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"Ugw8a8wGvCNl2aeODA54AaABAg","J. Muller","Remember, it was the Democrats that started slavery and the KKK and they're still using blacks they just don't know it.","11","22","2020-06-07 14:40:57","true",""
"Ugw8a8wGvCNl2aeODA54AaABAg.99bJO7vh-Sr99bJkcIwHUY","Chris Palmer","That was hundreds of years ago before any of us was born. Why don’t you start by pointing the finder at who is responsible at sustaining the ‘current’ state of the world? Trump and the Republicans would probably a good place to start. Only the moronic Trump supporters would be distracted by your moronic comment.","2","","2020-06-07 14:44:10","false",""
"Ugw8a8wGvCNl2aeODA54AaABAg.99bJO7vh-Sr99bL9F3J_1o","AmarNathan","Republicans support the militarization of police and surveillance on black people, putting more people in Prisons, private prisons, and no government healthcare. Now you tell me, who is against progress?","2","","2020-06-07 14:56:24","false",""
"Ugw8a8wGvCNl2aeODA54AaABAg.99bJO7vh-Sr99bLyY7P0sc","Franz Derpinand","They've gone from KKK to Obama. The Republican party went from Abraham Lincoln to Trump. Trump is a white supremacist. There was a switch. Stop using this age old argument which is so easy to debunk","2","","2020-06-07 15:03:32","false",""
"Ugw8a8wGvCNl2aeODA54AaABAg.99bJO7vh-Sr99bMp5KQPGF","Daniel Smith","So? Republicans are trying to bring fascism and slavery back right now complete with their own secret police. What is your point?","1","","2020-06-07 15:10:59","false",""
"Ugw8a8wGvCNl2aeODA54AaABAg.99bJO7vh-Sr99bNqC0fJcb","Claire Wright","@Franz Derpinand Really! Hadn't this supposed White Supremacist won more African American and Hispanic vote in the last election. You're half right, he is white!","0","","2020-06-07 15:19:53","false",""
"Ugw8a8wGvCNl2aeODA54AaABAg.99bJO7vh-Sr99bNskajq-j","Chris Palmer","Ghosts of the Mujahideen 🙄 hard to respond to anyone with an obviously skewed name and political agenda. Right now in the year 2020, they screwed up the handling of COVID, and they’re totally screwing up the handling of the protests.

Yes, I think I can blame them right now for reinforcing racism and stirring up the white nationalists.","0","","2020-06-07 15:20:14","false",""
"Ugw8a8wGvCNl2aeODA54AaABAg.99bJO7vh-Sr99bO-RTBgms","Claire Wright","@AmarNathan And Joe Biden backed a criminal bill in the 90's that incarcerated many African Americans.","0","","2020-06-07 15:21:16","false",""
"Ugw8a8wGvCNl2aeODA54AaABAg.99bJO7vh-Sr99bO60Hxmfr","David Renton","@Chris Palmer funny Chris Obama deported more Mexicans, Blacks did worse under him, he Droned Killed more people, bowed down to China and N Korea and Freedom of press declined under him. How's that fit your narrative, Trump the new Hitler, sorry what wars has he started, exactly. 

This is why Trump will Win, Why the Tories will again next time, people are fed up with the lies , the hate that is the Left. We are done with it, 8% of a population identities with WOKE politics, the Left is done m8,get used to it.","1","","2020-06-07 15:22:10","false",""
"Ugw8a8wGvCNl2aeODA54AaABAg.99bJO7vh-Sr99bO88rTaaX","AmarNathan","@UCVbBqeREneXmp5VqX_n7Bew No but Trump and republicans right now does not know how to reassure people and provide unity as  a nation. Trump only talks to his base, and conspiracy theories. How come he never gives messages to all Americans? HE is the president for god sakes.","0","","2020-06-07 15:22:28","false",""
"Ugw8a8wGvCNl2aeODA54AaABAg.99bJO7vh-Sr99bOEqYNEeN","David Renton","@Daniel Smith Biden telling Blacks how to think, somethings never change.","0","","2020-06-07 15:23:23","false",""
"Ugw8a8wGvCNl2aeODA54AaABAg.99bJO7vh-Sr99bOJp8Swqe","Claire Wright","@Chris Palmer Yet you think it's ok to target a statue of a guy who lived hundreds of years ago. Make your mind up, do you want to focus on the past or the present?  Be consistent in your approach.","0","","2020-06-07 15:24:03","false",""
"Ugw8a8wGvCNl2aeODA54AaABAg.99bJO7vh-Sr99bPHb2hP5k","David Renton","@AmarNathan you need to pay attention , people are leaving the left in droves in America. People that would off never voted GOP , are looking to vote Trump. The DNC have lost it,.they are not reasonable they are filled with hatred and despair. Trump will landslide.

People will say DNC=Chaos, Rioting,Looting, TRUMP= order, your family is safe. It is that Easy. If anything i'd say BLM are working for a Trump victory.","0","","2020-06-07 15:32:30","false",""
"Ugw8a8wGvCNl2aeODA54AaABAg.99bJO7vh-Sr99bQMuz0uNG","Claire Wright","@AmarNathan Russia collusion was a pretty wild conspiracy theory. Trump doesn't have sole ownership of that area.","0","","2020-06-07 15:41:57","false",""
"Ugw8a8wGvCNl2aeODA54AaABAg.99bJO7vh-Sr99bQkNJxA2k","germans1","@Chris Palmer what an idiot so this statue was hundreds of years ago","0","","2020-06-07 15:45:18","false",""
"Ugw8a8wGvCNl2aeODA54AaABAg.99bJO7vh-Sr99bR-lJk-CA","Franz Derpinand","@Claire Wright That's due to a multitude of reasons, that election saw two of the worst candidates in a long time. Undeniably, he appeals to white supremacists and essentially supports white supremacist rhetoric. Cant deny it","0","","2020-06-07 15:47:32","false",""
"Ugw8a8wGvCNl2aeODA54AaABAg.99bJO7vh-Sr99bRcqWC1tR","Claire Wright","@Franz Derpinand No more than the left appeals to Communists, both are extremes and both sides of the bad same coin, but they are not mainstream. He appeals to Americans of all races.","0","","2020-06-07 15:53:00","false",""
"Ugw8a8wGvCNl2aeODA54AaABAg.99bJO7vh-Sr99bSKTVHbRj","Franz Derpinand","@Claire Wright he appeals to all races that have the same conservative political views, but nothing more than that. He continually divides and blatantly reaches out to ultra right wing members of his party. Even the most leftist candidate, bernie, (who is not even that left wing Europe wise) appealed to younger people. He didn't go out of his way to seal the votes of communists and anarchists, and u can agree on that","0","","2020-06-07 15:59:06","false",""
"Ugw8a8wGvCNl2aeODA54AaABAg.99bJO7vh-Sr99bTEMX0CPb","The EdBaron","@Chris Palmer - That was hundreds of years ago before any of us was born. See any similarity ref this statue thing?","0","","2020-06-07 16:07:00","false",""
"Ugw8a8wGvCNl2aeODA54AaABAg.99bJO7vh-Sr99bTQC5zjJy","Claire Wright","@Franz Derpinand It seens that the media are doing the dividing at the moment by condoning violent protests, whilst there is a virus around and fuelling the hatred towards people on account of their skin colour, whatever that is.  They should adopt the MLK policy of content of character rather than colour of skin.","0","","2020-06-07 16:08:37","false",""
"Ugw8a8wGvCNl2aeODA54AaABAg.99bJO7vh-Sr99bTUoZbG6F","The EdBaron","@AmarNathan -  How come he never gives messages to all Americans? He does, you just choose to close your ears.","0","","2020-06-07 16:09:15","false",""
"Ugw8a8wGvCNl2aeODA54AaABAg.99bJO7vh-Sr99bXOOTf08Z","Franz Derpinand","@Claire Wright Trump and racists and the police are the ones dividing, not protesters. Dont you dare blame it on protesters. It suxks this had to happen during a pandemic, but it's also inhumane and disgusting to not act on this police lynching. 
They've done that and are continuing to do so. Racism doesnt judge people by the content of their character, only by their skin colour. This is why they're protesting.

Riots are started by people that haven't been heard and have been ignored","0","","2020-06-07 16:43:19","false",""
"Ugw8a8wGvCNl2aeODA54AaABAg.99bJO7vh-Sr99bYtoc-sf_","Claire Wright","@Franz Derpinand So peacefully protesting in Michigan about not working and having no money is wrong during a virus, but violently protesting, looting and damaging businesses is ok when the virus is still around. If the first group of people were wrong and were condemned on media then why is the other praised as being virtuous? Oh and these rioters murdered as well, among others, an African American in St Louis, doesn't his black life matter? Oh and he was a former police Sargent. 

Nobody disagees that it was a horrible attack and he did not have to die.  Whatever the cause, social distancing can't just get thrown out of the window. The virus doesn't care at all for any sort of cause.","0","","2020-06-07 16:56:29","false",""
"UgwCwbvQhPOuCNS7IUV4AaABAg","Pobotrol","Timber!","8","0","2020-06-07 14:41:49","true",""
"UgzsU9jqEwYDdaRVRWV4AaABAg","Mahavati","Feels like a really important moral statement. Many people just tut tut about BLM but are oblivious to just how much their lives are shaped by perpetrators of racial injustice past and present.","16","1","2020-06-07 14:44:44","true",""
"UgzsU9jqEwYDdaRVRWV4AaABAg.99bJolUDGyf99bLwKIAyN_","Enjoy YourDay","Mahavati its a fake struggle. The real one is v Elites. People are dumb.","12","","2020-06-07 15:03:14","false",""
"UgxirN9Rk_dv6kB_RcJ4AaABAg","SCWillz","This is nothing but sheer vandalism","12","6","2020-06-07 14:44:51","true",""
"UgxirN9Rk_dv6kB_RcJ4AaABAg.99bJpbqnOij99bKHRwO0QY","HMQ","Shhh twonk","4","","2020-06-07 14:48:47","false",""
"UgxirN9Rk_dv6kB_RcJ4AaABAg.99bJpbqnOij99bKMeU7sZv","chrishennessy","No it's not lol","2","","2020-06-07 14:49:29","false",""
"UgxirN9Rk_dv6kB_RcJ4AaABAg.99bJpbqnOij99bKZH93Zs_","Anonymous","your mom is  vandalism","0","","2020-06-07 14:51:13","false",""
"UgxirN9Rk_dv6kB_RcJ4AaABAg.99bJpbqnOij99bKZlc2GaA","Innocent Opara","Shut up here is where you see the racists coming out","0","","2020-06-07 14:51:17","false",""
"UgxirN9Rk_dv6kB_RcJ4AaABAg.99bJpbqnOij99bL7H0OYBs","Sonic 457","Stfu","0","","2020-06-07 14:56:08","false",""
"UgxirN9Rk_dv6kB_RcJ4AaABAg.99bJpbqnOij99bLhYDFUId","dazraf","No, this is the expected progression of revolution. Don't like revolutions? Well, they often happen because enough disgruntled people are not addressed. So start there. Ask yourself what *you* personally would do to de-escalate what is an inevitable revolution.","0","","2020-06-07 15:01:13","false",""
"UgzPYELajkJcjnN9THJ4AaABAg","Red 91","Can we rip down statues of Nelson Mandela as he was a terrorist who helped plant bombs, shot people and advocated necklacing people. Charming man. O and Karl Marx statues and genghis khan statues around the world ?","20","12","2020-06-07 14:45:24","true",""
"UgzPYELajkJcjnN9THJ4AaABAg.99bJtdlQln699bK8I8ZveY","Under Review","Don't worry! You can always glue it back with glue from king Leopold","2","","2020-06-07 14:47:32","false",""
"UgzPYELajkJcjnN9THJ4AaABAg.99bJtdlQln699bKSVUsWe8","Innocent Opara","Shut up man this was a slave owner","5","","2020-06-07 14:50:17","false",""
"UgzPYELajkJcjnN9THJ4AaABAg.99bJtdlQln699bKUZwbh4p","davidenko2468","@Under Review and you can buy that glue from anna nzinga who likes selling things to people","1","","2020-06-07 14:50:34","false",""
"UgzPYELajkJcjnN9THJ4AaABAg.99bJtdlQln699bKo1bRVA2","Anonymous","do you know QUEEN of England is a FAKE","2","","2020-06-07 14:53:22","false",""
"UgzPYELajkJcjnN9THJ4AaABAg.99bJtdlQln699bKzTp_hYj","oldhippy","@Innocent Opara It is part of this countries history.","0","","2020-06-07 14:54:56","false",""
"UgzPYELajkJcjnN9THJ4AaABAg.99bJtdlQln699bL9-T0vWE","Obladi Oblada","@Under Review 
Hahahahaha","0","","2020-06-07 14:56:22","false",""
"UgzPYELajkJcjnN9THJ4AaABAg.99bJtdlQln699bLKQ3lNrW","Innocent Opara","oldhippy doesn’t mean we should glorify it Germany don’t have nazi flags and hitler statues even though that’s part of their history","2","","2020-06-07 14:57:55","false",""
"UgzPYELajkJcjnN9THJ4AaABAg.99bJtdlQln699bMzIkxuIK","Koloviv48i","Madiba was never what you this ignorant organism think. Madiba was a freedom fighter hell bent to free his people from the boar settlers terrorist group from the Neverland (Holland) calling themselves afrikaans. Those terrorist and their terrorist regime was what Madiba, the south African people,  the African continent and good people all over the world eventually brought down after the untold barbarism they inflicted on the indigenous people in their own Land. LONG LIVE MADIBA, LONG LIVE MANDELA.  The slave trader Coulson statue MUST FALL.","0","","2020-06-07 15:12:23","false",""
"UgzPYELajkJcjnN9THJ4AaABAg.99bJtdlQln699bNoyuJX5z","dingle dooley","@Koloviv48i necklacing was putting a Tyre around someone's neck, filling it with diesel and setting it on fire.
Since the terrorists took over, the standard of living in SA has plummeted for everyone.","1","","2020-06-07 15:19:43","false",""
"UgzPYELajkJcjnN9THJ4AaABAg.99bJtdlQln699bOc2gBw38","Under Review","@davidenko2468 No...but seriously, check king Leopold out, nasty piece of work","0","","2020-06-07 15:26:41","false",""
"UgzPYELajkJcjnN9THJ4AaABAg.99bJtdlQln699bPeE_8_tI","Koloviv48i","At least they got their land back from the boars, they can go back to  reclaim land from the sea.","0","","2020-06-07 15:35:43","false",""
"UgzPYELajkJcjnN9THJ4AaABAg.99bJtdlQln699b_Ifkxr3z","Red 91","@Koloviv48i when the Boers showed up there wasn't anyone there. Go figure.","0","","2020-06-07 17:08:45","false",""
"Ugx7v_ROrEAKGA5TiYJ4AaABAg","William Forester","It's was shocking at first. When I gave it a good think I found it uplifting.","17","1","2020-06-07 14:48:16","true",""
"Ugx7v_ROrEAKGA5TiYJ4AaABAg.99bKDcIbBcE99bkgVnLM1y","Chucksta","Same here. I was like WTF!!! Then found out why they were doing it, and I wondered why it hadn't happened a long time ago!","2","","2020-06-07 18:48:16","false",""
"UgxE7Vex8HwB7q0ghg14AaABAg","Cole King","Bristol people are mad 😂😂😂","13","16","2020-06-07 14:48:43","true",""
"UgxE7Vex8HwB7q0ghg14AaABAg.99bKH0C5jm899bLq2J_kZn","Jon Mould","Brainwashed Uni students.","8","","2020-06-07 15:02:23","false",""
"UgxE7Vex8HwB7q0ghg14AaABAg.99bKH0C5jm899bMo6GGYxp","Dulce periculum","Nahh very happy now that racist statue has been pulled down.. 😊 No doubt though right wing bigots will be very triggered by this.","3","","2020-06-07 15:10:51","false",""
"UgxE7Vex8HwB7q0ghg14AaABAg.99bKH0C5jm899bNA_dIkbq","HyperVoxel","SceptTV slavery doesn’t exist dumbass","1","","2020-06-07 15:14:03","false",""
"UgxE7Vex8HwB7q0ghg14AaABAg.99bKH0C5jm899bNaO7WIaA","Cole King","@HyperVoxel Are you living under a rock? Slavery still exists in Asia and Africa","3","","2020-06-07 15:17:43","false",""
"UgxE7Vex8HwB7q0ghg14AaABAg.99bKH0C5jm899bNgGKsar4","Chibi Ninja Gaming","@Cole King Then protest over THERE","3","","2020-06-07 15:18:31","false",""
"UgxE7Vex8HwB7q0ghg14AaABAg.99bKH0C5jm899bNhNKfhOA","The Mighty Dash","@SceptTV Not anti slave enough to not buy an Iphones, electric car, or name brande clothes which ALL USE SLAVES AT SOME POINT IN THEIR PRODUCTION. Hypocrites","2","","2020-06-07 15:18:40","false",""
"UgxE7Vex8HwB7q0ghg14AaABAg.99bKH0C5jm899bNmiFtnvq","The Mighty Dash","@Cole King yeah, where their Iphones are build and where the minerals for their electric car batteries... Hypocrites.","1","","2020-06-07 15:19:24","false",""
"UgxE7Vex8HwB7q0ghg14AaABAg.99bKH0C5jm899bNuCr2Z-M","Dulce periculum","@HyperVoxel ⬅️ Exactly the kind of right wing idiot I'm talking about.","0","","2020-06-07 15:20:25","false",""
"UgxE7Vex8HwB7q0ghg14AaABAg.99bKH0C5jm899bO9MIzbRP","Cole King","@Chibi Ninja Gaming i don't want to get Coronavirus 🤪","1","","2020-06-07 15:22:38","false",""
"UgxE7Vex8HwB7q0ghg14AaABAg.99bKH0C5jm899bOD1vSIsF","Cole King","@The Mighty Dash What?","0","","2020-06-07 15:23:08","false",""
"UgxE7Vex8HwB7q0ghg14AaABAg.99bKH0C5jm899bOI3zzrMB","Cole King","@SceptTV 😂😂😂","0","","2020-06-07 15:23:49","false",""
"UgxE7Vex8HwB7q0ghg14AaABAg.99bKH0C5jm899bOz4-hb_R","HyperVoxel","Cole King not in the UK","0","","2020-06-07 15:29:50","false",""
"UgxE7Vex8HwB7q0ghg14AaABAg.99bKH0C5jm899bPgAKXo_S","Cole King","@HyperVoxel yes it does","0","","2020-06-07 15:35:59","false",""
"UgxE7Vex8HwB7q0ghg14AaABAg.99bKH0C5jm899bQ-CMhqJ9","HyperVoxel","Cole King internships don’t count","0","","2020-06-07 15:38:43","false",""
"UgxE7Vex8HwB7q0ghg14AaABAg.99bKH0C5jm899bQN2WDbr6","Cole King","@HyperVoxel im an idiot i don't know what that word means","0","","2020-06-07 15:41:58","false",""
"UgxE7Vex8HwB7q0ghg14AaABAg.99bKH0C5jm899bS0l8NU9J","HyperVoxel","@SceptTV nope it doesn't exist","0","","2020-06-07 15:56:24","false",""
"UgxQCiHLPeINY7F_9014AaABAg","chrishennessy","Brilliant work","19","5","2020-06-07 14:49:03","true",""
"UgxQCiHLPeINY7F_9014AaABAg.99bKJNA5YFh99bLFlqtGi0","Steve Whitecliffs","Until it is your house burning!","6","","2020-06-07 14:57:17","false",""
"UgxQCiHLPeINY7F_9014AaABAg.99bKJNA5YFh99bLW1GBzs5","chrishennessy","@Steve Whitecliffs why would my house burn 😂","6","","2020-06-07 14:59:31","false",""
"UgxQCiHLPeINY7F_9014AaABAg.99bKJNA5YFh99bNCENmPlQ","bhonor12","@chrishennessy these people are crazy and delusional ignore there non sense.","0","","2020-06-07 15:14:17","false",""
"UgxQCiHLPeINY7F_9014AaABAg.99bKJNA5YFh99bNjt12lc7","Steve Whitecliffs","@chrishennessy Because you think you have a future backing this..On your knees you pathetic tool.","2","","2020-06-07 15:19:01","false",""
"UgxQCiHLPeINY7F_9014AaABAg.99bKJNA5YFh99bZHWeLBg5","The EdBaron","@chrishennessy - But you're a Lefty. So your views are opposed to mine, therefore I'm entitled to tear down your property, can you see the dangers of that slope yet? Looks slippery.","1","","2020-06-07 16:59:52","false",""
"Ugyfvwxo9lBkYYGxEMV4AaABAg","Hydesy","You'll now be arrested for criminal damage! People don't learn.","5","3","2020-06-07 14:49:27","true",""
"Ugyfvwxo9lBkYYGxEMV4AaABAg.99bKMJIokCm99bL3Ahnxuw","Steve Whitecliffs","But they are not are they?","0","","2020-06-07 14:55:34","false",""
"Ugyfvwxo9lBkYYGxEMV4AaABAg.99bKMJIokCm99bL6H1AP8j","Dbbd Bdbdbd","No one will cuz they don’t know who was pulling the rope","1","","2020-06-07 14:56:00","false",""
"Ugyfvwxo9lBkYYGxEMV4AaABAg.99bKMJIokCm99bLcFk2_XK","The Frosty Brothers","Dont type colonizer, your ancestors didn't learn to stop enslavement therefore we fight back","1","","2020-06-07 15:00:30","false",""
"UgyCW4OXdWBBgNKEV1x4AaABAg","Anonymous","Good job","4","0","2020-06-07 14:49:48","true",""
"UgyCtVzphl6Nw3-bqKZ4AaABAg","MR .TEA.","Not going to defend Edward coulston slave trade tear down statues no better isis trying erase history should been an education plaque .mob rule.also vandelised churchill man that helped stop nazis on dday of all days.","6","12","2020-06-07 14:50:19","true",""
"UgyCtVzphl6Nw3-bqKZ4AaABAg.99bKSfkGB4U99bLfNj-vAg","Hannah-Theresia","Nah I don’t think so. Everything in Bristol is named after Colston it’s quite sick. We know the history there is a permanent exhibit about the slave trade in the Bristol museum. There are books and books about it. All this served as was a way of honouring a horrible man.","1","","2020-06-07 15:00:55","false",""
"UgyCtVzphl6Nw3-bqKZ4AaABAg.99bKSfkGB4U99bM75BBuwX","Enjoy YourDay","There intent may be wholesome but you cant be a law onto yourselves. Cops are weak.","0","","2020-06-07 15:04:51","false",""
"UgyCtVzphl6Nw3-bqKZ4AaABAg.99bKSfkGB4U99bMQPlxkOh","Hannah-Theresia","Enjoy YourDay I’m not sure what you were trying to say, however I for one am extremely glad it has been torn down. I’ve signed so many petitions and none of them got listened to. We tried to do it the right way.","0","","2020-06-07 15:07:29","false",""
"UgyCtVzphl6Nw3-bqKZ4AaABAg.99bKSfkGB4U99bMnyLhzvL","Franz Derpinand","It's honouring a slave trader, he doesnt deserve to be honoured. Churchill was a racist scumbag, anti working class and killed millions in India. He was voted out straight after the war by a landslide. Spray painting on the cenotaph is not acceptable, however anyone with a slight knowledge of history knows Churchill was an evil man. Right side of the war, but so was stalin","1","","2020-06-07 15:10:50","false",""
"UgyCtVzphl6Nw3-bqKZ4AaABAg.99bKSfkGB4U99bN0gmtMPr","Enjoy YourDay","Franz Derpinand every leader can be accused of exactly the same thing... what right do you have to judge?","0","","2020-06-07 15:12:42","false",""
"UgyCtVzphl6Nw3-bqKZ4AaABAg.99bKSfkGB4U99bOOcND2wt","Hannah-Theresia","Enjoy YourDay we are moving forward to a free thinking society. Maybe we should think carefully about who we praise as our prophets","0","","2020-06-07 15:24:43","false",""
"UgyCtVzphl6Nw3-bqKZ4AaABAg.99bKSfkGB4U99bPX7g4M4R","Enjoy YourDay","Hannah-Theresia depends how far you are willing to go... there is the Colston school, Colston Hall, are you on to it? Seems like the cops are letting you do what you want..","0","","2020-06-07 15:34:37","false",""
"UgyCtVzphl6Nw3-bqKZ4AaABAg.99bKSfkGB4U99bPtKypK77","Hannah-Theresia","Enjoy YourDay yes I have joined campaigns to rename them both. Colston Hall is actually in the process of changing their names. Colston Girls school has a really large black student body, every time I see a black girl wearing a uniform with Colston scribbled across their blazer it makes me feel deeply uncomfortable and sick.","0","","2020-06-07 15:37:47","false",""
"UgyCtVzphl6Nw3-bqKZ4AaABAg.99bKSfkGB4U99bTE5jmFQC","MR .TEA.","Let's tear down Roman statues list goes on .distmantle warwick castle various landmarks built on slavery.isis eradicating history deemed offensive we condoning now .","0","","2020-06-07 16:06:58","false",""
"UgyCtVzphl6Nw3-bqKZ4AaABAg.99bKSfkGB4U99bVe7PDuMc","MR .TEA.","@Hannah-Theresiadifferent time generation experienced racism being bought up in mixed race family. Go to jamaica lot countries involved  slave trade they preserve it for future generation to be educated .want to change names of schools etc has to be a consensus I get it . try erase monuments of the past is cultural vandalism different generation and time .seen war memorials german uniforms going tear them down vice versa.","0","","2020-06-07 16:28:08","false",""
"UgyCtVzphl6Nw3-bqKZ4AaABAg.99bKSfkGB4U99btDj80BzK","Enjoy YourDay","Hannah-Theresia OK, Its a positive step.","0","","2020-06-07 20:02:51","false",""
"UgyCtVzphl6Nw3-bqKZ4AaABAg.99bKSfkGB4U99bxRYGMAOg","MR .TEA.",",perhaps you are right it is a positive step.came across clip last American imported slave from Africa a woman interviewed 1936 was an uncomfortable read .","0","","2020-06-07 20:39:41","false",""
"UgyoX8AgzyTIXOdGP1t4AaABAg","Brian W","Why was it still up anyway? surely it should have been pulled down in 1976.","32","9","2020-06-07 14:50:23","true",""
"UgyoX8AgzyTIXOdGP1t4AaABAg.99bKTA5JHup99bLqylKqBL","B 888","Mark Webb On the back of owning , torturing and killing millions of slaves. Glad the statue is down and hope he burns in HELL!","13","","2020-06-07 15:02:30","false",""
"UgyoX8AgzyTIXOdGP1t4AaABAg.99bKTA5JHup99bMQZEDOaC","Joe Fineman","B 888 The statue should have been removed a long time ago but stop being so childish. This was a different time period wherein people were nowhere near as progressive or psychologically advanced as you are, slave trade was the norm. Have some perspective.","4","","2020-06-07 15:07:30","false",""
"UgyoX8AgzyTIXOdGP1t4AaABAg.99bKTA5JHup99bMWwDZinY","Toby Cooper","@Mark Webb he was a slave trader u dummy","1","","2020-06-07 15:08:22","false",""
"UgyoX8AgzyTIXOdGP1t4AaABAg.99bKTA5JHup99bM_dpjWhw","sean 123","@Mark Webb just like hitler and mussolini","1","","2020-06-07 15:08:53","false",""
"UgyoX8AgzyTIXOdGP1t4AaABAg.99bKTA5JHup99bN0otvvFE","John Doe","@Mark Webb BS","1","","2020-06-07 15:12:44","false",""
"UgyoX8AgzyTIXOdGP1t4AaABAg.99bKTA5JHup99bNsmoij2W","mike heads","@B 888 It was accepted back then, you can't really blame them for doing something that was accepted.","1","","2020-06-07 15:20:14","false",""
"UgyoX8AgzyTIXOdGP1t4AaABAg.99bKTA5JHup99bNtxtGV8W","The Mighty Dash","@B 888 WHAT HE DID WAS 100% LEGAL BACK THEN. You cant judge the past on the values of the present. DONT ERASE HISTORY.","1","","2020-06-07 15:20:23","false",""
"UgyoX8AgzyTIXOdGP1t4AaABAg.99bKTA5JHup99bOQRoIpcn","Starforce 100","mike heads yes you can. People knew slavery was wrong that's why slaves were dehumanised. It's served the wheels of capitalism so businesses enjoyed free labour until it was reprehensible to the wider public.","0","","2020-06-07 15:24:58","false",""
"UgyoX8AgzyTIXOdGP1t4AaABAg.99bKTA5JHup99bOWtzzjtq","Brian W","@Mark Webb I can accept that he was a man of his times and that there was a time when a statue of him would be correct but those times are past. There is no room for statues of slavers today. It sends a false message to the simple who use their confusion to do atrocious things","1","","2020-06-07 15:25:51","false",""
"UgzITJeQqz5aqW2lXSV4AaABAg","Steve Whitecliffs","Can we tear down the child grooming temples now? ...Will that be ok??","45","5","2020-06-07 14:50:58","true",""
"UgzITJeQqz5aqW2lXSV4AaABAg.99bKXSvOPaN99bKd3EzXZw","Duane Cox","Start with the royal palace","16","","2020-06-07 14:51:52","false",""
"UgzITJeQqz5aqW2lXSV4AaABAg.99bKXSvOPaN99bM8QQnjb2","Marko","Excellent answer 👍","4","","2020-06-07 15:05:01","false",""
"UgzITJeQqz5aqW2lXSV4AaABAg.99bKXSvOPaN99bP9Jkbb8N","Sumaya Akter","Let's start with the Buckingham Palace of course","0","","2020-06-07 15:31:22","false",""
"UgzITJeQqz5aqW2lXSV4AaABAg.99bKXSvOPaN99bPUX5UVHM","Tdr94 19","Nope coz they are not for white people. Remember it’s only bad if it relates to white peoples","4","","2020-06-07 15:34:15","false",""
"UgzITJeQqz5aqW2lXSV4AaABAg.99bKXSvOPaN99bPhtukokR","Abrasive Monkey","I'm pretty sure I know what you're talking about, but please can you be a bit more specific?","0","","2020-06-07 15:36:13","false",""
"Ugx0aBbydAA1_NkAeFF4AaABAg","Harley Hynes","Disgusting morons","0","0","2020-06-07 14:51:46","true",""
"UgyGhfXyWs_fYr6EqlB4AaABAg","Martin Lewis","Wow this is exciting","11","2","2020-06-07 14:52:15","true",""
"UgyGhfXyWs_fYr6EqlB4AaABAg.99bKfoLH4WY99bL9rjC3Wx","Steve Whitecliffs","What watching your country fall?","5","","2020-06-07 14:56:29","false",""
"UgyGhfXyWs_fYr6EqlB4AaABAg.99bKfoLH4WY99bVpQoTGhv","Nanny nobnobs","All I can say is that you have had very little happen in your sad life if you find this exciting.","1","","2020-06-07 16:29:41","false",""
"UgzW38Pa7PSAkTXBQ6p4AaABAg","LV Legendary vids","I hope you all go to PRISON with Covid19, you bunch of cnuts.
😥😥😥😥😥😥😥","0","0","2020-06-07 14:52:18","true",""
"Ugw4yeZ4KXwpDu5jtJ54AaABAg","Profonic Studios","✊🏾","17","4","2020-06-07 14:52:19","true",""
"Ugw4yeZ4KXwpDu5jtJ54AaABAg.99bKgGw4h1-99bN-7v6DdT","DVTX Media","Idiots the lot of you destroy what we built because you only destroy never build you wouldn't survive without us","10","","2020-06-07 15:12:30","false",""
"Ugw4yeZ4KXwpDu5jtJ54AaABAg.99bKgGw4h1-99bNJUd7W2v","JGW 97","🙊","7","","2020-06-07 15:15:16","false",""
"Ugw4yeZ4KXwpDu5jtJ54AaABAg.99bKgGw4h1-99bOLHT9sh7","Profonic Studios","DVTX Media I think you’re the one sounding like an idiot! Get educated! ✊🏾😂😂","1","","2020-06-07 15:24:15","false",""
"Ugw4yeZ4KXwpDu5jtJ54AaABAg.99bKgGw4h1-99bOQ5ke0QC","Nerift","@DVTX Media English(language) has failed you lol plenty civilizations have survived without white people don't be so haughty as to think we cannot live without you lol","2","","2020-06-07 15:24:55","false",""
"Ugyw5JiQl7WESE8p7Rh4AaABAg","Enjoy YourDay","Criminal Damage where are the cops","7","7","2020-06-07 14:57:50","true",""
"Ugyw5JiQl7WESE8p7Rh4AaABAg.99bLJhNDBz499bLZ0Dh5sR","nazz0007","F - U","1","","2020-06-07 14:59:55","false",""
"Ugyw5JiQl7WESE8p7Rh4AaABAg.99bLJhNDBz499bLr9ShknC","Enjoy YourDay","Tanks and water canon please. Down with these communists.","0","","2020-06-07 15:02:32","false",""
"Ugyw5JiQl7WESE8p7Rh4AaABAg.99bLJhNDBz499bM8TwXKpA","Blueband 8","My sentiments where are police why are they tolerating criminal damage. They better rearect it.","1","","2020-06-07 15:05:02","false",""
"Ugyw5JiQl7WESE8p7Rh4AaABAg.99bLJhNDBz499bMADiW_yJ","Keith D","Agree,  the police should lock up these vandals,  this totally unacceptable.","1","","2020-06-07 15:05:16","false",""
"Ugyw5JiQl7WESE8p7Rh4AaABAg.99bLJhNDBz499bPpIn_NTI","nazz0007","@Blueband 8 police need chucking in the river next after the statue went in","1","","2020-06-07 15:37:14","false",""
"Ugyw5JiQl7WESE8p7Rh4AaABAg.99bLJhNDBz499bPt76VHWX","nazz0007","@Keith D police are scared, we have control now.","1","","2020-06-07 15:37:45","false",""
"Ugyw5JiQl7WESE8p7Rh4AaABAg.99bLJhNDBz499bRsSB4zvR","Enjoy YourDay","@nazz0007 you have no clue. it will take a lot more than that","0","","2020-06-07 15:55:08","false",""
"UgzUo8MudWSCyWxSPPN4AaABAg","Enoch's Ghost","WTF was the police doing? Do these unwashed scumbags now have licence to just start destroying anything they don't like without fear of arrest?","4","2","2020-06-07 14:57:58","true",""
"UgzUo8MudWSCyWxSPPN4AaABAg.99bLKl_d9QO99bQAoOS1RZ","Jenny Oke","nothing compared to the destruction the british did to africa","0","","2020-06-07 15:40:18","false",""
"UgzUo8MudWSCyWxSPPN4AaABAg.99bLKl_d9QO99bSSTAWvwf","Enoch's Ghost","@Jenny Oke There's not a single person there who was even alive during the colonial period. They're just a bunch of virtue signalling morons. I look forward to watching these idiots dropping like flies in the second wave of COVID 19.","0","","2020-06-07 16:00:11","false",""
"UgzdI2P_o63YReuvjXl4AaABAg","Rajesh A","First sight Saddam Hussain statue ! ...Good Job","1","0","2020-06-07 14:58:35","true",""
"Ugwh6U9AnY6aptz_kxt4AaABAg","Felix R","This is pretty sad.","8","0","2020-06-07 14:58:49","true",""
"UgzblonkQhYf5oxOIKh4AaABAg","the ice phoenix","the attempt   to erase history   in full swing   a statue of a  slave trader   yet  even to day   people  are being  used as slaves  so are they  kicking of on that   no    its   vandlisum    tipping on terrorisum","63","19","2020-06-07 14:59:03","true",""
"UgzblonkQhYf5oxOIKh4AaABAg.99bLSauYDDq99bM8nnpiM-","Josh J","Exactly so true. These people are deluded.","6","","2020-06-07 15:05:05","false",""
"UgzblonkQhYf5oxOIKh4AaABAg.99bLSauYDDq99bMvg-UP1L","D B","You didn’t spell either one of those words correctly btw","10","","2020-06-07 15:11:53","false",""
"UgzblonkQhYf5oxOIKh4AaABAg.99bLSauYDDq99bNNdo34pX","いきすちそ",".. the grammar- I-","4","","2020-06-07 15:15:51","false",""
"UgzblonkQhYf5oxOIKh4AaABAg.99bLSauYDDq99bNWAuf7c9","The Mighty Dash","It's ok to use slaves to build their Iphones and mione the materials for their electric cars though, right. They're dumbasses.","6","","2020-06-07 15:17:00","false",""
"UgzblonkQhYf5oxOIKh4AaABAg.99bLSauYDDq99bNYBZl1E_","Manny Singh","hardly","0","","2020-06-07 15:17:17","false",""
"UgzblonkQhYf5oxOIKh4AaABAg.99bLSauYDDq99bP0N5ptgA","Tdr94 19","What about all the African countries where slavery is still accepted and legal today. Why they not protesting about that?","2","","2020-06-07 15:30:08","false",""
"UgzblonkQhYf5oxOIKh4AaABAg.99bLSauYDDq99bP2J39_u4","Tdr94 19","The Mighty Dash this is so true!","0","","2020-06-07 15:30:24","false",""
"UgzblonkQhYf5oxOIKh4AaABAg.99bLSauYDDq99bS99986b8","Josh J","@D B don't focus on the grammar you're missing the bigger point of what he's saying.","0","","2020-06-07 15:57:33","false",""
"UgzblonkQhYf5oxOIKh4AaABAg.99bLSauYDDq99bSfSLi0u4","TheEndIsHere FinalWarning","Of  course people are trying to eradicate modern slavery. You are a complete idiot!","1","","2020-06-07 16:02:06","false",""
"UgzblonkQhYf5oxOIKh4AaABAg.99bLSauYDDq99bT1jaD4IK","Salma Abdullah","Are you new to the idea of a museum? Loool when did a glorified statue become the only history","0","","2020-06-07 16:05:17","false",""
"UgzblonkQhYf5oxOIKh4AaABAg.99bLSauYDDq99bTGZRAczr","Salma Abdullah","@Tdr94 19 are their statues of these people. Funny how your interested when people make change in UK are your african? Meanwhile US brought Libya a fully functioning country back by how many years","0","","2020-06-07 16:07:18","false",""
"UgzblonkQhYf5oxOIKh4AaABAg.99bLSauYDDq99bUhBEeHce","D B","Josh ua the point is people are angry And are lashing out which is a normal human emotion and from what I  saw happen to that black man for good reason","1","","2020-06-07 16:19:49","false",""
"UgzblonkQhYf5oxOIKh4AaABAg.99bLSauYDDq99bV07cxbJS","Tdr94 19","Salma Abdullah also I wouldn’t call Libya a full functioning country more like a dictatorship! Anyway that was USA so why you bringing that up? I’m talking about the UK","0","","2020-06-07 16:22:32","false",""
"UgzblonkQhYf5oxOIKh4AaABAg.99bLSauYDDq99bVQd6nP3_","Tdr94 19","Salma Abdullah also instead of pulling down a 300 year old statue why are they not protesting about slavery that still exists to this day in many African countries?","0","","2020-06-07 16:26:09","false",""
"UgzblonkQhYf5oxOIKh4AaABAg.99bLSauYDDq99bWs0am2Gp","Josh J","@Salma Abdullah apparently they held a democratic vote and a majority of people wanted it to stay. The mob does not rule and people won't be supportive of BLM and its aims if this is how it goes about its business.","0","","2020-06-07 16:38:46","false",""
"UgzblonkQhYf5oxOIKh4AaABAg.99bLSauYDDq99bYHpVMzE3","Josh J","@D B it didn't happen in this country and he wasn't a Saint. He lived by the sword and died by it. He was previously in jail for putting a gun to a pregnant black woman whilst his mates robbed her house. The cop used excessive force and ultimately is responsible for his death but most people rioting, looting and using violence have a completely different agenda. They're part of the radical left and we know how they act and think.","2","","2020-06-07 16:51:10","false",""
"UgzblonkQhYf5oxOIKh4AaABAg.99bLSauYDDq99bdOaT4gmC","D B","Josh ua oh sorry I’m abit confused did he have a gun in the situation he was killed in ?","0","","2020-06-07 17:44:31","false",""
"UgzblonkQhYf5oxOIKh4AaABAg.99bLSauYDDq99be4khcBq4","Josh J","@D B did you read what I said","0","","2020-06-07 17:50:33","false",""
"UgzblonkQhYf5oxOIKh4AaABAg.99bLSauYDDq99bpZy5X1Cd","D B","Josh ua I  saw exactly what you said but you’re not trying to answer for some reason","0","","2020-06-07 19:30:56","false",""
"Ugx13U36zkUiuSYWSgx4AaABAg","lisabolo26","Thank you, My Friends!  WE LOVE YOU from the U.S.","4","0","2020-06-07 14:59:13","true",""
"UgyYymNMQqWLcBqMm4p4AaABAg","Choice Murray","Born in Bristol  i was shocked, but it was also very funny/and liberating.
Being a child of the wind rush generation i have experienced so much racism. Being attacked, things thrown at you from moving cars, then the very subtle racism that  you can smell, but it not  obvious. Usally they are the more intelligent racist.
Bristol has a long way to go, education wise, employment wise, medically, along way to go. Avon and Somerset Police wow my brothers have experienced some things and have never been criminals. Everytime you leave your house you feel the racism even now June7th 2020. 🌍🙏🏽💔. Our world is so broken and needs fixing.  But only those holding back the  ""So called minority"" can bring change. 🌍🙏🏽🌍","8","10","2020-06-07 14:59:36","true",""
"UgyYymNMQqWLcBqMm4p4AaABAg.99bLWfiFqs-99bMCKDCRB1","Geralt of Rivia","Somebody threw a broccoli at me once. Wasn't race related.","0","","2020-06-07 15:05:33","false",""
"UgyYymNMQqWLcBqMm4p4AaABAg.99bLWfiFqs-99bMHHjyfze","Josh J","Nah I don't agree with your thinking. This radical left ideology has very little to do with race.","5","","2020-06-07 15:06:14","false",""
"UgyYymNMQqWLcBqMm4p4AaABAg.99bLWfiFqs-99bNVxwD99m","David Renton","no you haven't with the BS no one believes you , stop blaming everyone else, your useless deal with it, your failings are your failings not ours.","1","","2020-06-07 15:16:59","false",""
"UgyYymNMQqWLcBqMm4p4AaABAg.99bLWfiFqs-99bPQSBBaQP","Gavin Curtis","Also born and raised in Bristol...l won't mourn the removal of Colston's statue but to remove it through the act of vandalism cannot be condoned...if we are now erasing from history people with a more than dubious past do you agree that the Malcolm X community centre should be renamed?","0","","2020-06-07 15:33:42","false",""
"UgyYymNMQqWLcBqMm4p4AaABAg.99bLWfiFqs-99bRoYkQWCr","Josh J","@Gavin Curtis so true that","0","","2020-06-07 15:54:36","false",""
"UgyYymNMQqWLcBqMm4p4AaABAg.99bLWfiFqs-99bRxOzpYyI","Josh J","@SceptTV see that the problem. Why put words into my mouth?","0","","2020-06-07 15:55:49","false",""
"UgyYymNMQqWLcBqMm4p4AaABAg.99bLWfiFqs-99bX7Khd6_X","Josh J","@Eden Audio they want to be victims mate, take that away from them and they're suddenly individuals who have to think for themselves.","1","","2020-06-07 16:41:00","false",""
"UgyYymNMQqWLcBqMm4p4AaABAg.99bLWfiFqs-99bXF4QM4se","Choice Murray","I can see as per usual the marjority of people responding just do not understand. Thats exactly why we are in this position. Being Black and being white ir not anything a like. I have 2 white irish friends whobparents went thru hell when they first arrived in England. But like they said as long as you did not open your  mouth there were no prejudices.
Being far is not the same as being BLACK, unless you have a particular illnesd you do not have to be overweight its  CHOICE. We are born   malw female black white, mixed or  somewhere in between. Thats not a choice, having bricks thrown at you from racist football supporters is not like having a brocoli thrown at you. I did not know broccoli could  give you injuries😂.","0","","2020-06-07 16:42:03","false",""
"UgyYymNMQqWLcBqMm4p4AaABAg.99bLWfiFqs-99bXmlZYgsF","Josh J","@Choice Murray maybe you don't understand","0","","2020-06-07 16:46:47","false",""
"UgyYymNMQqWLcBqMm4p4AaABAg.99bLWfiFqs-99bZaISAW6o","Choice Murray","I pray one day rhe ignorant will  wake up. I can see some people do want to admit the truth, when you a chased thru the streets if Bristol bybehite thugs with knifes and theybare grown men and you are a child, when your brother is arrested for stealing your father's car on your own drive and  yiur brothers gets veaten black and blue, when your cousin gets almost mudered by thugs just for going to the fair, when yiu watch your Mum every Saturday for 20 years  being threatened that they are going rape you and your mum and susters while your father is at work, the list can go on.
I grow up in Bishopston and have experienced alot. But you folks will never want exceot the truth. If i have any physiological isdues whitecpeoole have created them. But i guess some people need educationg on RACISM,  but some will never want to learn and except the truth for what it is.
I will not waste my time with disputing  FACTS with  people  have very little understanding.
It was only a statue of Colston as he has died,  and yes i do not agree with vandalsim but murder of innocent people  lifes means nothing to some folks as long as they are Black.
All human beings life should be valued not just privalaged WHITE FOLKS.
"UgznPzJXW0CACwJuC-h4AaABAg","Raymond Nickolds","Scummy little junkies","10","4","2020-06-07 15:00:24","true",""
"UgznPzJXW0CACwJuC-h4AaABAg.99bLbUeKq7B99bNSvx_KEu","Sparkle O'Whore","No, he was a slave trader. Get your facts straight love.","2","","2020-06-07 15:16:34","false",""
"UgznPzJXW0CACwJuC-h4AaABAg.99bLbUeKq7B99dSHQQaHHk","Monty Cantsin","I think that just about sums up the people who want to try and defend the statue and are against it being taken down.","1","","2020-06-08 10:37:10","false",""
"UgznPzJXW0CACwJuC-h4AaABAg.99bLbUeKq7B99dl7v7MGt3","Raymond Nickolds","Monty Cantsin what does ?","0","","2020-06-08 13:30:38","false",""
"UgznPzJXW0CACwJuC-h4AaABAg.99bLbUeKq7B99dn5wH8jSS","Monty Cantsin","@Raymond Nickolds: Your initial comment.","0","","2020-06-08 13:47:50","false",""
"Ugy8uKN1Wo_H_j6h0iR4AaABAg","Ray Britton","How ‘surprising’ that the title referring to one of Bristol’s most famous and popular MPs who had areas, roads and buildings named after him, and a man who gave loads and loads of money to charity, as well as supporting the poor is described as a ‘slave trader’.","8","20","2020-06-07 15:00:29","true",""
"Ugy8uKN1Wo_H_j6h0iR4AaABAg.99bLc7Sup4w99bM-T2XLKa","B 888","The money came from owning slaves. Millions of innocent people tortured, killed, raped due to this man and many others. Absolutely disgusting and he needs to burn in hell.","1","","2020-06-07 15:03:48","false",""
"Ugy8uKN1Wo_H_j6h0iR4AaABAg.99bLc7Sup4w99bMy-7Ymk5","Pomegranate Molasses","@B 888 the pyramids were built by slaves, do you suggest we take down every statue of ramses?","0","","2020-06-07 15:12:12","false",""
"Ugy8uKN1Wo_H_j6h0iR4AaABAg.99bLc7Sup4w99bN0nyv98N","dingle dooley","@B 888 you are complicit in slavery with every aspect of your modern life","0","","2020-06-07 15:12:43","false",""
"Ugy8uKN1Wo_H_j6h0iR4AaABAg.99bLc7Sup4w99bN4HpUv2_","Pomegranate Molasses","@B 888 I do agree it perhaps shouldn't be in a public square, but these statues at least belong in a museum. The day we start tearing down history because we don't agree with it is the day we become blind and ignorant","0","","2020-06-07 15:13:12","false",""
"Ugy8uKN1Wo_H_j6h0iR4AaABAg.99bLc7Sup4w99bNXdS4jmJ","friend","The man was a slaver, that's the long and short of it. Doesn't matter the good things he did, they're eclipsed by his racism. There isn't any need for statues immortalising him in 2020. Really weeds out those more outraged at the tearing down of a racist man's statue than the ongoing injustice to PoC.","0","","2020-06-07 15:17:12","false",""
"Ugy8uKN1Wo_H_j6h0iR4AaABAg.99bLc7Sup4w99bNvybzq4h","Pomegranate Molasses","@friend I don't appreciate the desecration of history","0","","2020-06-07 15:20:40","false",""
"Ugy8uKN1Wo_H_j6h0iR4AaABAg.99bLc7Sup4w99bO0WZgv-g","Grimnir","@friend So then by your logic it's time to dismantle islam, a religion built upon slavery.","4","","2020-06-07 15:21:25","false",""
"Ugy8uKN1Wo_H_j6h0iR4AaABAg.99bLc7Sup4w99bOU3ffpkj","Ray Britton","B 888 
I don’t know you, but is it safe to assume that you feel the same about the Africans who sold or bartered people from their own communities when they also made money from slavery?

You will nite that those Africans made all their money from slavery.","2","","2020-06-07 15:25:27","false",""
"Ugy8uKN1Wo_H_j6h0iR4AaABAg.99bLc7Sup4w99bP-Bna2Ho","friend","@Pomegranate Molasses so you also disagree with the removal of the swastika at Zeppelinfield in Nurnberg? Just because its history doesn't mean it has a place in the modern world 🙂","0","","2020-06-07 15:29:59","false",""
"Ugy8uKN1Wo_H_j6h0iR4AaABAg.99bLc7Sup4w99bP0Osqvgx","Claire Wright","Doesn't anyone believe in redemption?  John Newton was a slave trader who became a Christian, renounced his past life. He wrote the world famous hymn Amazing Grace. He later became a mentor of William Wilberforce who became a politician and after years of struggle, got a bill passed making slavery illegal in the UK.","1","","2020-06-07 15:30:09","false",""
"Ugy8uKN1Wo_H_j6h0iR4AaABAg.99bLc7Sup4w99bPL2HbLMI","Pomegranate Molasses","@friend I think at the very least it should be put in a museum and used as a tool to learn from.","0","","2020-06-07 15:32:58","false",""
"Ugy8uKN1Wo_H_j6h0iR4AaABAg.99bLc7Sup4w99bPOrDVW-k","Pomegranate Molasses","@friend it all has a place within the modern world. You cannot kill ideas you don't agree with","0","","2020-06-07 15:33:29","false",""
"Ugy8uKN1Wo_H_j6h0iR4AaABAg.99bLc7Sup4w99bPSmXLraF","friend","@Grimnir I don't understand your logic - religion is very different as it continues to benefit people and their society. What good was the statue doing for the benefit of the city?","0","","2020-06-07 15:34:01","false",""
"Ugy8uKN1Wo_H_j6h0iR4AaABAg.99bLc7Sup4w99bPTTl1v8g","Grimnir","@Claire Wright You're arguing with race extremists, they literally want nothing but to topple the west because of the past.","1","","2020-06-07 15:34:07","false",""
"Ugy8uKN1Wo_H_j6h0iR4AaABAg.99bLc7Sup4w99bQEU6yG6d","Grimnir","@friend So it's okay when brown people enslave people, because their religion told them too, but if a man uses is ill gotten gains to enrich and uplift his own people he's evil and deserves to be struck from history.

The statue stood as a reminder that prosparity and charity can come from even the most ill-gotten gains and we should be thankful of what we get, and remember the price.

Now that lesson is gone, and instead a valuable lesson is decreed heresy because brown people feel bad today for something that happened hundreds of years ago.","1","","2020-06-07 15:40:48","false",""
"Ugy8uKN1Wo_H_j6h0iR4AaABAg.99bLc7Sup4w99bQIgzN8ud","Pomegranate Molasses","@friend do you not think history benefits people?","0","","2020-06-07 15:41:23","false",""
"Ugy8uKN1Wo_H_j6h0iR4AaABAg.99bLc7Sup4w99bQLlsArfZ","Grimnir","@Pomegranate Molasses Considering he's probably a Socialist, History is clearly his enemy.","1","","2020-06-07 15:41:48","false",""
"Ugy8uKN1Wo_H_j6h0iR4AaABAg.99bLc7Sup4w99bVHantgle","Nanny nobnobs","@friend so it doesn't matter the good things Floyd did if he once held a gun on a pregnant female.make sure the cause you're fighting for deserves it.","0","","2020-06-07 16:24:55","false",""
"Ugy8uKN1Wo_H_j6h0iR4AaABAg.99bLc7Sup4w99bW5_o-3QU","friend","@Pomegranate Molasses Whilst history shouldn’t be forgotten, these people who benefited from the enslavement of individuals do not deserve the honour of a statue. This should be reserved for those who bring about positive change and who fight for peace, equality and social unity. History has its place to remind us of the brutality of the past - it shouldn't be fetishised","0","","2020-06-07 16:32:01","false",""
"Ugy8uKN1Wo_H_j6h0iR4AaABAg.99bLc7Sup4w99bWa263S08","friend","@Grimnir the protests are against racial injustice - I can't quite understand why you would assume that anyone would be OK with any sort of slavery. The protests are sign enough that we don't need ""reminders"" of the past, and I hardly believe that a statue helps in that endeavour anyway. Historical accounts remain available for all, and Edward Colston will remain written there - documented as gaining fame off the backs of slaves and torture.","0","","2020-06-07 16:36:19","false",""
"Ugz7dnXUIhFaMnhy7Gl4AaABAg","nazz0007","Keep up the good fight Bristolians, we're with you. F**k the police, f**k the system","0","0","2020-06-07 15:00:57","true",""
"Ugy8MTnvbGreTlZlVaN4AaABAg","James Mitchell","Bristol's Saddam Hussein statue has collapsed for good.","5","3","2020-06-07 15:01:17","true",""
"Ugy8MTnvbGreTlZlVaN4AaABAg.99bLi2S4S5699bMwC2hDQi","Dulce periculum","About time. Never again should slave traders be glorified like this.","2","","2020-06-07 15:11:57","false",""
"Ugy8MTnvbGreTlZlVaN4AaABAg.99bLi2S4S5699bO21ZBfrg","mike heads","@Dulce periculum Do your research.","0","","2020-06-07 15:21:38","false",""
"Ugy8MTnvbGreTlZlVaN4AaABAg.99bLi2S4S5699bm3WOGiQr","Dulce periculum","@mike heads I have. But why don't you enlighten me..?","1","","2020-06-07 19:00:17","false",""
"Ugzjc5GI97yyFNGzEPJ4AaABAg","peen","Freemasons must fall with there statues","6","0","2020-06-07 15:01:33","true",""
"UgzKlaV-d31SZUDlnt94AaABAg","Ff Hhu","Well done guys","8","7","2020-06-07 15:01:43","true",""
"UgzKlaV-d31SZUDlnt94AaABAg.99bLlEJ2rIt99bMmP5jimJ","dredd1981","Criminal damage, yeah well done on breaking the law, Ff Hhu, you're part of the problem.","1","","2020-06-07 15:10:37","false",""
"UgzKlaV-d31SZUDlnt94AaABAg.99bLlEJ2rIt99bMuohAiFw","Rhys Porter","dredd1981 he was a racist u dick are u saying you agree with him? why should a racist have a statue of himself in the first place","1","","2020-06-07 15:11:46","false",""
"UgzKlaV-d31SZUDlnt94AaABAg.99bLlEJ2rIt99bN96hjhXX","Ff Hhu","If I'm against a racist so be it. Isn't it the equivalent of having a statue of Tommy Robinson","0","","2020-06-07 15:13:51","false",""
"UgzKlaV-d31SZUDlnt94AaABAg.99bLlEJ2rIt99bNgRFhX5N","dredd1981","He was also a philanthropist who gave huge sums of money to schools and hospitals in Bristol, Rhys.","0","","2020-06-07 15:18:33","false",""
"UgzKlaV-d31SZUDlnt94AaABAg.99bLlEJ2rIt99bNuVy-k-T","Ff Hhu","@dredd1981 but where did that money come from...... It's guilt money. Blood money","0","","2020-06-07 15:20:28","false",""
"UgzKlaV-d31SZUDlnt94AaABAg.99bLlEJ2rIt99bPWJ1IVZB","dredd1981","@Ff Hhu and you know this because....?
Also, you going to advocate for statues of George Washington to be torn down because he owned slaves?","0","","2020-06-07 15:34:30","false",""
"UgzKlaV-d31SZUDlnt94AaABAg.99bLlEJ2rIt99d3rJcy9a4","dredd1981","@Rhys Porter Rhys, when you resort to calling peole names, you show yourself up for what you are.","0","","2020-06-08 07:03:45","false",""
"UgzVCa6MbWBGM44cVd94AaABAg","Keith D","Lock up these vandals POLICE","10","0","2020-06-07 15:02:25","true",""
"UgwPqzndtAeXmBmZJ8N4AaABAg","Blueband 8","Absolutely disgusting behaviour an act of unprecedented vandalism. Where are the Police? They better investigate this its horrendous behaviour.","2","1","2020-06-07 15:02:38","true",""
"UgwPqzndtAeXmBmZJ8N4AaABAg.99bLrumK79u99bMcyYhJBO","Drobium77","the police are on their knees...literally","0","","2020-06-07 15:09:20","false",""
"Ugy4t6WMqaiuUyeGMpl4AaABAg","Mixed Race 1980s","That was AMAZING 
God bless everyone involved","18","3","2020-06-07 15:03:01","true",""
"Ugy4t6WMqaiuUyeGMpl4AaABAg.99bLudPlGKI99bNnzvPrNh","The Mighty Dash","Scum.","3","","2020-06-07 15:19:35","false",""
"Ugy4t6WMqaiuUyeGMpl4AaABAg.99bLudPlGKI99bO-P44NFO","out of the trash","Most of them would also like to eradicate christianity and /or Judaism. Wishing them blessings from God is lost on them.","0","","2020-06-07 15:21:16","false",""
"Ugy4t6WMqaiuUyeGMpl4AaABAg.99bLudPlGKI99bO4h26vzx","SpongeBob SquarePants","I don't think God would bless them for their actions.","0","","2020-06-07 15:22:00","false",""
"UgxeYHLiDngg2mdDC4h4AaABAg","S D","Superb","4","0","2020-06-07 15:03:51","true",""
"UgyzSKvj4ub84KKfavV4AaABAg","Jack Elliot","burn Vatican city","0","1","2020-06-07 15:04:10","true",""
"UgyzSKvj4ub84KKfavV4AaABAg.99bM29JG7vn99bOJ5czoLR","English Ant","Yes! And mecca!","0","","2020-06-07 15:23:58","false",""
"Ugyvg2fHtlOUHEwuR3d4AaABAg","Paul C","The history of his immoral deeds are being erased, as the years go on, less and less people will know of what happened to all of the victims. History is being cleansed. Oh my, no wonder people are finding this uplifting and exciting, as we are cleansing our society of the history we do not like to remember.","2","1","2020-06-07 15:05:59","true",""
"Ugyvg2fHtlOUHEwuR3d4AaABAg.99bMFRqMLmO99bMYdPdOio","Ozan Somyurek","Tis a sad day for history","3","","2020-06-07 15:08:36","false",""
"UgzdzUZbxkvEihrTcrh4AaABAg","Henry Tierney","Iam SOOOO Angry, in Bristol ( England ) a policewoman had fireworks and some sort of homemade rocket fired at her while she was on horse back, and when she fell off the crowed cheered. She now has a COLLAPSED LUNG, a broken collarbone and 3 broken ribs, SHE COULD DIE from her injuries, and yet no one has been found or reported yet, if they want to get they’re point across, and this is how it happens, nothing will ever change.","2","0","2020-06-07 15:06:20","true",""
"UgxchdFEG79eB82AjVR4AaABAg","Joran Peterson","Churchill next ?","1","11","2020-06-07 15:06:27","true",""
"UgxchdFEG79eB82AjVR4AaABAg.99bMInYAy1l99bMggAwxvF","Tony D'Annunzio","Why?","0","","2020-06-07 15:09:50","false",""
"UgxchdFEG79eB82AjVR4AaABAg.99bMInYAy1l99bOgDCMx6O","Joran Peterson","Tony D'Annunzio Thought it was statue clearance day for bigots and racists lol","0","","2020-06-07 15:27:15","false",""
"UgxchdFEG79eB82AjVR4AaABAg.99bMInYAy1l99bOnujgUeJ","Joran Peterson","Tony D'Annunzio Although Winston Churchill expressed sympathy for the ""Jewish Bolshevism"" conspiracy theory in the 1920s, he later supported Jewish migration to Palestine and rejected antisemitism. He often made disparaging comments about Indians and Arabs.","0","","2020-06-07 15:28:18","false",""
"UgxchdFEG79eB82AjVR4AaABAg.99bMInYAy1l99bQEdzfHXa","S M","Yes please please","0","","2020-06-07 15:40:50","false",""
"UgxchdFEG79eB82AjVR4AaABAg.99bMInYAy1l99bRAcZDAXl","Tony D'Annunzio","Joran Peterson he stopped the nazis and is on the 5 quid notes soooo......","0","","2020-06-07 15:49:01","false",""
"UgxchdFEG79eB82AjVR4AaABAg.99bMInYAy1l99bWm8k1TwW","Nanny nobnobs","@S M i think you would find far bigger protests then from white English people who would kick your wishy washy arses","0","","2020-06-07 16:37:58","false",""
"UgxchdFEG79eB82AjVR4AaABAg.99bMInYAy1l99eE_Bwb8lM","Joran Peterson","Lesley Batts Told you guys Churchill next.. you thought I was joking right","0","","2020-06-08 17:56:38","false",""
"UgxchdFEG79eB82AjVR4AaABAg.99bMInYAy1l99eEifuLRG5","Tony D'Annunzio","Joran Peterson he’s not next","0","","2020-06-08 17:57:56","false",""
"UgxchdFEG79eB82AjVR4AaABAg.99bMInYAy1l99eG5ceXeXX","Joran Peterson","Tony D'Annunzio put him in google and look what happened today","0","","2020-06-08 18:09:56","false",""
"UgxchdFEG79eB82AjVR4AaABAg.99bMInYAy1l99g44mMaJlV","Joran Peterson","Sadiq Khan take all the racists down now... tell me if I nostradameous","0","","2020-06-09 11:03:27","false",""
"UgxchdFEG79eB82AjVR4AaABAg.99bMInYAy1l99g4AR6kVMr","Joran Peterson","Tony D'Annunzio sorry but listen tony listen hahahahaha","0","","2020-06-09 11:04:13","false",""
"UgyCP2LHFWVmdGSgm5h4AaABAg","JPG","Its sad how this is so relevant in their lives","3","0","2020-06-07 15:06:32","true",""
"UgxLhKC1LeavJeZlHyt4AaABAg","Jason Devon","Destroy your history and walk into servitude forever.  Good little brainwash victims. 🤦‍♂️","27","11","2020-06-07 15:07:23","true",""
"UgxLhKC1LeavJeZlHyt4AaABAg.99bMPj65puJ99bMlBG4jQC","VENUSMARS","Are you ok in the head mate?","5","","2020-06-07 15:10:27","false",""
"UgxLhKC1LeavJeZlHyt4AaABAg.99bMPj65puJ99bMlhAVYDo","Margaret Gaskin","They are not destroying history. They are making it.","2","","2020-06-07 15:10:31","false",""
"UgxLhKC1LeavJeZlHyt4AaABAg.99bMPj65puJ99bMp9Ao9pm","Ray of Lyte","This is what happens when you support racism and slavery. You fall.","3","","2020-06-07 15:11:00","false",""
"UgxLhKC1LeavJeZlHyt4AaABAg.99bMPj65puJ99bMui5RMtq","k r","if there was a statue of hitler you'd probably want to keep it there.","1","","2020-06-07 15:11:45","false",""
"UgxLhKC1LeavJeZlHyt4AaABAg.99bMPj65puJ99bMx917zab","Jason Devon","@VENUSMARS Yes, unlike those people tearing down a statue of a man who set up foundations for the poor.","5","","2020-06-07 15:12:05","false",""
"UgxLhKC1LeavJeZlHyt4AaABAg.99bMPj65puJ99bNe7_cl6r","L","@Ray of Lyte You know George Floyd beat and robbed a pregnant woman. Or are you just jumping on the bandwagon like these idiots in the video?","3","","2020-06-07 15:18:14","false",""
"UgxLhKC1LeavJeZlHyt4AaABAg.99bMPj65puJ99bNuEEmoiz","VENUSMARS","Ok ofc you believe in lies","0","","2020-06-07 15:20:26","false",""
"UgxLhKC1LeavJeZlHyt4AaABAg.99bMPj65puJ99bPL99ozBF","Starforce 100","Ok beat n robbed a pregnant lady and I heard he stole a babies sweets then slapped a nun...🙄","0","","2020-06-07 15:32:59","false",""
"UgxLhKC1LeavJeZlHyt4AaABAg.99bMPj65puJ99bQaaktV4X","will bower","@Margaret Gaskin The only thing they're making history is the Labour party","1","","2020-06-07 15:43:58","false",""
"UgxLhKC1LeavJeZlHyt4AaABAg.99bMPj65puJ99bRGR9HQr_","VENUSMARS","Starforce 100 please tell me your joking","0","","2020-06-07 15:49:49","false",""
"UgxLhKC1LeavJeZlHyt4AaABAg.99bMPj65puJ99bYk3TATg8","Starforce 100","VENUSMARS yes I am. But the scary thing is you could actually see someone writing my post in seriousness. Sad times man","0","","2020-06-07 16:55:10","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg","Jesuisun Opossum","Why are all the protesters rich white girls ?","323","117","2020-06-07 15:07:23","true",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bOVnqHt6u","Yami Bakura","White girls have loved BBC for centuries","10","","2020-06-07 15:25:42","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bOaEVam3p","jamietherooster","Because they're the demographic most addicted to social media attention","11","","2020-06-07 15:26:26","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bOg7VC2RI","Coolostomy","Because it's Bristol...","1","","2020-06-07 15:27:14","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bOgmidjJQ","Its Fin","@7 theres a time for protesting and it's not now","2","","2020-06-07 15:27:20","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bOqm0zdG4","Gb1","White girls can move to Jamaica.","2","","2020-06-07 15:28:42","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bOrJsyERd","conor skeffington","not sure how you can say they're 'pretending' to care about BLM when they're literally toppling a monument to a racist. there's obviously a mix of sex & ethnicity in the crowd, but that doesn't fit your view that black people love being oppressed and white girls made up BLM against their will","4","","2020-06-07 15:28:46","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bP3Qb__jE","JGW 97","@Gb1 Or Nigeria. Or any other nation they can be expected to be lynched.","2","","2020-06-07 15:30:33","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bPCyJnshx","Mark","7 no gathering of over 6 people you tit","1","","2020-06-07 15:31:52","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bPJnlRoXW","aarkaarkangel","@All Seeing Eye Secretely...","0","","2020-06-07 15:32:48","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bPRxXBphf","Sinjin Smyth","Most white males prefer other males so the women run to others to satisfy their lust. Look at all the mixed raced people","0","","2020-06-07 15:33:54","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bPV0LMehg","Salma Abdullah","@Benmue loool make our about you","0","","2020-06-07 15:34:19","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bPvECAh5B","lea","There’s a girl I knew who studied law at Cheltenham and she said she would never have a black boyfriend and her parents would be upset if she brought a black boy back YET THEY WANT THIS GIRL TO ENFORCE JUSTICE IN THIS COUNTRY and also I see you Charlotte lol hypocrite","1","","2020-06-07 15:38:02","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bQ3EVAjtd","Cole King","White girls love black men and white men can't handle it.","2","","2020-06-07 15:39:16","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bQB3dvh7R","aarkaarkangel","@Sinjin Smyth That might be because not everyone sees things in terms of Black or White.
Tosser","3","","2020-06-07 15:40:20","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bQggYsV5S","Mr Sing","@All Seeing Eye I prefer ITV","0","","2020-06-07 15:44:48","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bQoU_aNjy","wholly spokes","Funded by Soros","2","","2020-06-07 15:45:51","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bQpm73kVp","JGW 97","@Sinjin Smyth ""people""","0","","2020-06-07 15:46:02","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bQqwryJ6r","youraveragetoxicwaste","I was there when it got toppled and let me tell you, they weren’t all rich white girls.","0","","2020-06-07 15:46:12","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bRU2qdrn1","Michael Leng","@All Seeing Eye Big Black Cocks?","1","","2020-06-07 15:51:40","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bRojBm5d6","Joel T","​@7 When did this person say they should not be allowed to protest?","0","","2020-06-07 15:54:38","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bRq8Ehdd8","Justin Cassidy","@All Seeing Eye 👏👏👏👏😷😎","0","","2020-06-07 15:54:49","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bS0fJs3l7","Paul Woodhead","@All Seeing Eye The broadcasting corporation or black banana? More than likely both","0","","2020-06-07 15:56:24","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bS5l8TrRA","Mark Evans","@all seeing eye, I love BBC too, I am a british White boy 😜","0","","2020-06-07 15:57:05","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bS9LtCsCT","7","@Mark right, i'll tell you what mark, go to a public park and tell me there aren't any gatherings with more than 6 people. After you've done that, go to a beach and tell me what you see","1","","2020-06-07 15:57:35","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bSXqeh_uM","Dan Dank","Most mass movements since the war have been caused by agent provocateurs manipulating the most vulnerable people to do their bidding. 16 year old hormonal feminists seem to be first to grab their pitchforks.","1","","2020-06-07 16:00:55","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bT9KTmPC7","Phil Whatever","Cole King why! cause black girls love white men too!","3","","2020-06-07 16:06:19","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bTQTuM7n5","Mark","7 I don't see thousands of people in close proximity.. and just because others are breaking rules is that an excuse? Grow up","0","","2020-06-07 16:08:39","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bT_s4cOsl","Alan S Binnie","@Hoe Bamba What exactly is the protest about. There was General revulsion in the UK over Mr Floyd's death. We would entirely agree with the sentiments but we don't need vandalism.","1","","2020-06-07 16:10:04","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bTlv0BLxR","EunusRex","B. B. C.","0","","2020-06-07 16:11:43","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bTrfvk-uF","The Visionary","Because they have nothing better to do.  They have been brainwashed by pop culture that it’s now considered cool to be black and whites somehow owe blacks something.","5","","2020-06-07 16:12:30","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bTykExQ1A","dave smith","I can't go to a wedding I can't go to a friends funeral .I can't visit a dieing relative. What gives you the right to gather in great numbers spreading virus every where you go .bloody morons","3","","2020-06-07 16:13:28","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bUV0-Mo2O","I c a unhealthy agenda","YO it not the BBC they like I can see it's not the actual BBC were talking about! Trying to be smart 🤣They just like BMW & I was watch this on Sky News🤭","0","","2020-06-07 16:18:01","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bUVTubL0q","andy mv","I was wondering the same thing! It’s ironic that it wasn’t even black people who pulled it down 🤷🏾‍♂️","3","","2020-06-07 16:18:05","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bUcwyrNqJ","KoivuTheHab","@Hoe Bamba *who is","0","","2020-06-07 16:19:14","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bUke0bm7t","KoivuTheHab","Jesuisun Opossum

They tend to be dumb and liberal. It should be added that the vast majority of them are very young. People with more life experience aren't this stupid, unless they are borderline morons.","2","","2020-06-07 16:20:17","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bVI1_TKNC","King Brilliant","rich white girls are the most oppressed group in the world..or something","0","","2020-06-07 16:24:59","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bVTX9H03D","7","@Mark no it's not an excuse, I'm not partaking in any large event or going to the beach with ppl I know. What I'm saying is this is no different to packing into a crowded beach or park day after day and it's for a far more important reason","1","","2020-06-07 16:26:33","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bX5dijCuT","Mark","7 lol, but it obviously isn't comparable.. none the less even had it been that's wrong too, not an excuse to put all your friends, family associates at risk.","1","","2020-06-07 16:40:46","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bX_ExB4XQ","TonyBones TheProducer","@Scott Mc either way, with a little bit of critical thinking, you can narrow it down to an overwhelmingly positive sittuation.  Education is education. Think about it.","0","","2020-06-07 16:44:57","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bXlF0CZzP","TonyBones TheProducer","@Michael Leng your going to be the outcast in society. Britain is heading towards a multi cultural society from Bournemouth to Scotland. So accept it and learn to love.","0","","2020-06-07 16:46:35","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bXp2M9auu","7","@Mark I'd say the families of elderly folk with young kids are putting themselves and their children more at risk than mostly students living on their own or with each other","0","","2020-06-07 16:47:06","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bXyml7J-X","TonyBones TheProducer","@Benmue no because they've actually educated themselves on history. If you do the same we can make a change on this planet for good. Weather you like it or not,  the UK is heading towards s multi cultural society from Bournemouth to Scotland. I understand your fears but I can assure you we have so much to learn off of one another. Choose love not hate.","0","","2020-06-07 16:48:26","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bY2OsIds_","TonyBones TheProducer","@1Chasg and you are saying look at me I'm a bad person. Judging people is bad. Good luck in life","0","","2020-06-07 16:49:04","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bYAtdETbk","TonyBones TheProducer","So you are racist and obviously poor. Don't worry, you will see one day. Don't let the hate eat away at you. Choose love","0","","2020-06-07 16:50:13","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bYR8awkvu","Tommy Steele","Most of the thick bints won't even know what they're protesting against, guaranteed.","0","","2020-06-07 16:52:26","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bYeoGMf5G","Robert Lepper","@Bill Muff Please keep your sexual fantasies to yourself","0","","2020-06-07 16:54:26","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bYgxqOGu3","Review Site","@Benmue No, they know their dads are chronically racist","0","","2020-06-07 16:54:44","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bZ17UzPoA","Mark","7 ok Karen","0","","2020-06-07 16:57:37","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bZ51NS5g-","Michael Leng","@TonyBones TheProducer 🤣 Why am I an outcast?  I was just answering/clarifying the original poster's question on white girls. LOL!

Learn to love??! Don't understand you. Please elaborate.","0","","2020-06-07 16:58:09","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bZi-eupWL","Review Site","@Tommy Steele Of course they do.. White rich girls know that their parents are chronically racist","0","","2020-06-07 17:03:37","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399b_bX2hcWy","TonyBones TheProducer","@Michael Leng I can't be bothered. There are alot of people at the moment who are choosing to be deaf.  Look into history a bit and you may understand why ""rich white girls"" are disgusted. It's has something to do with our education system - which hasn't been fully truthful about black history. They are also disgusted to realise, that systematic  racism is actually real in this country. You either choose to be in denial about the situation or you can start doing your own research. I'm not a teacher and I'm tired of people like you. God bless though 🙏🏻","0","","2020-06-07 17:11:28","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399ba6y7fHHg","A","maybe trying to cast off the rep of their ancestors who made their fortunes off the back of others efforts ??","0","","2020-06-07 17:15:54","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399baelwlZhc","Jason Dyer","It's Bristol mate! Home of the yuppie Oxbridge rejects!","2","","2020-06-07 17:20:39","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bbW9xU5q8","mr democracy","All leftie BBC remoaners having a day out got nothing else to do","0","","2020-06-07 17:28:05","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bbmEJ0zHc","Alberto Romero","I see it as white people apologizing for the crimes of their ancestors.","0","","2020-06-07 17:30:24","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bcDYZFnvj","A","@Jason Dyer Don't suppose they'll be protesting against all the human traffickers copping $500 a pop and responsible for the drowning of hundreds / thousands of African & Middle Eastern economic migrants and asylum seekers !! Wrong type of exploitation I guess !!","1","","2020-06-07 17:34:16","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bcU1F2IjQ","L G","Because there's no Glastonbury this year and they need a new profile pic.","2","","2020-06-07 17:36:31","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399be_z0FfL_","Mark Alexander","How do you know they are rich?","0","","2020-06-07 17:54:57","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399beqlAD-S_","Hardo Wider","Boosting their social media points.
None of them care about this 2 weeks from now","2","","2020-06-07 17:57:14","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bgMei_dZk","mr democracy","@TonyBones TheProducer just a bunch of leftie remoaners on a day out with nothing else to do with believing they have actually done something rather than sitting around.","0","","2020-06-07 18:10:28","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bhKM2htqT","cecerchio","Why are racists repressed incels who can't stand girls standing up for what is right?","1","","2020-06-07 18:18:54","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bicwdZjQi","TonyBones TheProducer","@Dan Dank where did you copy and paste that from. If you think critically for just 1 minute, you would realise this is a win win situation. It's great to educate young people the the truth.","0","","2020-06-07 18:30:18","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bihwq_m3c","TonyBones TheProducer","@Alan S Binnie well. If you unplugged from mainstream media a simple YouTube search would show you that it was 99.9 percent peaceful. People love to hate","0","","2020-06-07 18:30:59","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bmZUlyKm9","Red pilling","These comments 😂","1","","2020-06-07 19:04:39","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bqrJG5koG","355PH","They will die young with mental health problems.","0","","2020-06-07 19:42:10","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399brzfxPkCs","achraf hbibrchate","Rich Jewish girls hahah idiot","0","","2020-06-07 19:52:03","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bs5VG0QDA","TonyBones TheProducer","@Tommy Steele as they often say,  it takes one to know one. We often reflect onto others how we feel about ourselves","0","","2020-06-07 19:52:59","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bsDxksdni","TonyBones TheProducer","@L G bitter response. Bitter life","0","","2020-06-07 19:54:08","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bsPOH6usW","TonyBones TheProducer","@Hardo Wider isn't that what your trying to do now yourself ...I bet you'd love it if you had 100 thumbs up for your comment. Who you trying to kid. As the famous saying goes,  it takes one to know one. Also we often reflect onto others what we see in ourselves 😉","0","","2020-06-07 19:55:42","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bt8sJOVHt","Michael Leng","@TonyBones TheProducer For the record, mate, if you're thinkin I'm white, well, I'm far from it, brah!  😂😂I don't know what you're talking about but agree education here is predominantly 'white-mind' but then again, this is a predominantly white country, my friend! Gone are the days they call you a nigga down the street. It's all subtle now. You won't even know it if you don't know this exist. So teach your kids about subtle racial persecution.","1","","2020-06-07 20:02:11","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399btS9acwy0","Lloyd Gittens","Because they love black men. And rightly so.","1","","2020-06-07 20:04:49","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399btaTGIsME","Lloyd Gittens","@Analyzing Male Slavery black women will never be feminists...that's for white women bs that as killed the white man.","0","","2020-06-07 20:06:05","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399buFieVQ6V","Gb1","All Seeing Eye your mum loves me because I’m white that’s why she moved to a white country.","2","","2020-06-07 20:11:51","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399buHDv1KyL","Tommy Steele","@TonyBones TheProducer straight out of David Brent's book of quotes. Bore off😴","1","","2020-06-07 20:12:04","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399buNW07YgU","Michael Leng","@Lloyd Gittens When you go black, you can never go back?!","0","","2020-06-07 20:12:55","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bwD-kTCNT","TonyBones TheProducer","@Tommy Steele no it's called: Psychological projection is a defense mechanism in which the human ego defends itself against unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others","0","","2020-06-07 20:28:58","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bwI7FZolK","TonyBones TheProducer","@Tommy Steele you can Google Psychological projection. Kind regards","0","","2020-06-07 20:29:40","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bwjsVliUM","TonyBones TheProducer","@Michael Lengok I'm really glad you agree with me.","1","","2020-06-07 20:33:35","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bwvjjr7fh","TonyBones TheProducer","@355PH lovely guy you are, you should be proud of yourself ❤️","0","","2020-06-07 20:35:12","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bwyp86RpI","TonyBones TheProducer","@Michael Leng ❤️","0","","2020-06-07 20:35:38","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399bxb8WeXXX","Tommy Steele","@TonyBones TheProducer 😂 think I'll pass but thanks for the heads up👍","0","","2020-06-07 20:41:08","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399byIgUEtbA","TonyBones TheProducer","@Tommy Steele Ego response. As predicted, loser.","0","","2020-06-07 20:47:13","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399cF6NQ5UNP","Visio","Analyzing Male Slavery but they didn’t touch that garbage statue","0","","2020-06-07 23:22:49","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399cGa_eHGzi","Michael Leng","@TonyBones TheProducer Peace, brah 👍🏿☺️","1","","2020-06-07 23:35:49","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399cH9it0GfY","Tommy Steele","@Visio maybe not, but hopefully they'll be taking a second wave of COVID-19 back to thier 6 bed houses for the rest of the family to enjoy🤞🤞","0","","2020-06-07 23:40:45","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399cQtp2wFTb","TonyBones TheProducer","@Tommy Steele deaf, dumb and blind.","0","","2020-06-08 01:05:50","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399dAGbkJyqV","Tommy Steele","@TonyBones TheProducer 😴","0","","2020-06-08 07:59:46","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399dLq6MHcA5","Raymond Nickolds","The FLA ARE COMING TO BRISTOL","0","","2020-06-08 09:40:52","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399dMZX8aSzi","Laura Chatain","The protest did not reach them. they saw an opportunity to vandalize. they're scumbags. they should be jailed","0","","2020-06-08 09:47:12","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399dUEDRZN6E","Ashley Butler","You are dumb and clearly blind","1","","2020-06-08 10:54:12","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399dVYLtnHxm","Laura Chatain","@Ashley Butler can you give us a clear example on what we fail to see. dont you think that the sale trading in the 18th century was a legal activity. dont you think the protest should aim the ethical value of a policeman instead?","0","","2020-06-08 11:05:41","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399dZyMrlx0A","L G","@TonyBones TheProducer On the contrary I am the least bitter person on here. Here's my view, protests are supposed to change the mind of people, but due to the fact that they have been hijacked by anarchists they will achieve very little. All people saw yesterday was vandalism, and yes Colston was a slave trading scumbag and the statue should have been removed, how about this for an idea. The black mayor of Bristol could have overseen the removal of the statue in a more official symbolic ceremony. It would have stood for more if it had been taken down by the very same establishment that people are protesting against, an olive branch or first step.
The phrase breaking down racism should be a metaphor.","2","","2020-06-08 11:44:20","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399dbBWW_Bz3","dragonfly6908","@7 I remember Otis Ferry the son of the multi millionaire Brian Ferry always protesting about something or another, i can only think these rich ""protestors"" have too much time on their hands and no direction or focus in their lives to be doing anything more meaningful other than always out there ""protesting"".","0","","2020-06-08 12:03:44","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399djq_KVCsR","Ashley Butler","Laura Chatain you are clearly missing the point . You’re white privileged blinds your judgement and opinion","1","","2020-06-08 13:19:23","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399eHHS5VNNh","Nanny nobnobs","@youraveragetoxicwaste no some of them were rich soy boys.","0","","2020-06-08 18:20:17","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399eIWsqqdB_","Nanny nobnobs","@Mark Evans you bin looking at Dick's?","0","","2020-06-08 18:31:08","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399ekLKWb0sf","drspastic","poor people have more important things to worry about: food, shelter, domestic violence, poverty.............","0","","2020-06-08 22:42:58","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399ekW3ZgCnw","drspastic","@boosomentity you cant say BROWNie, thats racis","0","","2020-06-08 22:44:26","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399iipL22aSF","Menfix","@1Chasg so helping black people fighting racism is a bad thing, right? Please🤦‍♂️","0","","2020-06-10 11:46:41","false",""
"UgxIsRoVQwKR45gDE6R4AaABAg.99bMPhUtVc399kxCUgbluM","Scott Mc","@TonyBones TheProducer With a little bit of critical thinking I have arrived at the conclusion that if you call education an overwhelmingly white middle class mob destroying things they pretend to take offence to or just don't like, in the name of puerile virtue signalling and some deep seated guilt they evidently feel, and being allowed to do so by an ineffectual police force, a positive situation !? then yes I would agree with you ... even with your smug superior tone","0","","2020-06-11 08:30:48","false",""
"UgyApSK4ZFnKJGC6vxJ4AaABAg","vjab1108","WHY has the Police allowed this Vandalism?","46","5","2020-06-07 15:08:00","true",""
"UgyApSK4ZFnKJGC6vxJ4AaABAg.99bMUAIIFz299bMxFZpi70","Middle Finger Productions","Because they agree that slave traders are terrible people.","6","","2020-06-07 15:12:06","false",""
"UgyApSK4ZFnKJGC6vxJ4AaABAg.99bMUAIIFz299bN-g-_S94","All Seeing Eye","Lol real question is why was such a statue up in the first place all this time","6","","2020-06-07 15:12:34","false",""
"UgyApSK4ZFnKJGC6vxJ4AaABAg.99bMUAIIFz299bN1y2VEKS","bhonor12","Bruh you for real he was a slave trader you think that's cool.","1","","2020-06-07 15:12:53","false",""
"UgyApSK4ZFnKJGC6vxJ4AaABAg.99bMUAIIFz299bNAaYtbU2","Jordan Golss","Shut up nazi ✊🏿✊🏽✊","1","","2020-06-07 15:14:04","false",""
"UgyApSK4ZFnKJGC6vxJ4AaABAg.99bMUAIIFz299bOZ7EG_YI","R B","@All Seeing Eye Because he was a local benefactor. Quite a few slave traders saw no contradiction between slavery and acts of remarkably generous philanthropy back home.","3","","2020-06-07 15:26:09","false",""
"Ugyfh38HMSUDbPTCFnZ4AaABAg","Chloe Winney","Next they should burn down everything because without his money most of Bristol wouldn’t exist. Start with colston hall, or colston girls school.","24","14","2020-06-07 15:08:50","true",""
"Ugyfh38HMSUDbPTCFnZ4AaABAg.99bM_HrKYor99bN9SqtzUS","Michael","Chloe Winney 

Leftists would target white schools. Been doing that their whole life","2","","2020-06-07 15:13:54","false",""
"Ugyfh38HMSUDbPTCFnZ4AaABAg.99bM_HrKYor99bNJCRfAB6","friend","The man was a slaver, that's the long and short of it. Doesn't matter the good things he did, they're eclipsed by his racism. There isn't any need for statues immortalising him in 2020. Really weeds out those more outraged at the tearing down of a racist man's statue than the ongoing injustice to PoC.","9","","2020-06-07 15:15:14","false",""
"Ugyfh38HMSUDbPTCFnZ4AaABAg.99bM_HrKYor99bNUfCl3Gk","Grimnir","@friend Name the injustices PoC face in the UK? not being reported in grooming gangs?","1","","2020-06-07 15:16:48","false",""
"Ugyfh38HMSUDbPTCFnZ4AaABAg.99bM_HrKYor99bNcLzptuy","allow leng","@friend yeah its like those police who resigned because they were unhappy their colleage got done for pushing over a 75 year old man and splitting his head open ... eye opening.","0","","2020-06-07 15:17:59","false",""
"Ugyfh38HMSUDbPTCFnZ4AaABAg.99bM_HrKYor99bNrJFlI2A","SoAExile","Are you joking? The man robbed people of their lives by enslaving them in conditions not fit for a dog, took away there finances to work them to death, so what difference is it that he built all those things, there all built on blood, blood of other human beings and on the backs of other human beings, and he takes the credit, f*** this man hope his judgment will be endeared by all those he oppressed","3","","2020-06-07 15:20:02","false",""
"Ugyfh38HMSUDbPTCFnZ4AaABAg.99bM_HrKYor99bPJLZDYJY","Grimnir","@SoAExile And with those earnings he enriched the lives of a thousand more. You socialist filth are usually all for the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few.","1","","2020-06-07 15:32:44","false",""
"Ugyfh38HMSUDbPTCFnZ4AaABAg.99bM_HrKYor99bU2baIBHH","TheEndIsHere FinalWarning","Nah we will keep the hall just replace the name then throw the statue on the rubbish tip.","0","","2020-06-07 16:14:08","false",""
"Ugyfh38HMSUDbPTCFnZ4AaABAg.99bM_HrKYor99bUOjesTj1","SoAExile","@Grimnir and im not socialist, im a conservative that believes in justice and putting people in their right place","0","","2020-06-07 16:17:09","false",""
"Ugyfh38HMSUDbPTCFnZ4AaABAg.99bM_HrKYor99bYwfAswWF","Grimnir","@SoAExile Where is the justice in tearing down a legacy based entirely on emotional infancy?","0","","2020-06-07 16:56:53","false",""
"Ugyfh38HMSUDbPTCFnZ4AaABAg.99bM_HrKYor99bZ39Qv-Ms","Grimnir","@SoAExile in an era when everyone was buying and selling slaves? Yes.","0","","2020-06-07 16:57:54","false",""
"Ugyfh38HMSUDbPTCFnZ4AaABAg.99bM_HrKYor99bmE-g7iVM","Chucksta","Actually, those places shouldn't exist now. Unlikely to come down, though, except by mob.","0","","2020-06-07 19:01:43","false",""
"Ugyfh38HMSUDbPTCFnZ4AaABAg.99bM_HrKYor99bwzD1E-U4","SoAExile","@GrimnirBelow is his so called legacy, absolutely should be commemorated, numptyb

""During Colston's involvement with the Royal African company (1680 to 1692), it is estimated that the company transported around 84,000 African men, women and children, who had been traded as slaves in West Africa, of whom 19,000 died on their journey to the Caribbean and the Americas.[11]""","0","","2020-06-07 20:35:41","false",""
"Ugyfh38HMSUDbPTCFnZ4AaABAg.99bM_HrKYor99byHB6jZzP","Grimnir","@SoAExile So we ignore the fact that the money he gained provided for hospitals and schools that to this day still provide for Bristol?","0","","2020-06-07 20:47:00","false",""
"Ugyfh38HMSUDbPTCFnZ4AaABAg.99bM_HrKYor99g0d2Dok30","Kate Bennett","@Grimnir Given said people would have been highly religious he was ok with breaking a couple of commandments along the way and working a way around existing laws. Who decides what's good and bad? The majority?","0","","2020-06-09 10:33:18","false",""
"Ugyzcs-KW7rMbifl8lN4AaABAg","Harry Gooch","Protesters = Posers","0","0","2020-06-07 15:10:06","true",""
"UgwWOkmilCww5aO7MNV4AaABAg","Ian Palmer","Criminal damage now ! Police standing by letting this happen is just gonna cause more unrest","42","9","2020-06-07 15:10:42","true",""
"UgwWOkmilCww5aO7MNV4AaABAg.99bMmv0ERXa99bNCvHsfPV","Steven Howlett","Why are you upset that the statue of someone who made fortunes trading in slaves was pulled down?","10","","2020-06-07 15:14:23","false",""
"UgwWOkmilCww5aO7MNV4AaABAg.99bMmv0ERXa99bNIB3rnYR","Chelsea For life","Its a statue of a man who traded humans dude. It shouldn't even be up in the first place. Now if you think these people are heroes then your psychopatic","3","","2020-06-07 15:15:06","false",""
"UgwWOkmilCww5aO7MNV4AaABAg.99bMmv0ERXa99bNQAry2fB","Kyle Chambers","Regardless of who the statue is criminal damage is criminal damage.","2","","2020-06-07 15:16:11","false",""
"UgwWOkmilCww5aO7MNV4AaABAg.99bMmv0ERXa99bNbWT-Gfz","Grimnir","Because the man used his money to lift thousands of British people out of poverty and in turn helped Bristol move away from the slave trade.","0","","2020-06-07 15:17:52","false",""
"UgwWOkmilCww5aO7MNV4AaABAg.99bMmv0ERXa99bNhbpbcqw","BlaKabale","@Kyle Chambers what if it was a statue of Hitler? Would you still care then?","2","","2020-06-07 15:18:42","false",""
"UgwWOkmilCww5aO7MNV4AaABAg.99bMmv0ERXa99bNlzXVx68","Chelsea For life","@Grimnir He also destroyed lots of black mens lives","2","","2020-06-07 15:19:18","false",""
"UgwWOkmilCww5aO7MNV4AaABAg.99bMmv0ERXa99bNohP-87m","r o","@Kyle Chambers this man damaged HUMAN lives and the legacy of institutional racism lives on in the UK. Pulling down this statue is an important and political move. Shall we say those who pulled down the Berlin Wall are guilty of 'criminal damage'? and that they should have been punished?","2","","2020-06-07 15:19:40","false",""
"UgwWOkmilCww5aO7MNV4AaABAg.99bMmv0ERXa99bNq9T1tVI","Chelsea For life","@Kyle Chambers Then breaking down the berlin wall is also criminal damage","2","","2020-06-07 15:19:52","false",""
"UgwWOkmilCww5aO7MNV4AaABAg.99bMmv0ERXa99bOvkBvwbg","Grimnir","@Chelsea For life Well that explains why there isn't a statue of him in Africa doesn't it?","0","","2020-06-07 15:29:22","false",""
"UgxkqezarULfHtXFW0x4AaABAg","Private R","I thought Bristol was an English town. And who will pay for this? Why police forces did not do anything? So many questions","25","11","2020-06-07 15:10:47","true",""
"UgxkqezarULfHtXFW0x4AaABAg.99bMn_fYxN199bN-KZYfQB","Anon Anon","What ees theess 'English' ?","1","","2020-06-07 15:12:31","false",""
"UgxkqezarULfHtXFW0x4AaABAg.99bMn_fYxN199bNVAeusPS","OWEN","@Anon Anon bristol is an english city i been to it yes :)","2","","2020-06-07 15:16:52","false",""
"UgxkqezarULfHtXFW0x4AaABAg.99bMn_fYxN199bNXeqkAzT","Abrasive Monkey","Can I ask why you're implying that Bristol is no longer an English town?","0","","2020-06-07 15:17:13","false",""
"UgxkqezarULfHtXFW0x4AaABAg.99bMn_fYxN199bNaKua3sZ","Private R","@Anon Anon Yes, you are right word English should be banned as well. I would also ban some English names, like Edward for example","0","","2020-06-07 15:17:43","false",""
"UgxkqezarULfHtXFW0x4AaABAg.99bMn_fYxN199bNqDSwqxX","Private R","@Abrasive Monkey question stands, what was the police doing at that very moment?","0","","2020-06-07 15:19:53","false",""
"UgxkqezarULfHtXFW0x4AaABAg.99bMn_fYxN199bPD4iTsU1","Private R","​@Sally Tilbrook pathetic. research Bristol census of 2019 page 26-29, educate yourself as you are a typical ignorant child. the only thing special about you is that you are probably mixed race, but that does not give you any extra rights.","2","","2020-06-07 15:31:53","false",""
"UgxkqezarULfHtXFW0x4AaABAg.99bMn_fYxN199bPFQ3JzLl","Abrasive Monkey","@Private R Nice dodge. Want to answer my question?","0","","2020-06-07 15:32:12","false",""
"UgxkqezarULfHtXFW0x4AaABAg.99bMn_fYxN199bSHEUz-b7","Adam Phillip","@Sally Tilbrook They were already slaves in Africa","0","","2020-06-07 15:58:39","false",""
"UgxkqezarULfHtXFW0x4AaABAg.99bMn_fYxN199baq84acgY","Baby Goat Juice","Bristol isn't in England you dummy","0","","2020-06-07 17:22:12","false",""
"UgxkqezarULfHtXFW0x4AaABAg.99bMn_fYxN199ben37Q0So","Private R","Baby Goat Juice where is it then?","0","","2020-06-07 17:56:44","false",""
"UgxkqezarULfHtXFW0x4AaABAg.99bMn_fYxN199djMwJExnR","TheGreatestShenFan","@Baby Goat Juice What?","0","","2020-06-08 13:15:12","false",""
"UgzbrJVbmxPTlHD6M8J4AaABAg","Min NSMH","If anyone doubted that this was all about a bunch of upper middle class slacktivists wanting to feel good about themselves, just take a look at how they react to this, jumping up and down like over excited teen at a concert.","47","6","2020-06-07 15:10:48","true",""
"UgzbrJVbmxPTlHD6M8J4AaABAg.99bMngO1gZl99bNKNPoLez","いきすちそ","What?","1","","2020-06-07 15:15:24","false",""
"UgzbrJVbmxPTlHD6M8J4AaABAg.99bMngO1gZl99bNYfNNrGc","Enjoy YourDay","That's why when SHTF theyll be wiped out very quickly.","1","","2020-06-07 15:17:21","false",""
"UgzbrJVbmxPTlHD6M8J4AaABAg.99bMngO1gZl99bNoFGneLO","Andrew","Enjoy YourDay what do you mean by SHTF","0","","2020-06-07 15:19:37","false",""
"UgzbrJVbmxPTlHD6M8J4AaABAg.99bMngO1gZl99bSgpvkM-h","Nanny nobnobs","Well said😄","0","","2020-06-07 16:02:17","false",""
"UgzbrJVbmxPTlHD6M8J4AaABAg.99bMngO1gZl99cGgvXeVOG","Pierre Rat","If that's really what you saw -  you just don't have a grasp on reality.","0","","2020-06-07 23:36:41","false",""
"UgzbrJVbmxPTlHD6M8J4AaABAg.99bMngO1gZl99cIguPpLam","Min NSMH","@Pierre Rat Take a look at a video of the statues of actual dictators being toppled by people that were genuinely oppressed. Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Saddam Hussein. Then compare any of them to this. The difference is night and day.","1","","2020-06-07 23:54:09","false",""
"UgzAQxNZIsN_cliy2xN4AaABAg","GhostDcuo","pathetic","19","0","2020-06-07 15:10:55","true",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg","Phil Whatever","Imagine if they did this to the pyramids of Egypt, who were also slave traders!","91","47","2020-06-07 15:11:08","true",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bN0uRxwoD","hobbit lad yo","Little bit different","7","","2020-06-07 15:12:44","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bN6X9ZkQK","Anne Kenna","Or the sacred mosque who were also slave traders","22","","2020-06-07 15:13:30","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bN7_p90QK","All Seeing Eye","OMFG hahahaha made my day with your stupidity 😂 you comparing a small statue of a slave trader with pyramids","13","","2020-06-07 15:13:39","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bN9VLGYm9","Anon Anon","Some slave-traders are more airbrushable than others.","9","","2020-06-07 15:13:55","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bN9nm6ljR","Christian Greyxstar","Well they did again again and again","0","","2020-06-07 15:13:57","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bNF14TstA","Gypo","You do realise our museums are full of looted items? It’s quite funny actually. Great Britain is the product of centuries of looting","10","","2020-06-07 15:14:40","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bNGgRNKnu","Manny Singh","Hardly the same is it?","1","","2020-06-07 15:14:53","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bNH-VLwWb","out of the trash","Traded white slaves too. Not that that bothers anybody. Not that it should, but equality is supposed to be the goal.... right?....","13","","2020-06-07 15:14:56","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bNILKLC65","out of the trash","@hobbit lad yo how so?","2","","2020-06-07 15:15:07","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bNbfoI7n4","OWEN","@hobbit lad yo how it any diffrent ?","3","","2020-06-07 15:17:54","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bNeS0QmB6","analog samurai","@hobbit lad yo  different because the slaves were white European Christians that built the pyramids?","3","","2020-06-07 15:18:16","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bNynuyk3J","Ylena Green","analog samurai white Christians did not build the pyramids though","1","","2020-06-07 15:21:03","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bO6WFdOza","Mathew Cornelius","The pyramids were not built by slaves. Look it up. ;)","0","","2020-06-07 15:22:14","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bOA0vYBec","Steve Whitecliffs","@hobbit lad yo How?..","0","","2020-06-07 15:22:43","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bOUel_UuG","Phil Whatever","All Seeing Eye your user name actually suggests your stupidity! Because if you was a little more educated, you would see the connection i was making! The Spanish catholics destroyed history in South America, Isis destroyed megaliths in Syria, the Nazis destroyed everything. 
What they are actually doing is trying to delete history, which is not how we learn to correct the mistakes of the past! These things should be left alone. As a reminder of the bad things he did. 
   We know now that the Egyptians had a far greater technology then they was ever given credit for! They even surpassed us on things we still dont know how to do today! All in the name of hiding history!
 Same with city of Baalbek! 
 Same with machu pichu 

In a thousand years how will are future ancestors know about this man and what he did when people delete and destroy history like this!","3","","2020-06-07 15:25:32","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bOlGqBs7w","OWEN","@Ylena Green yeh the sword welding god loving samurai Christians we all know and love :P ?","0","","2020-06-07 15:27:57","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bOldw4XQq","Phil Whatever","Mathew Cornelius they were still slave traders, look that up 😊","1","","2020-06-07 15:28:00","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bP4Bcxf28","Tdr94 19","Exactly!!!!","0","","2020-06-07 15:30:40","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bPDdZVFl2","Phil Whatever","Gypo as was every great nation. Some were just better then others 👍","0","","2020-06-07 15:31:57","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bPXUe_0Xo","Charles Martel","The Pyramids were never built by slaves","2","","2020-06-07 15:34:40","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bPbs1ygAO","Phil Whatever","SoAExile calling people names, does not help your message, it only displays your inadequacy. Slavery is equal to, it does not matter the colour of your skin or your ethnicity. Just because somebody is black it does not make it worse.","2","","2020-06-07 15:35:24","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bPkI2R8jL","SoAExile","@Phil Whatever why arestatues erected in the first place, for people that come after them to praise them and remember them as heros and as people of good, thats why the people in the statues are posing heroically and nobly, however what was noble about him he should not ne endeared by honouring him with a statue and in a way accept what he done was right. If you want to remeber him give him a chaptwr in somw history book at the back of the library or better yet expose his misdeeds and teach people what truly happened in britain 300 years ago.","2","","2020-06-07 15:36:33","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bQCntQN3f","magpie 9","@Mathew Cornelius No they weren't, but the ancient Egyptian society relied on slavery.","0","","2020-06-07 15:40:34","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bQIJ_mgXD","Tdr94 19","Phil Whatever this is true but sadly rascal discrimination against white people does not exist","3","","2020-06-07 15:41:20","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bQNezHHCw","out of the trash","@Mathew Cornelius I agree but we are supposed to be going on the basis here of taught history not actuall history. A lot of which we may never actually know. In any case the Egyptians did have white slaves, a lot of them from Ireland.","1","","2020-06-07 15:42:04","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bQZLLilao","out of the trash","@OWEN samurai?","0","","2020-06-07 15:43:39","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bQyC5aM3G","Salma Abdullah","@Anne Kenna you do realise therea a different between a building and a statue?","0","","2020-06-07 15:47:11","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bR-CF5Fff","OWEN","@out of the trash 
Ylena Green
25 minutes ago
analog samurai white Christians did not build the pyramids though","0","","2020-06-07 15:47:27","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bRDgAFkK3","Salma Abdullah","@Phil Whatever no the history does loool","0","","2020-06-07 15:49:26","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bRNn24ckD","Anne Kenna","Salma Abdullah principe is the same though if we’re talking about slave traders, you do realise that, don’t you ?","1","","2020-06-07 15:50:49","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bRijB1XuR","Phil Whatever","SoAExile to add a plaque which explains it on the statue would be better,","1","","2020-06-07 15:53:49","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bRlHjPEMV","Anne Kenna","Connor Mcdairmant What! Did pharaoh hump the blocks up on his back then? Of course they were built by slaves","1","","2020-06-07 15:54:10","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bS-GvlMDr","Dr Professor","They wuz kangz n sheit though","0","","2020-06-07 15:56:12","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bSTRp11GK","NT L","The pyramids of Egypt were slave traders?","0","","2020-06-07 16:00:19","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bTarcm-_v","john Taylor","@Anne Kenna They were built by paid workers whose remains have been found in an encampment near the pyramids. They lived lives shortened greatly by backbreaking labour but weren't slaves, more likely religious nutjobs.","0","","2020-06-07 16:10:13","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bTiCKZK3L","josh denne","​@out of the trash The pyramids were built partly by slave labour, not specifically to celebrate someone who profited from the trade of slaves. The statue wasn't built by slaves, but it celebrates the life of someone who traded them. Its different.","0","","2020-06-07 16:11:13","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bTjw6JFRJ","josh denne","@OWEN The pyramids were built partly by slave labour, not specifically to celebrate someone who profited from the trade of slaves. The statue wasn't built by slaves, but it celebrates the life of someone who traded them. Its different.","0","","2020-06-07 16:11:27","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bToDBMcZj","Phil Whatever","NT L whilst my use of gramma was not very good. The other 59 people who liked it, seemed to understand it just fine, so whilst highlighting my lack of intelligence remember how ironic that is. 🙈😂

Edit, i also know you was just being sarcastic to be funny, 😁👍","0","","2020-06-07 16:12:02","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bToFAPPbm","josh denne","​@analog samurai No, its got nothing to do with that. The pyramids were built partly by slave labour, not specifically to celebrate someone who profited from the trade of slaves. The statue wasn't built by slaves, but it celebrates the life of someone who traded them. Its different.","0","","2020-06-07 16:12:02","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bWYqFa_kc","Ylena Green","OWEN I just realised how weird my reply looks with their user name 😂","0","","2020-06-07 16:36:01","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bYO8sEeZo","secretsfullofsaucers","That is one easy straw man to pull down, the pyramids aren't glorfying slave traders are they?","0","","2020-06-07 16:52:02","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bZZbFBq-Z","Phil Whatever","secretsfullofsaucers its about pulling down and erasing history. Whats ironic is, its mostly white girls using slave built mobile phones and wearing slave made clothes from the schools and hospitals thats in his name that are pulling it down. Adding a plaque to the statue would be a lot less damaging for our future ancestors to know what it was about, rather then just deleting it all together.","0","","2020-06-07 17:02:20","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99b__oBkPRS","Omnishambles","pyramids tend to be bottom heavy, would like to see anyone try","0","","2020-06-07 17:11:14","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99bneVE31Da","analog samurai","@josh denne its also a part of history. how can you learn from the history by destroying it?","1","","2020-06-07 19:14:12","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99e6fmmnud5","Barry Collins","Gypo yeah and ?","0","","2020-06-08 16:47:37","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99j6LO365vS","charles","@analog samurai Statues are not history - the records of the Africa company, still extant, are history.","0","","2020-06-10 15:20:55","false",""
"UgzShKXA9JX1Ik7GNPV4AaABAg.99bMq55z_iJ99jED9KONZ9","analog samurai","@charles ohh so you one of the snowflakes then...... why not go tear down mosques? prophet muhammad owned and traded slaves... im sure mosques have statues to tear down why nobody going for them?","0","","2020-06-10 16:29:41","false",""
"UgwY99UqEPmuLO98ZUB4AaABAg","Massimo Elwanie","BLM was founded on the contemptible lie that the thug Michael Brown was an innocent ""gentle giant"" and it went on to fuel hatred an violence against police..God save the queen🤔","5","1","2020-06-07 15:11:19","true",""
"UgwY99UqEPmuLO98ZUB4AaABAg.99bMrV7qvyH99bNjoNjJec","Ylena Green","Even if. That was a lie or even just a manipulation of the truth that doesn’t erase that fact that this moment is needed. Every person that is permanently effected, damaged or killed whilst this most brutal form of racism is ignored is one too many.","0","","2020-06-07 15:19:00","false",""
"UgxV5NU2sfw2uxhHSsB4AaABAg","Heel Hook","Has there ever been another group in history who destroyed historic symbols, silenced people who disagreed with via mob intimidation and blamed their issues on the rich who weren't struggling like them...? I'm sure there was something like that around 1930.....","17","4","2020-06-07 15:11:22","true",""
"UgxV5NU2sfw2uxhHSsB4AaABAg.99bMrqlFNVZ99bNdOk2d6L","out of the trash","ISIS is another one.","0","","2020-06-07 15:18:08","false",""
"UgxV5NU2sfw2uxhHSsB4AaABAg.99bMrqlFNVZ99bOUyYRjDf","3lancer Officialmaybe","If destroying a statue dedicated to a slave trader who's business practice was responsible for killing 19,000 Africans, and enslaving another 65,000, is anything like what the Nazis did in the 1930s, then you need to relearn history pal. I'm sure Hitler would have loved this bloke.","0","","2020-06-07 15:25:35","false",""
"UgxV5NU2sfw2uxhHSsB4AaABAg.99bMrqlFNVZ99bP3IlrgFN","Heel Hook","@3lancer Officialmaybe Those who can't remember the past are doomed to repeat it. Am I saying he should've had a statue? No. Am I saying that mobs deciding to pull it down to virtue signal is wrong? Yes.

If you don't want it in your city then get a petition going to move it into a museum, you may have had success with that. When you start pulling down history, good or bad, you enter a very slippery slope which I'd rather avoid.","2","","2020-06-07 15:30:32","false",""
"UgxV5NU2sfw2uxhHSsB4AaABAg.99bMrqlFNVZ99bPvdjQWB7","out of the trash","@3lancer Officialmaybe Your jewelry, laptop, phone, furniture etc, etc, etc results in the deaths and enslavement of how many people today?Does tearing down a statue help them? No it only serves as brief pleasure to the idiots that done it.","1","","2020-06-07 15:38:06","false",""
"UgxYozO9Z-0GSkO26Zh4AaABAg","India Tube","Let's pull everything down and then sit in a field taking selfies .... The younger generation are a feckless bunch of wasters.","8","4","2020-06-07 15:11:25","true",""
"UgxYozO9Z-0GSkO26Zh4AaABAg.99bMsCFdaQj99bN4kAt6VX","Sparkle O'Whore","Hahaha, that was funny!","0","","2020-06-07 15:13:16","false",""
"UgxYozO9Z-0GSkO26Zh4AaABAg.99bMsCFdaQj99bO11Bty2Q","Kyle Chambers","Bunch of knobheads who read a few articles and preach they know better than anybody else.","0","","2020-06-07 15:21:30","false",""
"UgxYozO9Z-0GSkO26Zh4AaABAg.99bMsCFdaQj99bQEf1uXQg","Anglus Patria","90% of these mongrels are older than me","0","","2020-06-07 15:40:50","false",""
"UgxYozO9Z-0GSkO26Zh4AaABAg.99bMsCFdaQj99bRLz0RW4m","Yann","You sound so aggravated that some are actually doing something with their time","0","","2020-06-07 15:50:34","false",""
"UgwbAuRzBiuph4pEJBx4AaABAg","FactsTrump Feelings","Anarchists, they’ll travel far and wide to cause disruption... and jump on the back of any protest against authority, to get traction","1","3","2020-06-07 15:11:28","true",""
"UgwbAuRzBiuph4pEJBx4AaABAg.99bMsX8LpmY99bNNnfnRWq","friend","The man was a slaver, that's the long and short of it. Doesn't matter the good things he did, they're eclipsed by his racism. There isn't any need for statues immortalising him in 2020. Really weeds out those more outraged at the tearing down of a racist man's statue than the ongoing injustice to PoC.","0","","2020-06-07 15:15:52","false",""
"UgwbAuRzBiuph4pEJBx4AaABAg.99bMsX8LpmY99lxlES8KYm","FactsTrump Feelings","The man may have been a slaver, as you call it.. but in his time, slaving wasn’t illegal, he wasn’t doing anything wrong.. if we base everything on today’s standards, then you may as well completely eradicate history.. no Roman Empire, no mongol empire, no Catholic Church.. where does it end","0","","2020-06-11 17:54:55","false",""
"UgwbAuRzBiuph4pEJBx4AaABAg.99bMsX8LpmY99lyzQqU-A_","friend","@FactsTrump Feelings just because something was legal, doesnt mean its ethical, but I agree that it should be in a museum, and thats exactly where its being taken currently. I appreciate your view though, but after years of petitioning for the statue to be removed got us nowhere people were rightly frustrated","0","","2020-06-11 18:05:35","false",""
"Ugwuetne6P_5fJHQ6pB4AaABAg","Sparkle O'Whore","He had it coming...","8","2","2020-06-07 15:11:29","true",""
"Ugwuetne6P_5fJHQ6pB4AaABAg.99bMsgSTIsD99bNMnhD0Wf","Chibi Ninja Gaming","Literally the top comment is

""He supported and endowed schools, almshouses, hospitals and churches in Bristol, London and elsewhere. Many of his charitable foundations survive to this day""","1","","2020-06-07 15:15:44","false",""
"Ugwuetne6P_5fJHQ6pB4AaABAg.99bMsgSTIsD99bTVlteo5Y","Sparkle O'Whore","@Chibi Ninja Gaming all based on blood money.","0","","2020-06-07 16:09:23","false",""
"UgxGmMUrVa7XCzPawP54AaABAg","Anon Anon","Mass hysteria.","15","0","2020-06-07 15:11:30","true",""
"UgxxICOqA54q2Hrz86J4AaABAg","Jane Hedgehog","Just got served by a black girl in McDonald's  . Where she should be . Serving  .","1","3","2020-06-07 15:11:39","true",""
"UgxxICOqA54q2Hrz86J4AaABAg.99bMtxGSMzK99bMxRvbcVX","Sparkle O'Whore","Idiot","2","","2020-06-07 15:12:08","false",""
"UgxxICOqA54q2Hrz86J4AaABAg.99bMtxGSMzK99bNRbhfdSF","friend","Go educate yourself you racist pos","1","","2020-06-07 15:16:23","false",""
"UgxxICOqA54q2Hrz86J4AaABAg.99bMtxGSMzK99bO-vtWT37","Chibi Ninja Gaming","Dude, I'm against this whole statue business but COME ON. She's earning a wage just like every other poor sod in this shithole","1","","2020-06-07 15:21:20","false",""
"Ugwq7_4DBVPKREcNSIh4AaABAg","sean 123","he built hospitals and houses, just like hitler and mussolini <3","12","5","2020-06-07 15:11:44","true",""
"Ugwq7_4DBVPKREcNSIh4AaABAg.99bMuW9aniv99bNFXgmVmK","Michael","sean 123 

Hitler built a country and nearly conquered Europe. Mussolini was... doing his thing. Completely different to helping your local community. Godwins Law. You may wanna google that","1","","2020-06-07 15:14:44","false",""
"Ugwq7_4DBVPKREcNSIh4AaABAg.99bMuW9aniv99bN_uAE2l0","sean 123","@Michael sure I dont know a lot of things, but the world is changing, and the people want freedom","0","","2020-06-07 15:17:39","false",""
"Ugwq7_4DBVPKREcNSIh4AaABAg.99bMuW9aniv99bNalz7Z0M","ednwab","sean 123 so not all bad then?","0","","2020-06-07 15:17:46","false",""
"Ugwq7_4DBVPKREcNSIh4AaABAg.99bMuW9aniv99bQHmdV11U","sean 123","@ednwab slavery isnt freedom","0","","2020-06-07 15:41:15","false",""
"Ugwq7_4DBVPKREcNSIh4AaABAg.99bMuW9aniv99bQJruB5ZZ","sean 123","@ednwab discrimination isnt freedom","0","","2020-06-07 15:41:32","false",""
"UgwLuA4kKWuGw7C1_d94AaABAg","HyperVoxel","Vandalism at its finest","18","0","2020-06-07 15:11:58","true",""
"UgzCV1R6XGRASIDB7h54AaABAg","TheMajorRuin","I hear Napalm smells quite good in the morning.... told by vietnam movies","1","0","2020-06-07 15:12:15","true",""
"Ugxz4Ly4qV7h01pOXa94AaABAg","leo fiorentino","I hope they are social distancing and washing hands frequently. 🤗","15","8","2020-06-07 15:12:19","true",""
"Ugxz4Ly4qV7h01pOXa94AaABAg.99bMypM1TFd99bNeE-XqFS","Andrews Animations","I know it's wrong to say, but I hope not. They need to realise we're still in a pandemic. As soon as one of them test positive, a lesson will be learned.","0","","2020-06-07 15:18:15","false",""
"Ugxz4Ly4qV7h01pOXa94AaABAg.99bMypM1TFd99bOE4SlPgj","Dave","Whereas I'm hoping they all catch COVID-19 and die from it. Because that's what hatemongering racist scum deserve.","2","","2020-06-07 15:23:16","false",""
"Ugxz4Ly4qV7h01pOXa94AaABAg.99bMypM1TFd99bOrPv6wUo","Chelsea For life","@Dave The real racist is Trump, and white supremicits","0","","2020-06-07 15:28:47","false",""
"Ugxz4Ly4qV7h01pOXa94AaABAg.99bMypM1TFd99bPVASnC5B","conor skeffington","@Dave incredible how you can watch people tear down a monument to a slave owner and call THEM racists","0","","2020-06-07 15:34:21","false",""
"Ugxz4Ly4qV7h01pOXa94AaABAg.99bMypM1TFd99bPVBgVp0J","Mich 1404","Would it really be so bad if they weren't? the police clearly won't do anything to stop them, so let COVID-19 have a crack","0","","2020-06-07 15:34:21","false",""
"Ugxz4Ly4qV7h01pOXa94AaABAg.99bMypM1TFd99bPdOqmMub","Dulce periculum","I wonder if Cummings is doing the same or does he have to travel 30 miles to see if his hand s need washing..?","0","","2020-06-07 15:35:36","false",""
"Ugxz4Ly4qV7h01pOXa94AaABAg.99bMypM1TFd99bQ5CQh48k","Dulce periculum","@Dave I was hoping the virus would have ended racist fat lard Johnson permanently but unfortunately not the case. Don't worry there's always the second wave these right wing racist scum will get their comeuppance..","0","","2020-06-07 15:39:32","false",""
"Ugxz4Ly4qV7h01pOXa94AaABAg.99bMypM1TFd99bjYgZibYJ","Dave","@Dulce periculum Despite my dislike of BoJo, I'm pleased that you were left feeling disappointed and let down. Here's hoping COVID-19 isn't as forgiving for you, WHEN (and it is when) you and yours get it.","0","","2020-06-07 18:38:20","false",""
"UgwdvDecJPpdLt5QGsJ4AaABAg","Brodaty Brodacz","Vandals Lives Dont matter !!!","31","10","2020-06-07 15:12:28","true",""
"UgwdvDecJPpdLt5QGsJ4AaABAg.99bMzunmsAF99bNQTDZj88","Chelsea For life","Stautes of slave traders shouldn't be up anyway","5","","2020-06-07 15:16:14","false",""
"UgwdvDecJPpdLt5QGsJ4AaABAg.99bMzunmsAF99bOVxXrcE8","Alan Watkins","shame it didnt fall on some of the lefty  scum","5","","2020-06-07 15:25:43","false",""
"UgwdvDecJPpdLt5QGsJ4AaABAg.99bMzunmsAF99bP-8j0yOp","Tygerrr Uk","Not for a scum bag few to decide that the statue doesn’t matter","1","","2020-06-07 15:29:58","false",""
"UgwdvDecJPpdLt5QGsJ4AaABAg.99bMzunmsAF99bP-ZAp1Qo","Chelsea For life","@Alan Watkins So you justify racism??","0","","2020-06-07 15:30:02","false",""
"UgwdvDecJPpdLt5QGsJ4AaABAg.99bMzunmsAF99bPzt7CYiZ","Nick Phillips","@Chelsea For life So you justify vandalism?","2","","2020-06-07 15:38:41","false",""
"UgwdvDecJPpdLt5QGsJ4AaABAg.99bMzunmsAF99bQaTHAYhP","Chelsea For life","@Nick Phillips by your logic breaking the Berlin wall was also illegal was it","0","","2020-06-07 15:43:57","false",""
"UgwdvDecJPpdLt5QGsJ4AaABAg.99bMzunmsAF99bR6fcPnDx","Nick Phillips","@Chelsea For life what logic? I simply asked you a question","2","","2020-06-07 15:48:29","false",""
"UgwdvDecJPpdLt5QGsJ4AaABAg.99bMzunmsAF99bSAhjmmX8","Chelsea For life","@Nick Phillips Rules depend on the situation. In this situation, it was alright. If someone graffitied a house than that is unacceptable. You would be alright if there was a statue of Hitler in the middle of Hyde park?","0","","2020-06-07 15:57:46","false",""
"UgwdvDecJPpdLt5QGsJ4AaABAg.99bMzunmsAF99bSidfQVfa","Not A Cossack","The vandals fell in 400AD?","1","","2020-06-07 16:02:32","false",""
"UgwdvDecJPpdLt5QGsJ4AaABAg.99bMzunmsAF99bnbbPY4kj","Nick Phillips","@Chelsea For life what the statue is of is irrelevant to my point. It is vandalism. Coupled with the lack of social distancing. Police should be dishing out some fines to get some money back for all of the money spent on the furlough scheme.","0","","2020-06-07 19:13:49","false",""
"UgwEeYcJod9WfoLyRgF4AaABAg","Daryl Watson","In the past decade, 163 people have died in police custody in England and Wales.

Of the 163, 140 of these were white, 13 of them were black and 10 were of a different ethnicity.

Their ancestors who went through real racism and worked hard in this country would be ashamed.","43","8","2020-06-07 15:12:28","true",""
"UgwEeYcJod9WfoLyRgF4AaABAg.99bMztiayua99bNdfIH0xS","Rust in Peace","These people don't care about facts.","7","","2020-06-07 15:18:10","false",""
"UgwEeYcJod9WfoLyRgF4AaABAg.99bMztiayua99bNnVkPL9-","Taibah Mahmood","Yeah maybe because there is more white propel in England and Wales than black people.","3","","2020-06-07 15:19:31","false",""
"UgwEeYcJod9WfoLyRgF4AaABAg.99bMztiayua99bON1850YT","Mich 1404","You think these rioters care about the facts?","9","","2020-06-07 15:24:30","false",""
"UgwEeYcJod9WfoLyRgF4AaABAg.99bMztiayua99bOp6KNq4b","Rob","Black people represent 3.4% of the UK population, but form 7.9% of deaths in police custody. Your own stat shows that black people are disproportionately killed by police","3","","2020-06-07 15:28:28","false",""
"UgwEeYcJod9WfoLyRgF4AaABAg.99bMztiayua99bTEOlq3nb","Nanny nobnobs","Black people using white middle class as mind slaves.getting them to tear down statues for them","0","","2020-06-07 16:07:00","false",""
"UgwEeYcJod9WfoLyRgF4AaABAg.99bMztiayua99bTvIpqOjG","Galen Tyrol","@Rob is that mainly to do with color, or class. Can you break the statistics down so the correlation is clearer and not influenced by other factors. Statistically people that emigrate to the UK to take low paid jobs don't start out high in society, actually they start near the bottom. People that are at the bottom of society are more likely to end up in violent crime. Can you provide the figures after economic conditions have been factored in, if you can't your argument is flawed. Please provide? Thank you.","0","","2020-06-07 16:13:00","false",""
"UgwEeYcJod9WfoLyRgF4AaABAg.99bMztiayua99bUsE3Ix63","Rob","@Galen Tyrol  I'm not the one making the argument, I'm showing that simply using unsubstantiated statistics like the guy I replied to did can't prove or disprove a point","1","","2020-06-07 16:21:19","false",""
"UgwEeYcJod9WfoLyRgF4AaABAg.99bMztiayua99bXetfIpzs","Galen Tyrol","@Rob unfortunately bad use of statistics has led to a police force that can't enforce the law without fear of being labelled as racists and some pretty terrible tragedies have come from that. There are white papers on this, I don't even need to spend time defending that, they are available to download. Unfortunately the UK police will probably be even more fearful of enforcing the law now. The main communities that will suffer, will be the poorest and most vulnerable. Who would join the police to be subjected to that. Ah well at least the rich won't suffer.....","1","","2020-06-07 16:45:43","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg","KAOS","If thats the case shouldn't we take down all of George Washingtons statues since he owned slaves aswell🤷‍♂️","229","69","2020-06-07 15:12:32","true",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bNQYOGkFM","Steven Howlett","Is there a George Washington statue in Bristol? If there is then absolutely","81","","2020-06-07 15:16:14","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bNaZe_BPG","Ryan Barrett","Yes","35","","2020-06-07 15:17:45","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bP-3ru9M_","Kryten FiveTwoThreeP","Difference being: Colston was a slave TRADER, it's right there in the title ffs","30","","2020-06-07 15:29:58","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bPMlLVc-A","Tom Frascina","@Find The Light Who cares? Mount Rushmore is an absolute eyesore anyway, let alone being built on Native American sacred ground","16","","2020-06-07 15:33:12","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bPifbeXvx","Salma Abdullah","@Shaggy Maest yeah no","4","","2020-06-07 15:36:20","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bQ5I2Lk87","TryingToBeRational","Yes","1","","2020-06-07 15:39:33","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bQ8aQcmmc","Anglus Patria","Islam’s prophet owned them, practically every statue in Turkey too. Julias Ceasar. 

This is our history, these foreigns cannot go back from this, blood will be shed","17","","2020-06-07 15:40:00","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bQ9AD8iVJ","Andrea c","They will do...","0","","2020-06-07 15:40:05","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bQFyx_tRk","John Armstrong","Owning slaves in America was common practice. However transporting 84000 men, women and children from Africa whereby 19000 of them died in transit was a practice carried out by slave traders which were far fewer. Both immoral but there is a significant difference. I'm not sure in this day and age we should have monuments to celebrate slave traders anymore than we should have monuments of Nazis who participated in the Jewish holocaust. However I do not think the mob should remove these out of date edifices but rather leave it to the council. Btw slavery and repression exist today. Dubai's buildings are built by Indians who live in awful conditions and the cheap clothes in many retailers are created in sweat shops. I would focus my attention on these issues rather than pulling down old statues illegally.","17","","2020-06-07 15:41:01","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bQO43WYwW","TheEndIsHere FinalWarning","Yes take that down as well","2","","2020-06-07 15:42:07","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bQUtBH6x8","TheEndIsHere FinalWarning","@John Armstrong no point telling these racists they are mentally sick","2","","2020-06-07 15:43:03","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bQyt_Qisa","Alan S Binnie","@James If you are serious, then you are a bloody moron.","0","","2020-06-07 15:47:17","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bR3TIZxWQ","Alan S Binnie","@Ryan Barrett No","0","","2020-06-07 15:48:02","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bRJS1kgqX","Not A Cossack","Traitor to king and country. Absolutely down with the tyranny of George IV","0","","2020-06-07 15:50:13","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bRJeo6CpT","James Olojo","They need to start from somewhere","0","","2020-06-07 15:50:15","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bTh_lawuD","Bradford Boxed","Yes","0","","2020-06-07 16:11:08","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bTkEDynJE","David","Fair point, let’s do it","0","","2020-06-07 16:11:29","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bUAZeVMWT","Salma Abdullah","@Anglus Patria Sure, update me when that happens dude. Don't really see anyone opposing getting off their asses just a lot of keyboard warriors.","2","","2020-06-07 16:15:13","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bUCkzgYU_","KoivuTheHab","@Steven Howlett That's completely irrelevant.","0","","2020-06-07 16:15:31","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bUF0ud47w","KoivuTheHab","@Find The Light ''sometimes''

Hah!","0","","2020-06-07 16:15:50","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bUmzCTqgL","Samuel James","This guy made a fortune through slavery and was responsible for about 84,000 slaves being transported from Africa to the americas. That’s why it was pulled down. I don’t know much about Washington but I don’t believe he actively transported and sold slaves. Correct me if I’m wrong.","3","","2020-06-07 16:20:36","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bW0G1HNMR","Zachary Wilson","George Washington didn't trade slaves, he just owned them. Colston was a major slave trader.","2","","2020-06-07 16:31:18","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bXwn6KwXJ","paul walsh","Yes","0","","2020-06-07 16:48:09","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bZ9UhIKxA","marcus l","but they will use iphones and wear trainers and clothes made in 3rd world sweat shops! lol.""But that dosent count because those people arent blaaaaaccccckkkk!!!!!'","4","","2020-06-07 16:58:46","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bZLp7m023","Ego Twistick","And every king and emperor throughout history up until the British made it illegal, we don't destroy history we learn from it, that's what makes society so great","2","","2020-06-07 17:00:27","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bZzsWUDOy","What The Frack!","I think if they did that, then they would also need to take down anything to do with Grant, as he refused to get rid of his slaves after the civil war. He had to be made to.
In fact, there probably wouldn't be any physical representation honouring anyone prior to the 1960's. Pretty much everyone suffered from some sort of ism (as in prejudice).","0","","2020-06-07 17:06:03","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99b_E9D2-LB","Keith Davison","And abe Lincoln I know Americans like to rewrite history but the world knows the truth about him, and every police officer over there , oh and don’t forget Trump and all the many many many confederate soldiers and so called hero’s that are all over the USA Still today.","0","","2020-06-07 17:08:08","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99b_cfunOz2","Joe Tyler","@John Armstrong good point","0","","2020-06-07 17:11:38","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bdWlEh1DR","Israel Soto Salcido","@Kryten FiveTwoThreeP and also he open hospitals and schools, so, I guess that doesn't matter. And there's some charitable foundations that he created, please burn those too.","1","","2020-06-07 17:45:38","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99beYmN1iwa","Mark Alexander","What you waiting for then.","0","","2020-06-07 17:54:39","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bejxQJ0Sf","marvelousmarvin71","Theyd have to be instructed by the all knowing braincell they are all wired up to, and thats not in the agenda.","0","","2020-06-07 17:56:19","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bek6P3KIC","Joseph Mason","@Ryan Barrett Stfu douche bag","0","","2020-06-07 17:56:20","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bg5LBQuU_","Willhe Tobig","Idiots","2","","2020-06-07 18:08:06","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bo7l4daIL","Samuel Aviles","@Anglus Patria nice strawman","0","","2020-06-07 19:18:20","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bq0UPIiin","Anglus Patria","@Samuel Aviles 

Doesn’t even make sense you thick sack of mud","0","","2020-06-07 19:34:49","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bqG8V3KWT","Ariannauk1","John Armstrong what about the coliseum it maybe the golden dome mosque in Israel auschwitz maybe ?? All destroyed i don’t think so but people will do it in the U.K. because the police are soft","1","","2020-06-07 19:36:58","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bqxq1MkJi","Samuel Aviles","@Anglus Patria apologies for the redundancy, thank you","0","","2020-06-07 19:43:04","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99bxRfp8Iaf","Simon Watson","Good idea","0","","2020-06-07 20:39:42","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99c0VxsuEF2","rocknroller1986","He's next, same with anyone who supported the confederate or white supremacy.","1","","2020-06-07 21:15:14","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99cDmetm2E5","Oswald Huynh","@Keith Davison Abe Lincoln also owned slaves.  Hence why they trying to protect the Lincoln memorial.  Cause he will be next to be destroyed.","0","","2020-06-07 23:11:15","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99cGt_5gxzM","Galen Tyrol","@Samuel James From the New York Times: The wealth and prominence that allowed Jefferson, at just 33, and the other founding fathers to believe they could successfully break off from one of the mightiest empires in the world came from the dizzying profits generated by chattel slavery. In other words, we may never have revolted against Britain if the founders had not understood that slavery empowered them to do so; nor if they had not believed that independence was required in order to ensure that slavery would continue. It is not incidental that 10 of this nation’s first 12 presidents were enslavers, and some might argue that this nation was founded not as a democracy but as a slavocracy.[64]","0","","2020-06-07 23:38:25","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99cLLOHdQG5","Noor","Yes. If there's any Washington statues in Britain, absolutely. Take down every statue of an owner of chattel slaves. Every colonial landowner. Take all the statues down, melt them into a giant slag heap, put it on the front yard of Buckingham Palace, and officially designate it a public urinal.","0","","2020-06-08 00:17:18","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99cLe0Zd00_","Oswald Huynh","One of the Abraham Lincoln statues have been destroyed.  More statues to come.","0","","2020-06-08 00:19:59","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99cgX6LCocW","Kronos","@Noor Does that include every king and queen prior to 1833? Can we burn down Buckingham Palace while we're at it as that is a monument to slave owners? What about the mosques as Mohammad owned slaves?","1","","2020-06-08 03:31:08","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99ct3_VkYz8","PublicEnemy-1","Ye...","0","","2020-06-08 05:20:42","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99d5Jyy7hF-","Mr Frisky","@Steven Howlett What about the Pyramids? They were built by slaves to honour slave trading rulers - when are the left going to dismantle them??","1","","2020-06-08 07:16:32","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99d5zYQVhSG","Noor","@Kronos Buildings are useful. Keep buildings. Statues only serve to honour the person they're portraying. We shouldn't honour person who owned others as chattel. That's just not a thing that should happen. Now, most slavery throughout history hasn't been chattel slavery but lesser forms, but I'm not against applying the same to every form of slavery, whether indentured servitude, prison slavery or whatever. Melt them all.","0","","2020-06-08 07:22:21","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99dHKGCdn_w","Statiscube","George Washington isn't some holy figure. He shouldn't be honoured.","1","","2020-06-08 09:01:26","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99dHuust8CR","Mr Frisky","@Statiscube So do we also raise the Pyramids to the ground now? They were built with slave labour to honour kings who ruled over 10s of thoushof slaves.
Maybe March on the Egyptian embassy next to demand they are fattened??","0","","2020-06-08 09:06:34","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99dIp5tzO_e","Statiscube","@Mr Frisky I guess they hold sentimental value to some people, but these Egyptian Kings were terrible people.
These monuments should be put in a museum.

When statues or Lenin get destroyed, you won't be opposing that, will you?","0","","2020-06-08 09:14:31","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99dMEuFGG6n","Noor","@Mr Frisky ""They were built by slaves to honour slave trading rulers""
Which pyramids? If it's the Egyptian ones, they were not built by the slaves but by the peasants during flooding when they couldn't farm. The rulers also did not practice slave trade; the chattel slavery in Egypt was primarily of prisoners of war, which the rulers gifted to prominent priests, soldiers etc. 
Which obv doesn't make them good people, but if you're so concerned about history you might wanna read up on it a bit.","0","","2020-06-08 09:44:23","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99dMqcWOQcP","Mr Frisky","@Noor Well it took over 1000 years so slaves were used for much of that time as I'm sure you will know.
There was a massive slave trade between Africa and the middle east ( Iran etc) and also Egypt and the middle eastern countries took 5x the amount of slaves ( Paying the stronger African tribes for them) than Europeans or Americans ever did.
When are you protesting against the Iranian or Egyptian governments then kid??","0","","2020-06-08 09:49:41","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99dRficzMmo","Noor","@Mr Frisky Chattel slavery existed in Egypt during the time the pyramids were built, but it is general consensus among egyptologists that the pyramids were built by craftsmen and paid laborers, not chattel slaves.
Again, you seem to have a very poor understanding of the topics of which you speak.","0","","2020-06-08 10:31:53","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99dSiJhC5Ts","Mr Frisky","@Noor And you seemed to have cherry picked what is believed to have happened- its beloved that crafts men were used to shape and finish the stones but to move a 100 tonne block of stone 100s of miles to the build sites slaves were used. The Actual build maybe not as much.
Once again this process went on for around 1000 years and many many slaves were worked to death.
The main slave route was between the middle east and Africa so Egypt was a prime buying ground for slaves.
All basic stuff kid, maybe read up rather than use Wikipedia","0","","2020-06-08 10:40:58","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99dV7X2Nts1","Noor","@Mr Frisky I believe the consensus of the egyptologists and anthropologists who have researched the matter for decades over what some random dude on the internet claims. I suggest you do the same, and instead of posting nonsense here you go read what their research has to say.","0","","2020-06-08 11:02:01","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99dWjVTkIGC","Mr Frisky","@Noor Your not just some random dude son. Your obviously very good at reading Wikipedia 😉","0","","2020-06-08 11:16:05","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99djPnpNrGf","Noor","@Mr Frisky Obviously I'm a random dude on the internet, which is why I'm saying don't take my word for it, go read the actual literature by people who aren't.","0","","2020-06-08 13:15:35","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99dkvvEcclC","Mr Frisky","@Noor Your just babbling now Mr Random","0","","2020-06-08 13:28:51","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99e9Bpz3EBS","dragonfly6908","@Steven Howlett This Edward Colston statue has been in Bristol since 1895 rightly or wrongly.  I would imagine the vast majority of people living in Bristol will be walking past it on a daily basis and never gave it a second thought.  If this terrible situation with George Floyd had not happened in the US then this statue would have probably have been standing forever.  Also are these ""protestors?"" who pulled this statue down all from Bristol?.","0","","2020-06-08 17:09:37","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99eLo2b8uXA","Abhishek Mhatre","@Shaggy Maest Actually about 8% of US households owned slaves in 1860.","0","","2020-06-08 18:59:50","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99eUQePxH5d","J J","@Find The Light There is a statue of him in the UK actually.","0","","2020-06-08 20:15:08","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99eUjFsATHB","J J","@Noor there is","0","","2020-06-08 20:17:49","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99eUpxGSVhy","J J","@Noor there is a Washington statue in Britain","0","","2020-06-08 20:18:44","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99eUuCNsxeC","J J","@Oswald Huynh Haha Lincoln fought for the blacks freedom 🤣🤣🤣","0","","2020-06-08 20:19:19","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99eXOvJ4r7H","Oswald Huynh","Jizzy Jay no he didn’t.","0","","2020-06-08 20:41:07","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99ed98XiAAg","macsporan","Good idea!","0","","2020-06-08 21:40:08","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99ek6_rbzeO","drspastic","@Anglus Patria yeah lets see what happens if BLM go to pull down mohummad","0","","2020-06-08 22:40:57","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB99l83c24HGs","frank","if this is how it works we must take down all middle eastern and indian influence in a society today as that is where most modern slavery is","0","","2020-06-11 10:14:26","false",""
"UgzAb9RlG1LefKrL_CN4AaABAg.99bN-L39osB9AvRqaZTzKt","ides of march","No lets start with China or India.","0","","2020-07-10 06:51:05","false",""
"UgzhvLoCL9Wj6xIIah14AaABAg","Vincent Oldfield","I hope they got arrested for damaging that statue, i hate slavery but it is still a crime to damage public property.","5","2","2020-06-07 15:12:33","true",""
"UgzhvLoCL9Wj6xIIah14AaABAg.99bN-VEau_q99bNVedNREw","Starforce 100","Vincent Oldfield nah you can't hate  racism that much.","1","","2020-06-07 15:16:56","false",""
"UgzhvLoCL9Wj6xIIah14AaABAg.99bN-VEau_q99bPsbwsCGf","Wicked_Benz 2000","You completely contradicted yourself. How can you say that you hate slavery but in the same sentence insinuate that you're ok with there being a statue glorifying a man who was at the epicentre of slavery in the Victorian era. Would you say the same if it was a statue of Hitler in Berlin that was being dragged down?","1","","2020-06-07 15:37:41","false",""
"UgwrmZq9gxkna1OC4JJ4AaABAg","Aryeh Schleider","Hopefully police can do exactly the same as in the last riots, use cctv to face match and prosecute them after the fact","11","1","2020-06-07 15:12:49","true",""
"UgwrmZq9gxkna1OC4JJ4AaABAg.99bN1XTNkJe99bQn1iWemR","Wicked_Benz 2000","Would you still be saying that if it was a statue of Hitler? I'm pretty sure you wouldn't so don't be a hypocrite.","0","","2020-06-07 15:45:40","false",""
"Ugzqjxaq3Azcu7YnTI14AaABAg","Makaveli ThaDon","Good Work. These racists looted africa for wealth and people","1","0","2020-06-07 15:12:50","true",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg","Jamie barnes","People who destroy history are doomed to repeat it

Edit: i would like to thank the reasonable people who have been debating in this comment, i like it when i see people discussing ideas and understanding each other not barking at each other to see who can bark the loudest. I wish we you all well BLM, ALM and most importantly stay safe😊","105","52","2020-06-07 15:12:51","true",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99bNI-8dLIu","Michael","Jamie barnes 

Hopefully","2","","2020-06-07 15:15:04","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99bNLKRjRWy","Vanessa Idk","Says the people who constantly deny the history of systematic racism in the UK and the effect is has today","31","","2020-06-07 15:15:32","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99bNrWKsaDL","Tayler Ralph","Vanessa Idk that’s exactly what it is not tho, HISTORY.","1","","2020-06-07 15:20:03","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99bOxetzFEc","Jamie barnes","@Vanessa Idk whos denying it and why are you saying you why are you generalising do you know who i am no","3","","2020-06-07 15:29:38","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99bSQncnuDA","Salma Abdullah","Yeah his history didn't just get erased dude","1","","2020-06-07 15:59:58","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99bSS33hL2X","Salma Abdullah","@Vanessa Idk omg yes!!!!","1","","2020-06-07 16:00:08","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99bSU3nhE3K","Salma Abdullah","@Vanessa Idk 👏🏿 👏🏿 👏🏿 👏🏿 👏🏿 👏🏿","1","","2020-06-07 16:00:25","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99bSaHM_JFK","Salma Abdullah","@Jamie barnes looool easy Web search will show hundreds of thousands of people denying it","1","","2020-06-07 16:01:24","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99bVek_67hL","Jamie barnes","@Salma Abdullah send me a link and we can debate this","0","","2020-06-07 16:28:13","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99bZt0KJnSW","secretsfullofsaucers","That's not the quote though is it. It is a varient of those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. Learning your city is largely built on the money from the slave trade should be taught to all everyone. Removing statues glorifying slave traders is certainly not destroying it.","5","","2020-06-07 17:05:07","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99baQ0ojeGj","Jamie barnes","@secretsfullofsaucers fair point","0","","2020-06-07 17:18:30","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99ba_BBnxni","Jamie barnes","@secretsfullofsaucers my view on the status was it that it represents how far we come as people and how we have put slavery behind us.","0","","2020-06-07 17:19:53","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99bhWyDrVWb","siogbeagbideach","History is history, how can it be destroyed? The quote the comment is based on 
'Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it'. George Santayana-1905
Slightly changed by Churchill when he gave a speech in 1948.
Know your quotes! Know your history, statues not mandatory","1","","2020-06-07 18:20:37","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99bjNBrg_Ia","M S","No uk is finished. They will nevr get a chance to genocide again unless american help. But america if falling too so back to the gutter of history brits. Didnt last long did it? Where is your white supremicy now mr white mans burden?","0","","2020-06-07 18:36:45","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99bkpZeUYnZ","Jamie barnes","@M S im sorry i didn't get a word of that","1","","2020-06-07 18:49:30","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99bn3LEKwyF","Jamie barnes","@siogbeagbideach dude i can change a quotes wording but it doesn't change its meening statues but if we forget the evil slave trader he was in the future people may become him","0","","2020-06-07 19:09:00","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99bp4jEpINk","siogbeagbideach","@Jamie barnes I hear you. My city Dublin gave the Queen Victoria statue we had to Australia, and in the 60s Nelson's Pillar in O'Connell street was blown up. We don't need statues to remember our history is my point. Ireland certainly didn't need them. We've kept a good number of post boxes and painted them green, remnants of a cruel history. The Bristol statue will be read about in history books just like the ones from here that I mentioned, maybe it will be placed in a museum if it's felt that it needs to stay on in some form","1","","2020-06-07 19:26:40","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99brYmCcFEu","Alan S Binnie","@Vanessa Idk No one is denying a racist past, it was Worldwide but I really do not believe that Britain is particularly racist now.","1","","2020-06-07 19:48:15","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99brfGe4O_r","Alan S Binnie","@M S Thank you for that well constructed argument, not sure what it meant though.","0","","2020-06-07 19:49:16","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99bs83vYx_8","Paul Woodhead","I wish people would stop slandering British Colonialism. If anything it was the most positive driving force of free market capitalism and the furtherance of the Christian faith. Look at the state of these hell holes after decolonisation, no rule of law and poverty everywhere. Colonialism brought unrivalled prosperity and rule of law to these areas.","3","","2020-06-07 19:53:20","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99btbpo270k","Mark Allen","@Vanessa Idk nobody is more racist than a black man,except possibly a black woman.","2","","2020-06-07 20:06:16","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99bww92I3YR","Vanessa Idk","Mark Allen source lmao? Every group has racists whats ur point i thought this was about a statue","1","","2020-06-07 20:35:16","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99bwypRcJSy","siogbeagbideach","@Paul Woodhead Killed a million from starvation and over another million fled  from certain death in my country in the 1840s Meanwhile, boatloads of food left under armed guard. Very positive for Britian to plunder the resources  while people starved. 
Do you know the expression 'taking the soup' ? It came about in Great Hunger times, the people who took the soup were the ones who had no choice, starve or renounce the Catholic faith and convert and become Protestant. Jesus Christ himself might say if he were here that it was not a very Christian way to behave.
Think about the North and the years of the Troubles? Was that worth it? Protestant Vs Catholic at war with one another,  caused by one group oppressed and their civil rights denied, British army brought over to keep the peace, welcomed by all until it became clear they were not there to protect the Catholics. Remember Bloody Sunday? No? 
 What slander have I written? None. Maybe time to open your mind to the devastation GB inflicted on countries and people across the world. I've only mentioned my own, I'm sure others might oblige and fill you in on what occured in theirs. 
After decades or centuries of trauma dealing with you , how are surprised if a country becomes a hellhole as you call it. The arrogance in your words show that you remain ignorant of your place in history.  The great saviour and positive force in the world you were certainly not that.","2","","2020-06-07 20:35:38","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99bxGKXtE67","Vanessa Idk","Paul Woodhead they’re ‘hell holes’ largely due 1.) centuries of colonialists sucking up their resources and 2.) post colonial nations saddling on a ton of debt on them and 3.) drawing boarders in a ways that put rival tribes together guarantees  decades of war and tension","1","","2020-06-07 20:38:09","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99bxqexZ2S0","Jamie barnes","@siogbeagbideach i agree with you here every negative event will have some kind of positive outcome but it doesn't make it right like you can save 99 people then kill one of them that dosnt make you not a killer.","2","","2020-06-07 20:43:15","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99bzcITW-sI","Paul Woodhead","@siogbeagbideach Firstly, thank you for replying in a civilised manner without engaging in an ad hominem attack. 
  I admit there where some errors in judgment made during certain colony administrations but to discredit the great work my colonial ancestors performed is unceremonious. 
  Protestantism has fought against Catholicism in the British isles since the 16th century, we have never wished to be under the papacy umbrella of influence so have fought to protect our ecclesiastical doctrines. 
  In relation to colonial trading, we need only to look at the East India Company to look at the order and discipline we brought to India. Roads were paved, water was made accessible and critical infrastructure was constructed to the benefit of India's populace. Also lets take a look at Africa. During colonial periods theocratic totalitarian despots were kept at bay and the rule of law was enforced. To quote the Latin we brought forth ""Ordo ab chao."" As soon as we left chaos re-emerged in the form of Robert Mugabe, lawlessness and poverty returned tenfold.
 I could go on but British colonialism has changed the world for the better in an unfathomable amount of ways, I mean the US wouldn't exist in its current form without us. Neither would Canada, New Zealand or Australia for that matter.","1","","2020-06-07 20:58:46","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99c01cDGYgR","siogbeagbideach","@Jamie barnes ah Jamie it's an argument I've seen and heard so often and I just can't with it anymore. 
I think we can do better. If we can acknowledge, understand and heal. But we need everybody. The world need to heal, George Floyd protests are coming in a time of coronavirus virus too, that scares the hell out of me, but I'm okay with thinking this is a moment in history that has to happen, the time is right now for whatever reason and we're here for it","2","","2020-06-07 21:11:06","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99c09Y1IAJd","Colin Berry","People who know nothing about history are doomed to repeat it. A lot of bad things happed in the passed we have to learn and talk about them then hopefully movie foward as one.","1","","2020-06-07 21:12:11","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99c0a0vTEpn","Mark Allen","@Vanessa Idk They are hell holes largely due to the people who run these countries.","2","","2020-06-07 21:15:56","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99c0ug0FqUJ","Vanessa Idk","Mark Allen im not denying that corruption is a huge problem in many post colonial places but the corruption was allowed to fester due to the system colonial powers left those countries with","0","","2020-06-07 21:18:45","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99c0z75hzp2","Jamie barnes","@siogbeagbideach 😊👏👏👏","0","","2020-06-07 21:19:21","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99c15_se9_X","siogbeagbideach","@Paul Woodhead this deserves a reply, good points raised, got to attend other matters now, sorry, but  I'll get back on this","1","","2020-06-07 21:20:23","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99c15tOkcRN","Jamie barnes","@Colin Berry cant tell if this is critism or an agreement either way yoi make a good point","0","","2020-06-07 21:20:25","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99c1HpZrOhr","Paul Woodhead","@Mark Allen Exactly! During British rule there was law, order and a system of commerce. None of which are present today due to tin can tyrants that attempt to rule with totalitarian regimes.","2","","2020-06-07 21:22:03","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99c1V1nmpbr","Mark Allen","@Vanessa Idk every country has corruption. Black lives matter but resorting to violence just does not work. The most likely thing to happen is the public will get fed up with this. Look at what happened with Extinction Rebellion,they pushed the public too far and now nobody cares what they think.
I am all for peaceful demonstration but the first person who throws a rock is always going to be the loser.","1","","2020-06-07 21:23:51","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99c1X_dm9Bt","Paul Woodhead","@siogbeagbideach At your own convenience. I appreciate your dignified response.","2","","2020-06-07 21:24:12","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99c1gt7a8YR","Mark Allen","@Paul Woodhead I couldn't agree more","3","","2020-06-07 21:25:36","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99c21qkBeWC","Jamie barnes","@Mark Allen well done you two. Btw thus isnt me being meen or sarcastic its a general applause to see two people disagree and discuss there ideas and find common ground","1","","2020-06-07 21:28:36","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99c9hT0a2VO","Mr Frisky","@Jamie barnes Nelson Mandela was a terrorist who killed people so are you saying we should take his statue down??","0","","2020-06-07 22:35:35","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99cBAjz9vQB","Jamie barnes","@Mr Frisky took 40 comments to get are first troll.","1","","2020-06-07 22:48:28","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99cBxmly26d","Mr Frisky","@Jamie barnes Your not a troll kid, democracy means everyone is entitled to their opinions. Take it you also want to see Churchills statue river down? What about Montgomerie? The unknown soldier?? where does your rewriting of history end??","0","","2020-06-07 22:55:18","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99cCkwE7d6i","Jamie barnes","@Mr Frisky i was referring to you as a troll because you come  out saying Nelson Mandela was a murderer","0","","2020-06-07 23:02:17","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99cD9fonYvb","Pierre Rat","History was made in Bristol today. Not destroyed.","1","","2020-06-07 23:05:48","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99cDHYzR3iz","Mr Frisky","@Jamie barnes I never said that kid - I said he was a terrorist and that was the official policy of o er 50 countries including 90% of African countries- just repeating official wording from documents son.
So do we take his statue down??
What about Oliver Cromwell?
Field Marshal Montgomery??","0","","2020-06-07 23:06:52","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99cDWnRcvsp","Jamie barnes","@Pierre Rat ah yes the time we're a bunch of vandals tor down a statue centuries old and tost it into a river","0","","2020-06-07 23:08:57","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99cE01Kn9l8","Jamie barnes","@Mr Frisky omfg are you high the comment i posted WAS ME CONDEMNING THE FACT THAT PEOPLE TOR DOWN THE STATUE. And does my age really make my point any less valid.","0","","2020-06-07 23:13:13","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99d6AjKf0NS","Mr Frisky","Well Cromwell was a hero to 1000s of Northern Irish people as he stopped the Catholics in the south basically exterminating them due to their religion.
Do we also dismantle the Pyramids? - they were built by slaves to honour slave dealing leaders??","0","","2020-06-08 07:24:01","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99dBg1HRT-9","John","Pierre Rat when your beloved vandals are done destroying, what do they plan to build?","0","","2020-06-08 08:12:07","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99dC_o0BZV2","John","Jamie barnes Very true. One thing that can be assured; these non doers will be no where to be seen when the clean up and rebuilding starts.","0","","2020-06-08 08:20:00","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99dFRdiluoJ","Mr Frisky","@John - Yep sitting in Starbucks with their posh coffee planning their next crusade - they dont know what it is but they will be there to protest...🤪🤣🤣","1","","2020-06-08 08:44:58","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99dRHI7PL2N","siogbeagbideach","@Mr Frisky colonised land,  following a 9years war the Gaelic chieftains fled from Ulster. Foreigners on stolen land, the religion wasn't point, don't make it so. 
Keep your Cromwell statue, nobody here cares about that, we do remember our history,  he burnt Drogheda and it's people, another massacre in Wexford. Some hero.

Edit. There was no north and south in that time. Strange to me that you said that for something that occured in the 1600s.","0","","2020-06-08 10:28:24","false",""
"UgwnNBd3CPE9HqL-g9F4AaABAg.99bN1lcAOQv99dXd4YxxMX","Vanessa Idk","Genuinely surprised at how everyones acc listening to eachother in this thread it gives me hope","1","","2020-06-08 11:23:57","false",""
"UgwfayrRSlmMOR5w29V4AaABAg","JGW 97","I hope we can do the same to the statue of Nelson Mandela","17","8","2020-06-07 15:13:04","true",""
"UgwfayrRSlmMOR5w29V4AaABAg.99bN3Jisv7199bNCBiYzZC","hobbit lad yo","Biggest crook ever","6","","2020-06-07 15:14:17","false",""
"UgwfayrRSlmMOR5w29V4AaABAg.99bN3Jisv7199bNK9FfOyV","Steven Howlett","Did Nelson Mandela trade slaves too then?","4","","2020-06-07 15:15:22","false",""
"UgwfayrRSlmMOR5w29V4AaABAg.99bN3Jisv7199bNM7p6ZQa","Noir FIFA","No","3","","2020-06-07 15:15:38","false",""
"UgwfayrRSlmMOR5w29V4AaABAg.99bN3Jisv7199bNcRnWHWu","JGW 97","@Steven Howlett Nope. But he made South Africa an even worse place to live in with some of the highest rates of homicide, rape and etc. There's nothing good about him","6","","2020-06-07 15:18:00","false",""
"UgwfayrRSlmMOR5w29V4AaABAg.99bN3Jisv7199bNcvhFuSb","Abrasive Monkey","Why?","0","","2020-06-07 15:18:04","false",""
"UgwfayrRSlmMOR5w29V4AaABAg.99bN3Jisv7199bNfyYaEvg","JGW 97","@Noir FIFA yup. And have it dragged across the floor","1","","2020-06-07 15:18:29","false",""
"UgwfayrRSlmMOR5w29V4AaABAg.99bN3Jisv7199bNxiVAvvZ","Aissatou Kende","Nelson Mandela didn’t trade people 
Go and read some books to get some knowledge :-)","0","","2020-06-07 15:20:54","false",""
"UgwfayrRSlmMOR5w29V4AaABAg.99bN3Jisv7199bPDX3KujG","JGW 97","@Aissatou Kende Books are clearly something you never read. How about you list done of these books you've read? Ofc you won't. Mandela was a criminal. His death was a great day","3","","2020-06-07 15:31:56","false",""
"UgzjJse2G1mcYdsr9iB4AaABAg","Dulce periculum","Now it's time to bring down that racist squatting in No 10..","5","0","2020-06-07 15:13:11","true",""
"UgyBzD0y4J8n6OWMsLV4AaABAg","michael tucker","go and take out the banks they fund everything go go go","31","2","2020-06-07 15:13:13","true",""
"UgyBzD0y4J8n6OWMsLV4AaABAg.99bN4SJfqZ899bPnMdp-du","Heisenberg 1271","michael tucker probably fund your mortgage,isa,pension too, crack on","2","","2020-06-07 15:36:58","false",""
"UgyBzD0y4J8n6OWMsLV4AaABAg.99bN4SJfqZ899bPwe4nd1C","geoffdundee","........but you dont need a dont work and own fcuk all","2","","2020-06-07 15:38:14","false",""
"UgyzlSUeoU7XGpGHco14AaABAg","Dawaleeb Alhawa","Next invade the Muslim Arab for their trade in Black people. They are coming for you inshallah.","0","0","2020-06-07 15:13:14","true",""
"Ugyl_rRKPM2W90wtxvh4AaABAg","Nas Mohamed","well done","0","0","2020-06-07 15:13:16","true",""
"UgwmEmi0hIoQt-sf27x4AaABAg","The Hidden KyKu","The hell is wrong with then, yes it was a bad part if history but it still is history. They wouldn't enjoy it if we went to there house and tore it down, bunch of idiotic kids. Disgusting how they thing this is the way to go, wait until the live ammunition comes out.","1","0","2020-06-07 15:13:19","true",""
"UgxtWb2FTPz-m_OspTF4AaABAg","Kingdom Perspectives #MindSetReset","Awesome!","3","0","2020-06-07 15:13:21","true",""
"Ugy_Ssyfa3-iRIukaDV4AaABAg","The Mighty Dash","Lock them up. STOP trying to change history, That guy made his money through trade, yes some slave trade WHICH WAS LEGAL then, HE then changed his views on SLAVE trade and STOPPED. He gave his money to Schools, Hospitals and to better the live sof the general public. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU.","14","30","2020-06-07 15:13:38","true",""
"Ugy_Ssyfa3-iRIukaDV4AaABAg.99bN7VT1pZX99bNi8oOo43","Middle Finger Productions","You are defending this (and glorifying him) because it was legal back then?","4","","2020-06-07 15:18:47","false",""
"Ugy_Ssyfa3-iRIukaDV4AaABAg.99bN7VT1pZX99bO3-ARdtD","showusthemtities","@Middle Finger Productions he isnt defending, just stating facts. you should learn the difference.","2","","2020-06-07 15:21:46","false",""
"Ugy_Ssyfa3-iRIukaDV4AaABAg.99bN7VT1pZX99bO5NpgYxg","Chelsea For life","Shame on you for supporting this guy.  If a drug dealer gave some money to schools and hospitals, it doesn't suddenly make him a good guy","1","","2020-06-07 15:22:05","false",""
"Ugy_Ssyfa3-iRIukaDV4AaABAg.99bN7VT1pZX99bOR6rEvgL","Damo 616","@Chelsea For life It was black tribal leaders selling the slaves to him you moron??? I suppose that doesn't matter lol, you're a sheeple.","1","","2020-06-07 15:25:03","false",""
"Ugy_Ssyfa3-iRIukaDV4AaABAg.99bN7VT1pZX99bOSr_It28","conor skeffington","he gave his money to WHITE schools, hospitals and bettered the life of the WHITE public. nobody is trying to change history but we shouldn't glorify racists and slave owners just because there were no laws against it back then","1","","2020-06-07 15:25:17","false",""
"Ugy_Ssyfa3-iRIukaDV4AaABAg.99bN7VT1pZX99bOoL0Z0Em","Damo 616","@conor skeffington Tell that to the black slave traders he bought the slaves from you moron. SMH!!!","1","","2020-06-07 15:28:22","false",""
"Ugy_Ssyfa3-iRIukaDV4AaABAg.99bN7VT1pZX99bP41xkaRP","Benjamin Corre","Middle Finger Productions Like it or not most admirable figures throughout history have done things that would be considered reprehensible by today’s moral standards. Colston was also involved in many charitable works. Maybe instead of damaging property the answer is to educate people about his complicated history? Or possibly petition to have the statue removed?","2","","2020-06-07 15:30:38","false",""
"Ugy_Ssyfa3-iRIukaDV4AaABAg.99bN7VT1pZX99bPC9cq0Qx","mael","life  youre correct but if the drug dealer changed his ways and started to do some right in the world then yeah it makes him a good guy","1","","2020-06-07 15:31:45","false",""
"Ugy_Ssyfa3-iRIukaDV4AaABAg.99bN7VT1pZX99bPHSb2_Gd","Vorador47","@Middle Finger Productions you can't look back at things in history with your modern view points, yes from modern standards many things done in the past were bad, but back then they were quite normal parts of society, slavery is one of them, since the dawn of mankind until fairly recent (in the grand scale of things) it was the norm, every race and creed has had slaves and been slaves.
not to mention this whole thing was a bad policing issue, not a race issue. not to mention is was a bad American Policing issue, not a British one.","3","","2020-06-07 15:32:28","false",""
"Ugy_Ssyfa3-iRIukaDV4AaABAg.99bN7VT1pZX99bPHYAGxzK","dolceanstar","Many of the Bristol slave traders did not stop their trade after abolition. They occupied large houses with cellars cut right down into the gorge where slaves could be unloaded and 'stashed'. In the case of a raid, the first slave was thrown into the gorge and the weight of his shackles and chains took the next man down and so on until all evidence was removed. A shameful episode of British history, none of the players deserve recognition except perhaps in Madame Tussauds chamber of horrors.","0","","2020-06-07 15:32:29","false",""
"Ugy_Ssyfa3-iRIukaDV4AaABAg.99bN7VT1pZX99bPS6O6Jsz","Chelsea For life","@Damo 616 If the queen sold everyone in the Uk to black leaders, its suddenly all right?","0","","2020-06-07 15:33:56","false",""
"Ugy_Ssyfa3-iRIukaDV4AaABAg.99bN7VT1pZX99bPcxVTmuD","The Mighty Dash","@Benjamin Corre They did a petiton and vote on the removal, 55% votes to KEEP IT IN PLACE. We live in a democracy, But time after time, the loser ignore the will of the people and take it into their own hands. If people wanted it removed, it would have been removed when the vote took place. They lost. The people wanted it to remain as it's a part of our history.","2","","2020-06-07 15:35:33","false",""
"Ugy_Ssyfa3-iRIukaDV4AaABAg.99bN7VT1pZX99bPnWeuu3f","The Mighty Dash","@dolceanstar Yet THIS trader, who stopped is looked on like the damn devil. MAKES NO SENSE. Hell, his schools, hospitals and Hall are STILL in use today. He left a legacy of GOOD weather they like it or not.","1","","2020-06-07 15:36:59","false",""
"Ugy_Ssyfa3-iRIukaDV4AaABAg.99bN7VT1pZX99bPxR967ZM","Damo 616","@Chelsea For life No , i would be pissed off with my white leaders you fool....","1","","2020-06-07 15:38:20","false",""
"Ugy_Ssyfa3-iRIukaDV4AaABAg.99bN7VT1pZX99bQSNmkV2G","Chelsea For life","@Damo 616 and you won't be pissed at the black leader you now work for?","0","","2020-06-07 15:42:42","false",""
"Ugy_Ssyfa3-iRIukaDV4AaABAg.99bN7VT1pZX99bR0P246y8","showusthemtities","@Chelsea For life drug dealing is illegal, unfortunately slave trade wasn't. so your comparison is totally wrong.","2","","2020-06-07 15:47:37","false",""
"Ugy_Ssyfa3-iRIukaDV4AaABAg.99bN7VT1pZX99bRCYNWiyM","The Mighty Dash","@showusthemtities 100% correct.","0","","2020-06-07 15:49:17","false",""
"Ugy_Ssyfa3-iRIukaDV4AaABAg.99bN7VT1pZX99bRpbEuI5s","Damo 616","@Chelsea For life No the people who sold me","1","","2020-06-07 15:54:45","false",""
"Ugy_Ssyfa3-iRIukaDV4AaABAg.99bN7VT1pZX99bSXsPrDQl","Chelsea For life","@Damo 616 Well your special","0","","2020-06-07 16:00:56","false",""
"Ugy_Ssyfa3-iRIukaDV4AaABAg.99bN7VT1pZX99bSlMstOg4","mael","@dolceanstar I really dont care, boo-hoo, what a shame. Was it me or you who did this slave trade? No. Pulling down that statue if anything is removing it from history, that represented while slave trade was bad and wrong, no matter how much bad someone can do, they can always start to try and put things right, removing that statue is going to mean, people will no longer stop and wonder what it was and why it was there, meaning less people shall learn about the slave trade.","1","","2020-06-07 16:02:54","false",""
"Ugy_Ssyfa3-iRIukaDV4AaABAg.99bN7VT1pZX99bTdKjn1Hp","The Mighty Dash","We do let drug dealers have a second chance, but hey drug dealers are breaking a law in place when they are alive, this guy didn't break any laws, it was LEGAL back then, so it doesn't really match up, but yes, we DO forgive drug dealers, a criminal record only lasts so long.","0","","2020-06-07 16:10:33","false",""
"Ugy_Ssyfa3-iRIukaDV4AaABAg.99bN7VT1pZX99bU33ZSz7x","The Mighty Dash","@mael and we've already had it all but erased that UK citizens were taken as slaves, as late as 1830 when it only stopped because the French occupied the region of north africa which was taking slaves. But yeah apparently it was a one way system and only blacks were affected.","1","","2020-06-07 16:14:12","false",""
"Ugy_Ssyfa3-iRIukaDV4AaABAg.99bN7VT1pZX99bUNttz0DZ","mael","@The Mighty Dash in my opinion drug dealers are worse then slave traders, people to have free will even when they are kidnapped and sold, they have two choices, either submit and live as a slave or die, I'd rather die trying to kill my captor. I have no fear of death so yeah. But drug dealers, they are vile keratins.","1","","2020-06-07 16:17:03","false",""
"Ugy_Ssyfa3-iRIukaDV4AaABAg.99bN7VT1pZX99bUU7dQ_GM","dolceanstar","@mael So, following your path of logic, why are there not more statues of Hitler, Mussolini and Ceaușescu left standing?","0","","2020-06-07 16:17:54","false",""
"Ugy_Ssyfa3-iRIukaDV4AaABAg.99bN7VT1pZX99bUVXSenAc","mael","@The Mighty Dash why is no one talking about white slavery, that happened a few hundred years before black slavery, hmmm.","1","","2020-06-07 16:18:05","false",""
"Ugy_Ssyfa3-iRIukaDV4AaABAg.99bN7VT1pZX99bb8N7tVD9","mael","@dolceanstar there are not statues of Hitler because he didn't even try to correct his wrong doing and even if he tried to, he would not have a statue of him anyway due to the law in Germany forbidding anything to do with the natinal socialist regime. You're taking it out of proportion, slavery is far less inhumane then what Hitler and his regime did. You're a silly human","1","","2020-06-07 17:24:50","false",""
"Ugy_Ssyfa3-iRIukaDV4AaABAg.99bN7VT1pZX99bnsvylR89","dolceanstar","@mael my reply seems to have been deleted, without going into repetition, I will state the more salient points. Colston wasn't interested in anything more than his legacy, to think otherwise is naive. The Germans have some shame about their past and your statement, ""slavery is far less inhumane then what Hitler and his regime did"" is vile. Slavery is a global holocaust that has lasted centuries and inflicted lifelong torture to millions.","0","","2020-06-07 19:16:11","false",""
"Ugy_Ssyfa3-iRIukaDV4AaABAg.99bN7VT1pZX99bomD2Cs4U","dolceanstar","@The Mighty Dash Yeah, Jimmy Saville was a philanthropist too","0","","2020-06-07 19:24:00","false",""
"Ugy_Ssyfa3-iRIukaDV4AaABAg.99bN7VT1pZX99bqQNROXCK","mael","@dolceanstar lol, go protest to the Chinese government if you feel so strong about it, I'm sure they will gladly chnage their ways and allow you to protest(if you tried what all the ANTIFA are doing in china youd get shot up by their army)","0","","2020-06-07 19:38:21","false",""
"Ugy_Ssyfa3-iRIukaDV4AaABAg.99bN7VT1pZX99btnpfKo8X","dolceanstar","@showusthemtities Drug dealing wasn't illegal in those times either, in fact much of the British Empire was founded on drugs. Didn't you people get taught history at school or has your bigotry eclipsed your education?","0","","2020-06-07 20:07:55","false",""
"UgzSrRMXloGBfAFFwo94AaABAg","Noah Homes","Great to see Britain's cultural enrichment take place","37","10","2020-06-07 15:13:44","true",""
"UgzSrRMXloGBfAFFwo94AaABAg.99bN8C9HwMl99bN_pqYpyU","Michael","Noah Homes 

“First it was a multiculturalism experiment. Then they were temporarily guest workers. Then they were refugees. And now they’re the solution to the declining birth problem. Different excuses, different lies. This requires a new set of Nuremberg trials, and you lot, will be in the dock”
-Nick Griffin","6","","2020-06-07 15:17:39","false",""
"UgzSrRMXloGBfAFFwo94AaABAg.99bN8C9HwMl99bO0Nowm-W","Khalaf Dan Said","@Kyle Chambers what country would you recommend moving to?","0","","2020-06-07 15:21:24","false",""
"UgzSrRMXloGBfAFFwo94AaABAg.99bN8C9HwMl99bOCe-u9TZ","Ylena Green","Kyle Chambers you realise there is also a massive amount of white on white, white on black etc knife crimes? That just makes it “tonnes of knife crimes in the midlands” 🙄","5","","2020-06-07 15:23:05","false",""
"UgzSrRMXloGBfAFFwo94AaABAg.99bN8C9HwMl99bOLm0Vw9E","BEAST GAMER","Bro didn't you know diversity was our strength. if the crowd wasn't so diverse they would not of had the strength to tear down the statue","1","","2020-06-07 15:24:19","false",""
"UgzSrRMXloGBfAFFwo94AaABAg.99bN8C9HwMl99bOO0uMO_D","SpongeBob SquarePants","These idiots are the next generation!","3","","2020-06-07 15:24:38","false",""
"UgzSrRMXloGBfAFFwo94AaABAg.99bN8C9HwMl99bOOeWNO--","Noah Homes","@Kyle Chambers It's alright I'm in the majority white south west.....for now","2","","2020-06-07 15:24:43","false",""
"UgzSrRMXloGBfAFFwo94AaABAg.99bN8C9HwMl99bSuuFRGZq","TheEndIsHere FinalWarning","Yeah but it's ok for the British to go to other countries to live.","1","","2020-06-07 16:04:13","false",""
"UgzSrRMXloGBfAFFwo94AaABAg.99bN8C9HwMl99bTBj8FUGF","Noah Homes","@TheEndIsHere FinalWarning Mate at least we make em better","2","","2020-06-07 16:06:39","false",""
"UgzSrRMXloGBfAFFwo94AaABAg.99bN8C9HwMl99bbAO5q5ez","Andrew","TheEndIsHere FinalWarning PREeuropean sub Saharan Africa didn’t have a single monument or a house of more than two floors. Idiot","1","","2020-06-07 17:25:06","false",""
"UgzSrRMXloGBfAFFwo94AaABAg.99bN8C9HwMl99bdluQ7AZ6","Omnishambles","this but unironically","0","","2020-06-07 17:47:50","false",""
"Ugw9JEHlDMNV4WObXHt4AaABAg","A R","Why in the hell it was there anyway?????","0","0","2020-06-07 15:13:51","true",""
"Ugz4LoxM9Ys4GmOq2d94AaABAg","Kevin H","So this is the World today, SJW mob rule.","30","0","2020-06-07 15:14:04","true",""
"UgydcYsm2i8XcPU1ZPd4AaABAg","hitman777100","They'll be burning books next!","21","6","2020-06-07 15:14:07","true",""

Based?","0","","2020-06-07 15:20:15","false",""
"UgydcYsm2i8XcPU1ZPd4AaABAg.99bNAy7op3S99bNtrvriJa","Michael","Michael, Based on what?","0","","2020-06-07 15:20:23","false",""

Based?","0","","2020-06-07 15:20:28","false",""

Based on what?","0","","2020-06-07 15:20:33","false",""

What is it based on?","0","","2020-06-07 15:20:38","false",""
"UgydcYsm2i8XcPU1ZPd4AaABAg.99bNAy7op3S99gS5zoIg3b","hitman777100","@MichaelYou're a bit of a bully aren't you Michael! You've sent me 6 messages, demanding an explanation of the comment I made.

I know people like yourself feel outrage when someone doesn't conform to your way of thinking, but that's life Mikey 😉","0","","2020-06-09 14:33:19","false",""
"UgxZeYeXFXvaJcp_aKF4AaABAg","ace walsall","so many WOKE IDIOTS...","1","0","2020-06-07 15:14:14","true",""
"UgzY0DfDSgx1WmBkX4R4AaABAg","Keith High","What happened, happened. It is statues like this that remind us how stupid we were in the past. Trying to rewrite history is a bad move.","10","4","2020-06-07 15:14:19","true",""
"UgzY0DfDSgx1WmBkX4R4AaABAg.99bNCUUq9m799bNdkIhEz9","Alex Harden","So can we have one of Jimmy saville? Or hitter then since it's our past","1","","2020-06-07 15:18:11","false",""
"UgzY0DfDSgx1WmBkX4R4AaABAg.99bNCUUq9m799bNkULlwdT","Starforce 100","Keith High don't be silly, there are plenty of historical events and people that have zero statues but we remember still.","0","","2020-06-07 15:19:06","false",""
"UgzY0DfDSgx1WmBkX4R4AaABAg.99bNCUUq9m799bODtLuCzZ","Indigo Hassall","This statue is not there to remind us of his abhorrent exploitation of slaves. It glorifies and excuses the suffering of slaves which allowed his 'philanthropic' ventures. It is in no way a memorial to the suffering that those people had to endure at his hand.","2","","2020-06-07 15:23:15","false",""
"UgzY0DfDSgx1WmBkX4R4AaABAg.99bNCUUq9m799bZDML9n1w","Starforce 100","Keith High 👀......","0","","2020-06-07 16:59:18","false",""
"Ugzzqjdag_HcHImxQeR4AaABAg","Tony McC","Everyone there should be charged with criminal damage","21","2","2020-06-07 15:14:23","true",""
"Ugzzqjdag_HcHImxQeR4AaABAg.99bNCxah8IF99bPenYuRyM","colin manhoef","why it makes sence that guy killed slaves","0","","2020-06-07 15:35:48","false",""
"Ugzzqjdag_HcHImxQeR4AaABAg.99bNCxah8IF99bQ5ovpU3U","Tony McC","@colin manhoef that doesnt justify criminal damage and if you think it does then you need to take a long hard look at yourself","1","","2020-06-07 15:39:37","false",""
"UgzFPK9_s_Tfv2cPPo94AaABAg","Ulfric Stormcloak","Only Racists would not approve of a Slave traders statue being removed.","6","5","2020-06-07 15:14:41","true",""
"UgzFPK9_s_Tfv2cPPo94AaABAg.99bNFCVLtHJ99bNxLNH7Nd","ednwab","Ulfric Stormcloak during his time it was normal. You cannot retroactively demonise people because they don’t conform to today’s standards.","1","","2020-06-07 15:20:51","false",""
"UgzFPK9_s_Tfv2cPPo94AaABAg.99bNFCVLtHJ99bO3pXIUj3","Brad Craig","You started this war, plunged the west into chaos, and now the Empire is going to put you down, and restore the peace.","0","","2020-06-07 15:21:52","false",""
"UgzFPK9_s_Tfv2cPPo94AaABAg.99bNFCVLtHJ99bO9pQZR_Y","Benmue","You can’t hide your past unless your a dual passport holder 😂","0","","2020-06-07 15:22:42","false",""
"UgzFPK9_s_Tfv2cPPo94AaABAg.99bNFCVLtHJ99bO_F5WCj1","Damo 616","Only racists would think only black lives matter...","1","","2020-06-07 15:26:18","false",""
"UgzFPK9_s_Tfv2cPPo94AaABAg.99bNFCVLtHJ99bOxsJR9Sj","Mich 1404","I must be racist then, because I disapprove of the destruction of statues that help document history and serve as a starting point of discussions about the hateful nature of the slave trade and the moral quandaries of how to remember that it occurred so that we don't repeat it in the future.","0","","2020-06-07 15:29:40","false",""
"UgyGiuB-gPgk46Q3E_N4AaABAg","Meme Kampf","Well done you knocked a statue over. You didn't change anything","20","7","2020-06-07 15:14:43","true",""
"UgyGiuB-gPgk46Q3E_N4AaABAg.99bNFNa8qIa99bNjAeqyMg","Liam Stappers","Welp, they made sure that a slave trader won't be honoured anymore?","4","","2020-06-07 15:18:55","false",""
"UgyGiuB-gPgk46Q3E_N4AaABAg.99bNFNa8qIa99bT1WzlC6w","Not A Cossack","They increased the average gammon blood pressure a fair few mmHg","3","","2020-06-07 16:05:15","false",""
"UgyGiuB-gPgk46Q3E_N4AaABAg.99bNFNa8qIa99bXAli69_Y","Jay Attwell","Just caused more people to hate the protestors even more well done","1","","2020-06-07 16:41:28","false",""
"UgyGiuB-gPgk46Q3E_N4AaABAg.99bNFNa8qIa99bZMLjFnug","Liam Stappers","@Jay Attwell Meh: Polls have shown that 58% of Americans (even more racist than UK) supported the burning of the Minneapolis police building.","0","","2020-06-07 17:00:31","false",""
"UgyGiuB-gPgk46Q3E_N4AaABAg.99bNFNa8qIa99b_nmIQEko","Jay Attwell","@Liam Stappers STOP COMPARING TO USA THAT PLACE IS DONE FOR THIS IS THE UK NOT CRAPPY AMERICA","0","","2020-06-07 17:13:09","false",""
"UgyGiuB-gPgk46Q3E_N4AaABAg.99bNFNa8qIa99baSP8KhBu","Baby Goat Juice","@Jay Attwell it's made me like them more...","2","","2020-06-07 17:18:49","false",""
"UgyGiuB-gPgk46Q3E_N4AaABAg.99bNFNa8qIa99bcyFmohOA","Liam Stappers","@Jay Attwell I think the public opinion is very comparable to that of the US. You both have a casuïstic/common law and order system and your culture is quite comparable. (PS: Caps locks just makes you look like an incel)","1","","2020-06-07 17:40:47","false",""
"Ugz7viOq8tyK7xuHv4V4AaABAg","Nicholas Payne","MORONS !!","19","9","2020-06-07 15:14:57","true",""
"Ugz7viOq8tyK7xuHv4V4AaABAg.99bNH1sBcLX99bOKVc9rA7","Dulce periculum","So you agreed with the slave trade..","2","","2020-06-07 15:24:09","false",""
"Ugz7viOq8tyK7xuHv4V4AaABAg.99bNH1sBcLX99bOL2rNK9a","pz46","No there not","0","","2020-06-07 15:24:14","false",""
"Ugz7viOq8tyK7xuHv4V4AaABAg.99bNH1sBcLX99bOU1GYBO0","BlaKabale","Just say you're racist and go","1","","2020-06-07 15:25:27","false",""

I’m racist","0","","2020-06-07 15:25:39","false",""
"Ugz7viOq8tyK7xuHv4V4AaABAg.99bNH1sBcLX99bQaXvu77X","Dulce periculum","@Michael Well at least you admit you're a racist. Now come of your keyboard go outside and say that.. Shout it out.","2","","2020-06-07 15:43:57","false",""
"Ugz7viOq8tyK7xuHv4V4AaABAg.99bNH1sBcLX99bRN4B4VJx","Michael","Dulce periculum 

No. UK hate speech police would arrest me in seconds 😂","0","","2020-06-07 15:50:43","false",""
"Ugz7viOq8tyK7xuHv4V4AaABAg.99bNH1sBcLX99bVBsukgkF","pz46","@Michael why don't you go suck your self","0","","2020-06-07 16:24:08","false",""
"Ugz7viOq8tyK7xuHv4V4AaABAg.99bNH1sBcLX99bmL-vhtem","Dulce periculum","@Michael Nahh, the people would get to you first even before the Police.","0","","2020-06-07 19:02:40","false",""
"Ugz7viOq8tyK7xuHv4V4AaABAg.99bNH1sBcLX99bwz9hKoAC","Michael","Dulce periculum 

Suuuureeeeee","0","","2020-06-07 20:35:40","false",""
"UgwKnLdQzMgcBe5pbAZ4AaABAg","Will Fong","Social Distancing out the window then >?  lol","12","2","2020-06-07 15:15:08","true",""
"UgwKnLdQzMgcBe5pbAZ4AaABAg.99bNIPzdx1y99bOQ8S_5kl","Dulce periculum","Yea, tell that to Cummings..","1","","2020-06-07 15:24:55","false",""
"UgwKnLdQzMgcBe5pbAZ4AaABAg.99bNIPzdx1y99bOXmeTtJR","Paul Goux","get ready for round 2","0","","2020-06-07 15:25:58","false",""
"UgzvtYgyB3yB6kzRwXF4AaABAg","いきすちそ","Lmaooooo love it. He is rolling in his grave.","7","2","2020-06-07 15:15:08","true",""

I doubt it. He’s probably laughing because he never had to pay 40% tax and he enslaved an entire race. What a guy","2","","2020-06-07 15:25:26","false",""
"UgzvtYgyB3yB6kzRwXF4AaABAg.99bNIP-w6uu99c35XLoC-h","Jacob Jezebel","Same with George orwell and Martin Luther King.","0","","2020-06-07 21:37:51","false",""
"Ugzc_WrR7LGwU0VR3Kx4AaABAg","Neil Harris","Those who destroy their own nations heritage have no respect for their forefathers","3","0","2020-06-07 15:15:11","true",""
"Ugw7dened4OiqxdugZJ4AaABAg","orbitaldildo","Don't know why this is even in the news. I don't care.","3","6","2020-06-07 15:15:17","true",""
"Ugw7dened4OiqxdugZJ4AaABAg.99bNJUL8x7k99bN_HaFv7J","Liam Stappers","Then don't watch?","0","","2020-06-07 15:17:34","false",""
"Ugw7dened4OiqxdugZJ4AaABAg.99bNJUL8x7k99bNcdrQ8d2","All anonymous users","Then switch off your tv, unplug your wifi router and go to sleep, while the rest of us try and make this world a just and equal place","1","","2020-06-07 15:18:02","false",""
"Ugw7dened4OiqxdugZJ4AaABAg.99bNJUL8x7k99dMcvxeJCX","orbitaldildo","@All anonymous users We have a global pandemic, an out of control climate crisis and are on the brink of a 6th mass extinction. But no we are wasting time with a global riot about some cop killing a random guy.","0","","2020-06-08 09:47:48","false",""
"Ugw7dened4OiqxdugZJ4AaABAg.99bNJUL8x7k99dOUo_gZI2","All anonymous users","@orbitaldildo  if you are not oppressed or seek to understand the root of oppression, you will obviously see the plight of millions around as silly or unreasonable during this time","1","","2020-06-08 10:04:02","false",""
"Ugw7dened4OiqxdugZJ4AaABAg.99bNJUL8x7k99dPCG20gF6","All anonymous users","@orbitaldildo and another thing. 

The same corporations and political agenda that support systematic opression are the same agencies that have contributed to the climate disaster. 

The thing about abuse of power is that it is cyclical. The same way it dehumanises and exploits human beings, is the same way it has raped and pillaged land, the same way the West can trigger political uprisings by assassinating elected officials in Africa and Asia so they can take advantage of fossil fuel deposits that are depleting astronomically and causing global temperatures to rise

... the same way, that polotical chaos, war and uncertainty = the mass migration to brown and black people to Europe to escape the chaos and destruction caused by Europe, and then left to drown in the sea by countries who welcome white immigrants with open arms and call the expatriates. 

... the same way you have America, built upon the slaughter native Americans and the brutal work of black people, who later fought for their freedom but have faced the same racist system that inspired and maintained their enslavement....

I could go on. The way we treat our planet, is a reflection of the way we treat human beings","1","","2020-06-08 10:10:15","false",""
"Ugw7dened4OiqxdugZJ4AaABAg.99bNJUL8x7k99dPPKQY57J","orbitaldildo","@All anonymous users You're not oppressed if you are living in a western country. Yes there's good and bad cops, good and bad people everywhere but it's not systemic. I've seen cops beating whites the same way - just look at the old guy who was knocked to the ground the other day.","0","","2020-06-08 10:12:02","false",""
"Ugwf9ZDPTDJaMSfJcd14AaABAg","Rottie","Vandalism, pure and simple. Disgraceful behaviour being allowed to happen by the British authorities.","15","0","2020-06-07 15:15:19","true",""
"UgyWs4eLpfiKsPtuBr94AaABAg","pat bland","Lol they dumped the statue in the water lmao","3","0","2020-06-07 15:15:21","true",""
"UgxAXiCwaEZqFGlZeIB4AaABAg","PAKY and CHOKY","banksy pm me ..","0","0","2020-06-07 15:15:27","true",""
"UgzKzcu6kjXyWMgby_t4AaABAg","James","Mental to think the death of 1 guy in America has suddenly triggered people to start going mental in countries thousands of miles away. Jesus Christ, google Eric Garner and if you've got a brain you'll understand what I mean by my comment and that I don't mean ""racism doesn't exist"".","11","14","2020-06-07 15:15:28","true",""
"UgzKzcu6kjXyWMgby_t4AaABAg.99bNKu7MqZq99bNrXO-SSs","Tomas Jak","Most of these people just want free stuff","0","","2020-06-07 15:20:03","false",""
"UgzKzcu6kjXyWMgby_t4AaABAg.99bNKu7MqZq99bNseFw9tI","Bboy235","if protesting the cancer of racism is mental then I'm all for it","1","","2020-06-07 15:20:13","false",""
"UgzKzcu6kjXyWMgby_t4AaABAg.99bNKu7MqZq99bNxrgck0y","This Guy","Britain never segregated. Britain banned slavery FIRST. British police don't abuse minorities, they're the most woke police forces. This is actually ridiculous as hell.","1","","2020-06-07 15:20:55","false",""
"UgzKzcu6kjXyWMgby_t4AaABAg.99bNKu7MqZq99bNzAqs0Jn","Mohamed Yusuff","So you don't think racism is an issue? And doesn't occur in other parts of the world? 

Well it does, especially in Europe!","1","","2020-06-07 15:21:06","false",""
"UgzKzcu6kjXyWMgby_t4AaABAg.99bNKu7MqZq99bO-BQZPfD","Charlie Peters","James something doesn’t add up. I’ve seen people saying protesters are being payed I just don’t know if so then why, what’s the outcome...","0","","2020-06-07 15:21:14","false",""
"UgzKzcu6kjXyWMgby_t4AaABAg.99bNKu7MqZq99bO84SnBOy","Black Goliath","Racism and bigotry isn't just in the US and must be challenged where ever it appears. Blessed are those ppl.","1","","2020-06-07 15:22:27","false",""
"UgzKzcu6kjXyWMgby_t4AaABAg.99bNKu7MqZq99bOQJ4C_6r","Chelsea For life","@This Guy They still allowed it their colonies. And remember when Mark Duggan died. Britain has racism, and we can't ignore it","1","","2020-06-07 15:24:57","false",""
"UgzKzcu6kjXyWMgby_t4AaABAg.99bNKu7MqZq99bPHbkikGV","conor skeffington","george floyd's death was the perfect example of unjust police brutality caught 100% on camera that was needed to push people into being more vocal about these issues, it was only a matter of time until this tension boiled over","1","","2020-06-07 15:32:30","false",""
"UgzKzcu6kjXyWMgby_t4AaABAg.99bNKu7MqZq99bQf9nOBb-","James","@Bboy235 Looting, vandalism, arson, and murder is not ""protesting"". God bless the peaceful protesters but sadly they seem to be the minority at the moment, RIP David Dorn.","0","","2020-06-07 15:44:35","false",""
"UgzKzcu6kjXyWMgby_t4AaABAg.99bNKu7MqZq99bRWkrXP7s","James","@conor skeffington My thinking was the murder of another black man  Eric Garner was extremely similar to the murder of George Floyd, he was put in a chokehold by a policeman and slowly suffocated to death while repeatedly telling the policeman ""I can't breathe"", this was 100% caught on camera and was posted online, but while it did get massive attention and protests were held, it never caused people in countries across the world to start protesting massively peacefully and violently, looting, vandalizing, etc. That's what my point was, many black people have been brutally murdered/injured by policeman and it hasn't cause a reaction like this, guess this murder was the last straw.","1","","2020-06-07 15:52:02","false",""
"UgzKzcu6kjXyWMgby_t4AaABAg.99bNKu7MqZq99bTFhvQYRk","James","@Mohamed Yusuff At what point in my comment does it say ""racism isn't an issue""? My point is many black people have been brutally murdered/seriously injured by police and it's been recorded and posted online, but their murders have not caused this much uproar across many countries. The murder of Eric Garner is virtually the same as George Floyd but never cause as much uproar.","0","","2020-06-07 16:07:11","false",""
"UgzKzcu6kjXyWMgby_t4AaABAg.99bNKu7MqZq99bVJQXAm4b","James","@Black Goliath Never said at any point racism or bigotry is only in America","0","","2020-06-07 16:25:10","false",""
"UgzKzcu6kjXyWMgby_t4AaABAg.99bNKu7MqZq99bWmTRx7WG","James","@Tomas Jak Sadly people are just taking advantage of the whole situation and making the real protesters look bad.","0","","2020-06-07 16:38:01","false",""
"UgzKzcu6kjXyWMgby_t4AaABAg.99bNKu7MqZq99iqoNyyGNf","Black Goliath","@James You alluded to it and it's obvious. You can dance on a pin all you want but your intentions are clear, especially by your presentation of Mr Dorn as a front for your politics and your support for organisations infested with supremacists. You're muted","0","","2020-06-10 12:56:27","false",""
"UgxRr_aR8dGa1vKjTdl4AaABAg","mrDJKdnb","Were news posts circulating this week the possible cause of incitement for this? Local papers aware of the upcoming protest consciously decided to put out a piece on the statue. Was that a red flag to a bull? I AM IN NO WAY CONDONING THESE ACTIONS. I just wish to comment to hopefully spark thought about the possibility of the media actions possibly leading to today's actions.","22","2","2020-06-07 15:15:36","true",""
"UgxRr_aR8dGa1vKjTdl4AaABAg.99bNLoRuDE899bgPrDgw9f","Undead","People have campaigned to get rid of that statue for years.","0","","2020-06-07 18:10:54","false",""
"UgxRr_aR8dGa1vKjTdl4AaABAg.99bNLoRuDE899bhwIP6lvZ","mrDJKdnb","Undead there are many other monuments in the city that have the same representation and have also been subject to proposition for change. However there has only been articles written about this specific one in the lead up to the planned protest. This whether done purposely still drawn fresh attention to it. I’m simply wondering about this coincidence.","0","","2020-06-07 18:24:13","false",""
"UgzL6d6ngM34McSNRhV4AaABAg","MR. D.","Burning books next..","20","5","2020-06-07 15:15:38","true",""
"UgzL6d6ngM34McSNRhV4AaABAg.99bNM3w7S5j99bPwmjrnJJ","friend","I hardly think that the toppling of a statue is attempting to remove history. The statue literally represented everything this man stood for, including his racism and prejudice for PoC. Compare it to the destruction  of the swastika  at Zeppelinfeld in Nurnberg - that wasn't destroying history, just removing offensive idols","3","","2020-06-07 15:38:15","false",""
"UgzL6d6ngM34McSNRhV4AaABAg.99bNM3w7S5j99bQYQHrt_3","Sinjin Smyth","I knew in 1999 that the world is going to start turning to shit......I am not a prophet, that was a creepy prophecy","1","","2020-06-07 15:43:32","false",""
"UgzL6d6ngM34McSNRhV4AaABAg.99bNM3w7S5j99bREfueg4P","Fat Frog","A statue is a glorification","2","","2020-06-07 15:49:34","false",""
"UgzL6d6ngM34McSNRhV4AaABAg.99bNM3w7S5j99c-DC_3I7p","MR. D.","@friend but it's not your statue to take it down it's our history our story..Britain was the first nation to abolish the slave trade..along with empire it's our may not like him but he was important to the the time  it's not theirs to take down.they have no right.","0","","2020-06-07 21:03:56","false",""
"UgzL6d6ngM34McSNRhV4AaABAg.99bNM3w7S5j99c-aSQg1Hu","friend","@MR. D. it's actually okay! don't worry! I studied the history of white supremacy for two years and didn't look at a single statue in my research! we have ways around it! it's fine!!","1","","2020-06-07 21:07:15","false",""
"UgxFbDoFLHUCmnOy61d4AaABAg","Scott Fernie","Ask these retards about Libyan slave markets and you'll get a ""Huh? What?""","0","0","2020-06-07 15:15:42","true",""
"UgzVSJkRjULtK6fKFZN4AaABAg","Sqweeky Badger","This is going to turn into a bloody Sunday","74","13","2020-06-07 15:15:42","true",""
"UgzVSJkRjULtK6fKFZN4AaABAg.99bNMXSBXaN99bOFyto9uL","Michael","Sqweeky Badger 

Good!","5","","2020-06-07 15:23:32","false",""
"UgzVSJkRjULtK6fKFZN4AaABAg.99bNMXSBXaN99bOi4M0kG3","Ed Kahler","If only that were true","11","","2020-06-07 15:27:30","false",""
"UgzVSJkRjULtK6fKFZN4AaABAg.99bNMXSBXaN99bPFnJFusO","Sinjin Smyth","I bet you would love that, skidmark","5","","2020-06-07 15:32:15","false",""
"UgzVSJkRjULtK6fKFZN4AaABAg.99bNMXSBXaN99bPqBmk_UU","Anglus Patria","I wish","6","","2020-06-07 15:37:21","false",""
"UgzVSJkRjULtK6fKFZN4AaABAg.99bNMXSBXaN99bQ8SGYaRA","Bishal Khan","didn't see this kind of comment when they entered in congress with their AR15","0","","2020-06-07 15:39:59","false",""
"UgzVSJkRjULtK6fKFZN4AaABAg.99bNMXSBXaN99bUxJBGw_f","SoAExile","Hahaha, haha hahhha, i cant wait🖕🏽","1","","2020-06-07 16:22:01","false",""
"UgzVSJkRjULtK6fKFZN4AaABAg.99bNMXSBXaN99bWGFhnIcD","R B","Nah. It'll be like Extinction Rebellion. Those with legitimate concerns will be pushed aside by attention-seekers, who will alienate the general public with their stupid actions, and nothing much will change accordingly. The trust people have in the police will continue it's downwards slide, as they are perceived as being very selective in the laws they enforce, and that'll be about it.","1","","2020-06-07 16:33:29","false",""
"UgzVSJkRjULtK6fKFZN4AaABAg.99bNMXSBXaN99bZ05JJeQS","Death Of Rats","Hopefully...","2","","2020-06-07 16:57:29","false",""
"UgzVSJkRjULtK6fKFZN4AaABAg.99bNMXSBXaN99b_g6rp3Zb","Baby Goat Juice","Yeah those slave traders are going to be pissed","2","","2020-06-07 17:12:06","false",""
"UgzVSJkRjULtK6fKFZN4AaABAg.99bNMXSBXaN99bmVFi4deg","Mr Mittens","The only time I'll take a knee for these low lives.","0","","2020-06-07 19:04:04","false",""
"UgzVSJkRjULtK6fKFZN4AaABAg.99bNMXSBXaN99c5eDajPm1","James Hazzard","Sqweeky Badger Bit of a stretch 😊","0","","2020-06-07 22:00:12","false",""
"UgzVSJkRjULtK6fKFZN4AaABAg.99bNMXSBXaN99cFS914iCk","Ander P","Lmao that's why a carry at these protests. If a psycho wants to murder me and mine for exercising our first amendment rights, I'll defend myself and my community with lethal force.","0","","2020-06-07 23:25:48","false",""
"UgzVSJkRjULtK6fKFZN4AaABAg.99bNMXSBXaN99cLL7-A5-g","RR Extra","Sunday Bloody Sunday = SBS","0","","2020-06-08 00:17:16","false",""
"UgyRQtZWv_8ynegg0vh4AaABAg","Mercian Chauvinist","Stand up for your country now English men by 2066 Britain will be less than 50% white Google practical idealism","2","0","2020-06-07 15:16:02","true",""
"UgyrQbhe5noUwmSJT3V4AaABAg","Clare Vickers","What a bunch of dicks","0","0","2020-06-07 15:16:04","true",""
"UgxCNnvsTnxo-2qxMPx4AaABAg","Lisa Lisa","Why was it there in the first place !!! Honestly","16","7","2020-06-07 15:16:15","true",""
"UgxCNnvsTnxo-2qxMPx4AaABAg.99bNQZjiE5h99bNgh9EKiG","mike heads","He supported and endowed schools, almshouses, hospitals and churches in Bristol, London and elsewhere. He wasn't just a slave trader.","11","","2020-06-07 15:18:35","false",""
"UgxCNnvsTnxo-2qxMPx4AaABAg.99bNQZjiE5h99bO3GoPpog","Lisa Lisa","mike heads  what!!!!! Lmao you are kidding me ,","4","","2020-06-07 15:21:48","false",""
"UgxCNnvsTnxo-2qxMPx4AaABAg.99bNQZjiE5h99bOLKkRxnB","Jimbo's Farm","Lisa Lisa ... you do realise the islamic world took more slaves than any other civilisation...","5","","2020-06-07 15:24:16","false",""
"UgxCNnvsTnxo-2qxMPx4AaABAg.99bNQZjiE5h99bONKou0YG","mike heads","@Lisa Lisa It's true, google his name.","0","","2020-06-07 15:24:32","false",""
"UgxCNnvsTnxo-2qxMPx4AaABAg.99bNQZjiE5h99bOXwTIEg2","monck55","Because it's part of British history and there's a lot more to him than involvement in the slave trade. Perhaps you think everything you don't like should be smashed by lawless mobs.","0","","2020-06-07 15:25:59","false",""
"UgxCNnvsTnxo-2qxMPx4AaABAg.99bNQZjiE5h99bPR2uGoYv","Lisa Lisa","mike heads so it’s okay to kill, steal, destroy, rape, dehumanise etc as long as the economy is being built on hate bloodshed of one particular race ..🧐.. Iam guessing you guys are not black so you will never understand the struggle that we leave through each day .. which is nothing to what our ancestors went through..","3","","2020-06-07 15:33:47","false",""
"UgxCNnvsTnxo-2qxMPx4AaABAg.99bNQZjiE5h99nM06nzETb","Phanindra K","@Lisa Lisa by 18th century standard it was okay to do so. You can't jude a person from 18th century by 21st century's moral values. If you start judging people from history with present moral values then every person would be terrible. You do know that many kingdoms existed in the past and do you know how these kingdoms expanded. Slavery was thought to be legal those days and slaves were thought to be resources. Why were they slaves to be honest??. Because they were weak. Our entire human history is made of stronger people ruling/bullying weaker ones. Slave traders were powerful and slaves were not. Dont you think if Africans were strong and Europeans were weak they wouldnt have done the same. Don't judge history. Only thing you have to do is learn from it","0","","2020-06-12 06:54:47","false",""
"UgwnWlGOZk6IR5xMMOx4AaABAg","analog samurai","forget black lives matter. its ALL LIVES MATTER anything else is racist","15","15","2020-06-07 15:16:26","true",""
"UgwnWlGOZk6IR5xMMOx4AaABAg.99bNS0fUIxg99bO95PxIDF","Blue Duck","clown","0","","2020-06-07 15:22:36","false",""
"UgwnWlGOZk6IR5xMMOx4AaABAg.99bNS0fUIxg99bOCqY3OMx","ryxn dead lettuce😔","are u dumb?","0","","2020-06-07 15:23:06","false",""
"UgwnWlGOZk6IR5xMMOx4AaABAg.99bNS0fUIxg99bOGmeJBA0","BlaKabale","Just say you're racist and go","1","","2020-06-07 15:23:39","false",""
"UgwnWlGOZk6IR5xMMOx4AaABAg.99bNS0fUIxg99bORgMzGWF","Blue Duck","@ryxn dead lettuce😔 are you ?","0","","2020-06-07 15:25:08","false",""
"UgwnWlGOZk6IR5xMMOx4AaABAg.99bNS0fUIxg99bOa1HrJWI","ryxn dead lettuce😔","BlaKabale u actually dumb how can all lives matter if they dont black lives dont matter yet the government police havent done anything yet","0","","2020-06-07 15:26:24","false",""
"UgwnWlGOZk6IR5xMMOx4AaABAg.99bNS0fUIxg99bOjbBGb-T","ryxn dead lettuce😔","Blue Duck wasn't speaking to u","0","","2020-06-07 15:27:43","false",""
"UgwnWlGOZk6IR5xMMOx4AaABAg.99bNS0fUIxg99bPFiEl9Ar","Michelle Phillips","May I enlighten you as I understand why you don't understand. The statement BLM came about because Yes indeed ALL LIVES DO Matter BUT..... and it's a big BUT. throughout history and up to date Black people are predominately treated less favourably for no reason other than the colour of their skin, thus creating a feeling that BLACK Lives DON'T matter in many aspects of society. And so this is exactly where that comes from. Black people are fed up of being treated like 2nd class citizens. So Its them saying...... Hey..... Hello... We are here too you know. I hope that gave you the right perspective of why the phrase is 'BLACK LIVES MATTER'. Its so important that people understand this and understand that its the unfair treatment of black people throughout history that has produced this BLM movement. Its about time. We have had enough","1","","2020-06-07 15:32:14","false",""
"UgwnWlGOZk6IR5xMMOx4AaABAg.99bNS0fUIxg99bQV4Ly-O4","ryxn dead lettuce😔","Michelle Phillips PREACH!!! thank you!! finally someone who understands what we go through✊🏾🖤🖤 SO STOP USING THE TERM ALL LIVES MATTER!","1","","2020-06-07 15:43:04","false",""
"UgwnWlGOZk6IR5xMMOx4AaABAg.99bNS0fUIxg99bRVQ4Wu9g","analog samurai","some stats from .gov website
Black people were over 3 times as likely to be arrested as White people – there were 35 arrests for every 1,000 Black people, and 10 arrests for every 1,000 White people
you think it might be an issue with the black communities not obeying the laws of the land?","0","","2020-06-07 15:51:51","false",""
"UgwnWlGOZk6IR5xMMOx4AaABAg.99bNS0fUIxg99bRySJux-H","ryxn dead lettuce😔","analog samurai so u think EVERY black person is bad that is completely WRONG and that is wrong black people get stopped way more for being black u think i can go outside freely without being scared like some people get ur facts right.","0","","2020-06-07 15:55:57","false",""
"UgwnWlGOZk6IR5xMMOx4AaABAg.99bNS0fUIxg99bSWoQI3MW","analog samurai","@ryxn dead lettuce😔 i got forced out of an area i was living in because i was white... house bricked, car torched. BECAUSE i was white. but yaaaay go white privilege. i worked in retail for 20+ years i been robbed 8 times.. each time it was a black guy. so yea im gonna say its a culture thing","0","","2020-06-07 16:00:47","false",""
"UgwnWlGOZk6IR5xMMOx4AaABAg.99bNS0fUIxg99bSxFcKUQo","analog samurai","@ryxn dead lettuce😔 im not a racist i genuinely have some black and asian friends so i know its not all but even they agree its the majority.","0","","2020-06-07 16:04:32","false",""
"UgwnWlGOZk6IR5xMMOx4AaABAg.99bNS0fUIxg99bTNstpXfL","ryxn dead lettuce😔","analog samurai maybe it was the area u live in but trust me NOT ALL black people are like that maybe it was the type of people the grew up with🤷🏾‍♀️","0","","2020-06-07 16:08:18","false",""
"UgwnWlGOZk6IR5xMMOx4AaABAg.99bNS0fUIxg99bmBwubc5E","analog samurai","@ryxn dead lettuce😔  i have a question.... why is nobody doing this regarding the muslim grooming gangs? i mean we have the great stephen yaxley-lennon (tommy robbinson) but as soon as we stand up against that we are instantly classed as racist and censored. yet you are free to cry about issues in another country.","0","","2020-06-07 19:01:26","false",""
"UgwnWlGOZk6IR5xMMOx4AaABAg.99bNS0fUIxg99boBtxxmlr","analog samurai","@BlaKabale why would i be racist saying all lives matter? pretty sure thats the most neutral thing that could possibly be said. unless you are racist yourself or are you living with that white guilt all the lgbtq+-= whatever the fk apache helicopter people have?","0","","2020-06-07 19:18:54","false",""
"Ugw6RsGmBKAlwS3_BzV4AaABAg","いきすちそ","😂😂😂 So many Butt hurt racists","3","0","2020-06-07 15:16:38","true",""
"UgznkhmOMWSZwY73UL14AaABAg","ednwab","As someone said to me, should the english keep going on about the romans using us as slaves. At what point do you let it go. The same goes for the Germans and the last war. Let it go, move on, stop using the past as an excuse.","6","2","2020-06-07 15:16:50","true",""
"UgznkhmOMWSZwY73UL14AaABAg.99bNUu2qC1299bO5eLWJSx","Nerift","the effects of slavery are still around dude.... are you not seeing whats been going on?","2","","2020-06-07 15:22:07","false",""

*hand rubbing*","0","","2020-06-07 15:24:55","false",""
"Ugz9XcwvL85brUu9as54AaABAg","Samuel Levy","Most of history is filled with unsavoury characters. Should Mongolians tear down anything to do with Genghis Kahn because he killed tens of millions of people. Erasing history won’t make anyone’s life better. The idea used to be that we would learn from our history but now everyone just wants to pretend it never happened. Let’s call it what it is these people are vandals and should be locked up.","44","10","2020-06-07 15:16:51","true",""
"Ugz9XcwvL85brUu9as54AaABAg.99bNV-7qAPE99bOCKRT4Ip","Nerift","Bro its a statue...","1","","2020-06-07 15:23:02","false",""
"Ugz9XcwvL85brUu9as54AaABAg.99bNV-7qAPE99bUJImLlj8","Ewan Trevis","Nerift and you have no clue.......","2","","2020-06-07 16:16:25","false",""
"Ugz9XcwvL85brUu9as54AaABAg.99bNV-7qAPE99bUR8oF5pG","Samuel Levy","Nerift your point being? If someone was to walk past that statue they might go and read about this person and increase their knowledge. It is still Vandalism and I don’t know how saying it’s just a statue in any way justifies it. When Isis conquered Mosul they destroyed the ancient Assyrian Lamassu. Those were statues. That doesn’t mean that destroying them wasn’t a terrible crime.","3","","2020-06-07 16:17:29","false",""
"Ugz9XcwvL85brUu9as54AaABAg.99bNV-7qAPE99bdMVo03CJ","Chucksta","@Samuel Levy That's put in a place to be honoured. You should not honour slave traders.","1","","2020-06-07 17:44:14","false",""
"Ugz9XcwvL85brUu9as54AaABAg.99bNV-7qAPE99bgS0Si6ns","Samuel Levy","Chucksta of course we shouldn’t honour him but that does not mean that the statue should be removed. There should be a plaque describing what he did as he undeniably had a great impact on history. Even if you do believe that the statue should be removed vandalism is not the way to do it. Citizens are not allowed to take the law into their own hands. Otherwise it would be total anarchy.","3","","2020-06-07 18:11:12","false",""
"Ugz9XcwvL85brUu9as54AaABAg.99bNV-7qAPE99bgiOVHAsg","Ewan Trevis","Samuel Levy anarchists are trying.... but they will be crushed by sensible people in the end","0","","2020-06-07 18:13:34","false",""
"Ugz9XcwvL85brUu9as54AaABAg.99bNV-7qAPE99j9lE8WY_J","charles","Many Genghis statues in Bristol, are there?","0","","2020-06-10 15:50:47","false",""
"Ugz9XcwvL85brUu9as54AaABAg.99bNV-7qAPE9A1BOYcfTpM","Valerie O'Brien","@Ewan Trevis   I was disgusted with the mob throwing down  the monument of Edward  Colston .  I have lived in Bristol most of my life, we have never experienced mob violence of this kind before. I was at Bristol University myself and remember that all demonstrations contained students who cared  nothing  about the  REASON for demonstrating, but for some it was "" just a lark"".  But there are some who are paid  to be aggitators !  Monuments are historical artifacts,.  Now Bristol  Museum is considering closing while paintings and artifacts are discussed and considered to be retained or not . This is ridiculous, and as Nigel  pointed out i, t doesn't change history . These wreckers of our cities, won't be content until  every  piece of Art, every pleasant building which may have once been occupied by a city merchant  is dismantled or ruined !
 What is really going on here is not about George Floyd,.  and it's  not about BLM, or the past. It's about destroying the prestige and peace of v the entire White Race , my friend in Melbourne says terrible disruption is occuring there also.    Im not keen on Kier Stahmer,but I think he is right to condemn the vandalism.  This wouldn't have been condoned in the '70s or , 80's.  People  would have not done these things.","0","","2020-06-18 01:10:36","false",""
"Ugz9XcwvL85brUu9as54AaABAg.99bNV-7qAPE9A1BaDNBmZo","Valerie O'Brien","@Chucksta  I wonder how old you are ?  Not more than 16 at a guess.  You appear to have no knowledge about this subject .","0","","2020-06-18 01:12:20","false",""
"Ugz9XcwvL85brUu9as54AaABAg.99bNV-7qAPE9AvRfJjVOlB","ides of march","Chucksta go back to your video games kid. You can't even read yet.","0","","2020-07-10 06:49:33","false",""
"UgzGsHsa-ImuYgAB9st4AaABAg","NK Maze","Why would anyone be so proud to put up a statue of a slave trader.","5","1","2020-06-07 15:16:56","true",""
"UgzGsHsa-ImuYgAB9st4AaABAg.99bNVdXuJA399bOO2tQkl_","Brad Craig","he was also a major philanthropist which is why some people like him","0","","2020-06-07 15:24:38","false",""
"UgxFGfY3kaPTU2GnQZd4AaABAg","SpongeBob SquarePants","Where are the police? They're behaving like idiots. When did toppling a statue change anything? What next, mass rioting? This action will only take away support for the black lives matter movement.","0","0","2020-06-07 15:16:58","true",""
"UgxRK-28GQup90bZz_B4AaABAg","Chris","would not everyone be better served by putting a plack in the statue explaining he was a slave trader","3","3","2020-06-07 15:17:08","true",""
"UgxRK-28GQup90bZz_B4AaABAg.99bNX38OCe899bQLKeqeKB","Drastic Headcase","Chris they tried for years and I think one was put on but the slave trading bit was watered down thanks to ingrained racism, which this movement is all about. I think it’s a great symbol of beginning to address it. Put the thing where it belongs, in a museum to a racist past.","0","","2020-06-07 15:41:44","false",""
"UgxRK-28GQup90bZz_B4AaABAg.99bNX38OCe899bWJHKr8IX","Chris","@Drastic Headcase why lock it away - doesn't it help bring attention to it if its front and centre","0","","2020-06-07 16:33:53","false",""
"UgxRK-28GQup90bZz_B4AaABAg.99bNX38OCe899bnLIftg-f","Drastic Headcase","Chris no, because it means something else when it’s in a square of a town or city. A statue is always seen as representing a figure for respect. You won’t find a statue of Adolf in Berlin because he built motorways and folks mobiles with a little side note on the final solution.","1","","2020-06-07 19:11:27","false",""
"UgwQ7wLnaW1EdkbRqdp4AaABAg","Drama Llama","I'm not sure this is something to celebrate. It doesn't achieve anything, this isn't a recent dictator that affected the lives of those at the protest, this isn't someone in the modern time doing an activity we *know* to be wrong.  It is not balanced to label him a slave trader and write off historical context, when there are *modern* issues that should take focus.","14","8","2020-06-07 15:17:11","true",""
"UgwQ7wLnaW1EdkbRqdp4AaABAg.99bNXQxOwgf99bOWyAGS_Y","Nerift","why because slavery was legal?? plenty people didn't own slaves lets not act like that is something that should have ever been morally acceptable","1","","2020-06-07 15:25:51","false",""
"UgwQ7wLnaW1EdkbRqdp4AaABAg.99bNXQxOwgf99bOeabOUvP","bloop blooper","If you knew how people feel in Bristol you'd know its great news. 
🎁","0","","2020-06-07 15:27:02","false",""
"UgwQ7wLnaW1EdkbRqdp4AaABAg.99bNXQxOwgf99bOkUWClQO","Michael","Based on what?","0","","2020-06-07 15:27:50","false",""

HWWWWTA IS THIS BASED ON","0","","2020-06-07 15:27:57","false",""
"UgwQ7wLnaW1EdkbRqdp4AaABAg.99bNXQxOwgf99bOpu5WThK","Drama Llama","@bloop blooper Not everyone in Bristol, there are groups of people with a similar mindset who think it is great news and others who do not. Bristol is not a hive mind.","0","","2020-06-07 15:28:34","false",""
"UgwQ7wLnaW1EdkbRqdp4AaABAg.99bNXQxOwgf99bOzUzbwlh","Nerift","@Michael No I would not own a slave.","0","","2020-06-07 15:29:53","false",""
"UgwQ7wLnaW1EdkbRqdp4AaABAg.99bNXQxOwgf99bP6VAm_CE","Nerift","@Michael you think everyone owned slaves?","0","","2020-06-07 15:30:59","false",""
"UgwQ7wLnaW1EdkbRqdp4AaABAg.99bNXQxOwgf99bP_Q9osaT","Drama Llama","​@Nerift No, because in the 17th century it doesn't matter if it should have been considered morally unacceptable. Plenty of people did not own slaves, that is true, but that doesn't reflect the morality of society as a whole at that time. Reasons for not owning a slave were not exclusively linked to morality.
The increase in people who view it as morally wrong over the course of history, who realised that viewing others as less than themselves due to ethnicity was wrong, is great. However morality has never been constant, it evolves.","0","","2020-06-07 15:35:04","false",""
"UgxBpquQ4abU0iLwui14AaABAg","Ibbybibby why","This is why i don't go outside.","4","0","2020-06-07 15:17:12","true",""
"UgzjBcs-BvfONpGSjyV4AaABAg","Bushy Poon","I wonder how many of the people in that crowd had a go at Dominic Cummings","67","20","2020-06-07 15:17:18","true",""
"UgzjBcs-BvfONpGSjyV4AaABAg.99bNYMoAVo099bOb4ICook","Its Fin","Ikr","1","","2020-06-07 15:26:33","false",""
"UgzjBcs-BvfONpGSjyV4AaABAg.99bNYMoAVo099bOi7ydmb-","Chelsea For life","there's a difference. Cummings went out to get his eye checked and drove half the way across the country while being told to self isolate. This is actually a relevent matter.","3","","2020-06-07 15:27:31","false",""
"UgzjBcs-BvfONpGSjyV4AaABAg.99bNYMoAVo099bP9MVluZa","HyperVoxel","Chelsea For life yet they’re all still breaking the rules so your point is foolish","7","","2020-06-07 15:31:22","false",""
"UgzjBcs-BvfONpGSjyV4AaABAg.99bNYMoAVo099bPDzGq3UD","Heel Hook","@Chelsea For life Cummings didn't come into direct contact with anyone outside his household. Everyone here has. But I'm sure when the R goes up and we have to lockdown fully again it'll be his fault and not the thousands of people breaching the guidelines.","9","","2020-06-07 15:32:00","false",""
"UgzjBcs-BvfONpGSjyV4AaABAg.99bNYMoAVo099bPHCU6GEc","matt brady","@Chelsea For life relevlant matter pulling down statues come on grow up ur not a child","5","","2020-06-07 15:32:26","false",""
"UgzjBcs-BvfONpGSjyV4AaABAg.99bNYMoAVo099bPqfS9X_n","Chelsea For life","@HyperVoxel so did Cummings. And if he thinks the law's above him then ordinary people will follow suit","0","","2020-06-07 15:37:25","false",""
"UgzjBcs-BvfONpGSjyV4AaABAg.99bNYMoAVo099bPuXN_CGj","Chelsea For life","@Heel Hook His actions were still illegal","0","","2020-06-07 15:37:57","false",""
"UgzjBcs-BvfONpGSjyV4AaABAg.99bNYMoAVo099bPz3Mqml5","Chelsea For life","@matt brady so if there was a statue of Hitler in the middle of Hyde park, you'll be alright about it","0","","2020-06-07 15:38:34","false",""
"UgzjBcs-BvfONpGSjyV4AaABAg.99bNYMoAVo099bTFBsVEIs","Football27 9","@Chelsea For life that is irrelevant to the current situation that is evolving right now 🤦‍♂️","3","","2020-06-07 16:07:07","false",""
"UgzjBcs-BvfONpGSjyV4AaABAg.99bNYMoAVo099bTpAyT89L","Chelsea For life","@Football27 9 Then why comment about it","0","","2020-06-07 16:12:10","false",""
"UgzjBcs-BvfONpGSjyV4AaABAg.99bNYMoAVo099bYNSyQnLY","Bushy Poon","@Chelsea For life You're right there is a difference, the protests are more likely to spread the corona virus.
Also where are the protests about the treatment of the uyghur muslims in china?","2","","2020-06-07 16:51:56","false",""
"UgzjBcs-BvfONpGSjyV4AaABAg.99bNYMoAVo099bZkuVnf0m","rvic11","Great comment.","1","","2020-06-07 17:04:00","false",""
"UgzjBcs-BvfONpGSjyV4AaABAg.99bNYMoAVo099b_Dm8ZDas","Football27 9","@Chelsea For life your attempt at making an opinionated statement is irrelevant to what is going on right now.","1","","2020-06-07 17:08:05","false",""
"UgzjBcs-BvfONpGSjyV4AaABAg.99bNYMoAVo099bbNbPabND","Alan 59","@Chelsea For life Typical Leftie "" It's ok for you lot to be HYPOCRITES ! ""","0","","2020-06-07 17:26:54","false",""
"UgzjBcs-BvfONpGSjyV4AaABAg.99bNYMoAVo099bbv7ggP3K","Slashley gibbins","All of’m","0","","2020-06-07 17:31:37","false",""
"UgzjBcs-BvfONpGSjyV4AaABAg.99bNYMoAVo099bc2XP0Cv7","Chelsea For life","@Alan 59 the real hypocrites are our government. Different rules apply for different people","0","","2020-06-07 17:32:46","false",""
"UgzjBcs-BvfONpGSjyV4AaABAg.99bNYMoAVo099bck85DS0Z","Chelsea For life","@Bushy Poon Your right, there should be a protest for uyghur muslims. It's just that black people have been facing discrimination for longer. P.S I'm not black so I'm unbiased","0","","2020-06-07 17:38:51","false",""
"UgzjBcs-BvfONpGSjyV4AaABAg.99bNYMoAVo099bcmSbRdvy","Chelsea For life","@Football27 9 so is urs. Whats ur point","0","","2020-06-07 17:39:11","false",""
"UgzjBcs-BvfONpGSjyV4AaABAg.99bNYMoAVo099bgIWwEayu","Football27 9","@Chelsea For life what's *YOUR* point? Come on, still waiting 😏","1","","2020-06-07 18:09:54","false",""
"UgzjBcs-BvfONpGSjyV4AaABAg.99bNYMoAVo099brMt8-d47","Tina Mcintyre","Chelsea For life 
You just lost the argument smfh taking a stand for equality.liptard .","1","","2020-06-07 19:46:37","false",""
"UgxFGhq-wegOqpYtmXx4AaABAg","Paul Stones","Winston Churchill
""The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property—either as a child, a wife, or a concubine—must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men""","6","4","2020-06-07 15:17:24","true",""
"UgxFGhq-wegOqpYtmXx4AaABAg.99bNZ5PergN99bOFl4QqDX","Blue Duck","Talk being about deluded","0","","2020-06-07 15:23:30","false",""
"UgxFGhq-wegOqpYtmXx4AaABAg.99bNZ5PergN99bOIKtZ6uv","allow leng","all i see is people comparing black caribean and african struggles to islam and grooming gangs ... there not related ... go protest about islam and grooming .. noone is stopping u ffs.","0","","2020-06-07 15:23:51","false",""
"UgxFGhq-wegOqpYtmXx4AaABAg.99bNZ5PergN99bOpPF8RfY","jamietherooster","The irony is those whom would be most effected by ideologies such as sharia law are the ones who protest to defend it.","0","","2020-06-07 15:28:30","false",""
"UgxFGhq-wegOqpYtmXx4AaABAg.99bNZ5PergN99bP7Nd7XWa","Blue Duck","@jamietherooster well done you can use media buzz words and pretend u know what your talking about","0","","2020-06-07 15:31:06","false",""
"Ugz-fTdguUiCYrvR9bl4AaABAg","Scott Mc","Do we not have a police force anymore ????","38","7","2020-06-07 15:17:26","true",""
"Ugz-fTdguUiCYrvR9bl4AaABAg.99bNZIRfk0Z99bOAVTg97G","Amar","Scott Mc Where are British people? Watching Netflix? Only a mob can stop a MOB","5","","2020-06-07 15:22:47","false",""
"Ugz-fTdguUiCYrvR9bl4AaABAg.99bNZIRfk0Z99bOO3jDEVK","Dave","They'll be hiding from the disapproval of these people's media friends who would have labelled them racist.","3","","2020-06-07 15:24:38","false",""
"Ugz-fTdguUiCYrvR9bl4AaABAg.99bNZIRfk0Z99bOPdQxmE9","Vanessa Idk","Shouldn’t we be celebrating that they’re not as authoritarian as the US police?","2","","2020-06-07 15:24:51","false",""
"Ugz-fTdguUiCYrvR9bl4AaABAg.99bNZIRfk0Z99bO_KPaspI","Kryten FiveTwoThreeP","@Amar They're right there, in the video. Did you not watch it?","0","","2020-06-07 15:26:19","false",""
"Ugz-fTdguUiCYrvR9bl4AaABAg.99bNZIRfk0Z99bOdt-0iPp","Steve Whitecliffs","This is now an Anti white country..We need a new Government..This is sickening!","3","","2020-06-07 15:26:56","false",""
"Ugz-fTdguUiCYrvR9bl4AaABAg.99bNZIRfk0Z99bPvS4soFs","Abrasive Monkey","@Steve Whitecliffs Take off the tinfoil hat, walk outside, take a deep breath, you're going to be fine.","4","","2020-06-07 15:38:04","false",""
"Ugz-fTdguUiCYrvR9bl4AaABAg.99bNZIRfk0Z99isG4KZP3R","Scott Mc","@Amar I absolutely agree with you Amar","0","","2020-06-10 13:09:07","false",""
"UgxaHN2v_9yJOBUhb994AaABAg","alex brown","take a look Britain this is the site that you bring into this world","4","0","2020-06-07 15:17:30","true",""
"Ugyx_o60btJk5m2Uiw14AaABAg","Craig 74","Moaning black people ( thinking they have it harder than everyone else, when they DON'T) and virtue signalling , emotionally incontinent  millennial's ( who clap like trained seals when the over represented liberal media tosses them a carefully selected fish.","0","0","2020-06-07 15:17:57","true",""
"UgzIrzvAemN8ztTEJ1p4AaABAg","Joel Hume","RIP Western civilization it was a good run while it lasted","59","11","2020-06-07 15:18:01","true",""
"UgzIrzvAemN8ztTEJ1p4AaABAg.99bNcZPJcOu99bO00BukOD","James","Civilisations have changed hands often actually","2","","2020-06-07 15:21:21","false",""
"UgzIrzvAemN8ztTEJ1p4AaABAg.99bNcZPJcOu99bO67qzGQb","3lancer Officialmaybe","How can I live knowing that they pulled down a statue that killed 19000 people. And enslaved another 65000.","7","","2020-06-07 15:22:11","false",""
"UgzIrzvAemN8ztTEJ1p4AaABAg.99bNcZPJcOu99bODWZgUoZ","Michael","3lancer Officialmaybe 

Haha, Lol. You think he’s on about the statue and not the millions of coloured migrants coming into our nation every year. Infact 3 million Asian are set to be on a plane here by October. But lol, you think he’s on about statues","2","","2020-06-07 15:23:12","false",""
"UgzIrzvAemN8ztTEJ1p4AaABAg.99bNcZPJcOu99bOKSU_o96","Charles Martel","It’s lasted  about 1500 years so far, beginning with the Germano-roman kingdoms of the west.","1","","2020-06-07 15:24:09","false",""
"UgzIrzvAemN8ztTEJ1p4AaABAg.99bNcZPJcOu99bOY63bCbH","Gb1","Joel shut up racist Russian propaganda","0","","2020-06-07 15:26:00","false",""
"UgzIrzvAemN8ztTEJ1p4AaABAg.99bNcZPJcOu99bOw0navAE","Dulce periculum","So you thing bringing down the statue of a racist slave trader is the end of civilisation? Please explain..","0","","2020-06-07 15:29:25","false",""
"UgzIrzvAemN8ztTEJ1p4AaABAg.99bNcZPJcOu99bPlyJpG7g","Mich 1404","@3lancer Officialmaybe not bad going for a statue, I didn't realise it could even move","1","","2020-06-07 15:36:46","false",""
"UgzIrzvAemN8ztTEJ1p4AaABAg.99bNcZPJcOu99bROgcxQoW","psstblue","What’s “western civilisation”?","0","","2020-06-07 15:50:56","false",""
"UgzIrzvAemN8ztTEJ1p4AaABAg.99bNcZPJcOu99bS0UobbE5","gbjanuary","Joel Hume it want really that good to be honest 😝","1","","2020-06-07 15:56:22","false",""
"UgzIrzvAemN8ztTEJ1p4AaABAg.99bNcZPJcOu99b_uOikkUL","Omnishambles","Do you think western civilisation amounts to statues of slave traders? I thought it was more about the philosophy of the ancient Greeks and Romans and of the Enlightenment?","2","","2020-06-07 17:14:03","false",""
"UgzIrzvAemN8ztTEJ1p4AaABAg.99bNcZPJcOu99baLyfXa98","Andrew","Omnishambles these people are too retarded to understand that","0","","2020-06-07 17:17:57","false",""
"UgztRWKpSeFb3yYL1_d4AaABAg","Mikey Fun456","Someone had better tea baggd on the statue","5","0","2020-06-07 15:18:04","true",""
"UgwSpv6jX3To55FEQqJ4AaABAg","Brad Craig","*cough* *cough*","0","0","2020-06-07 15:18:29","true",""
"UgwRFnIfotTTPKkaL2J4AaABAg","Alpharius Omegon","Disgraceful behaviour, and our limp dick police didn’t even try to intervene","0","0","2020-06-07 15:18:37","true",""
"Ugyy6szdX9OVFajI-CB4AaABAg","jack O'Brien","maybe stop killing people and start serving those that you are supposed to protect ?","1","10","2020-06-07 15:18:43","true",""
"Ugyy6szdX9OVFajI-CB4AaABAg.99bNhjNPWiT99bO_DMpHn3","Dave","No, we're all in favour of the lastest idea of disbanding the Police Forces, so the purge can begin against you all.","0","","2020-06-07 15:26:18","false",""
"Ugyy6szdX9OVFajI-CB4AaABAg.99bNhjNPWiT99bTYkPXwfT","jack O'Brien","That's from a film it's not reality pull your head out your butt hole","0","","2020-06-07 16:09:47","false",""
"Ugyy6szdX9OVFajI-CB4AaABAg.99bNhjNPWiT99bbuwXYz_1","Dave","@jack O'Brien We're gonna make it reality for you, just after you all disband the Police forces, because you consumed yourselves with hatred of other.","0","","2020-06-07 17:31:36","false",""
"Ugyy6szdX9OVFajI-CB4AaABAg.99bNhjNPWiT99bh-kLLzA7","jack O'Brien","I doubt it no police no control I can't see that ever happening without an all out war . Once people are done looting and protesting the police will just calmly catch and round up those that committed a crime and it will be business as usual . Prisons need body's courts need cases the world will continue revolving around oppressing the lowest rungs of society just as they've been doing this past decade/ century and when the latest batch of drugs used on death row is about to go out of date they'll look to use it all up regardless of the facts 💯","0","","2020-06-07 18:16:05","false",""
"Ugyy6szdX9OVFajI-CB4AaABAg.99bNhjNPWiT99bhBX6wZ5q","jack O'Brien","But honestly I like the idea of anorcy rule","0","","2020-06-07 18:17:41","false",""
"Ugyy6szdX9OVFajI-CB4AaABAg.99bNhjNPWiT99bhh5HqF0R","Dave","@jack O'Brien So do we. After years of being the target of non-stop racial hatred from your side of this, we're getting to the point where we're ready to stand up again. Be careful what you wish for... you just might get it.","0","","2020-06-07 18:22:08","false",""
"Ugyy6szdX9OVFajI-CB4AaABAg.99bNhjNPWiT99biMZTrbcD","jack O'Brien","My side ? Listen good to what I am saying one white person doesn't represent us all maybe grow a spine and stand up for your rights next time you see a man having his throat crushed regardless of ethnicity intervene or else you are as guilty as the pig that did it","0","","2020-06-07 18:27:56","false",""
"Ugyy6szdX9OVFajI-CB4AaABAg.99bNhjNPWiT99biiv_uady","jack O'Brien","Whos throat did those shop owners crush to deserve having there lively hoods stolen trashed and looted . If that's what you call justice then only God can save your tainted soul","0","","2020-06-07 18:31:07","false",""
"Ugyy6szdX9OVFajI-CB4AaABAg.99bNhjNPWiT99bjCE7B7KU","Dave","@jack O'Brien You expected me (the man you all branded racist, because I'm white) to do something from England? When given it took less than 12 minutes for the murderer cop to commit his act I couldn't possibly have even known about it until after the fact? What was it you wanted me to do about the thing I couldn't have known about that, which allowed you to racistly brand me as evil because of the colour of my skin. You are racists. I hate racists and want them all murdered. Do you get where you're standing right now? Do you understand why you are at the very top of my list of people I want murdered right now? You put yourselves there, racists.","0","","2020-06-07 18:35:16","false",""
"Ugyy6szdX9OVFajI-CB4AaABAg.99bNhjNPWiT99bmhF51HrX","jack O'Brien","More murder really isn't going to solve anything. But a good place to start would be to unite with people against the common enemy  . Just think about it it's far too easy just to blame the first white guy you find if I've learnt anything in  my time on earth it's that  unity of people can overcome anything . Could you imagine if every man and woman said enough was enough then things would change . But with the other point you made Who really stands to gain from everyday people hating each other because it certainly wouldn't be us  maybe this is what they want","0","","2020-06-07 19:05:51","false",""
"UgzsZUoG2zELrOFi_td4AaABAg","Jamie Coubrough","Long live Edward Colston","6","1","2020-06-07 15:19:05","true",""
"UgzsZUoG2zELrOFi_td4AaABAg.99bNkMR4A8T99bP48LvEJw","magpie 9","A bit late now, died in1721.","1","","2020-06-07 15:30:39","false",""
"UgwK8LNCREPHI_pE4D94AaABAg","Mason Ringbinder","Moronic behaviour.","0","0","2020-06-07 15:19:15","true",""
"UgzRfxJUjZ4oY5HvV754AaABAg","what a plonker rodney","Band wagon Muppets","66","5","2020-06-07 15:19:27","true",""
"UgzRfxJUjZ4oY5HvV754AaABAg.99bNn5rpLQF99bOiEHiI6a","Bboy235","so just to make your stupid trolling comment you hide behind a freshly created troll account probably created in russia","11","","2020-06-07 15:27:32","false",""
"UgzRfxJUjZ4oY5HvV754AaABAg.99bNn5rpLQF99bPMFLKGZL","Krashaon","Bboy235 agree","1","","2020-06-07 15:33:08","false",""
"UgzRfxJUjZ4oY5HvV754AaABAg.99bNn5rpLQF99bPcfT_NXm","Harry Gooch","what a plonker rodney absolutely band wagon muppets","3","","2020-06-07 15:35:30","false",""
"UgzRfxJUjZ4oY5HvV754AaABAg.99bNn5rpLQF99bPsm6Ly5s","Krashaon","Harry Gooch racist facist","3","","2020-06-07 15:37:42","false",""
"UgzRfxJUjZ4oY5HvV754AaABAg.99bNn5rpLQF99bylg5Cvwy","Lloyd Gittens","Yeah band wagon white trolls like you.","0","","2020-06-07 20:51:19","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg","Paul Ross","UK is heading for some serious trouble","66","37","2020-06-07 15:19:38","true",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99bP2O24fe5","zivkovicable","Every time the Tories are in.","9","","2020-06-07 15:30:25","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99bPAAOql-Z","Be Happy","send in the U.S. army to sort this out, Brit police cannot cope","3","","2020-06-07 15:31:29","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99bPB9oK8Hf","Sinjin Smyth","Why??","1","","2020-06-07 15:31:37","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99bPBIgd2bh","Salma Abdullah","@zivkovicable yepp","1","","2020-06-07 15:31:38","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99bPCYtWPhv","Thoughts","Paul Ross - Trouble for toppling a racist's statue? You stupid mug! Stop embarrassing the brits.","7","","2020-06-07 15:31:48","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99bPDhpGgZI","Salma Abdullah","@Be Happy loool because the us police are doing a better job?","3","","2020-06-07 15:31:58","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99bPPDs1njY","Darren Silk","Nah we fine.","0","","2020-06-07 15:33:32","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99bPPRRhH2B","Be Happy","@Thoughts statues can't talk dummy!","0","","2020-06-07 15:33:34","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99bP_CukE5u","friend","@Be Happy ... you know what this man did, right?","0","","2020-06-07 15:35:02","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99bPacmpxoz","Be Happy","A slave trader is not a racist. A racist is someone who hates a race and want to kill them. A slave trader trades slaves. Give yourself a slap for not knowing the difference.","13","","2020-06-07 15:35:14","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99bPckRarsO","1000 subs before the end of quarantine","Be Happy Haha no chance.","1","","2020-06-07 15:35:31","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99bPmc1e6ov","Anglus Patria","This is war, 20 years away at the most. These mutants, these foreigns, they will perish.","9","","2020-06-07 15:36:52","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99bPwCiwgwF","Be Happy","@friend he traded slaves as people did in those days. It was normal during those times. But he was not a racist because he did not hate them.","6","","2020-06-07 15:38:10","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99bQ67PSvrS","1000 subs before the end of quarantine","Anglus Patria Haha there will be no war most of the white people (who make up the majority of our country want racism gone) so bye bye","2","","2020-06-07 15:39:40","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99bQ84HXzvl","friend","@Be Happy doesn't make it right though, does it? Why should we continue to immortalise this man when he stood for something so abhorrent?","1","","2020-06-07 15:39:56","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99bQBHkpD1l","friend","@Anglus Patria hahah you mug.","0","","2020-06-07 15:40:22","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99bQHlb2z2O","1000 subs before the end of quarantine","Be Happy You’re going to actually try and argue that slave trade wasn’t racist?? Pathetic","2","","2020-06-07 15:41:15","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99bQQNHz_Tu","Geralt of Rivia","@zivkovicableThat is seriously stupid comment in a sea of dumb comments. Winter of discontent? Invasion of Iraq? Financial crash of 2008? Not forgetting how seldom Labour are actually in government.","2","","2020-06-07 15:42:26","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99bRTtJ7tBw","JGW 97","@Anglus Patria Every last one of them shall be exterminated.","2","","2020-06-07 15:51:39","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99bRp7bxBPz","gbjanuary","zivkovicable good point seems lots of unrest when Tories are in power.","2","","2020-06-07 15:54:41","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99bRz4ypDHf","Joel T","London*","0","","2020-06-07 15:56:03","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99bVWpwQUgv","King Brilliant","@Be Happy admittedly you can talk, but you're just not worth listening to","1","","2020-06-07 16:27:00","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99bWHzI0yzc","Salma Abdullah","@Be Happy congratulate yourself for thinking that's a valid point. Does that make it all okay then?","1","","2020-06-07 16:33:43","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99bWL5Eh9U4","Salma Abdullah","@Be Happy did he tell you that","0","","2020-06-07 16:34:08","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99bWLEKxbib","Be Happy","@King Brilliant whatever","0","","2020-06-07 16:34:09","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99bYwrMzUUS","1000 subs before the end of quarantine","John Smith Hahahaha, come on then “John”. Go announce your views in the street and let’s see what happens to you and your sort. You racist bigots right wing left wing extremists  need to be purged from our country","0","","2020-06-07 16:56:54","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99bZLdqtQSI","Buck shelfords ballbag","@1000 subs before the end of quarantine end days. Soon","1","","2020-06-07 17:00:26","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99brDLuZd8e","Anglus Patria","@1000 subs before the end of quarantine 

These people are dying, the people that will be left will be racist or mixed race. Me or someone like me will be on your doorstep in twenty years","0","","2020-06-07 19:45:19","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99bs-mPlNZ8","1000 subs before the end of quarantine","Anglus Patria I’m mixed race. Eventually both the black and white races will be diluted, and the world will be full of people like me.

Nothing makes me smile more than a biracial couple.","0","","2020-06-07 19:52:12","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99bu2LqpQne","Anglus Patria","@1000 subs before the end of quarantine

Nope. Not diluted, because if you’re not pure then you are not one of us. 

what will happen is basic eugenics, those who don’t “become racist” race mix and produce out group offspring like you. That means, my race will get more and more racist, because those willing to date outside our race eventually die off. 

Because you are African, you might be genetically half half, but those of us who will have pure children, see you as African; and in 40 years we will be all that is left of our race. 

So your idea of “racists being bred out of existence” is totally backwards and the other way round. Must be that mongrel iq coming through mate lmao","1","","2020-06-07 20:10:02","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99bvylxjdyt","Paul Ross","Why do brown people think they are black someone needs to give them a colour chart so they can check what colour they are","0","","2020-06-07 20:26:53","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99bvzkrgM8C","1000 subs before the end of quarantine","Anglus Patria You know what’s funny, you just assume that mixed race = white + African. You’re really showing how much of a presumptuous race baiting fool you are. “Those willing to date outside our race eventually die off” Except the black and ethnic minority community reproduce at a much higher rate. I’m going to browse through tinder, and give a white girl that mixed race loving this week, just for you. 😘❤️","1","","2020-06-07 20:27:01","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99bxWbs9gw2","1000 subs before the end of quarantine","Paul Ross Cos no one calls us “brown b*****s” they call us “black b*****s” so maybe you wanna ask your racist brethren why","1","","2020-06-07 20:40:23","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99byFPt3YPP","Paul Ross","@1000 subs before the end of quarantine you are just to stupid to realise what colour you are you are not black or white","0","","2020-06-07 20:46:46","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99c0gNn0HMZ","Thoughts","@Paul Ross you maggie!","0","","2020-06-07 21:16:48","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99cCXRbzDdW","steve11fox","Why is the uk getting involved in usa issues?","0","","2020-06-07 23:00:18","false",""
"Ugzh8h8bpCktLHlvX3R4AaABAg.99bNoS8_MRt99cDx2HR8BV","Anglus Patria","@1000 subs before the end of quarantine 

I don’t care what race mixed you are, you’re not one of us and that’s all that matters lol

“Except the ethnic minority community reproduce at a much higher rate” 

errr, completely irrelevant to race mixers like your coal burning mum dying off. We are evolving, you and your offspring will be put on the boats with the purebred Africans as if you are one, it doesn’t matter. Eugenics lad, figure it will you. 

“I’m going to browse tinder” good for you mate, enjoy the syphilis and HIV 🤣","0","","2020-06-07 23:12:40","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg","Eddie Trucker","where are the police?","72","57","2020-06-07 15:19:41","true",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bOKh9flv4","Steve Whitecliffs","They are allowing this...Anti white protest","28","","2020-06-07 15:24:11","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bOUixmksF","Colgate Max White","On their knees begging criminals for forgiveness.","37","","2020-06-07 15:25:33","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bOkSlAfPu","Eddie Trucker","@Steve Whitecliffs it doesn't matter what the ideology is that is vandalaism and damage to property. why are they allowing someone to climb onto a monumet wrap a rope around it jump down and get a team of people to pull it down? its criminal damage. The ideology is irrelevant that is criminal damage thats it why is this being allowed. my first reaction was send in the military","17","","2020-06-07 15:27:50","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bOn-8HdnH","51st state","Compliset in the crime","6","","2020-06-07 15:28:11","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bP17YFbRr","Adam Phillip","Scared of being called a racist","17","","2020-06-07 15:30:15","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bP_Ojq6g5","john-paul browning","Kneeling on someone's neck somewhere","7","","2020-06-07 15:35:04","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bQ7Eb6f8g","Eddie Trucker","Fascism is a form of government that is a type of one-party dictatorship. They work for a totalitarian one-party state. This aim is to prepare the nation for armed conflict, and to respond to economic difficulties. Fascism puts nation and often race above the individual.
Fascism is an authoritarian ultranationalism political stance characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, as well as strong regimentation of society and of the economy.
They are quite literally fascists","4","","2020-06-07 15:39:49","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bQmHgBhSo","Steve Whitecliffs","@Eddie Trucker I know and it sickens me..Our Government has let this happen, when you give into a mob you are finished..We are now an anti white country!","9","","2020-06-07 15:45:33","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bRBsKfWYo","Eddie Trucker","@Steve Whitecliffs an anti-don't you dare disagree with me or the mob will show up. that is frightening that is terrorism","4","","2020-06-07 15:49:11","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bRj61FtGd","Tee","You know what is terrorism??? Feeling scared of a group that holds some sort of power over you because of your skin, your race, your sexuality... wow, wonder why the police are being compared to terrorists? There is nothing anti white about this. If you’re feeling like these people are being anti white then maybe your idea of ‘whiteness’ is racist and rooted in the unequal way black people have been treated. Do better.","7","","2020-06-07 15:53:52","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bRwkYYHZ8","gbjanuary","Eddie Trucker unemployed thanks to years of Tory austerity 😂😂","2","","2020-06-07 15:55:43","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bT8v2NUBG","Eddie Trucker","@Tee In no way have I said or implied this is anti white. I even said the ideology of this is irrelevant as that is criminal damage. You can't just go out and damage property just because you disagree with it. I'll fully support peaceful protesting and freedom to express yourself but I won't support criminal behavior. How do I hold any power over anybody? I think people should have more freedom not less. When have I brought gender race skin colour or any other such trait? I didn't so as I don't look at people as a race or colour or gender or sexuality or whatever I look at them as a person then surely its you who should do better for supporting criminal behavior and judging a person by a trait. People need to start looking at people as the human race (as they are the same as everyone else) instead of some trait","5","","2020-06-07 16:06:16","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bTEK-8Cpn","mhffc","Bending a knee...","2","","2020-06-07 16:07:00","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bTJMP_mti","Steve Whitecliffs","@Eddie Trucker Yes it is. They have now set a precedent..A lawless society!","5","","2020-06-07 16:07:41","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bTYQVb28M","Eddie Trucker","@gbjanuary do you really think it would be any different under a different party? they are all the same they want power they dont care about you or me","3","","2020-06-07 16:09:44","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bTdHJO0kH","Steve Whitecliffs","@Tee Fcuk off..Terrorism is not ok!","3","","2020-06-07 16:10:32","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bTz5eMunE","Fawkesy","tories cut them innit","1","","2020-06-07 16:13:31","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bU-KPVPw9","Tee","Eddie Trucker   whilst you might not have said anti-white other people in the comments did, which I was replying to. There have been several peaceful protests surrounding the legacy of colston in Bristol that were ignored! Whilst I would not support the looting of mom and pop shops I do support the removal of a statue of a slave trader. He does not represent the Bristol we know. Whilst you specifically may not wield race as power the system does! The police do. That is what most people are protesting. Not random individuals - though I do recommend ‘Me and White Supremacy’ to see how racism is imbedded in all of us.","1","","2020-06-07 16:13:41","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bU90PKXgL","Tee","Steve Whitecliffs wow you have managed to miss my point entirely. you’re correct!! Terrorism is never ok!! That’s why we’re protesting the people who terrorise minorities.","1","","2020-06-07 16:15:01","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bUAaoYg-z","Ewan Trevis","UK is going like US ..... subservient to criminal protesters...... it’s the death of the West that I see","5","","2020-06-07 16:15:14","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bUFnFjVDX","josh denne","@Steve Whitecliffs Why is it anti-white?","1","","2020-06-07 16:15:56","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bUPbBy8Do","josh denne","@Eddie Trucker Sending in the military for this would be preposterous.","0","","2020-06-07 16:17:17","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bURjCOENg","Eddie Trucker","@Fawkesy do you really think under say labour it would be any different? do you really think any of them in westminster care about us? no they want more power more money all the parties are the same just a different logo","1","","2020-06-07 16:17:34","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bV0WdXmkz","Eddie Trucker","@Tee by committing more crime? they are terrorising people, you don't stop something with the attitude of an eye for an eye. this sort of behavior of committing crimes and causing criminal damage and intimidation is not the way to progress this is unacceptable. protest yes 100% I'm in agreement more people need to start being open minded and friendly towards each other but this is not protest this is you bow down or we will destroy, what if its a person this happens to and the mob attacks a person, this has to stop violence solves nothing.","1","","2020-06-07 16:22:35","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bVVHFY-pj","Eddie Trucker","@josh denne obviously but when there is no police who is there to do the job? at what point of no police response does it become viable?","1","","2020-06-07 16:26:47","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bVWKDGuXV","JGW 97","@Tee I wish the police actually terrorised people for not being white or for being gay.","1","","2020-06-07 16:26:56","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bVkNZYpnE","C CHIMEX","Busy killing people and retrospectively writing their statements","0","","2020-06-07 16:28:59","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bWqcANyXo","Eddie Trucker","@C CHIMEX the UK police have killed like 25 people in 10 years. yes thats 25 too many but when you look a lot of them are armed shooting at the police or are terrorists so your statement is a little misguiding to the facts","1","","2020-06-07 16:38:35","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bYKCdpYJu","paul walsh","The police were too busy beating up black people so the white people tore the statue down.","1","","2020-06-07 16:51:29","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bY_zL2ie9","JGW 97","@paul walsh I wish that was the case. The crime rate would at least go down.","2","","2020-06-07 16:53:47","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bZRRHDIvW","Paul Munro","Scared. Therefore complicit.","0","","2020-06-07 17:01:13","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bZV8CCoPh","Alan S Binnie","@john-paul browning Don't talk utter rubbish.","0","","2020-06-07 17:01:43","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bZsOuFFcq","Ali Nur","@Ewan Trevis It is the death of white privilege and the Fascist police state....POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!","0","","2020-06-07 17:05:02","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99b_8J_DeDQ","Always Surprised","@Tee : Thank you Tee!","0","","2020-06-07 17:07:21","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99b_C6Gbj_o","Tim TPDRUMS","Looking the other way apparently. Cowards.","0","","2020-06-07 17:07:52","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99b_Fa_TQSi","The Holy Goat","@Steve Whitecliffs guess if you had your way a statue of a dead slave trader would have more rights than a living black man ?","1","","2020-06-07 17:08:20","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99b_N5Xr1Pu","Alex Brown","Yes were are the police!!","0","","2020-06-07 17:09:22","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99b_ey9cEce","Always Surprised","@The Holy Goat : Steve sounds like petulant child. He doesn't care about the reasoning, just the crime!","0","","2020-06-07 17:11:56","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99b_nM30zU0","Ewan Trevis","Ali Nur I think what you mean is more stuff to people who are too lazy to go out and earn a decent living","0","","2020-06-07 17:13:05","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99baX_aKcV0","Eddie Trucker","@Ali Nur not all white people have privilege the same as not all of any people have privilege some do some don't. people are not the same and need to be treated as individuals and not put into groups. you don't destroy fascism by being a fascist.","1","","2020-06-07 17:19:32","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bbmkgr7rF","Steve Whitecliffs","@The Holy Goat Where are your thoughts on the grooming gang report? Thousands of present day crimes..Ey? tell me then?","0","","2020-06-07 17:30:29","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bcaVDLToA","Temitope Osho","Ask for police to do what ?
Prevent them from taking the Statute down!  Sorry Men get use to change","1","","2020-06-07 17:37:33","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bcaVD0RRu","Eddie Trucker","@Steve Whitecliffs That is a different conversation","1","","2020-06-07 17:37:33","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bdnVtVFn1","The Holy Goat","@Steve WhitecliffsI'm sorry I was commenting on the rights of a statue not on grooming gangs , it's pretty simple can't you understand that ???","0","","2020-06-07 17:48:03","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99broMboWIg","S","​@Tee Let's see some stats Tee.","0","","2020-06-07 19:50:30","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bt88aOxBS","The Holy Goat","@Steve Whitecliffs yeah erm , its not terrorism , its taking back control , if those that are elected refuse to do a simlple thing , the common man will show them how it's done , it's not complicated .","0","","2020-06-07 20:02:05","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bttdJw0RE","Tee","S here’s a hot take- listen to the BAME people who are speaking out about their experiences in the UK. Studies can’t teach you everything. Maybe just search up the increase in hate crimes in the past years. Maybe listen to people like  Bernard Hogan-Howe - a retired police commissioner who spoke out about racial bias in the Met. Statistics are essentially without use unless linked with human experiences when dealing with social issues","0","","2020-06-07 20:08:42","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bw5ju7Li-","Steve Whitecliffs","@The Holy Goat You are not the common man. You have will see them soon.","0","","2020-06-07 20:27:58","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bwKBP0V9A","Mr M","Eddie: On their knees of course.","0","","2020-06-07 20:29:57","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bwVJitmUG","S","​@Tee Haha, those statistics represent lives that were lost. They are not meaningless. They are far more real than people's percieved oppression. You don't like statistics that don't support your narrative. You're intellectually dishonest. Give me violent crime stats over your pathetic feelings and ideology any day.","0","","2020-06-07 20:31:28","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99bxZv2I1Ux","Tee","S all of this over a statue of some who literally was a slave trader? Damn. Ok.  In 2018/19, there were 103,379 hate crimes recorded by the police in England and Wales, an increase of 10 per cent compared with 2017/18 (94,121 offences).This continues the upward trend in recent years with the number of hate crimes recorded by the police having more than doubled since 2012/13 (from 42,255 to 103,379 offences).
While increases in hate crime over the last five years have been mainly driven by improvements in crime recording by the police, there has been spikes in hate crime following certain events such as the EU Referendum and the terrorist attacks in 2017.
The majority of hate crimes were race hate crimes, accounting for around three-quarters of offences (76%; 78,991 offences). Those are just from the police  - who are likely biased as well. The true number is probably much higher because guess what? People recognise that they can’t trust the police. 
A report published by the University and College Union in 2019 found that just 0.1% of active professors in the UK are black women, compared with 68% who are white men, and found that the black women professors had faced discriminatory abuse and exclusion throughout their careers.
The University of Maryland's Minorities at Risk (MAR) project noted in 2006 that while African-Caribbeans in the United Kingdom no longer face formal discrimination, they continue to be under-represented in politics, and to face discriminatory barriers in access to housing and in employment practices. The project also notes that the British school system ""has been indicted on numerous occasions for racism, and for undermining the self-confidence of black children and maligning the culture of their parents"".
Here’s some of the statistics that I’m oh so scared of. Wow, it’s almost as it statistics can be used in an argument but aren’t as effective unless used in conjunction with personal evidence.","0","","2020-06-07 20:40:50","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99byPtjFrCp","Eddie Trucker","@Tee Its not that I care if there is a statue of this guy or not its you just can't have a mob go out and destroy whatever it is they deem shouldn't be about. What they did was illegal, if they wanted to remove it they should have gone the proper route and got it removed legally. What happens when it stops being statues and it escalates to private property and homes.","0","","2020-06-07 20:48:12","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99c-4bgmjoJ","Tee","Eddie Trucker I wish it could’ve happened legally, Trust me. I’ve been signing petition after petition for as long as I can remember, co-signing letters, etc etc and nothing has happened. This is not the issue to be worried about lads. We can argue about legality for years and years but it boils down to this - if the removing of a statue of a known slave trader makes you angrier to you than black people dying then maybe you need a bit of self reflection.","0","","2020-06-07 21:02:46","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99c-ryuYXvK","Eddie Trucker","@Tee no that's not how I'm viewing this at all its if you allow this then it'll be emboldened and it will escalate then it rolls out of control. As I keep saying what happens when people are attacked or they attack homes, it doesn't take much for people to take things too far as we have seen","0","","2020-06-07 21:09:39","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99dcpWUq_SD","dragonfly6908","Not a good sign when during a protest which could be peaceful or not, the police are either not bothering to turn up or if they do they are standing well back and just watching.   If this is what the police consider as ""policing"" then surrly there is no point in having a police force.","0","","2020-06-08 12:18:04","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99ddEEIT_Kn","dragonfly6908","@Eddie Trucker There are more than a few multi millionaire Labour MP's including Sir Keir Starmer worth £3 to £4 million and Jeremy Corbyn worth £3 million, a lot of people think ""the elite"" are just confined to ""The Tories"", lol.","0","","2020-06-08 12:21:35","false",""
"UgxNm8yg4az4ZKMHgKF4AaABAg.99bNooJ0IhX99fU5GiV79q","lee van cleef","British Police should remain impartial & act if a crime is being committed... Obviously they were hiding like cowards..","1","","2020-06-09 05:31:28","false",""
"Ugxa6fYxjoCWGZRzCE14AaABAg","DIPA","they only care for black lives in developed countries","86","26","2020-06-07 15:19:46","true",""
"Ugxa6fYxjoCWGZRzCE14AaABAg.99bNpK7INxj99bOcw0YdpY","zivkovicable","Who is ""they""? People you made up in your own head..","10","","2020-06-07 15:26:48","false",""
"Ugxa6fYxjoCWGZRzCE14AaABAg.99bNpK7INxj99bPF5cX2cN","Gb1","Terrorist lefties all of them.","18","","2020-06-07 15:32:09","false",""
"Ugxa6fYxjoCWGZRzCE14AaABAg.99bNpK7INxj99bPGAlGo6u","Salma Abdullah","Loool cute","1","","2020-06-07 15:32:18","false",""
"Ugxa6fYxjoCWGZRzCE14AaABAg.99bNpK7INxj99bPQ8V2xqp","David Renton","no they don't they are silent on the 7000 Black people that get murdered by other black people yearly in America. crickets i tell yer.","16","","2020-06-07 15:33:40","false",""
"Ugxa6fYxjoCWGZRzCE14AaABAg.99bNpK7INxj99bPWMvrnNP","S","​@zivkovicable ""they"" are people like you","5","","2020-06-07 15:34:31","false",""
"Ugxa6fYxjoCWGZRzCE14AaABAg.99bNpK7INxj99bPewmNezK","Jay Binks","To all who are replying in this thread, you're welcoming the spread and potential second wave of covid-19. If it happens, these people must be held to account, and I want these people to suffer with the virus. Get them the karma they deserve for putting other humans at risk. There's no fear of death for them, and that's the terrible thing about these people, where there is no fear there is no order but anarchy.","8","","2020-06-07 15:35:49","false",""
"Ugxa6fYxjoCWGZRzCE14AaABAg.99bNpK7INxj99bPs3dA-I5","Ozan Somyurek","@zivkovicable I wish there were these same protests against the brutal regimes in the Middle East, Far East and Africa, many of which came to power as a direct result of Western interference. Racism, genocide, ineptitude, corruption and tyranny is a byword in those countries, but most Westerners couldn't care less.","8","","2020-06-07 15:37:36","false",""
"Ugxa6fYxjoCWGZRzCE14AaABAg.99bNpK7INxj99bQVPw6LrH","Drastic Headcase","Gb1 Racist Righty","0","","2020-06-07 15:43:07","false",""
"Ugxa6fYxjoCWGZRzCE14AaABAg.99bNpK7INxj99bR1f72IzB","Lionheart","@Jay Binks You couldn't care less about COVID.","0","","2020-06-07 15:47:48","false",""
"Ugxa6fYxjoCWGZRzCE14AaABAg.99bNpK7INxj99bRIJPY_Hb","Raven Capassisit","Okay fascist","0","","2020-06-07 15:50:04","false",""
"Ugxa6fYxjoCWGZRzCE14AaABAg.99bNpK7INxj99bRMEGMyhe","Grimnir","@Raven Capassisit Communists never built anything.","3","","2020-06-07 15:50:36","false",""
"Ugxa6fYxjoCWGZRzCE14AaABAg.99bNpK7INxj99bRr_x9lt9","Adam Phillip","White apologists are the biggest racists","5","","2020-06-07 15:55:01","false",""
"Ugxa6fYxjoCWGZRzCE14AaABAg.99bNpK7INxj99bS-twcmcx","Raven Capassisit","@Grimnir except one of the greatest nations on earth to exist, the USSR, before being destroyed and gutted by capitalism. 

Even the up and coming china has a real possibility of overcoming the US in quality of life.","0","","2020-06-07 15:56:17","false",""
"Ugxa6fYxjoCWGZRzCE14AaABAg.99bNpK7INxj99bS6nrVy6s","Raven Capassisit","@Gb1 I wish lol","0","","2020-06-07 15:57:14","false",""
"Ugxa6fYxjoCWGZRzCE14AaABAg.99bNpK7INxj99bSYuQtRBQ","Gb1","Drastic Headcase no, that’ll be the left party.
They are so racist towards Western countries, soon to be sent back.","2","","2020-06-07 16:01:04","false",""
"Ugxa6fYxjoCWGZRzCE14AaABAg.99bNpK7INxj99bVDIHQux9","john hansberry","@Ozan Somyurek Mugabe came to power in Zimbabwe...oh wait...that doesn't fit your ignorant ideology.","1","","2020-06-07 16:24:20","false",""
"Ugxa6fYxjoCWGZRzCE14AaABAg.99bNpK7INxj99bWdlSF19D","Salma Abdullah","@Ozan Somyurek so you mad they arent protesting things in other countries because theyre protesting things directly effecting them","0","","2020-06-07 16:36:49","false",""
"Ugxa6fYxjoCWGZRzCE14AaABAg.99bNpK7INxj99bXi3vI-dN","MrKarmoy1","True.…","0","","2020-06-07 16:46:09","false",""
"Ugxa6fYxjoCWGZRzCE14AaABAg.99bNpK7INxj99bYAPJJQ97","Buck shelfords ballbag","@Raven Capassisit you just got a  slap at the elections, so you gotta have a hissy fit somehow against the system. Then you go home and nothing happens.","0","","2020-06-07 16:50:09","false",""
"Ugxa6fYxjoCWGZRzCE14AaABAg.99bNpK7INxj99bYSqjguKn","David Renton","@Salma Abdullah so 7000 murders of Black men isn't important.Of your interest only piqued if there a white man involved. This is why these 'protests' are nothing to do with justice.","1","","2020-06-07 16:52:40","false",""
"Ugxa6fYxjoCWGZRzCE14AaABAg.99bNpK7INxj99bZMkf8S-K","David Renton","@Raven Capassisit are you kidding the USSR great, if you mean lack of food,famines, 30 years behind the west ,a people oppressed , gulags , Jewish pograms,. 

I mean no one even Corbyn doesn't think the USSR was great, well maybe him but he dumb as a bag of spuds.","1","","2020-06-07 17:00:35","false",""
"Ugxa6fYxjoCWGZRzCE14AaABAg.99bNpK7INxj99bawEKxknu","PIWEP To the victor go the spoils","The liberal left morons are trying to get control of the streets. Create fear against anyone with mind of their own","1","","2020-06-07 17:23:02","false",""
"Ugxa6fYxjoCWGZRzCE14AaABAg.99bNpK7INxj99bf1jcnjKK","DjTroubles","you single handedly lowered your country's average iq to 40","1","","2020-06-07 17:58:52","false",""
"Ugxa6fYxjoCWGZRzCE14AaABAg.99bNpK7INxj99bl2AMffCc","siogbeagbideach","@Ozan Somyurek there were huge marches against the war that Bush and Blair started, people knew it wasn't right. A script of lies that most people knew it for what it was. The west is many different  countries don't forget, most ordinary people in the west care deeply about what is happening elsewhere and are very aware of the part played by their governments. Puppets propped up until they are no longer useful, tyrannical regimes yes decades of interference and coups funded and  instigated. Maybe George Floyd protests will evolve into a movement that will encompass other injustices, we could be witnessing the beginnings of a huge turning point in history, maybe the time wasn't right before, maybe it is now. 
During the coronavirus too, but it is what it is, a worrying time for all, but the feeling of being on the cusp of great changes , necessary ones, in the world.  Unity will get us through these times,  humans the world over deserve to be able to live in peace, to have a roof over their heads and to see their children grow up in a world that is fair","0","","2020-06-07 18:51:22","false",""
"Ugxa6fYxjoCWGZRzCE14AaABAg.99bNpK7INxj99d9a6Doc1q","Jay Binks","@Lionheart lol, troll.","0","","2020-06-08 07:53:50","false",""
"Ugxa6fYxjoCWGZRzCE14AaABAg.99bNpK7INxj9BSPDUtCpmT","Supernova X","They only care for black votes","0","","2020-07-23 11:22:19","false",""
"UgyTV2y4xi2G2XDeU2l4AaABAg","allow leng","for all bigoted white people think of it this way ... if it was a statue commerating asain grooming gangs 200 years ago  (that also gave to society lmao) you would act exactly the same.","0","0","2020-06-07 15:20:07","true",""
"Ugy88cOj-wjEsD2Qo_J4AaABAg","simplex one","Ridiculous!","0","0","2020-06-07 15:20:12","true",""
"Ugz1n7l6nojOk4_jW6x4AaABAg","Lisa Lisa","I pray fo this kind of freedom for our Zimbabwean citizens","2","0","2020-06-07 15:20:13","true",""
"UgwlS3g_iIxWQxZXI2d4AaABAg","3lancer Officialmaybe","TBF the guy was responsible for the deaths of 19000 people, and the shipment of 84000 of Africans into slavery. But yeah get upset at vandalism,  or how he donated to a church. Same people who bring up George Floyd's past lol.","2","0","2020-06-07 15:20:18","true",""
"UgzncUREpgpGDyDGXG54AaABAg","paul hare","does that mean that you need to pull down enoch powell  because apparently hes a racist aswell","0","0","2020-06-07 15:20:20","true",""
"Ugy6lP2DxyAEfirxIGx4AaABAg","Michael Gore","Why are we letting these these middle-class, wannabe Maoists erase our history?","14","7","2020-06-07 15:20:22","true",""
"Ugy6lP2DxyAEfirxIGx4AaABAg.99bNtmABJmu99bOd6HfOS3","Moondoox","bruh are you proud of Colston or something","2","","2020-06-07 15:26:50","false",""

Btch I am","0","","2020-06-07 15:28:13","false",""
"Ugy6lP2DxyAEfirxIGx4AaABAg.99bNtmABJmu99bP1wdE8o9","Moondoox","@Michael but why
can you really not attach yourself to a better historical figure than a trader","1","","2020-06-07 15:30:21","false",""
"Ugy6lP2DxyAEfirxIGx4AaABAg.99bNtmABJmu99bPSH8_uja","Michael Gore","@Moondoox 

Not especially, but where does it end?

Henry Morgan, for example, was a slave trader and a pirate, are we going to go smash up the distillery because of this?","0","","2020-06-07 15:33:57","false",""
"Ugy6lP2DxyAEfirxIGx4AaABAg.99bNtmABJmu99bPUPorA8B","Dulce periculum","Why.. Well because it's 2020 and nobody should have to live with racism and discrimination. I realise you don't want to erase your racist past but really the world is moving on..","0","","2020-06-07 15:34:14","false",""
"Ugy6lP2DxyAEfirxIGx4AaABAg.99bNtmABJmu99bRNBUVB57","Drastic Headcase","Dulce periculum we shouldn’t erase our past. The thing should be put in to a museum dedicated to racism so we can learn from it. As a statue in the street it is revered, as an object in a museum it can be educational.","0","","2020-06-07 15:50:44","false",""
"Ugy6lP2DxyAEfirxIGx4AaABAg.99bNtmABJmu99bZfi9SxTL","Michael Gore","@Dulce periculum 

I've lived in a small town in Italy for the last 2 years, there's a statue of Girolamo Savonarola that dominates the town's main square.

 Aside from the King's of France and Spain, he, more than any other person is responsible for the end of the Italian Renaissance. Yet, here he is, standing in the main square, even most of the locals have no idea who he was. Despite all this, the existence of the statue tells us so much about the history of Ferrara during the early modern period.

I'd only heard of the man in the context of Florence, but seeing the statue, and wondering why it was errected inspired me to learn more about him, and the expansion of the Papal States in the early modern period (and that he was Ferrarese at all for that matter).

 Tearing it down would be tantamount to book burning in my eyes.","0","","2020-06-07 17:03:18","false",""
"Ugzzt0cv-Lq2AZ1U0X14AaABAg","David Newman","Do they really know what they are doing? What a sad reflection on the state of young people in the UK.","12","4","2020-06-07 15:20:38","true",""
"Ugzzt0cv-Lq2AZ1U0X14AaABAg.99bNvjBkLDo99bOB7KHRjh","Joe Fineman","Why is it a sad reflection in your opinion?","1","","2020-06-07 15:22:52","false",""
"Ugzzt0cv-Lq2AZ1U0X14AaABAg.99bNvjBkLDo99bP4c9H2Jg","Barney Google","@Joe Fineman Because they're retarded","8","","2020-06-07 15:30:43","false",""
"Ugzzt0cv-Lq2AZ1U0X14AaABAg.99bNvjBkLDo99bTM6xyOb5","Salma Abdullah","For taking a slave traders statue down? Lookl very sad","0","","2020-06-07 16:08:04","false",""
"Ugzzt0cv-Lq2AZ1U0X14AaABAg.99bNvjBkLDo99b_I6FGefW","Thoughts","@Barney Google once a fool, always a fool. Thanks for making these words true! Take off your jimmy saville goggles you inbred.","0","","2020-06-07 17:08:41","false",""
"UgzYwKexq1gaXBRayYV4AaABAg","Mr Blueberry","*And So the Revolution in England has begun*","3","2","2020-06-07 15:20:43","true",""
"UgzYwKexq1gaXBRayYV4AaABAg.99bNwHmouv699bOzx6luUD","Dave","It's about time, we ""The English"" have been dying for an opportunity to join in the violence. I have my suspicions this lot of worthless hatemongering scum aren't going to like our choice of targets though.","1","","2020-06-07 15:29:57","false",""
"UgzYwKexq1gaXBRayYV4AaABAg.99bNwHmouv699bPWAeu1UC","Mr Blueberry","@Dave targets 0_0","0","","2020-06-07 15:34:29","false",""
"UgyN139IpSYGcK72hud4AaABAg","Scott Mc","There is NO institutional racism in the UK. Stop whining and work hard like the rest of us have to the world does not owe you a living because of the colour of your skin. We are even told NHS staff are racist because of how Covid 19 is affecting certain members of the community.. or is the virus racist too?","2","5","2020-06-07 15:20:46","true",""
"UgyN139IpSYGcK72hud4AaABAg.99bNwfiXyQ499bPYJv1BRL","Starforce 100","Scott Mc a large number of frontline nhs staff are from a minority. So who's telling you nhs staff are racist ?","0","","2020-06-07 15:34:47","false",""
"UgyN139IpSYGcK72hud4AaABAg.99bNwfiXyQ499bUBvsHupH","Scott Mc","@Starforce 100 not sure what news you're listening to but we are daily being told by the BLM lobby that more black people and ethnic minorities are dying from Covid than white people do how else would you read this other than the implication that NHS staff are not treating them the same as whites. Therefore you only have 2 conclusions either NHS staff are not treating minorities to the same degree or they are racist or that the virus itself is racist which would appear to me to be highly unlikely. Surely also as we are told institutionalised racism is all pervasive then they very likely do feel the NHS is as racist as any other institution in the UK. Or do we pick and choose ?","0","","2020-06-07 16:15:24","false",""
"UgyN139IpSYGcK72hud4AaABAg.99bNwfiXyQ499bYxndiJ1C","Starforce 100","Scott Mc if that's the conclusion you've drawn  I feel like I would be wasting my time explaining how that's nonsense.","0","","2020-06-07 16:57:02","false",""
"UgyN139IpSYGcK72hud4AaABAg.99bNwfiXyQ499bZ4Fu6HYz","Starforce 100","Scott Mc also who is the BLM lobby in this country?","0","","2020-06-07 16:58:03","false",""
"UgyN139IpSYGcK72hud4AaABAg.99bNwfiXyQ499bjbxawHHB","Scott Mc","@Starforce 100 Please try","0","","2020-06-07 18:38:55","false",""
"UgxRCi59TglPBba1ihl4AaABAg","Ernest Watson","If people are looking for statues to topple here’s a few more ridiculous suggestions concerning US presidents:
 George Washington had 317 slaves, Thomas Jefferson had over 600 slaves, James Madison had over 100 slaves, James Monroe had 75 slaves, Andrew Jackson had 200 slaves, Martin Van Buren had 1 slave, William Henry Harrison, had 11 slaves, John Tyler had 70 slaves, James K. Polk had 25 slaves, Zachary Taylor, had about 150 slaves, Andrew Johnson had 8 slaves and Ulysses S. Grant had 1 slave.","5","3","2020-06-07 15:20:49","true",""
"UgxRCi59TglPBba1ihl4AaABAg.99bNx4-onft99bOalyuA9-","Starforce 100","Ernest Watson none of those people have statues in the U.K.","2","","2020-06-07 15:26:31","false",""
"UgxRCi59TglPBba1ihl4AaABAg.99bNx4-onft99bOemSfdf3","Prudencia Lifestyles","WELL SAID !!","0","","2020-06-07 15:27:03","false",""
"UgxRCi59TglPBba1ihl4AaABAg.99bNx4-onft99bSl-wsSn8","Not A Cossack","Good idea.","0","","2020-06-07 16:02:52","false",""
"UgzAqUWBIXjSJWFmOhJ4AaABAg","SpinyNorman Best","Don't we have police anymore","62","14","2020-06-07 15:21:12","true",""
"UgzAqUWBIXjSJWFmOhJ4AaABAg.99bNzuISNh999bQH4CkKiK","blue galaxy","What’s that?","0","","2020-06-07 15:41:10","false",""
"UgzAqUWBIXjSJWFmOhJ4AaABAg.99bNzuISNh999bRh7fJGbB","gbjanuary","SpinyNorman Best blame the Tories for cutting police numbers and funding.","4","","2020-06-07 15:53:35","false",""
"UgzAqUWBIXjSJWFmOhJ4AaABAg.99bNzuISNh999bRltvwX31","Galen Tyrol","Too afraid to do anything in case they are labelled racist.","17","","2020-06-07 15:54:15","false",""
"UgzAqUWBIXjSJWFmOhJ4AaABAg.99bNzuISNh999bS9dHCcCr","john Taylor","You can blame that on those who kept on voting for the government who were slowly destroying the police force. They've been closing down police stations and laying off officers across the country for 10 years. No point complaining now, catch up mate.","3","","2020-06-07 15:57:37","false",""
"UgzAqUWBIXjSJWFmOhJ4AaABAg.99bNzuISNh999bTwh3fhIJ","Fawkesy","Tories cut them innit","1","","2020-06-07 16:13:12","false",""
"UgzAqUWBIXjSJWFmOhJ4AaABAg.99bNzuISNh999bUWIsw-GU","The Visionary","Our politicians are crippling our police.  It’s absolutely shameful that this is allowed to happen!!!","4","","2020-06-07 16:18:11","false",""
"UgzAqUWBIXjSJWFmOhJ4AaABAg.99bNzuISNh999bXFlYpNE8","jpeg Giovanni","the police where defunded by the tories","1","","2020-06-07 16:42:09","false",""
"UgzAqUWBIXjSJWFmOhJ4AaABAg.99bNzuISNh999bYLAZQ5P-","Ewan Trevis","they are kneeling down in front of some lefty somewhere :(","1","","2020-06-07 16:51:37","false",""
"UgzAqUWBIXjSJWFmOhJ4AaABAg.99bNzuISNh999bZFW7l5mK","Death Of Rats","They're to busy sucking BBC...","0","","2020-06-07 16:59:35","false",""
"UgzAqUWBIXjSJWFmOhJ4AaABAg.99bNzuISNh999b_VkNqzcZ","Pucci Puu","Told by A&S to not intervene","0","","2020-06-07 17:10:33","false",""
"UgzAqUWBIXjSJWFmOhJ4AaABAg.99bNzuISNh999bsHjqfSmO","Bonehill","@gbjanuary arsehole","0","","2020-06-07 19:54:39","false",""
"UgzAqUWBIXjSJWFmOhJ4AaABAg.99bNzuISNh999bsMMa-nV-","Bonehill","@john Taylor wise up","0","","2020-06-07 19:55:17","false",""
"UgzAqUWBIXjSJWFmOhJ4AaABAg.99bNzuISNh999btMRbuudb","GARYPUSSY","Probably on their knees.","1","","2020-06-07 20:04:02","false",""
"UgzAqUWBIXjSJWFmOhJ4AaABAg.99bNzuISNh999c0GAiVljZ","Jacob Jezebel","Haven't you heard?? They have dog walkers and sunbathers to harass! And god forbid people say naughty words on the internet!","1","","2020-06-07 21:13:05","false",""
"UgzyxsO8JSqDGqKwunN4AaABAg","Playstationfan View","Why can’t this protects get a life","0","0","2020-06-07 15:21:13","true",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg","pinkie perky","Is there a nation still sane enough to emigrate to thats the question 🙈","57","46","2020-06-07 15:21:14","true",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bOicGOqQ1","Daniel Atkins","Try any of the Scandinavian countries, I'm seriously considering it myself...","6","","2020-06-07 15:27:35","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bOvvNj1PY","Jimbo's Farm","I’m guna lock myself over at my families farm!","1","","2020-06-07 15:29:24","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bOwpKwAKP","Ed Kahler","Daniel Atkins same thing going on there , white flight is only a temporary solution, we are going to have to get our hands dirty.","15","","2020-06-07 15:29:31","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bP0jib3D2","HyperVoxel","pinkie perky Russia","3","","2020-06-07 15:30:11","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bPCOLZNsO","Chris Palmer","New Zealand is probably the last one left.","2","","2020-06-07 15:31:47","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bPZVSbgTk","Jamie Coubrough","Chris Palmer your having a fuckin laugh that Jacinda cow is worse than nicola sturgeon for shipping in immigrants 🙈","6","","2020-06-07 15:34:56","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bPhNzgDbg","Ed Kahler","Chris Palmer still tribe run","3","","2020-06-07 15:36:09","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bPw6cgsNO","Anglus Patria","Cowards","0","","2020-06-07 15:38:10","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bQ-cJ7Cde","Adam Phillip","@Daniel Atkins Scandinavia just as bad, well at least Sweden is. I'm choosing Poland or Hungary","7","","2020-06-07 15:38:47","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bQ04J2sdt","SoAExile","@Ed Kahler lets get them dirty you narcaisst loving pig, i swear by the almighty your superiority will be diminished and i hope my hands will be the ones diminishing them","1","","2020-06-07 15:38:50","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bQxYLt0sw","Richard McEllan","thailand","0","","2020-06-07 15:47:06","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bR-RmSjPB","Richard McEllan","@Daniel Atkins maybe poland or hungary, not the rest","0","","2020-06-07 15:47:29","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bRVWSl988","Not A Cossack","British Antarctic Territory?","0","","2020-06-07 15:51:52","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bR_PPVKnG","Ed Kahler","Richard McEllan why would Thailand except British refugees? Don’t they want to remain Thai?","1","","2020-06-07 15:52:32","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bRjHYR4nk","Richard McEllan","@Ed Kahler they love the english over there, because we respect their culture and integrate... not try to change it","3","","2020-06-07 15:53:53","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bS69sjhaI","Humza Ahmad","I hear Afghanistan is great......","3","","2020-06-07 15:57:09","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bSBeV_qGU","SoAExile","@Richard McEllan yh im sure of it, thats not what they do in spain,  spaniards hate, you british come and disrespect their country and never integrate. I guess that would be their attitude in Thailand aswell, see as their imperialists and all. Pompous","3","","2020-06-07 15:57:54","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bSKCS_H2a","SoAExile","@Ed Kahler no they wouldnt, just like spain hate the brits, dont integrate mess the country up with their alcoholic binge drinking and stay in spain for years without speaking the language taking jobs and business. I bet you forgot that","3","","2020-06-07 15:59:04","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bSUDN2KU7","Richard McEllan","@SoAExile cool. you're wrong.","0","","2020-06-07 16:00:26","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bSjoei0jC","Ed Kahler","SoAExile well we improve Spain actually because we are a pure white race , they are not. Although yes the drunken / night culture (engineered by the tribe) must annoy people.","2","","2020-06-07 16:02:42","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bT2uKko1G","SoAExile","@Richard McEllan explain you fool, spanish people hate the British, they hate your culture your impotence and arrogance. Especially in the south. But you just want to brush it to one side because you dont want to be seen as hated, typical emperialistic  mindset","1","","2020-06-07 16:05:26","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bT4BpOLOY","Daniel Atkins","Let's face everywhere is f*cked to a certain degree, just pick the less f*cked place and try to be happy. Good luck ya'll.","0","","2020-06-07 16:05:37","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bUFnVuUL1","Gary Garratt","@Daniel Atkins But not Sweden. That is far worse than the UK. It had  an all female government last I heard and anyone who speaks out against woke culture, political correctness or Islamic terrorists gets doxxed by the Swedish media.","2","","2020-06-07 16:15:56","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bUS2Dlem6","R Chapo","@Anglus Patria boot","0","","2020-06-07 16:17:37","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bV2YCMx_9","Humphrey Bogart","@Ed Kahler You'll have to climb out of your mother's basement first mate.","2","","2020-06-07 16:22:52","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bWbWG9gOZ","mephala7 Grohl","@Adam Phillip stay out of eastern Europe, you voted Brexit because you don't like white east europeans. You're only allowed in if you clean the toilets or fruit and veg picking.","5","","2020-06-07 16:36:31","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499brBjVXX5m","Humza Ahmad","How about walking to the white cliffs of Dover? Then walk off the edge and do the world a favour?","1","","2020-06-07 19:45:06","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499brDanyix5","Alan S Binnie","@mephala7 Grohl That is not why I voted to leave.","0","","2020-06-07 19:45:21","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bscIWA3PU","pinkie perky","@Humza Ahmad I will be right behind you, dont wait 👍","1","","2020-06-07 19:57:36","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bt6bhjTL1","pinkie perky","@SoAExile Hate the people but cant live without them spending money in their areas. 🤷‍♂️","1","","2020-06-07 20:01:52","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499byvM21SOf","Lloyd Gittens","Try America you got your white looney in charge there till November.","0","","2020-06-07 20:52:38","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bz1d6f0As","Lloyd Gittens","@Daniel Atkins as if they would let a racist English guy in? Remember BREXIT? LOL your not European anymore you belong to the USA","0","","2020-06-07 20:53:37","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bz9_M5KrK","Lloyd Gittens","@Jamie Coubrough best leader on the world Jacinda. She would never let you in.","1","","2020-06-07 20:54:42","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bzES2ChsK","Lloyd Gittens","@Adam Phillip hahaha poland and hungary hate the english. Trust me.","0","","2020-06-07 20:55:22","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bzKNp1Dnz","Lloyd Gittens","@Not A Cossack try the MALVINAS LOL","0","","2020-06-07 20:56:11","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bzXxKCwuZ","Lloyd Gittens","@Humza Ahmad well said...","0","","2020-06-07 20:58:02","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bz_ynkuVg","Lloyd Gittens","@mephala7 Grohl love it...well said","1","","2020-06-07 20:58:27","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bzeOBMLn-","Lloyd Gittens","@Gary Garratt love female governments lucky Sweden.","0","","2020-06-07 20:59:03","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499bzrSYBAUJ","pinkie perky","@Lloyd Gittens aww you think all this media driven garbage is going to do Trump in at the next election? Thats sweet 😂","0","","2020-06-07 21:00:50","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499c0qTYukB9","Daniel Atkins","@Lloyd Gittens I belong to Jesus. 😉","0","","2020-06-07 21:18:11","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499c169Kboix","Not A Cossack","@Lloyd Gittens do you mean the Falklands you silly sausage","0","","2020-06-07 21:20:27","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499dqAwEXZoK","pammens miss","@Daniel Atkins 

I have already left England.

Sadly, The England I was born into 

The 1945 Labour Government under PM Clement Attlee.
(research for my reason)

I'm now enjoying my retirement in a 
small former Iron Curtain Country ☺
now an EU Member State.

HERE, they is NO 
Political Correction ☺

For BAME'S it is neither a place of welcome nor safety.

Good Luck.,.... GO.....plenty of countries 
HAVE to be better ......than the direction 
England is taking.","0","","2020-06-08 14:14:44","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499e3g5ofIkP","Daniel Atkins","@pammens miss Thanks buddy hope you're happy too, sounds like you might be, long may it continue. But yeah things as taking a turn for the ridiculous here sadly..","0","","2020-06-08 16:21:27","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499fVNR-opKc","lee van cleef","@Adam Phillip white flight is problem.. Poland hungry Serbia Russia no worries about black hoods...","1","","2020-06-09 05:42:41","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499fVcTzyJ0a","lee van cleef","@mephala7 Grohl that not true.. They welcome white Christian brothers...","0","","2020-06-09 05:44:52","false",""
"UgzvkhjyGAYw4JoCY0N4AaABAg.99bO-AZqQB499fVooompUr","lee van cleef","@Lloyd Gittens Poland & Hungary not hate
 white Christians","0","","2020-06-09 05:46:33","false",""
"UgwzUwRMp5r0OtS5wb54AaABAg","mogznwaz","Disgraceful.  Please please if you hate this country there are many others to choose from. Please leave","5","6","2020-06-07 15:21:14","true",""
"UgwzUwRMp5r0OtS5wb54AaABAg.99bO-9Gn1FE99bQ5UHjmgj","All anonymous users","And go where? When your ancestors were shipped here without your consent? As for you, the same could be said. Most Brits have various European ancestry, so if you're not loving the anti-racism energy, go somewhere else","0","","2020-06-07 15:39:35","false",""
"UgwzUwRMp5r0OtS5wb54AaABAg.99bO-9Gn1FE99bQiuSNePG","Sinjin Smyth","Why are the 50,000 Africans from Mogadishu not in UK yet, because of the racism","0","","2020-06-07 15:45:06","false",""
"UgwzUwRMp5r0OtS5wb54AaABAg.99bO-9Gn1FE99bwLcCIs6d","mogznwaz","@All anonymous users Emigration is possible from anywhere to anywhere. Why would I leave? I like this awful disgusting racist nasty country just as it is.","0","","2020-06-07 20:30:08","false",""
"UgwzUwRMp5r0OtS5wb54AaABAg.99bO-9Gn1FE99bwSfWj5qG","mogznwaz","@Sinjin Smyth Funny how all the Africans are still so keen to keep coming to this awful disgusting racist place 🙄","0","","2020-06-07 20:31:06","false",""
"UgwzUwRMp5r0OtS5wb54AaABAg.99bO-9Gn1FE99c9wc6w1MR","All anonymous users","@mogznwaz nope. 'Keen' is the wrong word.  More like looking for better opportunities after your ancestors exploited the land","0","","2020-06-07 22:37:40","false",""
"UgwzUwRMp5r0OtS5wb54AaABAg.99bO-9Gn1FE99ea0vdBKn-","mogznwaz","@All anonymous users Whose ancestors? You know eff all about me and my 'ancestors'. I wouldn't care anyway because I'm not obsessed with the past, history is what it is.","0","","2020-06-08 21:12:48","false",""
"UgwhAC9t_m6uAVVcDSt4AaABAg","Peter Jolliffe","I don't agree with having statues to people anyway.","5","0","2020-06-07 15:21:16","true",""
"UgzxV96CnKVN3fby2k54AaABAg","Charles Martel","Curse these stupid protestors. They are so weak minded and so cowardly that they tear down a statue of someone from the 17th century when morals were very different.","0","0","2020-06-07 15:21:36","true",""
"UgyaIcuk8p6BS0l4u4N4AaABAg","Steven Allen","Remind me, when are they going to protest about the gang raping of 1000's of young white girls?","0","0","2020-06-07 15:21:43","true",""
"Ugw_0Nbdtkjg1dDGjFt4AaABAg","Fat Frog","YEEEEEESSSSS","2","0","2020-06-07 15:21:45","true",""
"Ugx4zhLOirFbvkY16XR4AaABAg","Leo H","When will we admit that the USA has NO benefit to our country??? Always set a third world example...","7","6","2020-06-07 15:21:49","true",""
"Ugx4zhLOirFbvkY16XR4AaABAg.99bO3PHLMbc99bOxpi-HK2","David Renton","yeah yesterday was the 75th anniversary of D-Day , but as your a leftist fascist it seems , i 'd imagine you where on the German side for that one.","1","","2020-06-07 15:29:39","false",""
"Ugx4zhLOirFbvkY16XR4AaABAg.99bO3PHLMbc99bPTgCJg4C","Pack Mentality Media","@David Renton You're probably gonna wanna go ahead and google what facist means real quick, bud.","1","","2020-06-07 15:34:08","false",""
"Ugx4zhLOirFbvkY16XR4AaABAg.99bO3PHLMbc99bQ3B0X1po","Salma Abdullah","@Pack Mentality Media hahaaa","0","","2020-06-07 15:39:16","false",""
"Ugx4zhLOirFbvkY16XR4AaABAg.99bO3PHLMbc99bQ3qayHhy","David Renton","@Pack Mentality Media m8 trust i know , i've seen it everyday facism coming from the left. You go hmm facism is right wing, and that's because no offence you have a woeful education.

I don't see the right wing threatening people, looting , killing people , trying to tell people how to think, trying to cancel them. Just because you had a mediocre education , probably in the humanities, you think you can win, you won't , you have already lost.","0","","2020-06-07 15:39:21","false",""
"Ugx4zhLOirFbvkY16XR4AaABAg.99bO3PHLMbc99bRHSllIJ9","Pack Mentality Media","@David Renton No no, you are trying to use a word as an insult or a label but that word literally does not mean the thing you think it means. You cannot have a left-wing facist. That's like saying a still wave or hot icecream. You can have left wing radicals, absolutely. But fascism, the word, by its very definition is a form of right wing politics. I mean this isn't even me arguing a point. I'm just stating the dictionary definition of a word and you're challenging my ""education"" hahaha.","0","","2020-06-07 15:49:57","false",""
"Ugx4zhLOirFbvkY16XR4AaABAg.99bO3PHLMbc99bl3qp7D9I","Chucksta","@Pack Mentality Media Don't bother, the man is a simpleton.","0","","2020-06-07 18:51:36","false",""
"Ugy80zk2ePSZpb8Vv3V4AaABAg","Jimbo's Farm","People forget the Islamic world we’re the front runners of the slave trade, way before and long after the Europeans

Fun fact; they use to castrate their slaves so they could not breed, hence the low amount of Africans in those types of countries.","11","2","2020-06-07 15:21:54","true",""
"Ugy80zk2ePSZpb8Vv3V4AaABAg.99bO40SwBcc99bP2LOSWw8","Anne Kenna","That’s not taught in schools is it but it’s true, they still deal slaves today","2","","2020-06-07 15:30:25","false",""
"Ugy80zk2ePSZpb8Vv3V4AaABAg.99bO40SwBcc99bPp1Mmy21","Jimbo's Farm","Sinjin Smyth ... didn’t say they were the first, front running , meaning they were the number 1 at it, gold medal , numero uno.","2","","2020-06-07 15:37:12","false",""
"UgwcKiH7SBLopF-VK4F4AaABAg","Austerus Tertius Tutelus","Suppose Floyd had been white? Same protests?","10","11","2020-06-07 15:22:10","true",""
"UgwcKiH7SBLopF-VK4F4AaABAg.99bO5zm1LXI99bOPxpziBy","Sciencesofa HereTek","I think we all know the answer to that...","10","","2020-06-07 15:24:54","false",""
"UgwcKiH7SBLopF-VK4F4AaABAg.99bO5zm1LXI99bOmVAPtTF","Nerift","thats your choice.... black people would have backed you police brutality isn't just an issue for black people you guys just didn't speak up about it","5","","2020-06-07 15:28:06","false",""
"UgwcKiH7SBLopF-VK4F4AaABAg.99bO5zm1LXI99bOvcqN9rL","Adam Phillip","Ask poor Tony Timpa","2","","2020-06-07 15:29:21","false",""
"UgwcKiH7SBLopF-VK4F4AaABAg.99bO5zm1LXI99bP2N3WFzC","Donald Sinden","@Nerift Well in the USA last year there were more white men killed in police custody than blacks.","4","","2020-06-07 15:30:25","false",""
"UgwcKiH7SBLopF-VK4F4AaABAg.99bO5zm1LXI99bPC9jFwIx","Alan Watkins","is that the same floyd that held a gun to a pregnant womens stomach?  what a sad loss, not","10","","2020-06-07 15:31:45","false",""
"UgwcKiH7SBLopF-VK4F4AaABAg.99bO5zm1LXI99bPnB_M8V2","All anonymous users","@Sciencesofa HereTek No protest because 'white' Floyd would be alive. The murder of a different minority at the hands of law enforcement would trigger the same frustration. The oppressed will eventually rise against the system oppressing. Period.","1","","2020-06-07 15:36:57","false",""
"UgwcKiH7SBLopF-VK4F4AaABAg.99bO5zm1LXI99bQ9RU87gf","Nerift","@Donald Sinden yup i agree but you didnt make any noise about it so no one knew....","0","","2020-06-07 15:40:07","false",""
"UgwcKiH7SBLopF-VK4F4AaABAg.99bO5zm1LXI99bQrN22Vqd","psstblue","But he wasn’t white","1","","2020-06-07 15:46:15","false",""
"UgwcKiH7SBLopF-VK4F4AaABAg.99bO5zm1LXI99bRQpitwN1","Salma Abdullah","No one is stopping you from protesting something important to you and your community. Hell ill join too but why are you more concerned with the person killed than the people killing?","1","","2020-06-07 15:51:14","false",""
"UgwcKiH7SBLopF-VK4F4AaABAg.99bO5zm1LXI99bRVUmKgPY","Salma Abdullah","@Donald Sinden because there are more white men in America bro maths im guessing isn't your strong suite","2","","2020-06-07 15:51:52","false",""
"UgwcKiH7SBLopF-VK4F4AaABAg.99bO5zm1LXI99bSDjjDx3f","Sam G","@Nerift 10 months ago a chap was killed the exact way Floyd was, and I hadn't heard of it until recently. I can grab his name a bit later if needs be","0","","2020-06-07 15:58:11","false",""
"Ugx7ewTD1gSCmcv8-ox4AaABAg","john smithy","He was actually a huge philanthropist, the vast majority of the people of Bristol voted to keep the statue. Now marxists, who hate Britain, have used the cover of these protests to tear down the statue. They will tear down all statues across the country, they are also targeting Winston Churchill. Wh!te people, how long will you stay quiet and let your nation get over run and torn down?","8","0","2020-06-07 15:22:15","true",""
"UgwRkS_-BXg_-lSCuG94AaABAg","tony wellings","These people are Nazis","0","0","2020-06-07 15:22:31","true",""
"Ugy8DvYQSRYsC6PAvER4AaABAg","JediRy","Look how excited they are tho...?! They all need slapping about. Funny how the ones screaming about white privilege are the ones from exactly that background. Lefty parents or lazy parents look at what great jobs you’ve done, I hope your all proud 👍🏻🤯","1","0","2020-06-07 15:22:40","true",""
"UgwOCgh2d6xLXmgMldp4AaABAg","Billy Costen","Congrats you ended racism by taking down a statue.... I hope whoever took it down gets charged and wtf happened to social distancing you selfish ignorant people","0","0","2020-06-07 15:22:41","true",""
"Ugy7ajraFS1ECQFsfgt4AaABAg","kenan sari","Sir Mr Edward's a really really respectful person and the statue doesn't deserve to be toppled like that","0","2","2020-06-07 15:22:55","true",""
"Ugy7ajraFS1ECQFsfgt4AaABAg.99bOBULfGVF99bOjUv1e1G","Maaruks","a slave trader can't be ""really respectful person"".  slavery is immoral and inhumane","0","","2020-06-07 15:27:42","false",""
"Ugy7ajraFS1ECQFsfgt4AaABAg.99bOBULfGVF99bQ2y_U4Dj","kenan sari","@Maaruks it's a lie","0","","2020-06-07 15:39:14","false",""
"Ugzq_OtU1Ucpn-5TtbR4AaABAg","monck55","The only way to stop MOB LAW is to declare MARTIAL LAW. Ten minutes to clear the street then use live rounds. Sick to the back teeth of these lawless gangs doing as they please in the face of spineless leadership by the authorities.","4","0","2020-06-07 15:23:09","true",""
"UgwGuJ4z7GIzMIZ1l2d4AaABAg","R B","I had no idea it was perfectly legal to pull down statues you don't like. Note the complete and utter absence of the Bristol police.","12","10","2020-06-07 15:23:12","true",""
"UgwGuJ4z7GIzMIZ1l2d4AaABAg.99bODXm7qt099bP78S0giD","Charlie Mayhew","They’re all in London trying to stop the abuse getting thrown at other officers","1","","2020-06-07 15:31:04","false",""
"UgwGuJ4z7GIzMIZ1l2d4AaABAg.99bODXm7qt099bPWF1Mf45","Krashaon","What you didn’t think it was perfectly legal to pull down a statue of a racist slave trader, shut up","1","","2020-06-07 15:34:30","false",""
"UgwGuJ4z7GIzMIZ1l2d4AaABAg.99bODXm7qt099bPdPvojDh","Salma Abdullah","Maybe that's not the question you should be asking loool","0","","2020-06-07 15:35:36","false",""
"UgwGuJ4z7GIzMIZ1l2d4AaABAg.99bODXm7qt099bPxZDewox","R B","@Krashaon It doesn't matter whether you like what he did or what he was, cretin. It is still illegal to commit acts of vandalism. Petition for it to be removed if it offends you by all means.
Note I made no defence of him as a person. If you wish to debate with an adult please do. Otherwise sod off back to Tumblr/Twitter.","0","","2020-06-07 15:38:21","false",""
"UgwGuJ4z7GIzMIZ1l2d4AaABAg.99bODXm7qt099bQG7t6WZc","R B","@Salma Abdullah Using text speak removes any credibility you have almost immediately, and renders any point you may have next to useless.","0","","2020-06-07 15:41:02","false",""
"UgwGuJ4z7GIzMIZ1l2d4AaABAg.99bODXm7qt099bTyoLE09b","Salma Abdullah","@R B Ah yes because god forbid intelligent people use the terrifying... 'Text speak' on their devices.","0","","2020-06-07 16:13:29","false",""
"UgwGuJ4z7GIzMIZ1l2d4AaABAg.99bODXm7qt099bUlMbjVEV","R B","@Salma Abdullah You've shown no discernible sign of intelligence as yet. My point is that this was an illegal act and the police have absented themselves, yours is, I presume, that it doesn't matter, because this man was morally reprehensible by the standards of today?","0","","2020-06-07 16:20:23","false",""
"UgwGuJ4z7GIzMIZ1l2d4AaABAg.99bODXm7qt099bVLVjqSaY","Salma Abdullah","@R B Ah yes did you complete an IQ test for me based on the comments I left? At no point did I say this was legal or okay what they did but please continue. Your teaching me a lot about myself.","0","","2020-06-07 16:25:27","false",""
"UgwGuJ4z7GIzMIZ1l2d4AaABAg.99bODXm7qt099bVwc3RP5I","R B","@Salma Abdullah *you're. Another free lesson from me.","0","","2020-06-07 16:30:39","false",""
"UgwGuJ4z7GIzMIZ1l2d4AaABAg.99bODXm7qt099bW8NUliOo","Salma Abdullah","@Stevie 001 You lot? Who exactly because its almost as if your having a conversation with yourself at this point. You cant even answer my first question. When did I say this was okay or legal?","0","","2020-06-07 16:32:24","false",""
"UgylEU1HwTnLuu2V58h4AaABAg","Maaruks","well done","1","0","2020-06-07 15:23:21","true",""
"UgyEkq9AEbr7STgiSQt4AaABAg","Abeonthehill","how does destroying a monument create more equality for the ethnic minorities.....? Remember what happen’s when people start book-burning and pulling down statues . He may have been a slave trader however, he gave a lot of his income to charity .","0","0","2020-06-07 15:23:23","true",""
"UgxHeoYsWXEwKWraVRx4AaABAg","Daimon","I hate these scum. What gives you the right to destroy history because you find it morally objectionable? No better than ISIS. Prepare yourselves, people - eventually they will come for you.","1","0","2020-06-07 15:23:50","true",""
"UgzML4wyYnt79_bm2iR4AaABAg","Sarah Elliott","Good","1","0","2020-06-07 15:23:53","true",""
"UgysBFLcuH8ZAfvQe-14AaABAg","Petrusogara Luigni Of Connacht","My first question is:

Why did they ever have a statue immortalising a slave trader produced in the first place?

My second question is:

Is that entire thing solid bronze?
If so, surely they can re-melt it a produce something more appropriate, as well as something more fitting with the current times?


Equally so, they could melt down the bronze and use it to produce thousands of naturally antimicrobial door handles for the local medical facilities seeing as they've worked seriously hard in recent months to keep the country moving forwards and they are never given enough funding by the various powers that be.
Kill two birds with one stone, get rid of a tasteless statue and provide the local medical centres (Hospitals and such) with new bronze-coated door handles that are naturally antimicrobial.

I'm sure other uses can be found for the bronze too, mine is only one of many options.","9","2","2020-06-07 15:24:13","true",""
"UgysBFLcuH8ZAfvQe-14AaABAg.99bOKvbWa3G99bQGWDZWvh","john Taylor","They dumped it in the river","0","","2020-06-07 15:41:05","false",""
"UgysBFLcuH8ZAfvQe-14AaABAg.99bOKvbWa3G99bRUvx2Y9g","Petrusogara Luigni Of Connacht","@john Taylor Do you have a link to a video of such incident occurring?

It isn't exactly lightweight, so moving it into a river wouldn't exactly be a particularly easy thing to do.


So it would seem it was dumped in the river, at least it isn't erected for everyone to see like some monument to greatness.

The dude was a slave trader. His statue should never have existed.

Now it just means that it will have to be recovered from the river before it is melted back down to raw material and used for something more appropriate.","0","","2020-06-07 15:51:47","false",""
"UgxEMaGT2xKkHy2zhb94AaABAg","John Pembroke","Wheres  the police?","0","0","2020-06-07 15:24:26","true",""
"UgxhgBS1fdRNhGjCs-h4AaABAg","b gg","Remember, these people are very much the minority and obviously very few of them will breed. There is hope for the future.","24","11","2020-06-07 15:24:44","true",""
"UgxhgBS1fdRNhGjCs-h4AaABAg.99bOOhfSAMz99bT1TGo809","Sinjin Smyth","These people are the future","1","","2020-06-07 16:05:15","false",""
"UgxhgBS1fdRNhGjCs-h4AaABAg.99bOOhfSAMz99bTLkdJcOt","Football27 9","They are all Darwin awards recipients 😏","3","","2020-06-07 16:08:01","false",""
"UgxhgBS1fdRNhGjCs-h4AaABAg.99bOOhfSAMz99bV9ZN2Vh3","Ciara Donnelly","Most will die of Covid19","2","","2020-06-07 16:23:49","false",""
"UgxhgBS1fdRNhGjCs-h4AaABAg.99bOOhfSAMz99bVvISsAw0","KoivuTheHab","b gg

You are an ignoramus. Dumb people produce far more offspring than smart people.","0","","2020-06-07 16:30:29","false",""
"UgxhgBS1fdRNhGjCs-h4AaABAg.99bOOhfSAMz99bWliCV0r8","Shaggy Maest","There is no covid just flu. All set up for climate change. And I’m the only person on the planet that can see it. Covid stands for coronas virus disease. And coronas has been around before dinosaurs, fact.   Soooo the virus IS the host. And I’m a genious, 7 billion people are not. And the riots are set up, a distraction from people starting to realise about covid cover up... after all how did George floyd get to the floor, why was his knee on his neck, and why three officers when he was hand cuffed. Where is the missing footage?????Because he spat at the officer.... I guarantee it. I bet my life on it.","0","","2020-06-07 16:37:54","false",""
"UgxhgBS1fdRNhGjCs-h4AaABAg.99bOOhfSAMz99bXiwczuWb","Football27 9","@Shaggy Maest *YOU* Are part of the problem from the crazy conspiracy theorists to the anti-vaccers who actually dumb enough to believe that Bill Gates is part of creating the tracking vaccine.

Quit trying to twist the truth and *LEAVE THEM BE* - you're only halting the progress with your idiocy thoughts 🤦‍♂️","0","","2020-06-07 16:46:16","false",""
"UgxhgBS1fdRNhGjCs-h4AaABAg.99bOOhfSAMz99dC286Rmhm","Shaggy Maest","Football27 9   If it was all for climate change, planes and football stadiums will literally halt for the next TEN years. Then I will be right, if only I could predict such things. In ten years I will except your apology. Lol","0","","2020-06-08 08:15:16","false",""
"UgxhgBS1fdRNhGjCs-h4AaABAg.99bOOhfSAMz99dCGW7K35r","Shaggy Maest","Football27 9 oh yeah, read all climate change reports. And what HAS to be done in the next ten years. Covid??? is perfect for climate change and you know it.","0","","2020-06-08 08:17:14","false",""
"UgxhgBS1fdRNhGjCs-h4AaABAg.99bOOhfSAMz99daNnSN6TI","Football27 9","@Shaggy Maest Your opinion is invalid since 1. You're a kid and kids tend to say the dumbest things and 2. Kids shouldn't be playing video games like gta, call of duty, battlefield ect so whoever's let you play c.o.d is an act of bad parenting but who am I to judge 🤷‍♂️😏","0","","2020-06-08 11:56:40","false",""
"UgxhgBS1fdRNhGjCs-h4AaABAg.99bOOhfSAMz99de5R1cMqo","Shaggy Maest","Football27 9 I’m 45 u penis","0","","2020-06-08 12:29:07","false",""
"UgxhgBS1fdRNhGjCs-h4AaABAg.99bOOhfSAMz99deQtLqwzN","Football27 9","@Shaggy Maest really? Wow I feel sorry for you 🤦‍♂️","1","","2020-06-08 12:32:03","false",""
"UgzLqErPgtc0g1LV4ZJ4AaABAg","John Arnold","Well they damaged Churchill's statue and Lincoln's I'm sure next the idiots will paint Martin Luther King Jr statue White.","5","1","2020-06-07 15:24:46","true",""
"UgzLqErPgtc0g1LV4ZJ4AaABAg.99bOP0oAyBI99bRQOXCAsy","gbjanuary","John Arnold don't think there needs to be statues of anybody to be honest waste of money.","2","","2020-06-07 15:51:10","false",""
"UgwBXUBFdXOzWhAsNeh4AaABAg","manmonkee","I get the sentiment but ooooh the execution!","0","0","2020-06-07 15:24:52","true",""
"UgxCMMCasiXE7yXYdVZ4AaABAg","boudicca 2nd","All bristolians should stop all council tax payments until  it is put back","3","0","2020-06-07 15:25:02","true",""
"Ugy85QV15MzWH_4bCY54AaABAg","John Armstrong","A significant proportion of Colston's wealth came from investments in slave trading, sugar and other slave-produced goods. As an official of the Royal African Company from 1680 to 1692, he was also involved in the transportation of approximately 84,000 enslaved African men, women and young children, of whom 19,000 died on voyages from West Africa to the Caribbean and the Americas.""","1","0","2020-06-07 15:25:04","true",""
"UgyL9BjXdNijDh-cCih4AaABAg","MrFunkia","I used to see that statue when I went into town many moons ago. The actions of these morons, just had me fuming. Where were the police?","12","16","2020-06-07 15:25:08","true",""
"UgyL9BjXdNijDh-cCih4AaABAg.99bORgE43Z099bOl4s1yE5","ping pong","A statue of a slave trader and racist deserves to be in view of everyone?","4","","2020-06-07 15:27:55","false",""
"UgyL9BjXdNijDh-cCih4AaABAg.99bORgE43Z099bQ-On7GmR","Salma Abdullah","Your mad glorification of a slave trader that was responsible for thousands of deaths is gone looool becauae you saw it everyday.","1","","2020-06-07 15:38:45","false",""
"UgyL9BjXdNijDh-cCih4AaABAg.99bORgE43Z099bREO1i0So","geoffdundee","@Salma Abdullah ......muhammad was a slave owner too and it still goes on to this very day","3","","2020-06-07 15:49:32","false",""
"UgyL9BjXdNijDh-cCih4AaABAg.99bORgE43Z099bRYTWtfri","john Taylor","@ping pong The modern concept of racism can't really be applied to someone born in the 17th century. About the only thing Marx got right was that racism was a product of the triangular trade not the cause of it. If it was about race, rather then exploiting anyone who could be exploited, there wouldn't have been British orphans shipped out to do work considered too dangerous for people who had a monetary value.","0","","2020-06-07 15:52:16","false",""
"UgyL9BjXdNijDh-cCih4AaABAg.99bORgE43Z099bTmmM66Yz","Salma Abdullah","@geoffdundee yep thats extremely relevant how? Or are you just being cute because of my name","0","","2020-06-07 16:11:50","false",""
"UgyL9BjXdNijDh-cCih4AaABAg.99bORgE43Z099bW1d8ngBW","Morph X G","@Salma Abdullah All you are doing is making it worse for yourselves, there is a massive green light on white power movements, you just wait!","2","","2020-06-07 16:31:29","false",""
"UgyL9BjXdNijDh-cCih4AaABAg.99bORgE43Z099bkG_xWIt7","MrFunkia","@Salma Abdullah - Says the man who's religion supports slavery! There are still black slaves being traded in Libya today, unfortunately the white man isn't able to intervene.","1","","2020-06-07 18:44:36","false",""
"UgyL9BjXdNijDh-cCih4AaABAg.99bORgE43Z099blPSvR8cN","MrFunkia","@ping pong - he is known for his charity work in the city, which seems to have been forgotten by the ungrateful newcomers.","0","","2020-06-07 18:54:33","false",""
"UgyL9BjXdNijDh-cCih4AaABAg.99bORgE43Z099bo7OjhRDC","Salma Abdullah","@MrFunkia Sorry I'm a bit confused what I or this conversation has to do with Libya? And you hilarious for thinking the US didn't has a massive hand in destabilising the county but continue with this topic that has everything to do with a statue in Britain","0","","2020-06-07 19:18:17","false",""
"UgyL9BjXdNijDh-cCih4AaABAg.99bORgE43Z099boDO6PtWD","Salma Abdullah","@MrFunkia ypu know what isnt forgotten the thousands of people that died because of him or do we cover that up for rhe good ?","0","","2020-06-07 19:19:06","false",""
"UgyL9BjXdNijDh-cCih4AaABAg.99bORgE43Z099boIo4jPuf","Salma Abdullah","@Morph X G yep pulling down a statue of a slave trader your telling me is a trigger to the white movement? Interesting","0","","2020-06-07 19:19:51","false",""
"UgyL9BjXdNijDh-cCih4AaABAg.99bORgE43Z099c-NRxcd_s","MrFunkia","@Salma Abdullah - Libya is an islamic country, and islam supports slavery. You don't need to attack a man who died 300 years ago, when it is still going on today. Here's a word of warning to you, perhaps we will burn the mosques because Mohammed was a slave owner, how would that feel?","0","","2020-06-07 21:05:20","false",""
"UgyL9BjXdNijDh-cCih4AaABAg.99bORgE43Z099c2G2extud","Andy Moran.","@Salma Abdullah That doesn't make any sense... hardly surprising though 😂😂😂","0","","2020-06-07 21:30:33","false",""
"UgyL9BjXdNijDh-cCih4AaABAg.99bORgE43Z099c2OMkJXES","Andy Moran.","@Salma Abdullah TRIGGERED! Salma has used her race card!","0","","2020-06-07 21:31:41","false",""
"UgyL9BjXdNijDh-cCih4AaABAg.99bORgE43Z099c72MMVcOu","Salma Abdullah","@Andy Moran. Hahahaa alright mate, I'll assume you didnt see the comment I was replying ro where the guy said this just green lit the white movement (is that even a thing?) but you are right, mentioning race is using the race card. Damn do I get a do over or can I purchase a new card?","0","","2020-06-07 22:12:22","false",""
"UgyL9BjXdNijDh-cCih4AaABAg.99bORgE43Z099c7K7SayQW","Salma Abdullah","@Andy Moran. Apparently you dont understand the difference between a statue and a building. Or did I miss the video where they destroyed the hospital or other buildings he funded? Cute story though 👍🏿","0","","2020-06-07 22:14:47","false",""
"UgxeERkqTkDkAxBd_Wx4AaABAg","HUDZ3Y","You’ve brought shame and disgrace to the UK, I hope your all happy that you ripped down your all so “important” statue.","4","2","2020-06-07 15:25:24","true",""
"UgxeERkqTkDkAxBd_Wx4AaABAg.99bOT_h9-IZ99bTOXPBYje","Not A Cossack","Must be fairly important statue if it brought shame and disgrace, no?","1","","2020-06-07 16:08:23","false",""
"UgxeERkqTkDkAxBd_Wx4AaABAg.99bOT_h9-IZ99bTclHf_5f","HUDZ3Y","Not A Cossack I put “” for a reason, go google sarcasm 😉","0","","2020-06-07 16:10:28","false",""
"UgzBflOnnCvba0lm6iR4AaABAg","jamietherooster","Embarrassing. The biggest joke is that they don't actually care about the supposed 'problem' they're protesting against, it's all for social media content and their own ego.","10","6","2020-06-07 15:25:33","true",""
"UgzBflOnnCvba0lm6iR4AaABAg.99bOUkP4g3i99bQaJ617Ye","The Mighty Dash","Mostly Labour voters I bet, Bristol has a Labour council... a council which resides in a building paid for by... you guessed it, the guy in the statue xD","0","","2020-06-07 15:43:55","false",""
"UgzBflOnnCvba0lm6iR4AaABAg.99bOUkP4g3i99bQsCfjcwg","Tee","The only embarrassing thing here is the ignorance in these comments.","0","","2020-06-07 15:46:22","false",""
"UgzBflOnnCvba0lm6iR4AaABAg.99bOUkP4g3i99bQt-4LZYH","Salma Abdullah","@The Mighty Dash ah so that makes what he did okay?","0","","2020-06-07 15:46:28","false",""
"UgzBflOnnCvba0lm6iR4AaABAg.99bOUkP4g3i99bTz5VAysq","jamietherooster","@Salma Abdullah Do you equally condemn certain arabic figures who participated in the arabic/islamic slave trade? I'm sure there's a few statues/memorials to be found of some of them around the UK if you looked hard enough","0","","2020-06-07 16:13:31","false",""
"UgzBflOnnCvba0lm6iR4AaABAg.99bOUkP4g3i99bUvoynW7y","Salma Abdullah","@jamietherooster The same way this was taken down id they do exist tbwy sgouls be taken down too. And you know what, if you feel so strongly about it you and your buddies should do it. I'll definately be supportive","0","","2020-06-07 16:21:49","false",""
"UgzBflOnnCvba0lm6iR4AaABAg.99bOUkP4g3i99bVnV6MIb9","jamietherooster","@Salma Abdullah The difference is whilst I despise racism,  I do not feel strongly about the need to rip down any statues so the burden of consistency is not on me but on those that do and have done.","0","","2020-06-07 16:29:25","false",""
"Ugy70ejtatOy1Sk88MV4AaABAg","paxus 22","that's not a protest.... call the mindless mob , what it really is.","15","9","2020-06-07 15:25:43","true",""
"Ugy70ejtatOy1Sk88MV4AaABAg.99bOVuc-Vgq99bP2Ptn9AP","51st state","Antifa terrorist","3","","2020-06-07 15:30:25","false",""
"Ugy70ejtatOy1Sk88MV4AaABAg.99bOVuc-Vgq99bPbw5TuPp","Krashaon","So you agree with the slave trade?","2","","2020-06-07 15:35:24","false",""
"Ugy70ejtatOy1Sk88MV4AaABAg.99bOVuc-Vgq99bPmKvTK6z","1000 subs before the end of quarantine","51st state Get out of here you propaganda spreading yank. Anti fascism is a worthy cause, our grand parents went to WAR against anti fascism. We honour those who fought fascist f*****s every year","4","","2020-06-07 15:36:50","false",""
"Ugy70ejtatOy1Sk88MV4AaABAg.99bOVuc-Vgq99bQ6KojHI0","Elestro Air-soft","How is it mindless? There's clear historical context and opinions behind this action. I'm not saying I condone this per say, but to call it ""mindless"" is just stupid.","0","","2020-06-07 15:39:41","false",""
"Ugy70ejtatOy1Sk88MV4AaABAg.99bOVuc-Vgq99bQ6bBloqB","JGW 97","@1000 subs before the end of quarantine ""our grandparents went to war against anti fascsim"" lol I wish they did. The fact the Germans were fascist had nothing to do with it. And anti-fascism is a joke of a cause. All are middle-class silver spoons. The middle class should be wiped out","0","","2020-06-07 15:39:44","false",""
"Ugy70ejtatOy1Sk88MV4AaABAg.99bOVuc-Vgq99bQinbcXhC","1000 subs before the end of quarantine","JGW 97 Are you slow? The Nazis were fascists, the entire British empire white, black and brown fought against those fascist f*****s. The people of Britain constantly foiled Sir Oswald Mosleys attempts to turn us into a fascist supporting country.","2","","2020-06-07 15:45:05","false",""
"Ugy70ejtatOy1Sk88MV4AaABAg.99bOVuc-Vgq99bQmP9AE7V","1000 subs before the end of quarantine","JGW 97 “The middle class should be wiped out” I’m a working class person, you sound like a bitter individual.","0","","2020-06-07 15:45:34","false",""
"Ugy70ejtatOy1Sk88MV4AaABAg.99bOVuc-Vgq99bS7vaEA-8","paxus 22","it is mindless because this was a emotional act not a thought out act.","0","","2020-06-07 15:57:23","false",""
"Ugy70ejtatOy1Sk88MV4AaABAg.99bOVuc-Vgq99bSPSd3NIg","1000 subs before the end of quarantine","paxus 22 Mindless and not thought out? Despite around 15,000 signing the petition for the removal of the statue lol","0","","2020-06-07 15:59:47","false",""
"UgwaaXtJBXQoIr41B3J4AaABAg","galen2 tyrol","Won't be any history left anywhere soon, not many leaders of previous empires and kingdoms that didn't do really evil stuff. Who shall we erase from history next, because we don't want to remember it, which mob decides? 
I don't like a lot of things being built, they go against my morals can I just destroy them, is that OK now, how big does the mob need to be for it to be OK? Again who decides?","2","0","2020-06-07 15:25:48","true",""
"UgypTz0kn4YtnpCppXV4AaABAg","Rust in Peace","The data does not support the idea the US and UK are systemically racist. There are racists but says the country as a whole are just doesn't get backed up by the data we have. There are racists but that's not what's being said. Instead we have history trying to used to represent the present, to justify this, by extreme Left element within the movement. Now they take laws in to their own hands without a public discussion.","0","0","2020-06-07 15:25:49","true",""
"UgzdmVVYfRf2I5M0Jat4AaABAg","Anne Kenna","Do any of these brain dead morons know what’s going to happen because of their actions. They are doing exactly what the globalists want. Because of their stupidly everyone, black, white or whatever else colour will be forced into curfew, lawlessness, killings, just like happened in Iraq. In fact someone commented it reminded him of Iraq. Well done you stupid useless idiots, or should I say useful idiots to the globalists, you’re playing right into their hands.","0","0","2020-06-07 15:25:52","true",""
"Ugz9-vmmVxHIWGl-Og94AaABAg","Charlie Peters","All this is doing is showing how vulnerable as a country we are. We weren’t prepared for a man made virus which is ridiculous to say the least. Then we don’t even have a plan in place on how to keep protests safe.","6","0","2020-06-07 15:26:12","true",""
"Ugwmqbuecpyw_IB033h4AaABAg","r o","the comments on this are very shocking. People banging on about damage to 'public property' and calling it 'criminal', while also defending this man and his various 'good works', which somehow 'outdo' or 'cancel out' the bad? May I remind everyone of the pulling down of the Berlin Wall? Was this a 'criminal act'? Should we remember the various 'good' Hitler may have done for his country and say those people were wrong to 'damage public property' and were 'criminals'? Absolutely RIDICULOUS. If you are supporting this man in any way or coming up with stupid excuses as to why this was not a necessary act, which indeed it was; as a political act of defiance against the slave trade and standing up for the necessity for MODERN freedom and equity, then you really need to examine your thoughts and heart because it's absolutely shameful and blows my mind. People who are unoppressed or have never been oppressed find it SO EASY to point the finger and continue to tell oppressed people and people fighting for freedom and equality how to act. IT'S JUST A STATUE PEOPLE. Wake up!!!","5","0","2020-06-07 15:26:16","true",""
"Ugy-82L_Ip-n6H3ClhV4AaABAg","Emz G","Still not gonna change history is it really 🙈.... Plus we are worse affected area atm...for coronavirus . Ps hope they put it back up we can't change are past but teach to change the future","0","0","2020-06-07 15:26:40","true",""
"UgwflOOl5BqMnew44hZ4AaABAg","lucia201189","Utterly unacceptable 
If the Police dont do nothing the silent majority will have to deal with them ourselves","6","0","2020-06-07 15:26:42","true",""
"UgxhUxtjsUPeqQS3fh54AaABAg","chris green","This is simple thuggery and violence by leftie activists and ""rent a mob"" anarchists.  They talk of the crimes of empire, then promote modern slavery by supporting the mass immigration of migrants who will be paying for their boat trip to the UK for years.  But no mention of that because it doesn't fit the narrative.","0","0","2020-06-07 15:26:58","true",""
"UgwD6GCGLOvfNzzlZed4AaABAg","Adam Phillip","White guilt is racist by default","1","0","2020-06-07 15:27:01","true",""
"UgxIKdABlckfX0NBc0x4AaABAg","YouNeedM3","Someone start a petition to get the statue back up","13","4","2020-06-07 15:27:02","true",""
"UgxIKdABlckfX0NBc0x4AaABAg.99bOec3AxeQ99bRhlunA0-","YouNeedM3","@Find The Light ye it will. The statue was there first... if these beta males are un happy they can move.","4","","2020-06-07 15:53:41","false",""
"UgxIKdABlckfX0NBc0x4AaABAg.99bOec3AxeQ99bSZzEi5EZ","Sinjin Smyth","Lol, fk that
Is this guy related to you","0","","2020-06-07 16:01:13","false",""
"UgxIKdABlckfX0NBc0x4AaABAg.99bOec3AxeQ99bSrcbm3Ho","Salma Abdullah","@YouNeedM3 there first loool","0","","2020-06-07 16:03:46","false",""
"UgxIKdABlckfX0NBc0x4AaABAg.99bOec3AxeQ99j7STohgAb","YouNeedM3","@Find The Light well maybe you should buy a plane ticket to Egypt are start taking down them pyramids.","0","","2020-06-10 15:30:37","false",""
"UgzWyHTg-VN2C6OakJt4AaABAg","Its Fin","theres a time for protesting and it's not now","15","5","2020-06-07 15:27:29","true",""
"UgzWyHTg-VN2C6OakJt4AaABAg.99bOhu69Uqg99bxyghWDTm","Lloyd Gittens","Oh shut up...racism is NOW. BLM.","1","","2020-06-07 20:44:21","false",""
"UgzWyHTg-VN2C6OakJt4AaABAg.99bOhu69Uqg99byLrfSQzS","Its Fin","@Lloyd Gittens in the midle of an epidemic. People are dying in hospital and more people will die because of them","0","","2020-06-07 20:47:39","false",""
"UgzWyHTg-VN2C6OakJt4AaABAg.99bOhu69Uqg99c0gBN7ggN","Lloyd Gittens","@Its Fin floyd died in the pandemic...stfu.","0","","2020-06-07 21:16:46","false",""
"UgzWyHTg-VN2C6OakJt4AaABAg.99bOhu69Uqg99c1U0gdZO4","Its Fin","@Lloyd Gittens  1 man over 40,000 that have died in the uk. Also it was in America people are taking it out on english police when they didn't do it","0","","2020-06-07 21:23:43","false",""
"UgzWyHTg-VN2C6OakJt4AaABAg.99bOhu69Uqg99fV-OukOVR","lee van cleef","@Lloyd Gittens we celebrated that criminals death..","0","","2020-06-09 05:39:24","false",""
"Ugym-AJBOJckyvFsmFB4AaABAg","bloop blooper","Good.","1","0","2020-06-07 15:27:33","true",""
"UgwMCaD1HYwjZcs4QZJ4AaABAg","Shaggy Maest","I’m not destroying my Robinson jam badges","0","3","2020-06-07 15:27:55","true",""
"UgwMCaD1HYwjZcs4QZJ4AaABAg.99bOl0-zO4w99bPwEiU2HE","john-paul browning","Shaggy Maest do they go with your kkk and nazi memorabilia  collections","1","","2020-06-07 15:38:11","false",""
"UgwMCaD1HYwjZcs4QZJ4AaABAg.99bOl0-zO4w99bQcGcn62J","Boogaloo 747","My auntie worked there for 35 years oh the racist she is 😀","1","","2020-06-07 15:44:11","false",""
"UgwMCaD1HYwjZcs4QZJ4AaABAg.99bOl0-zO4w99babl6tmog","The EdBaron","Mine got nicked by BLM to use on bus passes.","1","","2020-06-07 17:20:14","false",""
"UgzukuOrpCIqKpNEA_h4AaABAg","J D","We are so racist nowadays aren't we. But those dinghies keep coming across the Channel. Anyone know why?","12","3","2020-06-07 15:27:57","true",""
"UgzukuOrpCIqKpNEA_h4AaABAg.99bOlJEZZYu99bQdxKlM4t","The Mighty Dash","Becuase we dont shoot holes in the boats.","3","","2020-06-07 15:44:25","false",""
"UgzukuOrpCIqKpNEA_h4AaABAg.99bOlJEZZYu99bQjPRE8Jt","Grimnir","@The Mighty Dash We also don't return them to their point of origion.","1","","2020-06-07 15:45:10","false",""
"UgzukuOrpCIqKpNEA_h4AaABAg.99bOlJEZZYu99bQzUZVy-K","Darren Silk","Money and opportunity","0","","2020-06-07 15:47:22","false",""
"UgwFl9RLJ79-ayQDUkZ4AaABAg","M Olney","And so the destruction and erasing of history begins. Those ignorant fools.","5","3","2020-06-07 15:28:10","true",""
"UgwFl9RLJ79-ayQDUkZ4AaABAg.99bOmre6CeW99bRCmckVxC","James Olojo","History of slave trade ? That's not history l would want to keep up","0","","2020-06-07 15:49:19","false",""
"UgwFl9RLJ79-ayQDUkZ4AaABAg.99bOmre6CeW99bRNro9hu-","M Olney","James Olojo then be doomed to see it happen again","0","","2020-06-07 15:50:49","false",""
"UgwFl9RLJ79-ayQDUkZ4AaABAg.99bOmre6CeW99bSUM0Z0j-","acegamer75","There is a difference between erasing history and taking down the statues of those who don't deserved to be honoured.","0","","2020-06-07 16:00:27","false",""
"Ugz8GKu1DDgANU9ADS14AaABAg","I love clouds","BLM are defacing WW2 memorials because they claim it's racist.. and it's being promoted.. like this statue of some random slave owner 300 years ago.. not related at all yet racism?","2","6","2020-06-07 15:28:17","true",""
"Ugz8GKu1DDgANU9ADS14AaABAg.99bOnlrjTip99bR9E11Ii7","Tee","I love clouds Ok imagine this..... racism exists in many forms.","1","","2020-06-07 15:48:50","false",""
"Ugz8GKu1DDgANU9ADS14AaABAg.99bOnlrjTip99bYypKg5zx","I love clouds","@Tee racism doesn't apply to the generation who fought for our civil liberties today since they were opposing the nazi regime. To call out that generation as racist while they fought and died in the millions for us today is insanity.","0","","2020-06-07 16:57:10","false",""
"Ugz8GKu1DDgANU9ADS14AaABAg.99bOnlrjTip99bZWqnguEr","Tee","I love clouds I love clouds Racism will always apply until BIPOC lives are given as much value as white lives are. Though this generation fought for social liberties it still hasn’t been fully achieved and therefore racism is still relevant. It’s a microcosm of a bigger issue.","0","","2020-06-07 17:01:57","false",""
"Ugz8GKu1DDgANU9ADS14AaABAg.99bOnlrjTip99brDGgCqkk","I love clouds","@Tee I was watching live when the Churchill monument was defaced today, I wasn't the only one either.. Britain firsts entire army and tommy robinson and more are all deeply shocked and offended that the police even allowed this to happen.. and so everyone on certain mailing list half hour ago recieved the word that meeting up and using force has been issued.

If people didn't care they would have no reaction.. but this is no different than mixing baking soda with acid.. it's not going to end well you might say for either party because our defenders this time around aren't holding back.","0","","2020-06-07 19:45:18","false",""
"Ugz8GKu1DDgANU9ADS14AaABAg.99bOnlrjTip99bsAuApq1K","Tee","I love clouds Personally, there’s a difference between a statue of a slave trader and Churchill, though at the same time they can both be classed as racist. When you say ‘our’ defenders are you implying that you’re part of the EDL? Wait, I’m sure they’ve never thrown a protest before or got violent in any way... and no one has said nobody cares. I’m just saying that if taking down or defacing a statue that can easily be rebuilt or cleaned offends you more than the deaths of innocent people at the hands of a government system there’s probably something you need to address.","0","","2020-06-07 19:53:43","false",""
"Ugz8GKu1DDgANU9ADS14AaABAg.99bOnlrjTip99bzP5ok3_j","I love clouds","@Tee I'm not part of either group, I just see this as a bloodbath waiting to happen as the police don't stand a chance against this many people turning up, especially when Corona viruses cases went don't due to isolation, this will massively increase infection rate on both sides.

Which will inevitably affect the NHS yet again and destroy what's left of the market.. even if you aren't involved the market dies the pound isn't worth its value and so everyone loses out. I follow all parties concerned and read and reply to many people, I'm not left and I'm not right.. I'm just an observer really, not religious either.

But I'm logically minded and just think of the future of my country when all this flares up especially straight after a major pandemic.","0","","2020-06-07 20:56:49","false",""
"UgwGCeI82R1biayFySp4AaABAg","Tygerrr Uk","What an embarrassment these pathetic people are .","14","5","2020-06-07 15:28:18","true",""
"UgwGCeI82R1biayFySp4AaABAg.99bOnowHH8O99bSfiXBr5F","josh denne","Why?","1","","2020-06-07 16:02:08","false",""
"UgwGCeI82R1biayFySp4AaABAg.99bOnowHH8O99bXsucbg-I","paul walsh","Why?","1","","2020-06-07 16:47:38","false",""
"UgwGCeI82R1biayFySp4AaABAg.99bOnowHH8O99bYssImPSq","Georgina","I know, slave traders are a pathetic embarrassment of our history.","1","","2020-06-07 16:56:22","false",""
"UgwGCeI82R1biayFySp4AaABAg.99bOnowHH8O99bZ-n2WdtJ","Tygerrr Uk","Defacing and destroying national history and monuments.damageing property that’s not even there’s in a national and global pandemic whilst wearing no masks ,no one will be cheering when there on ventilators in a fortnites time ,,","1","","2020-06-07 16:57:27","false",""
"UgwGCeI82R1biayFySp4AaABAg.99bOnowHH8O99baHQ0sFEJ","give me Chocolate","@josh denne because, 
1) historical statues are used to teach history. Like shedding light on the history of the slave trade 
2) when civilised people want something there are procedures that happen to allow what you want to be considered, otherwise why should anyone adhere to any rule? why shouldn’t anyone just steal your car if they want to or why shouldn’t they attack you or rob you. It’s such disgusting ignorance.","1","","2020-06-07 17:17:19","false",""
"UgyaFLDwhU74MRUUGu94AaABAg","Evgeny Aleshin","Let's be real here for a moment. Most of British heritage is based on invading and enslaving. The National History museum has a collection of artefacts which are proudly presented as a ""national treasure"" and are a direct result of mass murder and slavery. By this logic this SJWs should burn the ground that they stand on as well.","1","2","2020-06-07 15:28:20","true",""
"UgyaFLDwhU74MRUUGu94AaABAg.99bOoADUYJO99bQhrUpxqI","David Renton","you forgot to mention the British, not the Arabs , the Africans or the French ended global slavery, if it were not for the British , Slavery would off existed an extra 50 years. Thank the Royal Navy.","1","","2020-06-07 15:44:57","false",""
"UgyaFLDwhU74MRUUGu94AaABAg.99bOoADUYJO99bTQ83csIN","Evgeny Aleshin","@David Renton Sure, you can call it ""forgot"". I probably ""forgot"" to mention a lot of related historical events in that 331 character comment. One might argue, that it would not be necessary to end something that was not started in the first place. Somehow the consequences of what was started and ended by the British are still evident to this day. Thank the Royal Navy though.","0","","2020-06-07 16:08:37","false",""
"UgzWEUS9V1jhNqNgHvZ4AaABAg","Maaruks","slavery is immoral and inhumane","6","4","2020-06-07 15:28:21","true",""
"UgzWEUS9V1jhNqNgHvZ4AaABAg.99bOoG-OmOP99bPdpBbg1v","monck55","So is mob law.","1","","2020-06-07 15:35:40","false",""
"UgzWEUS9V1jhNqNgHvZ4AaABAg.99bOoG-OmOP99c3MXlQamT","Jacob Jezebel","Thanks, I didn't know that. I'll be sure to tell China when I see them.","0","","2020-06-07 21:40:10","false",""
"UgzWEUS9V1jhNqNgHvZ4AaABAg.99bOoG-OmOP99dj5QQpU_x","charles","Discouraging and disappointing to see how many still support it in these comments Maaruks.","0","","2020-06-08 13:12:49","false",""
"UgzWEUS9V1jhNqNgHvZ4AaABAg.99bOoG-OmOP99ePA18W2D4","monck55","@charles Discouraging and disgusting to see how many people refuse to condemn mob law.","0","","2020-06-08 19:29:11","false",""
"Ugy6KaXzv8pR0eJMNWB4AaABAg","SoAExile","People in the comments make me sick, if i put a statue of hitler because of the good he done, people would burn it down straight away. So this man in a similar way build his city and reputation on the back of slaves, enslaved them made money from them and treated them worse than animals and then used that money to build all those beneficial things for his people. So he took other peoples lives that were worth less to him than wealth to build his great city. Big whopp what he done, he took other peoples blood away to better his what kind of human being is this?????","3","0","2020-06-07 15:28:42","true",""
"UgwEYbNNFBTi9NO5XYp4AaABAg","Colgate Max White","Time to send in the military. No mercy.","9","1","2020-06-07 15:28:44","true",""
"UgwEYbNNFBTi9NO5XYp4AaABAg.99bOr-L8Pne99bPbHy5RZl","friend","Hahaha for toppling a statue? You mug.","0","","2020-06-07 15:35:19","false",""
"UgyC2slouX5inbsobox4AaABAg","Godot","The leftists are trying to re-write history as we speak","17","6","2020-06-07 15:28:57","true",""
"UgyC2slouX5inbsobox4AaABAg.99bOsdJ_jub99bQtZCgUMp","john Taylor","He hasn't been a popular bloke for quite some time here. The school named after him changed its name a few years back. We don't need to hang on to every statue the Victorians built, binning this one has been on the cards for a while, there's better things to get upset about.","2","","2020-06-07 15:46:33","false",""
"UgyC2slouX5inbsobox4AaABAg.99bOsdJ_jub99cAFZBE5lk","TonyMaronie","john Taylor Maybe so but this sets a dangerous precedent. Where will this lead to next?","1","","2020-06-07 22:40:23","false",""
"UgyC2slouX5inbsobox4AaABAg.99bOsdJ_jub99cWGXSv-6b","Michal Nazareth","And conservatives are being proud of the statue that symbolizes morally bad deed, slavery. There is no place for such barbaric mindset in modern world","0","","2020-06-08 01:52:45","false",""
"UgyC2slouX5inbsobox4AaABAg.99bOsdJ_jub99dGAb1DtPM","Jaques Ravalec","@john Taylor Well no. Let's check the facts. There was a petition against it. It received 10,000 signatures. Nothing.","0","","2020-06-08 08:51:22","false",""
"UgyC2slouX5inbsobox4AaABAg.99bOsdJ_jub99dGG68KQV1","Jaques Ravalec","@Michal Nazareth It continues in the Middle East. All protesters should go there.","0","","2020-06-08 08:52:08","false",""
"UgyC2slouX5inbsobox4AaABAg.99bOsdJ_jub99e7UGpNNS2","dragonfly6908","@TonyMaronie There is a Eric Morecambe statue, maybe they will be questioning whether he was funny or not in a politically correct way.","0","","2020-06-08 16:54:39","false",""
"UgyEd0nj3IBVPM7CLGF4AaABAg","Sleep Outdoors","Stupid left wing morons, who did this destruction of public property help. The millenniums are a generation of total idiots.","0","0","2020-06-07 15:29:05","true",""
"Ugw2yS-KcS816aG0fPh4AaABAg","Mark","Idiots, and when there's a spike they'll be the first to blame the government","10","6","2020-06-07 15:29:14","true",""
"Ugw2yS-KcS816aG0fPh4AaABAg.99bOul3nh--99bQLgxnAK-","A P","It isn’t like the government was even trying to control the virus to begin with","1","","2020-06-07 15:41:47","false",""
"Ugw2yS-KcS816aG0fPh4AaABAg.99bOul3nh--99bQRO6qwBR","Tee","Mark why are we out protesting? Because of the government. If they had listened and taken the necessary action years ago there wouldn’t be a need for protesting now! Mostly, there aren’t new things being said, it’s an age old issue that should’ve been addressed before the covid situation even happened.","1","","2020-06-07 15:42:34","false",""
"Ugw2yS-KcS816aG0fPh4AaABAg.99bOul3nh--99bQxgO7jEB","Mark","Thea I know why you're protesting, I agree with the principles of it, my point is you if you personally protested are not only putting yourself at risk but your friends family and associates just to virtue signal. In my opinion that's idiotic","0","","2020-06-07 15:47:07","false",""
"Ugw2yS-KcS816aG0fPh4AaABAg.99bOul3nh--99bR4C-iA4P","Mark","A P well this certainly won't help 🤦‍♂️","0","","2020-06-07 15:48:08","false",""
"Ugw2yS-KcS816aG0fPh4AaABAg.99bOul3nh--99bSXmHZLRo","Tee","Mark I understand why you might be concerned with public health but most of the people who are protesting that I know are wearing as much PPE as they can and are planning on not only enforcing a two week quarantine but also completely working from home. It’s not virtue signalling necessarily. It would be solely this if you’re doing it to prove ‘I’m a good person!’ But if you’re protesting because you are sick and tired of racism in our country it’s a different situation. You’re allowed your opinion though!","0","","2020-06-07 16:00:55","false",""
"Ugw2yS-KcS816aG0fPh4AaABAg.99bOul3nh--99bT5up_X5L","Mark","Tee I'll take you at your word your one of the distancers but the majority in this video aren't. Let's hope there's not too much of a spike down to the less responsible people there","0","","2020-06-07 16:05:51","false",""
"UgyZIWL3X2edutpk7J94AaABAg","conor skeffington","as they should","0","0","2020-06-07 15:29:14","true",""
"Ugw_UzIpIK4k7JGPX3Z4AaABAg","Rimmer won't eat his gazpacho soup.","So how much longer are we going to keep calling them ‘peaceful protests’?","43","25","2020-06-07 15:29:54","true",""
"Ugw_UzIpIK4k7JGPX3Z4AaABAg.99bOz_FrQxZ99bQTrAOlYI","hammy hannibal","I was there, it was peaceful.","1","","2020-06-07 15:42:54","false",""
"Ugw_UzIpIK4k7JGPX3Z4AaABAg.99bOz_FrQxZ99bR1tnY0UK","Rimmer won't eat his gazpacho soup.","@hammy hannibal Oh, my mistake. That statue must have just fallen over in the wind.","14","","2020-06-07 15:47:49","false",""
"Ugw_UzIpIK4k7JGPX3Z4AaABAg.99bOz_FrQxZ99bRksKNNSt","hammy hannibal","Statue was the only thing that was destroyed and it was already mark for demolishing by the bristol City shut your mouth","1","","2020-06-07 15:54:06","false",""
"Ugw_UzIpIK4k7JGPX3Z4AaABAg.99bOz_FrQxZ99bSCfAhfqF","cowmonkey1000","@hammy hannibal You know who else destroys statues, ISIS.","8","","2020-06-07 15:58:02","false",""
"Ugw_UzIpIK4k7JGPX3Z4AaABAg.99bOz_FrQxZ99bSdPY-0Ak","Rimmer won't eat his gazpacho soup.","@hammy hannibal Shut my mouth? Or what? 
You'll destroy more stuff like spoiled little children not getting their way?","7","","2020-06-07 16:01:49","false",""
"Ugw_UzIpIK4k7JGPX3Z4AaABAg.99bOz_FrQxZ99bTetMbWOo","Gar","@hammy hannibal 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣","1","","2020-06-07 16:10:46","false",""
"Ugw_UzIpIK4k7JGPX3Z4AaABAg.99bOz_FrQxZ99bU8FaPiWo","hammy hannibal","Ahh my comment got removed, but in essence I had conjectured that you are so angry because part of your anatomy is small? Would you agree?","0","","2020-06-07 16:14:54","false",""
"Ugw_UzIpIK4k7JGPX3Z4AaABAg.99bOz_FrQxZ99bUAvTxrDF","Shadoobie Doo","@hammy hannibal  So shut your mouth!.That's  an adult  way to have a conversation with someone you disagree with","6","","2020-06-07 16:15:16","false",""
"Ugw_UzIpIK4k7JGPX3Z4AaABAg.99bOz_FrQxZ99bUqWlrty8","hammy hannibal","When someone trying to vilify a powerful message I'll talk to them however I want. It insane that more people are angry by property damage than a life being lost. Its insane. Continue to lick the boots of your capitalist overlords in the hope that one day you'll be as rich as them. See if I care😂","0","","2020-06-07 16:21:05","false",""
"Ugw_UzIpIK4k7JGPX3Z4AaABAg.99bOz_FrQxZ99bW2TdEMip","Rimmer won't eat his gazpacho soup.","@hammy hannibal Powerful message? Oh believe me, your message has been received loud and very clear by everyone and people are not going to forget what you lot have done when that second wave hits in two weeks.
And there's the 'But Capitalism is bad' reply all while living in a city in the West. What a surprise.","3","","2020-06-07 16:31:36","false",""
"Ugw_UzIpIK4k7JGPX3Z4AaABAg.99bOz_FrQxZ99bWobGrB3d","hammy hannibal","Go cry to the people on the beaches, go cry to the people gathering for ve day, go cry to the MPs not following their own guideline. The only reason you have a problem with this march in particular is because you hate us coloured folk, just admit it.","0","","2020-06-07 16:38:18","false",""
"Ugw_UzIpIK4k7JGPX3Z4AaABAg.99bOz_FrQxZ99bXGiz3OIn","Rimmer won't eat his gazpacho soup.","@hammy hannibal I not white so that destroys your argument. I'm just not an imbecilic child like you","0","","2020-06-07 16:42:17","false",""
"Ugw_UzIpIK4k7JGPX3Z4AaABAg.99bOz_FrQxZ99bXNjvXMeb","hammy hannibal","Ahhh so you hate yourself even worse","0","","2020-06-07 16:43:14","false",""
"Ugw_UzIpIK4k7JGPX3Z4AaABAg.99bOz_FrQxZ99bYVM3tHI-","Rimmer won't eat his gazpacho soup.","@hammy hannibal Nice strawman argument. Take it you have no point to make then?","2","","2020-06-07 16:53:01","false",""
"Ugw_UzIpIK4k7JGPX3Z4AaABAg.99bOz_FrQxZ99bYvPAQtO0","hammy hannibal","A made points you ignored them like a child, have fun oreo","0","","2020-06-07 16:56:42","false",""
"Ugw_UzIpIK4k7JGPX3Z4AaABAg.99bOz_FrQxZ99bZXFQUq0-","James","@hammy hannibal ""Coloured folk""? A phrase that historically originated in the racist Jim Crow era of the United States and British former colonies, and is now considered a racial pejorative? And you're trying to call someone else racist in the same sentence? Oh sweet irony 😂👍","1","","2020-06-07 17:02:01","false",""
"Ugw_UzIpIK4k7JGPX3Z4AaABAg.99bOz_FrQxZ99b_OCT1eZR","James","@hammy hannibal Are you a child? You insult someone trying to have a serious debate and then call them a racist, meanwhile in the same sentence you say something racist? Then in the next comment call them an ""oreo"" 😂","1","","2020-06-07 17:09:31","false",""
"Ugw_UzIpIK4k7JGPX3Z4AaABAg.99bOz_FrQxZ99b_bCKYsEN","hammy hannibal","@James bit dim aren't you james","0","","2020-06-07 17:11:25","false",""
"Ugw_UzIpIK4k7JGPX3Z4AaABAg.99bOz_FrQxZ99ba0xnw2fY","Rimmer won't eat his gazpacho soup.","hammy hannibal Oreo? So you are the racist here then.","0","","2020-06-07 17:15:05","false",""
"Ugw_UzIpIK4k7JGPX3Z4AaABAg.99bOz_FrQxZ99baeWKWJRS","hammy hannibal","Have fun with your mental gymnastics, i really don't have the time.","0","","2020-06-07 17:20:37","false",""
"Ugw_UzIpIK4k7JGPX3Z4AaABAg.99bOz_FrQxZ99baoqNE7JO","Rimmer won't eat his gazpacho soup.","hammy hannibal yet you have the time to post racist comments on here.","1","","2020-06-07 17:22:02","false",""
"Ugw_UzIpIK4k7JGPX3Z4AaABAg.99bOz_FrQxZ99bat9bE8lq","give me Chocolate","@hammy hannibal destruction and mob rule is peaceful?","1","","2020-06-07 17:22:37","false",""
"Ugw_UzIpIK4k7JGPX3Z4AaABAg.99bOz_FrQxZ99beeGFRAia","James","@hammy hannibal Oh and what have I said that's dim? Or are you just saying that because you've been caught out as a hypocrite and a child with the brain capacity of the statue you pulled down and you don't know what to say? I'm guessing the latter. Since you have time to go out of your way and watch people pull down a statue of some bloke that died 300 years ago, I think you've got the time to continue to reply to us and give us a laugh with what you come out with 😂","1","","2020-06-07 17:55:32","false",""
"Ugw_UzIpIK4k7JGPX3Z4AaABAg.99bOz_FrQxZ99bxnJErKEf","Tina Mcintyre","James 
Please ,the children can only string two words at a time .","0","","2020-06-07 20:42:48","false",""
"Ugw_UzIpIK4k7JGPX3Z4AaABAg.99bOz_FrQxZ99dGHdqrbdx","Jaques Ravalec","@hammy hannibal Clearly not.","0","","2020-06-08 08:52:20","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg","Spud Renagade","Are they going to burn down the 3 schools that were commemorated in his name aswell or is just destroying the statue going to satisfy them, what do they think this will change","87","46","2020-06-07 15:29:55","true",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99bPpY2Bc0o","Sinjin Smyth","No, just the crummy are we worshipping idols, wtf","5","","2020-06-07 15:37:16","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99bQOevyTlq","john-paul browning","Spud Renagade don't know but would you be happy sending your kids to a jimmy savile wing of a hospital or youth centre","6","","2020-06-07 15:42:12","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99bQUKJnfxu","The Mighty Dash","Exactly, he left a legacy of good weather they like it or not, his hospitals are still used today, his schools are still used today and his Hall is used today, BY THE LOCAL LABOUR COUNCIL. Ask them why they still use his building. It'll be fun.","9","","2020-06-07 15:42:58","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99bQkF4xV9q","Lewis Baitup","@The Mighty Dash oh so thats why the slave trader has a statue","3","","2020-06-07 15:45:17","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99bQphsHn9I","Salma Abdullah","@The Mighty Dash he also was responsible for many deaths. We need schools and hospitals. We dont need his statue. Put it in a bloody museum","11","","2020-06-07 15:46:01","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99bRHNKz86I","Grimnir","@Salma Abdullah We also don't need muslims like you dictating our history to us.","13","","2020-06-07 15:49:56","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99bRN8M6iOq","Not A Cossack","If only there was a way to rename buildings","8","","2020-06-07 15:50:44","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99bRdTmQMbW","Grimnir","@Not A Cossack If only killing socialists was legal.","4","","2020-06-07 15:53:06","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99bS9L_GwB1","Sami 123","Grimnir calm down. ""Muslims like you""","4","","2020-06-07 15:57:35","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99bSimdbtOQ","The Mighty Dash","@Lewis Baitup Because slavery wasn't illegal then you dumbass. Also, when tlaking about slaves, why does NOBODY mention that AFRICAN Pirates kidnapped entire british villages and took them as slaves? Why does nobody mention that WHITE people stopped using slaves before anyone else, why does nobody mention that slave ownership doesn't originate from WHITE countries???","7","","2020-06-07 16:02:33","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99bSsAT7OC2","Burrito Bean","The Mighty Dash he was responsible for over 19,000 deaths of slaves. good riddance that thing is gone to the bottom of the kanal where it belongs.","5","","2020-06-07 16:03:50","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99bT1l2VDkz","SeriouslyRyan","Can’t put it in a museum they threw it in the river.","0","","2020-06-07 16:05:17","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99bTD0zzwna","Grimnir","@Burrito Bean ""Kanal"" It's Canal in lackwit. And no he was not responsible for 19,000 slave deaths, the Bristol slave trade, of which he was part of, was responsable for that many deaths. He also traded in Gold and Ivory and insurance, but I guess the fact that he is a morally grey character, with an interesting and important lesson for Bristol, is less important than the feelings of a few transient foreigners.","4","","2020-06-07 16:06:49","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99bTHvXj91e","The Mighty Dash","@Not A Cossack Changing the name doesn't change who's money built it, it just means you can pretend the past didn't happen. Because you're not strong enough to learn from it. Pulling statues down will only cause people to forget, and when we forget HISTORY REPEATS. So well done. Dumbasses","2","","2020-06-07 16:07:29","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99bTb6ugONn","Salma Abdullah","@Grimnir Then get to reading loool","1","","2020-06-07 16:10:15","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99bTbL4pl8I","Petrusogara Luigni Of Connacht","@Grimnir And we don't need people like you dictating what is wrong or right, we can decide for ourselves thanks.

Go outside for once and familiarise yourself with the world, you'll feel like a better person for doing so.

It matters not where you come from or what you look like, at the end of the day the dude was a ""Slave Trader"", and that is not something that should be promoted or celebrated in any capacity, it was never a good thing in the past and it isn't a good thing now.

The statue got treated exactly how one would expect a statue of such a person to be treated.
It was treated with more respect than the lives of the people that he traded, people of all colours, all races, all religions, all backgrounds, and all personalities.

Wake up, this is justice for all people, stop savouring a dark and distasteful past.

Edit: Fixed some spelling errors.","1","","2020-06-07 16:10:17","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99bThIuowqI","Not A Cossack","@Grimnir ooo you're hard","0","","2020-06-07 16:11:05","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99bTx6UHodT","Not A Cossack","@The Mighty Dash ah yeah I actually forgot the slave trade was a thing just then cause that statue had been pulled down. God you have a big brain","1","","2020-06-07 16:13:15","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99bU-rR8-XI","Leon Khunane Madihlaba","Rename the schools","0","","2020-06-07 16:13:46","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99bU2nOD5bB","Grimnir","@Not A Cossack Says the one scared of history and needs to remove bits that hurt his feelings. Grow a pair weakling.","2","","2020-06-07 16:14:10","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99bUyARvdYt","Not A Cossack","@Grimnir haha hehe hoho","0","","2020-06-07 16:22:08","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99bVJxjei6d","secretsfullofsaucers","They've renamed one school already, Colston Hall is to be renamed, just need to keep going until his attempt to glorify his legacy and legitmise the horrors he committed are all gone.","1","","2020-06-07 16:25:15","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99bVMQHrb-R","Saabrina Adan","@The Mighty Dash Most people knows it originates and even happens in most countries in the Arab league but I haven't heard about Africans doing that but either way it wasnt as large scale or impactful as the Atlantic slave trade which built a great country- not so great in practice. Everyone knows the UK was the 1st to ban slavery so what is your point. Yes,the statue is a part if history a part of history and will be in our children's history books but when you commemorate someone you dont commemorate them only for the good they have done but for all they stood for that was revolutionary or good, I.e. the statue of liberty stands for freedom, Millicent Fawcett who stood for the suffragette movement, Robert Raikes for opening the first Sunday schools which lead to free schools for the masses. This man wasn't a man of morals as he believed in exploitation which is against capitalism and everything our society stands for today and goes against what my grandfather fought for to make sure our country can be a democratic society without fascism like Nazi Germany and without communism like Russia and now China.","1","","2020-06-07 16:25:35","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99bVdrY0E_J","KoivuTheHab","@Sinjin Smyth ''wtf'' ''wtf''","0","","2020-06-07 16:28:06","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99bXRxKe6ea","ey yk","@grimnir Muslim or not you definitely need a second round of your own history if you think that statue belongs the.","0","","2020-06-07 16:43:49","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99bYr3L3GC0","Death Of Rats","@The Mighty Dash Why does nobody mention blacks and Arabs are still buying/selling slaves to this day....doesn't fit the narrative.","1","","2020-06-07 16:56:07","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99bYs1SVH7z","Grimnir","@secretsfullofsaucers Profit from Atrocities but never to learn from them, the sign of a socialist.","0","","2020-06-07 16:56:15","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99bZ7x5J3Cu","King Arthur","@Grimnir Mandela anyone.🤔","0","","2020-06-07 16:58:33","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99bZSUNlW6d","stellario82","@Salma Abdullah the statue will be put back in place, where it was. That much is certain. If the state accepts this, then it will have lost its power. History is complex, and this fanatism is much like ISIS.","3","","2020-06-07 17:01:22","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99baqC0zYZk","Steve Whitecliffs","@Salma AbdullahThen we should pull down those dome buildings that allow child groomers to operate?? is that ok? Now you have set a precedent for lawlessness!","4","","2020-06-07 17:22:13","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99bbUFI1ILA","Steve Whitecliffs","@Death Of Rats Because they would lose the argument. Hypocrites  WHO WILL GO DOWN ON THEIR OWN SWORD!","0","","2020-06-07 17:27:49","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99brkBk8dm8","Alan S Binnie","@Sinjin Smyth Not entirely sure anyone actually worshipped it.","1","","2020-06-07 19:49:56","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99btwNSVr-C","Danny Feller","@Grimnir chill dude, this is not about religion, this is just thugs vandalising things they don’t like. Sad thing is it will backfire and our once liberal society will turn sour because of the selfish acts of these people.","0","","2020-06-07 20:09:05","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99bu9e_Vk22","Danny Feller","@Petrusogara Luigni Of Connacht You made some fair points but this is now just vandalism. It’s just thugs that don’t like history so instead of forging a new one they try to delete the old. The Nazis did the same thing.","0","","2020-06-07 20:11:02","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99c1p-J-rue","secretsfullofsaucers","@Grimnir Socialists have never fought injustice before. The movement didn't rise out of the exploitation of the working class at all. Why tear them down? He most certainly didn't build them. He funded them to be remembered for something good not the horrors he was responsible for. Have fun being an apologist for a mass murderer.","0","","2020-06-07 21:26:43","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99cAXcXRzOB","Jules Bartow","@Grimnir He killed elephants too?  Too bad he tripped and fell in the river. What a shame.","0","","2020-06-07 22:42:51","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99cDJbQXMLu","Jules Bartow","@King Arthur 10,000 people died in rioting after he was released in 1990","0","","2020-06-07 23:07:09","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99csGzBEEMa","Grimnir","@secretsfullofsaucers He says while defending socialism.","0","","2020-06-08 05:13:47","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99csMgcHRUm","Grimnir","@Jules Bartow Guess we can call nelson mandela a monster too because he probably had funds from ivory trade at some point.","1","","2020-06-08 05:14:34","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99fjPBJ06L6","C F","It changes supplies racists with ammunition. They won't see the good the man did because of the bad.... obviously when it comes to their own hero George...we judge the man on his potential not his violent crimes.","1","","2020-06-09 07:53:59","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99fmZ4Htt1I","Paul Beresford","@Salma Abdullah: So, would it be fair to assume that you would, unconditionally, condemn anyone who had been involved in or had profited from slavery?","0","","2020-06-09 08:21:33","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99g7V9zT8GO","B J","Need to fish it out and put it back","1","","2020-06-09 11:33:16","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99j5u_f0jDX","charles","@The Mighty Dash a building may serve many purposes - the statue only one. I would support changing the name of the hall to BLM hall","0","","2020-06-10 15:17:07","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99lYg9vFKmR","Mark S","There are already plans in place to rename the schools and streets. Colston is to be erased from history entirely.","0","","2020-06-11 14:07:02","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99qnOia4gNc","I Bi","Those schools should be destroyed","0","","2020-06-13 15:00:32","false",""
"UgwAr2NaxjHql037m9N4AaABAg.99bOzkakMxG99r6lqehOUc","B J","@I Bi Maybe islam should be banned.
mohamed was a slave trader","1","","2020-06-13 17:58:35","false",""
"UgyAH6DaCTizxbuF5kB4AaABAg","Merida O'hara","I see it's mostly Brits that are vandalising monuments.  We have seriously lost our way, what happening to our country??","0","7","2020-06-07 15:30:16","true",""
"UgyAH6DaCTizxbuF5kB4AaABAg.99bP1FJ6m3T99bQ-8oFeML","Tee","Merida O'hara I have never been so proud of the UK as I am watching this! We’re recognising that ignoring our racist past doesn’t fix the issue and taking solid action.","1","","2020-06-07 15:38:43","false",""
"UgyAH6DaCTizxbuF5kB4AaABAg.99bP1FJ6m3T99bQTc1-VHp","Merida O'hara","@Tee Yes but we are not America, a petition with enough signatures would have removed that statue minus the damage. We are a reasonable and tolerant country, this isn't good.","0","","2020-06-07 15:42:52","false",""
"UgyAH6DaCTizxbuF5kB4AaABAg.99bP1FJ6m3T99bS8KtsLmW","Tee","Merida O'hara are we? Because I know of several groups within Bristol that have protested this statue and nothing has happened. This may not be perfect but the way that the government has ignored us and our issues with this just shows how we have an issue not with being reasonable but with being better at hiding racist ideologies.","0","","2020-06-07 15:57:26","false",""
"UgyAH6DaCTizxbuF5kB4AaABAg.99bP1FJ6m3T99bWaBzywU_","Merida O'hara","@Tee fair enough if that's the case, I'm not sure why it shouldn't have been up there in the first place.  I love Bristol just hoping the protests are peaceful","0","","2020-06-07 16:36:20","false",""
"UgyAH6DaCTizxbuF5kB4AaABAg.99bP1FJ6m3T99bXU8603YC","Tee","Merida O'hara I hope for peace too, hopefully the government will recognise the message being put across and peace will be achieved!","0","","2020-06-07 16:44:07","false",""
"UgyAH6DaCTizxbuF5kB4AaABAg.99bP1FJ6m3T99bYH-BlpqB","Merida O'hara","@Tee This won't be ignored, I'm pretty sure the government is quivering at the world wide protest that's taking place, never seen anything like it, that's for sure.","0","","2020-06-07 16:51:03","false",""
"UgyAH6DaCTizxbuF5kB4AaABAg.99bP1FJ6m3T99bYzF0W3Pc","Tee","Merida O'hara you are definitely right there! We can hope.","0","","2020-06-07 16:57:14","false",""
"UgwFOZfoTfcHhWDtM4h4AaABAg","Cat on a wall","And the Authorities in Bristol just allowed these anarchists to do this ? Shame on them if they don't punish these anarchists. All eyes on Bristol for the next week.","2","0","2020-06-07 15:30:40","true",""
"UgyYRlCOKfdo_vX8VD94AaABAg","the Dean","ok so these rats are spreading the virus and criminal   damage   time for the police to take action and mummy and daddy wont be happy","38","0","2020-06-07 15:30:45","true",""
"UgzqZTWeFWJpfFZzGNV4AaABAg","Rob Carter","I understand the sentiment behind this bandwagon and the virtue signalling in the name of justice but what is the quantifiable, desired outcome to these protests? Genuine question. What are the particular goals these people are seeking and how will they know this cause has been successful?","1","0","2020-06-07 15:31:00","true",""
"UgxB-5BKDT0mPf-lN3J4AaABAg","Chris","My mama always said stoopid is as stoopid does. Protesting against discrimination and excessive force being used against black people by using excessive force to topple a statue does not result progression. I agree that something needs to be done but resorting to these kinds of actions are not the way, just my opinion. Hope you all stay safe","0","0","2020-06-07 15:31:06","true",""
"UgyLVWIqJUnjHTokPjl4AaABAg","dolceanstar","Many of the Bristol slave traders did not stop their trade after abolition. They occupied large houses with cellars cut right down into the gorge where slaves could be unloaded and 'stashed'. In the case of a raid, the first slave was thrown into the gorge and the weight of his shackles and chains took the next man down and so on until all evidence was removed. A shameful episode of British history, none of the players deserve recognition except perhaps in Madame Tussauds chamber of horrors.","10","2","2020-06-07 15:31:19","true",""
"UgyLVWIqJUnjHTokPjl4AaABAg.99bP912Gqrr99bRlncohRd","geoffdundee","..............good story - you should write a book..............would do well in the fiction section.","1","","2020-06-07 15:54:14","false",""
"UgyLVWIqJUnjHTokPjl4AaABAg.99bP912Gqrr99bTdr1RAz4","dolceanstar","@geoffdundee If you ever happen to have a friend that lives in The Paragon in Clifton, they might show you the niches cut alongside the spiral staircase cut into the rock.","0","","2020-06-07 16:10:37","false",""
"UgwQa7r6xfnjKBXvMrJ4AaABAg","Terence","Criminals. I hope they get prison.","0","0","2020-06-07 15:31:26","true",""
"UgzWoNkpQkrfhcNaETB4AaABAg","jamietherooster","If the UK is such a dreadful place with such abhorrent history which goes against your liberal ideology, why not go and live somewhere else like Saudi Arabia, see how you get on there rather than sponging off of the very culture you claim to stand against.","1","0","2020-06-07 15:31:45","true",""
"UgwHxJ_uc3IGAj08D5J4AaABAg","Kristian Gibbings","Madness,madness and stupidity.","32","6","2020-06-07 15:31:59","true",""
"UgwHxJ_uc3IGAj08D5J4AaABAg.99bPDsL8Abx99bTHJXnf66","josh denne","Why?","0","","2020-06-07 16:07:24","false",""
"UgwHxJ_uc3IGAj08D5J4AaABAg.99bPDsL8Abx99bWoSpppk7","jpeg Giovanni","sounds like your describing slavery","0","","2020-06-07 16:38:17","false",""
"UgwHxJ_uc3IGAj08D5J4AaABAg.99bPDsL8Abx99bXNqp1sEO","Adam Phillip","@jpeg Giovanni They were already slaves in Africa anyway & slavery still exists there","0","","2020-06-07 16:43:15","false",""
"UgwHxJ_uc3IGAj08D5J4AaABAg.99bPDsL8Abx99bXt8xIQys","Kristian Gibbings","@josh denne what it isn't? All of this is madness and stupidity, it doesn't achieve anything.","1","","2020-06-07 16:47:40","false",""
"UgwHxJ_uc3IGAj08D5J4AaABAg.99bPDsL8Abx99bZtE3x8tb","Kristian Gibbings","@jpeg Giovanni Slavery is madness and stupidity yes but slavery is as old as man itself and has been present in most cultures throughout time. A teacher once taught me slavery isn't about colour or religion but strength, a country would conquer and enslave another country or a clan/tribe would defeat their rivals and enslave them just because they could and that every person has an ancestor that has slaved and or been enslaved.","1","","2020-06-07 17:05:09","false",""
"UgwHxJ_uc3IGAj08D5J4AaABAg.99bPDsL8Abx99bb-eeAFgt","Review Site","@Adam Phillip I agree slavery still exists there conducted by European and American NGOs, Multinational companies, World Bank, IMF....","0","","2020-06-07 17:23:38","false",""
"Ugx0vpyQYuctu41n93R4AaABAg","Krashaon","Who the hell is disliking this","0","0","2020-06-07 15:32:20","true",""
"UgzO3Kwtd_gYAEQSHux4AaABAg","Dave Guitarmanc","Another generation of hysterical student pricks pretentiously dipping their middle class toes into Anarchy till they get a decent job and wake up to their Capitalist future. This has been going on since at least the 60s. Don't they ever learn from history? Oh no, they just rewrite it to erase anything not in sync with their naïve beliefs.","1","0","2020-06-07 15:32:29","true",""
"Ugzh57ZTmb1otc5zYYx4AaABAg","is that a fact","Equal and opposite reaction springs to mind...","0","0","2020-06-07 15:32:33","true",""
"Ugw1-5pMIm9KN4YtFu94AaABAg","janan barbar","What these arnachists want ,more Coronavirus ?","0","0","2020-06-07 15:33:15","true",""
"UgynHCgtbwbB9xzKYM94AaABAg","Jay Binks","Selfish animals, exterminate them all. They are helping to spread covid-19, they are low lives, not worthy of existence. Racism is a political matter, but health is a matter of life or death.","10","3","2020-06-07 15:33:20","true",""
"UgynHCgtbwbB9xzKYM94AaABAg.99bPNm1MoSp99bR5OBME__","VOXISH","I think it's been established by George Floyd, yknow, dying as a result of police actions that racism is very much a matter of life and death, too.","0","","2020-06-07 15:48:18","false",""
"UgynHCgtbwbB9xzKYM94AaABAg.99bPNm1MoSp99bS2ymO6wK","Galen Tyrol","@VOXISH that's in the USA, here it's an excuse to be looters and vandals.","0","","2020-06-07 15:56:43","false",""
"UgynHCgtbwbB9xzKYM94AaABAg.99bPNm1MoSp99bSLcYlagZ","TheEndIsHere FinalWarning","What about all the whites on the beaches.....","0","","2020-06-07 15:59:15","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg","lea","What actually is the goal for the protests in the UK? I keep trying to find the answer for this and I get that it’ll come across as ignorant but genuine question. Thanks","30","49","2020-06-07 15:33:26","true",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99bR-thv32f","geoffdundee","......i think the goal is anarchy and total breakdown of society and law.............they have nothing to replace it with...........these latest protest have nothing to do with criminal George","20","","2020-06-07 15:47:33","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99bRQ54NLHG","Tee","The point is a lot of things really. One being the release of info about the excess BAME deaths due to covid - another is a call to action over the many black women and men that have died in English police custody or to the and of the police here. Just because racism is better covered up here doesn’t mean it does not exist.","10","","2020-06-07 15:51:08","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99bRoRAJBMw","Salma Abdullah","Honest answer, people here love to thibk racism doesn't happen, doesnt exist because it isnt overt like America (which it definitely can be). There has been many cover ups here with the police that goes unnoticed.","14","","2020-06-07 15:54:35","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99bW0soqbzM","Ja Y","The goal is to show solidarity with those that experience racism in America.  But I doubt Americans would protest over a police murder in the UK.  I think boredom from the lockdown might have something to do with it too.","2","","2020-06-07 16:31:23","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99bX1jrodwy","Kate Bennett","Honest answer there have always been factions of nationalism, enoch Powell, Oswald Mosley however for the most part people have had some common sense however since brexit and the rise of nationalism those who's lives have not yet been embittered with failures they like to blame on immigration have swung the opposite way, they dont want a glorifying of people like this so have decided to tumble it.","1","","2020-06-07 16:40:14","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99bXEfpZb97","Majestic Camels","Cure bordem","1","","2020-06-07 16:42:00","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99bXMUcdYcn","Majestic Camels","@Salma Abdullah like the police cover up of the grooming gangs you mean? Where was the protests then.","5","","2020-06-07 16:43:04","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99bXgJR9qEp","xopha","@Kate Bennett well said","2","","2020-06-07 16:45:54","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99bZ0TFs9qv","stellario82","@Tee As to the Covid-19 is no one fault. All the rest is nonsense unless you have data. The point is clearly anarchy. These idiots have been attending classes of gender and cultural studies, or, even worse,  critical witness and critical theory.","2","","2020-06-07 16:57:32","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99bZt6ZxJSi","Tee","stellario82 people are literally dead at the hands of police.... how is that not valid evidence? In addition, there is proof that in curriculums, the racist past of the uk has been ignored in favour of things that make us look better. Because it hasn’t been taught. By saying there is no proof you are proving my point 😂 the the uk has had injustices covered up by those in power. And wow imagine educating yourself on societal issues and talking to experts in the field... what horrible people they must be 😂😂","2","","2020-06-07 17:05:08","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99brQD-xItc","S","@Tee Come at me. I have truth on my side. You can't win. I'll slam you with stats till your pathetic narrative falls to pieces.","0","","2020-06-07 19:47:04","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99brXWo5SAK","Bonehill","to prove how many arses in the country","3","","2020-06-07 19:48:04","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99bs7xTLtyG","Alan S Binnie","@Salma Abdullah Really, have you examples ?","0","","2020-06-07 19:53:19","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99bsEv2kzHt","Alan S Binnie","@Tee Another cogent argument.","1","","2020-06-07 19:54:16","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99bshWO83Yu","Salma Abdullah","@Ja Y no thats bot tge point of the protests wow","0","","2020-06-07 19:58:19","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99bssBa9OhO","Salma Abdullah","@Majestic Camels yes but if your so passionate about that why don't you gather people to protest that? Are ypu annoyed that people arent protesting something you care about while you do nothing?","0","","2020-06-07 19:59:46","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99bssSMtQba","Tee","S Wow, how violent. I’m shocked! I thought being peaceful was the only way to get the truth out there! How about the people who have LITERALLY died at the hands of the police? How about the fact that atrocities such as the way that Churchill talked about people of colour are left out of our teaching about him? We in the uk ignore the bad and focus on the good. It’s just how it is... and all we’re saying is that it’s time it changed. And if you have stats, I’d love to be proved wrong.. I’d love to hear about how inclusive the uk is!! That would be lovely. However, they don’t exist. 
If you’re more pissed off about a slave trader statue being taken down than people being murdered maybe check your priorities.","0","","2020-06-07 19:59:48","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99bsxJpsBpo","Salma Abdullah","@Alan S Binnie of what?","0","","2020-06-07 20:00:28","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99buRyZ2afj","Tee","Alan S Binnie if I can be more clear on an issue please do tell me. If I’ve said something without merit - go ahead and prove me wrong! If there are multiple clear examples of complete clarity about the lack of institutional racism from those who are higher up I would die to see them! It’s not a situation where I necessarily want to be right. I want to be wrong. I want there to be no racism in the uk. However, time has proven this to be untrue. BAME people have come forward and their voices have been suppressed by vitriol - once again.","0","","2020-06-07 20:13:32","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99bwzwpjKW8","Lloyd Gittens","BLM. worldwide .","0","","2020-06-07 20:35:47","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99bx7fZMrS5","Lloyd Gittens","@geoffdundee what society? There is no society. Maggie thatcher said that. Was she an anarchist then? You hypocrites.","1","","2020-06-07 20:36:58","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99bxGkrxSK5","Lloyd Gittens","@geoffdundee what's his murder got to do with the MURDERING CRIMINAL COP?","0","","2020-06-07 20:38:13","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99bxMYguqvS","Lloyd Gittens","@Tee shut up about covid19...a different issue now sit your white ass down.","0","","2020-06-07 20:39:00","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99bxQ7-qeTp","Lloyd Gittens","@El sole yawn...please stfu.","0","","2020-06-07 20:39:29","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99bxX8hke6f","Lloyd Gittens","@Ja Y they do actually.. BLM is now a global movement. Wake up. Stop writing bs. Go do research.","0","","2020-06-07 20:40:27","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99bxb2v1e0m","Lloyd Gittens","@Kate Bennett correct","0","","2020-06-07 20:41:07","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99bxkYvtmEA","Lloyd Gittens","@stellario82 shut up fool. Racism is a black issue. You concentrate on your Brexit bs. Stay out of black issues. Unless of course your a racist? Lol","0","","2020-06-07 20:42:25","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99bxuTISaEj","Lloyd Gittens","@Tee churchill was a racist too...his statues should all be pulled down.","1","","2020-06-07 20:43:46","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99byQBWrX7T","Tee","Lloyd Gittens I mean I agree 😂 replace statues of racists with memorials of the people killed fighting. Replace his statues with the soldiers that our country is trying to defend.","1","","2020-06-07 20:48:14","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99c-JorSaOU","Ja Y","@Lloyd Gittens No, BLM is not a global movement.  It is corporate sponsored.  Thus, it's not genuine.

Most of the protesters don't want to live in black governed countries.  Most of them don't want to create powerful institutions that can help minorities.  They find getting emotional and walking around cathartic which in the long run is pointless.","0","","2020-06-07 21:04:51","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99c03vXN5ir","Nograviti2","Equality, plain and simple.  That black folk have the same life chances as whites.

That black people arent subject to a higher chance of arrest in the UK, are not incarcerated at a greater percentage of their population than whites.  

That black children get the same opportunities thru education as white children.  Currently British Nigerian children get better academic results than white children but somehow still end up less employable.  

That healthcare outcomes for blacks are the same as whites.  As Corvid19 showed despite having the same ailment as a white person you are more likely to die.

There you have an answer.  Now join the BLM movement or just sod off..","3","","2020-06-07 21:11:25","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99c27b7k018","chris steele","@Salma Abdullah there is more white cover ups than black","0","","2020-06-07 21:29:23","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99c6nzFKaAz","Galen Tyrol","@chris steele can you show me the source of your statistics and define that a bit more, because that's quite a sweeping statement","1","","2020-06-07 22:10:16","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99c7l5TQlw4","Salma Abdullah","@chris steele yes because they're are more white people than black, is disproportionate really hard to understand","1","","2020-06-07 22:18:37","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99cFWFwLh0h","flaring phoenix","It is about sending a message!","0","","2020-06-07 23:26:21","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99dJG8ATiT3","stellario82","@Tee So let me get this straight: you have no data, and the fact that I cannot see any evidence should back up your point?! This is tantamount to say, what I say is true because is true, and if you disagree you're part of the problem. Very democratic indeed.","0","","2020-06-08 09:18:20","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99dTr0_If5l","Tee","Lloyd Gittens I’m happy to leave things out, but a lot of my mates who were protesting were protesting also because this was an example of racism in the UK today. the fact that BAME deaths and the irregular impact covid has on the group has been misrepresented and this has not been fully explored by the government- thus showing the inequality and bias in medicine in the UK. If I’m wrong I’m happy to be corrected!","0","","2020-06-08 10:50:54","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99dV2BiQTHX","Tee","stellario82 now what would you like data on exactly? My point was, a lot of British incidents of black history are covered over and forgotten - therefore if you can’t see it, you’ve proven the point. Now, you’ve suggested that my calling out of racist behaviour is as bad as police brutality and the glorification of slave traders- which I surmised from the use of tantamount- I am honestly shocked. I’m guessing you did this because ‘oh well she’s trying to hide something too! She’s trying to cover up voices too!’ However the main difference here is by me standing up to you and other forms of ignorance no one is harmed. No one is harmed by saying Black Lives Matter because they do. If you feel threatened by the rhetoric of the movement you are most likely either racist or have had white supremacy imbedded in you from a young age and see black people being equal as somehow threatening.","0","","2020-06-08 11:01:18","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99dg42_FIH-","stellario82","@Tee Do you have any proof to back your statement? My understanding was that BAME deaths were due to their being more exposed and poorer, not because of discrimination.","0","","2020-06-08 12:46:24","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99dhEw9hBTD","stellario82","@Tee Let's keep it simple. In the past slavery was the norm. Almost all societies were based on it, from the Greeks to Arabs, to the Europeans. In the past, there were no civil rights either. Not that I like it, but it was the norm: history is complex, very complex, not a fairy tale.
Also, morals are relative to time: the ancient used to perform human sacrifices but we do no tear down the Incas' temples because of that. That's idiotic. 
Colston believed that certain races were inferior, and he used his trades to benefit his fellow citizens. Is he a benefactor or a slave trader? Unfortunately, he is both, like many historical figures who defended certain rights and denied others. They built the modern world and shaped its morals, amongst which there is liberty and equality. You cannot accommodate history to your demands. Sorry.
If you ask me what I think, I would say openly that I do not stand by slave traders. But I will also immediately add that I cannot judge the past by presentday standards. 
Finally, I reckon that your calling anyone who disagrees with you either racist or bigoted or whatever else, does not help to discuss the issue. Neither it helps to bring consensus to the cause: if you expect me to learn about black communities and their experiencing of racism (which I believe exists and can be confronted) but, at the same time, you deny me any comprehension of it, on the basis of the colour of my skin and my history, then the one who is openly advocating racism is you, not me.","1","","2020-06-08 12:56:38","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99di-gaWAVP","geoffdundee","@Tee .....greorge was no angel....had you searched google you would know that floyd was also a porn star besides his drug dealing and other criminal activities like home - floyd the landlord","0","","2020-06-08 13:03:17","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99diH9m-69h","geoffdundee","@Lloyd Gittens ......the cop knew him  well ....probably done what he done as george was due him a cut of drug money or pimp money or similar and floyd hadnt paid.","1","","2020-06-08 13:05:41","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99diiSmcc_D","geoffdundee","@Nograviti2 ........blacks were more likely to die with covid as its a vit D issue not them being given less health care.......blacks also get same education as whites......where i live classrooms of 30 kids have about 7 whites in them so thats 23 blk and asians making up the rest.........sounds more like white replacement to me - prove me wrong","0","","2020-06-08 13:09:32","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99dmAuO7eGy","Tee","geoffdundee still didn’t deserve to die.","2","","2020-06-08 13:39:46","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99dmjMnRXHm","geoffdundee","@Tee ...didnt die due to his skin colour though","0","","2020-06-08 13:44:37","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99fUjFq12TR","lee van cleef","@Salma Abdullah try being born white here in Joburg ...","0","","2020-06-09 05:37:03","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99gOCL_2Spg","Salma Abdullah","@geoffdundee you realise how silly ypur statement aounds. You think ypur class represents the whole country","0","","2020-06-09 13:59:14","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99gOKAbvCOk","Salma Abdullah","No ones stopping them from protesting, ill support it. But love how thats relevant to a conversation here where we live","0","","2020-06-09 14:00:18","false",""
"UgzJwZshCynnV2vePEV4AaABAg.99bPORXI-fk99gOOvh_391","Salma Abdullah","@stellario82 it is exposed to the poor its wikd id tou dont see how that connects to race","0","","2020-06-09 14:00:57","false",""
"UgzJ1ICptjEDgPlHq214AaABAg","Victualler","Thanks evening standard your Britain is becoming just like you want","1","0","2020-06-07 15:34:08","true",""
"UgyVi5e9ft030GrNrOR4AaABAg","tvlicensingblog","I wonder if they took their shoes off and started slapping the statue about the face?","0","0","2020-06-07 15:34:09","true",""
"UgyySVPE1ZvFYoTsLWp4AaABAg","Dave Bull","The police seem to be scared of demonstrators... but these are not demonstrators they are vandals (and not 2M apart) why different rules??","15","2","2020-06-07 15:34:17","true",""
"UgyySVPE1ZvFYoTsLWp4AaABAg.99bPUdvL3sl99bSzZvKo8V","The EdBaron","You can't even bounce a truncheon off their numb skulls anymore, health and safety.","1","","2020-06-07 16:04:51","false",""
"UgyySVPE1ZvFYoTsLWp4AaABAg.99bPUdvL3sl99bVNd6cmby","Ja Y","The Police aren't scared but they don't want bad press.","0","","2020-06-07 16:25:45","false",""
"Ugzqt158bHy8Rl3rCNt4AaABAg","Playstationfan View","Go back to college know. Trump should go know he started this mess","0","1","2020-06-07 15:35:45","true",""
"Ugzqt158bHy8Rl3rCNt4AaABAg.99bPeOkL4dM99bPusxSe0d","Brad Craig","trump didn't start this...","0","","2020-06-07 15:38:00","false",""
"UgyYyPncT5lbFa1Sr5R4AaABAg","Muhammet Ali Avcı","Herkes adaletini kendi yaratsın. Dünya artık böyle bir yer.","0","0","2020-06-07 15:36:07","true",""
"Ugzw6UbYVWe8yQ2WzjZ4AaABAg","Andrea c","Knocking down statues of famous people from the past just because they were racists or slavers doesn't make sense.  This is an insult has a man who given so much to the city of Bristol, we must not judge the actions of the past with our mentality !!  Slavery was normal in every culture!","5","5","2020-06-07 15:36:09","true",""
"Ugzw6UbYVWe8yQ2WzjZ4AaABAg.99bPhMxiwif99bQmb0Qh28","Pack Mentality Media","It was not normal. It was always seen as abhorrent to a lot of people. That's why they fought a war over it.","0","","2020-06-07 15:45:36","false",""
"Ugzw6UbYVWe8yQ2WzjZ4AaABAg.99bPhMxiwif99bQukZsOOE","TheEndIsHere FinalWarning","So are you saying that what he did should be celebrated and is right??","0","","2020-06-07 15:46:43","false",""
"Ugzw6UbYVWe8yQ2WzjZ4AaABAg.99bPhMxiwif99bRFeVGn0W","Tee","Is it still normal?.? Why should a modern city celebrate a man who did something we now recognise as abhorrent?","0","","2020-06-07 15:49:42","false",""
"Ugzw6UbYVWe8yQ2WzjZ4AaABAg.99bPhMxiwif99bRMdEqQvG","Com Bat","What a interesting way to evaluate and justify racism and cruelty.","0","","2020-06-07 15:50:39","false",""
"Ugzw6UbYVWe8yQ2WzjZ4AaABAg.99bPhMxiwif99bRsgYGNv9","Andrea c","slavery was normal and is still normal in many tribes in Africa, the Arabs have already taken black slaves since the 800s even before the whites as you say!  you should stop labeling people as white, black etc. The story does not change, let's take a trivial example, Julius Caesar had slaves but this does not mean that we have to knock down the statues of Julius Caesar!  it does not make sense.  The only right action is to prevent new statues of people linked to slavery from being created, we must not tear down those already created this is racism and intolerance!","0","","2020-06-07 15:55:10","false",""
"UgzqkWmF7MB7RWljbRl4AaABAg","Halil G","The enemies of the nation are close to the day we will answer you. When All the Nationalists in the World Stand Up. ✊🏻","1","5","2020-06-07 15:36:19","true",""
"UgzqkWmF7MB7RWljbRl4AaABAg.99bPiclPvBt99bQBU-HdGj","Abrasive Monkey","You are posing cringe my friend xD","1","","2020-06-07 15:40:24","false",""
"UgzqkWmF7MB7RWljbRl4AaABAg.99bPiclPvBt99bQWgSEROe","WOWITSUREISHOTINHERE","H G  grow up","1","","2020-06-07 15:43:17","false",""
"UgzqkWmF7MB7RWljbRl4AaABAg.99bPiclPvBt99cGWunbhzt","Halil G","@TheEndIsHere FinalWarning Millions of Nationalists will give you the necessary punishment :)","0","","2020-06-07 23:35:11","false",""
"UgzqkWmF7MB7RWljbRl4AaABAg.99bPiclPvBt99cLf5GJawa","TheEndIsHere FinalWarning","@Halil G dont be silly now you are not going to do a thing. Britain and America are about to collapse nothing lasts forever. Drop your foolish nationalistic pride. England belongs to all races we helped to build it. If it wasn't for overseas wealth this country would be nothing.","0","","2020-06-08 00:20:07","false",""
"UgzqkWmF7MB7RWljbRl4AaABAg.99bPiclPvBt99dVDRWEiFH","Halil G","@TheEndIsHere FinalWarning Where are you from ?","0","","2020-06-08 11:02:50","false",""
"UgwJ-DAEj31K43M0X3N4AaABAg","Liam Stappers","How are people pretending like this is a bad thing lol","0","0","2020-06-07 15:36:37","true",""
"Ugxfpi4GLnIiwqp8tLF4AaABAg","Fat Frog","This needs to be put into one of those 'most satisfying videos' on youtube","8","3","2020-06-07 15:36:39","true",""
"Ugxfpi4GLnIiwqp8tLF4AaABAg.99bPl4Oybuq99bQ0myRwwf","S","pathetic","7","","2020-06-07 15:38:56","false",""
"Ugxfpi4GLnIiwqp8tLF4AaABAg.99bPl4Oybuq99bSwtC_TSb","Shadoobie Doo","@S moron","0","","2020-06-07 16:04:29","false",""
"Ugxfpi4GLnIiwqp8tLF4AaABAg.99bPl4Oybuq99bTLkEJQbX","S","@Shadoobie Doo Yes, indeed that is exactly what you are.","0","","2020-06-07 16:08:01","false",""
"Ugyy6ZdoASGKWDj4GFp4AaABAg","These cheeses please Jesus","Islamic Slavers are doing a roaring trade selling Africans for cash this week in Libya. Isn’t that a more worthy project to pursue than yanking over some statue or other.","12","3","2020-06-07 15:37:02","true",""
"Ugyy6ZdoASGKWDj4GFp4AaABAg.99bPnteW1f399bQLO6nytk","Abrasive Monkey","How about both?","1","","2020-06-07 15:41:45","false",""
"Ugyy6ZdoASGKWDj4GFp4AaABAg.99bPnteW1f399bU3uAlF-p","Abdul Mohamud","Those people are not islam dont give islam personification call them by their culture Libyians read the Quran(book) surely you’re animus! Change the names of the hospitals in his names and eradicate praise for evil doers.","1","","2020-06-07 16:14:19","false",""
"Ugyy6ZdoASGKWDj4GFp4AaABAg.99bPnteW1f399bUOS8Qa4p","Alexander Marshall","Abdul Mohamud 

I don’t think he was intending to necessarily insult Islam. Just trying to reference other actual people committing slavery atrocities in the present rather than a piece of metal... in the shape of a man... who signed paperwork relating to slaves 200 years ago...

:/","0","","2020-06-07 16:17:07","false",""
"Ugz9SA07HAXhPcxAZLB4AaABAg","steven durrant","Lots of people very keen to continue the adulation of slavers. At least they’re not unambiguous. Probably still smarting that they can’t be public about not minding lynching.","1","1","2020-06-07 15:37:48","true",""
"Ugz9SA07HAXhPcxAZLB4AaABAg.99bPtVJGLyg99bQy1I_0TE","Stephen Glasse","Was there a statue of him cos he was a slaver or cos he did other things that were good and beneficial? Should we only remember people who have only done good things and if so how many would qualify? Do we know George Floyd was killed cos he was black? If he was what about the babies and mothers machine gunned by ISIS in a maternity unit in Afghanistan a few weeks ago? Why are we not protesting about that? Or about the lack of protests about that?","0","","2020-06-07 15:47:10","false",""
"Ugz1XvuWB9U5GbSVZzd4AaABAg","c carville","How DARE you have history white man?!","5","4","2020-06-07 15:38:56","true",""
"Ugz1XvuWB9U5GbSVZzd4AaABAg.99bQ0iCfZcl99bR7g_rB1Z","psstblue","c carville come now calm down dear, you have 11 months of White history The tinged people only have a month. And HOW DARE you build your history on backs of slaves,","2","","2020-06-07 15:48:37","false",""
"Ugz1XvuWB9U5GbSVZzd4AaABAg.99bQ0iCfZcl99bRlVknXCr","Not A Cossack","It might suprise you not every white person in history was a slaver 🤯","1","","2020-06-07 15:54:11","false",""
"Ugz1XvuWB9U5GbSVZzd4AaABAg.99bQ0iCfZcl99bS5QN7Y9O","Salma Abdullah","Ypu dint need history of a slave trader glorified like that, put it in a museum.","1","","2020-06-07 15:57:03","false",""
"Ugz1XvuWB9U5GbSVZzd4AaABAg.99bQ0iCfZcl99bV3gQLAul","c carville","@psstblue Slaves didn't build the UK, and they should be proud, it was a step up from mud huts.","0","","2020-06-07 16:23:01","false",""
"Ugx6ck7lRa9RxkS_ipx4AaABAg","Andy Capp","Well thats a much better protest than glorifying some other  violent criminal.","1","0","2020-06-07 15:39:12","true",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg","Mr Sing","Covid-19 sequel out soon. NOW CHURCHILL STATUE HAS BEEN VANDALISED.","161","47","2020-06-07 15:39:21","true",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99bQOM949Be","Alan Watkins","that will thin the scum out soon enough","18","","2020-06-07 15:42:09","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99bSZ1mYV9E","Lewis Baitup","Yeah the lack of social distancing is worrying","14","","2020-06-07 16:01:05","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99bVdtaADUy","Russell Dickson","Being that all the people with common sense have say away from all the fools. 
In about two weeks we should see the hospitals over run with them.
Strange? As I understand it this Edward Colston person set up a lot of hospitals.","11","","2020-06-07 16:28:06","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99bX0lg_6e-","Majestic Camels","@Alan Watkins hopefully it kills all these scumbags. Just feel sorry for who it passes on to.","13","","2020-06-07 16:40:06","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99bY2kTgYC5","knaricus","Very bizarre and unreal to see some people still thinks social distancing will help against contamination. What you lot will say after two weeks when there will be no peak at all? Studies show that people wil not be affected outside in Summer!","1","","2020-06-07 16:49:06","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99bYS5yWETX","Lewis Baitup","@knaricus theres a giant crowd that is bound to do something","1","","2020-06-07 16:52:34","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99bZHldzpQ8","What The Frack!","@Russell Dickson That hardly makes up for slave trading, or do you believe it does?","1","","2020-06-07 16:59:54","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99bZx1CUPD4","Max Arenstein","That’s how important this is. There will be a spike in cases for sure but it’s worth it.","1","","2020-06-07 17:05:40","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99b_kmnzkMa","COVID-19","Coronavirus 2 : Electric Boogaloo","2","","2020-06-07 17:12:44","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99bb5e8Ux8X","Spoony G","Don't count on it. If anything it'll only be natives who die if any. 
Weimar is falling.","0","","2020-06-07 17:24:27","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99bceu8Gu0J","sonny jim","Covid 20","0","","2020-06-07 17:38:09","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99bf4AccFnU","Nograviti2","@Russell Dickson Going by that logic, Hitler built autobahns and  kickstarted giants like Volkswagen, shouldnt the germans have statues of him too..?","0","","2020-06-07 17:59:12","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99bhLFynPdj","knaricus","Max Arenstein no it won’t , sjeez","0","","2020-06-07 18:19:01","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99bia00dTbO","M S","Good he was a bigger murder. Butcher of bengal. He is in hell now and will be there for etrnity.","1","","2020-06-07 18:29:54","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99bk2ra0xrB","Claire Wright","@M S And also preserved the right to voice such opinions by standing up to the Nazis and helping beat them. Ironic really!","1","","2020-06-07 18:42:43","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99bk2zrbDzz","Mr Sing","@M S with the assistance of the West and soviet's they were able to topple a guy called Hitler and save the Jewish people. In terms of the bengal famine which was again a horror historical stain on our history, it saved a massive part of Europe including the UK in regards to food and stock etc. Yes Churchill could have done more however right now if it wasn't for him a jewish brother/sister wouldn't be alive today and we would be speaking in German still following Hitlers beliefs.","0","","2020-06-07 18:42:44","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99bkBPkeAJZ","Claire Wright","@knaricus If Trump said this sort of thing it would get widely mocked, but hey ho!","0","","2020-06-07 18:43:53","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99bmGCt4hbq","knaricus","Claire Wright well Trump is a moron and I detest his ideology, but I think he did a very good job to not take everything the WHO says for granted. The hydroxychloroquine and zinc option combined with 1gram of vitamine C a day wil prevent contamination. The fact that Trump has recommend this and thus this info went viral was a good thing. Again social distancing does not work and is not necessary outdoors and the aftermath of this so called pandemic is far more worse than the virus itself. I’m again astonished that there is so little knowledge and common sense by people.","0","","2020-06-07 19:02:01","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99bmQ0ZF6H4","M S","@Claire Wright nazi were not entirely racist.
There were good and bad.
Read about chandra bose.
If hitler was such a racist then why would he be friends with and indian and let him marry a white german woman with his blessing at the heiht of the ethnic cleansings?","0","","2020-06-07 19:03:21","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99bnxp-WJto","Samuel Aviles","Please do.","0","","2020-06-07 19:16:51","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99bqua8RDra","Peter Lee","Bunch of thick uneducated vandals who would not understand peace if it bit them in the butt.","6","","2020-06-07 19:42:37","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99bsakWLDxs","GARYPUSSY","@M S doesn't  make any sense.","2","","2020-06-07 19:57:23","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99buB5B2z0L","Alex Thomas","Mr Singer the statue isn’t Churchill","0","","2020-06-07 20:11:13","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99c0SByl5Is","Lloyd Gittens","Great churchill was a racist too","1","","2020-06-07 21:14:43","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99c4FUrvpQl","Mr Sing","@Alex Thomas I know I updated the comment that Churchill statue had been vadalised aswell. Sorry should have said.","0","","2020-06-07 21:47:57","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99c9Oh2ZccB","Mr Frisky","@What The Frack! Well if we are taking down statues now can we take down the Nelson Mandela statues as he was a terrorist??
Come on who's with me??","5","","2020-06-07 22:32:53","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99cEVHIYN8C","Visio","Lewis Baitup what about all the white people are couple of weeks ago that filled up all the uk beaches like sardines with no social distancing","1","","2020-06-07 23:17:29","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99cEktweq3J","Mr Frisky","@Visio Bit racist kid - did you not see how many Asians there were as well??","0","","2020-06-07 23:19:45","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99cErUSNa_7","evie","I-","0","","2020-06-07 23:20:39","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99d6JNIxEt4","Azerty","@Lewis Baitup What's worrying is simple-minded people like you still being scared of that nothingburger.","0","","2020-06-08 07:25:11","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99dGyDXDRp_","Laura Chatain","@Lewis Baitup These people should not be entitle to treatment if they catch c-19. they are idiot and anarchic. The economy of this country and the world is collapsing and their main concern is to tear down an unharmful statue","1","","2020-06-08 08:58:17","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99dTn6Q3p8e","Lewis Baitup","@Visio they are also scumbags","1","","2020-06-08 10:50:22","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99dTqSd8cu-","Lewis Baitup","@Azerty you a flatearther?","0","","2020-06-08 10:50:49","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99dTvko6HTR","Lewis Baitup","@Laura Chatain well we should still treat them so they don't spread it","1","","2020-06-08 10:51:33","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99e2sP9zU6W","Ross Taylor","The police chief has defended not intervening whilst this statue was pulled down. What is it the police actually get paid for? The need to be fired as they are not fit for purpose. They have as good as turned their backs on wanton vandalism. Pathetic.","1","","2020-06-08 16:14:24","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99e3DjQlbWJ","Ross Taylor","@What The Frack! whatever is done to a monument, it doesn't change history. People need to ensure its not repeated. Thuggery and vandalism is not the answer.","1","","2020-06-08 16:17:27","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99e92voZWw7","Cris Raven","All these idiots are just going to bring another Covid19 virus outbreak  there screaming like little kids in a sweet shop","2","","2020-06-08 17:08:24","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99eUGAXCRPB","J J","@Lewis Baitup hopefully it kills em off","2","","2020-06-08 20:13:42","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99f7KAs8tX8","Galen Tyrol","@knaricus studies dont show that at all about the virus, unless you believe Trump. Studies show that the sun kills it with time, so if it lands on a surface, the sun will kill it with time, it doesn't have time if your right next to each other. all situations where the virus exists need you to keep a distance.","0","","2020-06-09 02:12:31","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99fnIRVhmEY","I c a unhealthy agenda","He sold this country & it's own people into slavery over oil back in the day slimy trash! Yeah what people dont know about dont harm them until it's to late & people finally start to wake up😴😴😴😴😴🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑😲","0","","2020-06-09 08:28:01","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99fnwb9tE2v","I c a unhealthy agenda","@Laura Chatain so are you ok with what HE did himself to actual living breathing people?","0","","2020-06-09 08:33:39","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99g7bVEoZJW","knaricus","Galen Tyrol  yet it does, there are lot of studies and experts who say the opposite. As it a new virus there are a lot of angles to treat this virus. The knowledge we have now is ofc different that we have before. We can discuss this long enough but just wait will happen after the incubation time here. Give it 2 weeks and we can see the results of mass gatherings as in Bristol Berlin and Amsterdam. If there isnt a peak are you brave enough to say social distancing is something that will do more harm rather than good??","0","","2020-06-09 11:34:16","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99gFfTqrKPz","Galen Tyrol","@knaricus tell that to sunny Brazil. Please provide the peer reviewed academic paper, on this new virus that you are talking about that loses the ability to spread as long as you are outside and it's sunny.","0","","2020-06-09 12:44:43","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99gH0ETBrZB","Galen Tyrol","@knaricus if people are close to each other, even outdoors for long periods of time the risk is high. The virus travels through the air from people breathing, talking, coughing, sneezing. Outdoors is obviously safer than indoors, when the same number of infected people exist in local environment. However sunlight is only going to kill viruses on surfaces, not in the droplets people expel as they breath, talk, cough, sneeze, etc. If you are close enough to be sprayed, you are close enough to catch it. Sunlight isn't going to save you.","0","","2020-06-09 12:56:25","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99jLhFaHynG","Mister Nobody","@M S Yes they were. If people like Churchill didn't stand up to them he would have eventually killed anyone who wasn't white European. He also used the Russians and then turned on them. He wanted to completely wipe out slavs.","0","","2020-06-10 17:35:06","false",""
"UgwMM5aB_Zd6MWDZIXh4AaABAg.99bQ3qRHhVq99qn5e64lco","I Bi","Churchill was a fat racist","1","","2020-06-13 14:57:55","false",""
"UgzSDNfXqqK3bgLtoAR4AaABAg","This is England","It was inevitable that something like this was going to happen as increasing multiculturalism takes over Britain's populations and this could only be the start with much worse too come. Who thinks that multiculturalism is a good thing now and multiculturalism will never be a good thing.","12","10","2020-06-07 15:39:28","true",""
"UgzSDNfXqqK3bgLtoAR4AaABAg.99bQ4bFe_jn99bQyhb-lRb","James Hazzard","Well said","1","","2020-06-07 15:47:15","false",""
"UgzSDNfXqqK3bgLtoAR4AaABAg.99bQ4bFe_jn99bRPC0krvL","Muhammad Yahya","Everything about you is racist","1","","2020-06-07 15:51:00","false",""
"UgzSDNfXqqK3bgLtoAR4AaABAg.99bQ4bFe_jn99bRZMkJK5x","Raven Capassisit","Okay fascist","1","","2020-06-07 15:52:24","false",""
"UgzSDNfXqqK3bgLtoAR4AaABAg.99bQ4bFe_jn99bRpJWb0Q9","Ed Kahler","We in trouble. They will say we owe them  cos they were in empire!","1","","2020-06-07 15:54:43","false",""
"UgzSDNfXqqK3bgLtoAR4AaABAg.99bQ4bFe_jn99bRshLYUU-","Humza Ahmad","Don't cry over a slave trader and murderer. Fascist.","1","","2020-06-07 15:55:10","false",""
"UgzSDNfXqqK3bgLtoAR4AaABAg.99bQ4bFe_jn99bSLGbRVrf","Ross Gilmore","You wont be saying that when you get covid or anything else and end up having you life saved by one of the thousands of multi-cultured staff of the NHS.","0","","2020-06-07 15:59:12","false",""
"UgzSDNfXqqK3bgLtoAR4AaABAg.99bQ4bFe_jn99beWl94eZ9","Steve Whitecliffs","@Muhammad Yahya Child grooming report? any thoughts","0","","2020-06-07 17:54:22","false",""
"UgzSDNfXqqK3bgLtoAR4AaABAg.99bQ4bFe_jn99bgx27aort","Chant P","I’m sure people were happy in their homelands before they were brought to various British empires via slavery. You have your forefathers to thanks for multiculturalism.","2","","2020-06-07 18:15:34","false",""
"UgzSDNfXqqK3bgLtoAR4AaABAg.99bQ4bFe_jn99biOE5URRF","Steve Whitecliffs","@Chant P What do you actually want then? Im not happy what the Romans did and where is the PRESENT DAY CHILD GROOMING REPORT??????","1","","2020-06-07 18:28:10","false",""
"UgzSDNfXqqK3bgLtoAR4AaABAg.99bQ4bFe_jn99brrWVJUPY","Steve Whitecliffs","@Humza Ahmad CHILD GROOMING REPORT..Thousands of white  girls.","0","","2020-06-07 19:50:56","false",""
"UgxNm0l6klA5KLXKxVl4AaABAg","Claire Wright","Im from the UK and our island has been invaded many times by the Romans, the Vikings, the Saxons and the Normans.  These groups conquered our island, killed people, took them as slaves and generally oppressed them. We still have many landmarks and buildings standing. 

First, this shows that white people were also affected by invading for the the sake od greed and prestige, second, should I advocate the tearing down of Hadrians wall, the towns named by thw Vikings to be renamed and destroy the many castles built by other conquering forces?","13","23","2020-06-07 15:39:39","true",""
"UgxNm0l6klA5KLXKxVl4AaABAg.99bQ62Hhv-h99bRmhxdZaQ","Nerift","sorry how long ago in history was this???? the trans Atlantic slave trade was just a few generations ago some people grandparents were slaves","0","","2020-06-07 15:54:21","false",""
"UgxNm0l6klA5KLXKxVl4AaABAg.99bQ62Hhv-h99bRsRUfOeo","TheEndIsHere FinalWarning","The whites of that day plus other tribes exercised thier right to fight back against their oppressors and call out the injustice. Rome had many strong enemies that fought back. Be balanced when you talk about history......","0","","2020-06-07 15:55:08","false",""
"UgxNm0l6klA5KLXKxVl4AaABAg.99bQ62Hhv-h99bS-gALkXR","Sinjin Smyth","You need to get a black man like many of your white sistas have. Then u won't be saying dis tings","0","","2020-06-07 15:56:16","false",""
"UgxNm0l6klA5KLXKxVl4AaABAg.99bQ62Hhv-h99bSFyDAKTG","The Mighty Dash","And not to mention the thousands of inncent  cornish villagers and welsh villages kidnapped by African slave owners and that happpened 200 YEARS AFTER THIS GUY DIED.","2","","2020-06-07 15:58:29","false",""
"UgxNm0l6klA5KLXKxVl4AaABAg.99bQ62Hhv-h99bSI7ovFvg","Claire Wright","@TheEndIsHere FinalWarning And yet the Romans ruled the known world for many centuries including the UK.","0","","2020-06-07 15:58:47","false",""
"UgxNm0l6klA5KLXKxVl4AaABAg.99bQ62Hhv-h99bSLlp4jJC","Paul Woodhead","Once again we will repel the invaders. Mass repatriation incoming!!!!!","1","","2020-06-07 15:59:17","false",""
"UgxNm0l6klA5KLXKxVl4AaABAg.99bQ62Hhv-h99bST-0E-6E","More Please","English people have torn down statues that represented things they found offensive many times. 

There's been several wholesale iconoclasms, some in the last few hundred years. 

Tearing down a single statue of a slaver? Meh, I couldn't care less.","0","","2020-06-07 16:00:16","false",""
"UgxNm0l6klA5KLXKxVl4AaABAg.99bQ62Hhv-h99bSc8YOjbZ","Claire Wright","@Sinjin Smyth You clearly don't appreciate a history lesson. Whites have also been enslaved as well as Blacks. Slavery has not been confined to just one race.","0","","2020-06-07 16:01:39","false",""
"UgxNm0l6klA5KLXKxVl4AaABAg.99bQ62Hhv-h99bT-Meuc_v","Claire Wright","@Nerift It still happened and shows that slavery has not been confined to one group of people.  We still have have those monuments today from our conquerors and oppressors. Should they be destroyed, yes or no?","0","","2020-06-07 16:04:57","false",""
"UgxNm0l6klA5KLXKxVl4AaABAg.99bQ62Hhv-h99bU8Wp91rK","Kate Bennett","Actually Vikings although they had carried out raids for the most part settled as farmers mixing with the locals so not entirely the same as shipping people like sacks of spuds and treating them as sub human hundreds of years later.","0","","2020-06-07 16:14:57","false",""
"UgxNm0l6klA5KLXKxVl4AaABAg.99bQ62Hhv-h99bURXAkmfC","Claire Wright","@Kate Bennett They still murdered, took over land and sent some people away as slaves.","0","","2020-06-07 16:17:32","false",""
"UgxNm0l6klA5KLXKxVl4AaABAg.99bQ62Hhv-h99bUZfKvzuw","More Please","@Paul Woodhead Oh do shut up. Bloody hysterical tit.","0","","2020-06-07 16:18:39","false",""
"UgxNm0l6klA5KLXKxVl4AaABAg.99bQ62Hhv-h99b_faTIxoe","Kate Bennett","@Claire, so am I to understand as its happened to us it's ok to do it to someone else? Truth is we do not know what they did, people treat those differently as things. Problem is although slavery is outlawed there are repercussions.","0","","2020-06-07 17:12:01","false",""
"UgxNm0l6klA5KLXKxVl4AaABAg.99bQ62Hhv-h99bbXaetuld","Claire Wright","@Kate Bennett Quite the opposite, any enslavement is wrong. Im pointing out that they were as bad as  each other.  Also that my white ancestors were treated so badly it shows it didn't just happen to one  particular race","0","","2020-06-07 17:28:16","false",""
"UgxNm0l6klA5KLXKxVl4AaABAg.99bQ62Hhv-h99bcKgcnTrC","Kate Bennett","Then from my Viking ancestors I apologise for yours, for them the repercussions are still going on, the irish also were treated like rubbish aswell, immigration happens to cities first, dirty and poverty stricken but most got out. If you have companies refusing black employees like the Bristol Bus company once did how do those people get out?","0","","2020-06-07 17:35:15","false",""
"UgxNm0l6klA5KLXKxVl4AaABAg.99bQ62Hhv-h99bghUenoIP","Claire Wright","@Kate Bennett You don't need to apologise for what your ancestors did, as it was nothing of your doing in the same way that I shouldn't now feel responsible for the terrible actions of mine when I wasn't involved.","0","","2020-06-07 18:13:27","false",""
"UgxNm0l6klA5KLXKxVl4AaABAg.99bQ62Hhv-h99bhhg_WmPn","Kate Bennett","No but it's about change not punishment, we all benefited but you know somewhere was written that the biggest crime is treated other living beings as objects. We still do, as a statistic. We all deserve to be treated well, and we all make mistakes but we can fix it.","0","","2020-06-07 18:22:13","false",""
"UgxNm0l6klA5KLXKxVl4AaABAg.99bQ62Hhv-h99cE8Bq5UX_","TheEndIsHere FinalWarning","@Claire Wright my goodness have you read history? There were territories the Romans could not conquer and leaders they were afraid of. Rome eventually fell to the Germanic tribes. The people have a right to resist","0","","2020-06-07 23:14:20","false",""
"UgxNm0l6klA5KLXKxVl4AaABAg.99bQ62Hhv-h99cF6wfpzNR","TheEndIsHere FinalWarning","@Kate Bennett the irish have been treated terribly and yet they have remained the most silent.","0","","2020-06-07 23:22:54","false",""
"UgxNm0l6klA5KLXKxVl4AaABAg.99bQ62Hhv-h99cH0fpwpoe","Kate Bennett","@the end is near, I assume you mean the ones who settled, I can see where your coming from however theres still I think a certain distancing from places with heavier irish migration from the rest of the country.","0","","2020-06-07 23:39:31","false",""
"UgxNm0l6klA5KLXKxVl4AaABAg.99bQ62Hhv-h99cLJ0kwlzz","TheEndIsHere FinalWarning","@Kate Bennett yes the one who settled. My neighbours are Irish lovely people. Seem very forgiving. I've worked with Irish guys they dont talk about the history. I did hear Conor McGregor talk about it briefly.","0","","2020-06-08 00:16:58","false",""
"UgxNm0l6klA5KLXKxVl4AaABAg.99bQ62Hhv-h99d4e4oGrI6","Claire Wright","@TheEndIsHere FinalWarning What's this got to do with being conquered and enslaved which is what the Vikings, Romans, Saxons and Normans did in the UK, but I'm not going to put guilt on those groups of people in the present for what there ancestors did in the past. In the same way I won't be guilty for the terrible actions of my ancestors and nor should any White Americans?
I'm not going to demand reparations from Scandinavian countries. Italy, Germany or France for what they did to the natives in the UK.","0","","2020-06-08 07:10:41","false",""
"UgxNm0l6klA5KLXKxVl4AaABAg.99bQ62Hhv-h99dK-TN5OZ_","Kate Bennett","Because it's still happening, the 13th amendment has a loophole that didnt include people put in prison. America has 5% of the worlds population but 25% of the incarceration rate and disproportionately black and latino. Even for minor offences you can do 3 years with no trial unless you can pay bail. This is facilitated by a private organisation called Alec, which writes legislation predominantly for Republicans who then write the name of the state and submit to government. They use it as slave labour and you lose your right to vote if you have been in prison. Young kids are killed in this decade because of a law in Florida which says if you feel threatened you can shoot to kill, a young unarmed black Male was killed by a grown man because he looked ""dodgy"" and didn't get prosecuted. 
For people who wonder why this has anything to do with the UK, how can we condemn China over Hong Kong but say nothing when one of our allies are actively treating their own the same.","0","","2020-06-08 09:24:48","false",""
"Ugx2rMEKKCMYoBx4JRV4AaABAg","Tommy Steele","A generation of left wing animals with absolutely no respect. In a time when we should be remembering those who paid the ultimate price during the D Day Landings, instead we get to watch this sort of sub human activity on our city streets. Sadly, it's starting to look like it was all for nothing. Makes me very sad.","13","3","2020-06-07 15:39:45","true",""
"Ugx2rMEKKCMYoBx4JRV4AaABAg.99bQ6imF9US99bR6WMjQED","wawa326bc","What you wrote makes no sense...ehat better wqy to honor the fallen for freedom than to recognize the history of a man enslavin 85k ppl","0","","2020-06-07 15:48:27","false",""
"Ugx2rMEKKCMYoBx4JRV4AaABAg.99bQ6imF9US99bRFMRZrIn","JGW 97","I wish the Police were as bad as they are made out.","0","","2020-06-07 15:49:40","false",""
"Ugx2rMEKKCMYoBx4JRV4AaABAg.99bQ6imF9US99bRoFGUkdS","MrVidification","Given no one was stopping them, this seems to have had full approval of the council and local police","0","","2020-06-07 15:54:34","false",""
"UgwDpRrDHsvZCrV-ynV4AaABAg","Martyn Tully","Bunch of idiots these people seriously, the sooner there's a civil war the better rinse these crazy out","0","0","2020-06-07 15:40:31","true",""
"UgxTTSVP7HwXxOyDD394AaABAg","Andy Capp","The disgusting BBC are pushing their propaganda again!","3","0","2020-06-07 15:40:46","true",""
"Ugynft7bP-ra-Zr1lTZ4AaABAg","Cyberduck","Where are police? Anti-white racism","1","0","2020-06-07 15:40:48","true",""
"UgzK8X7Z1eAUs3I5pd94AaABAg","Dean B","History serves as a reminder of what happened in the past and how we should not make the mistakes of those before us. This statue serves as a reminder of the mistakes of the past destroying it will allow those mistakes over time to be forgotten.","0","0","2020-06-07 15:40:49","true",""
"UgxMzzaDA79f7KuovHp4AaABAg","c carville","They are already defacing WW2 memorials.  If they hate us and our history so much, flights and ferries leave daily.","13","6","2020-06-07 15:40:51","true",""
"UgxMzzaDA79f7KuovHp4AaABAg.99bQEr75V8H99bR7CBO0ES","James Hazzard","They would lose their dole, housing benefit etc","2","","2020-06-07 15:48:33","false",""
"UgxMzzaDA79f7KuovHp4AaABAg.99bQEr75V8H99bRO_l9JLR","SoAExile","I dont agree with defacing and vandalising history, no doubt this is left wing extremism. However we need to understand that we created a problem in alot of the countries that this people are from. Look at this slave trader for example Edward Colston, he build his livelihood on the backs and blood of human beimgs that were deemed less worty, why should that be praised or defendes?","0","","2020-06-07 15:50:55","false",""
"UgxMzzaDA79f7KuovHp4AaABAg.99bQEr75V8H99bRQ9GhGAn","Raven Capassisit","It's literally a statue of a slave trader man, calm you and your fash sympathizing anger down mate","0","","2020-06-07 15:51:08","false",""
"UgxMzzaDA79f7KuovHp4AaABAg.99bQEr75V8H99bRxZZCUUM","Nasrin Sultana","this country was made out of their blood, sweat and tears. If anything they have more right to the country than any of you. And as for your 'flights and ferries', there would of been no need for them were they not taken from their land and used to build your country.  So what, now that your country prospers because of their ancestors hard work and misery, you suddenly want rid of them because you have taken from them what you needed and now that you see no use of them its ok to discard and demean them? And its not your history only, its THEIRS. They are the ones that have suffered by your ancestors for simply being black and you don't get to take away their right to feel anger. The aftereffects of slavery and racism they still feel today. If anything the slave trader's statue should of been long gone, slavery is not something to be praised. Its dehumanising.","0","","2020-06-07 15:55:50","false",""
"UgxMzzaDA79f7KuovHp4AaABAg.99bQEr75V8H99bUPCLKp4t","c carville","@Nasrin Sultana Slaves didn't build the UK.  See, already rewriting history.","0","","2020-06-07 16:17:13","false",""
"UgxMzzaDA79f7KuovHp4AaABAg.99bQEr75V8H99bVppa4Lyz","Nasrin Sultana","@c carville Yes they did, Edward Colston was a monster who bought and sold Africans who are just as much humans as any other white person. He and many others forced them into a life they never asked for and made their life miserable until the day they died. He as a white person benefitted from racism and many others still do today. Is it really wrong for black people to fight for their rights? Rights that should of never been taken from them. The removal of the statue was never coming from a bad place in their heart, its their desire to be recognised as people because it is people like Colston who took away their identity and vilified them. Someone like Colston should not be honoured. Yes its part of UK history, but let's be honest its a embarrassing one.","0","","2020-06-07 16:29:44","false",""
"Ugybc7qK6aB9J9X5lml4AaABAg","Lewis Baitup","Why was there even a statue honouring a slave trader?","12","19","2020-06-07 15:40:53","true",""
"Ugybc7qK6aB9J9X5lml4AaABAg.99bQF1zOeCi99bQgNETQRr","j bh","Lewis Baitup its called HISTORY....","4","","2020-06-07 15:44:45","false",""
"Ugybc7qK6aB9J9X5lml4AaABAg.99bQF1zOeCi99bQuE0D1eN","Richard McEllan","because history happened. there is no justification for tearing down a historical monument like rabid animals.","4","","2020-06-07 15:46:38","false",""
"Ugybc7qK6aB9J9X5lml4AaABAg.99bQF1zOeCi99bQvTva8GU","The Mighty Dash","Becuase being a lsave trader had nothing to do with the reason the statue was there, slavery was legal back then, he did nothing illegal, he used his welath to fund schools, churches, hospitals and local halls, MOST of which are still in use today, he left a legacy of good weather people like it or not. He also denounced the slave trade towards the end of his life. The Labour council building... was built by HIM. But they dont have any issue using it do they xD","5","","2020-06-07 15:46:49","false",""
"Ugybc7qK6aB9J9X5lml4AaABAg.99bQF1zOeCi99bQxCdYCbS","Lewis Baitup","@j bh that doesn't anserw the question but luckly someone explained it its because he made hospitals and schools","1","","2020-06-07 15:47:03","false",""
"Ugybc7qK6aB9J9X5lml4AaABAg.99bQF1zOeCi99bR7zjLB9a","Lewis Baitup","@The Mighty Dash thank you for actually helping","1","","2020-06-07 15:48:39","false",""
"Ugybc7qK6aB9J9X5lml4AaABAg.99bQF1zOeCi99bR9-iKChZ","TheEndIsHere FinalWarning","@The Mighty Dash just because it was legal didnt make it morally ok you idiot. You people sicken me","2","","2020-06-07 15:48:48","false",""
"Ugybc7qK6aB9J9X5lml4AaABAg.99bQF1zOeCi99bR9vQQDJm","Alan S Binnie","He was a great , local benefactor.","1","","2020-06-07 15:48:55","false",""
"Ugybc7qK6aB9J9X5lml4AaABAg.99bQF1zOeCi99bRBhSioih","Darren Silk","@j bh it's not even old. It was built 200 years after he died.","0","","2020-06-07 15:49:10","false",""
"Ugybc7qK6aB9J9X5lml4AaABAg.99bQF1zOeCi99bREzo9u-B","Darren Silk","@Lewis Baitup with all the money he made from genocide.","1","","2020-06-07 15:49:37","false",""
"Ugybc7qK6aB9J9X5lml4AaABAg.99bQF1zOeCi99bRNlT-JCo","JGW 97","@Darren Silk ""genocide"" do you know what genocide means? Also, blacks sold blacks into slavery. If you have an issue, take it up with them.","0","","2020-06-07 15:50:49","false",""
"Ugybc7qK6aB9J9X5lml4AaABAg.99bQF1zOeCi99bROMoJMYd","Darren Silk","@The Mighty Dash actually they kept slave trading even though it wasn't legal long after. And the British govt used taxpayers money to pay them off. The debt was only payed back by taxpayers in the last 20 years.

Your tax money today was used to pay off money borrow and given to slave traders 300 years ago.","1","","2020-06-07 15:50:54","false",""
"Ugybc7qK6aB9J9X5lml4AaABAg.99bQF1zOeCi99bRosxZq-H","Lewis Baitup","@Darren Silk yep","0","","2020-06-07 15:54:39","false",""
"Ugybc7qK6aB9J9X5lml4AaABAg.99bQF1zOeCi99bWp9-drVY","Jay Attwell","But no doubt most people would be happy to have a George Floyd statue up as he was such a nice law oboying citizien","0","","2020-06-07 16:38:22","false",""
"Ugybc7qK6aB9J9X5lml4AaABAg.99bQF1zOeCi99bXbVsNuJ2","JGW 97","@Jay Attwell I know I would. It would make great target practice.","0","","2020-06-07 16:45:15","false",""
"Ugybc7qK6aB9J9X5lml4AaABAg.99bQF1zOeCi99bYan_DsSy","Lewis Baitup","@JGW 97 why?","0","","2020-06-07 16:53:54","false",""
"Ugybc7qK6aB9J9X5lml4AaABAg.99bQF1zOeCi99bYly9djag","Lewis Baitup","@JGW 97 oh nevermind thought you was different person still don't know why you want to shoot it but oh well","0","","2020-06-07 16:55:25","false",""
"Ugybc7qK6aB9J9X5lml4AaABAg.99bQF1zOeCi99bYtvZPbXo","JGW 97","@Lewis Baitup whot not?","0","","2020-06-07 16:56:30","false",""
"Ugybc7qK6aB9J9X5lml4AaABAg.99bQF1zOeCi99b_alff2Ub","Lewis Baitup","@JGW 97 you speaking shakspear?","0","","2020-06-07 17:11:22","false",""
"Ugybc7qK6aB9J9X5lml4AaABAg.99bQF1zOeCi99ba56CnONt","JGW 97","@Lewis Baitup I meant why not","0","","2020-06-07 17:15:39","false",""
"Ugw0nrDdlO1FEtxC5NN4AaABAg","Vertex Model","Why it took so long? Good job ❤️❤️❤️","3","0","2020-06-07 15:41:30","true",""
"UgxXeBPBnP3LCl_jpO54AaABAg","minchul80","WTF?! Why did the police just allow this to happen? Who’s next? Churchill? Admiral Nelson?","38","16","2020-06-07 15:41:33","true",""
"UgxXeBPBnP3LCl_jpO54AaABAg.99bQJscAUeq99bRngjsjPu","Sinjin Smyth","No admiral akbar","6","","2020-06-07 15:54:29","false",""
"UgxXeBPBnP3LCl_jpO54AaABAg.99bQJscAUeq99bS1m3Xmqr","Chris Spelman","Cromwell then Churchill leave Nelson alone.","1","","2020-06-07 15:56:33","false",""
"UgxXeBPBnP3LCl_jpO54AaABAg.99bQJscAUeq99bSAyfiqRv","JGW 97","@Chris Spelman Cromwell was too soft on Ireland. I wish we had someone like Stalin. The war would have been over in a week.","0","","2020-06-07 15:57:48","false",""
"UgxXeBPBnP3LCl_jpO54AaABAg.99bQJscAUeq99bSC2c1wox","Big Pete","Unfortunately probably yes.","0","","2020-06-07 15:57:57","false",""
"UgxXeBPBnP3LCl_jpO54AaABAg.99bQJscAUeq99bSLy_xS0w","Zbigniew Maleszak","Yes Churchill was pretty racist, wasn't he?","6","","2020-06-07 15:59:18","false",""
"UgxXeBPBnP3LCl_jpO54AaABAg.99bQJscAUeq99bSXD8KUDX","Sass Hil","Zbigniew Maleszak yes he was very racist but people love to stay blind to it they are so full of it 😂","0","","2020-06-07 16:00:50","false",""
"UgxXeBPBnP3LCl_jpO54AaABAg.99bQJscAUeq99bS_3fWSKo","Chris Spelman","@Zbigniew Maleszak Extremely raciest, I don't agree with the destruction of history though. It can have very dangerous consequences.","2","","2020-06-07 16:01:14","false",""
"UgxXeBPBnP3LCl_jpO54AaABAg.99bQJscAUeq99bSi61YgQh","Enoch's Ghost","@Zbigniew Maleszak He was a man of his time. His views were no more extreme than those of Gandhi.","2","","2020-06-07 16:02:28","false",""
"UgxXeBPBnP3LCl_jpO54AaABAg.99bQJscAUeq99bTSCbBmg9","Enoch's Ghost","@Chris Spelman Cromwell for all his faults did this country a service by ending the tyranny of absolute monarchs and establishing the supremacy of parliament. Churchill did this country a great service by saving it from real fascists. Not the imaginary kind the left loves to whine about.","2","","2020-06-07 16:08:54","false",""
"UgxXeBPBnP3LCl_jpO54AaABAg.99bQJscAUeq99bTe0mcxp7","Darren Silk","Admiral Nelson employed black sailors in his ranks. Ironically they were treated more equally on his ships than they were on land. As on a ship there's a reciprocal acknowledgement that you must protect one another.","1","","2020-06-07 16:10:39","false",""
"UgxXeBPBnP3LCl_jpO54AaABAg.99bQJscAUeq99bTlX1b7s6","Darren Silk","@Enoch's Ghost Yes they were. Ghandi was a libertarian. They're both authoritarians. Albeit centrist and right wing respectively.","0","","2020-06-07 16:11:40","false",""
"UgxXeBPBnP3LCl_jpO54AaABAg.99bQJscAUeq99bUKO43l6c","Chris Spelman","@Enoch's Ghost Hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths in Ireland is a more than a fault.","0","","2020-06-07 16:16:34","false",""
"UgxXeBPBnP3LCl_jpO54AaABAg.99bQJscAUeq99bV2RtAuun","KM","@Enoch's Ghost Gandhi's views from his youth to in older age cannot be compared to a lifelong racists views. Gandhi didn't approve of using poison gas, nor was he responsible for something like the bengal famine.","0","","2020-06-07 16:22:51","false",""
"UgxXeBPBnP3LCl_jpO54AaABAg.99bQJscAUeq99b_Y525TQq","Enoch's Ghost","@KM Churchill was negligent with regard to the Bengal famine, not responsible for it. If any one person was responsible it would be the Viceroy the Marquess of Linlithgow. The poison gas you refer to was mustard gas which contrary to popular belief, is rarely lethal. In fact, he was more in favour of the development of tear gas and this was in response to Kurdish tribesmen murdering British soldiers using some rather barbaric methods.
The left exaggerate Churchill's role in controversial episodes because he's a hero to the right but they nearly always get their facts wrong.","0","","2020-06-07 17:10:52","false",""
"UgxXeBPBnP3LCl_jpO54AaABAg.99bQJscAUeq99bmo9438_g","KM","@Enoch's Ghost  it was ( and I quote) a result of a ""complete policy failure"" of the then-British Prime Minister winston churchill. 
He turned down pleas to export food to india as there was a shortage of ships baring in mind that the food came from india but shipped off elsewhere. 
He wasn't directly in blame but shares it in some sense since he also blamed Indians themselves by saying it was because they breed like rabbits. Over 3 million lives could have been saved to the contrary without British involvement. 
At the same time he is exactly what great britain needed in the 2nd world war, he fought for britain not the idea of racial supremacy.","0","","2020-06-07 19:06:47","false",""
"UgxXeBPBnP3LCl_jpO54AaABAg.99bQJscAUeq99cOKoQVv96","Enoch's Ghost","@KM Your quote is from a study carried out by the Indian institute of technology in 2017. Churchill unfortunately, didn't have the benefit of hindsight. The Japanese were rapidly advancing across Burma and the field commanders were highly doubtful they could be stopped before reaching India. The denial policy was no different than many other scorched policies used by the allies during WWII. What exacerbated the situation in Bengal was that a cyclone had destroyed most of the rice plantations in 1942 and those that survived were effected by an outbreak of brown spot disease. When added to the flood of refugees that poured into Bengal from Burma and major outbreaks of diseases such as cholera, malaria and dysentery, it was a recipe for disaster. 
It can certainly be argued that Churchill's indifference to the situation on the ground in favour of the war effort significantly contributed to the famine but it's highly unlikely that major loss of life could have been prevented even if the denial policy hadn't been in place. 
Indian nationalists have a habit of being selective with the facts to suit their anti-British narrative but seem reluctant to explore what would have happened if the Japanese had taken India. A brief examination of what they did to the Chinese population, the rape of Nanjing, unit 731 and their sadistic contempt for other Asian peoples offers plenty of insight in my opinion.","0","","2020-06-08 00:43:26","false",""
"UgyezU9r2XnAA_nOjY14AaABAg","Blup Blup","""If you can't beat them, join them""- said the Police, in a parallel universe.","143","0","2020-06-07 15:41:38","true",""
"UgzxamLVLlWu55hbtJx4AaABAg","Kieran Howlett","Many comments to this are ""Why was there a statue of him anyway"" As if a 2 second search couldn't answer that: ""He supported and endowed schools, almshouses, hospitals and churches in Bristol, London and elsewhere, and his name is commemorated in several Bristol landmarks, streets, three schools and the Colston bun. Many of his charitable foundations still survive.""

They did this because he made money by trading slaves.
In other words, he made his fortune by exploiting people in a way that abides by the law in his country...
Sound familiar? Facebook? Google? Apple? Microsoft? Can you think of a single large entity this doesn't apply to?","2","4","2020-06-07 15:41:50","true",""
"UgzxamLVLlWu55hbtJx4AaABAg.99bQM-tGK7799bQnjYU9MF","Joel Garver","With money earned in larger part through slave trading over 80K persons, 19K of whom died in transit.","2","","2020-06-07 15:45:45","false",""
"UgzxamLVLlWu55hbtJx4AaABAg.99bQM-tGK7799bRh89Cb2f","Sinjin Smyth","This man was a hero and  this is as very sad day","0","","2020-06-07 15:53:36","false",""
"UgzxamLVLlWu55hbtJx4AaABAg.99bQM-tGK7799bRr6q_pC1","Kieran Howlett","@Joel Garver right, and I mentioned that in my comment, but you seemed to have ignored that part","0","","2020-06-07 15:54:57","false",""
"UgzxamLVLlWu55hbtJx4AaABAg.99bQM-tGK7799bSrXTSs6x","Darren Silk","Yes many. The Peabody Trust, The Rowntree Trust, The Cadbury family, most charitable institutions, nearly every Quaker, nearly every liberal MP from the 19th Century, those who founded Saltaire the list goes on and on.","0","","2020-06-07 16:03:45","false",""
"UgyLruMgWtsDavu9sAt4AaABAg","David Hargreaves","Bristol council tax will be going up to pay for the clean up 😂 when you damage things you will end up paying for it all.","4","6","2020-06-07 15:42:03","true",""
"UgyLruMgWtsDavu9sAt4AaABAg.99bQNYq2nxx99bRBo9WB2P","TheEndIsHere FinalWarning","It's worth it!","1","","2020-06-07 15:49:11","false",""
"UgyLruMgWtsDavu9sAt4AaABAg.99bQNYq2nxx99bRJYFRcTE","The Mighty Dash","The irony being that the Bristol council is run out of a building... That guy had built xD Not even joking, couldn't make it up, lol.","0","","2020-06-07 15:50:14","false",""
"UgyLruMgWtsDavu9sAt4AaABAg.99bQNYq2nxx99bSGGYNrSq","geoffdundee",".........they dont work or pay tax/council tax so they dont care...........its hard working decent people who will have to pay for all the chaos at the end of the day.........its hardworking people who are also paying to fund the NHS.......but these people dont care about covid or passing it on to someone whos vunerable.","1","","2020-06-07 15:58:31","false",""
"UgyLruMgWtsDavu9sAt4AaABAg.99bQNYq2nxx99bSVbhW7DJ","Darren Silk","I don't think they'll be paying to refit a new statue of a slave trader...","3","","2020-06-07 16:00:37","false",""
"UgyLruMgWtsDavu9sAt4AaABAg.99bQNYq2nxx99bgr_tugMz","Chucksta","@The Mighty Dash Any place like that, will have to come down at some point. Built on blood money.","1","","2020-06-07 18:14:50","false",""
"UgyLruMgWtsDavu9sAt4AaABAg.99bQNYq2nxx99jILaHntBv","charles","You mean like Colston paid for the lives he damaged?","0","","2020-06-10 17:05:48","false",""
"Ugw1tl62sYmZk6iuRDR4AaABAg","exxel01234","Why am I watching these terrible people getting away with this what’s wrong with us the silent majority we should start standing up to this now !","17","17","2020-06-07 15:42:08","true",""
"Ugw1tl62sYmZk6iuRDR4AaABAg.99bQOD7WyIr99bRPkEDBNH","HUDZ3Y","If I was there I would of ripped the rope straight out of their hands, the hypocrites.","1","","2020-06-07 15:51:05","false",""
"Ugw1tl62sYmZk6iuRDR4AaABAg.99bQOD7WyIr99bRW7eqEuP","Sam","Wtf is wrong with getting rid of a statue of a know slave trader ????","5","","2020-06-07 15:51:57","false",""
"Ugw1tl62sYmZk6iuRDR4AaABAg.99bQOD7WyIr99bRjAlgWw-","Humza Ahmad","That statue should have been removed years ago. Bristol was celebrating a slave trader and murderer. Best place for that statue is in the river Avon where it has been thrown into.","3","","2020-06-07 15:53:52","false",""
"Ugw1tl62sYmZk6iuRDR4AaABAg.99bQOD7WyIr99bSBr4IVX9","HUDZ3Y","Sam  it brings disgrace and makes you look just as bad, it’s history. I understand many may feel offended by the statue  and that’s ok but ,what you can’t do is start messing with things that show us a reason to be ashamed of our past and something to show us why what happened ages ago shouldn’t happen again.","0","","2020-06-07 15:57:55","false",""
"Ugw1tl62sYmZk6iuRDR4AaABAg.99bQOD7WyIr99bSLl50gDY","HUDZ3Y","Humza Ahmad having a statue does not mean we’re celebrating it, so by your logic all things in museums should be ripped down and disposed of because they could symbolise these atrocities. You can’t change history.","0","","2020-06-07 15:59:16","false",""
"Ugw1tl62sYmZk6iuRDR4AaABAg.99bQOD7WyIr99bT8wm26Z3","Not A Cossack","You clicked on a video you silly sausage about the statue being teared down. What did you expect to see ?","0","","2020-06-07 16:06:16","false",""
"Ugw1tl62sYmZk6iuRDR4AaABAg.99bQOD7WyIr99bTD4PCc5k","Darren Silk","To be fair your ancestors sat there whilst that slave trader did terrible things too. So I think you'll be alright given history.","0","","2020-06-07 16:06:50","false",""
"Ugw1tl62sYmZk6iuRDR4AaABAg.99bQOD7WyIr99bTDSZBf89","Kate Bennett","Sam nothing is wrong with it. And as for silent majority, they have never been silent, regurgitating bile written by certain members as the press as absolute  fact.","0","","2020-06-07 16:06:53","false",""
"Ugw1tl62sYmZk6iuRDR4AaABAg.99bQOD7WyIr99bUF4_U0F1","exxel01234","Look it happened years ago .The British abolished slavery , thousands of people died for it ! Why o why do this ? Can’t fathom it . Vandalism for the sake of it imo. Bring the army in with rubber bullets and bring discipline into this civil unrest by so called anti fascist which actually are facist you couldn’t make it up honestly.","0","","2020-06-07 16:15:50","false",""
"Ugw1tl62sYmZk6iuRDR4AaABAg.99bQOD7WyIr99bUaFjWnhB","Humza Ahmad","@HUDZ3Y
Statues commemorate people. Find me statues of Hitler in Germany for historic reasons.","0","","2020-06-07 16:18:52","false",""
"Ugw1tl62sYmZk6iuRDR4AaABAg.99bQOD7WyIr99bW_llJClw","HUDZ3Y","exxel01234 well said 👏🏼👏🏼","0","","2020-06-07 16:36:17","false",""
"Ugw1tl62sYmZk6iuRDR4AaABAg.99bQOD7WyIr99baXv_0ftp","Humza Ahmad","@HUDZ3Y.
Let's clarify. Statues in public commemorate, Bristol was still celebrating a slave trader and murderer. By all means this should have been taken down years ago and put into a local museum with other links to slavery and its history with Bristol. The fact it was still on public display after much opposition over time meant Bristol was still putting his status on a pedestal. No longer is it there from today as a positive image. Good riddance.","0","","2020-06-07 17:19:35","false",""
"Ugw1tl62sYmZk6iuRDR4AaABAg.99bQOD7WyIr99bbIguPMbR","exxel01234","Humza Ahmad did you know Hitler personally ? Because you have very little tolerance.","0","","2020-06-07 17:26:14","false",""
"Ugw1tl62sYmZk6iuRDR4AaABAg.99bQOD7WyIr99bd3-dwrHb","HUDZ3Y","Humza Ahmad I agree with you now, I fully agree with taking them out of public view and into a museum but I will never accept people who vandalise them by breaking them.","0","","2020-06-07 17:41:34","false",""
"Ugw1tl62sYmZk6iuRDR4AaABAg.99bQOD7WyIr99bhYELx7FU","Chant P","You won’t do anything... let’s be honest. That’s why you’re posting on a fake account. Pathetic.","2","","2020-06-07 18:20:47","false",""
"Ugw1tl62sYmZk6iuRDR4AaABAg.99bQOD7WyIr99bjQT5xpaQ","Humza Ahmad","@exxel01234.
Are you really going to lecture me on tolerance while mentioning Hitler? Wow!","0","","2020-06-07 18:37:12","false",""
"Ugw1tl62sYmZk6iuRDR4AaABAg.99bQOD7WyIr99bnTZjSqyj","exxel01234","Humza Ahmad you honestly didn’t understand what was meant by me saying that ?  Let me enlighten you he was a facist look in the mirror.","0","","2020-06-07 19:12:35","false",""
"UgzCKJA8x0UcCBVEKlJ4AaABAg","James Hazzard","Virtue signalling Toffs 🤦‍♂️","41","3","2020-06-07 15:42:39","true",""
"UgzCKJA8x0UcCBVEKlJ4AaABAg.99bQS1LoX3O99bT43XY4KY","Darren Silk","How. Most are students and young people. So they have low income and no status. So that argument holds no water.","2","","2020-06-07 16:05:36","false",""
"UgzCKJA8x0UcCBVEKlJ4AaABAg.99bQS1LoX3O99ba0DFGNk8","Baby Goat Juice","Wtf, how out of touch can you get?","2","","2020-06-07 17:14:59","false",""
"UgzCKJA8x0UcCBVEKlJ4AaABAg.99bQS1LoX3O99c3K2dS5bV","James Hazzard","Sorry, my bad...middle class brats","0","","2020-06-07 21:39:50","false",""
"UgxX0m-zI8Ki4c8PEdh4AaABAg","Indigo Hassall","For those trying to defend the presence of the statue over the preservation of history, or the 'positive' philanthropic ventures of Colston:

He profited off the suffering of slaves in order to enrich the lives of whites. The presence of the statue glorifies and excuses the exploitation of black people as a means of white profiteering. This is not a memorial to those who suffered, this is a celebration of racism.","20","9","2020-06-07 15:42:40","true",""
"UgxX0m-zI8Ki4c8PEdh4AaABAg.99bQS9_Azv899bRT2V8kup","Grimnir","No it doesn't. Stop trying to find excuses to tear down the history of white people","2","","2020-06-07 15:51:32","false",""
"UgxX0m-zI8Ki4c8PEdh4AaABAg.99bQS9_Azv899bRo2ZmXG4","Paul Woodhead","The statue of this exemplary man is far from a celebration of ""racism"". Our history of our great nation WILL be preserved wether you like it or not. I and many other of my British brethren are proud of our colonial heritage. 
Please, if you don't like it LEAVE","0","","2020-06-07 15:54:32","false",""
"UgxX0m-zI8Ki4c8PEdh4AaABAg.99bQS9_Azv899bRpNy4gAy","Mariusz Konieczny","I agree he shouldn't be there but this is vandalism! A petition to the city and he would be taken off considering pressure that's on the streets! This will only makes things worst","0","","2020-06-07 15:54:43","false",""
"UgxX0m-zI8Ki4c8PEdh4AaABAg.99bQS9_Azv899bRr2exp41","Robert Shacklock","Black people were complicit in the slave trade. The history is more complicated than most people see it. The Slave trade had been abolished long before the scramble for Africa, so who do you think delivered the captives to the slavers.","1","","2020-06-07 15:54:57","false",""
"UgxX0m-zI8Ki4c8PEdh4AaABAg.99bQS9_Azv899bS2M5lAZr","R B","It's also an act of vandalism. Had they petitioned for it to be removed, I'd have no issue with it.
Once you take the law into your own hands, you have no defence if others decide to do the same.
Imagine if people decided to deface Finbury Park mosque due to it's past negative associations.","1","","2020-06-07 15:56:38","false",""
"UgxX0m-zI8Ki4c8PEdh4AaABAg.99bQS9_Azv899bUIMxhARu","john Taylor","There were black people living in Britain and working in the slave trade at the time. Look at the diverity of people working in British shipping and the navy back then. British orphans were sent out to work on plantations because they had no value, not even monetary value. The ruling class exploited anyone they could regardless of their race. To rewrite it in such a simplistic way doesn't achieve anything.","1","","2020-06-07 16:16:17","false",""
"UgxX0m-zI8Ki4c8PEdh4AaABAg.99bQS9_Azv899bZihon4VT","Indigo Hassall","@Grimnir I am not. Quite the opposite. I think the history surrounding this man and his exploits should absolutely be preserved. I just don't think that having a public statue glorifying him and therefore excusing his involvement in the slave trade is acceptable. Same with Cecil John Rhoades etc.","0","","2020-06-07 17:03:43","false",""
"UgxX0m-zI8Ki4c8PEdh4AaABAg.99bQS9_Azv899bZmCumRNl","Indigo Hassall","@Paul Woodhead this is small dick energy","0","","2020-06-07 17:04:11","false",""
"UgxX0m-zI8Ki4c8PEdh4AaABAg.99bQS9_Azv899bc9XOqgh0","Grimnir","Defacing a public statue is not the way to do it, do destroy a symbol of history, simply to tarnish the legacy and the lesson, is not the way to do it.
Should we break the busts of Caesar? Or any Roman Emperor? Should every Spartan artifact be shattered because of modern morality?","0","","2020-06-07 17:33:43","false",""
"UgyKULIcXimMjTJjuih4AaABAg","norman Smithers","this is a black period for britain.
maybe we should celebrate the achievements of idi amin, robert mugabe, chuck berry, oj simpson, morgan freeman, mikr tyson, ben johnson, marion jones, asafa powell & any number of cheating kenyan athletes; you get the drift - i'm sure you can add plenty more to that list!!","0","0","2020-06-07 15:42:41","true",""
"UgwFdtqpdyqBOhpvx-R4AaABAg","AXSTRO Gooner","I’m not supporting what he obviously did back in the 16th century but why vandalise our city over it 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️","7","8","2020-06-07 15:42:48","true",""
"UgwFdtqpdyqBOhpvx-R4AaABAg.99bQT4Qc4gj99bRcXJIB5m","AXSTRO Gooner","Find The Light they’re a disgrace vandalising war statues there’s no need for any of it “peaceful protest”","0","","2020-06-07 15:52:58","false",""
"UgwFdtqpdyqBOhpvx-R4AaABAg.99bQT4Qc4gj99bSQD4Y8HM","Not A Cossack","Yeah Bristol has be razed to the foundation bricks due to this 😂","0","","2020-06-07 15:59:53","false",""
"UgwFdtqpdyqBOhpvx-R4AaABAg.99bQT4Qc4gj99bUDVxJX3-","Kitnal","They asked it to be taken down many times and it was ignored 🤷🏻‍♂️","1","","2020-06-07 16:15:37","false",""
"UgwFdtqpdyqBOhpvx-R4AaABAg.99bQT4Qc4gj99bUzwCDaw9","Ewan Trevis","Apart from the fact that what they did is illegal","0","","2020-06-07 16:22:22","false",""
"UgwFdtqpdyqBOhpvx-R4AaABAg.99bQT4Qc4gj99bVP83HuBA","Kitnal","@Ewan Trevis worlds smallest violin for the loss","1","","2020-06-07 16:25:57","false",""
"UgwFdtqpdyqBOhpvx-R4AaABAg.99bQT4Qc4gj99ba_NR3-6q","Baby Goat Juice","It's not safe to go anywhere in Bristol now, so sad 😉 but I'm glad because I couldn't bear to see graffiti in Bristol! There's never been any here before today","0","","2020-06-07 17:19:55","false",""
"UgwFdtqpdyqBOhpvx-R4AaABAg.99bQT4Qc4gj99bdyedU9uD","Chucksta","@Baby Goat Juice Shut up, and stop crying, you woos. You can walk anywhere with ease.","0","","2020-06-07 17:49:35","false",""
"UgwFdtqpdyqBOhpvx-R4AaABAg.99bQT4Qc4gj99eMUUC7dcM","Kitnal","@Find The Light learn to read xoxo","0","","2020-06-08 19:05:45","false",""
"UgzN5Bm1tXz2VIRRaQh4AaABAg","Abigail Whelpton","why was a statue of a slave trader erected in the first place? madness. glad it’s destroyed 😌","6","4","2020-06-07 15:43:32","true",""
"UgzN5Bm1tXz2VIRRaQh4AaABAg.99bQYSeS3Gp99bQq0k-bN7","Brad Craig","it wasn't erected because of his role in the slave trade 
it was built to honour his philanthropy and charity","2","","2020-06-07 15:46:04","false",""
"UgzN5Bm1tXz2VIRRaQh4AaABAg.99bQYSeS3Gp99bRKxQbWJC","Abigail Whelpton","Brad Craig it doesn’t matter how much ‘charity’ someone did, a statue of a slave trader has no place in society, it’s disgraceful","0","","2020-06-07 15:50:26","false",""
"UgzN5Bm1tXz2VIRRaQh4AaABAg.99bQYSeS3Gp99bURy4iGa_","Brad Craig","@Abigail Whelpton jesus h christ

i wasnt defending the chap i was just answering your question","0","","2020-06-07 16:17:36","false",""
"UgzN5Bm1tXz2VIRRaQh4AaABAg.99bQYSeS3Gp99bUvNDt9AB","Abigail Whelpton","Brad Craig as long as we agree it doesn’t belong there then that is fine x","0","","2020-06-07 16:21:45","false",""
"UgwqUtDqCBs4rVWuQYF4AaABAg","Jack Jones","Where the F*** are the police?","0","0","2020-06-07 15:43:49","true",""
"UgwAUcSA5AKTFQedZuV4AaABAg","ForeverHollow","Why didn't they do this a month ago, a year ago, 5 years ago? Looks like anyone will follow the latest thing to me. I imagine more than half these people never cared.","9","2","2020-06-07 15:44:23","true",""
"UgwAUcSA5AKTFQedZuV4AaABAg.99bQdeei5RY99bT1MVnkHT","Gar","Now whos the sheep?","0","","2020-06-07 16:05:14","false",""
"UgwAUcSA5AKTFQedZuV4AaABAg.99bQdeei5RY99bTUzjs7_i","KM","There have been petitions to remove the statue before, it had also been covered up in black bin bags prior to all this, bit of research can go a long way.","2","","2020-06-07 16:09:16","false",""
"Ugzi0MQgnyeGAUTwIt14AaABAg","Cricket England","I understand why people want to protest but do it peacefully after all when things like this happen they are no longer protesters but become vandals and hooligans","4","0","2020-06-07 15:44:26","true",""
"Ugz0fk1Bd-ZuNfPeiPR4AaABAg","norman Smithers","this is what you call a peaceful protest; mind you, it could have been done by people ashamed of being white.","6","5","2020-06-07 15:44:47","true",""
"Ugz0fk1Bd-ZuNfPeiPR4AaABAg.99bQgeJFVBQ99bSJT4AL4y","Salma Abdullah","Yep ignore the ACTUAL peaceful protests and act like this is one of them","0","","2020-06-07 15:58:58","false",""
"Ugz0fk1Bd-ZuNfPeiPR4AaABAg.99bQgeJFVBQ99bToIlFVWW","norman Smithers","@Salma Abdullah this is what protesters will be judged by; yes, it's possible somebody on the 'far right' might have done it, but then that could apply to everything & anything.
it seems the protesters have a death wish, unless they don't think there is a coronavirus, ( i certainly don't), because if they do catch it, those who had the virus will be responsible for many deaths including hundreds of blacks; essentially, they will be worse than the american cop they are condemning.","0","","2020-06-07 16:12:03","false",""
"Ugz0fk1Bd-ZuNfPeiPR4AaABAg.99bQgeJFVBQ99bTtbliQoV","Robot killer","@Salma Abdullah there aren't peaceful protests. They are all violent thugs who are getting apologised for by the lying liberal media. When the press says ""peaceful protesters"", it's Orwellian doublespeak for criminals who would be arrested if they didn't serve leftist interests.","0","","2020-06-07 16:12:46","false",""
"Ugz0fk1Bd-ZuNfPeiPR4AaABAg.99bQgeJFVBQ99bV54gjIWf","Salma Abdullah","@Robot killer yeah ypu seem to be brainwashed by the media that agrees withbyoir bias but continue dude","0","","2020-06-07 16:23:13","false",""
"Ugz0fk1Bd-ZuNfPeiPR4AaABAg.99bQgeJFVBQ99bVbzwd6l9","Robot killer","@Salma Abdullah LOL what media? ALL of the UK media is giving an obvious left wing anti white slant to this. You're literally inventing fake enemies to fuel your own persecution complex.","0","","2020-06-07 16:27:50","false",""
"UgwluuOfCUBGeOBdPMl4AaABAg","Tee","Looking at these comments make me ashamed to be English. To be from a country where people still defend a slave trader over the lives of the thousands of African people he stole and sold. Go on Bristol, I know there’s a few more statues that we’ve wanted gone for years but were ignored. Wow, imagine if the government had listened to the peaceful protests! We wouldn’t be in this situation today.","4","0","2020-06-07 15:45:33","true",""
"Ugz7YcdRvHW_FegTlEB4AaABAg","Sheila Costello","Where are the fecking police..this is total appeasement, another George Soros funded desecration..ANTIFA, DISGUSTED at this and they expect the English people to follow rules, yet these scum are not wearing masks, standing close together...WELL BORIS AS OF NOW AS NO ACTION IS BEING TAKEN ON THESE THUGS, I AND MANY WHO ARE ALT MEDIA AND MORE WILL NOT BE ADHERING TO YOUR FAKE SCAMDEMIC RULES...","0","0","2020-06-07 15:45:50","true",""
"Ugy7thdxOZ1uCBi_x7Z4AaABAg","Richard McEllan","mentally ill. sad.","5","0","2020-06-07 15:45:50","true",""
"Ugzms9F8Yqww0_o5IBd4AaABAg","Dkei unscripted","Good job guys, black lives matter, and white supremacists much be defeated !!!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏","4","2","2020-06-07 15:45:59","true",""
"Ugzms9F8Yqww0_o5IBd4AaABAg.99bQpPalt__99bjItxMgLM","Dog Bone","You're just a bunch of Zionists lackeys and you don't even know it","0","","2020-06-07 18:36:10","false",""
"Ugzms9F8Yqww0_o5IBd4AaABAg.99bQpPalt__99bjxl1OCJ-","Dkei unscripted","Yeah I agree with you,'s about time we speak out 😊","0","","2020-06-07 18:41:53","false",""
"UgzZtk2ecKXYYKh2LR94AaABAg","Alan S Binnie","Absolute idiots, snowflake generation. To them, if you don't like history, just delete it.","2","0","2020-06-07 15:46:34","true",""
"UgzpyTcxSgB_ciE1iMd4AaABAg","костя кинчев","The British royal family received dividends from the slave trade. Destroy Buckingham Palace.","3","0","2020-06-07 15:46:56","true",""
"UgznFTvUF_3Pm0qiBbN4AaABAg","Insert name here","Shouldn’t the police be stopping all of this? I hope the statue get restored.","13","4","2020-06-07 15:47:21","true",""
"UgznFTvUF_3Pm0qiBbN4AaABAg.99bQzPVp1sj99bR5k1N76e","костя кинчев","She drowned ...","1","","2020-06-07 15:48:21","false",""
"UgznFTvUF_3Pm0qiBbN4AaABAg.99bQzPVp1sj99bS9iSpvIP","Sinjin Smyth","A new statue will be erected and it will that of a blm penis and it will be erect","1","","2020-06-07 15:57:38","false",""
"UgznFTvUF_3Pm0qiBbN4AaABAg.99bQzPVp1sj99bSA97NgYo","Dr Professor","Let's get a crowd fund to restore it, except thrice the size.... and gold plated.","2","","2020-06-07 15:57:41","false",""
"UgznFTvUF_3Pm0qiBbN4AaABAg.99bQzPVp1sj99bt0aRXFUf","gbjanuary","Dr Professor good luck no ones going to pay for that but you.🙃😀","1","","2020-06-07 20:01:03","false",""
"Ugy0IGY8FTvEZJTnYKl4AaABAg","PussyDestroyer69","Saddam hussain is that you","3","0","2020-06-07 15:47:25","true",""
"UgxoC59ensuluKIDKvp4AaABAg","Benton Wisemore","Are they going to pull down mosques too??....Islam condones slavery and STILL TRADE IN SLAVES TODAY....Yemen and Libya for example,or am I missing something and wrong??","8","5","2020-06-07 15:47:57","true",""
"UgxoC59ensuluKIDKvp4AaABAg.99bR2kcvK4K99bS5PBngC3","Not A Cossack","Yeah probably missing quite a bit.","0","","2020-06-07 15:57:03","false",""
"UgxoC59ensuluKIDKvp4AaABAg.99bR2kcvK4K99bTpjw8rDB","Not A Cossack","@Sinjin Smyth the word you're looking for is synagogue. You have access to the internet no reason to not be able to learn that","0","","2020-06-07 16:12:15","false",""
"UgxoC59ensuluKIDKvp4AaABAg.99bR2kcvK4K99byj8eZqrK","Benton Wisemore","@Sinjin Smyth wtf are you smoking mate...... this is the real issue, everyone scared to speak the truth about Islam....but it's fine to bash white people isn't it BRUV??
why do white people carry the guilt as if they were solely responsible for never hear ANYTHING about how blacks are treated in the middle East......THE PLACE WHERE IT ALL STARTED","0","","2020-06-07 20:50:58","false",""
"UgxoC59ensuluKIDKvp4AaABAg.99bR2kcvK4K99bzVQDrLR7","Benton Wisemore","@Sinjin Smyth my point is being proven as we chat.....IV had comments deleted,just a few links to 21st century slavery in middle East.....can't think why,can you","0","","2020-06-07 20:57:41","false",""
"UgxoC59ensuluKIDKvp4AaABAg.99bR2kcvK4K99bzgCUh66Q","Benton Wisemore","whoever is deleting my comments...... what's wrong, TRUTH hurt???","0","","2020-06-07 20:59:18","false",""
"UgzfHVUzWLSzsxI_UHd4AaABAg","brianna figueroa","doctor: “you have 49 seconds left to live”

me:","0","3","2020-06-07 15:48:12","true",""
"UgzfHVUzWLSzsxI_UHd4AaABAg.99bR4b89ZSo99bRXaf2r3Y","gbjanuary","brianna figueroa make them good ones have some fun 😘","2","","2020-06-07 15:52:09","false",""
"UgzfHVUzWLSzsxI_UHd4AaABAg.99bR4b89ZSo99bTb4vFeV4","Dr Professor","... You sit there in silence, drooling like the spastic that you are?","0","","2020-06-07 16:10:14","false",""
"UgzfHVUzWLSzsxI_UHd4AaABAg.99bR4b89ZSo99dZpKklo_w","Arran Vid","Brianna, you're hot","0","","2020-06-08 11:43:06","false",""
"UgwLeX_vur-3u8pkzsV4AaABAg","paul smith","All them ain't shouting up while our kids are getting groomed and raped and murdered or for Emily Jones or Lee Rigby","1","0","2020-06-07 15:48:53","true",""
"Ugy-hmvQxQcVo5NRb854AaABAg","Ben Jarvis","I’m Proud Bristolian and this is a disgrace, if you cant appreciate our city and it’s history then do 1","10","1","2020-06-07 15:49:01","true",""
"Ugy-hmvQxQcVo5NRb854AaABAg.99bRAb2XPe099bSa-7tdoF","Dr Professor","Yes mate","0","","2020-06-07 16:01:21","false",""
"UgzlnKs0LAcnqQCAxnt4AaABAg","Donna-Maria Welsh","Disgusting behaviour.","7","3","2020-06-07 15:49:08","true",""
"UgzlnKs0LAcnqQCAxnt4AaABAg.99bRBQe9__j99bVAsjXTQ6","Kate Bennett","Excuse me while I dont take morality advice from someone with a hyphenated name.","2","","2020-06-07 16:24:00","false",""
"UgzlnKs0LAcnqQCAxnt4AaABAg.99bRBQe9__j99bfPFbSjfX","Donna-Maria Welsh","@Kate Bennett I lost half my family in the workhouses, how dare you suggest I am privileged because my parents gave me both grandmothers names. My dad was the first in his family that could even read or write. This is your problem on the left, total lack of social education. Lefties are nasty, twisted Marxists.","0","","2020-06-07 18:02:05","false",""
"UgzlnKs0LAcnqQCAxnt4AaABAg.99bRBQe9__j99bgenmjISt","Kate Bennett","I do apologise it was rather churlish and done in joking manner which was out of spite, but you have just made an assumption the same as I did you, do you think I'm a middle class lefty? Marx is a philosopher to equate him to Stalin is incorrect but the lines are blurred.","0","","2020-06-07 18:13:05","false",""
"UgzeKEvORamRMwqhRd14AaABAg","Ciaran Thayer","Are they not gonna ship in Cabot circus now then either","0","0","2020-06-07 15:49:57","true",""
"Ugw7fonObOs349gVjsl4AaABAg","Hendra Nurperdana","Is the statue slave trader?","0","2","2020-06-07 15:50:10","true",""
"Ugw7fonObOs349gVjsl4AaABAg.99bRJ1F7Ixj99bSyJjiIEw","Salma Abdullah","Yup","0","","2020-06-07 16:04:41","false",""
"Ugw7fonObOs349gVjsl4AaABAg.99bRJ1F7Ixj99bcBP-dUGq","Craig wells","It’s a piece of bronze. The actual slave trader died about 300 years ago without being pushed over","0","","2020-06-07 17:33:59","false",""
"UgwAAI5NJYFCuDP926V4AaABAg","Fat Frog","Wow people in the comments feeling bad for the statue but not actual human lives","5","3","2020-06-07 15:50:20","true",""
"UgwAAI5NJYFCuDP926V4AaABAg.99bRKFcHVui99bS9NUUSnm","Salma Abdullah","Not shocking","0","","2020-06-07 15:57:35","false",""
"UgwAAI5NJYFCuDP926V4AaABAg.99bRKFcHVui99bSC99EfMa","Salma Abdullah","@Yes I'am a Bupa GP hope your joking","0","","2020-06-07 15:57:58","false",""
"UgwAAI5NJYFCuDP926V4AaABAg.99bRKFcHVui99bTTQKN3K8","Drama Llama","Perhaps some, but seriously tearing down a statue is going to do what? Make people at the protest feel better about themselves? Change the world for the better? Address the very real, very horrific modern slavery issue? Make those against the movement double down on their views of what these protests are about?","0","","2020-06-07 16:09:04","false",""
"UgzYVMNqVERbKieJ2vp4AaABAg","Nic B","I agree that a statue of a slave trade has no place in modern times, even if he did do good things too. I also agree that the protest seems mainly attended by young white people, who (probably) have no idea of what it's like to suffer racism and bigotry. 
What I don't agree with is the racist trolls that use any online forum to get together and spout their utter rubbish.","26","10","2020-06-07 15:50:50","true",""
"UgzYVMNqVERbKieJ2vp4AaABAg.99bRNtcVCZ299bTkiCpYh2","satish kanda","I don't think any Bangladeshis, Pakistan's,or Indians bothered to turn up.doubt very much.","2","","2020-06-07 16:11:33","false",""
"UgzYVMNqVERbKieJ2vp4AaABAg.99bRNtcVCZ299bU7pI0xNB","KoivuTheHab","Nic B

Using that logic the Kings and Queens of the era all need everything associated with them removed.

*is that

Spouting rubbish online is nothing compared to actual, real life vandalism. Everyone should have the right to their own opinion.

Wake up.","1","","2020-06-07 16:14:51","false",""
"UgzYVMNqVERbKieJ2vp4AaABAg.99bRNtcVCZ299bW7R8VNYP","john Taylor","Freedom of speech is allowing people you don't agree with to speak. We all know that when people are silenced their resentment burns unspoken into hatred. I like to know who my opponents are.","0","","2020-06-07 16:32:16","false",""
"UgzYVMNqVERbKieJ2vp4AaABAg.99bRNtcVCZ299bkYL2zwgD","Herald Events and Films","The pitiful bigots know their time has passed. All good, all good.","0","","2020-06-07 18:47:01","false",""
"UgzYVMNqVERbKieJ2vp4AaABAg.99bRNtcVCZ299bodKtvxIw","Samuel Aviles","Well England is majority white for one thing...","3","","2020-06-07 19:22:47","false",""
"UgzYVMNqVERbKieJ2vp4AaABAg.99bRNtcVCZ299bsGyj-mwH","Herald Events and Films","@John Smith Eff-all will happen from the far-right. Slobs like you can't even get off the sofa, let alone affect change. Game over you Hitler-licking scrunt.","0","","2020-06-07 19:54:33","false",""
"UgzYVMNqVERbKieJ2vp4AaABAg.99bRNtcVCZ299cxjq7qSx4","Herald Events and Films","@John Smith Only thick fascist scrunts like you, people that don't matter.","0","","2020-06-08 06:01:34","false",""
"UgzYVMNqVERbKieJ2vp4AaABAg.99bRNtcVCZ29A1sJtIPYt-","lee 1","Jesus was cool with slavery when are people going to start ripping his statues down?","0","","2020-06-18 07:34:26","false",""
"UgzYVMNqVERbKieJ2vp4AaABAg.99bRNtcVCZ29A1sl4O3qOK","Herald Events and Films","@lee 1 Idiot-level remark by an idiot.","0","","2020-06-18 07:38:17","false",""
"UgzYVMNqVERbKieJ2vp4AaABAg.99bRNtcVCZ29A1xRYLLYND","Samuel Aviles","@lee 1 you clearly failed bible study class","0","","2020-06-18 08:19:11","false",""
"Ugy0QjP_xy0JSHGvVqh4AaABAg","Nelly R","ACAB","2","2","2020-06-07 15:50:52","true",""
"Ugy0QjP_xy0JSHGvVqh4AaABAg.99bROB2i7p399bRaCdO8DH","Alan Watkins","whats acab ?","0","","2020-06-07 15:52:39","false",""
"Ugy0QjP_xy0JSHGvVqh4AaABAg.99bROB2i7p399bSBYfgjhY","The EdBaron","@Alan Watkins - similar to a taxi (sorry).","3","","2020-06-07 15:57:53","false",""
"Ugz-3N8V5tkkxuOPBsV4AaABAg","Dr Professor","Well done idiots, this is fuel on the fire and people are going to die.","4","0","2020-06-07 15:51:29","true",""
"UgxyoT-vL7egcEq-Rk54AaABAg","Kevin Etheridge","I’m not really sure how I feel about this, it was erected in 1895 to celebrate his philanthropy and yes he was a slave trader, so part of me says yes kick over the statues but not by mob rule that’s a very dangerous road to go down, also I’m at home self isolating to stop the spread of Covid 19 so why are these protests allowed to be happening. Where are the police?","2","0","2020-06-07 15:51:37","true",""
"UgzIwSHhQVWL_mp07ex4AaABAg","Bongo Bongo","Wow, look at the useful idiots doing their job and with such glee, just like the 'Hitler Youth'.  All they need to be complete fighting unit is a hand salute and badge to show their 'honor'. So many disgusting acts have been done by those who thought that they were on the right side.  Shame on you all!","1","0","2020-06-07 15:52:14","true",""
"UgzKF32f8_A_DXVx39F4AaABAg","Rico- DaSico","This is an utter disgrace. This is now vandalism, pure and simple. Funny how that pattern always seems to follow the BLM movement.","10","2","2020-06-07 15:52:29","true",""
"UgzKF32f8_A_DXVx39F4AaABAg.99bR_1FNgXE99bU9xP9zck","itsJas","Rico- DaSico it’s vandalism for the RIGHT reasons. You think a slave trader deserves to be honored? Pathetic.","0","","2020-06-07 16:15:08","false",""
"UgzKF32f8_A_DXVx39F4AaABAg.99bR_1FNgXE99bXTpsdO9V","Rico- DaSico","itsJas why stop there? Queen Victoria was regent during the hight of the imperial British empire. Do you think statues of her should be toppled down too? Your logic is pathetic.","0","","2020-06-07 16:44:04","false",""
"UgzWIwyEOPF-7jUoag94AaABAg","MrVidification","I like the two hundred old statue purely as a piece of art. I would prefer a large sign underneath noting exactly what he had done for all to see. Otherwise I hope they tear down Buckingham Palace next for all that questionable history ;)","3","4","2020-06-07 15:52:39","true",""
"UgzWIwyEOPF-7jUoag94AaABAg.99bRaGZ1yOv99bqsRz2Zei","MrVidification","​@Andrew As a wealthy European trader, my operations would have been purely in the Americas and I would have eventually considered migrating there to help found the US of A. Mainly because I would have burnt in the African heat. ps there are slave momuments in Africa 🙃","1","","2020-06-07 19:42:20","false",""
"UgzWIwyEOPF-7jUoag94AaABAg.99bRaGZ1yOv99bsAHZYlc6","Tina Mcintyre","Andrew 
Why don’t you move to Russia ,you little slop bucket .🙄","0","","2020-06-07 19:53:38","false",""
"UgzWIwyEOPF-7jUoag94AaABAg.99bRaGZ1yOv99buQ9jcHPJ","MrVidification","Iit's Irish artist John Cassidy made statues of many different unrelated people. The updated wording under the statue mentioning trade was likely the main reason for the take down among a younger generation, but there was minor demand for take down in 1998 according to the wiki too, but rejected. Underneath the statue now reads 'Edward Colston (1636–1721), MP for Bristol (1710–1713), was one of this city's greatest benefactors. He supported and endowed schools, almshouses, hospitals and churches in Bristol, London and elsewhere. Many of his charitable foundations continue. This statue was erected in 1895 to commemorate his philanthropy. A significant proportion of Colston's wealth came from investments in slave trading, sugar and other slave-produced goods. As an official of the Royal African Company from 1680 to 1692, he was also involved in the transportation of approximately 84,000 enslaved African men, women and young children, of whom 19,000 died on voyages from West Africa to the Caribbean and the Americas.'","0","","2020-06-07 20:13:17","false",""
"UgzWIwyEOPF-7jUoag94AaABAg.99bRaGZ1yOv99bzyuuCWLb","Andrew","Tina Mcintyre because I’m native the the UK and I have a right. Unlike you","0","","2020-06-07 21:01:51","false",""
"Ugzw_2lseOmXUZd2soR4AaABAg","ecasx","Send In the police or the army no more of this BS .","5","0","2020-06-07 15:52:53","true",""
"UgwpyHBpmV1MRWAxjr94AaABAg","500,000 Views","Good riddance ❤️","4","0","2020-06-07 15:53:06","true",""
"Ugz7Ub599y7jdCkeOnJ4AaABAg","Sean Rea","Shameful. If it is to be removed then go about it in a civilised way and take it to the local council.  It's great this statue is gone and all but where does it stop ? Do I remove a statue of somebody based on me not agreeing with them for whatever reason","5","7","2020-06-07 15:54:15","true",""
"Ugz7Ub599y7jdCkeOnJ4AaABAg.99bRlstNlZC99b_ppWGIu5","Fussbudget the Ninth","They did that a few years ago. Bristol City Council refused. The sensible thing to do would have been to put it in a museum in Bristol with signs explaining the man and his actions, good and evil. Which is what I hope happens when they fish it out of the harbour.","0","","2020-06-07 17:13:25","false",""
"Ugz7Ub599y7jdCkeOnJ4AaABAg.99bRlstNlZC99beucizmp1","Sean Rea","@Fussbudget the Ninth agreed thats the best thing to do with it. Let it remain part of history while also giving it context. Destruction of the statue isnt ever the right option","0","","2020-06-07 17:57:46","false",""
"Ugz7Ub599y7jdCkeOnJ4AaABAg.99bRlstNlZC99bxVaubyyK","Tina Mcintyre","When the children are bored they run wild .sorry to say Bristol will be locked down again .","0","","2020-06-07 20:40:14","false",""
"Ugz7Ub599y7jdCkeOnJ4AaABAg.99bRlstNlZC99dKyt3jI_G","More Please","@Sean Rea The problem occurs when the people in a position to do the right thing don't do it.

That is what invites further bad actions. I'm all for fining the people who tore the statue down for criminal damage but a fair chunk of the blame does lie with the council. Bad decisions have consequences.

It's easier to relate when shown in extreme (basically absurd but this is about making a point). You watch someone kill your wife but then the courts fail to convict them of the crime for some reason. Regardless of the reason the murderer is free and considered innocent. The system has failed. 

In order to get justice you must take the matter into your own hands. The system will punish you for this but that doesn't really matter now. 

Now, the statue situation is not really the same but there are similarities. Failure to manage a system correctly will lead to people no longer using the system to achieve their goals.

My point is law and order requires good decisions being made alongside the use of force otherwise civil disobedience will begin and you will get criminal actions that normally wouldn't occur","0","","2020-06-08 09:33:20","false",""
"Ugz7Ub599y7jdCkeOnJ4AaABAg.99bRlstNlZC99dMKttJ2IT","Sean Rea","@More Please I would agree with part of what you said and it's an understandable point. But id also argue the current council can't be blamed for the statue if it has been around longer than they have. Yes they may not of removed it but I wouldn't go as far as to say its there fault its there. I would also say that the system is one where people can raise points in a democratic way and have ideas put forward such as a proposal to remove the statue. Also as its a democratic system literally nothing is preventing people from being elected to it and then  changing it from within.  I dont think the system is fundamentally broken in that way just more of a lack of willingness and drive of people to change it from within. I put it to people how many of the protesters know who the local council members are what their policies are and what they generally are in favour of. To me its not the system but again people not wanting to take the time to educate themselves on it , become part of it and change it. The people who destroyed it should face the same criminal charges anyone who commits such acts of vandalism would face. While the intent behind the action may be pure it does not excuse the behaviour as you agree. Past that the coutry is in severe crisis and yes I understand there isnt a righr or wrong time to stand up for such causes , I do think that while the coutry is on its knees a bit more of a common sense attitude and less incorrectly directed rage needs to be the norm. ..... Sorry for the long rant that is no doubt grammatically inept and riddled with errors ! Dyslexia for you.","0","","2020-06-08 09:45:12","false",""
"Ugz7Ub599y7jdCkeOnJ4AaABAg.99bRlstNlZC99dUO5ljqA6","More Please","@Sean Rea I agree that a better approach is to continue to push the council on the matter and rally a sizeable portion of the local demographic into supporting an action, such as remove the statue.

Perhaps I'm being a little overly defensive of the people who destroyed the statue because of the way some people here are reacting to it. 

It's a criminal act, sure. There's better ways to achieve the goal, sure. However some of the maliciousness being directed towards the people who tore the statue down and the nature of that malice... well... it's concerning. 

The crime is an understandable one. The criticisms need to be modulated to more correctly reflect the crime. 

I've seen quite a few calls for racial violence here. Quite a few indeed.

In my eyes that's worse than the crime itself","0","","2020-06-08 10:55:33","false",""
"Ugz7Ub599y7jdCkeOnJ4AaABAg.99bRlstNlZC99dhmuoFN8n","Sean Rea","@More Please its understandable to be defensive.  Some of the vitriol spurted towards innocent people is abominable.  I do get there are mitigating circumstances for the crime to a degree but for me not enough to negate how calculated an act it was. I abhore racial inequality or inequality of any kind ( as a gay french english indian with a mom born in africa kinda hard not to be accepting ). I just think while the core point is valid to a degree the approach to changing it is all wrong. It also if im honest irks me how divisive people fighting for equality are. Blm to me is nothing but an organisation that seems more about militarised actions than working for effective change , while also working for equality via the exclusion of others. The hypocrisy of it bothers me. It is a real pity as well and I wish nothing more than equality across the board for everyone. Not for everyone to be given riches or a leg up ovet somebody but for each individual to have the chance to maximise their own lives and potential. The rest as they say is down to us","0","","2020-06-08 13:01:24","false",""
"UgxiNBnipxJEAqv-_Ld4AaABAg","Andy Parry","All lives matter","16","9","2020-06-07 15:54:16","true",""
"UgxiNBnipxJEAqv-_Ld4AaABAg.99bRm7Fjp-N99bSuJUuMy4","Salma Abdullah","The slave trader didnt agree looool","2","","2020-06-07 16:04:08","false",""
"UgxiNBnipxJEAqv-_Ld4AaABAg.99bRm7Fjp-N99bUrSJh1Sq","I c a unhealthy agenda","Not just that all life matters","1","","2020-06-07 16:21:13","false",""
"UgxiNBnipxJEAqv-_Ld4AaABAg.99bRm7Fjp-N99bVpokAKUt","Yerin & Yeseo Fan","Salma Abdullah He died 300 years ago. Life was cheap back then for all, regardless of who had it worse (and slaves undoubtedly did).","0","","2020-06-07 16:29:44","false",""
"UgxiNBnipxJEAqv-_Ld4AaABAg.99bRm7Fjp-N99bW9qa-K_2","KoivuTheHab","@Salma Abdullah ''looool''","0","","2020-06-07 16:32:36","false",""
"UgxiNBnipxJEAqv-_Ld4AaABAg.99bRm7Fjp-N99bWFW-hTtX","MrKarmoy1","The slogan Black Lives Matter is racist itself against all other ethnic groups.","0","","2020-06-07 16:33:22","false",""
"UgxiNBnipxJEAqv-_Ld4AaABAg.99bRm7Fjp-N99bZbB98pA7","Alex Smith","@MrKarmoy1 You've completely missed the point you imbecile.","0","","2020-06-07 17:02:41","false",""
"UgxiNBnipxJEAqv-_Ld4AaABAg.99bRm7Fjp-N99bk8kKHYsX","MrKarmoy1","@Alex Smith I think you need to learn some manners.!!","0","","2020-06-07 18:43:31","false",""
"UgxiNBnipxJEAqv-_Ld4AaABAg.99bRm7Fjp-N99dGmNjll8m","More Please","@MrKarmoy1 He's not wrong though. 

BLM is not saying black lives matter more than others. It's about saying that black lives currently matter less.

It's not saying ""we matter more than you"", it's saying ""we want to matter as much as you"".

Noone with their eyes open can honestly say that black people are not treated worse than anyone else in the US. It's not so bad in the UK but I can say the only time I've ever been stopped by the police for an on the spot background check was when a black work colleague was driving. He's a doctor in particle physics and we were driving back from a Taekwondo competition we'd been participating in. Just randomly stopped in a countryside lane and made to wait for 30 minutes while they checked the information we gave them about ourselves. It certainly was a bit surreal","1","","2020-06-08 08:56:40","false",""
"UgxiNBnipxJEAqv-_Ld4AaABAg.99bRm7Fjp-N99dHo8piGZr","More Please","@MrKarmoy1 The thing that really struck the chord though was when we were chatting about it and my colleague told me that this happens to him roughly once every two years. 

Not once has it happened to me while I'm driving (outside of driving through a checkpoint where the police are checking every car) and I drive every day. 

We just don't notice how others are being treated differently to us until we see it for ourselves","0","","2020-06-08 09:05:39","false",""
"Ugyifanb8yHoCiEC7914AaABAg","Jaee Bryant","Powerful","1","0","2020-06-07 15:54:56","true",""
"Ugyvt4oHoGEtvzpzz214AaABAg","?","All lives matter, not only black ones (you make yourself racist), stop police brutality or make them accountable but this is stupid.  At the same time remember george floyd was a criminal, he also had fentanyl, methamphetamine and cannabis in his blood which hid the fact that he was infected with covid 19 which made him unable to breathe properly.","0","1","2020-06-07 15:55:14","true",""
"Ugyvt4oHoGEtvzpzz214AaABAg.99bRtCMdik299bh618rYvu","Chant P","So what you’re saying is because he had a prior criminal record and potentially had used drugs he deserved to be murdered? Stop making excuses for disgusting behaviour and have a long hard look at yourself in the mirror.","0","","2020-06-07 18:16:56","false",""
"UgwJI1pKNJu-aLL_gJl4AaABAg","RR Extra","No police, has to be staged.","0","0","2020-06-07 15:55:19","true",""
"UgyGfSz9Z6fFgI8fm6J4AaABAg","Mallory Meli","These comments are horrible. Maye do a bit of reading on Edward Colston and you'll find he was a slave trader. Actively believed black people were less than human. These people have more of a back bone than most of you.","1","1","2020-06-07 15:55:26","true",""
"UgyGfSz9Z6fFgI8fm6J4AaABAg.99bRuc5xXnz99bSxIf_Dn2","Drama Llama","Are they horrible because they're being offensive, or horrible because they do not agree with you? More of a backbone, tearing down the statue of a dead man instead of addressing the very real and very modern issues present in this world? What has this actually achieved in terms of addressing those modern issues?","0","","2020-06-07 16:04:32","false",""
"UgzBPiNzoqmDYCAkdhp4AaABAg","J Pickard","Let's all remember those poor souls whose lives were ruined by the Barbary slave trade.","50","12","2020-06-07 15:55:33","true",""
"UgzBPiNzoqmDYCAkdhp4AaABAg.99bRvTMKdc599bSfU15dy4","Chelsea For life","@KeepinIt Vril wtf","3","","2020-06-07 16:02:06","false",""
"UgzBPiNzoqmDYCAkdhp4AaABAg.99bRvTMKdc599bSpukFjP1","Jimbo's Farm","And the Islamic slave trade who use to castrate their slaves so they couldn’t breed with their women","8","","2020-06-07 16:03:32","false",""
"UgzBPiNzoqmDYCAkdhp4AaABAg.99bRvTMKdc599bTZwhgbuD","Richard Webster","Let's go to Bath and destroy all the stuff the romans built. Might as well knock Stonehenge down as well","9","","2020-06-07 16:09:57","false",""
"UgzBPiNzoqmDYCAkdhp4AaABAg.99bRvTMKdc599bTs8udzwo","Yerin & Yeseo Fan","J Pickard + All the white people exploited and worked to death during the industrial era.","4","","2020-06-07 16:12:34","false",""
"UgzBPiNzoqmDYCAkdhp4AaABAg.99bRvTMKdc599bU69yetNh","Chelsea For life","@Richard Webster The Roman empire has no negative influence on Britain currently","3","","2020-06-07 16:14:37","false",""
"UgzBPiNzoqmDYCAkdhp4AaABAg.99bRvTMKdc599bUjo3nF9f","Yerin & Yeseo Fan","Chelsea For life And slavery has no negative influence on these people. You know who it does impact? Slaves. Like the ones working on farms and in Vietnamese/Thai nailbars here in the UK. The horrifying prevalence of slavery in places like India and Bangladesh goes unnoticed, despite the West sourcing goods from these places. Shameful.","1","","2020-06-07 16:20:10","false",""
"UgzBPiNzoqmDYCAkdhp4AaABAg.99bRvTMKdc599bUmHkeRLk","john Taylor","I read in a book about piracy that in the markets of Marakesh two Cornish men were the same price as one onion. It didn't mention whether Morocco over valued onions or undervalued Cornish men.","2","","2020-06-07 16:20:31","false",""
"UgzBPiNzoqmDYCAkdhp4AaABAg.99bRvTMKdc599bVN_0gli7","Chelsea For life","@Yerin & Yeseo Fan Being part Indian I can guarantee you that there is no (or little) slavery in India. Secondly the amount of racism suffered by Black people across the world is because of the slave trade.","2","","2020-06-07 16:25:44","false",""
"UgzBPiNzoqmDYCAkdhp4AaABAg.99bRvTMKdc599baXvdls9n","Omnishambles","not sure that really holds relevance today, or maybe you should go to Tunisia and find a statue of a raider or something? I dunno, what point are trying to make exactly?","0","","2020-06-07 17:19:35","false",""
"UgzBPiNzoqmDYCAkdhp4AaABAg.99bRvTMKdc599bs7oMtrt-","Bonehill","@Chelsea For life catch yourself on","0","","2020-06-07 19:53:18","false",""
"UgzBPiNzoqmDYCAkdhp4AaABAg.99bRvTMKdc599bu-TWVbTN","Tina Mcintyre","Yerin & Yeseo Fan 
If you are unhappy in U.K. feel free to leave .","0","","2020-06-07 20:09:38","false",""
"UgzBPiNzoqmDYCAkdhp4AaABAg.99bRvTMKdc599cIeJqiBFp","Galen Tyrol","@Richard Webster don't say that, they'll do it.","0","","2020-06-07 23:53:48","false",""
"UgyBa6SAzPXlgA8gNdB4AaABAg","cowmonkey1000","And with one fell swoop the EDL membership doubled.","33","11","2020-06-07 15:56:01","true",""
"UgyBa6SAzPXlgA8gNdB4AaABAg.99bRyrOmVFq99bU9t6OF4G","Q V","Because a statue of a slave trader was torn down ?","6","","2020-06-07 16:15:08","false",""
"UgyBa6SAzPXlgA8gNdB4AaABAg.99bRyrOmVFq99bUbdYFbEp","cowmonkey1000","@Q V People don't tend to like their history being torn down, doesn't matter who it is, it's the symbolism.","6","","2020-06-07 16:19:03","false",""
"UgyBa6SAzPXlgA8gNdB4AaABAg.99bRyrOmVFq99bUmvk38ip","cowmonkey1000","@Q V Cromwell was pretty bad as well, we had better go and tear that one down, or what about Richard the first, a crusader.","4","","2020-06-07 16:20:36","false",""
"UgyBa6SAzPXlgA8gNdB4AaABAg.99bRyrOmVFq99bWl7AS6ap","R B","That would still mean the EDL could hold a meeting in my local with all it's members and no-one would have to stand. It'll just alienate the public, as ER did, and it'll fizzle out. Public respect for the police will fade too, as people note their selective enforcement.","2","","2020-06-07 16:37:50","false",""
"UgyBa6SAzPXlgA8gNdB4AaABAg.99bRyrOmVFq99ba9maui4X","Baby Goat Juice","@cowmonkey1000 it's nice you think the EDL members would know who that statue is of.","2","","2020-06-07 17:16:17","false",""
"UgyBa6SAzPXlgA8gNdB4AaABAg.99bRyrOmVFq99bb2iqhFXT","Chucksta","@cowmonkey1000 I'd be up for that. Everytime I watch that Richard Harris film, I'm cheering on the Royalists!
Jokes aside, I hate Cromwell and his roundheads!","1","","2020-06-07 17:24:03","false",""
"UgyBa6SAzPXlgA8gNdB4AaABAg.99bRyrOmVFq99cG3KT5khG","Pierre Rat","Wow, two members now!","1","","2020-06-07 23:31:08","false",""
"UgyBa6SAzPXlgA8gNdB4AaABAg.99bRyrOmVFq99dFAI7ojZl","More Please","@John Smith What is it with your kind? Always wanting to do evil upon others.

What broken thing lies inside you that needs fixing to make you human?","0","","2020-06-08 08:42:36","false",""
"UgyBa6SAzPXlgA8gNdB4AaABAg.99bRyrOmVFq99dsTqXZ8_i","Pierre Rat","@John Smith Colston's statue is in the dock.","0","","2020-06-08 14:34:47","false",""
"UgyBa6SAzPXlgA8gNdB4AaABAg.99bRyrOmVFq99eBtNuZCZ0","dragonfly6908","@cowmonkey1000 Orr the Eric Morecambe statue because was he really that funny?.","0","","2020-06-08 17:33:10","false",""
"UgyBa6SAzPXlgA8gNdB4AaABAg.99bRyrOmVFq99eCcwLAyK5","dragonfly6908","@cowmonkey1000 I did not like to see it being torn down.  I would imagine the majority of people who live in Bristol will be walking past it on a daily basis and never give it a second thought.  The statue has been there since 1895 rightly or wrongly and if this George Floyd incident had not happened this statue would probably have been there forever more.  Also isn't it vandalism?","0","","2020-06-08 17:39:40","false",""
"UgxIznMljk8sCITfu1V4AaABAg","Remediana Lobo","Winston churchill should be next. Bcoz He was a racist as well as a war criminal.","1","0","2020-06-07 15:56:09","true",""
"UgzaE3eo_aTNFsqU0aN4AaABAg","El Papa Clemente","Ignorantes y locos","1","0","2020-06-07 15:56:14","true",""
"Ugw-rseCmm_x6f2kgxl4AaABAg","Mr So What!","Simple line the lot up and shoot to kill.","4","4","2020-06-07 15:56:28","true",""
"Ugw-rseCmm_x6f2kgxl4AaABAg.99bS1BuHWet99bSh6FWoYG","Salma Abdullah","Yep lets murder people for pulling down a metal statue. Sounds about right","3","","2020-06-07 16:02:20","false",""
"Ugw-rseCmm_x6f2kgxl4AaABAg.99bS1BuHWet99bVrKpFdqn","Jay Attwell","@Salma Abdullah no doubt you would rather a statue of George Floyd the person that had no place on this earth for the deeds he committed and I would be saying that if he was white also so before you pull that card out","1","","2020-06-07 16:29:56","false",""
"Ugw-rseCmm_x6f2kgxl4AaABAg.99bS1BuHWet99bWaghM5jH","Darren Silk","So you're advocating for fascism? We fought a war about this. And won.","0","","2020-06-07 16:36:24","false",""
"Ugw-rseCmm_x6f2kgxl4AaABAg.99bS1BuHWet99dEPCDecMs","More Please","Le sigh...

People like you are what's wrong with the world","0","","2020-06-08 08:35:53","false",""
"Ugz73wan_DzvQsVp5h94AaABAg","WOWITSUREISHOTINHERE","Statue should have been torn down years ago, he profited from slavery and murder, shouldn't teach our children to respect people like him.","1","0","2020-06-07 15:57:45","true",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg","Athena SuperHeldin","Ahhhh the ancestors must be proud. This is so beautiful to watch😍👏🏾","12","47","2020-06-07 15:57:45","true",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199bTAAXemcc","mhffc","Rich spoilt white girls getting Instagram hits, so beautiful..Maybe teach them some history and tell them who were some of the biggest slave traders in Africa, clue, they weren't white..","7","","2020-06-07 16:06:26","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199bU-nbXpcM","Yerin & Yeseo Fan","Athena SuperHeldin No one cares about ancestors. Do a little research about the primary drivers of inequality in the UK, and it’s not race.","2","","2020-06-07 16:13:45","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199bUNePtP3T","Athena SuperHeldin","@Yerin & Yeseo Fan no one cares about racist evil people, so let their statues come down","2","","2020-06-07 16:17:01","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199bUQHCAzf4","Athena SuperHeldin","@John Smith okay John Smith🤣","0","","2020-06-07 16:17:22","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199bUTXoJNJJ","Athena SuperHeldin","@mhffc maybe YOU should learn actual history.","0","","2020-06-07 16:17:49","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199bV59Gw1-w","mhffc","@Athena SuperHeldin West African rulers were instrumental in the slave trade. They exchanged their prisoners of war (rarely their own people) for firearms from the Europeans..Start looking at your own history.","1","","2020-06-07 16:23:13","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199bWUrIN0op","Athena SuperHeldin","@mhffc maybe YOU should educate yourself on the difference between slavery BEFORE the transatlantic slave trade. Before that it used to be more like Indentured Servitude. Atlantic Slave Trade was BARBARIC by ripping many people away from their homelands, changing their names, banning them from speaking their language and practicing their culture and religion. They then enslavded them for many centuries with kids being BORN into slavery and those kids either being sold off at 7 or being used as Alligator bait when they were babies. So before you come here trying to spread fake revisionist history....maybe YOU should learn more about the atrocities committed by manh european colonial empires in Africa, Australia, New Zealand, South and North America, and many asian countries. The AUDACITY you have to ignore the barbarity and savagery and then turn around and pretend like it didn't exist. Goodbye troll.","0","","2020-06-07 16:35:28","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199bX2h8SVgg","Zac Grey","@Athena SuperHeldin denying history serves no one unlike your ancestors.","1","","2020-06-07 16:40:22","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199bXa0iPYJv","Athena SuperHeldin","@Zac Grey only person here is YOU denying history darling. All these trolls studying fake history from these white supremacist propaganda outlets and then coming here pretending like they know history.😘","0","","2020-06-07 16:45:03","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199bXnzI6Ubq","Athena SuperHeldin","@Andy Frost aww thank you, sweetie 😍❤","0","","2020-06-07 16:46:57","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199bYn93Kav3","mhffc","@Athena SuperHeldin Sorry if basic historical facts don't suit your skewed view of history. But you know what they say, facts don't care about your feelings...","0","","2020-06-07 16:55:35","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199bZNyiOMeY","Athena SuperHeldin","@mhffc facts don't care about YOUR feelings my dear. Your fragility doesn't want to acknowledge the atrocities of colonization and slavery. Colonial empires obliterated people's heritage and now you are trying to erase history with your skewed white supremacist version of history. Bye, Felicia✊🏾🤣","2","","2020-06-07 17:00:45","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199ba0Krta8V","mhffc","@Athena SuperHeldin Sorry did I at any stage excuse the European slave trade?? No I just stated that Black Africans were complicit in supplying the salves to the traders. Now I'm sorry if your only response to this is to be a drama Queen but that's your problem. Or maybe you'd now like to start burning history books. Can't be far off. 
But I do love the fact your default setting is to call anyone who disagrees with you a ""white supremacist"".","0","","2020-06-07 17:14:59","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199bci-mIKVL","Zac Grey","@Athena SuperHeldin 🤣🤣🤣white supremacist 🤣 maybe my white half but not my black half.","0","","2020-06-07 17:38:34","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199bdJ2ifQwN","Athena SuperHeldin","@mhffc okay then what was your point about bringing that up when the video is about an evil man who got a statue? Why did you bring it up?","0","","2020-06-07 17:43:46","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199bdO93j1nE","Athena SuperHeldin","@Zac Grey half black? That is why you said ""YOUR ancestors""? Yeah okay sweetie🤣","0","","2020-06-07 17:44:27","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199be-FHVKVv","Zac Grey","@Athena SuperHeldin  you are being racist by denying my ethnicity,  shame on you, you hypocrite.","0","","2020-06-07 17:49:48","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199beMNRXygT","mhffc","@Athena SuperHeldin Because it shows that history is not black and white, their are historical facts that don't suit people's agendas like yourself..
Here's a question. The Roman's took many slaves, from across Europe and the British Isles. That would be my ancestors. Would it be acceptable for me to now go to Italy and tear down anything to do with the Roman Empire, maybe start with the Colosseum..","0","","2020-06-07 17:52:57","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199beZByEWHT","Athena SuperHeldin","@mhffc if you actually knew the details about the Transatlantic Slave trade you would have KNOWN that there was NO other slave trade that was as brutal and atrocius as it and as long lasting. It was very unique and the first of its kind. Its effects are STILL being felt till today centuries later and it completely changed the world.","0","","2020-06-07 17:54:42","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199biuqKFQED","mhffc","@Athena SuperHeldin So some slavery is worse than others???. So the Rwandan genocide should be played down as it didn't kill as many people as the Nazi genocide. But then that should that should be relegated as the Nazi genocide didn't kill as many as Stalins genocide. It's easy to pick and choose what you want out of history.
But the reason you people aren't particularly bright is that tearing down that statue has just removed a tangible reminder of Britain's role in the slave trade, well done..
But we'll also ignore it was the British who also ended the Transatlantic slave trade.","0","","2020-06-07 18:32:45","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199bjjwP8iGT","Athena SuperHeldin","@mhffc no. The ethnic tensions that cause the Rwandan Genocide were directly cause by colonial rule(German and Belgian) which continued to use ""Divide and Rule"" tactical propaganda to stay in power for so long. Speaking of Nazis, Germany banned ALL Nazi paraphernalia and statues because they understand that that part of history was dark. They paid reparations to the Jews and took down all statues commemorating ghe Nazi Regime. So why does Britain have statues commemorating a monster who caused the death of God knows how many. Wanna learn about history, fine go to a museum or read a history book. Statues are not for learning history.","0","","2020-06-07 18:40:00","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199bjxU9Hc3u","Athena SuperHeldin","@mhffc imagine me murdering your whole family and destroying your house and then turning around and giving you some money and then demanding you commemorate me ""fixing"" the problem that I myself started by telling you to honor my statue? What?🤣","0","","2020-06-07 18:41:51","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199blXiwqBQ7","mhffc","@Athena SuperHeldin Trying to shift blame on to the Europeans is farcical. It was perpetrated by Hutu's against the Tutsi's. This was a purely African genocide. But are you saying it is not as important as the Nazi genocide because that happened to the Jews. 
 And was this statue a meeting place for torch carrying white people?? Or was it a reminder of it's history in the slave trade. Bit like in Rome with their historical landmarks that go back to Roman days. But well done for removing a part of our history. Your agenda of splitting the races apart is coming along beautifully, not long till you call for segregation..","0","","2020-06-07 18:55:40","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199bmhHjWjj2","Athena SuperHeldin","@mhffc no. If you knew ANYTHING about colonial history you would know that colonial empires regularly implemented the Divide and Conquer or Divide and Rule tactics. These tactics have caused wars not only in many african countries but it also escalated the tensions in Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka including all the former colonies. So maybe you should learn about colonial history and how they ruled those countries by spreading propaganda and escalating tensions, before you come here and spread misinformation. Again, statues are for COMMEMORATING. This evil man as a slave trader should not get commemorated. Even Germans do not do that to Hitler and he used to be the CHANCELLOR. They acknowledged what he did and do not celebrate him. Speaking of Holocaust....King Leopold of Belgium killed 15 million people in Congo. That STILL has lasting effects till now.","0","","2020-06-07 19:05:51","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199btgHmSgn4","mhffc","@Athena SuperHeldin Sorry, again who was celebrating this man and his statue??? Remind me. 
But you are so naive, you think history only started 400 years ago with the spread of the Europeans into Africa. Then claim it has a lasting effect today. Well that could be said of Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar to name a few. They all shaped the history of the world well before the British even existed...
And the Germans still have Dachau Concentration Camp as a reminder to their past. But by your logic it should be torn down.
What is the old saying about those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. Well you and your fellow fanatics have just started removing a part of my countries past, again, well done..","0","","2020-06-07 20:06:53","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199buaJzrUgt","Athena SuperHeldin","@mhffc statues are MEANT to commemorate. That is literally the intention of statues. Museums and history books or historicak artifacts are for learning history and preserving it whereas statues are for celebrating or commemorating history. He doesn't deserve any commemoration. 

Naive? I love how you go to insults when you have nothing better to say.  I know of all the different empires that existed sweetie. I have been studying these different topics and working with actual primary sources for years so stfu. You also need to learn more out colonization and slavery and why they STILL have such lasting impacts not only in Africa but in Asia and the Americas as well. Also stop acting like colonization is ancient news....the last countries gained independence in the 1990s which is not that long ago. Goodbye and have a good evening. Blessings!","0","","2020-06-07 20:14:48","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199bukb5dOmk","Athena SuperHeldin","@mhffc dachau concentration camp (which is more likely considered to be a historical artifact) was turned into a museum to remind people of the horrific past of the Holocaust. How does this beautiful statue of this slavetrader remind people of the atrocities he committed? There isn't even a plaque stating that on the statue. Gtfo here.","0","","2020-06-07 20:16:12","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199bvbJGrWow","mhffc","@Athena SuperHeldin How was it a ""beautiful"" statue. Everyone in Bristol by all accounts knew he was a slave trader. It showed Bristol's link to it's history during the slave trade. Did the people of Bristol lay flowers at its base in his memory. Of course not. It was still a part of their history, good or bad. But now it's been removed that part can now be forgotten. Again, well done. 
What statues are next. Churchill, Cromwell or maybe start with the Monarchy, after all they became very rich off the Empire..","0","","2020-06-07 20:23:41","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199bwRTrGUjW","Athena SuperHeldin","@mhffc the sole purpose of statues are NOT to preserve history or teach people history but instead to glorify or commemorate someone or a period of history. Museums, Historical artifacts, and books are used to preserve and teach history. Either you are clowning or you just really do not know anything about statues. My lord.","0","","2020-06-07 20:30:56","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199byNxanXHv","mhffc","@Athena SuperHeldin You do like to avoid answering tough questions when it doesn't fit in with your agenda. I'm from Southern Irish ancestry. Should I go to Parliament and tear down the statue of Cromwell..
Simple enough question..","0","","2020-06-07 20:47:56","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199c168jPY5Z","Athena SuperHeldin","@mhffc 🤦🏾‍♀️ Those are 2 different things. The irish were not colonized and enslaved for 300+ years. Plus the Irish still very much hate the british. Go to Ireland and tell them you love Britain and you'd get your ass wooped. Even Northern Ireland is trying to break free from the UK. 

One question, why hasn't Germany kept statues commemorating the Nazi Regime? Why were they all taken down? The UK has a problem with acknowledging its past and trying to right the wrongs of the past. They don't learn much about the UK's colonial past in school...they still have such statues, they paid and still paid until recent years money to descendants of Slave owners as compensation for taking away ""their"" slaves. British Museums are still full of STOLEN historical artifacts and artwork from OTHER countries. And the government is still very much racist. No wonder these statues are still up to glorify such a dark time in history.","0","","2020-06-07 21:20:27","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199c2hXh0jtb","mhffc","@Athena SuperHeldin The Irish weren't colonised!!!. Have you any grasp of Irish or British history. Certain things like the potato famine. Britain's colonial rule in Ireland. Ever wondered why Ireland's mother tongue is English not Gaelic. Just shows your utter bigotry to say a whole nation hates another, you are certainly a hate filled person. My grandparents are all from southern Ireland, does that mean they hate my British family.
And Northern Ireland is trying to break free, where do you get this utter rubbish..
You can talk rubbish about your own history but you'll never have any connection to mine. 
Again as a person with Irish heritage should I tear down Cromwell's statue..","0","","2020-06-07 21:34:26","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199c8w8pwe74","Athena SuperHeldin","@mhffc again. Did I say they were not colonized? They were. The Potato Famine also killed 3 million people and led many to flee and seek refuge elsewhere but mostly in America. I am saying though the colonization of Ireland and of many african countries were different. White Dominion colonies where not subjected to the atrocities that many african countries were subjected to. The Irish also worked as indentured servants in America but were not enslaved for centuries like African people were in North and South America. They were not subjected to the same atrocities and systemic oppression that indigenous peoples were subjected too in the Americas, New Zealand, Austrailia, Papua new Guinea. They were not subjected to the same colonization, enslavement and systemic oppression that Africans were subjected to. Now please pick up an actual history book and educate yourself on the British Empire and colonial pasts of many european countries.","0","","2020-06-07 22:28:51","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199c9FELjmAp","Athena SuperHeldin","@mhffc northern Ireland was and many still are trying to break away from the UK because of Brexit. Leaving the EU would mean there needs to be a hard border between Northern Ireland(UK) and Republic of Ireland (EU), which would violate the Good Friday Agreement and could start a war again. Northern Ireland voted to STAY in the EU hence why they were legitimately trying to break free from the UK because they still wanted to stay in the EU.","0","","2020-06-07 22:31:36","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199cAqasZXPg","mhffc","@Athena SuperHeldin You wrote "" The irish were not colonized and enslaved for 300+ years. Read you're own comment. 
And why are you telling me about my own history. You dismiss the death of 3 million like it doesn't matter, is that because they are white?? So I should really hate the British people and this country because of what happened to my ancestors. Or am I intelligent enough to realise that it's called history. No one today played any part in it.
I just wonder what it is like going through life with such a massive chip on your shoulder. If your aim and people like you is to drive a wedge between white and black people you're on the right track.","0","","2020-06-07 22:45:34","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199cBVpYwpfM","mhffc","@Athena SuperHeldin You are a bit dim. The UK has already left the EU. We are no longer a member, that's why we no longer have MEP's.. We are now striking a trade deal. But if Northern Ireland want to leave the UK then they are within their rights to hold a referendum. It's called basic democracy. But it you had the first idea about Irish politics you'd know Southern Ireland have no wish to take on the burden of Northern Ireland and the financial and social problems it would inherit..","0","","2020-06-07 22:51:20","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199cBi72kOu2","Athena SuperHeldin","@mhffc i said they were not colonized for 300+ years...never said they weren't colonized at all! Did I say those 3 million do not matter? Of course they do...that is why they have statues all over Dublin as a memorial for the dead, because they NEVER forget and Ireland's population has STILL not recovered from the potato famine. I just said that those White Dominion colonies were not subjected to as much atrocities like the nonwhite colonies were subjected to. 

Now about colonization of african countries(in Congo ALONE more than 15 million people were killed)....the last African countries gained their independence in the 1990s. You saying people living in the 1990s are not alive now? If you look at america for have 350+ of slavery and then 100 years of Jim Crow(people from that era are STILL alive now) and then a prison industrial complex that still actively targets and kills black people. Don't pretend like colonization or slavery or segregation happened centuries ago....people who went through colonization or segregation are STILL alive today. Indigenous peoples in Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, America, Canada and certain parts of south america are STILL experiencing the effects of that time. Including black people who were brought as slaves to the Americas. Learn how to READ because you are clearly lacking in comprehension skills.","0","","2020-06-07 22:53:09","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199cC34n1qWB","Athena SuperHeldin","@mhffc 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 yes the UK left the EU THIS year. But Northern Ireland was very much AGAINST leaving the EU, so was Scotland. Never said anything about Republic of Ireland WANTING to accept NIR. My lord, how old are you? You really sound like a child, with your rebuttals.","0","","2020-06-07 22:56:09","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199dwe4iJ1Ky","mhffc","@Athena SuperHeldin They also have a statue of an IRA member who died on a Nazi U-boat during World War 2. The names Sean Russell, still stands in a Dublin park this very day. Maybe the Jews should tear that down. 
But I am curious how you an African think you have the right to say what historical landmarks are allowed in the UK. Really how does this concern you, you're not British. Obviously you have a deep seated hatred for the UK, that is evident..
Maybe it will be Gandhi's statue next, you know his opinion on the Africans..","0","","2020-06-08 15:11:16","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199dxTNbEdc5","mhffc","@Athena SuperHeldin You try to act intelligent but keep slipping up. This is the UK, we are four Nations under one Parliament. Just because one particular nation disagrees with the rest does not mean it can overrule the majority. You see in our Democracy certain countries can't cherry pick what they want out of the Union. If NI feel that strongly they can hold a referendum to leave the UK like the Scots did. Nothing stopping them. So any argument you have is mute. The minority don't have say over the majority.","0","","2020-06-08 15:18:25","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199dyTNSO9aT","Athena SuperHeldin","@mhffc wtf are you on about🤣🤣🤣🤣 my lord....please stop.","0","","2020-06-08 15:27:09","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199dyunzdWp1","Athena SuperHeldin","@mhffc first of all, I am an Afrogerman*, second of was clearly the opinion of people in Bristol who THEMSELVES took it down. I just expressed my opinion to what they did, which I personally think it is good. I do not have a deeply rooted hate for the UK, I am just not oblivious to the history and effects of British Empire's colonial politics. Learning history is very important in understanding that present. Countless countries are STILL dealing with the aftermath of colonization, to be willfuly ignorant on the causes of these effects is just you choosing to be stupid. Goodbye, fool!","0","","2020-06-08 15:31:02","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199e3x6qLNt1","mhffc","@Athena SuperHeldin ""it was clearly the opinion of people in Bristol who THEMSELVES took it down"".  Please refer me to the referendum in Bristol where everyone was asked if they would like the statue removed. This was mob rule by the minority..God you are dense..You may embrace mob rule and lawlessness wherever you come from but this country doesn't. Shame you have such a hard time grasping the concept of laws and democracy. Maybe you should try them some day.","0","","2020-06-08 16:23:47","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199e5hjFpg5N","Athena SuperHeldin","@mhffc Mayor pf Bristol Marvin Rees said he felt no ""sense of loss"". Avon and Somerset Police said a decision was taken not to intervene. So they understand and let people take it down. On a side note, this ""mob mentality"" is what got british museums full of stolen artifacts from other countries....don't see you complaining about THAT. Funny how the british empire spent CENTURIES looting other countries and then now turns around and screams ""It is not fair"" when people use the same tactics it used.🤣","0","","2020-06-08 16:39:09","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199e6rnGU0Bk","mhffc","@Athena SuperHeldin The Mayor of Bristol is an African. And it is not his call to say what statues are removed. Again you are struggling with the concept of how British democracy works. The Mayor of Bristol is willing to take the title but not the responsibility that comes with it. The Police have also been widely criticised for allowing acts of vandalism to take place while they did nothing. The Police don't get to pick and choose what laws they implement..I would hate to see the society you live in, must be chaos..","0","","2020-06-08 16:49:16","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199e8XrWn9kI","Athena SuperHeldin","@mhffc british mother and jamaican (former british colony) father born in the UK is African? Ooooof darling, not are you an idiot but a f*cking racist as well. 🤣 Goodbye you little white supremacist","0","","2020-06-08 17:03:53","false",""
"UgySiEZSv05EjdI2Rap4AaABAg.99bSAYukf3199eGYzE1GRL","mhffc","@Athena SuperHeldin Maybe you should have picked up the basics of democracy and how society's evolve then seeing as your mother was British... But seeing how Africa is a continent and not a race you've proven yourself to be ignorant once again. You see I NEVER used the word black, just where they are ethnically from and still consider themselves to be.. You know you are devoid of a reasonable response when you use buzzwords like ""white supremacist""..Which is curious since the demonstrators at the London gathering were chanting ""Black Power""..What does that make them in your warped little world..","0","","2020-06-08 18:13:56","false",""
"UgyKOizV5lZfWqHJFUt4AaABAg","The Matrix Weave","Disgusting lefty fucktards","0","1","2020-06-07 15:57:47","true",""
"UgyKOizV5lZfWqHJFUt4AaABAg.99bSApShGId99dDNmYCGNf","More Please","Actually I've seen far more truly disgusting things coming from people who seem to fall into the right wing camp at the moment. 

Some of the vileness in that camp right now beggers belief!

We'll all be in hell if those people actually get into power. Genuinely a danger to civilisation","0","","2020-06-08 08:26:57","false",""
"UgxKHIuSEUM0znT2RFR4AaABAg","Getto Thechopper","Please start a crowdfunding for a new statue someone and post the link.","2","7","2020-06-07 15:58:27","true",""
"UgxKHIuSEUM0znT2RFR4AaABAg.99bSFjaA57p99bSkQKmLRR","Salma Abdullah","Yep we must have the slave trader back up","0","","2020-06-07 16:02:47","false",""
"UgxKHIuSEUM0znT2RFR4AaABAg.99bSFjaA57p99bT24RA7na","Getto Thechopper","Salma Abdullah who are you to decide who we can have statues of in this country?","1","","2020-06-07 16:05:20","false",""
"UgxKHIuSEUM0znT2RFR4AaABAg.99bSFjaA57p99bTYCqNAia","Salma Abdullah","@Getto Thechopper hmm a citizen, a tax payer, someone who doesn't think slave traders should be glorified? Your pick","2","","2020-06-07 16:09:43","false",""
"UgxKHIuSEUM0znT2RFR4AaABAg.99bSFjaA57p99bjsbPPiF4","Chantal M","Salma Abdullah ignore this person, their an unfulfilled internet troll.","2","","2020-06-07 18:41:11","false",""
"UgxKHIuSEUM0znT2RFR4AaABAg.99bSFjaA57p99boNN9Xst-","Salma Abdullah","@Chantal M yeahh","0","","2020-06-07 19:20:28","false",""
"UgxKHIuSEUM0znT2RFR4AaABAg.99bSFjaA57p99bq_MJgCZG","Getto Thechopper","He was more than a slave trader hence why he has a statue. He done more for this country than all the people at the march today.","0","","2020-06-07 19:39:43","false",""
"UgxKHIuSEUM0znT2RFR4AaABAg.99bSFjaA57p99d7xpmKiDA","More Please","@Getto Thechopper Unfortunately the evils he committed outweigh the good. Had he done all the good deeds without enabling the evil _then_ he would deserve a statue.

As is he falls short in the eyes of those who judge him. 

That's just the way of things.

People had been demanding this statue be taken down for years. Bristol council should've been more considerate of the wishes of the people they serve","0","","2020-06-08 07:39:35","false",""
"Ugyy0jscsRNbQ866a9h4AaABAg","Hebrew Wolf","Everything is going according to plan.","13","9","2020-06-07 15:58:42","true",""
"Ugyy0jscsRNbQ866a9h4AaABAg.99bSHZxItYT99bSlC60shw","Alan Watkins","ha the left could not organise a piss up in a brewery. just ask corbyn!","2","","2020-06-07 16:02:53","false",""
"Ugyy0jscsRNbQ866a9h4AaABAg.99bSHZxItYT99bch918ePA","Brian W","@Alan Watkins do you really think hebrew is left. NEW WORLD ORDER! even the murder was staged to incite us out because we so shockingly complied with the lockdown","2","","2020-06-07 17:38:27","false",""
"Ugyy0jscsRNbQ866a9h4AaABAg.99bSHZxItYT99bkZKvR5UI","CountJimbo","Idiot","0","","2020-06-07 18:47:09","false",""
"Ugyy0jscsRNbQ866a9h4AaABAg.99bSHZxItYT99bmQOazv08","13twite13","SPIRITUAL SO","0","","2020-06-07 19:03:24","false",""
"Ugyy0jscsRNbQ866a9h4AaABAg.99bSHZxItYT99bt7FKdY5g","Tina Mcintyre","Hebrew Wolf 
And they’re falling for it ,collateral damage .","0","","2020-06-07 20:01:58","false",""
"Ugyy0jscsRNbQ866a9h4AaABAg.99bSHZxItYT99cDO-cqRip","steve11fox","Who's plan??","0","","2020-06-07 23:07:45","false",""
"Ugyy0jscsRNbQ866a9h4AaABAg.99bSHZxItYT99cI13Rppxk","RoboticPope","China's","0","","2020-06-07 23:48:18","false",""
"Ugyy0jscsRNbQ866a9h4AaABAg.99bSHZxItYT99eBaYWfeRE","dragonfly6908","@Alan Watkins Amazing how rich some of these ""socialists?"" are.  Sir Keir Starmer is worth £3 to £4 million and Jeremy Corbyn worth £3 million.","0","","2020-06-08 17:30:36","false",""
"Ugyy0jscsRNbQ866a9h4AaABAg.99bSHZxItYT99g4VPXfn7T","Kate Bennett","@dragonfly6908 Ah so you cant a be lower class, go to university and become a QC then have the audasity to become an MP but you can be upper class, inherit wealth, be sacked from more than one job then become prime minister.","0","","2020-06-09 11:07:05","false",""
"UgxOm-285_1lvqSqvSt4AaABAg","Theban Thebes","Silly people. On camera for all to see! I hope they get arrested!","14","5","2020-06-07 15:59:29","true",""
"UgxOm-285_1lvqSqvSt4AaABAg.99bSNDNOauB99bTHk6hPkX","_Wilson","Theban Thebes stfu u clown","1","","2020-06-07 16:07:28","false",""
"UgxOm-285_1lvqSqvSt4AaABAg.99bSNDNOauB99bVCzVc2qH","KoivuTheHab","@_Wilson Grow up.","0","","2020-06-07 16:24:17","false",""
"UgxOm-285_1lvqSqvSt4AaABAg.99bSNDNOauB99bVPJBAEkZ","R B","It's almost a certainty they will not. The police could have prevented this and chose not to. Presumably for fear it could have turned violent, or out of sympathy. Likely they won't investigate for the same reasons.
The issue will be what happens if, say, parents in Rochdale and Rotherham decide to deface mosques, or a group of Pakistani nationals pull down that statue of Gandhi in London (Gandhi's views on Black people were quite eye-watering for that matter), and use the same defence.","0","","2020-06-07 16:25:58","false",""
"UgxOm-285_1lvqSqvSt4AaABAg.99bSNDNOauB99bWdA4deNC","KoivuTheHab","@R B It's illegal. It would be a crime in itself not to investigate and charge the vandals.","0","","2020-06-07 16:36:44","false",""
"UgxOm-285_1lvqSqvSt4AaABAg.99bSNDNOauB99bWg8YoZuM","Theban Thebes","_Wilson Is that right? You know nothing about history. You obviously know nothing about behaviour, key board warrior at his best. Go away troll, begone.","0","","2020-06-07 16:37:09","false",""
"Ugxrs_NkGYTZg-nTJud4AaABAg","andrew moonbeam","Bronze Statues Don't Matter.","1","0","2020-06-07 16:00:23","true",""
"UgylcOVhJ1nOtvU8M9N4AaABAg","K P","Absolute ridiculous! 🤦‍♂️ History is history wether you like it or not! What will all this destruction achieve?????","17","15","2020-06-07 16:00:33","true",""
"UgylcOVhJ1nOtvU8M9N4AaABAg.99bSV2qmRPY99bSthgB7Qo","We'll Do It Live!","He’ll be read about in books, oppressors should not be honored with statues","11","","2020-06-07 16:04:03","false",""
"UgylcOVhJ1nOtvU8M9N4AaABAg.99bSV2qmRPY99bT8BewtBf","Robot killer","@We'll Do It Live! ""oppressors""","1","","2020-06-07 16:06:10","false",""
"UgylcOVhJ1nOtvU8M9N4AaABAg.99bSV2qmRPY99bTDRGeiCA","Melanin Rose","A monument of a murderer should not be part of history.
Change is here!","4","","2020-06-07 16:06:53","false",""
"UgylcOVhJ1nOtvU8M9N4AaABAg.99bSV2qmRPY99bTElxgIiT","Brue Derew","Robot killer he was a slave trader you milkman","1","","2020-06-07 16:07:03","false",""
"UgylcOVhJ1nOtvU8M9N4AaABAg.99bSV2qmRPY99bTFAZyV7G","LuciferMorningstar","the destruction weeds out the degenerate mindset folks like yourself","0","","2020-06-07 16:07:07","false",""
"UgylcOVhJ1nOtvU8M9N4AaABAg.99bSV2qmRPY99bTFR8cA3f","Ewan Trevis","We'll Do It Live! It was mob vandalism..... they should all be fined.....","4","","2020-06-07 16:07:09","false",""
"UgylcOVhJ1nOtvU8M9N4AaABAg.99bSV2qmRPY99bTGigt44z","tom meadows","Statues are for people we admire in society... Society is changing whether you like it or not - lets not argue amongst ourselves and take the meaning away from this movement","2","","2020-06-07 16:07:20","false",""
"UgylcOVhJ1nOtvU8M9N4AaABAg.99bSV2qmRPY99bTWoK2gDV","We'll Do It Live!","Ewan Trevis vandalism aye? You’d hate to know what I do then","0","","2020-06-07 16:09:31","false",""
"UgylcOVhJ1nOtvU8M9N4AaABAg.99bSV2qmRPY99bTaM_0L67","Eddie A","Nothing more embarrassing than seeing whites acting like there care. Where was all this passion before the George Floyd incident?","0","","2020-06-07 16:10:09","false",""
"UgylcOVhJ1nOtvU8M9N4AaABAg.99bSV2qmRPY99bTffhQfj8","Romola B","To make you wake up. Why don't you have statues of Hitler too. Spike Lee said it best society built on foundations of genoicide, stealing land and slavery. My eldest son is nearly 20y stated ""about time tbh"" This new generation have had enough!","1","","2020-06-07 16:10:52","false",""
"UgylcOVhJ1nOtvU8M9N4AaABAg.99bSV2qmRPY99bTvTUscr6","Leon Khunane Madihlaba","These statues of murderers should be taken off our parks, town squares etc because by not taking them off our streets we are saying we agree with what they stood for. So now we are saying we aren't going to be complicit","1","","2020-06-07 16:13:02","false",""
"UgylcOVhJ1nOtvU8M9N4AaABAg.99bSV2qmRPY99bUWgXAGEM","Robot killer","@Brue Derew so? Slavery was ubiquitous in human history and we were no worse than anyone else. What a lot of history books won't tell you is that African empires started the trans Atlantic slave trade to enrich themselves at the expense of their fellow Africans, and they never were held accountable for it. Where's all the outrage over that? Oh wait, these people know nothing about the actual history, they just use it as an excuse to hate white people. Many of the idiots I've talked to are under the impression that Brits invented slavery, that's how slanted and inaccurate our teaching of the subject is.","1","","2020-06-07 16:18:15","false",""
"UgylcOVhJ1nOtvU8M9N4AaABAg.99bSV2qmRPY99bVsB9AtD_","K P","Ok so the statue has now gone now what? Has the 
Colston hall got to be demolished now as well? Also change the name of Colston street and further more demolish Colston school? Will that then make it all better? The answer is it will change absolutely nothing! Stop wasting your time vandalising the city centre and do something positive to put your point of view across instead??","0","","2020-06-07 16:30:03","false",""
"UgylcOVhJ1nOtvU8M9N4AaABAg.99bSV2qmRPY99bXvxbOrp4","Ewan Trevis","We'll Do It Live! ...... yes it is vandalism ... pray tell me what you do ... I’m all ears","1","","2020-06-07 16:48:02","false",""
"UgylcOVhJ1nOtvU8M9N4AaABAg.99bSV2qmRPY99dDCsxxVNE","Brue Derew","Robot killer I agree, lessons on slavery should be mandatory on schools syllabus. Maybe they should swap it with all the WW2 propaganda they fed us","0","","2020-06-08 08:25:28","false",""
"UgzLXsooznfrPH6_AAx4AaABAg","Johnson Rupert","Your going to get caught and sent to prison for that.
I’m pleased.
One stupid act on a silly day has ruined the lives of the fools who did this.
Look back in 5 years and salute yourselves. Enjoy prison, I think you might find Black lives Really do matter in there 😂","0","0","2020-06-07 16:01:17","true",""
"UgxUASnxc9ocw0OdfXd4AaABAg","kunal prasad","Take down Churchill’s too. Mf killed millions in India alone.","3","1","2020-06-07 16:01:22","true",""
"UgxUASnxc9ocw0OdfXd4AaABAg.99bSa74iq6599bSwJlXM04","mhffc","And Ghandi..He supported Hitler...","2","","2020-06-07 16:04:24","false",""
"UgwZ_dyD2aHdtZk0Xqp4AaABAg","Jouy Koll","We are seeing the fall of Western World. Thank you for providing us human rights, prosperity and tolerance. Now lets go and live like Africa.","10","2","2020-06-07 16:01:31","true",""
"UgwZ_dyD2aHdtZk0Xqp4AaABAg.99bSbBWocbV99bUDNCry6P","josh denne","Relax.","0","","2020-06-07 16:15:36","false",""
"UgwZ_dyD2aHdtZk0Xqp4AaABAg.99bSbBWocbV99d7NGc0yBp","More Please","Calm down Juoy.

Tearing down a statue of a slaver is not ""The fall of Western World"".","0","","2020-06-08 07:34:28","false",""
"Ugxo5_hZ20DE-pM7p8N4AaABAg","mhffc","White middle class girls...The most privileged demographic in the UK...","8","0","2020-06-07 16:02:50","true",""
"UgyIpda8hd3Za6scQQl4AaABAg","Aias Stocco","But i swear England abolished slavery? First than anyone else and we wasn’t slave traders we was consumers who bought the slaves...","13","12","2020-06-07 16:04:26","true",""
"UgyIpda8hd3Za6scQQl4AaABAg.99bSwXMZ-Ou99bTJjLQ1G2","Not A Cossack","Darius I came a bit before the English moved out of Germania.","0","","2020-06-07 16:07:44","false",""
"UgyIpda8hd3Za6scQQl4AaABAg.99bSwXMZ-Ou99dXCK9-b5g","pammens miss","Alas Stocco

William Wilberforce 1833.

If you wish to do your research.","0","","2020-06-08 11:20:09","false",""
"UgyIpda8hd3Za6scQQl4AaABAg.99bSwXMZ-Ou99eGPeeXT97","Galen Tyrol","@pammens miss England was 1772","1","","2020-06-08 18:12:40","false",""
"UgyIpda8hd3Za6scQQl4AaABAg.99bSwXMZ-Ou99eGlhptlTG","Galen Tyrol","@pammens miss in 1807 that Parliament decided to suppress the slave trade, not only outlawing the practice by British subjects but also seeking to suppress the trade by foreigners, through the sea power of the Royal Navy. Although the slave trade was suppressed, slavery continued in various parts of the British Empire until it was abolished by the Slavery Abolition Act 1833. India came later. But I was happy to help in your research...","1","","2020-06-08 18:15:49","false",""
"UgyIpda8hd3Za6scQQl4AaABAg.99bSwXMZ-Ou99gmB0NqucJ","Olivia Byrne","Africans sold their own people to Europeans. They were already enslaved by their own people and still are today more than ever. Highest record of slaves to date exist is the world right now. The half a brain 'protesters' will deny that though ofcourse. This lot only like the sound of their own voice.","0","","2020-06-09 17:37:31","false",""
"UgyIpda8hd3Za6scQQl4AaABAg.99bSwXMZ-Ou99ig3FY107l","L .G","@Olivia Byrne Purchasing human beings for your own profit isn't any better. Regardless of where they came from or who sold them, these people were used, treated like dirt, and abused.","1","","2020-06-10 11:22:30","false",""
"UgyIpda8hd3Za6scQQl4AaABAg.99bSwXMZ-Ou99igEb70nxB","L .G","@Olivia Byrne ""they were already enslaved"" doesn't excuse anything","1","","2020-06-10 11:24:03","false",""
"UgyIpda8hd3Za6scQQl4AaABAg.99bSwXMZ-Ou99lxEX9mwta","Olivia Byrne","Which part of that said I excused slavery? I'm saying they are no better than us. Every race in the world have been slave owners/traders and slaves themselves. Why are they any different?","0","","2020-06-11 17:50:19","false",""
"UgyIpda8hd3Za6scQQl4AaABAg.99bSwXMZ-Ou99lxp6hFRtG","Olivia Byrne","@L .G Don't you understand that treatment is not unique to black people? Stop playing the race card take some responsibility and make something if your life. You can do that in the West no matter what your skin colour- there is so much proof. Where else can you do that? If it so bad here why stay? Think you will have a better life and receive better treatment elsewhere in predominately black nations? Go there and find out. I can tell you now none of them would. Hypocrites.","0","","2020-06-11 17:55:27","false",""
"UgyIpda8hd3Za6scQQl4AaABAg.99bSwXMZ-Ou99mOIIR7GA6","L .G","@Olivia Byrne The issue is that in certain countries like the UK and the US, they are still being oppressed and treated unequally. In countries like the UK and the US, white people don't have to struggle due to the colour of their skin.","0","","2020-06-11 21:55:30","false",""
"UgyIpda8hd3Za6scQQl4AaABAg.99bSwXMZ-Ou99mOioatiw6","L .G","@Olivia Byrne Also ""if it's so bad here why stay?"". Maybe because it's their home too and they want to change their country for the better. You say to take responsibility, but make the excuse that people who don't like the way they are treated to leave. Maybe if people looked into what the actual problem is (not that hard btw) and try to address it, the country would be a better place.","0","","2020-06-11 21:59:15","false",""
"UgyIpda8hd3Za6scQQl4AaABAg.99bSwXMZ-Ou99uDbllHAPt","Adhan Miah","It was Haiti who were the first country to abolish slavery, and if it weren't for them other super powers wouldn't have followed suit. Even then, it was only until 2015 that UK taxpayers stopped paying reparations to these slave owners and their families.","0","","2020-06-14 22:56:06","false",""
"Ugz3JL-AKOj_JClAzZt4AaABAg","Tamara Faye","Fascinating! This movement must be starting to take effect with bold statements like this one, because all the British closet racists are coming out to play in the comments.","9","3","2020-06-07 16:04:36","true",""
"Ugz3JL-AKOj_JClAzZt4AaABAg.99bSxigwBVR99bTKwLAGAJ","TheEndIsHere FinalWarning","Exactly these protests are showing the true nature of alot of people","2","","2020-06-07 16:07:54","false",""
"Ugz3JL-AKOj_JClAzZt4AaABAg.99bSxigwBVR99bgChshjGD","Chant P","Yes, they are upset and I love it!","3","","2020-06-07 18:09:07","false",""
"Ugz3JL-AKOj_JClAzZt4AaABAg.99bSxigwBVR99bleDJHGU7","Chucksta","That is kind of disturbing, because people are becoming more open about their unsavoury views (outside of the internet). Damn good thing guns are illegal in this county (UK)!","0","","2020-06-07 18:56:42","false",""
"Ugx9UED6RoVOHVscE194AaABAg","Aquarian Aged7","The Greatest NEWS all day !!! 
Justice is being done after 400 years of ""Mockery & Pain"" !!!","3","0","2020-06-07 16:05:05","true",""
"UgwAJdzjEJRFMjGCz3l4AaABAg","John","The rest of the country should  take no notice of anything the police say from  now on. Why should we obey the law when they just let this happen. Them and politicians pandering to BAME and lefty scum","3","1","2020-06-07 16:05:17","true",""
"UgwAJdzjEJRFMjGCz3l4AaABAg.99bT1n4Ac_499bVoxXdMFY","c kent","Agreed, it total bs. My forefathers fought for this country...if only they knew what it would become. This country is one of the most tolerant, no matter what we do, bame and leftist will likely never be happy.","0","","2020-06-07 16:29:37","false",""
"Ugwk8Gzrvv-UMOjNaMt4AaABAg","Andrew","Half these teenage cnts will now upload this to their Facebook, snapchats, instas etc expecting to come across as the ones in the right. These scum should be shot","1","0","2020-06-07 16:05:41","true",""
"Ugx-ovW4ASH_Q31B-i94AaABAg","S","Selective outrage.","4","0","2020-06-07 16:05:55","true",""
"UgxaGkYK1u4TdZNmAvZ4AaABAg","Burrito Bean","the amount of racist ppl in the comments is alarming","4","9","2020-06-07 16:06:20","true",""
"UgxaGkYK1u4TdZNmAvZ4AaABAg.99bT9Swfr4Q99bTNkDQIXZ","Dr Professor","I know right? Its like they don't know that 3 of the coppers that killed floyd weren't white....","1","","2020-06-07 16:08:17","false",""
"UgxaGkYK1u4TdZNmAvZ4AaABAg.99bT9Swfr4Q99bTzEShEkj","More Please","@Dr Professor Floyd was killed by 1 guy though...","0","","2020-06-07 16:13:32","false",""
"UgxaGkYK1u4TdZNmAvZ4AaABAg.99bT9Swfr4Q99bUcbkTwce","Dr Professor","@More Please There were three of them sitting on him, the guy on his back probably contributed the most, but they were all complicit.","0","","2020-06-07 16:19:11","false",""
"UgxaGkYK1u4TdZNmAvZ4AaABAg.99bT9Swfr4Q99bV16-kBDm","Morph X G","One here now, this as shown the country what you people are. You want war then carry on.","0","","2020-06-07 16:22:40","false",""
"UgxaGkYK1u4TdZNmAvZ4AaABAg.99bT9Swfr4Q99bY6dB_x_O","Dr Professor","@Morph X G Are you talking to me sunshine?","0","","2020-06-07 16:49:38","false",""
"UgxaGkYK1u4TdZNmAvZ4AaABAg.99bT9Swfr4Q99bhhZmbogh","More Please","@Dr Professor Got me looking around as I'd only seen the video of the guy kneeling on his neck. 

There were indeed other cops that held him down and kneeled on him. 

Fair enough. Not sure how it changes the issue. 

As a completely irrelevant side point, those cops also look white. Eh?","0","","2020-06-07 18:22:12","false",""
"UgxaGkYK1u4TdZNmAvZ4AaABAg.99bT9Swfr4Q99bmdCkD5Z6","Dr Professor","@More Please I'm not sure what their ethnic backgrounds are, mixed race middle eastern and Asian. They weren't black, but they don't identify as white either.","0","","2020-06-07 19:05:18","false",""
"UgxaGkYK1u4TdZNmAvZ4AaABAg.99bT9Swfr4Q99delqfHfwY","More Please","@Dr Professor That's still besides the point. 

This isn't about white people killing black people. It isn't really about Floyd either. His death under the knee of a cop in front of a camera was just the spark for the expressions of outrage regarding an issue that has been a long time present. 

The issue is institutional in nature.","0","","2020-06-08 12:35:03","false",""
"UgxaGkYK1u4TdZNmAvZ4AaABAg.99bT9Swfr4Q99dwEUCMOXI","Dr Professor","@More Please In yankland maybe, not in the U.K","0","","2020-06-08 15:07:39","false",""
"UgyyXZNpURhic-LtEIN4AaABAg","vGazzaa h","If they felt this way about racism before then why has it been there since 1895?","8","4","2020-06-07 16:07:30","true",""
"UgyyXZNpURhic-LtEIN4AaABAg.99bTI1ubaWU99bWpL0h-2C","kristian baker","because it was going to be taken down anyway you imbecile","1","","2020-06-07 16:38:24","false",""
"UgyyXZNpURhic-LtEIN4AaABAg.99bTI1ubaWU99bWyOT5XeZ","jpeg Giovanni","because the death of george floyd was a wake up call for many people","1","","2020-06-07 16:39:38","false",""
"UgyyXZNpURhic-LtEIN4AaABAg.99bTI1ubaWU99bXCMajoGA","Shaggy Maest","Because EVERYONE is racist in some way shape or form.","0","","2020-06-07 16:41:41","false",""
"UgyyXZNpURhic-LtEIN4AaABAg.99bTI1ubaWU99d7DhSkIRE","More Please","@Shaggy Maest Yea, but that doesn't mean we can't push towards ending it as much as possible. 

Admittedly there's a long way to go but I don't see that as a reason to give up.","0","","2020-06-08 07:33:09","false",""
"UgwGDD2GPYfLUh1wcaF4AaABAg","No One","Multiculturalism for you , its just too expensive","21","5","2020-06-07 16:07:54","true",""
"UgwGDD2GPYfLUh1wcaF4AaABAg.99bTKtE-Wk399bVhlfGECV","iTzMaJorTaK","It’s just too expensive? It built this country.","3","","2020-06-07 16:28:38","false",""
"UgwGDD2GPYfLUh1wcaF4AaABAg.99bTKtE-Wk399bW1uR9GY3","vivaeritrea","you are just no one like your name","0","","2020-06-07 16:31:31","false",""
"UgwGDD2GPYfLUh1wcaF4AaABAg.99bTKtE-Wk399bWPgcFnWU","Buck shelfords ballbag","@vivaeritrea white leftist getting the blame from BLM for the violence at these micky mouse protests. Lol.","2","","2020-06-07 16:34:46","false",""
"UgwGDD2GPYfLUh1wcaF4AaABAg.99bTKtE-Wk399bX8YQMrQF","No One","@vivaeritrea too stupid to get irony huh..   go back to breaking stuff","1","","2020-06-07 16:41:10","false",""
"UgwGDD2GPYfLUh1wcaF4AaABAg.99bTKtE-Wk399bXOOaDe6C","No One","@iTzMaJorTaK no it didnt...    but its the cost of locking this lot up that im worried about , my taxes are going to go up","1","","2020-06-07 16:43:19","false",""
"UgzC7xYynm3z_eq6z6d4AaABAg","Jamie Callum Forrest","The people of Bristol should be embarrassed","7","7","2020-06-07 16:08:06","true",""
"UgzC7xYynm3z_eq6z6d4AaABAg.99bTMLn1cW-99bXB1m0kHZ","Sam Barnham","Yes they should be. They should be embarrassed that this statue was ever there in the first place!","0","","2020-06-07 16:41:30","false",""
"UgzC7xYynm3z_eq6z6d4AaABAg.99bTMLn1cW-99b_QUO9oDP","Review Site","In fact, they deserve more respect from everyone who understands the crimes of slavery and racism","0","","2020-06-07 17:09:49","false",""
"UgzC7xYynm3z_eq6z6d4AaABAg.99bTMLn1cW-99bb20mT_pA","Jamie Callum Forrest","@Review Site Shall we burn the history books too?","0","","2020-06-07 17:23:58","false",""
"UgzC7xYynm3z_eq6z6d4AaABAg.99bTMLn1cW-99bcMc98NZA","Review Site","@Jamie Callum Forrest It depends on what history.  If you're talking about evil like slavery, colonialism, exploitation...then keep it closed in the books. Otherwise it is not necessary to traumatise others symbolising and glorifying evil.","0","","2020-06-07 17:35:31","false",""
"UgzC7xYynm3z_eq6z6d4AaABAg.99bTMLn1cW-99bdlFIByYN","Jamie Callum Forrest","@Review Site This is not valid, we must teach history. History is not kind, it is not pleasant, we learn from our past or we do not progress as a civilization.  Teaching history validates the good and evil of our past that otherwise would be forgotten.","0","","2020-06-07 17:47:45","false",""
"UgzC7xYynm3z_eq6z6d4AaABAg.99bTMLn1cW-99bhLBgkjL7","Review Site","​@Jamie Callum Forrest Well the society is split between those who exalt the horrors of slavery, colonialism and those who seek redemption from it.. Better keep that evil history closed in books","0","","2020-06-07 18:19:00","false",""
"UgzC7xYynm3z_eq6z6d4AaABAg.99bTMLn1cW-99d6nstosKf","More Please","@Jamie Callum Forrest while I don't condone the banning of books I also don't see how ending the glorification of a slaver is erasing history. 

You're not comparing like for like","0","","2020-06-08 07:29:29","false",""
"UgwyBkjclbSl4RZOJut4AaABAg","Timothy Poulter","These people are completely moronic. Think your cause is bigger than Covid 19 and the course of history? Think again in a few months time when you're forgotten and dead on a hospital bed.","0","0","2020-06-07 16:08:25","true",""
"UgyhOkHIP2AL_rY-t8l4AaABAg","Lewis Baitup","This comment section just isn't for me","7","22","2020-06-07 16:08:34","true",""
"UgyhOkHIP2AL_rY-t8l4AaABAg.99bTPoOtLCM99bWKqDHz5E","!?","Lol","5","","2020-06-07 16:34:06","false",""
"UgyhOkHIP2AL_rY-t8l4AaABAg.99bTPoOtLCM99bj6PRNPdb","M S","End of white supremicy not to your liking?
Its only just begun...","1","","2020-06-07 18:34:28","false",""
"UgyhOkHIP2AL_rY-t8l4AaABAg.99bTPoOtLCM99bnqtdB51b","Lewis Baitup","@M S i thought this thing was about ending poliece brutality not causing property damage","3","","2020-06-07 19:15:54","false",""
"UgyhOkHIP2AL_rY-t8l4AaABAg.99bTPoOtLCM99bokfDSk7p","M S","@Lewis Baitup im against damage to property and would never take part in it myself or condone it.
Yes it is substitute action.
How may non whites have died in the last 20 years through contact with whites vs white deaths?
How many millions vs thousands?","0","","2020-06-07 19:23:47","false",""
"UgyhOkHIP2AL_rY-t8l4AaABAg.99bTPoOtLCM99bpPS_18Gn","Lewis Baitup","@M S could you edit it so its more grammerly correct?","0","","2020-06-07 19:29:30","false",""
"UgyhOkHIP2AL_rY-t8l4AaABAg.99bTPoOtLCM99bq6DYP7ld","M S","@Lewis Baitup no need. Only need truthfully correct.","0","","2020-06-07 19:35:36","false",""
"UgyhOkHIP2AL_rY-t8l4AaABAg.99bTPoOtLCM99bqTQDajR1","Lewis Baitup","@M S but i can't understand it","0","","2020-06-07 19:38:46","false",""
"UgyhOkHIP2AL_rY-t8l4AaABAg.99bTPoOtLCM99br22Sz1GB","M S","@Lewis Baitup you better start to understand it cos in 30 years time all  you people will be taking orders from our kind or no supper for you.
So get learning.","0","","2020-06-07 19:43:46","false",""
"UgyhOkHIP2AL_rY-t8l4AaABAg.99bTPoOtLCM99bsdzXWWb-","Lewis Baitup","@M S that doesn't fix anything what you want is equal rights","0","","2020-06-07 19:57:50","false",""
"UgyhOkHIP2AL_rY-t8l4AaABAg.99bTPoOtLCM99bvYdqeJlF","Tina Mcintyre","M S 
So your argument is equal rights,you really are silly billy ,fuctard","0","","2020-06-07 20:23:11","false",""
"UgyhOkHIP2AL_rY-t8l4AaABAg.99bTPoOtLCM99c-1XyObNZ","M S","@Tina Mcintyre we dont need equal rights. Europe throughout human history has been the sick man of the world.
It is you who will have the begging bowl in 30 years time and this time it will be forever.
Lay your hand on us and we will break it.
Your time is over.
It starts now.
I only respect decent normal whites, you know that 5% who can be classified as human as evidenced by their actions and attitudes, the 5% that the 95% see as race traitors, remember jo cox mp.
Yes you are plastic christians. Christ will sweep you aside on theday of judgement and he will not know you.","0","","2020-06-07 21:02:21","false",""
"UgyhOkHIP2AL_rY-t8l4AaABAg.99bTPoOtLCM99c1wskkiOI","Jacob Jezebel","@M S And if slavery is so bad, why are modern active slave markets around the world ignored, yet the one that was voluntarily abolished 200 years ago is still of massive concern?

And surely, if we live in first world societies purely because of the slave trade centuries ago, why are so many non europeans happy to bask in the spoils as much as, if not more than us? Surely by your logic, it's a disgrace to their ancestors as much as it is ours.","0","","2020-06-07 21:27:47","false",""
"UgyhOkHIP2AL_rY-t8l4AaABAg.99bTPoOtLCM99c7M0d4CSD","Galen Tyrol","@M S Wow, so racist! Such prejudice against another race!","1","","2020-06-07 22:15:03","false",""
"UgyhOkHIP2AL_rY-t8l4AaABAg.99bTPoOtLCM99c8cTmF1Ds","M S","@Galen Tyrol not racist, just stating realit.
Besides i cant be racist, i have white friends.","0","","2020-06-07 22:26:10","false",""
"UgyhOkHIP2AL_rY-t8l4AaABAg.99bTPoOtLCM99c9cKDk8mx","Jay Attwell","@M S I need my shoes cleaning get down on your hands and knees boy.","1","","2020-06-07 22:34:53","false",""
"UgyhOkHIP2AL_rY-t8l4AaABAg.99bTPoOtLCM99cChjNyM9K","M S","@Jay Attwell it is your children who have no future.
Everyone you people tried to keep down is standing up now.
How are your children going to compete in this world now.
China and india will rule the world again.
It is your children who will be making plastic toys in anglo sweat shops for chineese and indian kids, possibly also for african kids too.
Sleep on that and keep your filty shoes to yourself.
And if your thinking of kicking out non whites from while countries which can only be european by the way, that will be a massive loss to your economy.
Just wait till brexit happens to see the decline.
Traditional genocide methods wont work either.
You cant win any war.
You are check mated in every way.
It is because white rule is a freak of history and things are just going back to how they were, but this time we know your nature and watch out backs with you around.","0","","2020-06-07 23:01:50","false",""
"UgyhOkHIP2AL_rY-t8l4AaABAg.99bTPoOtLCM99cDIpCy4ya","Galen Tyrol","@M S  so you go around saying 95% of white people aren't human, but you aren't racist because you have some white friends. Oh my god!","0","","2020-06-07 23:07:02","false",""
"UgyhOkHIP2AL_rY-t8l4AaABAg.99bTPoOtLCM99cDNWEJPcL","Galen Tyrol","@Jay Attwell don't tease the racist by being racist","0","","2020-06-07 23:07:41","false",""
"UgyhOkHIP2AL_rY-t8l4AaABAg.99bTPoOtLCM99d6GmGl9US","More Please","Guys come on. It's so obvious that M S is trolling. 

""I can't be racist. I have white friends""

Could he make it any more obvious that he's trolling?","0","","2020-06-08 07:24:50","false",""
"UgyhOkHIP2AL_rY-t8l4AaABAg.99bTPoOtLCM99djuGtIhnu","pammens miss","@Lewis Baitup 

""grammatically""","0","","2020-06-08 13:19:53","false",""
"UgyhOkHIP2AL_rY-t8l4AaABAg.99bTPoOtLCM99dkDl1mykR","Lewis Baitup","@pammens miss yep","0","","2020-06-08 13:22:41","false",""
"UgyhOkHIP2AL_rY-t8l4AaABAg.99bTPoOtLCM99doqAY1e6E","pammens miss","@More Please 

MS cannot possibly be a black Bot !
an anti British Troll !
an English hater !

I'm informed The CCP only employ
those who are of  a good education, highly intelligent,
very knowledgeable, speak grammaticality correct English.

MS ....FAILS all qualifications.

whilst M S is beyond angry, exploding with hatred,
fully frustrated  and infuriated by the comments he's reading.....

...he is lacking in any self awareness
YT Commentators are
""playing"" him !

encouraging his rage !

Soon M S will be feeling very hot
and will not know whether it's because of his 
childish temper tantrum
a COVID-19 temperature !
an infection contracted from his white friends.","1","","2020-06-08 14:03:01","false",""
"Ugzogl0XGhpO3SYJSgZ4AaABAg","Eddie A","What a joke. Amazing the lengths people will go for likes and views.","6","2","2020-06-07 16:09:03","true",""
"Ugzogl0XGhpO3SYJSgZ4AaABAg.99bTTIyrlWU99b_mMEQf0K","Baby Goat Juice","What are you ever on about? Guessing you're 75+?","0","","2020-06-07 17:12:57","false",""
"Ugzogl0XGhpO3SYJSgZ4AaABAg.99bTTIyrlWU99bpgqQvpG3","Tina Mcintyre","Baby Goat Juice 
I’m guessing you’re about fuctard .","0","","2020-06-07 19:32:00","false",""
"Ugy1xs0bxOowcjm7Y-R4AaABAg","Jammer","Does this mean Germany should also remove evidence of the holocaust too?
You cannot learn from history if you destroy it.
Instead of destroying something why not somehow lower its status or add something like a memorial that represents liberty from slavery. That way you're telling a story about the city's past and future.","18","23","2020-06-07 16:09:04","true",""
"Ugy1xs0bxOowcjm7Y-R4AaABAg.99bTTQfrOov99bUV0BcQA7","sagal","this is history that should not be remembered. a monster","0","","2020-06-07 16:18:01","false",""
"Ugy1xs0bxOowcjm7Y-R4AaABAg.99bTTQfrOov99bUahUuibA","John Bryant","They did most of the death camps were in Poland not germany.","0","","2020-06-07 16:18:56","false",""
"Ugy1xs0bxOowcjm7Y-R4AaABAg.99bTTQfrOov99bUsxxznEM","Kate Bennett","A memorial to show atrocities is not the same as a statue made when we were still proud of what we did, I'm assuming the inscription didnt read ""really sorry I shipped people like cargo but I do love puppies""","3","","2020-06-07 16:21:25","false",""
"Ugy1xs0bxOowcjm7Y-R4AaABAg.99bTTQfrOov99bVf1MG3Ku","Jenny Stubbs","To learn our disgusting history is important but to honour a monster a beast who profited from human life and human death is not OK. Good he is in the river.","1","","2020-06-07 16:28:15","false",""
"Ugy1xs0bxOowcjm7Y-R4AaABAg.99bTTQfrOov99bVhCZNy0p","Vincent Bauer","Holocaust memorials remind us of what people have done and how much pain it caused. But a statue glorifies individual human beings, in this Case a Slave trader. It is a completely different thing and complete whataboutism you are performing","1","","2020-06-07 16:28:33","false",""
"Ugy1xs0bxOowcjm7Y-R4AaABAg.99bTTQfrOov99bVuPooCHQ","Jammer","​@sagal Future generations cannot provide an example of who is a monster if evidence of it is destroyed.","0","","2020-06-07 16:30:21","false",""
"Ugy1xs0bxOowcjm7Y-R4AaABAg.99bTTQfrOov99bW8PXKaX2","jpeg Giovanni","the thing is evidence of slavery is present in society","1","","2020-06-07 16:32:24","false",""
"Ugy1xs0bxOowcjm7Y-R4AaABAg.99bTTQfrOov99bWCWv0-TR","Jammer","@Vincent Bauer Valid point! How would you record Bristol's slavery history?","0","","2020-06-07 16:32:58","false",""
"Ugy1xs0bxOowcjm7Y-R4AaABAg.99bTTQfrOov99bWHaCSakm","Mike Mongrel","They can't say anything about liberty from slavery -EVER!
Because then, they would have to admit that it was white British that instigated and enforced the worldwide ban on slavery and that would spoil their narrative.","0","","2020-06-07 16:33:39","false",""
"Ugy1xs0bxOowcjm7Y-R4AaABAg.99bTTQfrOov99bWM-N2YmZ","Sam Barnham","This isn't erasing history. This is like tearing down a massive statue of hitler if it was proudly plonked in the centre of berlin with no description of the horror he inflicted.","0","","2020-06-07 16:34:16","false",""
"Ugy1xs0bxOowcjm7Y-R4AaABAg.99bTTQfrOov99bWVNJlwBD","Sam Barnham","The community in Bristol tried to put their own memorial for all the horrors colston inflicted by the statue and the authorities removed it.","0","","2020-06-07 16:35:32","false",""
"Ugy1xs0bxOowcjm7Y-R4AaABAg.99bTTQfrOov99bWhPVQ8Mo","John Bryant","@Jenny Stubbs read: bury the chains: writen by Adam hochschild a true account of the British involvement of the slave trade. and the church of England who ran and profited from it.","0","","2020-06-07 16:37:19","false",""
"Ugy1xs0bxOowcjm7Y-R4AaABAg.99bTTQfrOov99bWtvOXQoN","Robert Lepper","@Jammer The records of slavery are not being  destroyed but a statute glorifying a particular individual is being removed. IT'S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE TO UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE","0","","2020-06-07 16:39:02","false",""
"Ugy1xs0bxOowcjm7Y-R4AaABAg.99bTTQfrOov99bWwBCXbnc","Jammer","​@Sam Barnham  I didn't know that. I guess that is what needs to change then. Perhaps lobbing to put back the memorial would be useful?","0","","2020-06-07 16:39:20","false",""
"Ugy1xs0bxOowcjm7Y-R4AaABAg.99bTTQfrOov99bYJ7HrZ2u","Vincent Bauer","@Mike Mongrel of course it were whites who abolished slavery (or tried to do, slavery went on for many many years), because they were the ones in charge of it. The only way the oppressed could've ended it, is by Revolution and they clearly were unable to win a Revolution. So there's no other way than whites ending this dark chapter of human history, because they were the only ones who had the Power to do so. And after the der facto abolition of slavery the British countinued to treat Africans like slaves for centuries","0","","2020-06-07 16:51:21","false",""
"Ugy1xs0bxOowcjm7Y-R4AaABAg.99bTTQfrOov99bYMoRusBn","Studio Smile","Slavery is history and the statue should have been put in a museum  years ago. The authorities refused to move it, so the people have acted.","0","","2020-06-07 16:51:51","false",""
"Ugy1xs0bxOowcjm7Y-R4AaABAg.99bTTQfrOov99bfu3gAya8","Jammer","@Studio Smile I think putting it in a museum would have been a good idea. Do you know why the authorities refused?","0","","2020-06-07 18:06:26","false",""
"Ugy1xs0bxOowcjm7Y-R4AaABAg.99bTTQfrOov99bk3Z80CKg","Mike Mongrel","@Vincent Bauer You seem to think that slavery began when whites arrived in Africa. You're wrong by thousands of years. Blacks and Arabs were dealing slaves long before whites arrived. Educate yourself!","0","","2020-06-07 18:42:49","false",""
"Ugy1xs0bxOowcjm7Y-R4AaABAg.99bTTQfrOov99bkDSLOLk_","Mike Mongrel","@Sam Barnham Rightfully so. Keep your Left wing propaganda out of it.","0","","2020-06-07 18:44:10","false",""
"Ugy1xs0bxOowcjm7Y-R4AaABAg.99bTTQfrOov99d0JsulwfO","More Please","Can you at least try to compare like for like?","0","","2020-06-08 06:32:50","false",""
"Ugy1xs0bxOowcjm7Y-R4AaABAg.99bTTQfrOov99d0QGzz-xg","More Please","@Mike Mongrel Left wing propaganda?
Oh for The love of...
Just shut up","0","","2020-06-08 06:33:42","false",""
"Ugy1xs0bxOowcjm7Y-R4AaABAg.99bTTQfrOov99dGiyym-Tv","Studio Smile","@Jammer  sorry I don't know. Maybe didn't want to do anything controversial?  Maybe worried about white nationalist opposition? Maybe lack of funds?  Maybe red tape? Anyway, the job's been done and we're all talking about it!","0","","2020-06-08 08:56:12","false",""
"Ugy1xs0bxOowcjm7Y-R4AaABAg.99bTTQfrOov99dvBMlN6T7","Mike Mongrel","@More Please Run out of argument so soon? You don't have much do you?","0","","2020-06-08 14:58:29","false",""
"Ugyyf533w1H_dSXPR8R4AaABAg","mrtheoneandonly 83","Good! Well done protesters. That statue has no place.","2","0","2020-06-07 16:10:00","true",""
"Ugwq5mTOSlJU3KUJQDx4AaABAg","Bradford Boxed","Good riddance","3","0","2020-06-07 16:10:39","true",""
"UgwHTqixqkkyYcSCapp4AaABAg","Jamie Callum Forrest","I ask you all, to forgive the ignorance of the past. It is why we are all so free today as we all think alike. We must not burn down our history, we learn from it. We can not learn from the ashes of our past.","2","0","2020-06-07 16:11:16","true",""
"UgwbbfrsqJYl9vrqsDF4AaABAg","john hansberry","It's just a shame there's no statue of Mohammed to pull down...he was famously pro-slavery...maybe they will just burn down the mosques instead?","6","3","2020-06-07 16:11:29","true",""
"UgwbbfrsqJYl9vrqsDF4AaABAg.99bTk8lBysD99bWUGMt3mp","Ali O'Neal","How thick are you, we don’t have statues of Prophets 😂","2","","2020-06-07 16:35:23","false",""
"UgwbbfrsqJYl9vrqsDF4AaABAg.99bTk8lBysD99bWgiTzHST","Jumanji Grapes","Take your fake information and lies somewhere else","0","","2020-06-07 16:37:14","false",""
"UgwbbfrsqJYl9vrqsDF4AaABAg.99bTk8lBysD99bbENg7d37","Stephen Glasse","@S Shah YouTube video 'how Muhammad Ali was deceived by Islam' by Acts 17Apologetics. But do u have the guts and IQ to watch it","0","","2020-06-07 17:25:39","false",""
"Ugyuo6CxXCueXbPCtkt4AaABAg","KoivuTheHab","Vandalism.","4","1","2020-06-07 16:11:32","true",""
"Ugyuo6CxXCueXbPCtkt4AaABAg.99bTkYpioPy99dzLdn9UrG","charles",".... can be a good thing.","0","","2020-06-08 15:34:50","false",""
"UgwDBTfzIen2f0MIuZd4AaABAg","Ethan Martin","Do they believe in free speech or not? Bit hypocritical","5","1","2020-06-07 16:12:15","true",""
"UgwDBTfzIen2f0MIuZd4AaABAg.99bTpiPpSh799bTudlEnaF","More Please","What does free speech have to do with this?","4","","2020-06-07 16:12:55","false",""
"UgzM1DYrMg0_gtQScKJ4AaABAg","THEORY","lol like the statue isnt going to be put back once this is over XD","2","13","2020-06-07 16:12:31","true",""
"UgzM1DYrMg0_gtQScKJ4AaABAg.99bTrgmnUOs99bWz9gi8vi","Chelsea For life","better that way","0","","2020-06-07 16:39:45","false",""
"UgzM1DYrMg0_gtQScKJ4AaABAg.99bTrgmnUOs99b_boE8xCV","Baby Goat Juice","It's in the river. Do you support slave traders?","3","","2020-06-07 17:11:30","false",""
"UgzM1DYrMg0_gtQScKJ4AaABAg.99bTrgmnUOs99bbTK--P10","TheLawEnforcerHD","Then it will get ripped down again.","2","","2020-06-07 17:27:41","false",""
"UgzM1DYrMg0_gtQScKJ4AaABAg.99bTrgmnUOs99bgaISyvZ6","THEORY","​@Baby Goat Juice lol youre braindead my dude youre comparing a merchant from 1700s to modern era slaves back at the time were normal its like saying that you are a scientist and you create the fastest train in the world  so the government makes a statue of you so in 2200 veganism beomes the normality and people who protest that meat eating is bad  take down youre statue because you eat meat right now yet u dont know if its going to be bad in 200 years how would you feel?and by the way i dont support slavery","1","","2020-06-07 18:12:28","false",""
"UgzM1DYrMg0_gtQScKJ4AaABAg.99bTrgmnUOs99buCdX-WwT","Tina Mcintyre","THEORY 
Please don’t waste your breath these ten year old zombies,are not worth it .","1","","2020-06-07 20:11:26","false",""
"UgzM1DYrMg0_gtQScKJ4AaABAg.99bTrgmnUOs99c1KCuLluT","TheLawEnforcerHD","@THEORY This man kept tens of thousands of children in chains. There is no point in history in which that was ever OK with decent people.","0","","2020-06-07 21:22:22","false",""
"UgzM1DYrMg0_gtQScKJ4AaABAg.99bTrgmnUOs99d-Vzx-1Gs","THEORY","TheLawEnforcerHD my dude you still don’t get what I am trying to say slaves was normal in 1700s 800s because Europe wasn’t the only continent that would have slaves do you know that in African tribes the would also take slaves including kids of other African tribes to do labour work for free same happend in native America and Asia slavery was normal that doesn’t mean that we should start taking down statues because the were slave owner what we should do is praise the good stuff that this people did and learn from the bad staff it’s still part of history","0","","2020-06-08 06:25:45","false",""
"UgzM1DYrMg0_gtQScKJ4AaABAg.99bTrgmnUOs99dNNQdDrGu","TheLawEnforcerHD","Where is the ""good"" in this? Separating families, putting them in chains,. whipping them, shitting in their mouthes, raping them? Which part of this is good exactly?","1","","2020-06-08 09:54:17","false",""
"UgzM1DYrMg0_gtQScKJ4AaABAg.99bTrgmnUOs99dWR5pBFVN","THEORY","TheLawEnforcerHD I am just talking generally I am not saying that this man is good","0","","2020-06-08 11:13:26","false",""
"UgzM1DYrMg0_gtQScKJ4AaABAg.99bTrgmnUOs99dWt0coX2X","TheLawEnforcerHD","@THEORY You said we should praise the ""good"" stuff? Where is the good in this? The only good came from Colston's ""philanthropy"" which was simply wealth he stole from the work of those he enslaved.","0","","2020-06-08 11:17:23","false",""
"UgzM1DYrMg0_gtQScKJ4AaABAg.99bTrgmnUOs99dZIWW4Dum","THEORY","TheLawEnforcerHD didn’t you read what I said I am just saying generally I am not saying that this particular dude was the best human being in the world what about george Washington statue winston Churchill statue etc in you mind set those Statues also need to be taken down and by the way I am from Greece we were the slaves of the Ottoman Empire for 500 years but that doesn’t mean that I’m gonna go take down ottoman generals and rulers statues but at the end of the day I respect all of you that fight racism and discrimination there’s still plenty of that in turkey for the Greeks that leave near the Greeks border and else were ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿","0","","2020-06-08 11:38:29","false",""
"UgzM1DYrMg0_gtQScKJ4AaABAg.99bTrgmnUOs99fxz5NySUv","TheLawEnforcerHD","@THEORY You don't have statues of Washington and Churchill to celebrate their attitudes to race. With Colston it is impossible to ignore: he was celebrated because of his philanthropy which came directly from exploiting slaves.","0","","2020-06-09 10:01:22","false",""
"UgzM1DYrMg0_gtQScKJ4AaABAg.99bTrgmnUOs99jALPOxopo","charles","Like to see them try","0","","2020-06-10 15:55:52","false",""
"UgzlqKaH1kfxUEP0f-B4AaABAg","simonnaylor","I hope this is more genuine than the staged media event toppling of Saddam statue in Iraq.","2","0","2020-06-07 16:12:34","true",""
"UgwX97b-3Ude8JxzQeh4AaABAg","Siobhan","Such hypocrisy on would you all feel if there was a big statue of Hitler in Trafalgar square?a man who was responsible for so many British lives in WW2..would y'all be happy to walk past it every day?especially if you knew that many people in your country would complain and put lots of angry comments if you tore down the statue?It's been a LONG TIME COMING..Unless y'all feel that slave traders need to be appreciated??","2","0","2020-06-07 16:12:46","true",""
"Ugx1CFTl4pNCk0KKxuF4AaABAg","Gary Garratt","The middle class woke squad who will use any opportunity to sanitise the country, our history and stamp all over anything remotely patriotic.","14","21","2020-06-07 16:13:03","true",""
"Ugx1CFTl4pNCk0KKxuF4AaABAg.99bTvaW_8Zn99bV_p6JXqW","Kate Bennett","Why are the most patriotic the ones who have achieved not very much, like seeing Burnley flags at an England match.","1","","2020-06-07 16:27:33","false",""
"Ugx1CFTl4pNCk0KKxuF4AaABAg.99bTvaW_8Zn99bWkVzr-rs","Gary Garratt","@Kate Bennett People like you and the attitudes you hold are the reason we have the disaster that is Brexit. Well done. Hope you are proud. Calling people thick or comparing people who believe in their country and love it with drunk Burnley fans with flags is one of the reasons many people felt compelled to vote to leave. Great. 😏","1","","2020-06-07 16:37:45","false",""
"Ugx1CFTl4pNCk0KKxuF4AaABAg.99bTvaW_8Zn99bXwA-70XG","Kate Bennett","Ah I by no means said they were thick, that would be your words, i was merely pointing at the embittered in society and no offence to Burnley its team isnt that good. But consider this, if any of our governments had the correct infustrure would the Brexit debate even have occurred. Given that you dont know me then at best your attempting to pigeon hole me which is a fine line to tread I ask this why are you proud of someone else's achievements, I wouldnt take credit for Churchills decisions during the war or Lord Byron's poetry.","1","","2020-06-07 16:48:04","false",""
"Ugx1CFTl4pNCk0KKxuF4AaABAg.99bTvaW_8Zn99bZ1hTZI2b","Buck shelfords ballbag","@Kate Bennett poor kate. Do want to be a docccctoor.","0","","2020-06-07 16:57:42","false",""
"Ugx1CFTl4pNCk0KKxuF4AaABAg.99bTvaW_8Zn99bZbb47iah","Kate Bennett","Hey ball bag you know making people better would be nice as a doctor. I'm not offended in the slightest I appreciate a differing option, you always need to look at all angles to form your own","0","","2020-06-07 17:02:44","false",""
"Ugx1CFTl4pNCk0KKxuF4AaABAg.99bTvaW_8Zn99ba7jiuBvb","Buck shelfords ballbag","@Kate Bennett whats the next trend for the new season? Done the black thing, is it chinese next.","0","","2020-06-07 17:16:00","false",""
"Ugx1CFTl4pNCk0KKxuF4AaABAg.99bTvaW_8Zn99baQcGlxj3","Kate Bennett","@Mr Ball Bag, you know I tend to favour those who are feeling beaten down, you start feeling as a male you are being marginalised then I will always fight your corner.","0","","2020-06-07 17:18:35","false",""
"Ugx1CFTl4pNCk0KKxuF4AaABAg.99bTvaW_8Zn99ba_fevSP6","Buck shelfords ballbag","@Kate Bennett ps...ive seen a henley in arden England flag at an England cricket game. But india their daughter was building wells for the poor folk of Burnley.🤪","0","","2020-06-07 17:19:57","false",""
"Ugx1CFTl4pNCk0KKxuF4AaABAg.99bTvaW_8Zn99bafptUXx1","Gary Garratt","@Kate Bennett The problem is that kind of attitude and I say this as someone who has done okay for myself in life and have no reason to be bitter. I want a Britain where everyone can succeed and feels at home here. But we also have to recognise the past and ripping down statues, burning books or destroying works of art is not the answer. That is something you would find in a fascist dictatorship/society. I know you never branded them thick directly, but your choice of words suggested so. It is that kind of attitude that was highly endemic on TV and within the media towards people who are working class and more likely to vote leave. We were firmly on course to remain prior to the referendum. Was a good 60/40 in favour of remain. We definitely need to talk more instead of turning to violence, smashing things up or branding people we do not agree with derogatory insults. That means all people on all sides of the debate. 😊","0","","2020-06-07 17:20:48","false",""
"Ugx1CFTl4pNCk0KKxuF4AaABAg.99bTvaW_8Zn99ban0CSgKO","Buck shelfords ballbag","@Kate Bennett beaten down kate? 
No, no, noo. Corbyn lost the election.","0","","2020-06-07 17:21:46","false",""
"Ugx1CFTl4pNCk0KKxuF4AaABAg.99bTvaW_8Zn99bb-bZkvjH","Gary Garratt","@billybob I have had plenty of it Billy and I backed remain and am generally in favour of a sustainable and sensible immigration policy. We all know what the police did in the United States is a disgrace, but so is this and I will not be afraid to say so. I believe a police woman was left with a collapsed lung and a broken collarbone after what happened with yesterdays protest. It is just not on and neither is pulling down historic monuments.","1","","2020-06-07 17:23:38","false",""
"Ugx1CFTl4pNCk0KKxuF4AaABAg.99bTvaW_8Zn99bb161DM04","Kate Bennett","Hey if they need fresh water and shes disillusioned with men in jumpers running backward and forward in 25 degree weather I don't blame her.","0","","2020-06-07 17:23:50","false",""
"Ugx1CFTl4pNCk0KKxuF4AaABAg.99bTvaW_8Zn99bbcu6_axI","Kate Bennett","If it was a man who had done true good in his life I'd agree, if the locals had wanted it I would agree however they by the looks of it didn't. The people up in arms are not the ones from Bristol and yet its theirs and their choice what to with it. Whilst you may be a man who sees  patriotism as success for the whole country I dont. I have seen too many people name calling their own people for true patriotism to exist.","0","","2020-06-07 17:29:08","false",""
"Ugx1CFTl4pNCk0KKxuF4AaABAg.99bTvaW_8Zn99bcRrzYxol","Buck shelfords ballbag","@Kate Bennett 25c in Burnley. ??? Behave katie.","0","","2020-06-07 17:36:14","false",""
"Ugx1CFTl4pNCk0KKxuF4AaABAg.99bTvaW_8Zn99bdCXvDQtb","Buck shelfords ballbag","@Kate Bennett no katie, this countries exploits from its past from India to the scorched earth project in the Afrikkans heartlands has nothing to do with middle class white kids inciting riots in the main cities. Its like the elections were lost so lets channel our anger into something else.","0","","2020-06-07 17:42:52","false",""
"Ugx1CFTl4pNCk0KKxuF4AaABAg.99bTvaW_8Zn99beMuX4eKp","Kate Bennett","Sir Baw Bag, yes the north does get warm it doesn't stop at the Watford gap. This isnt just about race this anger comes from those older making decisions that may not necessarily come from the entirely correct place. Every generation has found a way to push back, punks, mods, rockers, new romantics with the makeup and ozone killing hairspray. Those people are now older, they have kids a morgage and responsibilities and see this as little kids playing up. They were all that age and equally as obnoxious with no fear and an absolute belief its right. Does it make them wrong though?","0","","2020-06-07 17:53:02","false",""
"Ugx1CFTl4pNCk0KKxuF4AaABAg.99bTvaW_8Zn99bfQlftkSw","Gary Garratt","@Kate Bennett I get that Kate, but we support this and where does it stop? The Winston Churchill statue has also now been damaged. People no doubt saw this and decided to have a go at it. Statues do not celebrate a person, they are historical monuments and I believe we learn from them. I doubt not many people would have heard of Edward Colston and his links to slavery if it was not for this statue. I am all for the removal of statues and other historical artifacts, artworks etc. But it should be done through debate and not by mobs of people who are breaking the law. You know who else smashed up statues and were condemned for it? That would be ISIS and the talaban. We, as a society, should be better than that. If not, then as I said, where will it all stop? The way forward is grown up, reasonable debate. Smashing things up and throwing stuff at the police is not.","0","","2020-06-07 18:02:17","false",""
"Ugx1CFTl4pNCk0KKxuF4AaABAg.99bTvaW_8Zn99bg6pHyO08","Kate Bennett","Statues are a celebration of achievement. Would I have done it no, too much risk it landing and hurting someone but I'm not going to demonize them either.","0","","2020-06-07 18:08:18","false",""
"Ugx1CFTl4pNCk0KKxuF4AaABAg.99bTvaW_8Zn99bgF5Uoxpz","Buck shelfords ballbag","@Kate Bennett yes, true. But there was always freedom of speech","0","","2020-06-07 18:09:26","false",""
"Ugx1CFTl4pNCk0KKxuF4AaABAg.99bTvaW_8Zn99bhIpQkamm","Kate Bennett","Ball bag, no speech was obstructed, the locals didnt seem to want it. Me and you have freedom of speech but we havnt called each other names, taken the Mickey yes but freedom of speech does not give someone freedom to be an idiot. We forgot that 4 years ago when we split ourselves between what we thought was good and bad.","0","","2020-06-07 18:18:41","false",""
"Ugx1CFTl4pNCk0KKxuF4AaABAg.99bTvaW_8Zn99c-AZdiKvy","Gary Garratt","@billybob Thank you Billy. Yes, I am no 'lefty' who thinks the world owes me a favour because 'boomers' got free university. Though back then you actually had to be intelligent to get into university and all students had to study something useful. So gender studies or history of art were a no no. I will never be a climate change nazi or call for so called offensive art, media or literature to be banned outright. There is also an awful lot of hypocrisy from those on the left. 

But I am also not into all this idiotic nonsense that comes from the right. I believe in sensible relations with the EU and respect we are out and should stay out. I am im favour of a fair and balanced immigration system. But at the same time strongly think foreign criminals and terrorists should be booted out no questions asked. We need more moderate politics Billy. What we have right now is both of the extremes, with the sensible centre vilified by both the left and the right. I blame the likes of Tony Blair and Gordon brown for all of that. Centrist politicians who got arrogant and refused to listen to peoples genuine concerns.","0","","2020-06-07 21:03:35","false",""
"UgxBO5KzLYs7DB4f9O94AaABAg","mpg272727","WE DID IT! RACISM IS ENDED FOREVER!","0","0","2020-06-07 16:13:29","true",""
"UgyTDB-dw9wBLaQhjll4AaABAg","X","The demoralisation of Western society is complete. If the KGB still existed they would be proud of their work.","31","6","2020-06-07 16:13:37","true",""
"UgyTDB-dw9wBLaQhjll4AaABAg.99bTzpp8icS99bkXAUdTcf","CountJimbo","Congrats - you read an incredibly moronic breitbart article","4","","2020-06-07 18:46:51","false",""
"UgyTDB-dw9wBLaQhjll4AaABAg.99bTzpp8icS99boDwlMlh2","Samuel Aviles","Ok colonizer","3","","2020-06-07 19:19:11","false",""
"UgyTDB-dw9wBLaQhjll4AaABAg.99bTzpp8icS99bphzy7lFz","X","@Samuel Aviles On the hunt for a straw man this evening are we. So funny, you who, where or what. Stay in stupid land, it suites you.","3","","2020-06-07 19:32:10","false",""
"UgyTDB-dw9wBLaQhjll4AaABAg.99bTzpp8icS99cUFKgWjBm","Michal Nazareth","@X if not for indian, chinese and Arab muslims scientists during early middle age, perhaps you would be stuck forever in British Isle, being a barbaric .","2","","2020-06-08 01:35:07","false",""
"UgyTDB-dw9wBLaQhjll4AaABAg.99bTzpp8icS99caQ_jUCOy","Ja son","I hate to cause more trouble but...
* under anti terror laws * the police can publicly executed anyone without trial *
Based on their mis-informed discretion *
I personally got shot at twice by a badly trained marksman, and chased by armed response morons.
My crime - making a public JOKE about, I would (not WILL) petrol bomb a police station.
I quickly followed up the JOKE with IF I could afford the petrol prices.

I fear for anyone who is not peacefully Protesting.
As the police have had more firearms training since their failed execution.","1","","2020-06-08 02:37:49","false",""
"UgyTDB-dw9wBLaQhjll4AaABAg.99bTzpp8icS99dVeDpVRB4","pammens miss","@Michal Nazareth 

With the high number of 
confirmed cases !
deaths !
from COVID-19
it seems

The Islamic Republic of Iran
on a downward spiral
a Modern Country !
a Civilized Nation !
a Rule Based World Order !

The latest CCP mass manufactured,
""Made in China""

has ""used"" the world's population of 
7.8 billion as
""Lab Rats""

....causing the deaths of millions,
damaging the health of many more !

So, you CAN ""stick the Chinese medicine
"" up ones a*se !""","0","","2020-06-08 11:06:38","false",""
"UgwbVL6x7sDWNhKrBKZ4AaABAg","tacslap 1","filmed on an iphone made by slaves","63","16","2020-06-07 16:14:09","true",""
"UgwbVL6x7sDWNhKrBKZ4AaABAg.99bU2ffGblz99bZyqyrJ_k","Big Paulie P","By people wearing Nike and Adidas like they are symbols of a new diverse religion. ;)","5","","2020-06-07 17:05:55","false",""
"UgwbVL6x7sDWNhKrBKZ4AaABAg.99bU2ffGblz99bflvvK8WO","Roman reigns","Can someone please tell me what's going on. Oh I'm black and I know what slavery is. Just want to know why everyone is mad at each other.. Uwu","1","","2020-06-07 18:05:19","false",""
"UgwbVL6x7sDWNhKrBKZ4AaABAg.99bU2ffGblz99bfvl9PYeW","Saja Suliman","DSLK X because of George Floyd lol","0","","2020-06-07 18:06:40","false",""
"UgwbVL6x7sDWNhKrBKZ4AaABAg.99bU2ffGblz99bgAi35PTq","Roman reigns","Also why are there many dislikes.","0","","2020-06-07 18:08:50","false",""
"UgwbVL6x7sDWNhKrBKZ4AaABAg.99bU2ffGblz99bq5nfgwxU","Tina Mcintyre","Saja Suliman 
How about david dorn fuctard ....","0","","2020-06-07 19:35:33","false",""
"UgwbVL6x7sDWNhKrBKZ4AaABAg.99bU2ffGblz99bu-Bpa5Hb","Christophe Bonhoeffer of Belgravia","tacslap 1 ...Actually, very good point.👍","0","","2020-06-07 20:09:36","false",""
"UgwbVL6x7sDWNhKrBKZ4AaABAg.99bU2ffGblz99bz44Wqwo_","TonyBones TheProducer","Interesting point but you can't compare chattel slavery with modern day slavery. Also you should research more into the history and knock on effects of slavery which still effect young black men and woman today. If you deny this then you are ignorant. (Especially if you CHOOSE to not research) you will likely not research to defend your guilt. Take care","1","","2020-06-07 20:53:57","false",""
"UgwbVL6x7sDWNhKrBKZ4AaABAg.99bU2ffGblz99d21tZaCg_","Mr Frisky","@TonyBones TheProducer If you have actually researched in to Slavery you will know that the middle east took 5x the slaves from Africa that Europe and America ever did. Just waiting for all these left wing white students to match on the Iranian embassy 🤣🤣🤣","2","","2020-06-08 06:47:51","false",""
"UgwbVL6x7sDWNhKrBKZ4AaABAg.99bU2ffGblz99d5Eqcy1L7","Tom Stansfield","“Got Em!!”","0","","2020-06-08 07:15:50","false",""
"UgwbVL6x7sDWNhKrBKZ4AaABAg.99bU2ffGblz99fzGeSn1kY","Nanny nobnobs","@Tina Mcintyre or Dave Underwood","0","","2020-06-09 10:12:38","false",""
"UgwbVL6x7sDWNhKrBKZ4AaABAg.99bU2ffGblz99mOSQ3kUkV","Stay safe","@Mr Frisky bs, what we have done is despicable","0","","2020-06-11 21:56:53","false",""
"UgwbVL6x7sDWNhKrBKZ4AaABAg.99bU2ffGblz99mPGTtn_xJ","Mr Frisky","@Stay safe is it BS because you dont like those facts? Just because you dont like something doesnt mean it isnt true kid.
What about the city of Bath? - built by British slaves under the Roman's - do you want to level Bath?
What about the Colosseum in Rome- shall we knock that down?
The Pyramids?

As I'm sure you know parts of African got rich by selling their own people to the middle east for 500 or so years ( to Europeans for much less and a lot less slaves were bought) so do you want to level the towns and buildings in those countries??","0","","2020-06-11 22:03:59","false",""
"UgwbVL6x7sDWNhKrBKZ4AaABAg.99bU2ffGblz99mRkXiC-av","Stay safe","@Mr Frisky The British government paid the slave traders 20 million pounds in compensation - 40 percent of its budget. That is some 17 billion pounds (estimated at more than $21bn in today's money). The government took out a loan to pay it, which was only paid off - by British taxpayer money - in 2015.","0","","2020-06-11 22:25:42","false",""
"UgwbVL6x7sDWNhKrBKZ4AaABAg.99bU2ffGblz99mSk1K1RWZ","Mr Frisky","@Stay safe And??
I wonder if Iran and the other middle eastern countries paid compensation as well?
Do you think Italy will give the UK compensation for enslaving the population of the UK 2000 years ago?
Or the Nordic countries for the Vikings?
Japan for forcing British soldiers to build railways or be beaten or killed?
etc etc....","0","","2020-06-11 22:34:22","false",""
"UgwbVL6x7sDWNhKrBKZ4AaABAg.99bU2ffGblz99m_R2nse5c","Stay safe","@Mr Frisky no","0","","2020-06-11 23:41:33","false",""
"UgwbVL6x7sDWNhKrBKZ4AaABAg.99bU2ffGblz99nLb106TB7","Mr Frisky","@Stay safe So just the UK to pay and say sorry and the rest of those countries- despite taking more slaves than the UK are ok - great stuff","0","","2020-06-12 06:51:13","false",""
"UgwuHuNZMCoPt4eDmUd4AaABAg","Leona Graca","Fk BLM","4","0","2020-06-07 16:14:40","true",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg","andy mv","The Irony though is that it’s not even Black people who pulled it down LOL","234","96","2020-06-07 16:14:42","true",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bUg47Lwwp","peter Ellis","And are putting BAME people health at risk by gathering.","9","","2020-06-07 16:19:40","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bUl3e2FoE","The_Manchurian_Candidate","and they are all gonna pay for its restoration via their Council tax LOL","21","","2020-06-07 16:20:20","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bUpsFUZl3","Radley2612","ANTIFA SCUM","26","","2020-06-07 16:21:00","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bUtB9A46o","ZanimazeTechnizt","Well you should know that all ethnic people including whites are with black people to defeat the corrupt systematic racism and take down the racist statues that never belong in societies for their atrocities through out the world!!!","66","","2020-06-07 16:21:27","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bUx91NnQW","Afrodisiac Brocka","If you watch the rest of the video black people chucked it in the river... it doesn’t matter the colour of person that took it down.. what needed to be done has been done🤷🏾‍♀️ does it have to be a black person to do the right thing?? 🤷🏾‍♀️","38","","2020-06-07 16:22:00","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bVGfUYiNz","Mark DD","So.... why did the white protesters pull it down ?","4","","2020-06-07 16:24:48","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bVIb9Vn-1","Morph X G","@ZanimazeTechnizt Your a small minority.","2","","2020-06-07 16:25:04","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bVQN1yDXA","Mark DD","Afrodisiac Brocka but why did you not tear it down before today ??  It is because the bandwagon is in town !","13","","2020-06-07 16:26:07","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bVRLdPJHJ","myyou tubeaccount","All ANTIFA","10","","2020-06-07 16:26:15","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bVg_yOQnG","JGW 97","Yup. Its privileged cum-skin women","3","","2020-06-07 16:28:28","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bVm2vW628","KoivuTheHab","andy mv

That irony is that most slave traders where black.","18","","2020-06-07 16:29:13","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bVv0vWYdJ","May Gram","@Afrodisiac Brocka I watched the video and it was actually white people who threw it into the river so why are you spreading misinformation??","7","","2020-06-07 16:30:26","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bVwNwsnY7","John Buffalo I am 97","I say good job and im white and think you deserve reparations","1","","2020-06-07 16:30:38","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bW4DUHarg","ZanimazeTechnizt","Its ""you're"" and you don't know what i am so stfu","1","","2020-06-07 16:31:50","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bW8KkixyT","JGW 97","@John Buffalo I am 97 For what, exactly? If they want reperations, they should take it up with Africans and Arabs who sold them into slavery","17","","2020-06-07 16:32:24","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bW9oc6L89","BIG BOI K3V","omg maybe it's a thing called ~solidarity~","3","","2020-06-07 16:32:36","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bWM5D7d71","John Buffalo I am 97","@JGW 97 2 wrongs dont make a right 

Blacks were mistreated and cheated of their inheretence. Same with Asians","1","","2020-06-07 16:34:16","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bWhqCptmn","Buck shelfords ballbag","FACTS","0","","2020-06-07 16:37:23","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bWnYMW6Ck","peter Ellis","@John Buffalo I am 97 Reparations, an ignorant, and might I say privileged type comment.","4","","2020-06-07 16:38:09","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bWnccRgyb","Buck shelfords ballbag","@John Buffalo I am 97 its the rise of the soy Karens.","1","","2020-06-07 16:38:10","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bWoHFhcEq","JGW 97","@John Buffalo I am 97 They were cheated by their own people.","4","","2020-06-07 16:38:15","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bWwj5h023","John Buffalo I am 97","@JGW 97 cheated nevertheless","0","","2020-06-07 16:39:25","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bXNHNrvXY","KoivuTheHab","@John Buffalo I am 97 So black people should be paid by black people for history.","4","","2020-06-07 16:43:10","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bXZb3OOH1","JGW 97","@John Buffalo I am 97 And yet here you are wanting to pay reperations. What a pathetic excuse of a man you are.","3","","2020-06-07 16:44:51","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bXdI2fFgk","Radley2612","@Mark DD It was your Father you tell us","1","","2020-06-07 16:45:30","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bXoXC1b6R","John Buffalo I am 97","@KoivuTheHab err not quite","0","","2020-06-07 16:47:02","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bY3FIQD1m","Radley2612","@JGW 97 Yep sold by their own and still doing it","5","","2020-06-07 16:49:11","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bYJ5uo4PU","Alan S Binnie","@Afrodisiac Brocka It did not have to be done, what was done was dangerous and clearly totally illegal and had absolutely no impact on racism in the US whatsoever.","5","","2020-06-07 16:51:20","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bYKbOw02X","Peter Elios","andy mv that’s the beauty of it. Maybe there is some hope left.","0","","2020-06-07 16:51:33","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bYNqr3_Es","Radley2612","@Afrodisiac Brocka Proving white culture doesn't matter to them so i'm keeping my white privilege......hang on i haven't got any!","5","","2020-06-07 16:51:59","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bYS1-yzo9","Peter Elios","Radley2612 piss off you scavenging pos.","0","","2020-06-07 16:52:34","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bYThi19nX","JGW 97","@Radley2612 There's more slavery today than ever before. Yet they think this guy from 300 years back is the issue.","8","","2020-06-07 16:52:47","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bYqLiGS4E","harry Wyatt","@Peter Elios you aren't very intelligent are you","1","","2020-06-07 16:56:01","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bYxmJT-ch","Radley2612","@Peter Elios Wrong buddy the'll move on to the next thing they want to destroy wont you?","1","","2020-06-07 16:57:02","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bZ1ElsS7-","Dale Blake","No antifa are just using that America guy that committed armed home invasions as a excuse to try to delete any British history they don’t like lol you can pull a statute down but our history will be around for ever.","8","","2020-06-07 16:57:38","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bZC9wvKlG","Radley2612","@achraf hbibrchate Now who is it that would say that ehh?","1","","2020-06-07 16:59:08","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bZWfg8aZT","Radley2612","@Dale Blake They are playing a dangerous game pulling our tail. In the UK they will be smashed","4","","2020-06-07 17:01:56","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99b_9FkgZJr","Radley2612","@Peter Elios Knew yu'd revert to antifa communication methods of communication","1","","2020-06-07 17:07:28","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99ba4oUppZ-","Tim Bob","@Afrodisiac Brocka Yes, similarly I hope regardless of skin colour the police will charge those that pulled down the statue and then threw it in the river. They should be fined for the damage caused.","2","","2020-06-07 17:15:36","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bb6Pfwdqf","J.A.R","@Mark DD Because they are decent people who know the truth and are not racist.  DECENT","1","","2020-06-07 17:24:34","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bbGXqXE3z","J.A.R","@KoivuTheHab Re educate yourselves. Thats more Racist retiric not telling the truth","0","","2020-06-07 17:25:57","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bbKQ-lf6Z","out of the trash","@ZanimazeTechnizt ""you should know"", is this  because he is black?","0","","2020-06-07 17:26:28","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bbRl-b-si","J.A.R","@JGW 97 Yea white people Everyone comes from Black Man and Woman.","1","","2020-06-07 17:27:29","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bb_JXuHYs","J.A.R","@JGW 97 Whosw they!?","0","","2020-06-07 17:28:39","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bbxglFQwi","JGW 97","@J.A.R Biggest myth which falls flat when you consider the oldest human remains have been found outside of Africa","5","","2020-06-07 17:31:58","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bcbio0f3K","David Homer","Yeah of the 500,000 who live in Bristol only 11,000 could be arsed to do the right thing and sign the petition to take it down, yet they could muster a mob to throw it in the river.","0","","2020-06-07 17:37:43","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bekUGJJEe","john logan","@John Finlay you have true freedom, and equality.","1","","2020-06-07 17:56:23","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bffdIPBk8","Jerzy Wolwowicz","EXACTLY ITS LUNATIC LEFTIST INDOCTRINATED HYPOCRITICAL CHILDREN.","2","","2020-06-07 18:04:28","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bg0IR0CFj","Willhe Tobig","Idiots","0","","2020-06-07 18:07:25","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bgqpdGMYx","Tracy Hb","Why should it be blacks. Vwe are all hueman.  We should all want that statue removed  he was like hitler.  He killed so so so many people. Can u imagine.  Or maybe you dont want to, lets sweep it under the carpet.  This is one attrocity exposed and highlighted among many.","3","","2020-06-07 18:14:44","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bgvmFs0SG","Tracy Hb","@The_Manchurian_Candidate who cares, its end times now anyway.","0","","2020-06-07 18:15:24","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bh6B49S_u","Esther O.",". . . And they better come up with a more multi-culturally acceptable statue!!!","0","","2020-06-07 18:16:57","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bhQfzIlCR","Fatou N’diaye","Doesn’t matter","0","","2020-06-07 18:19:45","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bixzi8che","Anon","That's not irony...that's progress.","1","","2020-06-07 18:33:11","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bj1Edf81X","Anon","@Afrodisiac Brocka ...not irony...*Progress*","0","","2020-06-07 18:33:46","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bj90jTCl1","Anon","@ZanimazeTechnizt *""It's""* has an apostrophe.","0","","2020-06-07 18:34:49","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bmlPTxLBT","Mr Mittens","Laugh now boy...","0","","2020-06-07 19:06:25","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bmwtfxVOP","ZanimazeTechnizt","Let me educate some history to you Millennials","0","","2020-06-07 19:07:59","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bn14OmTgR","Private R","Correct, retards supporting abstract thing","0","","2020-06-07 19:08:41","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bn3gzY_ab","ZanimazeTechnizt","When Europe and Britain invaded  Africa,Asia,Arabia,Native America, Indians from India, indigenous Pacific Islanders and took everying,The West invaded 98% of the world. They've killed off lots of indigenous people tribes  and when they say ""get out of my country and go back to your own"" oh the hypocrisy of these devils. If you go into someone's home and take everything from them then don't expect them to not come to your home which wasn't even yours to begin with and coexist even though your ancestors brought them here to be slaves and they are the children of the people you brought and traded Mainly Africans and you also took Native Americans too and traded them along with European countries, which boils my blood to think that we have racist statues today which i wasn't aware of until people rised up against Evil.","4","","2020-06-07 19:09:03","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bnD0PkPj8","Mr Mittens","@ZanimazeTechnizt If you don't like it, then f**k off somewhere else boy.","3","","2020-06-07 19:10:19","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bpr731Ph1","Tracy Hb","@KoivuTheHab  yes some were, but the majority were not.  No excuses please.   Unless you also think its okay to live on the suffering of human beings.  The world needs to stop justifying racism.","0","","2020-06-07 19:33:24","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bqzea5Y_d","Parasmunt","I would say there are a few chopped mickeys there.","0","","2020-06-07 19:43:19","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bt-ooRwLy","Lloyd Gittens","No that's the beauty...well done to the young whites","1","","2020-06-07 20:00:57","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bt2srMTdb","Lloyd Gittens","@The_Manchurian_Candidate it will never be put back","0","","2020-06-07 20:01:22","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bwknVsyFG","Peter Elios","harry Wyatt no, not st all. In fact I wonder how is it I’ve travelled the world specifically hired for my abilities to solve problems. You, dufus?","0","","2020-06-07 20:33:43","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99bx1eu-wqp","MrVidification","@Lloyd Gittens the statue was thrown in the harbour after getting knocked down, but it was moved before from another part of the city centre. It will probably end up restored and put in a museum","0","","2020-06-07 20:36:09","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99c4nxFiLKz","D_Vrdlovec","@Radley2612 wasn't antifa but sure those that did it are anti fascism - stand united and remove a statue simple","0","","2020-06-07 21:52:47","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99c5eZ8zhIh","Mick Robo","Any excuse   For ANTIFA   Or Anarchist , and They Will get involved ,  they will not ERASE our history,  and all ! lives matter..","0","","2020-06-07 22:00:14","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99c8GuIPOe0","John","John Buffalo I am 97 what should we offer in reparations? Are you going to dip your hand in first? Surely you don’t mean money?","0","","2020-06-07 22:23:05","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99cEa_yfs68","Visio","The_Manchurian_Candidate They will blow it up next time","0","","2020-06-07 23:18:21","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99cEhwPYw3v","Visio","Afrodisiac Brocka that’s a lie because I watched the whole thing so don’t try spreading your racist propaganda","1","","2020-06-07 23:19:21","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99cEoVgCGpb","Visio","KoivuTheHab ansolute garbage. If they we’re black people would be the richest race on the planet","0","","2020-06-07 23:20:15","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99cGz1PGf12","D_Vrdlovec","@Visio dont be stupid no they will not","0","","2020-06-07 23:39:09","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99cRyxxf2Al","john james","Exactly. Rich white kids with nothing better to do. This in the UK is not race but a working class thing!!!! Down with the privileged Liberal elite... And their sanctimonious children.... We do not need your privileged pity!!","1","","2020-06-08 01:15:16","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99cUQ8M6KAs","SCAR","The_Manchurian_Candidate no they’re not LOL the mayor said they’re not restoring it","0","","2020-06-08 01:36:35","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99d-eu3tP0v","Papierrollenjoghurt","You don't have to be black to end Injustice.","1","","2020-06-08 06:27:06","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99d3OwxXzpi","Claire Wright","@John Buffalo I am 97 My ancestors were enslaved by the Romans and the Vikings when they invaded the UK. Should I demand reparations from Italy or the Scandinavian countries?","0","","2020-06-08 06:59:44","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99d3m-z6Rld","Claire Wright","@ZanimazeTechnizt What do you think about the slavery that still goes on today in parts of Africa?","0","","2020-06-08 07:03:01","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99d6CbJ_Fgf","Azerty","There was some of them actually but it mostly was antifa indeed.","0","","2020-06-08 07:24:16","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99dM4zskkYT","Laura Chatain","@Radley2612 they are support by political party that hates the west and by our own ""tollerance"". the west is reacing the end","0","","2020-06-08 09:43:02","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99dOUBZhvEJ","Steven RKO","Losers pulled it down!!!","0","","2020-06-08 10:03:57","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99dP7qTSVW4","JET Playz","So you don’t have to be black to be against racism. Also 99.999% of people are more deserving of a statue than that slave trader. If he gets a statue why not give everyone a statue","0","","2020-06-08 10:09:38","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99d_2aJAZGR","Radley2612","@Laura Chatain Watch LaRouchePAC Videos and what needs to be done","0","","2020-06-08 11:45:03","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99djj25kfU5","geoffdundee","@Esther O. ....a transgender unicorn perhaps?","0","","2020-06-08 13:18:21","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99e0Wdc-f3e","Samuel N","Black statues matter","0","","2020-06-08 15:53:49","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99eMHFMZAg7","Abhishek Mhatre","@The_Manchurian_Candidate It's going to be restored? I don't think they will dare after such show of hostility.","0","","2020-06-08 19:03:57","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99foeHad9ct","Whitesepulchre","They were too mashed to work out how to do it and tings","0","","2020-06-09 08:39:53","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99gdV0aFimA","Louise Robison","@Morph X G youre the minority","0","","2020-06-09 16:21:36","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99gqV56-o7s","Mike The Sparky","@The_Manchurian_Candidate and most of them are probably on the doll as well.","0","","2020-06-09 18:15:12","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99ispYwv6G5","Scott Mc","Andy you are absolutely right its a bunch of condescending sanctimonious white priveleged middle class people ridden with guilt over their position and scrabbling to virtue signal. The fact they are always at the forefront of these demonstrations in reality shows that they are the true racists because they see things in these terms","0","","2020-06-10 13:14:06","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99j4sv2TUlI","charles","@Radley2612 Exactly - ant facists are scum whereas slave traders are heroes","0","","2020-06-10 15:08:09","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99j4xbqIDaf","charles","@Mark DD Perhaps they have a conscience?","0","","2020-06-10 15:08:47","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk99jL9z5qgVI","Mister Nobody","Some of these historic statement treated their own people almost as badly.

But this is the UK, there are no hard racial lines like in the US. For 99% of the population it makes no difference.","0","","2020-06-10 17:30:25","false",""
"UgyTgJ45Tr8AaK80rn94AaABAg.99bU6l7UZnk9B7wsgB5Rnm","StraightUp Oldies","@Samuel N all lives matter","0","","2020-07-15 12:41:07","false",""
"UgwX-tj3RpVKSyMU6-p4AaABAg","ZanimazeTechnizt","Yes Allahuakbar!!!","0","2","2020-06-07 16:14:46","true",""
"UgwX-tj3RpVKSyMU6-p4AaABAg.99bU7Bgxqbc99bbLu5vUPK","Sinjin Smyth","Wrong video matey, this is black power and white people are doing the pulling.....they don,t say allakbar. Lol","2","","2020-06-07 17:26:40","false",""
"UgwX-tj3RpVKSyMU6-p4AaABAg.99bU7Bgxqbc99bcg4zqH54","ZanimazeTechnizt","God plans in many ways.","0","","2020-06-07 17:38:18","false",""
"UgxJb8dYXLqZWryXh1p4AaABAg","DereckJ tbear64","Statue should have been smashed long ago, Why even honour a human trafficking POS. Ok I don't know US history but same with genocide of native indians sad sad history repeatedly in 21century.","0","0","2020-06-07 16:14:47","true",""
"Ugwj0B8_uZfkfe83mbd4AaABAg","Mark DD","It will be back up on Monday.","2","0","2020-06-07 16:15:15","true",""
"Ugy5JHp9pD1K86G21_N4AaABAg","Alan S Binnie","This is exactly what the Nazis did, tried to eliminate all non-Aryan history, will books be next.","3","6","2020-06-07 16:15:37","true",""
"Ugy5JHp9pD1K86G21_N4AaABAg.99bUDOurvxz99bVHTVXzFc","The EdBaron","With Owen Jones criticising what Gove had in his book case, I'd put money on it.","0","","2020-06-07 16:24:54","false",""
"Ugy5JHp9pD1K86G21_N4AaABAg.99bUDOurvxz99bWYXRGzEc","Kate Bennett","I'm sorry are you equating a slave traders statue coming down to the same as Hitler?","0","","2020-06-07 16:35:58","false",""
"Ugy5JHp9pD1K86G21_N4AaABAg.99bUDOurvxz99bY6jMhIaD","Alan S Binnie","@Kate Bennett No, I am saying that the Nazis wanted to eradicate all history which did not suit their purpose and anyone who disagreed was vilified and later, well we know what happened.","0","","2020-06-07 16:49:39","false",""
"Ugy5JHp9pD1K86G21_N4AaABAg.99bUDOurvxz99b_09Sgrdl","Kate Bennett","We need to distinguish between a state honouring someone and getting rid 9f history however history is written by the  victors. Richard the third is a hunchback evil king partly because of the tudors. History is rewritten all the time and although no one is ever all good or all bad if a monument is made let it at least be not at the cost of lives.","0","","2020-06-07 17:06:14","false",""
"Ugy5JHp9pD1K86G21_N4AaABAg.99bUDOurvxz99b_FplC-ZQ","Alan S Binnie","@Kate Bennett Yeah whatever, who's statue is next by the way ?","0","","2020-06-07 17:08:22","false",""
"Ugy5JHp9pD1K86G21_N4AaABAg.99bUDOurvxz99ba4_mhf39","Kate Bennett","@Alan you know I think possibility another slave trader however I would be happy to take suggestions.","0","","2020-06-07 17:15:34","false",""
"UgycKZVN4rtOwB-116N4AaABAg","C S5","For reasons that have never been fully disclosed, the base of that statue was actually connected to a drip keeping a little African child alive in a hospital in Nigeria... Not so clever now, eh?","5","0","2020-06-07 16:15:51","true",""
"UgxHrallz7lzdUV-P_N4AaABAg","Tail finz","white people pull down statue","0","0","2020-06-07 16:15:59","true",""
"Ugzl2iWCLILHejlw1q94AaABAg","Nigel MacDonald","Self opinionated, virtue signalling middle class left wing wiggers","2","0","2020-06-07 16:16:17","true",""
"UgxDyRqiba8HVDb8re54AaABAg","Ladrahz","Its like Iraq in American","1","0","2020-06-07 16:16:27","true",""
"UgxoH2mJI94T-tfhunl4AaABAg","MG","there is more slavery now than 100's of years ago, look it up","7","1","2020-06-07 16:16:59","true",""
"UgxoH2mJI94T-tfhunl4AaABAg.99bUNOvpXGf99dTzbhgTnP","steve11fox","I agree. Entire countries are enslaved by zionist globalist bankers & huge global corporations.","2","","2020-06-08 10:52:04","false",""
"UgwLO3RkUYx3c5-ZElB4AaABAg","John Bryant","Should destroy the church of England and the Methodist Church.who owned slaves and sugar plantations.","1","2","2020-06-07 16:17:14","true",""
"UgwLO3RkUYx3c5-ZElB4AaABAg.99bUPE-fEwG99bUuxW5hWE","Mike Mongrel","Why?
Are you too scared to include mosques?
They are far more guilty than the whites!","0","","2020-06-07 16:21:42","false",""
"UgwLO3RkUYx3c5-ZElB4AaABAg.99bUPE-fEwG99dXedbTFLT","Arran Vid","That's different. The Chuch of England and Methodist Church are now respectable denominations of Christianity and many nice Christians are part of those communities","0","","2020-06-08 11:24:10","false",""
"UgxCLHNcfsFX9MZ6WlZ4AaABAg","ivan ivan","why they just don't go back home to africa if they care so much about history and their roots.","5","6","2020-06-07 16:17:55","true",""
"UgxCLHNcfsFX9MZ6WlZ4AaABAg.99bUUHg56i899bV5tFh7of","Chantal M","The white people that tore the statue down should go back to Africa? Idiot.","0","","2020-06-07 16:23:19","false",""
"UgxCLHNcfsFX9MZ6WlZ4AaABAg.99bUUHg56i899bWxywUDKV","ivan ivan","@Chantal M if they care so much about slavery, then yes, they are free to go. Are they black or white? I just don't care. You and all BLM idiots divide people by color.","0","","2020-06-07 16:39:35","false",""
"UgxCLHNcfsFX9MZ6WlZ4AaABAg.99bUUHg56i899bYeg80lZl","Chantal M","ivan ivanov you are truly pathetic, your comment is diving people by colour.... TROLL","2","","2020-06-07 16:54:25","false",""
"UgxCLHNcfsFX9MZ6WlZ4AaABAg.99bUUHg56i899b_PuJSYOj","ivan ivan","​@Chantal M  All lives matter, not just black, you racist!  I am not gonna even start about covid and how many peope died recently. You don't have any brain to understand.","0","","2020-06-07 17:09:45","false",""
"UgxCLHNcfsFX9MZ6WlZ4AaABAg.99bUUHg56i899bbUOPyvll","Chantal M","ivan ivanov 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂!!!!!! I’m the racist? Read your original comment you weirdo. Thanks for the laugh. Ps. Africa isn’t the only country with black people, you sound thick as hell.","2","","2020-06-07 17:27:50","false",""
"UgxCLHNcfsFX9MZ6WlZ4AaABAg.99bUUHg56i899bleebPHww","ivan ivan","@Chantal M Edward Colston transported people from Africa. But who cares anyway this days? except BLM idiots. We all have exactly same rights now. Do you want to discuss native americans? if we started to talk about history. Lets protest against every single event in history.","0","","2020-06-07 18:56:45","false",""
"UgynxufRxP_b5dVylXd4AaABAg","Chris Mulls","What is the point of vandalising our city. if people dont agree with the ethics this city was built on then move to another city. The tax payers and of this city will have to pay for the irresponsible actions of these vandals. My council tax will go up next year thanks guys.","2","0","2020-06-07 16:18:16","true",""
"Ugzr52rPvyTw7re47-N4AaABAg","Scott Mcdonald","Let’s do the same to nelson Mandelas statue","34","8","2020-06-07 16:18:19","true",""
"Ugzr52rPvyTw7re47-N4AaABAg.99bUXG8eIDc99bUvkp0I9k","John Smith","Mandela statue a stain on our square.","8","","2020-06-07 16:21:48","false",""
"Ugzr52rPvyTw7re47-N4AaABAg.99bUXG8eIDc99b_SUqvJ1d","King Arthur","@John Smith I'm in.","1","","2020-06-07 17:10:06","false",""
"Ugzr52rPvyTw7re47-N4AaABAg.99bUXG8eIDc99bfgmPuryi","Chant P","You won’t do diddly squat besides angrily post, textbook keyboard warrior 🤩😭","3","","2020-06-07 18:04:37","false",""
"Ugzr52rPvyTw7re47-N4AaABAg.99bUXG8eIDc99bhVNINURA","Scott Mcdonald","Chant P your life doesn’t matter","3","","2020-06-07 18:20:24","false",""
"Ugzr52rPvyTw7re47-N4AaABAg.99bUXG8eIDc99bhnwfCgTv","Chant P","Scott Mcdonald 😂😂😂😂😂 if you think I care about a keyboard warrior’s comment, you’ve got anything coming! Coward 🤣🤣🤣🤣","2","","2020-06-07 18:23:04","false",""
"Ugzr52rPvyTw7re47-N4AaABAg.99bUXG8eIDc99bjew5kSaO","King Arthur","@Chant P that would be another thing. Write proper England. 😄","0","","2020-06-07 18:39:19","false",""
"Ugzr52rPvyTw7re47-N4AaABAg.99bUXG8eIDc99bk2botVRL","Chant P","King Arthur hahhahaaaa!!! You wrote ‘write proper England’ and think you can tell me about the English language 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣","2","","2020-06-07 18:42:41","false",""
"Ugzr52rPvyTw7re47-N4AaABAg.99bUXG8eIDc99bmOnlUVzg","King Arthur","@Chant P 🤦‍♂️ really. I cannot get into a battle of wit, with an unarmed women.","0","","2020-06-07 19:03:11","false",""
"Ugxl3sNJpzhCqfssTu94AaABAg","SenorCrazylegs","Absolute scum. This is mindless vandalism. Putting modern morality onto the practices of yesteryear is a vile idiocy, and I feel disgusted that my country is allowing it to continue. Dialogue, democratic process and discussion, always. Not this disgraceful denial of history.
Riot police. Now.","3","1","2020-06-07 16:19:27","true",""
"Ugxl3sNJpzhCqfssTu94AaABAg.99bUeSGgFZp99edGa50_LP","macsporan","Fan of slavery are we?","0","","2020-06-08 21:41:09","false",""
"UgzR7FAnVFC_psc6WC94AaABAg","Jenny Stubbs","Love this. Offensive statue of a racist monster. He is in the river now.","3","1","2020-06-07 16:19:28","true",""
"UgzR7FAnVFC_psc6WC94AaABAg.99bUeg_UUIf99bWw4PqNVi","Basil II","@John Smith IKR","0","","2020-06-07 16:39:19","false",""
"UgybhugGUYuBDdHBEtR4AaABAg","The_Manchurian_Candidate","Open season for white men soon... mark my words","9","5","2020-06-07 16:19:40","true",""
"UgybhugGUYuBDdHBEtR4AaABAg.99bUg8wnN_l99bWPGhB2pl","Robert Lepper","@John Smith THAT'S A LONG WORD LOL","0","","2020-06-07 16:34:42","false",""
"UgybhugGUYuBDdHBEtR4AaABAg.99bUg8wnN_l99bWduBLyWl","The EdBaron","Soon?","0","","2020-06-07 16:36:50","false",""
"UgybhugGUYuBDdHBEtR4AaABAg.99bUg8wnN_l99bWyQ0uzfi","Nanny nobnobs","Well said sir","0","","2020-06-07 16:39:39","false",""
"UgybhugGUYuBDdHBEtR4AaABAg.99bUg8wnN_l99bZgCFQ6ey","yaBoy2000 HEARD","Fbi coming to u","0","","2020-06-07 17:03:22","false",""
"UgybhugGUYuBDdHBEtR4AaABAg.99bUg8wnN_l99bgrQkr0RC","Jasper Taylor","The majority of people I see in this video are white...","0","","2020-06-07 18:14:48","false",""
"Ugzp9GRBtOKv-sj4BAN4AaABAg","Pumpkin Head","BURN DOWN COLSTON TOWER!!!!! BURN IT DOWN TO THE GROUND!!!!","0","0","2020-06-07 16:19:46","true",""
"UgxqLk8GR1BJcK4nE7Z4AaABAg","MrKarmoy1","I have now lost any respect for the Black lives matters movement......every one an idiot.","11","1","2020-06-07 16:20:02","true",""
"UgxqLk8GR1BJcK4nE7Z4AaABAg.99bUijYwV4J99bXV1N3W2D","MrKarmoy1","@S Shah is the lefties as usual...seen it so many times.  They are professionals brought in to whip up trouble.","0","","2020-06-07 16:44:14","false",""
"UgxdlS4W4Bf704Iwoot4AaABAg","Lucas N.","That's a disgusting act of VANDALISM. Leave HISTORY alone. People will learn from history in the future using their own brains.","1","0","2020-06-07 16:20:06","true",""
"UgwnR9ncXszEysPT5gF4AaABAg","tony clarke","so they turn to vandalizing statues not helping them selves and then they wonder why so much hatred towards them","5","11","2020-06-07 16:21:03","true",""
"UgwnR9ncXszEysPT5gF4AaABAg.99bUqFkfokI99bX6u8xb8S","BIG BOI K3V","What do you mean by ""helping themselves"" in this situation?","0","","2020-06-07 16:40:56","false",""
"UgwnR9ncXszEysPT5gF4AaABAg.99bUqFkfokI99bjdvum4rq","Chantal M","Ironic that your display photo is you with your black friend, you’re fake and pathetic. I’d suggest you watch the video of the statue being removed and put into the water, as you’ll find it was done by your white counterparts.","2","","2020-06-07 18:39:11","false",""
"UgwnR9ncXszEysPT5gF4AaABAg.99bUqFkfokI99bqzFSdeyU","BIG BOI K3V","@John Smith is protesting about the oppression of black lives not an advancement? and them being outside and protesting in numbers seems a bit active for them to be ""lazy"", meanwhile you're sat behind a screen throwing a tantrum and disputing with people online because your white pride is being poked at ... hmm seems a bit childish?","1","","2020-06-07 19:43:15","false",""
"UgwnR9ncXszEysPT5gF4AaABAg.99bUqFkfokI99brfXA-OA6","Chantal M","John Smith you thought you were being clever in your original comment, but now look completely stupid as it turns out ‘they’ is not black people. You clearly couldn’t be bothered to even watch the video before commenting. Have a long hard look in the mirror and sort yourself out.","0","","2020-06-07 19:49:18","false",""
"UgwnR9ncXszEysPT5gF4AaABAg.99bUqFkfokI99c4MW1zwwp","tony clarke","@Chantal M i
 have watched it thanks so tell me 
what does it prove it just shows me a bunch of vandals and nothing else","0","","2020-06-07 21:48:54","false",""
"UgwnR9ncXszEysPT5gF4AaABAg.99bUqFkfokI99dJ3hLx7mD","tony clarke","@Chantal M how do you know i wasn't the coloured person in the photo or just though i was the whitey making those commence","0","","2020-06-08 09:16:39","false",""
"UgwnR9ncXszEysPT5gF4AaABAg.99bUqFkfokI99daJYsA20z","Chantal M","tony clarke because if you were black you wouldn’t call yourself ‘coloured’, which by the way is a rude term.","0","","2020-06-08 11:56:06","false",""
"UgwnR9ncXszEysPT5gF4AaABAg.99bUqFkfokI99daRfUaJIJ","Chantal M","And I didn’t use the term whitey, don’t put me in your box and perhaps educated yourself so you don’t come across as being so ignorant.","0","","2020-06-08 11:57:12","false",""
"UgwnR9ncXszEysPT5gF4AaABAg.99bUqFkfokI99dcMiD37VJ","tony clarke","@Chantal M well if i had said black i would of been called everything under the sun","0","","2020-06-08 12:14:00","false",""
"UgwnR9ncXszEysPT5gF4AaABAg.99bUqFkfokI99ddAlI_ZYH","tony clarke","@Chantal M what box is that it was you that went straight for the white person not me so what does that say about you and your the ignorant one if you think those protest are peaceful maybe it's you needs educating on right vs wrong","0","","2020-06-08 12:21:07","false",""
"UgwnR9ncXszEysPT5gF4AaABAg.99bUqFkfokI99dzJRDfWye","charles","More because there are a lot of hateful people - read the pro-slavery comments here.","0","","2020-06-08 15:34:32","false",""
"UgxxOSe60OP_6eZnZuF4AaABAg","Mel1lvar","Colton did a lot for the city of Bristol back then. Was it at the expense of African Slaves? Absolutely, but he help the people who lived here. 

What next, the houses of parliament? Buckingham Palace? The city of Bristol itself? Condone this and it's a slippery slope.","0","0","2020-06-07 16:22:23","true",""
"UgwzXAiXSMQjw8YRqAB4AaABAg","Ciara Donnelly","The Windsors should be worried??","1","2","2020-06-07 16:22:55","true",""
"UgwzXAiXSMQjw8YRqAB4AaABAg.99bV2tWmKRe99bwJ4vzyWS","Tina Mcintyre","Ciara Donnelly 
Why’s that dick head .?..","0","","2020-06-07 20:29:47","false",""
"UgwzXAiXSMQjw8YRqAB4AaABAg.99bV2tWmKRe99c2hpuHzZ5","Ciara Donnelly","@Tina Mcintyre All white institutions under attack, once they take Downing St, B Palace next","0","","2020-06-07 21:34:28","false",""
"Ugylv9nvqu8xV26EdEJ4AaABAg","PR0GRAMMING","Hmmm, I thought Britain was a democracy. Wasn't the decision suppose to go to the council for a decision? I don't like where the new train station is, can I just destroy it now?  Looks like a barbarian horde has taken over.","8","0","2020-06-07 16:23:37","true",""
"Ugydt83cpvxYU70UkRR4AaABAg","Bongo Bongo","The council, police and government will let this slide, no one will be prosecuted. The vandals will then try something more and more outrageous to get their fix.  Such sad times that we live in.","0","0","2020-06-07 16:23:47","true",""
"UgzxKCmpb-UXZT8IHOh4AaABAg","John Nada","This is a coup. ANTIFA have the full support of the treacherous British government","10","8","2020-06-07 16:24:00","true",""
"UgzxKCmpb-UXZT8IHOh4AaABAg.99bVApgaJk299bVa93yT9j","King Brilliant","Can you provide a link to your sources?","3","","2020-06-07 16:27:35","false",""
"UgzxKCmpb-UXZT8IHOh4AaABAg.99bVApgaJk299bYGgxW6ZF","eaglepies","Take your meds, and maybe a break from the internet 😂","2","","2020-06-07 16:51:00","false",""
"UgzxKCmpb-UXZT8IHOh4AaABAg.99bVApgaJk299bYau_n_1h","Buck shelfords ballbag","Can i join ANTIFA?? Havent washed for a week got a black hoddie, hung around student unions etc","3","","2020-06-07 16:53:55","false",""
"UgzxKCmpb-UXZT8IHOh4AaABAg.99bVApgaJk299bgYW_KO3-","More Please","Oh good grief.

Stop being so idiotic. 

Please","0","","2020-06-07 18:12:05","false",""
"UgzxKCmpb-UXZT8IHOh4AaABAg.99bVApgaJk299bmCKMrKA2","John Nada","@More Please Anyone bowing down to these reprobates B lives M are a disgrace to their ancestors and should be destroyed one bone at a time.","1","","2020-06-07 19:01:29","false",""
"UgzxKCmpb-UXZT8IHOh4AaABAg.99bVApgaJk299d-j1FK9E5","More Please","@John Nada Seriously, you're being a spectacularly idiotic fool.

Stop.","0","","2020-06-08 06:27:40","false",""
"UgzxKCmpb-UXZT8IHOh4AaABAg.99bVApgaJk299d7YYtfud2","John Nada","@More Please if a government chooses not to stop illegal acts then it csn only be concluded it tacitly supports the act.","0","","2020-06-08 07:36:00","false",""
"UgzxKCmpb-UXZT8IHOh4AaABAg.99bVApgaJk299dbXQeszmx","More Please","@John Nada Meh, the people who pulled the statue down should be fined for criminal damages but really it's a good thing that it is gone.

The council really should've actioned its removal when the people had called for its removal","0","","2020-06-08 12:06:44","false",""
"Ugxnh9QE0JGlvlFPiHR4AaABAg","500,000 Views","Racist slave trader Former Tory MP .","2","0","2020-06-07 16:24:03","true",""
"UgxETojE_YVw2u83-Jx4AaABAg","Bongoman","This just really annoys me now. Where are the police? They shouldn’t be allowed to do this. Bloody use flame throwers, tanks, I don’t care at this point.","0","0","2020-06-07 16:24:33","true",""
"UgyV9ZYSMhsfjyVQKWl4AaABAg","Khum Dhan","all of these people should be shot.","1","0","2020-06-07 16:24:48","true",""
"UgwPQTMQZcMsNjTdJKR4AaABAg","Elz","I literally got back from there. It was the most amazing thing iv ever seen. We were so peaceful and didn't see any police at all","25","6","2020-06-07 16:25:27","true",""
"UgwPQTMQZcMsNjTdJKR4AaABAg.99bVLTDvnV299b_3kif2_H","Jerry O Sullivan","peaceful? you lot just chucked a bloddy great statue in the sea. define unpeaceful?","3","","2020-06-07 17:06:43","false",""
"UgwPQTMQZcMsNjTdJKR4AaABAg.99bVLTDvnV299baDrHSkrJ","Elz","@Jerry O Sullivan You are clearly not a bristolian, because you would know how long this statue has been destined to come down. People from bristol know what the statue represents.","1","","2020-06-07 17:16:50","false",""
"UgwPQTMQZcMsNjTdJKR4AaABAg.99bVLTDvnV299bbVL5wtc4","Hussain Khan","@Jerry O Sullivan a splash is not a violent thing jerry , let it rust in pieces now mate","0","","2020-06-07 17:27:58","false",""
"UgwPQTMQZcMsNjTdJKR4AaABAg.99bVLTDvnV299beWzo3ogv","Eddie Hitler","Bristol police are pretty cool for police. They seem to know the difference between law and morality for the most part, in my experience at least. Speaking as someone who spent a bit of time homeless there.","0","","2020-06-07 17:54:24","false",""
"UgwPQTMQZcMsNjTdJKR4AaABAg.99bVLTDvnV299bieNl9iye","Paul Nolan","@Eddie Hitler had Ritchie thrown you out?","1","","2020-06-07 18:30:30","false",""
"UgwPQTMQZcMsNjTdJKR4AaABAg.99bVLTDvnV299bjSvHLdPY","Eddie Hitler","@Paul Nolan Nah, he let the bloody gas man in so I had to scarper.","0","","2020-06-07 18:37:32","false",""
"UgwguKozim-GUuN-k6t4AaABAg","Bongoman","Should we now take down the pyramids? They were built by slaves","8","6","2020-06-07 16:25:44","true",""
"UgwguKozim-GUuN-k6t4AaABAg.99bVNXJ8Ebe99bYib3oY7T","Scariest stuff is that i ate your poop","That's all the way in Egypt tff","2","","2020-06-07 16:54:58","false",""
"UgwguKozim-GUuN-k6t4AaABAg.99bVNXJ8Ebe99bZAjmNMQ4","Bongoman","Hi Bish not the point","1","","2020-06-07 16:58:56","false",""
"UgwguKozim-GUuN-k6t4AaABAg.99bVNXJ8Ebe99bike4iTVK","Scariest stuff is that i ate your poop","@Bongoman okay I mean I'll tell my aunt she's part of the protest","0","","2020-06-07 18:31:22","false",""
"UgwguKozim-GUuN-k6t4AaABAg.99bVNXJ8Ebe99dZcYUNa9o","Arran Vid","Bongoman, that's a good point. Also the Taj Mahal was made by people who were blinded purposely by Shah Jahan after they built it.","0","","2020-06-08 11:41:21","false",""
"UgwguKozim-GUuN-k6t4AaABAg.99bVNXJ8Ebe99dZkSxZjpc","Arran Vid","Someone else said that the pyramids were actually built by skilled, paid labourers however","0","","2020-06-08 11:42:26","false",""
"UgwguKozim-GUuN-k6t4AaABAg.99bVNXJ8Ebe99deh_YoZUt","Bongoman","Arran Vid no, they were slaves who worked under the hot sun and were often injured","0","","2020-06-08 12:34:28","false",""
"UgwtqLrr4-ojiCOeQb54AaABAg","ChumiyaDoesRandomStuff","i went to the protest and to all the people saying ""there all white"" majority of Bristol are white!  and the reason people are not staying in quarantine is because if you dont fight now who   knows how bad things  could get PEOPLE NEED TO STOP ACTING LIKE ITS OKAY FOR THAT STATUE TO EVERY BE PUT UP I THINK ANY STATUE OF SOMEONE WHO WAS RACIST OWNED SLAVES ETC SHOULD BE PULLED DOWN  WE HAVE TRIED BEING PEACEFUL FOR OVER 400 YEARS AND THERE STILL NO CHANGE ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
NO JUSTICE NO PIECE NO RACIST POLICE","0","4","2020-06-07 16:25:48","true",""
"UgwtqLrr4-ojiCOeQb54AaABAg.99bVNycKqT-99bZdjvf-WO","The EdBaron","You've been vibing too long, just because you can't get enough people to agree with you (Lab / Lib Dem / Left in general), you think taking the law into your own hands is the way to go.","0","","2020-06-07 17:03:02","false",""
"UgwtqLrr4-ojiCOeQb54AaABAg.99bVNycKqT-99b_BsqxXob","ChumiyaDoesRandomStuff","@The EdBaron"" You've been vibing too long, just because you can't get enough people to agree with you "" mate have you seen how many people are in this video the only people i cant get to agree with me are you boomers soo..","0","","2020-06-07 17:07:50","false",""
"UgwtqLrr4-ojiCOeQb54AaABAg.99bVNycKqT-99bbPzJn2Pg","The EdBaron","@ChumiyaDoesRandomStuff - A big crowd of morons is large, but they're still morons.","0","","2020-06-07 17:27:14","false",""
"UgwtqLrr4-ojiCOeQb54AaABAg.99bVNycKqT-99bgCD--WDI","ChumiyaDoesRandomStuff","@The EdBaron nope there not","0","","2020-06-07 18:09:03","false",""
"UgxOVYDfe2QBVeRM1Il4AaABAg","Neil Flood","WOW! just WOW!","1","0","2020-06-07 16:26:01","true",""
"UgwB0GXba1tts_vMhPh4AaABAg","May Gram","Why are white people in the comments so upset at this? You're upset at this but yet won't speak up when you see a fellow human being discriminated against due to race. White people are weird. OK now let the racist responses start since that's all you're good at LOL.","1","1","2020-06-07 16:26:20","true",""
"UgwB0GXba1tts_vMhPh4AaABAg.99bVRv3jz6h99bahCYyLBe","Stephen Glasse","How do you know it was due to race,?","0","","2020-06-07 17:20:59","false",""
"UgxXJgnqNeYdtFZCEV94AaABAg","The One","❤ Peace n Blessings
🇺🇸","2","0","2020-06-07 16:26:30","true",""
"Ugxup8nIUSqZDQ8NV-14AaABAg","shaban shone","Good they took it down ... it repsent  selling people for profit  slave trader man  sick Edward colston","4","0","2020-06-07 16:26:45","true",""
"Ugw79-9Innj1npis9h54AaABAg","C CHIMEX","Absolutely brilliant. No monuments to.racist mass murderers.","0","0","2020-06-07 16:27:02","true",""
"Ugz1uW4iKt1-yMsGMRx4AaABAg","fillipo1972","Done with the connivance of agent provocateur to let these dopes  have their say. It was due to be removed anyway","2","2","2020-06-07 16:27:05","true",""
"Ugz1uW4iKt1-yMsGMRx4AaABAg.99bVXOI3Ye_99bwEvWMcRs","Tina Mcintyre","fillipo1972 
Just around the corner ,they are just collateral damage .👁","0","","2020-06-07 20:29:13","false",""
"Ugz1uW4iKt1-yMsGMRx4AaABAg.99bVXOI3Ye_99cD54DTsdC","fillipo1972","@Tina Mcintyre Sorry I dont quite unuderstand","0","","2020-06-07 23:05:10","false",""
"UgxtQdWUpLXRCN4mLL54AaABAg","Joaquim Monteiro","People made history today.","17","5","2020-06-07 16:27:17","true",""
"UgxtQdWUpLXRCN4mLL54AaABAg.99bVYpjXafR99bWKiTyuXV","Slim","They made a mess and damaged public property !","4","","2020-06-07 16:34:05","false",""
"UgxtQdWUpLXRCN4mLL54AaABAg.99bVYpjXafR99bWc0IlWi1","Joaquim Monteiro","@Slim Have you tried to read a book about British history?","2","","2020-06-07 16:36:35","false",""
"UgxtQdWUpLXRCN4mLL54AaABAg.99bVYpjXafR99bXlyQlyh_","Pete Gromov","@Slim Tories do that every day.","1","","2020-06-07 16:46:41","false",""
"UgxtQdWUpLXRCN4mLL54AaABAg.99bVYpjXafR99bh2gIEEJH","Slim","@Pete Gromov  And the labour party do nothing but virtue signal to court ethnic minorities and the diversity crowd to gain their votes... Great policy ..Stick with it  !","1","","2020-06-07 18:16:29","false",""
"UgxtQdWUpLXRCN4mLL54AaABAg.99bVYpjXafR99bmmNDbb0l","claude ghendrih","@Slim Your sorry butt should indeed be public property .","0","","2020-06-07 19:06:33","false",""
"UgxcsHxgPEt8YbSvuPx4AaABAg","Nico de Smidt","The Empire on the wane ????
What are you talking about man :-)
The EU is about to crumble, Britannia waves the rules.
Oh wait","47","11","2020-06-07 16:27:28","true",""
"UgxcsHxgPEt8YbSvuPx4AaABAg.99bV_GHCzBH99bVtd5YWHY","Captain_Torlek","The British Empire fell at Suez","2","","2020-06-07 16:30:15","false",""
"UgxcsHxgPEt8YbSvuPx4AaABAg.99bV_GHCzBH99bWHhAXBzy","Jerry Ormston","0.5 You douche.","1","","2020-06-07 16:33:40","false",""
"UgxcsHxgPEt8YbSvuPx4AaABAg.99bV_GHCzBH99bYxsc8Tv4","Jyv Ben","in their bathtub    ;-)","1","","2020-06-07 16:57:02","false",""
"UgxcsHxgPEt8YbSvuPx4AaABAg.99bV_GHCzBH99bZARvy9lM","R e","that made me laugh, have one up good sir :-D","3","","2020-06-07 16:58:54","false",""
"UgxcsHxgPEt8YbSvuPx4AaABAg.99bV_GHCzBH99b_ooL9oVG","berlindude75","*waives ;)","4","","2020-06-07 17:13:17","false",""
"UgxcsHxgPEt8YbSvuPx4AaABAg.99bV_GHCzBH99bcOrilSai","R0swell5104","Nice.","1","","2020-06-07 17:35:49","false",""
"UgxcsHxgPEt8YbSvuPx4AaABAg.99bV_GHCzBH99beVg9NfQC","TorianTammas","Gandhi freed India from British occupation and this was the beginning of the End of the criminal enterprise called Empire.","2","","2020-06-07 17:54:13","false",""
"UgxcsHxgPEt8YbSvuPx4AaABAg.99bV_GHCzBH99biSXHa3Ol","Ladynipchick2","Very good 🙊","0","","2020-06-07 18:28:45","false",""
"UgxcsHxgPEt8YbSvuPx4AaABAg.99bV_GHCzBH99boGhWaaYo","A horse with no name","@TorianTammas 
Too late. The end of the 1st WW was the start of the end if the empire. The working class was sick of being slaughtered by the upper class and wanted change. It was a slow process then unlike now where Trump has pulled the American empire down in a few short years.","0","","2020-06-07 19:19:34","false",""
"UgxcsHxgPEt8YbSvuPx4AaABAg.99bV_GHCzBH99cNmOujmCy","Alastair Barkley","@A horse with no name  WW1, I don't think so. Britain and France ADDED to their empires during and after WW1 as they hoovered up the Ottoman territories. Remember Lawrence of Arabia? We got Palestine, Iraq (with its lovely oil) and de-facto control of Iran. The French got Syria and Lebanon. Somebody picked up all the German posessions in Africa, too. Can't remember who..","0","","2020-06-08 00:38:36","false",""
"UgxcsHxgPEt8YbSvuPx4AaABAg.99bV_GHCzBH99cOdO-SHTn","Alastair Barkley","@Captain_Torlek Suez was when Great Britain and France had to accept they were no longer First Division global powers. The Americans had us over an economic barrel and we had to grovel to them [1]. I reckon the British Empire was actually lost in February 1942 when British forces surrendered Singapore to the Japanese [2] and we ceased to control huge parts of the far-East (which we never got back, thanks again to the USA).
[1] Just like we will after the Brexit US 'trade deal'.
[2] Despite the defending British forces being some four times larger than those of Gen. Yamashita's, Singapore was surrendered without much of a struggle.","0","","2020-06-08 00:46:06","false",""
"UgxyOrCK0_YTSvYtSSF4AaABAg","Simon Höller","We love to see it, get that shit outta here!","0","0","2020-06-07 16:28:11","true",""
"UgxLT212n84-aJF9__R4AaABAg","Marcus Bradley","Not blaming you Phil but these protesters are nothing more than violent leftist thugs who should be stopped now,  they are making things much much worse and most ppl have had enough of this crap...","5","19","2020-06-07 16:28:18","true",""
"UgxLT212n84-aJF9__R4AaABAg.99bVfKNW6lW99bW43islCl","Stephanie Wilson","Boy, oh boy, are you out of touch!","10","","2020-06-07 16:31:49","false",""
"UgxLT212n84-aJF9__R4AaABAg.99bVfKNW6lW99bWAmQMEDN","Theangrybinmanshow","We could say all brexiteers are thick and bigoted not every protestor is a scumbag yes sure there will be hooligans who just want to cause trouble but the reason behind these protests are just. You're witnessing a population truly give a big fuck you to those that try roll us over at every chance, I'd hope you'd see that some of them merely want change lol","3","","2020-06-07 16:32:44","false",""
"UgxLT212n84-aJF9__R4AaABAg.99bVfKNW6lW99bWG8E1G0v","Steve Green","Amazing to find Tory supporters there too!
Sounds like you are promoting a fascist state and not entering into dialogue.
You are right, most people are fed up with Tory crap!","4","","2020-06-07 16:33:28","false",""
"UgxLT212n84-aJF9__R4AaABAg.99bVfKNW6lW99bWJktxl5u","Marcus Bradley","@Stephanie Wilson.  really ? then you need to go outside your echo chamber and see what the majority think !!!","1","","2020-06-07 16:33:57","false",""
"UgxLT212n84-aJF9__R4AaABAg.99bVfKNW6lW99bWPL0lJKc","Madotsuki","Y'know, the city could've stopped glorifying that slave trader any time. And no one got hurt, where's the supposed violence huh","2","","2020-06-07 16:34:43","false",""
"UgxLT212n84-aJF9__R4AaABAg.99bVfKNW6lW99bWTUhkDGu","Average Bloke","You met most people?  Speak for yourself and only yourself.","3","","2020-06-07 16:35:17","false",""
"UgxLT212n84-aJF9__R4AaABAg.99bVfKNW6lW99bWYiNmkEU","skyblaze eterno","these protesters are nothing more than violent leftist thugs --- how would you even know? --- stop bneing stupid","3","","2020-06-07 16:36:00","false",""
"UgxLT212n84-aJF9__R4AaABAg.99bVfKNW6lW99bWeR-Gm8b","Slim","Well said .","0","","2020-06-07 16:36:55","false",""
"UgxLT212n84-aJF9__R4AaABAg.99bVfKNW6lW99bWfrEVZaz","Average Bloke","No sooner do I opine and suddenly you speak for the majority.  No, I do not buy it.  Speak for yourself coward.","2","","2020-06-07 16:37:06","false",""
"UgxLT212n84-aJF9__R4AaABAg.99bVfKNW6lW99bWgCAJlFM","Slim","@Stephanie Wilson    Idiot","0","","2020-06-07 16:37:09","false",""
"UgxLT212n84-aJF9__R4AaABAg.99bVfKNW6lW99bWgaEvISs","Marcus Bradley","@Steve Green, well firstly you lot haven't exactly entered into dialogue and also that type of behaviour is fascism...","0","","2020-06-07 16:37:12","false",""
"UgxLT212n84-aJF9__R4AaABAg.99bVfKNW6lW99bWiYTftq1","Hussain Khan","marcus did you see the prior post by Elz who has just come from that place where the statue was torn down , if not have a read , notice how Elz mentions how peaceful it was , , now Elz could be lying but why ? perhaps this time it wasnt violent leftists that obviously has you so worried , just normal folk who might be socialist too anyway i hope you do not stay in your echo chamber but instead engage with others too","1","","2020-06-07 16:37:29","false",""
"UgxLT212n84-aJF9__R4AaABAg.99bVfKNW6lW99bWjlcLFel","Slim","@Theangrybinmanshow  sad case","0","","2020-06-07 16:37:38","false",""
"UgxLT212n84-aJF9__R4AaABAg.99bVfKNW6lW99bWkuUWdTj","MagneticSharks","BLM is not a partisan issue","2","","2020-06-07 16:37:48","false",""
"UgxLT212n84-aJF9__R4AaABAg.99bVfKNW6lW99bWpMKNQyP","Slim","@skyblaze eterno  Good on you !","0","","2020-06-07 16:38:24","false",""
"UgxLT212n84-aJF9__R4AaABAg.99bVfKNW6lW99bXdLMASqE","Fubar Bundy","Fistly, what does ""leftist"" have to do with it?... do the right not feel disgusted by the adulation of a slaver?... was it leftists who tore down the statue of Sadam or just people who resented his genocides?
Secondly, ""Violent thugs""... data please !  (Is it even really possible to be violent towards an inanimate object in this sense?)
Thirdly,  as far as I'm concerned, they have made the world a better place through the destruction of the effigy of an evil man.
finally, I've not had enough and I'm ""people""... statues to slavers and other evil people should be torn down... (or would you leave statues of Stalin around for fear of making things worse?)","1","","2020-06-07 16:45:30","false",""
"UgxLT212n84-aJF9__R4AaABAg.99bVfKNW6lW99baj_M0bRM","jam onit","@Stephanie Wilson Let's see how many Labour MP's come out in support of this, I suspect even the ones ""in touch"" will keep quiet! cheers","0","","2020-06-07 17:21:18","false",""
"UgxLT212n84-aJF9__R4AaABAg.99bVfKNW6lW99bb80MKlFl","jam onit","@Theangrybinmanshow What changes did they want?","0","","2020-06-07 17:24:47","false",""
"UgxLT212n84-aJF9__R4AaABAg.99bVfKNW6lW99bg2OBWFLm","Marcus Bradley","@Average Bloke, well if you think I speak for myself then take a look at Mayhar Tousi's latest video...","0","","2020-06-07 18:07:42","false",""
"UgxIWnYf8qDI9u3bTnF4AaABAg","Fighting Falcon","Anarchy!","0","0","2020-06-07 16:28:24","true",""
"Ugy1ScNhaWaYMOQOOEN4AaABAg","Goldenhalk","Edward Colston is believed to have trafficked 84,000 African men, women and children in his time, with an estimated 19,000 dying on their journey to the Caribbean and America. No matter what donations he made, that money was blood money. If you think that this statue deserves to still be up. YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.","2","0","2020-06-07 16:28:26","true",""
"UgyaMw-NXUgz1R_9GtV4AaABAg","Cinderball","Part of me wonders if the Britain we thought we knew has gone away. We used to be a nation cowed by authority, loathe to rebel openly - now I start to think that maybe, just maybe, we are a nation that is capable of real change. It's a heady time to be alive, when all the old rules are binned and new ones are yet to be written. We must have a care that the people who write the book for the next five hundred years are not the fascists or oppressors of the last five hundred.","16","2","2020-06-07 16:28:32","true",""
"UgyaMw-NXUgz1R_9GtV4AaABAg.99bVh4TWFQ_99bYXduwzZA","Fubar Bundy","Historically, the British have had the occasional rebellion or episode of civil disobedience . doesn't happen often though so maybe we just have a longer fuse than some :)","0","","2020-06-07 16:53:20","false",""
"UgyaMw-NXUgz1R_9GtV4AaABAg.99bVh4TWFQ_99bYyjeKI64","The Final Whistle","britain is several nations and large parts of some don't want Britain to continue 5 years let alone 500.","0","","2020-06-07 16:57:10","false",""
"UgzMJNpeXuJAjVJCQQx4AaABAg","Inhabitantofthelake","Unlike these mindless yobs, Edward Colston had a brain. As for the UK police. Hopeless as ever. They love giving out tickets, but faced with a criminal they run a mile.","6","0","2020-06-07 16:28:58","true",""
"Ugy_3bNlY5YRZtTdzEB4AaABAg","10dogs2cats1donkey","Britons never, never, never mind.","0","0","2020-06-07 16:29:05","true",""
"UgwYQs_C2wmyM_rTFnB4AaABAg","opal","absolute madness","2","0","2020-06-07 16:29:06","true",""
"Ugx0gfmIgqCDMW01egN4AaABAg","ZzZzZ xYBeT","I hope every one of them dies of cancer.","3","0","2020-06-07 16:29:16","true",""
"UgyP92l9NCODH9NkkAp4AaABAg","Marilena Ganea","Stalin statues taken down in the Eastern Europe countries are the most famous of my time.","51","7","2020-06-07 16:29:20","true",""
"UgyP92l9NCODH9NkkAp4AaABAg.99bVmx5oKl599bYliFmyLj","Jyv Ben","yup, still waiting for kim statues in North Korea to fall ...","4","","2020-06-07 16:55:23","false",""
"UgyP92l9NCODH9NkkAp4AaABAg.99bVmx5oKl599bZWoC-sRd","Dano","Saddam Hussein statue torn down was also impressive.","14","","2020-06-07 17:01:57","false",""
"UgyP92l9NCODH9NkkAp4AaABAg.99bVmx5oKl599bZhpZNmXf","kim weaver","The removal of Confederate statues in the US continues apace.  The ones with historic significance are being put in museums.  That places them in the proper context, mostly.","11","","2020-06-07 17:03:36","false",""
"UgyP92l9NCODH9NkkAp4AaABAg.99bVmx5oKl599b_xM5dCM-","Mud","Lenin statues have also been removed in Ukraine and other ex soviet states.","7","","2020-06-07 17:14:27","false",""
"UgyP92l9NCODH9NkkAp4AaABAg.99bVmx5oKl599bc_aJnveT","Eddie Hitler","@kim weaver I thought they'd be better left in place as ""pissing wells"" like a wishing well but everyone passing pisses on it for good luck!","1","","2020-06-07 17:37:25","false",""
"UgyP92l9NCODH9NkkAp4AaABAg.99bVmx5oKl599beEddXjAg","The EdBaron","@Eddie Hitler - Cor, that's funny Ed, found time to answer me on the other video yet? I want to get in before another bout of Covid hits you, you being the world record holder and all.","2","","2020-06-07 17:51:54","false",""
"UgyP92l9NCODH9NkkAp4AaABAg.99bVmx5oKl599chSp1mHaI","Earhairy","@Dano ""Saddam Hussein statue torn down was also impressive."" That was a stage-managed PR stunt.  Most of the people in Firdos Square at the time were from western media organisations.","0","","2020-06-08 03:39:17","false",""
"Ugx-1Pkwy2g0kKq5XX94AaABAg","Амбер Amber","I hope the Indian communities take down the Winston Churchill statue. He caused a famine on purpose. Indian lives matter too!","6","1","2020-06-07 16:29:23","true",""
"Ugx-1Pkwy2g0kKq5XX94AaABAg.99bVnILBrrZ99bXkNFL900","Robot killer","That's a myth.","0","","2020-06-07 16:46:28","false",""
"Ugyg496LmYqL2WdXYTd4AaABAg","The Holy Goat","It's good to see people taking back control . . .","34","1","2020-06-07 16:29:37","true",""
"Ugyg496LmYqL2WdXYTd4AaABAg.99bVow56jTD99bZa0WCRTK","Jerry O Sullivan","good one","1","","2020-06-07 17:02:31","false",""
"UgxL3vQAPvL0G5koGOV4AaABAg","John Buffalo I am 97","Good job","0","0","2020-06-07 16:29:41","true",""
"UgyTa44zKeHfQ_eJkeF4AaABAg","mohamed Feras","All humans lives matter, not just Black.
& God bless every single police officer out there in frontline 🌷 You deserve more respect ✊","0","1","2020-06-07 16:29:45","true",""
"UgyTa44zKeHfQ_eJkeF4AaABAg.99bVpuTisKU99bes3Zu1Mb","Steve Whitecliffs","Child grooming report? any thoughts on the injustice?","0","","2020-06-07 17:57:25","false",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg","Willhart","The statue has apparently been pushed into the harbour now too, so it'll be pretty hard to recover.","177","32","2020-06-07 16:29:50","true",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg.99bVq_wc4bi99bXkxel-RF","Shanna Tate","😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂","8","","2020-06-07 16:46:33","false",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg.99bVq_wc4bi99bYiF1ghrD","Jerry O Sullivan","good","9","","2020-06-07 16:54:55","false",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg.99bVq_wc4bi99bZk-zXOtZ","chub eye","Not that hard, I would have a go, £3 a kg down the scrap yard","10","","2020-06-07 17:03:53","false",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg.99bVq_wc4bi99b_J4Em6T_","Steve Smith","They should've flogged the bronze","5","","2020-06-07 17:08:49","false",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg.99bVq_wc4bi99ba5aRLPNy","TheLoneSculler","Video footage of it. And I believe it's been moved on Google maps as well","9","","2020-06-07 17:15:43","false",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg.99bVq_wc4bi99ba6CGkQyr","Sue Collison","@Steve Smith Melted down first, of course.","4","","2020-06-07 17:15:48","false",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg.99bVq_wc4bi99baakTmwSo","Rumpelstyltskin","Covered in shite in that case. That harbour is filthy.","3","","2020-06-07 17:20:06","false",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg.99bVq_wc4bi99bbtCV7nOh","Illegal immigrant.","I IS BLACK AND LIKE DAT STATUE FAM IT AINT COOL. WE GONNA DIVE FOR IT BRO.","2","","2020-06-07 17:31:21","false",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg.99bVq_wc4bi99bc0AGXiJJ","Peter Ebel","Why to recover racism at all?","0","","2020-06-07 17:32:27","false",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg.99bVq_wc4bi99bc3FjoeXr","kim weaver","@Illegal immigrant. Go for it, pinhead.  Sounds like it would keep you busy for the rest of your life and off of websites.","5","","2020-06-07 17:32:52","false",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg.99bVq_wc4bi99bcFOMn8lx","Seraphina","@TheLoneSculler Sadly I think you will find that is just a meme I went to check really hoping it was true lol","0","","2020-06-07 17:34:31","false",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg.99bVq_wc4bi99bcPDPqNtT","Freek","I dont like the idea of destroying art, even if it's a statue of a slave trader","1","","2020-06-07 17:35:52","false",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg.99bVq_wc4bi99bcSXFH19R","Enzothegod","@Illegal immigrant. You ain't black. Or funny.","9","","2020-06-07 17:36:19","false",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg.99bVq_wc4bi99bcex8wKYv","Catalina Amanigh","@Freek that's not art, it's a monument to genocide.","12","","2020-06-07 17:38:09","false",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg.99bVq_wc4bi99beng-fyBD","Dale Crocker","Let it stay there -and lots of prejudice and stupidity with it. The past is over.","2","","2020-06-07 17:56:49","false",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg.99bVq_wc4bi99bftkfSjMb","Barbara Nobody","@Illegal immigrant. Oh, Look, a troll!","4","","2020-06-07 18:06:23","false",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg.99bVq_wc4bi99bgNJLT-3O","Shardlake","Shame, I bet that would melt down for some nice scrap :)","0","","2020-06-07 18:10:33","false",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg.99bVq_wc4bi99bh4chBRNW","Zaony Richardson","Good - best place for it, should have been drowned years ago.  Pleased to see some of the English have discovered they've still got a backbone.","5","","2020-06-07 18:16:45","false",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg.99bVq_wc4bi99bhwhhFWJb","ltte2","Good.","0","","2020-06-07 18:24:16","false",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg.99bVq_wc4bi99bjURjVKh2","GlaucusBlue","pretty easy to get it out, hopefully it'll go into a museum(maybe Mshed) for education and history.  it better not go back up.","2","","2020-06-07 18:37:45","false",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg.99bVq_wc4bi99bjXI-qdo_","Andrew C","Prosecute the blighters under civil law, get the bleeders to pay the council to haul it out on a crane, polish it up and re-erect it. Repeat procedure until it stays put!","0","","2020-06-07 18:38:08","false",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg.99bVq_wc4bi99boT5mlq8b","MrAranton","Great idea. Take down a statue and use it to, create a hazard for naval traffic... They should have molten it down to make something else of the metal.","0","","2020-06-07 19:21:15","false",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg.99bVq_wc4bi99bpxQQWey6","Mick McCrudden","MARTIN LOOTER KING 
You are a very silly person. Keep your churlish thoughts to yourself","2","","2020-06-07 19:34:16","false",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg.99bVq_wc4bi99bqY4Bqggc","Mason Edwards","Let’s burn all the books as well while we’re cancelling everything and all the status of anyone associated with absolutely anything.. look at all the people who died at the hands of Marie Curie or Einstein?? Let’s pull the pyramids down... 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️","0","","2020-06-07 19:39:25","false",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg.99bVq_wc4bi99butJifQN-","The Holy Goat","Should have smashed it with sledge hammers , made it totally unrecognisable before it was dunked.","0","","2020-06-07 20:17:24","false",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg.99bVq_wc4bi99c10Q6pg5C","wraithphoenix","@The Holy Goat, Honestly, I would recover that statue, stick it in a museum telling the whole story of this man, his place in the slave trade and what it did, the history of the statue itself all the way through today and on to what ever we make out of this moment in the world. This statue is now a part of history, and I cannot think of any greater fate for it to spend the rest of time in a museum displayed face down in mud.","3","","2020-06-07 21:19:40","false",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg.99bVq_wc4bi99c9WWtyYKA","iliana hernandez","Touche!!!!","0","","2020-06-07 22:33:58","false",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg.99bVq_wc4bi99cgUmT2vrP","Emily Pearlstone","@Freek the council have had a very long time to agree to campaigners calls to have it relocated to a museum and they were meant to add a plaque with further education to inform people how he made his wealth. They agreed to trading in goods was OK, but not trading in people so the plaque was never made.","0","","2020-06-08 03:30:49","false",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg.99bVq_wc4bi99e--wTiWmI","V","Loooooo well done","0","","2020-06-08 15:40:37","false",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg.99bVq_wc4bi99fgBbBdRqo","frenchie jones","MARTIN LOOTER KING ...thicko.","0","","2020-06-09 07:25:55","false",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg.99bVq_wc4bi99fgO_-7d-5","frenchie jones","Andrew C ...oh dear ....don't tell me , you're a passionate brexiteer , with your brain cell firmly lodged up your arse.","0","","2020-06-09 07:27:42","false",""
"UgwWfPbKA46Ueu3ksmJ4AaABAg.99bVq_wc4bi99fgUKYRLJb","frenchie jones","wraithphoenix ...quite right .","0","","2020-06-09 07:28:29","false",""
"UgwJAnwzYpOMRuT93Ip4AaABAg","kate torode","Can we start teaching the truth about Churchill too? Oh wow imagine if we stuck by what we teach kids theybshud do","61","21","2020-06-07 16:30:00","true",""
"UgwJAnwzYpOMRuT93Ip4AaABAg.99bVrljmJK499bWzRvnZA0","2manynegativewaves","Erm,we do,he's a far more complex subject and probably a cause loser if you go after him.","7","","2020-06-07 16:39:47","false",""
"UgwJAnwzYpOMRuT93Ip4AaABAg.99bVrljmJK499bYb2-ZnjK","john Taylor","Can't think of another person who was such a mix of amazing and horrific. He was a man of incredible extremes, it would take a whole term to even start to get an idea of who he was.","9","","2020-06-07 16:53:56","false",""
"UgwJAnwzYpOMRuT93Ip4AaABAg.99bVrljmJK499b_Dk3ha_E","Rumpelstyltskin","The man was a drunken racist with a rather entertaining turn of phrase.","7","","2020-06-07 17:08:05","false",""
"UgwJAnwzYpOMRuT93Ip4AaABAg.99bVrljmJK499b_GRvov_3","The Magus","@john Taylor Couldn't agree more - a colonialist and imperialist, involved in the mess that was Gallipoli.  He constantly warned of the danger of Hitler and never appeased the Nazis.  He foresaw the 'United States of Europe' and said that the next empires would be 'Empires of the Mind.'","2","","2020-06-07 17:08:27","false",""
"UgwJAnwzYpOMRuT93Ip4AaABAg.99bVrljmJK499b_hQjdt-I","Nick Ridley","Kate your a disgrace you should be writing in German","2","","2020-06-07 17:12:16","false",""
"UgwJAnwzYpOMRuT93Ip4AaABAg.99bVrljmJK499b_tERpNSy","Peter Ebel","Oh, where do you even want to start?
Compare i.e. the English version of Wikipedia with the French, Spanish, Italian, German, ... .
You find the racist thinking trails on every page describing nations on the very top right discussing ""ethnic groups"". In all other languages this is a non issue, things like size of the country, seize of the population and the nation's economy are documented instead.

Let me tell from a foreign point of view: Other nations are still irritated watching GB and USA regarding racist thinking in every aspect of life.","2","","2020-06-07 17:13:53","false",""
"UgwJAnwzYpOMRuT93Ip4AaABAg.99bVrljmJK499baYfosad3","Crustywasp 1962","kate torode Fair enough,and I have absolutely no problem with that statue in Bristol being pulled down. Can we now also start teaching about Nelson and Winnie Mandela and their somewhat charming history?","3","","2020-06-07 17:19:41","false",""
"UgwJAnwzYpOMRuT93Ip4AaABAg.99bVrljmJK499bbnB4wmeZ","KTo288","@john Taylor there is Horatio Nelson, another white supremacist, who was in cahoots with slave owners and traders and see his power and influence to protect their interests","2","","2020-06-07 17:30:32","false",""
"UgwJAnwzYpOMRuT93Ip4AaABAg.99bVrljmJK499bctE8KnM5","Archangel","@The Magus TBF Gallipoli was an example of his adventurous openmindedness, the Western Front had descended into a terrible stalemate with horrific casualties mounting daily he was looking for a way to break the deadlock, the fact that it too became a debacle was more to do with the tactical execution of the plan.","0","","2020-06-07 17:40:06","false",""
"UgwJAnwzYpOMRuT93Ip4AaABAg.99bVrljmJK499bcu5JLVCc","bluefarie10","@Nick Ridley it's ""you're"" actually.  Please try to write in English.","2","","2020-06-07 17:40:13","false",""
"UgwJAnwzYpOMRuT93Ip4AaABAg.99bVrljmJK499bdlVpPeV8","Eddie Hitler","@Archangel Or so it's written from an English perspective...","0","","2020-06-07 17:47:47","false",""
"UgwJAnwzYpOMRuT93Ip4AaABAg.99bVrljmJK499be72z_vWD","Bill Gowland","@Nick Ridley the Windsor's do","0","","2020-06-07 17:50:52","false",""
"UgwJAnwzYpOMRuT93Ip4AaABAg.99bVrljmJK499biD2iouDE","Ladynipchick2","@Crustywasp 1962 Love the name.","0","","2020-06-07 18:26:38","false",""
"UgwJAnwzYpOMRuT93Ip4AaABAg.99bVrljmJK499bilcU27kT","The EdBaron","Or about how nice Shaka Zulu was considering we've now all forgotten about George Floyd as this statue incident has made it slip our BLM minds.","1","","2020-06-07 18:31:29","false",""
"UgwJAnwzYpOMRuT93Ip4AaABAg.99bVrljmJK499bmtQ7u5o4","Godehard Brysch","As a Geman I have to be careful to criticize Churchill. I have respect to all soldiers who fought, risking their lives. Is ist such a great Performance when politicians are sheltered and repeat again and again: ""We won't surrender""? The British say that this made them courageous. By the way, Churchill called Hitler's ""Mein Kampf"" a remarkable book. He even hated the French and did not consider them as winners of WWII. However he changed after the war and wanted a united Europe without the UK.","0","","2020-06-07 19:07:30","false",""
"UgwJAnwzYpOMRuT93Ip4AaABAg.99bVrljmJK499br7fkpmfx","Crustywasp 1962","Ladynipchick2 Thank you.😀","1","","2020-06-07 19:44:33","false",""
"UgwJAnwzYpOMRuT93Ip4AaABAg.99bVrljmJK499btO2hu-hY","Tee X","You mean the war criminal racist eugenicist Winston Churchill","0","","2020-06-07 20:04:15","false",""
"UgwJAnwzYpOMRuT93Ip4AaABAg.99bVrljmJK499bu4sNoSYF","R0swell5104","@Nick Ridley She has a point. Churchill was not the saint that you want him to be. As foremost mind in the formation of what is now the EU, he deserves praise for that alone. Ironic is it not.
Oh and do learn to spell.","1","","2020-06-07 20:10:22","false",""
"UgwJAnwzYpOMRuT93Ip4AaABAg.99bVrljmJK499bwFWkA9bs","Tyke Man","I would love to see someone deface a statue of Churchill. 
It would give me an excuse to smash a soft lefty up.","1","","2020-06-07 20:29:18","false",""
"UgwJAnwzYpOMRuT93Ip4AaABAg.99bVrljmJK499bzN4yyCI0","necaacen","it doesnt really matter though. when u go back in time, the further you go back the more youll find everyone was a racist, sexist, homphobic arsehole. We need to stop glorifying people from the past, and not get too hung up on vilifying them. what we really need is to look to the future, look to the people today we can look up to and hold them aloft so they can take us to a better tomorrow. The uk and usa are run by boris and trump, is this the best of us? are these the people we want to shape our lives? why are people like cornell west given 2 minutes air time on the news while a man like trump runs the nation? this is where we need to put our energy.","0","","2020-06-07 20:56:33","false",""
"UgwJAnwzYpOMRuT93Ip4AaABAg.99bVrljmJK499bzvF06TcP","necaacen","@Tyke Man what an amazingly idiotic comment, a window into the mind of the complete mongs that are really holding our country back. People like Boris can't exist and hold power unless theres completely hate filled uneducated idiots in the working class who are willing to vote right wing against all their own interests, against all sense and reason. Here we have an example, smash a soft lefty up... you stupid small minded fool.","0","","2020-06-07 21:01:21","false",""
"UgyQEFj8qenbmCcN69Z4AaABAg","David Gardiner","""By the mob"". Is this a good thing?","1","6","2020-06-07 16:30:13","true",""
"UgyQEFj8qenbmCcN69Z4AaABAg.99bVtL8ky5899bWGmoYxxQ","Average Bloke","Use of the word mob depends on context.  Inadvisable use, for sure, but I prefer to let it slide as it is still accurate.","0","","2020-06-07 16:33:33","false",""
"UgyQEFj8qenbmCcN69Z4AaABAg.99bVtL8ky5899bWPKMWBUD","Abbo Fun","David Gardiner , in the UK? Who else?","0","","2020-06-07 16:34:43","false",""
"UgyQEFj8qenbmCcN69Z4AaABAg.99bVtL8ky5899bWwZJSYU2","Nicholas","Thanks to fptp we are ruled by a mob.","1","","2020-06-07 16:39:23","false",""
"UgyQEFj8qenbmCcN69Z4AaABAg.99bVtL8ky5899bXOGKjqqn","2manynegativewaves","Yes David. Its a good thing,""the mob"" is The People.","1","","2020-06-07 16:43:18","false",""
"UgyQEFj8qenbmCcN69Z4AaABAg.99bVtL8ky5899bY0hdFPnu","Abbo Fun","Average Bloke , the word mob originates from ‘demobilised’ armies, groups of ex-soldiers roaming around as a group, no longer paid and often hungry.","0","","2020-06-07 16:48:50","false",""
"UgyQEFj8qenbmCcN69Z4AaABAg.99bVtL8ky5899bmOPjjz8c","claude ghendrih","@Abbo Fun Thank you , I was going to look it up .","0","","2020-06-07 19:03:08","false",""
"UgxNBFMM2yg_DtXmAXN4AaABAg","Bonehill","what a great place this will be when this lot run the country","4","4","2020-06-07 16:30:20","true",""
"UgxNBFMM2yg_DtXmAXN4AaABAg.99bVuAm0FLu99bdOfHkqla","Waris Albakri","What’s wrong with this statue being taken down?","1","","2020-06-07 17:44:32","false",""
"UgxNBFMM2yg_DtXmAXN4AaABAg.99bVuAm0FLu99bpxhs00Dk","Bonehill","@Waris Albakri Waris -tell me whats right","0","","2020-06-07 19:34:18","false",""
"UgxNBFMM2yg_DtXmAXN4AaABAg.99bVuAm0FLu99bqHHCxTa7","Tina Mcintyre","Waris Albakri 
Let’s all trot round to yours as it’s ok to destroy property that’s not yours ...duly noted......","0","","2020-06-07 19:37:07","false",""
"UgxNBFMM2yg_DtXmAXN4AaABAg.99bVuAm0FLu99dEwCMmBuN","Waris Albakri","@Tina Mcintyre If you go down to where Colston's statue if now, you'll see the decorated plinth where he once stood and protest cards neatly surrounding it like a mural or a piece of public art - why don't you go and have a look at it at some point? I'm sure when if you pass it will matter more to you than a bronze cast of Colston -  how many people do you believe went past that statue and stopped for more than a moment? I'm sure when it was erected there were a few but now there's little relevance in our society. Does the community of Bristol actually care more about Colston than BLM politics movement?","0","","2020-06-08 08:40:32","false",""
"UgzJemjHVjkWjPH-JNB4AaABAg","Tha Blunt Roller","Good 💯","1","0","2020-06-07 16:30:37","true",""
"UgwHSafWA-Qg8TATKPN4AaABAg","Yerin & Yeseo Fan","The people pretending this statue meant something and that pulling it down is an attack on Britain as a whole need to get a grip and not be as emotionally driven as the protestors.","3","1","2020-06-07 16:30:54","true",""
"UgwHSafWA-Qg8TATKPN4AaABAg.99bVyJoBdoC99bsmtpcfKw","Tina Mcintyre","Yerin & Yeseo Fan 
Give your address I’ll send the mob if it’s ok to destroy property that’s not yours ,if stfu not moron ,..","0","","2020-06-07 19:59:03","false",""
"UgxckhUkjCmwgj69tXZ4AaABAg","David Cooks","Member berries existed 100 years ago","0","0","2020-06-07 16:31:02","true",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg","ixtl guul","Can we tear down other offensive relics of the Eighteenth Century.. such as Jacob Rees-Mogg?","587","49","2020-06-07 16:31:02","true",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799bWUMIuftb","mininmalta 123",":-) lol......","18","","2020-06-07 16:35:24","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799bW_XEMz_o","A Wee Scots Dog","I like your thinking. A bit hard to tear him down though - as he’s usually horizontal to start with.","59","","2020-06-07 16:36:15","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799bWwpLknoc","Memento Mori","Drawn and quartered an option?","19","","2020-06-07 16:39:25","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799bXEsQhjSs","Ogri biker","LOL, nearly spat my tea out !","16","","2020-06-07 16:42:02","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799bXtIAizpU","Alex Harrington","Yes please and can I watch?","13","","2020-06-07 16:47:41","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799bYSt0HAlS","Blame Yourself","Not easy.  When you drop by he will go hide in his bunker.","10","","2020-06-07 16:52:41","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799bYhi82WcD","R e","and also push him into the harbor? London  Moggparty? No taxation without repre....
wait, I think I'm mixing things up a bit","14","","2020-06-07 16:54:50","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799bYwYcRbLW","Jerry O Sullivan","brilliant. haha","6","","2020-06-07 16:56:52","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799bZu1PLdcN","oneoldgit","His family are Somerset mine owners with pretensions of royalty so please do!","16","","2020-06-07 17:05:15","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799bZxJWdgzG","Ricardo Ortez","Funny though✅","5","","2020-06-07 17:05:42","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799b_gIYyJGB","George George","If anyone gets the chance, then please do!","4","","2020-06-07 17:12:07","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799baEWtT6WQ","Galvion Authirion DuGont","XD XD XD Good one!","4","","2020-06-07 17:16:56","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799bbcsDQdAN","Mark Jones","yes rees mogg needs to go in the diver avon as.well","8","","2020-06-07 17:29:08","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799bbzRZPFZl","Illegal immigrant.","JACOB IS A BLACK ICON I KNOW COS I IS A BLACK MAN.","1","","2020-06-07 17:32:13","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799bcDCKlF1j","Eddie Hitler","Please!","3","","2020-06-07 17:34:14","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799bcm18dZUB","Peter Ebel","No, he has by far not reached the modern times of Her Majesties pirate named Sir Francis Drake who is all around as well.","3","","2020-06-07 17:39:07","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799bfZcNYjlj","Ant Sudbury","The only thing a Rees slug statue would attract,is bird shit,","10","","2020-06-07 18:03:30","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799bfeDTOEHF","BioDoc","😂😂😂","2","","2020-06-07 18:04:16","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799bfzj41AG-","Graham Smith","Job done.👍","2","","2020-06-07 18:07:12","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799bhLMzektI","Wondrous","If only 🤣🤣🤣","4","","2020-06-07 18:19:02","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799bjfs7i8_x","Paul Bismuth","LOL!!","1","","2020-06-07 18:39:27","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799bjm5lDhaD","Eddie Hitler","How's about ""her majesty""?... surely she should be in the sea too...","1","","2020-06-07 18:40:18","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799bk-4HmDM7","Welsh Boi","What a fantastic idea!","3","","2020-06-07 18:42:12","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799bkhKtPlFo","Slave2PaperWithInkOn","And replace with a statue of Guy Fawkes ?!!","5","","2020-06-07 18:48:23","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799bkwK7PLVf","Eddie Hitler","@Slave2PaperWithInkOn Or we could celebrate Guy Fawkes by finishing the job!","2","","2020-06-07 18:50:26","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799blfIEpvgN","Peter Tomlinson","If I had been there I would have helped and I am 82","6","","2020-06-07 18:56:50","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799bltIMf9n-","colin wishbone","@Eddie Hitler go to Moscow and say that about Putin.result where did Eddie Hitler disappear  to","2","","2020-06-07 18:58:45","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799bokSotAvC","cleanhit777","Hang em high!","0","","2020-06-07 19:23:46","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799bqvxlPCSB","Hotaru","@cleanhit777 as phil said ""sometimes it only takes a bit of rope"" ;p","1","","2020-06-07 19:42:48","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799bs3X3zF7c","Geoff Carter Theoretical Structural Archaeology","Get a grip - we have perfectly good museums into which Jacob Rees-Mogg would fit right in.","4","","2020-06-07 19:52:43","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799bsbCn0PDL","c bechstein","That nasty little turd would have been long flushed by any decent defender of truth , shame on the british for allowing a religeous nut job anywhere near democracy.","2","","2020-06-07 19:57:27","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799bsu2y6Df7","Haebris","can he swim?","1","","2020-06-07 20:00:01","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799buXXGixF7","The Holy Goat","I'd like to put a shovel in his hands and get the fop doing a bit manual labour , but he'd probably faint just putting his boots on .","4","","2020-06-07 20:14:17","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799bvFa8gsa6","KeaTiki","@Blame Yourself Mogg doesn't do bunkers, he's partial to moats and dungeons.","1","","2020-06-07 20:20:34","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799c-yVcfHL9","Nick Barton","Yep that was funny.","0","","2020-06-07 21:10:32","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799c1nwhJUE_","M Bacon","@Slave2PaperWithInkOn I'm not sure if you realise this but Guy Fawkes was on the same side as Rees-Mogg. He was a Catholic attempting to bring about a Catholic takeover of the country.  Tom Paine would be a much better choice. Or Hannah More, Bristolian anti-slavery campaigner.","3","","2020-06-07 21:26:34","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799c1xUWSp3L","The Holy Goat","Yes ,  nanny actively encourages such activities , and afterwards hot buttered picklets as we listen to rare gregorian chants on the gramaphone or maybe some salty harpsichord toe tapping ditties .","0","","2020-06-07 21:27:52","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799c63OtNu8x","blechtic","It's difficult to believe him such relic when he keeps doing such an outstanding Gestapo officer impression.","1","","2020-06-07 22:03:46","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799cBBG8gBqQ","nicadi2005","@Memento Mori  ""Drawn and quartered an option?"" - I believe I can design the machine to do that. After all, we do live in the Age of Automation... I've already got the name for it: ""Moggy-on-Rails™""  ;-)","0","","2020-06-07 22:48:32","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799cDeJOXaOs","nicadi2005","@ixtl guul  ""Can we tear down other offensive relics of the Eighteenth Century.. such as Jacob Rees-Mogg?"" - Or perhaps tear apart that particular one (in the most literal sense)?  >:-D

P.S. Loved the adventures of our friend Elliott Grosvenor aboard the Space Beagle...  ;-)","1","","2020-06-07 23:10:07","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799cKjf6teyR","Binky Ferrari","Hear Hear","0","","2020-06-08 00:12:01","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799cPsQMcJ5r","Rhyas9","XD","0","","2020-06-08 00:56:54","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799cjoKiDCZk","Tamalia Alisjahbana","In a perfect world..","0","","2020-06-08 03:59:50","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799d1PpY4lnM","faisal","LoL","0","","2020-06-08 06:42:23","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799d7WGO9Vb6","Alexander Challis","Statue? - Surprised Madame Tussauds has not posted that a Dummy with a 2nd in history, dressed to amuse as missing from the display. Suspected to be Masquerading as an adult.","0","","2020-06-08 07:35:41","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799dIgzS16Vj","Torsten Seidel","You will have to be really careful about removing him. Normal bullets won't do much to him and even if you manage to take him down, you will need to completely destroy the body or he will regenerate. Not an easy task.","1","","2020-06-08 09:13:24","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799dYskcuZAD","Tony Cook","And finish it off by throwing him into the sea","0","","2020-06-08 11:34:49","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799e6DtdUIMe","Mitsu Sousa","I'm taking a screenshot of this comment and I'm going to share it on Twitter and Facebook. It's too good","0","","2020-06-08 16:43:41","false",""
"UgwsO1d6c7e0uZLyJtN4AaABAg.99bVzJHJAS799g8bhxnzIk","I'LL BE BACK !","Well he more brains than most on here for a start !!","1","","2020-06-09 11:43:02","false",""
"UgwGu0OXWZIfhHzQOc54AaABAg","zuid37","Sorry for the off-topic comment, but Phil - It'd be great if you could put a high-pass filter on your audio tracks, while recording or rendering or whatever's easiest.  Whenever you bang your hand on your desk it comes through the recording like an earthquake.
Great content otherwise, please keep it up","0","0","2020-06-07 16:31:03","true",""
"Ugy0LkyR5izLEw60GCh4AaABAg","con chronic","Don't say mob it invokes negative stereotypes. I always admire your work and know it was a slip of the tongue. Keep up good work.👍","18","3","2020-06-07 16:31:44","true",""
"Ugy0LkyR5izLEw60GCh4AaABAg.99bW3XOYRWI99bdemxdp2_","Archangel","The Mob is like an elephant maddened by pain and anger it is not conscious of what it wants and can't be stopped, it can only steered in one direction until its anger burns out, likewise these protests that are sweeping the world were sparked by George Floyds murder but are also about a lot of other grievances people have.","1","","2020-06-07 17:46:52","false",""
"Ugy0LkyR5izLEw60GCh4AaABAg.99bW3XOYRWI99blE8FIbqQ","The EdBaron","@Archangel - Flowery words, but let's face it George is forgotten and has been since the 1st TV went out he window. Don't say mob!","1","","2020-06-07 18:53:00","false",""
"Ugy0LkyR5izLEw60GCh4AaABAg.99bW3XOYRWI99bxAcHypxE","Archangel","@The EdBaron But thats my point, many that are rioting care nothing about institutionalised racism, but once the spark is lit the gloves are off no one knows where this will end up, it may end up in increased racism and repression or it may lead to a fairer society which I'm sure would be a fitting tribute to Mr Floyd.","0","","2020-06-07 20:37:22","false",""
"UgxbhGxLVU1Y4X6soT94AaABAg","Sultan King","I highly disagree with pulling down the statue, it's part of history. My opinion is the same for other parts of history good or bad, I like seeing the progress we've made. I do hope that this is a one off situation.","3","3","2020-06-07 16:31:44","true",""
"UgxbhGxLVU1Y4X6soT94AaABAg.99bW3UFmgw_99bWB0DWXuK","Sonia SPF","With your logic we in Germany would have statues of Hitler","7","","2020-06-07 16:32:46","false",""
"UgxbhGxLVU1Y4X6soT94AaABAg.99bW3UFmgw_99bWTgizOfX","skyblaze eterno","I hope you were campaigning when the Americans tore down the statue of Saddam Hussein","6","","2020-06-07 16:35:19","false",""
"UgxbhGxLVU1Y4X6soT94AaABAg.99bW3UFmgw_99bXKETn0xu","12ken","@Sonia SPF They still have Mao in China.","0","","2020-06-07 16:42:45","false",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg","Joanna Hammond","What is really remarkable is that a lot of historians have come out and said it should have been taken down decades ago.","216","33","2020-06-07 16:31:48","true",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg.99bW3yKBA8_99bWsWo90Xt","2manynegativewaves","Well,not really,most historians are at the very least Liberals. The Starkeys of the world are weird outliers.","7","","2020-06-07 16:38:50","false",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg.99bW3yKBA8_99bXzNlzxm8","Anthony Bracuti","@2manynegativewaves perhaps ""liberal"" rather than ""Liberals""","6","","2020-06-07 16:48:31","false",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg.99bW3yKBA8_99bY47g-dPW","john Taylor","Bristol has wanted rid of this for a long while","16","","2020-06-07 16:49:18","false",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg.99bW3yKBA8_99bY561vF7c","Adam Koncz","It is in the UK. Everything takes half a century.","12","","2020-06-07 16:49:26","false",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg.99bW3yKBA8_99bYAgob41Y","Nikolaj11","I'm enrolled as a history student atm, I don't necessarily see preserving statues that exist in the public eye as a must. I think it's imprtant that we discuss what symbols we have in the public sphere. I would never favor the destruction of monuments, I beleive there is a right way to do these thing.
Without knowing anything about Bristol, this sounds like a reaction towards political inaction too. My stance would have been that the city should have removed it and placed it in a museum, where it could be displayed with the whole story of the man and the monument both.","16","","2020-06-07 16:50:11","false",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg.99bW3yKBA8_99bZF7c0Rcg","cupguin","@Nikolaj11 I think that's a bit of false equivalency.  It's not like history is given equal weight except for statuary.  British history, British art, culture, is founded on these myths and white washing and talking about halcyon days of white and British supremacy.  Yes we need space to learn about history but this is the statute that's desperately needed? There's truly no other way to talk about this subject other than a pretty statue about a slave trader?

I get it, I really do.  I don't think you're wrong to have this opinion.  I also really hate to be the one to make this thread confirm Godwin's law so quickly but if this was a really nice statue of Hitler looking really heroic would we really be arguing that we must find a place to revere it?  I mean we aren't saying Hitler was good but he's historical and we need to know about him so let's get a lovely statue up and put it somewhere respectable?","12","","2020-06-07 16:59:32","false",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg.99bW3yKBA8_99b_QUuRVKR","john Taylor","@Nikolaj11 Statues are put up as examples of the virtues considered important for the time. The Victorian era is over (Rees Mogg and chums notwithstanding) so pull that orrible thing down and stick a Bristol hero up there. I'm up for Blackbeard, proper nutter but he had a good story.","10","","2020-06-07 17:09:50","false",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg.99bW3yKBA8_99baOxlE2Kp","Rumpelstyltskin","And yet it was not...until today.","1","","2020-06-07 17:18:21","false",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg.99bW3yKBA8_99baYdJq83z","Archangel","@2manynegativewaves Thats because as a science you need an open and inquiring mind to practice it.","0","","2020-06-07 17:19:41","false",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg.99bW3yKBA8_99bc7JhxmQG","Peter Ebel","@2manynegativewaves You mean far left?","0","","2020-06-07 17:33:25","false",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg.99bW3yKBA8_99bcHkPuS4v","Nikolaj11","@cupguin It's not about reverence, it's about having a neutral stadium within which to review history, hence why I mentioned having information about the man and the statue both. Removing the statue in off itself is a historical event too.
I beleive that things that are present in the public, such as a statue of a slave trader, or a confederate monument in the US, suggests a modern acceptance that should be debated and removed if problematic.
Museums don't signal any automatic virtue to me. It's an archive of our past, both glorious and haunting.","3","","2020-06-07 17:34:51","false",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg.99bW3yKBA8_99bcPXtCyYQ","Nikolaj11","@john Taylor Yeah, I agree, that's what I was attempting to relay in my comment myself. Was that unclear?","1","","2020-06-07 17:35:55","false",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg.99bW3yKBA8_99bdGTbOv2Q","Josh Parkers","2manynegativewaves you like slave traders?","0","","2020-06-07 17:43:25","false",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg.99bW3yKBA8_99bdWghW_d_","The EdBaron","Joanna Hammond - What 'lot  of historians' have come out? Care to name some?","1","","2020-06-07 17:45:37","false",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg.99bW3yKBA8_99bdqgSWyvH","TorianTammas","@Nikolaj11 Can we agree that we not worship slave traders in statues.","0","","2020-06-07 17:48:29","false",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg.99bW3yKBA8_99bfErFnjWM","Nikolaj11","@TorianTammas Sure we can. I don't think I said we should.","2","","2020-06-07 18:00:40","false",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg.99bW3yKBA8_99bfpQUPOKN","Nikolaj11","@gary white I agree and disagree. The statue should have been removed, of course. The protesters are justified in taking it down because of political inaction, sure. The statue should be destroyed? I disagree. Destroying history is something fascists do, I have no interest in supporting that.","1","","2020-06-07 18:05:48","false",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg.99bW3yKBA8_99bg-nnzhMm","john Taylor","@Nikolaj11 A little unclear, I get what you mean by him being in the museum but I'm fine with him being erected in reverence by the ruling class and dumped in the harbour by the locals. Bristol is pirate country, this is how he should be be disposed of round yer, this is Briz history bein made my babs.","3","","2020-06-07 18:07:21","false",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg.99bW3yKBA8_99bh5mSpkWa","Nikolaj11","@john Taylor I'm not offended myself either, I just think it's sad that it came to that. I don't fault the protesters for their actions, I simply criticize those in charge in Bristol, for having failed to remove it in an orderly fashion previously.
Ideally statues of abusers should only be preserved in a setting where we can learn about the bad parts of our history - and not in a public place, where they might suggest modern acceptance of their actions.
That's all.","3","","2020-06-07 18:16:54","false",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg.99bW3yKBA8_99bizhLErOw","Shardlake","@Nikolaj11 Good call, we must not forget about our history, just because it makes us uncomfortable ""Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.""","2","","2020-06-07 18:33:25","false",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg.99bW3yKBA8_99blxuHweiK","john Taylor","@Nikolaj11 That's where we differ. I'm all for an accurate record of his life being preserved but like I say, it's pirate country: having him placed in a museum would be a terribly uninteresting story. This is now part of Bristol history and in 200 years from now makes a good story for the kids to read about.","0","","2020-06-07 18:59:23","false",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg.99bW3yKBA8_99bn8f5gCOj","Nikolaj11","@john Taylor Hey, if museums can't be boring to some, they wouldn't be museums. ;)
I don't know the guy's history, I only care that it's preserved for those that wish to understand it. Entertainment value is irrelevant.","1","","2020-06-07 19:09:43","false",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg.99bW3yKBA8_99bvb2r08cr","Archangel","@Nikolaj11 You're right Nikolaj the statue belonged in a dusty museum, placing it on the quayside where Colston ""welcomed"" previous arrivals to Bristol was provocative.","0","","2020-06-07 20:23:39","false",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg.99bW3yKBA8_99cSIf_-lrI","High Path","@john Taylor You could leave it there, what would have changed was this is not a symbol to be proud of but a warning against shameful behaviour. if you forget the past you may end up repeating its faults.","0","","2020-06-08 01:18:06","false",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg.99bW3yKBA8_99cTKauwQZt","Paul Friel","Along with any others that have not been law biding, that means the all must go.","0","","2020-06-08 01:27:06","false",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg.99bW3yKBA8_99dOlsJ428S","TheVillon77","@cupguin Well, old Adolph wasn't into statues, and I don't think there were many (or any, really), but I get your point. However I think all the statue parks and museums that popped up in former Communist and Soviet states to host hundreds of bronze and granite Lenins and Stalins are a good counterargument.
The point was not to revere them, but rather to get them out of the way while not destroying history. 

Thing is, history doesn't stop, and someone, at some point might find useful to embrace some bits and reject others. So, now you have people going to those statue parks to actually pay respect to Stalin and Lenin. Which wasn't the original intent.

Yet if we delete all controversial memorials, for fear of future misuse, how we can keep alive the lessons learned? If there was no statue of that arsehole who would believe there was a time when slave traders were celebrated by polite society? 

Hard calls to make all around...","2","","2020-06-08 10:06:30","false",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg.99bW3yKBA8_99d_dOeA0Aa","La Luba","@Nikolaj11 Maybe should have been dumped in bits and pieces inside the gates of Buckingham palace?   Just a thought..","0","","2020-06-08 11:50:12","false",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg.99bW3yKBA8_99e5Iv59HYk","Nikolaj11","@La Luba Why?","0","","2020-06-08 16:35:38","false",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg.99bW3yKBA8_99eBk4VX5Hg","john Taylor","@TheVillon77 Of course we would remember, we write everything down. All we know from a statue is that some Victorians thought he was worthy of a statue, and we only know that because someone wrote about it. If all that remained of him was a statute it wouldn't tell us anything.","2","","2020-06-08 17:31:54","false",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg.99bW3yKBA8_99gnK0X53M2","TheVillon77","@john Taylor This is kind of my point too. To be clear I think the statue should have been removed when people asked, but not destroyed. Being put on display in some place where it was contextualized with the slave trade and how slavery was intertwined with the city wealth and development. It would have raised interesting questions on the nature of institutions that put it up centuries after the guy died and still defended it another full century after that. As it is now, the statue will be forgotten, out of sight out of mind, and the people that made so that it was impossible to remove it in an orderly fashion, with their behind the scenes machinations, will continue to be as influential as ever. Worse, they will be able to claim a sort of moral highground, moving the focus from them being cheerleaders for a slaver, to them being the reasonable ones compared to a disorderly mob that had no respect for  history (all BS, of course, but still).","0","","2020-06-09 17:47:29","false",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg.99bW3yKBA8_99gtJre0xnC","john Taylor","@TheVillon77 There is already stuff about him in the Commonwealth and Empire museum. Everyone knows about him in Bristol. Like I said on a previous comment, the harbour is a good resting place for him befitting the spirit of Bristol, it's pirate country round here. Come on down somewhen, it's a fine city, we'd love to meet you.","0","","2020-06-09 18:39:53","false",""
"Ugw_zKYLedEPv695zSR4AaABAg.99bW3yKBA8_99jZSYqE4Mg","Anthony Bracuti","@Nikolaj11 in fact, as Bristol council have announced this morning they are dredging the statue and putting it on display in a local museum, with information about both him and the BLM reaction, and its toppling.

Makes a good addition to the history of Bristol and the history of the public rejection of the slave trade","0","","2020-06-10 19:35:18","false",""
"Ugx1ADfuorKlUL8VdaB4AaABAg","Average Bloke","It is amazing to see tbh.","17","2","2020-06-07 16:31:49","true",""
"Ugx1ADfuorKlUL8VdaB4AaABAg.99bW47zIR5N99bgr-hfDV0","The EdBaron","Just the usual Lefty rent a mob destroying something as usual, leaving the tax payers to foot the bill, amazing? No.","2","","2020-06-07 18:14:45","false",""
"Ugx1ADfuorKlUL8VdaB4AaABAg.99bW47zIR5N99biA2SxPwN","Damian","@The EdBaron they'll be no bill for the tax payer because they cleaned up after themselves by pushing it in the harbour.","5","","2020-06-07 18:26:13","false",""
"Ugwe_Ui2nNO5gr1FJDx4AaABAg","Special Branch","Arrest them for criminal damage.","0","0","2020-06-07 16:31:51","true",""
"UgykCKZ8dWiGf49lsnh4AaABAg","Robert Lepper","To all the racists here THE TIDE IS TURNING.  WE ARE TOO STRONG,TOO RIGHTEOUS . WE ARE COMMITTED NOT LIKE LAZY KEYBOARD RACE BAITERS . BLACK LIVES MATTER !!!!!!","0","0","2020-06-07 16:32:16","true",""
"UgxaLcZmNeh6yD4puTt4AaABAg","msc Qaz","Obviously organised 
Statues dont just fall over with a tug on a rope 
That was clearly prepared before hand 
Come on guys this is amateurish","12","4","2020-06-07 16:32:22","true",""
"UgxaLcZmNeh6yD4puTt4AaABAg.99bW84zakmH99bXh46bhna","Jono Zwier","obviously?","3","","2020-06-07 16:46:01","false",""
"UgxaLcZmNeh6yD4puTt4AaABAg.99bW84zakmH99c5ETaekHy","D_Vrdlovec","I guarantee you it was spontaneous and real","1","","2020-06-07 21:56:33","false",""
"UgxaLcZmNeh6yD4puTt4AaABAg.99bW84zakmH99cIFWTkiC9","Jono Zwier","Actually the only thing that was organised was that the statue was cover by police to avoid it causing any upset during the protest, they essential draw a big red X on it. It was a humbling thing to watch in person, I hope the rest of the UK learns something from this","0","","2020-06-07 23:50:17","false",""
"UgxaLcZmNeh6yD4puTt4AaABAg.99bW84zakmH99cgDT58clx","fillipo1972","@D_Vrdlovec I disagree. It was encouraged by agent provocateurs ad pre-planned","0","","2020-06-08 03:28:27","false",""
"UgyEFnnYSP1IOAlBiPd4AaABAg","Gabriel Dillon","Congrats on the subscriptions Phil...well done","31","0","2020-06-07 16:32:32","true",""
"UgwPlNd7AkGWCDKSuz94AaABAg","JC.","My old shed is racist you can all come round mine.👍👌","110","14","2020-06-07 16:32:37","true",""
"UgwPlNd7AkGWCDKSuz94AaABAg.99bW9wCy5XE99bYIB24JPc","exxel01234","Now that’s cleaver 😁","6","","2020-06-07 16:51:13","false",""
"UgwPlNd7AkGWCDKSuz94AaABAg.99bW9wCy5XE99b_EK67NB1","Pucci Puu","Haha","3","","2020-06-07 17:08:10","false",""
"UgwPlNd7AkGWCDKSuz94AaABAg.99bW9wCy5XE99bfuEB0RR8","R F","👏👏👏🤣","2","","2020-06-07 18:06:27","false",""
"UgwPlNd7AkGWCDKSuz94AaABAg.99bW9wCy5XE99bkI4sDGZX","Herald Events and Films","@exxel01234 No, that is for butchery, not shed removal.","4","","2020-06-07 18:44:48","false",""
"UgwPlNd7AkGWCDKSuz94AaABAg.99bW9wCy5XE99bvdHTszIn","Lloyd Gittens","No your a racist...not your shed. How about your House?","0","","2020-06-07 20:23:57","false",""
"UgwPlNd7AkGWCDKSuz94AaABAg.99bW9wCy5XE99bvgjc0SRz","Lloyd Gittens","@exxel01234 no it's a stupid comment of a racist scumbag","0","","2020-06-07 20:24:25","false",""
"UgwPlNd7AkGWCDKSuz94AaABAg.99bW9wCy5XE99bwbTx4M7U","Herald Events and Films","@Lloyd Gittens It is HUMOUR. Fecking lighten up.","8","","2020-06-07 20:32:26","false",""
"UgwPlNd7AkGWCDKSuz94AaABAg.99bW9wCy5XE99bz8JPLOKF","Pucci Puu","Lloyd Gittens  someone sucked the laughs out of you 😚","6","","2020-06-07 20:54:32","false",""
"UgwPlNd7AkGWCDKSuz94AaABAg.99bW9wCy5XE99c10JJ_Uqk","ALF GARNETT","HAHAHAHAH😂","1","","2020-06-07 21:19:39","false",""
"UgwPlNd7AkGWCDKSuz94AaABAg.99bW9wCy5XE99civ6nosg2","R F","Lloyd Gittens calm down princess. What a waste of oxygen you are","4","","2020-06-08 03:52:02","false",""
"UgwPlNd7AkGWCDKSuz94AaABAg.99bW9wCy5XE99dD4_4shIf","ALF GARNETT","@Lloyd Gittens  Do you think the snow is racist because its always white 😂 HAHAHAHAH ❄❄☃⛄","4","","2020-06-08 08:24:20","false",""
"UgwPlNd7AkGWCDKSuz94AaABAg.99bW9wCy5XE99d_JQ5Wusr","JamesThereNowWhat?","Ahah first sensible comment man ahaha","2","","2020-06-08 11:47:20","false",""
"UgwPlNd7AkGWCDKSuz94AaABAg.99bW9wCy5XE99eFphUKPQ9","Nanny nobnobs","@Lloyd Gittens ooooh calm down slacktivist","1","","2020-06-08 18:07:37","false",""
"UgwPlNd7AkGWCDKSuz94AaABAg.99bW9wCy5XE99jFhIMPGM7","acidsunrise","😂👍","1","","2020-06-10 16:42:41","false",""
"UgwXN7KGaM_oQgwe-d54AaABAg","Matthew McDonald","Amen, We was the worse country of all when it comes too slavery, Good, It's about time we recognised how bad we treated people of colour, I am glad it's come down, Hang it from a tree, Then again that not fair on the tree, lol....................
I goes too Bristol for my clothes shopping, Bristol got the best shops for clothes, An a lot of other things, Amazing arcade's, The food is expensive, But it the same everywhere for food, lol, I like Bristol, Wish i was there, lol....................
You deserve the 50 thousand subscribers mate................","10","0","2020-06-07 16:32:48","true",""
"Ugw4Kh1-sQsmcwxNXRt4AaABAg","silverfoxeater","People always get uppity, and claim history is being rewritten, or hidden away. But simply, there is a big difference in rewriting history, and refusing to celebrate certain parts of history.
We should absolutely remember the British had slave traders. Doesn't mean we should erect statues to them.","3","0","2020-06-07 16:32:54","true",""
"UgwOAvb6Ep8vcOC_zvR4AaABAg","BewareOfTheKraut","Could that be a glimpse of hope?","40","2","2020-06-07 16:33:01","true",""
"UgwOAvb6Ep8vcOC_zvR4AaABAg.99bWCp2z_h799cmncf3dIC","The Poofy Traitor","sorry no......who gives a shit about a statue........we  still rule for years ahead!!","2","","2020-06-08 04:25:57","false",""
"UgwOAvb6Ep8vcOC_zvR4AaABAg.99bWCp2z_h799dZb-4XPI9","BewareOfTheKraut","@The Poofy Traitor 
It wasn't addressed to you and your cult members - I know there's no hope for racist imbeciles.","0","","2020-06-08 11:41:08","false",""
"Ugx_wEQ6Ctq3_uNtHaR4AaABAg","Harry Monk","This is what ISIS did, distory the past.","1","3","2020-06-07 16:33:04","true",""
"Ugx_wEQ6Ctq3_uNtHaR4AaABAg.99bWDE40oZq99bWj-I3FVq","S Panke"," isn't. but if you feel uncertain...feel free to visit the area where ISIS still operates and ask these kind people if they are tearing down statues... far as I'm concerned. these people are nothing like ISIS. When they start beheading and crucifying people I will reconsider. Have a nice day.","1","","2020-06-07 16:37:32","false",""
"Ugx_wEQ6Ctq3_uNtHaR4AaABAg.99bWDE40oZq99bWqc4m0RL","skyblaze eterno","???","0","","2020-06-07 16:38:35","false",""
"Ugx_wEQ6Ctq3_uNtHaR4AaABAg.99bWDE40oZq99bh297gKoB","Harry Monk","@S Panke If you knew what ISIS did you wouldn't look so stupid.","0","","2020-06-07 18:16:24","false",""
"Ugxk84dby6x5FVISqy94AaABAg","stevefrompolaca","it takes 3 - 4 % of the populace to engage for revolution to occur...","29","6","2020-06-07 16:33:16","true",""
"Ugxk84dby6x5FVISqy94AaABAg.99bWEk1eYSq99bYddS1wAN","SugarFree","Like some sort of R rate?","3","","2020-06-07 16:54:17","false",""
"Ugxk84dby6x5FVISqy94AaABAg.99bWEk1eYSq99bZylfJrqC","Richard Harvey","That is a very interesting idea, three to four percent hey! that is not very many, still that means about two or three million here in England.","5","","2020-06-07 17:05:54","false",""
"Ugxk84dby6x5FVISqy94AaABAg.99bWEk1eYSq99bcW_PiMxS","Ronald de Rooij","As a political scientist, I can add that you need 10-15% of population to support a revolution to sustain it.","6","","2020-06-07 17:36:52","false",""
"Ugxk84dby6x5FVISqy94AaABAg.99bWEk1eYSq99bcy4Bgo9W","Eddie Hitler","@Ronald de Rooij Shouldn't be too much of a stretch now","3","","2020-06-07 17:40:46","false",""
"Ugxk84dby6x5FVISqy94AaABAg.99bWEk1eYSq99bgEOYpVw3","The EdBaron","@Eddie Hitler - How will you catch them if they all have dual passports? Oh.......","0","","2020-06-07 18:09:20","false",""
"Ugxk84dby6x5FVISqy94AaABAg.99bWEk1eYSq99bpQtdSxmZ","cleanhit777","@Ronald de Rooij the unemployment level will more than achieve that figure when the world economy collapses.","1","","2020-06-07 19:29:41","false",""
"UgzW1bL-FJiOOTuUoet4AaABAg","Adam Key","I'm an Exeter and Devon lad, but Bristol is my 2nd city (because f*ck Plymouth 😉). Proud of Bristol today ❤","37","3","2020-06-07 16:33:34","true",""
"UgzW1bL-FJiOOTuUoet4AaABAg.99bWGwBCwz-99b_whsJxGP","Shanna Tate","WooooW!","0","","2020-06-07 17:14:22","false",""
"UgzW1bL-FJiOOTuUoet4AaABAg.99bWGwBCwz-99beszn77Wz","Sean Williams","UTG!","0","","2020-06-07 17:57:33","false",""
"UgzW1bL-FJiOOTuUoet4AaABAg.99bWGwBCwz-99bibXTuUn9","Fin M","BLM protest in Plymouth today was a surprisingly good turnout! Geddon Brizzle though!","0","","2020-06-07 18:30:07","false",""
"UgzCyJOWROFwBDFNJQp4AaABAg","King Brilliant","Nigeria captured and sold over 1.5 million slaves, not to mention millions sent from Senegal, Gambia, Congo, Mali, Gabon etc etc. 
In Nigeria, the slave trade continued until the 1940's. As the British had stopped slavers a hundred years before, Nigeria profited from the domestic slave trade, as did Ghana, who only stopped trading in human beings in 1953.
BLM need to get over there and need to protest. They need to stand up for their ancestors and for the people who are still treated as chattle. I'm sure once they organise, the African Police Forces will give them their full co operation and sympathies.","1","1","2020-06-07 16:33:52","true",""
"UgzCyJOWROFwBDFNJQp4AaABAg.99bWJ7-lHp799jCCSLsSPs","charles","@John Smith Mainly anti-slave trade. But that doesn't suit the pro-slavery agenda, does it John?","0","","2020-06-10 16:12:07","false",""
"UgxVGuiTESZkjIX5UBh4AaABAg","kangsheng","Churchill's next. Massive imperialist.","6","1","2020-06-07 16:33:57","true",""
"UgxVGuiTESZkjIX5UBh4AaABAg.99bWJfjXJXT99bYAz2s55I","The Holy Goat","Totally agree , let's not forget Churchill sent royal navy gun boats up the mersey to threaten the strikers and protesters in 1911 , also putting the troops on the streets of Liverpool who shot dead two protesters .","1","","2020-06-07 16:50:14","false",""
"UgxYgQwC6p2q9HHN7jV4AaABAg","12ken","I never seen you this happy on your chanel before.","17","1","2020-06-07 16:34:02","true",""
"UgxYgQwC6p2q9HHN7jV4AaABAg.99bWKMwh1uU99bZMMtBeQO","R e","or even that emotional, almost with a glimpse of hope.","1","","2020-06-07 17:00:31","false",""
"UgxqHUTXFpYTyZl7Doh4AaABAg","Fubar Bundy","There were some similar incidents during the Toxteth riots IIRC.","14","0","2020-06-07 16:34:02","true",""
"UgwOr-LKOpvG3fUjbhp4AaABAg","xotwod4ever","It’s not about slave owning. At the time it was the norm, many people owned slaves and treated them well. Some gave them food and water and clothings. What’s wrong here is he was a prominent slave trader who mistreated them and was a murderer. He was aggrandised for his acts in a form of a statue which is totally wrong.","0","0","2020-06-07 16:34:06","true",""
"UgwoIe93Z82h5RZAgfZ4AaABAg","Petr Valek","Starts with statues, maybe the bankers will be next?","33","6","2020-06-07 16:34:12","true",""
"UgwoIe93Z82h5RZAgfZ4AaABAg.99bWLVPo2ee99bXn0ZHm-l","Alex Harrington","You're not advocating lynchings are you?","0","","2020-06-07 16:46:49","false",""
"UgwoIe93Z82h5RZAgfZ4AaABAg.99bWLVPo2ee99bYLNGpZI_","Seeker 57","Petr Valek. That is long overdue petr.","1","","2020-06-07 16:51:39","false",""
"UgwoIe93Z82h5RZAgfZ4AaABAg.99bWLVPo2ee99bZ3ClSb-z","R e","Pinhata for the whole family, too. Let's hit it with a stick and see what drops outta there lol.
seriously, kids, no violence","0","","2020-06-07 16:57:54","false",""
"UgwoIe93Z82h5RZAgfZ4AaABAg.99bWLVPo2ee99bdrul8GQs","Eddie Hitler","Yup, lets do an Iceland.","1","","2020-06-07 17:48:40","false",""
"UgwoIe93Z82h5RZAgfZ4AaABAg.99bWLVPo2ee99cnA1VBbVT","The Poofy Traitor","no your safe with statues....they DONT FIGHT BACK!!
leftie cowards!","2","","2020-06-08 04:29:09","false",""
"UgwoIe93Z82h5RZAgfZ4AaABAg.99bWLVPo2ee99eUBnn_XG-","Petr Valek","@Alex Harrington I am not advocating anything, I am just trying to anticipate the next mob's target... going from historical slavers to modern day slavers seems like a  logical step?","0","","2020-06-08 20:13:07","false",""
"Ugy-cbW6buNBZLqkp714AaABAg","herbsta magus","""Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way."" - Pink Floyd","163","17","2020-06-07 16:34:15","true",""
"Ugy-cbW6buNBZLqkp714AaABAg.99bWLu4_qx599bYezgeZr-","Spiderlike","They paraphrased “The mass of men live lives of quiet desperation” - Henry David Thoreau","18","","2020-06-07 16:54:28","false",""
"Ugy-cbW6buNBZLqkp714AaABAg.99bWLu4_qx599b_ZWbEyxW","Jt Zoonie","two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl year after year","5","","2020-06-07 17:11:03","false",""
"Ugy-cbW6buNBZLqkp714AaABAg.99bWLu4_qx599ba2VWTIDT","Jaša Gladež","The time has come. The song is over.","8","","2020-06-07 17:15:17","false",""
"Ugy-cbW6buNBZLqkp714AaABAg.99bWLu4_qx599bainEED3E","Archangel","@Jaša Gladež Thought I'd something more to say.......","5","","2020-06-07 17:21:12","false",""
"Ugy-cbW6buNBZLqkp714AaABAg.99bWLu4_qx599bbPBJwvME","Seán O'Nilbud","Knees up mother Brown.","5","","2020-06-07 17:27:07","false",""
"Ugy-cbW6buNBZLqkp714AaABAg.99bWLu4_qx599bcnle3rBm","Spitfire Hunter","","0","","2020-06-07 17:39:21","false",""
"Ugy-cbW6buNBZLqkp714AaABAg.99bWLu4_qx599bdeu_hip7","PM",".....false control....","1","","2020-06-07 17:46:53","false",""
"Ugy-cbW6buNBZLqkp714AaABAg.99bWLu4_qx599beaGYywY2","Kevin Leavey","Seán O'Nilbud 

Roll out the barrel!","1","","2020-06-07 17:54:59","false",""
"Ugy-cbW6buNBZLqkp714AaABAg.99bWLu4_qx599bekYFDPRA","herbsta magus","@Kevin Leavey cheers!","1","","2020-06-07 17:56:23","false",""
"Ugy-cbW6buNBZLqkp714AaABAg.99bWLu4_qx599bfDrXQPMp","iamreg1965","@Spitfire Hunter 
Video with no timestamp.","1","","2020-06-07 18:00:32","false",""
"Ugy-cbW6buNBZLqkp714AaABAg.99bWLu4_qx599bgHSewfYq","Peter Hockley","""White Riot I wanna riot...a riot on my own!"" The Clash.","0","","2020-06-07 18:09:46","false",""
"Ugy-cbW6buNBZLqkp714AaABAg.99bWLu4_qx599bgJbknspz","ByronRaver","I've always been mad, I know I've been mad,
Like the most of us, very hard to explain why you're mad,
Even if you're not mad.","3","","2020-06-07 18:10:03","false",""
"Ugy-cbW6buNBZLqkp714AaABAg.99bWLu4_qx599bjH03CGjj","Frank Crossword","@Seán O'Nilbud .
....the hokey cokey","0","","2020-06-07 18:35:55","false",""
"Ugy-cbW6buNBZLqkp714AaABAg.99bWLu4_qx599bjo6O8KLF","ryan oneill","Mother do you trust the government.","0","","2020-06-07 18:40:34","false",""
"Ugy-cbW6buNBZLqkp714AaABAg.99bWLu4_qx599bkkxvZyBE","herbsta magus","@ryan oneill ""...she bravely waves the boys goodbye, again...""","1","","2020-06-07 18:48:53","false",""
"Ugy-cbW6buNBZLqkp714AaABAg.99bWLu4_qx599bqewj6_LX","Dood !","Maybe we ll get punkrock back thanks to this.","0","","2020-06-07 19:40:29","false",""
"Ugy-cbW6buNBZLqkp714AaABAg.99bWLu4_qx599bwEdTOiPC","redsunset1978","My favourite line from time","0","","2020-06-07 20:29:11","false",""
"Ugyx-Ko_eD5z-CwidPp4AaABAg","Tom JG","Colston's name is on a lot of landmarks in Bristol i.e. schools, venues etc. People have been trying for years to get the building owners to change the name and I guess the statue is the most egregious.
The statue is in the harbour now and will be hard to recover. Seems it would be very unpopular if the council tried to put it back up.","123","23","2020-06-07 16:34:39","true",""
"Ugyx-Ko_eD5z-CwidPp4AaABAg.99bWOpVCYm_99baX5C042B","Roger Jenkinson","Perhaps you just need to make the L into a T. In York, the Victorians changed Grope St.( former red light district) into Grape St. but that needed a new sign.","2","","2020-06-07 17:19:28","false",""
"Ugyx-Ko_eD5z-CwidPp4AaABAg.99bWOpVCYm_99be6uPQXWT","gary white","if they put it back up we WILL TEAR IT BACK DOWN AGAIN","17","","2020-06-07 17:50:51","false",""
"Ugyx-Ko_eD5z-CwidPp4AaABAg.99bWOpVCYm_99bgdJxODfW","donna","@gary white No way is that statue  going back up. The people have spoken","13","","2020-06-07 18:12:53","false",""
"Ugyx-Ko_eD5z-CwidPp4AaABAg.99bWOpVCYm_99bk3uebkDH","Eddie Hitler","The Mayor said publicly that the people have spoken and it's maybe controversial but the statue was anyway, then went on to basically agree with what happened. It doesn't seem like the police are particularly arsed either!","12","","2020-06-07 18:42:52","false",""
"Ugyx-Ko_eD5z-CwidPp4AaABAg.99bWOpVCYm_99bmFOaAmRe","Andy in Germany","@Eddie Hitler That in itself is worrying.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the putting the statue up was right, and probably Bristol council should have taken it down and replaced it with one showing the human tragedy of slavery, but if the authorities are accepting this, it is only a matter of time before another angry group decides to smash something else, or burn some books...","3","","2020-06-07 19:01:54","false",""
"Ugyx-Ko_eD5z-CwidPp4AaABAg.99bWOpVCYm_99boKf1A7xl","Mr Suspicious","Andy in Germany Yes, revisionists do like doing that. Granted, they are almost invariably, shall we say, _much_ further to the right.","7","","2020-06-07 19:20:06","false",""
"Ugyx-Ko_eD5z-CwidPp4AaABAg.99bWOpVCYm_99bowmXAqsX","Grey Wolf","They'll have to fish it out of the harbour.  Otherwise it'll be a danger to shipping.  Perhaps they can melt it down and turn it into a statue of Wilberforce.","4","","2020-06-07 19:25:27","false",""
"Ugyx-Ko_eD5z-CwidPp4AaABAg.99bWOpVCYm_99bqTUStRlj","Eddie Hitler","@Andy in Germany That is true indeed, but I'm actually feeling quite positive that people are actually doing something physical rather than just seeking likes on social media platforms. The UK forgot how to collectively make a statement for good, it reassures me that people have now remembered how.","8","","2020-06-07 19:38:47","false",""
"Ugyx-Ko_eD5z-CwidPp4AaABAg.99bWOpVCYm_99cd7UK7s7f","Emily Pearlstone","@Andy in Germany consistently spray paint the specific road signs with his name, but anything more or worse is not in Bristol's nature.","0","","2020-06-08 03:01:25","false",""
"Ugyx-Ko_eD5z-CwidPp4AaABAg.99bWOpVCYm_99d7A_nWw7-","chris carney","Uighur Lives Matter.","2","","2020-06-08 07:32:44","false",""
"Ugyx-Ko_eD5z-CwidPp4AaABAg.99bWOpVCYm_99dE6sAr0Io","Darren White","@gary white Gary you are so stunning and brave! You are my hero Gary, all hail King of the Universe Gary.","2","","2020-06-08 08:33:23","false",""
"Ugyx-Ko_eD5z-CwidPp4AaABAg.99bWOpVCYm_99dIMqifWF9","Adrien","@chris carney They absolutely do matter. Have you seen many statues of Xi Jinping in Bristol that need tearing down?","0","","2020-06-08 09:10:31","false",""
"Ugyx-Ko_eD5z-CwidPp4AaABAg.99bWOpVCYm_99dY5-rAZfs","Snowy Owel","@gary white They are going to put it in a museum,","1","","2020-06-08 11:27:54","false",""
"Ugyx-Ko_eD5z-CwidPp4AaABAg.99bWOpVCYm_99eDx4zrSlZ","gary white","@Darren White hmmmm sarcastic much you fool im nobodys hero im a unhappy citizin protesting our rights for equallity.....","0","","2020-06-08 17:51:09","false",""
"Ugyx-Ko_eD5z-CwidPp4AaABAg.99bWOpVCYm_99eYp_cmQuW","I'LL BE BACK !","The statue was retrieved from the harbour last night by Irish scrap gang.","1","","2020-06-08 20:53:38","false",""
"Ugyx-Ko_eD5z-CwidPp4AaABAg.99bWOpVCYm_99fGEESWZMO","Charles Loukas","Look up pictoning and Picton","0","","2020-06-09 03:30:21","false",""
"Ugyx-Ko_eD5z-CwidPp4AaABAg.99bWOpVCYm_99fn_4Zc3vX","I'LL BE BACK !","@gary white Gary what about all the buildings he endowed Bristol with shall we knock them down as well ?? Let us know soonest !","2","","2020-06-09 08:30:26","false",""
"Ugyx-Ko_eD5z-CwidPp4AaABAg.99bWOpVCYm_99fneYZjWa6","I'LL BE BACK !","@Grey Wolf The Irish tinkers already have it mate.","2","","2020-06-09 08:31:11","false",""
"Ugyx-Ko_eD5z-CwidPp4AaABAg.99bWOpVCYm_99fntSBIvJ3","I'LL BE BACK !","@gary white Equality Gary tell me what you want don't generalise be specific what do YOU want come on tell us what do YOU want ??","2","","2020-06-09 08:33:13","false",""
"Ugyx-Ko_eD5z-CwidPp4AaABAg.99bWOpVCYm_99fvWClLzNl","john hodge","Need to replace plinth with some seating etc, decision from local communities.","2","","2020-06-09 09:39:48","false",""
"Ugyx-Ko_eD5z-CwidPp4AaABAg.99bWOpVCYm_99g8GXv5r8-","I'LL BE BACK !","@john hodge No no build houses on it !!!","1","","2020-06-09 11:40:00","false",""
"Ugyx-Ko_eD5z-CwidPp4AaABAg.99bWOpVCYm_99glFW5L4Jh","I'LL BE BACK !","@gary white Come Gary put your money where your gob is what do YOU want !!!Come on tell us mutton chops tell us we are waiting !!!!!!","0","","2020-06-09 17:29:23","false",""
"Ugyx-Ko_eD5z-CwidPp4AaABAg.99bWOpVCYm_99lEQsZ2qEK","gary white","@I'LL BE BACK ! you are just a troll and im not wasting my time explaining to you because your an ignorant fool","0","","2020-06-11 11:10:03","false",""
"Ugy9zMIOBMGKDVB_0jJ4AaABAg","Whatsyer Hing","“Our country is always good never bad never ever ever bad it cannot be bad ever” — people all the time","6","0","2020-06-07 16:34:44","true",""
"Ugylmg5vFlQQ_J0AkX94AaABAg","herbsta magus","There was the Arab Spring now we are having the American/Western Summer.","1","1","2020-06-07 16:34:47","true",""
"Ugylmg5vFlQQ_J0AkX94AaABAg.99bWPoJUkFV99bvEphbqFy","John Russell","herbsta magus . Followed by nerve gas attacks and a dysfunctional state.","0","","2020-06-07 20:20:28","false",""
"UgzsrTXGrx65rg7yjZN4AaABAg","Wendy Pearce","Congratulations on 50K, Phil!","34","2","2020-06-07 16:34:54","true",""
"UgzsrTXGrx65rg7yjZN4AaABAg.99bWQey0ld_99bZAUkfy_G","Jean T","Yes congratulations Phil.
See if you can hit 100k by the end of the year.
Thanks for you hard work keeping us informed.","6","","2020-06-07 16:58:54","false",""
"UgzsrTXGrx65rg7yjZN4AaABAg.99bWQey0ld_99e-7Ugfbcg","Richard Sargent","@Jean T Well it beats working for a living.","0","","2020-06-08 15:41:38","false",""
"UgwRTvssrOe_XyjcBq54AaABAg","Bongo Bongo","Notice how they are all young vandals?  All these people how have TAKEN from society (education, health, child support, etc) and not given anything back?  If you don't like what the previous generations have GIVEN you then you are an absolute fool!","0","0","2020-06-07 16:35:11","true",""
"Ugy8QLfqwp_EwIKDoU94AaABAg","steve king","fantastic, i studied my degree in bristol hurray!!!!","6","0","2020-06-07 16:35:22","true",""
"Ugz8WcVZ1YUZ6tCoKbx4AaABAg","HuMan Being 34/7","Why was a statue of a slave trader  even erected?","1","5","2020-06-07 16:35:29","true",""
"Ugz8WcVZ1YUZ6tCoKbx4AaABAg.99bWUyU3C9I99bY26KaDSY","The EdBaron","It was erected in 1895, to honour him for what he did for the city, not because he was a slave trader.","1","","2020-06-07 16:49:01","false",""
"Ugz8WcVZ1YUZ6tCoKbx4AaABAg.99bWUyU3C9I99cMfLsMSXD","HuMan Being 34/7","The EdBaron what did he do for the city? Provide cheap labor?","0","","2020-06-08 00:28:54","false",""
"Ugz8WcVZ1YUZ6tCoKbx4AaABAg.99bWUyU3C9I99dIY_zLQBK","The EdBaron","@HuMan Being 34/7 - Don't know and don't truly care, just was answering your 1st question. If facts hurt your feeling maybe this comment stream is too harsh for you.","0","","2020-06-08 09:12:07","false",""
"Ugz8WcVZ1YUZ6tCoKbx4AaABAg.99bWUyU3C9I99e-5gnMe2R","HuMan Being 34/7","The EdBaron hurts my feelings? Are You serious?","0","","2020-06-08 15:41:24","false",""
"Ugz8WcVZ1YUZ6tCoKbx4AaABAg.99bWUyU3C9I99j95keLVYJ","charles","@The EdBaron Even in 1895 they knew better than to specifically honour his slave trading exploits and the source of his wealth.","0","","2020-06-10 15:44:59","false",""
"Ugx6rqshl_pNFTkvp2l4AaABAg","Mark Dubya","I can’t help but notice the biggest unrest has been in the countries with the rightwing demagogues in power that don’t give a s*#% about the people","120","11","2020-06-07 16:35:30","true",""
"Ugx6rqshl_pNFTkvp2l4AaABAg.99bWV20_7kw99bZj3OI8so","Richard Harvey","Funny that ain't it!, never thought I'd live to see anything like it here, just shows how bad its getting.","11","","2020-06-07 17:03:46","false",""
"Ugx6rqshl_pNFTkvp2l4AaABAg.99bWV20_7kw99bc0uRYRBT","Andrew Francis","Worse Rupert Murdoch planned this to shore up the neo-liberalist system. It's run it's course but what have we oven ready to replace it with? Back to Keynes?","1","","2020-06-07 17:32:33","false",""
"Ugx6rqshl_pNFTkvp2l4AaABAg.99bWV20_7kw99bdohVJXjA","The EdBaron","Nothing to do with you Lefties always being such bad losers is it?","3","","2020-06-07 17:48:13","false",""
"Ugx6rqshl_pNFTkvp2l4AaABAg.99bWV20_7kw99bkKLqkrBR","Progressive Demagogue","The terrorists will be crushed.","2","","2020-06-07 18:45:06","false",""
"Ugx6rqshl_pNFTkvp2l4AaABAg.99bWV20_7kw99ctaT4nbI4","Ian Carolan","@Progressive Demagogue Does that include economic terrorists?","3","","2020-06-08 05:25:20","false",""
"Ugx6rqshl_pNFTkvp2l4AaABAg.99bWV20_7kw99d8TXbneTv","Progressive Demagogue","@Ian Carolan Yes, I would include left wing  Venezuelan style economic terrorists in that group.","1","","2020-06-08 07:44:03","false",""
"Ugx6rqshl_pNFTkvp2l4AaABAg.99bWV20_7kw99e2vIem_H1","Ian Carolan","@Progressive Demagogue Does that include right wing disaster capitalist economic terrorists?","1","","2020-06-08 16:14:48","false",""
"Ugx6rqshl_pNFTkvp2l4AaABAg.99bWV20_7kw99e3_L1fULw","Progressive Demagogue","@Ian Carolan The only disaster socialists worry about, is the one where other people's money runs out.","0","","2020-06-08 16:20:32","false",""
"Ugx6rqshl_pNFTkvp2l4AaABAg.99bWV20_7kw99e7Up2_ont","Ian Carolan","@Progressive Demagogue You seriously think other people's money is going to run out?","0","","2020-06-08 16:54:44","false",""
"Ugx6rqshl_pNFTkvp2l4AaABAg.99bWV20_7kw99gXgc3oNmO","Sam&Sue","Those same countries have also been severely impacted by Covid-19.","0","","2020-06-09 15:22:09","false",""
"Ugx6rqshl_pNFTkvp2l4AaABAg.99bWV20_7kw99hdL7C01Ep","Dangerous Dave","It's you totally indoctrinated UK-hating left-wing nutjobs that are driving ordinary centrist/right-leaning people further and further to the extreme right with your twisted ideology.","1","","2020-06-10 01:39:29","false",""
"UgyNxZYEklfB0V9fEVR4AaABAg","no sweat insurance","⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️","0","0","2020-06-07 16:36:11","true",""
"UgyxfmOrZuwJmQ9X4pF4AaABAg","Asmoh","Reminds me of the same footages of Iraqi puppets of US when they removed the statue of Saddam

Is it the justice of the God that after all the bad things the West did for others is coming back at them? at least little bit?
Supporting so-called revolutions, rebels, hate.. is all coming to their countries, and this is just the begging, things will probably get worst
This is a great lesson that no matter how powerful you are, if you think you are above the God and can do whatever you want, you are wrong.. peace","0","0","2020-06-07 16:36:25","true",""
"Ugx4RSCMag9Jq7-XtnN4AaABAg","Jasper Edwards","my sister posted it","0","0","2020-06-07 16:36:32","true",""
"UgxvA4CMOT3X_Um50Wx4AaABAg","Sam Horner","Lets hope, there's enough going wrong","1","1","2020-06-07 16:36:36","true",""
"UgxvA4CMOT3X_Um50Wx4AaABAg.99bWc41A9Qz99bY7XwkS7c","Alex Harrington","Have no fear..there'll be plenty going wrong.","0","","2020-06-07 16:49:46","false",""
"UgyF6m9ZhmXL6S7_5At4AaABAg","Only Being Honest","Erasing the history then you're doomed o repeat it. The statue is not to glorify but to know who he was and what he did.","0","2","2020-06-07 16:36:50","true",""
"UgyF6m9ZhmXL6S7_5At4AaABAg.99bWdodsK5O99bgPlUEu7w","The Atlantis Expert","No it's not. The statue is saying that a man can acquire wealth through evil but still be remembered as good by giving away that wealth to charity.","0","","2020-06-07 18:10:54","false",""
"UgyF6m9ZhmXL6S7_5At4AaABAg.99bWdodsK5O99bh-z0snXI","Only Being Honest","@The Atlantis Expert I see what you're saying mate. But slavery has been abolished now. It is just a monument of history and what happend. 
Do you agree with Winston Churchill statue being vandalised? sure he has said some bad things in the past but the point is majority of people only remember him for his efforts during the war. I dont like churchill myself, but some of his positive quotes are really thought provoking.
I see this more of an attack on British culture, traditions, heritage, and history rather than about George Floyd","0","","2020-06-07 18:16:07","false",""
"Ugz1TZ7gJq1nyUUoM2h4AaABAg","Buck shelfords ballbag","I see the lefty soy brigade getting blamed from their black brothers in arms for the violence now.🤪👍","10","1","2020-06-07 16:36:53","true",""
"Ugz1TZ7gJq1nyUUoM2h4AaABAg.99bWeAVVmOe99cBgBmnOr9","Pierre Rat","What drugs are you on?","2","","2020-06-07 22:52:54","false",""
"UgyGPV8_pP4xhHsBvDZ4AaABAg","jptothetree","I love how people get mad that the statue of a truly evil person getting pulled down. They're like, ""WeLl WhAt AbOuT rEsPeCtInG hIsToRy?!""","1","0","2020-06-07 16:37:03","true",""
"UgyuHLgqj06EOI6HwmV4AaABAg","Stu","Fair play they took down a statue that wouldn't be missed. 

However there is plenty of hypocrisy coming from the left over this. It seems that people are allowed to protest as long as it's something you happen to agree with. What happened to the Covidiot mantra from previous weeks / what has happened to the mantra whereby protestors should sign agreements to forgo NHS treatment and what happens to the whole notion that these people are probably going to spread the whole virus to others. 

Why exactly are we all at home under house arrest!!","3","8","2020-06-07 16:37:06","true",""
"UgyuHLgqj06EOI6HwmV4AaABAg.99bWfolnNvj99bX9Xw4RIt","BigHenFor","Only in your mind, mate. For all you know, all these people were tested.","0","","2020-06-07 16:41:18","false",""
"UgyuHLgqj06EOI6HwmV4AaABAg.99bWfolnNvj99bXWWcJpEY","2manynegativewaves","Immediately ignore any prattling from someone who says "" Discrace"" or ""aloud"".","0","","2020-06-07 16:44:26","false",""
"UgyuHLgqj06EOI6HwmV4AaABAg.99bWfolnNvj99bY1IiVZJ5","Stu","@BigHenFor - when were they tested? 

Was that on the say or the day before. Seriously think about it before dismissing a view.","1","","2020-06-07 16:48:55","false",""
"UgyuHLgqj06EOI6HwmV4AaABAg.99bWfolnNvj99bYIS5yTRt","Stu","@2manynegativewaves - if you wish to point out grammatical errors that's up to you. 

If you wish to embrace a stunt akin to the Toppling of Saddam Hussein's statue that's also up to you. Guess what no good will come from this either.","1","","2020-06-07 16:51:15","false",""
"UgyuHLgqj06EOI6HwmV4AaABAg.99bWfolnNvj99bYaigfMq-","BigHenFor","@Stu How do you know? You don't. Honestly, give up the diatribe business. Life is a lot more complicated than the way you portray it, and you're convincing no-one.","0","","2020-06-07 16:53:53","false",""
"UgyuHLgqj06EOI6HwmV4AaABAg.99bWfolnNvj99b__jAkOYb","Stu","@BigHenFor - So what you are saying is that these protests have better testing strategy than the Government!! 

Your reaction was knee jerk and dismissive. I would like to point out that I'm not against anyone but am against this Coronavirus authoritarian game. Have a little think about why I might say the things I have said before going on the attack.","0","","2020-06-07 17:11:13","false",""
"UgyuHLgqj06EOI6HwmV4AaABAg.99bWfolnNvj99bgEicWEN9","Stu","@2manynegativewaves - corrected the typo. Thanks. Perhaps pay some heed now.","0","","2020-06-07 18:09:23","false",""
"UgyuHLgqj06EOI6HwmV4AaABAg.99bWfolnNvj99dqFc6efvM","Richard Sargent","@BigHenFor Only valid for the moment they were tested, like an MOT.","0","","2020-06-08 14:15:22","false",""
"UgyGGrKecOAaXeESvzd4AaABAg","Studio Smile","Today I am proud to be British. The people have spoken and the people have acted. Very well done.","0","1","2020-06-07 16:37:29","true",""
"UgyGGrKecOAaXeESvzd4AaABAg.99bWiYM5cnn99dFVqjSAeZ","Studio Smile","Lost your bet there John😄","0","","2020-06-08 08:45:32","false",""
"UgytmQKnUsheY9fPkst4AaABAg","Hope Carter","The real question on everyone's mind is, has Tripadvisor updated the statue's address yet?","26","2","2020-06-07 16:37:35","true",""
"UgytmQKnUsheY9fPkst4AaABAg.99bWjJp1xjX99bZRHQniCS","Jerry O Sullivan","good one, keep em coming.","4","","2020-06-07 17:01:12","false",""
"UgytmQKnUsheY9fPkst4AaABAg.99bWjJp1xjX99banEbgBEx","Flint Read","Google maps has it  marked as in the harbor and closed LOL","6","","2020-06-07 17:21:48","false",""
"Ugz3BLrs5e9u_kzOS6l4AaABAg","David Cooks","If we have 3 million unemployed, these events could become more frequent. People who have nothing to do and who live on super low benefits are very dangerous. Boris will have to do something about it","59","17","2020-06-07 16:37:43","true",""
"Ugz3BLrs5e9u_kzOS6l4AaABAg.99bWkLMxeuW99b_7nCyOqO","Richard Harvey","Boris do something?, that will be a first!.","25","","2020-06-07 17:07:16","false",""
"Ugz3BLrs5e9u_kzOS6l4AaABAg.99bWkLMxeuW99b_Mcb5ayR","mickey thompson","What would Churchill do?
Order shooting into the demonstrators, probably.","14","","2020-06-07 17:09:18","false",""
"Ugz3BLrs5e9u_kzOS6l4AaABAg.99bWkLMxeuW99bat1Mlwre","Nickle","He can't. There's a 14,000 bn socialist welfare state debt. 
The problem is that you are evading your taxes. You have a £550,000 share to pay
You aren't paying your fair share, so those people are on low benefits because of your tax evasion","3","","2020-06-07 17:22:36","false",""
"Ugz3BLrs5e9u_kzOS6l4AaABAg.99bWkLMxeuW99bbehdX9MD","Bill Gowland","@Nickle have you paid yours yet?
Or are you another tax evading Tory plonker 
PS where does this 14 billion pound figure come from 
Not on any government web sites","8","","2020-06-07 17:29:23","false",""
"Ugz3BLrs5e9u_kzOS6l4AaABAg.99bWkLMxeuW99bbmeYJTq5","Kris Moodley","Richard Harvey heard he’s ordered a new fridge","2","","2020-06-07 17:30:28","false",""
"Ugz3BLrs5e9u_kzOS6l4AaABAg.99bWkLMxeuW99bcmmqUW9Q","Eddie Hitler","@Nickle No, the the problem is big corporations and businesses are avoiding their taxes.","13","","2020-06-07 17:39:13","false",""
"Ugz3BLrs5e9u_kzOS6l4AaABAg.99bWkLMxeuW99bd3GbwuAg","Enzothegod","@L J It's here and it's not gonna get better.","4","","2020-06-07 17:41:36","false",""
"Ugz3BLrs5e9u_kzOS6l4AaABAg.99bWkLMxeuW99bdV5rNyWa","Enzothegod","@Nickle We'd better sell the NHS then, or you could always pay more tax to help out but that would go against your 'Greed over Need' philosophy. Would it not?.","6","","2020-06-07 17:45:24","false",""
"Ugz3BLrs5e9u_kzOS6l4AaABAg.99bWkLMxeuW99bfPVjNFvG","Thaumaturge IsHere","@mickey thompson and, stop their benefits (where appropriate)","0","","2020-06-07 18:02:07","false",""
"Ugz3BLrs5e9u_kzOS6l4AaABAg.99bWkLMxeuW99bh1T4sy8f","Egode Stroyer","What like hide away. He makes no sense at all","1","","2020-06-07 18:16:19","false",""
"Ugz3BLrs5e9u_kzOS6l4AaABAg.99bWkLMxeuW99bjNN4P1Nz","Tim Leavy","Boris doesn’t do PM work.","2","","2020-06-07 18:36:47","false",""
"Ugz3BLrs5e9u_kzOS6l4AaABAg.99bWkLMxeuW99bpGugTz12","cleanhit777","3 Mio? You're being way too optimistic.","0","","2020-06-07 19:28:20","false",""
"Ugz3BLrs5e9u_kzOS6l4AaABAg.99bWkLMxeuW99bqvOmMBaZ","Sophia Grace","&David Cooks I hope they succeed! This government is a disgrace! What’s Boris going to do? He’ll do what Cummings tells him to and lie and cheat the rest of us!  I’m backing the people not the government","3","","2020-06-07 19:42:44","false",""
"Ugz3BLrs5e9u_kzOS6l4AaABAg.99bWkLMxeuW99bvbMu1khX","Tyke Man","Then the military would crush them.","0","","2020-06-07 20:23:41","false",""
"Ugz3BLrs5e9u_kzOS6l4AaABAg.99bWkLMxeuW99csPMrRv4P","Slave2PaperWithInkOn","'Why use the Bristol Pound?' -~- the 4.23 yt video [by Bristol Pound]","0","","2020-06-08 05:14:56","false",""
"Ugz3BLrs5e9u_kzOS6l4AaABAg.99bWkLMxeuW99dyxqjI19q","V","As what happened in Bristol was good, looks like to have some free time to think and fight is a good thing. Surely it is better than being exploited for the sake of the fat cats.","0","","2020-06-08 15:31:27","false",""
"Ugz3BLrs5e9u_kzOS6l4AaABAg.99bWkLMxeuW99e9UMQB2OM","Tyke Man","Think i will take a crane down tommorow and recovery that wonderful statue .
I guarantee no fucking soft lefty would stop me.","0","","2020-06-08 17:12:09","false",""
"UgwFFxWDqurw-OFtE6l4AaABAg","ashthe bash","War not far off now!   

Agenda 21, Event201, ID2020, Agenda 2030, Georgia Guide Stones, 1st Wave The Covid-19 hoax, 2nd Wave Race Riots Marshall Law, 3rd Wave Enforced Test Track and Trace, 4th Wave Mandatory Nanotechnology vaccines, 5th Wave Mandatory Biotech Lusiferase Tattoo’s to prove you’ve had the vaccinations, 6th wave WORLD WAR!!!   

Do not accept the mark even if you can’t buy or sell, you will be damed eternally if you do.","16","2","2020-06-07 16:37:45","true",""
"UgwFFxWDqurw-OFtE6l4AaABAg.99bWkX8K5TQ99f-WbLPVE4","station4hiphop","Racists too cowardly to raise up and show out at events that they know will get their asses handed to them. War not gonna happen.","1","","2020-06-09 01:04:19","false",""
"UgwFFxWDqurw-OFtE6l4AaABAg.99bWkX8K5TQ99lECYhe834","Matthew Mara","Ok boomer","0","","2020-06-11 11:08:05","false",""
"UgyNW3sUzHzvs48HLOp4AaABAg","skyblaze eterno","wow I had a comment pulled baceause i used the d word...any way who said it that the establishment havent ended slavery for blacks they have just extended it to everyone else","0","0","2020-06-07 16:37:45","true",""
"UgwNrXGl6HdmvRaxayF4AaABAg","Kris Rudecki","Phil dude, you’re Labour, you’re pro freedom, and you haven’t been to Bristol? The most pro freedom, the most Labour city in the UK. I live here for the past few years and moving from London, Bristol doesn’t feel like the rest of the country ;) come over, you’ll like it, you might decide to move here :D","4","2","2020-06-07 16:37:50","true",""
"UgwNrXGl6HdmvRaxayF4AaABAg.99bWlCfu6kE99bhZDe7jUz","Facts","Funny you should say that. As a Londoner I was drafted to Bristol for three months for work in the runup to the Olympics. Never having set foot there before and with zero preconceptions, I got the same vibe too. It seemed markedly different to other UK cities of my acquaintance, and not in a bad way.","1","","2020-06-07 18:20:55","false",""
"UgwNrXGl6HdmvRaxayF4AaABAg.99bWlCfu6kE99c8bhXA_UD","Kris Rudecki","Boldberry44 as much as I appreciate business in London, I would struggle to move back. The vibe around this area (Cardiff has a similar vibe) is just so relaxed and ... hmm ... free spirited? Hard to describe","0","","2020-06-07 22:26:04","false",""
"UgxWouD3txJPqTwO1vx4AaABAg","youtube COCKSUCKING WHORES STIFLE FREE SPEECH","50.1k subscribers  already  now !   5.1k more  since  45k  just  2 weeks  ago !   It's  soaring  now !  😀😀😀
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Please  optimize/ promote  your  channel  on  F.B.,  Twitter,   Instagram,   wherever  possible  so  a lot of  people  can  see  it  because  I'm  s¡,,_k  of  the  😱Tories☠!

I  wish  you  had  your  channel  earlier,   maybe  Brex💩  wouldn't  have  happened  and  the  U.K. would've  had  a  Labor  government  now.","0","0","2020-06-07 16:37:52","true",""
"UgxcG68OCDSgC-NekTp4AaABAg","Abbo Fun","Someone did some good research before picking exactly that particular statue. Well done.","53","5","2020-06-07 16:38:03","true",""
"UgxcG68OCDSgC-NekTp4AaABAg.99bWmlP9qMf99bYVD7fHw4","David C","Abbo Fun not really it’s been well reported for years about that part of city’s history.","6","","2020-06-07 16:53:00","false",""
"UgxcG68OCDSgC-NekTp4AaABAg.99bWmlP9qMf99bYqW8Fygw","john Taylor","Bristol has wanted rid of that thing for ages, you don't live here so you don't know us. Oppit","5","","2020-06-07 16:56:02","false",""
"UgxcG68OCDSgC-NekTp4AaABAg.99bWmlP9qMf99baAxM7ROr","Hussain Khan","@john Taylor the bristol tourism board chose well hiring you john , used to love going up dundry dumps to look at the city at night so i hope you dont mind my sarcasm lol and i dont have to oppit","2","","2020-06-07 17:16:27","false",""
"UgxcG68OCDSgC-NekTp4AaABAg.99bWmlP9qMf99blzT8080B","Kentendo 64","@john Taylor I don't live in Bristol but I live just over the bridge in Wales and have friends who live there. Even I know about the statue. Most Bristolians I know have good historical knowledge of the city. Can't wait until I can go back again","3","","2020-06-07 18:59:36","false",""
"UgxcG68OCDSgC-NekTp4AaABAg.99bWmlP9qMf99ciDl70B4k","Emily Pearlstone","@john Taylor plenty of people outside of Bristol knew. Especially if you live in the surrounding counties and went to Colston Hall for a gig or went to visit or shop as its a really nice city and also a few big bands refused to play there which promoted the disdain for the name to a wider audience.","1","","2020-06-08 03:45:58","false",""
"Ugww04PuRkGTOqIb4T94AaABAg","Riz","Time after time, the people of Bristol asked the council to get rid of this statue. The council didn’t listen. This is what happens when you don’t listen to people, when voices are unheard. Personally, I don’t have a problem with what people done here.","16","0","2020-06-07 16:38:05","true",""
"UgyVcKe1hFQbjaZyTMV4AaABAg","John Panter","Mindless vandalism from thugs that contribute nothing and take as much as they can get away with.","11","0","2020-06-07 16:38:17","true",""
"Ugz1dDmmIWZr7E7elEl4AaABAg","Ben Robins","Pull down the statue of the slave trader, while protesting and making murals for George floyd, who was a convicted armed robber, career criminal, and held a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach. Ah, lefties...","6","0","2020-06-07 16:38:21","true",""
"UgxJQS7y6VP0gSlsduR4AaABAg","Jerry Ormston","I  say again, love this shit. It is not a surprise you have now 50,000","3","0","2020-06-07 16:38:22","true",""
"UgydCjAcYM8VksXmtbx4AaABAg","Deebz270","If there ever is a country that is sorely in need of *REVOLUTION* it is the *United Kingdom.*   
Sovereignty is an outmoded institution, along with borders, capitalism and bipartite politics.    
The paradigm has to change.      
The paradigm *will* change.","5","1","2020-06-07 16:38:31","true",""
"UgydCjAcYM8VksXmtbx4AaABAg.99bWqD6kSjC99bm6sIR2vT","claude ghendrih","No guaranty  it'll be for the better, but things sure will change .","0","","2020-06-07 19:00:45","false",""
"UgxJf8cpqmiXbPgxDzx4AaABAg","Mf Doyle","Who are the candidates from today's Brexiteers to replace Colston on a statue.?? They are busy ushering in the new ""slave economy"".","26","3","2020-06-07 16:38:38","true",""
"UgxJf8cpqmiXbPgxDzx4AaABAg.99bWr1FnO_O99bbGFDyKHw","D Carbs","New slave economy has been here a LOT longer than the EU debates!","1","","2020-06-07 17:25:54","false",""
"UgxJf8cpqmiXbPgxDzx4AaABAg.99bWr1FnO_O99bc9zAKdlb","Bill Gowland","Isadora Duncan smith
From what I know of his army career 
He was well known for standing around motionless doing F### All","1","","2020-06-07 17:33:47","false",""
"UgxJf8cpqmiXbPgxDzx4AaABAg.99bWr1FnO_O99bh5c5q-Z6","The EdBaron","Tony Blair and / or Alistair Campbell, 3 million 'foreigners' dead, bosh, job done.","1","","2020-06-07 18:16:53","false",""
"UgwbxCI9H0njMF7d-tl4AaABAg","ivan carter","Is this st Paul's???","0","1","2020-06-07 16:38:51","true",""
"UgwbxCI9H0njMF7d-tl4AaABAg.99bWseXlDtE99b_4Md4tWV","chocsal","No, it's the Centre. I grew up in Bristol and went past this statue on the bus hundreds of times.","1","","2020-06-07 17:06:48","false",""
"UgwyOpQePARVPsLUpeJ4AaABAg","Jay Attwell","No doubt most people would be happy to have a George Floyd statue up as he was such a nice law oboying citizen wasn't he.","12","4","2020-06-07 16:38:55","true",""
"UgwyOpQePARVPsLUpeJ4AaABAg.99bWt7OZKOn99bYsqAZiwv","I. K.","Bla bla bla","0","","2020-06-07 16:56:21","false",""
"UgwyOpQePARVPsLUpeJ4AaABAg.99bWt7OZKOn99dZ8BapUgD","Arran Vid","Nope, George Floyd wasn't an angel and he doesn't deserve a statue either. Knocking down the statue of Edwin and putting graffiti on Churchill's racism was right (but Churchill was a war hero who saved the UK from the Nazis, there's no denying that)","0","","2020-06-08 11:37:04","false",""
"UgwyOpQePARVPsLUpeJ4AaABAg.99bWt7OZKOn99dhpUwBUxB","Jay Attwell","@Arran Vid so you accept criminal damage then cool","0","","2020-06-08 13:01:46","false",""
"UgwyOpQePARVPsLUpeJ4AaABAg.99bWt7OZKOn99dqjPE-TU9","Arran Vid","@Jay Attwell I know my opinion seems a bit crazy but yes I accept criminal damage in certain circumstances","0","","2020-06-08 14:19:34","false",""
"Ugzc2qS9nquI2_w64jR4AaABAg","AB","Triggered racists incoming","0","1","2020-06-07 16:39:02","true",""
"Ugzc2qS9nquI2_w64jR4AaABAg.99bWtyBFEEV99baeIJ88AA","AB","@John Smith Not so bright are you? 'John Smith'","0","","2020-06-07 17:20:35","false",""
"UgzIsNRsJAIMg60EIM14AaABAg","Varia Perepelova","A recent subscriber and proud Bristolian! Thank you Phil for your considered (as usual) articulation of the symbolic and material gravity of this action today.","26","1","2020-06-07 16:39:02","true",""
"UgzIsNRsJAIMg60EIM14AaABAg.99bWty7SYX_99bdMGvcg64","bluefarie10","""Bliss it was in that dawn to be alive, But to be young was very heaven"" (Wordsworth)","1","","2020-06-07 17:44:12","false",""
"UgxzsWeNmb1ew-WzOdx4AaABAg","Peter Atkin","About Time","6","0","2020-06-07 16:39:20","true",""
"UgxHTniSeWcTDUOrWb54AaABAg","jamie watson","We have done some revolutions historically, the civil war, cade and wat tyler's rebellions, though the latter two failed horribly in the end after some success","2","2","2020-06-07 16:39:20","true",""
"UgxHTniSeWcTDUOrWb54AaABAg.99bWw5Eh2vn99bXWg4DS7h","BigHenFor","The civil war was a war between the oligarchs and the aristocracy. Life didn't improve for the poor. Ask the Levellers.","0","","2020-06-07 16:44:27","false",""
"UgxHTniSeWcTDUOrWb54AaABAg.99bWw5Eh2vn99bec6ZFW2N","Eddie Hitler","@BigHenFor exactly what I hit reply to say!","0","","2020-06-07 17:55:14","false",""
"Ugx1DJum-ctncCFyq994AaABAg","TheBaralinChannel","Take down the statue and put in a bloody museum, don't destroy or toss it away somewhere. Gods almighty, I don't get this obsession with destroying historical objects. I agree that it should've been taken down, this person should not be celebrated however it should be preserved somewhere where people interested can see it. What, should we just go and destroy the only surviving Tiger tank in Bovington just cause the Nazis used it? =\","1","5","2020-06-07 16:39:31","true",""
"Ugx1DJum-ctncCFyq994AaABAg.99bWxWnD0JT99bZ3F69Pml","BigHenFor","There's plenty of photos of the useless thing. Only shame is that the bronze could have scrapped and the money used for something people in Bristol need now. I'm sure Bristol Council feel like right plonkers for ignoring repeated requests to remove it.","0","","2020-06-07 16:57:55","false",""
"Ugx1DJum-ctncCFyq994AaABAg.99bWxWnD0JT99bhegPyM9b","youtube COCKSUCKING WHORES STIFLE FREE SPEECH","TheBaralinChannel,    Oops  a  brianwashed  brianIess  mcrcn ... on  a  political  channel !","0","","2020-06-07 18:21:48","false",""
"Ugx1DJum-ctncCFyq994AaABAg.99bWxWnD0JT99blE0Daehp","claude ghendrih","Museum storage  spaces are crammed to the gills with fictitious effigies of historical (and non ) figures , this one was apparently cast at a  time of prolific  production of such artifacts so that its artistic merits or craftsmanship most probably do not justify clogging some dust collecting room .
 As for the historicity of the object , since it was obviously not erected in the times of the model it only pertains to the political statement being made that must have been already a sore in the eyes the vast majority of contemporaries . 
That indeed does have some historical value in that it testifies to the fact that in those times a small  ruling class could choose to stick it up to a majority by erecting a statue of a slaver , however the toppling of this moral  eyesore is at least just as significant historically as its erection so that I would petition  for the remains of this statue to remain in place to bear testimony to this momentous event .","0","","2020-06-07 18:52:59","false",""
"Ugx1DJum-ctncCFyq994AaABAg.99bWxWnD0JT99bpARkN95r","TheBaralinChannel","@claude ghendrih I'm absolutely fine with them taking it down, that's not really my point. I just think stuff like this should be preserved. Like, in my home country of Bulgaria, we hate Stalin, Lenin and the like. They ruined our country after WW2. But we preserve some of their statues and have a museum dedicated to that part of history where people can go in and witness them. I don't know, in my opinion it's a waste to just toss it in the sea. At the very least, smelt it so it has some value as a resource etc. That's what I think anyways. 
Also, to the guy with the incomprehensible comment above you - maybe pay attention in English class before you reply back, eh?","0","","2020-06-07 19:27:27","false",""
"Ugx1DJum-ctncCFyq994AaABAg.99bWxWnD0JT99bpQaO4KdQ","TheBaralinChannel","@BigHenFor I actually agree, I feel like maybe they should've smelted it. That way it could've been useful for something. Atm it's kind of a waste.","0","","2020-06-07 19:29:39","false",""
"UgwCSCdHP30BMkw6jst4AaABAg","Fresh Turkey","This reminds me of the cultural revolution. Destroying historical sites and public shaming....","14","5","2020-06-07 16:39:46","true",""
"UgwCSCdHP30BMkw6jst4AaABAg.99bWzJKZx5F99bkY_6QapM","CountJimbo","You understand who he was right?","0","","2020-06-07 18:47:03","false",""
"UgwCSCdHP30BMkw6jst4AaABAg.99bWzJKZx5F99bq3oK7D9W","mudpuddlestruck bylightning","@CountJimbo You don't have a brain, right?","0","","2020-06-07 19:35:17","false",""
"UgwCSCdHP30BMkw6jst4AaABAg.99bWzJKZx5F99bqc9nwwdM","Red man","@mudpuddlestruck bylightning you can always go and see you're hero at the bottom of the Harbour pal😂","1","","2020-06-07 19:40:06","false",""
"UgwCSCdHP30BMkw6jst4AaABAg.99bWzJKZx5F99btv_OdBJn","mudpuddlestruck bylightning","@Red man Why is he a hero to me? 
If people don't like a piece of street furniture - presumably because some weirdo bunch of 'rationalists' who 'ate religion, have invented a new category of taboo and purification ritual - why should they get to vandalise it? It belongs on a plinth in the street or in a museum. Proper procedures exist for this.
Dopey moral cretins like you, seem to applaud equally dopey people - in designer clothes - hand-stitched by child slaves -  filming themselves whooping at their revolutionary acts. They filmed themselves on mobiles phones, partly made from components mined by enslaved Africa children, who face mutilation for refusing to work. 
Do me a favour, read a book on modern Chinese history and come back when you're less retarded. 
I will smile when these stupid, emotional and gullible children are jailed and made to pay for the damage they caused.","0","","2020-06-07 20:08:58","false",""
"UgwCSCdHP30BMkw6jst4AaABAg.99bWzJKZx5F99jGUFwGf_Q","charles","@mudpuddlestruck bylightning It belongs right where it is.","0","","2020-06-10 16:49:30","false",""
"UgyVJz40f6EG_tnV1st4AaABAg","Alanski DaDomdom","Edward Colston (2 November 1636 – 11 October 1721) was a Bristol-born English merchant, slave trader, and Member of Parliament. He supported and endowed schools, almshouses, hospitals and churches in Bristol, London, and elsewhere. His name is commemorated in several Bristol landmarks, streets, three schools, and the Colston bun. Many of his charitable foundations still survive.[1] A significant part of his wealth was acquired through the trade and exploitation of slaves. He was more than just a slave trader.","4","6","2020-06-07 16:40:09","true",""
"UgyVJz40f6EG_tnV1st4AaABAg.99bX14o8eBx99bXVD7XUOD","Abbo Fun","Alanski DaDomdom , so essentially a bad person who tried to purchase respectability with his ill begotten gains. Not really a role model I’d say.","6","","2020-06-07 16:44:15","false",""
"UgyVJz40f6EG_tnV1st4AaABAg.99bX14o8eBx99bXdS5CGhW","BigHenFor","That money was blood money.","3","","2020-06-07 16:45:31","false",""
"UgyVJz40f6EG_tnV1st4AaABAg.99bX14o8eBx99bYywUSoIR","JoDonHo","@Abbo Fun Pablo Escobar tried the same thing.","2","","2020-06-07 16:57:11","false",""
"UgyVJz40f6EG_tnV1st4AaABAg.99bX14o8eBx99b_BCUs6I6","Alanski DaDomdom","@Abbo Fun Absolutely right. But you cannot apply todays standards to the activities of 300+ years ago. Slavery then was the norm universally, and had been around for thousands of years (remember who built the pyramids!) Slavery in the 18th century was the normal way of conducting business and life then was unrecognisable by todays way of doing things.","0","","2020-06-07 17:07:44","false",""
"UgyVJz40f6EG_tnV1st4AaABAg.99bX14o8eBx99bpRnQF4sp","claude ghendrih","@Alanski DaDomdom Except that slavery had most of the time not been practiced such  barbaric  and violent persistence . Slavery in one form or another  was the lot of the vanquished in many cultures not the destiny of a less than human race .
Also most specialists agree on the fact the pyramids were in fact not built by slaves .","0","","2020-06-07 19:29:49","false",""
"UgyVJz40f6EG_tnV1st4AaABAg.99bX14o8eBx99bqJNmOizX","G C","Yeah, and Ron and Reggie Kray loved their mum, so we can excuse them of all their crimes?","0","","2020-06-07 19:37:24","false",""
"UgzxRFm9JvYkQKc5H114AaABAg","ZB6 uk","Congrats on 50K! Boris had better take note, he will have to commission a statue of himself that is too big to be taken down by hand","37","2","2020-06-07 16:40:18","true",""
"UgzxRFm9JvYkQKc5H114AaABAg.99bX2GaDVMs99bcH-kV-8X","Eddie Hitler","It's cool, I'll bring a tractor.","5","","2020-06-07 17:34:45","false",""
"UgzxRFm9JvYkQKc5H114AaABAg.99bX2GaDVMs99bvUAXNb5w","Ian Tan","Haha sure, until the jackhammers arrive","3","","2020-06-07 20:22:34","false",""
"Ugwa-AbudFckPnyyGmZ4AaABAg","Alastair Ramsay","In Glasgow protesters have put alternative street names where the originals are that of merchants/slave traders from the area","128","18","2020-06-07 16:40:20","true",""
"Ugwa-AbudFckPnyyGmZ4AaABAg.99bX2SXdxFg99bYVl2fcdB","Celtic SouL7","And it’s a beautiful thing, so proud of oor wee toon","25","","2020-06-07 16:53:04","false",""
"Ugwa-AbudFckPnyyGmZ4AaABAg.99bX2SXdxFg99bYpFvTD-a","Laurence Egan","When I was at school in Glasgow - and this was almost exactly 30 years ago now - it was explained to us that these men were to be looked up to, based on their mercantile credentials. I didn't learn about the other stuff until some years later.

Apparently Glasgow University is now beginning to pay reparations based on it's connections to what was happening in that part of the world at that time.","19","","2020-06-07 16:55:52","false",""
"Ugwa-AbudFckPnyyGmZ4AaABAg.99bX2SXdxFg99bZ1XwM4hn","Jerry O Sullivan","good","7","","2020-06-07 16:57:41","false",""
"Ugwa-AbudFckPnyyGmZ4AaABAg.99bX2SXdxFg99bZ2aY7bWA","Sand all","Alastair Ramsay Well done to the Glasgow protesters.","12","","2020-06-07 16:57:50","false",""
"Ugwa-AbudFckPnyyGmZ4AaABAg.99bX2SXdxFg99b_Pzd682N","Kilty K","Was wondering what was happening in  Glasgow. My home town is a living monument to the worst from that time. It was just quickly covered when i was at school ..third point of the triangle ..right let us move on ..arent these buildings lovely ..","10","","2020-06-07 17:09:45","false",""
"Ugwa-AbudFckPnyyGmZ4AaABAg.99bX2SXdxFg99bc1Jp-gid","Reynard L","They seem to have uploaded a video about it, with some info in the description.

Beautiful. Well, done whoever came up with this.

Can't wait to see the backlash from the right wing media too!","7","","2020-06-07 17:32:36","false",""
"Ugwa-AbudFckPnyyGmZ4AaABAg.99bX2SXdxFg99bcCOnedvW","Illegal immigrant.","YEAH MY STREET USED TO BE CALLED YOUR NAME IS TOBY STREET NOW IT'S KUNTA KINTEE CLOSE.","4","","2020-06-07 17:34:07","false",""
"Ugwa-AbudFckPnyyGmZ4AaABAg.99bX2SXdxFg99bcns_8LK6","Enzothegod","@Illegal immigrant. Still not funny.","9","","2020-06-07 17:39:22","false",""
"Ugwa-AbudFckPnyyGmZ4AaABAg.99bX2SXdxFg99be-rUh9Hx","TorianTammas","@Laurence Egan Why am I not surprised that the reality of an exploitive empires that robbed and stole on a scale unseen before has not been taught.","10","","2020-06-07 17:49:53","false",""
"Ugwa-AbudFckPnyyGmZ4AaABAg.99bX2SXdxFg99bmcoZWJy6","steven rigley","@Laurence Egan awright how you doing mate? 👍","1","","2020-06-07 19:05:14","false",""
"Ugwa-AbudFckPnyyGmZ4AaABAg.99bX2SXdxFg99c5ALOy4zN","BoojumFed","Same thing happened in Liverpool a while back.  All the streets named after those involved in the slave trade were renamed back in '06... except of course for Penny lane.","3","","2020-06-07 21:55:59","false",""
"Ugwa-AbudFckPnyyGmZ4AaABAg.99bX2SXdxFg99c6VrJPVkn","Arthur Heidt","there will always be slavery","0","","2020-06-07 22:07:39","false",""
"Ugwa-AbudFckPnyyGmZ4AaABAg.99bX2SXdxFg99c6neVYIAU","gordon murdoch","St George's Place was renamed Nelson Mandela Place. The South African Consulate was located in St George's Place so their new address was a bit of an embarrassment as Mandela was imprisoned at the time.","2","","2020-06-07 22:10:13","false",""
"Ugwa-AbudFckPnyyGmZ4AaABAg.99bX2SXdxFg99cQN_J7zIC","john james","@TorianTammas boring😩","0","","2020-06-08 01:01:17","false",""
"Ugwa-AbudFckPnyyGmZ4AaABAg.99bX2SXdxFg99ctk6w0Ucv","Tamalia Alisjahbana","I think perhaps their history has helped the Scots to understand suffering and injustice better than many English. God bless you and your city, Sir!","1","","2020-06-08 05:26:39","false",""
"Ugwa-AbudFckPnyyGmZ4AaABAg.99bX2SXdxFg99dm2PVcOcG","Harriet Lyall","Tamalia Alisjahbana Don’t you believe it - the Glaswegian merchants of the 19th century were among the biggest slave traders. Glasgow had a HUGE sugar industry, totally based on West Indian sugar cane grown by slaves. Tate & Lyle etc. Even Robert Burns was intending to sail to the West Indies to run a sugar plantation (“Will ye come to the Indies, my Mary?”) however his Kilmarnock Edition of poems became a runaway success, so he decided to stay in Scotland. Burns’ romantic flame “Clarinda” - real name Mrs Agnes McLehose - had an absentee husband who was away running a sugar plantation in Jamaica. Mrs McLehose went out to join him, only to discover he was living with a slave woman, with whom he had several children. Burns composed his poem “Ae Fond Kiss” for Agnes McLehose. You can check this out on Wikipedia. We Scots have a romantic history, but we are also well known for our love of money, and we’ve not always been too particular as to how we’ve made it.","0","","2020-06-08 13:38:37","false",""
"Ugwa-AbudFckPnyyGmZ4AaABAg.99bX2SXdxFg99iszE-0FmA","Laurence Egan","@steven rigley Afternoon Stevie! Sorry for the delay (I didn't get a notification there...)","0","","2020-06-10 13:15:25","false",""
"Ugwa-AbudFckPnyyGmZ4AaABAg.99bX2SXdxFg99itMvNIxks","steven rigley","@Laurence Egan No bother mate, I hope you aren’t thinking of renaming any streets in Glasgow today. 😂","0","","2020-06-10 13:18:47","false",""
"UgzUU_AwOaD5achM91B4AaABAg","BlaqueCzar","Congrats on the milestone! I make it a point to watch regulalry, you're the most thorough and intellectually sound channel on british politics glad I subscribed on a whim.","17","2","2020-06-07 16:40:33","true",""
"UgzUU_AwOaD5achM91B4AaABAg.99bX3zrHSIw99bhpcctkJC","The EdBaron","How is it intellectually sound just to get one unaltering opinion?","2","","2020-06-07 18:23:18","false",""
"UgzUU_AwOaD5achM91B4AaABAg.99bX3zrHSIw99byiCrph4j","BlaqueCzar","@The EdBaron perhaps looking up the definition of both words may help you stop being dumb.","0","","2020-06-07 20:50:50","false",""
"UgyBkgB21jez-pTSWFt4AaABAg","Milo Wadlin","I saw the clip and didn't realize it was Bristol. Bully!","4","0","2020-06-07 16:40:39","true",""
"Ugw320JTiScV8e8mnsR4AaABAg","Geoff Carter Theoretical Structural Archaeology","Wow - this is ""Iconoclasm"" at its most perfect; take note children.","42","6","2020-06-07 16:40:52","true",""
"Ugw320JTiScV8e8mnsR4AaABAg.99bX6NqZGp_99beFV3l1KH","Jean Roch","The question is, does the word ""icon"" fit such people as slave-traders ? The way I understand it, icons are meant to be positive models, no ?","0","","2020-06-07 17:52:01","false",""
"Ugw320JTiScV8e8mnsR4AaABAg.99bX6NqZGp_99bf4rnA1LZ","J","Racism and the slave trade are not supposed to be cherished or established traditions. You're misusing the word iconoclasm.","1","","2020-06-07 17:59:18","false",""
"Ugw320JTiScV8e8mnsR4AaABAg.99bX6NqZGp_99biDiXzUWF","Geoff Carter Theoretical Structural Archaeology","@Jean Roch No doubt he was considered a generous Philanthropist at the time. We have statues to Julius Caesar who enslaved over a million French & killed another million; icon is a relative term &  ""Iconoclasm"" has a very specific meaning.","6","","2020-06-07 18:26:43","false",""
"Ugw320JTiScV8e8mnsR4AaABAg.99bX6NqZGp_99bjHmr6zlg","marconatrix","Folks, IIRC the original iconoclasts set about destroying religious pictures which had become practically worshipped in their own right, that may have included statues too. Anyway 'iconoclasm' literally means 'destruction of images' so to tear down an actual image, in this case a statue, is indeed it's most perfect realisation! ;-)","3","","2020-06-07 18:36:01","false",""
"Ugw320JTiScV8e8mnsR4AaABAg.99bX6NqZGp_99bp3yKu9Dm","Anders Sorenson","@Jean Roch Jesus man read a book,  or watch The Simpsons Lisa the Iconoclast.","1","","2020-06-07 19:26:34","false",""
"Ugw320JTiScV8e8mnsR4AaABAg.99bX6NqZGp_99crLErPbYi","Alexander Challis","@Jean Roch   
William  Dowsing Iconoclast English Civil war era many churches still show the damage done by him and his orders","2","","2020-06-08 05:05:38","false",""
"Ugw7MPzAzYJyxbwD9Q94AaABAg","Martin Smith","It's a fallen world, seek the Lord Jesus Christ while there's still time!","10","5","2020-06-07 16:41:17","true",""
"Ugw7MPzAzYJyxbwD9Q94AaABAg.99bX9NYZOTJ99baAt9SYxu","ian harvey","The earth is flat in jesus name","0","","2020-06-07 17:16:26","false",""
"Ugw7MPzAzYJyxbwD9Q94AaABAg.99bX9NYZOTJ99bd9SJHX19","Alex Smith","I wish i was simple enough to believe in that tripe","0","","2020-06-07 17:42:27","false",""
"Ugw7MPzAzYJyxbwD9Q94AaABAg.99bX9NYZOTJ99bgK1aBpKV","More Please","I'm pretty sure Jesus would approve of tearing down a statue of a slaver","0","","2020-06-07 18:10:07","false",""
"Ugw7MPzAzYJyxbwD9Q94AaABAg.99bX9NYZOTJ99bsaMwvLbW","Tina Mcintyre","More Please 
I’m pretty sure Jesus would be ok if the mob comes to your home .","0","","2020-06-07 19:57:20","false",""
"Ugw7MPzAzYJyxbwD9Q94AaABAg.99bX9NYZOTJ99czIlYTmLe","More Please","@Tina Mcintyre What? So I can preach to them?","0","","2020-06-08 06:15:12","false",""
"UgyoTy1cna-o0Luf2XF4AaABAg","BlaqueCzar","Our statues will hopefully come down next. The traitors of the confederacy have  been put on pedestals for far too long.","20","5","2020-06-07 16:41:24","true",""
"UgyoTy1cna-o0Luf2XF4AaABAg.99bXAJRf2eD99bhGy_mlBg","The EdBaron","Well, George Floyd's soon been forgotten all about hasn't he?","1","","2020-06-07 18:18:26","false",""
"UgyoTy1cna-o0Luf2XF4AaABAg.99bXAJRf2eD99bqqCBlkiU","Robert Palmer","@The EdBaron nope... But now you know why so much chit is going on... Or maybe you are still ignoring all the issues... In case your head was too deep in the sand, there were three unreasonable deaths within two weeks.. Ignore it again if you chose... Because you and the rest must Like to breathe SMOKE","3","","2020-06-07 19:42:01","false",""
"UgyoTy1cna-o0Luf2XF4AaABAg.99bXAJRf2eD99bywphNX4P","BlaqueCzar","@The EdBaron this is the wrong comment section to be practicing stupidity, go watch a pewdie pie video and leave the grown ups be.","4","","2020-06-07 20:52:50","false",""
"UgyoTy1cna-o0Luf2XF4AaABAg.99bXAJRf2eD99d2DjWxZN1","Hiltok","Haven't seen those ""brave"" confederates marching and protesting to protect their statuary. Smartest thing I've ever seen them (not)do.","0","","2020-06-08 06:49:28","false",""
"UgyoTy1cna-o0Luf2XF4AaABAg.99bXAJRf2eD99dH8EUlPmL","David Valter","Fun fact. George Floyd was a career criminal. He was in jail 8 times. The last time he threatened a pregnant woman with a gun aimed at her belly.","2","","2020-06-08 08:59:47","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg","Shanna Tate","It was erected because he was a slave trader, WTF man! Jesus! How the hell did it stay up so long!","190","41","2020-06-07 16:42:59","true",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99bZrEWOtyy","Skep Kim","Like Phil demonstrated most people who see the statue have no idea why it's there and people don't usually pay attention to them when walking by.","13","","2020-06-07 17:04:53","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99bcUqyVMoM","Vespelian","It wasn't Phil got that wrong.","9","","2020-06-07 17:36:38","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99belmvvumv","Teresa Wilcox","At last some movement in the right direction for equal rights for all people and do away with domination by an elite who have no consideration for the ordinary people.","8","","2020-06-07 17:56:34","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99bgoZi8EuC","W Leon","@Vespelian Actually, IT WAS!","1","","2020-06-07 18:14:25","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99bid3XtBkB","Raziel 443","W Leon actually it wasn’t, it was erected in 1895 to recognise his philanthropy and his time as an MP.
His involvement in the slave trade didn’t really come to light till the 1990s.
I’m not trying to justify the statue, as it should have been removed when his involvement in slavery came to light.","19","","2020-06-07 18:30:19","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99bk8anLbHn","Alan Charlesworth","@Teresa Wilcox does that mean recognising the democratic vote, and not abiding by unelected EU laws?","3","","2020-06-07 18:43:30","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99bkFl7Gj9B","bujin1977","@Raziel 443 His involvement in the slave trade was known since the 1920s.","3","","2020-06-07 18:44:29","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99bkHDJ4i4N","Martin Arnold","capitalism","1","","2020-06-07 18:44:41","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99bly49PvSQ","J Mas","@Vespelian Yes and no. It wasn't erected as a monument to him for being a slave trader but because he was, by virtue of his wealth, a very important person in Bristol. But his wealth all came from his slave trading business.
It's not a quantum leap in thinking to tie the two together.","15","","2020-06-07 18:59:24","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99bmCK5xO6g","Adam Powell","You might well ask! Tony Benn was the MP for Bristol South for over 30 years. I am surprised that he did not call for it to be removed.","3","","2020-06-07 19:01:29","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99bmTGTjq6w","rhyfela herwfilwrol","The City got rich on the slave trade through him, the main concert hall in Bristol is named after him, there are streets named after him, he is regarded as the founder of the wealth of the city, hence his statue was right in the center of the city, we campaigned to have the statue removed in the 80's when I lived there but no one was listening. As I say slave trade made the city rich and the Conservative elites wanted to keep his statue; The evidence of the History of the city's key role in the slave trade is everywhere if you know where to look. At last the people have taken the matter into their own hands thank god and not a moment to soon.","6","","2020-06-07 19:03:48","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99bmlZufvRD","Peter Tomlinson","He was responsible for branding his name on the chests of slaves to stop them running away","2","","2020-06-07 19:06:26","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99bmtXTK4h6","J Mas","@Alan Charlesworth A 'democratic vote' is NOT one that was won by virtue of deceit and fiddling of the voting system.
 The EU Parliament - who decide the laws - ARE elected.
In the entire history of the UKs EU membership YOUR MEPs that were elected by the UK to represent us in that parliament voted FOR 95% of the laws that were passed by the EU. Abstained from 3% and voted against 2%.
The officials who draw up the documents of law are the equivalent of Civil servants here and have NO POWER WHATSOEVER to make laws themselves.
PLEASE do your research before parroting Farage's bullshit without the first clue what you're talking about.","16","","2020-06-07 19:07:31","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99bmuX5ynRr","Neil Titmus","Most of europe is built on the backs of others","4","","2020-06-07 19:07:40","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99bnFZ3wMgs","fred PLAT","@J Mas that alan moron thinks that unelected officials like cummings have their place, while elected EU officials, most of whom are not British, are by default unacceptable. Xenophobic idiocy 101","8","","2020-06-07 19:10:40","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99bnunx2pF3","Raziel 443","bujin1977 still at least 25 years after the statue was erected.
My point was that the statue was erected because of who he was and the good he did with his wealth in Bristol (despite the horrible way he acquired it) and not specifically because he was a slave trader as was stated above.","1","","2020-06-07 19:16:26","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99brtwXZ5FT","Paul C","Slavery was legally abolished in 2015... sure there were treaties signed but legally it only abolished in law in '15 that was 5 years ago.","0","","2020-06-07 19:51:16","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99bsBM88lTP","Paul C","@Neil Titmus same as all western nations, including the USA","1","","2020-06-07 19:53:47","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99btxjWUAy9","Name Surname","Because it was made of metal, the wind couldn't knock it down.","0","","2020-06-07 20:09:16","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99buPM-GBIE","Alan Charlesworth","@J Mas well if all elections are full of "" deceit, fiddling"", (you forgot lies, corruption) then it's a good job we won't be having any more European elections!!
Or is it just the ones that don't go YOUR way?","0","","2020-06-07 20:13:10","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99bvr-Eev1F","KeaTiki","@J Mas Very well said, J Mas. And it needs repeating, not because you will convince those who vomit their nonsense about the EU, but to inform those who still honestly don't know.","4","","2020-06-07 20:25:49","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99bxBr9HDcx","Steen Jacobsen","@Alan Charlesworth if you can find an EU law made by an unelected organisation.......","4","","2020-06-07 20:37:33","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99bxsuyCdaK","Relativo","@Steen Jacobsen wasn't it the unelected one who made the lockdownrules in the UK? And then breached them himself? After which the whole elected government rallied to defend this unelected one?","5","","2020-06-07 20:43:33","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99c1nYuQ3xb","carlos griffin","Absolutely,,, I do believe that good or bad should be kept in the historical archive to learn from it,,,, but having a statu like Mr. superman it's not acceptable,,,, glad they pulled it down and show thus nonsense government that the people owns the country not them and they refused to pull it down the people will,,,,, well-done UK,,,, keep it going👍","2","","2020-06-07 21:26:31","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99c6mw2BSub","Nspnspker","Because ""the Empire also did a lot of good in the world!"" - That mindset is why.","0","","2020-06-07 22:10:07","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99c8PyUY4iS","43 GROUP","@Neil Titmus Yes, but we should celebrate that with statues should we genius.","0","","2020-06-07 22:24:20","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99cBj3I-9Nr","uildanach2010","Because English society is built on the celebration of atrocity & racism. Edward Coulson & his company was responsible for about 90,000 slaves transported via Bristol to the English colonies 1670s-90s. His statue has been up 100 yrs. If that surprises you to know he had a statue. Uni of London,Royal Academy has one of John Locke. A partner in the Royal African Company. The single largest slave trading organisation in human history & there is still a statue to Cromwell beside the door to Westminster palace in the shadow of Big Ben. He was responsible for the slaughter or 1/3 of the Irish population in a nakedly racist war of invasion followed by the transport of 100,000+ Irish into slavery to built the early English colonies of Barbados & Virginia. Cromwell is on par with Coulson for personal involvement in slavery & the development there off. As it was the rapid using up of those Irish slaves & requirement for a more plentiful supply to scale up the trade that lead to the Royal African Company & Coulson plying their trade in africa.","3","","2020-06-07 22:53:17","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99cBq1RlEAA","nicadi2005","@Teresa Wilcox  ""do away with domination by an elite who have no consideration for the ordinary people."" - *FALSE elites, please!* There's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about what they are or what they do that I can find admirable or inspiring...","0","","2020-06-07 22:54:14","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99cCNHauceL","nicadi2005","@J Mas  ""It's not a quantum leap in thinking to tie the two together."" - Clearly it is for him...","1","","2020-06-07 22:58:55","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99cRpMC1Mtl","Serious Maran","River was too polluted already. They needed to clean it up before they put more waste in it.","1","","2020-06-08 01:13:57","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99ceg6pEYKa","Simon Jones","@W Leon No it wasn't","0","","2020-06-08 03:15:02","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99csCaimKUU","Slave2PaperWithInkOn","The 4min23 yt video ''Why use the Bristol Pound?''","0","","2020-06-08 05:13:12","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99cyU5R5jCI","Teresa Wilcox","@Alan Charlesworth E. U. Laws are democratic they are passed by the member states and each state can accept them or not. Unlike tfptp which does not except any diversion which is why the devolved governments have so little sway on a completely lying and corrupt government.","0","","2020-06-08 06:08:01","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99d6dUyno1L","Budo Ka","@Alan Charlesworth which laws are those?","0","","2020-06-08 07:28:04","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99dLEpSeFsM","Vespelian","Phil said the statue was erected specifically because the man was a slave trader, that was incorrect.","0","","2020-06-08 09:35:38","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99dLa16G3lf","Serious Maran","@Alan Charlesworth if you mean the totally undemocratic and fraudulent 2016 referendum then no.

The EU is far more democratic than Britain which is run by Dominic Cummings rather than the MPs.","0","","2020-06-08 09:38:40","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99dQrwB400v","boudicca 2nd","@Teresa Wilcox you silly cow.","0","","2020-06-08 10:24:48","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99dRBUMxGW4","boudicca 2nd","@Adam Powell actually he was the mp for bristol east old boy and it was the best thing the east bristolians ever did when they removed him","0","","2020-06-08 10:27:37","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99d_uWBh0dZ","Alan Charlesworth","@Serious Maran where is the ""democracy"" in 26 foreign countries deciding where and to whom our money is spent?
Ask the British farmers if their happy their money goes to Belgium pig farmers, or Czech cheese makers! Did they vote for it?
Ask the fishing industry stuck in ports whilst Dutch, Norwegian factory trawlers (against DEFRA) sweep the sea beds! Did they vote for that?
We can kick out Boris, Cummings at any time , you can't tell 26 countries ""can you please put us first""","1","","2020-06-08 11:52:32","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99dfsFDqNjd","YaxKukMo1426","Neil Titmus Mainly it’s indigenous working class.","0","","2020-06-08 12:44:40","false",""
"Ugw2dWl3viIyTOob5Hd4AaABAg.99bXLtX5-_Z99mWGeipbxJ","Backs4more","Paul C  don’t talk drivel. The Abolition of Slavery Act came into being in 1833, making slavery and the owning of slaves, illegal.","0","","2020-06-11 23:05:11","false",""
"UgwQrUThnhC858SpR0B4AaABAg","Robin Lous","Funny to see you shocked about something like this happening in the UK.","3","0","2020-06-07 16:43:03","true",""
"UgyYujBR8Zcw0RVFh8V4AaABAg","Keefclimbs","Not sure how to feel about this","1","5","2020-06-07 16:43:08","true",""
"UgxjCLnvsVTxep_gqxR4AaABAg","enrico l","Speaking about revolution : What about Charles in 1649? He was executed near WhiteHall....","15","5","2020-06-07 16:43:50","true",""
"UgxjCLnvsVTxep_gqxR4AaABAg.99bXS9QTPJl99bXqrnpPcg","Alex Jones","And then they apologized, executed the guy responsible and put Charles kid on the throne - how very British!","7","","2020-06-07 16:47:21","false",""
"UgxjCLnvsVTxep_gqxR4AaABAg.99bXS9QTPJl99beAgCYJ_r","Peter Brown","There is a statue to Cromwell who persecuted the Catholic in their own country and anyone who didn't agree with him in England.","1","","2020-06-07 17:51:21","false",""
"UgxjCLnvsVTxep_gqxR4AaABAg.99bXS9QTPJl99bfiNkU4Pz","The EdBaron","Henry VIII, slight misogynist - where does it all end?","0","","2020-06-07 18:04:50","false",""
"UgxjCLnvsVTxep_gqxR4AaABAg.99bXS9QTPJl99bjTzvzxUF","Stephen Thomas","@Alex Jones They actually executed the exhumed corpse of the guy responsible, and mounted his head over the gate for years after.","0","","2020-06-07 18:37:41","false",""
"UgxjCLnvsVTxep_gqxR4AaABAg.99bXS9QTPJl99bq9MiYfWb","Alex Jones","@Stephen Thomas I did not know that^^ Even better though :D","0","","2020-06-07 19:36:02","false",""
"UgzVGAbIPN5JlQ-wTfJ4AaABAg","Jake Bullet","That’s it. Send in the Army. These idiots DO NOT get to decide what is acceptable and what is not.","0","0","2020-06-07 16:43:56","true",""
"UgwqRNUPVdMIChyi5jd4AaABAg","Matthew McDonald","What a disgrace these people should be a shamed","0","0","2020-06-07 16:43:58","true",""
"UgyG9HO5RX127KPP-xR4AaABAg","King H","And this achieved what exactly??","238","46","2020-06-07 16:43:59","true",""
"UgyCmkl87OT1d-zfog14AaABAg","Graham Smith","Suck on that Daily Mail and Rees-Mogg.","58","0","2020-06-07 16:44:00","true",""
"Ugzg8GGj4KMNKOAHJ8F4AaABAg","Heros Stratos","""May you live in interesting times""","0","0","2020-06-07 16:44:20","true",""
"Ugx_VVWOnz_sTdI5J7B4AaABAg","Matthew Hackett","Great piece.   So un-British to act; but maybe the statue should have been left at the base, broken, as a tribute to the ""fallacious relic of past activities now seen as not right"", rather than pitched into the harbour.   
We cannot re-write our past, but we must look forwards to now write an improved, less ""bombastic"", more co-operative, less warmongering, more equal future.","0","1","2020-06-07 16:44:22","true",""
"Ugx_VVWOnz_sTdI5J7B4AaABAg.99bXW2nV6Pt99bme9emiN7","claude ghendrih","Yep the toppled statue should now be the monument . We should petition for that .","0","","2020-06-07 19:05:25","false",""
"UgzZkYp8s-tha5X4MnJ4AaABAg","Kevin Raines","take they have no cops in Bristol then","31","5","2020-06-07 16:44:28","true",""
"UgzoINagMsCKo8VavVV4AaABAg","Dan H","Most are just out for a laugh after being stick inside for months","46","6","2020-06-07 16:44:35","true",""
"Ugzj1B_FvMd2HQp85xt4AaABAg","Hussain Khan","we had the agricultural revolution too , but like the industrial revolution the changes spelled harm to ordinary people , their  land enclosed forced into the cities and towns to work long hours for low pay , and to live in slums  i hope the next time britain has a revolution we get it right and give back to the people what the capitalists stole so many centuries ago","1","2","2020-06-07 16:45:20","true",""
"Ugzj1B_FvMd2HQp85xt4AaABAg.99bXc2wfbBW99bqz3FUfHt","claude ghendrih","Capitalism is just one of the means humans have  used to enforce  hierarchy . Hierarchies get toppled when the power structure they reproduce is no longer competent to adapt to changing circumstances well enough to maintain a social consensus .","0","","2020-06-07 19:43:14","false",""
"Ugzj1B_FvMd2HQp85xt4AaABAg.99bXc2wfbBW99bvXPwNwh8","John Russell","Reads like a biography of Rees -Mogg.","0","","2020-06-07 20:23:01","false",""
"UgzuXxTiondS8OT8xRh4AaABAg","tracey born","Those idiots are going to wish to God they never ever rioted these people are now despised because they're stupid and ill-informed but we have had enough","0","0","2020-06-07 16:45:23","true",""
"Ugxw0AnnFhz-uvAeA2t4AaABAg","Gerald Wagner","This current English culture war is becoming more and more aggressive every day and it could turn into a civil war if the English don‘t come to their senses.","2","0","2020-06-07 16:45:24","true",""
"Ugz4QYFOToPdixxq-Pl4AaABAg","Keen Baker-Dias","Never pull a statue down just put more statues up so future generations can learn...oops I mean hulk smash then we can have the pleasure of history repeating itself.","0","1","2020-06-07 16:45:25","true",""
"Ugz4QYFOToPdixxq-Pl4AaABAg.99bXcdRQowW99jBod2WWuY","charles","Keep repeating this foolish meme pro slavers!","0","","2020-06-10 16:08:44","false",""
"UgwMTz0J0N53FU_p5eZ4AaABAg","Chasiah","Reminds me off my brother when he was in Iraq and that Qaddafi one got pulled down, or whatever it was, This worlds just messed up n so many ways man","17","5","2020-06-07 16:45:28","true",""
"UgxT9k03QgtOf_uZNQx4AaABAg","oiSnowy","There are plenty of people who want revolution. Now. If you know _anything_ about revolution, remember that it's not good. What you have now is not perfect, far from. But release how much you have to lose. You don't know how much of that you have *until* you lose it. A revolution will not lead to a better life for you. At the most it improves the party politicals and the companies they depend on.

Oh, and they tend to get rid of potentially critical (as in being able to critique, such as say political commentators) intellectuals. Other people with other ideas are dangerous to ideologues.","0","1","2020-06-07 16:45:38","true",""
"UgxT9k03QgtOf_uZNQx4AaABAg.99bXeI7H5W199bYjXvD81q","Anthony Bracuti","ah, another person who is ignorant of the abject poverty million in this country endure ... 

perhaps you were unaware that over a third of all children in this country don't have enough food to thrive?","0","","2020-06-07 16:55:05","false",""
"Ugw1g0gUih8QSCMMJVJ4AaABAg","Jerry Ormston","Show yoursleves negatives likers. I am Jerry, you can find me. Where are you? GFY.","0","0","2020-06-07 16:45:51","true",""
"UgzbujFWRd78W9I1-Z54AaABAg","Aj","well they should be put in jail","9","0","2020-06-07 16:45:52","true",""
"UgydTb6W7VlxwJ9NDm14AaABAg","Musa Jumara","If you want to protest, don't do something like this. It has no benefits. The only outcome is that you would be viewed as radical. You cannot remove someone who was apart of history, even if they were awful people.","29","3","2020-06-07 16:45:53","true",""
"UgxUwH89ECs3nSUgg-p4AaABAg","Adarsh Nair","Thank god.. Now after this racism is over... if it isnt .. then what was the point","15","1","2020-06-07 16:46:00","true",""
"UgxNFZx5H9Ut_S_XjUh4AaABAg","HoneyBee","Wow that looked  so easy to bring down lol","5","4","2020-06-07 16:46:00","true",""
"UgxNFZx5H9Ut_S_XjUh4AaABAg.99bXgvMgcmy99btcXTVcxn","Christophe Bonhoeffer of Belgravia","HoneyBee ..Yeah, must have been made of tin..😀","0","","2020-06-07 20:06:22","false",""
"UgxNFZx5H9Ut_S_XjUh4AaABAg.99bXgvMgcmy99buSvBI6gG","HoneyBee","@Christophe Bonhoeffer of Belgravia lol yeh","0","","2020-06-07 20:13:39","false",""
"UgxNFZx5H9Ut_S_XjUh4AaABAg.99bXgvMgcmy99bwuzvQBcR","Lloyd Gittens","Only another 300 to go... lol","0","","2020-06-07 20:35:06","false",""
"UgxNFZx5H9Ut_S_XjUh4AaABAg.99bXgvMgcmy99bx8QmDyfJ","HoneyBee","@Lloyd Gittens sounds like fun lol","0","","2020-06-07 20:37:04","false",""
"UgzWM-ykLtOo2b-kML54AaABAg","Stevie Mac","We have laws in this country for a reason, what's next Winston Churchill statues? He had very controversial views.. Petition would have been the right way to do it, Why are my colleagues in the NHS risking their lives for lockdown rules to be ignored completely.","4","0","2020-06-07 16:46:19","true",""
"Ugxgphtphkijmvc2_gB4AaABAg","Methembe Dube","Edward Colston ran a company that shipped 84,000 kidnapped African men, women & children to the Americas - 19,000 of these are estimated to have died during the crossing.

He was a mass murderer as well as a slave trader.

The statue in Bristol should have come down years ago.","0","1","2020-06-07 16:46:24","true",""
"Ugxgphtphkijmvc2_gB4AaABAg.99bXjtibHbO99bm7Fe3jNn","More Please","Buurrrt deeerrr histeerrrreeeyyy

Seriously though, I completely agree. 

These guys getting so dramatic over a statue of a monster getting torn down. They are so horrendously brain washed.","0","","2020-06-07 19:00:48","false",""
"Ugww2WbxWI9m0Uq5ksJ4AaABAg","Sven Müller","Best thing I've seen today.","1","0","2020-06-07 16:46:36","true",""
"UgygRscqrXvs7GhN8pF4AaABAg","Sam Nowitt","Something should be done, the racism is terrible in Africa, India and China. Oh, that doesn't matter does it.","111","23","2020-06-07 16:46:47","true",""
"UgwbVq0xvKVU1OuhHqJ4AaABAg","Trevor Grindz","This happened in Rome... long long ago... which is why we always find ancient statues & mosaics with the faces and heads of the artwork defaced/vandalized.
Could this be history repeating itself?","13","2","2020-06-07 16:46:47","true",""
"UgwJKcOtfRWS3pv2kiZ4AaABAg","Unfunny Man","What absolute clowns","0","0","2020-06-07 16:47:00","true",""
"UgxBdexIWoirDy9hhUl4AaABAg","Israeldiegorivera2 Genius2","Hypocrites, they are funded by modern day slave trader George Soros.","6","1","2020-06-07 16:47:01","true",""
"UgwmbtYekdQTY2hbe0l4AaABAg","Fred Midtgaard","The statues of southern generals being torn down some places in the US were also erected long after the civil war. Some were erected by KKK in the 20ties and 30ties but still stands. Some are even rather new. No wonder they are offensive.","2","0","2020-06-07 16:47:19","true",""
"Ugwg6HuB7j4s6agsJHd4AaABAg","sparky 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇬🇧","Mob rule 😡😡","24","0","2020-06-07 16:47:21","true",""
"Ugx1uFEZv-lLqX0Th394AaABAg","Jimmy Jams","That’s going to cause a big stir.","0","0","2020-06-07 16:47:21","true",""
"UgyHxvgD6Y3daVA-8rR4AaABAg","Geoff Carter Theoretical Structural Archaeology","NOTE; In the BM is the smashed head of Hadrian from the Thames, destroyed by Britons who rebelled burnt Roman London down and refused to build a wall to split the country in half {IMO}","8","4","2020-06-07 16:47:34","true",""
"UgyHxvgD6Y3daVA-8rR4AaABAg.99bXsTTabyt99bs3NFZtoC","R0swell5104","There was no sense of ""country"" as such before it became part of the Roman Empire. Even then it was only a 'country'; well a province, to the Romans. I think you are trying  attribute modern concepts of nationalism to a period where it did not exist as far as  the native population was concerned.","3","","2020-06-07 19:52:42","false",""
"UgyHxvgD6Y3daVA-8rR4AaABAg.99bXsTTabyt99fJiObWQZD","Geoff Carter Theoretical Structural Archaeology","@R0swell5104 I don't think that can be sustained from the archaeological evidence.","0","","2020-06-09 04:00:49","false",""
"UgyHxvgD6Y3daVA-8rR4AaABAg.99bXsTTabyt99fbfWelGCO","R0swell5104","@Geoff Carter Theoretical Structural Archaeology Interesting, not possible to go into detail here but do you have some references so that i could read up on this? Thanks.","1","","2020-06-09 06:46:27","false",""
"UgyHxvgD6Y3daVA-8rR4AaABAg.99bXsTTabyt99iO38Hs3kj","Geoff Carter Theoretical Structural Archaeology","@R0swell5104 My own work + Roman London By Dominic Perring","0","","2020-06-10 08:36:28","false",""
"UgwCpU1xbKVmESNik4x4AaABAg","Pam Wood","You're coming out in a sweat Phil, the very idea makes me giddy too! Bloody marvellous 🤣🥴 at","13","2","2020-06-07 16:47:34","true",""
"UgwCpU1xbKVmESNik4x4AaABAg.99bXsQOxj0x99bbXgVRrwC","Snowy Owel","God are you for flipping real .","0","","2020-06-07 17:28:17","false",""
"UgwCpU1xbKVmESNik4x4AaABAg.99bXsQOxj0x99bkKUYo9JU","The EdBaron","@Snowy Owel - Yep, she's a real moron obviously.","0","","2020-06-07 18:45:07","false",""
"UgwGdK9Yv2OiHONklZ14AaABAg","WE WUZ VIKANGS!!! n shiet.","Blacks demand perfection from every race except their own . Trust me blacks are far from perfect.","17","8","2020-06-07 16:47:41","true",""
"Ugy5hZ42HxDAhHW0zQ54AaABAg","Emza Hero","Yeah pull down that useless scam statue","6","1","2020-06-07 16:47:41","true",""
"Ugy5hZ42HxDAhHW0zQ54AaABAg.99bXtKQPXtw99bw1z99reQ","Tina Mcintyre","Emza Hero 
Yeah let’s all round your useless scam home ,destruction is free now .","0","","2020-06-07 20:27:27","false",""
"UgyUwPE3S_YYZtsOSzJ4AaABAg","Anne Kenna","Notice it’s all the little white boys pushing the statue, was he one of their ancestors?","15","5","2020-06-07 16:47:44","true",""
"UgweJBUOYwvIDOdA9wt4AaABAg","Barrybadass","Antifa causing trouble again .","22","3","2020-06-07 16:47:44","true",""
"Ugx0wOkT57rQK67smKN4AaABAg","Trevor Grindz","Apparently ""ending racism"" for black people means no police to enforce the law. Good luck with that! LoL","39","1","2020-06-07 16:47:50","true",""
"Ugww2Ej01CnGyvrGhal4AaABAg","FeydRautha Harkonnen","The cultural revolution has arrived in Bristol. The main stream media applauds.","10","1","2020-06-07 16:47:51","true",""
"Ugz-WJHJCedbTFQvRpl4AaABAg","ChrisHFal","Why aren't these people being arrested?","368","96","2020-06-07 16:47:56","true",""
"Ugx7gub2nbSncC_aZS14AaABAg","Lauri Martikainen","""We don't do revolutions in Britain."" - - How about 17th century? Wasn't there a some kind of civil war when the king lost his head by certain Oliver Cromwell who in turn lost his head (albeit posthumously) when the king's son returned? And I've heard a revolution happened also in 1688 and it's even called "