we are and hopefully, we will never find ourselves back here again. I think we can do it. We are sapient sapiens after all. Stay safe. Stay calm.♥","0","1","2020-06-08 15:01:30","true",""
"UgzmySpsjgS0ZHYgSQF4AaABAg.99dvXSTq--399dwGg06WnL","1G3001","U sound like a conceited arrogant dude. Just my 2 cents. 🤷‍♂️ Tenured Humanities Professor?","0","","2020-06-08 15:07:57","false",""
"Ugyc9HchmZDXack6ODZ4AaABAg","Jiado","A slave trader in the Atlantic. Poetic justice.","1","0","2020-06-08 15:01:33","true",""
"UgxsSUUoR96UGJh5hVt4AaABAg","David Barr","What will happen when they lute Buckingham Palace there intititled to under Magna Carta","0","0","2020-06-08 15:01:40","true",""
"UgwngPczL83BnKLZLpJ4AaABAg","Jay banks","i don't really like BLM but this time I'm actually glad the wrecked this time","1","0","2020-06-08 15:01:48","true",""
"UgyTjnDcqj1cOMo_U9J4AaABAg","Aron Toulouse","That is big. For UK folk that is big. 🙏","0","0","2020-06-08 15:02:03","true",""
"UgzUKydesZf7yaK36Q94AaABAg","Tom Sall","They are very racist and they would never change this people are devil's","0","0","2020-06-08 15:02:09","true",""
"UgxNv7zngItbySqeGE94AaABAg","miceley","It has begun","0","0","2020-06-08 15:02:11","true",""
"UgzOh0NMRBYNuoKcILx4AaABAg","Ordinary Mo","When there are no reminders of the atrocities of our past, we are doomed to repeat the past.","2","4","2020-06-08 15:02:12","true",""
"UgzOh0NMRBYNuoKcILx4AaABAg.99dvb_SrIAT99dwAz7abOs","Iqra 96","There are books you can read about the past.","0","","2020-06-08 15:07:10","false",""
"UgzOh0NMRBYNuoKcILx4AaABAg.99dvb_SrIAT99dxCK5LV2d","Dubjax 30","Not true, in Germany there are no statues of Hitler, he has been relegated to the history books, but he will never be forgotten and what he did will never be forgotten, people will always learn about his evil, a bit like trump really","3","","2020-06-08 15:16:05","false",""
"UgzOh0NMRBYNuoKcILx4AaABAg.99dvb_SrIAT99e10Fwt5Hn","Isthisjustfantasy 75","It'll still exist in history books and records. We don't need statues glorifying monsters to remember the evil they do.","0","","2020-06-08 15:58:08","false",""
"UgzOh0NMRBYNuoKcILx4AaABAg.99dvb_SrIAT99e4eUvQcbQ","Conall Ross","Ordinary Mo this is such a lame excuse to say you’re sad that a statue of a slave trader got torn down. You act as if the information is not very easily available through books, museums and uhhh... oh right, this funny thing called the Internet. Statues are commemorative, they glorify people. He was a horrendous man who deserved the end that the statue in honour of him got.","0","","2020-06-08 16:29:59","false",""
"UgzsioI5iqUCdRKClK54AaABAg","D Angelo","That’s awe full how the would destroy such a good statue of such a good person he traded slaves to good homes such a shame . Shame on you protesters and media","0","0","2020-06-08 15:02:13","true",""
"Ugz334DUmn4Y5kmaR8J4AaABAg","Victor Keith","United States should do the same thing instead of keeping them up","110","14","2020-06-08 15:02:16","true",""
"Ugz334DUmn4Y5kmaR8J4AaABAg.99dvc4PWBrz99e8YCnz1fu","michael anthony","Half of them still love those guys.","8","","2020-06-08 17:03:56","false",""
"Ugz334DUmn4Y5kmaR8J4AaABAg.99dvc4PWBrz99e9AutlWS3","alonzo williams","@michael anthony yeah this true sadly 😔  that why it still up","4","","2020-06-08 17:09:29","false",""
"Ugz334DUmn4Y5kmaR8J4AaABAg.99dvc4PWBrz99eA7pywAgD","blendedtonesable","There have been about 2 so far since thus new protest. The problem is. Gun toting radicals will show up the deeper you go into the south. Let's just say it WILL get bloody.","3","","2020-06-08 17:17:49","false",""
"Ugz334DUmn4Y5kmaR8J4AaABAg.99dvc4PWBrz99eAOJs6LY1","KnowledgeTree","Yes... It's embedded here too badly!","1","","2020-06-08 17:20:04","false",""
"Ugz334DUmn4Y5kmaR8J4AaABAg.99dvc4PWBrz99eAW-_LniX","A S","And some cities this have been done. My city is of them city officials","4","","2020-06-08 17:21:07","false",""
"Ugz334DUmn4Y5kmaR8J4AaABAg.99dvc4PWBrz99eBVYR8m94","Kurmi Nachle","They should stop with renaming Columbus Day into Amerindian Holocaust day.","1","","2020-06-08 17:29:47","false",""
"Ugz334DUmn4Y5kmaR8J4AaABAg.99dvc4PWBrz99eBlbUvvH5","Eric Wilsey","We are trying. But conservative white supremacists are upset because those statues of slave owners are their personal and historical icons. The rest of America wants them gone.","4","","2020-06-08 17:32:07","false",""
"Ugz334DUmn4Y5kmaR8J4AaABAg.99dvc4PWBrz99eC8fJCRCD","CherBear","We are..have been for a few years but those damn southern states insist on hanging on to their heroes..a few went down this past week that confederate flag????","1","","2020-06-08 17:35:24","false",""
"Ugz334DUmn4Y5kmaR8J4AaABAg.99dvc4PWBrz99eC9nbhJvk","Zr0Md0","supposedly the Christopher columbus statue in Boston got vandalized..","0","","2020-06-08 17:35:33","false",""
"Ugz334DUmn4Y5kmaR8J4AaABAg.99dvc4PWBrz99eCGaDXDee","CherBear","@Kurmi Nachle some states have done that and I believe it's called national indigenous day..??","1","","2020-06-08 17:36:29","false",""
"Ugz334DUmn4Y5kmaR8J4AaABAg.99dvc4PWBrz99eCpnikYx3","Kelly Wild","Kurmi Nachle where I live in the us it’s now called indigenous peoples day.","1","","2020-06-08 17:41:25","false",""
"Ugz334DUmn4Y5kmaR8J4AaABAg.99dvc4PWBrz99eD2umGUx8","Angie B","America is ass's definitely not as progressive thinking as the UK. This country is a mockery.","0","","2020-06-08 17:43:21","false",""
"Ugz334DUmn4Y5kmaR8J4AaABAg.99dvc4PWBrz99eDm6ZtrpJ","Super Tramp","Melt all those less than a hundred year old statues that are not at all vital to American history and make monuments to remember slavery for what it was. Those statues were put up as political propaganda during the Jim Crow era. They are not ancient by any means and they have no historical value. 1619 the first slaves arrived near Point Comfort Virginia in the then British Colonies. That means it’s been 400+1 years of systemic injustice to date.","1","","2020-06-08 17:49:40","false",""
"Ugz334DUmn4Y5kmaR8J4AaABAg.99dvc4PWBrz99eTgLhUzm2","Victor Keith","Being a full blooded Native American in my country has no meaning to the white man. I guy I worked with was yelling at a Mexican to speak  American your in America. So I said hell yeah! When are you going to learn the real American language. All the native tribes. I got no response, just silence and Mexican friends laughter.","0","","2020-06-08 20:08:41","false",""
"UgwrCwr_pk-qTBbTdiZ4AaABAg","Thomas Sankara","I love that. Colston was a murderer. The next question now who put that statue at the first place.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:02:23","true",""
"UgzPx3GBdzkwRSp7G7d4AaABAg","Ceylon","To everyone across the pond, this African American Navy Veteran lady want to say, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I AM IN TEARS BY WATCHING THIS AND I LOVE YOU YALL SO MUCH!✊🏾❤","0","0","2020-06-08 15:02:33","true",""
"UgzMmxZHpoeMDx68gN54AaABAg","fantastic 4","Police all over the world should follow Hong Kong police who have shown restrain and good attitude","0","0","2020-06-08 15:02:39","true",""
"UgzIM5rGyTvlEnrR-wt4AaABAg","Shawn Reed","I was born in African and now live and join the military in America. Dose that make me African-American?","0","0","2020-06-08 15:02:40","true",""
"Ugyq9jOMGXdVyWFmp6h4AaABAg","G Mercer","Should have recycled all that bronze! Better use for it than throwing it in the river.  Good to see one more slave trader statue taken down. GOOD.  Finally.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:02:41","true",""
"UgxKVQw7KfQkGYXLO9F4AaABAg","Mark Erick","18?!!! Oh my God what am I doing to my life","0","0","2020-06-08 15:02:48","true",""
"UgzItjmBUtVOl31tIZp4AaABAg","Ruben Gutierrez","The police were getting that work in England, yo!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:02:52","true",""
"Ugxuct_kELHMJzBJZbp4AaABAg","Arthur Moore","Hello people hello world this is Mississippi report I ain't God it's time for people to wake up and stop talkin on news and start putting in action because these white supremacist across the globe have no respect no conscious for us as blacks and minorities different race if you're not white white hair blue eyes and believe in Satan and claim that you are Kristen a white good-hearted playful Christian white womens and white men you all Ella IRS and you ain't nothing but devils it's time for this whole entire world to open their ass and change is coming for all keep the faith keep the belief God have all powers and may God keep us in here blessings and prayers","1","0","2020-06-08 15:02:57","true",""
"UgwkppHx8eVq9rzTt7t4AaABAg","Doloww 12","☮️✝️💟🌏🌞🌈🙏🏾","1","0","2020-06-08 15:03:10","true",""
"UgwUtmxKdmVqmlXpltV4AaABAg","krishna murthy","So how many people are going to get coronavirus now.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:03:11","true",""
"UgyeRMKRSto0280R_sZ4AaABAg","Nonoto Chisho","Stay Home, stay Safe. British Life Matter.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:03:19","true",""
"UgwUERNXduoRnfImN7N4AaABAg","Rodell Williams","Awesome!","1","0","2020-06-08 15:03:20","true",""
"UgxGyrZ7omgcFJCWGJt4AaABAg","Arthur Moore","She will have the American black people support I promise you that no worries sweetheart","2","0","2020-06-08 15:03:24","true",""
"UgxHAmKf_SQf6mwM1c54AaABAg","J J","Did they sprinkle a little crack cocaine on him too?","0","0","2020-06-08 15:03:26","true",""
"UgzjkW27HExwgygbyBp4AaABAg","Star Stella","5:54 Who whispered and what the hell did they say?!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:03:27","true",""
"Ugz1zIsB-VONpcHq4HR4AaABAg","Bigman Mansaray","Nyc is all I gotta say","0","0","2020-06-08 15:03:30","true",""
"Ugy5AzlPmRPEAwgiLIN4AaABAg","chen boya","It is shamed that Bristol people built the statue for a slave trader.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:03:30","true",""
"UgwbuRr0vmvaRQfEDUB4AaABAg","Ivy","Countries all over the world get it but the US still doesn't get it.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:03:33","true",""
"Ugx0M2hzBuTicqeOd9x4AaABAg","Andrew Potter","way to go CNN,attempting to rewrite History,and promoting Anarchy and  violence .Well done ,you complete shits!","1","0","2020-06-08 15:03:39","true",""
"Ugzl18Yu1QupOhtYXW14AaABAg","1G3001","Russia gate didn’t work. “Virus” didn’t work. So now back to racism again.","1","1","2020-06-08 15:03:39","true",""
"Ugzl18Yu1QupOhtYXW14AaABAg.99dvm9m4dzk99dwEYOe1A7","Dubjax 30","?","0","","2020-06-08 15:07:39","false",""
"UgwLAdY4weaE0WBr1WN4AaABAg","John Blake","STOP THE VIOLENCE","0","0","2020-06-08 15:03:40","true",""
"Ugx653nHC3WRlIJ1t814AaABAg","G Q","From Louisiana, US, Great to see and a great message sent!","96","14","2020-06-08 15:03:45","true",""
"Ugx653nHC3WRlIJ1t814AaABAg.99dvmurwTL_99dwSuX-9wM","Dubjax 30","I was at the protests in London, my daughter was at the protests in Bristol, and she saw this statue going into the water first hand, I'm proud of her, and I'm proud to be standing up for you guys.","15","","2020-06-08 15:09:37","false",""
"Ugx653nHC3WRlIJ1t814AaABAg.99dvmurwTL_99e8T3ip3Vt","Christopher Jennings","@Dubjax 30 
You’re proud your daughter witnessed a crime being committed, wow","2","","2020-06-08 17:03:14","false",""
"Ugx653nHC3WRlIJ1t814AaABAg.99dvmurwTL_99e9KOOyacY","G Wills","@Christopher Jennings thanks for sharing your low IQ racisim. Did you get the attention you wanted? Now, back in the hole with the rest of ya - the adults are building a better world","8","","2020-06-08 17:10:47","false",""
"Ugx653nHC3WRlIJ1t814AaABAg.99dvmurwTL_99e9QJVwrUs","Dubjax 30","@Christopher Jennings NO, I'm proud my daughter saw the right thing being done.","8","","2020-06-08 17:11:36","false",""
"Ugx653nHC3WRlIJ1t814AaABAg.99dvmurwTL_99e9aFQyGjw","Christopher Jennings","@G Wills 
What have I said that’s racist? If committing acts of vandalism is mature and the future, god help us all","2","","2020-06-08 17:13:05","false",""
"Ugx653nHC3WRlIJ1t814AaABAg.99dvmurwTL_99e9s03mJzI","Christopher Jennings","@Dubjax 30 
There is nothing right about a handful of hard left anarchists hijacking peaceful protests to cause damage to public property.

Martin Luther King faced violence from the police but never did he or his activists commit violence to achieve equal rights. Witnessing that is something to be proud of, not violence.","2","","2020-06-08 17:15:31","false",""
"Ugx653nHC3WRlIJ1t814AaABAg.99dvmurwTL_99eATmyJWZS","CTS 2.0","G Wills - Christopher didn’t make a racist remark? It’s criminal damage.","1","","2020-06-08 17:20:48","false",""
"Ugx653nHC3WRlIJ1t814AaABAg.99dvmurwTL_99eCATHV_on","Jordan Bracey","Christopher Jennings didn’t the US vandalize during the Boston Tea Party? And don’t try to use MLK as an example, he was assassinated trying to do the right thing. No matter if black people protest violently or peacefully, it’s wrong.","2","","2020-06-08 17:35:39","false",""
"Ugx653nHC3WRlIJ1t814AaABAg.99dvmurwTL_99eCIm7Fq9J","Micky Cripplejohn","@Christopher Jennings What is hard left about tearing down a statue of a slave trader?  The locals have been petitioning the council for years just to put a plaque on the statue explaining who the guy was.  The council refused every time, so the locals took care of it.","2","","2020-06-08 17:36:47","false",""
"Ugx653nHC3WRlIJ1t814AaABAg.99dvmurwTL_99eCJyEwkth","Micky Cripplejohn","@CTS 2.0 oh, boo hoo","1","","2020-06-08 17:36:56","false",""
"Ugx653nHC3WRlIJ1t814AaABAg.99dvmurwTL_99eCjD0T5ge","Micky Cripplejohn","@Christopher Jennings If you want to see the statue, it's only a couple of quid for a snorkel.","1","","2020-06-08 17:40:31","false",""
"Ugx653nHC3WRlIJ1t814AaABAg.99dvmurwTL_99eD4mBtfpo","adriana lainez","Andrew Jackson in the center of New Orleans needs to come down.  He owned slaves and beat them himself proudly. He broke all the treaties with Native Americans and was responsible for their removal east of the Mississippi where thousands died on the trip on foot.","1","","2020-06-08 17:43:36","false",""
"Ugx653nHC3WRlIJ1t814AaABAg.99dvmurwTL_99eDFZtNEvW","Christopher Jennings","@Micky Cripplejohn 
It is no secret that a handful of hard left anarchists have hijacked peaceful anti racism protests. The hard left frequently support and commit acts of violence.

A petition from just 2% of the town’s population is hardly representative of “the locals”. You are legitimising mob rule in a country that is a representative democracy. The democratically elected council base their decisions on what ALL their constituents think, not what a HANDFUL of people think.

If just 2% of the British public think Mohandas Gandhi’s statue should be removed because of his racist views towards black people but they get ignored, does that give these people the right to commit vandalism? Nowhere is it legal to commit violence, hence why laws like the 1st amendment of the constitution provide “the right of the people peaceably to assemble”.","0","","2020-06-08 17:45:05","false",""
"Ugx653nHC3WRlIJ1t814AaABAg.99dvmurwTL_99eDrB2opjE","xvx xvx","@Christopher Jennings The only crime was to keep the statue there. Edward Colston was a slave trader. Colston was a member of the Royal African Company, which transported about 80,000 men, women and children from Africa to the Americas.","0","","2020-06-08 17:50:21","false",""
"UgxexPNeH5wes8y-LUZ4AaABAg","Kiki LaRue","Would have liked more history on who the statue was. I didn't even get his name.","0","1","2020-06-08 15:03:46","true",""
"UgxexPNeH5wes8y-LUZ4AaABAg.99dvn3wb6Rl99dvzD0vgDk","Gulliver the Gullible","Colston","0","","2020-06-08 15:05:25","false",""
"Ugyiph6MKhzRFf3TOll4AaABAg","D T","A couple thousands years later, that status will be found and put in the museum as a great figure of the time. People should scrap the metal. Just saying","38","4","2020-06-08 15:04:05","true",""
"Ugyiph6MKhzRFf3TOll4AaABAg.99dvpKtoRR_99eAnreuwc9","Shirley Brown","Lol.... for real😂","1","","2020-06-08 17:23:41","false",""
"Ugyiph6MKhzRFf3TOll4AaABAg.99dvpKtoRR_99eBe6v03Rl","AVM3798","Dont worry the statue is planned to be put back by social workers","1","","2020-06-08 17:31:05","false",""
"Ugyiph6MKhzRFf3TOll4AaABAg.99dvpKtoRR_99eBx_zi-oY","CherBear","Nah..officials will pull it up clean it and put in a museum..prob in the next month or so..","0","","2020-06-08 17:33:45","false",""
"Ugyiph6MKhzRFf3TOll4AaABAg.99dvpKtoRR_99eC_I1rVCl","Stuart oliver","I'm tempted to go get it it'll sell for a fortune after this","0","","2020-06-08 17:39:10","false",""
"UgwU-txa4Eq-AjdhmX94AaABAg","Dee Jay","STOP RACISUM, AND THIS WILL STOP","0","0","2020-06-08 15:04:06","true",""
"UgyT_HpaJ31-Q0Loi9F4AaABAg","In 4it","Finally!! the world is fixing it's mistake faster..... don't need any debate...evil is evil!
Love, Compassion and forgiveness ... life will be wonderful!!!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:04:12","true",""
"Ugwuj5nNwR4mvbQgcIV4AaABAg","get a life !!!","Next! Real and alive racists! It's time we throw and drown them into the river!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:04:14","true",""
"Ugw2WSJWFJHL86c3Km94AaABAg","Colin T","Canada - ....and America can't even pass an Anti lynching law. Speaks volumes !.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:04:15","true",""
"UgzCzZujMWkkNn9eaYJ4AaABAg","1반송용봉투","🧐😦😧🙄🤦‍♀️🤣🤣🤣🤣","0","0","2020-06-08 15:04:23","true",""
"Ugwgy06WX7PXfn-8Oqd4AaABAg","Blinding Cloud","""Shouldn't all the Democrats be taken down, since they were the slave owners and they also started the KKK?"" *Why is Democracy now mentioned a single time in the Constitution?*","0","0","2020-06-08 15:04:28","true",""
"UgwVAP9spPMtndIq0g54AaABAg","Aten X Ra","It's not a black or white issue it's a people issue 👁","0","0","2020-06-08 15:04:36","true",""
"UgydlCxxPCPN42gLos14AaABAg","okajaki fragment","Alright, now give us back our kohinoor diamond","0","0","2020-06-08 15:04:40","true",""
"UgwZTDFquypymTQFSUR4AaABAg","Diddy Doodat","2020 and they had to walk by something like this? Good riddance.","24","0","2020-06-08 15:04:43","true",""
"Ugx6hs8k63Doux4-ZZt4AaABAg","mutiso mbuvi","God bless y'all folks from other races who are taking action. Us black people appreciate you. Be very proud of yourselves because you are on the right side of history.#B.L.M","0","0","2020-06-08 15:04:48","true",""
"UgyyEXXETDQpdOsfQEd4AaABAg","Marquis Tidwell","Wow. This is what we needed, it's worldwide because it's a problem worldwide. We need systematic change and this could actually be a step in the right direction. Now it's time for governments and agencies to respond with actual legislation and policy changes.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:04:50","true",""
"UgyG5L1dmFzO3ZG6Yhl4AaABAg","Kubie Q","How many of those people were slaves?  Zero. So what is this about?  Is it about removing history?","0","0","2020-06-08 15:04:53","true",""
"UgwZWo34tNEbJWIEs9x4AaABAg","Frik Nel","The statue is gone. But it is still in the history books. Still part of the history of your country. Forever captured. What is next in line?","0","0","2020-06-08 15:04:56","true",""
"UgzoNx_i0ODVkeE8bo54AaABAg","alex seioo","America, a beacon of racism.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:04:58","true",""
"UgyI51DX8etfyUTSE7t4AaABAg","John O","Next the statues of the slaver George Washington!","1","1","2020-06-08 15:05:04","true",""
"UgyI51DX8etfyUTSE7t4AaABAg.99dvwcHNILX99e9CfU-PW0","Vidicul !","John O no, he was our first president. Even if he had slaves, it was considered the norm back then, kinda like phones nowadays if you know what I mean. We should respect Washington because America wouldn’t be America without him.","0","","2020-06-08 17:09:44","false",""
"UgxAKTshUhxuKODpGyZ4AaABAg","Lilya A","Amazing , good job british people !!","11","1","2020-06-08 15:05:08","true",""
"UgxAKTshUhxuKODpGyZ4AaABAg.99dvx1mKdKL99dxHihchse","Dubjax 30","I was at the protests in London, my daughter was at the protests in Bristol and she saw this statue going into the water first hand, I'm proud of her, and I'm proud to be standing up for you guys. Stay strong","1","","2020-06-08 15:16:49","false",""
"UgxTnFMtPdyyxFATAZh4AaABAg","Dirt Ball","Tear down statues of Martin Luther king. He liked to beat hookers with a belt in motel rooms. In fact, he was caught beating up a ho right before Lee oswald put a cap in his empty head 😁. King was a known beta male woman beater with an inferiority complex.  But now we still have to look at his ugly face on the sides of buses and on statues","0","0","2020-06-08 15:05:12","true",""
"UgyWOMReXNLHawmWp-N4AaABAg","Talking ape on giant ball flying through space","THe liberals are destroying my country. My heart is bleeding. This is only the beginning of the end.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:05:13","true",""
"Ugwzx7Gp2OOPT-qUJBF4AaABAg","Kattz Jackson","Libya is selling the blacks still or China","0","0","2020-06-08 15:05:17","true",""
"UgxGweBOulklcvh6BPJ4AaABAg","Thomas Felder","People forget that slavery,segregation, and racism has killed way more people than this virus! This covid 19 virus is real, but the numbers are not!","1","1","2020-06-08 15:05:19","true",""
"UgxGweBOulklcvh6BPJ4AaABAg.99dvyMOmXI299dwNhRR-WH","Zach Payne","Absolutely! They are in fact MUCH higher than reported.","0","","2020-06-08 15:08:54","false",""
"Ugw6HOnJPU2wh5UZlH94AaABAg","alicia burney","❗☝🏾❗💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❗😎","0","0","2020-06-08 15:05:22","true",""
"UgyO0Vk-4lUm8-79FUx4AaABAg","LIZARD CHOSIMBA STEDANKO","We need to follow their example!","53","5","2020-06-08 15:05:35","true",""
"UgyO0Vk-4lUm8-79FUx4AaABAg.99dw-Mc0_Zf99e596RURk5","ram rod","""Shoot the moon!""","2","","2020-06-08 16:34:18","false",""
"UgyO0Vk-4lUm8-79FUx4AaABAg.99dw-Mc0_Zf99e5t8bna6o","rolback","LIZARD CHOSIMBA STEDENKO Yes all the racist, pro slavery Democrat statues should be torn down. And put in place a statue of freedom/equality for all Republican statue.","1","","2020-06-08 16:40:43","false",""
"UgyO0Vk-4lUm8-79FUx4AaABAg.99dw-Mc0_Zf99e7WDobVBo","Big Mac","@rolback stone mountain","0","","2020-06-08 16:54:55","false",""
"UgyO0Vk-4lUm8-79FUx4AaABAg.99dw-Mc0_Zf99eEYRjkSnC","LIZARD CHOSIMBA STEDANKO","@ram rod 😂😂😂😂","0","","2020-06-08 17:56:24","false",""
"UgyO0Vk-4lUm8-79FUx4AaABAg.99dw-Mc0_Zf99eEhimRnq-","Super Tramp","rolback yes pro-freedom republicans who switched to democrats in the 60’s and 70’s when republicans took all the racist the dems got rid of.Well said.","0","","2020-06-08 17:57:48","false",""
"UgzdvLXtrn-_m1GOKO54AaABAg","L Jeans","The Brits are a riot 😂😂😂","3","0","2020-06-08 15:05:41","true",""
"UgzPtWCkIJN8GE9mZh54AaABAg","Janeth Cruz","👏👏👏👏👏👏👏","1","0","2020-06-08 15:05:41","true",""
"UgworGnawaCH4s6etat4AaABAg","rhinoict","The statue fit the description of someone who committed a crime in that area, and when questioned they refused to provide identification and refused to answer any questions and did not comply with civil law enforcement.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:05:55","true",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg","PROUD AFRICAN","And most of them were white. Shows you that even white people with a conscious are sick and tired of the evil that comes from the system/religion of white supremacy","504","69","2020-06-08 15:06:01","true",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99dyIanJJ_D","peter nicholson","Yes lots of us have a conscience.","51","","2020-06-08 15:25:41","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99dzReQTL8r","Joel Richardson","Bristol is actually a very progressive city with little cultural division, I dont think anyone believes that white supremacy is still a thing in the uk however this statue was a reminder of people that did think that which is why it was taken down like that to show bristol is progressive rather than to change the system in bristol","16","","2020-06-08 15:35:39","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99e-0Pm7jR1","Rose Vassiliou","It's not about having a conscious it's about what is right in this day and age rascism should not EXIST not just for black people but for anyone its disgraceful and evil there are good people and there are bad people in every nation and when we are all united look what we can achieve only one race the HUMAN RACE","37","","2020-06-08 15:40:41","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99e-x7F1qAM","peter nicholson","@Dave Seddon I believe I am conscious and have a conscience lol.","4","","2020-06-08 15:48:50","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99e03OcUWCg","Dave Seddon","In 1807 the UK abolished the slave trade. As far as I know _only_ white men were involved in this endeavour.","14","","2020-06-08 15:49:49","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99e0pTgmob3","peter nicholson","@Dave SeddonWe shouldn't forget black men were still selling other black men into slavery long after that date.","14","","2020-06-08 15:56:31","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99e1qDGpr2F","Teresa Nelson","My husbands grandfather was taken off the dalmatian coast at 12 or 14 yrs of age and made to work on ship for the same amount of years before he was able to go to Ellis Island. You may consider him 'white', no idea. They gave him the name Nelson. He went to Michigan and worked as a lumberjack before he was given a piece of land to farm to keep. He chose to stay in the U.S. when his uncle found him.","7","","2020-06-08 16:05:22","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99e1zY-V7Cx","Jim G","Indeed👍👍🏾","2","","2020-06-08 16:06:38","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99e4PhnuxHK","Ryze Gaming","@peter nicholson no africans thought that these Americans were keeping them for a better life they didn't know they were doing slaverly and labor for free that's why africans stopped trading but then white people started forcefully taking them put them on a boat where some dead made them do labor stop trying to blame africans for cruel treatment","9","","2020-06-08 16:27:49","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99e5hKLWnW4","Daniel","Slavery still exists in Africa and guess what? The slavers are not white","9","","2020-06-08 16:39:06","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99e5malF2tg","Rashaan Smalls","I’m glad to see that✊🏾","2","","2020-06-08 16:39:49","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99e5xfIzYEA","peter nicholson","@Ryze Gaming Sorry pal that's gibberish..I'm 100% anti slavery but come on  slavery goes back thousands of years all over the world white black brown yellow have all enslaved and it still exists in some African countries like Mauretania.Do some research..","10","","2020-06-08 16:41:20","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99e61PzaAWd","Cayak Dawson","Skin should never matter. Anyone with Heart, Mind, and Integrity for there fellow neighbor are the ones suck and tired of the same tragedies.","6","","2020-06-08 16:41:59","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99e6CHcY7m1","Haider Latif","Lol Africans couldn't stop slavery so all they can do is tear down statues well done","3","","2020-06-08 16:43:28","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99e6YLCcusn","rolback","PROUD AFRICAN Well the Republicans were sick of it way back in the 1850s. But the racist, pro slavery, nation dividing, voter suppressing, pro segregation, Jim Crowe law, KKK founding Democrats still haven’t given up their white supremacy.","6","","2020-06-08 16:46:28","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99e6biqTC38","Jim G","@Daniel Who told you that lol😂. You would rather have gone for the normal propaganda aka Poverty,War,bla bla blah","0","","2020-06-08 16:47:04","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99e6kb5SrZt","Tim Perry","@Dave Seddon They didn't abolish slavery because they thought it was horrible. They abolished it because they knew it would harm the other empires a lot more. 
Britain had colonies filled with the king's subjects to produce natural resources and millions of peasants back home to produce goods from those materials.
They also didn't mind buying cotton from the southern states prior to the US civil war. When that supply dried up they demanded that Indian farmers grow cotton instead of food. That led to a famine in India.
Please don't try to make the British Empire out to be the good guy. Everything they did was motivated by greed and thirst for more power.","4","","2020-06-08 16:48:17","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99e78kax0go","InfoZone","@Dave Seddon False. Nigerian tribal leaders forced the queen to outlaw slavery. The Brits needed palm oil from there for their machinery so they agreed to the terms.","2","","2020-06-08 16:51:43","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99e7RS7tSry","Claire Wright","@Tim Perry I think you'll find that an English man called William Wilberforce led the bill to abolish slavery, but it took many years. His mentor was John Newton, a former slave trader who became a Christian and turned his back on his old life, and later composed the hymn Amazing Grace.","2","","2020-06-08 16:54:16","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99e7tHWCMh9","FOG TOWN","They just tryin to gain brownie points & stay away from gettin they ass beat","0","","2020-06-08 16:58:13","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99e8AgOuq1r","Marvin Randich","@Daniel the only place I have heard of slavery in Africa is in Libya, and those are Arabs...similar to what is happening in the Middle Est","1","","2020-06-08 17:00:43","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99e8d9oTxnz","Jimmy Jazz","@rolback I'll bet you believe Nazis were left wing too. Your days are numbered white supremacist scuzz.","1","","2020-06-08 17:04:45","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99e8g4-aNsc","Eddie P","One should NOT feel guilt for what they are.... no matter the color.... I'm neither black or white... but somewhere in the middle. Being a racist is on the individual. Pointing out (especially thru violence) being ""black"" or ""white"" is being racist in and of itself. It's not about George Floyd anymore. The message has since long been destroyed when the first thug-looter-opportunist ruined ""the cause"".","3","","2020-06-08 17:05:09","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99e9HQzliNM","Rushery AikKO","Aka the trump administration","0","","2020-06-08 17:10:23","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eAEq0w6G6","Rose Vassiliou","@Eddie P well said my friend 100  %","1","","2020-06-08 17:18:46","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eANjU7QDE","r.domanovic","This same energy is needed in places like Saudi Arabia where slave trades still exist!","0","","2020-06-08 17:19:59","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eAW-1H_ec","Ryze Gaming","@Daniel no that's not true u never been there","0","","2020-06-08 17:21:06","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eAbAt0i96","Zaza Kuratashvili","I am reading the comments but do not see the understanding of reality at all. The ellections are coming, and this is the way in US for democrata to win against Republicans, and trust neither or care about blacks, whites, browns or yellows, they care only about their pocket","0","","2020-06-08 17:21:57","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eAgTnY4nr","Zane1004","Yes, the conscious ones are loot buildings and take whatever tf they want, WHILE the real conscious ones are at home","1","","2020-06-08 17:22:41","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eAxctBEJk","Joanne Battersby","PROUD AFRICAN slavery is alive and well world wide still. The slave trade in the Caribbean ate up all kinds of captured Irish, Scots , and Brits also - the average time until death was 3-6 months. In the Caribbean it is hard to find a match for bone marrow transplant because so many races of mankind were enslaved there- from the Indiginous People who were  enslaved first and became extinct to East Asians , the Irish and Scots and Northern English, Cornwall and Wales, and the African Nations. It is so horrible that so many men, women, and children are still enslaved and indentured in every nation. We can begin with sexual slavery that is present in every nation. Women working in nail salons are indentured and if you have your nails done in certain salons you are supporting indentured slavery. God help us. This from an Athiest,","1","","2020-06-08 17:25:01","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eBO7q78et","Eddie P","@Rushery AikKO - Sorry brother. It's not Trump or his administration. ""Hate"" won't fix anything. We have to FIRST look within ourselves. On a personal level, I can't STOP another person (no matter the color) from HATING on ME... that's THEIR PROBLEM. I treat those as I want to be treated. Easier said than done... I know.
- Denzel Washington speaks out: Don’t ‘blame the system’ for black incarceration, ‘it starts at home’
- Denzel Washington: ""It's not color, it's culture.""","1","","2020-06-08 17:28:46","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eBOqwkm2P","Logan Skiwyse","@Dave Seddon Doubtful.  But you might need some history here to understand.   First you have to realize just how old the slave trade is.  It predates EVERY known empire in the world and existed in every society world wide including those that had absolutely no contact with each other.  Second, it's still happening in the UK, US and really everywhere to this day.  Between domestic ""servants"" and the sex trade, the slave trade is just as profitable now as it ever has been.  Third, the term race actually came about in an effort to stop the white slave trade out of Europe and into the middle east or Asia.  This trade was ran indirectly by the catholic church as part several different ""knightly"" orders.  In theory they where supposed to be converting Pagans of the northern territories to their religion.  In practice this lead to the complete extinction of the Pict people.  But some of the white leadership in Europe began to see what was happening, giving rise to backlash in parts of the UK against those practices.   Far too late to do any good, yet this is the first time the word race was used.   But...The word ""RACE"" was solidified in all our languages by the American Slave Trade.   This WAS also supported by most christian religions of the time.  To this day many so called religions still use their beliefs as grounds to justify some version of slavery or racism.  One of the largest christian religions in the US was still preaching racism against blacks into the 1980s, I know because this became a large part of the reason I left religions and started me on the path to atheist.  Actually reading the ""real"" history of all major religions after that put the nail in that coffin.
I can't speak directly for the UK as I have not put in the research time to know enough specifics, I can say that the totality of the Slave trade was never about just one race being the slavers or the slaves, it is far more convoluted then that.  I know for fact that there where a handful of Free Blacks that owned Plantations and other blacks as slaves in the southern US.  They where absolutely the exception to slave ownership and only a handful (I've only found proven reports of 2) at most.  Still this sheds light on just how complex the history of slavery really is.  Not just for the UK or the US or Europe, but world wide.","1","","2020-06-08 17:28:52","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eBi-HYPFw","Gina Ballard","@Zaza Kuratashvili your mistaken,,,,,","0","","2020-06-08 17:31:37","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eC58vIcfk","Rushery AikKO","@Eddie P  I stand by my statement.","0","","2020-06-08 17:34:55","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eCtJ61Xf7","Vinny Booboo","Go, white people!  Me love you long time. Sincerely, an Asian. LOL!","1","","2020-06-08 17:41:54","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eD44EfdjS","p o","@Dave Seddon nope, black men were trading black men to the white and arabs.
 Infact the arabs and africans are still making black africans their slaves to this day. They wont tell you that on CNN for a reason but its a HUGE issue in many countries.","0","","2020-06-08 17:43:31","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eDE_yd0_O","Zida Zone","It’s beautiful","1","","2020-06-08 17:44:57","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eDMvwEyVP","peter kreisler","peter nicholson you virtue signaling evil individual, lets see how liberal you are when the Chinese created recession hits","0","","2020-06-08 17:46:05","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eDTj9lYhD","Glenda Ridings","I am white and this 
Sucks trump 2020
Thank ya 4 helping
Trump win lol","1","","2020-06-08 17:47:01","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eDXJGz_NP","peter kreisler","Dave Seddon muslim and Africa slave trade existed before the white slave trade and continued until this day.

Morn","0","","2020-06-08 17:47:30","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eDYK9EKTB","Marchant2","@Daniel Guess what?  That has nothing to do with this story.","0","","2020-06-08 17:47:38","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eDZExl76v","Zida Zone","Haider Latif we’re trying","0","","2020-06-08 17:47:46","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eDew5ujNc","Nini Prom","Daniel True but the evil cruelty that came with white slavers can never be duplicated ever 🇬🇲","0","","2020-06-08 17:48:41","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eE79toTHz","asghar gholizadeh","This is what ISIS did. This is slave morality. destroying statue in the religions rooted in the hate of masters. Slaves created a god who is greater than any King. in the same way slaves hate everyone who is smarter and more beautiful than others. slave morality wants to people be equal and to be sheep. slave morlity is nihilism.","0","","2020-06-08 17:52:40","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eEAV7Xfuz","brian greenidge","They have kept us divided for too long....","0","","2020-06-08 17:53:07","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eECa4b4Uo","Glenda Ridings","@peter kreisler well it looks like the white 
People marching is
There slaves now","0","","2020-06-08 17:53:25","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eEyKpZVIZ","Super Tramp","Glenda Ridings I am white and Trump will lose. Thank you. Anyone else 2020.","0","","2020-06-08 18:00:04","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eF46nLL-i","Super Tramp","asghar gholizadeh Melt all those less than a hundred year old statues that are not at all vital to American history and make monuments to remember slavery for what it was. Those statues were put up as political propaganda during the Jim Crow era. They are not ancient by any means and they have no historical value. 1619 the first slaves arrived near Point Comfort Virginia in the then British Colonies. That means it’s been 400+1 years of systemic injustice to date.","1","","2020-06-08 18:01:00","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eIUNwSCAR","Merkabah Pheonix","As a mature citizen and watching this at first I said, "" this is wrong, they shouldn't be taking things in their own hands like this"". But when I watched those young white folks as they tossed that controversial statue in the river, as a black citizen, my heart experienced a therapeutic breath of relief and freedom. It was a ""surreal breath"" that seemed to  have come out of nowhere;  a deep breath that I seemed to have uncontrollably taken. But did it really come from nowhere?  Perhaps that breath was a symbolic sighing through me that came out the ""collective body and soul"" of black folks who suffered and still suffers countless years of oppressions and injustices.","1","","2020-06-08 18:30:48","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eOAhZy1AK","Eddie P","@Rushery AikKO - ORIGINAL: ""I stand by my statement"" - REPLY: No worries my brother. I'm only trying to bridge some kind of understanding within all this hate. Peace Be With You....","1","","2020-06-08 19:20:32","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99ePuK9pe1M","Eddie P","@Glenda Ridings ORIGINAL: ""I am white and this Sucks trump 2020 Thank ya 4 helping Trump win lol"" - REPLY: It's not about Trump anymore. It's not about George Floyd anymore either. The original BLM message has since long been destroyed when the first thug-looter-opportunist ruined ""the cause""... incited by ""white-communist/socialist-hate-loving ANTIFA.
- Antifa HATES Trump
- ANTIFA has infiltrated BLM
- Thug-Looters (no affiliation - opportunists) 
""White (Antifa) Women CAUGHT DESTROYING! Blames Black People"" =
""Black Business Owner And Firefighter (spent his life savings) Breaks Down After Rioters Destroy Sports Bar"" =","2","","2020-06-08 19:35:38","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eRpt7BHlU","Zaza Kuratashvili","@Gina Ballard me, mistaken, hell how?","0","","2020-06-08 19:52:30","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eWp80fB2e","Teresa Nelson","@Eddie P Truth, they are antifa terrorists trying to take over. Marxists Thugs! You ppl who think you know anything about American freedom know nothing! American ppl stand for your mom and pop shops, form human chains, take care of your ppl whatever the color!","1","","2020-06-08 20:36:06","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eWzALHX84","Teresa Nelson","@Eddie P They want civil war and hate. Those paid rioters will die at the hands of their employees bc if the succeed they won't want anyone else trying to make a different world","1","","2020-06-08 20:37:28","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eX7AJgHaY","Eddie P","@Zaza Kuratashvili - It's annoying when anyone states you are ""mistaken"" but does not give reason. Maybe @Gina Ballard disagrees but cannot defend her view?","1","","2020-06-08 20:38:42","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eXBho2wYd","Teresa Nelson","This country is all races coming together to fight for FREEDOM! This country has been infiltrated, the officials, schools, churches..GET OUT!","1","","2020-06-08 20:39:19","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eXy7ikxi2","Eddie P","@Teresa Nelson Antifa = The ""Brown Shirts"" (Same type of agitators from pre-war Germany 1920's - 1930's) We all know what happened.... (feel free to Google & Wikipedia) The Brown Shirts (""SA"") were a prelude to the dreaded Nazi ""SS"".","1","","2020-06-08 20:46:04","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eYiq517X_","Eddie P","BTW... The ""Brown Shirts"" innocently started out as ""security"" (a form of Antifa) for the new German party in 1920 (National Socialist German Workers' Party).... now known in present day as the ""Nazi Party...","1","","2020-06-08 20:52:43","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99ea7ibr0xB","Teresa Nelson","@Eddie P Yeah","0","","2020-06-08 21:13:43","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99ea_xASWiM","Eddie P","@Teresa Nelson - ORIGINAL: ""They want civil war and hate. Those paid rioters will die at the hands of their employees bc if the succeed they won't want anyone else trying to make a different world"" COMMENT: In it's most basic, simplest form... It's a ""power grab"".","1","","2020-06-08 21:17:43","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99eb8XLEfij","Teresa Nelson","@Eddie P yes, I know this. The sick puppies will be ready to die for their cause.","0","","2020-06-08 21:22:34","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99ebNoTMeOf","Teresa Nelson","@Eddie P It all comes down to one thing...the respect for life. Trump will run on the right to life.","1","","2020-06-08 21:24:40","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99ecFn2bt4k","Eddie P","@Teresa Nelson I've said it before... and I'll say it again:
One should NOT feel guilt for what they are.... no matter the color. Being a racist is on the individual. Pointing out (especially thru violence) being ""black"" or ""white"" is being racist in and of itself. It's not about George Floyd anymore. ALL Lives Matter... and sure... while I'm at it... I'm even INCLUDING the innocent UNBORN of all colors. When you hear the heart beat of an unborn child waiting to be aborted... don't they deserve a voice too?","0","","2020-06-08 21:32:18","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99edA_WP6wE","Teresa Nelson","@Eddie P 💯","0","","2020-06-08 21:40:20","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99edFBe0Xf2","Teresa Nelson","@Eddie P And there is no respect for the elderly either!","0","","2020-06-08 21:40:57","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99gAl9-JPf0","Teresa Nelson","@Eddie P ...and cannot forget experimentation on youth in the name of science and bug pharmaceuticals! WWII war crimes legalized.","0","","2020-06-09 12:01:48","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN99pRPu5L4z0","Phillipe IV","WE","0","","2020-06-13 02:20:28","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN9A-jBIEFe_6","Србомбоница","@r.domanovic Арапи НИКАД неће пратити запад ни у чему то да ти буде јасно ,НИКАД !!!!И не треба !","0","","2020-06-17 11:36:09","false",""
"Ugw1AcFS93ECL2hhUR94AaABAg.99dw2V6ONtN9BTyZgiuOE8","PROUD AFRICAN","The amount of 4chan incel
Basement dwelling losers posting in this thread is pathetic","0","","2020-07-24 01:59:10","false",""
"UgwaR5wvmxakekVbUgN4AaABAg","MrBlazinerday","We are reviewing the footage to see if any wrong doing was done. But clearly more training is needed to prevent statue deaths in the future","0","0","2020-06-08 15:06:33","true",""
"Ugxe_wbgNjqEhr3osVB4AaABAg","Cedrick Stampley","Your mother shall be sore confounded; she that bare you shall be ashamed: behold, the hindermost of the nations shall be a wilderness, a dry land, and a desert.

-Aye, are yall proud of your daughter? Or are yall ashamed of America's classlessness?","0","0","2020-06-08 15:07:06","true",""
"UgwwJxlKrGhZbUiHa4Z4AaABAg","smoothvibes","The people have spoken.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:07:11","true",""
"UgyQiGdkrJ507YT2x_p4AaABAg","TheFireNextTime","Excellent! The ignorant and disingenuous will call this ""history erasing"", but statues are history markers. Statues mark ideals and the people that set or exemplify these ide. When a society no longer appreciates these ideals, the stetues no long have any significance to society. This is why   stocks and guillotines are no displaced in public squares or longer used. We've moved in from that brand of punishment, just as we've moved on from people that made their wealth from the chattel enslavement of human beings.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:07:13","true",""
"Ugweat2BBgPCF7q_eyt4AaABAg","El Sol","Where's the Joker??????","0","0","2020-06-08 15:07:23","true",""
"Ugzj6d-t8d7TsMRh4CJ4AaABAg","lying dog-faced pony soldier","Are you watching Republicans?? The entire world hates you!!!","24","6","2020-06-08 15:07:27","true",""
"Ugzj6d-t8d7TsMRh4CJ4AaABAg.99dwD-vCzNF99e7Hzxm0Dx","Michael Harrison","That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard LMAO","2","","2020-06-08 16:52:59","false",""
"Ugzj6d-t8d7TsMRh4CJ4AaABAg.99dwD-vCzNF99e7WNZuF1n","ifie ejiroghene","What does that have to do with racism?😂😂😂","1","","2020-06-08 16:54:57","false",""
"Ugzj6d-t8d7TsMRh4CJ4AaABAg.99dwD-vCzNF99e7_pFnSAo","ifie ejiroghene","@Michael Harrison Hmm I thought I was going insane.😂😂","0","","2020-06-08 16:55:33","false",""
"Ugzj6d-t8d7TsMRh4CJ4AaABAg.99dwD-vCzNF99e8JjFWRfA","Rock Tt","both parties are full with racist, pro Causians supremacy, chauvinist, pigs. US is full of them (corruption) everywhere your head turn. Look at police, NFL, ..... so many more companies, Industries, corruptions, why you think there are so many antagonists laws towards blacks that are still around. Look at Mississippi that finally dismiss rights to own slaves in 2014. We in this fight together but don't let them fool you, tell you they sorry,... Cause we can't let them prolong this any longer. Enough is enough we have a 400 year of pages of their evil we been facing not including the unrecorded","1","","2020-06-08 17:01:57","false",""
"Ugzj6d-t8d7TsMRh4CJ4AaABAg.99dwD-vCzNF99e8Qj9IrB-","william kane","The slave owners in America was democrats the slave owners today in Africa are Muslims 

Not sure u can blame that on republicans 

Republicans was formed to end slavery uneducated liberals always try to change history","1","","2020-06-08 17:02:55","false",""
"Ugzj6d-t8d7TsMRh4CJ4AaABAg.99dwD-vCzNF99e8faWLrto","Joan Brown","Seriously? You need to get educated and read a history book fool! Democrats OWNED  slaves and did not want slavery to end! Republicans did that!!  My God you are stupid, get a book on history-they make ones with pictures for the illiterate.","0","","2020-06-08 17:05:05","false",""
"UgwoFjLWAqBPIS-DZx54AaABAg","Michael Vigil","American money has pictures of slave owners....","0","0","2020-06-08 15:07:32","true",""
"Ugw4qv8KQndf11dNBG54AaABAg","MrJaht95 Bernier","Good cops:","0","0","2020-06-08 15:07:40","true",""
"Ugw6pbmwZl8XxyjZU3R4AaABAg","lowkeyRocketRegime1","I love my black and white and brown and yellow British brothers and sister😍😍😍","0","0","2020-06-08 15:07:48","true",""
"UgxluZ5XHwZGbuyVu7h4AaABAg","Anonymous Person","Never forget Tony Timpa ! If you want to see similarities. Watch this. Don't believe the race baiters!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:07:55","true",""
"UgycyYcd1mia9_smmsF4AaABAg","Tony Nightingale","Er...Hold down the excitement a bit, folks. Time for a little reflection? Yes, it can be argued strongly that the slavery period shouldn't be celebrated but isn't a statue of a guy who made a fortune from it a recognition of the reality of what happened rather than a celebration? This was merely an opportunistic act of vandalism in the ""little"" town of Bristol that nobody would dare to say anything against given the current environment. Now it's been removed by the mob, future generations will have less reference than they had before. At the same time as this action, protestors/riotors were also ferociously defacing a prominent statue of Winston Churchill in London claiming that he was a racist...Less popular perhaps? Clearly, Churchill was far from perfect but he's also the guy that is given the credit for stopping Adolf Hitler from removing Gypsies, Homosexuals, Jews etc from society so it's difficult to argue that he deserves the same treatment as the slave trader...I fear that this latter story (which is basically the same since in the end it's all about mob violence) will simply be ignored and forgotten but in truth, it's represents the same public communication ie We're on the street and we can do anything we fancy doing regardless. Oh dear...","0","0","2020-06-08 15:07:55","true",""
"Ugw1cy4Il8Gp_KCFsKN4AaABAg","нυмαη ƒєllα","Whenever Right Wingnuts use the term SJW as an insult just remember that the removal of this statue is social justice, those people are warriors and it's a good thing. Anyone who sees SJWs as their enemy is no doubt a fascist, which explains why Repugs lost their shit defending Confederate statues of Union traitors Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson in Charlottesville.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:08:18","true",""
"UgwU6MpBotubN41f71F4AaABAg","falling moon","Why not burn it ?!
Like I can still see his ugly face in the water!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:08:23","true",""
"UgxZUqmC8NCc-NQ_GOR4AaABAg","Toni Austin","👏🏾👏👏🏻👏🏽👏🏿","0","0","2020-06-08 15:08:29","true",""
"Ugz_V58Eaf80w5X24MJ4AaABAg","Kubie Q","Now you all have to fight to have a constitution that gives you freedom of speech and the right to bear arms!!!  

Brits never ever had a true revolution. Make sure you say NO MORE KING and you reclaim your culture.  Remember this in not about racism or Floyd... Floyd was a setup as Floyd and Chauvin knew each other. They worked at the same club. The globalist were hoping you would usher in socialism for them but you can make this a great awakening and remove the pedophiles and elitists who worship satan.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:08:35","true",""
"Ugw63vK8uY8aydsg_Eh4AaABAg","Miya Jai","ayyyeeeeee STAND UP LONDON “NO JUSTICE NO PEACE” ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻","75","6","2020-06-08 15:08:35","true",""
"Ugw63vK8uY8aydsg_Eh4AaABAg.99dwLLaAZcn99dwky6ge-w","Lechiffresix six","Mama this was in bristol","2","","2020-06-08 15:12:13","false",""
"Ugw63vK8uY8aydsg_Eh4AaABAg.99dwLLaAZcn99e2FNz2Tlj","fiddley","@Lechiffresix six Apart from the bit that was in London of course.","1","","2020-06-08 16:08:56","false",""
"Ugw63vK8uY8aydsg_Eh4AaABAg.99dwLLaAZcn99e3Umm3Sxg","Sajad M","Iraq with them against Racism 😥","0","","2020-06-08 16:19:47","false",""
"Ugw63vK8uY8aydsg_Eh4AaABAg.99dwLLaAZcn99e58JQBBTF","Shawn Razak","😴😴😴💩","0","","2020-06-08 16:34:11","false",""
"Ugw63vK8uY8aydsg_Eh4AaABAg.99dwLLaAZcn99eA5tZN0aU","Pete Roc","@Chí Phèo nguyễn Stay off of here trying to ruining the moment. They shoulda threw yo ass in thr wit it!","1","","2020-06-08 17:17:33","false",""
"Ugw63vK8uY8aydsg_Eh4AaABAg.99dwLLaAZcn99eBSp-M4aN","Shabby Balls","You think throwing stuff at Police and morons attacking the Cenotaph is going to bring you any positive publicity?  Justice and Peace on your terms!  Cry me a river!","0","","2020-06-08 17:29:25","false",""
"UgwtHY7IXQLVRHNXVAV4AaABAg","Horace Sheppard","I like to Thank Britain allies for backing up the George Floyd movement","0","1","2020-06-08 15:08:37","true",""
"UgwtHY7IXQLVRHNXVAV4AaABAg.99dwL_lPfeh99dxZiVbVRB","Dubjax 30","I was at the protests in London, my daughter was at the protests in Bristol and she saw this statue going into the water first hand, I'm proud of her, and I'm proud to be standing up for you guys. Stay strong","0","","2020-06-08 15:19:17","false",""
"UgxorHCCgPTHBu6C7SJ4AaABAg","mmss89 Ss","👍💓","0","0","2020-06-08 15:08:45","true",""
"UgyZBrT7Z46jAIBYPot4AaABAg","don taylor","They Kno damn well nobody didn't  touch that statue jus because it's on video means nothing edited I'm not going for it","0","0","2020-06-08 15:08:52","true",""
"UgxMQbzenHokKqbwvZJ4AaABAg","Walter Williams","AMEN!!!!!!!!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:08:55","true",""
"UgzYhvhP04fWnYHLzkl4AaABAg","edstud1","Nothing is as simple as morons think it is!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:08:56","true",""
"Ugyry02Jy6ZsJTsDh0d4AaABAg","forza juventus","Waiting till the George Washington statue to be toppled..","0","0","2020-06-08 15:08:56","true",""
"UgxgBB61XNz8pxnuIiN4AaABAg","james bush","Nice","0","0","2020-06-08 15:08:58","true",""
"UgwzOy2u_KISFMR9KjR4AaABAg","Jamdowncelebri","??????????","0","0","2020-06-08 15:09:03","true",""
"UgyXF4MSdg03DkuruzB4AaABAg","Domitilla","I am curious.  How long are they planning to protest, for the next 400 years?  After the protesters have gone home, what are they going to do?  Paint their nails, go shopping, do their hair, and continue talking on their phones.  How many lives have changed since they threw the statue in the river?  Are they better people for having done that?  This is so cool, the young and the foolish on the loose.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:09:14","true",""
"UgxyxDcbX0GUYhhRmmF4AaABAg","Dave Schultz","Britain started slavery in America. The US finished it with a war that caused 100s of thousands of lives. Get reparations from the British.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:09:20","true",""
"UgzGH1115dBFFQo5JQF4AaABAg","DookB","Slavery and slave masters SHOULD NOT be glamorized. The confederate flag SHOULD NOT be glamorized. I’m happy to see constituents taking matters into their own hands. We the people should be represented, not controlled.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:09:23","true",""
"UgyUAomBZ_e9Dn8TGE94AaABAg","SEXY white","String em up by the Willy! Here you clearly have all the colors of the rainbow, blatantly working together towards anarchy.  Stay outta the UK; it (used to be) one of the few safe places.  I don't even see the point of this; they look like one big piece of feces; broken into living shitty clusters.  Just stay the fuck away from my Mountain.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:09:28","true",""
"UgzGFfOZP05Yf8YQcmN4AaABAg","R R","What? Why was it still there in 2020? This report  is senseless to say that took matter in their hands , why should they mock blacks in 2020 ?","0","0","2020-06-08 15:09:30","true",""
"UgzTn-ldp5BRHOu-bxZ4AaABAg","Kev kev","Kenya should do the same with a certain statue at KICC","0","0","2020-06-08 15:09:34","true",""
"UgwvkUIkeNA3__tHShp4AaABAg","Patriotic Constitutionalist","When you destroy anything you're no longer a protester you're a rioter and should be dealt with as such.","0","2","2020-06-08 15:10:06","true",""
"UgwvkUIkeNA3__tHShp4AaABAg.99dwWV_8gWs99dxN5awDce","Dubjax 30","Don't be absurd","0","","2020-06-08 15:17:34","false",""
"UgwvkUIkeNA3__tHShp4AaABAg.99dwWV_8gWs99e8JL-CLH7","Patriotic Constitutionalist","@Dubjax 30 I'm not, I'm being honest and after dealing with dumb shit like this for a wk and a half now pretty much over it. The enitre meaning was to battle police brutality but it took 12 hours before that was hijacked and is now used for rioters and looters. Save you bullshit for somebody that's gonna buy it.","0","","2020-06-08 17:01:54","false",""
"UgzQOyYHl3v3cPrVJQV4AaABAg","Donald Jr. Trump","Labour party supporters showing their frustration 🤣🤣🤣","0","0","2020-06-08 15:10:09","true",""
"UgwCt4EBC2NVxCTkb614AaABAg","h lacy","Washington, Benjamin, Jackson, pretty much the US currency","0","0","2020-06-08 15:10:10","true",""
"Ugy6nVC-ympgyRhGq5d4AaABAg","Sally Portillo","Why don't you take down any buildings constructed by slaves? Why hurt stores?","0","0","2020-06-08 15:10:15","true",""
"Ugxor_pe0aOzsSngXhd4AaABAg","Art","So every country is now protesting?","0","0","2020-06-08 15:10:23","true",""
"UgxwQaPhLjWl2_807UJ4AaABAg","Travis Hailey","Good job","0","0","2020-06-08 15:10:36","true",""
"UgxqAQnOWeqWNDHkk8x4AaABAg","Michael Oglesby","Salute my UK brothers & sisters!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:10:37","true",""
"UgxtIrAhyBO5wRNdWX94AaABAg","Foxplayz","Looks like the discussion is over LOL","0","0","2020-06-08 15:10:41","true",""
"UgyyMQsQSHFklnXSSdZ4AaABAg","Patriotically Incorrect","All fascist and racist should follow this statue to the bottom of a river as well.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:10:42","true",""
"UgxFO3EjXf65FD1L0yd4AaABAg","T D","Thank you so much for standing up for justice!","2","0","2020-06-08 15:10:55","true",""
"Ugx8-Sry-ebzycibEgx4AaABAg","BCSContent - eMarketing support and writing","""Hardened minority"" REALLY?","10","3","2020-06-08 15:10:59","true",""
"Ugx8-Sry-ebzycibEgx4AaABAg.99dwbuGkBg_99e30s2HbNP","Naturerazzi7 Shi","is she alright???? blued eyed boys up there too !!! solidarity is real!1!!!!!","2","","2020-06-08 16:15:41","false",""
"Ugx8-Sry-ebzycibEgx4AaABAg.99dwbuGkBg_99e83pnH29_","William Fowler","I think she means the few that were being more rebellious...","0","","2020-06-08 16:59:47","false",""
"Ugx8-Sry-ebzycibEgx4AaABAg.99dwbuGkBg_99eC8-HsWA2","Rising Phoenix","Yes minority as in a small number of people.  In America we are conditioned to translate the word minority as black and in some instances, Hispanics.","0","","2020-06-08 17:35:18","false",""
"UgwOzCiBSeFxhoKwt3V4AaABAg","Anthony Gibbs","It's so cool to see so many white faces on this march, it gives me hope that racial equality it come one day soon.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:10:59","true",""
"UgwkPIue7DaRbvEqJt14AaABAg","Saadahmed abbasi","Please remain peaceful while demonstrating your views ,public property is make by the public money ...May God bless the Great Britain ,","0","0","2020-06-08 15:11:02","true",""
"Ugy8CwSqNEJA-RIsqYV4AaABAg","Erika Love","Its world wide. Folks are tired of racial injustices and want to get along. If only the powers that be would listen","0","0","2020-06-08 15:11:03","true",""
"UgyY9sxq3m5iBnbsScl4AaABAg","Lisa M","Wow...praise God! Look how God is working through out the world. Not the violence, but protests for justice.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:11:10","true",""
"Ugzd6TSyP8746pubu5V4AaABAg","Jayda Burry","Good for them.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:11:11","true",""
"UgzdcQcCXqZIl-zAEzd4AaABAg","K J","Can't believe they still had that statue anyway","0","0","2020-06-08 15:11:15","true",""
"UgwTtv89OsMQoKL-4JJ4AaABAg","Super Slash","On behalf of America, THANK YOU!!! 

Now if only we could do that to cheeto von tweeto","0","0","2020-06-08 15:11:24","true",""
"Ugx-Kb732fQIZA94hhp4AaABAg","Don Zokor","bring it back","0","0","2020-06-08 15:11:26","true",""
"UgxUPGmaJqiFJ-Mu-yB4AaABAg","collin henry","People don't joke around in England, there tear down statue and throw it in a river and was mostly white English people.
In southern US back in 2017 have hard time to take down confederate generals who are also slave owners have to wait for the local government to get the city workers to take it down.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:11:28","true",""
"Ugy3otBggISGebwjG8J4AaABAg","Jayden Peng","UK..right action
Don't follow urs"" bunkerClown"" USA style;
Everyone know he liar; clown;racist ; big bully...little finger
Racism should not exist..
Slavery all start Fr USA n Europe 
Few hundred yr ago..
2020 still exist; Western country
Don't surprise; many people just acting n ignoring it( Clear)!
I think Uk should not follow whatever USA system o order call caolition;
UK is country ; not puppet of USA
#wake up UK
#wake up London
#worldPeace","0","0","2020-06-08 15:11:32","true",""
"Ugw783avjcuyaHzVo7J4AaABAg","Tomas Neshoba.holba","They better tear down the Bank of England that has enslaved more than half the world  !","0","0","2020-06-08 15:11:38","true",""
"UgxAL4UgH6K--fhgyNZ4AaABAg","Sally Portillo","You are anarchists, how are you  criminally different from slave traders?","0","0","2020-06-08 15:11:41","true",""
"Ugz3iF7lcJwykHQbEKl4AaABAg","Grand Zeno","yeet..","2","0","2020-06-08 15:11:44","true",""
"UgwkiDdq05XcP8bCzD94AaABAg","Gods own Son","So much for social distancing🤷🏻‍♂️ the government might as well end the lockdown now because no point telling people to stay home after all this is over.So the BLM girl does not want to reveal her last name but shows her face for the world to see?🤷🏻‍♂️🤣 how does this make any sense? We know what she looks like and it will be so easy for people to find out who she is.And why hide your last Name if you believe what you are fighting for is worth it?🤷🏻‍♂️ I am a black man and it is people like her that makes BLM look like a joke,she shows her face but is scared to reveal her last name,is this a joke? I don’t see BLM organizers in America hiding their last name,this is why black Americans don’t take British blacks serious.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:12:01","true",""
"Ugyz6z1voeqQmLd6VsJ4AaABAg","Ohio The Great","Great job","0","0","2020-06-08 15:12:02","true",""
"UgwHtO86xAlz1EciZCJ4AaABAg","Philly Northbound Train Deadhead","Obama posted a photo of floyd a week BEFORE he was killed.  
Here is the video.   Watch ""[they] Tried And [they] Failed!!  :coded:"" on YouTube","0","0","2020-06-08 15:12:12","true",""
"Ugx6SQII_DJT0z0FHM54AaABAg","Jim Rigsby","You thought Covid was Bad....The new DISEASE IS.... ENTITLEMENT...","1","0","2020-06-08 15:12:12","true",""
"UgyymPl4gDo5IlL-map4AaABAg","Joe. Joe.","","0","0","2020-06-08 15:12:14","true",""
"UgwhnyUnnMy_jVB7T4p4AaABAg","Kim Clausrn","It's funny how everyone stands up and protests only when they see others are doing it. Yet when there's no crowd to ""follow"", those same individuals go quiet  and lose interest. If only people were consistent  in their actions rather than taking initiative only when they see others doing something.  If people truly cared, you would see  more people consistently and daily standing up to injustice that Blacks face. Most people are simply hypocrites who dismiss those subtle injustices that they witness in everyday life.  It's ridiculous.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:12:17","true",""
"UgzGecugak1MA-6GbdZ4AaABAg","Cruzinthruspace","✊","0","0","2020-06-08 15:12:17","true",""
"UgzaS_Vd9lQOqn0I2NB4AaABAg","Wits End","Anarchy is an absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal","0","0","2020-06-08 15:12:18","true",""
"Ugza7jWFWL8nN7CMGYp4AaABAg","tigre tigre","Isn't that lynching??","0","0","2020-06-08 15:12:22","true",""
"UgxGlG52EsbiGGLSx6B4AaABAg","Madamelogicbombdropper Black Women Multimedia T.V.","LOL! THE KKK IS MAD🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳","0","0","2020-06-08 15:12:27","true",""
"UgwThG61QfOE-eqKZLZ4AaABAg","Sally Portillo","I am not afraid nor worry about a dead man and his statue but anarchy is real.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:12:35","true",""
"Ugx-XvgKxfhY0szOyeR4AaABAg","noor miah","It's good to see us all protesting for change, when will white merikkka join us","0","0","2020-06-08 15:12:42","true",""
"UgzUO4pp0ADPeryDDhd4AaABAg","Robert Downey","I don't know I got confuse just watch video on a African American retired police officers he say why we glorified George Floyd he is a criminals been in and out of jails many times he point a gun on a pregnant women during home invasion and police Captain Dorns got shot protecting his friend pawnshop from looters nobody talks about him and many others died from these protest and looting","0","0","2020-06-08 15:12:46","true",""
"UgwRs_uyOvwYnhc3c7h4AaABAg","Harmon Daniels","The name of the statue guy was Edward Colston in case anyone was wondering!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:12:58","true",""
"UgyqLkiZvWvc_zz78jt4AaABAg","Maia","What happened to George Floyd is horrible and wrong, and yes racism has to be GONE, but this is not the way! Violence is never way. The statue should be removed yes, but no need to throw things at the police or their horses. No need to be violent. Only good can bring good. Besides, what has happened, happened in America, why is there reaction now in the UK by protestors?","0","0","2020-06-08 15:13:05","true",""
"UgyV_H0jboKnC_BmMr94AaABAg","Vittoria Love","My fellow protested in America, London, and all over the world, we are with you from Italy","0","0","2020-06-08 15:13:24","true",""
"UgzPQ2qst0Z0lQoJ76d4AaABAg","Carlos Murphy","Civil disobedience.   Vandals.   Erasing your history.  

They should all be jailed and fined. 

Erasing history should be punishable by death!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:13:27","true",""
"UgxZOGmpl0ncLUGJ3CN4AaABAg","Sally Portillo","Why should I care for the Blacks, are you our burden of conscience?","0","0","2020-06-08 15:13:36","true",""
"UgzzVDituTQn-Bvf4gR4AaABAg","Mr407Mike","That's the way to do it!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:13:46","true",""
"UgwXnyYuycQj93R_jM94AaABAg","Glenn F","It would have been really funny if that statue had crushed a member of antifa. 🤣🤣🤣","0","1","2020-06-08 15:13:48","true",""
"UgwXnyYuycQj93R_jM94AaABAg.99dwwYjFl8s99dxPSKakBp","Lechiffresix six","we do not have antifa here. sweety","0","","2020-06-08 15:17:53","false",""
"UgweOh-CN812lpFHarZ4AaABAg","Giovanni Soave","Can we do that to Trump?","0","0","2020-06-08 15:13:52","true",""
"UgzEvIinKk_cBS1dm1R4AaABAg","James Wisrik","HELL YES!  Hell YEZ!  Covid is propoganda to deter protesters.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:13:56","true",""
"UgxrafOhzlnfWbkX87N4AaABAg","Olivia Byrd","Amen.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:14:06","true",""
"Ugwn9jJvyqK1CwA6aTh4AaABAg","Eric Girardet","Well done people!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:14:12","true",""
"UgxunjNvbjAXmLAQWx14AaABAg","Sally Portillo","I don't like to be manipulated by stupid people, I didn't make you stupid.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:14:13","true",""
"Ugw88DabRzEYs3hyAHF4AaABAg","Mark Murray","Tear down that statue! Many more to go.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:14:14","true",""
"UgylhIb7xLjeeSonjzZ4AaABAg","TimDini theWise","When Judah cries,the whole earth mournith. Shout out to the ppl in the UK who stand for righteousness","43","5","2020-06-08 15:14:22","true",""
"UgylhIb7xLjeeSonjzZ4AaABAg.99dx-l2ZG5O99eElVGpGMx","Civil War 2.0","derp, derp, derp...","0","","2020-06-08 17:58:19","false",""
"UgylhIb7xLjeeSonjzZ4AaABAg.99dx-l2ZG5O99eEoA9wE7m","Hai Coai","VYes","0","","2020-06-08 17:58:40","false",""
"UgylhIb7xLjeeSonjzZ4AaABAg.99dx-l2ZG5O99eF3Dz7j_x","Hisbeautiful Truth","And Judah's been hollering! When in history has the planet stood for one People,  family? The Most High isnt playing games...should have treated us right!","2","","2020-06-08 18:00:52","false",""
"UgylhIb7xLjeeSonjzZ4AaABAg.99dx-l2ZG5O99eFly5FnVe","Civil War 2.0","@Hisbeautiful Truth Thou shalt not Steal... Thou Shall not commit adultery... Thou Shall not kill... God isn't going to play games when violent rioters meet St. Peter at the pearly gates...","1","","2020-06-08 18:07:07","false",""
"UgylhIb7xLjeeSonjzZ4AaABAg.99dx-l2ZG5O99eFtDc4NIJ","Civil War 2.0","@Hisbeautiful Truth ""Do not give your pearls to Swine. They will only trample them in to the dirt and turn to gore you."" Matthew 7:6... You Democrats are Swine...","1","","2020-06-08 18:08:06","false",""
"UgygqfyvVcFnUrCXRR14AaABAg","Solomon's Tech","Take all that shit down including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson bastards statues","0","0","2020-06-08 15:14:22","true",""
"UgywVtF_GK7JZm7ATIN4AaABAg","KING DAVID","Thank ya'll so very much I love y'all 4 that and any body u know doing it something n that talking sex talk y'all.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:14:27","true",""
"UgzWGa-WYVARbjd3se54AaABAg","over imagination","Whooohooo!! I've been waiting all morning for media and I get such a present!!!","3","0","2020-06-08 15:14:42","true",""
"UgyrfIVmQ0lQK_tghYl4AaABAg","KING DAVID","Do r don't live r die that what these woman going through ruffley","0","0","2020-06-08 15:15:12","true",""
"UgzTijVVFI0yAshporB4AaABAg","shasha Timberlake","Why would they still have something like this ? Smh rotten to the core","0","0","2020-06-08 15:15:20","true",""
"UgwaBWOR4E0hcR8y1bZ4AaABAg","David Taylor","Nice 👍👍","0","0","2020-06-08 15:15:21","true",""
"Ugzrg-4bGg_a3SFMRFJ4AaABAg","brighty2007","Oh​ man​ i​ can't​ for​ the​ right​ to​ to​ say​ this​ is​ ""erasing history""","0","0","2020-06-08 15:15:23","true",""
"UgyOya75yM5HaXI6Ndp4AaABAg","1969Vanessa G","Where are the black people?","0","0","2020-06-08 15:15:32","true",""
"Ugzj_9QRJwWgsLbBJSt4AaABAg","Christina","Put a pink tutu on the statue, call him transgender and the liberal left will embrace him as a hero.","1","2","2020-06-08 15:15:35","true",""
"Ugzj_9QRJwWgsLbBJSt4AaABAg.99dx8cyjV2B99dxVQG4KLr","Lechiffresix six","Its just fine with an alt right regalia and a maga hat. you'll eat it up","0","","2020-06-08 15:18:42","false",""
"Ugzj_9QRJwWgsLbBJSt4AaABAg.99dx8cyjV2B99dxW4SRbge","Dubjax 30","No we won't, he was an evil bastard","1","","2020-06-08 15:18:47","false",""
"UgxngO2vursCESr9I6h4AaABAg","Nobody Anybody","Why did they even have a slave trader statue up in the first place?","0","1","2020-06-08 15:15:36","true",""
"UgxngO2vursCESr9I6h4AaABAg.99dx8hetxX899e4vFYcnhL","Isthisjustfantasy 75","Because he did a lot for schools and other causes at the time. The statue wasn't to honour his slave trading. But it still has no place in modern day Britain. People have been trying to get it removed for decades but the council didn't do anything. So they've done it themselves ✌","0","","2020-06-08 16:32:16","false",""
"UgzqWH3gLNqmiG0Ov854AaABAg","shasha Timberlake","And that's where it belong good job.","1","0","2020-06-08 15:15:47","true",""
"UgyFI8A4PAFEB24hHaR4AaABAg","Sally Portillo","There is no righteousness in Anarchy and Vandalism, it's a sign of weakness and lack of self-control.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:15:48","true",""
"UgyCPunBbEdFktARsjh4AaABAg","James D","Who was the statue of?","0","0","2020-06-08 15:15:56","true",""
"UgzPxUi4oCzeIHcdKhB4AaABAg","el shivi","Awesome","0","0","2020-06-08 15:15:59","true",""
"Ugwjj-EDkrBt-akKnbN4AaABAg","Franklin Rayo","Thank you in the UK for the support and your actions.","0","1","2020-06-08 15:16:00","true",""
"Ugwjj-EDkrBt-akKnbN4AaABAg.99dxBhYBVU499e1jX8SCuJ","Isthisjustfantasy 75","✌","0","","2020-06-08 16:04:27","false",""
"Ugwoc9KaLpZccKInV-t4AaABAg","Emmanuel Kofy Agyapong","This is fucking insane, what the hell are we doing?! Stay home and do not piss off the authorites, please!!!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:16:05","true",""
"Ugw5HKJNNvbWOspQbMt4AaABAg","BrazilianFlow","GOOD","0","0","2020-06-08 15:16:05","true",""
"UgzQP0YFm4uZLb2Q8pt4AaABAg","Shawn Corbin","The left keeps tearing down their history, but it will never go away.  The object is to learn from our past not attempt to erase or cover it up.  This is mental illness, treat it.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:16:11","true",""
"Ugx5N3xP5I4YrsfHfVt4AaABAg","Nina Golgi","Well...while the UK is at it. Have they returned the artifacts that the British government looted from King Tewodros II? Ethiopia wants its stuff back.","1","0","2020-06-08 15:16:16","true",""
"UgzBsU8gnRhCm40xa314AaABAg","Joshua Lagrimas","The US Should toss that orange biggot out of the white house. 😆","1","0","2020-06-08 15:16:17","true",""
"Ugxb9qK5qumzY8Dxipl4AaABAg","Abigail Ojeabulu","Okay after pulling down the statue what next... just saying 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️","0","1","2020-06-08 15:16:17","true",""
"Ugxb9qK5qumzY8Dxipl4AaABAg.99dxDk3-9_e99e83qFlYcz","Zero f's given","Well the statue is going in a museum. . And the history remains. Not to mention the man in question practically built the city. So I guess they are going to have to destroy the museum and parts of the city.","0","","2020-06-08 16:59:47","false",""
"Ugwg0q525jY8M_Jiyh14AaABAg","philip cormier","Where are all the white Mormons where are all the Jehovah Witnesses where are all the Christian white Christian churches and their members why are they not protesting why are they hiding?","0","0","2020-06-08 15:16:18","true",""
"Ugx5MUeH4Fl6kK-3eSd4AaABAg","Sally Portillo","You will all have difficulties in progressing, you take pleasure in Anarchy.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:16:20","true",""
"UgyAM_JsrKKs3qVfPDd4AaABAg","shasha Timberlake","Wow British not so bad after all. Better than the  us and how they treat their citizens.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:16:48","true",""
"UgwtWi8mVbMRsP378np4AaABAg","Ryan Garwood","Just Imagine how that poor statue must had felt .. being dragged through the streets, stamped upon 😤😞 thrown into a lake and sunken into the dark abyss .. wondering what it did wrong😭😭😂😂😂😂","0","0","2020-06-08 15:16:53","true",""
"UgxlY96mkjUdT_scyGl4AaABAg","Konjo Addis abeba","Thanks London standing by as","0","0","2020-06-08 15:17:01","true",""
"UgzJDscLwTpAwcPJyGN4AaABAg","1 Man Dynasty","I actually like it 🤔 good job guys","0","0","2020-06-08 15:17:04","true",""
"UgyGfNq07AxSLLsWrs94AaABAg","philip cormier","Where are all the preachers of all the churches in America and why are they not in the front line of protesting?","0","0","2020-06-08 15:17:08","true",""
"Ugw4GpJeYR6sAG8ggiJ4AaABAg","CUT OFF","Lol British lovely people.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:17:12","true",""
"Ugx1h2NQTlg9bjrB0q94AaABAg","Dave G","Now do confederate statues. No reason we should be celebrating the slave loving, unamerican traitors who led the confederate army and tore the country in two.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:17:14","true",""
"UgwoFY6rgBU8ZP_nmqB4AaABAg","Michael Grant","They beat up a statue?","0","0","2020-06-08 15:17:22","true",""
"Ugwmq3q5aWAbLJePIyJ4AaABAg","John","Unavailing actions","0","0","2020-06-08 15:17:33","true",""
"UgxFBgOuy475SFEfQJF4AaABAg","Sally Portillo","How do you explain the history of slavery? How did the white men bought slaves from Africa, who sold them to slavery? You are in self-denial.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:17:36","true",""
"Ugz9QDp9Ig9EKpf124t4AaABAg","Black Cat","Much Love & solidarity from the US ✊🏼","12","0","2020-06-08 15:17:44","true",""
"Ugx8eF6tTt1R7h-y5bB4AaABAg","alex miley","pull down the Pyramids","1","0","2020-06-08 15:17:54","true",""
"UgylOrBt-EbCb4D3RnR4AaABAg","Mike Angel","Now tear down the statue of moloch in Birmingham.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:17:55","true",""
"UgxGtGpbBHWA2DAifBd4AaABAg","Melissa H","Discussions over. Done.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:18:01","true",""
"Ugw6mCARgDCrRN3kSQd4AaABAg","Dirty Sock","Thumbs up if it feels good to be white in 2020.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:18:06","true",""
"UgzOYtQlwo_vf0epjd54AaABAg","NousSupreme 777","Remember remember the 5th of November","1","0","2020-06-08 15:18:09","true",""
"Ugzt109Mby6JPxdR8Vh4AaABAg","terry murray","Pls back","0","0","2020-06-08 15:18:13","true",""
"Ugy9pC4SDzG9-oAgE0F4AaABAg","Ethan Barnes","He was also an MP and a philanthropist.
Holding historical figures to today's moral standards makes no sense.","2","2","2020-06-08 15:18:13","true",""
"Ugy9pC4SDzG9-oAgE0F4AaABAg.99dxRtoHST799dy8SLUwwg","Dubjax 30","Do you apply that same logic to historical figures like Hitler ?","0","","2020-06-08 15:24:18","false",""
"Ugy9pC4SDzG9-oAgE0F4AaABAg.99dxRtoHST799dziJ1C7ws","Ethan Barnes","Dubjax 30 No. Hitler could’ve lived into the 1970’s, much more current and the crimes he committed were much, much worse. You do know that slavery was practiced everywhere at that time right? He was a person of his time.","0","","2020-06-08 15:38:04","false",""
"UgwJu_jWfyWOun_0YUp4AaABAg","Atong Kuol","The statue was resisting citizens arrest 😬","0","0","2020-06-08 15:18:16","true",""
"UgxT6VStT2_4AwcRD314AaABAg","Comment Highlighted","They should’ve “Traded” it.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:18:22","true",""
"Ugz-8CxkxoK-lQCGHNl4AaABAg","Gypsy soul","All for George floyd! A criminal.  A man that was in prison and robbed a black pregnant woman putting a gun to her stomach.  Who was on meth and drugs.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:18:26","true",""
"UgyGBb54dpB25KGnQ-54AaABAg","Ladymcgaga 17","I LOVE IT","0","0","2020-06-08 15:18:30","true",""
"Ugy0vNYdjE8U8QuPcFl4AaABAg","Paulette Morgan","Until the philosophy that holds one place superior and another inferior is finally and permanently rejected and abandoned every where is war -Bob Marley","0","0","2020-06-08 15:18:36","true",""
"UgxIxfxzYOhsToPUpNh4AaABAg","Joy B","The statue was erected after the abolition of slavery by rich people trying to pretend he was a good man. Good Riddance.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:18:37","true",""
"UgxtTUK27EBP1SQLUXx4AaABAg","Sally Portillo","We are laughing at you all, barbars and looters in the first world country?","0","0","2020-06-08 15:18:38","true",""
"UgzSaTQQgxsst-hw4OV4AaABAg","philip cormier","The religions in America are at the bottom of white supremacy, they are at the bottom of all the dirt!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:18:44","true",""
"UgyeSaGxlQJPxZddDw94AaABAg","MIchael Hernandez","Thank you, Britain. Mad respect.","18","0","2020-06-08 15:18:46","true",""
"UgyNeTI9o9rbdfeLPWh4AaABAg","seeking wisdom","Black people are on one accord, WORLDWIDE and many others are supporting us in our stand against the 400 plus years of documented ""Perpetual hatred""  perpetrated against the black community...... Ezekiel 35:5-6kjv","0","0","2020-06-08 15:18:48","true",""
"UgzZsCz_n4x_8tSbA7J4AaABAg","stephen dailey","Brilliant! Should of done a long time ago","4","0","2020-06-08 15:18:51","true",""
"Ugzichzvent1lfu8Ntl4AaABAg","Jazak Jazak","Reign of the mob...","1","0","2020-06-08 15:18:57","true",""
"UgwKhRu3xUokyedbgJl4AaABAg","Lucky 正能量238","Watch on Youtube “1. Jiufen X Shea use of three passing police to earn human blood steamed bread, man brother to the scene shop stern condemnation 🤜”      You foreign kindness netizens I do not know if you have seen the big wave of Man... I see my eyes wet... believe You all have the same feeling... that there will be Bengan's cold-blooded scum that exists on Earth... please subscribe to Brother Man's discussion channel... with the support of a good, bloody man who used to be a cop... 100,000. Thank you for your support... I'm just an ordinary netizen... no interest... trendy channel I have forwarded to other major platforms than everyone to watch their wonderful analytical skills rack 👮💪💪","1","0","2020-06-08 15:19:03","true",""
"Ugz08qyewSx-b-EojJx4AaABAg","BigKitten ASMR","This feels like Far Cry.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:19:13","true",""
"UgzJNmEnPaC5g8IFOo14AaABAg","Sally Portillo","If my country has the magic printing press, we are better than all of you combined in the West.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:19:22","true",""
"Ugxs5nk-vLaunxaeMtV4AaABAg","Thompson Nice","Nice move.. there must be chang.💕","0","0","2020-06-08 15:19:31","true",""
"UgxNHbe1Foc3DLg-NRN4AaABAg","Blessed&Free","We the people shall investigate these allegations as of now we don’t see conclusive evidence showing the people are in the wrong.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:19:36","true",""
"UgzsM0DgTI_43I7Yg6h4AaABAg","Crystal Masters","Yes!!!! This is OUR WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:19:46","true",""
"UgykQRDVaeYQ8fkA7bN4AaABAg","hudson stanley","We don't want that kind of GARBAGES in any sociaty if we have to survived challenges that we must f ahead of us that will need the whole planet  togetherness to survived. President TRUMP FAILED POORLY..what a shame for him and his administration.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:19:48","true",""
"Ugxidcp4RALNpp4Pb_54AaABAg","A guy named something","If I remember correctly, a black man named Anthony Johnson started slavery in America. But let's not mention that.

Let the Godless one's, the lawless one's, the evil one's, protest, riot and loot, and dismantle police departments, causing more lawlessness, death and destruction. Their time of destruction is coming.

Psalm 46:10
Be still, and know that I am God.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:19:49","true",""
"Ugxw-64GZOJqEZTd3494AaABAg","Joseph Kroll","Brit perspective, nice!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:19:58","true",""
"Ugz4avsgWtR8-P52OdN4AaABAg","Shawn Begley","Reminds me of Isis defacing history !!!?,,,,👑🚆 unacceptable !!!,,,,","0","0","2020-06-08 15:20:03","true",""
"UgxKYVkboWmEMHkevIt4AaABAg","Sally Portillo","Your real ugly faces will be more apparent if your central banks don't have welfare money for you.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:20:05","true",""
"Ugwh8j9p95DXGx4JL014AaABAg","Alex Todd","They are willing to let older and sick people die of corona. After this, the appeal to social distancing is a travesty.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:20:24","true",""
"UgzU4Mh4bPJkkjr_HsR4AaABAg","Dulcelina Cabral","I guess this is how you do some Spring cleaning..👍🏻","33","0","2020-06-08 15:20:27","true",""
"Ugz9ks3QUEzlqNWQb294AaABAg","Jason Bourne","Iam loving the people of the UK right now! We need to be like them here in the US and get rid of these damn racist statues.i cant believe we still have them up","0","0","2020-06-08 15:20:42","true",""
"UgzEROYQE-tHzQmM7VN4AaABAg","QTee","Thats RIGHT","0","0","2020-06-08 15:20:43","true",""
"UgyDQFK14a6YkhFotKF4AaABAg","Jenny Wonderwall","We the people... throw the trash out.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:20:46","true",""
"UgyTooXVUEMkjl3avih4AaABAg","Alan Rosenau","Amazing!!!! That's awesome!! 🇺🇲 were all human were all together! Unite! Justice = Reform","6","0","2020-06-08 15:20:49","true",""
"UgwTIs7dKAfs93vTBrZ4AaABAg","Jazak Jazak","We found the cure for COVID-19... riots","0","0","2020-06-08 15:20:56","true",""
"UgylZaEold-859KpRoN4AaABAg","CharSeeksTruth","Beautiful!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:21:19","true",""
"UgzAMXr96TN9c5s2x8V4AaABAg","LibHunk","Racists should be removed from everywhere whether it's ALive or Statues.","13","1","2020-06-08 15:21:23","true",""
"UgzAMXr96TN9c5s2x8V4AaABAg.99dxo1qO9QH99eEpj9LbIC","Civil War 2.0","White people should have never ended slavery... Look at the thanks we get...","0","","2020-06-08 17:58:53","false",""
"UgxBS99aDtb2P9fGIup4AaABAg","Stephen Dedalus","It is going to be interesting when that statue is found in a thousand or so years and historians attempt to reconstruct the circumstances of why it is in the river.","55","13","2020-06-08 15:21:31","true",""
"UgxBS99aDtb2P9fGIup4AaABAg.99dxp47Xrmx99e42-LbUTq","Perfect","Yeah it's not like nobody is going to document this.","3","","2020-06-08 16:24:35","false",""
"UgxBS99aDtb2P9fGIup4AaABAg.99dxp47Xrmx99e66leJZFX","James Manning","They’re taking it out unfortunately, but not putting it back. Most likely will go into a museum","5","","2020-06-08 16:42:43","false",""
"UgxBS99aDtb2P9fGIup4AaABAg.99dxp47Xrmx99e8khSs0eL","1p4142136","Perhaps by tossing the statue into the river they inadvertently preserve it","0","","2020-06-08 17:05:47","false",""
"UgxBS99aDtb2P9fGIup4AaABAg.99dxp47Xrmx99eBHAFNTQ7","Tiya B","@1p4142136 I don't think they care about that as much as not having it on display as a representation of their culture. 🤷🏾‍♀️","0","","2020-06-08 17:27:49","false",""
"UgxBS99aDtb2P9fGIup4AaABAg.99dxp47Xrmx99eBW-3jB6x","Mot Doai","Z","0","","2020-06-08 17:29:51","false",""
"UgxBS99aDtb2P9fGIup4AaABAg.99dxp47Xrmx99eCcG7MrOx","Gina Ballard","Hello,,,,,,, it's not going to stay in the river","0","","2020-06-08 17:39:35","false",""
"UgxBS99aDtb2P9fGIup4AaABAg.99dxp47Xrmx99eCqgKamgZ","Shabby Balls","The Mayor has already said that the Statue will be retrieved, repaired and put in a Museum. Wether you like it or not Coulson is a part of Bristols Heritage. You can take down his Statue but you cannot re-write History.","1","","2020-06-08 17:41:33","false",""
"UgxBS99aDtb2P9fGIup4AaABAg.99dxp47Xrmx99eCt9IxLzi","Stuart oliver","Na it'll be on eBay tomorrow","1","","2020-06-08 17:41:53","false",""
"UgxBS99aDtb2P9fGIup4AaABAg.99dxp47Xrmx99eCy6wQfKw","Stuart oliver","@Shabby Balls well said","0","","2020-06-08 17:42:34","false",""
"UgxBS99aDtb2P9fGIup4AaABAg.99dxp47Xrmx99eDP3QhZ2h","John Cobourne","@Shabby Balls nobody's rewriting anything.  Just not celebrating it with statues. Seems fair enough.","1","","2020-06-08 17:46:22","false",""
"UgxBS99aDtb2P9fGIup4AaABAg.99dxp47Xrmx99eG24HUiV9","Le Chat Noir","@James Manning yes, in the Imperial/Colonial Racism/White Supremacist section or whatever. Right where it belongs!","1","","2020-06-08 18:09:27","false",""
"UgxBS99aDtb2P9fGIup4AaABAg.99dxp47Xrmx99eLVw9lyzj","Shabby Balls","@John Cobourne  You've just drawn attention to a man of whom very few people were aware. Bristol owes this man a lot due to his philanthropic work, of which the childish action of throwing the statue into a river has bought to light. 

""Colston's involvement in the slave trade predated the Abolition movement in Britain, and was during a time when ""slavery was generally condoned in England – indeed, throughout Europe – by churchmen, intellectuals and the educated classes"".
I just Googled him, along with 1000's of others I expect. Seems he was just a Businessman of his time, in an accepted Industry.  He gave back to his Community, which I am sure the people of Bristol were very thankful for. 
Do you intend scouring England and Europe to try to remove all public memorials to anyone who profited from the Slave Trade? Before your Great Grandparents were born! What about Human Right abuse in Hong Kong?
One World, One Justice.","0","","2020-06-08 18:57:13","false",""
"UgxBS99aDtb2P9fGIup4AaABAg.99dxp47Xrmx99e_xw2N2m-","James Manning","@Le Chat Noir Exactly, hopefully it can be a lesson to us all of who not to be.","0","","2020-06-08 21:12:15","false",""
"UgzXeaBHejWeiyXjLXN4AaABAg","Jason Collins","There might be hope for this species yet.","26","0","2020-06-08 15:21:39","true",""
"UgyKt0et2_xgAY10P5p4AaABAg","Sally Portillo","When will Rothschild give us the magic printing press in the Philippines? I can lead my PEOPLE.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:21:39","true",""
"UgzPtXwgvQlg8gMztVF4AaABAg","MOBHIT773 MOBHIT773","Good jobs mates we Americans  are with yall ...NO JUSTICE NO PEACE  1 love.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:21:46","true",""
"UgwCukB8qwe-2ftPWg14AaABAg","CoolBreeze Sounds","✊🏾UK❤❤","10","0","2020-06-08 15:21:47","true",""
"UgzhqNgSohrsL82lOEx4AaABAg","Sebastian Martin","And to underline how racist our UK english government is HOME SECRETARY Patel came out slating those who tour down the insult to black people ... she mocked those who had the bravery to remove a statue that signified raping killing enslaving torturing black people ... she defended a statue that was so evil to blacks so disrespecting for blacks and to blacks ... and yet this woman this hone secretary thinks she is in tune with how black people and others feel about a racist government. 

I'm pleased people are protesting because Corona virus as stated by Lord Sumption is the weakest virus since 1918 killing only 0.01 of the population... only elderly and those with illness or those overweight... what is Corona virus changed to COVID 19 BY THE WORLD GOVERNMENTS? IT STANDS FOR CERTIFICATE OF VACCINATION ID 2019 COVID19 ... It is the liars way of vaccinating by force when vacine comes available the liars the Jesuits the bankers the shadow government the WHO poison vaccine under the false name of a killer virus which a LAW LORD OF THE SUPREME COURT has said is not a killer or deadly enough virus to lock us all down.. 

So why are they doing it? Its 2020 and we are all waking up to their lies and abuse the killings of blacks that they have been doing for centuries and brutal treatment of every one under a police state which is given by a government lying to the people about the shape of the earth .... the earth is flat and motionless... but the government's of the earth have brainwashed kids in school to think they live on a spinning globe when the earth is a fixed motionless round flat plane of land ... round is not a globe or ball .... roundabout is flat ... pizza is round and flat ... dining table not square is round and flat. 

The governments that can lie to us about shape of earth will vaccinate us if they can with their poisons thus the people need wake up more ... I knew that riots would happen as I knew the police would kill another black man just like they had on Tottenham sparking Tottenham riots ... and this shows that the people have had enough ... no justice no peace ... people need to protest the government's plans to mandatory vaccine every one in the uk ... the legislation came out quietly on 8 May 2020 google the public health (control of disease) act 1984 and you will see they have passed legislation whilst we were lockdown watching Netflix to vaccinate us and remove destroy where they want property ... thus people have no idea of what's coming... protesting race issues now but need to start protesting mandatory vaccines of which we have no idea what's inside vaccine or why its mandatory .... I'd rather die than accept vaccine or join the Jesuits NWO... and the uk government criticises china dictating when it us dictating to uk citizens to have by force a vaccine many will not want. 

People will soon see how evil their government is even if home secretary Patel didnt make that abundantly clear.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:21:49","true",""
"Ugwtmmq2oZBOChJDGmR4AaABAg","Randy Simmons","Anderson cooper family owned slaves","0","0","2020-06-08 15:22:09","true",""
"Ugw4j9zIiAEI8ktV8MJ4AaABAg","swetab singh","Why was it there in the first place?","0","0","2020-06-08 15:22:12","true",""
"Ugyz33ujwV0OcVjRyMx4AaABAg","Ana Sueiras","If only the US would follow.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:22:12","true",""
"UgyttnjJZOCWhaBI_7V4AaABAg","Ashlee Davis","I love it. I'm so proud to know it ppl out there really stand behind this movement #NoMoreRacism","14","0","2020-06-08 15:22:26","true",""
"UgzuJf47zBO3_v6dWI94AaABAg","shasha Timberlake","Do you know why you hate a race of people who are different than you? We're you taught to hate us? Did they tell the truth about us? We were forced to become a people to work for hundreds of years with no pay. We built America and are considered lower class citizens.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:22:31","true",""
"UgwAHq3Mhkg0ydT-kcR4AaABAg","Don Taylor","In the news story it's said the statue was of a ""slave owner"" but in the thumbnail he's a ""slave trader."" Which is it? And does he have a name?  What was the pretext for erecting a statue in the first place?","0","0","2020-06-08 15:22:43","true",""
"UgxWp53tlf6mOQizWiB4AaABAg","Net Surfer","Pelosi said Hongkong riot "" beautiful sight to behold"" enjoy your sight nancy.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:22:53","true",""
"UgyS0MphbGK5BGeDs6Z4AaABAg","Sally Portillo","I don't want any immigrants who are anarchists. We will be strict with immigration.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:22:56","true",""
"UgyDZifoGTOJeQQFakp4AaABAg","Greg Menego","Just shoot one or two of those thugs...huge uproar for a week and boom, hooligan problem solved forever.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:23:02","true",""
"UgzGLqboPaJOO-BRyjd4AaABAg","Shim ring","Trump blaming for China but not able to solved the problem of his country...China is feeling like heaven","0","0","2020-06-08 15:23:06","true",""
"UgyZ46FKEEv0_m25hmB4AaABAg","samoth adis","Burn it..","0","0","2020-06-08 15:23:17","true",""
"Ugx0kXObf60oDr-e-vB4AaABAg","Make Racists Afraid Again- MRAA","That's great news and I hope many more will follow those statue too and they should have not be there at the first place.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:23:23","true",""
"Ugz2WJRG64BTFTsNrrB4AaABAg","Michelle Thomas","I know that’s right U.K.Tear that Shit Down,I Love U Bristol🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸","1","0","2020-06-08 15:23:29","true",""
"UgzqhtMf3AJKRh2D5CN4AaABAg","TJ Jumps","Yes!!!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:23:30","true",""
"Ugw5eDY057fNGVSymaB4AaABAg","Sucari Freeman","Excellent!!!!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:23:41","true",""
"UgykID5vUZuVOsuyPJ14AaABAg","Dalonda Baker","Yessss👏👏💖💖thank you white people for standing up for Us!!","1","0","2020-06-08 15:23:44","true",""
"Ugx2sITdRQfUmPU9u9J4AaABAg","philip cormier","Reject racist religions in America, these religions are maintaining the status quo of racism!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:23:54","true",""
"UgzTwYTuxizxmjBBiOt4AaABAg","Rascl Fru","There appears to be a new silent majority","0","0","2020-06-08 15:24:09","true",""
"UgzorNL3SHe1J4_Fj9B4AaABAg","James Lee","Liberty And Justice... FOR ALL 🗽

They belong at the bottom of the sea.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:24:10","true",""
"UgyAFWLWaUyAD4e5jPJ4AaABAg","Sally Portillo","Mr. Rothschild, please let me establish the Mandala Universal Bank in my country.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:24:11","true",""
"Ugyqzoz9zG5PTo2-iox4AaABAg","Freddyphresh","The statue had multiple criminal charges against it. It deserves it. Plus it looks a bit too dark....not worthy of life","1","0","2020-06-08 15:24:17","true",""
"UgxdzH8TZjtLAOcHAqV4AaABAg","Letty","Why was the presenter so happy about this news report. She was estactic","0","0","2020-06-08 15:24:18","true",""
"Ugw5v4ZJ9ZwiNerJ2VB4AaABAg","Ana Victoria","YESSS🔥🔥🔥","7","0","2020-06-08 15:24:18","true",""
"UgwH6ytTWcawnRbk6_94AaABAg","Jinx Mim","Time to go after the mosques.  Unless you like idolizing a serial rapist and pedophile who is generating rapists and pedophiles all across the word and right under the noses of the UK police.  Muhammad was more then a slaver.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:24:20","true",""
"UgwOpEzi9i-Ajy5Cf114AaABAg","ace spadez","How powerful a moment ✊","0","0","2020-06-08 15:24:31","true",""
"Ugzj2eVZtZFrM2xJr994AaABAg","HER EXCELENCY EBBA","I can see there is no covid 19 ...this protest has killed corona virus","0","0","2020-06-08 15:24:41","true",""
"UgxTWrpmY9WBTML9Oet4AaABAg","Grim Reaper","One down, many more to go.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:24:41","true",""
"UgyineldnAHybOWrRWR4AaABAg","philip cormier","It's time to stop going to your churches and come out of her my people!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:24:43","true",""
"UgxDQr5RYTZQxmTGvBB4AaABAg","Kim Gaines","Wow!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:24:49","true",""
"UgxldDZZtJKyiyOPq814AaABAg","Cocho De guerrero","We all support Trump 

against the fake News Media pay program for obamagate bosses","0","0","2020-06-08 15:24:51","true",""
"Ugy51YFQ4xQ4S95SZql4AaABAg","Pedro Luis Perez","but... why?","0","0","2020-06-08 15:24:51","true",""
"UgxKMFnrfKPA0YJKr4F4AaABAg","IGBOS-ASHANTI-JA","400 years","0","0","2020-06-08 15:25:17","true",""
"UgzwHBgobNoPHGU9Moh4AaABAg","ace spadez","United Kingdom rise to the occasion once again much love and respect from America","4","2","2020-06-08 15:25:35","true",""
"UgzwHBgobNoPHGU9Moh4AaABAg.99dyHtm7pqP99e0Qb2xcoB","Isthisjustfantasy 75","People have been trying to get rid of that monstrosity for years through legal channels. Nothing was done so people had to do it themselves ✌🇬🇧","1","","2020-06-08 15:52:59","false",""
"UgzwHBgobNoPHGU9Moh4AaABAg.99dyHtm7pqP99eAO3VmPau","Alex Fraser","🙏🏼","1","","2020-06-08 17:20:01","false",""
"UgxFIhf15UqMGsNJ3rx4AaABAg","wise johnny","Done... Now the Buckingham palace...","0","0","2020-06-08 15:25:39","true",""
"UgyNliRt-5b9wDe9Vs14AaABAg","Lilia Rodriguez","Hooray!!!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:25:50","true",""
"UgwM_tLBoOh2HJrAn-B4AaABAg","Jinx Mim","""Largely peaceful"" is a signal that you support the violence.  You can't have it both ways.  CNN is trash.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:25:52","true",""
"UgxtRIVJ-tVzMLp-CiF4AaABAg","Freddyphresh","This is so interesting it seems like there is global understanding of what's right now lol it only took a pandemic and THOUSANDS of black men dying","8","1","2020-06-08 15:26:00","true",""
"UgxtRIVJ-tVzMLp-CiF4AaABAg.99dyKx_f2IA99eFsMBUj9t","Le Chat Noir","Thousands? 😑 try a lot more than that.","1","","2020-06-08 18:07:59","false",""
"UgxAgnH8YbxjtMD0vRF4AaABAg","mook5tar","All hats off to you Brits, that was Awesome !","0","0","2020-06-08 15:26:03","true",""
"UgxKBnk2r9vxa8rsrzt4AaABAg","philip cormier","Stop praying start fighting!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:26:05","true",""
"UgxnfdEu1p4aBpH9wsJ4AaABAg","Dianna Hill","✊💞","0","0","2020-06-08 15:26:11","true",""
"UgzBpF-HNw59T69y_E14AaABAg","Pgs Gonzalez","PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD HAD ENOUGH . WE (WILL OVERCOME )","223","10","2020-06-08 15:26:18","true",""
"UgzBpF-HNw59T69y_E14AaABAg.99dyN4cWvKs99eAico48cz","Georgia Deer hunting","And coronavirus  will over come you guys and millions will die because  you guys spread it","3","","2020-06-08 17:22:58","false",""
"UgzBpF-HNw59T69y_E14AaABAg.99dyN4cWvKs99eBhR5A3X7","Wolf Mann","this is gonna be a new beginning for the world","2","","2020-06-08 17:31:33","false",""
"UgzBpF-HNw59T69y_E14AaABAg.99dyN4cWvKs99eBvqNDhrw","MichaelMGames","Georgia Deer hunting Corona virus doesn’t exist anymore🥳 we cancelled her🤪💞","5","","2020-06-08 17:33:31","false",""
"UgzBpF-HNw59T69y_E14AaABAg.99dyN4cWvKs99eDdZVVv-m","peter kreisler","Imbecile","0","","2020-06-08 17:48:30","false",""
"UgzBpF-HNw59T69y_E14AaABAg.99dyN4cWvKs99eEa0vI6u9","Le Chat Noir","A lot of people also woke up!","2","","2020-06-08 17:56:45","false",""
"UgzBpF-HNw59T69y_E14AaABAg.99dyN4cWvKs99eEqQQGf5c","Hai Coai","B
Yes","0","","2020-06-08 17:58:59","false",""
"UgzBpF-HNw59T69y_E14AaABAg.99dyN4cWvKs99eFbuoGo0p","Y G","I had enough of people like you, keyboard warrior","0","","2020-06-08 18:05:45","false",""
"UgzBpF-HNw59T69y_E14AaABAg.99dyN4cWvKs99eHFkVYGDe","Arrow Strike","@Y G right back at yah","0","","2020-06-08 18:20:03","false",""
"UgzBpF-HNw59T69y_E14AaABAg.99dyN4cWvKs99eHbn1VKcs","Jacqueline Perry","Looks like everybody has had enoug just be fair to everyone no race need privledge just work and earn your way thru life only way to go.","0","","2020-06-08 18:23:12","false",""
"UgzBpF-HNw59T69y_E14AaABAg.99dyN4cWvKs9A1N7RGKceB","Buonga H","Speak for yourself","0","","2020-06-18 02:53:07","false",""
"UgwW6JoLQQod-dr_o_t4AaABAg","Jasson Poirier","I'll be grabbing that up later and selling the bronze for scrap . Big score","0","0","2020-06-08 15:26:26","true",""
"Ugx6nvmrY42ZWDEdWyd4AaABAg","Nicky Nick352","That stupid statue looks so freaking funny when they throw it into the the river","3","0","2020-06-08 15:26:27","true",""
"Ugw01wE4XuMunrVBC_R4AaABAg","Kim Gaines","Statutes are a symbol, but real systematic change is needed throughout the world. This young lady is so eloquent. At 18, I don't believe that I was trying to change the world. Kudos to this young generation.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:26:28","true",""
"UgzI3jPgNlIrWv8k8JV4AaABAg","Teresa Holmes","Black princess gone, didn't treat her equal....","0","0","2020-06-08 15:26:35","true",""
"UgyGo1PNKo-kLEIVsGZ4AaABAg","Cynthia Geisler","Good lord... it's history.. teach your kids by talking about the statue why he was wrong...","0","0","2020-06-08 15:26:40","true",""
"Ugy07NPwoAyKpDUaXdt4AaABAg","Greg Menego","Wld never believe that this is in England. Geez..these so called protesters dont even belong there yet lets make the place the same as my forefathers countries.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:26:42","true",""
"UgywKY0fVPb91tXS_Vl4AaABAg","Babetravelling","Are u glad ur prince married Meghan?","0","0","2020-06-08 15:26:43","true",""
"UgzS2aHml5Pnc3Pl9oJ4AaABAg","Joel Richardson","I am a student that lives in bristol and I think the statue should have been taken down ages ago so it's good to see it gone, however I also think the devision between cultures and race in Bristol especially, is much much smaller than in the states, people are judged based on who they are rather than race, which is why I think that protesting for change isnt needed as people already living together in unison with each other, and I think protesting is more of a boast in england to show how progressive they are. They have lost the real reason people were protesting in the first place for, which was to stop unnecessary police brutally against people of colour which IS NOT AN ISSUE IN THE UK.","1","0","2020-06-08 15:26:46","true",""
"UgwB23XizRdoNjGTY2d4AaABAg","Faith Moore","Nothing historical about Slaves trader.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:26:56","true",""
"Ugz6q1ZxsJy-YdX_3rZ4AaABAg","Sally Portillo","When mediocre and non-qualified masons are given the privilege and powers of money, expect backwardness.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:26:57","true",""
"UgxaKXqqDlm0o5YknPV4AaABAg","Og St.Eyes","💓💯2020","0","0","2020-06-08 15:27:08","true",""
"UgzZtase18Hv1PAw5lx4AaABAg","Kwabena Kyereme","Greetings from Ghana, oh pity the slave-master statue has been removed. Please leave them there for history and reminder.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:27:23","true",""
"UgwTkszN6_9SsN0TJ4V4AaABAg","A Evelyn Moose","United Kingdom. NOT THE UNITED STATES.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:27:39","true",""
"UgzAkRH2Tt2Pgye4Jx14AaABAg","DCrump","💪‼️‼️💯💯","0","0","2020-06-08 15:27:40","true",""
"Ugx9cO-Ov23Q17Z_Zg14AaABAg","smitha james","Protestors took care of CNN office in Atlanta last week","0","0","2020-06-08 15:27:45","true",""
"Ugxahtziy8ZwkaAIxGJ4AaABAg","eatmy dick","yeah ...... lets REMOVE history like it didnt exist.(FACE PALM).... this is the same thing NAZI Germany did.....","1","0","2020-06-08 15:28:04","true",""
"UgzIgOFcfhADfaw8ml14AaABAg","Vincent KKC","Boris please say something about Hong Kong riots!..criticism about Hong Kong police brutality !!..unacceptable blaming China!..🤣🤣","0","0","2020-06-08 15:28:19","true",""
"UgxAdFDzeWYHuiP9Dtl4AaABAg","Sally Portillo","You don't know how to talk like I do.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:28:26","true",""
"UgxIe1FlDmcB8s7QTUR4AaABAg","Dayday Nix","Thank you Britain","0","0","2020-06-08 15:28:27","true",""
"UgwU2FaM0qGkKhuXg9x4AaABAg","philip cormier","They need to get rid of those white wigs they're wearing all the time take that off their heads!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:28:31","true",""
"Ugy1eafCT172xPFf0Hh4AaABAg","Emilio X Rodriguez","Could've been melted down instead of throwing it into the water","0","0","2020-06-08 15:28:41","true",""
"UgziYHsAYSxUZUNv5hx4AaABAg","Vincent KKC","Double standard!!!😂😂😂","0","0","2020-06-08 15:28:58","true",""
"UgwJ4BzB_wZJ1ZAmMlJ4AaABAg","Luke Holland","I'm the ghost of Michael Jackson and I think the riots are just iiggnnoorrraaannnccceee hee hee.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:28:59","true",""
"UgwYUHzIxBNSiSbL4b14AaABAg","1000 subs before the end of quarantine","Nigel Farage has said today that “The Taliban was born in the UK today” race baiting c**t","0","0","2020-06-08 15:29:00","true",""
"UgwKmSpZvZVVUPFQowR4AaABAg","philip cormier","The white wigs are a symbol of white supremacy!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:29:01","true",""
"UgzDKTjDeAgm0UkyK1N4AaABAg","Marc V","She look upset that it happened....","0","0","2020-06-08 15:29:11","true",""
"UgxMM4mzJxB0vWKS3y54AaABAg","Sally Portillo","When a conscience speaks, it doesn't destroy physically but the demons within.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:29:13","true",""
"UgwvQ4t0jiL9AzunnOt4AaABAg","Eugene Sant","Wasn't the monarchy involved in
Slavery? Burn it down.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:29:21","true",""
"UgyLMlmFCoOfuuULH_B4AaABAg","Max Powers","The first 12 presidents of th U.S.A were slaves owners . and they are all over our money and everywhere","0","0","2020-06-08 15:29:30","true",""
"UgxkcFpcA2IqQB1LXat4AaABAg","smitha james","Will it become difficult for whites to live in US, UK, Canada and Europe in two decades?","0","0","2020-06-08 15:29:30","true",""
"UgxUGX6eVEXJBd1sJlZ4AaABAg","Richard Young","Joe can't vote for himself, he ain't black","0","0","2020-06-08 15:29:53","true",""
"UgxjGXaK2kLBiDbye7F4AaABAg","chester white","Hey they better call Dopey he will send he military in to stop them and get statue back out on the river there is racism all around the world it's time for it to stop we have had enough if we can't live together down here then we're never going to see heaven cause god will not stand for it","0","0","2020-06-08 15:29:54","true",""
"UgxkiNijh0FVD4PWhKh4AaABAg","Zulu Oscar","Replace it with a statue of two people with their hands clasped together, held high above their heads in triumph. We should memorialize unity and brotherhood.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:30:02","true",""
"Ugx7_V9iEbEhxhOBjml4AaABAg","Vicaria Williams","🤣😂😍","0","0","2020-06-08 15:30:15","true",""
"UgxWHXfkmrQY29I78RB4AaABAg","Prasanna Surange","Bristol has done pretty well in the fight against racism for now....way to go!!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:30:22","true",""
"UgygCcIi6UEcL0zYvsR4AaABAg","Cynthia Geisler","Easy to retrieve and put in a museum to teach history.. we have to teach the young people why these people were wrong.. destroying history will most likely not help.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:30:24","true",""
"Ugw8vuQ3a1xV6ZbymVh4AaABAg","Supernova","How you mean a status of a slave trader, what on earth is that thing doing there. I can't believe till now it has been dumped away.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:30:29","true",""
"UgwMH-mZKoNUe2PdRHZ4AaABAg","jimbob bodein","Funny how out of the 5 people doing the work of rolling it down the road in this clip 4 are white an the one black guy is doing almost nothing Kinda like real life","0","0","2020-06-08 15:30:39","true",""
"UgzIZaBBYX8-JHqy49d4AaABAg","Vincent KKC","Why don’t he criticise trump handling riots!..🤣🤣 double standard!!..😂😂","0","0","2020-06-08 15:30:40","true",""
"UgwhHQE7-qdNOtB899J4AaABAg","Eugene Sant","The leftist kooks need to be wiped
Out all over the world.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:30:42","true",""
"UgxlQ3m_R_-vXsnqiw14AaABAg","Sally Portillo","Black Lives Matter should be in Africa.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:30:50","true",""
"UgyCYKAu_iMSLSiyxIh4AaABAg","B1G M34TYCL4CK3R5","The Rockefellers must be shaking in their boots","0","0","2020-06-08 15:31:01","true",""
"UgyibKIdJLt8DI2EYIZ4AaABAg","Demonstreer voor vrijheid Nederland","","0","0","2020-06-08 15:31:12","true",""
"UgzTAMatRJ82rJttUSN4AaABAg","MrNo","I've never understood these statues myself our history is important to remember so that it is never forgotten and repeated but these people don't deserve statues. 

Statues are commemorative and a form of idolizism. 

Many of our statues are from an imperialist past and dont belong in an enlightened society.

Let the people decide on who gets a statue. How about statues of Hereos, nurses, fireman, scientists, artists, and athlete statues of people pure of heart who have contributed to the country without any negative impact.

A watery grave for this statue is Justice in my opinion.

Stay safe.  Peace.","2","0","2020-06-08 15:31:20","true",""
"UgwHS9NPpukibS5vkY94AaABAg","Kevin Wilson","Spring cleaning","1","0","2020-06-08 15:31:25","true",""
"Ugzgs4IA3auiKfOOiNd4AaABAg","Danielle _661","No crime here folks... Or theres a video we still see no such crime carry on people.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:31:37","true",""
"UgyTCMCjBAJnj9sXr914AaABAg","Diddy Doodat","That statue was clearly a threat. Also, it tripped and fell.","8","0","2020-06-08 15:31:45","true",""
"UgxirBqgwCQWilE0iZZ4AaABAg","Arise Arise","The new generation of English people thank you. The new generation of white people are not bad they stand up for what is right.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:31:56","true",""
"UgxfDoEUvelkLhaW3lx4AaABAg","Greg Coogan","Bravo! There are plenty of other statues to colonial-era imperialists that deserve to be torn down as well.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:32:01","true",""
"UgzUEoFP8uf8g-csRyV4AaABAg","Niko","Good guys!!!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:32:03","true",""
"UgwZT8wJAkVPvfKNQWd4AaABAg","Miguel Gonzalez Gonzalez","The globalist  are on the move . Stay Alert . Defend  Your Country . Defend your Founding Principles  .","0","0","2020-06-08 15:32:05","true",""
"UgxB-kG6jTzFFbcnbYR4AaABAg","Brian Meaker","Mmhmm.
You don't want to do the right things? We do it FOR you.
The time for sitting on the sidelines is OVER.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:32:07","true",""
"Ugx4EtiIA86o4JJAbKZ4AaABAg","Sally Portillo","It's dog eat dog, I don't know how you can get more welfare money when you keep destroying things.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:32:10","true",""
"UgxZv6EoqYUA3ccIvrt4AaABAg","Little Bull","Antifa are running your protest now, well done eh!?
Inequality in this country is not what it is in the USA!
Antifa are creating more damage that any monster from the far right has done in recent years. 
I'm for equality, I have many friends from different race backgrounds but one thing all of us share is love for your fellow kin. BLM you gotta sort Antifa members and the looters out from the crowd so an un biased msg can be sent and heard by the members of this nation. Violence wont win over people. They are doing the very thing that yous are trying to stop!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:32:11","true",""
"UgxcoBW0-6uQ-gPYwDp4AaABAg","Guilty till Proven innocent","Good Job UK","0","0","2020-06-08 15:32:15","true",""
"Ugx7ngvfkMFWbxgZiNB4AaABAg","Debra Burton","On behalf of Justice thank you United Kingdom. God bless you","0","1","2020-06-08 15:32:15","true",""
"Ugx7ngvfkMFWbxgZiNB4AaABAg.99dz2fvg0yV99e2BVLyt4X","Isthisjustfantasy 75","✌","0","","2020-06-08 16:08:24","false",""
"Ugz0Ougq8B8owX6FHOF4AaABAg","Locus Cades","How you couldn't take care of it before is beyond me.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:32:20","true",""
"Ugxr7vgcEaBdtVbeDCR4AaABAg","priya k meena","this is empowering","0","0","2020-06-08 15:32:32","true",""
"Ugw2vhSaBtM8GdsSiDt4AaABAg","Tekashi 6ix9ine","Another black man got killed by police video leaked","0","0","2020-06-08 15:32:34","true",""
"UgzjGGJbKomMJdwdOB54AaABAg","shasha Timberlake","I love the UK","0","0","2020-06-08 15:32:49","true",""
"UgwXUDccA-m5FFKrEHp4AaABAg","Winnifred Smith","Bottom line is people are just tired of this Shit against Black people, how the race survived over 400years of this madness from.all angles is remarkable!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:32:53","true",""
"Ugyf6dtAogWbPA8OmiJ4AaABAg","wnordelus","The city officials took too long so the citizens took it off their hands.","267","9","2020-06-08 15:32:58","true",""
"Ugyf6dtAogWbPA8OmiJ4AaABAg.99dz7sfRJ6899eEp_eVwIV","Hai Coai","B
Yes","2","","2020-06-08 17:58:52","false",""
"Ugyf6dtAogWbPA8OmiJ4AaABAg.99dz7sfRJ6899eHSN5hXdZ","omegangel","This is how things should work","13","","2020-06-08 18:21:47","false",""
"Ugyf6dtAogWbPA8OmiJ4AaABAg.99dz7sfRJ6899eJ5Lk2kg8","","I believe the officials owe them some money for the labor of taking it down.","6","","2020-06-08 18:36:07","false",""
"Ugyf6dtAogWbPA8OmiJ4AaABAg.99dz7sfRJ6899eJ7DbnZVQ","Six Core Gamer","","0","","2020-06-08 18:36:22","false",""
"Ugyf6dtAogWbPA8OmiJ4AaABAg.99dz7sfRJ6899eJsHgDZuQ","John Burkes","@omegangel in America they are talking about abolishing the police","0","","2020-06-08 18:42:56","false",""
"Ugyf6dtAogWbPA8OmiJ4AaABAg.99dz7sfRJ6899eKmILU1Mk","04gtstang","Protesters dont get to decide what's acceptable and what's not...that's not civilized living. Wonder how they would like someone going to their house and deciding what furniture or accessories they should or shouldn't have. Use voting to vote officials in that will take them down...otherwise it's just a free for all.","2","","2020-06-08 18:50:51","false",""
"Ugyf6dtAogWbPA8OmiJ4AaABAg.99dz7sfRJ6899eLelCgmRB","Lester Walker","wnordelus The city officials were not doing anything. So yes it was taken off their hands.
see my off-topic video thanks.","0","","2020-06-08 18:58:34","false",""
"Ugyf6dtAogWbPA8OmiJ4AaABAg.99dz7sfRJ6899lWstPfa8-","prettypearls26","04gtstang .... yeah ok!","0","","2020-06-11 13:51:18","false",""
"Ugyf6dtAogWbPA8OmiJ4AaABAg.99dz7sfRJ689ANkDubi2tg","CJ P.","Mob mentality. So when the legal process takes too long to hear your case we should all just beat the shit out of you? That’s your logic after all.","0","","2020-06-26 19:27:01","false",""
"UgzvKs9Flw1LQrA_36t4AaABAg","Sg Haile","💪🏻💪🏽💪🏿","1","0","2020-06-08 15:33:03","true",""
"UgzW2roV7EFjg0WgUP54AaABAg","Gioni Fronimu","England is finished","0","0","2020-06-08 15:33:08","true",""
"Ugz2YDRl3lhk90J1x9t4AaABAg","I_grok_U_2","Destruction is always the way- right dims?","0","0","2020-06-08 15:33:20","true",""
"UgxOCQxM1GBtmjBo35Z4AaABAg","Gloria Hester","Has China been delta with?","0","0","2020-06-08 15:33:20","true",""
"UgxIyrVLVraUB95X4s54AaABAg","Free Way","Good need to do that shit here in the states","0","0","2020-06-08 15:33:21","true",""
"UgxnwOeMs5ldkbxNZm94AaABAg","JonGabriel Minney","Guess she DIDNT have the right of way","0","0","2020-06-08 15:33:30","true",""
"UgxwmoZT0QCtyxqfkAZ4AaABAg","priya k meena","will they condemn wht columbus did","0","0","2020-06-08 15:33:32","true",""
"Ugz9CIXasZBu79qpG3J4AaABAg","Shahnewaz Ul Islam Chowdhury","Inspired by the Just Cause series lol","0","0","2020-06-08 15:33:33","true",""
"UgxEwvUFSdvISWCYdhF4AaABAg","Fred A","That was beautiful.  They took matters into their own hands, and tossed the garbage into the river!","292","13","2020-06-08 15:33:38","true",""
"UgxEwvUFSdvISWCYdhF4AaABAg.99dzCmV-M6999eB_NC3aFb","Mot Doai","S","0","","2020-06-08 17:30:26","false",""
"UgxEwvUFSdvISWCYdhF4AaABAg.99dzCmV-M6999eEUJXZNlS","Simon Maguire","Because of Colston 19,000 slaves died in transport from Africa and were thrown into the sea. It’s poetic justice","18","","2020-06-08 17:55:50","false",""
"UgxEwvUFSdvISWCYdhF4AaABAg.99dzCmV-M6999eG0Yb9z5h","Lil1 Ice","DAYAM we need to do that here in the US. Takedown all the racist statues then toss them into the Hudson River

Forgot to mention burn all the confederate flags.","9","","2020-06-08 18:09:15","false",""
"UgxEwvUFSdvISWCYdhF4AaABAg.99dzCmV-M6999eG2EkW983","Sean Powell","@Simon Maguire 👏👏👏","1","","2020-06-08 18:09:28","false",""
"UgxEwvUFSdvISWCYdhF4AaABAg.99dzCmV-M6999eGUK6mMAD","The 'Debate Me!' Channel","I hope people don't go back to sleep after this. We have been putting up with a bunch of nonsense for years and years and every time I say we should take action everybody has every excuse under the sun. I don't know why it's so hard to understand that there's millions of us and thousands of them. We are the ones in control not them.","4","","2020-06-08 18:13:18","false",""
"UgxEwvUFSdvISWCYdhF4AaABAg.99dzCmV-M6999eJBnHySTZ","Chi YouTv","A protest that doesnt lead to looting and innocent  people getting hurt is always beautiful","0","","2020-06-08 18:37:00","false",""
"UgxEwvUFSdvISWCYdhF4AaABAg.99dzCmV-M6999eLLJGt-SA","roisin culler","Chi YouTv we’ll the protesters aren’t the ones looting in the US,cynicism doesn’t work when lying is the bases.","0","","2020-06-08 18:55:46","false",""
"UgxEwvUFSdvISWCYdhF4AaABAg.99dzCmV-M6999eM1zJt0Tw","Lester Walker","Fred A. Yes, that was a statue of a man who was worthless. Fred A. give my very off topic video a look. I provide the link.","1","","2020-06-08 19:01:52","false",""
"UgxEwvUFSdvISWCYdhF4AaABAg.99dzCmV-M6999eMJ3ImMty","Tony Tresigne","And in 10 years, 100 years time crimes of the past will be forgotten because there's no reminder. They were wrong to do this, the placque should have been changed to accept and acknowledge what this man did","0","","2020-06-08 19:04:12","false",""
"UgxEwvUFSdvISWCYdhF4AaABAg.99dzCmV-M6999fWZFjEyOU","morob513","And here in the U.S. still waiting for their politicians to do something about it which they are not instead of the people doing it themselves. Instead of us showing other countries how its done they are showing us. Sad!","0","","2020-06-09 05:53:02","false",""
"UgxEwvUFSdvISWCYdhF4AaABAg.99dzCmV-M6999sAXSOwvBF","Fred A","@Tony TresigneYou don't need to glorify the past in order to remember it. It's sad that anyone would ever think different.","1","","2020-06-14 03:50:40","false",""
"UgxEwvUFSdvISWCYdhF4AaABAg.99dzCmV-M6999sGWd29uY7","Tony Tresigne","@Fred A hi, you're missing the point I was making- acknowledge and educate yes. Remove and destroy no. Rage against the machine have a song called ""bulls on parade"" from the evil empire album that said it spot on- they don't need to burn the books they just remove them. The irony is they were aiming that at the establishment, where as these people are doing it for them without even realizing it and as such in my mind aren't helping. I feel the same but from the opposite perspective, it's sad that people don't realize this isn't how to achieve the changes that are needed. Take care, all the best","0","","2020-06-14 04:42:59","false",""
"UgxEwvUFSdvISWCYdhF4AaABAg.99dzCmV-M699ADb9tsuWM0","Agent Orange","do we replace it with statue of George Floyd with a meth pipe to his mouth or gun to a pregnant belly ?","0","","2020-06-22 20:55:25","false",""
"Ugxogrc7oAd-GTPXqFF4AaABAg","Eyeluvsyewnotjustafew","The breakdown of all systems is a breakthrough to higher order","0","0","2020-06-08 15:33:42","true",""
"UgyakLPBrYIar-2vhfJ4AaABAg","Leah Taylor","Good for them!!!! This is a movement that is not for a moment!!!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:33:42","true",""
"Ugwzt3iB0D_OF8PUCg54AaABAg","Izuchukwu Nweze","Yes, well done. The world need peace and love. Love your neighbor as yourself.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:33:42","true",""
"UgwaGjYceJm7ARpbVgF4AaABAg","Lisa Barrett-Smith","Hurrah......about bloody time.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:33:55","true",""
"UgxYv8bU-bc6KabQIFh4AaABAg","kkatta vga","Hellllllllllllll
             Yheaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!😁😎","0","0","2020-06-08 15:33:57","true",""
"UgwXg1bF4Um7ZpZyxkN4AaABAg","Christie Annice","Woah reminds me when Thatcher was in and Union Protests. It is good to see people wearing masks. Stay safe everyone. Hope no increase in Covid 🙏🙏🙏","0","0","2020-06-08 15:34:00","true",""
"UgymG-zCWNVHODFSyfl4AaABAg","vincent Warmington","I so glad to see both blacks and white people's are more educated now than every before a history's they don't want the British people's to know how the brutality of slavery against innocent blacks people's all overs the world was beyond evils but we as Black people's know all about it","0","0","2020-06-08 15:34:01","true",""
"Ugwa0qaNez57Lnu3PcR4AaABAg","xGenerous_ BlessingZ","YOU CANT RESIST CHOCOLATE PEOPLE ☺️","0","0","2020-06-08 15:34:06","true",""
"Ugzv9bvlwoV63In_kc14AaABAg","Pauline Gregory","The female officer rode into a traffic light.  I am yet to get to the bottom of why that was.  Was the horse didn’t seem to bolt.  She was going forward with the other officers.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:34:08","true",""
"UgwN_ZB6nhhOewUIeRF4AaABAg","iacob emil","White girls don't make so much children anymore anyway mate

, black people will take over the world anyway , so is ok","0","0","2020-06-08 15:34:09","true",""
"Ugw6-hnj6Qou60dTE8x4AaABAg","Sally Portillo","How to get a big loan approval from the Jews? All businesses start from the Loan, I can't make a move when my SSS money is off the schedule.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:34:20","true",""
"Ugyk1X4hCMnbvbf_CwB4AaABAg","Sean Shimamoto","AS THE PEOPLE SHOULD!!! Countries are, “we the people”.","313","18","2020-06-08 15:34:38","true",""
"Ugyk1X4hCMnbvbf_CwB4AaABAg.99dzK5oC9lp99e9HldpIkv","ennie minee","So 15,000=we the people.","1","","2020-06-08 17:10:26","false",""
"Ugyk1X4hCMnbvbf_CwB4AaABAg.99dzK5oC9lp99eBf0kyTfI","Mot Doai","F","0","","2020-06-08 17:31:13","false",""
"Ugyk1X4hCMnbvbf_CwB4AaABAg.99dzK5oC9lp99eCxkDQYvC","dandagod official","ennie minee Wtf are you even saying?","1","","2020-06-08 17:42:31","false",""
"Ugyk1X4hCMnbvbf_CwB4AaABAg.99dzK5oC9lp99eD4_wv7V6","Happy Dragneel","But ""we the people"" is only an american term. Its in our declaration of independence. Thats why americans say that phrase because the american government was established. FOR THE PEOPLE not to control them.

Thats why that phrase doesnt make sence in other countries.

Educate yourself.","0","","2020-06-08 17:43:35","false",""
"Ugyk1X4hCMnbvbf_CwB4AaABAg.99dzK5oC9lp99eDcg8E0HJ","dandagod official","Happy Dragneel That’s like saying “Liberty, equality, fraternity, or death” doesn’t apply to you because it was apart of the French Revolution.","2","","2020-06-08 17:48:22","false",""
"Ugyk1X4hCMnbvbf_CwB4AaABAg.99dzK5oC9lp99eEup1wNiY","Hai Coai","N
Yes","0","","2020-06-08 17:59:35","false",""
"Ugyk1X4hCMnbvbf_CwB4AaABAg.99dzK5oC9lp99eF65-o5HV","Tom Towers","@ennie minee That's not everyone.","0","","2020-06-08 18:01:16","false",""
"Ugyk1X4hCMnbvbf_CwB4AaABAg.99dzK5oC9lp99eFG5ImgQp","DK x Mace","Yeah,  ow people will never know that event ever happened, and that piece of history might repeat itself. Ignorant people don’t want to learn from history.","0","","2020-06-08 18:02:38","false",""
"Ugyk1X4hCMnbvbf_CwB4AaABAg.99dzK5oC9lp99eFIO-hut9","Tom Towers","@Happy Dragneel It makes sense if they want to rise up and demand better, And as leaders of the free world we're supposed to be promoting freedom and democracy.","0","","2020-06-08 18:02:56","false",""
"Ugyk1X4hCMnbvbf_CwB4AaABAg.99dzK5oC9lp99eG3xyXQ3Q","critcal 1225","We need a United system not a United States so we as a world can end injustice.","0","","2020-06-08 18:09:43","false",""
"Ugyk1X4hCMnbvbf_CwB4AaABAg.99dzK5oC9lp99eGAA5HVGg","ennie minee","dandagod official the op made it seem as though these protestors are considered “we the people” but the majority aren’t out their doing this vandalism. 

He is basically trying to cast a mob of angry leftist as a representative of the “people” as a whole.","0","","2020-06-08 18:10:33","false",""
"Ugyk1X4hCMnbvbf_CwB4AaABAg.99dzK5oC9lp99eJHAmq_oI","DK x Mace","critcal 1225 We need term limits.","2","","2020-06-08 18:37:44","false",""
"Ugyk1X4hCMnbvbf_CwB4AaABAg.99dzK5oC9lp99eL-gdU76p","Sean Shimamoto","DK x Mace YUP! Two words...MOSCOW MITCH! If we had term limited, we wouldn’t have seen Neil Gorsuch get onto the Supreme Court, ‘cause Mitch McConnell wouldn’t have been there, and he wouldn’t have been able to STEAL that spot from Barack Obama! 

#Truth #Facts","1","","2020-06-08 18:52:49","false",""
"Ugyk1X4hCMnbvbf_CwB4AaABAg.99dzK5oC9lp99eSc5_vZX7","critcal 1225","@DK x Mace agreed","0","","2020-06-08 19:59:22","false",""
"Ugyk1X4hCMnbvbf_CwB4AaABAg.99dzK5oC9lp99eci7y9y4J","Sean Shimamoto","ennie minee Absolutely! Are you saying that those 15,000 people don’t count? Are you saying that you’re more important than them?","0","","2020-06-08 21:36:18","false",""
"Ugyk1X4hCMnbvbf_CwB4AaABAg.99dzK5oC9lp99ed610YNZh","Sean Shimamoto","Happy Dragneel Yes, I’m well aware of our Declaration of Independence, as well as our Constitution and its Bill of Rights. I intentionally worded it “CountrIES”...because the sentiment is that all countries are made up of people, and they should be the ones whose best interest is of the utmost importance...a sentiment that autocrats and dictators opt to disregard.","0","","2020-06-08 21:39:42","false",""
"Ugyk1X4hCMnbvbf_CwB4AaABAg.99dzK5oC9lp99edNoTUNDd","Sean Shimamoto","dandagod official Thank you! Happy Dragneel sure comes across as uneducated, with the irony of his comment probably eluding him! Thanks for having my’s a rarity in the YouTube comments section.

Hope u and ur ohana are staying safe and healthy during this pandemic. Aloha from Hawai’i! 😁🤙🏽","0","","2020-06-08 21:42:08","false",""
"Ugyk1X4hCMnbvbf_CwB4AaABAg.99dzK5oC9lp99edYXPSxcb","Sean Shimamoto","Happy Dragneel PS - I hope to God that you’re not a Trump supporter,","0","","2020-06-08 21:43:36","false",""
"UgyEopvwY3uXXwF_vyp4AaABAg","missy prime","","0","0","2020-06-08 15:34:41","true",""
"UgwLhS8eoOuUUZFx-OZ4AaABAg","WakeupIts1159","X Files 642 334 Royal 👑 Family 🐉 X 199 287 the unlawful 80 82 will fall 🔥🐅 tiger 🐯 king 👑 dethroned 150 228 X vipers revelation 3 9 DmX blackout where’s the 🌞 where’s the 🌚 I can’t breath 🌋 I can’t see sun 🌞 🌚 ⭐️ have 👻 us 24 x 3 going dark Hosea 8 7 🗡within 🌪 enough is enough 05047 3 wn 10 piece hot wing blue cheese 🧀 dressing for me what you have Mary J 257 riding with lady 1113 X 7 Fold 144 👑x 🏇 secretariat 1973 the true 🤴 127 222 lottery numbers good for 7 days X 171","0","0","2020-06-08 15:34:49","true",""
"UgwXUjhdcE2zu9sbYPp4AaABAg","Timothy Foster","Good job people's.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:34:51","true",""
"UgxWJsb7JKYwiNlBH4x4AaABAg","designamk1","History is to remind us to not do these things again. Destroying history is counter intuitive and show's you how close minded the youth of today are. They really struggle to form their own opinions on anything. It's a heard mentality","0","0","2020-06-08 15:34:56","true",""
"UgyxdSM60HxmS56kHZZ4AaABAg","Guy Incognito","Damn","0","0","2020-06-08 15:35:06","true",""
"UgzKK1TGGid8QijUkpx4AaABAg","Eugene Sant","When the Patriots finally rise up...
You leftists are not going to like it.","0","2","2020-06-08 15:35:13","true",""
"UgzKK1TGGid8QijUkpx4AaABAg.99dzOPyOE8199e7UaWOPfA","Richard Greasley","Didn't they try that back in 1861 to 1865? How did that end? Do remember that 'patriots' such as yourself are in the minority. You can own hundreds of guns, but you can only fire one.","0","","2020-06-08 16:54:42","false",""
"UgzKK1TGGid8QijUkpx4AaABAg.99dzOPyOE8199f52XpIJn_","Eugene Sant","@Richard Greasley ha
Are the one outnumbered boy.
Trump won. Trump will win again.
And when you leftists push a civil will become extinct.","0","","2020-06-09 01:52:38","false",""
"Ugzek6SdgtnJz5fl-fx4AaABAg","Sally Portillo","I can't make a big experiment like the solar.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:35:26","true",""
"Ugyq3HlqqBxapNw32lB4AaABAg","Rajiv Dhall","British empire died years ago......but some assholes hold on to the racists days  and days of looting  by british gone by.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:35:41","true",""
"UgyONVKftsVtvYC5sHp4AaABAg","Max Bernal","Funny how FOX  ignores most topics","0","0","2020-06-08 15:35:46","true",""
"UgyXT90dLvc4fpCxgeZ4AaABAg","FTL OP","It is important in these times to speak out and act by contacting their government to express the change they want, not to gather. Corona virus is like ""sweet, let's get this party started"". :(","0","0","2020-06-08 15:35:49","true",""
"UgwWr8BYwf4_24Bqg_F4AaABAg","Gabriel Rolon","She didn’t organize it if u believe that then u are sheep","0","0","2020-06-08 15:36:10","true",""
"UgyzEmkZ3L93JoMom0p4AaABAg","MatthewClarkson","Trying to destroy history because you find it offensive is a brilliant demonstration of gross ignorance.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:36:15","true",""
"Ugx1IXITXTrSksWwWCl4AaABAg","Sally Portillo","I am tired of the daily chaos and deception.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:36:15","true",""
"Ugyg3l_2QjOt7HkWQAR4AaABAg","Timothy Foster","Sink it sink it 😂🤣😂","0","0","2020-06-08 15:36:31","true",""
"UgwlD8XFGoefE7GvQnl4AaABAg","Chris 3.1416","Why didn't the  ""proper""  English do something before?  They are  also a bunch of phonies and hypocrites. And why did they give him a statue to begin with?  The English had slaves before  anyone else.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:36:32","true",""
"Ugz77Bz1KdyHeR5aX6V4AaABAg","Sean Shimamoto","I used to feel that the SARS-CoV-2 virus was a bigger deal...but I think my fellow minorities are just tired of feeling like minorities their ENTIRE lives.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:36:37","true",""
"Ugx7JG3hiEnBhOgn6EB4AaABAg","Gwen Bibbins","I love it, it about dam time","0","0","2020-06-08 15:36:44","true",""
"UgxW69sIZulGe9TyotZ4AaABAg","Adam Fun","Wester counties turned upside down","0","0","2020-06-08 15:36:49","true",""
"UgwFc1nGrz6_NI-PGG14AaABAg","Flower Day","Good 👍 
What happened to the queen, What goes around comes around 
Those cause diseases starvation, refugee so many problems causes 
No more this yang generations 
Advance thinker","0","0","2020-06-08 15:36:58","true",""
"UgxAxR-X9FnmWJW7usN4AaABAg","Malcolm DuBose","Damnnn UK.  Respect from the US ✊🏾","1","1","2020-06-08 15:37:00","true",""
"UgxAxR-X9FnmWJW7usN4AaABAg.99dzaU_vFSp99e1bMpThUS","Isthisjustfantasy 75","✌","1","","2020-06-08 16:03:20","false",""
"UgwL8Zba-jehH2X8_Al4AaABAg","Nico Estelle","Bully for  Lady Ima !!! Would love for the queen to show solidarity and empathy for this issue by kighting you.👍🏼","0","0","2020-06-08 15:37:03","true",""
"UgxvC5haR1Zb0pFxKIh4AaABAg","rob mcwhorter","$84 MILLION in cash laundered by Hillary Clinton Foundation discovered! (CNN wont tell you b.c. she's their girl!)","1","0","2020-06-08 15:37:07","true",""
"UgzsV_PbKQZPdlsdn6F4AaABAg","Sally Portillo","Well, I pity you. You are dependent of welfare but I am not. I don't like welfare. I want equity.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:37:17","true",""
"UgzBh0QSfNOxG6BZoHt4AaABAg","AC PhiferRowe","YES!!! Way to go Aima!!!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:37:19","true",""
"UgyRbVhblWxVH243l8Z4AaABAg","Anthony T","Not wanting to reveal your last name when you're live, center stage on international protest? Should've at least worn a mask, haha. Jokes aside, BLM.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:37:20","true",""
"UgzqoqxvCHKUKrf-VT54AaABAg","Juverne Divino","Britain has some of the racist people on earth. And most of them aren’t even white.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:37:34","true",""
"Ugw3tT3gxTqDIegVSoB4AaABAg","Big Mike Nangoli","Thanks LONDON we love you","0","0","2020-06-08 15:37:35","true",""
"UgwbnaJbxCCASkaH3Xt4AaABAg","David Hale","And this how civilized people of color act? 
You want respect by disrespecting others?","0","0","2020-06-08 15:37:48","true",""
"UgxE_ysPCKMMbesUTm14AaABAg","Joe Ersatz","Hopefully, Macron is watching!👍","0","0","2020-06-08 15:37:51","true",""
"Ugy3LhSr4nR8TSJi68F4AaABAg","Samim Cassis","I m against racism, but still is not correct to take justice in your hand . 
Law and liberties can’t be separated.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:38:01","true",""
"Ugyus2JK5GhrzsJkqgp4AaABAg","Havi g","That was great","0","0","2020-06-08 15:38:08","true",""
"UgwgwvsfCgz6RwT0G5V4AaABAg","delta charlie","Beautifull....beautifull sight","0","0","2020-06-08 15:38:09","true",""
"UgwBEc6ltjzg7-El6fZ4AaABAg","817 Danny","Bless . Y’all be carful for marshal law . This is how there trying to get us . But it’s truly beautiful seeing people stand up speak up for what’s right . Worlds shift...","0","0","2020-06-08 15:38:17","true",""
"Ugx3-F_Af5FKYIOiufd4AaABAg","Fred A","Megan didn't leave for no reason...","0","0","2020-06-08 15:38:21","true",""
"Ugxv3Pt3tf1dqUhkfEZ4AaABAg","Sally Portillo","They are managed by Liberalism, this is the product of Liberalism.","0","1","2020-06-08 15:38:33","true",""
"Ugxv3Pt3tf1dqUhkfEZ4AaABAg.99dzlmhvHWd99e7GOz62hB","Mario Kratt","this is the product of retardation and nothing better to do","0","","2020-06-08 16:52:46","false",""
"UgztALKH6BcsuxS_uqd4AaABAg","maman89","Now thats great news.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:38:54","true",""
"Ugzkx1Z-EidJ-4pKSvt4AaABAg","Jonathan Snodgrass","I'm from uk and what do people expect , governments srent doing anything to change legislation and get our politics up to date with our humanity so british people will do it by themselves , this should have been done with years decades ago, theres no risk, theres anger were still dealing with this 400 years ago, we dont live like we did 400 years ago so why we following legislation from 400 years ago ? Governments have to act or more people will change society by themselves","0","0","2020-06-08 15:38:56","true",""
"Ugyd3sczxgRVSzc3SbV4AaABAg","David Hale","When you demand to be heard no one listens","1","0","2020-06-08 15:39:15","true",""
"UgwI8rH4gh0gCQGclS54AaABAg","mrpositronia","People are  disliking the fact that an inanimate object, that people find offensive, has been removed from sight by people who have to see it every day.  Who cares. It's not a home, or a business, or a living thing, or anything of significance.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:40:00","true",""
"UgwUKIqx_eAYNZW2Q0Z4AaABAg","Sally Portillo","All gov't are not doing their job, would you think I will protest, no. There is an election coming after 2 years, there is a better opportunity by educating the voters to vote for Independents.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:40:00","true",""
"UgxcAJ83Z3ulws_aPV54AaABAg","Investigative Audit","Would Boris still follow Trump?","0","0","2020-06-08 15:40:12","true",""
"Ugyo_zCFuzSrsSmd70d4AaABAg","Gustavo Juarez Pantoja","See how the media make the pigs as victims","0","0","2020-06-08 15:40:20","true",""
"UgyFRIMPSCyKXwd_8qV4AaABAg","Brooklyn Nimoh","👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽","0","0","2020-06-08 15:40:29","true",""
"Ugzp4ZkW0fLBbRUK-AF4AaABAg","Astroboy C","UK is not innocent at all in its long history of slaving the African people, colonizing countries worldwide, kiling civilians, selling opiums and grabbing fortunes from poor countries.","1","0","2020-06-08 15:40:29","true",""
"UgyQsq1WdkdR7EHo03R4AaABAg","Sally Portillo","This is lacking in your country including the US, Independents are shit scared to go alone.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:40:32","true",""
"UgwxMXn7JGKjjN0IK1Z4AaABAg","AC PhiferRowe","Silence is betrayal! So powerful that people other than blacks have become involved.  Makes me want to cry, CHANGE IS NECESSARY PLEASE.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:40:36","true",""
"Ugy6OfxgdtOoNUSLYEh4AaABAg","Edwin Hernandez","Took a pointer from the us of a 😎 just dunk it into the river🥳 but seriously tho get it out and trash it cause we need to protect the fish!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:40:52","true",""
"UgwLd10IziXs8WNp7YF4AaABAg","Delling Conley","Fish it out. It's worth a fortune.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:40:55","true",""
"UgzCDy9_3Kuse2FSlXR4AaABAg","LilChris Tv","It’s a new era","0","0","2020-06-08 15:40:56","true",""
"Ugzn2gSu0y0Z1lYVsER4AaABAg","Billy Bob","What no video on the vandal of Churchill’s statue?
No video of desecrating the Cenotaph (war memorial)","0","0","2020-06-08 15:41:02","true",""
"Ugwjc8chsz9jmBcxpp94AaABAg","Wise Cub","I hope the protesters gave the statue a knee-choke before they toss him into the lake of fire?","4","2","2020-06-08 15:41:15","true",""
"Ugwjc8chsz9jmBcxpp94AaABAg.99e-4a5dFl899e7XMEzxlL","Alex Fraser","They did actually. There’s a video of a guy kneeling on its neck after it fell.","2","","2020-06-08 16:55:05","false",""
"Ugwjc8chsz9jmBcxpp94AaABAg.99e-4a5dFl899eCiwmfXYX","House People","Check the bbc coverage, it's there..","1","","2020-06-08 17:40:29","false",""
"UgxQagas31wfDzRsB_R4AaABAg","Eyewitness4545","I'm a Filipino and I say bring down those ROBERT E. LEE statues as well!!  He fought to preserve enslavement of Black People.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:41:28","true",""
"UgxPCwpFBNSR2rWdoOZ4AaABAg","Edd Capellan","That was soooo wrong  people need to understand that history is important weather is good or bad/ painful museum are very important and memorials and sculptures they need to be for learn and acknowledge","0","0","2020-06-08 15:41:37","true",""
"UgyiafrH6UzSxHBhiwR4AaABAg","Sally Portillo","So tiring to write and explain to anarchist people, ENJOY YOUR FUTURE, when you can't talk but destroy, you ain't got a future.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:41:37","true",""
"UgwESb4yWikhioSnpt54AaABAg","Christina Lomeli","Good","0","0","2020-06-08 15:41:45","true",""
"UgxK20d4fFK6ukxVA5d4AaABAg","Mr Thinker","18 year old leader....... LOL","0","0","2020-06-08 15:41:47","true",""
"UgxKOGipQuRD4JPg1ph4AaABAg","A Table For a Magic Show!","USA HAS A LEADER CHICKEN HIDING IN HIS WHITE HOUSE IN A SECRET BUNKER WHERE HE TWEETS STORMY DANIELS LOL!!!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:41:52","true",""
"UgwOrl6BY5xGYDPxoZ54AaABAg","steve mean","About time","0","0","2020-06-08 15:42:07","true",""
"UgzdClM19e928y-DMBl4AaABAg","Paul Mcmorran","And if they protesting gets vio6in scotland they will be meet with violence and the police will be least of there worrys","0","0","2020-06-08 15:42:09","true",""
"Ugy9o-WbAki7jjy4c2R4AaABAg","Belladonna Devereux","Good. Beautiful to see.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:42:13","true",""
"UgyVgfUXkvkBvDdzkjN4AaABAg","Dick Head","Everyone seems to forget it's the British who started the slave trade smfh. Yet all you idiots blame Americans for slavery","0","0","2020-06-08 15:42:22","true",""
"Ugx4OBVXS9MpFbjwfwJ4AaABAg","Tita","These statues are idols and should Never be worshipped!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:42:24","true",""
"UgzcjJCZ4JW9YSzwJ-Z4AaABAg","Leon L","Good for you UK!!!!!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:42:37","true",""
"Ugzt8yY7fwX-83zX1H94AaABAg","Mohameth Kane","I hope that turs to be a peaceful revolution that will lead to to change in America.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:42:38","true",""
"Ugz6su9elc00RvbjdVN4AaABAg","Abbot david-west","It looks like the statue was in bad shape then it rolled to the river 😅","0","0","2020-06-08 15:42:44","true",""
"UgzWvbSfi1ILfngKEmx4AaABAg","Christian Klotzle","Butch  Of morons Destroying history won't do nothing but make it easier for people to forget what happened so it can start all over again","0","0","2020-06-08 15:42:57","true",""
"Ugyn3ht-9FiPqOGjS5l4AaABAg","Mom Tur","2020 lets make it a better world for everyone","0","0","2020-06-08 15:43:05","true",""
"Ugxv8eg4mG68a9xvr2F4AaABAg","J. G.","People take care of their environment. They get rid of the trash in the city.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:43:06","true",""
"UgzpEwzgeqWQD2y-WwR4AaABAg","Christina Christina","Whites joining the movement for justice is the only way they can live in peace and prosperity. No justice. No peace.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:43:24","true",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg","wez revitt","They lynched the slave trader and dragged him down the road ....fancy that.","214","39","2020-06-08 15:43:26","true",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99e2lA8vm9A","Liam Wilson","Indeed, he killed hundreds of people during his time in life. A truly evil man.","24","","2020-06-08 16:13:25","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99e2xzykBM2","Modernday PC","Too bad the guys been dead. It’s a nice sentiment to toss his statue but his legacy is already engraved in history. Can’t toss that in the water unless people be delusional","8","","2020-06-08 16:15:10","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99e35cqQMnn","popalock1000","Good thing that slave trader is not alive today. If he was he would be in a mess..😂","5","","2020-06-08 16:16:20","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99e396l4v8t","Rosencrantz","@Modernday PC not really just a sentiment dude... that's a daily insult to everyone who walks down that street, it serves everyone that that was taken down","24","","2020-06-08 16:16:49","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99e3Ru90o1F","wez revitt","What they going to do next take out Liverpool because that was the slave capital of the world lol ...where does this this stupid retoric end.","1","","2020-06-08 16:19:23","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99e3chp8R2m","The Geek Is Strong","@Liam Wilson  he was responsible for around 20000 deaths","5","","2020-06-08 16:21:00","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99e3h5YRucl","don snypa","I know the humanity of tearing down a statue, I cant imagine what pain it was in, or how bad its life was leading up to being lynched, I mean it was a great modern day symbol right?  *disclaimer* I do not condone destructive behaviour, however trust the british to get it right. I notice it was mainly white people doing the work too, and I would like to commend every single one of them. Even the government has said meh we will get it whenever.  your point is mute son 😂😂😂","1","","2020-06-08 16:21:36","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99e3i8QcYaV","The Geek Is Strong","@wez revitt no, most scousers are on our side. They are Antifa","3","","2020-06-08 16:21:44","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99e4C4VZ3Sc","Esther Farris","@wez revitt its not stupid. Folk are sis an tired of the hate against people and anything that reminds you of that.  Enough is enough","7","","2020-06-08 16:25:58","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99e4D0zcV9s","wez revitt","There is slavery in the world today so if these people are really bothered go help sort that out instead of dragging metal down the road and submerging it like it matters.#lynchmob","2","","2020-06-08 16:26:05","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99e4IDTkUUB","Edwin Cifuentes","Sadly, none of them could tie a noose.","0","","2020-06-08 16:26:48","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99e57naZxRm","Darth Wheezius","@wez revitt 
The difference is that this statue was only likely up because of cronyism, this fella probably used his ill gotten gain to grease palms, donate to the local authorities, buy a giant house, effectively set himself up as neo aristocrat and all on the backs of slaves, he no doubt treated his paid staff little better either as was the fashion of the time, a time btw that those in power's greatest fear was of social uprising due to poverty and squalor.  After William Wilberforce not one piece of slaver ""history"" should have been allowed to remain as we had decided that slavery was immoral and subsequently fought multiple wars to bring it to an end on our territories at least, the movement having already triggered the US war of independence earlier, yes in reality that was a slave war just like their civil war, the Yanks sided with France because Ben Franklin solicited an agreement of alliance with the French because the French guaranteed to never interfere with the US slave trade where Britain made no such guarantee, as they later realised as Britain blockaded the slaver trade through the West Indies and wider.","5","","2020-06-08 16:34:07","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99e5Nry1iSc","don snypa","@Modernday PC but it can change, the uk is not america 🙂","1","","2020-06-08 16:36:18","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99e5TwsbIYx","cindy hilley","Many blacks owned slaves  this is not an issue today. Just a reason to be angry and support destruction of USA.","1","","2020-06-08 16:37:08","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99e5cf_MBwo","Modernday PC","Rosencrantz it IS a sentimental value to toss the statue in the water, nothing more. It does nothing to change what that man did to write history. Again, you’re delusional if you think there’s a real value in tossing a statue in the ocean.

“Oh good that statues gone now we won’t be reminded of what he did! Let’s just push everything under the rug!” Ya that logic will get the conversation far LOL","3","","2020-06-08 16:38:28","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99e5dpB_B7w","Donny Wankan","​@wez revitt We can do both.  They're not mutually exclusive.","1","","2020-06-08 16:38:37","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99e5e6ihLEh","wez revitt","@Esther Farris so eye for an eye hate for hate fully understand your sentiment but if somebody abused my child I would not be seeking to do the same to theirs. If you catch my drift.","0","","2020-06-08 16:38:40","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99e628e14Wu","DeadlyDanDaMan","So the community murders him (as they should) and then they decide to build a statue of him?! That really makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.","1","","2020-06-08 16:42:05","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99e6NhdwezQ","Modernday PC","don snypa I doubt it with uk having the longest, most tyrannical, most racist reign over their country for centuries. The only reason uk started to protest is by following Americas coat tail. Remember, you blokes don’t have any freedom of speech as a right.","3","","2020-06-08 16:45:01","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99e6RHkJOQt","wez revitt","I can't say I even know anything about the man but neither did the people who tore him down lol ...till that day they did it ...didn't care till now what a shame eh.","0","","2020-06-08 16:45:31","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99e6bwf5RVE","DeadlyDanDaMan","@wez revitt It's not as easy to catch human traffickers today as you think it is. Back in the day, men would announce proudly that they were slave traders, because it was a legit job in the eyes of many governments. The human traffickers of today are MUCH more secretive and harder to find. Trust me, if it was so easy to find them and stop them, they would be stopped.","2","","2020-06-08 16:47:06","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99e79Wczma0","don snypa","@cindy hilley you seem confused. This is the uk, this happened in the uk. People are angry of the death of george flyod, after being murdered in the street by 3 police officers with 1 standing over to make sure officer chauvin could kill him safely (litterally what happened). The fact that a  symbol of hatred which should of been taken down years ago, is gone and even the government does not care. leaves me to wonder why you care so much? given that 'these are not issues of today'. The uk has not rioted and for the most part have been peaceful. This is a great example of smart protesting, let's see if they put it back, and weather you can be specific about what erks you....","4","","2020-06-08 16:51:49","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99e7CqJcNKs","wez revitt","@DeadlyDanDaMan it's not easy granted.. but possible to do.. kids don't just disappear into thin air nowadays.","0","","2020-06-08 16:52:17","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99e7IuBnIIE","wez revitt","Easier to catch a statue right?","0","","2020-06-08 16:53:06","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99e7t_DfYMA","Keep Onliving","wez revitt your really hurt about this huh?","1","","2020-06-08 16:58:15","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99e89oo1-fd","wez revitt","Not as hurt as the statue maker who put a lot of time in that work of art.","0","","2020-06-08 17:00:36","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99e8RvqWwWV","don snypa","@wez revitt I agree the execution was wrong. However the reasoning was right and even the police at the time did not act... and it's not going back too as I said the British are protesting the right way.","2","","2020-06-08 17:03:05","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99eCpkTmG5M","Tiya B","@wez revitt The statue represents the idea that all human life is not equal. It represents slavery, murder, rape, racism and violence. The statue also makes the statement that the people of today are in alignment with those views. The statue being thrown into the river is the people's way of saying that they will not be represented as being in alignment with such. They're actions are saying that slavery, murder, rape, racism and violence is not a staple of who they are. They're actions have moved the hearts of many, given many a voice,  and will rewrite history. It certainly puts a smile on my face to see people around the world openly rejecting White Supremacy and it's devastating effects upon the world.","2","","2020-06-08 17:41:25","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99eEphrcaiT","wez revitt","Rejecting white supremacists is one thing but putting it on all other whites is entirely another.","0","","2020-06-08 17:58:53","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99eErs7HJJW","Larry Love","Imagine that! Retribution at last! Go U.K.","0","","2020-06-08 17:59:11","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99eF95rBSxa","Angela Greenkiwi","@wez revitt zip it noddy. 
Learn some history on the MEN involved.","0","","2020-06-08 18:01:40","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99eFGvqnCgm","derrick stewart","wez revitt when they throw your ass in the river next.","0","","2020-06-08 18:02:44","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99eFdOd6esP","Angela Greenkiwi","@The Geek Is Strong and some of those scousers have Kiwi family, like me. It's how I know you're right. And I know what happened to little Jamie Bulger .... his killers will NEVER be safe here.
Blood runs thicker than water👍🏾","0","","2020-06-08 18:05:57","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99eFidptpGP","Kamuro Tetsu","People have been trying to get this statue removed for the past 30 years. Nothing changed. Wake the fuck up.","1","","2020-06-08 18:06:40","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99eGfHl8Od1","wez revitt","Just ""my ass""? ...lots of Karen's on today.","0","","2020-06-08 18:14:56","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99eH_Kd7gKe","旮旯北京","What is Antifa?","0","","2020-06-08 18:22:52","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99eIB7QUpVr","Tiya B","@wez revitt That's the point!  The people, white or not, don't want to be associated with those ideals so they got rid of the statue to make it clear to the world. It's a huge, long overdue and much needed statement. I'm sure you understand and empathize now. Thanks!","1","","2020-06-08 18:28:10","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99eNqKfEvlb","Derrick Matthews","@cindy hilley isn't Africa still enslaving there own too?","1","","2020-06-08 19:17:37","false",""
"UgzexVz0yTs4_GaVNQ94AaABAg.99e-KYKZE3K99eOohChCSc","Derrick Matthews","@旮旯北京 Antifa is a radical socialist movement that was created right befor Nazi Germany became Nazi Germany. I believe at one point they were called brown shirts of something of that nature. Before Nazis came into power the Brown shirts attacked and killed democratic rivals of the socialist regime back then and helped them acquire power. Multiple times throughout history communist or socialist suprises happen throughout the world associating with the same ideals and recently Antifa has been coming forward as a new faction of the same goals.    Long story short from what I saw in a youtube video they are like how the KKK was for the democrats back in the day.","2","","2020-06-08 19:26:08","false",""
"UgyM0pGwQsV0uwI8gvh4AaABAg","Juanita Gillman","These people are violent and need to go to jail after they clean up and repair the damages they have done.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:43:32","true",""
"UgwCwoGUu39ueTcKmSB4AaABAg","Vizenzo187","Very well! Death to all slave traders, slave trader statues and racists!!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:43:55","true",""
"Ugz6Deah2mJUrjxOGGB4AaABAg","Allen R.","The statue is a piece of art though and is a symbol of history and throwing it will make no difference.","0","1","2020-06-08 15:44:03","true",""
"Ugz6Deah2mJUrjxOGGB4AaABAg.99e-PA03RW099e2sukMAqm","Isthisjustfantasy 75","If it empowers people even a tiny bit, getting rid of it made a difference. It's symbolic of change and support for oppressed people. People in Bristol have wanted rid of it for decades and were ignored, so people took power into their own hands and did it themselves. It was an ugly statue glorifying a slave trader and had no place in modern day Britain. Doing nothing will make no difference either.","0","","2020-06-08 16:14:28","false",""
"UgzK0LzbKKV0bNZFer94AaABAg","OOO OOO","I hope the democratic party will destroyed as well. It's the party that supported slave trade. The people one day will wake up and destroy all statues of democrate presidents.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:44:08","true",""
"UgxTDZ503qlPrTtJri14AaABAg","O Edeko","""How many ages hence,
 Shall this our lofty scene be acted over,
 In states unborn and accents yet unknown""
  Shakespeare, (Julius Caesar, 3.1.122-124).","29","3","2020-06-08 15:44:31","true",""
"UgxTDZ503qlPrTtJri14AaABAg.99e-SZwCNaK99eDcGLf_NJ","Ruth Irwin","Good old Bill.","0","","2020-06-08 17:48:19","false",""
"UgxTDZ503qlPrTtJri14AaABAg.99e-SZwCNaK99eEhOjvghL","Hai Coai","G
Yes","0","","2020-06-08 17:57:45","false",""
"UgxTDZ503qlPrTtJri14AaABAg.99e-SZwCNaK99ePJ7kwCz5","Jill Mondt","Bull's eye👊","0","","2020-06-08 19:30:25","false",""
"UgwGjKTak2Sdf257BdB4AaABAg","Pinion325","Tear down all the confederate/WhyteISIS terrorism statues next👍🏽","0","0","2020-06-08 15:44:33","true",""
"UgwSx_UrQZnjjCfbBPN4AaABAg","Jester Avrgjoe","Children are easily weaponized because they lack wisdom, and education.","3","1","2020-06-08 15:44:34","true",""
"UgwSx_UrQZnjjCfbBPN4AaABAg.99e-StlWTcF99e3cOJsJ00","Alberta Atieno","Our elders, like you, have let the youth down. Where were you?","2","","2020-06-08 16:20:57","false",""
"UgynzXtxwGraz-1dFft4AaABAg","M A","🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏","0","0","2020-06-08 15:44:36","true",""
"UgxlRZSO-AjDmCej8Wd4AaABAg","O.G. John Doe","BEAUTIFUL,  Thank you my Europeans brothers, fighting for what's right. ✊🏿✊🏻✊🏿✊🏻✊🏿✊🏻","39","16","2020-06-08 15:44:39","true",""
"UgxlRZSO-AjDmCej8Wd4AaABAg.99e-TVXQ-rK99e-hEIS9oS","Lady Limerick","And sisters! Lots of women there too","2","","2020-06-08 15:46:40","false",""
"UgxlRZSO-AjDmCej8Wd4AaABAg.99e-TVXQ-rK99e47iNnSdE","Wojtek Czemas","Belive me only this grup of thugs in London are fighting for your so called ""justice"" the rest of Europe have a brain and can see what realy is going on so they dont give an F , dont belive me?? try to find any riots in biggest EU citys i encurage you.","2","","2020-06-08 16:25:22","false",""
"UgxlRZSO-AjDmCej8Wd4AaABAg.99e-TVXQ-rK99e8KjD-Eri","O.G. John Doe","@Lady Limerick I'm sorry sisters too.","0","","2020-06-08 17:02:06","false",""
"UgxlRZSO-AjDmCej8Wd4AaABAg.99e-TVXQ-rK99e8RzFB0eK","Alex Fraser","Wojtek Czemas lol. Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Athens, Madrid, Rome, Stockholm, Rotterdam, Madrid, Copenhagen, Barcelona and the list goes on. Sorry, dude. But this isn’t working out for you.","4","","2020-06-08 17:03:05","false",""
"UgxlRZSO-AjDmCej8Wd4AaABAg.99e-TVXQ-rK99eBA3P7I_-","Miss Mac","We experience racism and injustice in Europe too that’s why what happened in Minnesota resonates in us. Black lives matter ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿","5","","2020-06-08 17:26:51","false",""
"UgxlRZSO-AjDmCej8Wd4AaABAg.99e-TVXQ-rK99eBVToQvJA","Pete Roc","@Wojtek Czemas You are a sad case! I hope yu don't have any kids!","3","","2020-06-08 17:29:47","false",""
"UgxlRZSO-AjDmCej8Wd4AaABAg.99e-TVXQ-rK99eGWusgFry","Kiên Ng","Alex Fraser And you are only counting the big cities. In Germany alone, we had over 100000 protesters in the streets in dozens of cities last Saturday.","2","","2020-06-08 18:13:40","false",""
"UgxlRZSO-AjDmCej8Wd4AaABAg.99e-TVXQ-rK99eKA3ynO9M","Dariusz GaduGadu","Could you at least don't vandalize statues of heroes like Tadeusz Kościuszko who was a big supporter of Afroamericans? It was embarasing to watch...","0","","2020-06-08 18:45:30","false",""
"UgxlRZSO-AjDmCej8Wd4AaABAg.99e-TVXQ-rK99eMUWZMrjC","Miss Mac","@Dariusz GaduGadu if he was a slave trader then we cant promise anything.","0","","2020-06-08 19:05:46","false",""
"UgxlRZSO-AjDmCej8Wd4AaABAg.99e-TVXQ-rK99eMcbwGAMu","Miss Mac","@Wojtek Czemas in London? No it was in Bristol and what so called justice are you on about? Not being murdered in the street for the colour of your skin.","0","","2020-06-08 19:07:00","false",""
"UgxlRZSO-AjDmCej8Wd4AaABAg.99e-TVXQ-rK99eQgxI8IWn","Miss Mac","@Dariusz GaduGadu i wasn't accusing him of anything, I dont know the man, that's why when you said you hope his statue isnt taken down I said only if he was a slave trader because that's the only reason Coulstons was. You're now using the ""N"" word which I find disgustingly racist and sickening. Black lives matter is about telling racist people like your self it's NOT OK whether your using a quote or not. Black Lives Matter ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿","0","","2020-06-08 19:42:33","false",""
"UgxlRZSO-AjDmCej8Wd4AaABAg.99e-TVXQ-rK99ebBCuuv_I","Dariusz GaduGadu","@Miss Mac This is a quote from 1798 so you must apply historic context into that. Besides that some group of ignorants vandalized his statue even he fought for rights of Afroamericans. ::facepalm:: Just search his name in YT and watch what they did. By the way can you expain to me, why people in US don't protest so much when a few tousands of blacks die every year in homicides? Does black live matter more when you are killed by a cop? Why so many people don't protest when people like David Dorn are being killed by some looter?","0","","2020-06-08 21:22:56","false",""
"UgxlRZSO-AjDmCej8Wd4AaABAg.99e-TVXQ-rK99ecOjvwVZV","Miss Mac","@Dariusz GaduGadu you lost me when you used that ""N"" word. Hope you dont go round using that around other black men, women or children, actually around anyone else.","0","","2020-06-08 21:33:31","false",""
"UgxlRZSO-AjDmCej8Wd4AaABAg.99e-TVXQ-rK99eflj6D97w","Dariusz GaduGadu","@Miss Mac Jesus. Have some context. It was a quote and It was a word used by Kościuszko in non derogatory way from a man who risking his live figthing for rights of blacks. 
Are you not exaggerating comparing this to what some of protestors did to his statue? These idiots turned against your cause whole Polish nation. Why I'm not surprised you will not anser my questions?","0","","2020-06-08 22:03:01","false",""
"UgxlRZSO-AjDmCej8Wd4AaABAg.99e-TVXQ-rK99egnRQHc8S","Miss Mac","@Dariusz GaduGadu I've told you its a racist word to use, we are in 2020 and you're still justifying using that term in your last post...the problem with racism is many people dont even know what it is or when they're being racist and using derogatory words and justifying it to a black person or even to a white person is racist. End of. Maybe you will learn something today. Maybe not.","0","","2020-06-08 22:11:59","false",""
"UgxlRZSO-AjDmCej8Wd4AaABAg.99e-TVXQ-rK99ejNnq8hIW","Dariusz GaduGadu","@Miss Mac Quoting this word in this context It's not racism by any means. Why you act like as context doesn't matter? You are just doing what many bad journalists do, witch is taking words out of context. It's just intelectually wrong. Still you dodged my question about why people don't protest so much when probability of being killed by other citizen in US VS being wrongly killed by a cop is waaaaay higher...","0","","2020-06-08 22:34:34","false",""
"Ugzq00uywtiFkasBdj14AaABAg","Les Matthews","Shalom, little sister!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:44:39","true",""
"Ugy_2YHVkYnrIcgvdLl4AaABAg","Camile Kanani","We stand with our friends🇬🇧🇺🇸","0","0","2020-06-08 15:44:42","true",""
"Ugxfuh9vF04GsyQUSl14AaABAg","David Clark","Why was this statue still standing?
Why was it not taken down generations ago?","0","0","2020-06-08 15:44:43","true",""
"UgwhO2ps1HLGY8Yxkw94AaABAg","Andrew","This outrage is ridiculous.
This is how a real, positive, rational, non-victim-seeking Black person thinks about the George Floyd killing in US:","0","0","2020-06-08 15:44:50","true",""
"UgwgyjM0QQ3GUaXit3Z4AaABAg","Dragonfly Ladybug","TMH GOD WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!! HIS HOLY WORD IS A REAL AND YRUE BOOK.. WAKE UP MY PPL.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:44:51","true",""
"UgxTZYDqJrhTYEFs8kd4AaABAg","Ezra Coleman","You cannot wait until the last minute to do this it’s too late.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:44:52","true",""
"UgwX4n1iIm0vKWnExsJ4AaABAg","Solvay Angeline Fry Realtor","That's awesome 👏👏👏👏👏","0","0","2020-06-08 15:44:59","true",""
"UgxjhVkPdFS13vo9gVZ4AaABAg","wr0ngun","Yes!! Bring it all on. Tear them all down. Washington and Jefferson's statues next. The slave owning bastards. Erase them from history. Then on to national monuments that embody slavery, and racism. The colosseum in Rome, and not forgetting the pyramids in Egypt. Both of which were built by cultures immersed in slavery, andvused saves to build their empires.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:45:01","true",""
"Ugz9zUS8GGfVZPhporN4AaABAg","Ilana","I’m black myself, but I really worry about people completely disregarding the social distancing rules. There are so many people dying of Corona virus daily in the UK and I feel like this protesting will result in a second wave","0","0","2020-06-08 15:45:02","true",""
"Ugxf_y1BeO4d-g2JPMt4AaABAg","Bieassia Law","Whoa 😮","0","0","2020-06-08 15:45:10","true",""
"UgxE6kWVEdv0RWgAUpp4AaABAg","Evo K","The next U.S. president will be a 22 year old lesbian transgender who's parents were african-Italian from Asian decent with Mexican roots...","0","0","2020-06-08 15:45:11","true",""
"Ugzd56d-mfsEuW3P31l4AaABAg","Cook Black","Yes..kick it over and piss on it. Racism is dead.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:45:12","true",""
"Ugy5gM70m70kIJatTQt4AaABAg","Fitawrari Fitness","I wonder if trumpanzees think the Bristol protest was sponsored by George Soros? 🤔","4","0","2020-06-08 15:45:16","true",""
"UgzNBPfAe5ozWWsYh1p4AaABAg","Septembers Whisper","De Blasio wants people to stop sharing his daughters mug shot, so stop it!  In case you do not know who his daughter is, here is her picture.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:45:20","true",""
"UgyR3U8FsJKj2RX6jvN4AaABAg","otis driftwood","In America George Washington and Thomas Jefferson next.  Snowflakes Lives Matter.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:45:21","true",""
"Ugxpk8CSBzVordkyFEF4AaABAg","Juanita Gillman","Are they going to knock down the obelisk? It represents a lost penis.....sickos.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:45:29","true",""
"UgwDm65xk5mpyORR-g14AaABAg","News Man","Westland teen murders in Detroit.   Look it up.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:45:40","true",""
"UgyzUR3iwRjWZyvVjgZ4AaABAg","luis garcia","👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🤟🤟🗽🗽😊","2","0","2020-06-08 15:45:45","true",""
"UgyD28FEM5DhWuHQjPt4AaABAg","J W","Protesters or vandalizers? Or is it ""racist"" now to call them vandals?","0","0","2020-06-08 15:45:47","true",""
"UgwrAXCmud5hgYAlTBd4AaABAg","Wendy Will","For the last couple months I did not know what day it was....with the lockdown.   Now I don’t know what planet I’m on.","1","0","2020-06-08 15:45:48","true",""
"Ugx5qqM6npN1nALUbmJ4AaABAg","Mila Saba","🙈👏🏻👏🏻","0","0","2020-06-08 15:46:23","true",""
"UgxOkWhOdjBOwrD6fwN4AaABAg","hanz patinski","Wow talk about rewriting history,","1","0","2020-06-08 15:46:29","true",""
"Ugxvev1P67mwK1fE5Bl4AaABAg","Sam Chavan","Is Churchill next?
Oh wait... Most of you guys don't even Know yet.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:46:34","true",""
"UgxRvvFUzAaMnR0L0794AaABAg","Cooking with TSS","Who cares","0","0","2020-06-08 15:46:37","true",""
"Ugy8rqoXOKBk-g0ipPJ4AaABAg","Ste Thompson","big up UK ✊🏾","0","0","2020-06-08 15:46:50","true",""
"UgwWb5ZUF8-wcGwkn0h4AaABAg","Heidi Farmer","Fucking beautiful!!!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:46:50","true",""
"UgwbufOTaj-8JS_30sp4AaABAg","Andy Andy","Cool so things we don't like we can destroy now ? 😁","0","0","2020-06-08 15:46:53","true",""
"UgwgSqFvFnwImCpJjmp4AaABAg","Susan Immac","That Mf had to goooo!","1","0","2020-06-08 15:46:54","true",""
"UgweCCwWxEwjSK_JcnJ4AaABAg","Ms. Trouble Harris","Good for them","0","0","2020-06-08 15:47:06","true",""
"UgxIgjBMmyKIZcMsOXh4AaABAg","lestudio76","WTH was it doing up in the first place??","1","0","2020-06-08 15:47:11","true",""
"UgxbkM-hF-5ynp5Hqeh4AaABAg","L V","The racism in the world and police brutality is a big ass problem that needs to be fixed for sure. I have a thought,.. do you guys think some of these protesters are just opportunists who don’t really care about the movement just hated being in quarantine for that month and just want to be in a crowd ..","0","0","2020-06-08 15:47:17","true",""
"UgxvWpNCrL-eVHdpDRd4AaABAg","Liber8me","That's how you throw out the garbage.","324","10","2020-06-08 15:47:24","true",""
"UgxvWpNCrL-eVHdpDRd4AaABAg.99e-m_qWdE999eLVK361DH","Lester Walker","Liber8me yes indeed throw out the garbage very very good. See an off topic video of mine.","0","","2020-06-08 18:57:08","false",""
"UgxvWpNCrL-eVHdpDRd4AaABAg.99e-m_qWdE999eLhpc8yP-","Prisje lof","Well this is God angels moving arround.... judgement day is coming.","0","","2020-06-08 18:58:59","false",""
"UgxvWpNCrL-eVHdpDRd4AaABAg.99e-m_qWdE999eOjWNyDnG","Fyn Kozari","I dont think late George Floyd would want to be main reason of coronavirus kickstarting from scratch.","0","","2020-06-08 19:25:25","false",""
"UgxvWpNCrL-eVHdpDRd4AaABAg.99e-m_qWdE999ePJjZTgGL","boat buddy","You must be talking about black people. Back people were sold into slavery by black people so I think they should go back to Africa and start learning about how lucky they are to live in a great white country. The worst  tragedy that ever happened to a white country was when some ass hole wrought  a black man that he bought  from a black man in Africa to Europe and North America. Who benefited from slavery are the desedents of slaves.","1","","2020-06-08 19:30:30","false",""
"UgxvWpNCrL-eVHdpDRd4AaABAg.99e-m_qWdE999g1-CUsg2I","Prisje lof","@boat buddy people like you are the reason white and all nation is moving together in the George Floyd protest. They are tired of lies, pirates, and hypogric. All start from people who moves like you.","2","","2020-06-09 10:36:28","false",""
"UgxvWpNCrL-eVHdpDRd4AaABAg.99e-m_qWdE999rQiq79Uf2","Abadababa _","Your upset with an inanimate object?","1","","2020-06-13 20:52:56","false",""
"UgxvWpNCrL-eVHdpDRd4AaABAg.99e-m_qWdE99A25u81gdhs","Quantum Jump","@Lester Walker Sorry your tube looks pretty garbage to me.....","0","","2020-06-18 09:41:52","false",""
"UgxvWpNCrL-eVHdpDRd4AaABAg.99e-m_qWdE99ADaw5GIUo3","Agent Orange","do we replace it with statue of George Floyd with a meth pipe to his mouth or gun to a pregnant belly ?","0","","2020-06-22 20:53:24","false",""
"UgxvWpNCrL-eVHdpDRd4AaABAg.99e-m_qWdE99ANY7j70c-D","Uni corn","@Agent Orange He was in prison yes, but he hasn't been for the last 13 years. He changed for the better despite not getting back into prison after you've been once is basically impossible in the US. We should build him a statue. Him and all the other people who lost their lives because of racist idiots goint to hell. But that'd take up way too much space sadly.","0","","2020-06-26 17:32:34","false",""
"UgxvWpNCrL-eVHdpDRd4AaABAg.99e-m_qWdE99ANZM6KEKB-","Agent Orange","Uni corn 

Mr Floyd was not a pillar of society but there is zero justification for his murder.  And three other police standing idle makes me think that department needs complete overhaul/retraining as the culture is way the fuck off. That being said BLM and this world wide protest is a marxist revolution. we are moving in the wrong direction","0","","2020-06-26 17:43:17","false",""
"Ugy7OCpn5x42HJCF3NJ4AaABAg","u2good2b4gotn","We're watching history being made! It's quite amazing that America can be an inspiration to the world WHEN IT CHOOSES to be. When you see so many protests around the world from citizens demanding to be treated fairly, we in America CANNOT just go back to business as usual and the status quo. Never have I ever been more involved in knowing who my representatives are then during this administration. Please get out and vote, folks. Not just to get Trump out but all of his rich cronies, sycophants, and establishment hacks right down to your local governments.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:47:25","true",""
"UgxFs0WTbrjN7cN-dOt4AaABAg","eric lofsten","Glad to see the UK stepping up and taking action for beliefs they feel is wrong, here in the US we've been knocking slavery statues down or anything that resembles slavery for years now. I live in Florida and these statues were in every city at their towns courthouse and they have been taking them all down now bc the people were causing more damage than to just the statues. So keep fighting and being heard bc nobody wants to see these statues bc all they do is display hate!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:47:49","true",""
"Ugyd76zlCxZfjQN2bud4AaABAg","eliza washington","Tbh Gen Z is very underrated and underestimated","0","0","2020-06-08 15:47:49","true",""
"UgwEfR_ZzjW4lkmwJfF4AaABAg","Mz Powerz","I don't understand the word""Majority /Minority"". No human is Minority or majority over the other. what a stupid choice of words to describe humans.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:47:57","true",""
"UgwGRVkL2VK5C1asr5d4AaABAg","Ahmed Guiled","IAM BLACK IAM VERY VERY GLAD","0","0","2020-06-08 15:48:02","true",""
"UgwaBItg2maCUOFqk9x4AaABAg","Geraldine Office","It turned into thuggery and Violence I stopped listening to their point days ago because of the violence and I know they will be others who have done the same","0","0","2020-06-08 15:48:06","true",""
"UgybzyOVHslKtyh0JcR4AaABAg","Jai Ferrick","I. Fucking. STAN our brothers and sisters in solidarity across the pond. From the blood of my American heart to the marrow of your British bones - thank you. ✊🏻💙👏🏻","0","0","2020-06-08 15:48:07","true",""
"Ugws6WlaSf78SjhyDnR4AaABAg","mike","And no one cares about Freeing Assange and bringing Pedo ""prince"" Andrew to justice.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:48:07","true",""
"UgyaRk3uAJtlod2CQah4AaABAg","N Kel","please come to ohio and tear down the statue (among others) of biological warfare king jeffrey amherst....believed to have infected  blankets with smallpox..making him discussed in same breath as heinrich himmler, hitler.","0","1","2020-06-08 15:48:07","true",""
"UgyaRk3uAJtlod2CQah4AaABAg.99e-rq88nPR99e-uk7p9z9","N Kel","Amherst and Smallpox - Home | UMass Amherst
Jan 26, 2016 · Smallpox blankets Despite his fame, Jeffrey Amherst's name became tarnished by stories of smallpox-infected blankets used as germ warfare against American Indians. These stories are reported, for example, in Carl Waldman's Atlas of the North American Indian[NY: Facts on File, 1985]","0","","2020-06-08 15:48:30","false",""
"UgwJnXfPcAI_xrRK7RN4AaABAg","Ahmed Guiled","Thanks all","0","0","2020-06-08 15:48:16","true",""
"Ugzo6fU-bXS0Fk4w3QR4AaABAg","MrKarthikbritish","Awesome 👌","0","0","2020-06-08 15:48:23","true",""
"UgyWs-PjfZ5gpUgwocZ4AaABAg","Wise Cub",""" SAY NO TO WHITE SUPREMACY "" the time to start is now.
A BIG thanks to everyone that are peacefully in the streets all over the world. 
               🌻🌻🌻","1","0","2020-06-08 15:48:43","true",""
"Ugw6GcBu4SEjM9K0mtp4AaABAg","Mr P","What about that racist Winston Churchill.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:48:49","true",""
"UgyWHPZqkdhf38ZA3FR4AaABAg","New User","GEORGE SOROS IS TRYING TO DESTABILIZE THE ENTIRE WESTERN WORLD","0","1","2020-06-08 15:49:07","true",""
"UgyWHPZqkdhf38ZA3FR4AaABAg.99e-zFPakR899eCNxLLOk6","DoubleDoubleYou","... but Rupert Murdoch was faster ...    ;-)","0","","2020-06-08 17:37:29","false",""
"Ugzwy6Np2UE0qZFc3UF4AaABAg","Matar Leon","👏👏 Now the movie industry has to change!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:49:11","true",""
"Ugzq6H0eRPVYp3MzCqR4AaABAg","Karen Byrd","Bristol played a big part in the  Atlantic Slave Trade. That's part of why the statue was there.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:49:36","true",""
"UgwPsesao0gxSCzRlxd4AaABAg","Leesa Gomez","IT'S a CRIME... murdered and tossed on the Street.... TAKING several blows and scrapes.......then they tossed him in the river....poor bronze skinned Feller.......
That 18yr old.    Go CHANGE your Under Wear.... your NOT Even part of it... stay in your own catbox.........Or until your ass gets SHOT w a rubba bullet.......
Stand up for NATIVE AMERICANS............we are VICTIMS of Having our Country RAPED and STOLEN from the Original people.....That's a better idea","0","0","2020-06-08 15:49:52","true",""
"UgzLyociuyVWzSAe0QJ4AaABAg","Stephanie Tihanyi","Former Bristolian who now resides in the Caribbean. Love my family and Bristolian people for this, people have been calling that thing a eyesore for damn years. Most of the city hated it. A few of the old money masonic elites wanted it kept because they had family ties to the slave trade which made this port town wealthy. New times now. Good riddence he is in the dock now. Bristol is a young, vibrant, mixed race, trendy, arty city with great universities. Go Bristol! <3","0","0","2020-06-08 15:49:52","true",""
"UgxjZc0rmNkKFNeBCqx4AaABAg","Zmax Pro","VOTE BLUE BLUE","0","0","2020-06-08 15:50:01","true",""
"UgwskX6Gqr0PFUzSjpx4AaABAg","ray the person","Theres a statue in philadelphia people tried to take down and that was really stupid but this is justified why even have a slave trader statue? Is that all he did","0","0","2020-06-08 15:50:03","true",""
"UgyNjoWnCDJsgYKRc-F4AaABAg","Missingfn","Cnn got it to 10 mill because of the riot and protest","0","0","2020-06-08 15:50:30","true",""
"UgxwLR9qhQf3m3h3sAx4AaABAg","Paul Mcdonough","there is slaves in sweat shops in 3rd world nations right now  making nike adidas etc in awful conditions  are they going to tear down sport stores no chance","1","0","2020-06-08 15:50:31","true",""
"UgwatvkCSfZ_kL3HAW14AaABAg","Michael Tadrous","I’m so confused. Every person back then owned a slave. So are we not aloud to acknowledge anyone from that time period as great because they owned slaves?","0","0","2020-06-08 15:50:33","true",""
"Ugx7iVOSwPpGW_WueAd4AaABAg","Dina C","Come on London 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾","6","1","2020-06-08 15:50:36","true",""
"Ugx7iVOSwPpGW_WueAd4AaABAg.99e095hQttV99eNKM5safX","farnyone","Its not London this is Bristol","0","","2020-06-08 19:13:07","false",""
"UgwtdhTePCuuUyV7c_R4AaABAg","Zmax Pro","GO BIDEN","0","0","2020-06-08 15:50:51","true",""
"UgzLC9TTmfswW0HOzF94AaABAg","Tony Williams","LOser slave traders going down in river, you love to see it, UK is LIT.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:51:21","true",""
"UgyYs8np3yjc7QOwh014AaABAg","Wilhelmenia Ferren","Enough is Enough!!!! 2020 what a hell of year never to be forgotten R.I.P to all men & women and children gone to the root cause of this madness ""Evil""","0","0","2020-06-08 15:51:26","true",""
"UgyYFr0PKRcLKaKexz94AaABAg","JIB23","You can hide your last name in this time of Social media.  You give your first the internet can get your last name.  Protesting on the Sabbath day is a no no.  God comes first before anything this world feels is important.  I pray that many people can wake up and stop trying to fix thing with their own power but with puting justice in God's hands and be patient.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:51:33","true",""
"UgyJnmGa1N4cT5tymMp4AaABAg","strong foot","*In 2007, this same George Floyd was charged with armed robbery and he was sentenced to five years in prison as part of a plea deal in 2009 when he pleaded guilty. Karma (destiny) hit him very hard this time with no escape In 2007, this George Floyd was charged with armed robbery and he w at all: what goes around comes around.The peaceful protests are very welcome by all the just and fair people but looting, burning people's belongings, stealing and violence are not justified. I am extremely disappointed to see some black activists trying to justify looting. Supporting the looters is supporting very serious criminal activities. It is needless to add here that the four police officers should be charged with murder. Without the tape, these four police officers would have denied everything. There are good and bad cops. There are good and bad black people. The four police officers involved in this mess were arrested and now we should all respect the jury system and let the courts deal with this issue. The protesters in the US and the wannabees overseas are spreading Covid- 19 and they are protesting for the sake of protesting while the looters are looting, stealing and burning people's properties against the law of the land. Enough bull shit already!* .","1","0","2020-06-08 15:51:37","true",""
"UgyIG8Q_Ol3duGPErF54AaABAg","missy prime","Middle aged white Bristolian here, I'm proud that my local BAME community have been able to get rid of that statue.  Our council should have listened to the 11,000 people who signed the last petition asking for it to be removed.
I'm  also proud of our police for not escalating this situation & being sensitive to the hurt from the BAME community. I've attended a couple of hate crime conferences organised by the Avon & Somerset constabulary & they do work hard to stamp  out racism & discrimination.

Every police force in the UK has to answer to an independent review panel for any & all reports of discrimination within their ranks, thanks to this we've managed to clear out the vast majority of bad police.
America, it's time for you to adopt an independent review panel to oversee your police. It really helped to clear the rot over here. I know your countries problems go much deeper than over here & this is just one step in many you now need to take.

I wish all good Americans the very best of luck  in fixing your broken system","0","0","2020-06-08 15:51:40","true",""
"UgzMiSePSt9z56GUQm54AaABAg","Melissa A","Violent protesting won't change a thing. In fact it will make it worse.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:51:53","true",""
"UgxNWnN4pQE1z56Ri8R4AaABAg","TwatWaffle1004","Honestly, I love it!! I know vandalizing and such is frowned upon but its 2020. We don't need shit like that around considering it ""art"". It was put up during a suppressing time. Make a change. Put a new statue up representing unity!!! Proud of you citizens!! I love you all!","5","0","2020-06-08 15:51:56","true",""
"UgzexuiTFNAeMTeUFg14AaABAg","Wolf Blitzer","Andrew is next.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:52:20","true",""
"Ugz41HyJhotMu-8Oaut4AaABAg","biz biz","Long over due! what is Britain doing with slave trader statue in this 21st century? Very shameless! hypocrites!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:52:28","true",""
"UgybSGrp0ooFox71v_d4AaABAg","Luke Runky-Bird","While they wear Nike and film it on their iPhone.","0","3","2020-06-08 15:52:29","true",""
"UgybSGrp0ooFox71v_d4AaABAg.99e0Mq0eVeu99e4_W3EvHn","Isthisjustfantasy 75","Lol same BS comment a million others have made. Get a life.","0","","2020-06-08 16:29:18","false",""
"UgybSGrp0ooFox71v_d4AaABAg.99e0Mq0eVeu99eBC6zhrh4","Luke Runky-Bird","@Isthisjustfantasy 75 great argument","0","","2020-06-08 17:27:08","false",""
"UgybSGrp0ooFox71v_d4AaABAg.99e0Mq0eVeu99eBKeCVCbL","Luke Runky-Bird","@Isthisjustfantasy 75 thank God so many other people see the insane stupidity and hypocrisy","0","","2020-06-08 17:28:18","false",""
"UgxfUizmsbiFf86CNA94AaABAg","KAL -51","Great work people of England, keep up the good work. Poor fishes .... now have to deal with his ugly mug.....","0","0","2020-06-08 15:52:42","true",""
"UgzC19pLKvfX6CMmU4d4AaABAg","Southeast Angler","So is covid19 still a thing lol.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:52:53","true",""
"Ugz5VVEb-k8p0pMLCEF4AaABAg","Nell Nell","If we do that in America for every slave owner in our history, there would be no more statues.  Eventually we would get rid of the American flag that worships those slave owners too.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:53:03","true",""
"UgyrEE7zJ21e6iWQXMl4AaABAg","Nimaj Da Great","🤣🤣🤣🤣 they said we'll do it for you.","1","0","2020-06-08 15:53:15","true",""
"UgyaWn23otfKc0jDSvp4AaABAg","Louisbb","One shouldn't throw trash in rivers","0","0","2020-06-08 15:53:17","true",""
"Ugw8-8of9_XDegit3n14AaABAg","youknow thething","CNN up to their usual racial dividing.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:53:33","true",""
"Ugzal0IiPuGlkqqw_od4AaABAg","Peter Newbranch","How Dare You Pollute the river! -Greta Thunberg","0","0","2020-06-08 15:53:35","true",""
"Ugyd-KFgpjWkGP6Pob94AaABAg","Make your matrix","If you destroy historical sites like this you will forget that it happened and you are doomed to repeat it","0","0","2020-06-08 15:54:05","true",""
"Ugy7GJ5rEaXRYp6dAm14AaABAg","Unknown_End","YES","0","0","2020-06-08 15:54:22","true",""
"UgxuVhFL4coPohmqlPt4AaABAg","Pat Gee","Not sure we need this kind of censorship.  Revisionist history being revised by gangs of protestors..  we need to learn and absorb the lessons history has to teach us not change it by destroying it.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:54:24","true",""
"UgzAdxuWxHiy3w59o5B4AaABAg","The Blue Arrow","It would be nice if they were to put up a giant statue of Donald Trump, 
so that could be torn down too. 
It would be a moment of healing and unity for the world.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:54:26","true",""
"Ugw7qrIL-2pJr5STD0J4AaABAg","darcanjel7","Holy shit! The world is showing America how it's done!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:54:27","true",""
"UgxVSLJ9YX527VbEgGR4AaABAg","Always Grateful","Great!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:54:53","true",""
"Ugx0y36zXiBTov0Kuex4AaABAg","captain cool","Very good! Dark figures of history should not be celebrated.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:54:58","true",""
"Ugwkln3a-uZSvYkVqJ94AaABAg","Melissa A","Those canals in England aren't that deep and you got those long and thin house boats that go through there they'll get damaged by the statues. Most those canals aren't that wide either and those boats are maybe 50' long and longer and just a few feet wide. They're pretty cool looking and an alternative to the high cost of rent.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:55:09","true",""
"UgygYbjVac8srmKXElx4AaABAg","Marva James","I think we miss the mark when we put colour to people. People are just people. Persons born in America are americans. Rather than afro american why not just americans?. Africans are africans. Americans are americans. There is no black lives nor white lives. Life has no colour. Life is a gift from God and should be respected by all.
Marva.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:55:11","true",""
"Ugx2A_ingFtUdTrrVfp4AaABAg","anthony wright","That makes my day,A ray of hope,let's work together and take back the world,God Bless the U.K.We need to do the same in the Confederate South,God Bless America.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:55:25","true",""
"Ugw3Ud8VKDdg3RMi9x14AaABAg","Gelemy Hernandez","Idiots.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:55:26","true",""
"Ugwx9sDDWLyeUgtk-dN4AaABAg","The Mastema","Fun fact: Most of those white men and women have ancestors who owned slaves... I wonder what they would do to themselves if they read this comment","0","0","2020-06-08 15:55:31","true",""
"UgzS6MeNWl-kgzO1Vhl4AaABAg","Big Dbo 49","Thank you so much United Kingdom!!! This black man will never forget  you standing  strong with us  and America!! ...Tears in my eyes ...thank you and all of our allies all over the world.  We stand and fight together","1","2","2020-06-08 15:55:37","true",""
"UgzS6MeNWl-kgzO1Vhl4AaABAg.99e0ioYS6xH99e14w4E8Ih","Isthisjustfantasy 75","🇬🇧🇺🇸❤✌","1","","2020-06-08 15:58:46","false",""
"UgzS6MeNWl-kgzO1Vhl4AaABAg.99e0ioYS6xH99e5KyWhHwi","Big Dbo 49","@Isthisjustfantasy 75 so proud of all of you","0","","2020-06-08 16:35:55","false",""
"UgzKy2Q5svAvBu7WEiB4AaABAg","lukeslc","I just now learned that gofundme CANCELED a fund that Candace Owens had set up to help a business that was being destroyed because of comments about blm.   So much for gofundme.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:55:40","true",""
"UgxRlWIgQMICn2L4rEJ4AaABAg","Cupid Arrow","It Should have been took Down","0","0","2020-06-08 15:55:45","true",""
"UgwnJLwi-uU63e2IvjF4AaABAg","darcanjel7","Did Covid-19 weaken people's lungs and strengthen people's hearts!?  💕💕💕","2","0","2020-06-08 15:56:03","true",""
"Ugz9FDKbQHuJ65r_xlp4AaABAg","Karanveer Singh","Why was it installed in the first place?","0","0","2020-06-08 15:56:12","true",""
"UgyiDS364vTiUR-smyV4AaABAg","Sharon Gibson","Can I get that statue for my museium , thank you.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:56:26","true",""
"UgzkeFQRFVOZq458syJ4AaABAg","SRHxAMWF","Protestors did what a government couldn’t do.....take action","0","0","2020-06-08 15:56:32","true",""
"UgwER9CE6zez0ABb3Gl4AaABAg","antiami","I see that the comment section is an echo chamber haha","0","0","2020-06-08 15:56:36","true",""
"Ugy5PaxCN1Pu4PSI0Q14AaABAg","LB THINGS, STUFF & MORE","👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💝💝💝THANK YOU U.K💝💝💝💝","0","0","2020-06-08 15:56:36","true",""
"UgzQwrrcxTIwRy88COF4AaABAg","Taye_Ra","Are black people around the world delusional and making up that fact that there is systematic racism? Or is it really real? I’ve heard for a long time that things are not what they seem from white folks here in Amerikkka.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:56:37","true",""
"Ugzek3c9nFBICzGFRNJ4AaABAg","Sharon Gibson","Please","0","0","2020-06-08 15:56:44","true",""
"Ugy_e3WpDKDVPvsPoJB4AaABAg","Apples PlaysRoblox","It's good that people are protesting but, what about the coronovirus? 2nd wave will be worse","0","0","2020-06-08 15:56:55","true",""
"Ugxt8RHwrvZ4Ke44P2B4AaABAg","Scot Hartman","When are the English gonna do that to the royal family?  Those pedo's have been stealing, raping, and eating your children long enough!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:57:37","true",""
"UgyjsWSmFk-bDs5-C4B4AaABAg","Ernesto Maldonado","It's not only about black people it must be general human rights..not letting the government tell us what we can and can't do..if they are wrong let's not accept it","0","0","2020-06-08 15:57:40","true",""
"Ugx4GEeu22xRv20TLHx4AaABAg","l Emmanuel","Pandemic is fake,,  we were dealing with bad leaders ,these news media are control by them.: Say  No vaccine,:","0","0","2020-06-08 15:57:42","true",""
"UgzaUinIyy9uknxVD7J4AaABAg","Awgust Rush","The UK real for this 🤣🤣 USA need to follow suit. Tear all those slave statues down so the next generations can live in peace 🤗","5","0","2020-06-08 15:57:51","true",""
"UgxgQayGByNYW93uQ6N4AaABAg","Mario Stinger","At least the UK are talking about COVID-19.  I didn't see that mentioned on the media in the US for two weeks now.","0","1","2020-06-08 15:57:54","true",""
"UgxgQayGByNYW93uQ6N4AaABAg.99e0zYHs3MI99e1_1-8B1L","antiami","Might be because you only view selective news sources","0","","2020-06-08 16:03:01","false",""
"UgykeSACnWdaBdBUgo54AaABAg","Davina Brown","We love to see it","3","0","2020-06-08 15:57:59","true",""
"UgyefPxz3CQ6aImtTmp4AaABAg","Jonathan Balbuena","This is amazing !! ❤️❤️","0","0","2020-06-08 15:58:03","true",""
"UgxMNc2-645x8iEKQmF4AaABAg","Matthew Isopi","My belief the US should take the Confederate statues and memorials and place them all in one park to visit. Make it a proper public space to learn and reflect on the horrors of slavery and the struggles blacks were put through, as well as a forum to push forward agendas that help America remove it's cardinal sin. Destroying our history makes us forget where we came from, and if we're going to be better as a country, that means addressing and atoning for Slavery and the treatment of blacks.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:58:31","true",""
"UgxFMYOnpxiiweVGid94AaABAg","FACTS DC","✊🏿✊🏽✊🏾✊🏻💯💪🏾❤️


Equal Justice for ALL!!!! Well done 🇬🇧","17","3","2020-06-08 15:58:43","true",""
"UgxFMYOnpxiiweVGid94AaABAg.99e14VB2RtE99e1hX6rFH9","Isthisjustfantasy 75","✌","1","","2020-06-08 16:04:11","false",""
"UgxFMYOnpxiiweVGid94AaABAg.99e14VB2RtE99eQLCmkpmL","Globalman43","😀✊🏾","0","","2020-06-08 19:39:27","false",""
"UgxFMYOnpxiiweVGid94AaABAg.99e14VB2RtE99eRnD_VMmf","Tony Tresigne","Yes but how is removing that statue a good thing? I'm from the UK too but I think they were immature and stupid by doing that. Acknowledging the wrongs of the past doesn't mean erasing them- how can we stop happening again if we don't know it happened before. The placque should have been changed yes but the statue removed no","0","","2020-06-08 19:52:09","false",""
"UgxxabmVnqQjNJl367x4AaABAg","YorktownUSA","I eraser of history continues.  It's important to remember the good and the bad so that we can better understand the present.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:58:46","true",""
"UgylxWtXOL0Np8-i5tF4AaABAg","World Peace No Place For Hypocrite","After all the action pack, the Brit gorv business as usual mess around the world especially HK","0","0","2020-06-08 15:58:49","true",""
"UgzOTGDMq8z4CDcf72V4AaABAg","天天拿大熊","white journalists pretend to care...","0","0","2020-06-08 15:58:53","true",""
"Ugz7LVlijk3rE84Fc3N4AaABAg","Kevin Nunley","60 million people died in the slave trade. This was a long overdue.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:58:58","true",""
"UgyIXKsp1C1o8GM3g754AaABAg","Melvin Tate","Good work 👍 people and God Bless!!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:59:09","true",""
"UgxJotiD5k_wnbUb0mF4AaABAg","Mariet Germain","Those statut.  Have to. Put donw i m happy to see drop them in. The gabbages cans","0","0","2020-06-08 15:59:23","true",""
"Ugwe7wnaKHt_QJehRjN4AaABAg","brianna figueroa","doctor: “you have 6 minutes and 41 seconds left to live”

me:","9","4","2020-06-08 15:59:27","true",""
"Ugwe7wnaKHt_QJehRjN4AaABAg.99e19tGKC9C99eCGEoSwzb","Rosean Reid","Have some pride in yourself take that picture down put some clothes on. God is watching you!!","4","","2020-06-08 17:36:26","false",""
"Ugwe7wnaKHt_QJehRjN4AaABAg.99e19tGKC9C99eCuyrn9ZV","Nut Buster","What a horrible choice of video🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️","0","","2020-06-08 17:42:08","false",""
"Ugwe7wnaKHt_QJehRjN4AaABAg.99e19tGKC9C99eE1AR499i","Nini Prom","Rosean Reid right 😷","1","","2020-06-08 17:51:51","false",""
"Ugwe7wnaKHt_QJehRjN4AaABAg.99e19tGKC9C99eH4hn8NmU","Tiff","Please go show ur nan ur profile pic","1","","2020-06-08 18:18:33","false",""
"Ugw9nl75ybQ9AbwhBpR4AaABAg","Wolf the Mandalorian","I wonder what is the real story here?   We know CNN is 99% fake news","0","0","2020-06-08 15:59:32","true",""
"Ugz5SBXw5qPhFt7W7qV4AaABAg","Surfergirl Maui","It's about time!!!!! Yeah!!! That statue should never have been made or displayed!!! It is a slap in  the face of humanity!!!!","0","0","2020-06-08 15:59:34","true",""
"Ugz9sKiuu8WSqW7vjMd4AaABAg","Robo man","Ok British people help me out. I sincerely want to know. I can understand this dirt bag. But, why the Churchill statue? I know he had racist views. Many white people had racist views then and now. However, I credit Churchill as one of the main people who defended Britain against the Luftwaffe over the English Channel. If the third reich would have taken over your island, he would have eliminated the minorities and others he felt undesirable. Maybe, I'm missing something. I never read about him indiscriminately hurting minorities or others outside the war arena.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:59:34","true",""
"UgyT5xFlAtrsa3CMhI54AaABAg","Debs Matthew","So nice to see people of all race saying, that black lives matter for real. Thumbs up to majority of white positive minded caucasian, for asking, speaking, and joining this right here for real. Now to all you backward thinking, wicked, jealous bigots and dumb racists you really, really, need to study the history, gain some knowledge and transform your  state of mind.","0","0","2020-06-08 15:59:39","true",""
"UgwZ-f9VPqVFbt9JPW94AaABAg","Alan Ross","When the justice system doesn't work vigilantes justice  will flare up.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:00:22","true",""
IT'S GREAT UK IS UNVEILING ITS PAST RACISM HISTORY N START ANEW!!!","0","0","2020-06-08 16:00:28","true",""
"UgyYMCb4ApQDL0DHybN4AaABAg","unpaid troll","Time to round up your communists and ship them out","1","0","2020-06-08 16:00:29","true",""
"UgwumH1La86ow4NR0gF4AaABAg","Johnny T","Kinda like the nazis when they burned the books","0","0","2020-06-08 16:00:31","true",""
"UgyhdgPCsFVa8pjjoE54AaABAg","Robin Holbrook","Wow that is huge .Yes sir get that Spiritual stronghold over that city and nation in the river buried wear it belongs. I'm so proud of the young people I'm old now but I'm alive and so glad to see young people changing the world I'm praying for you all","0","0","2020-06-08 16:00:38","true",""
"Ugzn_e5UAHmKJCnnPLV4AaABAg","sujaysukumar123","History is being written. I just realized. This year 2020 has so much to tell the future.","0","1","2020-06-08 16:00:40","true",""
"Ugzn_e5UAHmKJCnnPLV4AaABAg.99e1IpiOBZm99e78zc3iYr","Mario Kratt","the year of the retarded","0","","2020-06-08 16:51:45","false",""
"Ugw5fu-GqqCHhYbxUSt4AaABAg","Erika Gutierrez","They said, ""Fine, we'll do it ourselves.""","180","6","2020-06-08 16:01:38","true",""
"Ugw5fu-GqqCHhYbxUSt4AaABAg.99e1PtpD-jJ99ePMohocpd","Crispity Crunch","Exactly. I mean, don't they always say ""Pull yourself up by the bootstraps,"" Well, they did that, and didn't need the oppressor to help them pull that statue down!","5","","2020-06-08 19:30:55","false",""
"Ugw5fu-GqqCHhYbxUSt4AaABAg.99e1PtpD-jJ99eQbTgzDVn","It's not me, It's you","I say fine, you all need to pay for damages 👍","1","","2020-06-08 19:41:48","false",""
"Ugw5fu-GqqCHhYbxUSt4AaABAg.99e1PtpD-jJ99eRQC0xAYY","timmy john","@It's not me, It's you read your username","1","","2020-06-08 19:48:52","false",""
"Ugw5fu-GqqCHhYbxUSt4AaABAg.99e1PtpD-jJ99eRrY2Qh9f","It's not me, It's you","@timmy john you read it, i created it for you.","0","","2020-06-08 19:52:44","false",""
"Ugw5fu-GqqCHhYbxUSt4AaABAg.99e1PtpD-jJ99ecfNlrnsQ","Crispity Crunch","@It's not me, It's you yup, just take it out of their reparations payments hun.","1","","2020-06-08 21:35:56","false",""
"Ugw5fu-GqqCHhYbxUSt4AaABAg.99e1PtpD-jJ9ADbGK2sET1","Agent Orange","Hell Yeah ✊🏿 do we replace it with statue of George Floyd with a meth pipe to his mouth or gun to a pregnant belly ?","0","","2020-06-22 20:56:18","false",""
"UgwOO7Wj6e9iIeBsL7p4AaABAg","zurdo z","haha!","0","0","2020-06-08 16:01:55","true",""
"UgwZnwO00irH8jJTZyF4AaABAg","Human Beings R Eternal Beings","Albert Pike scripted 3 Evil World Wars,
His statue still standing in Washington.","13","3","2020-06-08 16:01:55","true",""
"UgwZnwO00irH8jJTZyF4AaABAg.99e1S05SHpP99eCaixmzV8","Logan Skiwyse","Pike has become a key figure for conspiracy theorists. Some people claim that stories about Pike, including his ""forecast"" of three world wars, are bogus and derive from the Taxil hoax
He was not a ""great"" man as far as his contributions to the nation as it is now, though clearly he did hold strong raciest views.  But spreading more misinformation, lies or bogus conspiracy theories doesn't do anyone any good.
Oh, and no.   We as individuals are NOT ETERNAL BEINGS.  Religion has been the number one justification for racism and hate since men invented it.  While both these things existed prior to monotheist religions, those religions codified it into be acceptable.  Maybe instead of reading so many conspiracy nutjob websites you could actually study some real history and learn a few things.","0","","2020-06-08 17:39:22","false",""
"UgwZnwO00irH8jJTZyF4AaABAg.99e1S05SHpP99eOqGoSXk0","Yasmine Alhajmouni","No that is no bogus you can actually find that , and he is a freemason grand wizzard ! And thats fact","0","","2020-06-08 19:26:21","false",""
"UgwZnwO00irH8jJTZyF4AaABAg.99e1S05SHpP99eRukiDBo3","Eric Ellis","Morals and Dogma.","0","","2020-06-08 19:53:10","false",""
"UgyNepDuM_R8B4VP1ex4AaABAg","Sophia Massillon","If the government is upset about the statutes. Protesters do the same thing u did with the statute to the government. They need to the beach  lac, river on and on.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:01:58","true",""
"UgyE4winrLqHgXAAqWF4AaABAg","DextraMortis","Good Job.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:02:01","true",""
"UgzPWKcbDYd20hN_2FJ4AaABAg","Panthera Onca","People will get it sooner than later. Black lives matter!","0","0","2020-06-08 16:02:08","true",""
"UgzSucMHiLocysWdd4d4AaABAg","Mariet Germain","I beleive the futur generation will be more stronger. More brave","0","0","2020-06-08 16:02:19","true",""
"Ugx4xWZ1G-10dQIRsPF4AaABAg","Christian Ang","Mean while in america you cant destroy the statue of slave owners cause they are part of history. Yeah thats stupid","0","1","2020-06-08 16:02:25","true",""
"Ugx4xWZ1G-10dQIRsPF4AaABAg.99e1VfE84za99e3Cyz_ojS","antiami","George Washington was a slave owner. Should his statue be torn down? Thomas Jefferson’s? Other Founders?","0","","2020-06-08 16:17:21","false",""
"UgwMM2XqyToLr-wOzbt4AaABAg","Mercy Nnabuihe","Surprised they’re not blaming Trump for this too. But maybe I’m speaking too soon.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:02:25","true",""
"UgwPzvIs_xMqVk5BzZp4AaABAg","Valentin MRV","UK sanitation department are going to get a lot overtime on this one. Taxpayers bill","5","0","2020-06-08 16:02:31","true",""
"UgwwHHsH-Zs2uIyv_sR4AaABAg","john magill","How does a moron know if a historical figure was a slave owner? Because another moron TOOOOLD him so!","0","0","2020-06-08 16:02:36","true",""
"Ugw--g0irmUdZbPTAQ14AaABAg","Puddles 59","Here is news for this station

Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was at the red-hot center of the Robert Mueller probe into the phantom menace of Donald Trump's collusion with the Russians. He testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on June 3.
You may not know that happened. ABC, CBS and NBC ignored it that night. PBS gave the story 55 seconds. NPR gave it four minutes, but those minutes sounded bizarre.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:02:42","true",""
"UgyRh34tPr010goIqaV4AaABAg","Abe Skywalker","THIS IS WHY CNN SHOULD GET DEFUNDED: 
A MARCH FOR THE SLAIN BLACK POLICE CAPTAIN, KILLED MY RIOTERS. WHERE WAS CNN?????","0","0","2020-06-08 16:02:48","true",""
"UgybBwWuit93_W1YO1J4AaABAg","Sabin Nott","Isn't almost every race quilty of slavery?","1","1","2020-06-08 16:02:51","true",""
"UgybBwWuit93_W1YO1J4AaABAg.99e1Ykd3pcM99e34dubdr8","antiami","Yes","1","","2020-06-08 16:16:12","false",""
"UgyWoPUVE_OBUSjHHTl4AaABAg","Eray Bixin","and please put Tony Blair and G.W.Bush in jail.","1","0","2020-06-08 16:02:54","true",""
"UgyMPmu3KhD9f0SVn5R4AaABAg","Leon Wright","Revolutionary from the young people all over the world good look","0","0","2020-06-08 16:03:05","true",""
"UgwbaduVgcxSM75wfCZ4AaABAg","Sulim Chew","In the first place ,u are murderers too girl! Hv u got a job ,I can see u are broke ,u think this media that spoke to u ready care ,she makes millions deceiving u going to the riots! The CNN make money for provoking
 the riots !
Thousands  are dying in the Hospitals n the frontline still fighting for life in the hospitals n yet u guys just dun care ? Black Children now are hungry too now n millions are jobless n homeless because u guys CNN has provoke the riots n still stir it knowing u will destroy millions of job? Search your heart n u know who u are ??? CNN u know who u are ? U think we know u care for the black guy or all about anti trump riots u are after ??? Provoke people to the riots is a murderer ??? U can’t excape the intent in your heart ,u can’t excape God judgement ,Chris cumo or trevour calling celebrities n provokhearte them to stir up the riots is a murderer !!!! U can’t excape hell???","0","0","2020-06-08 16:03:12","true",""
"Ugyk0RdtQhJRMslnqv14AaABAg","Marley Ex","😂😂😂 YEEESS!!  That's what I'm talking about! They took care of business! This is why when folks say ALL white people are racists I let them know they're wrong. The good hearted white folks are sick of this racist sh** too. Even though they haven't gone through the struggle they understand the atrocities of racism. I grew up with some pretty outstanding white folks for friends and I know their hearts. Don't say ALL white people because some are fighting that good fight right beside us. ✊✊✊","2","0","2020-06-08 16:03:22","true",""
"Ugx-4ML3BN7Sj9vlojN4AaABAg","We Are Awake News","THE MASK AGENDA!!! 😷","1","0","2020-06-08 16:03:40","true",""
"UgxbbZt8JezciAaWljp4AaABAg","Puddles 59","The ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts devoted 2,202 minutes of coverage to the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theory from Jan. 21, 2017, to Feb. 10, 2019. When the Senate Intelligence Committee announced on Feb. 12, 2019, that there was no collusion? There was zero coverage on ABC, CBS and NBC.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:03:41","true",""
"UgwvwXpc2MUWPDcGz8t4AaABAg","Absolute Power Channel","City council couldn't make a decision. So the people showed em what to do.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:03:42","true",""
"UgzK3AFXtgBes-kdAB94AaABAg","M.A. M.R.","The same needs to happen to the wannabe slave trader In the WH.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:03:57","true",""
"UgxzqlE3tD8B1SCc19J4AaABAg","AwokenWolv _","Mmmmmilf","1","0","2020-06-08 16:04:04","true",""
"Ugz68gR_d8QYS_Z_lQN4AaABAg","Eileen McDonald","Sure try and wipe away the past. Great way to repeat it in the future","0","0","2020-06-08 16:04:13","true",""
"UgwFVAECwvEecZOE2wt4AaABAg","Mi ke","This is disgusting.................should have been done ages ago!🤔😎","1","0","2020-06-08 16:04:17","true",""
"Ugw6CVSS3Ar_7lAchOd4AaABAg","Daniel Tudor","no more nazies, no more racism, good job UK protesters ! I'm proud of you!","124","8","2020-06-08 16:04:21","true",""
"Ugw6CVSS3Ar_7lAchOd4AaABAg.99e1ip40dYF99eEgYEZn9F","Hai Coai","G
Yes","0","","2020-06-08 17:57:38","false",""
"Ugw6CVSS3Ar_7lAchOd4AaABAg.99e1ip40dYF99eHDhEjAoC","A Brown-Skinned Concerned Dothead","The left are currently using  borderline Nazi-esque/fascism tactics, not that the rest of the leftist world cares.","4","","2020-06-08 18:19:47","false",""
"Ugw6CVSS3Ar_7lAchOd4AaABAg.99e1ip40dYF99eLUr3Feiy","asghar gholizadeh","more pornstar. more junkie. more robber.","1","","2020-06-08 18:57:04","false",""
"Ugw6CVSS3Ar_7lAchOd4AaABAg.99e1ip40dYF99eMis8Hgx7","It's not me, It's you","Nazis were german.....good public education you have- must be American 👍","2","","2020-06-08 19:07:52","false",""
"Ugw6CVSS3Ar_7lAchOd4AaABAg.99e1ip40dYF99eNqBCf-kb","Kiro 254","asghar gholizadeh wtf? That not what we want but it better than what we have :/","0","","2020-06-08 19:17:36","false",""
"Ugw6CVSS3Ar_7lAchOd4AaABAg.99e1ip40dYF99eQdXafb3X","gilly","@It's not me, It's you great can you tell all your leftist mates that only germans can be nazi's 👍","0","","2020-06-08 19:42:05","false",""
"Ugw6CVSS3Ar_7lAchOd4AaABAg.99e1ip40dYF99eR97CgDll","It's not me, It's you","@gilly im a Conservative and i have an education unlike most of you here. I also have a conscience,  unlike most of you here.","1","","2020-06-08 19:46:32","false",""
"Ugw6CVSS3Ar_7lAchOd4AaABAg.99e1ip40dYF99eSpx3osyd","00Fiddlesticks00","@gilly idk dude, i havent seen any nazis at a ""leftist"" rally but i have seen swastikas and confederate flags at conservative/republican rallies","0","","2020-06-08 20:01:15","false",""
"Ugw6fuySSeogi9hJW394AaABAg","acesmitty","CNN is enamored with revisionist misery and destruction. Know them by their fruits.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:04:28","true",""
"Ugzb4HuVRO_m9pIL1gB4AaABAg","antiami","So what are the protestors plans for the rest of his (Colston’s) influence in Bristol? There are buildings and streets named after him. He was a huge benefactor to the city during his time so do they intend to change all of that and erase him from history?","0","0","2020-06-08 16:04:32","true",""
"UgyowVEhflRYuVD-q9d4AaABAg","Kevoi Prince","I cant believe they kept these statues standing for so long 😒smh.","0","1","2020-06-08 16:05:17","true",""
"UgyowVEhflRYuVD-q9d4AaABAg.99e1pf5rHiY99e2VH_tort","Isthisjustfantasy 75","To be fair, the statue was there because of his charity work/money he invested in schools (not for his slave trading) ppl have been trying to get rid of it for decades because it has no place in modern day Britain. But the council didn't bother doing anything so the people did it themselves ✌ it's about time.","0","","2020-06-08 16:11:06","false",""
"Ugz01hcsaOFepu8uoK14AaABAg","Apollo Mayaimi","Damn! The Brits are serious","9","3","2020-06-08 16:05:28","true",""
"Ugz01hcsaOFepu8uoK14AaABAg.99e1r1IYy7J99eF08hi1oe","Ruth Irwin","We do like a bit of a dramatic gesture now and then - just look at our Rom Coms :)","0","","2020-06-08 18:00:27","false",""
"Ugz01hcsaOFepu8uoK14AaABAg.99e1r1IYy7J99eMHtWNJlZ","BASED ᛋᛋ","Serious Retards","1","","2020-06-08 19:04:02","false",""
"Ugz01hcsaOFepu8uoK14AaABAg.99e1r1IYy7J99eQWTLC56C","Yasmine Alhajmouni","Thry burned down they white house once lol 😂😂","0","","2020-06-08 19:40:59","false",""
"UgzciYycR5txicpOW4l4AaABAg","VuittonSA","Did you think the people of tomorrow were going to wait forever on your pace for reform? Nah, hummie - it's your turn to keep up now! Our pain is like foot steps in the snow!","0","0","2020-06-08 16:05:35","true",""
"UgxpVVwi6dqgs65lgYl4AaABAg","Linda Chapman","One day we will all be sitting home with No Food and we'll be saying..Hmmmm how come we have no food","0","0","2020-06-08 16:06:26","true",""
"UgzIzPIQ9TYTKOywz2J4AaABAg","boris the bullet dodger","Yes and a criminal investigation has been started... hopefully the people involved will be arrested.","1","3","2020-06-08 16:06:35","true",""
"UgzIzPIQ9TYTKOywz2J4AaABAg.99e1z98rXUT99e3_jK1Yuf","Isthisjustfantasy 75","Lol awww did the bad people hurt the poor statue?","0","","2020-06-08 16:20:35","false",""
"UgzIzPIQ9TYTKOywz2J4AaABAg.99e1z98rXUT99e3vDmQqNV","antiami","Isthisjustfantasy 75 a crime is still a crime","1","","2020-06-08 16:23:31","false",""
"UgzIzPIQ9TYTKOywz2J4AaABAg.99e1z98rXUT99e4zcA8AEu","boris the bullet dodger","@Isthisjustfantasy 75 no the people did nothing other than a lame symbolic gesture, the statue will go into a museum and the history will remain so.... yeah they accomplished nothing.","0","","2020-06-08 16:32:52","false",""
"Ugwu1jDLnZGDUFSAx-54AaABAg","Tee X","U.K spring","0","0","2020-06-08 16:06:43","true",""
"UgwG1_oH2ouOuHeMHJ94AaABAg","Johnny Pinkleton","Im a white dude hoping to start a BLM in my hometown.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:07:02","true",""
"UgzCK1BVE8FXzmm7K7h4AaABAg","Jon Square","All I see are a bunch of people with too much time on their hands. Why are English citizens protesting people police brutality in the first place. Most of your patrol officers don't even have guns.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:07:20","true",""
"UgwZSGIFkyIkbIlht8F4AaABAg","James Halfaker","Now arrest them for littering","1","1","2020-06-08 16:07:29","true",""
"UgwZSGIFkyIkbIlht8F4AaABAg.99e24mDt_p299e4NOduKLz","Isthisjustfantasy 75","Saddo","0","","2020-06-08 16:27:30","false",""
"Ugxb1m7Bz5-gYz2hcjd4AaABAg","keriezy","I'm loving these babies acting more adult than the adults while they systematically taking out the bullshit. They do it because they don't know how not to.
#BLM","8","0","2020-06-08 16:07:29","true",""
"UgwRqpaJhlZYcTbiwFJ4AaABAg","joevv","Islam on Black lives","0","0","2020-06-08 16:07:35","true",""
"UgyFFAumBNnaobKOXu14AaABAg","Melissa A","Please people no destroying public or government property and protest peacefully to make your voice heard.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:07:47","true",""
"UgyQYmnEeXveugABnUJ4AaABAg","Christopher 79","That's right tear down those idols","0","0","2020-06-08 16:07:56","true",""
"UgzPVtFfsOsbcA95bZF4AaABAg","Omar","This is how black people feel walking past Confederate statues of men who fought to keep slavery.","0","1","2020-06-08 16:07:58","true",""
"UgzPVtFfsOsbcA95bZF4AaABAg.99e28KAxvzz99e2XisaSeR","antiami","The Union had slaves. How do you feel about that?","0","","2020-06-08 16:11:26","false",""
"Ugwumka9i6EcGOx7X5Z4AaABAg","Grand MayMay","Help me to understand why people were arrested for tearing down a symbol of evil, demonic slavery?? They tore down a wicked unrighteousness symbol and their reward was to be arrested???  Jailed?? SMDH","0","0","2020-06-08 16:08:00","true",""
"Ugw9cUW1zd4k05oQxKt4AaABAg","Marciano Demidof","Finally the Brits showing some balls by screaming 'Yep. That's It! Let' 's tear this mofo down.' ✊✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿✌️","1","0","2020-06-08 16:08:09","true",""
"UgwcXU9dzKTmGHAeH1l4AaABAg","E n","London got the pass against racism, real authority (people) show and express how the article in the constitution that against racism.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:08:19","true",""
"UgylbPCbSde5rUP1_1x4AaABAg","Gaymar Gaylord Gay","This is just retarded.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:08:20","true",""
"Ugw3Lj_pQM-beiCAdtN4AaABAg","Pepper Gut","That's Great news...","0","0","2020-06-08 16:08:42","true",""
"Ugy5h_s_xdkytstSZ0J4AaABAg","kettle","Let's hope this sentiment extends to brown people in all the countries the US, UK and their lackeys are currently interfering in.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:08:45","true",""
"Ugx_XHmRez_pP0UUqtN4AaABAg","rdavidsmith","lol why was there a statue of a slave trader?","0","1","2020-06-08 16:08:45","true",""
"Ugx_XHmRez_pP0UUqtN4AaABAg.99e2E1_N5_S99e2O00XTQH","antiami","“Colston used his wealth to support and endow schools, hospitals, almshouses and churches in Bristol, London and elsewhere. His name is commemorated by several Bristol landmarks, streets, schools and the Colston bun. Charitable foundations inspired by ones he founded still survive.”","0","","2020-06-08 16:10:07","false",""
"Ugz3UpS_s-oC17kR-bd4AaABAg","keith lawson","Esau is scared of their judgement ,trying to cleave onto israel","0","0","2020-06-08 16:08:46","true",""
"UgyEBQdS94z5WH1GSXp4AaABAg","Alida Russell","Go ahead UK!!! That's what I'm takin about. We see you! Good job","47","1","2020-06-08 16:08:57","true",""
"UgyEBQdS94z5WH1GSXp4AaABAg.99e2FRTWxkf99eDa7P8xAI","Bridin84","INDEED","2","","2020-06-08 17:48:01","false",""
"UgwBDfUL3Lf4igTt7qt4AaABAg","Rhonda Hurst","I LOVE THIS!!!!!! MAY GOD BLESS EVERYONE!!!","27","2","2020-06-08 16:09:00","true",""
"UgwBDfUL3Lf4igTt7qt4AaABAg.99e2Ftlvf6799eT9Y6bXV5","able street","God condones slavery. Toss him in the river too!","0","","2020-06-08 20:04:04","false",""
"UgwBDfUL3Lf4igTt7qt4AaABAg.99e2Ftlvf6799eY598igXx","Rhonda Hurst","@able street YOU BETTER HOPE THERE'S NOT A GOD BECAUSE IF IT IS HE'S GOING TO THROW YOUR ASS IN SOMETHING WAY WORST THAN A RIVER!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂","0","","2020-06-08 20:47:09","false",""
"Ugx1HAvcrXhyz8ZfHFV4AaABAg","CynCity","✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼","1","0","2020-06-08 16:09:00","true",""
"UgwVtW3cdoZRjStYPy14AaABAg","joevv","I think the trouble started for Trump when he brought attention to the 
sweetheart deal that Bidens son got , the corrupt laden swap panicked 
since they all do this , Trump as Serpico and Washington as corrupt bribe 
taking cops, republicans and democrats brought together in that we got to get rid 
of Trump by any means necessary ,  media industrial complex and the 
military industrial complex are good friends (you supply talk of weapons
 of mass destruction ill supply the war)  now with media magic (people 
are dumb) they will blame all  the troubles on liberal cities that have 
been run by democrat for ages on a man whose involvement in politics is 3
 and a half years","0","1","2020-06-08 16:09:04","true",""
"UgwVtW3cdoZRjStYPy14AaABAg.99e2GNg7omT99e9Ln3SmJj","Eric Taylor","trump's nasty spawn are also ""guilty"" of what hunter was
your premise is false
therefore, your conclusion is false","0","","2020-06-08 17:10:59","false",""
"Ugw1TA3eoKZ9vsc5H0F4AaABAg","jack rabbit","it should of been done long ago, how can it be there was somthing like this around until now?","0","1","2020-06-08 16:09:10","true",""
"Ugw1TA3eoKZ9vsc5H0F4AaABAg.99e2H-sDApp99e3uLmwup-","Isthisjustfantasy 75","To be fair, wasn't put up to honour his slave trading, it was because he did good things for schools etc. They've been trying to get rid of it for decades because it has no place in modern day Britain. But they were ignored so they've done it themselves 👏🏻👍🙂","0","","2020-06-08 16:23:24","false",""
"UgxzfPO3bxKRY-_RHYF4AaABAg","Thah Brant","People are tired of discussing the issue of racism without actual change. People changing society because leaders are dragging  their asses. I gota say if u are racist, homophobic or sexist the future isnt gonna be your friend..","0","0","2020-06-08 16:09:12","true",""
"UgwP3yunILtu94ExFsJ4AaABAg","gene tinney","Do some Africans have other Africans as slaves anymore?","0","0","2020-06-08 16:09:13","true",""
"UgwoXEGKDyNoZ-wkijN4AaABAg","Spentrav","They could have melted down the statue and made like, some racist cast iron skillets or something.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:09:30","true",""
"UgzIKTQ9tupbpP7NJEp4AaABAg","Ray Carl Brown-Amory","Good","1","0","2020-06-08 16:09:57","true",""
"UgybofZB7MpqzOKsjPl4AaABAg","Cold Rolling","The loser monuments have to go!
No 2nd place trophies allowed.","43","7","2020-06-08 16:10:00","true",""
"UgybofZB7MpqzOKsjPl4AaABAg.99e2N8hasme99e9UeZGwzn","ennie minee","Didn’t Churchill win? His statue got vandalized too","0","","2020-06-08 17:12:11","false",""
"UgybofZB7MpqzOKsjPl4AaABAg.99e2N8hasme99eBWnCj_lj","Mot Doai","R","0","","2020-06-08 17:29:57","false",""
"UgybofZB7MpqzOKsjPl4AaABAg.99e2N8hasme99eCbogxU5s","Micky Cripplejohn","@ennie minee His statue gets covered in paint all the time, it's only a statue, the man wouldnt have given a toss about it. 
He had much thicker skin than the crybaby conservatives of today.","3","","2020-06-08 17:39:31","false",""
"UgybofZB7MpqzOKsjPl4AaABAg.99e2N8hasme99eF7rorUj5","Civil War 2.0","Yeah, burn some businesses and churches too! Keep it up and there will be no reason for anyone to return to your crumbling cities...","0","","2020-06-08 18:01:30","false",""
"UgybofZB7MpqzOKsjPl4AaABAg.99e2N8hasme99eFHonID5T","Civil War 2.0","@Micky Cripplejohn I wonder if our ancestors would have fought the NAZIS in WWII if they knew ""people of color"" would just do the same thing to their children and grandchildren...","0","","2020-06-08 18:02:52","false",""
"UgybofZB7MpqzOKsjPl4AaABAg.99e2N8hasme99eKt5sf9xC","Dariusz GaduGadu","@Micky Cripplejohn In US some idiots vandalized statue of Tadeusz Kościuszko who was big supporter of Afroamericans... They even don't respect people who fought for them...","0","","2020-06-08 18:51:46","false",""
"UgybofZB7MpqzOKsjPl4AaABAg.99e2N8hasme99eT8tR8Rgx","joe Domjan","ennie minee everyone has haters and there’s no way around it, haters are gonna hate.","0","","2020-06-08 20:03:59","false",""
"UgxWuN9vjf2JUXjPLKJ4AaABAg","Justin T","Erasing history makes it easier for it to repeat itself..","1","2","2020-06-08 16:10:14","true",""
"UgxWuN9vjf2JUXjPLKJ4AaABAg.99e2OpAebFO99e3PEZoIjU","Isthisjustfantasy 75","Books and records still exist. Don't act like dumping an ugly statue in the river will somehow wipe out the horrors of what slavery did. There are no statues of Hitler, have we forgotten what he did? Of course not. We don't need statues of monsters to remind us of the evil people can do, the repercussions can still be felt today.","0","","2020-06-08 16:19:01","false",""
"UgxWuN9vjf2JUXjPLKJ4AaABAg.99e2OpAebFO99e3lJOj1ox","antiami","Isthisjustfantasy 75 was Colston a monster?

“Colston used his wealth to support and endow schools, hospitals, almshouses and churches in Bristol, London and elsewhere. His name is commemorated by several Bristol landmarks, streets, schools and the Colston bun. Charitable foundations inspired by ones he founded still survive.","0","","2020-06-08 16:22:10","false",""
"UgyxXhwHxzVFlbBFRc14AaABAg","Akela DeWolf","why are dimotards, so feckless and weak?","0","1","2020-06-08 16:10:18","true",""
"UgyxXhwHxzVFlbBFRc14AaABAg.99e2PMVWQvL99e94hi0J5U","Eric Taylor","hm. crushing fascism around the world is a pretty weird way to be weak","0","","2020-06-08 17:08:39","false",""
"Ugw9U-5ABCq8OMa1jOB4AaABAg","marco polo","Good!!!","1","0","2020-06-08 16:10:25","true",""
"UgxcDnXQEq-XFKofDU14AaABAg","Angela Smith","Praise God! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏","2","1","2020-06-08 16:10:51","true",""
"UgxcDnXQEq-XFKofDU14AaABAg.99e2TOUyfX899eTntSmkxS","Robert J. Williamson","No thank you. God supports slavery. It is thanks to the age of reason that slavery ended. The Bible supports slavery.","0","","2020-06-08 20:09:43","false",""
"Ugy6oBlgneF2rHDpW154AaABAg","Apollo Mayaimi","Blacks also want their land back that was stolen","1","1","2020-06-08 16:11:17","true",""
"Ugy6oBlgneF2rHDpW154AaABAg.99e2WazVhgn99e2dzg38wJ","antiami","What land?","0","","2020-06-08 16:12:26","false",""
"UgwQNfaRDfzwV61zl9d4AaABAg","Joy Nasim","time to tear down racism from the universe,we're human of no ""color""....❤️❤️❤️","0","0","2020-06-08 16:11:35","true",""
"UgxaP0yY6zSCwSqrG9d4AaABAg","___ SIGNS ___","I suppose you can learn a lesson from this, don't waste money on a statue of the worst president in the world d j trump, as it WILL be tore down,","1","0","2020-06-08 16:11:36","true",""
"UgydFRg0b1Coykk7Y154AaABAg","Amber Hawk","Yeeeeeeees!!🥰Thank you!!🎉😁🎉🌿💕","0","0","2020-06-08 16:11:54","true",""
"UgwIabNpNvhr1A7Tdr54AaABAg","James Hurst","Wow!! that girl is only 18","0","0","2020-06-08 16:11:58","true",""
"UgwJ3tMCCtWswseCcHh4AaABAg","Angela Smith","Thank you!! Rest in peace Mr. George Floyd! 🙏🙏","0","0","2020-06-08 16:12:03","true",""
"Ugwc15zuV64f0E6oObJ4AaABAg","Trini Hernandez","❤️","0","0","2020-06-08 16:12:05","true",""
"Ugx3T8bu4Xr9amY6GfZ4AaABAg","Liam Wilson","311 dislikes from racists.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:12:23","true",""
"UgyDXF1foS2p6aI0ZWZ4AaABAg","vinrey Al","It's our moment","1","0","2020-06-08 16:12:32","true",""
"UgwoFyrbYItA7EO6Add4AaABAg","Janice Leighton","Would of done it anyways","1","0","2020-06-08 16:12:45","true",""
"UgxlVsyz-j13zDemKKR4AaABAg","Arthur Culbreth","It's about time.","1","0","2020-06-08 16:12:57","true",""
"UgyEhTJ3i8qq1ORFYjp4AaABAg","zakiyyah muhammad","Yess😁😁😁😁","6","1","2020-06-08 16:13:19","true",""
"UgyEhTJ3i8qq1ORFYjp4AaABAg.99e2kS04HIs99eQbq6eSBn","Globalman43","👏🏾","0","","2020-06-08 19:41:51","false",""
"UgxLeSEGtRXdukFlrkh4AaABAg","Walter White","Well done my british brothers and sisters","1","0","2020-06-08 16:13:56","true",""
"Ugya1kWeiEgCUsjdaUl4AaABAg","Monika S","Devastating it’s not the right way to protest! Wake up! Stay safe 🙏","0","0","2020-06-08 16:14:01","true",""
"UgyFuUS3FI2fV_9O87B4AaABAg","octane","ALL LIVES MATTER","1","0","2020-06-08 16:14:10","true",""
"Ugzc_jjXjQjMTUAwHbN4AaABAg","michael lawton","People in the U.S. need to take notes... This is how you get rid of racist monuments.","0","1","2020-06-08 16:14:23","true",""
"Ugzc_jjXjQjMTUAwHbN4AaABAg.99e2sKuyJmI99e3ba3Z2VU","antiami","Let’s get rid of George Washington’s and Thomas Jefferson’s statue!","0","","2020-06-08 16:20:50","false",""
"UgwCJev1_i8EwqsFfCd4AaABAg","Doriann Dawkins","London Stand up👍🏾✊🏾✊🏾.  Thank you for the support #onelove❤️","0","0","2020-06-08 16:14:33","true",""
"UgzJiG2WEKnMEOUGXkJ4AaABAg","Zahir Datoo","LOL this is great! Poland and Hungary take note!","0","0","2020-06-08 16:14:34","true",""
"Ugy_QQ6ZJu4OKeKsdjh4AaABAg","the goat","Somebody need to put this video on Candace owens Facebook page.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:14:51","true",""
"UgzGrJX2Wb9em--twdh4AaABAg","ron richards","RIOTS ONLY HOPE DEMS HAVE IN NOVEMBER! TRY TO GET THE COUNTRY AGAINST TRUMP!","0","0","2020-06-08 16:14:58","true",""
"Ugzw9AZlmOzYB-ay8L14AaABAg","ddowns24","The world has gone mad...","0","0","2020-06-08 16:15:16","true",""
"UgzRqoSgj6atpaVmYLt4AaABAg","Zbig T.","Communism is coming!
Enjoy!","1","3","2020-06-08 16:15:21","true",""
"UgzRqoSgj6atpaVmYLt4AaABAg.99e2zJK6qic99e4Bm_oJA8","effawefweafawefwefwfqwWQEWEFEYHTYKJYUKUT","Define communism...","0","","2020-06-08 16:25:55","false",""
"UgzRqoSgj6atpaVmYLt4AaABAg.99e2zJK6qic99e8pMfRsCJ","Eric Taylor","@effawefweafawefwefwfqwWQEWEFEYHTYKJYUKUT don't ask a magachud to do what it can't do. that's just mean.","0","","2020-06-08 17:06:25","false",""
"UgzRqoSgj6atpaVmYLt4AaABAg.99e2zJK6qic99eB6YAAA9r","effawefweafawefwefwfqwWQEWEFEYHTYKJYUKUT","@Eric Taylor true...","0","","2020-06-08 17:26:22","false",""
"UgzMvNorXWhtXuUWqvd4AaABAg","Tate Monroe","Yo head on over to the middle east they're still slave trading there
Crickets chirping......anyone anyone at all","4","5","2020-06-08 16:15:22","true",""
"UgzMvNorXWhtXuUWqvd4AaABAg.99e2zWLCA_n99e45cBAsHw","Isthisjustfantasy 75","We have to sort out the problems in our own backyard. Why don't you head on over there?","1","","2020-06-08 16:25:05","false",""
"UgzMvNorXWhtXuUWqvd4AaABAg.99e2zWLCA_n99e46v4ycrq","Oh Really","Every industrialized nation consumes goods made globally in sweatshops.  No one is innocent.","0","","2020-06-08 16:25:15","false",""
"UgzMvNorXWhtXuUWqvd4AaABAg.99e2zWLCA_n99e5CTtj70Z","Creed","Isthisjustfantasy 75 problems in our own back yard? I don’t recall the riots for the literal centuries of mistreatment the native Americans faced","0","","2020-06-08 16:34:45","false",""
"UgzMvNorXWhtXuUWqvd4AaABAg.99e2zWLCA_n99e5k1mcq4t","antiami","Isthisjustfantasy 75 oh so selective outrage? Got it. at least you admit to being a hypocrite","1","","2020-06-08 16:39:28","false",""
"UgzMvNorXWhtXuUWqvd4AaABAg.99e2zWLCA_n99eIp3pqPXE","House People","Logic 101 for cynics ""An appeal to futility"":

""Why are you protesting about that thing over here, what about that thing over there?""

""Why are you protesting about that thing over there, what about that thing over here?""

""I dont actually care about either I'm just trying to make you look like a hypocrite.""

""I dont stand for anything because it's all pointless. I prefer to point out the flaws in those who do.""

👌🙄","0","","2020-06-08 18:33:45","false",""
"Ugye7I3xGXpdntVjnnN4AaABAg","Brandon Larrabee","Who was it the man new York is named after? The 🤣😂","0","0","2020-06-08 16:15:44","true",""
"UgwsCcTCOPlwnIi1ZJd4AaABAg","Fabian Bridgewater","With out laws made and direct laws made against police brutality against civilians not much will change direct laws people and if the powers that be refuse to pass those laws, then there we have it.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:15:53","true",""
"UgzXHCKC0NFX0QVFnzZ4AaABAg","Neptali Garcia","Wearing mask don't matter anymore. people are still spreading the virus 🙄🤭","0","0","2020-06-08 16:16:02","true",""
"Ugym-J9IfNRGGwjJAkd4AaABAg","Bench6? Park","Good job  ,  guys","0","0","2020-06-08 16:16:02","true",""
"UgzsKX4U4plT_HLV5Wd4AaABAg","Carolyn Bradford","This is a beautiful thing what we are witnessing all around the world, true, George Floyd change the world, one city ,one state ,one country, one continent at a time oh, I was just looking at the ceiling a few months ago ,knowing that my only would be 13 years old, I live in Michigan oh, so when I cut on the news oh, I see all these people protesting at the Capitol, with army assault rifles looking like Isis, with Confederate flags, and baby dolls hung, with nooses around their necks, screaming how the South was coming back, whatever the f*** that meant, in the 21st century, a unbelievable scenery I'm a single mother and I was wondering how to explain to him the things that he had to look out for, cautious that he had to take being a black man ,in America. But the world has changed right before our very eyes.😍😍😍 every nation color creed and religion is standing up for black lives matter, screaming no justice no peace thank-you there are strength in numbers and we got hundreds and hundreds of thousands if not a million voiced protests, I have hope for my baby now, and I have hope for my grandson's now. Thank you Jesus, because without you none of this would be happening and thank you everybody. For trying to make the world a better safer place for us all.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:16:34","true",""
"UgyEdYJYqXUmaVslX7R4AaABAg","Josh Beck","Look at them while knight's. Yes brits you need to answer for your history, not Americas let's get into it. So you owned I mean that's big on its own. The opium wars, yup. The British empire was basically a drug cartel. India, wow. So hope you all remember how you fucked this world over.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:16:44","true",""
"UgxTT1OM4QUupTprFTJ4AaABAg","johnathan smith","IDIOCRACY reached the Kingdom. Not surprised; they can figure out their asses from a hole in the ground. I cannot say they are British, anymore. They poured so much water to the wine, that there is no more wine left. Like Trump said it: NO BORDERS, NO COUNTRY"". The United Kingdom stopped being ""united"" and ceased to be a Kingdom, when - in their borders - ""the sun never set"".... Isn't it interesting how The Almighty settles things His way? When Trump was elected, the Government despised him to the core...Only a few still wanted his policies. I would say ""they got what they wished for..."" Sad.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:16:55","true",""
"UgwDa0OLOfv69n2OaLB4AaABAg","Steve W","Thank God... Good riddance...","1","0","2020-06-08 16:16:58","true",""
"UgzI-YZ1ntqs_oqX2bh4AaABAg","Hot Sauce","Seeing this from Mississippi is so touchy","0","0","2020-06-08 16:17:01","true",""
"UgzuHi_-4BIcpyxcUQN4AaABAg","Reginald Andrews","It's a WORLDWIDE revolution!! Inevitable!........Stay tuned......MORE to come!","0","0","2020-06-08 16:17:05","true",""
"UgwhRyHCbdXbYbG9byl4AaABAg","Master Temple","Gee the US economy has broken all records, must be devastating for CNN...better have more statues come down for news....yikes they are even going after old Democrats","0","0","2020-06-08 16:17:06","true",""
"Ugwu-cSzfLFA7dSH0C54AaABAg","William Wong Kim Ping","Western country get their own BEUTIFUL SIGHT TO BEHOLD, instant karma.....","0","0","2020-06-08 16:17:08","true",""
"UgytPZYK5vuB1TuR6qd4AaABAg","jben jones","I really don’t care if a statue comes down. I’m more concerned with people being killed or injured and businesses being burnt to the ground. BLM wont address those issues though because they’re a farce and young people are allowing themselves to be manipulated by this group. Mad props to the young folks who aren’t falling for this and who are having the courage to speak against it. There are many.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:17:21","true",""
"Ugz43rU2Hrgwp3dFQV94AaABAg","Natural Remedies Show","i do mask for face and watch this news from CNN.thanks for share.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:17:51","true",""
"UgySudDxh7AXhw2HN454AaABAg","Music3ox","🎉🎉🎉17 the century GONE🎉🎉🎉","0","0","2020-06-08 16:17:52","true",""
"UgxAKgAjrPEYjBHtg-V4AaABAg","Real M","NEXT: tear down all the Deplorable Confederacy statues if they want to stay in the union. And bury that treasonous Confederacy flag too, once and for all.","5","1","2020-06-08 16:17:56","true",""
"UgxAKgAjrPEYjBHtg-V4AaABAg.99e3HI8_x2D99eOtyBH8mZ","T Mox","Real M yes! I’ll come down from Maine to help, but I have to help fire that kapo Susan Collins first.","0","","2020-06-08 19:26:51","false",""
"UgzaA3jEUC1knKUlyWB4AaABAg","Dick Head","WTF did the horse do to you, scumbags.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:17:58","true",""
"UgyPsZ_h1EKIld6h32F4AaABAg","Rocky Mountain","Isn't this called anarchy? Mob rule? What if anti monarchists want to destroy statues of Kings/ Queens/ Princes/Princess. How about someone who doesn't like Churchill? Can they decide to destroy that public property?","0","0","2020-06-08 16:18:21","true",""
"UgwJJ_dsYPYi_1n1ou94AaABAg","Jacqueline Fryman","Meghan Markle can't breathe","0","0","2020-06-08 16:18:50","true",""
"UgyDM7M3wT8ocUdUjGp4AaABAg","T Real","❤️💪🏾✊🏾🗑☄️no need for trash","0","0","2020-06-08 16:18:57","true",""
"UgzgRc_9xgU26dtUIhF4AaABAg","Sajad M","Iraq with them against Racism 😥😥","0","0","2020-06-08 16:18:59","true",""
"Ugweu6XKNiXLkqEOj0R4AaABAg","Verruca","Yep. That's how we deal with problems in the UK. If the government doesn't act, we do. Not a gun in sight.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:19:04","true",""
"UgzZ5AIMxHAX_r1GEjt4AaABAg","Patrick","This is not what trump had in mind.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:19:21","true",""
"Ugz_F-P74X47izHfpxl4AaABAg","Vlogs USA","*floyd brought changed all around the world*","0","0","2020-06-08 16:19:26","true",""
"Ugz3zc9Z6ibEwoASTr54AaABAg","Random Shifter","I want to say thank you to all the protesters, we all agree that slavery and racism is completely wrong!","64","1","2020-06-08 16:19:32","true",""
"Ugz3zc9Z6ibEwoASTr54AaABAg.99e3SwKYLOC99eGHFoGXgn","Le Chat Noir","Most of us agree, unfortunately. The other group is still sleeping.","2","","2020-06-08 18:11:31","false",""
"Ugy6AgZ6Iz34c2DeEeV4AaABAg","Jose Enrico Marquez","What a waste should've just smelted it... You British lack imagination","0","0","2020-06-08 16:19:40","true",""
"Ugx3x3tnikJLG_czfCN4AaABAg","jason zool","Government was suppose to take it down since 1998 . The people took it down and got rid of it in less than a day","0","0","2020-06-08 16:19:57","true",""
"UgwabQUHBzHeqPf7EOB4AaABAg","Brittanys Journey","Wow people really do like us. Im a proud ""black woman""","8","3","2020-06-08 16:20:22","true",""
"UgwabQUHBzHeqPf7EOB4AaABAg.99e3Z7SiyLH99eGekjf5ye","Super Tramp","It is nice to meet you.","1","","2020-06-08 18:14:52","false",""
"UgwabQUHBzHeqPf7EOB4AaABAg.99e3Z7SiyLH99eRfaYL3hp","Yasmine Alhajmouni","In almost every city here  in the Netherlands there have been protests we all stand with you ! ❤❤ the fire is on!!!","2","","2020-06-08 19:51:06","false",""
"UgwabQUHBzHeqPf7EOB4AaABAg.99e3Z7SiyLH99iuaPUfZMN","Brittanys Journey","@Yasmine Alhajmouni lol thank u. Who rock with us i rock with u..","0","","2020-06-10 13:29:30","false",""
"UgxyC-v0gZPdayu4Git4AaABAg","Wojtek Czemas","Good luck with defunding Police :D","0","0","2020-06-08 16:20:53","true",""
"UgwiDP1wTUNUFw6YyB94AaABAg","altitude illume","#GODBLESStheUK                     THAT'S HOW WE DO IT, SIMPLY 

discard the reminders of the decrepit other's shame.  well done!","0","0","2020-06-08 16:21:00","true",""
"Ugw4TZj_DAwTYQ5BAaN4AaABAg","Dream Chaser","Reminds me of what the students in South africa been doing for the past 10yrs. Down with all them racist monuments Down.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:21:09","true",""
"UgwEwG0u2ta5owA4bHh4AaABAg","NUKE CHINA","Beautiful.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:21:14","true",""
"UgwRi0w-UuETZ4KhNbF4AaABAg","Neo Punk","When you are naive enough to support mob rule you forfeit the right to cry for help when the mob comes for you.","1","1","2020-06-08 16:21:31","true",""
"UgwRi0w-UuETZ4KhNbF4AaABAg.99e3gTNxzri99e4KxaudNo","Isthisjustfantasy 75","Oh shut up 🙄","1","","2020-06-08 16:27:10","false",""
"Ugx1LDdGIetVswJNd_54AaABAg","john magill","The Pharos of ancient Egypt were slave owners. Why aren't you destroying the pyramids? Was their situation different? What does it take for a liberal lunatic to overlook that?","1","3","2020-06-08 16:21:35","true",""
"Ugx1LDdGIetVswJNd_54AaABAg.99e3h3bkXmh99e5VQmGmJh","antiami","Don’t forget that slavery still exists today in the Middle East with Africans being enslaved. No peep out of liberals about that","0","","2020-06-08 16:37:20","false",""
"Ugx1LDdGIetVswJNd_54AaABAg.99e3h3bkXmh99e7ns8iNII","Best Bast","Slaves built white house and Capitol building, no one is advocating the removal of them, it would be dumb to put statues of plantation owners that supplied slaves in black communities for remembrance.","0","","2020-06-08 16:57:28","false",""
"Ugx1LDdGIetVswJNd_54AaABAg.99e3h3bkXmh99e8Jry7UFx","Eric Taylor","@antiami maybe we should get our house in order before we go around telling folk how to live in theirs?","0","","2020-06-08 17:01:59","false",""
"UgzK5YsdtFlkB7f_N_J4AaABAg","sandra shorland","All lives matter not just blacks","0","0","2020-06-08 16:21:39","true",""
"Ugzs1v-ds8w9Vs44mMV4AaABAg","Adam","I’m confused. In Houston TX I grew up seeing a murder broadcasted and none of you cared.... now I’m supposed to feel like an asshole because I’m jaded. I don’t have hope. Honestly the protestors have their hearts in the right place but to what end? Besides freedom and respect. It begs many interesting questions like honestly how we view a life. I mean when you think about it the modern day average person is basically a slave under much better conditions. But we all answer to flawed persons with insurmountable power that we can name yet no body’s minds? This is great but recognizing the insanity behind virtue is honestly terrifying me. I pray there’s light at the end of this.....for all of us","0","0","2020-06-08 16:21:52","true",""
"UgzI-ll5v3tx6BA_xtx4AaABAg","Aanhek Kumar Ray","🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣 I thought the US was having issues, why tf is Uk going crazy?","1","3","2020-06-08 16:22:13","true",""
"UgzI-ll5v3tx6BA_xtx4AaABAg.99e3lgmpRU-99e4GjJXVFx","Isthisjustfantasy 75","You think there's a country in the world that doesn't have issues?  We aren't exactly going crazy btw.","0","","2020-06-08 16:26:36","false",""
"UgzI-ll5v3tx6BA_xtx4AaABAg.99e3lgmpRU-99e5T97KZ4H","philip013","Cabin fever. Football starts up soon. God help us all.","0","","2020-06-08 16:37:02","false",""
"UgzI-ll5v3tx6BA_xtx4AaABAg.99e3lgmpRU-99e5rEPvvN1","s b","elglish the glorious slave traders!","0","","2020-06-08 16:40:27","false",""
"UgwkIAfI85Gai5roLFN4AaABAg","Durango McMurphy","Anti-Art zealots idiotically tossed a Historical artifact into the river , a statue of Edward Colston , a philanthropist who worked for the Royal Africa Company , a Company who carried slaves from Africa to North America , Spain and Portugal . The Royal Africa Company TRANSPORTED slaves . The slaves were ENSLAVED by Black West African tribes , who , after tribal wars , enslaved OTHER Black Africans , who they marched to the Coast and sold for guns , spices and commercial goods not available in West Africa .","1","0","2020-06-08 16:22:13","true",""
"UgyuQyUc_gMHZGHQG514AaABAg","Mohd Raymee","Black lives matter is now a phenomenal event around the globe.
If only Derek Chauvin be more humane towards the late George Floyd this would never happens.","1","0","2020-06-08 16:22:13","true",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg","Dynez Dennis","People are sick of it and they’re tired of being associated with the wrongs of their ancestors 🙌🏾🙌🏾","655","50","2020-06-08 16:22:16","true",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eEKCi2qtu","Morrigan Renfield","Except... They are still doing the same shit. That's why the protests are happening","36","","2020-06-08 17:54:27","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eEWC6jAN7","Katrine Troelsen","I dont feel associated to my ancestors cause how could I affect what they did back when, im not a timetraveler - i just protest cause its the right thing to do and white supremicy only helps old rich guys and they have had power for long enough","28","","2020-06-08 17:56:05","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eEcKSwVLu","sam ik","are you ashamed of your ancestry?","4","","2020-06-08 17:57:04","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eFCvv5w_X","Tungst","Its retarded people associate other people with the wrongs and wrights of their ancestors. 
I am responsible for the time I am alive and the actions I have taken, that's it.","24","","2020-06-08 18:02:12","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eFaKzrARA","kims767","@sam ik One can be comfortable with their ancestry without embracing their antiquated values.","4","","2020-06-08 18:05:32","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eHFDVwlm0","swave158","Even in white community they do not like slave trade, there is a place in Bristol called ""Black Boy hill"", that angers many and that such things should not represent the modern Bristol.","4","","2020-06-08 18:19:59","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eHxCwnI6Y","sam ik","@kims767 so ignoring the bad embrassing the good? you mean like whitewashing the past?","4","","2020-06-08 18:26:08","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eI8_m1o0m","Marjorie Tillman","Dynez Dennis   Americans loves their racist ancestors like Robert E Lee and Jefferson Davis, who had lots of slaves, and gave their lives to keep Blacks Slaves. US makes every excuse to keep their slave owners on display. We know Washington and Jefferson had slaves, but he’s up there because he as the 1st Pres. But Lee and Davis are solely have statues BC they fought to keep Blacks as slaves. That’s why they should and will be torn down.","6","","2020-06-08 18:27:49","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eID5HUCK8","sam ik","@Tungst so why are you placing statues of past figures in public places","0","","2020-06-08 18:28:26","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eIb5lNBvs","Dariusz GaduGadu","In US some idiots vandalized statue of Polish and American hero Tadeusz Kosciuszko who ""wait for it"" fought for rights of Afroamericans...","1","","2020-06-08 18:31:51","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eJiUEIvkL","gmanon","People are not condemning your ancestors.  Their actions condemned them already.

The rage is for what you, not your ancestors are still doing and supporting.  Shame on everyone complaining about protests on racial bigotry.","6","","2020-06-08 18:41:35","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eJw2iCbtk","Gabe 1224","Go watch john olivers recent segment on the police, so you understand the subtle jimcrow still going on in america and in other western countries","3","","2020-06-08 18:43:27","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eK-e4_c0F","gmanon","@sam ik 
If their actions were wrong, why not to be ashamed of their wrong doings?

Probably not, because I still follow their steps.","0","","2020-06-08 18:44:04","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eKEx6_rPp","John Burkes","@Marjorie Tillman it's still part of history.  You do realize in Iran the slave trade is actually going on right now they went into Africa taking people","1","","2020-06-08 18:46:10","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eKMbRBLnw","John Burkes","@gmanon we aren't complaining about that just looting and burning down businesses","2","","2020-06-08 18:47:12","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eLo1R8WJq","Buck Wheat","one thing is clear. we're all affected by racism to a varied degree. when i was young there wasn't hardly any black people in the city after dark, they had a town 15 miles out of town, a place called sun village. and slowly 1 by 1 family it seemed like moved into town. my dad came from texas, that should explain his level of exposure to similar laws or rules. no matter what he did, i'm my own, i can say i'm not racist but again i can't say i'm not affected by it. i'm not saddened for where we've all come from if you're older than 30. mostly over 60's you too couldn't be exempt from the lame battle that people invest time in. i know a person that is my age and he said one time that white people were created and black people evolved, i had to say what? you serious. and he was. strictly influenced by someone in his past or who he hung out with, but that was some heavy derangement. we're almost out of the ones who were around in the shit days. kids in school these days aren't so into it enough to push it. they're the ones who'll be completely free it.","0","","2020-06-08 18:59:50","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eLtBIeGux","Lester Walker","Dynez Dennis Well, when people act exactly like their ancestors eventually things happen. Dennis my video is way off-topic take a look thanks.","0","","2020-06-08 19:00:32","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eM3aqAEif","sam ik","@gmanon so why are u putting statues of criminals in public places for","0","","2020-06-08 19:02:05","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eMOYiifDY","Paul Germana","Well put.","0","","2020-06-08 19:04:57","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eNVckLImQ","sam ik","@gmanon so condemn them like you would condemn a pedophile uncle. even when he past away","1","","2020-06-08 19:14:39","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eNksq6JCy","Timothy Barber","yet not sick of it enough to forget it","0","","2020-06-08 19:16:52","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eNvAGB-47","Tony Tresigne","In the UK today many people struggle with poverty, lack of opportunities, community underfunding etc but these aren't racial issues and shouldn't be said to be.","3","","2020-06-08 19:18:17","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eOFlzsp2W","Tonie Maurice","@Katrine Troelsen its not just your ancestors. Its the gov't who propped up these old men. The gov't made money off taxation. Its the govt that  still exist here today. Don't get it twisted. The govt is what keep systemic nd structural racism alive","0","","2020-06-08 19:21:14","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99ePbKUwji0","Steven Forsyth","@Morrigan Renfield not the same thing🤣🤣","0","","2020-06-08 19:33:03","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eQ-lRfVNh","Pangolin Steak & Bat Gravy","no they arent.  My ancestors did nothing wrong.","0","","2020-06-08 19:36:31","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eR2wclTYO","carmalego","No one needs to be ashamed of their ancestry, as long as you stand against injustice, #we stand together 👍🏻👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾👍🏿","1","","2020-06-08 19:45:41","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eRxpDfwhe","Roy Dunn","@Marjorie Tillman bs. U b. Lee was at west point and a federal officer.  
     He gave up his federal commission to fight for Virginia.  His loyalty was for Virginia not for slavery.","1","","2020-06-08 19:53:36","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eSffJoMMC","Roy Dunn","Maj. U and everything one don't want to admit is there were numerous black,  black slave owners, traders in the south.  And Caribbean","1","","2020-06-08 19:59:51","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eSqsZgPLL","Super Tramp","@Dariusz GaduGadu proof we need more black history in the USA taught in regular history classes. With all these statues of slavers and slave trade defenders up it's hard to tell them apart. We've allowed the vile to occupy the same space as the virtuous for too long. It dishonors the just to have all this Jim Crow era propaganda statues erected. Well pointed out. You make an excellent case for removing all those statues.","1","","2020-06-08 20:01:23","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eSytliqE8","jerson m Cabrera","You said it well","0","","2020-06-08 20:02:29","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eT2X53D3T","It's not me, It's you","@Roy Dunn they dont want to hear those truths.  They only want to condemn all whites.","0","","2020-06-08 20:03:07","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eTFbyGxk4","Higgs Boson","Well Stop the rubbish.
Stop these organised crime gangs (police) ruining people's lives.","0","","2020-06-08 20:04:54","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eTP4VV2UH","Higgs Boson","@It's not me, It's you it's not black white it's about rule of law.
These thug police mistreat whites as well.","0","","2020-06-08 20:06:11","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eTb2KA8cl","Higgs Boson","@carmalego hear hear.","0","","2020-06-08 20:07:57","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eUJQk5CFm","Rodney Daliege","@sam ik you're using whitewashing incorrectly","0","","2020-06-08 20:14:09","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eURF56u8f","Rodney Daliege","@Marjorie Tillman you know nothing about history if you think that's all that happened. Those people stood for more than slavery. Read a book.","0","","2020-06-08 20:15:13","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eU_5LTFwZ","Harry Clark","sam ik they put the statue there because he built loads of homes for the poor, as well as hospitals and schools","0","","2020-06-08 20:16:26","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eUrjavJER","Matthew Chandler","Its true and we need to keep working!!! The fight from oppression is eternal in nature... NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!","0","","2020-06-08 20:18:58","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eV9msv5Nh","Kris Frederick","Fuckin' A","0","","2020-06-08 20:21:35","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eWOmUwIcn","Love Survives","Thank you darling. I love young people. Let’s change the world!!!","0","","2020-06-08 20:32:22","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eWosJ6umU","It's not me, It's you","@Higgs Boson no they dont, only people of color are mistreated and its always by whites. Always.  Colored people are never racist.  Just ask them.","0","","2020-06-08 20:36:04","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eX6Fb9wji","It's not me, It's you","@gmanon shame on you for causing h.a.t.r,e,d towards whites.","0","","2020-06-08 20:38:34","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99ehtWO9od-","sam ik","@Harry Clark bloodmoney ... i hope the poor got rich.. haha...the rich caring for the joke ever","0","","2020-06-08 22:21:33","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99eiCjKcvvJ","sam ik","@Aimée Demi and a ruined world... global warming, killing the biodiversity, starting wars, colonizing the world etc etc","0","","2020-06-08 22:24:19","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99fZzME0VP3","Aimée Demi","sam ik only whites did that ,ok..","0","","2020-06-09 06:22:57","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99mKjoZueMU","Joseph Collins","If your ancestors did nothing wrong, guess what ! Revelation chapter 13 Vs 10  and Isaiah chapter 14 Vs 21 is going to be hurt for you and your family when the lord return.","0","","2020-06-11 21:24:26","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99mLGbvmraE","Joseph Collins","Whatsoever a man sowed shall it rip","0","","2020-06-11 21:29:03","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB99mMEPbCXTu","Joseph Collins","How will you know history if it wasn't taught to you in school, you guys have been living under illution that white people Invent everything, do your research dummy","0","","2020-06-11 21:37:29","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB9ADb4biSiYc","Agent Orange","Hell Yeah ✊🏿 do we replace it with statue of George Floyd with a meth pipe to his mouth or gun to a pregnant belly ?","1","","2020-06-22 20:54:42","false",""
"UgxfO5YCbyFikGa66YB4AaABAg.99e3lxaRXUB9AEZK1-M4CF","BradLee Jones","Let's go after the mosques next! Mohammed was a slave owner. When are the Righteous Mobs going to start tearing down the mosques?
Hypocrisy much?
Libtard Stupidity!
Go Trump! The Chosen One! 2020 Landsl,..... AVALAAAAAAANCHE!","1","","2020-06-23 05:49:50","false",""
"Ugw-nAmjeOIBwpLZ_Dd4AaABAg","Gorilla Glass","Queen next l suppose😆🤫","1","1","2020-06-08 16:22:34","true",""
"Ugw-nAmjeOIBwpLZ_Dd4AaABAg.99e3oA0OIjU99e5nSuRLRj","s b","her hands and hole face is soacked in blood of the slave trade from her family!","0","","2020-06-08 16:39:56","false",""
"UgyF2WYOkqHENjIenVp4AaABAg","Jamese Danielle","When will people realize that the so called black, African American, negro are the Hebrews of the bible...surely people don't think that everyone is saying 400 years 1619-2019 is almost up for no reason...don't get me wrong I'm not saying all black people because all skin folk are not kinfolk","0","1","2020-06-08 16:23:13","true",""
"UgyF2WYOkqHENjIenVp4AaABAg.99e3syFXtgD99e5L4E4nTr","antiami","Oh is that so? Are you one of the crazies that believes the Greeks were black too? And the Trojans?","0","","2020-06-08 16:35:56","false",""
"Ugx34nux5IOP6uTZndd4AaABAg","Afradio Methyl","CNN is encouraging criminal action.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:23:22","true",""
"UgyuK9WZ1xtbI8rws9t4AaABAg","James Butterson","🤘","1","0","2020-06-08 16:23:44","true",""
"Ugy42uz6OUm64Rhg4vZ4AaABAg","Monise Sineus","You have a lot of guts girl!!!👏👏👏","8","0","2020-06-08 16:23:53","true",""
"Ugylt30HnGyF9lVoSRh4AaABAg","Iam Whatever","It's aboyt time people start obeying the 2nd Commandment!","0","0","2020-06-08 16:23:58","true",""
"UgzGQNHlXpz9_hmtcNR4AaABAg","sandra feely","Remember Julian Cole, a young black man, who was brutally attacked by 6 ex police officers outside a nightclub in Bedford, Britain in 2013.  They broke his neck and left him paralysed and brain damaged and to this day he remains in a hospital tenderly cared for by his mother.  He has received no justice. JUSTICE FOR JULIAN COLE..","0","1","2020-06-08 16:24:00","true",""
"UgzGQNHlXpz9_hmtcNR4AaABAg.99e3ygrDXlc99e4fUy32NS","antiami","“The IOPC provided the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) with all of the evidence and determined no criminal charges were warranted. The Cole family requested a review of the evidence in 2017 and CPS reached the same conclusion a year later.

Cole, then 19, went out to the Elements nightclub with friends on May 5, 2013. He was later was escorted out, according to the BBC. After being denied a refund, he tried to get back inside the club multiple times and police were called.

A bouncer tackled Cole to the ground. Cole stood back up, according to the panel's final report and was allegedly acting in ""an aggressive manner."" He was then taken ""to the ground again"" by three police officers — Ross, Oates and Kalyan  — and handcuffed.”

What if it was the bouncer that did it?","0","","2020-06-08 16:30:07","false",""
"Ugw2qfqm-saEJzEnqSN4AaABAg","Hoppy and His Holiday Helpers","whoa, is that Bronze?  someone fish it out,  maybe get 50 bucks from the scrap yard.","1","0","2020-06-08 16:24:12","true",""
"UgxNbPr4gvzY0qiqMWR4AaABAg","Warning: Alert","Yeah! There ya go! Come on, lazy american protesters.  You have been complaining about the statues for a decade, now is your chance!","0","0","2020-06-08 16:24:20","true",""
"UgzAYdd7Bl4VQKjUi9B4AaABAg","Conall Ross","was the statue out past curfew?
it must have been threatening to the protesters.
it must have tripped and fallen.
was the statue resisting?
the statue had underlying health conditions. 
the statue was no saint, you know.
the protestors were clearly fearing for their lives.
the statue was possibly intoxicated.
the statue should have just listened to the protestors.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:24:20","true",""
"UgwiQ24886LMqfz0os14AaABAg","Kalai Selvan","Proud of all the protestors ❤️","41","3","2020-06-08 16:24:21","true",""
"UgwiQ24886LMqfz0os14AaABAg.99e40JvrUom99eDp27zVf6","peter kreisler","Floyd attacked a pregnant woman in in her home with a gun and pistol whipped her, you ok with that?","0","","2020-06-08 17:50:04","false",""
"UgwiQ24886LMqfz0os14AaABAg.99e40JvrUom99eEEEvgd70","Chieboni James","Very proud of the protestors✊","1","","2020-06-08 17:53:38","false",""
"UgwiQ24886LMqfz0os14AaABAg.99e40JvrUom99eVIAPJtRb","04 FOREVER INVINCIBLE","peter kreisler he never killed her ... an that wasn’t the reason he was confronted by the pigs","0","","2020-06-08 20:22:43","false",""
"UgxjWahyKOJ81lBmWYp4AaABAg","Sean Epperson","Good good rodents want be missed.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:24:22","true",""
"UgyP-VwW9jcOt9az8S54AaABAg","Chasie QuinnZel","This isn't a movement this is a revolution","1","1","2020-06-08 16:24:38","true",""
"UgyP-VwW9jcOt9az8S54AaABAg.99e42ObL9Tg99e5UB6rEpY","s b","i really hope so!","0","","2020-06-08 16:37:10","false",""
"UgyhnZHhpQJubvaJae14AaABAg","sandra shorland","she needs to think about the lives she has put at risk she is well aware of the virus in the uk selfish bunch","0","1","2020-06-08 16:24:40","true",""
"UgyhnZHhpQJubvaJae14AaABAg.99e42akRGo999e5SGl-cbN","s b","the english slave traders?!","0","","2020-06-08 16:36:54","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg","Myazpiration","Awww fishes will have a new object to play with.  Let's unite against racism, bigotry and hate.","330","33","2020-06-08 16:24:50","true",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99e5OqkzxQq","s b","nemo is happy","16","","2020-06-08 16:36:26","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99eAOwk1fZO","Rubin Chavarria","The fish going to colonize that statue lol 😂","19","","2020-06-08 17:20:09","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99eF3QXd9WJ","04 FOREVER INVINCIBLE","Rubin Chavarria haha fk dat nigga","1","","2020-06-08 18:00:54","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99eF5T0lX69","Bonaoa Aoaiia","B
Yes","0","","2020-06-08 18:01:10","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99eFZ3JNq1l","Super Tramp","More over with slavers don’t forget it was pure capitalistic greed excused by bigotry. Most of those scum lied to themselves and believed they were doing the black man a favor by owning them. Greed drove slavery far more than hate. Hate was the tool used to manipulate those who couldn’t afford slaves into consenting to the wealthy having them.","5","","2020-06-08 18:05:13","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99eFtgCSDKE","dolemitedavis","@Super Tramp FACTS","1","","2020-06-08 18:08:10","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99eMCjpObbs","It's not me, It's you","Yes, because destroying a public monument will fix racism.","2","","2020-06-08 19:03:20","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99eNDjdfDOu","Anita Sunday","😂😂😂😂😂","0","","2020-06-08 19:12:13","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99eNYRLBwQy","Super Tramp","@It's not me, It's you yes. You get it. Destroying a public honorific to a slave trader will remove percieved glory for those who might share or attempt to manipulate the principal's of such a figure. Well done. I mean if anyone thought it was meaningless then no one would get butt hurt over it. So it must matter or else, why be upset.","2","","2020-06-08 19:15:02","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99eNxL9AZV1","Super Tramp","@dolemitedavis seriously. People need to perhaps consider that the mentality that led to such atrocities was that if pure unadulterated capitalism. Hate was a weapon not a motivation. No one takes a long boat for months and does what was done then take a long boat back just to warm their hate. Greed led to atrocities then and if left unchecked leads to atrocities now.","1","","2020-06-08 19:18:34","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99ePNKdBGXb","It's not me, It's you","@Super Tramp im not a slave trader, my ancestors didn't own slaves.  I dont glorify anyone, but i refuse to ignore and forget the past just because of other peoples issues.","1","","2020-06-08 19:31:00","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99ePlZAsha3","Super Tramp","@It's not me, It's you great. Build a monument to the victims then with the melted metal. You're learning. Remember the fallen not the rapists, murders and human traffickers. Never forget the horrors. Never honor the horrible. Build a monument to the abolishionist if you like aswell. Actual heros, actual freedom fighters.","1","","2020-06-08 19:34:26","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99eQ3wCNde6","gilly","Do you include all races in that or are you exempting some ? say jews ? Whites ?  Asian? Asking for a friend","0","","2020-06-08 19:37:05","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99eQArlkXT5","gilly","@Super Tramp yes lets not forget that it was black men who sold the slaves to the whitey","0","","2020-06-08 19:38:02","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99eR-CrPsmG","juan hernandez","@It's not me, It's you    the statues are symbolic and tearing down the statue is also symbolic","1","","2020-06-08 19:45:11","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99eR0CL8SCl","Super Tramp","@gilly do you see many monuments to black slavers from Africa? Me neither, but it does illustrate that greed pushed slave trades more than hate. Hate was for the lower classes to consent to slavery as an institution. Hate allowed what greed insisted upon. Pure unregulated capitalism drove slavery. Even today in the USA. Trump isn't a racist. He's a greed monger who knows how to use racists and how to get none racists to consent to being in league with racists. Trump hates his own base, but he loves the money they provide. The racist in the USA don't even see how easily they are being punked and used, but the ""I'm not racists"" collaborators are by far the worst. To allow your bias in your politics to overide your own decency and to ally with such racists and greed mongers  out of some sense of loyalty to an ideology the party you align with has long since abandoned. It's insanity. Also the blacks who sold other blacks were tribal groups selling off their enemies and competition. So it was even further greed and practicality for them in that respect as well.","0","","2020-06-08 19:45:19","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99eRF8gzlBT","juan hernandez","@It's not me, It's you  statues are usually erected to glorify someone or something or tearing it town and replacing it with a famous slave would be the way to go","2","","2020-06-08 19:47:21","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99eS5tOrcZo","Louvre DeWitt Bukater Neuilly EnLay","An entire comment section, that doesn't value history, and are doomed to recreate the world's errors.","0","","2020-06-08 19:54:50","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99eSGBHGhhI","Super Tramp","@juan hernandez precisely. All those Jim Crow era statues could be melted down to create statues that remember the past and not the villains of the past themselves.","1","","2020-06-08 19:56:14","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99eSW8fqntl","Super Tramp","@Louvre DeWitt Bukater Neuilly EnLay you referring to those who wish to rewrite history by holding onto propaganda from a long time ago or those who wish to ensure that such history is remembered correctly for what it was and not what the profiteers of the past wanted it percieved as in their greed?","0","","2020-06-08 19:58:25","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99eTEciotW6","Louvre DeWitt Bukater Neuilly EnLay","@Super Tramp So you don't even understand why the statue was there in the first place?
It's there to instruct the horrible past, that the UK participated in. And you learn from it. The end.","1","","2020-06-08 20:04:46","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99eUPfBrYcn","Super Tramp","@Louvre DeWitt Bukater Neuilly EnLay you don't even understand it was bad at its job then huh? Better options exist. Build a monument that honors the fallen, remembers the history that does not continue to glorify the villain. We don't keep statues to Hitler to honor the victims of the Holocaust. We don't keep statues of Hirohito to remember the Pearl Harbor either. That narrative has been a lie from the begining. It's apologetics at its least clever. The end.","2","","2020-06-08 20:15:00","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99eWaIWZXWG","K Marie","🐟🐟🐟 They can keep it.","2","","2020-06-08 20:34:04","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99k_zPsZecg","dolemitedavis","@Super Tramp Omg.... THIS IS IT. But you know what? People will reject this and it will show that this, the kkkonfederate flag, those demonic kkk statues are not about preserving history at ALL.","1","","2020-06-11 05:07:54","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99kaR76jePs","dolemitedavis","@Super Tramp thank you for this. I could never articulate it. You don't  commemorate oppressors villains. You honor the victims and build monuments to teach that it NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN.","1","","2020-06-11 05:11:49","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99kb_aFwLM2","Super Tramp","@dolemitedavis feel free to copy and paste anything. Keep it in notes. Never be afraid to punch a tacit apologist of in the nose with cold hard truth no matter how uncomfortable it makes them while they sip their fru fru lattes.","0","","2020-06-11 05:21:51","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99kcR87WPCb","Super Tramp","@dolemitedavis it's always incredibly easy if you just take the double speak they attempt to use and just flip into an actual logical statement. They want you to resist what they are saying which they try to do by wording a sentence in a way as to have logic if and only if you keep it isolated without any context. So you just agree and as you word it back to them interject the context which they desperately are trying to erase and you can immediately show how if they were honest about what they were saying then they would not be able to hold onto or defends such reprehensible positions. They want you to resist so they can feel righteous in lying to themselves. So they can pretend they are the victim and your are the radical when it just isn't the case the instant you take their statement out of its blind vacuum. Suddenly they have to either disagree with their own logic now since you've proven their logic doesn't say what they have been pretending it does or they have to go along and say how it's not really important while they make up a new excuse. Keep that in mind and you'll have an easier time articulating to bad faith actors pretending they don't get it. Those folks themselves will never go along with you, but they will be forced to defend more and more clownishly ridiculous positions until you have then so tied up in knots literally no one can take them seriously and they are exposed for what they are. Good luck with it.","1","","2020-06-11 05:29:18","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99kdLtaJUUU","Super Tramp","@Louvre DeWitt Bukater Neuilly EnLay we just know the history so we value it for what it's worth, which isn't worth a statue. Books are still a thing. Don't be afraid to read you can learn history through them, and if it really chaps your ass then you can make a documentary explaining how horrific these people were. Like how I've never seen a statue of Hitler, but I could never not know who he was or what he did. Anyone who cares about history cares enough to know these folks don't deserve the immortal honor of their likeness littering the public space.","0","","2020-06-11 05:37:19","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99keBdXtfID","dolemitedavis","@Super Tramp practice makes perfect. You seem to be a master at speaking truth to ""power"". Continue the good fight my have someone in the world that has learned greatly from you.","1","","2020-06-11 05:44:39","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99keJMNbik8","Super Tramp","@dolemitedavis I threw in another example with this last comment above so you can see how I approach the technique. This person was going for another try at the ""you don't know history and will repeat it if you don't leave up the monument to the man"" farce. People like this are easy to clown because they give you the ammunition. It's like a grenade landing with the pin still in it. Just pick it up, their over simplified statement which unto it self would sound good, but you pull the pin by adding the context they wish could be separated and having armed it now just lob it back. I realize you may already know this, but it bugs the shit out of these people to be objectified and used like a prop or tool the way the subjects of the statues they are defending would do to human beings literally. So I'm just having fun with them now. ;) They're warming their own blood telling themselves how smug and arrogant I am. That brings me joy.","1","","2020-06-11 05:45:42","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99ksU-dAoDS","Louvre DeWitt Bukater Neuilly EnLay","@Super Tramp To anyone with basic common sense it doesn't glorify anything. It's a footnote to tell you what happened. It's required more then ever now, since their are folks who wish to recreate the building blocks that lead humanity into it's darkest periods.
So the inanimate object should remain in its place. I already know the average person's intake on history is low, most folks find it boring or are to lazy to visit a museum or library. So I want them to stay there, serve it's purpose to teach the past.","0","","2020-06-11 07:49:30","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99l46l22hsG","Super Tramp","@Louvre DeWitt Bukater Neuilly EnLay so there was a plaque with these monuments explaining their crimes against humanity? No. No there wasn't. It absolutely honors these shaved monkey species traitors. You just got attached to it or at least the idea of these statues being there because it was there before you hit the age where you decided what is in the world now is natural and everything that changes after it is deviant. Before they put the statue up there was a nice open space that some older guy thought was just fine and how deviant and stupid it was when someone put that blight on the landscape. Don't mistake static attachment with historical value or meaning. If education is the goal than these things are abject failures at the job and far better options exist. The removal of that statue and this story has already educated more people about this individuals treason of decency than the standing of it ever did. Or should we erect a few Hitler statues so people don't forget?","0","","2020-06-11 09:39:55","false",""
"UgzDY7RyGH3PyG2y3KB4AaABAg.99e43qChNZm99l4YasPtQt","Super Tramp","@dolemitedavis carry on. I've no doubt you have and will do the same in your way with someone else as has been done to me. Just all part of the cycle. Well met.","0","","2020-06-11 09:43:43","false",""
"Ugx4qDiiF5QloYtoe8J4AaABAg","Sean Epperson","UK stand up.","1","1","2020-06-08 16:24:54","true",""
"Ugx4qDiiF5QloYtoe8J4AaABAg.99e44MCVfR099e5MuxT2zo","s b","they cant,,, its full of slave traders among them right now","0","","2020-06-08 16:36:11","false",""
"Ugw25HcwaYzVotrECQp4AaABAg","310HZZA Political","This report makes CNN look like they're promoting this type of violent destructive outburst.","0","3","2020-06-08 16:25:02","true",""
"Ugw25HcwaYzVotrECQp4AaABAg.99e45JqmA3x99e7MJ-MfeC","Eric Taylor","awww, does capitalism hurt your widdle feewings?
most people support an end to tyranny, racist or otherwise
it would be a stupid idea for a company that makes it's money by eyeballs to condemn such a huge and important movement","0","","2020-06-08 16:53:34","false",""
"Ugw25HcwaYzVotrECQp4AaABAg.99e45JqmA3x99eDRKj0s5j","310HZZA Political","@Eric Taylor this movement has changed to support the murder of people such as David Dorn while immortalizing people who spent their life as violent criminals. I have zero tolerance for these filthy looters and Vandals.","0","","2020-06-08 17:46:41","false",""
"Ugw25HcwaYzVotrECQp4AaABAg.99e45JqmA3x99eF-QK0Ex6","310HZZA Political","@Eric Taylor  and this is a Democrat movement genius for the USA. That means it is fully plagued with racism. Democrat Woodrow Wilson is the one who implemented Jim Crow laws in the government. Democrat Lyndon Johnson he's got a very famous quote about voters. Even my state of Virginia the Democratic governor has a very interesting yearbook picture for Eastern Virginia medical school where he became a doctor. Democrats do things and get away with it such as the Democratic presidential candidate who's been caught plagiarizing, using his political status to make his son a millionaire through corrupt dealings, and even been accused of rape while on the other hand Trump gets accused of things without proof and the Democrats brain-dead followers also the same people engaging in these protests believe it.","0","","2020-06-08 18:00:21","false",""
"UgxRXEQm3qY78hW09K54AaABAg","sks_bc","Happy to see this. I'm surprised it was still standing... so incredibly unacceptable and inappropriate. Let him 'sleep with the fishes', with the rest of the criminals. I hope the US does the same with their mementos of the Confederacy.","30","1","2020-06-08 16:25:17","true",""
"UgxRXEQm3qY78hW09K54AaABAg.99e476tfLQx99eETaOi5eB","Super Tramp","sks_bc memorials to the confederacy. None of those statues was erected during the confederacy. Nearly none of them are even a hundred years old.  The ‘cultural heritage’ argument is a load codswallop. Built during the Jim Crow era as political propaganda against civil rights.","2","","2020-06-08 17:55:44","false",""
"UgyIXADRcAlRfBZSwV14AaABAg","Maria Longoria","Good place for it!!","1","1","2020-06-08 16:25:49","true",""
"UgyIXADRcAlRfBZSwV14AaABAg.99e4B3H5whF99e5F_qxr2u","s b","deep deep in the dark water...","0","","2020-06-08 16:35:11","false",""
"UgyvlPAv5jNeek4zlYp4AaABAg","Blaž Veber","That's what happens when you take soccer away from an Englishman.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:25:51","true",""
"UgxF41jKz40yxIInqRh4AaABAg","we da OPPS","WHAT HAPPENDED TO CORONAVIRUS?!?!?","2","1","2020-06-08 16:25:54","true",""
"UgxF41jKz40yxIInqRh4AaABAg.99e4Bafb8jh99e58QF5d87","s b","this is more important,, it has a face,, its about the british slave trade!!","0","","2020-06-08 16:34:12","false",""
"UgybOrnSKCK0NayNxcd4AaABAg","Eyanosa Sioux","The world has had enough of this shit from the past, present and we are all ready to move into the future as one group of people from different races.","1","1","2020-06-08 16:26:32","true",""
"UgybOrnSKCK0NayNxcd4AaABAg.99e4GEEr7Aj99e52PM3ANM","s b","exactly!","0","","2020-06-08 16:33:23","false",""
"Ugzx6N6pDtkzXGMjWhx4AaABAg","Damien Naji","Nice","1","0","2020-06-08 16:26:38","true",""
"UgwSHg17Y9DueaRxVn94AaABAg","Rita Usua","Together we stand! God time is always the best they said. Covid 19 unfortunately has cause a very bad situation in the world not just lost life  but to cleanse the mentality of ignorance, racism and poor mind set not only against black but also other races.","21","1","2020-06-08 16:27:04","true",""
"UgwSHg17Y9DueaRxVn94AaABAg.99e4KDcEfPT99eV2VAPW6v","angel123995","God know what he was doing allowing Covid-19 to happen. There is a scripture that says"" he will give up many lives to die just to save one Soul""","1","","2020-06-08 20:20:35","false",""
"UgxTsiAbVZTnkatwfzR4AaABAg","advils","FINALLY!","2","1","2020-06-08 16:27:13","true",""
"UgxTsiAbVZTnkatwfzR4AaABAg.99e4LDJEsMh99e4v3Wa7Is","s b","karma returns always","0","","2020-06-08 16:32:14","false",""
"UgwxzWE8QkPQsl7wWTB4AaABAg","Claire Bee","Hahaha.. took to long to figure it out. The people figured it out!","25","0","2020-06-08 16:27:24","true",""
"Ugzy66eU8gZrErP9kBN4AaABAg","mubarek Daha","Kinda misleading as she fell off her horse cause she wasn't looking at the lamppost","1","1","2020-06-08 16:27:29","true",""
"Ugzy66eU8gZrErP9kBN4AaABAg.99e4NBgCZ2-99e4sCGmX9V","s b","the glorious english slave traders","0","","2020-06-08 16:31:51","false",""
"UgxAo-UK_inS4CM7BDp4AaABAg","Dixie Hall","In addition to being a slave trader, this man was huge philanthropist in Bristol.","1","2","2020-06-08 16:27:37","true",""
"UgxAo-UK_inS4CM7BDp4AaABAg.99e4O9Z7hzK99e4ollE8xg","s b","to hes own institutions?! something like trump and hes univercity?","0","","2020-06-08 16:31:23","false",""
"UgxAo-UK_inS4CM7BDp4AaABAg.99e4O9Z7hzK99e58kZQ_V_","antiami","s b I think if you donate to a place and they later change their name in memory of you it doesn’t mean that it was your own place like Trump University. Do you assume that all the schools that are named after Martin Luther King were his?","0","","2020-06-08 16:34:15","false",""
"UgwJqna5UFORqQEdsqh4AaABAg","Petr","""and another British shitty.."" 0:00","1","0","2020-06-08 16:27:38","true",""
"UgyxcrfD65_VhutqVot4AaABAg","u l","Slavery-----> statue must have been a demokkkrat----->","0","2","2020-06-08 16:28:04","true",""
"UgyxcrfD65_VhutqVot4AaABAg.99e4RTapusA99e4e4gPBVj","s b","slave traders were always republicans!","0","","2020-06-08 16:29:55","false",""
"UgyxcrfD65_VhutqVot4AaABAg.99e4RTapusA99e6z674MfJ","Eric Taylor","@s b conservatives, really. back in the slavery days of the US, the conservative party were the democrats, and they're the ones who became the confederacy","0","","2020-06-08 16:50:16","false",""
"Ugw-JG8EBfbuOzehdUR4AaABAg","Cod4 Wii","Now what are we going to do with all these 1 dollar bills and 25 cent quarters that pictures George Washington?","2","2","2020-06-08 16:28:20","true",""
"Ugw-JG8EBfbuOzehdUR4AaABAg.99e4TUze7Hr99e4a6dEbvW","s b","i want obama on them now!","0","","2020-06-08 16:29:23","false",""
"Ugw-JG8EBfbuOzehdUR4AaABAg.99e4TUze7Hr99e4y2V8_KC","antiami","Put Al Sharpton on them!","0","","2020-06-08 16:32:39","false",""
"UgxUDTzoj0-dLrtWJk14AaABAg","south florida news now","More training will never work all this cant lead to more training  when u start taking money from the cops they will stop doing it but when the tax payer  pays all the law suits  it will never end","0","0","2020-06-08 16:28:34","true",""
"Ugyqzq6eDIL-X03Y8yB4AaABAg","Joel Moodie","Governments who don't serve the people, run the risk of having to face the Wrath of the people. We all have been pushed too far.","1","0","2020-06-08 16:28:39","true",""
"Ugx_zbwEsBjhQC415hd4AaABAg","Haha MissMiss","There are 5 deplorable statues in CA.  Tear them down PEOPLE!","0","0","2020-06-08 16:28:46","true",""
"Ugw_hcDdjN-4RWq7oW54AaABAg","Roger Lewis","Pidgeons will miss him","0","0","2020-06-08 16:29:02","true",""
"Ugwf_eeUmg_ebYJ4-cl4AaABAg","Anton Scholtz","idiots","0","0","2020-06-08 16:29:05","true",""
"UgxvHSC7MMRhc-lvMQF4AaABAg","Ferdi Dijkslag","Lock them all upp","0","0","2020-06-08 16:29:10","true",""
"UgzpxubNSINXSowDZAN4AaABAg","Dr. Merlot","Trump needs to publicly take a knee and admit he was wrong.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:29:23","true",""
"UgztLs4hm3toPmBD1nZ4AaABAg","Matt Foley","So that fixed everything, right?","1","0","2020-06-08 16:29:44","true",""
"UgwXFVTFLu4YwQvRWGN4AaABAg","Haha MissMiss","Attack the south and take down their racist relics.","0","1","2020-06-08 16:29:47","true",""
"UgwXFVTFLu4YwQvRWGN4AaABAg.99e4d2fOZD299e4tXNOa19","antiami","Yes we need to tear down the statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and other Founders who were slave owners","0","","2020-06-08 16:32:02","false",""
"Ugz8bcsPvIGCjg_Z2Pd4AaABAg","ON A MISSION","A beautiful thing to see around the world ✊🏾❤️","38","0","2020-06-08 16:30:00","true",""
"UgwsROJK8HY8L3A7iiR4AaABAg","nelson 100","WELL DONE LONDON","0","0","2020-06-08 16:30:15","true",""
"UgwXy2ESOhWBBRW_qbR4AaABAg","Isaias Cortinas","PROTESTS DESTROY STATE OF SLAVE TRADER‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️","1","0","2020-06-08 16:30:19","true",""
"Ugwo6GodX_Of2cudq5x4AaABAg","protic4","Love this.","1","0","2020-06-08 16:30:28","true",""
"Ugxl91lp2B15FjG1hI94AaABAg","David Hatchell","They are not ‘protestors’ they are VANDALS and should be shot dead or imprisoned if they surrender. Plain and simple. Their actions are criminal, and against our Constitutional Rule of Law.","1","0","2020-06-08 16:30:31","true",""
"Ugx1DK_8Jzh1bgMikvx4AaABAg","Mark Oliver","Democrats were the slaves owners of America.","0","1","2020-06-08 16:30:38","true",""
"Ugx1DK_8Jzh1bgMikvx4AaABAg.99e4jHURMSP99e6bsfVkyz","Eric Taylor","right. but, that's when they were the conservative party
nowadays, all the people who still support the concept of slavery and or white supremacy vote republican and, in some cases, are republican politicians","0","","2020-06-08 16:47:06","false",""
"UgzEH3mvZmFVDK7xybR4AaABAg","Captain America America","It's where it belongs.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:30:41","true",""
"UgxuanxFnKraX5Nt6At4AaABAg","OLD SIGN","GOOD FOR THEM! NEW SCHOOL,2020.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:30:45","true",""
"Ugxc-GHqWCzjUu7qk7V4AaABAg","Hagan Love","Plandamic....","0","0","2020-06-08 16:30:52","true",""
"UgzVBMCYP4xVeY0OpKt4AaABAg","EarthlyAlien","If you go to most of the British tabloids you should see how a majority of the British are angry that the protesters did this..... But I'm not surprised the majority of them were old white British men and women, not saying all of them are like that but a majority of them were angry the statue was removed","0","0","2020-06-08 16:31:03","true",""
"Ugw33WA8Aydv6MpNCJN4AaABAg","Laquell Adore","London is such a beautiful place why would you want something like that representing your country  that's nothing to be proud of period!!!!","0","3","2020-06-08 16:31:10","true",""
"Ugw33WA8Aydv6MpNCJN4AaABAg.99e4nCiOWaV99e50r03ZjH","Isthisjustfantasy 75","This was in Bristol. Nowhere near London 🤔","0","","2020-06-08 16:33:10","false",""
"Ugw33WA8Aydv6MpNCJN4AaABAg.99e4nCiOWaV99e5CmyLdoS","Isthisjustfantasy 75","It was put up because of the good causes he supported, schools etc. But it has no place in modern day Britain and ppl have wanted the council to get rid of it for decades. But they haven't, so people did it themselves ✌","0","","2020-06-08 16:34:48","false",""
"Ugw33WA8Aydv6MpNCJN4AaABAg.99e4nCiOWaV99e5_EB8_ns","Ann Stevens","The statue was in Bristol, not London, but you’re right. Slave owners and traders should not be honoured with statues, no matter whatever else they did for schools etc. The fact is, the people of Bristol have been asking for this statue to be lawfully removed for a long time and nothing was done, so they did it themselves.","0","","2020-06-08 16:38:00","false",""
"UgyKX5ETSyeCQXOgDlB4AaABAg","Complexadaptive","excellent, use the statue to pollute a waterway good thinking....smfh....","0","0","2020-06-08 16:31:16","true",""
"UgxsgY_hpBrOhQJ5eFN4AaABAg","altitude illume","#FLOYDforJUSTICE                   JUSTICE FOR ALL        

#DECREPITmilitarizedPOLICE CULTURES, PERCEPTIONS NEED BE EDUCATED OR EVICTED.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:31:25","true",""
"Ugy1DkYL7vOcz12jmfl4AaABAg","Yahya Kandemir","Yea but why destroy it just let it stay as a historical item","0","0","2020-06-08 16:31:26","true",""
"UgwSBctH6Ci8ZOELspR4AaABAg","bud11dy","I have to say I am very proud of the human race right now. For everyone getting together and making their voice heard for something. It hurts my heart to see all the bad things that have been going on. So this makes me cry to see US ALL COME TOGETHER!!!!!!","0","0","2020-06-08 16:31:34","true",""
"UgzY4KsxMhy3i2NYwPV4AaABAg","love4honesty","SO HAPPYY TO SEE A CHANGE.  AMEN!!! LOVE ALL AROUND THE WORLD. ALL NATION  OF PEOPLE... YAY💖💖💖💖💖💖💖","0","0","2020-06-08 16:31:39","true",""
"UgxumnUo8gkPjXcsfEJ4AaABAg","Edwin Cifuentes","2:42

Queen. It’s Queen.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:31:40","true",""
"UgyzB-tt3Hfp_GZsB3x4AaABAg","William H Music 2020","George Floyd held a gun to a pregnant womans stomach and was high on crystal meth when arrested.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:31:53","true",""
"UgzDZt5IbpQCKluVg2l4AaABAg","Bazinga","We need more live streaming from the u.s. instead of what the media wants to show us","0","0","2020-06-08 16:32:30","true",""
"UgyWS4JJOhh3m0Fld754AaABAg","1dopequeen","I'm not mad at this but I th9nk a couple of people could of just picked it up together and carried it to the river to then toss in lol","0","0","2020-06-08 16:32:33","true",""
"Ugzb9sc02YXX9DvYe_V4AaABAg","Tony John","MR D Trump and is puppet allies are a disgrace to humanity and the universe, the planet we live on is ours as a collective not the power's that be to control our mind's and  consciousness through the media whom the power's that be are the controllers of, period. History as we know it was percieved in there imagination, the biggest lie ever told, well karma is upon us all now, try and crawl out of the hell youve created on our planet, MR T, it's time for balance, slavery is not an option anymore, stop trying to create a race war to justify your AGENDAS , there is no minority anymore Mr Trump and Co your time as come as  leader  is diminishing you've had the time to correct the evil that your predecessors inflicted on our people  and the planet. Pay your DEBT to the universe.The collective peoples did not have a say in the past to to make proposals to secure  the welfare of our souls to guide the future generations, but you have chosen your path , you are not allowed to  encroach on people's minds without there consent or  permission through blatant negative and suppressive propaganda, filled with hatred,
 you are not prepared for  what is about to be unleashed from the Universe. 
LOVE is all we need","0","0","2020-06-08 16:33:29","true",""
"UgzlT4E-nfbjULLd6lN4AaABAg","love4honesty","Yall talking about a second wave, you know thats poison that was put on the people.. ACCORDING TO THE HOLY BIBLE SCRIPTURES.. REVELATION 13..","0","0","2020-06-08 16:33:37","true",""
"UgxwdnamwrHpRpREd5h4AaABAg","Ellie Horgan","She’s amazing, so proud of the U.K.","85","6","2020-06-08 16:33:39","true",""
"UgxwdnamwrHpRpREd5h4AaABAg.99e54Ol2_3699eEfbCwMTI","Hai Coai","N
Yes","0","","2020-06-08 17:57:30","false",""
"UgxwdnamwrHpRpREd5h4AaABAg.99e54Ol2_3699eIY2k4Qno","James Chauvet","Shes going down in the history books in one of the most definitive moments in whole history AT 18! Very proud of her","0","","2020-06-08 18:31:18","false",""
"UgxwdnamwrHpRpREd5h4AaABAg.99e54Ol2_3699eOgrpNfIX","T Mox","I miss living in the UK.","0","","2020-06-08 19:25:04","false",""
"UgxwdnamwrHpRpREd5h4AaABAg.99e54Ol2_3699eTMSyLEq_","Mors Mutual Insurance","This wasn't in the UK this happend in Brussels Belgium","0","","2020-06-08 20:05:50","false",""
"UgxwdnamwrHpRpREd5h4AaABAg.99e54Ol2_3699eaFZl_D_F","Kyomii","Mors Mutual Insurance why do you keep lying? I’m in UK and the Edward Colston statue in Bristol was definitely put in the river.","0","","2020-06-08 21:14:48","false",""
"UgxwdnamwrHpRpREd5h4AaABAg.99e54Ol2_3699eb-GWcSCH","frank1847","@Mors Mutual Insurance no it happened in Bristol in the UK. Pay attention.","0","","2020-06-08 21:21:18","false",""
"UgwBVIWbUO4pVds6i-Z4AaABAg","Muh Baykun","What a bunch of animals. This has to stop.","0","0","2020-06-08 16:33:45","true",""
"UgybQ-fIzsUsAEfGe1V4AaABAg","Mark Oliver","This is a ""NEVER BIDEN"" rally Joe is a Democrat he