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"UgzVfJ6TJs304t8R6Lp4AaABAg","Sir Loin","The Vikings caused lots of suffering.  Should we rename Wednesday & Thursday (after the Norse Gods Woden & Thor)?  What about the words now in the British vocabulary they gave us?  When will this erasing of history end?  When everyone forgets there were slaves?  🤔","22","5","2020-06-09 18:37:31","true",""
"UgzVfJ6TJs304t8R6Lp4AaABAg.99gt2YUjclr99gu2SkLl9p","peterbjorn6096","What is The point? ...really. .... people in Afrika is starving,  children dying ... and what happened to social distances and Covid19.... are the world going crazy, willingly steward by the secret China lobby","2","","2020-06-09 18:46:15","false",""
"UgzVfJ6TJs304t8R6Lp4AaABAg.99gt2YUjclr99guPJEGI4I","yellow man","We should erase history and create ""new speak"". A dumbed down version of the English language with historical phrases, philosophys and anecdotes erased. We should also sterilise the proletarian classes.","4","","2020-06-09 18:49:22","false",""
"UgzVfJ6TJs304t8R6Lp4AaABAg.99gt2YUjclr99h8eKsH6Hw","Prins van Oranje","@yellow man That's already happening. Students today can't explain their Marxist beliefs, just repeat ''Uh, like I don't like hate this like for like,'' several times and then start screaming. They will never change their opinions, they are essentially already speaking ''Newspeak,'' a language which renders them impossible to have rational thought.","2","","2020-06-09 21:02:38","false",""
"UgzVfJ6TJs304t8R6Lp4AaABAg.99gt2YUjclr99hMPYcki6U","C F","If they can't win the likes war on social media they don't care. Stupid generation taking selfies of their crimes....give it 12 months and when they can't get jobs or University places they can join the why me oppressed fakes and steal Nikes for a living.","0","","2020-06-09 23:02:48","false",""
"UgzVfJ6TJs304t8R6Lp4AaABAg.99gt2YUjclr99hMcATnJqb","lemmieatit","Why is it so important for that statue to remain?","0","","2020-06-09 23:04:40","false",""
"UgxrCxh3AUdUJcycRmV4AaABAg","matvasam maqsood","Honestly in that case take down churchill and also this isn’t going to make anything better we didn’t care before when these statues were up","1","3","2020-06-09 18:39:38","true",""
"UgxrCxh3AUdUJcycRmV4AaABAg.99gtHwvgkT499guiEnZN_o","God is love Love is God","We care now
We have had enough","2","","2020-06-09 18:52:05","false",""
"UgxrCxh3AUdUJcycRmV4AaABAg.99gtHwvgkT499gzR3TFw1m","Roland Roland","@God is love Love is God Group think","0","","2020-06-09 19:33:18","false",""
"UgxrCxh3AUdUJcycRmV4AaABAg.99gtHwvgkT499h0gKb-yGI","Connor Mactavish","go and stand in a pub and say that big man","1","","2020-06-09 19:53:00","false",""
"Ugx6KvGnJMF4CemiFAZ4AaABAg","Yes_ Darlingiknow","Race baiting again,what do you ""news""outlets want race wars?","11","4","2020-06-09 18:40:00","true",""
"Ugx6KvGnJMF4CemiFAZ4AaABAg.99gtKj_2RRa99gvU3N7100","Sheep","@Ted Logan Nice, how much is mossad paying you to bait whites?","0","","2020-06-09 18:58:45","false",""
"Ugx6KvGnJMF4CemiFAZ4AaABAg.99gtKj_2RRa99gzC5tC3wn","Yes_ Darlingiknow","Sheep more like George Soros","2","","2020-06-09 19:31:15","false",""
"Ugx6KvGnJMF4CemiFAZ4AaABAg.99gtKj_2RRa99h-PA8-Uwz","Sheep","@Yes_ Darlingiknow he deleted it. Be careful out there. Mossad and Hasbara lurk.","0","","2020-06-09 19:41:47","false",""
"Ugx6KvGnJMF4CemiFAZ4AaABAg.99gtKj_2RRa99hAh1Obhjo","Yes_ Darlingiknow","Sheep I don't know what they are?","0","","2020-06-09 21:20:28","false",""
"Ugwy7m6NaxMuA0fBQ454AaABAg","William Feeney","Bring back  blackboard  or should we call Blackpool  whitepool  still have black n white minstrels.  In cabaret 😷","0","0","2020-06-09 18:40:34","true",""
"UgxETtL9IcNehD1niKR4AaABAg","Kit pesec’","Total mass control in its beauty((","3","0","2020-06-09 18:41:05","true",""
"UgxJyWHZEOTvpKEPImt4AaABAg","Blackbeards Brother","lost all sympathy for this cause now. Sadiq Khan is reviewing the removal of more statues.. This is a complete joke... the MSM won't say it but the evidence is clear that most of Britain has too lost sympathy as this is going too far.... The defacing of Churchill statue was it for most people but MSM will claim it's the will of the people...","39","5","2020-06-09 18:41:25","true",""
"UgxJyWHZEOTvpKEPImt4AaABAg.99gtV-x1ufg99gxgWCdpSv","Whatsittoya","The will of their people not ours!","5","","2020-06-09 19:18:04","false",""
"UgxJyWHZEOTvpKEPImt4AaABAg.99gtV-x1ufg99gyWpGWxF1","bongcouver","They are traitors and should be dealt with in the harshest of ways.","9","","2020-06-09 19:25:21","false",""
"UgxJyWHZEOTvpKEPImt4AaABAg.99gtV-x1ufg99gyy5a1BP6","Roland Roland","And these idiots go for it. They are all NPCs","2","","2020-06-09 19:29:12","false",""
"UgxJyWHZEOTvpKEPImt4AaABAg.99gtV-x1ufg99h1xE0nKBk","Pegasus44","@Roland Roland Puppets of Soros mate","1","","2020-06-09 20:04:02","false",""
"UgxJyWHZEOTvpKEPImt4AaABAg.99gtV-x1ufg99lTwh5SLgz","MusaMansa21","ony kurds and bangladeshis get to deface churchill statues","0","","2020-06-11 13:25:36","false",""
"Ugx648Re1Cogc42EhEV4AaABAg","Barry Mills","What about convicted terrorist Nelson Mandela's statue leftists?","1","0","2020-06-09 18:41:33","true",""
"Ugyzi9KjULD3qvThyMt4AaABAg","2goonersleft the building","Take down Nelson Mandelas statue
He was a terrorist.","43","11","2020-06-09 18:42:41","true",""
"Ugyzi9KjULD3qvThyMt4AaABAg.99gtdLUAIWr99gzQ7ynHCr","haniswal Nadia","Arsenal supporters aren't allowed to comment here","0","","2020-06-09 19:33:10","false",""
"Ugyzi9KjULD3qvThyMt4AaABAg.99gtdLUAIWr99h-XgtR5pR","Do You Know Boxing?","Arsenal you're best players are all black, that's a fact.","0","","2020-06-09 19:42:56","false",""
"Ugyzi9KjULD3qvThyMt4AaABAg.99gtdLUAIWr99h1_W9UHmO","2goonersleft the building","@Do You Know Boxing?
What are you trying to say?
You obviously think I am a white guy!!
And you have as usual for the left pulled the Race card out of your pocket.","4","","2020-06-09 20:00:48","false",""
"Ugyzi9KjULD3qvThyMt4AaABAg.99gtdLUAIWr99h1yADUqu5","Do You Know Boxing?","@2goonersleft the building What race card, arsenal best players are facts, if I'm the left are the right afraid of facts","1","","2020-06-09 20:04:10","false",""
"Ugyzi9KjULD3qvThyMt4AaABAg.99gtdLUAIWr99h2mVPwcgJ","2goonersleft the building","@Do You Know Boxing?
Staight away you have taken my comment as a black and white issue.
I said take down Nelson Mandelas statue because he was a terrorist.
No mention of the colour of his skin.","4","","2020-06-09 20:11:19","false",""
"Ugyzi9KjULD3qvThyMt4AaABAg.99gtdLUAIWr99h38Lhbqpo","Do You Know Boxing?","@2goonersleft the building Wait did I, or I'm I stating an opinion.","1","","2020-06-09 20:14:26","false",""
"Ugyzi9KjULD3qvThyMt4AaABAg.99gtdLUAIWr99h3qKYS7Yj","2goonersleft the building","@Do You Know Boxing?
Sorry to be insulting bro
But do you have left and right written on your boxing gloves.","2","","2020-06-09 20:20:34","false",""
"Ugyzi9KjULD3qvThyMt4AaABAg.99gtdLUAIWr99h4o8fFD2J","Do You Know Boxing?","@2goonersleft the building That's the worst joke I've ever heard. I guess facts and good jokes are something the right lacks.","2","","2020-06-09 20:29:01","false",""
"Ugyzi9KjULD3qvThyMt4AaABAg.99gtdLUAIWr99h5fBNXscL","2goonersleft the building","@Do You Know Boxing?
That's why I never boxed
I just couldn't stand to put my left glove on.","3","","2020-06-09 20:36:32","false",""
"Ugyzi9KjULD3qvThyMt4AaABAg.99gtdLUAIWr99h5iLgnbrt","Do You Know Boxing?","@2goonersleft the building Okay I smiled I lost that one","0","","2020-06-09 20:36:58","false",""
"Ugyzi9KjULD3qvThyMt4AaABAg.99gtdLUAIWr99h5xu1PYZh","2goonersleft the building","@Do You Know Boxing?
Nice one, take care leftie.","3","","2020-06-09 20:39:05","false",""
"UgzSnhUmarJaMgf43W14AaABAg","ecasx","Africa still has slavery lets nuke it now .","67","4","2020-06-09 18:42:48","true",""
"UgzSnhUmarJaMgf43W14AaABAg.99gteDwTFDF99h47cmXS2j","Abrams Lion","Let's remove Africa out of existence.","8","","2020-06-09 20:23:04","false",""
"UgzSnhUmarJaMgf43W14AaABAg.99gteDwTFDF99lSQCtmHC-","MusaMansa21","ok you are officialy expendable","0","","2020-06-11 13:12:17","false",""
"UgzSnhUmarJaMgf43W14AaABAg.99gteDwTFDF99rr2hrR5IL","Pablo Peraza","What about the resources?","0","","2020-06-14 00:51:43","false",""
"UgzSnhUmarJaMgf43W14AaABAg.99gteDwTFDF99yxYZN7b6G","government traitors OUT","Tell me the code I will press the button if these politicians haven't got the balls","1","","2020-06-16 19:03:10","false",""
"UgyoQw7Ulpl4f5HasJN4AaABAg","51st state","Hate against white","39","3","2020-06-09 18:45:04","true",""
"UgyoQw7Ulpl4f5HasJN4AaABAg.99gtunkN3h499gy6nyGe6D","Marina Ross","❓","1","","2020-06-09 19:21:48","false",""
"UgyoQw7Ulpl4f5HasJN4AaABAg.99gtunkN3h499k5vdsVTdY","Hannah Smirnoff","Comeuppance?","0","","2020-06-11 00:36:30","false",""
"UgyoQw7Ulpl4f5HasJN4AaABAg.99gtunkN3h499lTclpBLb7","MusaMansa21","i dont see anybody worshipping imperial germany","0","","2020-06-11 13:22:53","false",""
"UgyS7hR5HABRD6LbrlV4AaABAg","Blackbeards Brother","breaking news:
they have defaced Queen Victoria  statue in Yorkshire !!!!! this crap is beyond a joke.....","30","10","2020-06-09 18:45:19","true",""
"UgyS7hR5HABRD6LbrlV4AaABAg.99gtwfoQVP699guZzGIdyP","God is love Love is God","Until you create equality 
This will not stop","3","","2020-06-09 18:50:49","false",""
"UgyS7hR5HABRD6LbrlV4AaABAg.99gtwfoQVP699gv1JfLbwc","Sheep","@God is love Love is God is the quest for equality, it always ends in oppression of a race/social class. Multicultural societies never last long, as the natives start to resent their past.","12","","2020-06-09 18:54:50","false",""
"UgyS7hR5HABRD6LbrlV4AaABAg.99gtwfoQVP699gv31Qfrq4","Tom. A","God is love Love is God ohhhh sorry big man","1","","2020-06-09 18:55:04","false",""
"UgyS7hR5HABRD6LbrlV4AaABAg.99gtwfoQVP699gwUskD3Kc","Jojo x","@God is love Love is God they can leave this country for a communist one that is all they want not equality they already had that","11","","2020-06-09 19:07:36","false",""
"UgyS7hR5HABRD6LbrlV4AaABAg.99gtwfoQVP699gxmfrZl02","Whatsittoya","Omg not Vicky!..","3","","2020-06-09 19:18:55","false",""
"UgyS7hR5HABRD6LbrlV4AaABAg.99gtwfoQVP699gzzYKsvqG","Unelected Bureaucrat","@God is love Love is God Define 'equality'...","2","","2020-06-09 19:38:09","false",""
"UgyS7hR5HABRD6LbrlV4AaABAg.99gtwfoQVP699hBnhbUt0-","Sakura Tanaka","@Unelected Bureaucrat Why, the most generous welfare for life, isn't it self-evident?","1","","2020-06-09 21:30:07","false",""
"UgyS7hR5HABRD6LbrlV4AaABAg.99gtwfoQVP699hMg-wuVKE","G G","God is love Love is God equality of what!","1","","2020-06-09 23:05:11","false",""
"UgyS7hR5HABRD6LbrlV4AaABAg.99gtwfoQVP699hSjI1_t81","Lesser Spotted Mugwump.","God is love Love is God Minority students get allocated more resources than white ones.

May as well burn the money.","0","","2020-06-09 23:58:04","false",""
"UgyS7hR5HABRD6LbrlV4AaABAg.99gtwfoQVP699hUXCazump","Savage Cabbage","God is love Love is God It will stop, just not how you ever imagined.

You don’t realise what you are doing but it will not end well for anyone.","3","","2020-06-10 00:13:45","false",""
"Ugw7WGMaozRsbtMnxXF4AaABAg","Ray Manghan","Do they know Rhodes was homosexua?.   Just thought I would throw this into the mix.","12","20","2020-06-09 18:45:36","true",""
"Ugw7WGMaozRsbtMnxXF4AaABAg.99gtykemfN799gwZKBXqy_","tobio chan","and?","1","","2020-06-09 19:08:13","false",""
"Ugw7WGMaozRsbtMnxXF4AaABAg.99gtykemfN799gyqNIG66x","haniswal Nadia","Eeeeeeeeh now another thing to think about","0","","2020-06-09 19:28:09","false",""
"Ugw7WGMaozRsbtMnxXF4AaABAg.99gtykemfN799gziSXOq_V","gyp3xp48","Tobio didn't get that one. (Rires!)","0","","2020-06-09 19:35:49","false",""
"Ugw7WGMaozRsbtMnxXF4AaABAg.99gtykemfN799h-06qfwdd","yellow man","@tobio chan I think he's making the point that most of these young liberal millennial types take their meat through the back door like the craftyest of butchers. Therefore upon obtaining the knowledge that mr Rhodes was a batty boy himself,  they may have some sort of affinity towards him and leave his statue alone.","1","","2020-06-09 19:38:21","false",""
"Ugw7WGMaozRsbtMnxXF4AaABAg.99gtykemfN799h-TKuHTDg","Do You Know Boxing?","Definitely take it down","0","","2020-06-09 19:42:21","false",""
"Ugw7WGMaozRsbtMnxXF4AaABAg.99gtykemfN799h-k5PIYm4","gyp3xp48","@Do You Know Boxing? Then lets tear down Nelson from his column. (rires!)","0","","2020-06-09 19:44:46","false",""
"Ugw7WGMaozRsbtMnxXF4AaABAg.99gtykemfN799h-x4AdfSj","Connor Mactavish","wow your so clever","0","","2020-06-09 19:46:33","false",""
"Ugw7WGMaozRsbtMnxXF4AaABAg.99gtykemfN799h083JJlJ9","Do You Know Boxing?","@gyp3xp48 Sure if you want to, I say have a vote same with Rhodes. Let the people decide, it's there town so they pay taxs for it.","0","","2020-06-09 19:48:11","false",""
"Ugw7WGMaozRsbtMnxXF4AaABAg.99gtykemfN799h0OrtSj-Y","gyp3xp48","@Connor Mactavish I'm not clever. You might as well look on the funny side of it. (rires)","0","","2020-06-09 19:50:28","false",""
"Ugw7WGMaozRsbtMnxXF4AaABAg.99gtykemfN799h0nxCCbNN","gyp3xp48","@Do You Know Boxing? Je suis brouillé","0","","2020-06-09 19:54:02","false",""
"Ugw7WGMaozRsbtMnxXF4AaABAg.99gtykemfN799h0pmXwiEB","Roland Roland","@Connor Mactavish That's a brave sentence to make.","0","","2020-06-09 19:54:17","false",""
"Ugw7WGMaozRsbtMnxXF4AaABAg.99gtykemfN799h0xrtW0L5","Lord Roland Crichton Stuart, Earl of Camster. KtGC","@Do You Know Boxing? 'They pay taxes for it' Are you as stupid as you sound?","0","","2020-06-09 19:55:23","false",""
"Ugw7WGMaozRsbtMnxXF4AaABAg.99gtykemfN799h1JrmFPhd","Do You Know Boxing?","@Lord Roland Crichton Stuart, Earl of Camster. KtGC Well it's there town, they pay tax's. If the statue is removed or needs to be refurbished it come from there local council so they should have the say if it stays or goes. If you don't like it move to Oxford set up a protest and do a song","0","","2020-06-09 19:58:32","false",""
"Ugw7WGMaozRsbtMnxXF4AaABAg.99gtykemfN799h62OFurjR","Iain Robb","You're correct, Ray. Any move they make against his statue should be therefore be categorised as a hate crime.","1","","2020-06-09 20:39:50","false",""
"Ugw7WGMaozRsbtMnxXF4AaABAg.99gtykemfN799iBmEEYrdI","Lord Roland Crichton Stuart, Earl of Camster. KtGC","@Do You Know Boxing? I DO live in Oxford laddie.","0","","2020-06-10 06:49:10","false",""
"Ugw7WGMaozRsbtMnxXF4AaABAg.99gtykemfN799iNiy6sr9v","Do You Know Boxing?","@Lord Roland Crichton Stuart, Earl of Camster. KtGC Then shut up and go protect that statue.","0","","2020-06-10 08:33:34","false",""
"Ugw7WGMaozRsbtMnxXF4AaABAg.99gtykemfN799izhlWZvMc","Lord Roland Crichton Stuart, Earl of Camster. KtGC","@Do You Know Boxing? I don't need to, do you think the Intelligence community DON'T have agents hidden in this antidemocratic rent-a-mobs? They have them in ANTIFA and all the other Anarchist groups slowly identifying the ringleaders and who's paying them and very soon you will see lots of New Prisons being built to house the ones arrested, it will be Mega, I can't wait to see ANYONE connected with these outrages pay for there crimes. They have been following one of the Oxford Don Traitors for a long time, Will Hutton.","0","","2020-06-10 14:14:12","false",""
"Ugw7WGMaozRsbtMnxXF4AaABAg.99gtykemfN799j-DdFwF5g","Do You Know Boxing?","@Lord Roland Crichton Stuart, Earl of Camster. KtGC Yes, I suppose Bill Gates created the corna virus too","0","","2020-06-10 14:18:41","false",""
"Ugw7WGMaozRsbtMnxXF4AaABAg.99gtykemfN799jYxvMqk4D","Lord Roland Crichton Stuart, Earl of Camster. KtGC","@Do You Know Boxing? The very fact the Gates \fFoundation is based on Genetic is very close to what you suggested, he believes that the world needs to 'Lose' a |billion People for the rest to survive and has said so on camera, So your retort could almost be factual.","0","","2020-06-10 19:30:58","false",""
"Ugw7WGMaozRsbtMnxXF4AaABAg.99gtykemfN799jZ8VzNFB3","Lord Roland Crichton Stuart, Earl of Camster. KtGC","@Do You Know Boxing? By the by, learn to spell it's the Corona Virus or, as we fondly like to call it The CCP Virus.","0","","2020-06-10 19:32:33","false",""
"Ugz2MQyz8Xikm1hGk_d4AaABAg","peterbjorn6096","What is The point? ...really. .... people in Afrika is starving,  children dying ... and what happened to social distances and Covid19.... are the world going crazy, willingly steward by the secret China lobby","60","8","2020-06-09 18:45:40","true",""
"Ugz2MQyz8Xikm1hGk_d4AaABAg.99gtzC9e00j99h9MKBHulW","Matt Reynolds","Agreed, BLM are a crazy bunch","6","","2020-06-09 21:08:46","false",""
"Ugz2MQyz8Xikm1hGk_d4AaABAg.99gtzC9e00j99hGY7zq2kK","George Soros has entered the chat","Yesssss, it's those Chinese people, definitely nothing to do with me...............","0","","2020-06-09 22:11:33","false",""
"Ugz2MQyz8Xikm1hGk_d4AaABAg.99gtzC9e00j99hNfAMK7fU","Anoid Roudrigez","Ah look a white person outraged at people protesting for a statue that symbolized racism but won't speak up when it comes to equality and system racism. I'm so surprised, not!","0","","2020-06-09 23:13:49","false",""
"Ugz2MQyz8Xikm1hGk_d4AaABAg.99gtzC9e00j99hQeHBzBfV","Lesser Spotted Mugwump.","Anoid Roudrigez When people are protesting a statue of a slave owner from 200 years ago, whilst wearing clothes made in a Malaysian sweat shop by children, on a device that the people who make them can never afford...

Seems a bit hypocritical.","7","","2020-06-09 23:39:54","false",""
"Ugz2MQyz8Xikm1hGk_d4AaABAg.99gtzC9e00j99iNdUs3Tb4","Anoid Roudrigez","@George Soros has entered the chat Stop blaming China for everything.","0","","2020-06-10 08:32:49","false",""
"Ugz2MQyz8Xikm1hGk_d4AaABAg.99gtzC9e00j99iQiAhwOMz","George Soros has entered the chat","@Anoid Roudrigez It was sarcasm.","1","","2020-06-10 08:59:41","false",""
"Ugz2MQyz8Xikm1hGk_d4AaABAg.99gtzC9e00j99iY0v7pBkM","joe caterman","@Lesser Spotted Mugwump. that statue they chucked into the river in Bristol....  the guy was born in 1630's!!!       We're not even talking 1800's here.  We're talking ancient history.... London plague, when people were burning witches.... etc.  If the guy was 30 years older he'd have been born in the 1500's!!!   Its history.... I could understand if people followed him today and his views... but we don't.. its just history of the nation.   I think we need to take a stand against this bunch... if our government won't, then we need to vote for someone patriotic enough who will.... who isn't scared to tel these people that whilst we don't support these people... they're part of history and character of the nation's past... and will not be removed. We need someone with the balls to send in the police to tackle them.","2","","2020-06-10 10:03:32","false",""
"Ugz2MQyz8Xikm1hGk_d4AaABAg.99gtzC9e00j99jZF7hANY0","『ι ∂ση'т яєα∂ яєρℓιєѕ』","They want likes for their social media of course. Most of them ought to try getting laid.","0","","2020-06-10 19:33:28","false",""
"UgwwAcwzBjirz7jX3Xx4AaABAg","Andy N","Capitalism is slavery. Take a look at the CCP.. Communists!? 😂 Who they're kidding?.. The UK's growth over the last 10 years have rocketed through the CCP manufacturing British brand names off the backs of slaves, for the UK to capitalise from.","5","0","2020-06-09 18:46:15","true",""
"UgyJiqt4dVpsyTytXLJ4AaABAg","Mike THE mask","This whole thing is just a lefty anarchist agenda.... funded by George Soros. These statutes are of British history these statues didn't commit any crimes, ok maybe when the actual people was alive they may have but over 150 years ago. All the statues should stay as a reminder of what we was about and how far we have come and to educate people... you can't just delete history. I didn't kill anyone or have a slave or get rich off of it so why should white people now be persecuted for something we haven't done it wasn't anyone of the current generation people need to get real. I will not be bending my knee","38","7","2020-06-09 18:46:27","true",""
"UgyJiqt4dVpsyTytXLJ4AaABAg.99gu3yMhTcB99guxoyJyGH","God is love Love is God","The statues are rubbing salt into wounds and it hurt","1","","2020-06-09 18:54:13","false",""
"UgyJiqt4dVpsyTytXLJ4AaABAg.99gu3yMhTcB99gw2JWRnYQ","Mike THE mask","@God is love Love is God not at all they don't black people are choosing to have the opinion everyone has a choice to focus on better and positive things. I could go round all day feeling injustice if I choose to come on.......","5","","2020-06-09 19:03:42","false",""
"UgyJiqt4dVpsyTytXLJ4AaABAg.99gu3yMhTcB99h0BCwRp4t","Pegasus44","​@God is love Love is God  I was always taught ""sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me"". These delicate little flowers need to grow a thicker skin; it's a tough and unfair World out there/","3","","2020-06-09 19:48:37","false",""
"UgyJiqt4dVpsyTytXLJ4AaABAg.99gu3yMhTcB99h20GWNZDN","Eileen Klein","Good excuse to make trouble","2","","2020-06-09 20:04:36","false",""
"UgyJiqt4dVpsyTytXLJ4AaABAg.99gu3yMhTcB99h8HZ5xauE","Prins van Oranje","@God is love Love is God They are reminding people of Britain history. If black people are offended, there's a simple solution, stay out of Britain.","5","","2020-06-09 20:59:23","false",""
"UgyJiqt4dVpsyTytXLJ4AaABAg.99gu3yMhTcB99h9UGcrWfk","Mark Laverack","@God is love Love is God get over yourself or maybe just grow up lol","2","","2020-06-09 21:09:51","false",""
"UgyJiqt4dVpsyTytXLJ4AaABAg.99gu3yMhTcB99hPwos8uqs","Alexander thegreat","@God is love Love is God Just go back to your ancestral home then.  Build your ownb universities and create your own education system.  You're doing nothing for your cause.  White europeans are hating you.  Right wing politics will rise in this continent now.  You are a jealous race.   You live off everything we created.  Electricity, cars, computres, tvs, film, geat educational systems, all created by the white man and that's why you won't leave, yet you wish to tear down our culture.  Race jealousy is real.  Multiculturalism doesn't work and white ppl are waking up to that now, thanks to this aggressive dominance by blacks.  As one of your own people said, it's not your  colour that's the problem, it's your culture.  Baby mommas and gang culture do nothing for the world.  Instead of blaming the system, look closer to home for the solution to your problems.","2","","2020-06-09 23:33:42","false",""
"UgyNF9rfB8zVs0sMOLd4AaABAg","Rod Jose Nico","it is so silly people protest to remove a statue. The injustice in our society over the limit. The aim of this protesting is hidden to the protesters. Bill Gate is coming, Therefore, your image will be used to make Bill Gate pay more. because he has a hand on this virus. 2 studies till now demonstrate this virus is manufactured.
Therefore, what is the aim of this demonstration? we need a change in the law. change of how leaders elected. a system that monitored by people. no cover me to cover you. statue has no value, wakeup.","2","2","2020-06-09 18:46:43","true",""
"UgyNF9rfB8zVs0sMOLd4AaABAg.99gu5ph9YzE99guw1VXwzi","Ed Wood","I have some spare tinfoil if you run out...","0","","2020-06-09 18:53:58","false",""
"UgyNF9rfB8zVs0sMOLd4AaABAg.99gu5ph9YzE99gwQiKcbcC","Rod Jose Nico","@Ed Wood I will buy from you","0","","2020-06-09 19:07:02","false",""
"UgwmEWc_XqRWQteKBQx4AaABAg","Ed Wood","The senseless rule of the social media driven, selfish mob..
What's next? Maybe burn all books with references to Britain's colonial history?!! We all know where that sort of thing has led!! 
Don't even get me started on lockdown and social distancing!! A slap in the face to the 40,000+ that have died so far and those abiding by the lockdown rules eh?!!","45","2","2020-06-09 18:46:50","true",""
"UgwmEWc_XqRWQteKBQx4AaABAg.99gu6m0QfKM99gx43noXpz","Jim Bob","Its just what Orwell predicted","6","","2020-06-09 19:12:41","false",""
"UgwmEWc_XqRWQteKBQx4AaABAg.99gu6m0QfKM99kPvmGpY99","Ed Wood","@Jim Bob It really isn't, 'Jim Bob' 😉","0","","2020-06-11 03:31:17","false",""
"UgwnVUue5-te8SecZXV4AaABAg","Otter Karman","Whatever next!!! storming Buckingham palace!!! Historical buildings should be left alone!!! it's just stupid how would removing a statue improve people's life, it wont. Change come from attitudes and treating each other with respect and dignity. History is the past and can't be changed.","79","11","2020-06-09 18:47:45","true",""
"UgwnVUue5-te8SecZXV4AaABAg.99guDQ2hEE299hGFfQvn-R","Day Lily","Communists and all tyrannys whether they be Muslim, Catholic, or whatever else is running both politics and religion out of the same office during conquest, love to tear down the traditions and history of the territory under seige....and put up their own.  ie, Dome of the Rock on Temple Mount, Catholic churches over every ""sacred"" sight in Jerusalem, etc. It's all just part of the show, kids.","4","","2020-06-09 22:09:02","false",""
"UgwnVUue5-te8SecZXV4AaABAg.99guDQ2hEE299hH76ML6t_","Matt Reynolds","Agree with you wholeheartedly","4","","2020-06-09 22:16:36","false",""
"UgwnVUue5-te8SecZXV4AaABAg.99guDQ2hEE299hV9M3hXDY","Fred Wankspanner","... I am sure there is a statue of Arthur Scargill and Robert Mugabe somewhere. Let’s pull those down!","4","","2020-06-10 00:19:14","false",""
"UgwnVUue5-te8SecZXV4AaABAg.99guDQ2hEE299iUr6XYC9R","Fulippu Annaghiti","I still can't understand what is wrong with these kids nowadays. They live in Europe, where fortunately police is very diplomatic, they're not oppressed, they're entitled to speak freely and so on and on. They're acting like there's some kind of dictator holding them chained in some cages. Astonishing how they can easily feel oppressed from nothing.","5","","2020-06-10 09:35:51","false",""
"UgwnVUue5-te8SecZXV4AaABAg.99guDQ2hEE299ijJ7UXDif","Chelsea For life","We shouldn't glorify such negative people by making statues of them. What you should do is put them in a museum as a reminder of our past wrongdoings","2","","2020-06-10 11:50:53","false",""
"UgwnVUue5-te8SecZXV4AaABAg.99guDQ2hEE299jZxMydEaM","『ι ∂ση'т яєα∂ яєρℓιєѕ』","Protect the statues of Ronald McDonald at all costs! These people are insane.","6","","2020-06-10 19:39:38","false",""
"UgwnVUue5-te8SecZXV4AaABAg.99guDQ2hEE299jsCMAmEl8","Arron","How is pulling down a statue going to change anything?. Focus on the internal problems within the black community- e.g. High murder rates, drug use, stabbings, lack of family cohesion and role models. Black people need to find constructive ways to move forward starting with their own community and youth instead of looting, tearing up their own communities and expecting people to feel sorry for them.","3","","2020-06-10 22:27:51","false",""
"UgwnVUue5-te8SecZXV4AaABAg.99guDQ2hEE299kqo1VlHfl","Juju Rellama","next is, white Australians will protest against the British concentration camps in Australia in around 1800. But it wont change the past.","0","","2020-06-11 07:34:53","false",""
"UgwnVUue5-te8SecZXV4AaABAg.99guDQ2hEE299l62pUu9Ov","Cadance Menzie","Why worship evil statues","0","","2020-06-11 09:56:51","false",""
"UgwnVUue5-te8SecZXV4AaABAg.99guDQ2hEE299pm_Edtz2J","Idriss Afia","@Fulippu AnnaghitiEuropean history is genocide of black minority people","0","","2020-06-13 05:34:07","false",""
"UgwnVUue5-te8SecZXV4AaABAg.99guDQ2hEE299slKpNaUPu","Fulippu Annaghiti","@Idriss Afia "" European"" who Finnish, Swedish, Hungarian, Swiss and polish people ever colonized you ignorant dumbass?","0","","2020-06-14 09:21:00","false",""
"Ugw-RnDPqcCmLsUO3QB4AaABAg","Dawn Uk","What next Buckingham palace?? Idiots","4","0","2020-06-09 18:47:45","true",""
"UgyxAPcpnNDzBsMkp3h4AaABAg","Jana Oh","Will the police please stop these mindless idiots trying to destroy British history? They are not worthy to even tie the bootlaces of their ancestors.","19","0","2020-06-09 18:48:31","true",""
"UgxlpEFSHjCeqcqmUep4AaABAg","Paul Hotson","There plan went wrong they wanted to divide us .","4","0","2020-06-09 18:48:41","true",""
"UgxXo56qJoHeQZzn3fN4AaABAg","God is love Love is God","Where is Piers Morgan 
Can he say the word black lives matters","0","1","2020-06-09 18:48:54","true",""
"UgxXo56qJoHeQZzn3fN4AaABAg.99guLpKtgjt99gvC_TBrrf","Sheep","That's a sentence. And you didn't say ""words"" to either since it's more than one word.","3","","2020-06-09 18:56:22","false",""
"UgypzECVFKBgjXtnENp4AaABAg","Reflective Minds","Are they hoping he will jump off?!","2","2","2020-06-09 18:49:23","true",""
"UgypzECVFKBgjXtnENp4AaABAg.99guPQHZtdU99gxwD3aC9L","Whatsittoya","They will have a long wait 😂","0","","2020-06-09 19:20:13","false",""
"UgypzECVFKBgjXtnENp4AaABAg.99guPQHZtdU99h0SXBzYVD","ADE","Lol","0","","2020-06-09 19:50:58","false",""
"UgxCDQ9qgyo820zd9op4AaABAg","james barnes","keep the statues there history!!","42","3","2020-06-09 18:51:25","true",""
"UgxCDQ9qgyo820zd9op4AaABAg.99gudLtsVTt99gzIAPfyHK","Saddam Hussain","Did you give Paul Golding a blowy","4","","2020-06-09 19:32:05","false",""
"UgxCDQ9qgyo820zd9op4AaABAg.99gudLtsVTt99hL-a8QgVP","catchfish205","Yeah Your heros ? LOL ... Been to Germany lately.. No Adolf statue there any more.. LOL","0","","2020-06-09 22:50:31","false",""
"UgxCDQ9qgyo820zd9op4AaABAg.99gudLtsVTt99hMGtICaVT","G G","catchfish205 can you write in English!","1","","2020-06-09 23:01:37","false",""
"Ugw0U1hj7sYu0tzkKBJ4AaABAg","Ted Logan","take down mandela statue he murdered innocent whites","55","4","2020-06-09 18:54:52","true",""
"Ugw0U1hj7sYu0tzkKBJ4AaABAg.99gv1aGnRMX99gvgy2ampf","Sun Seeker","So true rip that pile of junk down","16","","2020-06-09 19:00:39","false",""
"Ugw0U1hj7sYu0tzkKBJ4AaABAg.99gv1aGnRMX99h4FCs3JwS","DAZ MYSTER","Sun Seeker where is it","1","","2020-06-09 20:24:07","false",""
"Ugw0U1hj7sYu0tzkKBJ4AaABAg.99gv1aGnRMX99hBy3Mtmya","Sun Seeker","@DAZ MYSTER london - parliament square","2","","2020-06-09 21:31:32","false",""
"Ugw0U1hj7sYu0tzkKBJ4AaABAg.99gv1aGnRMX99h_LwVBML-","anonymous","This is satire right?","0","","2020-06-10 01:04:39","false",""
"Ugw9CmuTiHxmA7LXb2Z4AaABAg","andy jonnson","Next the left extremists will be BURNING BOOKS .......time to stand up to these brainwashed HATE filled terrorists","2","0","2020-06-09 18:56:35","true",""
"UgyazTZbjvgazxN0Jbx4AaABAg","Name Last","The Colosseum in Rome, should it stay or go?","28","5","2020-06-09 18:59:06","true",""
"UgyazTZbjvgazxN0Jbx4AaABAg.99gvWWCmErw99h-8-oSM1X","Legendary Hamster","Dude, there are so many things in the world which have connections to slavery... The Colosseum is a good one as not only was it partly built by them but a good few were killed in there for entertainment.","2","","2020-06-09 19:39:26","false",""
"UgyazTZbjvgazxN0Jbx4AaABAg.99gvWWCmErw99h6wjhKSwD","Olga roche","Human history all connected to slavery, so should stay or go? Humans wants to eliminate humans history? Eliminate education?","0","","2020-06-09 20:47:40","false",""
"UgyazTZbjvgazxN0Jbx4AaABAg.99gvWWCmErw99h8ShnQ-eU","Prins van Oranje","@Legendary Hamster Pyramids of Giza too.","2","","2020-06-09 21:00:54","false",""
"UgyazTZbjvgazxN0Jbx4AaABAg.99gvWWCmErw99hCVoQWkoq","John Horn","I think that we are all saddened by the death of a man at the hands of a rouge policeman (assuming that he is guilty as seems to be the case) but that does not excuse vandalism or not keeping social distancing. These people risk spreading a horrible disease and need ejecting from our society, how I know not.","0","","2020-06-09 21:36:17","false",""
"UgyazTZbjvgazxN0Jbx4AaABAg.99gvWWCmErw99r1qyTVzQf","Paul Myselfoff","Let’s leave half of it there 😬","0","","2020-06-13 17:15:35","false",""
"UgwoTdkVUSkUHMn4TH54AaABAg","Irishtradchannel","It's a bit like prohibition, the moralalizing  upper middle class on a rampage.","31","2","2020-06-09 19:00:56","true",""
"UgwoTdkVUSkUHMn4TH54AaABAg.99gvj0eJxdS99hH1ZhJOWY","Matt Reynolds","I doubt it. Most of these rioters are poor working class kids from a migrant background","0","","2020-06-09 22:15:50","false",""
"UgwoTdkVUSkUHMn4TH54AaABAg.99gvj0eJxdS99hQynIl1LM","Lesser Spotted Mugwump.","Matt Reynolds No chance, maybe in this video.

They are mainly rich kids. At least the Oxford students will get a nice new statue to look at.","3","","2020-06-09 23:42:42","false",""
"UgydXL3rDe_5_zYO7Wl4AaABAg","Big G","I hate the lefties but Rhodes wasnt a saint..caused the Boer wars with his greed for the gold ...","2","1","2020-06-09 19:03:16","true",""
"UgydXL3rDe_5_zYO7Wl4AaABAg.99gw-49Q9_j99gy_34Rd4n","Grave Peril","seen how many people turned up to show respect at his funeral, No one is a saint","0","","2020-06-09 19:25:47","false",""
"UgwtPHjz_JolNIoa8_p4AaABAg","Jojo x","Time for some of these people to leave our country","66","18","2020-06-09 19:04:35","true",""
"UgwtPHjz_JolNIoa8_p4AaABAg.99gw8iriyUi99gxddbL87S","John Horn","Yes, they come here because of conditions where they were born and are now trying to tell us who were born here what we can think. We should repatriate them by force if necessary.","21","","2020-06-09 19:17:41","false",""
"UgwtPHjz_JolNIoa8_p4AaABAg.99gw8iriyUi99h-KmH5sWR","Do You Know Boxing?","Yes how do you know the majority of them weren't born there. Do you work in immigration?","0","","2020-06-09 19:41:11","false",""
"UgwtPHjz_JolNIoa8_p4AaABAg.99gw8iriyUi99h1Bd044an","Roland Roland","@UC5Ama1ZWdtieEmhckP3Pd1w what you react to in another you strengthen in yourself. - Eckhart Tolle","0","","2020-06-09 19:57:24","false",""
"UgwtPHjz_JolNIoa8_p4AaABAg.99gw8iriyUi99h1b1iPqx7","Candy B","@John Horn you wont be saying that when you're in hospital and a black doctor/nurse is treating you. Goodbye","2","","2020-06-09 20:01:01","false",""
"UgwtPHjz_JolNIoa8_p4AaABAg.99gw8iriyUi99h1enzUk06","Jojo x","@Do You Know Boxing? what I do know is they are traitors so need to be removed.... permanently","4","","2020-06-09 20:01:32","false",""
"UgwtPHjz_JolNIoa8_p4AaABAg.99gw8iriyUi99h1uefwSIM","Mini schnauzer Lola","Half of them are white what will we do with those people","0","","2020-06-09 20:03:41","false",""
"UgwtPHjz_JolNIoa8_p4AaABAg.99gw8iriyUi99h28Ba-PVN","Do You Know Boxing?","@Jojo x Yes, pack you're bags and go to Russia because unfortunately for you this country will never do what you want. You got a Turk as priminster, democracy people are entitled to protest. Tearing down statues isn't treason","0","","2020-06-09 20:05:40","false",""
"UgwtPHjz_JolNIoa8_p4AaABAg.99gw8iriyUi99h5kECPmiB","Fresno Bob","@Mini schnauzer Lola Put them in jail for Treason.","0","","2020-06-09 20:37:13","false",""
"UgwtPHjz_JolNIoa8_p4AaABAg.99gw8iriyUi99h5uGQUQfZ","Fresno Bob","@Candy B Oooh. So this lot are Dr's.... OK.","1","","2020-06-09 20:38:35","false",""
"UgwtPHjz_JolNIoa8_p4AaABAg.99gw8iriyUi99h7J_i0Xx0","Kelly kelly","So where willl you go viking hahaa","0","","2020-06-09 20:50:55","false",""
"UgwtPHjz_JolNIoa8_p4AaABAg.99gw8iriyUi99hCqPi1qal","Candy B","@Fresno Bob ""these people"" meaning black people. You and I both know that so let's not try and be a smart alec","1","","2020-06-09 21:39:14","false",""
"UgwtPHjz_JolNIoa8_p4AaABAg.99gw8iriyUi99hCu2Efku3","Jojo x","@Do You Know Boxing? but trying to bring down a government and install communism most certainly is","1","","2020-06-09 21:39:44","false",""
"UgwtPHjz_JolNIoa8_p4AaABAg.99gw8iriyUi99hDfKXTLLk","Fresno Bob","@Candy B Do you not see the Middle class white people stirring up the Blacks. Thats Antifa... and they can leave as well. Anyone that hates the country they reside should leave.","1","","2020-06-09 21:46:27","false",""
"UgwtPHjz_JolNIoa8_p4AaABAg.99gw8iriyUi99hH7JHPx_J","Candy B","@Fresno Bob this is not about hating the country. It's bigger than that... there are worst places to live than in the UK. I am not for violence or innocents getting hurt. I'm all for having conversations regarding race and change. It's as simple as that. Things need to change whether you agree on that or not it's a fact. Until you have walked in my shoes as a woman of colour you will not understand...but it doesn't hurt to try to do so. I have plenty of white friends who are now having conversations regarding their privilege. If you have nothing worthwhile to say then its pointless speaking. I'm not here to argue.","1","","2020-06-09 22:16:38","false",""
"UgwtPHjz_JolNIoa8_p4AaABAg.99gw8iriyUi99iEpCAp4si","Mini schnauzer Lola","Candy B tell me what white privileged there is then in England  because I’m mixed and I’ve never seen it EVER","2","","2020-06-10 07:15:47","false",""
"UgwtPHjz_JolNIoa8_p4AaABAg.99gw8iriyUi99iIp9tsDcz","Fresno Bob","@Candy B White Privilige? Some of the poorest places in this country are majority White...and no one cares. My Grandad fought in the war where Millions of white people lost thier lives. Most my older family members grafted in the mines and then got threw into poverty when they got closed. Have you seen the state of some White working class Towns? Riddled with Crack and unemployment. This is not about colour... its about class. Its about the elite trying to divide us... and its working. Just look at this comment section.","2","","2020-06-10 07:50:44","false",""
"UgwtPHjz_JolNIoa8_p4AaABAg.99gw8iriyUi99iW4I2Nqk8","Fresno Bob","@Mini schnauzer Lola She obviously resides in London where the Majority of Whites ARE priviliged and the Blacks have just replaced the White working class. Meanwhile up North White working class towns are a disgrace and no one cares.","2","","2020-06-10 09:46:31","false",""
"UgwtPHjz_JolNIoa8_p4AaABAg.99gw8iriyUi99smW6Nn5ps","Seeking balance within Kiete JoJo The first","You can’t see it’s majorly white people? Most blacks are indifferent towards this movement.The media is actually getting to you huh?","0","","2020-06-14 09:31:17","false",""
"UgyRN--Kln8KlNsVeQd4AaABAg","Mike THE mask","It's all brainwashed lefty dopey student types who have been completely brainwashed into some anti white movement","3","0","2020-06-09 19:07:46","true",""
"Ugz3535YjDKPGrFFRqB4AaABAg","Tom Fitzgerald","What good will this do?? 
You’ve taken Edward Colston’s statue down. Which only made him more popular, might I add. More people now know about him, so his legacy now moves on - to the point of a global outreach; hell, he’s probably more popular know than he ever was!!! So he’s probably feeling quite smug about that. 
I’m done supporting this cause! I believe in black rights, and at the start I thought you were doing a great cause. Now you’re just causing problems. If anything this isn’t going to get the respect you deserve; you’ll probably find yourself alienating your community if you continue to desecrate our war memorials, statues, and buildings —this will make Britain or the world prejudice against you!","32","0","2020-06-09 19:10:00","true",""
"UgzqMT1LhMTXNg8DAWh4AaABAg","Whatsittoya","Well guys and girls when a second wave hits you know who to blame.","150","31","2020-06-09 19:10:11","true",""
"UgzqMT1LhMTXNg8DAWh4AaABAg.99gwmi3N4YJ99h6XvSVU9O","Echos Bunnywoman","The second wave is the least of your worries.  Get a grip !!  😡","3","","2020-06-09 20:44:08","false",""
"UgzqMT1LhMTXNg8DAWh4AaABAg.99gwmi3N4YJ99h7a-NbcZd","Whatsittoya","@Echos Bunnywoman 
😷✌","11","","2020-06-09 20:53:18","false",""
"UgzqMT1LhMTXNg8DAWh4AaABAg.99gwmi3N4YJ99h7nEIhk_F","Prins van Oranje","They'll blame Boris Johnson.","8","","2020-06-09 20:55:06","false",""
"UgzqMT1LhMTXNg8DAWh4AaABAg.99gwmi3N4YJ99h9DDqOYqW","Matt Reynolds","Yes, the BLM rioters!","4","","2020-06-09 21:07:32","false",""
"UgzqMT1LhMTXNg8DAWh4AaABAg.99gwmi3N4YJ99hAX8GUHYr","WillertTV","The Trading Effect mum insults just show your pathetic immature mind
I’m black myself and I think these protests are stupid in the uk
I agree with the US protestors but the uk ones are stupid.","19","","2020-06-09 21:18:59","false",""
"UgzqMT1LhMTXNg8DAWh4AaABAg.99gwmi3N4YJ99hAia08ZUB","TradeBy Nature","@WillertTV I didn't ask for your uncle Tom opinion.. clear your an oreo","1","","2020-06-09 21:20:41","false",""
"UgzqMT1LhMTXNg8DAWh4AaABAg.99gwmi3N4YJ99hC53kt6-_","A Google User","@WillertTV there is also racial bias in the UK this is not only black people specific. Even if you  are a different colored migrant try getting to a job in a non diverse workplace specially offices. And see your chances of getting hired. They are minimal.","4","","2020-06-09 21:32:38","false",""
"UgzqMT1LhMTXNg8DAWh4AaABAg.99gwmi3N4YJ99hFpyF7UkZ","C F","Well hopefully it hits them...","2","","2020-06-09 22:05:23","false",""
"UgzqMT1LhMTXNg8DAWh4AaABAg.99gwmi3N4YJ99hJO_aFF4x","MaTTcosTaLL TV","Sayonara Snowflakes 😂😂😂","1","","2020-06-09 22:36:28","false",""
"UgzqMT1LhMTXNg8DAWh4AaABAg.99gwmi3N4YJ99hQL_0u1eT","Lesser Spotted Mugwump.","A Google User Yes, natives get chosen first. 

It’s the same in every country.","2","","2020-06-09 23:37:13","false",""
"UgzqMT1LhMTXNg8DAWh4AaABAg.99gwmi3N4YJ99iDq-XbDId","Lord Roland Crichton Stuart, Earl of Camster. KtGC","@WillertTV My Only worry is that if Black and brown people are more susceptible to dying from the CCP Virus, then crowding that close in London and elsewhere is putting them at very deadly risk. I also agree that The American debacle shouldn't be protested over here, The Policeman who did it will not get away with it but let's put this in perspective, this man that died had a very long rap sheet, armed robbery on numerous occasions, attempted murder, and threatening a pregnant woman by putting the barrel of his gun against her belly! So he was no angel as they are trying to portray in the US Media, his mother called him 'a gentle giant!!!' but nonetheless, he was unlawfully killed, we don;t have that problem here, we have proud tradition against slavery that many forget, we were the first country in the world to abolish slavery, thanks to Wilberforce, we even arrested American ships on the high seas in the 18th century, released the slaves and pressganged the American sailors into the Royal Navy. These riots are noting to go with our people these are ANTIFA, and Rent-a-crowds and anarchists paid fir by the like of Soros and his cohorts, but you my friend will be paying the price, we have to make a stand and prevent people like Sadiq khan using this outrage to remove all the 'white statues and change Street names in London.","3","","2020-06-10 07:07:09","false",""
"UgzqMT1LhMTXNg8DAWh4AaABAg.99gwmi3N4YJ99iKmst-iEC","Jaques Ravalec","@Echos Bunnywoman Incorrect.","1","","2020-06-10 08:07:54","false",""
"UgzqMT1LhMTXNg8DAWh4AaABAg.99gwmi3N4YJ99iRwFWLsbT","Maria Ansdell","And people visiting beaches, or celebrating VE Day in street parties are any better? I was at this protest and everyone wore masks. The police however, did not.","0","","2020-06-10 09:10:20","false",""
"UgzqMT1LhMTXNg8DAWh4AaABAg.99gwmi3N4YJ99iT_bCc5eo","Jaques Ravalec","@Maria Ansdell Of course they are. Many seen on TV were socially distanced. Why would you expect the police to wear masks?","0","","2020-06-10 09:24:43","false",""
"UgzqMT1LhMTXNg8DAWh4AaABAg.99gwmi3N4YJ99iWOb_LP-4","joe caterman","@Echos Bunnywoman wont be saying that when we all have to lockdown again.... and if that r goes up.... we'll all be lockdown again I guarantee you that.   Hopefully this lot are from the same areas so the gov can do a local lockdown.","0","","2020-06-10 09:49:18","false",""
"UgzqMT1LhMTXNg8DAWh4AaABAg.99gwmi3N4YJ99iX-vxsUph","joe caterman","@Jaques Ravalec they would have to be N95 masks really.  Surgical and normal face covers are better than nothing though.... but won't stop the virus.","0","","2020-06-10 09:54:40","false",""
"UgzqMT1LhMTXNg8DAWh4AaABAg.99gwmi3N4YJ99iXPRtIP9M","Jaques Ravalec","@joe caterman I agree. The questioner was being facetious in my opinion. He knows full well from the news about mask shortages.","0","","2020-06-10 09:58:09","false",""
"UgzqMT1LhMTXNg8DAWh4AaABAg.99gwmi3N4YJ99iyRZjnsX1","MC Tesco Tenacious","They'll say the second wave was worth it so their lust to remove old statues can be satisfied","1","","2020-06-10 14:03:07","false",""
"UgzqMT1LhMTXNg8DAWh4AaABAg.99gwmi3N4YJ99iys2y2rTq","Lord Roland Crichton Stuart, Earl of Camster. KtGC","@Maria Ansdell I think the point that is trying to be made is that black and Asian people are more susceptible to getting and dying from the CCP Virus than Caucasian people so being that close to one another jostling in so crowded a maul, you are letting yourselves be put in mortal danger, and if the COVID rates among these minorities do rise,  I am sure you all will blame the Government and not your selves, and shame on you, by the by, for attending such disgraceful displays of anti-British behaviour.","0","","2020-06-10 14:06:52","false",""
"UgzqMT1LhMTXNg8DAWh4AaABAg.99gwmi3N4YJ99izDrI-mwD","Unknown2234 Unknown","The Trading Effect stfu","0","","2020-06-10 14:09:59","false",""
"UgzqMT1LhMTXNg8DAWh4AaABAg.99gwmi3N4YJ99jZSA_QbLv","『ι ∂ση'т яєα∂ яєρℓιєѕ』","Blame these sheep following zombies. Probably not an ounce of historical knowledge between them.","1","","2020-06-10 19:35:14","false",""
"UgzqMT1LhMTXNg8DAWh4AaABAg.99gwmi3N4YJ99jrXGw7nML","4bigmonk","WLM","0","","2020-06-10 22:21:58","false",""
"UgzqMT1LhMTXNg8DAWh4AaABAg.99gwmi3N4YJ99k5U1rnJqT","Hannah Smirnoff","Covid is a hoax!","0","","2020-06-11 00:32:36","false",""
"UgzqMT1LhMTXNg8DAWh4AaABAg.99gwmi3N4YJ99khefez85s","Paul Hotson","The second wave is already planned from the October 11th and will end July 5th 2021.","0","","2020-06-11 06:14:58","false",""
"UgzqMT1LhMTXNg8DAWh4AaABAg.99gwmi3N4YJ99lvhHso9HM","Enzo Gaming","Citrus Thank you for defending British history","0","","2020-06-11 17:36:54","false",""
"UgzqMT1LhMTXNg8DAWh4AaABAg.99gwmi3N4YJ99lzG2B5Qn0","Unknown2234 Unknown","The Trading Effect dad left you ahahah","0","","2020-06-11 18:08:00","false",""
"UgzqMT1LhMTXNg8DAWh4AaABAg.99gwmi3N4YJ99lzIcBxL23","Unknown2234 Unknown","The Trading Effect your comment makes no sense","0","","2020-06-11 18:08:21","false",""
"UgzqMT1LhMTXNg8DAWh4AaABAg.99gwmi3N4YJ99snF3jso5v","Seeking balance within Kiete JoJo The first","Citrus you’re also ignoring the facts that many protestors aren’t even black and our communities are still receiving maximum blame...Segregation might end up being essential down the line cause there’s no winning(even when you’re indifferent or opposed to such).","1","","2020-06-14 09:37:41","false",""
"UgzqMT1LhMTXNg8DAWh4AaABAg.99gwmi3N4YJ9AQ5isCzTaj","Kuggie Bear","Echos Bunnywoman - You’re right, people should be more afraid of BLM 😁","1","","2020-06-27 17:22:06","false",""
"UgzqMT1LhMTXNg8DAWh4AaABAg.99gwmi3N4YJ9AQ64Ox4M7T","Kuggie Bear","Hannah Smirnoff - 800.000 excessive deaths worldwide.  

BLM are a complete joke!","0","","2020-06-27 17:25:10","false",""
"UgzqMT1LhMTXNg8DAWh4AaABAg.99gwmi3N4YJ9AQARYRlQn-","Grandmaster Dragonborn","Echos Bunnywoman Oh you wish, a second, more deadly wave of a virus that has already killed over 400K people worldwide and can easily affect anyone, and has resulted in a severe economic standstill, is the LEAST of my worries. 😂","0","","2020-06-27 18:03:17","false",""
"Ugy25g-DrxNxca5N9id4AaABAg","Spencer Kimpton","now you have no funding its goodbye , adios amigos.","2","0","2020-06-09 19:10:48","true",""
"UgyaYq5Jmf7xDudFj454AaABAg","Merima Podlavicki","Who is behind BLM is ANTIFA, why destroy history","64","23","2020-06-09 19:11:10","true",""
"UgyaYq5Jmf7xDudFj454AaABAg.99gwtu4jJEw99gy8dSz1LH","Whatsittoya","George Soros","22","","2020-06-09 19:22:03","false",""
"UgyaYq5Jmf7xDudFj454AaABAg.99gwtu4jJEw99h1EvMu_ye","Mini schnauzer Lola","Your mum","3","","2020-06-09 19:57:51","false",""
"UgyaYq5Jmf7xDudFj454AaABAg.99gwtu4jJEw99h3OO6_YgT","stoufer2000","Don't think they will destroy any statues. Just put them in a museum where they belong..","3","","2020-06-09 20:16:37","false",""
"UgyaYq5Jmf7xDudFj454AaABAg.99gwtu4jJEw99h49YtbKtA","DAZ MYSTER","We will start destroying their statues soon so it’s all good, Mandela to go","11","","2020-06-09 20:23:20","false",""
"UgyaYq5Jmf7xDudFj454AaABAg.99gwtu4jJEw99h4CW7jlb2","Whatsittoya","@stoufer2000 🍼","3","","2020-06-09 20:23:44","false",""
"UgyaYq5Jmf7xDudFj454AaABAg.99gwtu4jJEw99h4vxgMINl","Syrn Artist","Destroying statues glorying torture and horror 
Destroying history is like what the white washers did to the Sphinx and other important artefacts that tell us where we came from","1","","2020-06-09 20:30:05","false",""
"UgyaYq5Jmf7xDudFj454AaABAg.99gwtu4jJEw99h55w2h4gj","Judge Dredd","stoufer2000 brainwashed moron","4","","2020-06-09 20:31:35","false",""
"UgyaYq5Jmf7xDudFj454AaABAg.99gwtu4jJEw99h57FI_4lF","stoufer2000","@Whatsittoya I'm not going near any teat of yours.","0","","2020-06-09 20:31:46","false",""
"UgyaYq5Jmf7xDudFj454AaABAg.99gwtu4jJEw99h6FmRPTKk","stoufer2000","@Judge Dredd let's have some new statues, all the brexit stars like Davis, Johnson, may, moggie, Cameron, farage, Arron banks, Cummings, Putin, netenyahu.... Be funny to see how long those ones last in a couple of years...","2","","2020-06-09 20:41:40","false",""
"UgyaYq5Jmf7xDudFj454AaABAg.99gwtu4jJEw99h8NbBGGTZ","stoufer2000","@m m lol, that's ridiculous. Plenty of other people much more manipulative than GS, he seems like a saint compared to others..","1","","2020-06-09 21:00:12","false",""
"UgyaYq5Jmf7xDudFj454AaABAg.99gwtu4jJEw99h8rX0nBQ7","stoufer2000","@Unluky Bean no, all 'credit' should go to those who have pushed for this 'bright' new age...","0","","2020-06-09 21:04:26","false",""
"UgyaYq5Jmf7xDudFj454AaABAg.99gwtu4jJEw99hAbcEzEwO","squelch079","Uncle George Schwartz and his hord of brainwashed enlightened hope of humanity along with the liberals","1","","2020-06-09 21:19:44","false",""
"UgyaYq5Jmf7xDudFj454AaABAg.99gwtu4jJEw99hAu88JOGW","squelch079","@m m And sentenced by who?? The EU parliament that he dictates or the Democrats in the US who he buys by the kilo?","0","","2020-06-09 21:22:16","false",""
"UgyaYq5Jmf7xDudFj454AaABAg.99gwtu4jJEw99hE3OMR4I3","Fresno Bob","Because Antifa are the real fascists.","1","","2020-06-09 21:49:53","false",""
"UgyaYq5Jmf7xDudFj454AaABAg.99gwtu4jJEw99hGhwz_j2n","George Soros has entered the chat","@Whatsittoya It's the Russians, no, the Chinese. It's definitely nothing to do with me...................","1","","2020-06-09 22:13:02","false",""
"UgyaYq5Jmf7xDudFj454AaABAg.99gwtu4jJEw99hGmUkIi3n","George Soros has entered the chat","@m m Don't like your attitude, Son............","0","","2020-06-09 22:13:39","false",""
"UgyaYq5Jmf7xDudFj454AaABAg.99gwtu4jJEw99hGr4PYyj2","George Soros has entered the chat","@stoufer2000 Are you on my payroll ?????","0","","2020-06-09 22:14:16","false",""
"UgyaYq5Jmf7xDudFj454AaABAg.99gwtu4jJEw99iCHmyo_as","Maria Lee","And I'm drake the rapper/singer how are you going George my uncle Nixon says hello oh yeah my aunty Celine Dion 2","0","","2020-06-10 06:53:36","false",""
"UgyaYq5Jmf7xDudFj454AaABAg.99gwtu4jJEw99iiZiuCm3D","Cadance Menzie","Antifa isn't bad Trump blame Antifa as it not under insurance?","0","","2020-06-10 11:44:25","false",""
"UgyaYq5Jmf7xDudFj454AaABAg.99gwtu4jJEw99javDkIMXJ","『ι ∂ση'т яєα∂ яєρℓιєѕ』","These ""protesters"" are slightly better than Hitler. Maybe.","0","","2020-06-10 19:56:49","false",""
"UgyaYq5Jmf7xDudFj454AaABAg.99gwtu4jJEw99kqG64WCOH","Juju Rellama","Merkel Soros, Gates. the scourge of the 20th and 21st century","0","","2020-06-11 07:30:07","false",""
"UgyaYq5Jmf7xDudFj454AaABAg.99gwtu4jJEw99lRoXxOu1N","Cadance Menzie","@George Soros has entered the chat really so you going to war with them?","0","","2020-06-11 13:07:00","false",""
"UgyaYq5Jmf7xDudFj454AaABAg.99gwtu4jJEw99lb3_as714","George Soros has entered the chat","@Cadance Menzie You really think i care about sides??? I'm funding them both, so no matter who wins, I win.....","0","","2020-06-11 14:36:35","false",""
"UgwNOYtlDN8nd4Fp-Y14AaABAg","Jim Bob","George Soros funds these guys and also pedo groups, and these swreaty nobodies are taking the moral high ground 😵","1","0","2020-06-09 19:12:10","true",""
"UgwoFM6xN5GMys9d0IV4AaABAg","alan peaco","Corvid spreaders they care not one jot about life. Just thankfull that the mob dont rule in this country.","22","2","2020-06-09 19:15:05","true",""
"UgwoFM6xN5GMys9d0IV4AaABAg.99gxLeE-c7D99hDz_Uv53f","Fresno Bob","They kind of do because they're not being dealt with.","1","","2020-06-09 21:49:13","false",""
"UgwoFM6xN5GMys9d0IV4AaABAg.99gxLeE-c7D99hQlxiZupa","Lesser Spotted Mugwump.","Fresno Bob It just keeps lockdown going longer.

Must be the plan.","0","","2020-06-09 23:40:57","false",""
"UgyKvDPG5Au-Fovo9VF4AaABAg","Spencer Kimpton","what ever it costs to put right should come from the windrush fund.","4","1","2020-06-09 19:18:30","true",""
"UgyKvDPG5Au-Fovo9VF4AaABAg.99gxji6o9Fc99h-gbOw2z2","Do You Know Boxing?","Yes because it's all there descendants doing the vandalism.","1","","2020-06-09 19:44:18","false",""
"Ugw150ECqmIVUqn2HQF4AaABAg","Spyro hawk9293 Gaming","Far left using George Floyd as an excuse pathetic","149","14","2020-06-09 19:19:36","true",""
"Ugw150ECqmIVUqn2HQF4AaABAg.99gxrj76TVm99h3U8gZdkY","stoufer2000","Lol","1","","2020-06-09 20:17:25","false",""
"Ugw150ECqmIVUqn2HQF4AaABAg.99gxrj76TVm99h6gQoizUH","VizslaVlog","Far left tax dodgers not an ounce of work in-em.","5","","2020-06-09 20:45:26","false",""
"Ugw150ECqmIVUqn2HQF4AaABAg.99gxrj76TVm99hGpmfv525","Matt Reynolds","Don't think it's the far left","0","","2020-06-09 22:14:06","false",""
"Ugw150ECqmIVUqn2HQF4AaABAg.99gxrj76TVm99hMw5BF7Sy","Spyro hawk9293 Gaming","@VizslaVlog I think your right mate","3","","2020-06-09 23:07:23","false",""
"Ugw150ECqmIVUqn2HQF4AaABAg.99gxrj76TVm99hU9QgTHto","Kim Hind","Mr Floyd's murder was a tragedy in the US, but because the far left always want something to be extreme about its whipping up civil unrest in the UK.","6","","2020-06-10 00:10:31","false",""
"Ugw150ECqmIVUqn2HQF4AaABAg.99gxrj76TVm99hdutH1q4H","Boo galoo","Floyd was pathetic...he will rot in hell","3","","2020-06-10 01:44:30","false",""
"Ugw150ECqmIVUqn2HQF4AaABAg.99gxrj76TVm99iOhMTST88","Rishi Rai","They are hypocrites at the end of the day.","3","","2020-06-10 08:42:05","false",""
"Ugw150ECqmIVUqn2HQF4AaABAg.99gxrj76TVm99iTffVcuOh","SkyPirater","They're using George Floyd, a career criminal, and a drug user as their martyr.","3","","2020-06-10 09:25:33","false",""
"Ugw150ECqmIVUqn2HQF4AaABAg.99gxrj76TVm99ieWkljwj9","HarryGoldfarbs GangrenousArm","George Floyd's 'murderer' was his co-worker. The entire thing was a psyop. Two working-class blokes, one with a past littered with criminal conviction, the other a cop who has to bounce to make ends meet. The cop was obviously asked to partake and got his buddy involved to make some cash. The entire thing was a ruse to create what we're now witnessing, brought to you by the Rothschild Zio-media. I don't believe he died in the street because I know very well how the Zio-tube works and what it's main function is, to manipulate us emotionally into chaos. You'll see the 'killer' sentenced but he won't be imprisoned and soon we'll never hear of him or Floyd again. Seriously, who the hell murders someone whilst being filmed and uploaded to the internet lol the whole thing is ridiculous.","0","","2020-06-10 11:09:03","false",""
"Ugw150ECqmIVUqn2HQF4AaABAg.99gxrj76TVm99jah5VVcdx","『ι ∂ση'т яєα∂ яєρℓιєѕ』","Last time I checked, the UK wasn't in the US either but these idiots think they're helping somehow.","0","","2020-06-10 19:54:53","false",""
"Ugw150ECqmIVUqn2HQF4AaABAg.99gxrj76TVm99l_NChPTXp","Ronnie Cree","Exactly and the government is allowing these demonstrations to take place even though it is meant to be illegal to break social distancind rules also the people in this country that want the statues to remain are being ignored and there opinion disregarded","0","","2020-06-11 14:21:47","false",""
"Ugw150ECqmIVUqn2HQF4AaABAg.99gxrj76TVm99oXQ70cRzd","KingZy Hector","I’ve never believed in that this was never about George Floyd , the Democratic Party is using George Floyd as a prop to emotionally manipulate more black voters , why do you guys think that they only let democrats speak at his funerals and democrats were the only ones that kneeled.","0","","2020-06-12 17:53:41","false",""
"Ugw150ECqmIVUqn2HQF4AaABAg.99gxrj76TVm9AI5lgUfB8T","Ingested Media","Use a an excuse for a human as an excuse for riots...","0","","2020-06-24 14:48:33","false",""
"Ugw150ECqmIVUqn2HQF4AaABAg.99gxrj76TVm9AhB5fOi1q2","Paint Monkey","Most of the idiots supporting blm have no idea that are promoting a Marxist movement fashionable politics  dangerous  lambs to the slaughter  well done keep up the fight","1","","2020-07-04 17:55:22","false",""
"UgwUUlZQ8feLajxQHuV4AaABAg","British Comedy Bronco Rothschild Triple Agent","BLM IS A CIA OP STOP!!! THEY STEER THINGS TO HELL. LIGHT FIRES WRITE ON WALL THEM BLAME INNOCENT BLACK PEOPLE.","1","1","2020-06-09 19:19:53","true",""
"UgwUUlZQ8feLajxQHuV4AaABAg.99gxtnzCwnH99gym2bxY5G","Roland Roland","funded by Soros","0","","2020-06-09 19:27:34","false",""
"Ugx001dr8dJCJ4wGD_x4AaABAg","Daniel Spaniel","The state of these middle class white twits 😂","2","0","2020-06-09 19:20:22","true",""
"UgzG7xv2Sh6aW6P-Qp14AaABAg","Pompey Corner","Socialist Marxist takeover in progress. Do the establishment want civil war or something?","35","9","2020-06-09 19:22:08","true",""
"UgzG7xv2Sh6aW6P-Qp14AaABAg.99gy9JNBpbm99gzHmlbUGD","Roland Roland","These NPCs freshly programmed in the universities.","5","","2020-06-09 19:32:02","false",""
"UgzG7xv2Sh6aW6P-Qp14AaABAg.99gy9JNBpbm99h0OGQi4pQ","Old romrider","They’re progressive anarchists. Order out of chaos, to bring in a new order the old must be destroyed completely so there is nothing left you will recognise. The left really believe they are fighting establishment and part of a grass roots revolution. There’s never been a grass roots revolution. The globalist create revolution and the opposition.","5","","2020-06-09 19:50:23","false",""
"UgzG7xv2Sh6aW6P-Qp14AaABAg.99gy9JNBpbm99h0e53wmqS","Roland Roland","@Old romrider True, they are being used to bring in a new world order.","5","","2020-06-09 19:52:41","false",""
"UgzG7xv2Sh6aW6P-Qp14AaABAg.99gy9JNBpbm99h61Aee_pi","yellow man","These are middle class bourgeoisie types. If you knew anything about Marxism you would know these are the types who fear socialism most. Especially as any inheritance would ultimately end up going to the state. Your ignorance is astonishing.","4","","2020-06-09 20:39:40","false",""
"UgzG7xv2Sh6aW6P-Qp14AaABAg.99gy9JNBpbm99h6kjiNzip","Echos Bunnywoman","yellow man exactly ! Their ignorance is astonishing","2","","2020-06-09 20:46:02","false",""
"UgzG7xv2Sh6aW6P-Qp14AaABAg.99gy9JNBpbm99h7TrmcPfE","Roland Roland","@yellow man conjecture.","0","","2020-06-09 20:52:19","false",""
"UgzG7xv2Sh6aW6P-Qp14AaABAg.99gy9JNBpbm99hOW65mCAB","Savage Cabbage","They’re useful idiots that will be disposed of by the very people they bring into power. 

Yuri Bezmenov warned everyone of this happening decades ago. Nothing but brain dead sheep thinking they are fighting the establishment, when they are in fact the establishments enforcers.","4","","2020-06-09 23:21:11","false",""
"UgzG7xv2Sh6aW6P-Qp14AaABAg.99gy9JNBpbm99jIEBREu0l","Judge Dredd","It makes perfect sense really they always say the middle classes are primarily involved in always starting an uprising or revolution","0","","2020-06-10 17:04:47","false",""
"UgzG7xv2Sh6aW6P-Qp14AaABAg.99gy9JNBpbm99lcWTCI9Th","Old romrider","yellow man I know or at least they think they are. My son accused me and my wife of being middle class, couldn’t believe it. We both both work full time and are both employed not self employed, not a business owner, not an investor. We are working class but because we disagree about the planned take over of our culture he thinks I’m too privileged and middle class to understand. Took me days to stop laughing. He’s the privileged one in my house. Made us both watch 13th on Netflix 😔","0","","2020-06-11 14:49:16","false",""
"Ugw1m0nK288PK1xVPAh4AaABAg","Saddam Hussain","Hitler has risen and Paul Golding is up his ass","1","0","2020-06-09 19:23:20","true",""
"Ugz-thmCX5QGy0dEpJh4AaABAg","Ian Drake","All staged propaganda , yawn must be US election year  .","40","9","2020-06-09 19:24:19","true",""
"Ugz-thmCX5QGy0dEpJh4AaABAg.99gyPE6L1DJ99h3OnOzj_x","Abrams Lion","Well looks and sounds like  what a bunch of us based group of people. On how they are protesting.","0","","2020-06-09 20:16:41","false",""
"Ugz-thmCX5QGy0dEpJh4AaABAg.99gyPE6L1DJ99h83hXeyFy","Prins van Oranje","Trying to shift the Overton Window towards the left. The problem here is that once one statue is removed nothing stops all of them from being removed. And for no reason whatsoever. Great people who helped build Britain. Cecil Rhodes fought wars against African tribes, these students are more or less suggesting that starting a war is a crime deserving of getting your statue removed. Anyone who ever lived therefore can have their statue removed from this pathetic excuse. But it's only people in European history who they target.","6","","2020-06-09 20:57:29","false",""
"Ugz-thmCX5QGy0dEpJh4AaABAg.99gyPE6L1DJ99h8axUb04w","Abrams Lion","@Prins van Oranje most likely their end game is to fully distroy United kingdom we have came a long way in the past to be here and thsea people feel the need to vandalise it.","1","","2020-06-09 21:02:10","false",""
"Ugz-thmCX5QGy0dEpJh4AaABAg.99gyPE6L1DJ99hAsNUMtkQ","chinas-_- sas","@Abrams Lion  I see your lack of spelling shows how far you went in the school system.","1","","2020-06-09 21:22:01","false",""
"Ugz-thmCX5QGy0dEpJh4AaABAg.99gyPE6L1DJ99hBBkX2fTf","squelch079","I wanna see all the highly educated protesters shouting BLM slogans in Compton,Inglewood or Sierra Leone","1","","2020-06-09 21:24:48","false",""
"Ugz-thmCX5QGy0dEpJh4AaABAg.99gyPE6L1DJ99hC3EOvHb3","chinas-_- sas","The leading scientist in cosmology is black btw and he supports blm","1","","2020-06-09 21:32:23","false",""
"Ugz-thmCX5QGy0dEpJh4AaABAg.99gyPE6L1DJ99hC6-Ictro","chinas-_- sas","@squelch079 oh wait u think the earth is flat my bad","1","","2020-06-09 21:32:45","false",""
"Ugz-thmCX5QGy0dEpJh4AaABAg.99gyPE6L1DJ99hRS6Uof66","Lesser Spotted Mugwump.","chinas-_- sas If you mean Tyson, no he’s not the leading cosmologist. He’s been busted plagiarising lots of work.

The guy with the bad spellings first language is obviously not English. 

Bigot.","0","","2020-06-09 23:46:51","false",""
"Ugz-thmCX5QGy0dEpJh4AaABAg.99gyPE6L1DJ99hSAOM5z6d","chinas-_- sas","@Lesser Spotted Mugwump. me the bigot when he says people who are diffrent are destorying my country yeah right smh","1","","2020-06-09 23:53:10","false",""
"Ugws-OIHqB7huAGMGSF4AaABAg","Roland Roland","Fueling the far right","22","0","2020-06-09 19:26:14","true",""
"Ugz9hbom4FwGtp5IzgB4AaABAg","Tony Hill","Yeah let's put a statue of a genuine African in its place. How about Robert Mugabe..............?????","39","17","2020-06-09 19:26:18","true",""
"Ugz9hbom4FwGtp5IzgB4AaABAg.99gycmcVlZJ99h5bdtE5fd","Iain Robb","Or Idi Amin.","10","","2020-06-09 20:36:03","false",""
"Ugz9hbom4FwGtp5IzgB4AaABAg.99gycmcVlZJ99h6WMLojSV","Natty Lee Carter","Now you have hit the nail on the head big time!","5","","2020-06-09 20:43:56","false",""
"Ugz9hbom4FwGtp5IzgB4AaABAg.99gycmcVlZJ99h89VS0YTa","Prins van Oranje","One built Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), the other destroyed it.","6","","2020-06-09 20:58:17","false",""
"Ugz9hbom4FwGtp5IzgB4AaABAg.99gycmcVlZJ99h89tUz7DU","Julian Small","Reparations now for the Israelites in slavery we are not Africans..but Israelites you did for japan and fake kharzarian caucasian converted Jewish people","0","","2020-06-09 20:58:20","false",""
"Ugz9hbom4FwGtp5IzgB4AaABAg.99gycmcVlZJ99h8WvZLzFJ","Tony Hill","@Prins van Oranje But the one who destroyed his country was black so that's OK isn't it???????","1","","2020-06-09 21:01:29","false",""
"Ugz9hbom4FwGtp5IzgB4AaABAg.99gycmcVlZJ99h8dFsKCZQ","Tony Hill","@Iain Robb Another great example to all black people....... ROFL!!","2","","2020-06-09 21:02:29","false",""
"Ugz9hbom4FwGtp5IzgB4AaABAg.99gycmcVlZJ99h9fKwfJOA","Mark Laverack","Bang on mate","3","","2020-06-09 21:11:30","false",""
"Ugz9hbom4FwGtp5IzgB4AaABAg.99gycmcVlZJ99hBn4J8ucR","Iain Robb","@Tony Hill  Two other names to throw into the pot are Francisco Nquema (of Equatorial New Guinea) and General Sani Abacha of Nigeria.","3","","2020-06-09 21:30:02","false",""
"Ugz9hbom4FwGtp5IzgB4AaABAg.99gycmcVlZJ99hCdpELNp4","A Google User","Removing statues isn't going to change anything. There is racial bias not only towards black people but towards other types of colored people as well. You will only experience racial bias when an employer is not going to give you a reason for not selecting you.","1","","2020-06-09 21:37:31","false",""
"Ugz9hbom4FwGtp5IzgB4AaABAg.99gycmcVlZJ99hFk8GQYAz","Iain Robb","@A Google User - That happens to white people on a constant basis in the arts and media, unless they are beneficiaries of Leftist nepotism and also have other connections. Except that the arts and media spheres are open about the reason for the discrimination. When the excluson is not only legal, but supported by political and academic elites, ths is the very definition of institutionalised racism. Plus, the majority of UK employers are cowed into submission by Equal Opportunities (i.e. less opportunities for white people regardless of qualification) questionnaires.","1","","2020-06-09 22:04:35","false",""
"Ugz9hbom4FwGtp5IzgB4AaABAg.99gycmcVlZJ99hHaUUNDw2","A Google User","@Iain Robb This is done to improve image on a global level to show yes you are a very diverse country which supports and gives opportunities to people of different race etc. But the reality is different. The history of English people and their behaviour, attitude(cruel, rude, ignorance) towards people of different races is very unwelcoming  and is obvious (slavery) this has been quite opposite from dark skinned towards white skinned. I don't know if people can be humane","0","","2020-06-09 22:20:45","false",""
"Ugz9hbom4FwGtp5IzgB4AaABAg.99gycmcVlZJ99hO2iGBw5U","Simon Law","@Prins van Oranje oranje boven!","0","","2020-06-09 23:17:10","false",""
"Ugz9hbom4FwGtp5IzgB4AaABAg.99gycmcVlZJ99hOvZWwoct","Simon Law","Tony. The scary thing is that.. give it 10 years, that might conceivably happen. London's mayor is already reviewing statues and street names in London. How banana Republic can you get? If Nelson Mandela  has 2 statues in London, why not Robert Mugabe. How long before Mugabe's heroic struggle (etc etc) is being taught to British children. Many demonstrating in this video would think that that is justifiable.","4","","2020-06-09 23:24:47","false",""
"Ugz9hbom4FwGtp5IzgB4AaABAg.99gycmcVlZJ99iC7STmstz","Tony Hill","@Simon Law Nelson Mandela while not squeaky clean had many saving graces, not least the forgiving way he dealt with wrongdoers after the end of apartheid. If we ever get to the stage that Mugabe is celebrated by any other than the few he enriched then history will have been turned on its head. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing""","0","","2020-06-10 06:52:12","false",""
"Ugz9hbom4FwGtp5IzgB4AaABAg.99gycmcVlZJ99iKSmHHsst","A Google User","@Simon Law London mayor is of Asian origin.","0","","2020-06-10 08:05:01","false",""
"Ugz9hbom4FwGtp5IzgB4AaABAg.99gycmcVlZJ99jsG2QfXMO","Robert Burns","What about the gentle giant and man of the moment mr george floyd.","0","","2020-06-10 22:28:21","false",""
"Ugz9hbom4FwGtp5IzgB4AaABAg.99gycmcVlZJ99lBQ51wLbD","Burton Rd Forever 1977","@A Google User So why are people trying in some cases risking their lives to get into the country every day illegally in their droves if we are so oppressive and have some much hatred for poc??","0","","2020-06-11 10:43:43","false",""
"Ugwxgp37Pe97hsBfy4d4AaABAg","Jaques Ravalec","Let's spread Covid to protest about a statue.","50","5","2020-06-09 19:27:02","true",""
"Ugwxgp37Pe97hsBfy4d4AaABAg.99gyi9HayX999h4ojs78-G","Whatsittoya","Later on they will be asking for us to clap for the NHS when the new cases are self inflicted.","5","","2020-06-09 20:29:06","false",""
"Ugwxgp37Pe97hsBfy4d4AaABAg.99gyi9HayX999h86Kj3VdJ","Julian Small","Ain't no pandemic idiot..","2","","2020-06-09 20:57:51","false",""
"Ugwxgp37Pe97hsBfy4d4AaABAg.99gyi9HayX999h8eKb78Ie","Jaques Ravalec","@Julian Small OK flat earther.","7","","2020-06-09 21:02:38","false",""
"Ugwxgp37Pe97hsBfy4d4AaABAg.99gyi9HayX999hKEEGy0K9","Angel The staffie","BURNNNN OHHHHH!!!!!!!!!","0","","2020-06-09 22:43:47","false",""
"Ugwxgp37Pe97hsBfy4d4AaABAg.99gyi9HayX999hN0C0Bw8G","richies quest","@Julian Small Which one are you dumb or dumber.?","4","","2020-06-09 23:08:05","false",""
"Ugy0lJRDIeHeTqzGmfF4AaABAg","Anne","Oh my were to start... So one rough handed cop kills his felon oh yes I agree justice should be served there but the gentle loving giant.. That has stirred this  Loved coke, theft, robbery using a deadly weapon, breaking into property various offences with no drivers licence to name the ones found. And way back in history there have been atrocitys that there could be a different march every hour. And '' every life matters'' but back when they were building this new world through history many mistakes were made and still are today, and don't forget blm that they were selling their own people for greed.","2","3","2020-06-09 19:28:31","true",""
"Ugy0lJRDIeHeTqzGmfF4AaABAg.99gyt3A3EQY99gzankD3bW","Legendary Hamster","They say that if you smell his feet... ROSES!
Honestly, it's a terrible thing and the cop needs to be locked up but the way the guy is being portrayed as an innocent angel is frankly disgusting.
Should he have been murdered? Nope. Is the women he robbed and beat up with a group of friends before holding a gun to her stomach while she was pregnant crying for him? Hmm... I'd need to see evidence of that.","3","","2020-06-09 19:34:46","false",""
"Ugy0lJRDIeHeTqzGmfF4AaABAg.99gyt3A3EQY99h8aL9IHeq","C F","Don't forget the black who watched him die and did nothing....oh yeah they recorded it and shared it to social media. They did nothing....they watched him die and recorded it...","0","","2020-06-09 21:02:05","false",""
"Ugy0lJRDIeHeTqzGmfF4AaABAg.99gyt3A3EQY99hNCYWGE6m","tea Time","@C F you are so dumb how could anyone help him when the police was stopping them, at least they got evidence from recording. You think it's that easy to help? What a bloody moron. Why don't you do me a favour and go back into your cave","0","","2020-06-09 23:09:46","false",""
"Ugw5eaQJPV2lUMsAHnJ4AaABAg","Legendary Hamster","So did any black people attend as well?","12","4","2020-06-09 19:31:06","true",""
"Ugw5eaQJPV2lUMsAHnJ4AaABAg.99gzAuhq-WQ99h-a1RgrU3","Chris Whitty","Legendary Hamster in oxford? No","3","","2020-06-09 19:43:24","false",""
"Ugw5eaQJPV2lUMsAHnJ4AaABAg.99gzAuhq-WQ99h1nkTA_jh","yellow man","@Chris Whitty yes we will protest for them, but god forbid they end up on campus. They make a decent enough living in the hemp trade.","4","","2020-06-09 20:02:45","false",""
"Ugw5eaQJPV2lUMsAHnJ4AaABAg.99gzAuhq-WQ99h4VYTnI3r","freddie b burkinshaw","Lol good one","0","","2020-06-09 20:26:20","false",""
"Ugw5eaQJPV2lUMsAHnJ4AaABAg.99gzAuhq-WQ99h8Rw41JcF","C F","Yes all of them...oh yeah they are wearing their white skin","1","","2020-06-09 21:00:48","false",""
"UgwVzj-Xf_Udm5nDtDt4AaABAg","Sheila Blische","Is this the guy who the Rhoades scholar is named after?","1","3","2020-06-09 19:31:36","true",""
"UgwVzj-Xf_Udm5nDtDt4AaABAg.99gzEa7nXqd99h00MH2dPh","Connor Mactavish","Sheila Blische read a book","0","","2020-06-09 19:47:08","false",""
"UgwVzj-Xf_Udm5nDtDt4AaABAg.99gzEa7nXqd99h9ZiHZwjO","Sheila Blische","Connor Mactavish Why do I get chastised for just asking a question? Damn I thought this is a time to be kind 😔","2","","2020-06-09 21:10:36","false",""
"UgwVzj-Xf_Udm5nDtDt4AaABAg.99gzEa7nXqd99hB5T3gxvL","Clem Fandango","Yeah, he also built the African railway infrastructure which is still used today. Gets overlooked though.","2","","2020-06-09 21:23:57","false",""
"Ugyu4dT4r2l_Zi8fwwB4AaABAg","haniswal Nadia","If I don't get a hubby here I will blame my self for the rest of my life 😂😂","0","0","2020-06-09 19:31:49","true",""
"UgyiiSlwdF9TKp8bIfl4AaABAg","janetmillsrice","absolutely righteous. Cecil Rhodes was just another like the 1% today. he would have been one of THEM.  a monster capitalizing on the work of other people, not to mention what divine right gave him lands that were not his.","1","1","2020-06-09 19:31:56","true",""
"UgyiiSlwdF9TKp8bIfl4AaABAg.99gzH3fP8p799hNgOuIpFC","G G","janetmillsrice your comment isn’t even coherent","0","","2020-06-09 23:13:59","false",""
"UgzRi5yVoE43Atq3BtN4AaABAg","Omar O","Go there and beat them down","1","0","2020-06-09 19:32:07","true",""
"Ugzv-7E0jPoUpVB1l7h4AaABAg","Salvaged","nice content bro","0","0","2020-06-09 19:34:16","true",""
"UgwYUaM9h4ku0sEO6Z54AaABAg","Kris P Bacon","ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. IT ENDS THIS WEEK.","21","7","2020-06-09 19:35:01","true",""
"UgwYUaM9h4ku0sEO6Z54AaABAg.99gzcfMCeOI99hWZqEvOlw","lewis longmore","apparently the EDL are marching through on saturday so we will see how that goes. those people are absolute animals","5","","2020-06-10 00:31:36","false",""
"UgwYUaM9h4ku0sEO6Z54AaABAg.99gzcfMCeOI99h_ZzJ7tic","Kris P Bacon","@lewis longmore ..They tarnish the EDL like they did Tommy. ""They"" aren't guilty then for what ""they"" want to happen. Slyyyyyyy.","1","","2020-06-10 01:06:34","false",""
"UgwYUaM9h4ku0sEO6Z54AaABAg.99gzcfMCeOI99ha0RZmney","Kris P Bacon","@lewis longmore ...The leaders are complicit in letting this take place.","1","","2020-06-10 01:10:27","false",""
"UgwYUaM9h4ku0sEO6Z54AaABAg.99gzcfMCeOI99k5hMoUy6g","Hannah Smirnoff","Not until Uk offer compensation to slavery and colonial injustices.","0","","2020-06-11 00:34:33","false",""
"UgwYUaM9h4ku0sEO6Z54AaABAg.99gzcfMCeOI99k5wjtqgWa","lewis longmore","@Hannah Smirnoff reparations? We dont have any. The labour party took it all","0","","2020-06-11 00:36:39","false",""
"UgwYUaM9h4ku0sEO6Z54AaABAg.99gzcfMCeOI99k9U0beJ0p","Kris P Bacon","@Hannah Smirnoff ...Or gothic Bristolians","0","","2020-06-11 01:07:33","false",""
"UgwYUaM9h4ku0sEO6Z54AaABAg.99gzcfMCeOI99k9sLTw8bR","Kris P Bacon","@Hannah Smirnoff My Nan lived in Kenya...She also had workers who were spoilt rotten. Bought houses and given generous amounts of money for simply being available. You know nothing at all. TRUSTTT MEEEEEEE.","1","","2020-06-11 01:11:00","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg","Natty Lee Carter","Leave our statues alone! This is our British History, our Heritage!","85","41","2020-06-09 19:38:18","true",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99h-bUQ5CYw","Do You Know Boxing?","If the people of Oxford want it gone then it's there town let them vote","9","","2020-06-09 19:43:36","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99h-f-lWwH3","Koi","History of oppression!","6","","2020-06-09 19:44:05","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99h-i9w48M4","You got a license for that mate?","@Do You Know Boxing? Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it.","10","","2020-06-09 19:44:30","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99h-wfrgmgD","Do You Know Boxing?","@You got a license for that mate? Yes if the people in Oxford want it gone give them a vote. I ain't from Oxford it's there town and there taxs. Let them decide","6","","2020-06-09 19:46:29","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99h1AKT8RLM","Whatsittoya","@Do You Know Boxing? 
Their* Not There!","7","","2020-06-09 19:57:14","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99h1Tu1h3zW","Do You Know Boxing?","@Whatsittoya Who cares its the Internet, I'm not writing a paper for work. It is what it is.","3","","2020-06-09 19:59:54","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99h2AH0pgHY","Whatsittoya","@Do You Know Boxing? 
Thank goodness your not.","7","","2020-06-09 20:05:58","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99h2ahcBhYi","Do You Know Boxing?","@Whatsittoya Mate I saw a previous Comment you wrote and you miss spelled til putting till instead now did I correct you or just go it is what it is.","4","","2020-06-09 20:09:42","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99h3TXk_bnu","SOULTEKKA","@Whatsittoya pathetic...","2","","2020-06-09 20:17:20","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99h3iwKcS7w","Whatsittoya","@Do You Know Boxing?
 I ain't your mate Mate!","4","","2020-06-09 20:19:34","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99h3lwhmaW5","Whatsittoya","@Do You Know Boxing? <- Knob","4","","2020-06-09 20:19:59","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99h3phqbdmI","Whatsittoya","@SOULTEKKA <- Wanker","4","","2020-06-09 20:20:29","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99h4PL_BPZj","Do You Know Boxing?","@Whatsittoya I'm just saying the hypocrisy from you is outstanding mate. I've seen a few of your comments with incorrect grammar. So as I said this isn't an essay for work mate. You look dumb and hypocritical.","3","","2020-06-09 20:25:30","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99h53MuJ_W1","Dr. Sek. C","They want Britain to look like a jungle I guess","8","","2020-06-09 20:31:14","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99h5o4PxQpQ","Karen Firth","@Do You Know Boxing? And it's OUR capital!","4","","2020-06-09 20:37:45","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99h6JiDuZiO","Do You Know Boxing?","@Karen Firth Then protest but the capital by the looks of things don't belong to anyone it's a diverse place now. Times change, you either move with them or get left behind.","1","","2020-06-09 20:42:12","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99h6nX4VI4H","SOULTEKKA","Whatsittoya says the troll, foh","0","","2020-06-09 20:46:24","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99h72eR9s0k","Dawn 50","Check your British history","0","","2020-06-09 20:48:37","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99h76d2goym","Kelly kelly","I see mainly white people asking for the removal Hahaha","2","","2020-06-09 20:49:09","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99hH5dmgugK","Jack Black","@Do You Know Boxing? The people of Oxford? what .00001%. You are not to smart are you.","0","","2020-06-09 22:16:24","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99hHQpXgT8E","Iazzaboyce","@Koi Is that why everyone loves cricket?","1","","2020-06-09 22:19:17","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99hI-nEhlbZ","Do You Know Boxing?","@Jack Black It's there town and there statue, they decide because its there taxs.","0","","2020-06-09 22:24:20","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99hIPiJsrty","Matt Reynolds","The rate at which these rioters are going causing mayhem and carnage, towns and cities across the uk may soon resemble third world Africa. The government  ought to step in and put a stop to these senseless and unjustified rioting at this early stage before the rioting spirals out of control.","6","","2020-06-09 22:27:53","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99hLEtGGWcx","catchfish205","Your Heros... all going.. gone.. smashed. LOL","0","","2020-06-09 22:52:37","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99hM7PRgnM8","C F","@catchfish205 so is yours....white man bent his knee...","0","","2020-06-09 23:00:20","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99hNA4L8vcB","Koi","@Matt Reynolds So silly, ain't nobody from the govt reading this thread.","0","","2020-06-09 23:09:26","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99hPYAUK3pG","Matt Reynolds","@Koi we will put a stop to your peoples mad rioting!","2","","2020-06-09 23:30:12","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99hSVoMuMdm","Lesser Spotted Mugwump.","Do You Know Boxing? Diverse place aka it’s got a high crime rate.","0","","2020-06-09 23:56:05","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99iHs0y8B5F","Blackbeards Brother","@Do You Know Boxing? no it's not their town!!!!!! Bristolians did not agree to Colston removal..... but now black monuments will be vandalised etc... and it's their own fault...","0","","2020-06-10 07:42:23","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99iNmrh1y0u","Do You Know Boxing?","@Blackbeards Brother Who's town is it then","0","","2020-06-10 08:34:06","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99j_Ys4KGGW","themarbleking","Put plaques on the statues revising their status and deeds. Turn them into monuments against slavery much like the Jews do with their atrocities.","1","","2020-06-10 19:44:54","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99jbepbghfP","Natty Lee Carter","@catchfish205 idiot","0","","2020-06-10 20:03:19","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99jcUTKkQoy","Natty Lee Carter","@Dawn 50 I have thx and I am proud of it!","0","","2020-06-10 20:10:30","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99jg_9CoFr7","Do You Know Boxing?","@Stevie 001 No I don't, this isn't an essay. Do you want a certificate for literature or something?","0","","2020-06-10 20:46:14","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99jiFQeckLd","Do You Know Boxing?","@Stevie 001 "" for as small as a mistake"" I suppose that explains a lot.","0","","2020-06-10 21:00:53","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99jjK0k-glg","Do You Know Boxing?","@Stevie 001 You forgot a full stop.","0","","2020-06-10 21:10:15","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99jjfwd0qbf","Bigun From wigun","This is our England our history our country they knew that before they came they are a lot worse off in there own countries so that's where the changes need to happen.","1","","2020-06-10 21:13:23","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99jkQJmdZ-e","Do You Know Boxing?","@Bigun From wigun Go protest for change because the fact is a lot of young English students are the ones pushing for change.","0","","2020-06-10 21:19:51","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99jkjKWoWAt","Do You Know Boxing?","@Stevie 001 Of course not, your written work is masterful. Although I'm inclined to say one should not throw stones when you live you in a glass house. The saying suits the hypocrisy you have shown by trying to show your false superiority.","0","","2020-06-10 21:22:35","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99pDG2xHwPh","Natty Lee Carter","Great Britain .... Mmmm..","0","","2020-06-13 00:16:47","false",""
"UgyGAYggd7K2jnYZK-V4AaABAg.99h--dUpR6T99wJse4-TLX","Bacon Crusader","@Kelly kelly weak Marxists and soyboys don't count.","0","","2020-06-15 18:29:19","false",""
"UgwCWuVjwZ8r7TZ5-2J4AaABAg","trev ski","crimmigrants and leftie nut jobs, a marriage made in heaven.","40","1","2020-06-09 19:38:26","true",""
"UgwCWuVjwZ8r7TZ5-2J4AaABAg.99h-0bsK7E799h1FGOSNMi","terry phidaheights","not a days work in them","8","","2020-06-09 19:57:54","false",""
"UgwC9YFH8_EWxyLPqcx4AaABAg","Do You Know Boxing?","Allow the people of Oxford to vote for it. Its there town and there tax","2","0","2020-06-09 19:39:54","true",""
"Ugx8HUSvqzgiFQralqh4AaABAg","Natty Lee Carter","I do hope British people will fight to protect our Heritage!","14","4","2020-06-09 19:40:43","true",""
"Ugx8HUSvqzgiFQralqh4AaABAg.99h-HLSu8Ie99h04k8OzLR","ADE","I can't belive what's happening","2","","2020-06-09 19:47:44","false",""
"Ugx8HUSvqzgiFQralqh4AaABAg.99h-HLSu8Ie99h0d0qFiqs","Pegasus44","There's too much apathy in this Country : (","3","","2020-06-09 19:52:33","false",""
"Ugx8HUSvqzgiFQralqh4AaABAg.99h-HLSu8Ie99h1cHfh3NZ","Do You Know Boxing?","Start a protest","1","","2020-06-09 20:01:11","false",""
"Ugx8HUSvqzgiFQralqh4AaABAg.99h-HLSu8Ie99h8AGR5szr","C F","Start a war","1","","2020-06-09 20:58:23","false",""
"UgwCZipycwQ0g9jGPEZ4AaABAg","historicrecord","Not much social distancing there","3","3","2020-06-09 19:42:27","true",""
"UgwCZipycwQ0g9jGPEZ4AaABAg.99h-U19jDWs99hCIl2_VE4","Sakura Tanaka","How dare you???","0","","2020-06-09 21:34:30","false",""
"UgwCZipycwQ0g9jGPEZ4AaABAg.99h-U19jDWs99hKi3viy1L","historicrecord","@Sakura Tanaka How dare I comment on the absence of any social distancing in the midst of the worst pandemic in a century","2","","2020-06-09 22:48:00","false",""
"UgwCZipycwQ0g9jGPEZ4AaABAg.99h-U19jDWs99io11SDFgG","Sakura Tanaka","@historicrecord God, have you no sense of humour man? I was referring to our Great Greta the Saviour of the Greenpeace and the like.","0","","2020-06-10 12:32:06","false",""
"UgwTc8RVqbTjBa50bpN4AaABAg","Lord Roland Crichton Stuart, Earl of Camster. KtGC","I would love to see them try? There are more Mi6 and MI5 Officers from Oxford than you can imagine, do you really think you, The Sun and your Leftwaffe Marxist thugs would get away with this scot-free thing again!!!!","1","0","2020-06-09 19:42:48","true",""
"UgwX6YsJ7bnwaYDsSxN4AaABAg","historicrecord","Remember all the fuss they made about Cummings","65","0","2020-06-09 19:43:13","true",""
"UgwNg82VabUyA9tw2Ul4AaABAg","Unelected Bureaucrat","Where's a Jihadi when you need one?","4","3","2020-06-09 19:44:35","true",""
"UgwNg82VabUyA9tw2Ul4AaABAg.99h-ieU0xLb99h2bIvBkZq","Pegasus44","Too busy destroying ancient monuments in Iraq and Syria - these people are cut from the same cloth as ISIS","5","","2020-06-09 20:09:47","false",""
"UgwNg82VabUyA9tw2Ul4AaABAg.99h-ieU0xLb99hCCCxC8Oa","Sakura Tanaka","Unelected Bureaucrat
Don't worry, this mob is paving the way for them all right.","2","","2020-06-09 21:33:36","false",""
"UgwNg82VabUyA9tw2Ul4AaABAg.99h-ieU0xLb99k6HPXBDhK","Hannah Smirnoff","Jihads would never touch a minority cause in a white man’s country.","0","","2020-06-11 00:39:36","false",""
"UgyaviIS8FJWOg5JZQ14AaABAg","Kelvin Peterson","The only good commie is a d**d commie","1","0","2020-06-09 19:45:18","true",""
"UgyuhoKLYv8Dug__Wyd4AaABAg","CCP Virus","Can we also have some Fake 20 dollars to spend please ? Why ? Because I want to become a Hero too ! Indeed I am not white !","2","2","2020-06-09 19:46:01","true",""
"UgyuhoKLYv8Dug__Wyd4AaABAg.99h-tCjTEhM99h0PH5irRc","Unelected Bureaucrat","Only if you break into a pregnant woman's house and point a gun at her womb!","1","","2020-06-09 19:50:32","false",""
"UgyuhoKLYv8Dug__Wyd4AaABAg.99h-tCjTEhM99h81ENKDwD","C F","Why not say I can't breathe (probably mocking covid victims) whilst pretending to be claustrophobic so you don't have to get into a police car ?","0","","2020-06-09 20:57:09","false",""
"UgzZujbtLnDmJtdCNbp4AaABAg","DJ RAJE","get out the country u pathetic lefties waste of oxygen!","3","0","2020-06-09 19:46:46","true",""
"UgwzdNzvwAJ_lJA3Zh14AaABAg","Huddy Dhuddus","Everyone in that crowd is white 😳, there’s obviously a lot of people who hate their own country 😬
WHAT HAVE WE DONE!??? WHY HAVE WE LET THIS HAPPEN??","15","2","2020-06-09 19:48:32","true",""
"UgwzdNzvwAJ_lJA3Zh14AaABAg.99h0AedOwco99h1fhqI9xr","Ken Ya","What your country done? A massive market of africans that result  what north America and Caribe is. And if u want  remember...separate India by religion doing Bangladesh...Pakistan...  was this that your  country done as well. The lest one was in Malvinas of Argentina.... if u study the history of your country... well is a shame in many senses. I'm sorry! Those people just know the history of they own  country, and yes... is not done spreeding justice, peace, love and respect around the world.","1","","2020-06-09 20:01:39","false",""
"UgwzdNzvwAJ_lJA3Zh14AaABAg.99h0AedOwco99h7rh1BG_k","C F","Everyone? Do you not see black?","1","","2020-06-09 20:55:43","false",""
"UgyXQelUXSkQtQnwM_14AaABAg","Ban Powel","I'm not british, but what is wrong with the british? If they tried this in Italy ( all hell would break loose) you do not touch history whether it's good or bad.","18","12","2020-06-09 19:49:09","true",""
"UgyXQelUXSkQtQnwM_14AaABAg.99h0F8TJ68t99h0UCSMRcY","Womblow Blobble","Look at the dislikes on this video. Many many people obviously oppose this BLM madness. Just wait till Saturday","4","","2020-06-09 19:51:12","false",""
"UgyXQelUXSkQtQnwM_14AaABAg.99h0F8TJ68t99h0v84ysC_","Ban Powel","@Womblow Blobble what happens Sunday ( why have the British allowed a bunch of brainwashed cultish Marxist to even attempt to destroy there history ) it's insane.....look at them ? All absolute idiots","1","","2020-06-09 19:55:01","false",""
"UgyXQelUXSkQtQnwM_14AaABAg.99h0F8TJ68t99h2MAJqOIh","Pegasus44","One word, ""apathy"" There's plenty of nationlists who should be counter protesting but they're a very divided bunch","1","","2020-06-09 20:07:35","false",""
"UgyXQelUXSkQtQnwM_14AaABAg.99h0F8TJ68t99h3JxoV9m6","Do You Know Boxing?","Britian is superior to Italy in every way, stay in Italy and focus on fascism","0","","2020-06-09 20:16:01","false",""
"UgyXQelUXSkQtQnwM_14AaABAg.99h0F8TJ68t99h3dm7GNit","Ban Powel","@Do You Know Boxing? no...I will go to a black country for that....might also be able to rescue some persecuted lbgtq people as well ( that's if they are still alive )","1","","2020-06-09 20:18:52","false",""
"UgyXQelUXSkQtQnwM_14AaABAg.99h0F8TJ68t99h4b9qNTIQ","Do You Know Boxing?","@Ban Powel Who cares go where ever you want, Britian is still superior to a fascist country with no guts for war. Go beg Germany for some more loans.","0","","2020-06-09 20:27:15","false",""
"UgyXQelUXSkQtQnwM_14AaABAg.99h0F8TJ68t99h5KCSWP-e","2goonersleft the building","@Do You Know Boxing?
You are a bit gobby m8.
I'm guessing your a 20 year old white student.
Who ain't done a day's work in your life.","1","","2020-06-09 20:33:32","false",""
"UgyXQelUXSkQtQnwM_14AaABAg.99h0F8TJ68t99h5QY_x1zw","Spencer Kimpton","well said ban","1","","2020-06-09 20:34:24","false",""
"UgyXQelUXSkQtQnwM_14AaABAg.99h0F8TJ68t99h5dPCER3H","Do You Know Boxing?","@2goonersleft the building You're Italian too, you guy's suck. GB is far superior keep gagging to be as great as us. Pay back Germany we know they have you by the horns","0","","2020-06-09 20:36:17","false",""
"UgyXQelUXSkQtQnwM_14AaABAg.99h0F8TJ68t99h6Nv0Emty","Ban Powel","@Do You Know Boxing? gays are safe in our primitive fascist monsters trying to kill them. That's more important than money, and also proof that fascism has no place in my country","1","","2020-06-09 20:42:46","false",""
"UgyXQelUXSkQtQnwM_14AaABAg.99h0F8TJ68t99h7Wr7Eltg","Ban Powel","@Do You Know Boxing? We suck? Not all of gay friend is into that, as for Germany having us by the horn ? I really couldn't give 2 flying fucs, as I'm rich and don't need to depend on my country for hand outs.....unlike the primitive ones","1","","2020-06-09 20:52:44","false",""
"UgyXQelUXSkQtQnwM_14AaABAg.99h0F8TJ68t99h82Qweoyg","Do You Know Boxing?","@Ban Powel See you don't care, I'm rich flithy itilain that's why your country is an EU whipping boy. Don't ever question GB we got issues but we aren't being milked by the Germans. Now go back to the barn, Merkel needs her coffee. Congratulations GB also has great conditions for homosexual people","0","","2020-06-09 20:57:19","false",""
"UgxUBdCzcEAEPCsYpfR4AaABAg","kite zzz","anyone else super bored of this crap yet?","7","0","2020-06-09 19:49:58","true",""
"Ugx47Gg-S3CuQCAwbtl4AaABAg","freddie b burkinshaw","Should we stop eating Italian because the romans enslaved us I'm gonna smash a fiat up","29","4","2020-06-09 19:56:15","true",""
"Ugx47Gg-S3CuQCAwbtl4AaABAg.99h13AZ143H9ARgIGCLhvn","Chris Luke","The fact is that this is an ongoing matter, the romans really are history","0","","2020-06-28 08:09:37","false",""
"Ugx47Gg-S3CuQCAwbtl4AaABAg.99h13AZ143H9ASYF91rH2k","freddie b burkinshaw","@Chris Luke errr the romans were Italian and the british empire is no longer relevant to ppl in britain today! And do Israel still hold germans today culpable! Get a grip stop listening to the looney left!","0","","2020-06-28 16:09:47","false",""
"Ugx47Gg-S3CuQCAwbtl4AaABAg.99h13AZ143H9ASYReCRAZz","freddie b burkinshaw","@Chris Luke well you probably are from the left if u believe in the BLM movement! Not the lives may I add  just the movement.","0","","2020-06-28 16:11:30","false",""
"Ugx47Gg-S3CuQCAwbtl4AaABAg.99h13AZ143H9ATP8Ib6-Ta","Chris Luke","What your saying is irrelevant, romans are history, the fact is rascim is happening in todays society mainly in the criminal justice system as weve seen. Youve got to ask your self where all this stemmed  from? You wonder why people are taking down statues you need to learn history these people where responsible. Colonisation, christopher colombus, british empire, 13th amendment, the abolition act which means people cant be enslaved unless criminally convicted. And you can say yeah but thats all history aswell, but the fact is its still hapening in todays society like i said mainley in the criminal justice system","0","","2020-06-29 00:09:27","false",""
"Ugxk7Y9mL0Ak53frPRt4AaABAg","Jen JS","This is getting ridiculous removing all the historical statutes...good or bad...they are part of the history of this country and what will the younger generation learn...surely they will have an opportunity to decide!!!","3","15","2020-06-09 19:57:49","true",""
"Ugxk7Y9mL0Ak53frPRt4AaABAg.99h1EZnviTc99h1r3FrWlE","Candy B","No need to have statues of slave traders to learn history","1","","2020-06-09 20:03:12","false",""
"Ugxk7Y9mL0Ak53frPRt4AaABAg.99h1EZnviTc99h7S85YgBq","C F","@Candy B no need to force historical slavery into today's society as an excuse to commit crime. If they worried about black  slavery they would be fighting today's slavery. Hypocrites","1","","2020-06-09 20:52:05","false",""
"Ugxk7Y9mL0Ak53frPRt4AaABAg.99h1EZnviTc99hD9swgTx5","Candy B","@C F you just contradicted yourself","0","","2020-06-09 21:42:01","false",""
"Ugxk7Y9mL0Ak53frPRt4AaABAg.99h1EZnviTc99hDZStGG5c","A Google User","@C F have you heard about modern slavery, racial bias in recruitment in the UK? These are the issues that still exist but are often ignored or cared less. But to experience this you have to be a non - white person yourself.","0","","2020-06-09 21:45:31","false",""
"Ugxk7Y9mL0Ak53frPRt4AaABAg.99h1EZnviTc99hFGQLwwRq","C F","@Candy B ....if black people were so against slavery ...why fight historical slavery and ignore modern day black slavery?","0","","2020-06-09 22:00:24","false",""
"Ugxk7Y9mL0Ak53frPRt4AaABAg.99h1EZnviTc99hFVTtoie4","C F","@A Google User I certainly have....the one where employers are forced to employ lesser qualified people to boost their diversity statistics.","0","","2020-06-09 22:02:27","false",""
"Ugxk7Y9mL0Ak53frPRt4AaABAg.99h1EZnviTc99hGTh-nQOW","A Google User","@C F how are the employers forced? I don't agree with that. You just need to have that color to get hired. You won't get rude faces from your colleagues etc.","1","","2020-06-09 22:10:57","false",""
"Ugxk7Y9mL0Ak53frPRt4AaABAg.99h1EZnviTc99hGbm0mqJl","C F","@A Google User dude you're not even British complaining you can't get a job here. Maybe the UK isn't for you","0","","2020-06-09 22:12:11","false",""
"Ugxk7Y9mL0Ak53frPRt4AaABAg.99h1EZnviTc99hI0WDVazy","A Google User","@C F wait but you advertise UK is very diverse country etc. Which is all Bs then? I think in schools more should be taught on morals, respect towards only then ignorant attitude will disappear.","1","","2020-06-09 22:24:26","false",""
"Ugxk7Y9mL0Ak53frPRt4AaABAg.99h1EZnviTc99hIND3j_2y","Candy B","@C F Nobodies ignoring anything. That's what you're failing to understand.","1","","2020-06-09 22:27:32","false",""
"Ugxk7Y9mL0Ak53frPRt4AaABAg.99h1EZnviTc99hIYaRsHqM","C F","@A Google User wow how lovely it must be to be so entitled that you migrate to another country, complain that British people get jobs and criticize our schools and children. How wonderful the country you left must be to be so tolerant of migrants taking control.","0","","2020-06-09 22:29:05","false",""
"Ugxk7Y9mL0Ak53frPRt4AaABAg.99h1EZnviTc99hIsNa1WFm","C F","@Candy B awesome then I take it you will be rioting in Africa for the black people presently in slavery? I truly hope you succeed in your mission to banish slavery.... especially where it still actually exists.","0","","2020-06-09 22:31:56","false",""
"Ugxk7Y9mL0Ak53frPRt4AaABAg.99h1EZnviTc99hfRgsEoP6","Candy B","@C F you're changing the narrative to fit what you want it to fit.","1","","2020-06-10 01:57:52","false",""
"Ugxk7Y9mL0Ak53frPRt4AaABAg.99h1EZnviTc99hfknW-tZX","Candy B","@C F this is about racism!","1","","2020-06-10 02:00:36","false",""
"Ugxk7Y9mL0Ak53frPRt4AaABAg.99h1EZnviTc99iCxh8ncoS","A Google User","@C F you might want to see the French, Spanish or Portuguese. They are so welcoming and warm hearted although bit religious people. There is a  difference and it is clearly visible. Now this is a different story where there are mixed people. No I'm not criticising I would consider it as improvement.I have more bitter things that I've come across but for the sake of Humanity I won't say them.","0","","2020-06-10 06:59:28","false",""
"UgzrHURBXezbe6-LXbl4AaABAg","Old romrider","Zionist are in control of destruction of all European white culture around the globe they use crisis reactionary revolution to justify it. This whole episode is co opted using rent a crowd and agent provocateurs to rile up the useful idiots. This is not grass roots it’s well funded and very well organised by powers these people have never heard of.","1","0","2020-06-09 19:57:59","true",""
"UgwmfmrswepA907rzT94AaABAg","Twilight","Patriotic alternative is the only way forward.","2","0","2020-06-09 19:59:29","true",""
"UgxivXC-eFFzwt6mmqN4AaABAg","Eileen Klein","World had gone crazy","0","0","2020-06-09 20:00:03","true",""
"UgwMj96TESRJZpOLbZF4AaABAg","Connor Mactavish","please support the Real British people thumbs down all videos of this mob on facebook, youtube, twitter etc please don’t support these monsters they don’t represent us and will destroy our wonderful country that people visit to see these beautiful buildings and read about our history, shun them, make them uncomfortable do everything you can, complain to politicians, councillors, support the police, they are disgusting people. The history of our country matters as does all others please don’t support these idiots but fight them anyway you can.","2","0","2020-06-09 20:01:01","true",""
"UgwIrQtdElinyBgu_6x4AaABAg","5xNFLMVP PeytonManning","BLM makes me sick","2","0","2020-06-09 20:02:03","true",""
"UgzpirgLMPQkUDkrTL94AaABAg","Gaunter O dimm","As a lover of history, it saddens me to see this. They aren’t educated at all.","46","14","2020-06-09 20:02:44","true",""
"UgzpirgLMPQkUDkrTL94AaABAg.99h1nacFzF-99hAX0wWxKk","Scott Fraser","😂🗯️Many of these people believe the late musician Tupac to be an intellectual giant!","3","","2020-06-09 21:18:58","false",""
"UgzpirgLMPQkUDkrTL94AaABAg.99h1nacFzF-99hYMK4RrBC","Phil 502","I don’t blame them though .  They’ve gone all the way through school hearing this .  They need to be re-educated . Taxpayers need to closely watch what is being taught and call the teachers out when they’re wrong .","1","","2020-06-10 00:47:13","false",""
"UgzpirgLMPQkUDkrTL94AaABAg.99h1nacFzF-99hZtSc6Z-k","anonymous","I hate it when people use the phrase “black lives matter” in the uk because police brutality isn’t even an issue","7","","2020-06-10 01:00:37","false",""
"UgzpirgLMPQkUDkrTL94AaABAg.99h1nacFzF-99ijxzlWGFQ","Chelsea For life","@anonymous remember the totenham riots?","0","","2020-06-10 11:56:36","false",""
"UgzpirgLMPQkUDkrTL94AaABAg.99h1nacFzF-99ik0L-mkyN","Chelsea For life","So you support glorifying a colonialist","0","","2020-06-10 11:57:03","false",""
"UgzpirgLMPQkUDkrTL94AaABAg.99h1nacFzF-99ikuTBfhva","Gaunter O dimm","Chelsea For life it should be kept in a museum, so people can learn about the past. If this is the road they want to take, simply destroying historical artefacts, because they are linked to racism. Then they have a lot of work to do.","1","","2020-06-10 12:04:51","false",""
"UgzpirgLMPQkUDkrTL94AaABAg.99h1nacFzF-99ilBUL2V0Q","Chelsea For life","@Gaunter O dimm Yes I agree, It should be taken down and sent to a museum. SImply forgetting history is wrong.","0","","2020-06-10 12:07:19","false",""
"UgzpirgLMPQkUDkrTL94AaABAg.99h1nacFzF-99il_nvzKIU","Gaunter O dimm","Chelsea For life  couldn’t have put it better myself.","0","","2020-06-10 12:10:46","false",""
"UgzpirgLMPQkUDkrTL94AaABAg.99h1nacFzF-99itTf7O3NW","Phil 502","Chelsea For life More like honouring a great man .  Just because a bunch of foreigners  and minority of UK citizens don’t like someone  ,  doesn’t mean it needs to be taken down.    Being in the minority in a country has a downside , and this is one of them .","0","","2020-06-10 13:19:42","false",""
"UgzpirgLMPQkUDkrTL94AaABAg.99h1nacFzF-99iupvUYrfg","Gaunter O dimm","Phil 502 calling him a “great man” is a good attempt at baiting people. Nice try.","0","","2020-06-10 13:31:37","false",""
"UgzpirgLMPQkUDkrTL94AaABAg.99h1nacFzF-99ixvTLW7TX","Phil 502","Gaunter O dimm whatever .  The majority should never accept the will of the minority or allow themselves to be guilted into doing anything .   He wasn’t perfect but did more for the UK that any of those protesting him .  In fact , some of those people would’ve be in the UK if he hadn’t come along .","1","","2020-06-10 13:58:35","false",""
"UgzpirgLMPQkUDkrTL94AaABAg.99h1nacFzF-99izMyFXixz","Chelsea For life","@Phil 502 agreed did a lot for the UK but destroyed many lives outside of it","0","","2020-06-10 14:11:13","false",""
"UgzpirgLMPQkUDkrTL94AaABAg.99h1nacFzF-99jBZenfMh_","Chelsea For life","@Gaunter O dimm They're moving the statue to Bristol museum 👏👏","0","","2020-06-10 16:06:33","false",""
"UgzpirgLMPQkUDkrTL94AaABAg.99h1nacFzF-99j_cokWUUv","themarbleking","Put plaques on the statues revising their status and deeds. Turn them into monuments against slavery much like the Jews do with their atrocities.","0","","2020-06-10 19:45:34","false",""
"UgwpW0AAC0Q6BkEGm6d4AaABAg","moanie min Mother","If they keep shouting is it going to fly off the building??","2","1","2020-06-09 20:02:46","true",""
"UgwpW0AAC0Q6BkEGm6d4AaABAg.99h1nwQWygY99hCmNU2Fwr","S Ali","Yep","0","","2020-06-09 21:38:41","false",""
"Ugwl_0IRpzLIs8O6OEx4AaABAg","Rimmer won't eat his gazpacho soup.","Why is it ALWAYS the West that has to change to suit these people?
Why is it despite every country ever having done bad stuff in the past only the West has to apologise?
All these morons are doing is ensure a backlash the likes no one has ever seen and they have no one to blame but themselves.","5","0","2020-06-09 20:03:02","true",""
"Ugy58WEDWA7yqT6aR4d4AaABAg","rick robbin","BLM cult will only make right stronger","34","2","2020-06-09 20:06:10","true",""
"Ugy58WEDWA7yqT6aR4d4AaABAg.99h2BkaFXln9AhBORF924A","Paint Monkey","You are so right they tried doing the same with brexit and got absolutely battered well done keep up the fight","0","","2020-07-04 17:57:56","false",""
"Ugy58WEDWA7yqT6aR4d4AaABAg.99h2BkaFXln9AhC2_d08_0","rick robbin","@Paint Monkey keep getting the message out","0","","2020-07-04 18:03:41","false",""
"UgzbQ8JX7VIXSKFTnP14AaABAg","Brownie Sg1","The greatest lessons are learned from history and these idiots want to erase it","76","16","2020-06-09 20:11:53","true",""
"UgzbQ8JX7VIXSKFTnP14AaABAg.99h2qbMHhxM99iiVgU-bGi","Ra Ra","We are not erasing history. We are pulling down statues which glorify slavery.","2","","2020-06-10 11:43:52","false",""
"UgzbQ8JX7VIXSKFTnP14AaABAg.99h2qbMHhxM99iirIMji-H","Chelsea For life","It's better in a museum where it can be pointed out as a negative reminder of our histoy","2","","2020-06-10 11:46:57","false",""
"UgzbQ8JX7VIXSKFTnP14AaABAg.99h2qbMHhxM99j9WVovzAk","Judge Dredd","Chelsea For life I have a question for you no doubt you will ignore cus your side can’t reason with facts or logic... 
do you think we should take Churchill’s statue down? I’m curious?","0","","2020-06-10 15:48:38","false",""
"UgzbQ8JX7VIXSKFTnP14AaABAg.99h2qbMHhxM99j9cea1ttQ","Judge Dredd","Ra Ra no your being little
Brats tbh your not changing a thing we are one of the most tolerant societies on the planet","1","","2020-06-10 15:49:37","false",""
"UgzbQ8JX7VIXSKFTnP14AaABAg.99h2qbMHhxM99jALxtQIt4","Chelsea For life","@Judge Dredd Churchill had his good moments and bad moments. He of course led GB to victory so I think there should be a statue of him. But I believe his bad moments must also be taught in our schools such as the bengal famine and when he sent the army into that welsh town.  So yes it should remain but people should also be educated.","2","","2020-06-10 15:55:56","false",""
"UgzbQ8JX7VIXSKFTnP14AaABAg.99h2qbMHhxM99jAYldo6u4","Ra Ra","@Judge Dredd We're changing one thing. The statues of slave-traders are dropping like flies. You must be devastated :'(","1","","2020-06-10 15:57:41","false",""
"UgzbQ8JX7VIXSKFTnP14AaABAg.99h2qbMHhxM99jBHO0WU6H","Chelsea For life","@Ra Ra lol","0","","2020-06-10 16:04:03","false",""
"UgzbQ8JX7VIXSKFTnP14AaABAg.99h2qbMHhxM99jBQNl0xJ2","Judge Dredd","Ra Ra nah your opinions in the minority mate so you keep patting each other on the back while the rest of the country laughs at you bunch of brats","4","","2020-06-10 16:05:17","false",""
"UgzbQ8JX7VIXSKFTnP14AaABAg.99h2qbMHhxM99jZj6IVdn1","『ι ∂ση'т яєα∂ яєρℓιєѕ』","I would gladly karate chop any of these annoying ""protesters"" whether they're white, black, brown or green. See? No racism. Just equality.","3","","2020-06-10 19:37:41","false",""
"UgzbQ8JX7VIXSKFTnP14AaABAg.99h2qbMHhxM99j_Tup9DNA","themarbleking","Put plaques on the statues revising their status and deeds. Turn them into monuments against slavery much like the Jews do with their atrocities.","2","","2020-06-10 19:44:13","false",""
"UgzbQ8JX7VIXSKFTnP14AaABAg.99h2qbMHhxM99jcCM2-IqQ","Natty Lee Carter","@『ι ∂ση'т яєα∂ яєρℓιєѕ』 I like it. Equality. Yes.","0","","2020-06-10 20:08:02","false",""
"UgzbQ8JX7VIXSKFTnP14AaABAg.99h2qbMHhxM99lvxVBBAGS","Enzo Gaming","Ra Ra Nope in my opinion all the statues should remain standing","1","","2020-06-11 17:39:07","false",""
"UgzbQ8JX7VIXSKFTnP14AaABAg.99h2qbMHhxM99rLwTK-C_r","Wendy Smith","History is there to learn from so we don’t make the same mistake again and we haven’t we have all been living in harmony everybody has been walking round passing these statues and not giving s toss. WHY NOW!!!
Cause they are SOROSs braindead zombie army sent to destroy our country from within  that’s the cowards way couldn’t put on a uniform to fight it NO CAUSE THEY WOULD LOSE AND THE LEFTIES WHO SIT IN WESTMINSTER ARE HELPING THEM. It’s time Parliament was no longer. That Parliament does not represent ENGLAND","1","","2020-06-13 20:11:06","false",""
"UgzbQ8JX7VIXSKFTnP14AaABAg.99h2qbMHhxM99s3g3z-I7c","Kazuichi Soda","Not gonna lie I hate you :)","0","","2020-06-14 02:50:49","false",""
"UgzbQ8JX7VIXSKFTnP14AaABAg.99h2qbMHhxM99sO7MU3DSl","Natty Lee Carter","Very grow up reply","0","","2020-06-14 05:49:27","false",""
"UgzbQ8JX7VIXSKFTnP14AaABAg.99h2qbMHhxM99smxLpeQRZ","Seeking balance within Kiete JoJo The first","That’s the whole point buddy.Think outside the box and realize people want war...","0","","2020-06-14 09:35:08","false",""
"UgwA3HbJwgg878rvdAl4AaABAg","Lalo Salamanca","Thousands of Black people dying in Africa everyday ..but your virtue signaling ... I mean protesting in the UK ..dont forget to take plenty of selfies to post online to show how amazingly woke you are.","134","12","2020-06-09 20:12:23","true",""
"UgwA3HbJwgg878rvdAl4AaABAg.99h2uJg6jJv99hFhXMIAuP","C F","I wonder how quick they will delete them when it comes to profile checking for jobs, University etc.","19","","2020-06-09 22:04:14","false",""
"UgwA3HbJwgg878rvdAl4AaABAg.99h2uJg6jJv99hHpvtABeS","Lalo Salamanca","@C F A very good point.","9","","2020-06-09 22:22:51","false",""
"UgwA3HbJwgg878rvdAl4AaABAg.99h2uJg6jJv99hTaw01Lhg","Kim Hind","Excellent comment 👍","8","","2020-06-10 00:05:40","false",""
"UgwA3HbJwgg878rvdAl4AaABAg.99h2uJg6jJv99hXujQjW9s","Boo galoo","Ive been deleted from twitter for having a 'WHITE' voice...just because I said that Floyd is in hell and Britain is over run by cockroaches.","18","","2020-06-10 00:43:19","false",""
"UgwA3HbJwgg878rvdAl4AaABAg.99h2uJg6jJv99hpRo6joYk","Angelccyn King","Thousands of black people die everyday at the hands of black people in USA never mind Africa lol. 
And out of nowhere the left wing and it's zombie horde think they're all united and solidarity friends now 😂
They will all be back to beating their women and kids by next week and gang banging for that street rep.","21","","2020-06-10 03:25:16","false",""
"UgwA3HbJwgg878rvdAl4AaABAg.99h2uJg6jJv99ix0s5kxIq","AP1520GBET","Boo galoo y is Floyd in hell?","1","","2020-06-10 13:50:44","false",""
"UgwA3HbJwgg878rvdAl4AaABAg.99h2uJg6jJv99j5pZKEQLq","Ai iA","All the protestors think they discriminated in UK need be deported back to their parents country like Africa see how long before they bleed come back UK for unemployment benefits and free NHS","5","","2020-06-10 15:16:26","false",""
"UgwA3HbJwgg878rvdAl4AaABAg.99h2uJg6jJv99j65hBdBlb","Ai iA","UK policy multicultural immigration to prop up economy could be the downfall end European Monachs dangerous times ahead imo","1","","2020-06-10 15:18:46","false",""
"UgwA3HbJwgg878rvdAl4AaABAg.99h2uJg6jJv99j6cGbQR03","um ok","Skinny Moon Bob It is what it is and we will all die,be forgotten so who cares.","1","","2020-06-10 15:23:21","false",""
"UgwA3HbJwgg878rvdAl4AaABAg.99h2uJg6jJv99tD41uRpuK","Natty Lee Carter","@Boo galoo nice","0","","2020-06-14 13:32:07","false",""
"UgwA3HbJwgg878rvdAl4AaABAg.99h2uJg6jJv99tDGzfQeCr","Natty Lee Carter","@Ai iA and the ones that were born in the UK need to show respect for the British people and their History. If they do not like it. Leave. Simple.","0","","2020-06-14 13:33:53","false",""
"UgwA3HbJwgg878rvdAl4AaABAg.99h2uJg6jJv9A0cj9jaVg6","Tuco The rat","Uk is part of africa now","0","","2020-06-17 19:58:59","false",""
"UgyMuu3tq9HP7jj3g0J4AaABAg","Nonwoodster","It’s not fair , to ruin our history!","12","1","2020-06-09 20:14:25","true",""
"UgyMuu3tq9HP7jj3g0J4AaABAg.99h38B4L2up99ny1HiWC0a","Original DonGargon","It's not fair to be mistreated for centuries....","1","","2020-06-12 12:35:43","false",""
"UgxfgIDB9Ij4aTSwjZV4AaABAg","Andrew C","My family owned shares in his mining business in south Africa circa 1900. Thanks to those shares our family lived in a large house paid for in cash. I want to thank the blacks for all the hard work they did on our behalf.","5","1","2020-06-09 20:14:27","true",""
"UgxfgIDB9Ij4aTSwjZV4AaABAg.99h38Ou6peL99hBB_1ODz-","Mark Laverack","Brilliant","0","","2020-06-09 21:24:47","false",""
"UgwICtQQbh0JviBw0zd4AaABAg","Abrams Lion","All of these people will need to go home. It's overdue not to deny these people some form of punishment for being so blind and ignorant. Same with all the rioting and looting in us cities.","6","0","2020-06-09 20:21:23","true",""
"Ugw-Q8USlydlxRekfhJ4AaABAg","Abrams Lion","Robert Clive will not be removed. Preserve over culture and past m","4","0","2020-06-09 20:22:24","true",""
"UgyFf1fwRV1pzoYb6f94AaABAg","Dominic Straiton","Mohamed owned and traded in slaves so all the mosques up next.........","7","1","2020-06-09 20:23:41","true",""
"UgyFf1fwRV1pzoYb6f94AaABAg.99h4C53YJvf99hCb2iiygS","S Ali","It’s obvious you really don’t know what you are talking about. Mohamed freed slaves. His last sermon was against racism and slavery. Go and study. Do you know how to read?","2","","2020-06-09 21:37:08","false",""
"UgyeLCZELYWZT9WD2X54AaABAg","Panther 8282","If any of these are receiving furlough payments, they need stopping immediately!","19","3","2020-06-09 20:26:20","true",""
"UgyeLCZELYWZT9WD2X54AaABAg.99h4VWUCwxt99hO3qvOloO","Gomes","Haha 😂 I’m one of them but I didn’t protest but still show my support like those people some people do it for clout because they boring to stay indoors and other protest with their heart BLM ✊🏾","0","","2020-06-09 23:17:19","false",""
"UgyeLCZELYWZT9WD2X54AaABAg.99h4VWUCwxt99hOAakvlB7","Gomes","If they protest with their heart they deserve every penny lol","0","","2020-06-09 23:18:15","false",""
"UgyeLCZELYWZT9WD2X54AaABAg.99h4VWUCwxt99hQtDJhdmi","Panther 8282","Furlough was for people who were unable to work because of the virus, not for mindless thugs who go out spreading it, whilst claiming they care for the lives of those it kills more of!","6","","2020-06-09 23:41:57","false",""
"UgyIYjd-pYXxR8Hvah14AaABAg","love life","It is all designed ,MARTIAL LAW next ,Agenda 21 NWO =OWN","0","0","2020-06-09 20:26:58","true",""
"Ugw8V_kfNULfne_DiXV4AaABAg","Rafael Lopez Hernandez","What a joke! History is history you can not rewrite or delete worse in Oxford.","89","21","2020-06-09 20:30:31","true",""
"Ugw8V_kfNULfne_DiXV4AaABAg.99h4zA8-uI599iWAZFa0ai","Fresno Bob","Fascists remove history.","1","","2020-06-10 09:47:23","false",""
"Ugw8V_kfNULfne_DiXV4AaABAg.99h4zA8-uI599iiSugdnVT","Ra Ra","You can make history though. By pulling down these grotesque monuments we make a change, a huge positive step towards becoming a society which no longer glorifies slavery.","2","","2020-06-10 11:43:29","false",""
"Ugw8V_kfNULfne_DiXV4AaABAg.99h4zA8-uI599ikAwVV9WA","Rafael Lopez Hernandez","@Ra Ra Poor history will be created pulling down monuments","3","","2020-06-10 11:58:30","false",""
"Ugw8V_kfNULfne_DiXV4AaABAg.99h4zA8-uI599illbqNTLB","Ra Ra","@Rafael Lopez Hernandez You're kidding right? Pulling down the statue of Saddam Hussein, for example, was a huge moment in Iraq's history. Pulling down statues of Hitler was a huge moment in Germany's history.
By pulling down these grotesque tributes to slavery, we are marking a turning point in our society, a step towards rejecting all forms of racism for good. It's a massive, victorious moment in our country's history, and I'm really proud to have been part of the group who took down Colston.","2","","2020-06-10 12:12:23","false",""
"Ugw8V_kfNULfne_DiXV4AaABAg.99h4zA8-uI599ivomyRhDk","Rafael Lopez Hernandez","The glorious and historic moment was topple Sadam, Hitler or Lenin and their regimes, not to pull down their is a piece of cake!!!","1","","2020-06-10 13:40:12","false",""
"Ugw8V_kfNULfne_DiXV4AaABAg.99h4zA8-uI599iwaCeIzb2","Ra Ra","@Rafael Lopez Hernandez Do you think their statues should have been left up? No. We are right to take down Colston and Rhodes also.","2","","2020-06-10 13:46:57","false",""
"Ugw8V_kfNULfne_DiXV4AaABAg.99h4zA8-uI599ixjcFdIEd","Unknown2234 Unknown","Ra Ra stfu","1","","2020-06-10 13:56:58","false",""
"Ugw8V_kfNULfne_DiXV4AaABAg.99h4zA8-uI599iyCZgC58b","Ra Ra","@Unknown2234 Unknown ^ this is the only argument slavery apologists have. They know they're in the wrong, so all they can do is swear instead of discuss things amicably.
People like this is why we had to take matters into our own hands removing Colston.","2","","2020-06-10 14:01:04","false",""
"Ugw8V_kfNULfne_DiXV4AaABAg.99h4zA8-uI599j6S5eCKJH","Pegasus44","@Ra Ra You're confusing an apologist with someone who doesn't give a toss. And rightly so, no-one alive today played a part in the slave trade. Even as a white nationalist, I understand that the slave trade was wrong on so many levels; but forcing ""white-guilt"" on people, is every bit as bad as the things you protest. Oh, and you do know that white Europeans were sold in slave markets in North Africa at one time, don't you?.","5","","2020-06-10 15:21:49","false",""
"Ugw8V_kfNULfne_DiXV4AaABAg.99h4zA8-uI599j8T9Q0R4m","Ra Ra","@Pegasus44 ""as a white nationalist"" - yikes.","1","","2020-06-10 15:39:27","false",""
"Ugw8V_kfNULfne_DiXV4AaABAg.99h4zA8-uI599jCL-2uLrB","Bob Keane","you can if you gave up and washed the pots for big bad whitey. native americans don't suffer the same shame and embarrassment, because they fought.","0","","2020-06-10 16:13:17","false",""
"Ugw8V_kfNULfne_DiXV4AaABAg.99h4zA8-uI599jHKm9G_hp","Pegasus44","@Ra Ra Why yikes?, there's nothing wrong with wanting to protect your Country,  culture and people.","2","","2020-06-10 16:56:57","false",""
"Ugw8V_kfNULfne_DiXV4AaABAg.99h4zA8-uI599jHcSJuwRw","Pegasus44","@Bob Keane A great deal of respect is (quite rightfully) given to Native Americans for doing just that; good point","0","","2020-06-10 16:59:30","false",""
"Ugw8V_kfNULfne_DiXV4AaABAg.99h4zA8-uI599jLrdAg3hP","elixira","@Unknown2234 Unknown Shut up too you ugly ass","0","","2020-06-10 17:36:31","false",""
"Ugw8V_kfNULfne_DiXV4AaABAg.99h4zA8-uI599jQfBQ2joc","Unknown2234 Unknown","elixira your like 5 you play robux at least finish your sats then talk","0","","2020-06-10 18:18:31","false",""
"Ugw8V_kfNULfne_DiXV4AaABAg.99h4zA8-uI599jTVc0ZRLD","Bob Keane","@Pegasus44 they would die rather than be enslaved, like many peoples. he africans were quite happy to do so in comparison and now they hate themselves for it. that's why soros finds it so easy to turn them against civilized societies, because the only hope they have is blaming whites for their shortcomings.","2","","2020-06-10 18:43:17","false",""
"Ugw8V_kfNULfne_DiXV4AaABAg.99h4zA8-uI599j_RPrd2MB","themarbleking","Put plaques on the statues revising their status and deeds. Turn them into monuments against slavery much like the Jews do with their atrocities.","1","","2020-06-10 19:43:52","false",""
"Ugw8V_kfNULfne_DiXV4AaABAg.99h4zA8-uI599jg81_LPCu","Mark Laverack","@Ra Ra then your a prat at best 😂","2","","2020-06-10 20:42:24","false",""
"Ugw8V_kfNULfne_DiXV4AaABAg.99h4zA8-uI599jgD5GR4ZR","Mark Laverack","@Ra Ra our history our statues leave them up","1","","2020-06-10 20:43:05","false",""
"Ugw8V_kfNULfne_DiXV4AaABAg.99h4zA8-uI599lqBxw-Sdi","Ra Ra","@Mark Laverack Comments like this show an inability to discuss the topic with any thoughtfulness or maturity. If all you're able to do is throw insults, then it's not really worth a conversation. This is why we have to take matters into our own hands, and take initiative with things like taking down the statues ourselves.","1","","2020-06-11 16:48:48","false",""
"Ugw8V_kfNULfne_DiXV4AaABAg.99h4zA8-uI599rLGVIGxk5","Wendy Smith","Of course you can’t cause they will have to burn books not only here but around the world cause everyone’s history is taught. They are brain dead zombies who haven’t a brain cell between them😂😂😂","0","","2020-06-13 20:05:14","false",""
"UgwFE4DS6oZ_x9w5MQx4AaABAg","CB BC","FFS I am so tired of hearing about their problems. Go protest in China where there's real systemic racism. Black lives matter more in Africa. Go there. 🙄","13","0","2020-06-09 20:30:43","true",""
"UgyuGcYYhgdBls7g0QR4AaABAg","John Carwithen","Idiots brainwashed ironically by rich white folks who decide what they think about daily.","0","0","2020-06-09 20:30:48","true",""
"UgwAO92tpSDpWhzVfGJ4AaABAg","Robin Bird","Not everything in our history is glorious, but surely no one has the right to deface and tear down our statues and rewrite our past, this is totally wrong. ✖️

Alot of countries have history of slavery and this is no different. 🌍

All lives matter; and say NO to anarchist mob rule! 🇬🇧","25","13","2020-06-09 20:33:14","true",""
"UgwAO92tpSDpWhzVfGJ4AaABAg.99h5I3XGDYg99h6s69_htH","Pegasus44","As a Country, we've done so much to put things right; but for these ""woke idiots, it will never be enough.","12","","2020-06-09 20:47:02","false",""
"UgwAO92tpSDpWhzVfGJ4AaABAg.99h5I3XGDYg99iHXxwdHKS","Blackbeards Brother","African nations havent even apologised for starting and supplying  the slave trade... but they are Afticans so wont be held to account....","3","","2020-06-10 07:39:30","false",""
"UgwAO92tpSDpWhzVfGJ4AaABAg.99h5I3XGDYg99ijUo-Wyu3","Chelsea For life","@Pegasus44 Britain has done little as repentment for the British Empire","0","","2020-06-10 11:52:29","false",""
"UgwAO92tpSDpWhzVfGJ4AaABAg.99h5I3XGDYg99ijatfnvcN","Chelsea For life","No, we should store these statues in a museum teaching and reminding future generations what we did was wrong","0","","2020-06-10 11:53:27","false",""
"UgwAO92tpSDpWhzVfGJ4AaABAg.99h5I3XGDYg99j3q9-0tWG","Pegasus44","​@Chelsea For life So you don't think the increasing billions in overseas development money, the apologies to former colonies and the fact we continue to give safe haven to millions from the Third World is repentment enough?. You do realise the unless a race-driven Civil War happens and the Far Right take power, BAME people will inherit this once great Country by way of higher birth-rates?.","0","","2020-06-10 14:59:02","false",""
"UgwAO92tpSDpWhzVfGJ4AaABAg.99h5I3XGDYg99j8Ir0riVq","Chelsea For life","@Pegasus44 Britain tore apart countries and destroyed many lives as part of their empire. They looted countries so much and  frankly cared more for white citizens than its other citizens. The only way Britain could repent is by giving its colonies about 60-75% of its wealth.","2","","2020-06-10 15:38:02","false",""
"UgwAO92tpSDpWhzVfGJ4AaABAg.99h5I3XGDYg99jIEDgLKPv","Pegasus44","@Chelsea For life Yes, but you're talking in the past tense; it's plain wrong to put this on people who were not responsible. Should we blame France for the coronavirus, or Argentina for human rights atrocities carried out in the Middle East?. What you suggest makes you no better than the very people you so love to berate.","0","","2020-06-10 17:04:47","false",""
"UgwAO92tpSDpWhzVfGJ4AaABAg.99h5I3XGDYg99jOSipdTGc","Chelsea For life","@Pegasus44 U said GB was doing so many things to put it right, I told you they weren't . I never said the current British  population should be guilty rn. I'm just saying if GB is really ashamed of their past and want to make their former colonies a better plalce, that is what they should do","0","","2020-06-10 17:59:12","false",""
"UgwAO92tpSDpWhzVfGJ4AaABAg.99h5I3XGDYg99jq_Tn2YW5","Pegasus44","@Chelsea For life let's agree to disagree here; you obviously don't think that the 107 billion pounds kindly given in foreign aid to 138 Countries between 2013-2020 is a big deal - nor the 71,565 asylum seekers who between 2017-2020, have been given the opportunity to start a new life in a safe Country. The numbers speak for themselves. In spite of your opinion, this Country does at a lot more than many others do to make the World a better place.","0","","2020-06-10 22:13:40","false",""
"UgwAO92tpSDpWhzVfGJ4AaABAg.99h5I3XGDYg99l-a2H7c87","Chelsea For life","@Pegasus44 Britain is giving away 135,840,780,000.0 USD towards other countries. This is about 4% of GB''s GDP.  I'll  just use India as an example. When GB invaded India, it controlled 25% of all global wealth. When GB left, it left it to a mere 2%. That just shows how much GB destroyed Inida's economy. So just 4% to be shared across 138 countries isn't enough. Secondly, you said that GB gave 71,565 asylum seekers a new home- which is right.  But during the Bengal famine ( one of the world's worst man made famines caused by poor leadership,) 2-3million people died. So no, by just using the example of India these  donations are nothing. There were many other countries in the Britsh empire where this has repeated and if GB really did want to repent for their past,  they would do way more.Starting off why not give back some of the stolen artefacts like the kohinoor stone.","0","","2020-06-11 09:00:22","false",""
"UgwAO92tpSDpWhzVfGJ4AaABAg.99h5I3XGDYg99l6PPvihC1","Cadance Menzie","Yes they do why even worship slave masters","0","","2020-06-11 09:59:56","false",""
"UgwAO92tpSDpWhzVfGJ4AaABAg.99h5I3XGDYg99l6dtA8l5n","Cadance Menzie","@Blackbeards Brother white people been stealing everything from Africa for how many years","0","","2020-06-11 10:02:03","false",""
"UgwAO92tpSDpWhzVfGJ4AaABAg.99h5I3XGDYg99l6lDQszNF","Cadance Menzie","@Pegasus44 no still happening","0","","2020-06-11 10:03:03","false",""
"Ugw-NZQlqg0pZ64Hgnd4AaABAg","Fresno Bob","Keep your filthy hands off OUR statues!!!","4","7","2020-06-09 20:33:56","true",""
"Ugw-NZQlqg0pZ64Hgnd4AaABAg.99h5NBimtKP99hBZZTL_ob","Baba","You tell em! Tell em to keep their dirty hands off our beloved slave trader statues. I salute you and all the slave traders of the past.","1","","2020-06-09 21:28:03","false",""
"Ugw-NZQlqg0pZ64Hgnd4AaABAg.99h5NBimtKP99hCP3IRZiD","S Ali","You just sound stupid","0","","2020-06-09 21:35:22","false",""
"Ugw-NZQlqg0pZ64Hgnd4AaABAg.99h5NBimtKP99hDgbqDIth","5888max","@Baba The statue was not erected  because he might have acted as a middle man between Black African sellers and White West Indian of a legal commodity , but because he used his fortune for the public good of his native city - How much has a low life like you done for anyone","1","","2020-06-09 21:46:38","false",""
"Ugw-NZQlqg0pZ64Hgnd4AaABAg.99h5NBimtKP99hEZZcD8B8","Baba","@5888max Happy to be a low life :)","0","","2020-06-09 21:54:16","false",""
"Ugw-NZQlqg0pZ64Hgnd4AaABAg.99h5NBimtKP99hFXjehm-d","5888max","@Baba Not news really- maybe the fact you admit it is a bit surprising","1","","2020-06-09 22:02:45","false",""
"Ugw-NZQlqg0pZ64Hgnd4AaABAg.99h5NBimtKP99hKTO_iU26","Baba","@5888max Nothing wrong with being humble once a while","0","","2020-06-09 22:45:51","false",""
"Ugw-NZQlqg0pZ64Hgnd4AaABAg.99h5NBimtKP99hLDtGLCHS","5888max","@Baba Indeed","0","","2020-06-09 22:52:28","false",""
"UgzgcRYFRsb1OCjEyvR4AaABAg","Iain Robb","They will soon turn into rioters. And these Marxist philistines won't be happy until our libraries and art galleries are ransacked, and our entire cultural heritage is razed to the ground.","2","0","2020-06-09 20:34:44","true",""
"UgygP4psj-xgAAtPcct4AaABAg","Judge Dredd","This is truly pathetic! A great lover of history I am and it upsets me that these militant morons show utter disrespect I mean what’s the point in getting rid of everything where do you stop? This is ridiculous!","14","10","2020-06-09 20:35:52","true",""
"UgygP4psj-xgAAtPcct4AaABAg.99h5aJ6Haiz99h6gMd0mVN","Pegasus44","Same buddy, history is of great interest to me too. All Countries have their dark periods in time and with the amount of foreign aid we've been sending abroad over the years, and the asylum seekrs we've taken in, I think the UK has more than made good any wrong-doings","6","","2020-06-09 20:45:26","false",""
"UgygP4psj-xgAAtPcct4AaABAg.99h5aJ6Haiz99hBunvnl7R","Judge Dredd","Inazuma I couldn’t of said it better myself mate agree 100%","3","","2020-06-09 21:31:05","false",""
"UgygP4psj-xgAAtPcct4AaABAg.99h5aJ6Haiz99hDe59NmrB","Pegasus44","@Judge Dredd Cheers fella, stay safe in these crazy times ; )","2","","2020-06-09 21:46:17","false",""
"UgygP4psj-xgAAtPcct4AaABAg.99h5aJ6Haiz99hLKkWTwvM","Kim Hind","History is my passion, and I for one think British history is immense and must not be forgotten for good or bad, these people are obsessed and are taking the murder of Mr Floyd to a new level in the UK.","3","","2020-06-09 22:53:25","false",""
"UgygP4psj-xgAAtPcct4AaABAg.99h5aJ6Haiz99hRnjNZdzF","Cheese Lord","I would like to know where they draw the line? Removing everything related to slavery? Are they going to destroy the Roman coliseum next? What about the Egyptian pyramids? These backwards spoilt brats need to get their priorities straight.","1","","2020-06-09 23:49:56","false",""
"UgygP4psj-xgAAtPcct4AaABAg.99h5aJ6Haiz99ikJRwhJOb","Chelsea For life","@Pegasus44 You destroyed countries. You looted countries before and you're upset your getting looted rn. Karma","0","","2020-06-10 11:59:40","false",""
"UgygP4psj-xgAAtPcct4AaABAg.99h5aJ6Haiz99lOxRYZJez","Cheese Lord","@Chelsea For life you're saying ""You"" in reference to this guy, let's be honest ""He"" didn't loot countries, what are you even talking about.","1","","2020-06-11 12:42:00","false",""
"UgygP4psj-xgAAtPcct4AaABAg.99h5aJ6Haiz99lPOu3QSDv","Chelsea For life","@Cheese Lord calm down I mde a mistkae","0","","2020-06-11 12:45:54","false",""
"UgygP4psj-xgAAtPcct4AaABAg.99h5aJ6Haiz99lPRGYUZpo","Chelsea For life","@Cheese Lord just replace you with GB then","0","","2020-06-11 12:46:13","false",""
"UgygP4psj-xgAAtPcct4AaABAg.99h5aJ6Haiz99lQ9hvOJ40","Cheese Lord","@Chelsea For life I am calm man, but you shouldn't make over simplistic assumptions and the argument that we are responsible for the actions of our ancestors but the rioters aren't responsible for there actions in the present is just ridiculous.","1","","2020-06-11 12:52:33","false",""
"UgxntuWD6VRCfvVVcj54AaABAg","The Scary Truth Catalyst","They want to destroy all British history. ANTIFA must fall!!","5","0","2020-06-09 20:36:44","true",""
"Ugzf6PsxJRzgGx-Lu1p4AaABAg","ClockWork","What a bunch of sad little pathetic creatures.","40","3","2020-06-09 20:37:53","true",""
"Ugzf6PsxJRzgGx-Lu1p4AaABAg.99h5p4gu8iu99ijN0pX-Gt","Chelsea For life","Ur pathetic fr supporting colonialists","0","","2020-06-10 11:51:25","false",""
"Ugzf6PsxJRzgGx-Lu1p4AaABAg.99h5p4gu8iu99ilAEcEEqR","Day Lily","Control freaks...Drama Queens...ignorant, emotional,  useless... incurable boils on the ass of humanity.","5","","2020-06-10 12:07:09","false",""
"Ugzf6PsxJRzgGx-Lu1p4AaABAg.99h5p4gu8iu99s43HYtmTw","Kazuichi Soda","Dont talk about yourself like that :)","1","","2020-06-14 02:54:08","false",""
"UgxbhrHgBpRy42ECI654AaABAg","Kelly kelly","So where are all the black people ?","1","0","2020-06-09 20:47:13","true",""
"Ugwok02VJnow2-epOtR4AaABAg","Echos Bunnywoman","Just a matter of time before the nationalists go on the defence.   I think the U.K. govt needs to wake up.  This could be the start of serious civil unrest .","14","0","2020-06-09 20:48:02","true",""
"UgxIJs7_NtlHTGW7InV4AaABAg","Echos Bunnywoman","If this isn’t fodder to cement the far right agenda then nothing is !  These snowflakes better get ready because there are generations of their elders who are flexing their nationalist muscles as we speak.  Get ready for the Robinson supporters !!!","3","0","2020-06-09 20:50:17","true",""
"UgyEAKKoLRI4NcoqhFJ4AaABAg","Arlyn Santiago","After black lives matters also white lives matters then Asian lives matters","4","1","2020-06-09 20:52:52","true",""
"UgyEAKKoLRI4NcoqhFJ4AaABAg.99h7XsrJGMv99hKfUfZYcj","Kim Hind","We all matter! These stupid people are possibly spreading a deadly virus.","1","","2020-06-09 22:47:39","false",""
"UgyYarlrgx6hiC_gsfR4AaABAg","ViCtoR 3-","Send in the tanks already and squash this virmin.","14","2","2020-06-09 20:56:23","true",""
"UgyYarlrgx6hiC_gsfR4AaABAg.99h7wbqzG0w99kq22YRijF","Juju Rellama","you bet.","1","","2020-06-11 07:28:12","false",""
"UgyYarlrgx6hiC_gsfR4AaABAg.99h7wbqzG0w99ouvFIhAeI","Dr. Sek. C","Yes!","0","","2020-06-12 21:27:47","false",""
"Ugw0mmIUMxxPqHw31Xp4AaABAg","Julian Small","Reparations now for the Israelites in slavery we are not Africans..but Israelites you did for japan and fake kharzarian caucasian converted Jewish people","1","0","2020-06-09 20:56:57","true",""
"Ugw9gk5eXc7liV_0KeZ4AaABAg","lotarus wing","blm never try to force city to lower living cost in order for average blacks to finally start new jobs from scratch rise up social ladder,blm never fix chicago too","1","0","2020-06-09 20:57:24","true",""
"UgzCRI6nnXD2PnvZxAx4AaABAg","Wendy Jones","Not many black people at this protest....aren’t they bothered?","9","5","2020-06-09 21:01:23","true",""
"UgzCRI6nnXD2PnvZxAx4AaABAg.99h8WBknTPC99hKwHB6Xqk","Matthew Donatiello","Just a bunch of pathetic white people","2","","2020-06-09 22:49:56","false",""
"UgzCRI6nnXD2PnvZxAx4AaABAg.99h8WBknTPC99hLXXCttD4","Tamara Tembo","Oh shut up these are fellow members of our human race standing in solidarity with black people. Stop dividing us. These next few generations of races will live in genuine harmony together and we can’t wait for you old bitter bags to die out.","1","","2020-06-09 22:55:09","false",""
"UgzCRI6nnXD2PnvZxAx4AaABAg.99h8WBknTPC99hOYYAQfZc","Gomes","Lot of Oyinbo white protest for Clout do get an excuse to go outside in Covid19","0","","2020-06-09 23:21:31","false",""
"UgzCRI6nnXD2PnvZxAx4AaABAg.99h8WBknTPC99mYs1x5Zem","Enzo Gaming","Tamara Tembo So its bad for people keeping their culture? BLM is very peaceful with their protests burning houses destroying everything BLM are terroritsts","0","","2020-06-11 23:27:54","false",""
"UgzCRI6nnXD2PnvZxAx4AaABAg.99h8WBknTPC99nxwr79BK8","Original DonGargon","@Enzo Gaming not everyone is there for the same reason. When edl marched, some were peaceful most weren't.","0","","2020-06-12 12:34:59","false",""
"UgwWLHkmhtkdthXgQL94AaABAg","Ricky Spanish","Institutional racisms going to make a big comeback, in western societies, these BLM morons have ripped a healing wound wide open.","34","3","2020-06-09 21:01:44","true",""
"UgwWLHkmhtkdthXgQL94AaABAg.99h8YmJ59dF99lvVnx2Sn1","THE LONDON CHANNEL","💯percent agree","0","","2020-06-11 17:35:12","false",""
"UgwWLHkmhtkdthXgQL94AaABAg.99h8YmJ59dF99nxjzpVqlL","Original DonGargon","It's actually coming to an more white privilege bro..😂😂😂","0","","2020-06-12 12:33:13","false",""
"UgwWLHkmhtkdthXgQL94AaABAg.99h8YmJ59dF9A0d-STOUTI","Tuco The rat","@Original DonGargon my whip is ready","0","","2020-06-17 20:01:20","false",""
"UgwfwTWW_lE_rT2Bi7p4AaABAg","WingsOfTruth","That’s not BLM. That’s clearly a cult!","27","1","2020-06-09 21:02:29","true",""
"UgwfwTWW_lE_rT2Bi7p4AaABAg.99h8dFbGPut99rM5HyisOv","Wendy Smith","Yes its Soros’s cult braindead zombie army shielded by the lefty MPs and MSM. Time you deselect these mps","0","","2020-06-13 20:12:27","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg","Mark Laverack","What a bunch of lazy selfish prats. Let's hope they all get covid and there is no way they should be treated by the NHS!!!!!","53","40","2020-06-09 21:03:50","true",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99hJB2xkm0F","C F","Easy to find them with all the selfies and recordings","5","","2020-06-09 22:34:37","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99hKTzSszw6","Day Lily","Message to rioters everywhere: Get off the dope, get off the dole, get off the couch, get a job.....get your dignity back. Remember when you used to have dignity and you were kind, happy, grateful, useful, productive, successful, and, damnit, people liked you! More importantly, YOU liked you. Ah, the good old days....can be recaptured. Grow up.","9","","2020-06-09 22:45:56","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99hKreyfWpU","catchfish205","Keep farting on here... ! They will remove all your glory... ! You can put Farage The Garage up .. and your childern will remove that Moron in 50 yrs time... LOL","1","","2020-06-09 22:49:18","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99hRp-RXYp5","Lesser Spotted Mugwump.","catchfish205 In 50 years time it will be statues of Bezos everywhere.","0","","2020-06-09 23:50:07","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99hWrX-etYc","Kim Hind","@Day Lily very accurate 👍","2","","2020-06-10 00:34:09","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99i5hW7UIyL","catchfish205","@Kim Hind << Expose to the world of you ignorance and hate...I bet you are spotted face, greasy skin and may be short..couldnt get of with a black guy ? so you are now resentful ......LOL Bad old times are not coming back... for coloured people.. The Native Whites.. should be worried ....when 50% of all births in UK will be NON Native White...and in 80 yrs Whites will be a Minority in UK.","1","","2020-06-10 05:56:05","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99iD_Da7-kx","Kim Hind","@catchfish205 I'm British and proud and will not apologise for it, get your head out your ar&e, and stop with the insults your showing your petty anger side very well, you are all a bunch of drones.","4","","2020-06-10 07:04:52","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99iEh-fOj9B","catchfish205","@Kim Hind << Be Proud.. but not how you have exploided the black people as slaves.. Angry.... I dont think you have seen anger yet... Give it time..Twats in UK .. I mean nazis cant argue... so carry on . Dont apologise.. YOUR white children are doing for you.. LOL Now I am happy they realise the wrong.. Oh trust me.. It will change... Change has already taken place in last 40 yrs... EMPIRE is gone... Get used to it... You see I have been polite to u all the way...Didnt once call you a Moron....","0","","2020-06-10 07:14:40","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99iLsB9DlRt","Kim Hind","@catchfish205 you really do need to grow up, just because I'm proud to be British doesn't mean I condone empire rule, all countries are guilty of huma ity crimes one way or another, you can't change the past, or replace it with society where being white proud and British is somehow a sin, I refuse to be dictated to by the likes of yourself.","2","","2020-06-10 08:17:21","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99ixqAAXEu5","Day Lily","@catchfish205   I'm confused. Why are so many of my black bros willingly submitting to the commands of a multitude of rich white privileged Communists to do evil. Bro, is your soul worth no more than a pile of stolen stuff and a handful of chemicals? Notice, Bros, YOU are the ones taking the risks...YOU are the ones who are still doing the step'n fetchit for a promised  social order YOU will never have a part in except to be used to agitate; YOU are the ones who have been pitifully paid through public funds to abandon creating families of your own depending on a Dad and Mom union instead of the Govt.; YOU are the ones encouraged by the left to murder your babies by abortion so that you will always be only 14% of the population in the US and easy for them to ignore....until an election.
 WAKE UP!! STOP KILLING YOUR BABIES!! STOP KILLING EACH OTHER!!","1","","2020-06-10 13:57:52","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99jIV3Pe8q_","Judge Dredd","catchfish205 you are the very definition of what is wrong with our country..","1","","2020-06-10 17:07:05","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99jiwv8bnXg","catchfish205","@Judge Dredd << Yeah... thats the problem.... Your existence is now in question...So I can see you being worried... LOL Next time you crawl out .. see if there is a corner shop  with a white person... or a fast food shop.. that you can recognise which sells white bread with lard... or go to a hospital.. to see a doctor.. who looks the same colour as you.... So I suggest you stay under the stone...","0","","2020-06-10 21:06:57","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99jjdAHCLfS","Judge Dredd","You need to lay off the wacky backi mate","2","","2020-06-10 21:13:00","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99jkfY0-Eat","catchfish205","@Judge Dredd << See Fuck Face.. never smoked anything in my life... not even a kipper....LOL Dont drink... even bottled water... Eat beans and fart in public... and look a old person standing next to me.. and pull faces at him.. Ever done that.. I regularly do that... LOL .. Lets face it.. You are bit twated... LOL","0","","2020-06-10 21:22:04","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99jlPeIMeQ-","Judge Dredd","catchfish205 time to go to sleep and take your meds night","2","","2020-06-10 21:28:30","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99joH63m2Aj","catchfish205","@Judge Dredd << Old man... You got your pronoun wrong... It should have read... time to go to sleep and take my meds... LOL Moron.. Your Empire is long gone.. and statue.. will be gone before Xmas.... LOL get your photos on the Brownie....","0","","2020-06-10 21:53:32","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99jrCN52pjC","Judge Dredd","catchfish205 why..... do you.... talk like this.... it gives the impression... that your <<<<NUTS... LOL","1","","2020-06-10 22:19:06","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99kq47qcY97","Juju Rellama","if there is a Covid that is","0","","2020-06-11 07:28:29","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99lwHMuurKs","Enzo Gaming","Yesss Pls Covid help us teach thise eggheads what they get for ruining british history","0","","2020-06-11 17:41:58","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99tBfKw8A0i","Natty Lee Carter","@catchfish205 yawn....","0","","2020-06-14 13:19:52","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99tBlKLuWz9","Natty Lee Carter","@catchfish205 you cannot even spell correctly. Chop!","1","","2020-06-14 13:20:41","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99tBrD0qCxV","Natty Lee Carter","@Kim Hind horrid little specimen that catfish. Just on here to cause trouble.","1","","2020-06-14 13:21:29","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99tBzt8ciiL","Natty Lee Carter","@catchfish205 I hope you do not live in the UK? If you do not like the way he UK is run then leave. Simple.","1","","2020-06-14 13:22:40","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99tCQMaSDaH","Natty Lee Carter","@catchfish205 cretin.","0","","2020-06-14 13:26:25","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99tCrludWwx","Natty Lee Carter","@catchfish205 I'm watching GONE WITH THE WIND right now. Mammy.... My favourite movie!","1","","2020-06-14 13:30:18","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99tCu63h5md","catchfish205","@Natty Lee Carter << So what is upseting you ? my spelling or my thoughts... you smelly Twat..  you didnt get your black rod","1","","2020-06-14 13:30:37","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99tCz9tbkAH","Natty Lee Carter","@Day Lily perfectly put.","1","","2020-06-14 13:31:19","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99tDAu7TLIk","catchfish205","@Judge Dredd << LOL.. Nuts ! thats the best you can do...LOL","0","","2020-06-14 13:33:03","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99tDHm1hsHw","catchfish205","@Natty Lee Carter << So you do have a smelly twat... LOL","0","","2020-06-14 13:33:59","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99tDvyjlruM","catchfish205","@Natty Lee Carter << Smelly Twat.. it is Catchfish.. not Catfish.. What a fucking Moron.. spelling... Smelly Twat","0","","2020-06-14 13:39:37","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99tE88Kefwy","catchfish205","@Natty Lee Carter << Lets see.. if I can get Google to index you as Smelly Twat.. Now that will be something you can be proud of... Smelly Twat.","0","","2020-06-14 13:41:25","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99tEwb0PBn7","Natty Lee Carter","@catchfish205 NORMAN NO MATES","0","","2020-06-14 13:48:26","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99tFB4Ry9NK","catchfish205","@Kim Hind << LOL... Churchill.. he is in a box .. a Pakistani Mayor ... Boxed him up...LOL That must annoy you. What about your Son peeing on this Policeman's Memorial...? You should not let him out next saturaday... Oh.. sorry he is Jail... Ok","0","","2020-06-14 13:50:33","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99tG3ep-oDp","Kim Hind","@catchfish205 grow up sado 😁","0","","2020-06-14 13:58:17","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99tHYBL4iS3","catchfish205","@Kim Hind << LOL so what about Churchill being boarded up outside the House...","0","","2020-06-14 14:11:11","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99tHlQLTbb-","catchfish205","@Natty Lee Carter << Smelly..Kipper Twat... what do u say about Churchill boarded up by a Pakistani Mayor.. LOL He ..Churchill will never see daylight again... Does it upset you ? Nazi.. ?","0","","2020-06-14 14:13:07","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99tKP2zoi4n","Kim Hind","@catchfish205 what about it!? Winnie will always be admired by me... Boarded up or not.","0","","2020-06-14 14:36:09","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99tKoZy5tqF","catchfish205","@Kim Hind << So all your fellow Nazis agree with you ?","0","","2020-06-14 14:39:46","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99tN-EY5KuB","Kim Hind","@catchfish205 you really need to go and have a play with yourself... Take your anger out on something else 😁","0","","2020-06-14 14:58:50","false",""
"UgxGLP302T8nMfG_6MN4AaABAg.99h8n6GbqCP99tNjCPYmqz","catchfish205","@Kim Hind << I dont have to... I have a very nice lady...I feel sorry for you... You forgot to answer the question.. So all your fellow Nazis agree with you ? Answer pls","0","","2020-06-14 15:05:15","false",""
"UgxZa8iwR_vMKLwYjs54AaABAg","Matt Reynolds","George Floyd was killed by a cop in the U.S, why are BLM causing riots in the UK? The UK had nothing to do with Floyd's death! Why should innocent UK taxpayers foot the bill for damages caused by rioters? Do you it's fair to damage statutes?","15","3","2020-06-09 21:06:50","true",""
"UgxZa8iwR_vMKLwYjs54AaABAg.99h986P9DDr99hBXl5v2uI","Gail Hickman","Cos it's any excuse.They'll be pulling up the road surfaces next cos they're made of black tarmac!","5","","2020-06-09 21:27:48","false",""
"UgxZa8iwR_vMKLwYjs54AaABAg.99h986P9DDr99hGY3vqpZP","Matt Reynolds","@Gail Hickman lol","1","","2020-06-09 22:11:32","false",""
"UgxZa8iwR_vMKLwYjs54AaABAg.99h986P9DDr99hJvnP46Lz","Kim Hind","Because they've been lying around idol for to long and this has give them a perfect excuse to jump on a band wagon.","2","","2020-06-09 22:41:08","false",""
"Ugyr6JRiJ5Xr3EstfCp4AaABAg","TradeBy Nature","We burning down Buckingham palace next","2","0","2020-06-09 21:12:03","true",""
"Ugw7c5a9K9ta12VSbUd4AaABAg","Gail Hickman","This is pathetic! This is part of British history, which cannot be changed. If ya don't like it, bugga off to somewhere else in the world, (preferably a deserted island).","11","1","2020-06-09 21:12:31","true",""
"Ugw7c5a9K9ta12VSbUd4AaABAg.99h9mlKm5Fa99hCBBlF155","S Ali","Uk is an island","0","","2020-06-09 21:33:28","false",""
"UgwghJWDLZA2pPanD2p4AaABAg","Robeight","Far left Marxists abusing the situation.","23","0","2020-06-09 21:16:58","true",""
"UgzZa_UwHlyZjYaNRpx4AaABAg","freddie b burkinshaw","Attacking Winston Churchill  statue is a bit much! If it wasnt for Churchill and we had lost the war to hitler I dont think many ethnic minority people would be here to march let alone aloud too!!!","16","1","2020-06-09 21:20:25","true",""
"UgzZa_UwHlyZjYaNRpx4AaABAg.99hAgcsHo3399hBEJNbE-v","Gail Hickman","Well said!!!","3","","2020-06-09 21:25:09","false",""
"UgzlBeuko6zD85GFcGB4AaABAg","Peter Terrell","BLM isn't what the words say.
It has the power of Satan walking up and down in the earth seeing whom he can consume.
Are we going to desecrate graves and statues just because there was some remote link to something we don't like, don't do today?
How about John Newton around 1725?  He was a slaver - so do we stop singing and remove ""Amazing Grace"" from our hymn books and cease to sing it on football fields?
The guy whose statue was pulled down in Bristol has current funding for schools and social work for poor people.  Why aren't the good works of Colston trumpeted in the press - it's almost as if they want to incite rioting rather than put a peace on the situation.","1","0","2020-06-09 21:25:04","true",""
"UgxdXFiK0kz_b9WigKl4AaABAg","omar sharif","Where will all this end.Badly if its not stopped.","6","0","2020-06-09 21:25:42","true",""
"UgwMZNRwsYPSp5XMvKl4AaABAg","Lawrence Miller","Rubbing out history- that is what Hitler tried to do. Fascists or Communists here","65","7","2020-06-09 21:27:30","true",""
"UgwMZNRwsYPSp5XMvKl4AaABAg.99hBVT9NMGy99hnQ9nJGm7","Angelccyn King","It's communists and Marxists who do these type of things. 
All part of their socialist revolution.

Marxism and fascism are similar so I can understand why you said fascists. 

I have to correct you about Adolf though because when he returned to Berlin after world war one, the communists was tearing down German statues, and he didn't like it one bit, he did have a sense of pride about the military and German history. 
I know as a politician he was leading from the front like rallies but I wouldn't compare it to erasing national history,","2","","2020-06-10 03:07:33","false",""
"UgwMZNRwsYPSp5XMvKl4AaABAg.99hBVT9NMGy99iPT0pJoXH","HarryGoldfarbs GangrenousArm","Hitler, however insane and monstrous he became, was a necessary evil. When are you going to wake up? Victors write the history books, but he uncovered this plot before we had a chance to even conceive of it. The Zionvision is what emotionally hardwired you to deafen your ears to his warning. Now the future is this.","4","","2020-06-10 08:48:44","false",""
"UgwMZNRwsYPSp5XMvKl4AaABAg.99hBVT9NMGy99iWEA0OL_f","Fresno Bob","Isis also do this.","2","","2020-06-10 09:47:52","false",""
"UgwMZNRwsYPSp5XMvKl4AaABAg.99hBVT9NMGy99j_SSE_JR4","『ι ∂ση'т яєα∂ яєρℓιєѕ』","At least Hitler wouldn't have stood for these clowns.","2","","2020-06-10 19:44:01","false",""
"UgwMZNRwsYPSp5XMvKl4AaABAg.99hBVT9NMGy99nGKNm1avu","Bretthart Aquino","But fascism is more of nationalist so I doubt that they want that statues to be destroyed.","0","","2020-06-12 06:05:07","false",""
"UgwMZNRwsYPSp5XMvKl4AaABAg.99hBVT9NMGy99nGavh5jM4","Bretthart Aquino","@Angelccyn King  I am not sure about the difference of fascism and nazism is fascism is extreme nationalist while nazism is focusing on cultural and race. Not sure about the definition but I think nazism and fascism is not the same.","0","","2020-06-12 06:07:31","false",""
"UgwMZNRwsYPSp5XMvKl4AaABAg.99hBVT9NMGy99rxwT88URY","Witterboo","@Bretthart Aquino Ofcourse it's not the same.
Nazism is ""complete"" ideology. It's almost like a centric cult of ""Ubermensch"". Pure blood and race above others. And it's hard to compare to nationalism. Nationalism is about nation, not race.
Fascism is just a political system.
 In 1930's Germany both were deeply connected.
That's why its hard to see the difference, and for the same reason it's so easy for communists to swap definitions whenever they need. 
Its sad to say, but people are not aware what they are talking about if they can't see the difference between such different definitions...","1","","2020-06-14 01:51:53","false",""
"UgylzimO2B214FFN-al4AaABAg","freddie b burkinshaw","If it wasnt for Churchill you can only imagine then if Hitler had won and he would then go onto have the atom bomb how would the world look now! if it was up to that evil idiot There would only be one race ! So rather than hate Churchill we should really thank him that where still here to  demonstrate at all","1","0","2020-06-09 21:27:38","true",""
"Ugyp8h4i0amvKSV7pMV4AaABAg","Maria Lee","See the statue you're pulling down they are our relatives pulling down owl statues how dare you come to this country and disrespect it like that you don't have the right to do that to those statues were here 20 Generations before your generation even exhausted here how dare you pull down old English and values what would happen if I went to India and pull-down Vishnu or Buddha would that not be disrespectful disgusting","9","2","2020-06-09 21:38:17","true",""
"Ugyp8h4i0amvKSV7pMV4AaABAg.99hCjWylbLh99ijsUpI0Zu","Chelsea For life","Vishnu or Buddha didn't starve people like Churchill. Learn your facts","0","","2020-06-10 11:55:51","false",""
"Ugyp8h4i0amvKSV7pMV4AaABAg.99hCjWylbLh99kxJMQWSkZ","Chelsea For life","@Lea Anne Yes everyone's history has good and bad, its just that Churchill's Negative history isn't taught anywhere in our schools","0","","2020-06-11 08:31:44","false",""
"UgycuaVv7WM9bhVJsQx4AaABAg","Afghan","Can't wait for them to demand African leaders apologise for their role in slavery.","17","1","2020-06-09 21:38:45","true",""
"UgycuaVv7WM9bhVJsQx4AaABAg.99hCmrISxqB99kq8vRl7u6","Juju Rellama","they also wont blame the Arabs","1","","2020-06-11 07:29:08","false",""
"Ugy6Xu4znl2UFThrGTF4AaABAg","emperor kinghead","British live matter/BLM","1","0","2020-06-09 21:44:08","true",""
"UgxNUwUbatPTPQHU0Dp4AaABAg","emperor kinghead","BLM-british life matters","0","0","2020-06-09 21:44:29","true",""
"Ugw-Vx5PT3X6GCJToex4AaABAg","Matthias Walker","Good social distancing","0","0","2020-06-09 21:45:08","true",""
"UgwTJ2EYddnp7TRdnWp4AaABAg","emperor kinghead","BLM/BRiTisH L Matter","0","0","2020-06-09 21:45:13","true",""
"UgwMFF1gWvO3QYjpE8x4AaABAg","emperor kinghead","This is Social Distance we can see& witnessed/.","0","0","2020-06-09 21:46:03","true",""
"Ugx3p__KSSsYNq4CVIB4AaABAg","emperor kinghead","Fantastic gathering/with out any infection/.","0","0","2020-06-09 21:46:41","true",""
"UgxjM9Pti4nEbfQ3RpZ4AaABAg","emperor kinghead","Will infection/virus can Spread from here/.","2","0","2020-06-09 21:47:22","true",""
"UgyNRIfy8bZ6OsmlC-B4AaABAg","5888max","The statue was not erected  because he might have acted as a middle man between Black African sellers and White West Indian buyers  of a legal commodity , but because he used his fortune for the public good of his native city","7","1","2020-06-09 21:47:26","true",""
"UgyNRIfy8bZ6OsmlC-B4AaABAg.99hDmU7YwNV99kqb101G-X","Juju Rellama","a legal commodity hehe,","0","","2020-06-11 07:33:07","false",""
"UgxzACeGYmrYSd-eRXN4AaABAg","emperor kinghead","Risk of virus/.","2","0","2020-06-09 21:47:35","true",""
"Ugw0w3FclGDOqndf12p4AaABAg","emperor kinghead","Spread all over Country from here/.","1","0","2020-06-09 21:48:10","true",""
"UgxG0fZw03yq_31v97x4AaABAg","emperor kinghead","Free to pass infection from here/.many will catch","2","0","2020-06-09 21:48:58","true",""
"Ugzp61W9zkTAIzrfTqt4AaABAg","Day Lily","Actually, Rhodes was no friend of liberty. Look at who usually are awarded RHODES scholars. Oh, please, let them eat their own. This mob IS what Democracy looks like and this is why America is a REPUBLIC, not a Democracy. Listen to the mindless fools eagerly submitting to Fearless Leader. What's next..get on your knees in the I'm-ready-to-be- beheaded-now-because-I'm-so- damned-white-sorry-how-the-hell-did-that-happen position? Try singing this and see how fast your welcome wears out: Hey, hey...Ho, ho... this flagellating has got to go!","2","0","2020-06-09 21:59:43","true",""
"Ugy9oH7cynlDf46jPB14AaABAg","林湘涵","Wuhan virous had transformed into a hair on June 9th. It transformed a mosquito or fly or moth in May.","1","0","2020-06-09 22:07:57","true",""
"UgyVwEg2dbqRdG28lCt4AaABAg","Simon Law","The Spirit of Cecil Rhodes is calling for these people to get off the streets, stop spreading disease, do some work and aspire to being a first prize winner in the lottery of life.","4","0","2020-06-09 22:10:28","true",""
"UgyJNAKbc8TWaf-1id54AaABAg","David Dodds","Protesters please stop your bullshiter! 🤮","1","0","2020-06-09 22:11:54","true",""
"UgyNDAXkCCbetERhvaB4AaABAg","Jack Black","Always a very small ignorant minority, will protest.","50","1","2020-06-09 22:14:21","true",""
"UgyNDAXkCCbetERhvaB4AaABAg.99hGrfODDLB99rM7JysGKQ","Wendy Smith","And get away with it","0","","2020-06-13 20:12:43","false",""
"UgwmjdGCmxzBEnPFzGh4AaABAg","Iazzaboyce","A bunch of likeminded people making their demands prevail by force is not democracy.","27","2","2020-06-09 22:16:38","true",""
"UgwmjdGCmxzBEnPFzGh4AaABAg.99hH7MD6GUD99ikI5YtL3D","Day Lily","Oh, but it is. Democracy means people rule, mob rule, majority in a posse: a dozen or so guys out to catch and hang the accused, guilty or not.  Or a street mob, like going on now, burning and looting and hurting people. In a REPUBLIC, it's rule by law...striving to settle the matter in court to determine guilt or innocence of the accused BEFORE being punished or set free. Rule by the changing emotional whims of the bigger  gang or rule by fixed law...what serves society best?","1","","2020-06-10 11:59:29","false",""
"UgwmjdGCmxzBEnPFzGh4AaABAg.99hH7MD6GUD99kR-50pASP","Ed Wood","@Day Lily Democracy works within the law and with a justice system. This was a lynching not a legitimate 'hanging'. This was minority mob rule.. A large mob maybe but nowhere near a majority.","3","","2020-06-11 03:40:36","false",""
"UgxywE_wdMLnJzinjIp4AaABAg","Will Scott","Take a look at the BLM website to see what they really stand for, definitely not what the majority in our fair and just democracy wants","21","0","2020-06-09 22:22:07","true",""
"UgxSM5rjRG6YR3Kg9P54AaABAg","Stoil Saev","As i suspected.
A bunch of  white privilege ignorant people ho only exchange opinions based on personal emotion.
And don't worry my brother's, I'm am also white but here's the difference..
Only people and nations ho never have been slaves or repressed by other people have the privilege to speak with such ignorante about history and facts.
Don't worry it's not your fault, you have been brought this way.
I was like you as well, but i wish more of you took the time to educate yourself and open and normal human discussion.
This is not Just a protest for removing a statue from a building.
This is a small change towards equal future.","0","0","2020-06-09 22:29:08","true",""
"UgwyFZqleSNhNqqK5uN4AaABAg","lemmieatit","Two strong men can take down Cecil Rhodes statue and while being 6 feet apart.  RHODES MUST GO!","0","1","2020-06-09 22:38:55","true",""
"UgwyFZqleSNhNqqK5uN4AaABAg.99hJfVPkpm199hNAGP0DRc","G G","lemmieatit the native Brits disagree","1","","2020-06-09 23:09:27","false",""
"UgxwdA8sHvzjHNtAxMV4AaABAg","Sean McCormick","These fools must have the smallest brain ever if they think they’re fooling everybody.....acting like victims.....down with blm and long live the police!! 🚨🚔😎🇺🇸","2","0","2020-06-09 22:43:16","true",""
"UgxA9aesUMPxv3GXuYF4AaABAg","just kim","You cannot re-write history to suit your own narrative !!!!","7","0","2020-06-09 22:47:01","true",""
"Ugw-dpkBBSL58yqKGzV4AaABAg","K Thomas","Numbskull sheep, with nothing better to do. I wanna throw up all over them!","10","1","2020-06-09 22:47:46","true",""
"Ugw-dpkBBSL58yqKGzV4AaABAg.99hKgMArTh799hMdZbh7rj","jacob mand","sat 13 th june 2020 10 am churchills memorial","1","","2020-06-09 23:04:51","false",""
"UgxPRpzpYAlewg1SjM54AaABAg","Machiave11i","The Great Reset. Destroy everything from the past; it's not useful anymore to the new world ideology. This is completely disgusting.","3","0","2020-06-09 22:49:40","true",""
"UgzgUVqkMT2Ytq-_nC14AaABAg","Flex Pex","I thought rascism didn't exist in england. Why are brits protesting a local crime in us?","2","1","2020-06-09 22:52:17","true",""
"UgzgUVqkMT2Ytq-_nC14AaABAg.99hLCPNc14z99kqtd5ora7","Juju Rellama","they are all bored it seems,","0","","2020-06-11 07:35:39","false",""
"UgxQ4I5w5mfL04v-wYx4AaABAg","Kim Hind","I love British history, good and bad, because its simply that HISTORY, and it'll take more then a bunch of obsessed band wagon jumpers to change my mind.","15","2","2020-06-09 22:59:15","true",""
"UgxQ4I5w5mfL04v-wYx4AaABAg.99hM-QbdOPb99j7VrBvHs7","Pegasus44","Good on you Kim, Great Britain has much to be proud of ; )","0","","2020-06-10 15:31:05","false",""
"UgxQ4I5w5mfL04v-wYx4AaABAg.99hM-QbdOPb99kotqNrNsM","Dave Lee Williams","Hear hear","0","","2020-06-11 07:18:12","false",""
"UgyZ8xPcaBaomlKzdxF4AaABAg","Bob Harris","Idiots","2","0","2020-06-09 23:01:23","true",""
"UgyGCOd6NosHX51CBLZ4AaABAg","Eddiek","It's all very well having these protests  that's fine, people have the right to protest peacefully, what they dont have is the right to protest violently. 
Pulling statues down does not really serve any purpose. The figures that these statues portray are a part of a country's history. Whether what these people did was right or wrong in the past, they still form a part of our country's history.
Every country in the world has parts of their own history that they would rather sweep under the carpet.
But that's what history is, a combination of good events and the not so good events.
These statues educate people, it makes them want to find out more about a person and what their background was.
Racism has been around since the world has been turning. It's just like wars etc, that have a habit of repeating themselves and man not willing to learn from past mistakes.
It's just unfortunate that it will always be around..","6","3","2020-06-09 23:04:12","true",""
"UgyGCOd6NosHX51CBLZ4AaABAg.99hMZfvxLly99lwSXciF9B","Enzo Gaming","Yes man you are 100% right we need more people in the country like you to show BLM people that the world isn’t only about them","1","","2020-06-11 17:43:29","false",""
"UgyGCOd6NosHX51CBLZ4AaABAg.99hMZfvxLly99mB6jaAP_0","Eddiek","@Enzo Gaming @ Alex Rood.. Thank you for your comment. 
Yes, instead of taking it out on a statue, maybe the first important port of call would be to take a look at themselves..😎👍👍","1","","2020-06-11 20:00:19","false",""
"UgyGCOd6NosHX51CBLZ4AaABAg.99hMZfvxLly99mFmvKFyo0","Enzo Gaming","Eddiek Yes 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻","1","","2020-06-11 20:41:10","false",""
"UgyMGusMSKlLVI9Tqo54AaABAg","Serkan Çavuşoğlu","I dont know why they keep these statues, this is a disgrace to have a statue of slave traders. Britain has a bad history.  :-/","0","21","2020-06-09 23:06:31","true",""
"UgyMGusMSKlLVI9Tqo54AaABAg.99hMpjdY5XM99hNRsBJDaw","G G","Serkan Çavuşoğlu too many non Brits have too much to say, yet so many want to live here, they can leave","7","","2020-06-09 23:11:52","false",""
"UgyMGusMSKlLVI9Tqo54AaABAg.99hMpjdY5XM99hOltPGqsC","Kim Hind","Britain has a great history and that's the good and the bad, its my country's HISTORY, you know past, actually in the past? I love my country as I'm sure other nations love theirs.","3","","2020-06-09 23:23:28","false",""
"UgyMGusMSKlLVI9Tqo54AaABAg.99hMpjdY5XM99hQhO1zp2_","Serkan Çavuşoğlu","@G G Why would they leave? Britain stole these countries wealth and still stealing, so they have right to live in Britain.","0","","2020-06-09 23:40:20","false",""
"UgyMGusMSKlLVI9Tqo54AaABAg.99hMpjdY5XM99hTdFgehar","G G","Serkan Çavuşoğlu the British empire was built on trade. If the U.K. is so bad why live here? I suggest ‘these’ people you refer to sort their own countries out!","3","","2020-06-10 00:05:59","false",""
"UgyMGusMSKlLVI9Tqo54AaABAg.99hMpjdY5XM99hzX3jd_vI","Serkan Çavuşoğlu","@G G Oh it was and slave trade is one of them what Britain did in the past. As i said people are living here just because their countries had been robbed there is nothing left in their countries anymore and you cant deny it, lets deal with it.","0","","2020-06-10 04:53:21","false",""
"UgyMGusMSKlLVI9Tqo54AaABAg.99hMpjdY5XM99iElh9_3Ik","G G","Serkan Çavuşoğlu utter rubbish, the Arabs were the big slave traders and many Africans were involved in selling slaves. The British abolished the slave trade,  Arabs were still trading in slaves until the 1930s and running the largest trade routes. India still has bonded slaves and a cast system. The British were a force for good in the world, building infrastructure, hospitals, railways which doesn’t fit your narrative and you know it.","0","","2020-06-10 07:15:18","false",""
"UgyMGusMSKlLVI9Tqo54AaABAg.99hMpjdY5XM99iF42Sv1AW","G G","Serkan Çavuşoğlu where are you from?","0","","2020-06-10 07:17:57","false",""
"UgyMGusMSKlLVI9Tqo54AaABAg.99hMpjdY5XM99iLAJwrjeA","Serkan Çavuşoğlu","@G G All of these dont change the reality of british slave trade history. Imperialist British brought nothing but genocides and slavery where they arrived 😅 And they stole everything they find in other countries. I love British culture but we cant deny the past. Btw. i am from the EU.","0","","2020-06-10 08:11:14","false",""
"UgyMGusMSKlLVI9Tqo54AaABAg.99hMpjdY5XM99iMiYWEleY","G G","Serkan Çavuşoğlu genocide and looting from where?","0","","2020-06-10 08:24:47","false",""
"UgyMGusMSKlLVI9Tqo54AaABAg.99hMpjdY5XM99iMnxWwJnm","G G","Serkan Çavuşoğlu when did Turkey/ Albania join the EU?","0","","2020-06-10 08:25:31","false",""
"UgyMGusMSKlLVI9Tqo54AaABAg.99hMpjdY5XM99iNI3i7tmo","Serkan Çavuşoğlu","@G G Haha i have dual citizenship i am mixed and its none of your business, i am from a country that hasnt got a genocide and slavery history.","0","","2020-06-10 08:29:46","false",""
"UgyMGusMSKlLVI9Tqo54AaABAg.99hMpjdY5XM99iNTdy_Hw9","Serkan Çavuşoğlu","@G G Many places, what kind of british are you? Dont you know your great history?","0","","2020-06-10 08:31:21","false",""
"UgyMGusMSKlLVI9Tqo54AaABAg.99hMpjdY5XM99iPQSInwP-","G G","Serkan Çavuşoğlu that sounds like a country with no roads or hospitals not built by Europeans and if it’s so good why did you leave and choose to live in the land of such an oppressor?","0","","2020-06-10 08:48:23","false",""
"UgyMGusMSKlLVI9Tqo54AaABAg.99hMpjdY5XM99iPfak5pQ9","G G","Serkan Çavuşoğlu January 2021 Repatriation (new immigration rules)","0","","2020-06-10 08:50:35","false",""
"UgyMGusMSKlLVI9Tqo54AaABAg.99hMpjdY5XM99iQ90rcc5M","Serkan Çavuşoğlu","@G G Who told you im living in the UK?  And the country i am from is has one of the best quality of life in the world and Europe, dont worry about me dude.","0","","2020-06-10 08:54:45","false",""
"UgyMGusMSKlLVI9Tqo54AaABAg.99hMpjdY5XM99iQJzArfXM","Serkan Çavuşoğlu","@G G Who cares?","0","","2020-06-10 08:56:14","false",""
"UgyMGusMSKlLVI9Tqo54AaABAg.99hMpjdY5XM99iRBleFzmc","G G","Serkan Çavuşoğlu you’ve already revealed you’re in the U.K. and you’re from a country hate!","0","","2020-06-10 09:03:51","false",""
"UgyMGusMSKlLVI9Tqo54AaABAg.99hMpjdY5XM99iRVuc6d7e","Serkan Çavuşoğlu","@G G I didnt say i am living in the UK , i said i am from the EU. And plus i dont hate the UK, i have British friends and i like them.","0","","2020-06-10 09:06:36","false",""
"UgyMGusMSKlLVI9Tqo54AaABAg.99hMpjdY5XM99k79vbT6TL","Hannah Smirnoff","Germany does not have a statue for Adolf or anyone from the third reich.","0","","2020-06-11 00:47:19","false",""
"UgyMGusMSKlLVI9Tqo54AaABAg.99hMpjdY5XM99kjr7vO5dU","G G","Hannah Smirnoff Germany is embarrassed by its history as it murdered millions of people to dominate the world, Britain was a force for good.","0","","2020-06-11 06:34:09","false",""
"UgyMGusMSKlLVI9Tqo54AaABAg.99hMpjdY5XM99kkVpANNrR","Serkan Çavuşoğlu","@Hannah Smirnoff and so? What did you answer for?","0","","2020-06-11 06:39:50","false",""
"UgxpOdKoqk12xS5UYf94AaABAg","Ali Mohammad","Is BLM a new cult of stalin? 😞","4","0","2020-06-09 23:09:26","true",""
"UgzsFlkxjLzpv_116MZ4AaABAg","Cooper Smith From London","BLM. London loves you guys","0","0","2020-06-09 23:10:01","true",""
"Ugzs09pII8ak21UtaZx4AaABAg","Gomes","BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter BLACK LIFE Matter Remember KUNTA kINTE years are over","0","0","2020-06-09 23:12:05","true",""
"UgwnOp5oV65F8zQC7pt4AaABAg","Harrison G","Well done to the public and police protecting Churchill🇬🇧","150","28","2020-06-09 23:14:17","true",""
"UgwnOp5oV65F8zQC7pt4AaABAg.99hNialSFlQ99hO1NG6e5J","101010101 _","You wanker","5","","2020-06-09 23:16:59","false",""
"UgwnOp5oV65F8zQC7pt4AaABAg.99hNialSFlQ99hOFqlluQO","Nivek Nossam","Hope they replace the statues they remove with more of Churchill.","53","","2020-06-09 23:18:58","false",""
"UgwnOp5oV65F8zQC7pt4AaABAg.99hNialSFlQ99hOhpMC4-Z","Sheep","@Nivek Nossam hopefully. I like seeing the far left cry.","25","","2020-06-09 23:22:55","false",""
"UgwnOp5oV65F8zQC7pt4AaABAg.99hNialSFlQ99hOiip762W","LAZARLYNX","@Nivek Nossam should be a statue of churchil in every city in england","37","","2020-06-09 23:23:02","false",""
"UgwnOp5oV65F8zQC7pt4AaABAg.99hNialSFlQ99hOkd45b_z","Freitas","💩💩💩💩💩💩💩","1","","2020-06-09 23:23:18","false",""
"UgwnOp5oV65F8zQC7pt4AaABAg.99hNialSFlQ99hPElpEtKh","Andrew Waugh","this is his fault","3","","2020-06-09 23:27:33","false",""
"UgwnOp5oV65F8zQC7pt4AaABAg.99hNialSFlQ99hPHN1ZO1-","Gary Fryer","@101010101 _ Your the wankerw!!","16","","2020-06-09 23:27:54","false",""
"UgwnOp5oV65F8zQC7pt4AaABAg.99hNialSFlQ99hPx3Grw1w","British Patriot","Nivek Nossam probably be some poor immigrants that loved of benefits for donkeys years","6","","2020-06-09 23:33:44","false",""
"UgwnOp5oV65F8zQC7pt4AaABAg.99hNialSFlQ99hPxsN1r_a","shamanic states","@LAZARLYNX why?..","2","","2020-06-09 23:33:51","false",""
"UgwnOp5oV65F8zQC7pt4AaABAg.99hNialSFlQ99hQR0pi1SZ","Simon Ci","So maybe white can say: Black people are reminder of slavery. All no white should be removed from UK. What about that mr Black?","5","","2020-06-09 23:37:58","false",""
"UgwnOp5oV65F8zQC7pt4AaABAg.99hNialSFlQ99hR-Evh4UB","Connor Gouge","Yeah they should keep Churchill wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him","10","","2020-06-09 23:42:54","false",""
"UgwnOp5oV65F8zQC7pt4AaABAg.99hNialSFlQ99hR1g09DlS","out of the trash","@LAZARLYNX in almost every country. On the one hand the left complain that soldiers from other races should be remembered when we thi k of the 2nd world war, and then they want to tear down the statue of the man who's side they were on.","5","","2020-06-09 23:43:14","false",""
"UgwnOp5oV65F8zQC7pt4AaABAg.99hNialSFlQ99hRCy9keEH","out of the trash","@101010101 _ you want to be but never will be - important.","4","","2020-06-09 23:44:47","false",""
"UgwnOp5oV65F8zQC7pt4AaABAg.99hNialSFlQ99hRZgqJV_o","Boxing Technique Videos","It's only a matter of time before Churchill comes da fuq down 🤣😂😂","2","","2020-06-09 23:47:53","false",""
"UgwnOp5oV65F8zQC7pt4AaABAg.99hNialSFlQ99hRZzXfKP0","Tomisinnn","@British Patriot the uk is nothing without 'immigrants"". all u grow is potatoes and make teas and all of u guys are either drug addicts and teenage mom lmaoo","3","","2020-06-09 23:47:55","false",""
"UgwnOp5oV65F8zQC7pt4AaABAg.99hNialSFlQ99hReK8i-gr","Daniel Whyatt","It was about time they got out there and actually protected something of our culture.","7","","2020-06-09 23:48:39","false",""
"UgwnOp5oV65F8zQC7pt4AaABAg.99hNialSFlQ99hSKmUa2BV","shamanic states","@Tomisinnn let me guess a yank?....","5","","2020-06-09 23:54:35","false",""
"UgwnOp5oV65F8zQC7pt4AaABAg.99hNialSFlQ99hSbURFC_x","jacob mand","@Daniel Whyatt come there sat 13 th 10 am churchill","0","","2020-06-09 23:57:00","false",""
"UgwnOp5oV65F8zQC7pt4AaABAg.99hNialSFlQ99hpABtugJ2","Aaron cousins","@Simon Ci thats their end goal anyway. And i think the meet on saturday says people arent okay with it","0","","2020-06-10 03:22:51","false",""
"UgwnOp5oV65F8zQC7pt4AaABAg.99hNialSFlQ99iAX7moM4D","121finalfantasy","@101010101 _ you're the wanker here traitor","1","","2020-06-10 06:38:13","false",""
"UgwnOp5oV65F8zQC7pt4AaABAg.99hNialSFlQ99iR7Ey2x2W","abc def","@101010101 _ go an get a tissue as you're feelings are hurt little boy","2","","2020-06-10 09:03:14","false",""
"UgwnOp5oV65F8zQC7pt4AaABAg.99hNialSFlQ99iRBU1-x95","Mr T","101010101 _ only wanker here is you mate","1","","2020-06-10 09:03:49","false",""
"UgwnOp5oV65F8zQC7pt4AaABAg.99hNialSFlQ99iTf2t18-n","Cyril Sneer","The police allowed his statue to be desecrated multiple times.","1","","2020-06-10 09:25:28","false",""
"UgwnOp5oV65F8zQC7pt4AaABAg.99hNialSFlQ99iUB54kN2s","herc20000","@Boxing Technique Videos Yeah, when they bringing down all the mosques, I mean it was Muslims who created slavery!!!!!","2","","2020-06-10 09:29:59","false",""
"UgwnOp5oV65F8zQC7pt4AaABAg.99hNialSFlQ99iqPXGtYYv","Harry Clark","101010101 _ Your the wanker, you disrespectful selfish man","1","","2020-06-10 12:52:56","false",""
"UgwnOp5oV65F8zQC7pt4AaABAg.99hNialSFlQ99j-IwvJLx4","Tracy Garcia","Defund the Police. No Justice No Peace","1","","2020-06-10 14:19:25","false",""
"UgwnOp5oV65F8zQC7pt4AaABAg.99hNialSFlQ99kzfHHNTkS","Doric Phalanx","@Nivek Nossam English should put statues of Boudica and Celtic idols.","0","","2020-06-11 08:52:20","false",""
"UgwnOp5oV65F8zQC7pt4AaABAg.99hNialSFlQ99ng1S6KnZO","ding dong","@Boxing Technique Videos not going to happen","0","","2020-06-12 09:58:28","false",""
"Ugz01kDkr_se1oyYvPN4AaABAg","Rena Poole","Please take down the Cecile Rhodes statue and many more. Thank u England Stand!✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻✊🏿❤️","0","1","2020-06-09 23:17:01","true",""
"Ugz01kDkr_se1oyYvPN4AaABAg.99hO1fJU4pF99hQqgVT_7A","C F","And all the statues relating to black history. Let's have that equality","1","","2020-06-09 23:41:36","false",""
"UgzXbW1C4t9s8kzakyZ4AaABAg","51st state","Anti white","33","12","2020-06-09 23:17:51","true",""
"UgzXbW1C4t9s8kzakyZ4AaABAg.99hO7keNwAY99hOJnQ7ti_","Christine Williams","Loool you sad","6","","2020-06-09 23:19:30","false",""
"UgzXbW1C4t9s8kzakyZ4AaABAg.99hO7keNwAY99hOcj6otmb","Whatsittoya","Knob","3","","2020-06-09 23:22:13","false",""
"UgzXbW1C4t9s8kzakyZ4AaABAg.99hO7keNwAY99hPO41nDdY","Elz","Hes a slave trader","1","","2020-06-09 23:28:49","false",""
"UgzXbW1C4t9s8kzakyZ4AaABAg.99hO7keNwAY99hPgQ_lQOj","Fred Bloggs","Is that Gloss white, satin white or Matt emulsion ?","1","","2020-06-09 23:31:28","false",""
"UgzXbW1C4t9s8kzakyZ4AaABAg.99hO7keNwAY99hPif2WvTP","Lonely Wolf","@Elz And Mandela was a terrorist but I bet that statue stays up.","8","","2020-06-09 23:31:46","false",""
"UgzXbW1C4t9s8kzakyZ4AaABAg.99hO7keNwAY99hPoLBUGqk","Alan Partridge","Elz so am I? Your point?","0","","2020-06-09 23:32:33","false",""
"UgzXbW1C4t9s8kzakyZ4AaABAg.99hO7keNwAY99hQ5Gr-KPS","British Patriot","Elz are u gonna knock down the colesum in Rome then where thousands of slaves died then or the pyramids in Egypt na didn’t think so","1","","2020-06-09 23:34:59","false",""
"UgzXbW1C4t9s8kzakyZ4AaABAg.99hO7keNwAY99hQBfmwX-o","Fred Bloggs","@Elz .
Correction.... a former slave trader who nobody has even heard of and I've been here for 70 bloody years. 
All of a sudden its a problem...
The Naughty Children should grow up, smell the coffee and get with the program. And get off home to Mummy. Thats the single parent Mummy whose a drain on the state and wants free stuff at the taxpayers expense.","2","","2020-06-09 23:35:52","false",""
"UgzXbW1C4t9s8kzakyZ4AaABAg.99hO7keNwAY99hQZgtWdvd","Floopy Doopey","@Christine Williams Loool you a useful government sheep :)","1","","2020-06-09 23:39:09","false",""
"UgzXbW1C4t9s8kzakyZ4AaABAg.99hO7keNwAY99hRLr1K3oT","Mr Knowitall","@Lonely Wolf Mandela was President of South Africa you fool. Everyone loved him. He's going nowhere. 😁","0","","2020-06-09 23:46:00","false",""
"UgzXbW1C4t9s8kzakyZ4AaABAg.99hO7keNwAY99iUitLGiNR","tigerspice latte","@Christine Williams You should learn to spell. Or did ""white privilege "" prevent you from doing so?","0","","2020-06-10 09:34:44","false",""
"UgzXbW1C4t9s8kzakyZ4AaABAg.99hO7keNwAY99iUnpaeXoN","tigerspice latte","@Christine Williams You should learn to spell. Or did ""white privilege"" prevent you from doing so?","0","","2020-06-10 09:35:24","false",""
"UgzzEdj9MqwGp6FWwgN4AaABAg","101010101 _","Hope they burn down that statue of Churchill","5","6","2020-06-09 23:18:22","true",""
"UgzzEdj9MqwGp6FWwgN4AaABAg.99hOBSF5dxT99hP6aoTCUW","Yeah Whateva","Hahahaha you edited an 8 word sentence you bell end aahhahaha f off 😂😂😂😂","22","","2020-06-09 23:26:26","false",""
"UgzzEdj9MqwGp6FWwgN4AaABAg.99hOBSF5dxT99hPAJtHvRP","Levi Hall","Why?","2","","2020-06-09 23:26:57","false",""
"UgzzEdj9MqwGp6FWwgN4AaABAg.99hOBSF5dxT99hPKWNWIri","Dom Allen","Trying to troll aww bless","6","","2020-06-09 23:28:20","false",""
"UgzzEdj9MqwGp6FWwgN4AaABAg.99hOBSF5dxT99hPrPFL_EI","out of the trash","Not sure it is flammable. Idiot","5","","2020-06-09 23:32:58","false",""
"UgzzEdj9MqwGp6FWwgN4AaABAg.99hOBSF5dxT99hQ0n2nfQd","VirtuaTyKing","How are they gonna burn down a metal statue? Doh!","2","","2020-06-09 23:34:23","false",""
"UgzzEdj9MqwGp6FWwgN4AaABAg.99hOBSF5dxT99iPAdcdgUZ","C B","We gonna melt it bruv! Go and crawl under your rock or get an education, fool.","0","","2020-06-10 08:46:14","false",""
"UgymtAEESIQeaJngyZd4AaABAg","freddie b burkinshaw","If black comedians can never again impersonate white people say like Donald trump or any white stars and white comedians can't impersonate black people like Obama! And The wayans brothers couldnt do white chicks or lenny Henry who did white face! Eddie Murphy can never again impersonate white ppl well I'm white and I find it funny! We want equality and dont want ppl to see race and all be one family!  but then your saying your a black man dont step out of your box u can only impersonate black ppl from now and your white only do white  ppl! then you automatically cause a class diff! its saying I've told that black man he can't pretend to be you because of how you look it's not fair on you! And saying to a black person you look funny so we've told white ppl not to impersonate you! Black ppl  are proud  of how they look and white ppl are proud of how they look theres nothing wrong with either it's not a deformity how we look so where is the problem! laughter brings everyone closer as long as it's not done in an offensive way!","0","0","2020-06-09 23:21:00","true",""
"UgyJ4hYfTSUzoxiRs-B4AaABAg","Whatsittoya","Sad lefty white guilt trolls already hitting the comment section lmao. 😂","15","5","2020-06-09 23:21:16","true",""
"UgyJ4hYfTSUzoxiRs-B4AaABAg.99hOWlCTmxs99hPmWtgJCF","Austere Tiger","Sad righty slavery loving trolls on here too!","4","","2020-06-09 23:32:18","false",""
"UgyJ4hYfTSUzoxiRs-B4AaABAg.99hOWlCTmxs99hR2Nm9DNo","Dove","@Boo galoo awwwwww someones upset that the world is progressing","2","","2020-06-09 23:43:20","false",""
"UgyJ4hYfTSUzoxiRs-B4AaABAg.99hOWlCTmxs99hR9RMqPjf","Cylenium","@Boo galoo You really believe that, don't you? Slaves were used for very basic labour, much like a farm animal. Your ancestors played no part in the building of modern civilization, in fact, they were pretty much classified as flora and fauna.","2","","2020-06-09 23:44:18","false",""
"UgyJ4hYfTSUzoxiRs-B4AaABAg.99hOWlCTmxs99hRBEVTYYN","Luca Patel","@ukn leo1 The guy you're replying to is grossly exaggerating, so are you just in the opposite way.","0","","2020-06-09 23:44:33","false",""
"UgyJ4hYfTSUzoxiRs-B4AaABAg.99hOWlCTmxs99hRaz2vhnh","Joshua Walker","​@ukn leo1 As soon as you say ""bruv"" and ""beast mode"", you ain't going to be taken seriously.","0","","2020-06-09 23:48:12","false",""
"UgwWHpXgvil9lDPFFm14AaABAg","Gomes","I saw many Oyinbo white participant do anything for Clout and some do it with their heart","0","0","2020-06-09 23:23:01","true",""
"Ugy5KqcvFpD0Uk04t194AaABAg","JuanJulio Jamirez","'Silence is violence' how idiotic","1","0","2020-06-09 23:23:20","true",""
"UgznEs-RsHLTFayUq1R4AaABAg","oneovercoocoo","Silence is not violence.","1","0","2020-06-09 23:24:08","true",""
"UgwbtvtUhrTgMNhSMk14AaABAg","yohan monghama","Protect the Hitler statues","3","7","2020-06-09 23:24:46","true",""
"UgwbtvtUhrTgMNhSMk14AaABAg.99hOvNVUM5199hP6P_dtx6","Seahorse","That is Winston Churchill","5","","2020-06-09 23:26:24","false",""
"UgwbtvtUhrTgMNhSMk14AaABAg.99hOvNVUM5199hQ1wK7zHV","Mark Ndoja","Churchill was against Hitler during the Second World War.","3","","2020-06-09 23:34:32","false",""
"UgwbtvtUhrTgMNhSMk14AaABAg.99hOvNVUM5199hQAeIoUAT","British Patriot","Seahorse shut it snowflake your pathetic","2","","2020-06-09 23:35:43","false",""
"UgwbtvtUhrTgMNhSMk14AaABAg.99hOvNVUM5199hQljxDvDf","Emma Hynes","@British Patriot come on if you're going to argue don't resort to name calling. If you think you have a valid point share it in a civilised manner please. Isn't that what being british is about? Putting a case forward in a clear and polite manner with educated points?","1","","2020-06-09 23:40:56","false",""
"UgwbtvtUhrTgMNhSMk14AaABAg.99hOvNVUM5199hRKbzlieI","Luca Patel","@Emma Hynes you have a very romanticised view of what being British is lmao. reality is a lot shittier.","1","","2020-06-09 23:45:49","false",""
"UgwbtvtUhrTgMNhSMk14AaABAg.99hOvNVUM5199hSpSxlJMl","Emma Hynes","@Luca Patel I agree with you, certainly with the behaviour in these comments. I think we could all use a dose of being put in someone else's shoes so we can be more compassionate and understanding of what is happening and why people are hurting.","0","","2020-06-09 23:58:55","false",""
"UgwbtvtUhrTgMNhSMk14AaABAg.99hOvNVUM5199hfNKy0JRw","Whatsittoya","I Swear this guys got a terrible eyesight 😂","0","","2020-06-10 01:57:16","false",""
"UgyZBEMP4l051-FBXrB4AaABAg","simply the guest","Is Ron Atkinson next?","20","4","2020-06-09 23:25:44","true",""
"UgyZBEMP4l051-FBXrB4AaABAg.99hP1Oo6J4Y99hQM0Z-FAs","Simon Ci","So maybe white can say: Black people are reminder of slavery. All no white should be removed from UK. What about that mr Black?","5","","2020-06-09 23:37:17","false",""
"UgyZBEMP4l051-FBXrB4AaABAg.99hP1Oo6J4Y99iMDbeD92y","Alan West","I can't imagine there's a statue of Big Ron anywhere apart from maybe in Big Ron's garden","0","","2020-06-10 08:20:25","false",""
"UgyZBEMP4l051-FBXrB4AaABAg.99hP1Oo6J4Y99iR37byApw","Ayrton Steele","@The Virtorian they didnt lol historians have been uncovering evidence that they was highly skilled builders (which obviously makes more sense than slaves who didnt have a clue what they was doing) for more than a decade","1","","2020-06-10 09:02:40","false",""
"UgyZBEMP4l051-FBXrB4AaABAg.99hP1Oo6J4Y99ifhDxAfxt","Chris Wyett","@Simon Ci Is that what you want to see happen?","1","","2020-06-10 11:19:22","false",""
"UgwKM1lQtf3SvpOIhtN4AaABAg","julian chesser","When you do research and realise that black lives matter is being funded buy white privileged companies!!! Wake up people","25","4","2020-06-09 23:26:55","true",""
"UgwKM1lQtf3SvpOIhtN4AaABAg.99hPAApk3NB99hPYszQf4e","Ghosts of the Mujahideen.","Zionist companies.","1","","2020-06-09 23:30:18","false",""
"UgwKM1lQtf3SvpOIhtN4AaABAg.99hPAApk3NB99hPfqxPAM4","Alan Partridge","Buy buy buy","0","","2020-06-09 23:31:23","false",""
"UgwKM1lQtf3SvpOIhtN4AaABAg.99hPAApk3NB99hQbARpdOE","Lonely Wolf","Soros","4","","2020-06-09 23:39:29","false",""
"UgwKM1lQtf3SvpOIhtN4AaABAg.99hPAApk3NB99hY7d0aN5l","William Bradford Bishop","Watch wat u say about my boy sorros he only trying to make a buck lol","0","","2020-06-10 00:45:13","false",""
"UgwlJsTJmvAQCUXQ4lN4AaABAg","The Brown Knight","Churchill should be taken down too","7","8","2020-06-09 23:27:37","true",""
"UgwlJsTJmvAQCUXQ4lN4AaABAg.99hPFGBxHyS99hPdBMt6DI","out of the trash","Dream on","8","","2020-06-09 23:31:01","false",""
"UgwlJsTJmvAQCUXQ4lN4AaABAg.99hPFGBxHyS99hPxIW7PtU","Alan Partridge","Explain why?","2","","2020-06-09 23:33:46","false",""
"UgwlJsTJmvAQCUXQ4lN4AaABAg.99hPFGBxHyS99hQ0VBFf4t","eon001","Tbh I'm not a fan of statues of any war ""heroes"". Too much blood on there hands. Just put them in a museum and leave them as part of history.","3","","2020-06-09 23:34:20","false",""
"UgwlJsTJmvAQCUXQ4lN4AaABAg.99hPFGBxHyS99hQ5_KLUzT","Jacob Rhodes","@eon001 well without the blood being on his hands, you wouldn't have hands to preach about your own cleanliness","8","","2020-06-09 23:35:02","false",""
"UgwlJsTJmvAQCUXQ4lN4AaABAg.99hPFGBxHyS99hQ8sjrRtE","fandomfighter 29","wasn't he alsoa PM during peacetime?","0","","2020-06-09 23:35:29","false",""
"UgwlJsTJmvAQCUXQ4lN4AaABAg.99hPFGBxHyS99hQFPnCWCX","British Patriot","And u should be deported","5","","2020-06-09 23:36:23","false",""
"UgwlJsTJmvAQCUXQ4lN4AaABAg.99hPFGBxHyS99hRYEp1WCe","KingLittle","Quick question, what about homophobia? I mean if someone supported and advised gay conversion therapy should their statue come down?","0","","2020-06-09 23:47:41","false",""
"UgwlJsTJmvAQCUXQ4lN4AaABAg.99hPFGBxHyS99hfAbHR5VT","Whatsittoya","Good luck!","2","","2020-06-10 01:55:32","false",""
"UgwML-21tdtAYwXWrjx4AaABAg","julian chesser","When you do research and realise that black lives matter is being funded buy white privileged companies!!! Wake up people","22","17","2020-06-09 23:28:56","true",""
"UgwML-21tdtAYwXWrjx4AaABAg.99hPOu7mrJa99khNhLEGBZ","Katie from Haiti","Which companies?","3","","2020-06-11 06:12:31","false",""
"UgwML-21tdtAYwXWrjx4AaABAg.99hPOu7mrJa99ktQMSaEft","lou lou","@Katie from Haiti George soros has been drip feeding BLM £33.000.000 since 2017.","3","","2020-06-11 07:57:44","false",""
"UgwML-21tdtAYwXWrjx4AaABAg.99hPOu7mrJa99lE6RBQiOK","Katie from Haiti","@lou lou Oh that's been debunked.","0","","2020-06-11 11:07:15","false",""
"UgwML-21tdtAYwXWrjx4AaABAg.99hPOu7mrJa99lEmwxQgQl","lou lou","@Katie from Haiti by whom? soros? Yea alright mate 👍
I've been on his website too. Open society. You can sign up to be a paid thug. You just have to put in how many days you can do. It's all there on the website. Belive what you like","0","","2020-06-11 11:13:12","false",""
"UgwML-21tdtAYwXWrjx4AaABAg.99hPOu7mrJa99lH_y5Zv-G","Mary Starr","George Soros, socialist commies, Antifa, left wing loon liberals and the Muslim crowd of crazies. All of em!","1","","2020-06-11 11:37:38","false",""
"UgwML-21tdtAYwXWrjx4AaABAg.99hPOu7mrJa99mWJf5CcSM","Merima Podlavicki","@Katie from Haiti Here Are The Companies That Have Donated To The Black Lives Matter Movement
MAY 31, 2020","1","","2020-06-11 23:05:35","false",""
"UgwML-21tdtAYwXWrjx4AaABAg.99hPOu7mrJa99mXEOl78gL","Mary Starr","True","1","","2020-06-11 23:13:36","false",""
"UgwML-21tdtAYwXWrjx4AaABAg.99hPOu7mrJa99oqlNIFuYW","S A","@Mary Starr whatt muslims???","0","","2020-06-12 20:51:29","false",""
"UgwML-21tdtAYwXWrjx4AaABAg.99hPOu7mrJa99oqodL8yxg","S A","@Mary Starr do you know how many millions of muslims you killed????","0","","2020-06-12 20:51:56","false",""
"UgwML-21tdtAYwXWrjx4AaABAg.99hPOu7mrJa99sIc6YEeot","Katie from Haiti","@lou lou Which website?","2","","2020-06-14 05:01:21","false",""
"UgwML-21tdtAYwXWrjx4AaABAg.99hPOu7mrJa99sx0ynEa1v","lou lou","@Katie from Haiti go to Candice owens on you tube. She has a full breakdown of funds from their website. It's absolutely off the head.","0","","2020-06-14 11:03:09","false",""
"UgwML-21tdtAYwXWrjx4AaABAg.99hPOu7mrJa99yHltnu5v7","Katie from Haiti","@lou lou I don't know that YouTube is a reliable source. The actual website would be far better...","0","","2020-06-16 12:49:23","false",""
"UgwML-21tdtAYwXWrjx4AaABAg.99hPOu7mrJa99yIDHv6849","lou lou","@Katie from Haiti candice will show you the website. It won't  show you on TV mate. You got to go dig for it. Candice has it all. Up to you.","0","","2020-06-16 12:53:16","false",""
"UgwML-21tdtAYwXWrjx4AaABAg.99hPOu7mrJa99yIPY2-PQ8","lou lou","@katie from hati Don't judge what you see on you tube as fake fake fake. Some is yes but you have to be a critical thinker and decide for yourself. No one can tell you. They've done that for years now it's time to stand on your own 2 feet and think for yourself","0","","2020-06-16 12:54:56","false",""
"UgwML-21tdtAYwXWrjx4AaABAg.99hPOu7mrJa99yZMTjyk9S","Katie from Haiti","@lou lou The website. What's it called. This is like pulling teeth. Cough it up.","0","","2020-06-16 15:23:04","false",""
"UgwML-21tdtAYwXWrjx4AaABAg.99hPOu7mrJa99yaNyWms9b","lou lou","@Katie from Haiti mate. You are hard work. I've told you where YOU can find the website. It's up to you. I'm not your mummy. Go find it.","0","","2020-06-16 15:40:45","false",""
"UgwML-21tdtAYwXWrjx4AaABAg.99hPOu7mrJa99yay4stncW","Katie from Haiti","@lou lou No credible source can confirm your claims about Soros. So you deflect to a YouTube video. That's like telling me lizard people exist and then sending me to a David Icke video.","0","","2020-06-16 15:45:49","false",""
"UgyFJbivoxaq8kAAiF54AaABAg","mokodo _","Why are they trying to erase history? This is how people learn to not repeat it, even though I understand they think they're fighting against racism.","16","2","2020-06-09 23:29:06","true",""
"UgyFJbivoxaq8kAAiF54AaABAg.99hPQ7RtwWX99hPdnoclVl","Wolfgang Hammatt","we don't need a statue to know that slavery is bad","3","","2020-06-09 23:31:06","false",""
"UgyFJbivoxaq8kAAiF54AaABAg.99hPQ7RtwWX99hR7xqtUZQ","Joshua Walker","It is a statue. We have historical documentation for that don't we?","0","","2020-06-09 23:44:06","false",""
"UgzPxqrLbPTDGOEH9F14AaABAg","Leavesofgrass","This is what happens when you let these people live here.","12","0","2020-06-09 23:29:20","true",""
"UgzLhWnzMsdJbOpzZH54AaABAg","Teddy Graham","As much energy at me nan's funeral.","32","1","2020-06-09 23:29:21","true",""
"UgzLhWnzMsdJbOpzZH54AaABAg.99hPRySGbHo99hQJwjbHqk","Simon Ci","So maybe white can say: Black people are reminder of slavery. All no white should be removed from UK. What about that mr Black?","4","","2020-06-09 23:37:00","false",""
"UgzlJ9yWsQba4JVbqzl4AaABAg","Fred Bloggs","All of a sudden I have this feeling, like thousands of others, that we couldn't give a Stuff about black lives. 
'They huff and they puff,
They moan and they shout,
They shout about stuff they f**call about. 
Same old record.","9","0","2020-06-09 23:29:48","true",""
"UgwrxhFiXRM2IvSx34Z4AaABAg","out of the trash","Throughout history, the people that have torn down statues, renamed streets, burned books and otherwise tried to delete history have been The Oppressors.","11","0","2020-06-09 23:30:17","true",""
"UgygcujwHuBjPhLJntZ4AaABAg","john smith","Dont understand what those indians and Bangladeshis were clapping about?😂","10","8","2020-06-09 23:30:23","true",""
"UgygcujwHuBjPhLJntZ4AaABAg.99hPZVdGZ0i99hPl209XAz","Yeah Whateva","😂😂😂😂😂","2","","2020-06-09 23:32:06","false",""
"UgygcujwHuBjPhLJntZ4AaABAg.99hPZVdGZ0i99hQCknrSvf","Boo galoo","they are happy because they rip us off with free money, teaching through free uni...etc etc...fuckn pathetic ....i wish i had a gun","4","","2020-06-09 23:36:01","false",""
"UgygcujwHuBjPhLJntZ4AaABAg.99hPZVdGZ0i99hQLiZygPE","Kaal Bhairav","Cos he traded in them all.. Haha....
Also, this is beef from 18th Century.
Wonder how it tastes??

Also, from what I have seen,. If you start singling out minorities and grant them rights based on how much outage they cause, they will eventually run out of things to demand and will start fighting amongst each other to determine who was the more oppressed minority amongst them. 
It will never end.","1","","2020-06-09 23:37:14","false",""
"UgygcujwHuBjPhLJntZ4AaABAg.99hPZVdGZ0i99hR940J_OD","Matt Read","The eradication of england","0","","2020-06-09 23:44:15","false",""
"UgygcujwHuBjPhLJntZ4AaABAg.99hPZVdGZ0i99hUnjj-EgN","Emma Hynes","They can support other races, as we are all part of the main human race, let's not forget, I'm happy too, slavers shouldn't be remembered, let's put our minds to honouring better people who didn't hurt those different then themselves.","0","","2020-06-10 00:16:09","false",""
"UgygcujwHuBjPhLJntZ4AaABAg.99hPZVdGZ0i99hYw_vvC2F","john smith","@Emma Hynes my word you really dont know how much violence and bloodshed has preceded us do you?","0","","2020-06-10 00:52:19","false",""
"UgygcujwHuBjPhLJntZ4AaABAg.99hPZVdGZ0i99hacYiKetB","Scumspawn *****","As a white English man I'd like to point out that my ancestors too were exploited by the owners of industry mines and factorys..working from the age of 5 yrs 12 to 14 hour shifts for pittance of pay no h&s if you got injured at work you were sacked if you couldn't continue working which likely meant you lost your home as well..but l don't go around ripping down street signs for Bolckow And Vaughn it's history we learned better and l look back at it with a jaundiced but slightly amused eye The past is another country they do things differently there !","1","","2020-06-10 01:15:47","false",""
"UgygcujwHuBjPhLJntZ4AaABAg.99hPZVdGZ0i99ieut3fm0M","Bobby Bobster","@Scumspawn ***** .  Brilliant comment.  We also had indentured slaves.  No one talks about them.","0","","2020-06-10 11:12:29","false",""
"UgzX8rtRz2rcWbiDLlF4AaABAg","BatteredToast","This statue was in front of the London Docklands museum, this man was responsible for the construction on the west India docks in London. So the statue is in the right place wether he was a slave owner or not. This is just erasing history","44","7","2020-06-09 23:30:34","true",""
"UgzX8rtRz2rcWbiDLlF4AaABAg.99hP_oN23GT99hQe3bPX1A","oneoone","He's in books nobody needs a statue calm down","1","","2020-06-09 23:39:53","false",""
"UgzX8rtRz2rcWbiDLlF4AaABAg.99hP_oN23GT99hQxSIlGhT","Floopy Doopey","Yes but when you are trying to remove white people and their history you remove white people through diversity and multiculturalism and attack their history by destroying it, like these people have, aided and supported by the British police :)","11","","2020-06-09 23:42:31","false",""
"UgzX8rtRz2rcWbiDLlF4AaABAg.99hP_oN23GT99hRHGWTR3c","Marek Tužák","@oneoone At least keep it in Museum. It's a nice statue.","3","","2020-06-09 23:45:22","false",""
"UgzX8rtRz2rcWbiDLlF4AaABAg.99hP_oN23GT99hROmFFinQ","CreatureOTNight COTN","@Floopy Doopey The police have always been against the motorist.","0","","2020-06-09 23:46:24","false",""
"UgzX8rtRz2rcWbiDLlF4AaABAg.99hP_oN23GT99hVutzwP7U","Lisa Shetler","They should be hosed or tasered.","2","","2020-06-10 00:25:52","false",""
"UgzX8rtRz2rcWbiDLlF4AaABAg.99hP_oN23GT99hfM4NNV6R","Debra Blake","I thank God its removed. Good riddance to bsd rubbish.","1","","2020-06-10 01:57:06","false",""
"UgzX8rtRz2rcWbiDLlF4AaABAg.99hP_oN23GT99iexzhTVXj","GARYPUSSY","@Debra Blake doesn't  make any sense😊","0","","2020-06-10 11:12:55","false",""
"UgzmSvVEq6BNSRwfUZV4AaABAg","Edward LeCore","When every last statue is torn down by these bigots against the West, then they will turn on the laws, freedoms and finally the people. Starting with the useful idiot liberals, always in denial over how evil the heart of the Left really is. Despite 150 years of examples, in over 20 destroyed nations.","0","0","2020-06-09 23:30:57","true",""
"UgyC1p8NIHeYYLe5Zyl4AaABAg","Stranger passing by","Mob. Victims of undeveloped brains.","16","3","2020-06-09 23:30:59","true",""
"UgyC1p8NIHeYYLe5Zyl4AaABAg.99hPcu_2ciu99hQKpuazfY","Boo galoo","black mob...they are already dead to me","3","","2020-06-09 23:37:07","false",""
"UgyC1p8NIHeYYLe5Zyl4AaABAg.99hPcu_2ciu99hUsPg5Wnv","X","Sounds like a description of the EDL","1","","2020-06-10 00:16:47","false",""
"UgyC1p8NIHeYYLe5Zyl4AaABAg.99hPcu_2ciu99hVg88Tnwh","Lisa Shetler","To Stranger, yes brainless! And further corrupted by BLM","1","","2020-06-10 00:23:51","false",""
"Ugz4fPgTA___9Xaezg14AaABAg","Ernesto V17","White nationalist INFECTING the comment section again.","0","1","2020-06-09 23:31:06","true",""
"Ugz4fPgTA___9Xaezg14AaABAg.99hPdm1BzcD99hTNjdyTZW","Ernesto V17","@ukn leo1 Not gonna lie. It makes me mad. But at the end of the day is just incels and keyboard warriors. You already lost because your ideology is of no importance. And only thing you outnumber is people on the internet.","0","","2020-06-10 00:03:44","false",""
"Ugx9K16vS9pM0nyX2954AaABAg","liam gibbs","Slave traders statues should be taken down but you ain't taking down Churchill end of","36","12","2020-06-09 23:31:18","true",""
"Ugx9K16vS9pM0nyX2954AaABAg.99hPfE9Jd4399hQ1DHdBo2","Red Ghost","No leave our history alone. Don't like it? Leave.","27","","2020-06-09 23:34:26","false",""
"Ugx9K16vS9pM0nyX2954AaABAg.99hPfE9Jd4399hQOdqjbBn","Simon Ci","So maybe white can say: Black people are reminder of slavery. All no white should be removed from UK. What about that mr Black?","2","","2020-06-09 23:37:38","false",""
"Ugx9K16vS9pM0nyX2954AaABAg.99hPfE9Jd4399hQXmaA-tr","john smith","Don't Fkn barter","1","","2020-06-09 23:38:53","false",""
"Ugx9K16vS9pM0nyX2954AaABAg.99hPfE9Jd4399hQYOmXw77","Ernesto V17","@Red Ghost British history is garbage history.","0","","2020-06-09 23:38:58","false",""
"Ugx9K16vS9pM0nyX2954AaABAg.99hPfE9Jd4399hQa-ZlbS4","⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻","@Red Ghost so a slave traders statue should remain? If there was a statue of a prolific pedofile now and later on we find out he abused thousands of people, would you be fine with it?","1","","2020-06-09 23:39:19","false",""
"Ugx9K16vS9pM0nyX2954AaABAg.99hPfE9Jd4399hQfZPRpIc","Abdure Graphics & Design","@Ernesto V17 yes","0","","2020-06-09 23:40:05","false",""
"Ugx9K16vS9pM0nyX2954AaABAg.99hPfE9Jd4399hQsbfGAsZ","Yeah Whateva","Ernesto V17 We saved your azz anyway Mate!!!!!!","1","","2020-06-09 23:41:52","false",""
"Ugx9K16vS9pM0nyX2954AaABAg.99hPfE9Jd4399hQya3HgHU","Yeah Whateva","_ There is right infront of the BBC looks like you clearly don’t mind that one 🤮","0","","2020-06-09 23:42:41","false",""
"Ugx9K16vS9pM0nyX2954AaABAg.99hPfE9Jd4399hRSav7rCb","Dee Unknown","@Red Ghost oh please...i bet you dont even know the history of each statue lol.
Tear down every slave trader, every rapist, every mass murderer!! 
You can go look at your slave traders in history museums next to all the other stolen artifacts from other nations","0","","2020-06-09 23:46:55","false",""
"Ugx9K16vS9pM0nyX2954AaABAg.99hPfE9Jd4399hRrsReGG2","Daniel Whyatt","None of them should be taken down. Once you give an inch they will take an arm.","3","","2020-06-09 23:50:30","false",""
"Ugx9K16vS9pM0nyX2954AaABAg.99hPfE9Jd4399hSHH8OdDE","T.Y.M.NETWORK #SYED","Red Ghost How would you like it if I came to your house or your area kidnapped your family members, cousins and took them to another part of the world 🌎 to work them as slaves and build up our country etc , because my locals wasn’t good enough and not hard working enough to do the hard labour and that , then years and years later the decedents of the slave trader kidnappers say get out of my country , telling the descendants of the victims to get out who built the streets etc anyway if your ancestors didn’t rip kids from there mothers grasps into the slave trade ships and didn’t steel all the resources no non whites would be near those who don’t want non whites near them , even today they are doing it sterling natural resources etc but in a sly clever way , and interfere with other countries politics , the moment they go out of line and stop being yes men they start wars between neighbouring countries who never use to fight , if you go to the root cause of those far-right non white haters with logic and facts and with a objective honest mindset you will never ask or say what u doing here or get out , I’m not even going in of the lands that you claim that it’s yours, if one looks studies the history etc you will see or find out they them selves are invaders oops I mean immigrants etc so think about it the world is a big place for us all to live alongside each other or hasn’t COV-19 taught us anything that we all need each other , all the countries need to trade and need each other , No country on earth can go it all alone with out trade with others etc think about it man .!! P/S I was born here in the UK 🇬🇧 and I love it here it’s my home I will fight for the good of the UK 🇬🇧.!! Big up to the UK 🇬🇧 ENG / LON .!!","0","","2020-06-09 23:54:06","false",""
"Ugx9K16vS9pM0nyX2954AaABAg.99hPfE9Jd4399hUUfNFQPv","Cylenium","@T.Y.M.NETWORK #SYED No one kidnapped anyone, smooth brain. They were purchased, from other Africans. If they had any family, they would have likely been slaughtered or sold by said Africans.","1","","2020-06-10 00:13:25","false",""
"UgxAUzB1rA7MfBTo0Hh4AaABAg","British Patriot","So are Africans gonna stop child labourers in Africa mining diamonds and other precious materials now no didn’t think so how strange","8","5","2020-06-09 23:31:29","true",""
"UgxAUzB1rA7MfBTo0Hh4AaABAg.99hPgaDLIj599hQ3xb1wAl","oneoone","Where are their statues in London?","0","","2020-06-09 23:34:49","false",""
"UgxAUzB1rA7MfBTo0Hh4AaABAg.99hPgaDLIj599hQB5M9Q3U","The Mighty Dash","Electric car batteries are a product of child slave labour... we should ban them.","1","","2020-06-09 23:35:47","false",""
"UgxAUzB1rA7MfBTo0Hh4AaABAg.99hPgaDLIj599hT_yILNbc","Joe Marriott","loads of modern slave products ...come on give me your iPhones, batteries,diamonds,clothes....

cant pick and choose","0","","2020-06-10 00:05:32","false",""
"UgxAUzB1rA7MfBTo0Hh4AaABAg.99hPgaDLIj599hUjzEuj1H","oneoone","@Joe Marriott where do we have statues of Steve Jobs? Do you guys have brains? Nobody's picking and choosing they are fighting racism they witness in the UK. Thats why y'all mad really","0","","2020-06-10 00:15:38","false",""
"UgxAUzB1rA7MfBTo0Hh4AaABAg.99hPgaDLIj599hssr4GrB8","Joe Marriott","@oneoone what racism everyone has the same opportunity as anyone.
Need to help each other regardless of skin colour.
I personally dont have a problem with black or Asian and the only thing I do judge by is the person your talking or dealing with a good person and will they make your life better by being in it.

Need to pull together all this is doing is increasing and spreading hate and division.
The only mad ones are the ones smashing and looting pal.

Erasing history is not the answer, that in its self is oppressive erase history and you forget your wrongs it should serve as a reminder of past history that has happened and cant be undone.
maybe keep the statue and add a plaque that reads "" in memory of all the people oppressed by this person in times gone past this statue serves as a reminder of the freedoms we now have and the wrongs of the past to not commit again for future generations ""
Slave trade was very wrong and trying to  address that 300 years later is opening old wounds.

We need to apologise for our prior generations actions and then all move foward.

But deleting history is not the answer it's happened and people stopped it along time ago. I apologise if anyone wants it.

Let's move on peeps. Work together and stop this process it only breeds hate and divisions.

Love you all people :D","0","","2020-06-10 03:55:18","false",""
"Ugw5rPauSsbs7eTfMCV4AaABAg","J P","I'd be surprised if even 30% of these people were pro BLM... Just seems like they're bored and need a rant.","40","2","2020-06-09 23:32:14","true",""
"Ugw5rPauSsbs7eTfMCV4AaABAg.99hPm1UFPLg99iGM5FD70J","James Evans","I'm sure they are all BLM and far left - they'd consider anyone who isn't a fascist.","1","","2020-06-10 07:29:09","false",""
"Ugw5rPauSsbs7eTfMCV4AaABAg.99hPm1UFPLg99iWisSE9yA","Bobby Bobster","@James Evans.  It’s fascists who remove statues and burn books.  They are the fascists.","1","","2020-06-10 09:52:12","false",""
"Ugwjgi39L-wC2BuH7Nh4AaABAg","sibionic","'cops'?","11","1","2020-06-09 23:32:55","true",""
"Ugwjgi39L-wC2BuH7Nh4AaABAg.99hPr4tMe1M99hj56_k4-f","gbjanuary","sibionic held back not to make things worse 😱","2","","2020-06-10 02:29:44","false",""
"UgyikUBk6mb1t0_RVfR4AaABAg","Boo galoo","come to London on Saturday...white lives win!","11","6","2020-06-09 23:33:07","true",""
"UgyikUBk6mb1t0_RVfR4AaABAg.99hPsW2620799hQL6-CAEp","Simon Ci","So maybe white can say: Black people are reminder of slavery. All no white should be removed from UK. What about that mr Black?","0","","2020-06-09 23:37:09","false",""
"UgyikUBk6mb1t0_RVfR4AaABAg.99hPsW2620799hQdDC4gHo","Mr Knowitall","London is 40% White and most Whites in London love Black people and have mixed Children.
Good luck with that one. 👍🏾","0","","2020-06-09 23:39:46","false",""
"UgyikUBk6mb1t0_RVfR4AaABAg.99hPsW2620799hVAbh-aw4","Cylenium","@Mr Knowitall It is also not majority black. Most of the women who get with black men, which is about 0.0001% are morbidly obese or are on drugs. So 2% of London plus some fat white women on heroin?
I don't like your odds...","0","","2020-06-10 00:19:25","false",""
"UgyikUBk6mb1t0_RVfR4AaABAg.99hPsW2620799hVpyNMqns","Ernesto V17","@Cylenium Sources please. Otherwise is utter nonsense.","0","","2020-06-10 00:25:12","false",""
"UgyikUBk6mb1t0_RVfR4AaABAg.99hPsW2620799hazwQyhd8","Cylenium","@Ernesto V17 Its an insult, and you don't need a source for an observation.","1","","2020-06-10 01:18:59","false",""
"UgyikUBk6mb1t0_RVfR4AaABAg.99hPsW2620799huOssXD6m","Morgan Lok’tar","Alt right vs antifa, this will be entertaining to watch","0","","2020-06-10 04:08:33","false",""
"Ugw2jSSoUkXScAkK8Kh4AaABAg","eon001","Won't miss these statues, but don't destroy them. We need to learn from history, no matter how bad it is. We don't have to celebrate, just put them in museum's where they belong.","13","2","2020-06-09 23:33:32","true",""
"Ugw2jSSoUkXScAkK8Kh4AaABAg.99hPvaZirCw99hRRgLj9Yl","KingLittle","It's not about the statues, most people would probably agree that they could come down. The issue is that they came down because of the mob.
""But who cares, they were of slave traders? How can you be morally outraged by this""
""That's a good point, fair enough""
Same day the flags are being burnt on the Cenotaph.","2","","2020-06-09 23:46:47","false",""
"Ugw2jSSoUkXScAkK8Kh4AaABAg.99hPvaZirCw99hSM9HlIPp","DrumtotheBass Woop","KingLittle on the point, we cannot let Mob rule dictate what should be erased or not. 🤝","0","","2020-06-09 23:54:46","false",""
"UgzGsH-1doD63703u2N4AaABAg","norman Smithers","no doubt council taxes will go up for this little trick; so when is 'nelson's column' coming down? i'm sure it will be a simple job & will cause the minimum of fuss to buses, taxis, pedestrians, shops, workers, theatre & cinemas & businesses, as well as the economy;
anyway, why would tourists want to go to trafalgar square to see a tall, silly column?","1","0","2020-06-09 23:33:37","true",""
"Ugz_cipaG-skbCoFuJV4AaABAg","merlin the magician","Look who's  clapping it's  the labour voters this proves to me that labour and sadiq khan are british haters through and through ,carry on labour and keep loseing the elections","14","5","2020-06-09 23:33:46","true",""
"Ugz_cipaG-skbCoFuJV4AaABAg.99hPxKOQp_G99hR7wfqC2I","Floopy Doopey","It doesnt matter, the conservatives hate the British and white as much as labour, hence the continuation of the population replacement. For some reason the conservatives dont think its in the British peoples interest to release the rape report, wonder why!!?!?!","3","","2020-06-09 23:44:06","false",""
"Ugz_cipaG-skbCoFuJV4AaABAg.99hPxKOQp_G99h_2VHj2AL","Lesser Spotted Mugwump.","Floopy Doopey They are releasing it, just after they’ve heavily edited it.","0","","2020-06-10 01:02:00","false",""
"Ugz_cipaG-skbCoFuJV4AaABAg.99hPxKOQp_G99hhM3xysGt","Rag And Bone Man","yea former leader corbyn is a ira supporter seen pictured with em, sadiq khan is friends with Muslim extremists","0","","2020-06-10 02:14:34","false",""
"Ugz_cipaG-skbCoFuJV4AaABAg.99hPxKOQp_G99i1shNqPZb","Nathan Gamble","Hating a british slave trader is the same as hating ""british""?
I'm not sure what to say to that. Ok boomer, I guess.","0","","2020-06-10 05:22:40","false",""
"Ugz_cipaG-skbCoFuJV4AaABAg.99hPxKOQp_G99j-CQPgJaE","merlin the magician","@Nathan Gamble thing about this is how far does it go they mentioned sir Walter Raleigh but his statue is for defeating the Spanish armada, they need to get over it as this is history a reminder not only for the black man but for the others to look at and make sure it dosent happen again, or shall we just bury it and forget it ever happened,similar to the concentration camps it's a reminder not a threat ,this damage in london on a day off the d day landings won't be forgotten the ballot box makes the desicion and labour haven't learnt a thing,","0","","2020-06-10 14:18:31","false",""
"UgzUp3NKxCFC0MpuqSd4AaABAg","Glynn _Shady","Can we start getting rid of any Mandela statues or paintings then? With him being a terrorist and that.","28","6","2020-06-09 23:33:50","true",""
"UgzUp3NKxCFC0MpuqSd4AaABAg.99hPxlRBwp899hQHUwLfVG","The Mighty Dash","Good shout, lets rip them down, see how long it takes us to get life sentences for racism xD such double standards :/","7","","2020-06-09 23:36:40","false",""
"UgzUp3NKxCFC0MpuqSd4AaABAg.99hPxlRBwp899hQbRoIidl","Glynn _Shady","The hypocrisy in it all makes my head spin. I'm not saying slaving is right because it isnt. However if slavery hadnt existed, they wouldn't be here now.","4","","2020-06-09 23:39:31","false",""
"UgzUp3NKxCFC0MpuqSd4AaABAg.99hPxlRBwp899hRCPLeIK2","Mr Knowitall","Nah, he was President of South Africa and lo Ed the world over.
He's going nowhere. London is 60% Non White, so it's fitting 😁","0","","2020-06-09 23:44:42","false",""
"UgzUp3NKxCFC0MpuqSd4AaABAg.99hPxlRBwp899hXUU6FeR9","Poonannyish","@Glynn _Shady Wrong - Every black person living in the UK today is or is the descendent of free black men and women that have come to the UK of their own volition. The only significant black population that ever existed in Britain before the 1950s was ejected by Elizabeth 1st in the 1500s and numbered no more than 10k people at the time. Since 1701, any slave that set foot on British soil immediately became a free man. 
BLM has absolutely no case here in Britain.","0","","2020-06-10 00:39:36","false",""
"UgzUp3NKxCFC0MpuqSd4AaABAg.99hPxlRBwp899hdrQ2eMNc","Whatsittoya","@Mr Knowitall 
Are you going to be there Saturday? Yes or no?","2","","2020-06-10 01:44:02","false",""
"UgzUp3NKxCFC0MpuqSd4AaABAg.99hPxlRBwp899iJEOPWoG8","The Everyday Alpha","Glynn, I will just say one thing in response to your comment on slavery. You say that slaving isn’t good and if it weren’t for slavery “they” wouldn’t be here now.

Let me ask you this. Would you rather:

A) Live in a climate that was warm all year round, had fresh food growing on the land with no GM produce. A place literally covered in gold, minerals and diamonds and where you could live in peace without even being aware of the term racism.

B) Have your history burned down, your land and natural resources appropriated, your surnames changed to that of your master. Then be raped as a man, have your family split up, so hours of back breaking labour so that one day, your descendants can be hated just for simply being here? 

By the way, I am not in anyway saying your views are wrong, you’re entitled to them and I respect them. I just type this message to say that, history is complicated and if I could, I would rewrite history so that colonialism was never created. Would be interesting to see what the world would look like if all races just accepted their own countries and lived off their own land as opposed to stealing from others.","1","","2020-06-10 07:54:18","false",""
"UgwApqruxj3vFNzy_3R4AaABAg","Elaine Kent","Mandelas next !!!!!","1","0","2020-06-09 23:34:22","true",""
"UgyxFonAUD2tOG1CvJZ4AaABAg","Lesser Spotted Mugwump.","Replace them all with statues of Bill Cosby, put eyes that light up at night.","25","3","2020-06-09 23:34:33","true",""
"UgyxFonAUD2tOG1CvJZ4AaABAg.99hQ251qwOz99hQ9Gh67Zd","Bombay Potato","Glow up Gandhi","4","","2020-06-09 23:35:32","false",""
"UgyxFonAUD2tOG1CvJZ4AaABAg.99hQ251qwOz99hR0s6yy7l","CreatureOTNight COTN","Women won't feel safe around those statues..","3","","2020-06-09 23:43:08","false",""
"UgyxFonAUD2tOG1CvJZ4AaABAg.99hQ251qwOz99ieB0jhKbJ","Bobby Bobster","That’s hilarious","0","","2020-06-10 11:06:05","false",""
"UgxIHaYb30NpZzHa4QB4AaABAg","Donald Brown","The mob won","7","0","2020-06-09 23:34:40","true",""
"UgwD9SOSmW4BHpwzF6x4AaABAg","Salvaged","cool video my guy","0","0","2020-06-09 23:34:51","true",""
"UgzrUjw4GvEt8Q24mUR4AaABAg","The Mighty Dash","Don't forget to knock down the pyramids, they were built by slaves, remember... NOW DO YOU SEE HOW STUPID YOU'RE BEING?????","1","0","2020-06-09 23:35:05","true",""
"UgxstKFNoRNmGACtpOp4AaABAg","Ash T","No black person alive in the UK was a slave, it's history now. Move on. Tearing down statues just looks bad and discredits the BLM movement. Personally, I think it should just be an anti racism movement rather than a black focus, kinda prevents other races from being helped and it sets up whites as evil overlords when the vast majority of us are just chilling at home oblivious to whatever is happening","28","6","2020-06-09 23:35:33","true",""
"UgxstKFNoRNmGACtpOp4AaABAg.99hQ9INIavx99hQdF7G6fl","Cylenium","It's an anti-white movement and always has been.","12","","2020-06-09 23:39:46","false",""
"UgxstKFNoRNmGACtpOp4AaABAg.99hQ9INIavx99hRA_uPWkO","Erika Radcliffe","Finally someone who gets it, not to mention there is still a pandemic currently that we all need to put resources into making a vacinne","3","","2020-06-09 23:44:27","false",""
"UgxstKFNoRNmGACtpOp4AaABAg.99hQ9INIavx99hRJtcj2o1","Boxing Technique Videos","Cry more 😂 🤣","0","","2020-06-09 23:45:44","false",""
"UgxstKFNoRNmGACtpOp4AaABAg.99hQ9INIavx99hSgwLv-Fz","talented 10th","tell the Jews to move on. Germany is still paying compensation to the families  involved in the holocaust. every November 11 we remember the armistice of ww1. we've just remembered 70 anniversary of D day. the past is there to study and learn from. the fact the this statue was there meant that the welfare of decendants of slaves were not considered . their blood and suffering helped make him and this country rich. don't you think they should be remembered and acknowledged too.","2","","2020-06-09 23:57:45","false",""
"UgxstKFNoRNmGACtpOp4AaABAg.99hQ9INIavx99hXJSA8Wmm","Cylenium","@talented 10th No, it really didn't. Slaves were replaced by advancements in farm equipment. Have a think on that, you claim they built the West but the slave trade ended when the horse and plow came along. So much for that narrative.","0","","2020-06-10 00:38:06","false",""
"UgxstKFNoRNmGACtpOp4AaABAg.99hQ9INIavx99i8PrQ8wEA","Lord Rupert","These people just like playing at being victims.","0","","2020-06-10 06:19:45","false",""
"UgzYY8yFT1v801nqsIh4AaABAg","Andy Aim","Some of these comments really worry me... Where do you get your facts from???","13","6","2020-06-09 23:35:38","true",""
"UgzYY8yFT1v801nqsIh4AaABAg.99hQA-Pyw7b99hS27I-kjx","goldwyn19","At Facebook from the ‘Liked by Friends’ section 🥴 Or asking google (‘Conformation bias’ at it’s finest)","7","","2020-06-09 23:52:02","false",""
"UgzYY8yFT1v801nqsIh4AaABAg.99hQA-Pyw7b99hSUkJD2Dj","George","Mainstream media. Nutty lot","1","","2020-06-09 23:55:57","false",""
"UgzYY8yFT1v801nqsIh4AaABAg.99hQA-Pyw7b99hVWTpAlEO","Alan 59","From my White Privilege","1","","2020-06-10 00:22:24","false",""
"UgzYY8yFT1v801nqsIh4AaABAg.99hQA-Pyw7b99hgQoU4a20","chaddy1969","Most people on here, like Facebook pull the figures out of their arse","1","","2020-06-10 02:06:29","false",""
"UgzYY8yFT1v801nqsIh4AaABAg.99hQA-Pyw7b99hvT0gXCO9","bays19","From reliable sources. Like internet for example.","0","","2020-06-10 04:17:51","false",""
"UgzYY8yFT1v801nqsIh4AaABAg.99hQA-Pyw7b99hzelPQfRI","Frederick Gibbons",">facts
We don't do that around here I'm afraid. I am a reptile who eats garbage. We just say things are facts and people beleive us. Been loving this lockdown, I can flex my scales and eat peoples trash for days before scurrying back to my nest underneath the local 5G tower. Reality is what you make of it, helen keller was a hoax jet fuel can't melt steel beams and spheres can be turned inside out so the earth is flat. We can't turn the earth inside out dumbass. Wake up sheep.","1","","2020-06-10 04:54:33","false",""
"Ugzov4h3sSeNl98jkAV4AaABAg","Alex Rich","Yes remove our history for minorities","14","2","2020-06-09 23:35:48","true",""
"Ugzov4h3sSeNl98jkAV4AaABAg.99hQBExoM3O99hR9oViUVH","oneoone","Read a book. He's in those too","0","","2020-06-09 23:44:21","false",""
"Ugzov4h3sSeNl98jkAV4AaABAg.99hQBExoM3O99hfPKo8TJW","Debra Blake","Yes of course remove it","0","","2020-06-10 01:57:32","false",""
"UgwQf2VdW72-t6fpw1p4AaABAg","BonnieSumo100","Mohammed was a slave owner, are you going to ban him.","109","32","2020-06-09 23:36:08","true",""
"UgwQf2VdW72-t6fpw1p4AaABAg.99hQDf2ejpp99hQPgTYqQE","Floopy Doopey","Of course not, he wasnt white, which is all this is about.","55","","2020-06-09 23:37:47","false",""
"UgwQf2VdW72-t6fpw1p4AaABAg.99hQDf2ejpp99hQUjPAxr1","DeCipher","Yeah, they should definitely take down all the statues of Mohammed in the UK.","20","","2020-06-09 23:38:28","false",""
"UgwQf2VdW72-t6fpw1p4AaABAg.99hQDf2ejpp99hQouxSMp_","AwwwhYyyyeah","@DeCipher muslims worship a leader who kept slavers. ban the entire faith.","29","","2020-06-09 23:41:21","false",""
There are no statues of Mohammed or any images but a book of unspeakable evil.","22","","2020-06-09 23:42:03","false",""
"UgwQf2VdW72-t6fpw1p4AaABAg.99hQDf2ejpp99hR1aKPlhG","Mr Knowitall","From where? 
I've seen no statues of him anywhere.","4","","2020-06-09 23:43:14","false",""
"UgwQf2VdW72-t6fpw1p4AaABAg.99hQDf2ejpp99hRmCmyXxv","DeCipher","Are you joking? They’re literally in every town in England.","3","","2020-06-09 23:49:44","false",""
"UgwQf2VdW72-t6fpw1p4AaABAg.99hQDf2ejpp99hS73F7SIo","Lethal Joker","@Whatsittoya Have you read the whole thing?","0","","2020-06-09 23:52:43","false",""
"UgwQf2VdW72-t6fpw1p4AaABAg.99hQDf2ejpp99hSEUhmvUw","Barrybadass","@Floopy Doopey Slaves were owned in all Islamic societies, both sedentary and nomadic, ranging from Arabia in the centre to North Africa in the west and to what is now Pakistan and Indonesia in the east. Some Islamic states, such as the Ottoman Empire, the Crimean Khanate, and the Sokoto caliphate [Nigeria], must be termed slave societies because slaves there were very important numerically as well as a focus of the polities' energies.","6","","2020-06-09 23:53:43","false",""
"UgwQf2VdW72-t6fpw1p4AaABAg.99hQDf2ejpp99hScp8hTW-","Mohammad Khan","@Barrybadass copying and pasting the same thing on every comment😂😂","0","","2020-06-09 23:57:11","false",""
"UgwQf2VdW72-t6fpw1p4AaABAg.99hQDf2ejpp99hzGZTavar","Nathan Gamble","@DeCipher I'm assuming this is satire. It's difficult to tell these days. For anyone who doesn't know, Islam (at least Sunni Islam) forbids creating an image of the prophet, including statues.","6","","2020-06-10 04:51:06","false",""
"UgwQf2VdW72-t6fpw1p4AaABAg.99hQDf2ejpp99iQcostF1H","Stephen Jones","@Floopy Doopey The British were sold as slaves in the Roman Empire, so we should destroy all statues of the Caesars.","4","","2020-06-10 08:58:57","false",""
"UgwQf2VdW72-t6fpw1p4AaABAg.99hQDf2ejpp99iRIcnSFHY","abdul rules","@Mr Knowitall  You must be living on Mars mate how can you miss them?","0","","2020-06-10 09:04:48","false",""
"UgwQf2VdW72-t6fpw1p4AaABAg.99hQDf2ejpp99iRx90opKa","David kennedy","@Floopy Doopey actually Muhammed was white mate","0","","2020-06-10 09:10:28","false",""
"UgwQf2VdW72-t6fpw1p4AaABAg.99hQDf2ejpp99iSD1cjS2M","David kennedy","@Barrybadass UK and USA, fought Barbary coast wars against Islamic slavers,but hey who's actually making historical relevance,just blame whitey even though it was white nations that dismantled slavery","5","","2020-06-10 09:12:46","false",""
"UgwQf2VdW72-t6fpw1p4AaABAg.99hQDf2ejpp99iUNY8dxwL","Mr Knowitall","@abdul rules
Send me a link to a photo of Muhammads Statue or tell me what to write in the search engine.
Much appreciated 👍🏾","0","","2020-06-10 09:31:41","false",""
"UgwQf2VdW72-t6fpw1p4AaABAg.99hQDf2ejpp99iVfOCoZCo","GPZ Fan","He also shagged children","1","","2020-06-10 09:42:59","false",""
"UgwQf2VdW72-t6fpw1p4AaABAg.99hQDf2ejpp99iW4SGhYi1","Quillo","@Whatsittoya They should remove all the minarets instead","1","","2020-06-10 09:46:33","false",""
"UgwQf2VdW72-t6fpw1p4AaABAg.99hQDf2ejpp99iW8xL5cYE","Khadija Aamir","@DeCipher there aren't any statues of the prophet anywhere! You obvioysly know nothing about Islam and shirk lol.","0","","2020-06-10 09:47:10","false",""
"UgwQf2VdW72-t6fpw1p4AaABAg.99hQDf2ejpp99iWQTeI3pS","Floopy Doopey","@Barrybadass Im very aware of this, sadly the main stream media and politicians are only focusing on one particular moment in time by one particular race of people :)","1","","2020-06-10 09:49:33","false",""
"UgwQf2VdW72-t6fpw1p4AaABAg.99hQDf2ejpp99iWTzyZcwj","Floopy Doopey","@Stephen Jones No, we shouldnt, thats the point.","0","","2020-06-10 09:50:02","false",""
"UgwQf2VdW72-t6fpw1p4AaABAg.99hQDf2ejpp99iYQasO4mz","Jamie Nannelli","@Floopy Doopey i get that we are currently protesting black lives matter, but we are not protesting black supremacy, we are protesting for black equality, black does not mean immunity, and neither does white.","0","","2020-06-10 10:07:03","false",""
"UgwQf2VdW72-t6fpw1p4AaABAg.99hQDf2ejpp99iYx4m2bna","Naj","lol take down mohammed SAW statues, and that theyre everywhere? i supppose we all ahve muslamic ray guns too haha. 
You guys are funny, no but still, you have to learn man that Islam actually abolished slavery, but did so in a systemic way, if slavery abolished overnight it would cause financial collapse back then as it was a key commmodity, we learn so much from our teachings that something like this needs to be handles with wisdom, and God with His infinite wisdom taught us by way of Prophet SAW a way of eradicating slavery without causing chaos like these short term revolutions, for real change things need to be changed frmo the inside,legislation and social infrastructure","0","","2020-06-10 10:11:37","false",""
"UgwQf2VdW72-t6fpw1p4AaABAg.99hQDf2ejpp99iZ5oztdsU","JP","@AwwwhYyyyeah you missed his point. There aren't any.","0","","2020-06-10 10:12:57","false",""
"UgwQf2VdW72-t6fpw1p4AaABAg.99hQDf2ejpp99iZHXUmenD","JP","@Floopy DoopeyThere are no statues of him. Nor did he live in Britain.","0","","2020-06-10 10:14:33","false",""
"UgwQf2VdW72-t6fpw1p4AaABAg.99hQDf2ejpp99iZNr1YtxZ","JP","@Naj explain please.","0","","2020-06-10 10:15:25","false",""
"UgwQf2VdW72-t6fpw1p4AaABAg.99hQDf2ejpp99ifR1Thwmt","Chris Wyett","Well done Bonnie for bringing Muslims into a conversation about black people 👍","0","","2020-06-10 11:17:01","false",""
"UgwQf2VdW72-t6fpw1p4AaABAg.99hQDf2ejpp99iipn8c2Ay","bla bla","How uneducated, uninformed and ignorant you are. He did not have slaves and actually paid to buy the freedom of Bilal Al-Habashi. who was a slave and was being tortured by his master after converting to Islam. Bilal and the Prophet became companions","0","","2020-06-10 11:46:45","false",""
"UgwQf2VdW72-t6fpw1p4AaABAg.99hQDf2ejpp99ikPxKaf2q","bla bla","@David kennedy Islam does not encourage slavery, If you look carefully it encourages the freeing of slaves. As for slaves existing within Muslim territories, it was the result of traditions and actions by people who only cared of their own  interests. it has nothing to do with the religion of Islam","0","","2020-06-10 12:00:33","false",""
"UgwQf2VdW72-t6fpw1p4AaABAg.99hQDf2ejpp99jFAGnVMJ5","AwwwhYyyyeah","@JP aren't any what?","0","","2020-06-10 16:38:02","false",""
"UgwQf2VdW72-t6fpw1p4AaABAg.99hQDf2ejpp99jSjghDCvS","Floopy Doopey","@Jamie Nannelli Wish you could tell the British police that :( they dont care about white people.","1","","2020-06-10 18:36:36","false",""
"UgwQf2VdW72-t6fpw1p4AaABAg.99hQDf2ejpp99kEVv-RNZQ","lyle nahare","@Floopy Doopey he was a white  read the story you should learn the true story not the fake one in uk","0","","2020-06-11 01:51:30","false",""
"UgwQf2VdW72-t6fpw1p4AaABAg.99hQDf2ejpp99rL-JkIE0i","Rick Sanchez C-137","I’m not religious at all but just thought I would mention that the holy bible was also used to justify slavery","0","","2020-06-13 20:02:54","false",""
"UgxGyvSQ7wQ-r220sa14AaABAg","Brandon","The patriots of England will fight back","35","22","2020-06-09 23:36:13","true",""
"UgxGyvSQ7wQ-r220sa14AaABAg.99hQEAqBFe199hQql-ANLV","Joshua Walker","They/you won't. All talk behind your little keyboard.","4","","2020-06-09 23:41:37","false",""
"UgxGyvSQ7wQ-r220sa14AaABAg.99hQEAqBFe199hQvSqtvyS","oneoone","And loose","2","","2020-06-09 23:42:15","false",""
"UgxGyvSQ7wQ-r220sa14AaABAg.99hQEAqBFe199hQzsrr_N0","Marek Tužák","@Joshua Walker We'll see about that.","12","","2020-06-09 23:42:51","false",""
"UgxGyvSQ7wQ-r220sa14AaABAg.99hQEAqBFe199hR8NtBCaD","Whatsittoya","@oneoone 1v1? I'm game let's go","4","","2020-06-09 23:44:09","false",""
"UgxGyvSQ7wQ-r220sa14AaABAg.99hQEAqBFe199hR9ZnEuRh","CreatureOTNight COTN","I a controlled and respectful manner?","0","","2020-06-09 23:44:19","false",""
"UgxGyvSQ7wQ-r220sa14AaABAg.99hQEAqBFe199hRCVMPk3K","kay doyle","@Joshua Walker wait","0","","2020-06-09 23:44:43","false",""
"UgxGyvSQ7wQ-r220sa14AaABAg.99hQEAqBFe199hREpM1kYo","Boo galoo","Saturday...London...Whites there.","7","","2020-06-09 23:45:02","false",""
"UgxGyvSQ7wQ-r220sa14AaABAg.99hQEAqBFe199hRRzFpY-T","Danny max","@oneoone and loose? That makes absolutely no sense at all.","0","","2020-06-09 23:46:50","false",""
"UgxGyvSQ7wQ-r220sa14AaABAg.99hQEAqBFe199hRSm4LFlC","Ernesto V17","@Marek Tužák Try to do something and you will be crushed. Delusional white nationalist fool.","2","","2020-06-09 23:46:56","false",""
"UgxGyvSQ7wQ-r220sa14AaABAg.99hQEAqBFe199hRY6abWOZ","X","Saddo. Everyone is born equal and you’re gonna have to finally get your fragile little selves over that","0","","2020-06-09 23:47:40","false",""
"UgxGyvSQ7wQ-r220sa14AaABAg.99hQEAqBFe199hRcoem_Ww","Yeah Whateva","Ernesto V17 What you gonna do fool lol?????","5","","2020-06-09 23:48:27","false",""
"UgxGyvSQ7wQ-r220sa14AaABAg.99hQEAqBFe199hRiaygiW7","oneoone","@Whatsittoya you said '1v1 im game' 😂 damn I miss being 14","0","","2020-06-09 23:49:14","false",""
"UgxGyvSQ7wQ-r220sa14AaABAg.99hQEAqBFe199hRtb0pczD","our rights first","Joshua Walker, come Saturday and see. Literally every football mob from the country is coming and even the lads who have retired from it are coming to.","8","","2020-06-09 23:50:44","false",""
"UgxGyvSQ7wQ-r220sa14AaABAg.99hQEAqBFe199hTggZcMy0","Cottonsockz c","our rights first u lot will be too drunk to fight 🤦🏾‍♀️","1","","2020-06-10 00:06:27","false",""
"UgxGyvSQ7wQ-r220sa14AaABAg.99hQEAqBFe199halIQ2BLZ","Chris Bradley","@Ernesto V17 they'll be tearing down your colloseum next...","0","","2020-06-10 01:16:59","false",""
"UgxGyvSQ7wQ-r220sa14AaABAg.99hQEAqBFe199hbIo6YWu1","DVTX Media","@Cottonsockz c then start acting civilised","1","","2020-06-10 01:21:42","false",""
"UgxGyvSQ7wQ-r220sa14AaABAg.99hQEAqBFe199hd-_PKT1S","Whatsittoya","@Joshua Walker 
Are you going to be there Saturday?","1","","2020-06-10 01:36:33","false",""
Are you going to be there Saturday?","1","","2020-06-10 01:36:57","false",""
"UgxGyvSQ7wQ-r220sa14AaABAg.99hQEAqBFe199hdCVJg07z","Whatsittoya","@Ernesto V17
Rich coming from an Italian with a history of fascism 😂 stop embarrassing yourself seriously 🤣.","3","","2020-06-10 01:38:19","false",""
You wanna meet me or not? simple question. I can arrange something if your upto it are you in London?","3","","2020-06-10 01:38:53","false",""
"UgxGyvSQ7wQ-r220sa14AaABAg.99hQEAqBFe199i3Cv-6_VT","Ernesto V17","@Whatsittoya My grandpa was not a fascist, he in fact helped the resistance when he returned from North Africa campaign. So this is pointless.","0","","2020-06-10 05:34:18","false",""
"UgxGyvSQ7wQ-r220sa14AaABAg.99hQEAqBFe199iO5h4_LS-","C B","@oneoone Get an education, spell properly and improve your life.","0","","2020-06-10 08:36:49","false",""
"UgzcBOP_DLwmb9CyQLV4AaABAg","Red Ghost","What about the knife crime?","19","11","2020-06-09 23:36:30","true",""
"UgzcBOP_DLwmb9CyQLV4AaABAg.99hQGMdMr4g99hQOe0PW3M","The Mighty Dash","Sssshhhh dont mention that!","10","","2020-06-09 23:37:38","false",""
"UgzcBOP_DLwmb9CyQLV4AaABAg.99hQGMdMr4g99hQe6kZG9l","Floopy Doopey","The narrative here is anti white, anti white!","14","","2020-06-09 23:39:53","false",""
"UgzcBOP_DLwmb9CyQLV4AaABAg.99hQGMdMr4g99hRAWpu2TA","RichB","Spot on mate. Khan is all about smoke and mirrors. He can put all his energy and money into this, and real problems, that don't fit the 'woke' agenda get ignored","4","","2020-06-09 23:44:27","false",""
"UgzcBOP_DLwmb9CyQLV4AaABAg.99hQGMdMr4g99hRRTHuNxA","chris moorhead","That doesn’t matter, they just hate white people and Britain’s history","5","","2020-06-09 23:46:46","false",""
"UgzcBOP_DLwmb9CyQLV4AaABAg.99hQGMdMr4g99hRd0BDsGB","Boo galoo","yep...Saturday in London...white knife crime against blacks...soooo soothing to me. Can't wait to stabby stabby.","0","","2020-06-09 23:48:28","false",""
"UgzcBOP_DLwmb9CyQLV4AaABAg.99hQGMdMr4g99hRpUPyZqR","CreatureOTNight COTN","@The Mighty Dash Just like Fawlty towers, don't mention the war.","1","","2020-06-09 23:50:10","false",""
"UgzcBOP_DLwmb9CyQLV4AaABAg.99hQGMdMr4g99hRzCi9SNe","oneoone","Did you know knife crime has nothing to do with racism","1","","2020-06-09 23:51:30","false",""
"UgzcBOP_DLwmb9CyQLV4AaABAg.99hQGMdMr4g99hS0xLdDWy","bob jones","What about the 500bn for the world's most powerful army to illegally invade poorer countries?","1","","2020-06-09 23:51:53","false",""
"UgzcBOP_DLwmb9CyQLV4AaABAg.99hQGMdMr4g99hVi4eejXF","Whatsittoya","@Boo galoo <-- I smell a lefty trying so hard to fit in 😂 you ain't fooling anyone Mate we know how how you people work.","2","","2020-06-10 00:24:07","false",""
"UgzcBOP_DLwmb9CyQLV4AaABAg.99hQGMdMr4g99hx-McHI0C","bays19","They are contained within the no-go no worries","0","","2020-06-10 04:31:17","false",""
"UgzcBOP_DLwmb9CyQLV4AaABAg.99hQGMdMr4g99jw1rROnVQ","Daniel","TAKE YOUR LOGIC AND REASONABLE ARGUMENTS AND GTFO THIS IS ENGLAND","0","","2020-06-10 23:01:22","false",""
"UgzTSS6JRSqLKM8RwrR4AaABAg","Simon Ci","So maybe white can say: Black people are reminder of slavery. All no white should be removed from UK. What about that mr Black?","1","1","2020-06-09 23:36:39","true",""
"UgzTSS6JRSqLKM8RwrR4AaABAg.99hQHSdR0MW99hTTUXUs4p","X","You can’t even speak English haha. So what are you trying to talk about lol","1","","2020-06-10 00:04:31","false",""
"Ugz330jLF-v5wtQCBF54AaABAg","Brandon","If you don’t like British history don’t look at it or leave","27","13","2020-06-09 23:36:46","true",""
"Ugz330jLF-v5wtQCBF54AaABAg.99hQIG7ID-W99hQg4mT3S5","john smith","Thank you👊","1","","2020-06-09 23:40:09","false",""
"Ugz330jLF-v5wtQCBF54AaABAg.99hQIG7ID-W99hQoVqVdE2","oneoone","Kind of hard when they make statues 🤣","0","","2020-06-09 23:41:18","false",""
"Ugz330jLF-v5wtQCBF54AaABAg.99hQIG7ID-W99hQsp84CLW","Ernesto V17","Your history is disgraced history. I'm proud that my grandpa fought you in WW2. UK should be nuked for their crimes.","1","","2020-06-09 23:41:54","false",""
"Ugz330jLF-v5wtQCBF54AaABAg.99hQIG7ID-W99hRB-CHk0G","Emma Hynes","Stalin is part of Russian history, his statues were taken down. We need to understand duality. Slave traders aren't nice people. Try and put yourself in their shoes. Imagine if your people had been enslaved, your very ancestors, you had been brought to a country and sold like an object and then they build a statue of the man that profited from your blood sweat and tears to honour him and not your sacrifice.","0","","2020-06-09 23:44:31","false",""
"Ugz330jLF-v5wtQCBF54AaABAg.99hQIG7ID-W99hRDa0KGCd","Mohammad Khan","Our history is ruining most of the countries we entered and attempted to colonise, theres nothing to be proud of.","1","","2020-06-09 23:44:52","false",""
"Ugz330jLF-v5wtQCBF54AaABAg.99hQIG7ID-W99hRDmUYUTC","john smith","@UC1MX-hvg9qRQtaJ1DLn1_8w do you live here tw@tty","0","","2020-06-09 23:44:53","false",""
"Ugz330jLF-v5wtQCBF54AaABAg.99hQIG7ID-W99hRZ7YnfXn","CreatureOTNight COTN","@Ernesto V17 But before ww2 back in ww1 he would've been fighting along side the Brits.","0","","2020-06-09 23:47:48","false",""
"Ugz330jLF-v5wtQCBF54AaABAg.99hQIG7ID-W99hRtvwUYft","Yeah Whateva","Ernesto V17 And your granpa 😂😂😂 got smashed and i’m glad easy work old crook 🤮","0","","2020-06-09 23:50:47","false",""
"Ugz330jLF-v5wtQCBF54AaABAg.99hQIG7ID-W99hRyRvA76l","kay doyle","@Mohammad Khan The empire is dead and most of the colonies gained independence","0","","2020-06-09 23:51:24","false",""
"Ugz330jLF-v5wtQCBF54AaABAg.99hQIG7ID-W99hT8nbB5LI","Mohammed Osman","So you're gonna forget the genocidal colonial history where millions were died in the Bengal famine and Indian famine, the concentration camps in Kenya and South Africa. Be proud of a leader (Churchill) who constantly boasted how Black/Asian people were inferior races and deserved to pillaged and enslaved because a superior race has come and conquered. Was an advocate of eugenics (something Hitler used to justify holocaust). These are just vague examples of how evil Churchill was, and he did/said things just as bad as Hitler but you would only deplore the latter? Having this statue up is disrespectful not only to people of colonised countries but any decent human being with basic moral and ethics, we should definitely press to remove his statue because we shouldn't tolerate this level of disrespect. By commemorating him you're celebrating everything he's done and stood for.","0","","2020-06-10 00:01:41","false",""
"Ugz330jLF-v5wtQCBF54AaABAg.99hQIG7ID-W99hhCibPFqZ","Shaun Hurley","@Mohammed Osman all I can say is if you don't like it then this is a free country no one is keeping you here I bet there would be lots of people willing to buy you a one way ticket to anywhere in the world you would rather live cos Churchill is never coming down and anybody who thinks he is are delusional","0","","2020-06-10 02:13:18","false",""
"Ugz330jLF-v5wtQCBF54AaABAg.99hQIG7ID-W99hoEA-9A5_","john smith","@Mohammed Osman also stop crying. Thats not why you're here. Your here because your own country isnt as (i'll be polite) pleasant and because England is soft and you know it. Dont give me that genocide crap.","0","","2020-06-10 03:14:39","false",""
"Ugz330jLF-v5wtQCBF54AaABAg.99hQIG7ID-W99iW-X9NSDg","Moe Lester","oneoone It's not hard at all there is many ways to leave the country?","0","","2020-06-10 09:45:53","false",""
"UgxTQd2vxD1-3eqo9Qp4AaABAg","Eric Donaldson bible","Good to see that.God bless","1","0","2020-06-09 23:37:15","true",""
"UgzdiJkli-D0eTn47LR4AaABAg","out of the trash","Deleting the records of history does not delete the history itself, nor does it make better the future! It serves only to allow us to forget the mistakes we made, so that we may make them again.","46","11","2020-06-09 23:37:15","true",""
"UgzdiJkli-D0eTn47LR4AaABAg.99hQLl8Q_Q-99hSiy7BI3P","Whatsittoya","Exactly","2","","2020-06-09 23:58:01","false",""
"UgzdiJkli-D0eTn47LR4AaABAg.99hQLl8Q_Q-99hUvRRwtro","HAMZA","U my man have opened my eyes and I was blind","1","","2020-06-10 00:17:12","false",""
"UgzdiJkli-D0eTn47LR4AaABAg.99hQLl8Q_Q-99i8B1ikox_","viperr000007","This is true however where are the statues of hittler? Oh they trigger White people and so were quickly destroyed","2","","2020-06-10 06:17:44","false",""
"UgzdiJkli-D0eTn47LR4AaABAg.99hQLl8Q_Q-99i8JfyeVdf","viperr000007","Oh and sadam, I bet you weren't saying this when you saw his statues being dismantled","1","","2020-06-10 06:18:55","false",""
"UgzdiJkli-D0eTn47LR4AaABAg.99hQLl8Q_Q-99iQkwv7jPG","out of the trash","@viperr000007 I dont think hitler statues need to be pulled down. If the majority of a population want one gone then do it properly. Museum, book notes kept etc. But yobs turning up and pulling down what they like is the worst way of doing it. It is hard to think of people like hitler in terms of them being actual human beings, it is almost not real. A statue allows people to see how bad (or good in other cases) we can be. At least technologically, we would be many years ahead of now without the burning of the library of Alexandria. How many other records of history have been deleted, to our own species detriment?  There are still a number of Starlin statues in Eastern Europe. I dont think they should inherently be torn down, and it seems mostly that neither do the respective populations. Peace for all man kind will not be found behind the masks of cowardly so called anarchists. It may in the actual understanding that a persons non personal history is  not the bench mark for their behaviours as a person.","0","","2020-06-10 09:00:03","false",""
"UgzdiJkli-D0eTn47LR4AaABAg.99hQLl8Q_Q-99iTrQsBrog","Abhay Suji","We don’t need statues because the history isn’t being taught anyway. Remove the statues and teach the history in schools. We shouldn’t be generating these sick minded people with statues.","0","","2020-06-10 09:27:09","false",""
"UgzdiJkli-D0eTn47LR4AaABAg.99hQLl8Q_Q-99iVlWAbRV8","viperr000007","@out of the trash I like the idea of a museum. It is a more socialised approach.","0","","2020-06-10 09:43:49","false",""
"UgzdiJkli-D0eTn47LR4AaABAg.99hQLl8Q_Q-99iXSMgcCsC","viperr000007","@Abhay Suji You are right we are rarely taught about the countless cultures that were slaughtered, enslaved and their accomplishments assimilated and whitewashed. I know Asian people got it just as bad. But in school they would rather talk about Henry the eighth having 8 wives and how Christopher Columbus ""discovered""  America.","1","","2020-06-10 09:58:33","false",""
 I loved Saddam but he was framed by your war criminal idols Bush.","1","","2020-06-10 10:34:31","false",""
"UgzdiJkli-D0eTn47LR4AaABAg.99hQLl8Q_Q-99imTYNYoa7","out of the trash","@viperr000007 slavery is talked about in school history lessons. The whole topic of the British empire and the time in which it spanned is a long complex discussion possibly too much so for schools. That is ofcourse assuming that the good and the bad is taught. I agree that spending such a long time on topics such as Henry viii is a waste when there is so much more history. However this may be being done on purpose. The fact that slaves from Africa were almost entirely sold to white Europeans by their previous black native slave masters is going to be be a touchy subject, as are many parts of this segment of history. The Henry viii stuff can probably be likened to such entertainment as keeping up with the Kardashians of today. Not very important, doesnt arouse too much thought but keeps people in a seat. If we want to teach history properly, we need to stop being so sensitive. It is no more black and white than the complex lives people live today. Wouldn't a true reflection of our progress as a society be statues of both the slave masters and the people that overcame them? The people of the future should know that evil should be fought and overcome, not to pretend it isn't there. Whilst idiots run around our streets pretending their lives are so bad and are so because British colonialism was so bad, our friends in Hong Kong wish they could have some of that colonialism back. A true modern day Oppressor today takes over them and many African nations, not by the sword but by the very instruments created in the west to prevent the swords use. These idiots choose not to acknowledge any of this because it isn't as easy as turning up one afternoon to rip down a statue. This is the response to a criminal being killed by a police man (I am not okay with it), what response is there to the innocent lives being lost and enslaved in Africa and else where? Perhaps we could all do with a bit of Winston Churchill today?","0","","2020-06-10 12:18:31","false",""
"UgzdiJkli-D0eTn47LR4AaABAg.99hQLl8Q_Q-9A4yA16Klkq","viperr000007","​@out of the trash The history taught in Africa tells a different story and was recorded by the people who lived through the atrosities. I am originaly from Kenya and my grandfather told me that they would basicaly go to a vilage and lock it down and give everybody ID cards and empose a curfew. In the daytime everybody would farm the land and give most of it to the enslavers and keep the little they had to survive. If you are cought outside your vilage after curfew without a letter or a pass that said you were allowed you are treated as a terrorist and mamed or killed unless you had a very good excuse. 

There were cowards who worked with the enslavers to enforse there rules and the system. The way the slaves were extracted was that they would pick the people they thought were fit enough to survive the trip at gun point and simply put them on the ships. The african people back then had no modern weaponry and so would loose most of the fights. A lot escaped their vilages and hid in the forests and formed a resistance and a lot just submited to the other way of life. My grandmother used to sneak food to the resistance (Mau Mau) who I was named after(Kamau). ""Ka"" means little, needless to say im proud of my name. My grandfather would sneak medicine to the ""terrorists"" because he worked in the chemist's. My grandad was born in 1935, Kenya gained indipendence in 1963. My mum was born in colonial times as she was born in 1960. 

We act as though it was hundreds of years ago but in reality it was just 57 years ago that my country at least gaind indipendence. Anyway people try and learn more about what happened from both sides and then you will be able to form a less biast view on how it was back then. We did not sell people for mirrors and we did not have slaves in Kenya at least. Kenya only had 3 million people when we were colonised and their was plenty of resources for everybody back then. There was no need for slaves. I imagine it was the same for most of the other countries.","0","","2020-06-19 12:23:15","false",""
"UgxuTOPNnS5_eiaMzbd4AaABAg","shamanic states","Welcome to the pantomime of the 21st century","48","0","2020-06-09 23:37:37","true",""
"UgwnaWGDm2b565As_OF4AaABAg","Steven Pettigrew","Talking about jumping on the bandwagon fs shut up 🤐","6","0","2020-06-09 23:37:50","true",""
"UgyB7MOE6GkHlY_l7jt4AaABAg","J","Wonder when they are going to burn the Quran. Muhammad was a slave taker and trader!","13","3","2020-06-09 23:37:50","true",""
"UgyB7MOE6GkHlY_l7jt4AaABAg.99hQQ1-N23c99hRXupHjJi","Jahed Miah","False!","1","","2020-06-09 23:47:38","false",""
"UgyB7MOE6GkHlY_l7jt4AaABAg.99hQQ1-N23c99hRnrtkcha","Barrybadass","@Jahed Miah Slaves were owned in all Islamic societies, both sedentary and nomadic, ranging from Arabia in the centre to North Africa in the west and to what is now Pakistan and Indonesia in the east. Some Islamic states, such as the Ottoman Empire, the Crimean Khanate, and the Sokoto caliphate [Nigeria], must be termed slave societies because slaves there were very important numerically as well as a focus of the polities' energies.","4","","2020-06-09 23:49:57","false",""
"UgyB7MOE6GkHlY_l7jt4AaABAg.99hQQ1-N23c99hVJaxWm76","Lisa Shetler","Hah if they go to Asia or middle East they'll be shot on sight!!!","1","","2020-06-10 00:20:38","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg","Rugops","I wonder how much they got for it at the scrap merchants? I also wonder how many protesters are wearing Nike clothes, taking pictures on their Apple phones or drinking their Nestlé Water! All modern day companies that use not only slave labour but CHILD slave labour, I guess it's only important to protest historical slavery while unwittingly supporting modern day equivalents.","946","106","2020-06-09 23:38:23","true",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99hueO7Vor2","Stuart M.","One step at a time. The point is, Britain is starting to come to terms with the atrocities if its imperial past, rather than glorifying it. Charging the protestors with hypocrisy for owning cell phones is a lame argument, since you can't blame people for living in the system that was constructed for them by those in power. We can only do what we can in the here and now to address injustice. Other countries/governments will have to address their issues in good time. 
As for myself I volunteer for charities, I boycott products of several companies including Nestle, while two years ago I stopped buying meat and since January I switched to a vegan diet. I've never voted Tory and I'm doing everything I can to get rid of this current government, which I consider a group of criminals who deserve to go the same way as Colston's statue. What about you? What are you doing to make the world a slightly better place?","41","","2020-06-10 04:10:48","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99i4VJ1-WGc","DTF WORLDWIDE","one step at a time :)","4","","2020-06-10 05:45:33","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99i8mXv108Q","Kloud9","Rugops dude , one step at a time .. we deal with history then precent times 🎯 because if you don’t deal with history you can’t deal with the precent 🎯 change is here let’s sculpt it right ✌️","7","","2020-06-10 06:22:59","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99i9PJ8tyEq","WHITE ANTS MARCHING***","Well said.","2","","2020-06-10 06:28:25","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iCnZ5DhIS","Craig R","@Stuart M. ""One step at a time"" I imagine on its own would be a fair argument, as it's like saying you can't do everything at once, which is true if you did indeed have the intention of getting at these things 'further down the list', shall we say. However, it is not clear that this is the case at all, as you then try to justify why in fact these things aren't your concern or responsibility in the first place. You go on to say that you ""can't blame people for living in the system that was constructed for them"" and ""we can only do what we can... here and now"". This is entirely hypocritical in itself (which is a criticism you've already levelled at someone else based on your supposed principles) as these exact same arguments you propose can be used to justify what you're arguing against. That too was constructed, as were entire cities, by ""those in power"". You submit to power in one sense, but not another. ""Owning cell phones"", if you admit too that that is part of the problem, is also as much of a present issue as the statue, if not more - he may have caused suffering in the past, yet current exploitation is causing suffering now. It is entirely within your capacity to do something about that in the ""here and now"" if you chose to. Going after the statue is just easier, but it does not make you virtuous. You are selecting based on convenience and that itself is hypocritical. You are clearly quite educated, but I encourage you to reflect a bit more on your argument. Your reasoning is entirely unsound. I wouldn't try and place myself morally above others if I were you nor would I go after anyone else personally for that matter.","17","","2020-06-10 06:58:05","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iCuvMNaLg","Nathan Burnham","Well said fella","3","","2020-06-10 06:59:05","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iDBmJngIf","Dece Miraj","Nike has has always supported Black Lives Matter. And now so does Amazon, Uber, Apple and nearly ALL of the corporations. The point is to learn and do better.","4","","2020-06-10 07:01:31","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iDCeKmw_z","Hennray FN","Pretty much completely false. Please do research next time ffs","3","","2020-06-10 07:01:39","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iDM-sdWh-","Comffy Comfort","Step by step, bro k by brick. It’s not about the effort of raising a mansion, it’s the step of laying each brick perfectly b4 moving on to the next and the next, and the next......stay blessed","3","","2020-06-10 07:02:55","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iF4lwjEdC","Insignia","Or when it benefits them","4","","2020-06-10 07:18:03","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iFlVcMCwP","Yasin Akhtar","And how did you write this? On a stone tablet?","4","","2020-06-10 07:24:01","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iFwYqlGWq","VizslaVlog","Craig R just exposed Stuart M as a far left, labour support, UK hating, hypocrite.","9","","2020-06-10 07:25:31","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iGCBHu7Xz","OLOYA","Not literal slavery but a valid point","0","","2020-06-10 07:27:48","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iGirtSt4t","Reggie Cyde","@Stuart M. what are you doing trying to FORCE people to make the world in YOUR image?

Fanatic.","10","","2020-06-10 07:32:24","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iGnWfPFIV","Reggie Cyde","@Hennray FN not an argument.","1","","2020-06-10 07:33:02","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iHWB5L6qV","Jeffrey Morgan","So you are saying because there is modern slavery with its own issues. We shouldn't address condemn past slavery? You implying you support past and modern slavery.","5","","2020-06-10 07:39:16","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iLFsNh227","Annony mous","@Stuart M. Alerting it to numtys like you.","2","","2020-06-10 08:11:59","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iLKbeLTkT","Annony mous","@Kloud9 What a moronic statement.","2","","2020-06-10 08:12:38","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iLNXDQkmb","Stephen Fowley","Unwittingly?","0","","2020-06-10 08:13:02","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iLR0uTz1-","Jeff Jeff","Expose him expose him","0","","2020-06-10 08:13:31","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iNiWT0rtf","ianh","well said..","1","","2020-06-10 08:33:31","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iPLEiGKYW","Reece Hill","So true","0","","2020-06-10 08:47:40","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iPlE9BsCu","Dean Haycox","@Stuart M. I'm going to educate clowns like you. When did the slave trade end again? tell me, how is 21 black man/women effected by slavery?","4","","2020-06-10 08:51:21","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iQ-7KfmXt","Dean Haycox","@Jeffrey Morgan it's called hypocrisy.","1","","2020-06-10 08:53:23","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iQ6F6ujCs","Christian Adams","@Kloud9 So removing statues somehow alters history does it?","6","","2020-06-10 08:54:22","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iQNm4fhSq","Christian Adams","George Soros funds BLM and Antifa.","2","","2020-06-10 08:56:45","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iQPwJSCeU","Stef Enderson","Yes, they own material possessions, we all do. Just because someone exists in a capitalist system, and isn't taking every single measure to exist outside of it, doesn't mean they have no grounds to point out aspects of the system they believe are harmful to our society. He profited off the sale of black people, it is beyond understandable that people don't want these sort of people celebrated with monuments in our cities. There had been a petition to remove the Colston statue, it was ignored, and then the masses took things into their own hands. I love it.","1","","2020-06-10 08:57:03","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iQVqLxmXQ","Stef Enderson","@Stuart M. go on Stu!","0","","2020-06-10 08:57:52","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iR0xSibiu","abdul rules","Wow","0","","2020-06-10 09:02:23","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iR4beWaor","Youssef Hafid","@Dean Haycox just because they are hypocrites doesn't mean they aren't right. You can't protest everything at once. If they were protesting child sweatshops, it would be equally hypocritical to do so whilst supporting statues of slave traders. I'm guessing you don't support child sweatshops?","0","","2020-06-10 09:02:53","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iR5kgS54w","Christian Adams","@Dean Haycox You can't educate the wilfully ignorant. I doubt he'd of heard of William Wilberforce and the Abolitionists. Or say the Islamic slave trade, or the Barbary slave trade, or the Ottoman slave trade.","5","","2020-06-10 09:03:02","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iRGPa8aQ1","David kennedy","They ain't interested in modern slaves,only their own virtue signalling!!","5","","2020-06-10 09:04:29","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iRI4fJn0u","Lobbbzderboi Degenerate","Did anyone hear Pingu in the background?","0","","2020-06-10 09:04:43","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iRSRHwWjZ","libsybum","sirishill do you have any information on this or the brand that do it? Obviously I’d like to support brand that don’t if I can","0","","2020-06-10 09:06:08","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iRVojCcBR","David kennedy","@Stuart M. tory government are criminals, have you met the left,colluding with globalists to destroy our nation?","3","","2020-06-10 09:06:36","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iRqnq9avS","David kennedy","@Jeffrey Morgan what's more important slaves that no longer exist or ones who do exist,and need help today!!
Who abolished slavery?I don't see these ppl protesting modern slavery, it's all me me me virtue signalling, 
They are serving an agenda!","3","","2020-06-10 09:09:36","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iRygmB12v","Youssef Hafid","@Dean Haycox there are still slaves, some of them are black. The slave trade never ended, it was made illegal.
In terms of legal slavery, penal labor in prison camps in america (not really relevant to the uk, but your comment was rather broad in scope) means free labor for the state. Given that black americans have a disproportionate incarceration rate, a sizeable number of black people are effectively working for free.
This cash incentive may have something to do with the USAs ridiculously disproportional incarceration rate.","0","","2020-06-10 09:10:40","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iS-Vnir9e","Matsab","Ahh yes, the old ‘something else is bad, too, therefore this being bad is irrelevant’ argument. Only the mentally feeble think this is a fair point.

Obviously child labourers abroad needs to be stopped, but that hardly discredits the argument that perhaps having a monument to a slave trader on show isn’t exactly the image the uk wants to present.","1","","2020-06-10 09:10:55","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iSPYxtTQD","Munir abdullahi","Ignorace is bliss ...until you have riots in the streets ! Next we should march on Nike, Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook ? Anyone? LOL!","0","","2020-06-10 09:14:29","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iSWFpypxz","Deeplays Gaming","@Jeffrey Morgan i know like kids working for minimal money is the same thing as people comin to your country kidnap, rape, enslaven, work to death for 400 years, yeah thats exactly the same as nike and iphone...........idiots.","0","","2020-06-10 09:15:23","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iSghCaPm5","Same a","Might put it in the British museum","0","","2020-06-10 09:16:57","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iSvw4l3b3","AVERYLONGNAME_","no1 asked","0","","2020-06-10 09:19:02","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iTEZOt0gY","Henry G II","WELL SAID","0","","2020-06-10 09:21:43","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iTQA3GYjx","Renata Bevilagua","Yes. Hypocrites!","1","","2020-06-10 09:23:18","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iTVpm522L","king jabhehutt","Preach louder so those in the back can hear you!!!!!!!","1","","2020-06-10 09:24:04","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iTcJQyG1U","Epilith","@Stuart M. Omg....","1","","2020-06-10 09:25:06","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iTfFc8ohH","hilbert1","@Stuart M. Blah blah blah mate stop making excuse and just call out the stupid hypocrisy. End of.","4","","2020-06-10 09:25:30","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iTrqd7Qb_","Jigsaw John","sirishill Their current agenda appears to include destroying the Churchill statue, and the Cenotaph. They are nothing more than extremist thugs, in my opinion.","2","","2020-06-10 09:27:13","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iUSmmZMMy","Jigsaw John","Stuart M. Well written, from your iPhone, before you go out for a walk in your Nike trainers. Well, the Churchill statue might not be safe, from bigots like you, but at least the animals will let out a sigh of relief.","4","","2020-06-10 09:32:24","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iUYSId6HG","Katherine Morton","Very true","0","","2020-06-10 09:33:10","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iUYXiw95D","Jigsaw John","DTF WORLDWIDE Yeah. After all. You can't be expected to give up your iPhone. Innit?! 😜","0","","2020-06-10 09:33:11","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iUeETMhVG","Nabeel J","It’s different though. Because places like China want investment from companies like Apple. Everyone thinks that it’s slavery- but to them it’s developing their country and people get a job. Slavery centuries ago is different because people didn’t have a choice","0","","2020-06-10 09:34:06","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iVF8q2LPv","Jigsaw John","Dece Miraj Wow. Are you REALLY that naive?! They pay lip service to these causes, while employing child labour. Educate yourself, ffs.","1","","2020-06-10 09:39:16","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iVY-Wu7h5","Simmosa","@Stuart M. absolutely no reason for you to mention you're a vegan there, typical vegan eh","6","","2020-06-10 09:41:51","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iVaj6nw8Y","Jigsaw John","Covalent Media Making children of 5-10 work 12-14 hours a day, is as close to slavery, as dammit.","1","","2020-06-10 09:42:21","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iVqhs3JMS","Jigsaw John","Christian Adams And ISIS have been celebrating the recent BLM riots.","3","","2020-06-10 09:44:32","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iW2nwqIO7","Jigsaw John","Stef Enderson And do you support, (and love), the defacing of the Cenotaph on the anniversary of D day?! What an honourable, and moral person you are. I am in awe. Really I am.","2","","2020-06-10 09:46:19","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iWM_IC1K9","Khalifa's Koffee","Stuart is a paragon of virtue, holier than thou. Better than Mary poppins.. Etc etc etc..Shame about his rampant narcissism..","2","","2020-06-10 09:49:01","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iXY7FRg53","Jeffrey Morgan","@Dean Haycox Everyone is a hypocrite. At least I am not also a slave trader simp","1","","2020-06-10 09:59:20","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iYGMkZR3V","stephan S","I agree, as much as this country is still an accomplice to modern day slavery, same where those individuals who chose to be torn off their motherland and be sold for labour and wages that definitely can't compete with today's...","0","","2020-06-10 10:05:39","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iYTocAjrH","Penelope Pissedoff","@Christian Adams 🎯 and History is there to remind us of the good and the bad no matter how ugly, to ensure we and our future generations don't repeat the ugly.
Tearing down Statues doesn't change history.
It's the future that counts and our biggest threat isn't you or i, it's those that are rubbing their nefarious hands together with glee, because we doing their job for them.
They don't care about us and people need to wake up to what they have planned for us.
We are being played
United we stand, divided we fall.","5","","2020-06-10 10:07:29","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iYY725uqG","Penelope Pissedoff","@David kennedy 🎯👍","0","","2020-06-10 10:08:04","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iYh-jlY9_","Penelope Pissedoff","@David kennedy and that agenda is detrimental to we the people.","0","","2020-06-10 10:09:25","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iZ36WwDwl","Jigsaw John","libsybum Are you incapable of researching yourself?!","1","","2020-06-10 10:12:35","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iZXnBgeT9","Jigsaw John","Youssef Hafid Your sympathy for the perpetrators of crimes, rather than the victims, suggests you are a follower of pc identity politics, and more interested in virtue signalling, than fighting actual injustice, such as child labour, or women being stoned to death in certain countries, etc. Much easier to complain about what some historical figure did, 200 years ago.","2","","2020-06-10 10:16:46","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99iZrt6SBF-","Jigsaw John","Matsab Most decent people would be happy to see monuments to slave traders brought down, in a legal way, and not by a mob. But the ""peaceful protesters"" injuring 49 policemen and women, and defacing the Cenotaph, are not exactly normal decent people. Just anarchists, and thugs.","2","","2020-06-10 10:19:39","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99i_7t6zS1K","Jigsaw John","Nabeel J What about modern day slavery, taking place in the UK?! Are you against that? Or just want to virtue signal, about what a good person you are?!","1","","2020-06-10 10:21:58","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99i_Myu_QXj","Jigsaw John","Jeffrey Morgan Shouldn't you be up Whitehall, burning our flag, and defacing the Cenotaph?!","1","","2020-06-10 10:24:02","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99ia5hkGZHe","Douglas Gross","I wonder how much protesting is being done in west Africa where the ancestors of blacks were sold to Europeans.","2","","2020-06-10 10:30:25","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99ii_SyJehx","Shelby B","@Stuart M. Mohammed kept black slaves. Are you going to burn all copies of the Koran and destroy all the mosques?","4","","2020-06-10 11:44:31","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99ijWYljl43","freethinker B","Rugops well said. Those who are manipulated are the real slaves...","1","","2020-06-10 11:52:43","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99izDYzy3vL","Mai Vançon","Let’s hug trees, not cut down statues.","1","","2020-06-10 14:09:56","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99izsFYdjvP","Tracy Garcia","Defund the Police. No Justice No Peace","1","","2020-06-10 14:15:38","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99j77abaW1u","Craig R","@VizslaVlog Thank you for supporting my argument.","0","","2020-06-10 15:27:46","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99j9aPbOOEr","scimg","@Jeffrey Morgan Not when the idiots behind it spread the virus like wildfire and distract from far bigger problems the world is currently facing, no.","0","","2020-06-10 15:49:19","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99jEpHG_YPd","Robert Burns","@Youssef Hafid child sweatshops is more of a reason to protest over the removal of a statue of a slave trader who died hunderds of years ago. Get your prioroties right.","0","","2020-06-10 16:35:02","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99jFVyB8nrO","shedrick orr","They don't even have to go far China but nobody is interested in that. The world would not have existed if  was not for slavery that's just a fact. Imagine you tell people to go on a boat and half of them going to die","0","","2020-06-10 16:41:00","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99jKJmkJkWH","Robin Bird","EXACTLY. You said it as it is. 🏭","1","","2020-06-10 17:23:01","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99jMhwgNP2G","『ι ∂ση'т яєα∂ яєρℓιєѕ』","I'm against racism, however I am also against valuable historical lessons being defaced and vandalised. All of these protesting thugs, whether white or black, need a swift uppercut.
P.S. Gandhi and MLK weren't exactly saints either.","3","","2020-06-10 17:43:56","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99jOe-rqCBi","squelch079","Even the statues of the gruesome communism have been kept rather than thrown in water, but let the suddenly enlightened protesters express their creativity 👌 😉","0","","2020-06-10 18:00:52","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99jti_qQ54e","SHAWKLAN 27","@sirishill word","0","","2020-06-10 22:41:07","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99kTSZwv7OD","Martin Looter King","Dude, this comment is gold! Heads up: I'm going to plagiarize it, because I couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks for this. You're a great American.","3","","2020-06-11 04:02:06","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99lx4gsl-VT","Zoned 247","It's not being scrapped. At this moment it's being loaded into a military Hercules, to be dropped over Southwark from 10,000 feet","1","","2020-06-11 17:48:58","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99m5tmMfLLb","1856 Caseratti","Good point","0","","2020-06-11 19:14:44","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99n6S07TnbZ","i. rob","@Jeffrey Morgan and what have you done to abolish modern slavery ?","0","","2020-06-12 04:38:46","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99ne9DaOiUU","Jeffrey Morgan","@Deeplays Gaming Do some reading on the subject mate, plenty of resources on google. You might even learn something ;)","0","","2020-06-12 09:42:03","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99oYFcoKxtQ","Jeff Airplane","@sirishill lets hope they dont achieve their current agenda.   Leave our statues alone.","0","","2020-06-12 18:01:00","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99oryI2VHTd","Frankly Speaking","Absofuckinglutely","0","","2020-06-12 21:01:59","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99pZXHxPQh_","Jokester30","Dece Miraj the corporations don’t practice what they preach because it’s all empty words and slogans created by PR marketing firms","0","","2020-06-13 03:31:23","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99rTpekKv9N","Pakau Putairi","@Kloud9 BS","0","","2020-06-13 21:20:05","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99uy5ZU0Wj9","rich smith","@Stuart M. well who are these imigrants","0","","2020-06-15 05:51:00","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL99uyG2DTz9x","rich smith","@OLOYA what are they doing about racism in south Africa against white farmers","0","","2020-06-15 05:52:25","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL9A0ZSkktmxU","Alipal","😥","0","","2020-06-17 19:21:39","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL9ANJO_Ua7j9","J M","@Stef Enderson you would because you're too ignorant to know that these revisions to our history won't stop at a few statues.","0","","2020-06-26 15:23:48","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL9ANJVNXZTdp","J M","@Youssef Hafid be quiet, Saracen, you have *ZERO* space to speak here.","0","","2020-06-26 15:24:44","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL9ANO8bWHWg9","Youssef Hafid","@J M I have literally unlimited character spaces to speak here, scrub","0","","2020-06-26 16:05:19","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL9ANOjwyzUsW","Youssef Hafid","@Jigsaw John which historical figure am I complaining about exactly?","0","","2020-06-26 16:10:33","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL9ANP9wcDfh_","Youssef Hafid","@Robert Burns it's true it is a better reason, but protesting it here would be ineffective. Protesting the statue was very effective however. Better to do a little successfully than fail to do a lot","0","","2020-06-26 16:14:14","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL9BAJxK9M_3k","M I","Exactly , they're all morons,  move on , there are vastly more important problems in the world than worrying about statues of  people who lived a long time back.
Blm...get a life","0","","2020-07-16 10:49:57","false",""
"UgzsptB1puah3MxUTFt4AaABAg.99hQU8s0HeL9Bmn-bvyBn2","Jerry L","shamanic states there’s no child worker in Taiwan","0","","2020-07-31 18:42:55","false",""
"UgzqKoZx09BpE4weNZB4AaABAg","A Poop_trash","One gets taken down we move on to the next one untill our job is done","2","3","2020-06-09 23:38:35","true",""
"UgzqKoZx09BpE4weNZB4AaABAg.99hQVWSXMwX99hRHMYa7FW","Yeah Whateva","I wouldn’t be so sure little boy lol","3","","2020-06-09 23:45:23","false",""
"UgzqKoZx09BpE4weNZB4AaABAg.99hQVWSXMwX99hRd3MtMHJ","Slap-u-silly","Posh stunt","1","","2020-06-09 23:48:29","false",""
"UgzqKoZx09BpE4weNZB4AaABAg.99hQVWSXMwX99hRiqyQeJ-","kay doyle","What 'job' is that exactly u little weirdo","2","","2020-06-09 23:49:16","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg","Military Motivations","Saturday is going to be hell for all of those BLM protesters","43","34","2020-06-09 23:38:50","true",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99hQsT9fT2d","Bepo Beats","whys that?","0","","2020-06-09 23:41:51","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99hR9oEyl-W","Mystical","@Bepo Beats edl is going to protect Churchill","19","","2020-06-09 23:44:21","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99hReHofEuZ","Tomisinnn","lmaooo yall aint gonna do nothing .. i would like to see you guys tryy","3","","2020-06-09 23:48:39","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99hSIf7XI4r","Yeah Whateva","Tomisinnn And what you gonna do 😂😂😂😂😂😂 tiny tomi hahaha f off 😂😂😂😂","18","","2020-06-09 23:54:18","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99hSP7WZ1Ft","Cottonsockz c","Mystical your own police are gonna batter u and your own whites who were protesting 😂😂😂","3","","2020-06-09 23:55:11","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99hT-_RfYfl","Whatsittoya","@Cottonsockz c 
Il be there you wanna come meet up ?","5","","2020-06-10 00:00:26","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99hT-w5edwX","Greb WZ","Cottonsockz c this comment literally makes no sense","1","","2020-06-10 00:00:29","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99hT39J0vE5","Greb WZ","Mystical the EDL isn’t a thing anymore it’s the FLA","0","","2020-06-10 00:00:55","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99hV0lkAL3I","Lisa Shetler","I hope it's hell for them. Get rid of them.","8","","2020-06-10 00:18:04","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99hV6HaB2u7","Lisa Shetler","@Tomisinnn Yes they will. Britain is NOT your country!","17","","2020-06-10 00:18:49","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99hgsmCBqKZ","chaddy1969","@Cottonsockz c Nice name, did you pick your own to make the socks?","3","","2020-06-10 02:10:26","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99hmWZ-tGy4","bw 1506","@Lisa Shetler your saying that as if Britain didn't invade other country's, ransack them and use there people as slaves and paid no reparations","4","","2020-06-10 02:59:42","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99hoPdg1jV5","Aaron cousins","@bw 1506 you say that as tho african tribes didnt enslave each other without reparations or anything in return some even sold them to colonisers for stuff as insanse as coloured glass","14","","2020-06-10 03:16:14","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99i6XcQTKOS","CJ Russ","bw 1506 you do realise that the people who benefited the most out of slavery was black slaves owners/sellers...","10","","2020-06-10 06:03:20","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99iC7_rCbsb","JB 001","@The Virtorian how do you know they are all on benefits?","0","","2020-06-10 06:52:13","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99iHgmzeEBP","OLOYA","@The Virtorian I don't know where you found your statistics. Maybe an educated guess would leave you at the conclusion that many are not employment due to covid-19","3","","2020-06-10 07:40:51","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99iLmvozot0","Alan West",";@Mystical; EDL is going to protect Churchill?  Churchill said there should be a 'United States of Europe'.  Isn't that the antipathy of what the EDL and BNP believe in?","1","","2020-06-10 08:16:38","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99iMS54KBWp","C-L-k","They only know how to fight high OK coke and alcohol 😆😆😆","0","","2020-06-10 08:22:24","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99iMlv0lVsl","osas idemudia","@Aaron cousins That would be well and good if the effects of colonisation were not still being felt till this day. The whataboutism is laughable!","0","","2020-06-10 08:25:14","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99iMsEffvI4","osas idemudia","@Lisa Shetler Britain is for the British and Not all British are white.","4","","2020-06-10 08:26:06","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99iNYdrJLyF","Daniel Rayner","Military Motivations anybody that turns out for this whichever side they are on is just a primitive thinking idiot. There will be no winning side because after the fight the hate will still be there in the hearts of all who attend in fact the hate will probably be stronger","1","","2020-06-10 08:32:02","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99iPEfXSZJ5","Ayrton Steele","@The Virtorian theres plenty of protests up north you can go to hard lad","0","","2020-06-10 08:46:47","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99iP_Q5gZMO","Ayrton Steele","most far right rallys are that poorly attended that the police out number you lmao so wtf do you think 50 or so people is going to do against thousands? so i recommend protesting peacefully","0","","2020-06-10 08:49:45","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99iQ7Vq0Ylf","Oliver McCombie","@The Virtorian what, you mean the next generation of adults want change. Just because you're an old fart and they are young and driven to make change doesnt make them wrong.","0","","2020-06-10 08:54:32","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99iQqyatrZA","elijah Xbib","@Whatsittoya threatening a woman. How courageous.","1","","2020-06-10 09:00:53","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99iTslKxc16","Colin Gathercole","@Oliver McCombie  speaking as an old fart in the 60/70/80s we lived in peace, 90s onward it's been down hill,","1","","2020-06-10 09:27:20","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99iUT7H37nw","Whatsittoya","@elijah Xbib
Fight like a man be beat like a man stfu.","1","","2020-06-10 09:32:26","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99iVYkTjEG2","herc20000","@The Virtorian You notice, a lot of the white young ones in these groups, are actually white middle class spoilt brats who have had privileged upbringings, hah. Unlike a lot of whites who live on council estates and have had to struggle like many others. They think because they've all had, brand new shoes, trainers, cars at the quick whimper to mummy and daddy that we all have had this, hah, if only, then I might get it. My white privilege came from be told by teachers I can't do acting or art, I have to be a bin man or milkman. I had the same shoes for school, which I had to have card in, so that they did not leak when it rained or there was snow. I had to walk to school. I never had holidays abroad or even Butlins. Sometimes I never had a proper dinner, let alone new clothes, only sometimes donations. Don't class all people by their color, it's rich and poor and these whiney yobs don't know how lucky they are in this 21st century with there £500 mobiles phones, free travel and the rest....","3","","2020-06-10 09:41:57","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99iWgYVTpSP","Jason rai","But White British are also involve in BLM protest","1","","2020-06-10 09:51:53","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99iXVXklDBY","Khadija Aamir","@JB 001 he is talking crap.","0","","2020-06-10 09:58:59","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99imXLgsiK1","Aaron cousins","@Alan West is africa in europe?","0","","2020-06-10 12:19:02","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99imdSbKMLN","Aaron cousins","@osas idemudia what effects? Us bringing them forward in time with out technology helping sort their famines and other crisis?","0","","2020-06-10 12:20:01","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99j21vLmtHt","Praxis Alba","@Aaron cousins Haha, the wonder of ignorance. Prior to colonial rule, India was responsible for 20% of the world's GDP. It had huge universities long before Oxford etc","0","","2020-06-10 14:43:18","false",""
"UgxtJi-fNx4bKQ5k5lp4AaABAg.99hQXQtO7Eb99j3Os0E_BF","Aaron cousins","@Praxis Alba and now the entire world has huge universities accessible due to uk colonising and making new technology like planes accessible to everyone","0","","2020-06-10 14:55:10","false",""
"Ugzxa_iV6bXlOOCwuLt4AaABAg","Naren Ekakin","Bengal Femine 😢","1","0","2020-06-09 23:39:03","true",""
"UgynPNIpeMwo7Fy15dV4AaABAg","Kristian Gibbings","Good on the police protecting Churchills monument, keep your batons handy just encase, and have the media present so the world can get a good look at some good ol fashion British police brutality.","3","2","2020-06-09 23:39:07","true",""
"UgynPNIpeMwo7Fy15dV4AaABAg.99hQZRfmM9899hS19aqiWR","kay doyle","they didn't protect anything","0","","2020-06-09 23:51:54","false",""
"UgynPNIpeMwo7Fy15dV4AaABAg.99hQZRfmM9899heuoc6Vgz","Whatsittoya","Till they take a knee","0","","2020-06-10 01:53:14","false",""
"Ugyb6jrFvY-o7BldO2N4AaABAg","Shawn","Enjoy your leftist flash in the pan ""movement"" while you can. Unless the black community at large does something to directly address their own cultural problems, no truly lasting changes will come from any of this... but go ahead and keep bullying anyone who dares speak the truth against your echo chambers, bully them into resigning, fire them, force them to make apology tours... it's this ostrich-like behavior we've all come to expect from the left. Personal accountability needs to be the first step, otherwise the Democrats will continue to own you, and you will remain in impoverished welfare.","3","0","2020-06-09 23:39:14","true",""
"UgyfeAFx7Wxj9N4S9894AaABAg","VirtuaTyKing","Don't like our history get on your bike! Yes terrible racism existed in the past probably globally.
Relatively small amount today exacerbated by a huge chip on their shoulders.
Churchill means something couldn't care less about the others!","10","4","2020-06-09 23:39:47","true",""
"UgyfeAFx7Wxj9N4S9894AaABAg.99hQdLhq2yU99hRv1JhV5V","Boxing Technique Videos","Nah he's going soon mate sorry","0","","2020-06-09 23:50:56","false",""
"UgyfeAFx7Wxj9N4S9894AaABAg.99hQdLhq2yU99hS89cpFvQ","VirtuaTyKing","@Boxing Technique Videos Hell will freeze over before then!","6","","2020-06-09 23:52:52","false",""
"UgyfeAFx7Wxj9N4S9894AaABAg.99hQdLhq2yU99hh2FiO9yC","Rag And Bone Man","Totally agree","1","","2020-06-10 02:11:52","false",""
"UgyfeAFx7Wxj9N4S9894AaABAg.99hQdLhq2yU99iH6C1htNM","James Evans","Statues were erected to people who were great contributors to our society - they should stand proudly and not be torn down by intolerant left-wingers and anti-colonialists who hate British history and would denounce all of it - to them the British Empire was evil and they will want to destroy all vestige of it.","1","","2020-06-10 07:35:43","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg","Charlie R","Happening before our eyes, history is being rewritten.","237","36","2020-06-09 23:39:52","true",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99hRJV69ukL","Blue Steel","history being erased not rewritten.","62","","2020-06-09 23:45:40","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99hRk4FPsHa","Giedrius Andriulionis","@Blue Steel How is it being erased again?","9","","2020-06-09 23:49:26","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99hRlV3qd_0","Sarah Palin is a strong, beautiful woman.","@Blue Steel its being re written by liberals. They are dangerous and control people.","34","","2020-06-09 23:49:38","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99hRqAx-4NN","Mr Knowitall","@Giedrius Andriulionis
These people make themselves believe total falsehoods","6","","2020-06-09 23:50:16","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99hRqlcBCHl","VirtuaTyKing","You know Marty McFly?","1","","2020-06-09 23:50:21","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99hS4U9VgO_","CraftingCameron","history is being deleted","1","","2020-06-09 23:52:21","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99hSHQmYTgf","Anya Holden","It can't be erased. It happened. 
To anyone out there who thinks these statues should remain, remember you have what you have today because they suffered.","8","","2020-06-09 23:54:08","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99hSSps9DJZ","out of the trash","It would be good if they could some how feel the suffering of an alternative universe where there was no Chirchill.","5","","2020-06-09 23:55:41","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99hSlK1g1us","CraftingCameron","Anya Holden more like you have what you do because white people took black people to America which is why they live their today and have everything they do instead of living in tribes like they still would be if we never bothered","9","","2020-06-09 23:58:21","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99hT46KNJVJ","CraftingCameron","Anya Holden these statues represent our past and some remind us of our past mistakes that is why a few of them were put up in the first place. Not something some yuppy American would ever understand","7","","2020-06-10 00:01:03","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99hU9YQuPeF","TheBritishGamer","@Anya Holden nawww poor them","1","","2020-06-10 00:10:32","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99hXgburS-t","Gaz Roberts","It's been erased and forgotten. The authorities are bowing to the uneducated mob, purely out of fear.","2","","2020-06-10 00:41:24","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99hckrNhAZK","Daz C","Erased not rewritten","1","","2020-06-10 01:34:24","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99hekkwGKTT","BritishFreedom","@Sarah Palin is a strong, beautiful woman. The irony is, this man Robert Milligan was a liberal. The left in general, don't build things, they destroy things.","3","","2020-06-10 01:51:52","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99hv8byC3zM","Nathan Gamble","Taking down a statue celebrating a slave trader doesn't mean you're denying history, it just means you don't want to celebrate a slave trader any more. If they were denying history it would be easy to simply deny that Milligan had ever owned or traded slaves.","5","","2020-06-10 04:15:04","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99i4P8ep3d2","Trevor Lee Oakley","It will all be forgotten in six months. Can you name major civil wars in English history? Or state when common law started?","1","","2020-06-10 05:44:42","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99iEUBoJiF9","Blackbeards Brother","@Anya Holden what we have today??? most British people would have gained absolutely nothing from the trade except the top 1%.... yet we all paid for its Abolishment in taxes....","2","","2020-06-10 07:12:47","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99iM0i6B7vU","BnB mike","They should get rid of the Quran and places that talk about Mohammed since he was a slave trader","3","","2020-06-10 08:18:39","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99iM2KtA_PG","The Great Nobby","@Nathan Gamble thats just purely wrong. The statue commemorated his contribution to the very london docks those protesters stand apon.","3","","2020-06-10 08:18:53","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99iOv6Uuv61","Ayrton Steele","@BritishFreedom *cough* nhs *cough*","0","","2020-06-10 08:43:58","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99iP1PuH77p","Ayrton Steele","@Trevor Lee Oakley there was a massive civil war that ended up with the king without his head","1","","2020-06-10 08:44:58","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99iQ6v9XRxN","Joshua Walker","I really want to know more about this school where you only learned by visiting statues and not reading books.","2","","2020-06-10 08:54:27","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99iQiLzLIPC","Benjabin","No it isn't. We're taking down monuments to slavery. There's not monument to Hitler in the UK but we all still learnt about him. Just take half a second to think about what you're saying","2","","2020-06-10 08:59:42","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99iSlR0jXsA","Ali Razvi","History isn’t being re-written, its finally being told!","0","","2020-06-10 09:17:36","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99iSowx7dN3","Will Girvan","George Orwell said those who control the past control the future, that's what we are seeing before our eyes. They want you to be guilty for your past so they can control your future","1","","2020-06-10 09:18:05","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99iTb8Xid1c","Debbie Henri","@Joshua Walker I used to work in parks, brimming with statues - and I never looked at one of them. To my memory, no tourist or colleague ever asked about any of them and nor did I see lessons conducted around them. 
As far as we park keepers were concerned, Statues were very inconvenient things that had to be cleaned of bird droppings now and again. Disgusting, unhygienic job, I couldn't eat for 2 days after doing that. In fact, I doubt there would be many fellow gardeners who would be sorry to see them all go to be honest, especially these ugly modern things. They're glorified perches and the money from the recovered bronze would be much better off going towards some nice benches than refitting the plinths with representations of some other bloke who did something that everyone's going to forget in a couple of years.","1","","2020-06-10 09:24:56","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99iTzNeDmBL","Epilith","These loud mobs on camera don't stand for the majority of people","0","","2020-06-10 09:28:15","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99iXYL99wGk","Gaz Roberts","@Ali Razvi It's been told already idiot. In books. Do you know what a book is?","0","","2020-06-10 09:59:22","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99iZZGuVVjO","End of Chat","@Ali Razvi Bland World Order.","0","","2020-06-10 10:16:58","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99ilKz-Z3Hv","Tee Trotter","Rewritten to black ideology.","0","","2020-06-10 12:08:37","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99jaSIldv0w","Dixie Riese","@Giedrius Andriulionis ARE YOU BLIND OR JUST ILLITERATE?","0","","2020-06-10 19:52:44","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99nHvIjBvNZ","Loc'D N Loaded","@Blue Steel That's a lie, they're still brainwashing kids in school about this countries skewed history. Cry me a river✌","1","","2020-06-12 06:19:02","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99nw6o3wlW6","Callsign Frosty","@Giedrius Andriulionis You must have a severe comprehension disorder - perhaps watch the video again.","0","","2020-06-12 12:19:00","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99nyfOxmKGW","Giedrius Andriulionis","@Callsign Frosty Maybe I do, please explain more. I see a statue being taken down, example  - I am from a post-USSR occupied country, all of the Stalin/Lenin statues have been taken down after '91 when the Soviets left, but guess what, everyone still knows the history of the occupation, it's still being taught in schools, museums are full of Soviet-era exhibits, libraries have thousands of books on the subject. So, please, explain to a simpleton like me, how a statue being removed erases the history of the subject?","0","","2020-06-12 12:41:20","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw99o6MtYU2M_","Giedrius Andriulionis","@Dixie Riese See my reply to @Callsign Frosty above, please explain.","0","","2020-06-12 13:57:19","false",""
"Ugz3C9Hej032OABuN2B4AaABAg.99hQe0WKzuw9BL5cKBhOth","Max Larsen","whitewash","0","","2020-07-20 15:16:24","false",""
"UgwB9YIZu6gEbZw8foN4AaABAg","MrRobtwothirds","How primitive are we supposed to be that people feel the need to say black lives matter, anybody who doesn't believe all lives matter are not going to have their minds changed by petulant virtue signallers. Should we have marches where the marchers message is, don't murder people, or don't be a burglar? These globalists have misfire on this, people are waking up to their tactics, and their unwitting or paid pawns out protesting, are rapidly evaporating.","7","2","2020-06-09 23:40:25","true",""
"UgwB9YIZu6gEbZw8foN4AaABAg.99hQi1dSjy599hSDcPQbZO","X","“All” lives will never truly matter until black lives matter. Only simpletons feel the need to reply all lives matter when it’s very obvious why Black Lives Matter is needing to be said right now.","1","","2020-06-09 23:53:36","false",""
"UgwB9YIZu6gEbZw8foN4AaABAg.99hQi1dSjy599hSI8ds8ac","Mr Knowitall","They literally have Marches against rape. You're point is null.","0","","2020-06-09 23:54:13","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg","Blue Steel","Those fools have now denied future generation to learn about history and actions of the past = wipe out history and it will be repeated.","320","54","2020-06-09 23:40:28","true",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99hREHIm07d","Dove","Because a statue got taken down..............?????","47","","2020-06-09 23:44:57","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99hRxawLosd","Emma Hynes","Don't you think this movement will be studied and how it was protested. I learnt more about these slave traders with their statues being taken down then them having stood there for all those years. I think the planned initiative (would need to fact check but if this is real then it's really good) is to put the statues in a museum where they can be understood in a wider context than just a simple statue=good man. Instead we will learn the duality and I think that's ruddy fantastic don't you?","25","","2020-06-09 23:51:17","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99hUpCulVLn","sirishill","Yes let's proudly keep erected the slave traders of this country, heroes.","7","","2020-06-10 00:16:21","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99hXowZDzP-","Scumspawn *****","I hardly think full on slave trading is going to reappear just because they tore down a statue ..get a grip on reality blue steel","7","","2020-06-10 00:42:32","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99hb8X-b89x","Whatsittoya","@Scumspawn ***** 
You will be suprised idiot.","6","","2020-06-10 01:20:18","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99hivEIEn1S","gbjanuary","Blue Steel history is already being repeated women sold into slavery by terrorist so statue did nothing.","4","","2020-06-10 02:28:15","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99hjkCxGbKu","zuluknob","@Scumspawn ***** The are currently more slaves in the world than there has ever been before.","6","","2020-06-10 02:35:29","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99hmUQ3q0Po","Raphael Mira","People trying to change the past, stupidity. Instead of understanding each other we all let our emotions get the better of us. If anyone wanna argue then your welcome too, but please rethink for a sec what we type. Taking down statues will solve what? People barely notices them around, its HISTORY we shouldnt bring it back to the present, we need to learn from it. I approve peaceful meaningful protest, but angry stupid mobs....go back to school and learn again. Ps. Why deface Abraham Lincoln's monument? Ignorance everywhere. Learn facts first","4","","2020-06-10 02:59:24","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99ho2lhi0jH","Aaron cousins","@Scumspawn ***** its allready happening in 3rd world countries....","1","","2020-06-10 03:13:06","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99hs2R-Rypf","ClickNSpam","Slavery was the norm. There is no statue of any human being on earth that would be morally perfect.
Also there were people who bought slaves to free them, which we may never know the true scale and prevalence of such actions.","3","","2020-06-10 03:48:00","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99i3mRTvAO_","Frank","@sirishill The unlucky stayed in Africa...","1","","2020-06-10 05:39:17","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99i8z3xpAwY","Jay Park","Germany hasn't got any statues of Hitler and yet the worlds remembers him. Cute try though","7","","2020-06-10 06:24:42","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99iBrItWU9h","JB 001","Never heard of a book?","3","","2020-06-10 06:49:51","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99iGxbPjut3","The Everyday Alpha","In terms of karma, when the West BOMBS countries to smithereens such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria to name but a few, I find it utterly confounding that the removal of some statues can equate to removing “history”.

Think about that for a second. Speaking of history, a lot more has been done to wipe out civilisations, history, families and traditions in the past BY Europeans than has EVER happened to them.","2","","2020-06-10 07:34:24","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99iH9_098aj","Garry Young","@JB 001 Probably not","0","","2020-06-10 07:36:10","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99iHOKKQ8Vy","Alexander Challis","my late father who served 1935 - 1949  laughed at that nonsense everyone knew about WW1 yet we repeated it!","1","","2020-06-10 07:38:11","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99iKBiL8Uo4","grahvis","@The Everyday Alpha .
Would that be the same Iraq and Afghanistan where Isis and the Taliban were deliberately destroying ancient history.","1","","2020-06-10 08:02:41","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99iL6I0UyHA","HakunaMagada","Statues are used to glorify people, books are use to learn about history.","0","","2020-06-10 08:10:41","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99iL9s2VhBl","Stuart Graham","This is history. Future kids will learn about how we came to terms with our colonial past. Nothing has been wiped out.","2","","2020-06-10 08:11:10","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99iLWqjKSh4","Ra Ra","Boomers are the most hysterical and dramatic people on the planet.","1","","2020-06-10 08:14:18","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99iMDi6IFR3","firefly 007","Hear, Hea. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it - Marx. Is that why slavery is still allowed in Islam?","2","","2020-06-10 08:20:26","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99iMEvZjVYw","C-L-k","Just like what you guys did with black history,  destroyed and white washed everything.","1","","2020-06-10 08:20:36","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99iM_hn23WO","Lindsay Lindsay","What the hell are you taking about. Al this history is still in books and museums and on the internet. The majority of people who walk past these statues don’t use them as a history lesson. Your am just not willing to except other white men being removed from these positions","0","","2020-06-10 08:23:34","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99iMsF8e58T","Antony D'Andrea","With the statue up, I had no idea who this person was. Same with the guy in Bristol. Never heard of them. With it being taken down, I now do. Go figure.","0","","2020-06-10 08:26:06","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99iNQ7pAREF","paladino estetica","@Emma Hynes this movement in the uk won't be studied cause frankly it's not that big a deal. We hardly study women, despite their protest for thier rights so this won't be studied and these things will be lost to time.","0","","2020-06-10 08:30:52","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99iNRJ03yhE","Abdullah Sweesi","Why don't you... read a book?
The Black Death was a monumental part of our history, but we don't go around putting statues of rats.","0","","2020-06-10 08:31:02","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99iNbVhvovq","Lethecia Jackson","zuluknob why make such statements with no statistics to back yourself up?","0","","2020-06-10 08:32:33","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99iNuqMmtxQ","deeeeeeezzzzaaaa","They can learn about it from books or Google so what your saying doesn't make sense.","0","","2020-06-10 08:35:12","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99iNyMCcOVR","Mr Mo","The Virtorian. The statue would be placed in a museum, future generations can learn all about their deeds, good and evil. A public statue venerates and proudly celebrates a historical figure for ALL their deeds. Otherwise we would have statues of Epstein for his charitable contributions and Weinstein for his extensive movie catalogue.","3","","2020-06-10 08:35:40","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99iNzv-yXzn","Lethecia Jackson","Raphael Mira  the statue will give people the impression he was a “great man” when really all slave owners/traders were sexual abusers. They sodomised black men and they impregnated black women. Taking down the statue and putting it in a history museum will not only give people the chance to learn about just how nasty these men really were, but it can also protect your beloved statues from being mashed up again. Why hasn’t Queen Elizabeth got a statue up? Why do the slave masters NEED a statue? Ask yourself whose hands built those statues. Taking down the statues shows that these men were not great and are not worthy of having to be publicly remembered for ALL THE WRONG REASONS.","2","","2020-06-10 08:35:53","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99iO-n4eng5","Liam Devlin","I mean the main thing to remember at the time slavery was legal, you could buy a bunch of slaves and work on your farm or whatever you wanted, and you have documents saying that these were owned by you, but it was legal at the time but obviously nowadays its illegal which is right that it is but slavery is still happening today just not so open and these statutes of these people must have done other things than slavery thats why they put a statue there and ripping them down is not gonna change the fact what they have already done ,has some people have said in the comments","0","","2020-06-10 08:36:00","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99iOvYMFerQ","Black Blades Zoro","You can easily put the statue in a musuem you idiot lol thats where it should be , not on a public street","1","","2020-06-10 08:44:02","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99iOzF897tB","Zak Sharman","I forgot how in school I learnt from statues and not books...","0","","2020-06-10 08:44:32","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99iPpmXOG8u","Joshua Walker","I once left my keys in my front door as I left for work. Should I get a statue of keys in my front garden so I dont forget and let history repeat itself?","1","","2020-06-10 08:51:59","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99iPrcemH8y","Oliver McCombie","@Antony D'Andrea that's because you don't live their. They do. And they walk or drive past the statue every day. If they want it down what difference does it make to you?","0","","2020-06-10 08:52:14","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99iRFPgGeba","Debbie Henri","Like most Brits, all my history lessons were a hurried and often boring summary of the prehistoric, which king did what, significant wars, and the Industrial Revolution. Slavery? Never mentioned. Statues? Never visited. 
To this day, I have never seen classes of schoolchildren clustered around any statue learning of its significance. Even when a new one went up in my most local town, it was simply something to point out and drive past. Visitors? I never saw one. 
So there's nothing to learn from the representation of some greedy, immoral moron gathering bird droppings under a tree. Frankly, I'm astonished that statues of slave traders still exist. They should have been melted down long ago, either when Britain abolished slavery or during the war years when we were desperate for the metal. 
Don't quite understand why there's calls to tear down Winnie's statue... As far as I know, he wasn't a slave trader. That appears to be a step too far and I think the protesters would do well to find a more valid representation to bring the authorities attention to - otherwise it starts getting all a bit too 'French Revolution' where we run out of aristocracy and then start topping any poor sod walking down the street.","0","","2020-06-10 09:04:21","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99iRzMg8FxO","ann miller","@Emma Hynes  No I don't because it will be out of sight out of mind.  Slavery is not a horrror of the past but very much a horror of the present.  Anyway, when did a small number of people get to decide what is for public display and what isn't.  These statues belong to all of us, and all of us should decide their fate.","0","","2020-06-10 09:10:46","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99iVtFKN_Is","P.H.I.L Congure","Since when does a statue being taken down erase history?","0","","2020-06-10 09:44:53","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99iY_77v8Dd","JP","@ClickNSpam ""Slavery was the norm"" 

No Slavery was the norm if you were rich and could afford them. And the norm back then sucked ass, why glorify it?","1","","2020-06-10 10:08:21","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99iZ6SPrylu","Pablo Escobar","All part of the new world order . Soon we will be like China . Everything censored if you disagree with the govt you will he chucked in a cop van and beaten or worse. If BLM they would protest all the 92% of black killing blacks. But no it’s all part of the white liberal plan and ppl are lapping it up. What did George Soros say it’s easy to manipulate black ppl . George Soros the same guy who pays antifa . All part of the plan","0","","2020-06-10 10:13:02","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99iZSHtaMyl","Shade Ajala","History belong in the history books...not  a statue and a daily reminder of the hurt and death in British history PERIOD","0","","2020-06-10 10:16:01","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99iZmr-EkT2","TailsR1984","Seeing a lot of strawman arguements here...","0","","2020-06-10 10:18:58","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99i_16hibLo","BoyDietrich AUT","Blue steel good profile avatar","0","","2020-06-10 10:21:03","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99ib0D_IAna","Chill Bacon","One statue ruins history woah","0","","2020-06-10 10:38:24","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99ib7MXlpKl","Pablo Escobar","Shade Ajala lmfao what about the pyramids what about any ancient monument. Do you want to rip those down . What about the A roads the romans built should we rip those up . Houses of Parliament, Statue of Liberty. What about Nike and Apple who employ child slave labour in there sweat shops should we get rid of those","0","","2020-06-10 10:39:22","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99ibLUxzoUf","Lovely bit Of bugle","We should burn all the books that mention slavery next ✊","1","","2020-06-10 10:41:18","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99idREigPvF","Pablo Escobar","Lovely bit Of bugle haha ikr or just explode the world as most of it was built on slavery","0","","2020-06-10 10:59:34","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99idohTdF20","Pablo Escobar","Chill Bacon we’ll surely if we are getting rid of 1 statue we should have to get rid of them all . Surely that’s the point of this. N then why stop there coz is that not discrimination If we only pull down the statues . Surely we have to get rid of countries built on slavery . Let’s do this right ffs","0","","2020-06-10 11:02:54","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99ijoG7CNnv","Shelby B","The Taliban destroyed all the Buddhist monuments in Afghanistan and wiped out other people's cultures. No wonder Suckdick Khan and his talibani friends support this.","0","","2020-06-10 11:55:16","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99j0JrmqXtz","Mai Vançon","Emma Hynes Still against removal of statues, but I support that idea about a museum. That’s better than the statues thrown in a graveyard, or buried like the time when a statue of a Confederate soldier was buried because it looked too much like a Union fighter.","0","","2020-06-10 14:28:16","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99j0co6lEem","Lethecia Jackson","Liam Devlin your argument is invalid. Anything this man did was at the hands of coloured people, they were the ones tilling the soil, harvesting the crop. If slavery is still going on today I can guarantee it is in third world countries. People can work as “slaves” as housekeepers, the difference between slaves and housekeepers is that the house keepers get payed correctly for what they do, they do not get beaten for doing the wrong thing and more importantly they have their freedom. Taking the statues down show that what these men did was WRONG. They do not need a statue to glorify their raping, sodomising, abusing and owning people.","0","","2020-06-10 14:31:00","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99nr5ZH4Uh1","nutboy93","C-L-k Right?! 😂","0","","2020-06-12 11:35:08","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ99ooWael2FZ","The Everyday Alpha","grahvis If you really believe these actions were carried out by people from that country, I don’t know what to say. Who benefits from wiping out their history?","0","","2020-06-12 20:31:51","false",""
"UgwOi4h59Vn_NFDs9_l4AaABAg.99hQiO4uKLZ9BFNLk_XtIc","Khadija Aamir","@Lovely bit Of bugle fifteen verses in the Bible for starters..","1","","2020-07-18 09:55:50","false",""
"UgxdtuJNNmuBV9bKVrN4AaABAg","Sceptic Human","The Islamic prophet was a slave owner. Does this mean we should get rid of Islam?","14","4","2020-06-09 23:40:57","true",""
"UgxdtuJNNmuBV9bKVrN4AaABAg.99hQltPv-Rm99hRYfWy0Np","Masood Akhter","You know nothing John snow 😂😂😂","0","","2020-06-09 23:47:45","false",""
"UgxdtuJNNmuBV9bKVrN4AaABAg.99hQltPv-Rm99hRdQJn7bC","bob jones","Where's your evidence? Slavery is forbidden in the Quran and it is a book that has been carbon dated 1450 years ago, remaining word for word exactly the same today. Like that you can make up lies about anyone?","1","","2020-06-09 23:48:32","false",""
"UgxdtuJNNmuBV9bKVrN4AaABAg.99hQltPv-Rm99hS0ttMnB4","Barrybadass","@bob jones Slaves were owned in all Islamic societies, both sedentary and nomadic, ranging from Arabia in the centre to North Africa in the west and to what is now Pakistan and Indonesia in the east. Some Islamic states, such as the Ottoman Empire, the Crimean Khanate, and the Sokoto caliphate [Nigeria], must be termed slave societies because slaves there were very important numerically as well as a focus of the polities' energies.","6","","2020-06-09 23:51:52","false",""
"UgxdtuJNNmuBV9bKVrN4AaABAg.99hQltPv-Rm99hTYZ2l_XY","Boo galoo","Islam is a dream....Christianity rules this world.","1","","2020-06-10 00:05:12","false",""
"UgxZfOtWl8NofjtGTn94AaABAg","Alison Lee","DON'T TOUCH CHURCHILL!!","1","2","2020-06-09 23:41:12","true",""
"UgxZfOtWl8NofjtGTn94AaABAg.99hQnn6lQtl99hRVOaZduT","TheBenchPressMan","they already did last weekend, look it up","0","","2020-06-09 23:47:18","false",""
"UgxZfOtWl8NofjtGTn94AaABAg.99hQnn6lQtl99hepDVetyc","Whatsittoya","It's been cleaned look it up","0","","2020-06-10 01:52:28","false",""
"UgwKW0GNVU72ZA-NpZl4AaABAg","Michelle","You dare touch winston he’s staying up there proud what he did for Britain","35","9","2020-06-09 23:41:22","true",""
"UgwKW0GNVU72ZA-NpZl4AaABAg.99hQoznG7Qf99iXowx9LBJ","Khadija Aamir","He didn't even think women should have the vote. You proud of that too lol.","0","","2020-06-10 10:01:46","false",""
"UgwKW0GNVU72ZA-NpZl4AaABAg.99hQoznG7Qf99idEdoBb-a","GARYPUSSY","@Khadija Aamir please keep your view points for your own country, thankyou.","5","","2020-06-10 10:57:51","false",""
"UgwKW0GNVU72ZA-NpZl4AaABAg.99hQoznG7Qf99s0S6-OovP","Aj195","@Khadija Aamir I heard Islamic countries love women's rights.","2","","2020-06-14 02:22:34","false",""
"UgwKW0GNVU72ZA-NpZl4AaABAg.99hQoznG7Qf99uzc0DCm38","Ducky","Khadija Aamir What should define a man? Leading a country through the worlds most destructive war, or some sexism.","1","","2020-06-15 06:04:18","false",""
"UgwKW0GNVU72ZA-NpZl4AaABAg.99hQoznG7Qf9A-9bZ4ii_W","Domnul Floca","@Khadija Aamir allahakbaring anywhere else. i hear russian helicopters, run forest, run ! :)) The Mi-24 are pretty accurate","0","","2020-06-17 06:16:33","false",""
"UgwKW0GNVU72ZA-NpZl4AaABAg.99hQoznG7Qf9A4gvj0csbr","Khadija Aamir","@GARYPUSSY I am white and English born idiot. People change names duhhh","0","","2020-06-19 09:52:37","false",""
"UgwKW0GNVU72ZA-NpZl4AaABAg.99hQoznG7Qf9A4h3Ba-d7g","Khadija Aamir","@Ducky well he was booted out straight after the war. That says everything.","0","","2020-06-19 09:53:46","false",""
"UgwKW0GNVU72ZA-NpZl4AaABAg.99hQoznG7Qf9A4hD1oIlC4","Khadija Aamir","@Domnul Floca white , blue eyed, natural blonde and more English in heritage than most here. So what is your waffle for?","0","","2020-06-19 09:55:07","false",""
"UgwKW0GNVU72ZA-NpZl4AaABAg.99hQoznG7Qf9BfuvaCfQGD","Arbeit Macht frei","@Khadija Aamir he have some downsides but that's not what the statue is representing","0","","2020-07-29 02:37:28","false",""
"UgwN5AZAFaiCWz0fHKF4AaABAg","thediamondshard","I’m not really bothered about solve trader statues being taken down, it was a horrible and inhuman practice, but I’ll be dammed if they are gonna try and get Churchill taken down! The man gave most of his golden years to his country and became a symbol of British strength and toil.","37","10","2020-06-09 23:41:44","true",""
"UgwN5AZAFaiCWz0fHKF4AaABAg.99hQrbZsPk199hS4_fNADX","jacob mand","they should still do it by democracy , we are a democratic country and 97% dont wont the churchil statue taken down","9","","2020-06-09 23:52:22","false",""
"UgwN5AZAFaiCWz0fHKF4AaABAg.99hQrbZsPk199hSAI8rDZ_","karl smith","Yeah, there is a difference between a slave trader who profited of human suffering and the confederate statues in the US that honour those who fought to keep slaves.  Than there is between someone like Churchill who though did some questionable things is being remembered for his part in WW2.","2","","2020-06-09 23:53:09","false",""
"UgwN5AZAFaiCWz0fHKF4AaABAg.99hQrbZsPk199hTfDiXi7O","Cylenium","@karl smith Fought to keep slaves? What has become of our education system?","0","","2020-06-10 00:06:15","false",""
"UgwN5AZAFaiCWz0fHKF4AaABAg.99hQrbZsPk199hTzKe3dzB","karl smith","@Cylenium The confederates fought to keep slaves, yes.","2","","2020-06-10 00:09:00","false",""
"UgwN5AZAFaiCWz0fHKF4AaABAg.99hQrbZsPk199hUee0ldIF","Lisa Shetler","They should be shot.","1","","2020-06-10 00:14:55","false",""
"UgwN5AZAFaiCWz0fHKF4AaABAg.99hQrbZsPk199hZgPITBPb","slinkiegirl2001","he too has to go","0","","2020-06-10 00:58:50","false",""
"UgwN5AZAFaiCWz0fHKF4AaABAg.99hQrbZsPk199hecXKVc1v","Debra Blake","Horrible man","0","","2020-06-10 01:50:44","false",""
"UgwN5AZAFaiCWz0fHKF4AaABAg.99hQrbZsPk199hegNWNKT4","Debra Blake","Take churchill downnnn","1","","2020-06-10 01:51:16","false",""
"UgwN5AZAFaiCWz0fHKF4AaABAg.99hQrbZsPk199hjHsr3sZ_","gbjanuary","thediamondshard tell that to Australia Churchill was a disaster sending troops to unnecessary death at Gallipoli 😡","2","","2020-06-10 02:31:28","false",""
"UgwN5AZAFaiCWz0fHKF4AaABAg.99hQrbZsPk199iU-qun3N_","Abhay Suji","Churchill was responsible for the Bengal famine, also purposefully starved India repeatedly, encouraged white supremacy and argued that Indians should be castrated and prevent them from “breeding like rabbits”. He also pretty much facilitated the continuation of endentured labourers which was a form of legal slavery. Churchill May have “lead a war” where his advisors and generals did all the work, but because he said a few inspirational quotes his script writer wrote he is hailed as a hero, despite him sharing more views and morals with the kkk. And we don’t teach the true horrors of the British history and British empire which has literally been called the rape of India. To ignore what Churchill did and claim him as a saint or hero is ignorant and makes you sound uneducated. I beg of everyone to just google a few of these and learn Britain’s true history.","0","","2020-06-10 09:28:27","false",""
"Ugx5KKb6N8LElR5EkeR4AaABAg","Sceptic Human","Where are the English protecting their statues?","3","3","2020-06-09 23:42:03","true",""
"Ugx5KKb6N8LElR5EkeR4AaABAg.99hQu-CWT9O99hSKormdzi","CraftingCameron","at home because there following the covid 19 guidlines like good people","1","","2020-06-09 23:54:35","false",""
"Ugx5KKb6N8LElR5EkeR4AaABAg.99hQu-CWT9O99hSbXmX9kI","CreatureOTNight COTN","Ain't got time to be doing that, work ain't gonna do it's self.","3","","2020-06-09 23:57:00","false",""
"Ugx5KKb6N8LElR5EkeR4AaABAg.99hQu-CWT9O99hk7SHf7uV","gbjanuary","Sceptic Human watching love island like silly people.","1","","2020-06-10 02:38:47","false",""
"UgzkbeL-N7oDXwpzxtB4AaABAg","abz4life100","Hopefully Churchill next 💪🏾","8","4","2020-06-09 23:42:19","true",""
"UgzkbeL-N7oDXwpzxtB4AaABAg.99hQvx0AF0_99hR1PiBfNV","Luca Patel","not happening","5","","2020-06-09 23:43:12","false",""
"UgzkbeL-N7oDXwpzxtB4AaABAg.99hQvx0AF0_99hRl1NKnB4","Boxing Technique Videos","Can't wait","1","","2020-06-09 23:49:34","false",""
"UgzkbeL-N7oDXwpzxtB4AaABAg.99hQvx0AF0_99hS30uDWmf","RichB","Nope","3","","2020-06-09 23:52:10","false",""
"UgzkbeL-N7oDXwpzxtB4AaABAg.99hQvx0AF0_99hTMDtIILf","Barrybadass","Maybe you.","0","","2020-06-10 00:03:31","false",""
"Ugzw9V3oMh8lAjk0Gdd4AaABAg","Zego Insurance Promo Code","originally this movement was to do with police brutality in the USA.. through it's many twists and turns we're now discussing UK public sculptures","66","22","2020-06-09 23:42:58","true",""
"Ugzw9V3oMh8lAjk0Gdd4AaABAg.99hR-fo55ca99i4SlERWgi","Frank","Probably EU","1","","2020-06-10 05:45:12","false",""
"Ugzw9V3oMh8lAjk0Gdd4AaABAg.99hR-fo55ca99iUROH3lsJ","Debbie Henri","Well, I agree we shouldn't have statues glorifying slave traders, however the Winston Churchill protest is getting all a bit 'French Revolution' I think.","2","","2020-06-10 09:32:12","false",""
"Ugzw9V3oMh8lAjk0Gdd4AaABAg.99hR-fo55ca99iUixbVjGy","Curly Lulu","Black lives matter has always been about black lives period. That's like saying the women's rights movement only applied to the rights of the women in the US therefore it shouldn't be discussed here. But yeah yeah let's continue to celebrate slavery shall we.","0","","2020-06-10 09:34:44","false",""
"Ugzw9V3oMh8lAjk0Gdd4AaABAg.99hR-fo55ca99iVmBe6f2e","Bobby Bobster","@Debbie Henri.  And if they were to be removed and put in a museum that should have been decided by the whole of the U.K., not by a mob of vandals.","1","","2020-06-10 09:43:55","false",""
"Ugzw9V3oMh8lAjk0Gdd4AaABAg.99hR-fo55ca99iZ9Gdh3ev","RobOfAllTrades","@Debbie Henri Or 1950s China. It'll be interesting to see where this ends.","0","","2020-06-10 10:13:25","false",""
"Ugzw9V3oMh8lAjk0Gdd4AaABAg.99hR-fo55ca99iZDle8AXP","RobOfAllTrades","@Curly Lulu Who is celebrating slavery?","2","","2020-06-10 10:14:02","false",""
"Ugzw9V3oMh8lAjk0Gdd4AaABAg.99hR-fo55ca99iZVsw3Fvy","93jwj","Expect nothing more from the race with an average IQ of 80; they are too incapable to build societies on their own. Our biggest mistake: giving them an inch, and allowing them to take a mile. Civil war is brewing folks, it's about time we put the 'great' back into Britain; let's return her back to her former glory. Rule Britannia! ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻","1","","2020-06-10 10:16:30","false",""
"Ugzw9V3oMh8lAjk0Gdd4AaABAg.99hR-fo55ca99iZVx3HErb","JP","Our racism is different to the US","0","","2020-06-10 10:16:31","false",""
"Ugzw9V3oMh8lAjk0Gdd4AaABAg.99hR-fo55ca99i_0JaYBdQ","Curly Lulu","@RobOfAllTrades y'all are, this fervent defence of a statute can't be considered anything but that. You know something ain't rights when you are uniting voices with white supremacists 😂","0","","2020-06-10 10:20:56","false",""
"Ugzw9V3oMh8lAjk0Gdd4AaABAg.99hR-fo55ca99i_IEwNmCA","Curly Lulu","@93jwj ....except the people with IQ of 80 built this country to start with...., boy how I wish people like you could get to just go on off somewhere to live these desires 😂😂 would love to see the results of a 'great' Britannia 😂","0","","2020-06-10 10:23:23","false",""
"Ugzw9V3oMh8lAjk0Gdd4AaABAg.99hR-fo55ca99i_WFm0-Vp","RobOfAllTrades","@Curly Lulu Who is y'all?","0","","2020-06-10 10:25:18","false",""
"Ugzw9V3oMh8lAjk0Gdd4AaABAg.99hR-fo55ca99iaFo8Pz9C","Curly Lulu","@RobOfAllTrades you all, plural denoting more than one person on this comment section. What's not connecting?","0","","2020-06-10 10:31:47","false",""
"Ugzw9V3oMh8lAjk0Gdd4AaABAg.99hR-fo55ca99icOzBV9O2","Haider Latif","@Curly Lulu Africans should be in Africa, Europeans should be in Europe, Americans should be in America and asians should be in Asia, it's quite a simple trick yet very effective but blacks want to enjoy themselves in 1st class countries and they do, so a bit of oppression wont do harm to anyone right?","0","","2020-06-10 10:50:31","false",""
"Ugzw9V3oMh8lAjk0Gdd4AaABAg.99hR-fo55ca99ifqzZ7RpZ","RobOfAllTrades","@Curly Lulu There are some pretty unpleasant things being said here for sure. I want to make it clear that I am with you. I'm on the side of the protesters because I know that racism is still a huge problem in the world. But, is your quarrel not with the people living in the world right now? I don't see how taking down statues helps people of colour to be treated equally. Of course in the case of some of the monuments, like the one of Colston in Bristol, Milligan in London, or even Rhodes in Oxford, they seem like pretty nasty figures  having monuments to whom could do little other than to make people of colour feel uncomfortable and make white Brits feel guilty. Without Churchill though, it's quite possible that there would be no UK now. I know that he was the figurehead of a government that oversaw horrible things happening in India (among other places), but he did so much for the British people. I think people are becoming more aware of how men like Churchill and the British Empire in general were very damaging and that outweighs the good things they brought in a lot of places. However, the truth stands that Churchill was an incredibly important figure in this country's history, who should be remembered for both the good and bad things he did. School books ought to have more information about those bad things. A monument doesn't just stand to celebrate a person's deeds. At the end of the day, is a statue really that offensive? It's just a statue. A statue has no agency. No power to bring about change. People do.","1","","2020-06-10 11:20:41","false",""
"Ugzw9V3oMh8lAjk0Gdd4AaABAg.99hR-fo55ca99iyuCXe4um","manhunt48","@Curly Lulu Who's celebrating slavery?","0","","2020-06-10 14:07:09","false",""
"Ugzw9V3oMh8lAjk0Gdd4AaABAg.99hR-fo55ca99j49OGvMVt","Mai Vançon","Media causes people to do things.","0","","2020-06-10 15:01:48","false",""
"Ugzw9V3oMh8lAjk0Gdd4AaABAg.99hR-fo55ca99loMzYe5gV","Roboko","@Curly Lulu Think you may have lost the plot sweetheart. Many of us owe our lives and our families lives to Churchill's actions. He ended a war and a holocaust, he's saved more lives than you or your BLM friends ever will in your life.","0","","2020-06-11 16:32:49","false",""
"Ugzw9V3oMh8lAjk0Gdd4AaABAg.99hR-fo55ca99rv3jf3p-0","Aj195","@Curly Lulu honestly girl, didn't really build it. But exploitation of foreign people helped UK, that part is true.","1","","2020-06-14 01:26:48","false",""
"Ugzw9V3oMh8lAjk0Gdd4AaABAg.99hR-fo55ca99ryy80F-pH","Curly Lulu","Aj195 .....slavery and foreign hands didn’t really build it.....who did then? You know Britain has a history of shipping in folks to “help” right? Or are you just playing semantics? Like what in your point is a necessary add on for you to tag me 🤔","0","","2020-06-14 02:00:51","false",""
"Ugzw9V3oMh8lAjk0Gdd4AaABAg.99hR-fo55ca99rz6Cq1JPN","Curly Lulu","Haider Latif hmmmm sounds about ignorant 😂","0","","2020-06-14 02:02:06","false",""
"Ugzw9V3oMh8lAjk0Gdd4AaABAg.99hR-fo55ca99s2e3n7Hy_","Aj195","@Curly Lulu I'm saying like that statement made i sound like there was huge involvement in slavery within the UK, but like exploitation in other countries was what helped them get richer.","0","","2020-06-14 02:41:48","false",""
"Ugzw9V3oMh8lAjk0Gdd4AaABAg.99hR-fo55ca99sN119N4sD","Curly Lulu","@Aj195 would the use of the term ""colonial rule"" make it easier? Socio-economic exploitation is slavery by another means. Indirect colonial rule was the means by which colonisers made sure that this exploitation was possible to this day...I don't think semantics really changes anything.","0","","2020-06-14 05:39:50","false",""
"Ugy8_OwastTdNcmoD4R4AaABAg","Master Blade","Personally don't think Churchill was a good man, maybe to the British he was but not to India, but even so taking down a historic statue of a national hero is a bit too much regardless of what he did","4","1","2020-06-09 23:43:02","true",""
"Ugy8_OwastTdNcmoD4R4AaABAg.99hR0D4-lvX99hePq2zvzB","Whatsittoya","Nobody is truly innocent","1","","2020-06-10 01:48:52","false",""
"UgxkxHNaooOHKXlAGgF4AaABAg","Virginp0wers forever","here we see idiots destroying western history, because white man bad","8","0","2020-06-09 23:43:25","true",""
"UgzRIaSGtWbP4XPhp0x4AaABAg","Mystical","history taking down because a group of people around 3% dont like it","89","16","2020-06-09 23:43:47","true",""
"UgzRIaSGtWbP4XPhp0x4AaABAg.99hR5fnO3cQ99hRkufxTi7","Darksider95","The world is ruled by minorities. Whether its the government, the rich, the one boss at work or even the one member in the family household. It'll take everyone standing up to fight back and we know that won't happen though I predict a nationalist anti anti blm movement will be borne from this.","8","","2020-06-09 23:49:33","false",""
"UgzRIaSGtWbP4XPhp0x4AaABAg.99hR5fnO3cQ99hRmGi1jQE","Nikhil Trehan","but the 3% aren't in the wrong and it's more like 25%","2","","2020-06-09 23:49:44","false",""
"UgzRIaSGtWbP4XPhp0x4AaABAg.99hR5fnO3cQ99hSSi5khNb","Cylenium","@Nikhil Trehan You've overplayed your hand. The UK is majority white, and so are the armed forces. The vast majority of foreigners, like yourself, live in big cities, so you're easy to pen in. But please, keep thinking you've won already.","17","","2020-06-09 23:55:40","false",""
"UgzRIaSGtWbP4XPhp0x4AaABAg.99hR5fnO3cQ99hSbIJf4EP","Whatsittoya","@Nikhil Trehan
 25% fascists.","3","","2020-06-09 23:56:59","false",""
"UgzRIaSGtWbP4XPhp0x4AaABAg.99hR5fnO3cQ99hV-uO7Nme","International RTG","Cylenium Wow threatening to “pen in” foreigners, there really are no depths you right wing scumbags won’t stoop to.","6","","2020-06-10 00:17:57","false",""
"UgzRIaSGtWbP4XPhp0x4AaABAg.99hR5fnO3cQ99hVdY_aNsN","Cylenium","@International RTG I really don't care. We are at war. Foreigner, traitor, I'm just waiting for the word.","12","","2020-06-10 00:23:30","false",""
"UgzRIaSGtWbP4XPhp0x4AaABAg.99hR5fnO3cQ99hWQVdeMaE","HaveBad Day","Deportation","7","","2020-06-10 00:30:19","false",""
"UgzRIaSGtWbP4XPhp0x4AaABAg.99hR5fnO3cQ99hYYRnP7I1","Lesser Spotted Mugwump.","Nikhil Trehan As soon as it’s their car or city getting trashed or if it inconveniences them in any way the support will vanish.

A virtue signal on Twitter is worth its weight in gold.","0","","2020-06-10 00:48:53","false",""
"UgzRIaSGtWbP4XPhp0x4AaABAg.99hR5fnO3cQ99iQ8vup9y7","Ayrton Steele","@Cylenium the uk is majorly white...thats funny im pretty damn sure that you right wingers always bang on about being a minority in the country lmao","2","","2020-06-10 08:54:44","false",""
"UgzRIaSGtWbP4XPhp0x4AaABAg.99hR5fnO3cQ99iUMPGxcCv","Bek","Ayrton Steele minority in london","0","","2020-06-10 09:31:31","false",""
"UgzRIaSGtWbP4XPhp0x4AaABAg.99hR5fnO3cQ99kKdg6-T-H","notmanynamesleft","London is pretty much a third world city","0","","2020-06-11 02:45:07","false",""
"UgzRIaSGtWbP4XPhp0x4AaABAg.99hR5fnO3cQ99l0KNf3LkO","Khadija Aamir","@Nikhil Trehan I would say much much more than that if you actually asked the general public.","0","","2020-06-11 09:06:49","false",""
"UgzRIaSGtWbP4XPhp0x4AaABAg.99hR5fnO3cQ99l0U6a3zBj","Khadija Aamir","@Cylenium what makes you so deluded to think that all whites support your stance? You don't even live here, so know nothing.","0","","2020-06-11 09:08:09","false",""
"UgzRIaSGtWbP4XPhp0x4AaABAg.99hR5fnO3cQ99l0bIqVjyv","Khadija Aamir","@HaveBad Day most are British born you pillock.","0","","2020-06-11 09:09:16","false",""
"UgzRIaSGtWbP4XPhp0x4AaABAg.99hR5fnO3cQ9APVIJLHLdR","Kingdom of Gamers","@Cylenium I'm with you this BLM movement needs to be stopped once and for all.","0","","2020-06-27 11:46:17","false",""
"UgzRIaSGtWbP4XPhp0x4AaABAg.99hR5fnO3cQ9BVO03fhEmP","Boog Washington","Cylenium Us American patriots stand with you.  We’ve got our hands full with this commie filth over here.  Do what you have to do to take out the trash 🇬🇧 🇺🇸","0","","2020-07-24 15:09:28","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg","Gregory Carnegie","I don't see the relevance of the Algerian flag","150","49","2020-06-09 23:43:56","true",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99hTSdrBJR2","Boo galoo","neither do they... they can't even spell their own name","40","","2020-06-10 00:04:24","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99iLvLZh9SG","P Neron","It is an Islamic invasion.","52","","2020-06-10 08:17:47","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99iSdgSNmd-","Cyril Sneer","Related to Algerian independence from the French.  In other words it's the usual anti-white anti-west bs from people who live here and enjoy western first world quality of life.","38","","2020-06-10 09:16:33","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99iUDzoOx4C","Khadija Aamir","@P Neron how when indigenous white Brits opened the first mosque here in 1889? Many of us are Brits. Islam isn't a race or nationality duhhhh.","3","","2020-06-10 09:30:22","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99iUbAwv98D","King Richard the Lionheart","Muslims hate statues. I know that much.","9","","2020-06-10 09:33:41","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99iX2Wx-rLs","Ali Pakiza","@Khadija Aamir Because it is acceptable to go after the Muslims. Blacks? Nah. Dare they.","2","","2020-06-10 09:55:01","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99iX7NTcJ_R","Ali Pakiza","@P Neron More like Black Lifes invasion.","8","","2020-06-10 09:55:41","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99iX9Dq2E85","Hannah","somehow I doubt it's to highlight the modern day brutality and slavery in Algeria...","4","","2020-06-10 09:55:56","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99iXXD8EsJb","WesleySnipzzz","its part of africa, but they are not black haha","0","","2020-06-10 09:59:13","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99ioeSExUwX","Nirmal","Jai hind 🇮🇳👈🏽","0","","2020-06-10 12:37:37","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99iy5Nad5Ns","Unknown2234 Unknown","nirmal stfu","0","","2020-06-10 14:00:05","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99j-EY4GgNB","Tracy Garcia","Defund the Police. No Justice No Peace","4","","2020-06-10 14:18:48","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99jJvzE7bFv","manboobs","They are taking over","2","","2020-06-10 17:19:38","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99jLcSu8apM","5p teco bag","Bruh I'm Algerian and that fool should be ashamed. My grandparents who lived in Algeria and were enslaved by the French were WHITE.","2","","2020-06-10 17:34:27","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99jhVkuhlTx","Rafik","@Hannah there was no slavery in algeria during the french colonisation, simply because The French Republic had abolished slavery a second time in 1848, after Napoleon did in 1815.","0","","2020-06-10 20:54:22","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99jhd3b5Yke","Rafik","@5p teco bag there was no slavery in Algeria during french colonization","1","","2020-06-10 20:55:31","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99juZR2sclq","terry phidaheights","BARBARY SLAVE PIRATES WERE ALGERIAN","0","","2020-06-10 22:48:28","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99jucIEU35Z","terry phidaheights","@King Richard the Lionheart THEY HATE DOGS","0","","2020-06-10 22:49:00","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99k0wsmHQTD","The Adventure Gamer","King Richard the Lionheart This ain’t muslims for once mate. If you actually look at the protests there ain’t actually a lot of them. This is a problem with immigration. We need to stop it then repatriate most of them who are here.","0","","2020-06-10 23:52:59","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99kMs5OsFWu","Tracy Garcia","Look like middle class is poor class","1","","2020-06-11 03:04:34","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99lCOUlJ9rp","Alex Leaud","Because Algeria was colonized by evil men and their flag was banned by the same evil men. The chains have broken... now people like you will run and hide and we will live like kings over you and bring freedom to all of our people without your help. Deal with it!!!","0","","2020-06-11 10:52:14","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99lCkoo5888","Gregory Carnegie","@Alex Leaud What do you mean people like me lol?","0","","2020-06-11 10:55:26","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99lD1FBSHi8","The Adventure Gamer","@Alex Leaud Lets let them leave the country.","0","","2020-06-11 10:57:48","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99lEkqiYhjA","Alex Leaud","@The Adventure Gamer Nope. We will not leave. We will free the UK and bring freedom to all oppressed people. Our revolution has started. We have the numbers.","3","","2020-06-11 11:12:54","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99lQZWFLRtg","Jar animations","@Nirmal Hello, this is tech support. How may I help you 2day?","0","","2020-06-11 12:56:05","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99lgeOvPn_l","Bumber Clot","Boo galoo and you are a first class facist. I’ve posted you over to a friends 😉👍","0","","2020-06-11 15:25:26","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99lt2RiyuPG","Geoffrey D","@5p teco bag Enslaved by french? Are you talking about colonization?","0","","2020-06-11 17:13:43","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99mRsZgCUnW","Prins van Oranje","Related to the Oran Massacre perhaps. Just any country that isn't white, is good, as far as they know.","1","","2020-06-11 22:26:48","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99mdSxYo3ko","Quack Attack","You blame the black the Muslims everyone expect yourself it’s quiet ironic actually as there is an asian officer defending thy stupid statue","1","","2020-06-12 00:16:46","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99mliRWyFVI","5p teco bag","@Rafik no there was. Although the French government did not approve people in charge of areas such as tiaret in the north (military) had slaves. I know this because my grandmother was one","0","","2020-06-12 01:28:55","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99mlvxj0dW-","5p teco bag","@Find The Light bruh Muhammad abolished unpaid non consensual slavery. U can be one if ure paid and consent. That's called being a maid and exsist today in the uk","0","","2020-06-12 01:30:46","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99mlx4cSwNU","5p teco bag","@Geoffrey D yes","0","","2020-06-12 01:30:55","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99mm8bQM8VO","5p teco bag","@The Adventure Gamer from who ure subscribed to I can tell ure a fundementalist Christian who cries to the fact this country isnt run by Christian laws and it never will lol.","0","","2020-06-12 01:32:38","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99o9euGXehC","B F","Agreed racism in any form is WRONG. What this had to do with UK to this extent is debatable. This could potentially create a divide amongst us.","1","","2020-06-12 14:26:08","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99p-SiFUjTf","Jacob Armstrong","Tracy Garcia get out of Europe.","1","","2020-06-12 22:16:11","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99rR26lDhYI","Wolfo","@Cyril Sneer here on the very freedom and liberty that Churchill provided! Due to millions of people who died in ww1 / ww2 fighting for the freedom this country provides. I'm insulted! 🇬🇧","0","","2020-06-13 20:55:42","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99rRX5Qr9tK","Wolfo","@Ali Pakiza that's what it feels like an invasion 😂, the world has gone to woke and PC. This is the downfall now, of everyone offending everyone now. I feel its all down hill from here now.","0","","2020-06-13 20:59:56","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99rSDC-nGBj","Wolfo","@5p teco bag I'm sorry to hear that mate.. But whats it gotta do with Britain?  we gave back the British empire to every country.","0","","2020-06-13 21:05:57","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN99ro9XptRF9","Rafik","@5p teco bag i'm algerian ! What r u talking about ?! There wasn't because France was a Republic and slavery had been abolished by Napoleon on 1815. My grand parents were not Citizens, neather slaves, but they had been to the french public school for free.","0","","2020-06-14 00:26:26","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN9ANKjRf_qV0","J M","@Khadija Aamir no, you're Brits because of a piece of paper, you and your kind aren't my kinsmen, you're someone living in my country in areas I no longer want to visit.","0","","2020-06-26 15:35:32","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN9ANKpzdvN1P","J M","@Tracy Garcia 😂 like there's peace with the orks anyway.","0","","2020-06-26 15:36:25","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN9ANKwzAXf2x","J M","@Alex Leaud 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 OK ""kang"" whatever you say love.","0","","2020-06-26 15:37:22","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN9ANLCXyIQBV","J M","@Quack Attack so what? And yes we blame you, you and the white left want to take over and destroy all of mine and many millions of others heritage, we will fight you for that.","0","","2020-06-26 15:39:38","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN9ANLHLl-NEn","J M","@5p teco bag 😂😂😂😂 shame the Muslims of the Barbary Slave Trade and the East African Islamic Slave Trade didn't listen to him eh. 😉","0","","2020-06-26 15:40:18","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN9ANNNixCzcs","Alex Leaud","@J M I'm not black but nice try! Anyway, I destroyed a Churchill statue a while back. It was fun. I hope to destroy some more. Are you going to stop us? :) Good luck white boy. Keep trying.","1","","2020-06-26 15:58:38","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN9Aj6WwSNTPF","Max Larsen","africans rule England and Poomerica.","0","","2020-07-05 11:53:53","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN9BFNW5dU-88","Khadija Aamir","@King Richard the Lionheart you don't know anything lol.","0","","2020-07-18 09:57:15","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN9BFNmJfvYuT","Khadija Aamir","@Ali Pakiza you obviously are not following Quran anyway or you would know all races are equal in Islam.","0","","2020-07-18 09:59:36","false",""
"UgyNzq4_a8inG_dOziF4AaABAg.99hR6iHG4RN9BFOfeQ-zVM","King Richard the Lionheart","@Khadija Aamir I dont know anything? So it's not haram to put up statues of people no?
You don't know anything.","0","","2020-07-18 10:07:26","false",""
"Ugxj4IdHkEg84-5ESjl4AaABAg","Barrybadass","History will repeat itself and it won't be good .","17","2","2020-06-09 23:44:54","true",""
"Ugxj4IdHkEg84-5ESjl4AaABAg.99hRDnKjAQg99hY7-KD-y4","Scumspawn *****","How will full on slave trading repeat itself ? Eh ? How ? Don't talk empty.","1","","2020-06-10 00:45:08","false",""
"Ugxj4IdHkEg84-5ESjl4AaABAg.99hRDnKjAQg99hflx1ZFQQ","Shaun Hurley","@Scumspawn ***** it's still happening in Africa, China, India, South America where the hell are all of you protesting outside there embassy's to demand they stop or pull down there statues non of you are, all this goes to proves that these protest are nothing but anti white campaigns helped by our mainstream media and politicians but if people think this will stand they are in for a rude awakening just remember the last 4 years British people are starting to wake up after years of being subdued and beating down by our own government I think this is the final tipping point","1","","2020-06-10 02:00:46","false",""
"UgyQcn6vkJcz3bhI6tV4AaABAg","Ultimate Gamer","Churchill will be next and when that happens, civil war will start","20","13","2020-06-09 23:45:34","true",""
"UgyQcn6vkJcz3bhI6tV4AaABAg.99hRIjzJ_AH99hSKy7ZJEd","Danny max","I'm 44 and i have never been or wanted to go on any marches or protests. I don't care for the EDL or Antifa or politics in general, i firmly believe in live and let live but if Sir Winston Churchills statue is taken down i will be the first one out there.","14","","2020-06-09 23:54:37","false",""
"UgyQcn6vkJcz3bhI6tV4AaABAg.99hRIjzJ_AH99hSMP42MSK","jacob mand","sat 13 th 10 am churchills statue be there patriots","6","","2020-06-09 23:54:48","false",""
"UgyQcn6vkJcz3bhI6tV4AaABAg.99hRIjzJ_AH99hV-_85sGi","shamanic states","Lee Rigby was beheaded on our streets, and all the people of the uk did nothing, except have a brain fart!...civil war will never happen","3","","2020-06-10 00:17:54","false",""
"UgyQcn6vkJcz3bhI6tV4AaABAg.99hRIjzJ_AH99hVxiXIEI_","Ultimate Gamer","@jacob mand I saw the post. Already got my train ticket","3","","2020-06-10 00:26:15","false",""
"UgyQcn6vkJcz3bhI6tV4AaABAg.99hRIjzJ_AH99hW0eouTs_","Ultimate Gamer","@shamanic states the threat was foreign. this is domestic","4","","2020-06-10 00:26:47","false",""
"UgyQcn6vkJcz3bhI6tV4AaABAg.99hRIjzJ_AH99hWBVMuung","Lisa Shetler","@shamanic states Yes it will because these Primitives must be stopped.","6","","2020-06-10 00:28:16","false",""
"UgyQcn6vkJcz3bhI6tV4AaABAg.99hRIjzJ_AH99hZ5hi86Vg","shamanic states","@Ultimate Gamer will never happen, good luck in your endeavors tho","1","","2020-06-10 00:53:42","false",""
"UgyQcn6vkJcz3bhI6tV4AaABAg.99hRIjzJ_AH99h_3kbcwIe","shamanic states","@Lisa Shetler I agree, but do you really think the soy boy generation and the over 50s will fight? That leaves a very very small percentage of the population old enough and brave enough to have the courage to actually stand up!...face it , were pacified beyond belief and this fable you believe in about civil wars and beating primatives is a projection of your discomfort, frustrations and ultimately your lack of true grit, by all means grab your weapon and make a start, instead of being a keyboard warrior with illusions of grandeur. All the best in your fight","1","","2020-06-10 01:02:10","false",""
"UgyQcn6vkJcz3bhI6tV4AaABAg.99hRIjzJ_AH99hdfW0Ylwo","Whatsittoya","@shamanic states <- Knob","3","","2020-06-10 01:42:24","false",""
"UgyQcn6vkJcz3bhI6tV4AaABAg.99hRIjzJ_AH99hjVNsa3e1","gbjanuary","Ultimate Gamer civil war is bit strong especially with no weapons 😋","1","","2020-06-10 02:33:19","false",""
"UgyQcn6vkJcz3bhI6tV4AaABAg.99hRIjzJ_AH99hqno_ikC3","C4rr0t B011s","gbjanuary it’ll be like a massive gang war 😳","0","","2020-06-10 03:37:08","false",""
"UgyQcn6vkJcz3bhI6tV4AaABAg.99hRIjzJ_AH99kYMaScfte","Oscar Hunter","The White Lone Wolf","0","","2020-06-11 04:44:59","false",""
"UgyQcn6vkJcz3bhI6tV4AaABAg.99hRIjzJ_AH99lx-c6pPMQ","Ultimate Gamer","@gbjanuary you underestimate how many guns there are in the UK that are legally owned","0","","2020-06-11 17:48:17","false",""
"Ugxrar_cRD0KjHNuUkF4AaABAg","ManaWearBlack","I completely support removing the statues of slave traders as they don't deserve to be remembered; history should forget them. But Winston was a hero. He was also human. Full of flaws and full of courage, but he was exactly what our nation needed in order to survive. We were the last bastion of hope and he was our beacon of light. Remember him. Remember his flaws. Remember his greatness. Remember what made him imperfect.","7","3","2020-06-09 23:46:49","true",""
"Ugxrar_cRD0KjHNuUkF4AaABAg.99hRRvJcvN-99hRwCGnMIn","RichB","Very well put.","1","","2020-06-09 23:51:06","false",""
"Ugxrar_cRD0KjHNuUkF4AaABAg.99hRRvJcvN-99hSMhIUot4","Kain Reaver","Whatever you might think, it's not for a few protesters to decide what parts of our heritage to remove. Decisions like this should be left to the towns. Although, personally I don't think it should be up for debate. The statues are there to mark historical figures of note - their existence doesn't mean you have to find them morally beyond repute by today's standards.","2","","2020-06-09 23:54:51","false",""
"Ugxrar_cRD0KjHNuUkF4AaABAg.99hRRvJcvN-99hfByao7kn","Debra Blake","Slave owners are a disgrace snd sll of thdir descendants","0","","2020-06-10 01:55:43","false",""
"UgyHveI_73ujSwkWOtV4AaABAg","Barry Thirlwall","Statues only show a step in humanity's march forward, and they should never trigger civil unrest, but only represent a moral lesson for everyone to learn from.","1","1","2020-06-09 23:47:11","true",""
"UgyHveI_73ujSwkWOtV4AaABAg.99hRUWyUmwH99hS_qzetXB","Kim Hind","Well said 👍","0","","2020-06-09 23:56:47","false",""
"UgyCPWEtfYOc0Ykek_F4AaABAg","Slap-u-silly","Get woke bruh","1","1","2020-06-09 23:47:20","true",""
"UgyCPWEtfYOc0Ykek_F4AaABAg.99hRVbPGSKI99he4uGnZX0","Whatsittoya","Go broke Bruh","3","","2020-06-10 01:46:01","false",""
"UgxtORRZCk3kuhO1mE94AaABAg","CityRatGames","What do we want covid19 when do we want it Now!","57","10","2020-06-09 23:47:23","true",""
"UgxtORRZCk3kuhO1mE94AaABAg.99hRVzzkxHl99hSl2dNReT","CreatureOTNight COTN","Not like it's higher mortality rate in different people.","1","","2020-06-09 23:58:18","false",""
"UgxtORRZCk3kuhO1mE94AaABAg.99hRVzzkxHl99hSwQP7Uqp","Cottonsockz c","Hospitals are empty mate 😅😂😂 covid 19 is another of your white establishments propaganda","3","","2020-06-09 23:59:52","false",""
"UgxtORRZCk3kuhO1mE94AaABAg.99hRVzzkxHl99hTBKa6dfm","CityRatGames","@Cottonsockz c oh god did this bring out the conspiracy theorists tin hatters. If you think the virus is completely gone then sadly your mistaken and its groups of people like this that will make it more of a problem. Common sense.","14","","2020-06-10 00:02:02","false",""
"UgxtORRZCk3kuhO1mE94AaABAg.99hRVzzkxHl99hbVxnL2PQ","Whatsittoya","@Cottonsockz c
 Wasn't it the black people saying that they mostly at risk from getting it?
My goodness you are absolutely clueless 😂 the stupidity of you today its pure gold! Lmao","9","","2020-06-10 01:23:30","false",""
"UgxtORRZCk3kuhO1mE94AaABAg.99hRVzzkxHl99hkhvBgMLc","Andrew Smith","@Cottonsockz c Undertakers & mortuaries are full.","2","","2020-06-10 02:43:54","false",""
"UgxtORRZCk3kuhO1mE94AaABAg.99hRVzzkxHl99iPDuYPokH","French chainsaw","@Cottonsockz c yeah because China is the sort of country to shut there economy down for a ""fake"" virus","3","","2020-06-10 08:46:40","false",""
"UgxtORRZCk3kuhO1mE94AaABAg.99hRVzzkxHl99iS9vIISmF","Chimera XDX","@Cottonsockz c Shame it came from China. But your comment proves that you and your people have very low IQ.","0","","2020-06-10 09:12:20","false",""
"UgxtORRZCk3kuhO1mE94AaABAg.99hRVzzkxHl99iWk02w8ai","ally haze","Enough all ready. More people die of lightning than c19.","0","","2020-06-10 09:52:21","false",""
"UgxtORRZCk3kuhO1mE94AaABAg.99hRVzzkxHl99iWrAYAyYR","ally haze","@CityRatGames but its not tho is it??","0","","2020-06-10 09:53:20","false",""
"UgxtORRZCk3kuhO1mE94AaABAg.99hRVzzkxHl99ieL5Y50jh","Metal Head","@Cottonsockz c Hi Mr Blunkett. Hope you're keeping well.","0","","2020-06-10 11:07:28","false",""
"UgzlNg4JB--86uXh4W94AaABAg","DIGITAL MEAT","Oh dear, this is our history (warts and all) that is being erased. Yes there are parts of it which are bad, but surely acknowledging them is better than erasing them no?","1","2","2020-06-09 23:47:28","true",""
"UgzlNg4JB--86uXh4W94AaABAg.99hRWcJNGPA99hRbhZ4LEq","Sarah Palin is a strong, beautiful woman.","SJW's want to erase everything.","1","","2020-06-09 23:48:18","false",""
"UgzlNg4JB--86uXh4W94AaABAg.99hRWcJNGPA99hsL_Fc0sE","C4rr0t B011s","Sarah Palin is a strong, beautiful woman. Sjw can be erased for all I care","0","","2020-06-10 03:50:37","false",""
"UgxmmUpOdQyOvcvLQGF4AaABAg","blag aba","Congratulations, tens of millions of British people now have even more reason to hate the change being brought about in this country. Trying to erase our history because you're offended because they're not the wonderful peace-loving egalitarians you are as you literally tear down our statues and demand we hide our own story in this world.","18","6","2020-06-09 23:47:35","true",""
"UgxmmUpOdQyOvcvLQGF4AaABAg.99hRXSzn4bs99hV8k9-NLl","sirishill","So what you're saying Andrew, is that you're in full support of slave trading and we should hail these men as true British heroes. Got ya.","0","","2020-06-10 00:19:09","false",""
"UgxmmUpOdQyOvcvLQGF4AaABAg.99hRXSzn4bs99hW9F1CoFr","Cylenium","@sirishill Absolutely and unapologetically.","0","","2020-06-10 00:27:58","false",""
"UgxmmUpOdQyOvcvLQGF4AaABAg.99hRXSzn4bs99hWTnbGqEL","shamanic states","@sirishill pull your skirt back up girl, your crazy is showing!","0","","2020-06-10 00:30:46","false",""
"UgxmmUpOdQyOvcvLQGF4AaABAg.99hRXSzn4bs99h_YNXZ8OW","Lesser Spotted Mugwump.","sirishill No that is what you wrote, don’t confuse the two. 

Millions have seen that the protestors are trouble causers. The U.K. has never voted in anyone extreme.

These riots are a massive loss for Labour.  Just hope everyone forgets by next election.","0","","2020-06-10 01:06:21","false",""
"UgxmmUpOdQyOvcvLQGF4AaABAg.99hRXSzn4bs99i90fveNYW","blag aba","@sirishill I'm saying regardless of their morality they're erasing our history.
Look into BLM, who foudned it and who they're connected to. What they actually advocate for. It's funny how much for Black Lives Matter, improving black lives involves being explicitly anti-white.","0","","2020-06-10 06:25:03","false",""
"UgxmmUpOdQyOvcvLQGF4AaABAg.99hRXSzn4bs9BL68cg7kYz","Max Larsen","sirishill im yes","0","","2020-07-20 15:20:57","false",""
"Ugza9ACsR2yfkTt8wI14AaABAg","TheGoldStandard","*It's always the white people bashing this stuff and telling us black folk to ""move on"" don't tell us what to do when you don't know what it's like to be black and what we have went through*","1","2","2020-06-09 23:47:36","true",""
"Ugza9ACsR2yfkTt8wI14AaABAg.99hRX_5JW7v99hRbU6DJAk","Cylenium","You can always leave.","0","","2020-06-09 23:48:16","false",""
"Ugza9ACsR2yfkTt8wI14AaABAg.99hRX_5JW7v99hS6_65sEb","Blue Steel","*get out then.*","0","","2020-06-09 23:52:39","false",""
"Ugz97DcNemPUAIGtfnB4AaABAg","Sarah Palin is a strong, beautiful woman.","Typical SJW morons. They only care for destroying things and not the actual black lives","1","0","2020-06-09 23:47:46","true",""
"Ugx3Lwd03g0mlmo8fcB4AaABAg","Daniel Whyatt","I’m really hating all this constant Native American sounding yelling curry from the process all the time. It really does seem like all they are capable of doing is jumping about and making constant animal noises to yell out their approval of public monuments being unwontedly removed or destroyed. 
I’m still relieved in  this case they are not getting everything they wanted. It’s been removed in order to protect it from the left wing rioters. After this is over it will either be put back with a few alterations or into a museum.","2","0","2020-06-09 23:47:59","true",""
"UgwaeyEZjW9V8aM7Ifd4AaABAg","Guy Shepshep","Why are they protesting at a Churchill statue I doubt the police and people defending it care","0","1","2020-06-09 23:48:02","true",""
"UgwaeyEZjW9V8aM7Ifd4AaABAg.99hR_oZQtak99hsfxY_bJy","C4rr0t B011s","The majority do and if it gets taken down all hell with break loose","0","","2020-06-10 03:53:32","false",""
"UgxRUezJMP9SnPPhOJB4AaABAg","Gaz 00","You know who else was a slave owner? Muhammad. Also Marx was racst.","12","1","2020-06-09 23:48:08","true",""
"UgxRUezJMP9SnPPhOJB4AaABAg.99hRaZa_Ux599hUv8Cx3W0","sirishill","Thanks for the history lesson Gaz.","0","","2020-06-10 00:17:10","false",""
"Ugy34aAuAFHAv6wffFp4AaABAg","Sarah Khan","All lives matter","60","18","2020-06-09 23:48:39","true",""
"Ugy34aAuAFHAv6wffFp4AaABAg.99hReKki1ba99hSdAS-Twq","kay doyle","Some more than others lately it seems","13","","2020-06-09 23:57:14","false",""
"Ugy34aAuAFHAv6wffFp4AaABAg.99hReKki1ba99hU_L4qmfr","TheBritishGamer","@kay doyle does it last I checked blacks were stabbing each other up every day but let's no care about that","19","","2020-06-10 00:14:11","false",""
"Ugy34aAuAFHAv6wffFp4AaABAg.99hReKki1ba99hd0SGF3nT","Daz C","Yes, but if you had a brain, you would understand that if black lives don't matter then no1s life may not involve you cause your white, but you will feel the benefits of it, and so will your kids and their kids..hopefully","1","","2020-06-10 01:36:40","false",""
"Ugy34aAuAFHAv6wffFp4AaABAg.99hReKki1ba99hkVAGtIp2","Andrew Smith","@Daz C Who carries out most of the attacks against blacks?","7","","2020-06-10 02:42:02","false",""
"Ugy34aAuAFHAv6wffFp4AaABAg.99hReKki1ba99hoq-puz1f","ClickNSpam","@Daz C Ah yes ""feeling"" the benefits. Never mind the crime statistics, affirmative action for BAME, or the success of Indians and East Asians - cos muh feels.","1","","2020-06-10 03:19:58","false",""
"Ugy34aAuAFHAv6wffFp4AaABAg.99hReKki1ba99hvWuz5Cek","Stuart M.","Of course they do. The trouble with that comment is that all lives matter to the people who say that except the lives of immigrants, Syrian refugees,  people on benefits, the unemployed, prisoners, Mexicans, children in cages etc etc.","0","","2020-06-10 04:18:23","false",""
"Ugy34aAuAFHAv6wffFp4AaABAg.99hReKki1ba99i3eMQeHCP","Frank","@Andrew Smith More cops died last year than blacks by cops","1","","2020-06-10 05:38:11","false",""
"Ugy34aAuAFHAv6wffFp4AaABAg.99hReKki1ba99i4qtm5HUh","Trevor Lee Oakley","What about the ten children who died from starvation in the time it took you to watch the video and then say all lives matter? Did those lives matter?","0","","2020-06-10 05:48:38","false",""
"Ugy34aAuAFHAv6wffFp4AaABAg.99hReKki1ba99i50CiLzs9","Trevor Lee Oakley","@Stuart M. Exactly.","0","","2020-06-10 05:50:02","false",""
"Ugy34aAuAFHAv6wffFp4AaABAg.99hReKki1ba99i51F-elaS","Brian 316","TheBritishGamer deal with one problem at a time .","0","","2020-06-10 05:50:11","false",""
"Ugy34aAuAFHAv6wffFp4AaABAg.99hReKki1ba99iB3PDGmdu","121finalfantasy","All these rats who are destroying statues and disrespecting our English history their lives don't matter","2","","2020-06-10 06:42:54","false",""
"Ugy34aAuAFHAv6wffFp4AaABAg.99hReKki1ba99iP9RPbug_","Hi I'm lonley","kay doyle all lives can't matter till black lives matter there's a reason why people are protesting please do research","1","","2020-06-10 08:46:04","false",""
"Ugy34aAuAFHAv6wffFp4AaABAg.99hReKki1ba99iQMjreyto","Frustratid","@Hi I'm lonley So you're telling me that black people are more important than white people?","2","","2020-06-10 08:56:37","false",""
"Ugy34aAuAFHAv6wffFp4AaABAg.99hReKki1ba99iWpuj-2D0","brisus","black lives matter. No where in that phrase does it say other lives do not. All people are trying to achieve is equality. BLM","1","","2020-06-10 09:53:10","false",""
"Ugy34aAuAFHAv6wffFp4AaABAg.99hReKki1ba99iYHbTpQhI","Hi I'm lonley","Frustratid I never said white lives or any life doesn’t matter I’m saying when a whole group of people are being discriminated against you should help them. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to understand. Saying all lives matter is taking away awareness from black lives matter","1","","2020-06-10 10:05:49","false",""
"Ugy34aAuAFHAv6wffFp4AaABAg.99hReKki1ba99ilEfe6lA9","Michael H","ALM","0","","2020-06-10 12:07:45","false",""
"Ugy34aAuAFHAv6wffFp4AaABAg.99hReKki1ba99ios1IfLIN","Frustratid","@brisus Also, nowhere in that phrase does it say that other lives do matter. It would appear we are facing a stalemate.","0","","2020-06-10 12:39:29","false",""
"Ugy34aAuAFHAv6wffFp4AaABAg.99hReKki1ba99k_xlflBMy","Oscar Hunter","@TheBritishGamer it's better if they keep stabbing each other but now they r stabbing whites from LONDON TO DUBLIN","0","","2020-06-11 05:07:40","false",""
"Ugz5SV_hGeSgHj85d0F4AaABAg","dave berry","where was every one when lee rigby got his head cut off, one sided trash, you cannot change the british history","33","7","2020-06-09 23:49:11","true",""
"Ugz5SV_hGeSgHj85d0F4AaABAg.99hRiBvqkzr99hetaH4eMn","Debra Blake","We can snd we will. British history is dirty and shameful.","1","","2020-06-10 01:53:04","false",""
"Ugz5SV_hGeSgHj85d0F4AaABAg.99hRiBvqkzr99heyA3zX4d","Debra Blake","The brits have nothing to be proud of. Its the blsck slsves that msde all this wealth.","1","","2020-06-10 01:53:42","false",""
"Ugz5SV_hGeSgHj85d0F4AaABAg.99hRiBvqkzr99hsE0YTHuP","C4rr0t B011s","Debra Blake yes that’s true but so was the pyramids Of Giza or are you not going to take them down or protest them because they aren’t British","10","","2020-06-10 03:49:35","false",""
"Ugz5SV_hGeSgHj85d0F4AaABAg.99hRiBvqkzr99iHWB1YsS2","GazRwood","@Debra Blake you do know elite black people decided to use their own people As a currency and started the slave trade","16","","2020-06-10 07:39:16","false",""
"Ugz5SV_hGeSgHj85d0F4AaABAg.99hRiBvqkzr99l1F1i0nKX","Khadija Aamir","The guy that did that is in prison for murder. The guy that did this was a police officer! Kinda different!!! Totally different situation.","0","","2020-06-11 09:14:50","false",""
"Ugz5SV_hGeSgHj85d0F4AaABAg.99hRiBvqkzr99rPOLgK7Lt","naomi","@GazRwood  actually the Muslim tribes like the hausa, and the greedy moors, sold their enemies the igbo, youruba and ashanti to the white Caucasians.  They did this because these black tribes were not originally from West Africa.  The reason why the moors got involved was that the Europeans promised them land in the Americas (the moors ended up being tricked, and became political prisoners, and were shipped to America, alongside the captured slaves too).  This is no different than a English man, selling a Russian or polish man. You are all white people, but you are not the  same tribe or culture.","0","","2020-06-13 20:41:16","false",""
"Ugz5SV_hGeSgHj85d0F4AaABAg.99hRiBvqkzr99uyRcpLdcS","rich smith","@Debra Blake why don't Africans make wealth in Africa","0","","2020-06-15 05:54:00","false",""
"UgzXdqLRFep-HjR80KB4AaABAg","Bill McLaren","The Arabs and the African chieftains were the true perpetrators of the slave trade.","14","3","2020-06-09 23:49:58","true",""
"UgzXdqLRFep-HjR80KB4AaABAg.99hRnuFzdrL99hSaxh5Jy_","Cottonsockz c","Arabs, whites and Africans get it right! Don't try remove your ppl from enslavement the establishment even had your white ancestors enslaved at one time and then stuffed your kids up chimneys 🤦🏾‍♀️","2","","2020-06-09 23:56:56","false",""
"UgzXdqLRFep-HjR80KB4AaABAg.99hRnuFzdrL99hSlJA3ZAf","mango 8","Only ever having one wife.","0","","2020-06-09 23:58:21","false",""
"UgzXdqLRFep-HjR80KB4AaABAg.99hRnuFzdrL99hTbOY2OBA","Will Parker","Yeah because the traders purchasing slaves had nothing to do with it. Idiot.","0","","2020-06-10 00:05:43","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg","Monarquizando","British people must stand up to it and more!!!!","219","47","2020-06-09 23:50:18","true",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99hSzgITGwr","Joshua Walker",".... by commenting on Youtube vids. :D","17","","2020-06-10 00:00:18","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99hTKRZc9f9","Boo galoo","London....This Saturday...whites there with us","40","","2020-06-10 00:03:17","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99hUqhPB-9j","Ernesto V17","@Boo galoo Here in Italy they tried to do the same and it didn't end well. Fascist get crushed here. And i hope there in England too. You have no hope fool! Truncheons will correct you.","13","","2020-06-10 00:16:33","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99hUtrZq_UJ","Joshua Walker","@Boo galoo he wont and you wont... all comment section talk as usual.","6","","2020-06-10 00:16:59","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99hV64N9n4_","Ernesto V17","@Joshua Walker Is all bla bla. Here in Italy they actually did it and the police annihilated them.","5","","2020-06-10 00:18:47","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99hXAI_bA5r","William Bradford Bishop","@Ernesto V17 allow blm but not wlm?","7","","2020-06-10 00:36:51","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99hYxJfbsxx","Lesser Spotted Mugwump.","Ernesto V17 Salvini is your leader. 

Italy is one of the most right wing countries in Europe.","4","","2020-06-10 00:52:25","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99hZHl9F8Ts","Ernesto V17","@Lesser Spotted Mugwump. LMAO. Salvini is not our leader, he was in government a year ago. Five Stars Movement is not right wing, is just a populist party, and PD is Leftist. Just embarassed yourself... Keep dreaming.","4","","2020-06-10 00:55:20","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99hZTbnRabG","Ernesto V17","@Lesser Spotted Mugwump. You made me laugh so hard... Perfect demonstration that Alt Righters don't even know what the current political makeup of European countries is LOL..","3","","2020-06-10 00:56:57","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99h_jAKSK0y","Cylenium","@Ernesto V17 Why are you so pathetic, Ernesto? These people don't like you, they hate you just as much as they hate me, maybe even more. So why would you turn on your brothers?","5","","2020-06-10 01:07:57","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99hiRY5o-EA","gbjanuary","Monarquizando forget it people are weak too much In front of tv and iPhone etc. People don't even look up when walking so busy on their phone 😆","2","","2020-06-10 02:24:03","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99i4UUEF8hW","Trevor Lee Oakley","@Joshua Walker Or shouting on the streets? Or voting? What is your method?","0","","2020-06-10 05:45:26","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99i4WsLnU-a","Ross Ross","Stand up to what exactly?","0","","2020-06-10 05:45:46","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99i4lkhx3-E","⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻","@Boo galoo Yeah, I'll be there along with my Father. Hope to see a good turn out.","2","","2020-06-10 05:47:56","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99i7k_DNVey","Craig Watson","I don’t know if you are being ironic. Do you understand what Churchill stood for? Because hitter, who Churchill help to defeat, definitely wouldn’t have been a fan of BLM. He wanted Europe to be his farmland, he want to wipe out anyone that wasn’t white with blonde hair and blue eyes.","5","","2020-06-10 06:13:59","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99i80y1Vtix","M A","William Bradford Bishop imagine asking for wlm when whites are the ultimate oppressors😂😂😂","3","","2020-06-10 06:16:21","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99i9i-lkZij","English Ant","@M A
White South African farmers lives matter.","11","","2020-06-10 06:31:06","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99iBjKMOWRI","⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻","@Craig Watson Are you high? Being White doesn't mean blonde hair and blue eyes. Those are just attributes to some European countries such as Scandinavia. Churchill himself wasn't even Blonde and Blue Eyes.","3","","2020-06-10 06:48:46","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99iDGJKkVLB","J S","I pay good tax money to see vandals like this face the water cannon.","6","","2020-06-10 07:02:09","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99iEIKH2ICs","ME 0020","If it wasn't for the lockdown British people would be standing up to it. We're in this bizarre situation where the police will fine you for breaking lockdown yet support protesters doing the same.","4","","2020-06-10 07:11:09","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99iM9Tq2LII","Thoughts","@J S vandals, you mean the people who are possibly your neighbours? Look again mug most are white! You are just another bnp maggie.","1","","2020-06-10 08:19:51","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99iMg8_Cf_V","Elv Nt","Cylenium nah we like Ernesto.","1","","2020-06-10 08:24:27","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99iNPKftZr-","Boo galoo","@Joshua Walker no by violence in the street","0","","2020-06-10 08:30:45","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99iP9uApqVM","Joshua Walker","@Boo galoo Sure thing buddy. I believe you.","0","","2020-06-10 08:46:07","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99iPWV7VeMD","Chelsea For life","@Ernesto V17 thank you. Finally someone with sense in the comments","0","","2020-06-10 08:49:13","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99iPYcDFwZM","Geoffrey Hughes","@English Ant well said my friend they can get away with killing white farmers that's ok in the world disgusting","2","","2020-06-10 08:49:30","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99iSoV8err2","Scott Johnstone","@Craig Watson No he didn't.

They revered what they believed to be the ancient advanced civilization that is talked about bringing civilization to the Incas, Aztecs and Mayans.

The pale skinned , bearded men who came over the ocean.

Quetzalcoatl and the like.

The secret societies in Germany idolised that lost race - and not because they were white, but because they were advanced technologically.

Stalin literally killed Millions of Christians, poor people, minorities and majorities - but because believing that wasn't required to create the state of Israel - they were happy to ally with him.","1","","2020-06-10 09:18:01","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99iU6AXYExu","Bobby Bobster","@Boo galoo hopefully all people of all colours will join this, why make it a white thing?  Lots of black people don’t agree with how these idiots are behaving either.","2","","2020-06-10 09:29:18","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99iUyiQ4YlS","Khadija Aamir","@English Ant you reap what you sow literally there.","0","","2020-06-10 09:36:53","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99i_nihsvra","Scott Johnstone","@Bobby Bobster Yeah I would like to hear more from those black people.

Even though the media is doing everything they can to silence their voices.","0","","2020-06-10 10:27:49","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99i_vGR1BVJ","Scott Johnstone","@93jwj Yeah you play right into the hands of the elite.

Education is our best tool, we need the truth out on the table for better or worse.","0","","2020-06-10 10:28:51","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99ialf4JbAO","Bobby Bobster","@Scott Johnstone.  I’ve seen quite a few black people commenting on these videos saying how much they disagree and don’t want to be associated with them.","0","","2020-06-10 10:36:16","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99ie5hlgt0j","93jwj","@Scott Johnstone 
Unfortunately, that's a very idealistic belief. Divison is what the elites want; in truth, it's always been about the rich vs the poor, but these people are incapable of thinking freely; they're myrmidons.
It's self-evident already, but their ears are closed and their beliefs are self-centered at the expense of the conservation of society.","0","","2020-06-10 11:05:22","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99iigQgv3Ax","Scott Johnstone","@93jwj What's an idealist belief?","0","","2020-06-10 11:45:28","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99iyEdti968","Gollum","Bring a tool","0","","2020-06-10 14:01:21","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99j-lMnAp9q","Scott Johnstone","@Ernesto V17 Can you not see the hypocrisy in your own perspective?

Would you have a problem or cry fascist if it was a ""Black protest"" ..?

So we're not even allowed to have a white protest! 

You're not even interested in what the protest is, or why we might want to have whites protesting - in your head white = bad.","0","","2020-06-10 14:23:26","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99j9Cqincnh","English Ant","@Khadija Aamir I reap what? Explain.","0","","2020-06-10 15:45:57","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99jTu4e57wB","WolveRize","Ernesto V17 Italy is a trash country tho, enjoy your corona 😂","0","","2020-06-10 18:46:46","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99joF8tfF-f","w3w3w3","@Boo galoo WLM. WHITE LIVES MATTER.","0","","2020-06-10 21:53:16","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99juqwafpCX","Laura J94","If they do , count me in !","0","","2020-06-10 22:51:00","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99l-GwcIwBc","Khadija Aamir","@ME 0020 nope. Nothing yo stop you protesting as long as you social distance. Go ahead take your chances.","0","","2020-06-11 08:57:37","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99l5EA5RMWm","Chevinmusic - Curtis","@Joshua Walker what are you doing, u fool","0","","2020-06-11 09:49:40","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99odWFxjF2Z","English Ant","@Khadija Aamir explain your previous statement mate.","0","","2020-06-12 18:55:42","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99oda5EEcAT","English Ant","@Khadija Aamir
You said I reap what I sow, so what have I sowed?","0","","2020-06-12 18:56:21","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99qV7WgMY_H","adrian hinds","they will edl,bf fla,and many none groups who stand up to what are country has done.lest not forget the war time heros aswell","0","","2020-06-13 12:12:09","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB99v0YZGxIx6","Ducky","Craig Watson what is more important. Winning the most destructive war in human history or some racism?","0","","2020-06-15 06:21:10","false",""
"UgzWAvihoBYxzVH4RyZ4AaABAg.99hRqQcD_UB9Aj6RIs33Ti","Max Larsen","no balls.","0","","2020-07-05 11:53:07","false",""
"Ugw8Y7HrmuoFeym5jIx4AaABAg","bingowings65","How about we get to the point and defund BLM and antifa,  expel G Soros from the country, close down Open society and restrict contributions/donations to institutes and politicians Then we might have a chance at stopping this utter lunacy.","16","4","2020-06-09 23:51:28","true",""
"Ugw8Y7HrmuoFeym5jIx4AaABAg.99hRyxw-yKJ99iGbckbXzB","Aidan Cassidy","Defund antifa 😂 aye have a word with the treasurer, the membership fee is way to high anyway","2","","2020-06-10 07:31:24","false",""
"Ugw8Y7HrmuoFeym5jIx4AaABAg.99hRyxw-yKJ99iMMMVX1fx","Ra Ra","Your view of reality is distorted beyond recognition. I am proud to have been part of the group that took down the statue of Colston. None of us were being paid to be there. We were there because it was the right thing to do. You cannot stop an idea whose time has come.","2","","2020-06-10 08:21:37","false",""
"Ugw8Y7HrmuoFeym5jIx4AaABAg.99hRyxw-yKJ99iPwI-mNZP","Fenris","@Ra Ra You were there because you wanted to check in on social media and get a pat on your back from friends...admit it..
What is your next move? Burning books? Put little yellow R's on those who don't agree with you? I wonder where did I see all this.... hmmm","0","","2020-06-10 08:52:52","false",""
"Ugw8Y7HrmuoFeym5jIx4AaABAg.99hRyxw-yKJ99iTALgFK2a","bingowings65","@Ra Ra  You apparently don't even know you are merely the tool of the white wealthy elite. Once you have unwittingly done their bidding you'll be treated as you should be - arrested, fined and imprisoned.","0","","2020-06-10 09:21:08","false",""
"Ugwmt_pICQsaw5O01lx4AaABAg","Mystical","should we take down Nelson Mandela statue as he was a terrorist ?","31","6","2020-06-09 23:51:36","true",""
"Ugwmt_pICQsaw5O01lx4AaABAg.99hRzxK3fOv99hSnDW-x_T","Cottonsockz c","Yep you should because he became an agent for the white elites once he came out of jail","2","","2020-06-09 23:58:36","false",""
"Ugwmt_pICQsaw5O01lx4AaABAg.99hRzxK3fOv99hUH5JQPBx","sirishill","Are you complaining about the decision to take these statues down by deciding to pick a black man to pick a problem with?  are you being deliberately controversial? Because that makes it sound like you support trading humans like cattle and that people that did so deserve statues that stand proudly in our cities. Are you proud of the slave trade? If you're not then maybe don't complain about it being taken down. The debate to take down Nelson Mandela can be handled the same way, with a letter to your mp and then a democratic vote. Regardless of race here if you support human trafficking then god help you.","2","","2020-06-10 00:11:33","false",""
"Ugwmt_pICQsaw5O01lx4AaABAg.99hRzxK3fOv99hUS3vQETL","TheBritishGamer","@sirishill we shouldn't have it up he killed innocent people lol but because he's black he's magic","9","","2020-06-10 00:13:03","false",""
"Ugwmt_pICQsaw5O01lx4AaABAg.99hRzxK3fOv99hWX4lSPzV","Poonannyish","@sirishill Why would we want to write a letter to an MP and vote? The authorities have just greenlit vandalism as a valid form of protest. They'll even preemptively take down statues we don't like just through FEAR of violence and vandalism. 
Only 11k people signed a petition to remove Edward Colston's statue, yet the population of Bristol is well over 500k.
Democracy is dead. Marxist apologists like you killed it.","2","","2020-06-10 00:31:13","false",""
"Ugwmt_pICQsaw5O01lx4AaABAg.99hRzxK3fOv99hZqc6gIkI","slinkiegirl2001","if i see anyone touch that sacred statue he/she must die","0","","2020-06-10 01:00:14","false",""
"Ugwmt_pICQsaw5O01lx4AaABAg.99hRzxK3fOv99iUs-PYxP5","Moe Lester","slinkiegirl2001 You're a 19 year old girl, you will get dropped","0","","2020-06-10 09:35:58","false",""
"Ugwul_V0sBEtw_MsaIt4AaABAg","Alan 59","Yes , let's erect a Metal  Casting of a Knife  to celebrate London as the UK's stabbing Capital under mayor Khant !","611","26","2020-06-09 23:51:38","true",""
"Ugwul_V0sBEtw_MsaIt4AaABAg.99hS-8ispgt99i36EDTdIa","Frank","Or a mopped thug.","30","","2020-06-10 05:33:23","false",""
"Ugwul_V0sBEtw_MsaIt4AaABAg.99hS-8ispgt99iMSp9a5ki","kevin parker","@Yasin Akhtar Not thinking about what Alan 59 said are you, there's a surprise!","9","","2020-06-10 08:22:30","false",""
"Ugwul_V0sBEtw_MsaIt4AaABAg.99hS-8ispgt99iNwxaF7rY","mcfcguvnors","or maybe a statue of winston silcott - cos thats the  mentality of the people or pond life we are dealing with","8","","2020-06-10 08:35:29","false",""
"Ugwul_V0sBEtw_MsaIt4AaABAg.99hS-8ispgt99iPCMIXrbX","Darren South","Or one of An empty money bank, to show how much money the police have to use under austerity.","1","","2020-06-10 08:46:28","false",""
"Ugwul_V0sBEtw_MsaIt4AaABAg.99hS-8ispgt99iSwNJsAxh","Elliot Smith","@Yasin Akhtar whats the truth of the matter then?","4","","2020-06-10 09:19:06","false",""
"Ugwul_V0sBEtw_MsaIt4AaABAg.99hS-8ispgt99iWI_dfQiY","Stanley James Adie","What about a drug dealer?","3","","2020-06-10 09:48:29","false",""
"Ugwul_V0sBEtw_MsaIt4AaABAg.99hS-8ispgt99iZBwyQzl_","Ben L","Or a truck, or a parcel, whatever.","0","","2020-06-10 10:13:47","false",""
"Ugwul_V0sBEtw_MsaIt4AaABAg.99hS-8ispgt99iavJ7lk2h","Bobby Bobster","They had a knife angel monument  in Chester made from confiscated knives.   Maybe they should move it to London.","1","","2020-06-10 10:37:35","false",""
"Ugwul_V0sBEtw_MsaIt4AaABAg.99hS-8ispgt99icm_u5v9t","Alexander Challis","London  court records highest levels of crime rates 1899  and 1939 - 1945  check it!","0","","2020-06-10 10:53:53","false",""
"Ugwul_V0sBEtw_MsaIt4AaABAg.99hS-8ispgt99ieSb-Gno0","Jigsaw John","Alexander Challis Yeah, because 1899 and the present day are really comparable. The 19th century, and during the Second World War. Lol.","2","","2020-06-10 11:08:29","false",""
"Ugwul_V0sBEtw_MsaIt4AaABAg.99hS-8ispgt99ioKOoZy5g","SkyPirater","Idiot people. George Floyd was a criminal, a felon with a decade's worth of crimes. Enough with the madness. He's not a martyr.","9","","2020-06-10 12:34:45","false",""
"Ugwul_V0sBEtw_MsaIt4AaABAg.99hS-8ispgt99izpSkQspQ","Tracy Garcia","Defund the Police. No Justice No Peace","1","","2020-06-10 14:15:15","false",""
"Ugwul_V0sBEtw_MsaIt4AaABAg.99hS-8ispgt99j13a1L9Sj","Jigsaw John","Tracy Garcia BLM fascists need to learn the lesson. Don't look back in anger.","3","","2020-06-10 14:34:47","false",""
"Ugwul_V0sBEtw_MsaIt4AaABAg.99hS-8ispgt99j9l7uqB2x","scimg","@Tracy Garcia If you ever get burglarised or assaulted, what number will you dial?","4","","2020-06-10 15:50:46","false",""
"Ugwul_V0sBEtw_MsaIt4AaABAg.99hS-8ispgt99jDdc3wYtR","English Ant","@Tracy Garcia
Defunding the police means LESS training, means MORE deaths, you absolute spaztik.","2","","2020-06-10 16:24:42","false",""
"Ugwul_V0sBEtw_MsaIt4AaABAg.99hS-8ispgt99jJKXve643","Axe Murderer T1000","London has always suffered with crime don't get it twisted.","0","","2020-06-10 17:14:23","false",""
"Ugwul_V0sBEtw_MsaIt4AaABAg.99hS-8ispgt99jdPs7T3xU","David M","@Tracy Garcia Reform the police. Avoid anarchy.","0","","2020-06-10 20:18:37","false",""
"Ugwul_V0sBEtw_MsaIt4AaABAg.99hS-8ispgt99jdXJZBhwD","David M","@Axe Murderer T1000 Cities always do. But the undulation of crime levels says a lot about society.","0","","2020-06-10 20:19:38","false",""
"Ugwul_V0sBEtw_MsaIt4AaABAg.99hS-8ispgt99lTjO5X5tj","Nathan Barnes","@Yasin Akhtar Tell us then? What's the situation of Blacks killing Blacks in London? Educate me, tell me what they're not telling us??","0","","2020-06-11 13:23:46","false",""
"Ugwul_V0sBEtw_MsaIt4AaABAg.99hS-8ispgt99lXYCaRRCX","Yasin Akhtar","@Nathan Barnes my comments keep being deleted. It's too hot for The SUN","0","","2020-06-11 13:57:04","false",""
"Ugwul_V0sBEtw_MsaIt4AaABAg.99hS-8ispgt99leRSnHVd2","Nathan Barnes","@Yasin Akhtar You tube is run by predominantly left wing. If the answer is left wing then it should go up. They usually delete right wing truths....from my experience any how","1","","2020-06-11 15:06:03","false",""
"Ugwul_V0sBEtw_MsaIt4AaABAg.99hS-8ispgt99n_VRKP4Rr","SkyPirater","@Tracy Garcia So you can loot again??","0","","2020-06-12 09:01:23","false",""
"Ugwul_V0sBEtw_MsaIt4AaABAg.99hS-8ispgt99oA7AlyvPF","B F","Khan and his decision makers are Evil bas7rds. They've screwed London even more by implementing ULEZ tax on the working class.","0","","2020-06-12 14:30:07","false",""
"Ugwul_V0sBEtw_MsaIt4AaABAg.99hS-8ispgt99qZOnfuY0b","R QUBED","@SkyPirater Idiotic clown! He is no one's martyr! However, the law should work for everyone and if you are murdered the miscreants who committed the act ought to be punished. Idiots like you keep missing the simplest of issues and making a false, idiotic argument.","0","","2020-06-13 12:49:28","false",""
"Ugwul_V0sBEtw_MsaIt4AaABAg.99hS-8ispgt99quvsJVzp2","Ry Man","@Tracy Garcia  and have what in its place ? You total bell end !!!! And when the purge starts and your the first on the list who you going to call ffs the Ghostbusters ? Or the defunded police !!!!  Moron !!!","1","","2020-06-13 16:06:21","false",""
"Ugwul_V0sBEtw_MsaIt4AaABAg.99hS-8ispgt99veSK0ajCb","Möbius Paw","Amen !
Get rid of the useless idiot !","0","","2020-06-15 12:18:35","false",""
"UgyA0dRxB8XDUpdsr3B4AaABAg","Daniel Hughes","Wtf did the statue do it probably had feelings

😂","19","0","2020-06-09 23:52:17","true",""
"UgxQhm9aMQMxPfRhE8Z4AaABAg","Barry Thirlwall","Nobody's life matters until ginger lives matter!!","11","3","2020-06-09 23:52:36","true",""
"UgxQhm9aMQMxPfRhE8Z4AaABAg.99hS6EGnL_s99jxc-rsjtT","M D","😂 I would support that. Just don't be pulling down monuments","2","","2020-06-10 23:15:10","false",""
"UgxQhm9aMQMxPfRhE8Z4AaABAg.99hS6EGnL_s99ld6gtYkxA","knights templar","Dont forget redheads weekend this month......🙄😂","0","","2020-06-11 14:54:29","false",""
"UgxQhm9aMQMxPfRhE8Z4AaABAg.99hS6EGnL_s99m4bDWcwQP","Kevin Fifth","kill it lmao","0","","2020-06-11 19:03:27","false",""
"UgyPwyYpplFe7lqvhNB4AaABAg","jk mj","Let us go back  to STONE AGE !!!   Who Need the government . founding fathers .","2","2","2020-06-09 23:52:39","true",""
"UgyPwyYpplFe7lqvhNB4AaABAg.99hS6bPtPdG99hTpNHZa_R","Cylenium","Well, if you import stone age people...","0","","2020-06-10 00:07:38","false",""
"UgyPwyYpplFe7lqvhNB4AaABAg.99hS6bPtPdG99hcv4gmq5S","Whatsittoya","That's what Pol Pot believed now look what happened to Cambodia.","2","","2020-06-10 01:35:48","false",""
"Ugz8BCQ5fTe4i4VijAl4AaABAg","Bona Fide","Pointless idiocy","112","0","2020-06-09 23:52:52","true",""
"Ugyn3hrXaznw360be0h4AaABAg","CraftingCameron","i say its time we stud up to these protesters and showed em what for and how a real country is ran","7","3","2020-06-09 23:53:29","true",""
"Ugyn3hrXaznw360be0h4AaABAg.99hSCkNdK2n99hUl7Czeoz","Joshua Walker","... by talking about it on YouTube video's comment sections. 😆","0","","2020-06-10 00:15:48","false",""
"Ugyn3hrXaznw360be0h4AaABAg.99hSCkNdK2n99hazgSJ3HI","Scumspawn *****","But not how to speak correct English..innit ..stud...sheesh","0","","2020-06-10 01:18:57","false",""
"Ugyn3hrXaznw360be0h4AaABAg.99hSCkNdK2n99hsW16Bumx","C4rr0t B011s","Scumspawn ***** no one speaks “English” typing on a keyboard you only do if your roasting someone","0","","2020-06-10 03:52:03","false",""
"UgyK8psLoVc6-4KyRNR4AaABAg","survival c","Disgraceful we should not be removing statues because history offends us.","1","1","2020-06-09 23:54:20","true",""
"UgyK8psLoVc6-4KyRNR4AaABAg.99hSIus1_2h99hUP80uu_N","Emma Hynes","If that was the case statues of hitler and stalin would still be standing. As we move through history and, our interpretation changes too, that's natural and I think that's important for creating a better society","0","","2020-06-10 00:12:39","false",""
"UgwHfNiC07Ia9319DId4AaABAg","George","Running out of headlines so u just recycle yesterday's news lmao","15","1","2020-06-09 23:55:21","true",""
"UgwHfNiC07Ia9319DId4AaABAg.99hSQKvBYLn99iCDiTxPgh","Dece Miraj","That was a different statue and protesters ripped it down and threw it in the harbour. This one was removed.","2","","2020-06-10 06:53:03","false",""
"UgzxzFltudIewr09QPt4AaABAg","Otter Karman","If an Alien came to earth he would think that A 5 TIMES COVICTED PROLIFIC OFFENDER!! George Floyd was worshipped so much, he must be Jesus!!!","0","2","2020-06-09 23:55:29","true",""
"UgzxzFltudIewr09QPt4AaABAg.99hSRL2A1w099hT8rD886X","Will Parker","He didn't deserve to be choked to death","0","","2020-06-10 00:01:42","false",""
"UgzxzFltudIewr09QPt4AaABAg.99hSRL2A1w099hTHuT00K7","Cottonsockz c","What about all the paedophiles that run your country?!","0","","2020-06-10 00:02:56","false",""
"UgwF3P3l2WdNVZdCye94AaABAg","Joshua Walker","Can't the councils for these areas that host the statues actually ask it's residents on whether they should remain standing or not? I don't like these statues either, but that's just my opinion taken from a whole bunch of other opinions. The process just does not seem very structured or democratic at the moment and I dread to think of the likes of Charlottesville happening here. Since it seems to be the people who publicly demonstrate the hardest that's getting what they want, I can actually see it maybe escalating to that stage. Just have bloody local votes on the things and be done with it.","5","1","2020-06-09 23:57:28","true",""
"UgwF3P3l2WdNVZdCye94AaABAg.99hSethbsoE99hwcjFvFCz","bays19","That is not how democracy works apparently...","0","","2020-06-10 04:28:03","false",""
"UgxzkprmMaSvM4JUYlV4AaABAg","DrumtotheBass Woop","Nelson’s column ain’t coming down, they can jog on. Actively trying to dismantle historical monuments really is a crossing of the Rubicon moment, first it’s Edward Colsten, fair enough, now they want Rhodes, now they want this other one, and another. It’s a worrying trend.","74","23","2020-06-09 23:58:13","true",""
"UgxzkprmMaSvM4JUYlV4AaABAg.99hSkLgVxOV99iE-WgSsnN","Ra Ra","Nobody wants Nelson's column to come down lol. Some people here have no clue what we're even saying. We want people to stop glorifying slavery. That's all.","7","","2020-06-10 07:08:35","false",""
"UgxzkprmMaSvM4JUYlV4AaABAg.99hSkLgVxOV99iE84QS-tz","Blackbeards Brother","dont judge floyd on his past they say..
meanwhile tearing down statues of men who died  hundreds of years ago.....","17","","2020-06-10 07:09:45","false",""
"UgxzkprmMaSvM4JUYlV4AaABAg.99hSkLgVxOV99iEC430xey","Blackbeards Brother","@Ra Ra nobody is glorifying slavery... research before talking nonsense","6","","2020-06-10 07:10:18","false",""
"UgxzkprmMaSvM4JUYlV4AaABAg.99hSkLgVxOV99iEPTthL4G","ME 0020","These statues must be put back up, if not the mob rules our country not the govt.","10","","2020-06-10 07:12:08","false",""
"UgxzkprmMaSvM4JUYlV4AaABAg.99hSkLgVxOV99iGtYudzn-","Ra Ra","@Blackbeards Brother A statue of a slave trader glorifies slavery, and is totally unacceptable in modern society.","7","","2020-06-10 07:33:51","false",""
"UgxzkprmMaSvM4JUYlV4AaABAg.99hSkLgVxOV99iGwZ4ndRs","Ra Ra","@ME 0020 Zero chance. Nobody is going to be putting statues of slave traders back in the city centre.","3","","2020-06-10 07:34:16","false",""
"UgxzkprmMaSvM4JUYlV4AaABAg.99hSkLgVxOV99iHLtwgeVE","Ross B MTB","@Ra Ra what device are you using to post these messages? Do you own any nike products? Are you going to protest modern day slavery? Thought not....","6","","2020-06-10 07:37:51","false",""
"UgxzkprmMaSvM4JUYlV4AaABAg.99hSkLgVxOV99iJQCqadJR","pride of London","@Ra Ra Mandela's statue coming down Saturday  , 🌹🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧","4","","2020-06-10 07:55:55","false",""
"UgxzkprmMaSvM4JUYlV4AaABAg.99hSkLgVxOV99iLczsj6HL","pride of London","@Ra Ra like u 2stop 20.000 people 🤔","1","","2020-06-10 08:15:17","false",""
"UgxzkprmMaSvM4JUYlV4AaABAg.99hSkLgVxOV99iOPYHylQu","Ra Ra","@pride of London If you honestly think there are going to be 20,000 people trying to tear down a statue of Nelson Mandela then I don't know what to say to you. You're living in fantasy land.","3","","2020-06-10 08:39:31","false",""
"UgxzkprmMaSvM4JUYlV4AaABAg.99hSkLgVxOV99iQsXi6uZ5","pride of London","@Ra Ra kid u no nothing, yr see what turns up Saturday, and u (get back 2me Sunday)  if u went on a site I could name u would see , football alliance has been called upon, so u go back and research 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🌹","2","","2020-06-10 09:01:06","false",""
"UgxzkprmMaSvM4JUYlV4AaABAg.99hSkLgVxOV99iQyzrEa0e","Women belong in Refrigerators","@Ra Ra oh am sure stop at those....","0","","2020-06-10 09:01:58","false",""
"UgxzkprmMaSvM4JUYlV4AaABAg.99hSkLgVxOV99iRLVZmjYE","Big Don","@Ra Ra u do realise it was african people selling africans to the europeans bk in the 1500 there even a statue in bennin africa of the father of the city who was a slave trader but they aint pulled that down instead decorated it with lights people shud do reasearch properly instead of blaming white race wen in fact it was africans in slaving there own people way befor the first europeans went there and lets be clear it was the portuguese who first took africans to america","2","","2020-06-10 09:05:11","false",""
"UgxzkprmMaSvM4JUYlV4AaABAg.99hSkLgVxOV99iSJlkCBBK","Living Lifeform","Nelson hasn't murdered millions of people throughout the world.","0","","2020-06-10 09:13:41","false",""
"UgxzkprmMaSvM4JUYlV4AaABAg.99hSkLgVxOV99iSKQZpmtA","Ra Ra","@Big Don It's up to the people in Benin what they want to do with their statues, and it's up to people in the UK what we want to do with ours.
I'm not blaming the white race. I'm not actually placing any blame. I just want any statue which glorifies slavery in my country to be taken down and either destroyed or put in a museum.","1","","2020-06-10 09:13:47","false",""
"UgxzkprmMaSvM4JUYlV4AaABAg.99hSkLgVxOV99iShlDLfD2","pride of London","@Living Lifeform best u look at his history he was a criminal, get back when u have look up his life, 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🌹","1","","2020-06-10 09:17:06","false",""
"UgxzkprmMaSvM4JUYlV4AaABAg.99hSkLgVxOV99iT8qdEIFU","Cyril Sneer","@Ra Ra Does the statue of Mandela glorify the murders he committed?  I guess it must do.  His statue must be destroyed.","4","","2020-06-10 09:20:56","false",""
"UgxzkprmMaSvM4JUYlV4AaABAg.99hSkLgVxOV99iTGmlpDfk","Cyril Sneer","@Living Lifeform Says the guy with the commie hammer and sickle in his profile.  The most murderous ideology of the 20th century.","1","","2020-06-10 09:22:01","false",""
"UgxzkprmMaSvM4JUYlV4AaABAg.99hSkLgVxOV99iUh6_5Aca","pride of London","@Cyril Sneer cracking replys my friend 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🌹","1","","2020-06-10 09:34:29","false",""
"UgxzkprmMaSvM4JUYlV4AaABAg.99hSkLgVxOV99iUkGmilxm","Bobby Bobster","@Ra Ra .  It’s up to the people of the U.K. what we do?  I didn’t get asked?  Millions of us don’t want our history good or bad teared down. Only people I see making decisions right now for the U.K. are BLM activists.","3","","2020-06-10 09:34:55","false",""
"UgxzkprmMaSvM4JUYlV4AaABAg.99hSkLgVxOV99iUtiANJSg","Bobby Bobster","@Cyril Sneer don’t forget his wife Willie was also involved in some very dodgy murders. Best we take the statue down because it will offend any families who died at the hands of the Mandelas.","3","","2020-06-10 09:36:12","false",""
"UgxzkprmMaSvM4JUYlV4AaABAg.99hSkLgVxOV99iWI9EEoQI","Ra Ra","@Bobby Bobster If you think that we should have statues of slave traders in the city centre, then your opinion will be discounted.","1","","2020-06-10 09:48:25","false",""
"UgxzkprmMaSvM4JUYlV4AaABAg.99hSkLgVxOV99j0Rb0yM0W","Gollum","Edward colsten was not fair enough 
to be taken down in this sordid manner
Destroying Our history  and our ancestors legacy
Shame on anyone who supports this treachery","1","","2020-06-10 14:29:20","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg","Wessel","Why in God's name do they want a statue of Churchill to be removed?","49","35","2020-06-09 23:58:34","true",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899hWOBvg88P","HaveBad Day","Because blacks are tearing down English culture as they don’t have a culture of their own","46","","2020-06-10 00:30:00","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899hWywioTte","William Bradford Bishop","@HaveBad Day they have hip hop lol","11","","2020-06-10 00:35:09","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899hXgLVkTii","Evgenia Mukhtarova","Did you know guys Churchill and Hillary are relatives?","0","","2020-06-10 00:41:21","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899hkPRKD_uy","eon_flux","@Evgenia Mukhtarova So what?","3","","2020-06-10 02:41:15","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899hoatMNLwq","Victor","@HaveBad Day The most ignorant comment I've ever seen on youtube.","4","","2020-06-10 03:17:54","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899hsI9q41BK","ClickNSpam","Because Churchill led us to fight the fascists, and ANTIFA are fascists.","14","","2020-06-10 03:50:09","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899i43bmKQrz","Frank","@HaveBad Day  the knockout game, licking ice cream at stores, rioting, pimping, gratuitous violence, hip hop! 
Where have you been?","4","","2020-06-10 05:41:46","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899i7XA5PEot","Kevin Burrow","because they're the real fascists.","4","","2020-06-10 06:12:01","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899i8yKUDG0K","Jayjay Myers","HaveBad Day your either just ignorant or stupid lol","1","","2020-06-10 06:24:36","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899iIKZTV4Q3","The Everyday Alpha","Why are they getting so upset about statues being taken down?","0","","2020-06-10 07:46:25","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899iJiQo7RjJ","Elazar Swoope","@HaveBad Day the culture that they don't have was erased by the english and other european powers","1","","2020-06-10 07:58:33","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899iMSas23rJ","P Neron","@Elazar Swoope 😂 yeah, their countries were like wakanda before colonialism","3","","2020-06-10 08:22:28","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899iN6dbbkq7","Comrade Muffin","Because Churchill was at least partly responsible for the Bengali Famine in India, which killed more than the Great Famine in the USSR.","3","","2020-06-10 08:28:12","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899iP5hYPJzH","Elazar Swoope","@P Neron thats not fair i never said wakanda is what it was like","0","","2020-06-10 08:45:33","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899iPq1wMTpf","Frustratid","@Comrade Muffin What's that got to do with the BLM riots?","2","","2020-06-10 08:52:01","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899iPqYbuHK3","P Neron","@Elazar Swoope Well if they had so much wonderful culture that was destroyed, why did we not destroy India's, China's, the Middle East's etc. culture? ...Maybe because they never made anything except ugly masks.","0","","2020-06-10 08:52:05","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899iQP2f1FWc","Chelsea For life","Churchill was partly responsible for the bengal famine","1","","2020-06-10 08:56:56","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899iQYQQGJnA","Ayrton Steele","@ClickNSpam anti fascists(which is what antifa means) are fascists....makes sense lmao","1","","2020-06-10 08:58:13","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899iR7PWyI_o","Elazar Swoope","@P Neron first china was not colonised second middle eastern countries were not fully colonized. And those mask is a part of their culture and if thats the only thing you know about their culture you should read more about african culture precolonization","0","","2020-06-10 09:03:16","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899iRRLtCLiX","P Neron","@The Everyday Alpha Haha, you wouldn't understand Tyrone.","0","","2020-06-10 09:05:59","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899iSBWf4qvZ","P Neron","@Elazar Swoope Firstly, the southern part of then China was colonised. Secondly, the Middle East was colonised. Thirdly, name us 5 impressive cultural artefacts of sub-Saharan Africa? Not north Africa! I know that trick; not Ethiopia, I know that trick. I mean that great landmass mamma Africa. To get you in the mood, in the rest of the world we have: Machu Picchu, The Great Wall of China, the Sistine Chapel, and The Parthenon.","0","","2020-06-10 09:12:34","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899iSFOV9Rp-","Abhay Suji","Churchill was responsible for the Bengal famine, also purposefully starved India repeatedly, encouraged white supremacy and argued that Indians should be castrated and prevent them from “breeding like rabbits”. He also pretty much facilitated the continuation of endentured labourers which was a form of legal slavery. Churchill May have “lead a war” where his advisors and generals did all the work, but because he said a few inspirational quotes his script writer wrote he is hailed as a hero, despite him sharing more views and morals with the kkk. And we don’t teach the true horrors of the British history and British empire which has literally been called the rape of India. To ignore what Churchill did and claim him as a saint or hero is ignorant and makes you sound uneducated. I beg of everyone to just google a few of these and learn Britain’s true history.","5","","2020-06-10 09:13:05","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899iV4RnAkEV","Elazar Swoope","@P Neron great Zimbabwe, pyramids of nubia, grande mosque of mali, royal palace of adomey and songo mnara","0","","2020-06-10 09:37:48","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899iVIrCXR5i","Wessel","@Abhay Suji never knew about these things hench why I asked. I haven't been taught that in history class so thanks for sharing it","2","","2020-06-10 09:39:47","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899iVftXN1iR","Jacob Salter","Wessel because they are idiots","0","","2020-06-10 09:43:03","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899iWlQoIAkP","Khadija Aamir","Four million Bengalis starved to death because Churchill diverted food to soldiers and other countries such as Greece. You need to study the Bengali famine.","2","","2020-06-10 09:52:33","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899iXlerURtd","P Neron","@Elazar Swoope 1) The pyramids of Nubia  are not in Sub-Saharan Africa. 
2) You have to be joking: the grand mosque of Mali is made of mud and sticks! Are you seriously comparing it to the Parthenon?
3)The palace at ADOBEY is a one-story mud-hut (are you joking with this example?)
4) Songo Mnara was built on the Tanzanian coast by Arab slave traders - that is why it is built in the Islamic style, using Eastern materials by the way. 
5) Great Zimbabwe is probably the most impressive thing in Sub-Saharan Africa. But let's be serious: it is a series of circular stone walls, of no architectural significance. We are only ""impressed"" by it because it is in Africa and our standards have to be so low. How does it compare to the Palaces of Persia, or China, or Mughal India?...Not favourably at-all. 

Anyone reading, google these places and judge for yourself.","0","","2020-06-10 10:01:19","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899iZlBK3-AY","93jwj","@HaveBad Day Expect nothing more from the race with an average IQ of 80; they are too incapable to build societies on their own. Our biggest mistake: giving them an inch, and allowing them to take a mile. Civil war is brewing folks, it's about time we put the 'great' back into Britain; let's return her back to her former glory. Rule Britannia! ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻","1","","2020-06-10 10:18:44","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899ieBPYvOFs","GARYPUSSY","@William Bradford Bishop 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣","0","","2020-06-10 11:06:08","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899iz-lRiSwF","ClickNSpam","@Ayrton Steele anti fascists who are terrorists, makes sense? Not very informed are we...","1","","2020-06-10 14:08:03","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899j-TGCZzrX","ClickNSpam","Bengal Famine was in the context of WW2 and made worse by Churchill, he did not cause it. Pick any source on the subject and you will find the details 99% unrelated to Churchill. Ignore the revisionists who claim to know history.","0","","2020-06-10 14:20:49","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899kz-T0O4ox","Khadija Aamir","@93jwj the 'great' in 'Great Britain' was only to distinguish it's size against the smaller French Brittany, nothing to do with any other 'greatness' anyway. Learn our history.","0","","2020-06-11 08:46:29","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899lAagLaWH3","93jwj","@Khadija Aamir 
You're not English. It's not your history.","0","","2020-06-11 10:36:34","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi899oogzQLaUU","The Everyday Alpha","P Neron Please educate me then Dave.","0","","2020-06-12 20:33:25","false",""
"UgyiEmH5fsoVQmu3UGp4AaABAg.99hSmwAOdi89BFMJA45vPl","Khadija Aamir","@93jwj  I guarantee I am more English via heritage than you lol. I am a white, blue eyed , natural blonde revert who changed her name years ago. People like you aren't educated about anything at all are you?","0","","2020-07-18 09:46:45","false",""
"UgxPfhoHGKGIdmfjCtF4AaABAg","Mohammed Obeid","Very good news. World is finally waking up.","3","1","2020-06-09 23:59:43","true",""
"UgxPfhoHGKGIdmfjCtF4AaABAg.99hSvLcB0kv99hTGHxqBzo","Barrybadass","Don't wish for something it might come true .","3","","2020-06-10 00:02:42","false",""
"UgxG9-3x6fGvesGz-wV4AaABAg","Riev","Christ some of you are really stupid","1","0","2020-06-10 00:00:24","true",""
"UgyujdSFtF-dNXqMsm14AaABAg","Martin Hill","Anyone heard of this book that is raceist encourages slavery and zeniside and puts woman under man 
It's called the bible","1","0","2020-06-10 00:01:26","true",""
"UgxlFl9_Pm42HkZ6Ub94AaABAg","10k subs without a video !","Hello random person scrolling through the comments👋

I hope you're having a great day 🙂","6","3","2020-06-10 00:01:59","true",""
"UgxlFl9_Pm42HkZ6Ub94AaABAg.99hTB0MRoBG99hj-erJr4X","gbjanuary","10k subs without a video ! Thanks you 2 😄","3","","2020-06-10 02:28:59","false",""
"UgxlFl9_Pm42HkZ6Ub94AaABAg.99hTB0MRoBG99hmWS06BLr","Gar","Yoo hoo!  You too👍","2","","2020-06-10 02:59:41","false",""
"UgxlFl9_Pm42HkZ6Ub94AaABAg.99hTB0MRoBG99iHsTNz6rh","PierreVonStaines","Very kind of you, thank you.","2","","2020-06-10 07:42:26","false",""
"UgwhMTXCsfBoTWqVj7V4AaABAg","MOLDOVA EUROPEANA","You can't change history,what we can do is to be calm and don't  hate each other.We all should be equal,even today some British don't like immigrants.The statue is part of history,they could be removed,but not destroyed.","1","0","2020-06-10 00:04:56","true",""
"UgyTcB4gdppBvhVWhrF4AaABAg","historicrecord","Mob attack on the countries cultural heritage involving acts of vandalism","87","10","2020-06-10 00:07:23","true",""
"UgyTcB4gdppBvhVWhrF4AaABAg.99hTnTKD3LO99hVo7M6nPE","Lisa Shetler","They should be tased and jailed. Where are the cops???","11","","2020-06-10 00:24:56","false",""
"UgyTcB4gdppBvhVWhrF4AaABAg.99hTnTKD3LO99hbcJa5oUv","lazy dog","@Lisa Shetler bullshiting","0","","2020-06-10 01:24:30","false",""
"UgyTcB4gdppBvhVWhrF4AaABAg.99hTnTKD3LO99hjzE_yvDs","A White Spider","Tbh if you’re defending the idolisation of slave traders then you should really reconsider your position.","4","","2020-06-10 02:37:32","false",""
"UgyTcB4gdppBvhVWhrF4AaABAg.99hTnTKD3LO99hn2ZpLWLN","bw 1506","@A White Spider exactly! people are saying this is 'deleting history' like the education system isn't glossing over the brutality of the British empire","1","","2020-06-10 03:04:20","false",""
"UgyTcB4gdppBvhVWhrF4AaABAg.99hTnTKD3LO99hw4ibAhDz","Nathan Gamble","I wouldn't call a statue of a merchant ""cultural heritage"". Economic heritage, yes, but he wasn't an artist, a writer, or a public speaker, he was just the guy who paid for the construction of West India Docks.","0","","2020-06-10 04:23:16","false",""
"UgyTcB4gdppBvhVWhrF4AaABAg.99hTnTKD3LO99iMAgjC_vg","Jaques Ravalec","@A White Spider Put your straw man away.","2","","2020-06-10 08:20:01","false",""
"UgyTcB4gdppBvhVWhrF4AaABAg.99hTnTKD3LO99iQPTxJm9G","Oliver McCombie","The only thing this man did was pay for the docks. With slave money. To get more slaves. He was a very bad man and its a good thing his statue was taken down.","1","","2020-06-10 08:56:59","false",""
"UgyTcB4gdppBvhVWhrF4AaABAg.99hTnTKD3LO99iRa9N2fck","Wolf Fang1414","A White Spider I mean they said vandalism. Could've been talking about the Churchill monument.","0","","2020-06-10 09:07:19","false",""
"UgyTcB4gdppBvhVWhrF4AaABAg.99hTnTKD3LO99iz9gIumh5","manhunt48","@bw 1506 I wish you people cared as much about the slavery happening today as you do about that which happened hundreds of years ago.","0","","2020-06-10 14:09:24","false",""
"UgyTcB4gdppBvhVWhrF4AaABAg.99hTnTKD3LO99v1FM0OHLu","Ducky","bw 1506 the british empire abolished slavery in the earl 1800s, the british empire wasn’t even close to its maximum size","0","","2020-06-15 06:27:17","false",""
"Ugz_uBLr0-ZNblBENhZ4AaABAg","Cat Man","I am white. I agree fully that black lives matter. People are out protesting as we can all see. I have some questions. What do black people want to achieve with the movement and see happen? What would satisfy black people in terms of tangible change? What will it take to end the protests and for us all to move forward?","2","2","2020-06-10 00:11:54","true",""
"Ugz_uBLr0-ZNblBENhZ4AaABAg.99hUJbleVrh99htwIdWxMZ","C4rr0t B011s","They want to ruin erase our countries history yes it was bad but it is a reminder of what not to do again","1","","2020-06-10 04:04:31","false",""
"Ugz_uBLr0-ZNblBENhZ4AaABAg.99hUJbleVrh99i3vDIFyVd","Cat Man","@C4rr0t B011s I want to know who the audience for the protest is? If it is aimed at government, then they need to communicate what sort of change they wish to see happen. There has to be a goal or ultimately, it is just hot air. I wonder if anyone can tell me, what are the goals of Black Lives Matter as a movement? If people can't communicate what they actually want, then the government won't act.","0","","2020-06-10 05:40:29","false",""
"UgyTPvXOClTTg-Y53hh4AaABAg","Lisa Shetler","They should be shot, why are we allowing this???","8","4","2020-06-10 00:12:22","true",""
"UgyTPvXOClTTg-Y53hh4AaABAg.99hUN0SB2mg99hX1OF_QOH","Ernesto V17","Because Churchill was a colonialist criminal. Only reason he didn't receive a trial like the Nuremberg trials is because he was allied with the Americans. That's why.","1","","2020-06-10 00:35:38","false",""
"UgyTPvXOClTTg-Y53hh4AaABAg.99hUN0SB2mg99hX7tQx7rD","Ernesto V17","Turks should have captured and executed him after Battle of Gallipoli.","1","","2020-06-10 00:36:31","false",""
"UgyTPvXOClTTg-Y53hh4AaABAg.99hUN0SB2mg99hbRpnUgP0","Chris Bradley","@Ernesto V17 us brexiteers have the last laugh sweetie.... keep frothing at the mouth... >;-)","2","","2020-06-10 01:22:56","false",""
"UgyTPvXOClTTg-Y53hh4AaABAg.99hUN0SB2mg99hcmI_6D-9","Whatsittoya","@Ernesto V17 
Says the man with an Italian flag when Italy joined Adolf Hitler with Benito Mussolini who was a REAL Fascist. 😂 keep going please.","2","","2020-06-10 01:34:36","false",""
"UgxvlvQIhNBoCLHwfx94AaABAg","The Ultimate Gooner","🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿","0","0","2020-06-10 00:13:13","true",""
THIS IS ENGLAND!!! I AM A PATRIOT WHOSE WITH ME! 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧","80","24","2020-06-10 00:14:20","true",""
"UgzUl8FN_76hqX5rBXV4AaABAg.99hUaQcicSZ99hV_i3K4Gn","Lisa Shetler","Steve I'm with you. These are Primitives who started this, they have no place in Britain!!!!","26","","2020-06-10 00:22:58","false",""
"UgzUl8FN_76hqX5rBXV4AaABAg.99hUaQcicSZ99hclpoIHAV","lazy dog","@Lisa Shetler yea bla bla","1","","2020-06-10 01:34:32","false",""
"UgzUl8FN_76hqX5rBXV4AaABAg.99hUaQcicSZ99heMYxcqQK","Debra Blake","Burn them down. These igly statutes","6","","2020-06-10 01:48:25","false",""
"UgzUl8FN_76hqX5rBXV4AaABAg.99hUaQcicSZ99heXVOIhni","Debra Blake","The only one i got respect for is william wilberforce","0","","2020-06-10 01:49:55","false",""
"UgzUl8FN_76hqX5rBXV4AaABAg.99hUaQcicSZ99hidTR4QCU","gbjanuary","Debra Blake Never heard of it😶","1","","2020-06-10 02:25:49","false",""
"UgzUl8FN_76hqX5rBXV4AaABAg.99hUaQcicSZ99hk5tWJVat","Dennis Groves","I’m with you there pal. They don’t realise things will kick off badly if that statue is touched. Then again that is what they are trying to provoke these people ain’t for peace they are out for trouble and to divide people","9","","2020-06-10 02:38:35","false",""
"UgzUl8FN_76hqX5rBXV4AaABAg.99hUaQcicSZ99hmKM2WhrH","bw 1506","@Lisa Shetler who are the primitives?","0","","2020-06-10 02:58:02","false",""
"UgzUl8FN_76hqX5rBXV4AaABAg.99hUaQcicSZ99hmL4T--BB","Kaung Kyaw","Though I am not English I am with you, people are coming into your country and literally destroying your country. When food was scarce in other countries this country gave food, and when education was horrendous this country gave it for free. People are ungrateful to the light this country has brought upon their ancestors, who were by the way already living in squalor before colonisation.","12","","2020-06-10 02:58:08","false",""
"UgzUl8FN_76hqX5rBXV4AaABAg.99hUaQcicSZ99iBIR5DfwI","121finalfantasy","Steve I am with you too, call me Bill the butcher because I will die for my country and take these vermin with me.","6","","2020-06-10 06:44:57","false",""
"UgzUl8FN_76hqX5rBXV4AaABAg.99hUaQcicSZ99iHeoKd07r","Tommyboy 150","Rock up next saturday mate","2","","2020-06-10 07:40:35","false",""
"UgzUl8FN_76hqX5rBXV4AaABAg.99hUaQcicSZ99iSuVyNctj","Abhay Suji","Kaung Kyaw do you know where they got this food? By stealing it from India and causing famines across the subcontinent","2","","2020-06-10 09:18:50","false",""
"UgzUl8FN_76hqX5rBXV4AaABAg.99hUaQcicSZ99iTHU1Gev2","Mechelle Kingman","@gbjanuary don't  know much then .","1","","2020-06-10 09:22:07","false",""
"UgzUl8FN_76hqX5rBXV4AaABAg.99hUaQcicSZ99iTR8CfbLn","Mechelle Kingman","The national front will love it .","3","","2020-06-10 09:23:26","false",""
"UgzUl8FN_76hqX5rBXV4AaABAg.99hUaQcicSZ99iYLO0xkcg","Jason rai","But White British they themselves are also involve in this BLM protest...You can clearly see many whites who were involved in removing the previous statue (slave trader statue)...So it's gonna be like whites versus whites protest....","0","","2020-06-10 10:06:20","false",""
"UgzUl8FN_76hqX5rBXV4AaABAg.99hUaQcicSZ99j-MZTiie0","Tracy Garcia","Defund the Police. No Justice No Peace","3","","2020-06-10 14:19:54","false",""
"UgzUl8FN_76hqX5rBXV4AaABAg.99hUaQcicSZ99jo_FbIV-g","w3w3w3","@Lisa Shetler High impulse, Low IQ types. Shameful that they do this to our country.","1","","2020-06-10 21:56:09","false",""
"UgzUl8FN_76hqX5rBXV4AaABAg.99hUaQcicSZ99o9xacvmw0","Steve Ryan","Thanks for showing your support Sarah these are cultural monuments enough are being removed already in this country. Nelson and Churchill are British cultural icons","0","","2020-06-12 14:28:41","false",""
"UgzUl8FN_76hqX5rBXV4AaABAg.99hUaQcicSZ99oADR6oSPi","Steve Ryan","Thanks for showing your support Dennis
We can't let them divide this country and deface cultural icons like Churchill and Nelson 
We must stick together and keep Britain great","0","","2020-06-12 14:30:59","false",""
"UgzUl8FN_76hqX5rBXV4AaABAg.99hUaQcicSZ99oAcOCnt38","Steve Ryan","Thanks for your support kaung this nation was a beacon of hope health and education to many foreign countries in the past giving the foundations of infrastructure to many of their modern day societies and give foreign aid to this very day
We can't let these people deface the reputations and monuments to British icons who started and maintained the work of helping other nations progress and stay safe","0","","2020-06-12 14:34:31","false",""
"UgzUl8FN_76hqX5rBXV4AaABAg.99hUaQcicSZ99oAkDjstnl","Steve Ryan","Final fantasy thanks for showing your support","0","","2020-06-12 14:35:36","false",""
"UgzUl8FN_76hqX5rBXV4AaABAg.99hUaQcicSZ9APYyOL3ytj","Kingdom of Gamers","I'm an american I'm with and you and I'm a heavy WW2 Historian Churchill is a hero goshdang it!","0","","2020-06-27 12:18:23","false",""
"UgzUl8FN_76hqX5rBXV4AaABAg.99hUaQcicSZ9APZ5QnmjIu","Kingdom of Gamers","@bw 1506 Looters, thugs, criminals who wants to tear down the statues that's who!","0","","2020-06-27 12:19:29","false",""
"UgzUl8FN_76hqX5rBXV4AaABAg.99hUaQcicSZ9APZFBdx3gz","Kingdom of Gamers","@Abhay Suji Did your BLM leader tell you that to cause havoc?","0","","2020-06-27 12:20:49","false",""
"UgzUl8FN_76hqX5rBXV4AaABAg.99hUaQcicSZ9APZLoiaaAF","Kingdom of Gamers","@Tracy Garcia UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL STOP DIVIDING US!!!","0","","2020-06-27 12:21:43","false",""
"Ugxc_4lUA_Yp1NPn96x4AaABAg","freddie b burkinshaw","We were healing and forgetting the young generations in our country were bonding now a  bandage has been ripped of a wound this will have the opposite effect of bringing ppl together seeing our history which survived world wars ripped down by thugs it's a shame this has set relations back do far","2","0","2020-06-10 00:16:02","true",""
"UgxC9A1bm5pXqRllXgJ4AaABAg","Fred Wankspanner","Isn’t it funny how the BLM clowns and MSM have not reported on the 66 ‘black on black’ killings in Chicago last night? ..... it seems to only matter when it’s white on black.","9","3","2020-06-10 00:16:31","true",""
"UgxC9A1bm5pXqRllXgJ4AaABAg.99hUqR9sr-w99ijiydRd4L","Chelsea For life","Because white in black is racism. Black on Black isn't","0","","2020-06-10 11:54:33","false",""
"UgxC9A1bm5pXqRllXgJ4AaABAg.99hUqR9sr-w99ijy1Sr6hH","Fred Wankspanner","Chelsea For life ... so black lives don’t matter?","1","","2020-06-10 11:56:36","false",""
"UgxC9A1bm5pXqRllXgJ4AaABAg.99hUqR9sr-w99ikmKEQjPZ","Chelsea For life","@Fred Wankspanner All lives matter, its just that it's racism when a white man does it to  black man or a black man does it to a white man. The BLM protests are about eradicating slavery","0","","2020-06-10 12:03:45","false",""
"UgyLMk1HUaOc1mPetmJ4AaABAg","Herman Spaerman","So, Mohammed the prophet was a slave owner and trader. Time to burn all qurans and demolish all mosques I presume.","30","8","2020-06-10 00:17:18","true",""
"UgyLMk1HUaOc1mPetmJ4AaABAg.99hUw8846WY99hemEHTKEi","Debra Blake","You can try.","0","","2020-06-10 01:52:04","false",""
"UgyLMk1HUaOc1mPetmJ4AaABAg.99hUw8846WY99i4MXbX_T8","Frank","Good point","2","","2020-06-10 05:44:21","false",""
"UgyLMk1HUaOc1mPetmJ4AaABAg.99hUw8846WY99i4gqw8jMe","Kaleidoscope Mind","Burn every religion. Why not","2","","2020-06-10 05:47:16","false",""
"UgyLMk1HUaOc1mPetmJ4AaABAg.99hUw8846WY99i5BCDoYDv","Brian 316","Yeah he never enslaved because of your skin colour.","0","","2020-06-10 05:51:32","false",""
"UgyLMk1HUaOc1mPetmJ4AaABAg.99hUw8846WY99i9B-2AUTO","M A","The bible is a manual on how to abide by your master and do whatever your master tells you🤷🏾‍♂️ a slave mentality with no action to change your situation of being a slave. The Quran is a liberating religion that preaches respect those but never bow down to anybody. Unfortunately there is radicalism in both religions however in the grand scheme of things the largest terrorists are those that use the bible as law🤷🏾‍♂️ western countries changed slavery to capitalism so you tell me whose the real oppressor and real terrorist🧐","1","","2020-06-10 06:26:28","false",""
"UgyLMk1HUaOc1mPetmJ4AaABAg.99hUw8846WY99i9P-0VEIm","greent toll","@Brian 316 neither did the slavers    i.  100  irish  ppl were also enslaved  way way  back","0","","2020-06-10 06:28:23","false",""
"UgyLMk1HUaOc1mPetmJ4AaABAg.99hUw8846WY99iRaPdovTK","Fkathebody","Doesn’t work like that 😂😂😂sorry","0","","2020-06-10 09:07:21","false",""
"UgyLMk1HUaOc1mPetmJ4AaABAg.99hUw8846WY99iVxwQNmv3","Debbie Henri","@greent toll Britons were enslaved by Romans and Viking invaders. How far back in time should we go do you think?","1","","2020-06-10 09:45:31","false",""
"UgzjhVMaByYz4Nu89B14AaABAg","drperiwinkle","Universities use to educate people. Now they re-educate them in left-wing ideology, the ideology that really did end in rivers of blood. Stalin's great experiment in Soviet Russia, Mao's China, Pol Pot's Cambodia, the economic basket cases of South America and Africa. Yet still they are mesmerized by Das Kapital and all the rest of the wearisome gibberish of the Left, Gramsci etc etc","0","0","2020-06-10 00:19:57","true",""
"UgwJn7DersxsDWaFIIF4AaABAg","Poonannyish","Cowards. You've just validated every act of political violence with swift and total capitulation. 
Long gone are the days of 'We don't negotiate with terrorists'.","1","0","2020-06-10 00:22:34","true",""
"Ugz5CQwU1QTvK58voOR4AaABAg","Barry Thirlwall","The Madness of crowds.  Not one individual thinker among them demanding a national vote on taking statue down in our great *democracy.* Now toddle on home sheeple.🙄 ""huh democracy what's that?""","3","0","2020-06-10 00:28:10","true",""
"UgycQyYVI0AKL-WjyuF4AaABAg","Martyn Tully","Absoloute madness","115","1","2020-06-10 00:32:19","true",""
"UgycQyYVI0AKL-WjyuF4AaABAg.99hWeAG5t459B4ap8aFOi4","The Bald Kid","For a very stupid reason","0","","2020-07-14 05:30:41","false",""
"UgyaPXUPwqEwqdSSNPl4AaABAg","dogma01011951","It will NEVER be enough!","29","0","2020-06-10 00:32:39","true",""
"UgyXc-XAKhfxdyrlojd4AaABAg","Mr bosh","1984","8","0","2020-06-10 00:36:47","true",""
"UgyV4zJqdb63QlaZY_p4AaABAg","Random Roses","B- burn
L- loot
M- murder","10","0","2020-06-10 00:37:43","true",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg","Gaz Roberts","Never submit to the mob. They won't stop their demands until everything is flattened.","407","45","2020-06-10 00:39:58","true",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99hc4lojbxh","Whatsittoya","Our government are doing just that after we finish off these heathens we will sort out the government next","4","","2020-06-10 01:28:31","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99hnFZ-NlBV","Ryan","What if they make you an offer you cant refuse?","3","","2020-06-10 03:06:07","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99i9222uvjz","Kloud9","Gaz Roberts the “mob” hahaha how many millions do you have in society lol or are you just a paid troll  .... ether way I’m coming to crush what you think is safe and we’re gonna re build what is truly safe . If you don’t know why ? Go look at our collective history with an honest eye 🔱","8","","2020-06-10 06:25:14","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99iDs6kDzTW","Ra Ra","I am very proud to have been in the crowd who removed the Colston statue. I am even more proud seeing videos like this as it is definitely a result of our actions. We don't want everything flattened. We just want people to stop glorifying slavery.","9","","2020-06-10 07:07:26","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99iEisjFDq-","121finalfantasy","@Ra Ra we have never glorified slavery in any way, those statues are a reminder of the history of this country and thanks to you lot future generations have been denied the right to learn about this country's history but it stops now if anything happens to the Churchill statue all of you will be held accountable for your actions just like Boris Johnson said himself.","24","","2020-06-10 07:14:55","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99iExCsThg9","Robert Burns","@Ra Ra but you ll glorify a man who held a gun to a pregnant womans stomach while she was pregnant and we dont know if it was a racial killing by the police. The world is onto people like you im afraid.","25","","2020-06-10 07:16:52","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99iJ4VfQlS8","tony tookie","@121finalfantasy I'll quote someone elses comment. 'Have you ever heard of a history book?'.","2","","2020-06-10 07:52:58","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99iM4sbB7Fh","Ra Ra","@Robert Burns Swing and a miss. Nobody's saying these should be replaced with statues of George Floyd.","2","","2020-06-10 08:19:13","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99iNJgpO4j6","Boo galoo","like their flat brains","1","","2020-06-10 08:29:59","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99iO_hk2xoJ","Quotheraving","Let's hope it doesn't end up like China's 'great leap forward' in a self-righteous popularist putsch that tries to erase history and installs a totalitarian regime ""for the people"".","6","","2020-06-10 08:41:03","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99iOaG1RPsL","Frustratid","@Ra Ra Then stop treating him like a martyr.","6","","2020-06-10 08:41:07","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99iPFBlyqMA","Oliver McCombie","@121finalfantasy statues are built to commemorate. By definition they glorify. And history books exist. The Internet exists. We aren't asking for history to be deleted but if there was a statue of Hitler in your town you'd want it removed right?","1","","2020-06-10 08:46:51","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99iPPAIVIJ3","Poke Hype","Ra Ra some people are touchy saying they want everything flattened it’s not true. It’s only a handful of people who do. I honestly think Churchill should be kept there due to the actions of world war 2","4","","2020-06-10 08:48:13","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99iPbJupC5t","Poke Hype","Robert Burns I don’t think this is about George Floyd anymore. I dislike how the media is trying to glorify George Floyd as a hero when he wasn’t but. It’s not about that for these people anymore","2","","2020-06-10 08:50:00","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99iQ0HyXop8","Reggie_Reggie","@121finalfantasy statues are for celebrating the life of someone. George best. Ronaldo. Mandela. And on and on. History doesn't get forgotten or erased by removing statues. Children are still taught about WWI. WWII. Romans. Egyptians. And on and on. If statues are just a reminder of history then let's all call for one of Jimmy Saville.","2","","2020-06-10 08:53:33","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99iQPDTbEpb","B Lewis","@Ra Ra genuine questions for you, presumably you think that the Colleseum in Rome should be removed as that was a stage where slaves would be forced to fight to the death? The romans enslaved more people than any empire in history so why not burn down the whole city?","5","","2020-06-10 08:56:57","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99iQVDKdmfA","Ra Ra","@Frustratid Nobody is treating him like a martyr. He shouldn't have been killed, but the fight against racism doesn't start and end with George Floyd.","1","","2020-06-10 08:57:46","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99iS528_Xf0","Ra Ra","@B Lewis Two parts to the answer. Firstly, I'm in Bristol. It's up to the local Bristol community to say how we feel about monuments in Bristol. It is up to people in Rome how they feel about Rome. It would be wrong for me to impose my judgment on them, and as far as I'm aware there is no call from BLM in Rome to destroy the Colosseum.
Secondly, there is a difference between buildings which are related to slavery, and buildings which serve the purpose of glorifying slavery. Bristol general hospital, for instance, was built with slave money, but its function is very positive. The statue of Colston was NOT built with slave money, or by slaves, but its function was to glorify a slave-trader.","2","","2020-06-10 09:11:41","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99iX0WPOu9Q","Gaz Roberts","@Kloud9 So this isn't about equal rights and equality then? Just destruction. The civil rights movement was successful because they had a goal and wanted to achieve something. BLM can't succeed because they don't know what they're protesting about. They don't have an end goal.","4","","2020-06-10 09:54:45","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99iXA9NFHKc","Gaz Roberts","@Ra Ra You won't glorify slavery but you'll glorify George Ford, a convicted criminal.","6","","2020-06-10 09:56:04","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99iXu4rAnQO","Ra Ra","@Gaz Roberts All you melodramatic boomers say the same thing. No, nobody's glorifying George Floyd. We're just saying he shouldn't have been killed. The fight against racism doesn't start and end with Floyd.","3","","2020-06-10 10:02:28","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99iYT-n8zSp","Aaron URIAH YASHARAHLA","You want slave trader statues up in your city ?","1","","2020-06-10 10:07:23","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99iY_1PrYw8","Aaron URIAH YASHARAHLA","@121finalfantasy Churchill killed thousands of innocent people he was a very evil man. Do your history you dummy","1","","2020-06-10 10:08:20","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99ibZdwpcmz","Agent Ninja","We are ALL slaves stuck under the firmament.","1","","2020-06-10 10:43:14","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99ibqyuZbtH","indierockhead","@Ra Ra Yeah, Soros funded Stooges like you wont protest at the statue of Nelson Mandela though, a convicted terrorist.  Or does that not count because he had a brown face?","2","","2020-06-10 10:45:44","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99icnoe4d5f","Ra Ra","@indierockhead It's honestly bizarre how many people think we're getting paid. There were thousands of us there tearing down the statue of Colston not because anyone was paying us, but because it was the right thing to do.","1","","2020-06-10 10:54:03","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99ifJXt1GqJ","Gaz Roberts","@Aaron URIAH YASHARAHLA Without Churchill you wouldn't enjoy the freedoms you do. You owe him a lot.","4","","2020-06-10 11:15:59","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99jC3A7KAY8","English Ant","@Aaron URIAH YASHARAHLA
So did most nations in WORLD WAR 2, its a war you idiot. Innocent people die. And Churchill definitely didn't start it. Grow up.","3","","2020-06-10 16:10:51","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99jCCiyP1e4","English Ant","@Ra Ra
What's next on the agenda then mate?","2","","2020-06-10 16:12:09","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99jCpt68qwo","Ra Ra","@English Ant Renaming Colston Hall and the Wills Building.","1","","2020-06-10 16:17:38","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99jTetbgVuN","WolveRize","Ra Ra too bad I wasn’t there, I would put a round in your brain, maybe that will help you think better","3","","2020-06-10 18:44:41","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99jUF5HNqvx","OLIOB 1","Rise up against the muppets. The revolution begins now 😉😂","3","","2020-06-10 18:49:46","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99jUMCRnNTW","OLIOB 1","Ra Ra it’s now leading to the statues of children of someone who supported slavery to be taken down. You are responsible for the backlssg","1","","2020-06-10 18:50:44","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99jpC_A4Zrs","Sherlock's cat","@tony tookie lol obama's maggots can't read","0","","2020-06-10 22:01:40","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99mEl_XFvP7","Markopolo","Thanks for protecting the NHS.","0","","2020-06-11 20:32:15","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99nH5p80VLD","Loc'D N Loaded","@B Lewis How about we just Focus on America and the systemic racism this country was founded on, instead of deflecting? Good god.","0","","2020-06-12 06:11:52","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99oAHyxkjTx","five381","Just as statues can be toppled from pedestals and destroyed,  history books can be taken from the shelves and rewritten.","0","","2020-06-12 14:31:36","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99oAtxHV95u","Gaz Roberts","@Loc'D N Loaded Give me one example of systematic racism in America today.","0","","2020-06-12 14:36:55","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99oBR333xVL","Loc'D N Loaded","@Gaz Roberts Uh, Okay job opportunities.... My countetparts are 10 times more likely to be offered a job over the phone just based of  my name alone. Googles right at your fingertips. Don't be naive and ignorant.","0","","2020-06-12 14:41:35","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99oBcXr1axp","Loc'D N Loaded","Lets put it this way, There isn't a such thing as racial equality.","0","","2020-06-12 14:43:17","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99oC94hYV5E","Loc'D N Loaded","Klan members are now wearing badges, banging gavels, and in positions of power so they can be openly racism and get away with whatever they want when they want. That's just facts.","0","","2020-06-12 14:47:52","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99oCIfGeH8Q","Loc'D N Loaded","@Gaz Roberts You're either a troll or a complete moron, please dont reproduce. Good god.","0","","2020-06-12 14:49:10","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99oPcA5oznj","121finalfantasy","Some men just wanna watch the world burn and thanks to these brainless idiots it is.","1","","2020-06-12 16:45:34","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99ohbxg29K7","121finalfantasy","@Aaron URIAH YASHARAHLA I went to school and did history thankyou, where did you spend your days huh in the ghetto with the other brainless rats ??","0","","2020-06-12 19:31:34","false",""
"UgwUZBGSIAX4Y9PWDhx4AaABAg.99hXX8hcACs99rae9h8nCZ","Gaz Roberts","@Loc'D N Loaded You have the exact same opportunities as I do. If you want a job, make yourself employable like I do. If you're failing at life, it's not because of your skin colour, it's because of you.","0","","2020-06-13 22:28:25","false",""
"UgwbCrCJ9MGCbiHJ7Gh4AaABAg","Jeff Finger","I support BLM Bureau of land Management","1","1","2020-06-10 00:42:09","true",""
"UgwbCrCJ9MGCbiHJ7Gh4AaABAg.99hXmANEerY9B4gt1zwQPF","The Bald Kid","I support ALM Arab Lives Matter","0","","2020-07-14 06:23:38","false",""
"UgxgfVWvaBBWPE32vj14AaABAg","Jack Archer","If we hold historical figures to today’s moral standards, our entire history will be erased. This is just he beginning, first it will be statues, then paintings,  literature and television shows, all to appease a fringe minority of race grifters who will never be satisfied, no matter how much they are appeased. The far right will be the chief beneficiaries in the ensuing race war. Sad and completely avoidable.","57","14","2020-06-10 00:42:41","true",""
"UgxgfVWvaBBWPE32vj14AaABAg.99hXq0yzS6c99hmn1P7OVK","Ryan","Exactly i cant see where it will stop.","3","","2020-06-10 03:02:05","false",""
"UgxgfVWvaBBWPE32vj14AaABAg.99hXq0yzS6c99hpIJjMI5N","ClickNSpam","Yes guess we have to burn virtually all religious books too. The gods in those books have a few messed up moral standards.","4","","2020-06-10 03:23:58","false",""
"UgxgfVWvaBBWPE32vj14AaABAg.99hXq0yzS6c99hvHwCKymN","Nathan Gamble","""If we hold historical figures to today’s moral standards, our entire history will be erased""

Respect for basic human dignity is not a modern concept.","5","","2020-06-10 04:16:20","false",""
"UgxgfVWvaBBWPE32vj14AaABAg.99hXq0yzS6c99i7NThmSQq","Jayjay Myers","Exactly","0","","2020-06-10 06:10:41","false",""
"UgxgfVWvaBBWPE32vj14AaABAg.99hXq0yzS6c99iTBVSq_7u","Bek","Little Britain got removed of all streaming services...","4","","2020-06-10 09:21:18","false",""
"UgxgfVWvaBBWPE32vj14AaABAg.99hXq0yzS6c99iZaXbyHxr","93jwj","Expect nothing more from the race with an average IQ of 80; they are too incapable to build societies on their own. Our biggest mistake: giving them an inch, and allowing them to take a mile. Civil war is brewing folks, it's about time we put the 'great' back into Britain; let's return her back to her former glory. Rule Britannia! ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻","1","","2020-06-10 10:17:17","false",""
"UgxgfVWvaBBWPE32vj14AaABAg.99hXq0yzS6c99ipaQeY9px","fat fat","@Nathan Gamble  racism,sexism and slavery were all common for centuries and thousand so of years  in the past across the world. So apparently it is.","2","","2020-06-10 12:45:49","false",""
"UgxgfVWvaBBWPE32vj14AaABAg.99hXq0yzS6c99j3eQuyvSd","Mai Vançon","Martin Shepherd ay what?! But that show is satire.","0","","2020-06-10 14:57:26","false",""
"UgxgfVWvaBBWPE32vj14AaABAg.99hXq0yzS6c99kTHV7gMOC","manboobs","@93jwj MEGA make England great again","0","","2020-06-11 04:00:36","false",""
"UgxgfVWvaBBWPE32vj14AaABAg.99hXq0yzS6c99l0-ZV4Sk-","Khadija Aamir","I think you'll find most of the far right channels are run by 'grifters' lol.","0","","2020-06-11 09:03:59","false",""
"UgxgfVWvaBBWPE32vj14AaABAg.99hXq0yzS6c99l0Aofw9CA","Khadija Aamir","@manboobs it's size never changed. The 'great' in Great Britain was only to distinguish size against Brittany in France, nothing more.","1","","2020-06-11 09:05:31","false",""
"UgxgfVWvaBBWPE32vj14AaABAg.99hXq0yzS6c99tR_MDsqqJ","Nathan Gamble","@fat fat Racism, sexism, and slavery still exist today. The fact that these things were were more common in the past doesn't mean that people with morals that align with modern society didn't exist thousands of years ago either.

There have been egalitarian tribal societies, empires which spanned multiple ethnic groups and kept the peace between them, and countless nations that never allowed slavery. Systems of indentured servitude were common, but these typically included protections for the rights and well-being of the servant rather than them being treated as property.

Modern science and social development have helped our collective understanding of other groups (and religious, political, and nationalist bigotry has hindered it). However, modern society hasn't solved prejudice completely, and pre-modern society wasn't universally prejudiced either.","0","","2020-06-14 15:38:51","false",""
"UgxgfVWvaBBWPE32vj14AaABAg.99hXq0yzS6c9APTazk4Lrm","Kingdom of Gamers","@ClickNSpam Burning down religious books is only going to cause more suffering to your future.","0","","2020-06-27 11:31:30","false",""
"UgxgfVWvaBBWPE32vj14AaABAg.99hXq0yzS6c9AZv9pb3US-","J Rotela","@Nathan Gamble I we have to forget what we do in the past? No, we have to remenver for ever","0","","2020-07-01 12:53:28","false",""
"UgwfYJ1TEf1GwiAfYAl4AaABAg","kcirdrab","Welcome to Boristan.","2","0","2020-06-10 00:45:32","true",""
"Ugz84l-0T5fb0WKkQtB4AaABAg","Joanna N","BLM , what a joke. All lives matter.","1","0","2020-06-10 00:47:44","true",""
THIS IS ENGLAND!!! I AM A PATRIOT WHOSE WITH ME! 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧","18","2","2020-06-10 00:53:36","true",""
"UgxhgfTlkkt8YuGIuut4AaABAg.99hZ50YzO7999ijkFiDFDJ","Chelsea For life","idiots","0","","2020-06-10 11:54:43","false",""
"UgxhgfTlkkt8YuGIuut4AaABAg.99hZ50YzO7999jbaEuqXYb","『ι ∂ση'т яєα∂ яєρℓιєѕ』","Defacing the Churchill statue was the last straw for me. I could accept everything else until then. I'd headbutt these idiots and their dad.","2","","2020-06-10 20:02:42","false",""
"UgznoajwlXsZwrVKFdl4AaABAg.99hZbXd2R_Q99iTWHLIxt2","KingsHeathDon91","Just do me a favour and don't buy nike, Adidas ect because you are supporting slave Labour.","0","","2020-06-10 09:24:08","false",""
"UgzNoKl3lpUrNiShOC54AaABAg","entity81","'so that's how democracy dies. with thunderous applause'","22","1","2020-06-10 01:02:33","true",""
"UgzNoKl3lpUrNiShOC54AaABAg.99h_6c0S-5O99iMYM6-U8c","Yurio","its treason then","0","","2020-06-10 08:23:15","false",""
"Ugyu2t2lgEFFA8M8rWx4AaABAg","Anglo Saxon Head Hunter","Apparently Mandela’s statue is getting smashed up on Saturday","62","14","2020-06-10 01:03:43","true",""
"Ugyu2t2lgEFFA8M8rWx4AaABAg.99h_F9KYPN699hns7m9Vmk","Aaron cousins","Lmao they wont like that will they","18","","2020-06-10 03:11:31","false",""
"Ugyu2t2lgEFFA8M8rWx4AaABAg.99h_F9KYPN699i7a2LLmEY","Kevin Burrow","where'd you hear that?","1","","2020-06-10 06:12:33","false",""
"Ugyu2t2lgEFFA8M8rWx4AaABAg.99h_F9KYPN699iGQWuYMR5","The Everyday Alpha","Well if this WAS the plan, it’s been revealed now.","0","","2020-06-10 07:29:45","false",""
"Ugyu2t2lgEFFA8M8rWx4AaABAg.99h_F9KYPN699iGaTu0Ajt","The Everyday Alpha","By “they” do you mean

A) the people of all races who support BLM

B) just the non-white people?

Just curious.","0","","2020-06-10 07:31:15","false",""
"Ugyu2t2lgEFFA8M8rWx4AaABAg.99h_F9KYPN699iH0J1R6Cp","Reggie Cyde","@The Everyday Alpha the ones who fight terrorists. As he was.","5","","2020-06-10 07:34:55","false",""
"Ugyu2t2lgEFFA8M8rWx4AaABAg.99h_F9KYPN699iKrn4IFvD","Rabbi shecklestein","Gandhi statue and property should be smashed","1","","2020-06-10 08:08:34","false",""
"Ugyu2t2lgEFFA8M8rWx4AaABAg.99h_F9KYPN699iPO2Z_WBd","Claire Wright","Should Karl Marx statue go, given the millions of people killed through his ideology?","7","","2020-06-10 08:48:03","false",""
"Ugyu2t2lgEFFA8M8rWx4AaABAg.99h_F9KYPN699iPY5ilYC0","Lando Calrissian","I’m their","0","","2020-06-10 08:49:26","false",""
"Ugyu2t2lgEFFA8M8rWx4AaABAg.99h_F9KYPN699iQNFu86n8","Ayrton Steele","@Claire Wright which of karl marxs policy mentions killing anyone?","1","","2020-06-10 08:56:41","false",""
"Ugyu2t2lgEFFA8M8rWx4AaABAg.99h_F9KYPN699iSOZSJstT","Claire Wright","@Ayrton Steele His ideologies inspired the likes of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro and Kim Jong dynasty?","5","","2020-06-10 09:14:20","false",""
"Ugyu2t2lgEFFA8M8rWx4AaABAg.99h_F9KYPN699iYjrcc7VW","CYBER SHIN0BI","@The Everyday Alpha no such thing as blm all lives matter.","0","","2020-06-10 10:09:49","false",""
"Ugyu2t2lgEFFA8M8rWx4AaABAg.99h_F9KYPN699iYl74WO7g","JP","@Claire Wright Give any one of his books a read and you'll see what happened in the Soviet union was a far cry from his ideas. All the people you listed were authoritarian thugs who became the very people that ideology was supposed to prevent. Does that mean maybe Marx's ideas don't translate well into real life? Sure. But he was in no way a villain just a writer.","0","","2020-06-10 10:09:59","false",""
"Ugyu2t2lgEFFA8M8rWx4AaABAg.99h_F9KYPN699iaSV_jFSM","Chris Cartwright","Claire Wright the fact that people actually believe that is terrifying! Let’s count how many people have died or had their lives destroyed in the name of capitalism, then we can have an honest (yet futile) conversation about which has caused the most damage. Marx in a nutshell (vastly oversimplified): the means of production should be owned by the people (proletariat), any resources and/or profits made should be evenly distributed amongst the people. One of his well-known philosophies is “to each according to his needs, from each according to his ability”. Whether you find this idea practical or not is a separate discussion, but one cannot deny that it is based on humanism and an idealised sense of morality. Whatever Stalin and Mao et al were trying to achieve, they were certainly not following Marx. But then again, we do have a habit of demonising any idea that doesn’t fit our way of life, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised","0","","2020-06-10 10:33:31","false",""
"Ugyu2t2lgEFFA8M8rWx4AaABAg.99h_F9KYPN699imrOCV4U4","pindrop","@Chris Cartwright and then let's compare how quality of life has drastically raised globally under capitalism and the death toll and poverty of every country who implemented communism. ""But that wasn't true communism wah wah""... every single time it ended in misery. You are a useful idiot and a Muppet. Jog on.","1","","2020-06-10 12:21:55","false",""
"Ugx8om2he0vXCWMt3px4AaABAg","Wotan Machine","BLM are terrorists.","2","0","2020-06-10 01:04:56","true",""
"Ugz4lwS_-ANcn8cgA9R4AaABAg","Deborah Peters","I think they should be removed off the streets an put in a museum an then it's the people's choice if they want to see them,we are a diverse country an certain statues shouldn't be displayed on our streets.","0","0","2020-06-10 01:05:17","true",""
"Ugw97pAmCzLpMX0Gteh4AaABAg","slinkiegirl2001","good riddance stick it down the sewer","0","0","2020-06-10 01:06:44","true",""
"UgyExgHSavDxWRQvMcZ4AaABAg","Propaganda Jamboree","Honesty, Its enough to get us masked up and meeting down the docks.","7","1","2020-06-10 01:10:18","true",""
"UgyExgHSavDxWRQvMcZ4AaABAg.99ha-GPq_bM99iJ_umwai-","tony tookie","Haha","0","","2020-06-10 07:57:23","false",""
"Ugwbn4XdDoyOJ-LQ0v54AaABAg","Hau Le","Where is my summer go?","0","0","2020-06-10 01:10:56","true",""
"UgwVqGtqGfEvQz39sN14AaABAg","Bilbo Baggins","Remove the Statues so we forget about the Slave Trade?  Is that what Black Lives Matter want?","0","2","2020-06-10 01:15:27","true",""
"UgwVqGtqGfEvQz39sN14AaABAg.99haa2_M-FO99hlPAKPHbG","Jay Attwell","Its the only history they have.","0","","2020-06-10 02:49:57","false",""
"UgwVqGtqGfEvQz39sN14AaABAg.99haa2_M-FO99htPEsqwYh","C4rr0t B011s","Jay Attwell apart from them beating each other with sticks wearing nothing","0","","2020-06-10 03:59:52","false",""
"Ugxq8kYNquMv8DSxX7d4AaABAg","Whatfuckingevergoogle Trump","Small minority stand down before the silent majority stand. I'd Express to blacks not to hurt whites this is what they want you are being used","0","0","2020-06-10 01:18:44","true",""
"Ugxe5tQslNVMpyv_FUt4AaABAg","MisterCritch","This will just cause conflict.. I see Arabs there too.. where was all this when terrorists blew up kids in MEN arena.. they should have been out protesting against their own people!","51","12","2020-06-10 01:18:50","true",""
"Ugxe5tQslNVMpyv_FUt4AaABAg.99haylvi6IE99iFw9pnXCK","Yasin Akhtar","Lol, they are allowed to protest","1","","2020-06-10 07:25:28","false",""
"Ugxe5tQslNVMpyv_FUt4AaABAg.99haylvi6IE99iGwNME00j","Reggie Cyde","If they thought western slavery was bad, wait until they wake up to the history of Islamic slavery!","8","","2020-06-10 07:34:14","false",""
"Ugxe5tQslNVMpyv_FUt4AaABAg.99haylvi6IE99iI0dFfIme","Yasin Akhtar","@Reggie Cyde haha we are coming for you too reggie!","0","","2020-06-10 07:43:41","false",""
"Ugxe5tQslNVMpyv_FUt4AaABAg.99haylvi6IE99iKd2CWmcr","William Finley","The flare-up is not about racialism its abut equality","1","","2020-06-10 08:06:33","false",""
"Ugxe5tQslNVMpyv_FUt4AaABAg.99haylvi6IE99iLRJnQJRk","P Neron","@Reggie Cyde They don't think it was bad: it is just a tool to demoralise and destroy us. Everybody knows Arab slavery was (and remains!) much more cruel.","1","","2020-06-10 08:13:33","false",""
"Ugxe5tQslNVMpyv_FUt4AaABAg.99haylvi6IE99iLbm2KMvp","Stuart Graham","There was public outrage when the MEN bombs went off. Where were you? There aren't any statues of the bombers in Arabic are there?","1","","2020-06-10 08:15:07","false",""
"Ugxe5tQslNVMpyv_FUt4AaABAg.99haylvi6IE99iM93ml2dy","MMRtuber","@Reggie Cyde I am very aware of Arab slavery but there is no such thing as ""Islamic slavery""","1","","2020-06-10 08:19:48","false",""
"Ugxe5tQslNVMpyv_FUt4AaABAg.99haylvi6IE99iSV8yHXwg","Yasin Akhtar","@Stuart Graham staged by your own people I'm afraid.","0","","2020-06-10 09:15:14","false",""
"Ugxe5tQslNVMpyv_FUt4AaABAg.99haylvi6IE99iSXh5XJFb","Yasin Akhtar","Staged by your own people","0","","2020-06-10 09:15:35","false",""
"Ugxe5tQslNVMpyv_FUt4AaABAg.99haylvi6IE99iVOlEbCJz","Jasper Taylor","I see ALOT of white people protesting and pulling down monuments as well...","3","","2020-06-10 09:40:35","false",""
"Ugxe5tQslNVMpyv_FUt4AaABAg.99haylvi6IE99ikFH1_qG4","Shelby B","@Jasper Taylor Yes. They have been brainwashed and they suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.","0","","2020-06-10 11:59:06","false",""
"Ugxe5tQslNVMpyv_FUt4AaABAg.99haylvi6IE99ipVoNvwRw","Reggie Cyde","@MMRtuber that's a complete lie.","0","","2020-06-10 12:45:03","false",""
"UgwVQM0UBmrFd_61XJ14AaABAg","Majestic Camels","Everyone who is rightly disgusted In this mob. What can we do to protect our country and history. We can't stand by and let this happen.","63","8","2020-06-10 01:19:24","true",""
"UgwVQM0UBmrFd_61XJ14AaABAg.99hb200ccHK99hktiqKiYL","Gaz B","Start voting right wing.","14","","2020-06-10 02:45:31","false",""
"UgwVQM0UBmrFd_61XJ14AaABAg.99hb200ccHK99hnDdTxW8y","Aaron cousins","I believe theres an anti riot meet in london on saturday where everyone is meeting up to show the bs of this rioting","7","","2020-06-10 03:05:51","false",""
"UgwVQM0UBmrFd_61XJ14AaABAg.99hb200ccHK99iLWgUfQOd","P Neron","@Gaz B We did, this is happening under Boris.","0","","2020-06-10 08:14:17","false",""
"UgwVQM0UBmrFd_61XJ14AaABAg.99hb200ccHK99iOfavnNZY","Gaz B","@P Neron Boris is not right wing. He's more in the middle. If enough people start voting UKIP you'll start to see real change for the better.","0","","2020-06-10 08:41:51","false",""
"UgwVQM0UBmrFd_61XJ14AaABAg.99hb200ccHK99iQFlyOLmN","Razzyman","Simple, shoot them","2","","2020-06-10 08:55:40","false",""
"UgwVQM0UBmrFd_61XJ14AaABAg.99hb200ccHK99iQJAgRzcI","Awesome Welles","We should start a petition to save our monuments","3","","2020-06-10 08:56:08","false",""
"UgwVQM0UBmrFd_61XJ14AaABAg.99hb200ccHK99iQa2__bgR","Oliver McCombie","@Awesome Welles this isn't a monument. It's a statue celebrating a slave trader. It's not deleting history it's taking away a lump of metal that commemorates a bad thing","0","","2020-06-10 08:58:34","false",""
"UgwVQM0UBmrFd_61XJ14AaABAg.99hb200ccHK99iQcat8h0K","Ghost","Gaz B like what give examples ?","0","","2020-06-10 08:58:55","false",""
"UgzewIgYFRtWl8-wvvB4AaABAg","john smyth","Pathetic , truly pathetic, this crap will spread if its not stopped , how does a very small demographic get away with this, to be fair all mosques should be dismantled because of murders and grooming gangs, dont see that though, pushback coming.","4","1","2020-06-10 01:20:19","true",""
"UgzewIgYFRtWl8-wvvB4AaABAg.99hb8g8_nnd99mHLsqXFoy","Sir Biscuit","Agreed 👍","1","","2020-06-11 20:54:49","false",""
"UgxaJvThqDhJhNxPBw54AaABAg","K Thomas","Pure thuggish behaviour. F the BLM. All lives matter!","16","3","2020-06-10 01:20:41","true",""
"UgxaJvThqDhJhNxPBw54AaABAg.99hbBK3WAWx99iKAPEQ4wK","tony tookie","We already know all lives matter, we're just trying to point out that black lives matter too, is it really that difficult to understand?","0","","2020-06-10 08:02:30","false",""
"UgxaJvThqDhJhNxPBw54AaABAg.99hbBK3WAWx99iQXtqhrXm","Frustratid","@tony tookie Then you should be protesting to the EDL.","0","","2020-06-10 08:58:08","false",""
"UgxaJvThqDhJhNxPBw54AaABAg.99hbBK3WAWx99iQYePsBQH","Lando Calrissian","tony tookie we understand that, but pulling down every statue isn’t helping, it’s making the message get worse and more people just hate them","0","","2020-06-10 08:58:15","false",""
"UgwrCUPEOfr1OCFp7qd4AaABAg","keithmezza","Mob rule, give an inch and theyll take a mile. BLM is a cult and this is going to end very very badly, they dont have an end result and therefor will stop at nothing.","10","4","2020-06-10 01:28:46","true",""
"UgwrCUPEOfr1OCFp7qd4AaABAg.99hc6ZW8HRe99hmbdICoEs","bw 1506","how are they a cult","0","","2020-06-10 03:00:31","false",""
"UgwrCUPEOfr1OCFp7qd4AaABAg.99hc6ZW8HRe99hoVUuCI2k","Aaron cousins","@bw 1506 the rioting looting and vandalism for a start? The fact they only care about black lives and want to be above everyone and not equal?","0","","2020-06-10 03:17:01","false",""
"UgwrCUPEOfr1OCFp7qd4AaABAg.99hc6ZW8HRe99i-crW3_CF","Frederick Gibbons","Steven Hassan wrote a book for you to read.","0","","2020-06-10 05:03:01","false",""
"UgwrCUPEOfr1OCFp7qd4AaABAg.99hc6ZW8HRe99i6-CkkQXx","DTF WORLDWIDE","@Aaron cousins literally not true","0","","2020-06-10 05:58:38","false",""
"UgxWjPDkSCVaLKu9xkl4AaABAg","Daz C","This is so funny, as mentioned ppl don't worry about slave labour when they buy there clothes from Primark, or get online using there iPhone, or watch a TV from Vietnam..the more things change..the more they stay the same","10","3","2020-06-10 01:33:10","true",""
"UgxWjPDkSCVaLKu9xkl4AaABAg.99hcbnEUEqB99hjqR--Lld","gbjanuary","Daz C yes that is Slave Labour not slaves those people making iPhones I don't think are bought and sold owned by someone are they?","1","","2020-06-10 02:36:20","false",""
"UgxWjPDkSCVaLKu9xkl4AaABAg.99hcbnEUEqB99irv3eoEv7","Alfie Nade","@gbjanuary no this isnt a shoe, this is a foot apparatus","2","","2020-06-10 13:06:06","false",""
"UgxWjPDkSCVaLKu9xkl4AaABAg.99hcbnEUEqB99jqZjf8rkR","Sherlock's cat","@gbjanuary yes they are, china sells camps of muslims to factory some research","1","","2020-06-10 22:13:34","false",""
"UgyRhp1hAx5tAh9J_ep4AaABAg","GIT GUD ENTERTAINMENT","A black man stabbed me and now I have Corona and one lung to fight it off. 

Obviously I don't believe he stabbed me because he was black I like to think he stabbed me to try and provide for his family because his government let him down, I pray for his soul sometimes.","0","0","2020-06-10 01:33:19","true",""
"Ugwy5Z15V031kWItRkx4AaABAg","Cyberduck","This is mind control, ever wondered why the schools were so adamant to make them feel like the victims of our society? They were building an army of victims they could easily trigger. None of these people have known hardship.","0","0","2020-06-10 01:33:30","true",""
"UgyTuJgjC7aBXjW9YK54AaABAg","Ascaithe","Capitulating to the idiot mob, how pathetic.","64","0","2020-06-10 01:36:20","true",""
"UgwUMVa-ijBkFNGOI194AaABAg","Ascaithe","People who can't create anything, only destroy.","22","0","2020-06-10 01:37:21","true",""
"Ugwp6UtEC22HiQGsn5J4AaABAg","BritishFreedom","When my Grandmother heard about what was happening she cried. This is disgusting what is happening to our once great Country.  The only other people do destroy historic monuments in recent times are the radicals of Islam... I'm sure Isis and the Taliban are rejoicing at Khans decision to destroy our cultural heritage.","0","2","2020-06-10 01:50:15","true",""
"Ugwp6UtEC22HiQGsn5J4AaABAg.99heZx9mBjv99hfVXGEhBf","Debra Blake","Its not great because it stole wealth disgusting","0","","2020-06-10 01:58:23","false",""
"Ugwp6UtEC22HiQGsn5J4AaABAg.99heZx9mBjv99hgPZIQqeV","WARDOG","You want to know what happened to this country overpopulation with mix race this country less white I'm surprised I'm not green, yet please send the aliens and the UFO's","0","","2020-06-10 02:06:19","false",""
"UgzfvamEq6pVQx_sugx4AaABAg","colin minhinnick","these ppl didn't have statues erected because they were slave traders, but because of their contribution to their cities, to bursaries, charities etc..    the ghetto activists and self-loathing white lefties don't know anything about these ppl other than they were white males with some connection to the slave trade.   perhaps in future we should be careful not to erect statues and memorials to ppl with connections to the drugs trade. ?","0","0","2020-06-10 01:55:25","true",""
"Ugx4gBNNEykiRKNbvw14AaABAg","jordan robson","Im from north england miles away from this. But it still hurts as an englishman to see our history heritage and even our culture destroyed something has to give.","4","1","2020-06-10 01:57:27","true",""
"Ugx4gBNNEykiRKNbvw14AaABAg.99hfOf7HmMP99ikOnPS5Vo","Chelsea For life","Our culture shouldn't be about slavery","0","","2020-06-10 12:00:24","false",""
"UgxY9stRPJ_GexpNpBt4AaABAg","flow• •","Love how some people here defending the removal of status from a slave trader claiming it's part of history. Maybe they should have a statue of Hitler seeing as he was indeed part of history but obv we wont celebrate that evil man purely based on his evil actions. Have some compassion and understanding if your ancestors have not been subjected to slavery dont go around stopping people who want wipe out the image of the predecessor who thought it was okay to do.","1","2","2020-06-10 02:06:55","true",""
"UgxY9stRPJ_GexpNpBt4AaABAg.99hgU-ANSk899i8_6qS0FQ","Lord Rupert","Are you going to riot outside the Indian embassy seeing as India is the home of 1.8 million enslaved people in 2020?","0","","2020-06-10 06:21:09","false",""
"UgxY9stRPJ_GexpNpBt4AaABAg.99hgU-ANSk899iBxE9x3x3","flow• •","@Lord Rupert I am sure they weren't chained into boats, tortured and shot if they even dreamed of leaving a plantation.... why arent protesting for the enslaved in India since you know so much? I am sure your one of those privileged who never even fathomed the feeling of being a victim of racism. Just be grateful and mindful not arrogant.","0","","2020-06-10 06:50:40","false",""
"UgwydY3SYYHXfEHxejJ4AaABAg","pete shanley","This is scandalous what these Toerags are doing.  The Government need to stop this now.  It looks like the Great Unwashed Liberal CND Pillocks are all there","1","0","2020-06-10 02:07:59","true",""
"UgwTgNiV7lRqOwfi2jB4AaABAg","Adam Martin","Nice to see Britain finally grow up and deal with its sordid past.","1","3","2020-06-10 02:08:28","true",""
"UgwTgNiV7lRqOwfi2jB4AaABAg.99hgeNxuqpc99hguFIK2o2","Rag And Bone Man","Every country has a bad past, and you learn from it, but you cant change it the past is in the past","1","","2020-06-10 02:10:38","false",""
"UgwTgNiV7lRqOwfi2jB4AaABAg.99hgeNxuqpc99i4QUMmNRB","Muirton66","If that is the case every country in the world would have to do the same, Britain is not unique, America for example was built on slavery and racism and would have to destroy most of its landmarks to keep up with the current trend.","0","","2020-06-10 05:44:53","false",""
"UgwTgNiV7lRqOwfi2jB4AaABAg.99hgeNxuqpc99ipJvLwDUs","Adam Martin","@Rag And Bone Man  You can stop honouring slave owners.","0","","2020-06-10 12:43:25","false",""
"UgytyJZnRC9e9fqUuUh4AaABAg","pete shanley","Half of these snowflakes don't know who the Hell Rhodes is  They're like bloody sheep 🐑","1","0","2020-06-10 02:09:23","true",""
"Ugy-_OjXg6GrKOCsS4Z4AaABAg","WASD - The Home of Frag Movies","I wonder if black people are cringing at the fact 20 year old white kids are trying to fight their battle and doing black power like they can't fend for themselves. Probably lets face it","1","0","2020-06-10 02:18:46","true",""
"UgwzSHaLDeBdAwrGN3N4AaABAg","kazuaky","Next plan, go to egypt and remove pyramids","0","1","2020-06-10 02:27:38","true",""
"UgwzSHaLDeBdAwrGN3N4AaABAg.99hiqkYvuZE99hqthhH3wV","C4rr0t B011s","Don’t stop there you might as well remove the whole of London since a bit of it was influenced by slavery","1","","2020-06-10 03:37:57","false",""
"UgwsmuRaYmwFK_x6tv54AaABAg","NeonFlux","i see why they attack churchill ' we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be ' we will.","0","0","2020-06-10 02:42:00","true",""
"UgzuEmRI29uVEN3ANrJ4AaABAg","jamie cleary","I hope they put it back this is our history","2","0","2020-06-10 02:46:40","true",""
"UgzSetu5i9hhXuldUId4AaABAg","eon_flux","I'm now LESS tolerant of certain minorities than I've ever been. This is only causing trouble for the sake of it.","1","1","2020-06-10 02:46:52","true",""
"UgzSetu5i9hhXuldUId4AaABAg.99hl2d1SnED99i68gkUIeg","DTF WORLDWIDE","you're fooling no one kevin","0","","2020-06-10 05:59:56","false",""
"Ugyqvk4uQPxnwONGLYR4AaABAg","Sagittarius A*","This is the beginning of new NF 😂😂😂😂","1","0","2020-06-10 02:49:34","true",""
"UgwN-QAoO69_sQbB0vl4AaABAg","Kaung Kyaw","1984","9","0","2020-06-10 02:55:11","true",""
"Ugxg_YNL1QWYgl3lylZ4AaABAg","ResistantGeordie","Bunch of empty head soros minions getting played!!","2","0","2020-06-10 02:55:52","true",""
"UgwEdpAgqVCv_ZGDvFd4AaABAg","cymaratechoverdragon","Do NOT give into these people, you are setting a precedent that if they riot, vandalise property and throw enough of a tantrum they will get whatever they want. This has to be shut down or this is going to happen over every little thing.","5","0","2020-06-10 03:01:14","true",""
"UgwOB4lnUC9BeXYrX7N4AaABAg","Steven Johnson","The crazies have taken over!","15","0","2020-06-10 03:01:24","true",""
"Ugx_ukd2EXNfLHxkx8x4AaABAg","David Banterford","Next step, James VI, The Duke of Wellington and Churchill.","2","0","2020-06-10 03:04:45","true",""
"Ugw6Og42LvvQAVH0Y4J4AaABAg","Roy Rice","BLM ? How did the Bureau of Land Management get involved in this?? 🤔🤔🤔","3","0","2020-06-10 03:05:49","true",""
"Ugwv_P1YXRTde89Vkjd4AaABAg","Poolie 666","This is getting beyond a joke bet you most of em didn’t even know who the statues were of cpl weeks ago","2","0","2020-06-10 03:09:08","true",""
"UgxjAK9U2Ax6lpPIPC94AaABAg","Mr. FunScrap Moltivers","THIS IS GANA COSE WORLD WARE 3 AND 4 BECAUSE OF A POLICE OFFICER","0","0","2020-06-10 03:09:30","true",""
"UgyUGjhnc_GAIIziXkx4AaABAg","Poolie 666","BLM just not to other black ppl atleast that’s what the crime stats prove anyway","1","0","2020-06-10 03:09:59","true",""
"UgznLwpab6gX3xtXPW54AaABAg","Don Jon","Question is if it was other way round would you have mostly ethic minorities  staging a protest with white life's matter    I doubt it 😄 what's dumb idiots","0","0","2020-06-10 03:33:05","true",""
"UgzmZMilmfkZ0rUq2l54AaABAg","Venus","I love my Country, I love my history. Leave it alone!!","4","4","2020-06-10 03:42:06","true",""
"UgzmZMilmfkZ0rUq2l54AaABAg.99hrN8uEeKG99jwr6fc8F3","Venus","Chelsea For life , If you can deduce from the above statement, that I love slavery, you need to see someone. People like you are the root of division in this country. Jog on.","0","","2020-06-10 23:08:30","false",""
"UgzmZMilmfkZ0rUq2l54AaABAg.99hrN8uEeKG99ky2KocpfO","Chelsea For life","@Venus You said you love our history. Everyone's history has good and bads. You should be ashamed of the bad bits","0","","2020-06-11 08:38:09","false",""
"UgzmZMilmfkZ0rUq2l54AaABAg.99hrN8uEeKG99lT5Dfjao9","MusaMansa21","britain was a very imperialist country","0","","2020-06-11 13:18:10","false",""
"UgzmZMilmfkZ0rUq2l54AaABAg.99hrN8uEeKG99lTNJutsH8","MusaMansa21","your british intellectual elites allowed the mass immigration.. and this began in the anti communist area from the last generation of british imperialists. maybe british imperiaism isnt about white peope","0","","2020-06-11 13:20:38","false",""
"Ugyj83wb32PStuNxPHZ4AaABAg","Taya Solomon","there is a differences to protesting to turning turning you r community it s dump","1","0","2020-06-10 04:06:21","true",""
"UgyvHA2YFI1XQm1KKq54AaABAg","Stephen Martin","The most educated and least rational generation in history...go figure.","0","0","2020-06-10 04:06:58","true",""
"UgzANdtEknknZccT-m54AaABAg","Oliver Hastings","Maybe we could replace it with a  slave labour child making the West Christmas gifts to celebrate our modern day continued use of slavery. A child sat at his or her table with his tools would suffice to help us remember our dependency on child slave labour.","0","0","2020-06-10 04:25:36","true",""
"UgxpbJIL63ABS2uvAWN4AaABAg","bays19","Rome had slaves so i guesd we're going to Italy once the pandemy cools down a bit..","4","4","2020-06-10 04:36:17","true",""
"UgxpbJIL63ABS2uvAWN4AaABAg.99hxZy9REqR99iQeoKS6q5","Chelsea For life","The roman empire and the slaves have no impact negatively on the world today","0","","2020-06-10 08:59:13","false",""
"UgxpbJIL63ABS2uvAWN4AaABAg.99hxZy9REqR99iSqzMamyH","Fred Wests Bed and Breakfast","Chelsea For life you are so low IQ it’s unreal. Sadiq khan said yesterday on TV that it doesn’t matter how long ago slavery happened. Your cherry picking of history proves you’re dumb, go read a book called White Gold by Giles Milton, learn about all slavery and stop being a tool for our overlords. I think the term is  “ useful idiot “","1","","2020-06-10 09:18:21","false",""
"UgxpbJIL63ABS2uvAWN4AaABAg.99hxZy9REqR99jkdl9JIp2","Superb Semoon","But that was including everyone","0","","2020-06-10 21:21:49","false",""
"UgxpbJIL63ABS2uvAWN4AaABAg.99hxZy9REqR99k0T_MftpB","bays19","@Superb Semoon Could you please explain, for people who are not native english speakers, what do you mean?","0","","2020-06-10 23:48:50","false",""
"Ugya8Kwe0CGyabFJ7KR4AaABAg","Oliver Hastings","Our country is also built on cheap slave labour.","1","0","2020-06-10 04:38:40","true",""
"UgzNFHZ0KI0c7kq6d7x4AaABAg","Daniel Coffey","in 2020 you can BUY a slave in libea why you not  protesting about that???????","0","0","2020-06-10 05:00:33","true",""
"UgzRQIb1SkCi35ForLp4AaABAg","Bill Billinness","Its a dsy out, modt of them font realise what they have got themselves into by even being there..listen to them!
Destroy all references to that which may have been wrong at the time.
Without prejudice where would the African people have been if it hadn't happened. Still in Africa probsbly enslaved by whichever set of people were the strongest st the time.
Now, try and find a way that works.
This way sets it all back two hundred years and more. Or worse, all too recently in modern history. 
 .","0","0","2020-06-10 05:03:59","true",""
"Ugyr3PVdmOSplcxETNV4AaABAg","Cadance Menzie","BLM just want basic rights that they don't have to this day dig deeper media lies and conspiracy lies","0","0","2020-06-10 05:17:41","true",""
"UgwWlQIspbsj_WPtMul4AaABAg","Frank","If cops can't stop this...they can't stop the majority from stopping it.","10","1","2020-06-10 05:32:50","true",""
"UgwWlQIspbsj_WPtMul4AaABAg.99i32BH91Iq99iPaviuXpJ","Chelsea For life","Ur deluded. The majority doesn't support slave traders","0","","2020-06-10 08:49:57","false",""
"Ugz9QBKfNvqCFxrMoX94AaABAg","Armand Juignet","This is disgusting. These ignorant virtue signallers doesn’t even know their own history so they decide to destroy Britain’s!","0","0","2020-06-10 05:38:02","true",""
"Ugyka1m9BKuL9UDg2xp4AaABAg","Muirton66","A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into making this country what it is only to be ripped apart by the pc brigade and their affiliated sponsors, a complete and utter disgrace which will only be counter productive.","19","0","2020-06-10 05:38:56","true",""
"Ugyx8n7S11ssI-X3jTl4AaABAg","Ross Ross","Sheep.  Nothing more than Ill informed, uneducated sheep. Embarrassing","52","4","2020-06-10 05:45:19","true",""
"Ugyx8n7S11ssI-X3jTl4AaABAg.99i4Te9EEFx99iNaiv-l6k","mcfcguvnors","2 weeks therell be a statue of winston sillcot","0","","2020-06-10 08:32:27","false",""
"Ugyx8n7S11ssI-X3jTl4AaABAg.99i4Te9EEFx99iOnsvAGW_","Yaqoot","For not wanting a slave trader to be glorified? Saddam Hussein did a lot for Iraq's economy and infastructure - but his statue was torn down because of the other stuff (civil rights violations, capital punishment, persecution of the kurds etc) and rightfully so.

Let this history live in books, not in celebratory effigies","2","","2020-06-10 08:42:59","false",""
"Ugyx8n7S11ssI-X3jTl4AaABAg.99i4Te9EEFx99iOoPO1pcA","Hi I'm lonley","How so?","0","","2020-06-10 08:43:03","false",""
"Ugyx8n7S11ssI-X3jTl4AaABAg.99i4Te9EEFx99iomWk1id5","fat fat","@Yaqoot Different times. Slavery used to be a normal things practised for thousand of years across the planet.  Why people cannot understand this baffles me.","0","","2020-06-10 12:38:43","false",""
"UgxCbiLnkaSHxP1EHUl4AaABAg","Victualler","The time to leave the UK has come","4","4","2020-06-10 05:47:53","true",""
"UgxCbiLnkaSHxP1EHUl4AaABAg.99i4lRV__H699iM_QMl40_","P Neron","For them, not us.","3","","2020-06-10 08:23:32","false",""
"UgxCbiLnkaSHxP1EHUl4AaABAg.99i4lRV__H699iRc_OS8ek","Fred Wests Bed and Breakfast","That’s exactly the defeatist attitude that’s got us in this place, millions of us running away to other countries only leaves empty houses for “ YOU KNOW WHO “","2","","2020-06-10 09:07:39","false",""
"UgxCbiLnkaSHxP1EHUl4AaABAg.99i4lRV__H699iZIXH4kCD","Bobby Bobster","Stand and fight, do not abandon your country like others have done who are living here.","0","","2020-06-10 10:14:41","false",""
"UgxCbiLnkaSHxP1EHUl4AaABAg.99i4lRV__H699ieo8kFka_","GARYPUSSY","@P Neron unless he's  bl**k, then I will help to pay his ticket😉😊🇬🇧","0","","2020-06-10 11:11:34","false",""
"UgzTZO3hUG2Zy1PHvw94AaABAg","RJ k","I love those white girls, being offered as bait to black men. Race mixing agenda 101. No culture, no identity, just race mixing!","0","0","2020-06-10 05:48:39","true",""
"Ugy36ppSV_BzgeMcR6N4AaABAg","Marieke B","Statues of such people just remind blacks they were sold by their people to Arab traders who then sold them to slavers. Not nice to know your people valued you so little.","0","0","2020-06-10 05:49:07","true",""
"UgxEfc8qLlWmiw67J-t4AaABAg","Kausik JPN","So bunch of young protesters out on street removing and destroying statues thinking
they are correcting digging graves of history you cant change it..think about future..think about neocolonial World set up of today which is much more dangerous and complex.","0","0","2020-06-10 05:52:01","true",""
"UgxFh-Nq1FaPQC0qwT14AaABAg","CJ Russ","I understand the Slave traders, but Churchill? He was one of the best prime ministers we have ever had. It’s also a war memorial to the 100.000’s of lives lost in WW1 and WW2.","14","2","2020-06-10 05:54:03","true",""
"UgxFh-Nq1FaPQC0qwT14AaABAg.99i5TXjtMpX99iGe9bxZMd","OLOYA","You've never heard of the bengal famine have you","0","","2020-06-10 07:31:45","false",""
"UgxFh-Nq1FaPQC0qwT14AaABAg.99i5TXjtMpX99inDQL6pey","Marek Tužák","@OLOYA You've never heard of WW2 did you ?","0","","2020-06-10 12:25:03","false",""
"Ugw8UhLkOtZgTYLd5654AaABAg","Andy Stanley","What has happened when people are so easily manipulated into this distraction from the real problem. CLASS DIVIDES NOT COLOUR we are all put on the earth to share it. Who gave the lands away who stole the freedom and took our earth from us we need to see beyond colour it is  a problem for all divided by the corupt elite who have stloen then inherited the wealth and power for more than our lifetimes and yet people are still blind to the truth. Taken from us all FREEDOM and when we are blinded we have no power","0","0","2020-06-10 05:55:28","true",""
"UgxSYFMcYGc4CKw8oWR4AaABAg","Paul Mullen","Its the KU KLUX KHAN","0","0","2020-06-10 05:56:59","true",""
"Ugz86UpH6iqeLwBCKQV4AaABAg","The voice in your head","They need to rip down Charles winstones statue aswell","0","0","2020-06-10 05:58:48","true",""
"UgySyh73qm4HyIQfTRN4AaABAg","Smith Smith","Sadick Kant","1","0","2020-06-10 06:00:01","true",""
"UgykKgxJ67sdGNTyKrh4AaABAg","Dale Crocker","Slavery still exists n the modern world - much of it in countries where statues are forbidden by the state religion.
 (Guess what it is. If I even write the WORD this comment will be removed.)","0","0","2020-06-10 06:00:34","true",""
"UgwpB2JdlBeznhBPukp4AaABAg","David Griffin","Anybody interesting in removing the biggest monuments to slavery: the Pyramids of Giza","3","3","2020-06-10 06:04:23","true",""
"UgwpB2JdlBeznhBPukp4AaABAg.99i6eDEG7lp99iKCqIQ1N-","Elazar Swoope","The pyramids wasnt built by slaves. Do your research","1","","2020-06-10 08:02:50","false",""
"UgwpB2JdlBeznhBPukp4AaABAg.99i6eDEG7lp99iLmDUIMvR","David Griffin","Elazar Swoope So you are denying that there were slaves in Egypt? I think the Jews and Nubians would disagree. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Slavery was endemic in the ancient world and if you read the global slavery index report 2018 you will discover that it is still widespread in Africa and Asia","0","","2020-06-10 08:16:32","false",""
"UgwpB2JdlBeznhBPukp4AaABAg.99i6eDEG7lp99iWG25Mexr","Moe Lester","Elazar Swoope They were 😂","0","","2020-06-10 09:48:08","false",""
"UgwMoglyrGiT6tk7F0x4AaABAg","Stan Gable","Divide and conquer tactic in full flow 

Well played to the elites 👍","4","1","2020-06-10 06:04:54","true",""
"UgwMoglyrGiT6tk7F0x4AaABAg.99i6i2IiFee99jqAStKavJ","Sherlock's cat","oi vey its all going to plan benjamin","0","","2020-06-10 22:10:07","false",""
"UgycZHlrTqgTqm3gRbB4AaABAg","Law T","I can't believe that our government is allowing this appalling behaviour in our country!","27","10","2020-06-10 06:06:05","true",""
"UgycZHlrTqgTqm3gRbB4AaABAg.99i6qgBzvEo99iAoVEvLAf","121finalfantasy","We need the EDL to step in now","4","","2020-06-10 06:40:44","false",""
"UgycZHlrTqgTqm3gRbB4AaABAg.99i6qgBzvEo99iE_5Lbif_","Smash A Commie","You think the government cares about this country or you?","5","","2020-06-10 07:13:35","false",""
"UgycZHlrTqgTqm3gRbB4AaABAg.99i6qgBzvEo99iIC4iSmQl","OLOYA","Could you be specific erecting statues of slavers of removing them","0","","2020-06-10 07:45:15","false",""
"UgycZHlrTqgTqm3gRbB4AaABAg.99i6qgBzvEo99iKKxQsEwM","Harry archer","Law T they can’t stop the or they would start saying stuff like you only stopping us because we support blm","0","","2020-06-10 08:03:57","false",""
"UgycZHlrTqgTqm3gRbB4AaABAg.99i6qgBzvEo99iKWc3XrvW","fab","Covalent Media removing them due to threat of the mob is not a functional society","2","","2020-06-10 08:05:32","false",""
"UgycZHlrTqgTqm3gRbB4AaABAg.99i6qgBzvEo99iL-vt97ro","Law T","@Harry archer. I don't understand what you'e trying to say.","0","","2020-06-10 08:09:49","false",""
"UgycZHlrTqgTqm3gRbB4AaABAg.99i6qgBzvEo99iLNIrjgus","OLOYA","@fab it shouldn't take a mob but petitions have been ignored like in Bristol","0","","2020-06-10 08:13:00","false",""
"UgycZHlrTqgTqm3gRbB4AaABAg.99i6qgBzvEo99iN2yBk58f","P Neron","This is a conservative government, by the way. Great conservation.","0","","2020-06-10 08:27:42","false",""
"UgycZHlrTqgTqm3gRbB4AaABAg.99i6qgBzvEo99iQpshzO1z","Chelsea For life","Statues glorifying slave traders should remain? It should have been taken down ages ago","0","","2020-06-10 09:00:44","false",""
"UgycZHlrTqgTqm3gRbB4AaABAg.99i6qgBzvEo99iUOz13-zp","tigerspice latte","Because the government created the problem","0","","2020-06-10 09:31:52","false",""
"UgwKfwKTGUDbo2XPYON4AaABAg","Pound For Pound King","Down with slavery and capitalism says the  middle class wanker with the Iphone and the Nike Trainers.","0","0","2020-06-10 06:06:30","true",""
"Ugyew0_cLLnW3sUWOfJ4AaABAg","Jimbo's Farm","They making room for a statue of their overlord Jeremy Corbyn 😂","48","7","2020-06-10 06:07:34","true",""
"Ugyew0_cLLnW3sUWOfJ4AaABAg.99i70YBcZiU99icrzX7B0X","GARYPUSSY","🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣","1","","2020-06-10 10:54:37","false",""
"Ugyew0_cLLnW3sUWOfJ4AaABAg.99i70YBcZiU99kHa7_PT7T","MrItsjustmeok","Well this would be funny if it wasn't for the fact this is happening with a tory government","2","","2020-06-11 02:18:25","false",""
"Ugyew0_cLLnW3sUWOfJ4AaABAg.99i70YBcZiU99kzJ7gZMsV","Khadija Aamir","He isn't even the leader of the party anymore, do keep up!","0","","2020-06-11 08:49:11","false",""
"Ugyew0_cLLnW3sUWOfJ4AaABAg.99i70YBcZiU99l75eTbHWe","Jimbo's Farm","Khadija Aamir .. read the news numbnuts ...","1","","2020-06-11 10:05:59","false",""
"Ugyew0_cLLnW3sUWOfJ4AaABAg.99i70YBcZiU99mAWj0Ez4L","Red Lavish","You reckon they should make one of Boris instead?","0","","2020-06-11 19:55:08","false",""
"Ugyew0_cLLnW3sUWOfJ4AaABAg.99i70YBcZiU9ALf1ZSPBvW","Mario","@Jimbo's Farm Corbyn is done","0","","2020-06-26 00:03:09","false",""
"Ugyew0_cLLnW3sUWOfJ4AaABAg.99i70YBcZiU9BFNtpv0yAT","Khadija Aamir","@Jimbo's Farm no news to read muppet.","0","","2020-07-18 10:00:38","false",""
"Ugx42y8AdaN8bh_DoNB4AaABAg","Kumpun Brooks","🙄🙄😌😌😓😓","0","0","2020-06-10 06:09:52","true",""
"Ugx_Ji-2bvL7PRm-8ih4AaABAg","Smith Smith","The impending outcome will be very funny to watch . You folks should start running now , your faces are already all over the media .Nobody will let you delete the English History","1","1","2020-06-10 06:10:08","true",""
"Ugx_Ji-2bvL7PRm-8ih4AaABAg.99i7JNKfICz99lU8nmIGz3","MusaMansa21","its better to keep the statues because then we can reflect on the less then perfect atttributes","0","","2020-06-11 13:27:23","false",""
"UgzLLAiAdPlnjXbkF5h4AaABAg","MrHEC381991","Member that group of people that burned books? I forgot what they were called now....","1","0","2020-06-10 06:10:29","true",""
"Ugx-JHox10849syyGil4AaABAg","Kevin Burrow","calling these slave traders is like calling Mandela 'terrorist'.","11","0","2020-06-10 06:10:54","true",""
"UgzMnk7HCtHbx8DGbXJ4AaABAg","Peter Oxley","MOB Rule in Britain! In 21st Century, Hitlers book-burning brown shirts are back, but this time they are black!","1","0","2020-06-10 06:11:09","true",""
"Ugws4iTimxNXKFd1vwp4AaABAg","Lord Rupert","Interesting how these people are so offended by slavery yet they never protest and riot outside the Indian embassy bearing in mind India is home to 18.4 million enslaved people in 2020.","2","8","2020-06-10 06:12:41","true",""
"Ugws4iTimxNXKFd1vwp4AaABAg.99i7b4arXJ299iJOUVrL65","A Nother","Britain was able to build railways, an efficient tax collection system, bridges, all sorts to benefit them when they ruled India, but never did they build or even plan to build a sewage treatment system, Indians faced a reduction in per capita income by half and life expectancy dropped by 1/5,  its believed the Indian subcontinent is owed $45 trillion by Britain today, could you imagine your children and the children of your children working to pay all that back to the Indians?","1","","2020-06-10 07:55:41","false",""
"Ugws4iTimxNXKFd1vwp4AaABAg.99i7b4arXJ299idNaV_nuG","Bobby Bobster","@A Nother .  And why exactly didn’t they not build their own infrastructures?  Oh so the roads and bridges and railways there today were built by the British?  Best tear then down then and go back to mud.  All this implies is that Indians are incapable of controlling and build their own sewerage systems.  Pathetic argument.","0","","2020-06-10 10:59:04","false",""
"Ugws4iTimxNXKFd1vwp4AaABAg.99i7b4arXJ299ie3D4WLz7","Debbie Henri","@A Nother Well, perhaps that outstanding money can be supplied by Rome, a few Scandinavian countries and the French - since they didn't mind invading and enslaving Britons over the course of hundreds of years. 
Yes, very bad things were done in the past and I am in complete agreement with the removal of statues glorifying slave traders (because they should have been removed long ago), but how far back in history do you want to make nations accountable for their past atrocities? 
We can all of us (wherever we are in the world) point to one or more nations/tribes/religious factions that have invaded, captured people for slaves, and taken unfairly high tributes just for the simple fact that we find ourselves suddenly and reluctantly part of their 'empire.' 
In the past Britain has been milked for all it's been worth too, at no better or worse a degree than any other country. However, it's the same for everyone else. Everyone has a claim on someone else, until it's all lost in myth and legend. 
It would be better if we all condemn slavery now, today, and shun every country and company that still condones slavery either openly or behind closed doors no matter in what form it appears. That means being mindful of the food, clothes and products you buy. That way, we can shame countries and businesses to make changes today that affect lives today.","1","","2020-06-10 11:05:01","false",""
"Ugws4iTimxNXKFd1vwp4AaABAg.99i7b4arXJ299ifOdb40h6","A Nother","@Bobby Bobster Well China wasnt colonised and they seem to have done much better than India, they now have an amazing sewage system, colonisation certainly stripped out the assets of India and they need to prioritse between education, food or sewage system, $45 trillion is a very widely accepted figure from multiple trusted sources, the Indian subcontinent did have roads, bridges etc. before the British arrived, but the British had better technology, if they were not interested in the health and wellbeing of India they would have built them a sewage treatmeent system considering they were adept at it with the skills and experience making their own,","0","","2020-06-10 11:16:41","false",""
"Ugws4iTimxNXKFd1vwp4AaABAg.99i7b4arXJ299ig2tBvsqY","A Nother","@Debbie Henri Yes I agree with you, the Indian subcontinent isnt asking for reparations though, the black community is, I think black people are the most deprived financially and could do with an extra leg up, I think how we'll take black people out of poverty will demonstrate if we truly are about equality, how will we level the playing field.","0","","2020-06-10 11:22:27","false",""
"Ugws4iTimxNXKFd1vwp4AaABAg.99i7b4arXJ299ioB0ygRJ3","Lord Rupert","You make black people sound weak and helpless - unable to educate themselves, create business, to study and fight for good jobs. You don't have a very high opinion of them do you?","0","","2020-06-10 12:33:28","false",""
"Ugws4iTimxNXKFd1vwp4AaABAg.99i7b4arXJ299ioIXghn4j","Lord Rupert","But it's ok, you can blame it all on me because I'm male, English and white. I'll take full repsonibility for what happened a hundred years before I was born.","0","","2020-06-10 12:34:30","false",""
"Ugws4iTimxNXKFd1vwp4AaABAg.99i7b4arXJ299ioJF5EJ39","fat fat","@A Nother Talking about handing over free money but i still havent heard where the specific racism is. Not getting free money is not racism.","0","","2020-06-10 12:34:36","false",""
"Ugxp9klLsHc062UEiLh4AaABAg","anna baker","Right if you could go and demolish Buckingham Palace after that'll be great 👌","2","0","2020-06-10 06:12:42","true",""
"Ugxa_h_MPubqeOnI5Yl4AaABAg","lino249","If anyone dares touch church hill Tom Moore is gonna come and hit you really really really hard .","0","0","2020-06-10 06:13:33","true",""
"Ugxoa3rKX2gEqLEsq014AaABAg","Muirton66","Slaves helped in the building of the Whitehouse, i'm afraid it has to go, every cloud.....................","0","0","2020-06-10 06:14:32","true",""
"Ugwbfj576zqz_Rge3Ch4AaABAg","Suzy Siviter","Lets remove the Tory and Labour parties for their history of systematic racism and oppression of the lower classes for centuries. Or the BBC for getting us into an illegal war by giving us the WMD mantra and lieing resulting in over a million dead people, or the BBC cover up of Saville, removing the BBC would make far more sense than a few statues.","0","0","2020-06-10 06:14:47","true",""
"UgwOCWsbhv1gNtO9wkp4AaABAg","Harold Cicero","BLM is a trojan horse for far left marxist ideology. Erasing history won't change it.","0","0","2020-06-10 06:15:26","true",""
"UgykJ3mQ-KeUO74_mSt4AaABAg","MrRadzaboy","As evidence of society that honored him in what they considered admirable this should be left on it’s place just ad an explanation that slavery was big part of economic progress of empire and nobody had reason to stand up against it. Royal family and all those that benefited from it are the same who supported him with his endeavor are equally responsible and have equal part of the guilt in his case.","0","0","2020-06-10 06:17:38","true",""
"Ugzj4QHhnAVPdeMvAqN4AaABAg","welsh brexiteer","These people are doing their best to start a race war,they should be very careful of their actions because it will happen sooner rather than not at all.","0","0","2020-06-10 06:17:53","true",""
"UgzXTXYgIhoNm4w9UrB4AaABAg","Suzy Siviter","Hip hop and rap talking about gunning down police is ok, but statues are not, figure that one out. Wonder when the book burning will happen...soon I bet.","0","0","2020-06-10 06:17:56","true",""
"UgxpvvgVkOvv0qPiPxV4AaABAg","Peter Jones","the royals hate blacks","0","1","2020-06-10 06:18:14","true",""
"UgxpvvgVkOvv0qPiPxV4AaABAg.99i8EjyvpOX99k6tK_nSDp","Hannah Smirnoff","Not the current royals.","0","","2020-06-11 00:44:55","false",""
"UgzN1x0jCz7g2Das56Z4AaABAg","Jayjay Myers","I don’t understand why we can’t just focus on the future 🤦🏽‍♂️ taking down a few historical statues isn’t going to accomplish anything tbh you might as well remove the whole of human history because clearly the past wasn’t always a great place for everyone 🙄 but that’s the past! And we’ve clearly grown as humans people need to accept that and focus on how we can improve our future and present instead of holding onto the past ...","8","1","2020-06-10 06:18:58","true",""
"UgzN1x0jCz7g2Das56Z4AaABAg.99i8K1eSbw299kicY5fffP","Da'marius Wingfield","True but we can never change what makes us human in the first place. The ancients at least new that.","0","","2020-06-11 06:23:25","false",""
"UgyL80AbZyWh5q89V6x4AaABAg","Market Forces","I bet they don’t have a gcse between them.","121","14","2020-06-10 06:19:21","true",""
"UgyL80AbZyWh5q89V6x4AaABAg.99i8Msnhc5d99iLqs03Zjm","World of AMEISO","Market Forces Unfortunately I fear that you are wrong. A large proportion of the BLM movement will have been to universities where they will have been indoctrinated by the mostly left wing lecturers. They are relatively intelligent, brainwashed, preconditioned robots.","24","","2020-06-10 08:17:10","false",""
"UgyL80AbZyWh5q89V6x4AaABAg.99i8Msnhc5d99iMaIBYpLp","Comrade Muffin","It’s because of education that people have started to learn about how monstrous Churchill truly was. People are starting to see through imperialist lies and propaganda praising Churchill as some faultless figure.","9","","2020-06-10 08:23:39","false",""
"UgyL80AbZyWh5q89V6x4AaABAg.99i8Msnhc5d99iSORubpX8","Mechelle Kingman","Living  of the state no doubt","6","","2020-06-10 09:14:19","false",""
"UgyL80AbZyWh5q89V6x4AaABAg.99i8Msnhc5d99iSlE4whUP","World of AMEISO","Comrade Muffin Churchill was not without his faults, which of us is? However when compared to your Marxist comrades, his faults pale into insignificance.","12","","2020-06-10 09:17:34","false",""
"UgyL80AbZyWh5q89V6x4AaABAg.99i8Msnhc5d99iTq7PySHZ","Ra Ra","I'm actually studying for a PhD :)","1","","2020-06-10 09:26:59","false",""
"UgyL80AbZyWh5q89V6x4AaABAg.99i8Msnhc5d99i_ToCYuYb","Tyler White","It's funny when people compare Churchill to Hitler 😂🤦‍♂️","7","","2020-06-10 10:24:58","false",""
"UgyL80AbZyWh5q89V6x4AaABAg.99i8Msnhc5d99j5vfSQPgX","Mai Vançon","But there’s a statue at Oxford University they want down. Unless your a scholar or a sheeple you would’ve overlooked that statue.","0","","2020-06-10 15:17:16","false",""
"UgyL80AbZyWh5q89V6x4AaABAg.99i8Msnhc5d99k7OGwZT71","Cueball 69","And they'll say it's because of 'systemic racism' rather than taking personal responsibility","0","","2020-06-11 00:49:17","false",""
"UgyL80AbZyWh5q89V6x4AaABAg.99i8Msnhc5d99m9koRuW-o","The Happy Channel","World of AMEISO Not true.","0","","2020-06-11 19:48:27","false",""
"UgyL80AbZyWh5q89V6x4AaABAg.99i8Msnhc5d99nMNwP9cZe","Ytremz","@Tyler White They were both eugenicists as far as I know. Some other dark things in Churchill's past. But other than that, he is still a hero.","0","","2020-06-12 06:58:02","false",""
"UgyL80AbZyWh5q89V6x4AaABAg.99i8Msnhc5d99n_mWcOvq2","Daniel","@World of AMEISO a BA in tribal tap dance doesn't count as ''going to university''","0","","2020-06-12 09:03:51","false",""
"UgyL80AbZyWh5q89V6x4AaABAg.99i8Msnhc5d99tXQZJHDc-","Fred Bloggs","What's a GCSE ? 
Lol.","1","","2020-06-14 16:29:57","false",""
"UgyL80AbZyWh5q89V6x4AaABAg.99i8Msnhc5d99tXj9q1l-v","Fred Bloggs","@Comrade Muffin 
Churchill was also a very good brick layer..... Bet you didn't know that.","0","","2020-06-14 16:32:38","false",""
"UgyL80AbZyWh5q89V6x4AaABAg.99i8Msnhc5d9BL5YTS4U6Y","Max Larsen","they have tiktok and instagram between them.","0","","2020-07-20 15:15:44","false",""
"UgyQetvjCb40I7g7TkF4AaABAg","Baked Beanz on Toast","Removing a few statues isn't going to change attitudes towards people of colour, this is just giving people fuel to play the race card when they come across something they don't like !!.","0","0","2020-06-10 06:20:45","true",""
"UgwL5li8mPaVbqRytdF4AaABAg","Matt Johnston","Where will it end though???","0","0","2020-06-10 06:24:41","true",""
"UgwyhVp1au_WxZAeC2x4AaABAg","David Blythe","Shoot them got nothing better to do what a wimp country we have turned into . cannot see this lot fighting a war for us. cannot think for them selfs. you cannot change history no matter how hard you try get a life you lot 
M","0","0","2020-06-10 06:24:48","true",""
"UgwdKhfxOizlCLW6L0p4AaABAg","greent toll","next they will remove  books  from  schools and  librarys  , and  street names , where  does  it  end  ?","1","1","2020-06-10 06:25:28","true",""
"UgwdKhfxOizlCLW6L0p4AaABAg.99i93fAg7j-99iecYZ2Cb4","Bobby Bobster","Already removed the Little Britain series.  It’s started.","0","","2020-06-10 11:09:59","false",""
"Ugy700HPod34xpJfDwF4AaABAg","Jstbb Me","This is disgusting lefty behavior out of control the police need to stop this but they won't because they are cowards","0","0","2020-06-10 06:25:46","true",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg","lone traveler","Churchill is a hero and saved this country","517","133","2020-06-10 06:26:31","true",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iT7yUAQLs","Violet Murphy","If you believe that all negative should be wiped out, then how would you know what positive was.","3","","2020-06-10 09:20:49","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iTdDutO5i","Khadija Aamir","@Violet Murphy I guess in your opinion they should have left all the statues of Hitler up in Germany then and who cares if Jews were offended! It is only 'history' right?","3","","2020-06-10 09:25:13","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iThWzQ_s7","Gibson Weasel","Violet Murphy please explain why Churchill got voted out after the war?","2","","2020-06-10 09:25:48","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iU1bhMWp1","Joe Vines","@CommonSense81 the far lesser evil won you have to admit.","1","","2020-06-10 09:28:41","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iU2I59Tqo","Violet Murphy","@Khadija Aamir did Churchill Gas his own people over hair colour?","4","","2020-06-10 09:28:47","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iUDGcav4N","Violet Murphy","@Gibson Weasel I don't need to explain, he led the country and we won. His statue is a sign of victory and a sign of remembrance of hard times.","6","","2020-06-10 09:30:17","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iUI3c-nkF","Violet Murphy","Ghandi committed genocide, but he's still a hero","5","","2020-06-10 09:30:56","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iU_UXtAbQ","Violet Murphy","What you are all saying, is that if you done anything wrong you can't do any good. I guess we should all shutup then, seeing as I'm pretty sure you ain't all saints, I'm pretty sure you've all made mistakes, but you are forgiven. There is no difference between you and Churchill other than he is now in the form of a statue","5","","2020-06-10 09:33:27","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iVPSX_ZsZ","Nick Cheng","@CommonSense81 The English language is derived from German. You already are speaking German in a sense genius.","1","","2020-06-10 09:40:41","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iVgw_B1vF","Hilarious Tea","@Violet Murphy - How did you get from Churchill in England to a comment about 'every rapist and woman beater' in Africa, as a line of argument ?! At least keep the comparison parallel.","4","","2020-06-10 09:43:12","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iVjk4eU2G","ally haze","@Interesting Username instead of speaking english in a dictatorship. Open your eyes, and when your at it, read a book","1","","2020-06-10 09:43:35","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iVmkIHEWR","Schematic","Agreed","0","","2020-06-10 09:44:00","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iWJzjkar2","bingowings65","@RAHUL SAHU Apparently you have no idea! The islamic genocide of the Hindus lasted for 800 years with estimates running up to 100m dead over that time. The British stopped the slaughter. Then we have the moment the British left and partition was called, estimates run into 2m dead settling old scores between Hindu's and Muslim's. 

I have personally travelled extensively throughout India in the 90s. What surprised me most was the rather lovely older Indian people who remembered the Raj wished it would come back and the British are far from hated in India. Stop peddaling the divisive racism.","5","","2020-06-10 09:48:40","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iWM3wiBnG","Violet Murphy","@Hilarious Tea okay Ghandi for example is seen as a hero and also is worshipped to this day. He commited genocide yet is still looked up to. It's one rule for them and another for us.","4","","2020-06-10 09:48:57","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iWMDAGtfk","Hilarious Tea","@Violet Murphy - Your emotions are clouding your logic and YOU are screwing up your own arguments.","1","","2020-06-10 09:48:58","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iWV9cnwkH","Violet Murphy","@Hilarious Tea not only that, if I went to Africa and demanded change and for everyone to be wiped out I would be told to leave lol. It's kind of the same here. Don't come to the UK and complain about our figures","4","","2020-06-10 09:50:12","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iWYbXOizf","bingowings65","@Khadija Aamir What you need to remember is its the history written by the victor!","0","","2020-06-10 09:50:40","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iWZ9SJUIn","ally haze","@Violet Murphy and how did he help in hard times? Help create hard times you mean","1","","2020-06-10 09:50:44","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iWdiE4LeV","British big M","If it wasn’t for him we would all most likely be slaves","3","","2020-06-10 09:51:30","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iWjcj4ZLs","Violet Murphy","@Hilarious Tea emotions? It's just basic fact. Churchill hill is looked up to by most of the UK. That's fact not emotion.","5","","2020-06-10 09:52:18","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iWrooxI4E","Violet Murphy","@ally haze he made our hard times easier. We aren't going to live in rainbows and faritales forever. He did what he could with our situation. If we were at war now? Do you expect everyone will just have it easy.","4","","2020-06-10 09:53:25","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iWu3-dN0Y","Cjrm05","@Hilarious Tea no it's pretty obvious that hes saying that people we worship today have done bad stuff but arnt remembered for it so why hate on churchill theres tons of people we love who have done along the same lines as what he did","4","","2020-06-10 09:53:44","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iX3U5-N8U","madan kumar","Who said why has Gandhi died yet during world war 2","0","","2020-06-10 09:55:09","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iXAasNTK5","Violet Murphy","@Cjrm05 shes. But yea I'm not talking about my emotions. I'm talking about basic fact. It's their emotions that are the problem.","2","","2020-06-10 09:56:08","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iXQup5-XI","Violet Murphy","@madan kumar no I said that Ghandi is seen as a hero and is also worshipped, yet they committed genocide. I'm saying that if you want Churchill down for one negative then everyone and everything should be gone","2","","2020-06-10 09:58:21","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iXsYbW-tY","STAUS QUO NAH CHANGE WANTED","KILLER NEEDS TAKING DOWN","0","","2020-06-10 10:02:16","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iY0UlJ02r","Benjo the Great","@Thoughts Mate, you are clueless, when Poland was invaded he wasn't the prime minister, it was Neville C. Churchill became PM just before the evacuation of Dunkirk and by that time, France was already lost and over 300,000 British soldiers were trapped on the beaches of Dunkirk. If Churchill told them to attack, they would've been slaughtered. And its also because of France we managed to escape because soldiers from France fended of the Germans whilst we escaped for the battle of Britain. Plus Hitler wanted to avoid the battle of Britain as he admired our empire and wanted to let us live but it was because of Churchill we continued with the war and destroyed most of the German Luftwaffe. Because of Churchill, we managed to defeat the Germans in Africa so if you aren't going to call him a hero then you are the inbred you dweeb.  I will educate every inbred like you! Don't worry!","3","","2020-06-10 10:03:29","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iY862J6QL","Violet Murphy","@Benjo the Great brilliant!!@@","0","","2020-06-10 10:04:31","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iYDSdUgL0","xectricc2","@Violet Murphy did you live during the war?","2","","2020-06-10 10:05:15","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iYL_aazSI","xectricc2","then if not, there's no way to know what he actually did, you see, over time news is changed so that we see some people as good and bad.","0","","2020-06-10 10:06:22","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iYUxTULt8","Chucky I","The dude thinks aliens made the pyramids of Egypt","0","","2020-06-10 10:07:39","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iYWAFISK2","Violet Murphy","@xectricc2 no but I read books and learnt about my history in school. Not only that my great grandad and great grandma were in the wars. I still have pictures :) the only way you learn about history is from learning. Oh wait how can we learn if our history is wiped out by you idiots.","5","","2020-06-10 10:07:48","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iYau_8p_s","Violet Murphy","@xectricc2 I am 21 years old and educated myself. Oh and btw did you know the people ripping down the statues are wearing slave trade clothing :) ironically amusing.","4","","2020-06-10 10:08:36","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iZ0QA7MIP","Callum Mclaine","Benjo the Great Directly comparing Stalin to Churchill, your point directly explains why he is seen as a national hero, but disregards all other decisions Churchill made during the war. Stalin also orders his military to continue fighting at Stalingrad and Leningrad. While a majority of advisors wanted him to sue for peace..","0","","2020-06-10 10:12:13","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iZ2Tx1iCF","Violet Murphy","@Chucky I apparently aliens made the protesters slave trade clothes as well lol","0","","2020-06-10 10:12:30","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iZ9r4rYJM","Violet Murphy","It's like a vegan fighting for animal rights in leather. The protesters just want attention because the new world is hungry for any attention.","1","","2020-06-10 10:13:30","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iZLuOXdXC","Violet Murphy","@xectricc2 if you really think like that, then how do the protesters have the right to take him down. Maybe they read history wrong.","1","","2020-06-10 10:15:09","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iZsp-1iG6","Hilarious Tea","@Violet Murphy - Educate me . . . Please provide the evidence to this.","1","","2020-06-10 10:19:47","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99i_FOL9Ofo","Gregory Carnegie","@RAHUL SAHU False
In the years before 1943, Bengal's food supplies were reduced by natural disasters, diseased crops and the Japanese conquest of Burma.
Then wartime inflation, speculative buying and panic hoarding made the price of food skyrocket, so poor Bengalis were unable to eat.
Some say today that Churchill's wartime cabinet made decisions that might have caused the famine to be worse, but to say that he outright killed 4 million Indians is a lie.","4","","2020-06-10 10:23:00","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99i_KoDnSJI","Violet Murphy","@Hilarious Tea it's not my job to educate You. It's your own. If you have such a strong opinion then you should have facts. It's all based off your feelings that's why","4","","2020-06-10 10:23:44","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99i_Q0IayoL","Hilarious Tea","@Violet Murphy - He would have to be in charge (or have control) of an army to do that . . . and he never was.","1","","2020-06-10 10:24:27","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99i_ZsWghEI","Violet Murphy","@Hilarious Tea are you a child?","1","","2020-06-10 10:25:47","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iaVYXkEyB","Hilarious Tea","@Violet Murphy - And that's your response ?
We can all tell who the child is here . . . and it ain't me.  Oh dear ! I retract my earlier comment about you being more intelligent than some of the other commenters on here . . . because with that comment of yours, you have clearly shown that you are not. Bye-bye. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️","1","","2020-06-10 10:33:56","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iapRdAuEw","RAHUL SAHU","Gregory Carnegie maybe you don't know Churchill was part of so called government in  India that time,  during that time  4 million people died. Under his nose. Then how is responsible for it??","1","","2020-06-10 10:36:47","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99ib2NhXRUK","Sebastian Sellers","Gallipoli and Forze Z, such a great military leader...","0","","2020-06-10 10:38:42","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99ibR9-ygDt","RAHUL SAHU","Dave Davidson first check your history books and find out any evidence of East India company ruling India, then talk.","2","","2020-06-10 10:42:04","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99ic3hoaWnL","Gregory Carnegie","@RAHUL SAHU Mother Nature, Japan, poor decisions by Churchill and his wartime cabinet. All mentioned share in the blame.

What I don't get though is how people put 4 million on Churchill after Japan took all the rice and nature devastated Indian crops.","4","","2020-06-10 10:47:37","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99ichc5ZqzT","GARYPUSSY","@Violet Murphy ....exactly, imagine if the Japanese had got into India.","1","","2020-06-10 10:53:12","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99ie0fMDhSc","Penelope Pissedoff","@STAUS QUO NAH CHANGE WANTED you need taking out..go for a walk and cool your jets...fool","1","","2020-06-10 11:04:40","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99ie3J9Yycf","Penelope Pissedoff","@Benjo the Great 🎯👍","0","","2020-06-10 11:05:02","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99ieLCTtn4O","RAHUL SAHU","Gregory Carnegie choose a leader who never differentiate human with another human.","1","","2020-06-10 11:07:29","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iiPPGRViA","Violet Murphy","If you want to be simple about it then we will. Churchill is a British figure and hero. We are in Britain and his statue is in Britain, therefore his statue will stay","3","","2020-06-10 11:43:00","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99ii_unINw9","Violet Murphy","@Hilarious Tea just the fact you use emoji shows your intelligence. You haven't given any facts because you don't know any. Don't come for a argument without facts love.","3","","2020-06-10 11:44:35","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iiwMRL1G5","Violet Murphy","@Hilarious Tea Boris Johnson is leading. the covid19 response, but is he the one in the nhs hospital's saving lives, no. Your point isn't even correct. Churchill gave the guidelines and advice to the army's of our country therefore he helped our country win a war.","2","","2020-06-10 11:47:38","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99imnn1bLUq","Bob Bob","@Violet Murphy Just when I thought this site was full of nothing but stupid comments by pandering, emotional morons and SJW's, I found your comment. Thank you. It's like a bright light in a sea of darkness.","5","","2020-06-10 12:21:25","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iod4VIaAj","Nirmal","Jai hind!!!! 🇮🇳🇮🇳✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽","0","","2020-06-10 12:37:26","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99ipGkb-kTs","Violet Murphy","@Bob Bob trust me, I just want to find the smallest island and move away from all these idiots.","2","","2020-06-10 12:42:59","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99ipIWOJINv","Harry Clark","RAHUL SAHU we voted in a leader who turned out to be our greatest leader of all time, of course he’s going to protect our country over India","0","","2020-06-10 12:43:14","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iuOMcwSCG","Olly Milesy","@RAHUL SAHU um he didn't ur uneducated","2","","2020-06-10 13:27:43","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iveT60eoe","Thoughts","@Interesting Username inbred!","0","","2020-06-10 13:38:47","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99iyA1D2rHX","Max Hall","@NINJA TH3ORY He doesn't have to be a hero to all, but this is Britain, not India. We don't honour people based on Indian approval.","2","","2020-06-10 14:00:43","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99j-ANMJezC","Tracy Garcia","Defund the Police. No Justice No Peace","1","","2020-06-10 14:18:14","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99j3JiQvq6Q","streetmachine100","@Thoughts Churchill raised concerns about Hitler in 1933, also in 1934 he was the first major political figure to go on radio to do so. He was also very early to raise the concern about Communism.","0","","2020-06-10 14:54:28","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99j5Zqw6C7c","Violet Murphy","@Tracy Garcia lol the police protect the majority of the world. No police equals no peace. It would be like the purge.","1","","2020-06-10 15:14:09","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99j8f2iEJFZ","Mo Ro","@Thoughts You do understand the British Army went to war as soon as Germany invaded Poland and stood with the French as they were invaded right...","0","","2020-06-10 15:41:12","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99j8siom948","Mo Ro","Churchill spearheaded the leadership of the British Army. Without Chruchill and many other brave world leaders at the time Hitlers final solution would of came to be, for those who don't know Hitlers final solution involved the extermination of all black people.. so arguably Churchill has done more good for black people than any black person in history.","0","","2020-06-10 15:43:04","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99je35KqJ1Q","Tom Fu","@Thoughts Churchill was the only one, who opposed appeseament in time, when all leftist idiots cheered Chamberlain for his ""peace"" policy. Just in my coutry, this ""peace loving"" idiots killled 270 000 Jews. Don't ever try to use our destiny as an argument for your leftis BS.","0","","2020-06-10 20:24:15","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99jjK9Golha","Superb Semoon","Interesting Username I’m British and it was the USSR who stopped hitler, Britain and the Soviets were good Chums until the reds took puppets","0","","2020-06-10 21:10:16","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99jmOBTtyZJ","Neil McCauley","Why do people live in a country they hate","1","","2020-06-10 21:37:02","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99jnD6POkQm","Thanos did nothing wrong","Over 100 thousand Indians fought for Britain during WW1 and WW2 but that pig Churchill returned the favor by killing 4 million Indians.","1","","2020-06-10 21:44:15","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99jnNQF-9Jw","Thanos did nothing wrong","@Violet Murphy It was not his food to begin with. It belonged to Indians.","2","","2020-06-10 21:45:40","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99jp4hVk0LH","Harry Fountain","@Thoughts apart from the fact that Neville Chamberlain was pm at the start of the war and Churchill was elected later","0","","2020-06-10 22:00:35","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99juibdYPWr","Owen Jones","In many hyperbolic assessments of Churchill and the famine natural disasters, the fact the Japanese Army had occupied Burma, had air superiority over the Bay of Bengal (allies lost 100,000 tons of shipping there), and military resources were stretched thin and therefore away from relief efforts are totally ignored. This is no coincidence.
It's almost like the famine was a combination of several factors with Churchill being only one of them.","0","","2020-06-10 22:49:52","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99jyEPam7oG","Declan Logan","Churchill was a man","0","","2020-06-10 23:20:33","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99kWqcWYP53","Nirmal","@Dave Davidson you white washed your history and made him the hero, ask indians and Africans","0","","2020-06-11 04:31:45","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99klMGZ15Px","Violet Murphy","@Nirmal we're not in Africa or India we are in the UK","1","","2020-06-11 06:47:16","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99knP130WUn","Nirmal","@Violet Murphy couldn't care less,such people Shouldn't be glorified when talking against Racism,where was this when u came to loot everything in india..","0","","2020-06-11 07:05:07","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99l1kiQ7AVC","No Regrets","You can't stop racisim, because the Government is sprouting the seeds while everyone becomes the blossom of their devastation.","0","","2020-06-11 09:19:18","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99lCquGJwZw","X X","@RAHUL SAHU Than return to India.Who the  hell are you to come to Britain and to complain about British history?","3","","2020-06-11 10:56:15","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99lOo6xYbqt","Violet Murphy","@Nirmal where were you when the Japanese invaded. Hypocrite.","1","","2020-06-11 12:40:44","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99lQXnlMeuA","Liam McC","@Nirmal I'm confused when where we ""glorifying racism"" just talking facts your talking rubbish.","1","","2020-06-11 12:55:51","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99lZhJ7fUI_","Coco Pops","CommonSense81 , so your pro Hitler?","1","","2020-06-11 14:15:56","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99l_I_Gv4Uw","Coco Pops","Violet Murphy , we’ve turned into a snowflake society . People are so easily offended. The only way they know is to erase and forget history.","0","","2020-06-11 14:21:09","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99lbyR-sYur","Liam McC","i’m proud to be british. the good and bad parts are what makes this country so great.","1","","2020-06-11 14:44:29","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99lfJC0lTY7","Coco Pops","Edo Phoneix , nothing like stating the obvious lol","0","","2020-06-11 15:13:40","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99lgm6XzNtR","GearyT 23","NINJA TH3ORY you call us dumb but the fact of the matter is that the famine happened because the monsoon the Indians were betting on produced mush less fertile soil than needed, your idiocy is on full display and you have embarrassed yourself","1","","2020-06-11 15:26:29","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99lgt8lk2Z8","Bumber Clot","Yeah yeah yeah","0","","2020-06-11 15:27:27","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99ljLKzsLU1","Nathan Barnes","@ally haze How hard would it have been if Hitler got his way?","0","","2020-06-11 15:48:54","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99mmXC-E9vw","Demiclea","@Thoughts Uhhhhhhhh Churchill wasn't incharge when Poland or France was invaded I belive.","0","","2020-06-12 01:35:59","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99mu_sDJLLC","Anonym Anonymsson","@French chainsaw Why not?","0","","2020-06-12 02:46:23","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99nINlBvuid","Loc'D N Loaded","@Liam McC Did you take your adderall? Seems you all have the attention span of a toddler! Stay on topic and lets focus on America's issues. Egypt? Stop defelcting.","0","","2020-06-12 06:23:03","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99nQHm5vMlL","Violet Murphy","@Loc'D N Loaded my comments are getting deleted because I am saying the word black? Shows what the world's come to","0","","2020-06-12 07:32:08","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99nQkzxQugu","Violet Murphy","@Loc'D N Loaded why are you commenting on a video that is in the UK if you want to focus on America's issues then?","0","","2020-06-12 07:36:16","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99nR3JHD7lL","Violet Murphy","@Loc'D N Loaded the man you started protesting for was a junkie who was in and out of jail his whole life for coke. He also went to prison for holding a 8 month pregnant woman at gun point in her own home and then robbed her home with 5 other men.","1","","2020-06-12 07:38:54","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99ngNSluJLn","ding dong","@RAHUL SAHU 🤣🤣","0","","2020-06-12 10:01:28","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd99oUn2rsA0G","John Smith","He saved UK and lost British Empire, that is a good thing for the world tbh","0","","2020-06-12 17:30:44","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd9APWzV7MeC3","Kingdom of Gamers","@Khadija Aamir That's not what he's saying you self minded fool.","0","","2020-06-27 12:01:03","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd9APY9-L5Iu6","Kingdom of Gamers","@Bob Bob A lot of dumbasses that are arguing just for the sake of arguing.","0","","2020-06-27 12:11:14","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd9AmdIz2MKhU","Adrith Manvik","He was no different from Hitler to Indians. How you see him all comes down to your nationality.","0","","2020-07-06 20:46:48","false",""
"Ugw6Vana3EknrYecOX94AaABAg.99i9BOrFfQd9BL5wSvyHTV","Max Larsen","RAHUL SAHU so","0","","2020-07-20 15:19:09","false",""
"UgxvQbm4LHmaTO5xcTF4AaABAg","Matt Johnston","More dislikes than likes currently, very interesting.","34","4","2020-06-10 06:26:57","true",""
"UgxvQbm4LHmaTO5xcTF4AaABAg.99i9E_thB2O99jX7fIZh8v","Nathaniel Milner","Its coz in the description the Sun has agreed with them and called it a statue of a slave owner","2","","2020-06-10 19:14:58","false",""
"UgxvQbm4LHmaTO5xcTF4AaABAg.99i9E_thB2O99lgIXo9haq","Bumber Clot","Fenian Milner well it is isn’t it? 😂☝️","1","","2020-06-11 15:22:19","false",""
"UgxvQbm4LHmaTO5xcTF4AaABAg.99i9E_thB2O99mgygEvXKz","Captain Richard Sensi-ble","Downvote because the statue being removed.","1","","2020-06-12 00:47:27","false",""
"UgxvQbm4LHmaTO5xcTF4AaABAg.99i9E_thB2O99qaSZ3XwU6","Bradius Maximus","The loudmouths aren't the majority thats why.","0","","2020-06-13 13:07:27","false",""
"UgyvdN_J2RzGcLf_KnN4AaABAg","Iain Collins","What the f*** has the uk got to do with BLM. Unlike american their ancestors came here voluntarily after the war. Over the last 10 years 162 people died in police custody, only 13 were black. If you really care stop the knife crime, that's a BLM issue. Stop being a victim, the real victims are the victims of knife crimes.","0","1","2020-06-10 06:28:04","true",""
"UgyvdN_J2RzGcLf_KnN4AaABAg.99i9Mhl96d_99iIUV-4KMe","A Nother","Because there still is inequality in the UK. more blacks unemployed, lower incomes, more covid deaths, the tide needs to turn, they want true equality now.","0","","2020-06-10 07:47:46","false",""
"UgzpTrPiMzL4SYbc69h4AaABAg","Bob Saggot","The monarchy issued the slave trading companies lisences to trade slaves. U gonna tear down the monarchy?
They're all filming on they're iphones which r made by slaves in china","11","3","2020-06-10 06:33:32","true",""
"UgzpTrPiMzL4SYbc69h4AaABAg.99i9zliNZt799iMUyfR688","BnB mike","Also, in Islam Mohammed was a slave trader.The Quran and the hadith (sayings of Muhammad) address slavery extensively, assuming its existence as part of society.","1","","2020-06-10 08:22:47","false",""
"UgzpTrPiMzL4SYbc69h4AaABAg.99i9zliNZt799iMXPxOov2","BnB mike","Should they burn the Quran?","2","","2020-06-10 08:23:07","false",""
"UgzpTrPiMzL4SYbc69h4AaABAg.99i9zliNZt799iQqCjERSd","Oliver McCombie","Well alot of people don't like the monarchy but it does make Britain alot of money.","1","","2020-06-10 09:00:47","false",""
"Ugw0LJd6SuN7i71YgO54AaABAg","121finalfantasy","Thats it now we need the EDL to step in and stop these rats from destroying our country before the damage can't be undone.","1","1","2020-06-10 06:35:40","true",""
"Ugw0LJd6SuN7i71YgO54AaABAg.99iAEN3fPUN99iT00Emok2","Abhay Suji","Like the rats who created final fantasy? Dare I say foreigners?","0","","2020-06-10 09:19:44","false",""
"UgyRyk9TILlppfuoCzh4AaABAg","greent toll","all they have managed to do   is   turn ppl   against the so called movement ,","107","5","2020-06-10 06:37:55","true",""
"UgyRyk9TILlppfuoCzh4AaABAg.99iAUuTgfkd99jFljWEa7n","Jesus LuvWilder","Only UKkk are against it, but the Russians,  Chinese and South Americans support BLM","1","","2020-06-10 16:43:17","false",""
"UgyRyk9TILlppfuoCzh4AaABAg.99iAUuTgfkd99jHMzS2rPC","OLIOB 1","Jesus LuvWilder well that’s not true 😂","12","","2020-06-10 16:57:15","false",""
"UgyRyk9TILlppfuoCzh4AaABAg.99iAUuTgfkd99jaR2b3MRi","Yo Yu","@Jesus LuvWilder no one is for it except idiots who are protesting without a clue of what they want to change","6","","2020-06-10 19:52:34","false",""
"UgyRyk9TILlppfuoCzh4AaABAg.99iAUuTgfkd99ryU-yiGT9","Aj195","@Jesus LuvWilder is it funny how some of them are former Soviet or current Soviet countries?","0","","2020-06-14 01:56:36","false",""
"UgyRyk9TILlppfuoCzh4AaABAg.99iAUuTgfkd99x40BZa7QD","Circle Master","@Jesus LuvWilder The Chinese call them The Left White or Baizuo.","0","","2020-06-16 01:29:54","false",""
"Ugwodz6A8lD81LLluGR4AaABAg","devilmyke","What's point in making all this effort with lock down then this? Why not deal with the status after..somtimes I think there's just alot of lost people with nothing to be part of.","0","0","2020-06-10 06:39:23","true",""
"Ugy4T2QpEgxCuHgCk5p4AaABAg","Mark L sixtyseven","Cops can only arrest old people like Corbyns brother and women sitting on park benches.","0","0","2020-06-10 06:48:50","true",""
"UgzQyw7sYfhqlGhAuTN4AaABAg","English Ant","I CAN'T WAIT for BLM to go to Egypt and teardown the Pyramids! They were built by slaves after all.","80","9","2020-06-10 06:49:14","true",""
"UgzQyw7sYfhqlGhAuTN4AaABAg.99iBmgT-7Iq99iRz1FgcHL","T. Bone","They weren’t,  but thanks for the whataboutism","3","","2020-06-10 09:10:43","false",""
"UgzQyw7sYfhqlGhAuTN4AaABAg.99iBmgT-7Iq99iSVOgx6LH","kiely 456","Yeah but the Egyptians are Africans mate so it wasn’t a racial thing,  most Egyptian slaves were prisoners of war","0","","2020-06-10 09:15:16","false",""
"UgzQyw7sYfhqlGhAuTN4AaABAg.99iBmgT-7Iq99iSa-GSSWB","Da Whip Lady","No they weren’t actually they were built by skilled craftsmen but oh no if they were black let’s call them slaves this nonsense is nonsensical","0","","2020-06-10 09:16:02","false",""
"UgzQyw7sYfhqlGhAuTN4AaABAg.99iBmgT-7Iq99iSym-0yw5","kiely 456","Da Whip Lady well no slavery was used to build Egyptian monuments,  but it wasn’t racial slavery like the guy above is eluding","1","","2020-06-10 09:19:25","false",""
"UgzQyw7sYfhqlGhAuTN4AaABAg.99iBmgT-7Iq99iUFUmZ27c","Renata Bevilagua","Even better, to go to protest, where slavery is still happening.","9","","2020-06-10 09:30:35","false",""
"UgzQyw7sYfhqlGhAuTN4AaABAg.99iBmgT-7Iq99iUGImZQHn","David Chapman","Glad to see you have all solved the mystery of  the pyramids 🤯","0","","2020-06-10 09:30:41","false",""
"UgzQyw7sYfhqlGhAuTN4AaABAg.99iBmgT-7Iq99qkwzL7lQU","Carlos Spicy Weiner","@T. Bone I see this nonsense all the time. They weren't designed by slaves or overseen by slaves but the sheer size of those structures (massive by today's standards even) required an even bigger work force which mainly consisted of slaves and prisoners of war. What are your sources?","0","","2020-06-13 14:39:07","false",""
"UgzQyw7sYfhqlGhAuTN4AaABAg.99iBmgT-7Iq99w7rZprjnT","Chris Clarke","@T. Bone Slavery in ancient Egypt existed at least since the New Kingdom (1550-1175 BC). Discussions of slavery in Pharaonic Egypt are complicated by terminology used by the Egyptians to refer to different classes of servitude over the course of dynastic history. Interpretation of the textual evidence of classes of slaves in ancient Egypt has been difficult to differentiate by word usage alone.[1] There were three types of enslavement in Ancient Egypt: chattel slavery, bonded labor, and forced labor.[2][3][4] But even these types of slavery are susceptible to individual interpretation based on evidence and research. Egypt's labor culture is represented by many men and women, and it is difficult to claim their social status into one category.
The word ""slave"" or even the existence therefore, has been translated from Egyptian language into modern terms with consideration of the time period and traditional labor laws. The distinction between servant, peasant, and slave describe different roles in different contexts. Egyptian texts refer to words 'bAk' and 'Hm' that mean laborer or servant. Some Egyptian language refer to slave-like people as 'sqrw-anx', meaning “bound for life”[5] Forms of forced labor and servitude are seen throughout all of ancient Egypt even though it wasn’t specifically declared as the well known term we have today, slavery. Egyptians wanted dominion over their kingdoms and would alter political and social ideas to benefit their economic state. The existence of slavery not only was profitable for ancient Egypt, but made it easier to keep power and stability of the Kingdoms.[5][6]

Pinched from an article online","2","","2020-06-15 16:44:18","false",""
"UgzQyw7sYfhqlGhAuTN4AaABAg.99iBmgT-7Iq9AQ6YoCFhxP","Alfredo Alcantar","T. Bone so the Hebrew were not slaves ok","0","","2020-06-27 17:29:20","false",""
"UgxL6TCNRY23Jb_0yGp4AaABAg","Bigboy Ramboy","Where the f..k are the English men?","1","0","2020-06-10 06:50:18","true",""
"UgykTjChhfRJ7VyIn-14AaABAg","J S","They were very happy when they were taking the white man's benefits,  free healthcare, schools, and deciding on a western majority white country to call home.
So you will no longer receive Britain's white supremacist government assistance.","2","0","2020-06-10 06:57:27","true",""
"UgygI-QtVDwyXscIcrF4AaABAg","ednwab","ITV doesn’t have the balls to allow comments, well done the Sun for allowing free speech.","101","4","2020-06-10 06:59:55","true",""
"UgygI-QtVDwyXscIcrF4AaABAg.99iD-wt3Q5X99iQj0y2ia9","ChashTV","When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say.","10","","2020-06-10 08:59:48","false",""
"UgygI-QtVDwyXscIcrF4AaABAg.99iD-wt3Q5X99iW5kbke9W","Schematic","I really only give a dislike to the news channels that don't allow comments","2","","2020-06-10 09:46:44","false",""
"UgygI-QtVDwyXscIcrF4AaABAg.99iD-wt3Q5X99iYs71FZ4G","Dave","@ChashTV thanks, Tyrion!","1","","2020-06-10 10:10:56","false",""
"UgygI-QtVDwyXscIcrF4AaABAg.99iD-wt3Q5X99ik7OO4PKL","Michael H","Yes Thanks Sun","1","","2020-06-10 11:58:01","false",""
"UgycQEFnYOJ5XzOkyAN4AaABAg","FROSTYNIlPS","I hope they aren’t just scrapped, a few statues near me I wouldn’t know about the person if it wasn’t for them.","0","0","2020-06-10 07:00:27","true",""
"Ugwm3kZJwwhb7TXBegd4AaABAg","Jason Hesketh","They are pulling down the statues so why don't they put up someone with a knife and and gun. This is now protest about knife and gun crime. No that's ok people need to do that now but  no because a Lot of them are the ones with the knifes and the guns don't understand your thinking","0","0","2020-06-10 07:02:32","true",""
"UgyEiEO78hTPmHZctdZ4AaABAg","Nik Scott","LEAVE CHURCHILL TF ALONE or risk civil war, which you will lose and it will destroy the whole movement and nobody wants that.","12","12","2020-06-10 07:06:24","true",""
"UgyEiEO78hTPmHZctdZ4AaABAg.99iDkT1t1uX99iEXonRYUf","Ra Ra","Apart from a few white supremacists, nobody has gone along to try and defend Colston. Same would happen with Churchill. He's going down boo.","5","","2020-06-10 07:13:16","false",""
"UgyEiEO78hTPmHZctdZ4AaABAg.99iDkT1t1uX99iMUFzu64F","CommonSense81","@Ra Ra White nationalists understand Churchill instigated a war against our European brothers. You're being played by the same mafia Churchill worked to give power to. Shows how much you know, puppet.","3","","2020-06-10 08:22:41","false",""
"UgyEiEO78hTPmHZctdZ4AaABAg.99iDkT1t1uX99iQ8qIuQJh","Frustratid","@Ra Ra But why take down Churchill's memorial?","0","","2020-06-10 08:54:43","false",""
"UgyEiEO78hTPmHZctdZ4AaABAg.99iDkT1t1uX99iQa2cxHUj","Chelsea For life","@Frustratid He starved many Indians during the Bengal Famine. They don't teach us stuff like this in History at school","3","","2020-06-10 08:58:34","false",""
"UgyEiEO78hTPmHZctdZ4AaABAg.99iDkT1t1uX99iRKKESLrX","Frustratid","@Chelsea For life What's that got to do with the Black Lives Matter protest?","3","","2020-06-10 09:05:01","false",""
"UgyEiEO78hTPmHZctdZ4AaABAg.99iDkT1t1uX99iS_D_tiNM","Abhay Suji","Churchill was responsible for the Bengal famine, also purposefully starved India repeatedly, encouraged white supremacy and argued that Indians should be castrated and prevent them from “breeding like rabbits”. He also pretty much facilitated the continuation of endentured labourers which was a form of legal slavery. Churchill May have “lead a war” where his advisors and generals did all the work, but because he said a few inspirational quotes his script writer wrote he is hailed as a hero, despite him sharing more views and morals with the kkk. And we don’t teach the true horrors of the British history and British empire which has literally been called the rape of India. To ignore what Churchill did and claim him as a saint or hero is ignorant and makes you sound uneducated. I beg of everyone to just google a few of these and learn Britain’s true history.","1","","2020-06-10 09:15:56","false",""
"UgyEiEO78hTPmHZctdZ4AaABAg.99iDkT1t1uX99iT6xzg7gj","Mechelle Kingman","@Chelsea For life there starving  now ,plame  India","2","","2020-06-10 09:20:41","false",""
"UgyEiEO78hTPmHZctdZ4AaABAg.99iDkT1t1uX99iWZqSFD3z","Bobby Bobster","@Ra Ra.  Maybe that’s because the people who don’t agree with this just aren’t aggressive yobs.  I can guarantee if we held a U.K. wide vote tomorrow on whether these statues should be removed the vote would be for them to remain as they are part of our history.","0","","2020-06-10 09:50:50","false",""
"UgyEiEO78hTPmHZctdZ4AaABAg.99iDkT1t1uX99iWd5Kue-I","93jwj","It's brewing... Let's make Britain great again. ✊🏻","2","","2020-06-10 09:51:25","false",""
"UgyEiEO78hTPmHZctdZ4AaABAg.99iDkT1t1uX99ibnLnVZVD","Nik Scott","@Ra Ra those other statues should of been taken down years ago but Churchill is a whole different story, if it wasn't for him there would be NO people of colour in this country only white arians speaking German and who knows what the rest of the world would look like.","0","","2020-06-10 10:45:15","false",""
"UgyEiEO78hTPmHZctdZ4AaABAg.99iDkT1t1uX99iheNm0DW8","Chelsea For life","@Mechelle Kingman where","0","","2020-06-10 11:36:27","false",""
"UgyEiEO78hTPmHZctdZ4AaABAg.99iDkT1t1uX99ikyBqlEBC","Chelsea For life","@93jwj You sound like trump","0","","2020-06-10 12:05:22","false",""
"UgzMJnC_nE1tZupktYZ4AaABAg","Simon James","I'm native American can I pull  down any statue of Custer ?? And have my native American land back ??","1","1","2020-06-10 07:06:29","true",""
"UgzMJnC_nE1tZupktYZ4AaABAg.99iDl68LgnO99iTq_1urPV","SkyPirater","It wasn't your land to begin with.","0","","2020-06-10 09:27:02","false",""
"Ugx5Y64cEwyWLeUK4OR4AaABAg","Ra Ra","I am very proud to have been in the crowd who removed the Colston statue. I am even more proud seeing videos like this as it is definitely a result of our actions. We don't want everything flattened. We just want people to stop glorifying slavery.","1","5","2020-06-10 07:07:30","true",""
"Ugx5Y64cEwyWLeUK4OR4AaABAg.99iDsWQ3zTY99iEHmPY0H6","Ra Ra","@Lilywhite 1650 There should never have been a statue of a slave trader in the city centre. We absolutely did the right thing.","2","","2020-06-10 07:11:05","false",""
"Ugx5Y64cEwyWLeUK4OR4AaABAg.99iDsWQ3zTY99iHTgdUgrk","James Evans","Colston made great contributions to his local community - HIS local community not the one that has replaced it - that is why he was honoured. The statue was not raised to glorify slavery and neither did it except in the minds of intolerant left-wingers.","2","","2020-06-10 07:38:55","false",""
"Ugx5Y64cEwyWLeUK4OR4AaABAg.99iDsWQ3zTY99iK_jm4Iic","Ra Ra","@James Evans A bronze statue of someone glorifies them, James.","0","","2020-06-10 08:06:06","false",""
"Ugx5Y64cEwyWLeUK4OR4AaABAg.99iDsWQ3zTY99iT5sqWq6C","KingsHeathDon91","Grow up and stop claiming universal credit.","1","","2020-06-10 09:20:32","false",""
"Ugx5Y64cEwyWLeUK4OR4AaABAg.99iDsWQ3zTY99iTkxKJRJq","Ra Ra","@KingsHeathDon91 From someone still using old man insults from the 60s lmfao.","1","","2020-06-10 09:26:16","false",""
"UgxPfH2VjOlHObAvByt4AaABAg","ME 0020","I can't stand how our history is being torn down by far left mobs. No one voted for this. We just elected the conservatives with an 80 seat majority, there is no justification for this. Democracy is dead.","4","2","2020-06-10 07:09:03","true",""
"UgxPfH2VjOlHObAvByt4AaABAg.99iE2qHX1IN99iEShIrZee","Ra Ra","We should not have statues glorifying slavery.","2","","2020-06-10 07:12:34","false",""
"UgxPfH2VjOlHObAvByt4AaABAg.99iE2qHX1IN99oRwvFKk7m","LeoWolfish","@Ra Ra There not for glorifying slavery, they are for remembering the other ways, good or bad these people contributed and changed the country during their time. Case in point the only reason Churchill has a statue is because of what he did in WW2. Edward Colston the statue removed in Bristol had his because of the number of Schools, Hospitals,  almshouses etc and just overall development he put into Bristol at the time. Robert Baden-Powell  who they tried to take down but have since changed their mind was the founder of the Scouts. None of thee examples where put up to glorify slavery.","0","","2020-06-12 17:05:52","false",""
"Ugx1NDol5_A1EyXJqgJ4AaABAg","ObligateFailure","Good. Not sure why we need slaver statues. Not sure why people want to protect this type of statue.","0","0","2020-06-10 07:13:51","true",""
"UgwzPturClg-AFdHOcZ4AaABAg","Reginald Graves","People died to make Britain what it is, is it fair that people can destroy it without risk of dying?","0","0","2020-06-10 07:19:31","true",""
"Ugx2lXwix_oeiUgwqxV4AaABAg","Chris Martin","Wow let’s take everything down due to bad police ......this is retarded","0","0","2020-06-10 07:19:33","true",""
"UgxUzLPGhLhz5ea93nN4AaABAg","chris carney","Black lives matter are a George Soros financed and controled political party whose sole aim is to support globalist intererts by trying to divide and destory social norms.","0","0","2020-06-10 07:19:55","true",""
"Ugx6iCq0qrbjvYRM8u94AaABAg","Edward Midcrest","Makes you wonder why they want to remove all history.  Maybe it's because they want to erase history so they can repeat it to suit their purpose.","0","0","2020-06-10 07:21:07","true",""
"UgzsJfISu5aVifkVsVh4AaABAg","QBee240","Churchill is need to guard him","1","0","2020-06-10 07:21:37","true",""
"UgyjuA5vSb6pKMOIeiB4AaABAg","Attila Bogdan","The Turds get what they want.!","0","0","2020-06-10 07:22:06","true",""
"UgxQvgaZPVLpoVdtCWd4AaABAg","Neil L","Why are people cheering.    This is our history.   Don’t like it leave.","17","3","2020-06-10 07:22:24","true",""
"UgxQvgaZPVLpoVdtCWd4AaABAg.99iF_fWCSdL99iKtlmBdrc","Stuart Graham","This is also history. Don't like it? Leave.","1","","2020-06-10 08:08:50","false",""
"UgxQvgaZPVLpoVdtCWd4AaABAg.99iF_fWCSdL99iSXAD7YOF","Abhay Suji","Are you proud of your history being based on the slavery of other people’s?","1","","2020-06-10 09:15:31","false",""
"UgxQvgaZPVLpoVdtCWd4AaABAg.99iF_fWCSdL99i_Glf770W","Neil L","Abhay Suji I’m proud of my country.   Dont like it go home","1","","2020-06-10 10:23:11","false",""
"Ugy_--_9I2WIeXFV9J54AaABAg","Dwaine Roberts","Leave the Churchill statue alone hes a legend","7","9","2020-06-10 07:22:51","true",""
"Ugy_--_9I2WIeXFV9J54AaABAg.99iFcwhteRR99iQ1GdaF5w","Chelsea For life","By starving people in India?","2","","2020-06-10 08:53:41","false",""
"Ugy_--_9I2WIeXFV9J54AaABAg.99iFcwhteRR99iRKUJeSVl","KingsHeathDon91","Yes","0","","2020-06-10 09:05:03","false",""
"Ugy_--_9I2WIeXFV9J54AaABAg.99iFcwhteRR99iRXd4mKeS","Bomberman60001","Chelsea For life the only reason you’re alive is because of him so show some respect","0","","2020-06-10 09:06:50","false",""
"Ugy_--_9I2WIeXFV9J54AaABAg.99iFcwhteRR99iRhQKHc2p","Kuba Ostrejko","Chelsea For life For contributing to winning your freedom muppet","0","","2020-06-10 09:08:19","false",""
"Ugy_--_9I2WIeXFV9J54AaABAg.99iFcwhteRR99iS0XmIb-a","Living Lifeform","@Bomberman60001 
You're a total muppet. Learn some history.","0","","2020-06-10 09:11:04","false",""
"Ugy_--_9I2WIeXFV9J54AaABAg.99iFcwhteRR99iSIgMum6T","Chimera XDX","@Living Lifeform anyone  would listen to a commie pos.","0","","2020-06-10 09:13:32","false",""
"Ugy_--_9I2WIeXFV9J54AaABAg.99iFcwhteRR99iVPllQKYd","Papa Roach","@Chelsea For life Have you done your own research to find out what happened in India during the war? 

Here's a little history lesson for you: 

I've read a lot of things with WWI and WWII and in particular about the Bengali Famine, were 6-7 million Indians sadly died due to shortage of food and rampant looting of supplies. A lot of people seem to think Churchill was the main reason why so many people died when in fact it was the Japanese who took over Burma during the war and cut off India's main supply of food imports. Churchill had to divert resources to many fronts to cover the downfall for his army and you have to understand this was wartime! Churchill was concerned about the humanitarian catastrophe in India and he was pushing for famine relief efforts to help India's people but because of the amount of people that needed food, medicine etc.. any help just wasn't adequate enough, thus this is why millions of people died, not because Churchill couldn't be bothered to do anything when in fact India's government barely did anything to help, it was because of the Japanese. If the famine had happened in peacetime it would of been dealt with more effectively and quickly because all efforts would be put in to giving aid to India, a war can ruin any country whether they are involved or not that's just fact.","1","","2020-06-10 09:40:43","false",""
"Ugy_--_9I2WIeXFV9J54AaABAg.99iFcwhteRR99ihjSSB1UL","Chelsea For life","@Bomberman60001 not really no","0","","2020-06-10 11:37:08","false",""
"Ugy_--_9I2WIeXFV9J54AaABAg.99iFcwhteRR99in8U_3Yir","Marek Tužák","@Chelsea For life Yes","0","","2020-06-10 12:24:23","false",""
"UgxblAMyJM95USLdJgd4AaABAg","chris carney","How about taking down Nelson Mandela statues. Would  the police just stand and watch.","0","0","2020-06-10 07:22:52","true",""
"UgwCY3Yh7IDrpjfraDR4AaABAg","historypoliticsbb","Anyone upset at removal of slaver statues should have a long hard look at themselves. None of you had heard of either of these people before the weekend.","0","1","2020-06-10 07:24:58","true",""
"UgwCY3Yh7IDrpjfraDR4AaABAg.99iFsW4t_b599inrzYIMuI","fat fat","Why? dont like the idea of Caesars statue being took down either.","0","","2020-06-10 12:30:44","false",""
"UgyqAxa0Lc2Ngq_k3c94AaABAg","Dana","Do these idiots know Britain was the first country to end slavery.!  These uneducated yobs need to go back & learn history & understand someone is pulling their strings!
Who is the puppet master?","0","0","2020-06-10 07:27:21","true",""
"Ugw2lXMHBF1Pw7MkTQF4AaABAg","Michael Macleod","These people are the true embodiment of what it is to hypocritical. If they hate Britain that much, then those of us that would die for it; should help in their  removal from its shores.","0","0","2020-06-10 07:28:17","true",""
"UgxPJgyP6o9f2zAPZ_F4AaABAg","Norbert smith","Can we assume that in order to be fair to all, and not pander to a ethnic group disproportionately, any statues of Julius Cesar , Boudicca, any medieval king, any vikings, coffee and tea plantation owners etc are going to be removed as well, or is it only black lives matter, not all lives matter.","0","0","2020-06-10 07:29:45","true",""
"UgwJ7LC6tzV9141fni14AaABAg","Nerijas","London....This Saturday...whites there with us","6","3","2020-06-10 07:29:47","true",""
"UgwJ7LC6tzV9141fni14AaABAg.99iGQldsHIi99iKobohyLz","Harry archer","Nerijas what’s happening?","0","","2020-06-10 08:08:08","false",""
"UgwJ7LC6tzV9141fni14AaABAg.99iGQldsHIi99iPVNlrvkM","Lando Calrissian","I’m with you","0","","2020-06-10 08:49:03","false",""
"UgwJ7LC6tzV9141fni14AaABAg.99iGQldsHIi99iRBc0bUju","Ayrton Steele","so you will be protesting against fellow white people....makes sense","0","","2020-06-10 09:03:50","false",""
"UgyxR5-_28-SJ8nZ4IV4AaABAg","Reggie Cyde","Fanatics. 

First, statues.
Then street and building names.
Then, your surname.
Then, your assets.
Then, your life. 

Have we learned nothing from history?","5","0","2020-06-10 07:30:48","true",""
"Ugyi4JHodvc7hAYs7kJ4AaABAg","vitor peixoto","What churchill's  statue  got to do whit black lives ?  Anyway all lives matter","3","1","2020-06-10 07:31:22","true",""
"Ugyi4JHodvc7hAYs7kJ4AaABAg.99iGbIcxuAV99iKNpOghM3","Basil II","They just want to destroy culture","4","","2020-06-10 08:04:20","false",""
"UgzmBg3UPkxgJz0MqL94AaABAg","Simon Purrfect","if Churchill were alive, he`d put all this idiots on a boat and tell them to go seek freedom & justice elsewhere if they don`t like it here","0","0","2020-06-10 07:31:42","true",""
"UgymeZ0k6cvkk0DYzNB4AaABAg","The south will rise again! 2020","This is a prime example of destroying history out of racism smh it’s a modern day kkk","0","0","2020-06-10 07:31:57","true",""
"Ugwk-kUlA0QBDEMCciV4AaABAg","Harlis Deltuva","IDIOTS.What are you doing??????   self-respect need to have.   Anyone can manipulate.","0","0","2020-06-10 07:34:29","true",""
"Ugwwi7utas7WYUt1I7J4AaABAg","shanghai berti","There are 70 million in UK the protesters are very much in the minority jail them I say","6","0","2020-06-10 07:34:36","true",""
"UgxxvlPdzTYaieAYKe94AaABAg","Jeff McJeff","How’s this for a compromise, move it to a museum. So we can learn the history without parading a slave trader.","0","0","2020-06-10 07:34:48","true",""
"UgwNqejTxkiqt_5HaPR4AaABAg","YamiJK","What's the likelihood any of them actually know anything about who they are taking statues down of ?  After all, no one bat an eye at them a couple of weeks ago.","36","1","2020-06-10 07:36:29","true",""
"UgwNqejTxkiqt_5HaPR4AaABAg.99iHBoxu0ou99iQ07mUOOR","Ricky Spanish","All they know is they were slave owners (or in their warped minds still are), that's all they were to these reductionist morons.","2","","2020-06-10 08:53:32","false",""
"Ugx1t5ManjeNmDrpIMJ4AaABAg","aikighost","Let them rip churchiils statue down, that would be the steak through the heart of the extreme leftist movement in the UK. The live in a bubble and have NO idea how much that woudl make them hated.","0","0","2020-06-10 07:36:33","true",""
"UgxeYldiWsphVB1Ymbl4AaABAg","Henny Sim","Police didn't shield Churchill at all. They were just separating the blm from the people actually protecting the statue.","2","0","2020-06-10 07:38:33","true",""
"Ugw3MPkvDHvoLq-BoCd4AaABAg","elena vassilieva","When Mohamed Ali first visited Africa he said: Thank God my granddaddy got on that boat"". He was an honest and grateful person","1","2","2020-06-10 07:40:43","true",""
"Ugw3MPkvDHvoLq-BoCd4AaABAg.99iHfmU_GlT99lTkyqD22i","MusaMansa21","thats like russian be glad he left russia today","0","","2020-06-11 13:24:00","false",""
"Ugw3MPkvDHvoLq-BoCd4AaABAg.99iHfmU_GlT99laoPZU4As","elena vassilieva","@MusaMansa21    I am afraid you wrong. At present time Russians escape US for making their return to Russia.","0","","2020-06-11 14:34:22","false",""
"UgxDT8xAiKTrzIA13ut4AaABAg","A Nother","omg, its going to go crazy if churchill is removed, but he wont though, churchill affects asians more and asians are scaredy cats, chickens, they wouldnt dare touch it.","0","0","2020-06-10 07:42:46","true",""
"UgxvKqXOMF1peTcRcl54AaABAg","Nass Khan","Now it obvious that this has nothing to do with George Floyd, respect or equality. Its about domination and supremacy.","0","2","2020-06-10 07:44:09","true",""
"UgxvKqXOMF1peTcRcl54AaABAg.99iI3y4ZM_y99iKoZKejOg","Ra Ra","It's about not glorifying slavery.","1","","2020-06-10 08:08:07","false",""
"UgxvKqXOMF1peTcRcl54AaABAg.99iI3y4ZM_y99indFNG4BI","fat fat","@Ra Ra But people are fine glorifying criminal George floyd who held a gun to a pregnant woman(one among other crimes)","0","","2020-06-10 12:28:43","false",""
"UgwSNSuj9iR40Mn7dfx4AaABAg","1,000 Subscribers with no videos Challenge","The police, along side the NHS, are the real heroes! Protecting what should be preserved.","18","0","2020-06-10 07:44:52","true",""
"Ugz-zR40xT_JDBiyvoF4AaABAg","Papa Rex Starr","This country is no longer aloud to have a history if it offends some people. Some of use are more grown up and mature then that others not so much. Still in baby stage and need there emotions protected.","7","1","2020-06-10 07:45:09","true",""
"Ugz-zR40xT_JDBiyvoF4AaABAg.99iIBJamoMK99oX0ppb-1N","Eternally Hers","This is the century of the snowflakes. God help us all.","0","","2020-06-12 17:50:14","false",""
"UgwAsHLzhTLwvi_NZm94AaABAg","barry bigballs","they are just enticing racism now.","58","2","2020-06-10 07:46:13","true",""
"UgwAsHLzhTLwvi_NZm94AaABAg.99iIJ6NTXVF99i_ABpl3Qp","stephan S","some probably didn't need that push","0","","2020-06-10 10:22:17","false",""
"UgwAsHLzhTLwvi_NZm94AaABAg.99iIJ6NTXVF99im4xbt0Ew","Willem","Not now, you mean from the very beginning. They are going mental about someone happened in a America. Not here!","1","","2020-06-10 12:15:10","false",""
"UgwLtb5YPs01rfHNAXN4AaABAg","BodyGuardOfLies1","Given that islam has a long association with slavery from Mohammad to modern day grooming gangs or the more traditional sorts of slavery practised today in many muslim countries can we expect mosques to be bulldozed?","0","0","2020-06-10 07:46:20","true",""
"UgwDhkpyyfj1uU4y0Gp4AaABAg","elena vassilieva","Vandalising statute of the person who saved your country and made it grate","8","1","2020-06-10 07:46:34","true",""
"UgwDhkpyyfj1uU4y0Gp4AaABAg.99iILbq6jdz99kTstRDMyj","manboobs","Great change it before the YT spelling police get you lol.","1","","2020-06-11 04:05:50","false",""
"UgxoOYwMBa1OZanFYHt4AaABAg","The south will rise again! 2020","Let’s remove Martin Luther kings statue next","1","0","2020-06-10 07:47:10","true",""
"UgyLMNBN0ygRjkH6t2Z4AaABAg","Tanya Ivanova","A people that allows someone to destroy their history, their historical monuments - such a people are doomed to death.","20","2","2020-06-10 07:49:43","true",""
"UgyLMNBN0ygRjkH6t2Z4AaABAg.99iIhiS9HsX99j22f8X1Xo","Дмитрий Климов","У нас такое не прокатило бы лежали бы в наручниках а потом в клетках как звери. Но это Англия им дали права, но не упоменули об обязоностях.","1","","2020-06-10 14:43:24","false",""
"UgyLMNBN0ygRjkH6t2Z4AaABAg.99iIhiS9HsX99jaqk6j8mY","Hendro Nurkholis","that would be great","0","","2020-06-10 19:56:13","false",""
"Ugw9WwRbnPdjl26FeNx4AaABAg","Tim Small","We must pull down all Islamic building Muhammed had slaves","19","2","2020-06-10 07:50:48","true",""
"Ugw9WwRbnPdjl26FeNx4AaABAg.99iIpgs-ylK99itpLJaAng","Sami bigs","Bible has slaves too hit the churches and synagogues","0","","2020-06-10 13:22:48","false",""
"Ugw9WwRbnPdjl26FeNx4AaABAg.99iIpgs-ylK99iw2foR1Hg","Tim Small","@Sami bigs right Jesus had loads education education","1","","2020-06-10 13:42:14","false",""
"Ugz_gUsJZ-L1R2de1Sx4AaABAg","beniceffs","I think these people need to get  back to work. Or perhaps they are!","8","0","2020-06-10 07:52:20","true",""
"UgwDe5Q-S4gPcXHJM-N4AaABAg","Simon Warner","I agree with taking down the slavers but touch Churchill and this will change.","0","0","2020-06-10 07:53:26","true",""
"Ugxd8mL_2c1kEJ-uyYV4AaABAg","strike out","Delusional  brainwashed  little kids  don't know the meaning of life  😆","5","0","2020-06-10 07:56:06","true",""
"Ugxh4u5GunypL3FrHqR4AaABAg","El Pistolero","The Left with their perceived morally superior stance. Utter sanctimonious clowns.","0","1","2020-06-10 07:58:30","true",""
"Ugxh4u5GunypL3FrHqR4AaABAg.99iJi3zLRw-99iKgfaTYNg","Ra Ra","It is morally superior to not glorify slavery.","1","","2020-06-10 08:07:03","false",""
"Ugxz3Xg2ZFgjr3MNi0B4AaABAg","Faz Finisher","Hankering to these bunch of loafers.","1","0","2020-06-10 07:59:34","true",""
"UgyTN3F9u65qqd_Akh94AaABAg","Matt Martin","Wait it's only been sat there for how long","2","0","2020-06-10 07:59:46","true",""
"UgwxD8fCFw3_LQgRYPd4AaABAg","Dave Corry","These leftie thugs and morons dont care about all the deaths and stabbings of black and whites in london but of one guy in the USA and the going down on one knee is so embarrassing to see and what can we say about our police?","0","0","2020-06-10 07:59:49","true",""
"UgybXgqK2tBj9SYwEYh4AaABAg","Basil II","London should be it's own thing, not a part of us in the North","0","0","2020-06-10 08:00:20","true",""
"UgxKVp_HbectqOlS1d94AaABAg","Aun Naqvi","algerian flag? fun fact the arab slave trade was 7x bigger than the european one and has gone on for much longer","6","3","2020-06-10 08:10:18","true",""
"UgxKVp_HbectqOlS1d94AaABAg.99iL3TUMcl699iMaltPnbr","A Nother","but we intermarried and accepted our slaves, they were important part of the Sahabah, very prominent ex slaves in Islam, Islam said freeing slaves was the best thing to do.","0","","2020-06-10 08:23:43","false",""
"UgxKVp_HbectqOlS1d94AaABAg.99iL3TUMcl699iaIy9n5qC","bingowings65","@A Nother All's just fine and dandy then 🤪","2","","2020-06-10 10:32:13","false",""
"UgxKVp_HbectqOlS1d94AaABAg.99iL3TUMcl699isJs_hVWZ","Alfie Nade","@A Nother I think the best thing to do would be to not have slaves in the first place?","0","","2020-06-10 13:09:38","false",""
"UgwTAKc8MuqAAelK3ih4AaABAg","CQHS","I’m sorry but you can’t take down a statue of Churchill, a man who helped us win WW2","0","3","2020-06-10 08:10:26","true",""
"UgwTAKc8MuqAAelK3ih4AaABAg.99iL4RtmlrO99iLnUODyzj","Ra Ra","Yeah you can.","2","","2020-06-10 08:16:43","false",""
"UgwTAKc8MuqAAelK3ih4AaABAg.99iL4RtmlrO99iO2Xv5owQ","Basil II","@Ra Ra Idiot","0","","2020-06-10 08:36:23","false",""
"UgwTAKc8MuqAAelK3ih4AaABAg.99iL4RtmlrO99inmFpzc6q","Marek Tužák","@Ra Ra Try it","0","","2020-06-10 12:29:57","false",""
"UgwFMVUawtX7EVqLE714AaABAg","Stephen Fowley","We are heading for a Khmer Rouge type Year Zero in Britain where all our history will be erased on the alter of political correctness. The British people are a tolerent race up to a point but what these protesters seem to overlook is they and the BBC do not represent the feelings of the vast majority of the British public. I suspect this latest round of vandalism will further entrench racism in Britain rather than remove it.","2","0","2020-06-10 08:11:29","true",""
"UgxRZToprIeA2zG4nSl4AaABAg","Man Indescript","This has nothing to do with righting historical wrongs. This is an anti-white coup.","12","3","2020-06-10 08:12:41","true",""
"UgxRZToprIeA2zG4nSl4AaABAg.99iLKwz7RlZ99iNtuujuHF","E J","what the actual frick are you on about . classic tory idiot","3","","2020-06-10 08:35:04","false",""
"UgxRZToprIeA2zG4nSl4AaABAg.99iLKwz7RlZ99iPuJAxt8a","Chelsea For life","mate u stupid. Most of the people there are white","0","","2020-06-10 08:52:36","false",""
"UgxRZToprIeA2zG4nSl4AaABAg.99iLKwz7RlZ99ksuhwFMyW","Bluebird","@Chelsea For life self-hating whites","0","","2020-06-11 07:53:17","false",""
"Ugw-RfkSb-BNR02gy494AaABAg","Phil Bemji","Can I have it?","1","0","2020-06-10 08:13:21","true",""
"UgzNu099YT-pAQA6A-l4AaABAg","Joe C","Great news, knock them all down.","1","0","2020-06-10 08:13:42","true",""
"UgwIiQXgqu1KpdR4cW54AaABAg","Will Girvan","I can't believe that people are bending the knee the black lives matter. Considering they're black racial communists who want to control the means of production and abolish the police, if you support this ideology in any capacity you are a f****** moron","1","3","2020-06-10 08:14:11","true",""
"UgwIiQXgqu1KpdR4cW54AaABAg.99iLVt0ql-199iLighmH2w","Ra Ra","I support it. What's wrong with it?","1","","2020-06-10 08:16:04","false",""
"UgwIiQXgqu1KpdR4cW54AaABAg.99iLVt0ql-199iSatVyPA3","Will Girvan","@Ra Ra the fact that they believe in reparations against white people who personally never benefitted or took part in slavery. They want to abolish the police. They want to create a race based hierarchy based on oppression. They want an end to capitalism and to control means of production. I reiterate that they are racial communists and if anyone had any semblance of grasp on history they would realise that they are a disgusting organisation","1","","2020-06-10 09:16:10","false",""
"UgwIiQXgqu1KpdR4cW54AaABAg.99iLVt0ql-199iVyn0TfdH","Will Girvan","@Ra Ra they even have their facts wrong in the link because they say black people in the UK die more due to the police. Not true white people are 25 percent more likely to die in police custody in the UK. Everything these idiots protest is based on a lie.","0","","2020-06-10 09:45:38","false",""
"Ugw4DJmIgHY8MPuZlA14AaABAg","tony tookie","We need to take down the statues of Churchill and Napoleon  and replace them with  statues of John Lennon and Bob Marley, whose with me!!","1","1","2020-06-10 08:14:13","true",""
"Ugw4DJmIgHY8MPuZlA14AaABAg.99iLW7I1Whl99iMAkf0anH","A Nother","No, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.","0","","2020-06-10 08:20:02","false",""
"UgwCjpH_RhOaFKm9QTB4AaABAg","The Great Nobby","Real headline: uk government forgets who made that dockyard and tears down his memorial statue because of what was normal when he was alive.","8","1","2020-06-10 08:14:35","true",""
"UgwCjpH_RhOaFKm9QTB4AaABAg.99iLYpnCpHT99iNvNUuPav","raza","Exactly!","0","","2020-06-10 08:35:16","false",""
"Ugz0gWqHm4uht2dJfFp4AaABAg","Marc Espi","Can you guys opens pubs so these people have something to do?","0","0","2020-06-10 08:15:27","true",""
"UgzM7Xse32X5T1KdPtF4AaABAg","barrie","toany of the workers that removed this statue..if you see this comment hang your heads in shame you fools","0","0","2020-06-10 08:16:40","true",""
"UgzHLx7ERiMUUm1hHsN4AaABAg","piny 09","Burn it all.","0","0","2020-06-10 08:16:50","true",""
"UgwjPWaKQad7SaeFuhZ4AaABAg","Crimson","All I am seeing is people destroying British history for literally no reason, the guy floyd was killed and yes that was wrong and the initial protests wanted his killer imprisoned which has happened  so why is it continuing, nothing more will be gained from protesting also bare in mind that George floyd was a criminal who had done horrible acts and had therefore destroyed many people’s lives, imagine if you were robbed by George floyd and then some time later everyone in the world starts protesting and loving the man who robbed you.","1","2","2020-06-10 08:17:50","true",""
"UgwjPWaKQad7SaeFuhZ4AaABAg.99iLvgZDIF899iMalWbEG3","Ra Ra","""Literally no reason."" The reason is that it's wrong to glorify slavery, which is what these statues do.","0","","2020-06-10 08:23:43","false",""
"UgwjPWaKQad7SaeFuhZ4AaABAg.99iLvgZDIF899inADezrmQ","fat fat","@Ra Ra Does statue of Gandhi glorify racism?","2","","2020-06-10 12:24:37","false",""
"UgwMkZ-Dfv-e98wqiLJ4AaABAg","Annony mous","Where's isis when you need them?","0","0","2020-06-10 08:18:14","true",""
"UgwM0t0dHqwnW5FgcAp4AaABAg","JAMIE PARKER","UK has been infiltrated.","2","0","2020-06-10 08:18:29","true",""
"UgyTN3JJBKoZA-5CpdB4AaABAg","Jaques Ravalec","No vote on this and the mayor didn't get many so nothing should be removed.","19","1","2020-06-10 08:18:57","true",""
"UgyTN3JJBKoZA-5CpdB4AaABAg.99iM2sDZ0WT99j06eZCMYZ","Gollum","Yet they still removed it because a few minorities signed a petition that only the minorities knew about","0","","2020-06-10 14:26:28","false",""
"UgzHbpFJdCqdYCtEOAF4AaABAg","CYNICAL HITMAN","See how careful they are being not too break it 😂😂","2","0","2020-06-10 08:19:17","true",""
"UgxKmXGLxqBVWcmJFdt4AaABAg","nurlu kelam","Silence is violence!

The former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark said: ""Aafiyah's case is the worst case of the individual injustice in the history of US. She should be released immediately."" 
Where are the protests for Aafiya Siddiqui? She is a victim of brutality and injustice millions of times more than George Floyd. 
Do your researches, get convinced and come together!! FREE AAFIYAH SIDDIQI !!!","1","0","2020-06-10 08:20:17","true",""
"UgyB49CsTR5esU3v4ZJ4AaABAg","Ammotive","It’s all token efforts. It’s lip service. 
As long as the lizard people assume the form of old white men when then grace the surface then whites will always be in charge.","0","0","2020-06-10 08:20:57","true",""
"Ugx7E6haANw38R8D0QF4AaABAg","Robin McEwen","Well done. What a craven act. What will Egypt do when the pyramids are demolished?","0","0","2020-06-10 08:21:13","true",""
"Ugz_COeq6nhn1ipB0mN4AaABAg","H L","We're turning more and more like China everyday","8","0","2020-06-10 08:23:13","true",""
"UgzBFPo4q0yTJW5AgR94AaABAg","Paul Brenning","Floyd was a evil thug. He held a gun to a pregnant woman's unborn child. He had multiple felony convictions. Shows how smart blacks are when they martyr this waste man.","0","0","2020-06-10 08:24:51","true",""
"Ugzj6g7BNgZIy9NZr3R4AaABAg","Scitch2781","🐑🐑🐑 baaa baaa","1","0","2020-06-10 08:25:09","true",""
"UgwABuz2SSuizTd-ElR4AaABAg","Scitch2781","Censorship begins","1","0","2020-06-10 08:25:19","true",""
"Ugxcz-2eK1mt6Zh1u5d4AaABAg","chazza JJ","not just black lives matter, all lives matter, if it wasn`t for churchill the lives of us all would be far far worse, terrible social distancing, putting lives at risk, what cretins.","0","0","2020-06-10 08:26:17","true",""
"Ugwe0bwV8xWvlQi3Ou54AaABAg","PedroE","Labour MP - Says it all really","1","0","2020-06-10 08:26:48","true",""
"UgyUMEjD11BpwJCnqFV4AaABAg","kevin parker","If any of these idiots can be identified a visit in the early hours of the morning may be the next thing to happen. Nothing more than bullies trying to erase my history. Good or bad its still our history.","0","0","2020-06-10 08:26:50","true",""
"UgyOsqoCKm5iTQCVS3F4AaABAg","Pedro Leão","I love seeing ""history being erased"". Please erase more. No place for racism. Chola mais!","0","0","2020-06-10 08:26:56","true",""
"UgxixTcVMACi2bs6vEx4AaABAg","Rehan","Only people who hate Winston Churchill are Indians.... all the Indians I met absolutely hate Churchill.","0","0","2020-06-10 08:27:15","true",""
"Ugw6ipeW5KelCOr0jtp4AaABAg","Baelish86 1984","book burnings will be next. mark my words. every historical character will be judged by the standards of the far left","1","2","2020-06-10 08:27:48","true",""
"Ugw6ipeW5KelCOr0jtp4AaABAg.99iN3eLnm8y99iO5r-duss","Ra Ra","What a hysterical and overly-dramatic comment. Nobody's burning books. We just don't want big old statues glorifying slavery yeah.","1","","2020-06-10 08:36:50","false",""
"Ugw6ipeW5KelCOr0jtp4AaABAg.99iN3eLnm8y99im_6FxJTj","fat fat","@Ra Ra It doesnt glorify slavery. They werent built for their involvement in the slave trade","1","","2020-06-10 12:19:25","false",""
"Ugw2pZ056p5U5kDx_bp4AaABAg","boy Afrika","The moment we start realizing the so called great white figures are just murderers and thieves. Now these white privileged people in the comments are saying they are destroying history. No they are not, they are just showing the truth. You guys get to learn the real history, as for the statue I think only great people should be glorified.","0","1","2020-06-10 08:27:58","true",""
"Ugw2pZ056p5U5kDx_bp4AaABAg.99iN4vjIf-o99imxYcxAlV","fat fat","Who do you consider great? Gandhi's statues was vandalised and a last year student wanted his statue took down.","0","","2020-06-10 12:22:45","false",""
"Ugxyk9xqBPQOAa1C4C14AaABAg","C B","The lunatics are now running the asylum. Weak government. The road to civil unrest.","2","0","2020-06-10 08:28:21","true",""
"Ugx0THg3BB6J1_niGU94AaABAg","mark 303","Nelson Mandela statue is in Parliament Square, London: its now time to remove it.

Mandela was the head of UmKhonto we Sizwe, (MK), the terrorist wing of the ANC and South African Communist Party. At his trial, he had pleaded guilty to 156 acts of public violence including mobilising terrorist bombing campaigns, which planted bombs in public places, including the Johannesburg railway station. Many innocent people, including women and children, were killed by Nelson Mandela’s MK terrorists. Here are some highlights:

-Church Street West, Pretoria, on the 20 May 1983
-Amanzimtoti Shopping complex KZN, 23 December 1985
-Krugersdorp Magistrate’s Court, 17 March 1988
-Durban Pick ‘n Pay shopping complex, 1 September 1986
-Pretoria Sterland movie complex 16 April 1988 – limpet mine killed ANC terrorist M O Maponya instead
-Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court, 20 May 1987
-Roodepoort Standard Bank 3 June, 1988

The MK committed over one hundred and fifty public acts of violence and terrorism.
Consequently, the numerous bombings killed 63 people and injured 483 people

Targets included a Jewish synagogue, a black policeman’s home, restaurants, shopping centres, pubs, and even a nuclear power plant.

When arrested, Mandela and his fellow terrorists had in their possession a massive stockpile of weapons.
The police found hand grenades, dynamite, and automatic weapons.
Furthermore, Nelson Mandela never renounced violence.

He was offered an early, conditional release in 1985 on one condition—that he renounced violence.
He refused.
Amnesty International would not take his case because he was not a political prisoner.
He went to jail because he committed acts of violence, murder, and terror.

Tear it down. Let’s start a petition!","91","25","2020-06-10 08:29:43","true",""
"Ugx0THg3BB6J1_niGU94AaABAg.99iNHg0uGgH99iUJloQtno","Curly Lulu","So you wanted black people in South Africa to remain second class citizens...? Shall I conveniently remind you of the Soweto Uprising in which the police opened fire on children, school children protesting peacefully for their rights. But none of them get called terrorists. Queen Lizzy sits on a throne of stolen jewels but her family isn't called terrorist for all the blood diamonds and lives that helped build this country from the ground up. What is it they say, "" until lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always be glorified""","5","","2020-06-10 09:31:10","false",""
"Ugx0THg3BB6J1_niGU94AaABAg.99iNHg0uGgH99iVu5Fagv2","Paul","@Curly Lulu how about the brutal rape/murder's of white farmer's","20","","2020-06-10 09:45:00","false",""
"Ugx0THg3BB6J1_niGU94AaABAg.99iNHg0uGgH99iWZoAioTD","Stanley James Adie","No good arguing with you you have done your homework.","4","","2020-06-10 09:50:50","false",""
"Ugx0THg3BB6J1_niGU94AaABAg.99iNHg0uGgH99iWlYl0md4","Gavin Smith","Straight facts, conveniently forgotten.","11","","2020-06-10 09:52:34","false",""
"Ugx0THg3BB6J1_niGU94AaABAg.99iNHg0uGgH99iZ-z7bLZU","stephan S","you're depicting a fight for freedom","1","","2020-06-10 10:12:09","false",""
"Ugx0THg3BB6J1_niGU94AaABAg.99iNHg0uGgH99iZL_4koyX","93jwj","@Curly Lulu Expect nothing more from the race with an average IQ of 80; they are too incapable to build societies on their own. Our biggest mistake: giving them an inch, and allowing them to take a mile. Civil war is brewing folks, it's about time we put the 'great' back into Britain; let's return her back to her former glory. Rule Britannia! ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻","6","","2020-06-10 10:15:06","false",""
"Ugx0THg3BB6J1_niGU94AaABAg.99iNHg0uGgH99i_H7r73yL","Drummer Jo","@stephan S So violence is acceptable? George Floyd died during the fight to rid the streets of criminals, is that acceptable now?","0","","2020-06-10 10:23:14","false",""
"Ugx0THg3BB6J1_niGU94AaABAg.99iNHg0uGgH99i_oaVFD-r","TailsR1984","Unbeknownst to you, your comments prove the hypocrisy of the movements to take the staues down unlawfully or not. Truly negating many facts, heavily following emotional bias. 'One rule for thee..' comes to mind.","0","","2020-06-10 10:27:56","false",""
"Ugx0THg3BB6J1_niGU94AaABAg.99iNHg0uGgH99ibR2vLhD9","stephan S","@Drummer Jo in context, South Africa, during the Apartheid, fighting against it definitely makes it acceptable, doesn't it make it a fight again a crime?","1","","2020-06-10 10:42:04","false",""
"Ugx0THg3BB6J1_niGU94AaABAg.99iNHg0uGgH99id2QV4Zsi","GARYPUSSY","@Curly Lulu what do you mean want","0","","2020-06-10 10:56:11","false",""
"Ugx0THg3BB6J1_niGU94AaABAg.99iNHg0uGgH99iiHLoBipZ","Curly Lulu","@Paul Where did I say that was justified? however if you want to play the oppression games, shall I enlighten you that those white farmers would not be currently having their lands dispossessed if the colonial rule hadn't segregated south Africans to 8% of their own land? None of it would probably be happening now if it wasn't for the Native lands Act. Can't remember a single black person being involved in that 🤔 but please go off with your selective outrage","1","","2020-06-10 11:41:54","false",""
"Ugx0THg3BB6J1_niGU94AaABAg.99iNHg0uGgH99iiRnS4Bwr","Curly Lulu","@93jwj hmm second time you comment this, guess someone else is joining us on that IQ average 😂","0","","2020-06-10 11:43:20","false",""
"Ugx0THg3BB6J1_niGU94AaABAg.99iNHg0uGgH99iiYc57bxD","Curly Lulu","@GARYPUSSY sorry I don't get your question?","0","","2020-06-10 11:44:16","false",""
"Ugx0THg3BB6J1_niGU94AaABAg.99iNHg0uGgH99ip9-HOrkp","mark 303","Curly Lulu 
The brutality of the ANC
Nelson Mandela, his wife Winnie, ANC’s supporters and members employed a hideously violent method of execution known as “The Necklace”.
This method of killing involves placing a petrol-filled tyre over the victim’s head and shoulders.
The killers then set it alight.
ANC supporters used this savage method of execution on over six hundred people.
The victims were mainly black policemen and their families.
Also, ‘The Necklace’ is often used by black South Africans against black immigrants.
Nelson Mandela’s wife Winnie said: “With our box of matches and our necklaces, we will liberate South Africa”.","4","","2020-06-10 12:41:56","false",""
"Ugx0THg3BB6J1_niGU94AaABAg.99iNHg0uGgH99ipKZfqiRC","mark 303","Curly Lulu you still think the ANC were justified? Maybe you are also on the side of Isis","2","","2020-06-10 12:43:31","false",""
"Ugx0THg3BB6J1_niGU94AaABAg.99iNHg0uGgH99jF5sTG-AL","Cardi B","Yes it needs to come down","1","","2020-06-10 16:37:26","false",""
"Ugx0THg3BB6J1_niGU94AaABAg.99iNHg0uGgH99lFhYd6pGz","chris wilson","Two words for you and the second one is off","0","","2020-06-11 11:21:12","false",""
"Ugx0THg3BB6J1_niGU94AaABAg.99iNHg0uGgH99lLfZt7uFW","Curly Lulu","mark 303 you are fighting real hard to justify slavery ANC has not done anything that wasn’t surpassed by slavery, colonialism, apartheid, segregation and the subsequent  for Africa  😂😂 yes the ANC was justified during the colonial occupation of a country wherein individuals had no human rights, the fact you are trying to justify that puts you far beyond the extremism that is ISIS because at least ISIS wasn’t around until America started bombing half of the Middle East 🙃 but go off","1","","2020-06-11 12:13:21","false",""
"Ugx0THg3BB6J1_niGU94AaABAg.99iNHg0uGgH99m5nKzcpt-","stephan S","@Drummer Jodied , already subdued and suffocated to death  I fail to see the righteous part of the fight","0","","2020-06-11 19:13:51","false",""
"Ugx0THg3BB6J1_niGU94AaABAg.99iNHg0uGgH99mdT32YivO","Drummer Jo","@stephan S The death is sad but we're still waiting to hear the facts from the arrest.","0","","2020-06-12 00:16:46","false",""
"Ugx0THg3BB6J1_niGU94AaABAg.99iNHg0uGgH99oOlXiu_1I","BeyondSpace","@Drummer Jo Well George Floyd was a criminal.","1","","2020-06-12 16:38:06","false",""
"Ugx0THg3BB6J1_niGU94AaABAg.99iNHg0uGgH99rO1p1suTg","Curly Lulu","@BeyondSpace so was the officer that killed hime. 17 instances of criminal misconduct to be exact, but only one of them served their time 🤔 wonder why you didn't point that out too, or were you just trying to justify the murder?","0","","2020-06-13 20:29:27","false",""
"Ugx0THg3BB6J1_niGU94AaABAg.99iNHg0uGgH99wSOSam1Zn","w3w3w3","Hear Hear. Lets remove that terrorist.","0","","2020-06-15 19:43:41","false",""
"Ugx0THg3BB6J1_niGU94AaABAg.99iNHg0uGgH9AcCrHI57Y2","Thomas Matkevich","@93jwj the reason for that IQ is cultural not racial","0","","2020-07-02 19:34:32","false",""
"Ugx0THg3BB6J1_niGU94AaABAg.99iNHg0uGgH9BD36q6QF-j","jaspjody","@Cardi B what do we want .statues down when do we want now.🗣👤","0","","2020-07-17 12:20:34","false",""
"UgyTynj6kpAXNT5lG_54AaABAg","Mr Aviation","this is a peace of British history being taken down All lives matter","0","0","2020-06-10 08:29:52","true",""
"Ugyj0hDZh1Jbh7uoepp4AaABAg","Mike Hat","‘He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.’","0","0","2020-06-10 08:29:55","true",""
"UgxOZYzVcWlv2-ZyKzt4AaABAg","Ginger Megs","Crazies everywhere. Lock and Load Time.","3","0","2020-06-10 08:31:04","true",""
"UgxQv9PEzrUXkPgoCbF4AaABAg","Geo Erry","Stupid stupid sheeple!!!    attempting to destroy history,  'wonder if they're put up to committing such actions by ???????      Probably!!!","0","0","2020-06-10 08:31:28","true",""
"Ugwcmv1EVwN2yxhSTsN4AaABAg","TimeMachine Bikes","I predict the return of book burning by the end of the week - Evergreen is going global.","0","0","2020-06-10 08:31:36","true",""
"Ugzn0HXDuJmxoY3Jcs94AaABAg","ianh","The Churchill statue must not be removed.
Yes he was a rascist and so were many others of the time..but he defeated Nazism...a scourge far worse than slavery. Remember Hitler wanted to exterminate anyone who didn't fit his model image. and that includes all blacks and coloureds and a lot of whites too.","0","0","2020-06-10 08:32:39","true",""
"UgwtwoZWYP0w3VMwgdx4AaABAg","Rocky Malone","Cant wait to see this country crumble 🎊🎉🎉🍺🍺🍻","0","1","2020-06-10 08:32:45","true",""
"UgwtwoZWYP0w3VMwgdx4AaABAg.99iNcssa70Y99iOtNled30","David","You must be delusional today","3","","2020-06-10 08:43:44","false",""
"UgywXOMJx6A1MievPk54AaABAg","Boo galoo","I plan to deface every single black memorial i see and if i get arrested.....I have very good lawyers on my side...eye for an eye bitches!","0","0","2020-06-10 08:33:06","true",""
"UgxATXABKNXkXg8ZNIB4AaABAg","pete froom","so when do we start pulling down the pyramids as they were built by slaves, where do we draw the line, anything to riot,","1","3","2020-06-10 08:33:09","true",""
"UgxATXABKNXkXg8ZNIB4AaABAg.99iNfslBcng99iNtuGLE62","Ra Ra","Basically, anything that glorifies slavery = take down. Anything which is just related to slavery in some way = keep up.","1","","2020-06-10 08:35:04","false",""
"UgxATXABKNXkXg8ZNIB4AaABAg.99iNfslBcng99iOi-JGoxz","mudshark jones","were they? you sure about that ? also were the pyramids built in suburban streets to honor a known slave trader? absurd ignorant argument , think before you answer.","1","","2020-06-10 08:42:11","false",""
"UgxATXABKNXkXg8ZNIB4AaABAg.99iNfslBcng99iPI5kY53h","mascara snake","@mudshark jones Yes they were. As were Roman roads in Britain.","0","","2020-06-10 08:47:15","false",""
"UgxwFg7FiIqJLfZIE6V4AaABAg","Blix 17","If they take down or vandalise Churchill's statute we should legally be aloud to kill all the protesters","0","0","2020-06-10 08:35:18","true",""
"UgziLPetvGf-4JmXm2B4AaABAg","mcfcbeeman Brexit","I think I'll be voting a more nationalist party this time. I've had enough of this. I never thought I'd support a nationalist party but so be it.","65","12","2020-06-10 08:35:38","true",""
"UgziLPetvGf-4JmXm2B4AaABAg.99iNy0iCvpG99l80bAEVak","Lee Saunders","yup I'm thinking that myself","4","","2020-06-11 10:14:02","false",""
"UgziLPetvGf-4JmXm2B4AaABAg.99iNy0iCvpG99lOdVJ7uzo","Hayth Miller","absolutely agreed","3","","2020-06-11 12:39:17","false",""
"UgziLPetvGf-4JmXm2B4AaABAg.99iNy0iCvpG99lggYIEgVD","Xanadu84","What can we vote for, though
‘For Britain’? And what will they do, deport?","1","","2020-06-11 15:25:44","false",""
"UgziLPetvGf-4JmXm2B4AaABAg.99iNy0iCvpG99u7mcm_4Km","TimBhoy67","Don't do it people like that just want to create even more division and it'll just lead to more scenes like this. It'll only make things worse","1","","2020-06-14 22:05:09","false",""
"UgziLPetvGf-4JmXm2B4AaABAg.99iNy0iCvpG99vvWivkS1R","Yorkshire GingNutz","Patriotic Alternative, they're not a party yet though","1","","2020-06-15 14:47:44","false",""
"UgziLPetvGf-4JmXm2B4AaABAg.99iNy0iCvpG99vwF-0-l3O","V M","Once Patriotic Alternative reach the ballet box, they will be the best choice in Britain as they are the only pro indigenous group out there.","1","","2020-06-15 14:54:03","false",""
"UgziLPetvGf-4JmXm2B4AaABAg.99iNy0iCvpG99wS7lAvjlX","w3w3w3","@Lee Saunders You have to... with current immigration and birthrates England will be <50% Engllish in 30 years lol... all Major cities are already low on Enlgish/British people... in 2011 census London was <45% white British/English... we in 2020 now...","0","","2020-06-15 19:41:25","false",""
"UgziLPetvGf-4JmXm2B4AaABAg.99iNy0iCvpG99wSAZBOSVa","w3w3w3","@Yorkshire GingNutz All parties suck... we need a civil war.","0","","2020-06-15 19:41:48","false",""
"UgziLPetvGf-4JmXm2B4AaABAg.99iNy0iCvpG99wV5nqO1hB","The Italian Swordsman","mcfcbeeman Brexit good","0","","2020-06-15 20:07:22","false",""
"UgziLPetvGf-4JmXm2B4AaABAg.99iNy0iCvpG9ANK6vGoT2k","J M","@Xanadu84 mass deportation would solve a lot of problems, overcrowding, strain on infrastructure, the greenbelt, etc. It would end much of the internal struggle for power within Britain. Then we'd only have the Left to destroy and we'd be merry old England again.","1","","2020-06-26 15:30:08","false",""
"UgziLPetvGf-4JmXm2B4AaABAg.99iNy0iCvpG9ANKBMBgwaw","J M","@w3w3w3 good shout. Civil war is long overdue.","0","","2020-06-26 15:30:44","false",""
"UgziLPetvGf-4JmXm2B4AaABAg.99iNy0iCvpG9AUi6q6pZvJ","Ian Dixon","@V M You know the English aren't indigenous don't you?","0","","2020-06-29 12:23:15","false",""
"Ugx_mB0Z5uCmHfc3aQB4AaABAg","MARTIN A1","much of the English Monarchy's wealth is derived from the slave trade even after the abolition so all statues of our kings and queens need pulling down and maybe we need to dig up their coffins and place them in unmarked graves......","0","2","2020-06-10 08:36:50","true",""
"Ugx_mB0Z5uCmHfc3aQB4AaABAg.99iO5lgwrl799iP4mrl8mX","mascara snake","Ignorant comment of the day.","0","","2020-06-10 08:45:26","false",""
"Ugx_mB0Z5uCmHfc3aQB4AaABAg.99iO5lgwrl799j-Yt2sPWs","MARTIN A1","@mascara snake stupid response  of the year","0","","2020-06-10 14:21:35","false",""
"Ugw3dVLpkFemP3QUyTV4AaABAg","kahlesstiberius","I wonder how many of those protesters were actually born here and if BLM and antifa get classified as domestic terrorism by any nation,then these guys are supporting that terrorism.","0","0","2020-06-10 08:37:42","true",""
"Ugx06ZDoxL4zNV6PDL54AaABAg","Critic Majestic","Where does it stop we have forgotten the one main question here . MR FLOYD a man who lost his life at the hands of a police officer who is hopefully going to do life for murder . But the irony is we are now holding a man up as a symbol was convicted of holding a pregnant woman at gun point to get what he wanted now to me he treated her like a slave. second if MR FLOYD handnt died or arrested would there be riots would statues be coming down would BLM which incedently has been high jacked by leftis that are hell bent on causing carnage and to me after all this over the past few weeks has lost all credability .","0","0","2020-06-10 08:38:05","true",""
"Ugywpq0-uBoPtWrVYQx4AaABAg","That Geezer","They use in the same rationale as a 3-year old child who covers his eyes and thinks no one can see them.","0","0","2020-06-10 08:38:08","true",""
"UgzozXUJDSz072VaQ2R4AaABAg","Lawrence K","Watch the video The Spider's Web Britain's second city .people talk about conspiracy lol watch this video","0","0","2020-06-10 08:38:43","true",""
"UgwrLUn9wZVgTTlnFwV4AaABAg","Andreastom","There's so much racism from both sides of the argument in this comment section. I understand now why most news sources don't allow comments on their videos.","0","2","2020-06-10 08:39:11","true",""
"UgwrLUn9wZVgTTlnFwV4AaABAg.99iON1jBEwM99iOogZSIVd","mascara snake","How does suppressing freedom of speech prevent racism?","1","","2020-06-10 08:43:06","false",""
"UgwrLUn9wZVgTTlnFwV4AaABAg.99iON1jBEwM99iRg5ZoaTb","Andreastom","@mascara snake It prevents it showing, which is all that matters for big media companies","0","","2020-06-10 09:08:08","false",""
"Ugxx-ILVZksNc6vgQLp4AaABAg","ronlondres","England is losing it!!!","0","0","2020-06-10 08:39:22","true",""
"UgyNUCqEP97mXovSXtR4AaABAg","viralshield","all blacks, browns and whatever is not european, get out of europe ! protest in your country of origin!","1","1","2020-06-10 08:39:27","true",""
"UgyNUCqEP97mXovSXtR4AaABAg.99iOP0KF9Cm99nyHV-PWJB","Original DonGargon","Ohhh someone's an emotional wreck....😂😂😂","0","","2020-06-12 12:37:56","false",""
"UgwkWeNcN7Cukvsjiw94AaABAg","deeeeeeezzzzaaaa","A lot of people are complaining about these statues being taken down, but did you even understand it significance or care about it's presence before the Bristol incident? Probably not.","0","0","2020-06-10 08:40:51","true",""
"UgxZKp1CPpXLXpeOA-h4AaABAg","Jim Hook","So we’re getting rid of the Rhodes scholarship as well?","4","0","2020-06-10 08:41:29","true",""
"UgxweXfX6IzzgGMmBZF4AaABAg","Oscar Murphy","Destroying history isn’t going to solve anything.","43","8","2020-06-10 08:41:35","true",""
"UgxweXfX6IzzgGMmBZF4AaABAg.99iOdcw4pZs99ifHIY2uLD","Chris Wyett","Nobody said it's being destroyed.  I'm all for these statues being put in a museum for the specific reason of educating school children and the general public to learn from our past.","1","","2020-06-10 11:15:41","false",""
"UgxweXfX6IzzgGMmBZF4AaABAg.99iOdcw4pZs99ilq3uhmmf","Willem","Chris Wyett you’re just as delusional as they are","8","","2020-06-10 12:13:00","false",""
"UgxweXfX6IzzgGMmBZF4AaABAg.99iOdcw4pZs99iltzoArNi","Willem","It solves absolutely nothing. But they are too brainless to realise this","2","","2020-06-10 12:13:32","false",""
"UgxweXfX6IzzgGMmBZF4AaABAg.99iOdcw4pZs99iyzOlkLyb","manhunt48","@Chris Wyett That's why they tore the other one down and threw it into a river?","3","","2020-06-10 14:07:52","false",""
"UgxweXfX6IzzgGMmBZF4AaABAg.99iOdcw4pZs99izROfG_Hc","Gollum","Its an attack on our country
Police are to coward to defend
But 10's of thousands going down there this Saturday 1pm Park Lane to defend our country and our ancestors legacy","0","","2020-06-10 14:11:49","false",""
"UgxweXfX6IzzgGMmBZF4AaABAg.99iOdcw4pZs99izzsdtGq_","Chris Wyett","I love being a Liberal 😊","0","","2020-06-10 14:16:40","false",""
"UgxweXfX6IzzgGMmBZF4AaABAg.99iOdcw4pZs99pL_rfuZZc","P&Wfan 2004","@Chris Wyett then you support free speech to anyone, right?","1","","2020-06-13 01:29:32","false",""
"UgxweXfX6IzzgGMmBZF4AaABAg.99iOdcw4pZs9AQ8MxLD3pm","J Campbell","I bet not one single person in that mob of protesters realise, we still have present slavery around the world, which would be a better issue to demonstrate about.","0","","2020-06-27 17:45:11","false",""
"UgzwChLxJ3HCyOvh0oV4AaABAg","blizzard76kz","Colston traded slaves... pulls down statue. The pyramids were built by slaves. So are you going to pull down the pyramids? Infact why don't we just completely dismantle civilisation and destroy every human made structure. BAD things are embedded everywhere if you look deeply enough. Bunch of brainless illogical numpties.","0","0","2020-06-10 08:41:55","true",""
"UgyhC9GeL3QhfLpGMih4AaABAg","matt riding","Statue was there to reflect what we over achieved and came from its to remind us that at one point t we really did treat people as slaves but today in this age no one is treated a slave","0","0","2020-06-10 08:42:12","true",""
"Ugx2y5OqdmnzFvAp2ZN4AaABAg","mascara snake","Break out the plastic bullets.","0","0","2020-06-10 08:42:14","true",""
"UgxlCNHZA0GYDjMH5Cp4AaABAg","Luke Brown","Foreigners removing our history, this is what a defeated nation looks like. I couldn’t be more angry with the government’s spineless response to this","1","0","2020-06-10 08:42:19","true",""
"UgyXu_quZqtwNx7zhzF4AaABAg","David","No social distancing at the protesters","4","0","2020-06-10 08:42:38","true",""
"UgwmGcXyDuz4MVGe8Sh4AaABAg","Joseph Micah","I dont think it a good idea removing these things as it the white indigenous people history whether we like it or not, removing a statue aint going 2 change much","7","2","2020-06-10 08:43:21","true",""
"UgwmGcXyDuz4MVGe8Sh4AaABAg.99iOqXrFke399iT65fhzNh","Abhay Suji","A statues purpose is to honour or venerate someone.","0","","2020-06-10 09:20:33","false",""
"UgwmGcXyDuz4MVGe8Sh4AaABAg.99iOqXrFke399izL0DPEO1","manhunt48","@Abhay Suji So with that logic any statue of nelson Mandela are honouring terrorism and the killing of innocents right?","2","","2020-06-10 14:10:57","false",""
"UgxuWQeO94jQSk78nwN4AaABAg","Austerus Tertius Tutelus","Born in 1950 I was brought up in a country PROUD to be called England with heroes like Wellington, Drake, Nelson and Livingstone.What have we got now? A puppet government ruled by namby-pamby PC non-whites.What happened to patriatism and the Dunkirk Spirit?","0","1","2020-06-10 08:43:35","true",""
"UgxuWQeO94jQSk78nwN4AaABAg.99iOsDWtZes99iTThq2n4v","Abhay Suji","🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏽🧚🏼‍♂️You stopped being able to steal resources and money from India👁 because they got independent 👀and then your gdp and standing in the world began to decline with your Dunkirk spirit 💗💗💗","1","","2020-06-10 09:23:47","false",""
"UgyzwNK3mf4cs8nH76h4AaABAg","Bobby Broxtowe","Why give in to the violent mob. They shout they want justice for their fellow violent criminal floyd. They already have it the cops arrested. They don’t want to be equal to whites they want to be superior. With the help of pathetic lefties and weak government they will be.","0","0","2020-06-10 08:43:59","true",""
"Ugxvm92AvsEvPbgY_k14AaABAg","Chris Chris","ALL LIVES MATTER YOU IDIOTS","1","0","2020-06-10 08:44:05","true",""
"UgzzLRDbC-kbeyP6Mfl4AaABAg","Rhys","What a disgrace - stand up London, why are you people laying down and bowing??","17","8","2020-06-10 08:45:48","true",""
"UgzzLRDbC-kbeyP6Mfl4AaABAg.99iP7RpCFbV99m9NzfYK4v","The Happy Channel","Find The Light Not true.","0","","2020-06-11 19:45:12","false",""
"UgzzLRDbC-kbeyP6Mfl4AaABAg.99iP7RpCFbV99nvxChkLso","Callsign Frosty","@The Happy Channel it was minority British even at the last census, back in 2011.  Do you think it has gotten more British since?  As someone who lives there, I can assure you that has not happened.","0","","2020-06-12 12:17:33","false",""
"UgzzLRDbC-kbeyP6Mfl4AaABAg.99iP7RpCFbV99o2g-h5bM8","The Happy Channel","Callsign Frosty No it wasn’t. Check the census again.","0","","2020-06-12 13:25:06","false",""
"UgzzLRDbC-kbeyP6Mfl4AaABAg.99iP7RpCFbV99o2nAQYtV5","The Happy Channel","Find The Light You can say that but it doesn’t make it true. Not taking any sides nor making any arguments, just sticking to facts. The majority of London’s occupants were born in Britain and have British citizenship.","0","","2020-06-12 13:26:05","false",""
"UgzzLRDbC-kbeyP6Mfl4AaABAg.99iP7RpCFbV99p0ybSEw8o","Rhys","The Happy Channel does that matter? A corruptible mind is a corruptible mind - age is one of the biggest factors in being naive to the reality of the situation.. And most 1st or second gen migrants move countries for a better life not to destroy it.. this minority group has twisted weak minds.","0","","2020-06-12 22:29:25","false",""
"UgzzLRDbC-kbeyP6Mfl4AaABAg.99iP7RpCFbV99rMixlEWV2","Callsign Frosty","The Happy Channel 49% White British in 2011.","0","","2020-06-13 20:18:00","false",""
"UgzzLRDbC-kbeyP6Mfl4AaABAg.99iP7RpCFbV99tLjh7ZTDi","The Happy Channel","Callsign Frosty What’s your point?","0","","2020-06-14 14:47:50","false",""
"UgzzLRDbC-kbeyP6Mfl4AaABAg.99iP7RpCFbV9BBGToT6aPf","John Smith","The Happy Channel that it is minority British. Can you read?","0","","2020-07-16 19:38:49","false",""
"Ugx-d5Xvt2B4kw7TLER4AaABAg","Black Blades Zoro","Look at all these angry white people in the comments , 🤣😂","0","0","2020-06-10 08:46:24","true",""
"UgzhPGaiboc0sGElQ7t4AaABAg","Lando Calrissian","All to makes the blacks happy, what a shame","0","0","2020-06-10 08:46:52","true",""
"UgxGOefaYNVli67D2s94AaABAg","Daniel Ewenkhare","THEY MUST TAKE DOWN EACH AND EVERY SINGLE SLAVE TRADER STATUE PERIODTTTT","5","2","2020-06-10 08:47:54","true",""
"UgxGOefaYNVli67D2s94AaABAg.99iPMuis6ke99iQ0WSHb-B","Lando Calrissian","Does that mean taking down Mohammed as well?? He owned  slaves, but he’s Black so we can’t do that or everyone will get angry","5","","2020-06-10 08:53:35","false",""
"UgxGOefaYNVli67D2s94AaABAg.99iPMuis6ke99iToy81ldF","Aaron Storey","So every mosque must be torn down as they celebrate a murderer and slaver yeah","0","","2020-06-10 09:26:49","false",""
"UgzgPkP99hyU7gmSqzt4AaABAg","geoff walls","Terrorists to Britain 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧","1","0","2020-06-10 08:47:59","true",""
"UgzRkc1ZSXLCCsS8gj94AaABAg","Bronco Alba","Black Lives Haven't Mattered Since The Invention Of The Tractor

CHANGE MY MIND","7","4","2020-06-10 08:48:57","true",""
"UgzRkc1ZSXLCCsS8gj94AaABAg.99iPUZFYtRO99iXMa4DVaQ","93jwj","100%","0","","2020-06-10 09:57:46","false",""
"UgzRkc1ZSXLCCsS8gj94AaABAg.99iPUZFYtRO99i_-GVhn0B","stephan S","@93jwj gosh The Sun "" really should bring back topless page 3 that should pacify some of you down... and open career prospects for the women of your family","0","","2020-06-10 10:20:48","false",""
"UgzRkc1ZSXLCCsS8gj94AaABAg.99iPUZFYtRO99iencBTv8D","Chris Wyett","Nobody will change your mind.  Once a coward, always a coward.","0","","2020-06-10 11:11:30","false",""
"UgzRkc1ZSXLCCsS8gj94AaABAg.99iPUZFYtRO99iuHZHbesm","Bronco Alba","When police kill blacks its BLM protests/riots... When blacks kill blacks its just another day in the 'hood","0","","2020-06-10 13:26:47","false",""
"Ugwvm5au1JLvKIbGlTB4AaABAg","Greg","You do realise they’ll just put it back up when the protests have died down?","1","2","2020-06-10 08:49:29","true",""
"Ugwvm5au1JLvKIbGlTB4AaABAg.99iPYQjz4Ad99iQVXR_Z85","Ricky Spanish","They are being put in storage and will likely be placed back up in a few years once George Soros has his funding stripped and the movements been covertly dismantled.","0","","2020-06-10 08:57:49","false",""
"Ugwvm5au1JLvKIbGlTB4AaABAg.99iPYQjz4Ad99iQi53nBtA","Ra Ra","Literally zero chance of any statue of a slave trader being put back up.","1","","2020-06-10 08:59:40","false",""
"Ugz08Gnmp-olRHKQctJ4AaABAg","veronica kidziak","I can not understand the anger. This protest is so wrong","0","0","2020-06-10 08:49:36","true",""
"UgydGQkoDuxnumai7dt4AaABAg","Emperor Draco","I swear if they take down the Churchill monument...","0","0","2020-06-10 08:50:28","true",""
"UgxUe2hxd1A04e5prbd4AaABAg","Grandmother x","Slaves were owned in all Islamic societies, both sedentary and nomadic, ranging from Arabia in the centre to North Africa in the west and to what is now Pakistan and Indonesia in the east. Some Islamic states, such as the Ottoman Empire, the Crimean Khanate, and the Sokoto caliphate [Nigeria], must be termed slave societies because slaves there were very important numerically as well as a focus of the polities' energies.Encyclopaedia Britannica - Slavery 
ARE ALL MOSQUES GOING TO BE REMOVED IN LONDON THEN SADIQ KHAN?","0","0","2020-06-10 08:51:07","true",""
"UgxVB4w1a9EolJDX7794AaABAg","Beany 57","No PG tips or Yorkshire tea for me now....  How can you not be allowed to have a difference of opinion...","1","0","2020-06-10 08:51:25","true",""
"UgzvHS7rL6H7GpZYmD94AaABAg","Liam Devlin","I mean the main thing to remember at the time slavery was legal ,you could buy a bunch of slaves and work on your farm or whatever you wanted, and you have documents saying that these were owned by you ,but it was legal at the time however nowadays its illegal which is RIGHT that it is but slavery is still happening today just not so open and these statues of these people must have done other things than slavery thats why they put a statue there and ripping them down is not gonna change the fact what they have already done ,as some people in the comments have said,  i agree in the movement and there is ways of going about doing this but rioting, looting and vandalism is gonna tarnish what your fighting for","0","0","2020-06-10 08:52:13","true",""
"Ugyz3hmTOX8i5GvhEvt4AaABAg","Andrew Watson","Neo-marxist thugs hell bent on wrecking the culture and identity of this great country. Go and do something useful with your lives-got no time for these idiots.","1","0","2020-06-10 08:52:29","true",""
"UgyUVYMn_o_A_1rp_7R4AaABAg","Steve Kirby","I can understand statues of people that bought slaves from Africa and sold them elsewhere but Churchill wtf???","0","1","2020-06-10 08:52:40","true",""
"UgyUVYMn_o_A_1rp_7R4AaABAg.99iPukeDFvh99iQdKIOnze","Ra Ra","He caused the deaths of thousands of Indians.","1","","2020-06-10 08:59:01","false",""
"UgzpY7gFyUkfGvJd_1J4AaABAg","JNC","These radicals need to be put down NOW!","0","0","2020-06-10 08:53:33","true",""
"Ugw-Hpq4TCz5g1EnxnV4AaABAg","Big Don","In Ouidah, Benin, a man walks past a statue of Francisco Félix de Souza, a major slave merchant who worked in the 18th and 19th centuries in what is now Benin and is considered the father of the city. The statue is covered with lights.... hope everyones going africa to rip that statue down just know africans was selling there own people to the europeans wanna have a look closer to home","0","0","2020-06-10 08:54:14","true",""
"UgwpTrsmcGz6bsBIXZt4AaABAg","mitchell evans","Mob rule","0","0","2020-06-10 08:54:40","true",""
"UgxDGhtlQmbgY5tu7W14AaABAg","Death Docter","I think Sun you will find the police were there to stop a riot between the protesters and the white aggravators. Not protection Churchill","0","0","2020-06-10 08:54:55","true",""
"Ugyjw50gnxIyzIxnsGx4AaABAg","Mark Mywords","They have lost support for this. Last week there was a BLM protest in my town with everyone bibbing as they drove past. This week there was another and hardly anyone bibbed.","1","0","2020-06-10 08:54:56","true",""
"Ugzi11a078sTMHrngVl4AaABAg","Awesome Welles","Come on then, which black people are going to replace these statues they're taking down?","0","0","2020-06-10 08:55:08","true",""
"UgyIfoGh68zIl6pS5id4AaABAg","20_inches_BMX","What do we want (insert need here)
When do we want it (insert time frame) 
Such a boring protest line. Can we think of something newer? Better? 😂","0","0","2020-06-10 08:55:15","true",""
"Ugw094FVP1M-Xd9xrGh4AaABAg","Paul","Police needs to protect statue of war heroes now. Better lock up people who want to destroy them","2","0","2020-06-10 08:55:31","true",""
"UgwAAxO-5eYTuGC7_Ql4AaABAg","EnderMasa","the comment section did not pass the vibe check 😪✋","0","0","2020-06-10 08:55:33","true",""
"Ugz6-TNLRYn1UpeFfhV4AaABAg","Dave Calvert","Statues lives matter","0","0","2020-06-10 08:56:35","true",""
"Ugwx8Wy46_JSVjEIH5t4AaABAg","Scott Ferguson","Lets tear down the Roman Colosseum next, they literally forced slaves to fight and die in there.

Then we can finally fix history 😑","0","0","2020-06-10 08:56:46","true",""
"Ugz5pWW0jIWYh4MVKx54AaABAg","Meme Kampf","Cute how they think they have achieved something","0","0","2020-06-10 08:58:54","true",""
"Ugz6UgNc8B4B30Er7IB4AaABAg","xr3","1:25 NOOT NOOT","0","0","2020-06-10 08:59:05","true",""
"UgxgzTIRgEmbIOY-ORZ4AaABAg","Porkchop25 LLL","All those people hating on Britain and the Victorians please could you list some of these godlike humans and nations who have never done anything bad to anyone ever. 
I am fairly certain the only thing that would make that list if you ever actually learnt any history would be Wakanda lol.","0","0","2020-06-10 08:59:14","true",""
"Ugw1m4qUGuV2sMyG33F4AaABAg","Lucy Hodges","I agree that all lives matter, but trying to tear down a statue o a leader who helped us in the war has gone too far. How about the rioters (There is a difference between peaceful protesters and people who try to tear down statues) stay at home to stop the Covid-19 spread and donate to charites to stop modern day child slavery? The past cannot be rewritten, but the future can.  So  stop the angry mob approach.","0","0","2020-06-10 08:59:23","true",""
"Ugzk0vwEiuJbRRAn8a94AaABAg","Paul Brodie","Forget the statues we should be taking down the monarchy and government","0","0","2020-06-10 08:59:45","true",""
"UgwP_-Rb8AnKQvnvNQV4AaABAg","Emily 1","What Black Mirror episode is this???","0","0","2020-06-10 09:00:00","true",""
"Ugz3d5g6z-qw__tLcTB4AaABAg","Paladin","This is now mob rule and must be stopped or it will only get worse.","13","1","2020-06-10 09:00:02","true",""
"Ugz3d5g6z-qw__tLcTB4AaABAg.99iQkjB1KtW99izlvA8CNi","Gollum","This Saturday we oppose blm 
Get to park lane 1pm this Saturday","1","","2020-06-10 14:14:46","false",""
"UgwFheLj7XbCM5yUJtt4AaABAg","Jay Burton","Knob heads get a job","0","0","2020-06-10 09:02:13","true",""
"UgypDZN8bxxINglI3Cp4AaABAg","Fkathebody","Churchill next...then Nelsons column...🥳🥳🥳","0","0","2020-06-10 09:02:16","true",""
"UgwQxT2NExkWhLuDFNl4AaABAg","Lacey Griffiths","All for gorge floyd the man who held a gun to a pregnant women's belly and robbed her they will won't to put up a statu of him next","3","0","2020-06-10 09:03:38","true",""
"UgwNFucLm1nxNtWhpph4AaABAg","charles meadows","Get a life and find a job would be better use of your time","0","0","2020-06-10 09:04:33","true",""
"Ugzumi5xwD3tbjSQ8kB4AaABAg","Jeremy Fisher","SHAME ON YOU","0","0","2020-06-10 09:05:05","true",""
"Ugwbf6eZ-SX6TMX3Kll4AaABAg","Rimmer won't eat his gazpacho soup.","Why don’t we take the statue of Karl Marx down?
The brain child of the most destructive cult in history?","35","10","2020-06-10 09:05:28","true",""
"Ugwbf6eZ-SX6TMX3Kll4AaABAg.99iRNa535oG99iZbEnQdEt","JP","Because he didnt own slaves. 
Or commit any atrocities. 

By your logic we should also remove any statues of Jesus.","5","","2020-06-10 10:17:23","false",""
"Ugwbf6eZ-SX6TMX3Kll4AaABAg.99iRNa535oG99ilZQXWK_B","fat fat","@JP What atrocities did Gandhi commit? He was vandalised along with Lincoln too. And yet people create monuments for George floyd who held a gun to a pregnant woman(one of numerous crimes)","8","","2020-06-10 12:10:35","false",""
"Ugwbf6eZ-SX6TMX3Kll4AaABAg.99iRNa535oG99im0oYTOWg","pindrop","@JP no all Marx did was birth an ideology that resulted in the deaths of tens of millions if not hundreds of millions across the globe. Personally I say let his statue stand to remind people of how badly ill thought out ideas and idiotic revolutions end, kinda relevant currently.","12","","2020-06-10 12:14:36","false",""
"Ugwbf6eZ-SX6TMX3Kll4AaABAg.99iRNa535oG99lL6fECCBY","Matilai9","Watch EUROPA THE LAST BATTLE,BITCHUTE","0","","2020-06-11 12:08:27","false",""
"Ugwbf6eZ-SX6TMX3Kll4AaABAg.99iRNa535oG99m1LemxhFM","Ray of Lyte","@fat fat George Floyd could have been any black man. We're being killed indiscriminately because of people like you.","0","","2020-06-11 18:34:59","false",""
"Ugwbf6eZ-SX6TMX3Kll4AaABAg.99iRNa535oG99rvifmyFQ8","Aj195","@fat fat what do u expect from people who react based on emotions, and support communist ideas?","2","","2020-06-14 01:32:32","false",""
"Ugwbf6eZ-SX6TMX3Kll4AaABAg.99iRNa535oG99v1aLaghu8","Ducky","JP Marx literally created communism, something that killed over 50 million due to the starvation.","4","","2020-06-15 06:30:17","false",""
"Ugwbf6eZ-SX6TMX3Kll4AaABAg.99iRNa535oG9ANLZ21tjI_","J M","@Ducky well over that figure. 60 million dead in Mao's cultural revolution, Stalin and the other Commie nutters murdered 20+ million slavs and other dissenters. They're absolutely the enemy.","2","","2020-06-26 15:42:42","false",""
"Ugwbf6eZ-SX6TMX3Kll4AaABAg.99iRNa535oG9AQ71ET_JGQ","J Campbell","@JP Actually Karl Marx utopia led to millions of deaths that led to extrajudicial executions, show trails, genocide, forced labour, fatal deportations and mass murder.  He is a man of terror and the founder of Communism. By your logic you haven't read history!","0","","2020-06-27 17:33:29","false",""
"Ugwbf6eZ-SX6TMX3Kll4AaABAg.99iRNa535oG9AqflSTyNo1","Qtaro - ゴールド・エクスペリエンス・レクイエム","@JP the pyramids should be destroyed too because they used slaves and the great wall of china too. man stfu","2","","2020-07-08 10:25:15","false",""
"Ugyt2xEe81P0SZpXMdp4AaABAg","Woo cox","99.9 % of people don’t know who these hunks of Rocks where before all this and they walked past it everyday with no problems and now they offended! 
It’s just a lump of clay and nothing else, as they are dead and gone! if you continue to look for issues, faults then you will find them, but history means past and gone! We have moved on and evolved, it may have taken years, and continue, but people don’t evolve over night,  things have changed, as people are no longer servants, shackled,  segregated, we don’t have the look who,S coming to dinner, attitude and we have universal schooling, so use of our universities for learning and not offending good hard working caring people and wasting time of meaningless pieces of clay or iron !","0","0","2020-06-10 09:05:43","true",""
"UgzT1pqaKcRrJmoLuPF4AaABAg","Rizwaan","Why do we even have statues of slave traders?","1","1","2020-06-10 09:05:55","true",""
"UgzT1pqaKcRrJmoLuPF4AaABAg.99iRQoMmDjB99iVv0ruKcC","Cyril Sneer","The guy lived 400 years ago.  When slavery was legal and a part of the world.  It's still going on today by the way not that you care.  It was England that banned it and it was England that enforced the ban with the most powerful navy in the world at that time.  You forget about that too and what that guy who lived hundreds of years ago did for Bristol.","0","","2020-06-10 09:45:07","false",""
"UgzdeDA3QSTojLdGcoR4AaABAg","sikh kyle","mohamed was a slave trader, remove all mosques now","12","3","2020-06-10 09:06:05","true",""
"UgzdeDA3QSTojLdGcoR4AaABAg.99iRS5zkshH99iWl9WNly0","Asura Lybon","There is literally a verse in the bible where god explains the logistics of buying, selling and owning slaves.","0","","2020-06-10 09:52:31","false",""
"UgzdeDA3QSTojLdGcoR4AaABAg.99iRS5zkshH99iY6WiyrJT","Naj","slavery was a key commodity back then which couldnt be abolished overnight as it would cause financial collapse. 
All historians know Islam and its rulings came to abolish slavery, in a safe and systemic way, not through these short term sivil unrest causing revolutions.","0","","2020-06-10 10:04:18","false",""
"UgzdeDA3QSTojLdGcoR4AaABAg.99iRS5zkshH99kh_AAOsV-","sikh kyle","najmul osmani Islam abolished slavery? Can you provide a source for that fact?","0","","2020-06-11 06:14:13","false",""
"UgxKIauP7Qn7INUmsbh4AaABAg","octagon_eight","Disgraceful.","0","0","2020-06-10 09:06:39","true",""
"UgymlcQ5q1wFFZnbfBB4AaABAg","b halsey","Who do I contact for the removal of the statue of the terrorist Nelson Mandela?","11","0","2020-06-10 09:06:52","true",""
"UgyF2Lk-u5xvIYzPGQZ4AaABAg","Nick Doyle","What have u done to save the planet","0","0","2020-06-10 09:06:59","true",""
"UgzReeuHECoYRJDBjgN4AaABAg","MrStatman80","Why are people using George Llyod's name to do lawful acts?  Why not when Martin Luther King died why now?
The fact is the BLM wanted to cause the riots to get rid of statues when most of the ""slaves"" was employed by the people and got paid and have living areas 

But wanting William Churchill statue to get gone is nooooooooo as he helped this country in World War and he wanted peace he didn't have no slaves","0","0","2020-06-10 09:09:13","true",""
"UgyG_VhTyzmkp1IuYfV4AaABAg","Desmond Campbell","All of these so called monuments should have gone with the trade ie they never should have gone up in the first place","0","0","2020-06-10 09:09:13","true",""
"Ugxa64uDFarRkBodOL94AaABAg","Jamie Bishop","All lives matter end of story. This is causing division not helping anyone.","53","12","2020-06-10 09:09:40","true",""
"Ugxa64uDFarRkBodOL94AaABAg.99iRrGr-oxZ99iZLboKzvd","stephan S","that would be dismissing obvious issues don't you think?","4","","2020-06-10 10:15:06","false",""
"Ugxa64uDFarRkBodOL94AaABAg.99iRrGr-oxZ99ianD3SPtu","Lovely bit Of bugle","@stephan S don't you think this is dividing us?","10","","2020-06-10 10:36:29","false",""
"Ugxa64uDFarRkBodOL94AaABAg.99iRrGr-oxZ99igCWOB1nL","Johnny Caruthers","Division is exactly what the people who control our politicians and media want.","3","","2020-06-10 11:23:46","false",""
"Ugxa64uDFarRkBodOL94AaABAg.99iRrGr-oxZ99irfaoqWJp","Noralime 99","Jamie Bishop no one said that ONLY black lives matter. Ofc all lives matter. But white people don’t face police violence to the extent as black people.  And what do you mean exactly with division ? Why the city has a statue of a slave trader at all ? This is the real division. Good that it’s removed now","3","","2020-06-10 13:04:00","false",""
"Ugxa64uDFarRkBodOL94AaABAg.99iRrGr-oxZ99iy1q-2KT5","Gollum","Get out our country if you don't like it","5","","2020-06-10 13:59:36","false",""
"Ugxa64uDFarRkBodOL94AaABAg.99iRrGr-oxZ99iyC6avCIH","manhunt48","@Noralime 99 *""But white people don’t face police violence to the extent as black people. ""* apart from the part where the majority of the people killed by police ARE WHITE... The media simply doesn't report on those incidents because it doesn't generate clicks.... You literally go and check these states in less than 2 minutes.
The fact that black lives matter excludes these victim as well as those of other races implies that ONLY black lives matter to them.... and ONLY in the very small minority of cases where they're taken by a white person.","4","","2020-06-10 14:01:00","false",""
"Ugxa64uDFarRkBodOL94AaABAg.99iRrGr-oxZ99jeDM49RYM","David M","@manhunt48 This reminds me of feminism. Equality for some people.","0","","2020-06-10 20:25:39","false",""
"Ugxa64uDFarRkBodOL94AaABAg.99iRrGr-oxZ99jjhzFu2uy","Superb Semoon","manhunt48 that’s because most people in America is *white*
Hey did you know most ppl in Asia is Asian? We need justice for them!","1","","2020-06-10 21:13:39","false",""
"Ugxa64uDFarRkBodOL94AaABAg.99iRrGr-oxZ99jjvR4zuJG","Noralime 99","manhunt48 maybe it depends on which state you live in. The Numbers I found are for the us in general. It’s true there are other races that are left out. But the reason for this is I think is the history black people in America have (of course there are many others of all different races) the question is when police violence starts on the numbers. Not only killing is violence","0","","2020-06-10 21:15:30","false",""
"Ugxa64uDFarRkBodOL94AaABAg.99iRrGr-oxZ99jl-DcWC3L","Noralime 99","manhunt48 I forgot to mention that the reasons for police violence against white and black people are totally different. It seems like it’s easier to kill black people even though there’s no reason and they didn’t something bad","0","","2020-06-10 21:24:53","false",""
"Ugxa64uDFarRkBodOL94AaABAg.99iRrGr-oxZ99kR-MOALZq","Hayley Dryden","@Noralime 99 so what next.. The royal family rented out navy ships to slave traders..","0","","2020-06-11 03:40:39","false",""
"Ugxa64uDFarRkBodOL94AaABAg.99iRrGr-oxZ99m1f4rJKnH","Ray of Lyte","All lives already matter except black lives.","0","","2020-06-11 18:37:46","false",""
"Ugyi1SiqC-6WTqD9sr94AaABAg","super fast documentarys","There is no point doing this stuff nothing will ever be enough for those terrorists cop killers","0","0","2020-06-10 09:09:53","true",""
"UgwYM5oqM2hmHdJmbrF4AaABAg","Last Laugh","I am from the fight all I would like is for earthly respect peace and so on I am a survivor","0","0","2020-06-10 09:09:54","true",""
"UgxnDGfwXa7uN0odDiN4AaABAg","Glenn Hurley","All this about slaves, please learn that this country, was the first country to abolish slavery and spent loads of money stopping it from happening in the old days.","2","2","2020-06-10 09:10:19","true",""
"UgxnDGfwXa7uN0odDiN4AaABAg.99iRw3wLfWk9B4dCwHZgh5","The Bald Kid","No. Rashidun Caliphate was the first nation to abolish slavery and stopping it from happening.","0","","2020-07-14 05:51:32","false",""
"UgxnDGfwXa7uN0odDiN4AaABAg.99iRw3wLfWk9B4jws-d_Kp","Glenn Hurley","The Bald Kid  mate your own about a place that existed for 20 years not even a real country in modern terms, I’m talking about the abolish-ion of slavery act which was made in England which stopped all the powers from doing it, and Hatti was acc the first to abolish slavery properly","0","","2020-07-14 06:50:22","false",""
"UgyN005DGUU2qiM3WtB4AaABAg","Bobby Bobster","I’m ashamed of this country.  Instead of removing statues, arrest this mob. All the beautiful architecture and buildings of significance were built on the back of slavery, are we going destroy all them too?  Oh and anything Roman and Celtic and Viking.  Best never to go to hospital either as medicinal history came from Greek teachings who’s entire empire was built on slavery too.  The irony as well is that slaves were sold by their own tribal leaders, let’s find those villages and remove them as well.  This is just stupid and nonsensical, it’s history!  Grow up.","84","12","2020-06-10 09:10:57","true",""
"UgyN005DGUU2qiM3WtB4AaABAg.99iS-e2KW7B99i_t73za09","SMG","I couldn't agree more 👍👍","3","","2020-06-10 10:28:33","false",""
"UgyN005DGUU2qiM3WtB4AaABAg.99iS-e2KW7B99jFXNTBm5l","Jesus LuvWilder","If you were a german,  you would be using the same excuse to defend Hitler statue. Shame on you. I would rather have Stalin statue than any British leader, since Stalin did not build the Ussr on the blood of the black people","5","","2020-06-10 16:41:11","false",""
"UgyN005DGUU2qiM3WtB4AaABAg.99iS-e2KW7B99jKPFj0I6H","Yoh Mahmah","@Jesus LuvWilder pffttt hahaha
There is no hitler statue in germany","5","","2020-06-10 17:23:46","false",""
"UgyN005DGUU2qiM3WtB4AaABAg.99iS-e2KW7B99p7ue38TT6","Cats999","@Jesus LuvWilder if you delete history, it will be repeated
It isn't there to be a good thing, it is to show that bad things have been done. By taking that away, there's nothing reminding people what we did","2","","2020-06-12 23:30:03","false",""
"UgyN005DGUU2qiM3WtB4AaABAg.99iS-e2KW7B99rRMBz9S8v","Brent","@Jesus LuvWilder Stalin built it on the blood of millions of innocent russians, hows that better?","3","","2020-06-13 20:58:27","false",""
"UgyN005DGUU2qiM3WtB4AaABAg.99iS-e2KW7B99v-oF9Xo5U","Ducky","Jesus LuvWilder are you brain dead or something? Winston churchill has led britain through 6 years of destructive war, and you think the rioters should tear it down under the excuse of blm?","1","","2020-06-15 06:14:42","false",""
"UgyN005DGUU2qiM3WtB4AaABAg.99iS-e2KW7B99wRuHZPdjX","w3w3w3","This country is doomed... it will not be England in 50 years time.","0","","2020-06-15 19:39:26","false",""
"UgyN005DGUU2qiM3WtB4AaABAg.99iS-e2KW7B99xHqk0gmWK","Sponge Bobb","I don't go to hospitals because of what u said. Its true. They practiced fake medicine on the weak just like today.  Preventative medicine is best option all day. Keep your pills.","0","","2020-06-16 03:30:49","false",""
"UgyN005DGUU2qiM3WtB4AaABAg.99iS-e2KW7B99yTwYYew00","Lawrence Pollit","@Sponge Bobb good luck in the future mate if you get really ill just saying","1","","2020-06-16 14:35:42","false",""
"UgyN005DGUU2qiM3WtB4AaABAg.99iS-e2KW7B99yhfrcFBKx","Quickening TJ","Get your own ideas and stop repeating the words of that ukip chump. Churchill was responsible for millions of deaths in Bengal but either you didn’t know that or you just don’t care. Germany doesn’t have statues of hitler and uk shouldn’t have one of Churchill","2","","2020-06-16 16:44:30","false",""
"UgyN005DGUU2qiM3WtB4AaABAg.99iS-e2KW7B9A2HE8kloze","B J","@Jesus LuvWilder Are u nuttz? You think there were no black people in the millions Stalin killed? smhwl......","0","","2020-06-18 11:20:51","false",""
"UgyN005DGUU2qiM3WtB4AaABAg.99iS-e2KW7B9AQ8BMPJ2z2","J Campbell","It's stupid. These airheads are worrying about historical slavery, when present slavery is still present in the world.","0","","2020-06-27 17:43:36","false",""
"UgxfXT56V7Tw7mnbP_94AaABAg","nikirk101","tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society","1","0","2020-06-10 09:12:30","true",""
"UgxzwZNukXAULS523YV4AaABAg","Mechelle Kingman","Defend  churchill  at all cost  he is a hero.","4","1","2020-06-10 09:12:43","true",""
"UgxzwZNukXAULS523YV4AaABAg.99iSCdcknEB99iT3OILMAS","Abhay Suji","Churchill was responsible for the Bengal famine, also purposefully starved India repeatedly, encouraged white supremacy and argued that Indians should be castrated and prevent them from “breeding like rabbits”. He also pretty much facilitated the continuation of endentured labourers which was a form of legal slavery. Churchill May have “lead a war” where his advisors and generals did all the work, but because he said a few inspirational quotes his script writer wrote he is hailed as a hero, despite him sharing more views and morals with the kkk. And we don’t teach the true horrors of the British history and British empire which has literally been called the rape of India. To ignore what Churchill did and claim him as a saint or hero is ignorant and makes you sound uneducated. I beg of everyone to just google a few of these and learn Britain’s true history.","0","","2020-06-10 09:20:11","false",""
"UgyJ4PA3AWzzBqlOPpl4AaABAg","Munir abdullahi","Times are a changing ...who knows what is next?","0","0","2020-06-10 09:12:57","true",""
"UgzmomnznZh236J331h4AaABAg","MrStatman80","As for people who said Mohammad  doesn't have statues what about the Mosque's?  they got statues in them and yet Mohammad says 72 virgins awaits you if you suicide bomb","0","0","2020-06-10 09:13:01","true",""
"UgxXGtgK1VQfeG49Boh4AaABAg","Awesome Welles","Should we start a petition to save our statues?","4","1","2020-06-10 09:13:28","true",""
"UgxXGtgK1VQfeG49Boh4AaABAg.99iSI8NIaZ899jqPPSJiI0","Sherlock's cat","no just give britons our guns back","1","","2020-06-10 22:12:09","false",""
"Ugzb895u5fh_nYRVEVV4AaABAg","Dan Thomas","I feel like attacking a Churchill memorial would have been a colossally bad move and would have only served to alienate neutral people,and really aggravate the right wing.its calculated for sure,but thats how you start violence not stop racism.","0","0","2020-06-10 09:13:44","true",""
"Ugx5NfvWAzSyBWiERc94AaABAg","Da Whip Lady","Stop this nonsense please what has an historical statue got to do with black lives matter all lives matter please people stop it it’s our own country","0","0","2020-06-10 09:13:55","true",""
"Ugyfk0uQ1tuVyKjoNch4AaABAg","Ominxus Beats","I must say, despite the sickening stories leading up to this... it's amazing to see the people COME TOGETHER as one and fight for what they believe in.","0","0","2020-06-10 09:14:05","true",""
"Ugz2mlEclQagf1bzq-V4AaABAg","Cheese Toastie","They’ve got a fair point with the statues","2","2","2020-06-10 09:14:20","true",""
"Ugz2mlEclQagf1bzq-V4AaABAg.99iSOSCjYyZ99iVX2c28RC","Cyril Sneer","No mob has any point when it comes to destroying property.","0","","2020-06-10 09:41:43","false",""
"Ugz2mlEclQagf1bzq-V4AaABAg.99iSOSCjYyZ99id4h1MgUp","Cheese Toastie","Cyril Sneer okay boomer 👌","0","","2020-06-10 10:56:29","false",""
"UgxCW6B1Iq-HWxWHgvF4AaABAg","Cyril Sneer","It was vandalised again last night wasn't it?","0","0","2020-06-10 09:14:51","true",""
"Ugyv6QtfyQM0Pk_CR9d4AaABAg","Kieren Hook","If those who live here don't like it then sod off somewhere else. Really is that simple. Idiots think taking down statues changes the past? Its been done can't undo it so live with it and move on or move out.","13","6","2020-06-10 09:15:13","true",""
"Ugyv6QtfyQM0Pk_CR9d4AaABAg.99iSUw7TZR599lZG_CODZE","Coco Pops","Exactly. Any excuse to deconstruct western civilisation. I’m sure if had their way they would line all white people up and take aim and fire in revenge of past events. Most of these protesters are probably criminals themselves and would love to see the police and government abolished.","5","","2020-06-11 14:12:08","false",""
"Ugyv6QtfyQM0Pk_CR9d4AaABAg.99iSUw7TZR599m9LClR0Be","The Happy Channel","Nick Barber Do you think before you type? Out of interest?","0","","2020-06-11 19:44:49","false",""
"Ugyv6QtfyQM0Pk_CR9d4AaABAg.99iSUw7TZR599mHQotu5jl","Nathan Barnes","@The Happy Channel well clearly you don't.
Truth hurts doesn't it.","0","","2020-06-11 20:55:29","false",""
"Ugyv6QtfyQM0Pk_CR9d4AaABAg.99iSUw7TZR599njDiPqrA4","The Happy Channel","Nathan Barnes What truth?","0","","2020-06-12 10:26:21","false",""
"Ugyv6QtfyQM0Pk_CR9d4AaABAg.99iSUw7TZR599nlNDWsxr9","Coco Pops","The Happy Channel stfu, if you don’t like other peoples opinions then you really shouldn’t be on the comments section. Your just fishing for an argument.","1","","2020-06-12 10:45:07","false",""
"Ugyv6QtfyQM0Pk_CR9d4AaABAg.99iSUw7TZR599nmOCM61F2","Kieren Hook","@Coco Pops I totally agree mate","1","","2020-06-12 10:54:00","false",""
"UgyQWG9IGdG4-zZl9St4AaABAg","Kerbal Zone","I'm starting to wish I wasn't from this planet this is getting ridiculous","89","4","2020-06-10 09:16:31","true",""
"UgyQWG9IGdG4-zZl9St4AaABAg.99iSdV09N9P99j20dIVynE","Mai Vançon","Kerbal Zone same I wish I just lived under a rock. Or didn’t have social media constantly alerting me about world problems.","3","","2020-06-10 14:43:07","false",""
"UgyQWG9IGdG4-zZl9St4AaABAg.99iSdV09N9P99l7YjmWwNe","Lee Saunders","@Mai Vançon maybe get rid of social media then??? wow was it that hard? 🤔","0","","2020-06-11 10:09:57","false",""
"UgyQWG9IGdG4-zZl9St4AaABAg.99iSdV09N9P99lcptEoN8Z","Mai Vançon","Lee Saunders Didn’t you know we live in a digital age and social media is addicting? Also, YouTube is the only platform I’ve currently reduced to.","2","","2020-06-11 14:52:03","false",""
"UgyQWG9IGdG4-zZl9St4AaABAg.99iSdV09N9P99mBxhV20ug","Ana Maria","LOL me too. I've almost had several break downs wondering why I was brought into existence on this planet.","0","","2020-06-11 20:07:41","false",""
"Ugyd34h4xbiMHdVU5_x4AaABAg","joshclayg","The Sun .... fanning the flames.","2","0","2020-06-10 09:16:47","true",""
"UgxHPk5uqvFyQENVFJJ4AaABAg","cowmonkey1000","So this is what we've come to, bowing to the mob. Civilisation is over people and it will be destroyed to appease morons.","0","0","2020-06-10 09:17:26","true",""
"UgxbN9JgbeEMUMG_t294AaABAg","Socks With Sandals","Ochlocracy","0","0","2020-06-10 09:18:12","true",""
"Ugz8oe84ftxLAgwoy-x4AaABAg","Chris Hans","From a Culture that promotes Violence. When is enough, ENOUGH","0","0","2020-06-10 09:18:19","true",""
"Ugx_4OiHUcafIPOdXKF4AaABAg","Atoms Alan Hall","removing symbols will never change BAME lives: prepare for the push-back and summer unrest","0","0","2020-06-10 09:18:21","true",""
"Ugw8kcAk739BZt9v3t14AaABAg","Tommy Shipp","Why are they going for churchill he saved the country","1","2","2020-06-10 09:18:22","true",""
"Ugw8kcAk739BZt9v3t14AaABAg.99iSqzHuBwx99iTcHoMl6n","Abhay Suji","Churchill was responsible for the Bengal famine, also purposefully starved India repeatedly, encouraged white supremacy and argued that Indians should be castrated and prevent them from “breeding like rabbits”. He also pretty much facilitated the continuation of endentured labourers which was a form of legal slavery. Churchill May have “lead a war” where his advisors and generals did all the work, but because he said a few inspirational quotes his script writer wrote he is hailed as a hero, despite him sharing more views and morals with the kkk. And we don’t teach the true horrors of the British history and British empire which has literally been called the rape of India. To ignore what Churchill did and claim him as a saint or hero is ignorant and makes you sound uneducated. I beg of everyone to just google a few of these and learn Britain’s true history.
He was not a good man.","0","","2020-06-10 09:25:05","false",""
"Ugw8kcAk739BZt9v3t14AaABAg.99iSqzHuBwx99iUiH5jUEo","Cyril Sneer","@Abhay Suji "" Churchill May have “lead a war” where his advisors and generals did all the work""  And you're historically ignorant to boot.  This country was a whisker away from surrendering to the Germans in 1940.  Churchill fought Parliament to stand firm and if he had not done this you would not be here.  The parliament today mirrors the parliament of 1940 - spineless and weak.","0","","2020-06-10 09:34:39","false",""
"UgxDv2UimwCCEsh_gEZ4AaABAg","MrStatman80","But what about America will they get rid of the Washington Monument or Mount Rushmore or even the faces of the money due to slavely?
No they won't and yet U.K is bending to these people

End of the day the riots by BLM are Terrorists and demanding stuff","0","0","2020-06-10 09:18:23","true",""
"Ugw6fSe_-quJH8txt1F4AaABAg","Cyril Sneer","Now that it's legal for a mob to remove statues, I want the removal of Mandela and Marx.","48","6","2020-06-10 09:18:39","true",""
"Ugw6fSe_-quJH8txt1F4AaABAg.99iSt6Jwgy499iyx29rUK8","Gollum","Park Lane 1pm this Saturday","5","","2020-06-10 14:07:33","false",""
"Ugw6fSe_-quJH8txt1F4AaABAg.99iSt6Jwgy499jZk94rHx5","jack jhonsan","@Gollum it's hot
Change timing","1","","2020-06-10 19:37:50","false",""
"Ugw6fSe_-quJH8txt1F4AaABAg.99iSt6Jwgy499loXoxb1Fb","Roboko","Lets not stoop to their level.","0","","2020-06-11 16:34:18","false",""
"Ugw6fSe_-quJH8txt1F4AaABAg.99iSt6Jwgy49AVg2uhosK6","Dichotomy & Balance","Why Mandela? I understand Mandela read Marcus Aurelius, who spoke on stoicism, which in my estimation, BLM / post-modernists / leftists need to read more of.","0","","2020-06-29 21:24:29","false",""
"Ugw6fSe_-quJH8txt1F4AaABAg.99iSt6Jwgy49BD1yra0HM4","jaspjody","@Dichotomy & Balance nope Mandela was a communist.","0","","2020-07-17 12:10:36","false",""
"Ugw6fSe_-quJH8txt1F4AaABAg.99iSt6Jwgy49BG62dkUPkM","Dichotomy & Balance","@jaspjody That's not my point but ok","0","","2020-07-18 16:43:55","false",""
"UgyldgQZS8nbARfqCqZ4AaABAg","Sir Sydney Roughdiamond","Let us not forget Mohammed the Prophet of Islam who owned, bought and sold slaves of all colours including black slaves. FYI, the word slave is derived from the word ""Slav"". This is because of the number of Slavs taken in slavery by the Otterman Empire. Slavery is condoned throughout the Quran and the Sunna (Life and words of Mohammed) of Mohammed. Islam and the Quran must be banned and all Mosques closed down.","4","1","2020-06-10 09:18:39","true",""
"UgyldgQZS8nbARfqCqZ4AaABAg.99iSt4z6gTy99ltdReb7gp","Izaak Monaghan","No the left are so blind thay support religion that are totally against their ideology.","1","","2020-06-11 17:18:54","false",""
"UgyvqKQ5DICaSyMVbph4AaABAg","Анатолий Бугаков","Scumbags","0","0","2020-06-10 09:19:50","true",""
"UgxYuWMwBW9KnU7vbLV4AaABAg","Hector Stewart","lets tear down the pyramids or ancient middle east ? slavery started there & spread africans sold africans..whites bought them.....the evil that men do","0","0","2020-06-10 09:20:43","true",""
"UgxmZ4-gFAFJsj_WYQp4AaABAg","Anthony Morris","What are we letting happen? Im angry oh im angry","4","2","2020-06-10 09:21:40","true",""
"UgxmZ4-gFAFJsj_WYQp4AaABAg.99iTECfKykg99j0vEXYDJX","Gollum","Same, are you going to the counter protest this Saturday 1pm park lane? Let your anger out","2","","2020-06-10 14:33:31","false",""
"UgxmZ4-gFAFJsj_WYQp4AaABAg.99iTECfKykg99jkzF7moig","Superb Semoon","I’m British idc what they do I’m safe","0","","2020-06-10 21:24:45","false",""
"UgzpYj0K_qpzaxWKHPJ4AaABAg","WhyOWhy","They will be book burning in a few years mark my words.","18","4","2020-06-10 09:22:22","true",""
"UgzpYj0K_qpzaxWKHPJ4AaABAg.99iTJLmwr9-99jfv12aR_b","callyharley","So what we have Kindle we'll have the same books then as now, we'll live.","2","","2020-06-10 20:40:29","false",""
"UgzpYj0K_qpzaxWKHPJ4AaABAg.99iTJLmwr9-99lU8141lJR","Nathan Barnes","Not if we do the right thing and burn the rioters first.","1","","2020-06-11 13:27:17","false",""
"UgzpYj0K_qpzaxWKHPJ4AaABAg.99iTJLmwr9-99lgK1l2WBX","WhyOWhy","callyharley not atal worried by the similarity between that and 1930’s Germany where they got teenagers to do it and cheered it on?","0","","2020-06-11 15:22:31","false",""
"UgzpYj0K_qpzaxWKHPJ4AaABAg.99iTJLmwr9-99nNfos06XE","Mary Winchester","They better not!","0","","2020-06-12 07:09:21","false",""
"UgyYMDoDuE_cDAGYoep4AaABAg","Bek","If you tear down every statue from history of people that did something wrong there wont be any left...","0","0","2020-06-10 09:22:59","true",""
"Ugw2tIu8VUCw2ddWbj94AaABAg","Nicholas Clark","They have no right. If anything needs removing its them to prison","3","0","2020-06-10 09:23:04","true",""
"UgwT47ZG8VMNtpDvSPt4AaABAg","David O'Neill","These people ar DISGUSTING!! Don't they realise that their 'rights' to protest would not have been there without Churchill & that generation.","0","0","2020-06-10 09:23:18","true",""
"UgzmQI7AtjUGcZB2tKl4AaABAg","Sandu Silviu","Belive me , no one, from anywhere in the world can put Churchill down.","2","0","2020-06-10 09:23:45","true",""
"UgzMgZTqwSfpAy78QpR4AaABAg","Lee K","I find the statue of Nelson Mandela very offensive it's in London,can someone please put a rope on it and pull it down,he done nothing for Britain....","2","0","2020-06-10 09:24:20","true",""
"Ugzgtf_YvcIjjua7lZB4AaABAg","Ali Razvi","History isn’t being re-written, it’s finally being told! 

Ya’ll worshipped these so call hero’s, but haven’t been educated enough to actually find out the truth of their existence! 

Remember history is always written by the victor, just because these figures are regarded as British hero’s. You were never truly told  as to “HOW” they did and “WHAT” really happened. 

People are scared to know their real history. If you did know the truth, you’d realise Hitler was nothing in comparison. 

Do...your...research!","0","2","2020-06-10 09:25:04","true",""
"Ugzgtf_YvcIjjua7lZB4AaABAg.99iTc8EoD4Q99iU3rw1vdN","Cyril Sneer","Oh look another dusky skinned person who hates my country.","1","","2020-06-10 09:28:59","false",""
"Ugzgtf_YvcIjjua7lZB4AaABAg.99iTc8EoD4Q99iUhW_TYGD","Ali Razvi","Cyril Sneer - the country my ancestors built! Why would I hate something my people built? 

So that makes it more my country than yours! I’ve been born and raised here, pay more tax’s than you’ll ever know - the difference is, i know the history as to what, how and why “Great Britain” was made!  

How do you call something yours if you don’t know it’s history... embarrassing actually,
Feel sorry for you","0","","2020-06-10 09:34:32","false",""
"Ugx6wy1Pt9eyDUN1ckF4AaABAg","J L","Meet the sheeple half of them are there for the heck of it most were white chavs","0","0","2020-06-10 09:25:24","true",""
"UgyAPkuxizawFJPfQv54AaABAg","dustisdeadbodies85","This has nothing to do with racism

You *cannot* rewrite history because it hurts your feelings 

Morons","0","0","2020-06-10 09:26:18","true",""
"UgzAs5MWdJGGIpMahmB4AaABAg","snaz27","These idiots will never stop! Why bend the knee and remove history because of these cretins? There will always be something they have to protest! Of course, until they get the communism they profess to want! Then they won't be allowed to protest! 

Damn fools, the lot of them!","0","0","2020-06-10 09:26:19","true",""
"Ugz9bNM0iLGiIBmN0NN4AaABAg","Lee K","I find the statue of Nelson Mandela very offensive it's in London,can someone please put a rope on it and pull it down,he done nothing for Britain....","7","0","2020-06-10 09:26:23","true",""
"UgzlxJKq-PAVYAHwnMB4AaABAg","Cyril Sneer","Destroy the statues of Marx and Mandela.  A precedent has been set and it's the mob that dictates the law now.","1","0","2020-06-10 09:26:41","true",""
"UgxqmRdwcIe8puavTmJ4AaABAg","JA Purnell","simple things please simple minds","0","0","2020-06-10 09:26:52","true",""
"Ugx4snhiM7aWI-ljRwJ4AaABAg","ASL 72","Need to tear down all mosques seeing islams perfect man was a slave trader.","45","10","2020-06-10 09:26:58","true",""
"Ugx4snhiM7aWI-ljRwJ4AaABAg.99iTpyO3-cn99iWKpQZV_B","Asura Lybon","I mean, if we're following that logic, all churches probably need to be taken down and to my knowledge a vast majority of places of worship also need to be removed as well as nearly ever statue of anyone before around 1920.","3","","2020-06-10 09:48:47","false",""
"Ugx4snhiM7aWI-ljRwJ4AaABAg.99iTpyO3-cn99iX5LQKNXt","Paul Synk","@Asura Lybon I may be ignorant on Christianity's endorsement of slavery .. please enlighten me .. whereas Islam is a little different..","3","","2020-06-10 09:55:24","false",""
"Ugx4snhiM7aWI-ljRwJ4AaABAg.99iTpyO3-cn99iXiJNwyUY","Naj","islam abolished slavery when it was at peak over there.. any historian will tell you that.. there are countless narrations involving freeing of slaves as compensation for religious acts. It was abolished systematically as God is the most Wise, whereas if it were abolished suddenly then the whole system would collapse as it was a key commodity.
This is why these short terms 'revolutions'  get so chaotic, its short term and causing civil unrest, when we know the key to defeating racism and police brutality lie in a complete overhaul of social infrastructure and legislation.","1","","2020-06-10 10:00:52","false",""
"Ugx4snhiM7aWI-ljRwJ4AaABAg.99iTpyO3-cn99iXx3vldSb","Mark Douglas","@Paul Synk 
Exodus 21:20-21 English Standard Version (ESV)
20 “When a man strikes his slave, male or female, with a rod and the slave dies under his hand, he shall be avenged. 
21 But if the slave survives a day or two, he is not to be avenged, for the slave is his money.

Are you enlightened now?

When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said 'Let us pray.' We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land.
Desmond Tutu

How about now?","0","","2020-06-10 10:02:53","false",""
"Ugx4snhiM7aWI-ljRwJ4AaABAg.99iTpyO3-cn99iera96V5U","mohammed ibrahim b","Ignorant about Islam but just love comparing it with everything , you could have used the bible , but Islam just had to be your first choice right..","0","","2020-06-10 11:12:02","false",""
"Ugx4snhiM7aWI-ljRwJ4AaABAg.99iTpyO3-cn99ifsIbYtlW","Max Willoughby","I’m game","0","","2020-06-10 11:20:52","false",""
"Ugx4snhiM7aWI-ljRwJ4AaABAg.99iTpyO3-cn99igr_aJcek","Mark Douglas","@mohammed ibrahim b 
So muhammed wasn't a slave trader?","3","","2020-06-10 11:29:30","false",""
"Ugx4snhiM7aWI-ljRwJ4AaABAg.99iTpyO3-cn99it2bSnkoQ","ASL 72","@Naj The legality of slavery in Islam, together with the example of the Prophet Muhammad, who himself bought, sold, captured, and owned slaves, may explain why slavery persisted until the 19th century in many places (and later still in some countries). The impetus for the abolition of slavery came largely from colonial powers, although some Muslim thinkers argued strongly for abolition.","1","","2020-06-10 13:16:01","false",""
"Ugx4snhiM7aWI-ljRwJ4AaABAg.99iTpyO3-cn99iypAs_MCO","manhunt48","@Naj And yet the places where slavery still holds strong today are mostly islamic nations...","4","","2020-06-10 14:06:28","false",""
"Ugx4snhiM7aWI-ljRwJ4AaABAg.99iTpyO3-cn99wSbpdaA3w","w3w3w3","@manhunt48 rofl.","0","","2020-06-15 19:45:39","false",""
"Ugw4FcU_uzUfmfmKtG54AaABAg","freddie b burkinshaw","This country is out of control double standards my mother is 75 and my sister went to drop her shopping off and was there an hour! The police turned up at my mums door and told her that if anyone stayed longer than to drop off shopping she would be fined £1.000! Yet thousands of ppl congregate  in front of the police and vandalize and nothing is done the law is no more than 6!  ppl have not been able to attend funerals of loved ones how is this saving the NHS  if there is a second wave the government will be responsible the law is the law! If many more die from re infection over one mans death then All lives dont matter","1","0","2020-06-10 09:27:02","true",""
"UgyTJZH4vtNCltepCpx4AaABAg","85Damix","BLM are bunch of thugs","3","0","2020-06-10 09:27:02","true",""
"UgzQH88EiVEBdaJdXhx4AaABAg","Tommy !","This is the minority protesting , How about the country vote on it ?
And let's also vote on the removal of mosques it reminds me of British Soldiers being killed in the Middle East and being attacked by guys with Machetes shouting Allah Akbar or London bridge terrorist attacks or the Manchester bombings or the London tube bombings.
Maybe in this democratic country we can vote on all these things, Let the majority decide what we want and don't want?","3","0","2020-06-10 09:27:23","true",""
"UgzMw5SMaodf7cTinEZ4AaABAg","Joe Vines","So is the quarantine over?","0","0","2020-06-10 09:27:26","true",""
"Ugy9Wn6dIoG6lOVqCOV4AaABAg","Snehadeep Chatterjee","They should throw eggs at the Churchill statue","1","0","2020-06-10 09:27:53","true",""
"UgwFFDvog0Zl7Vtq4n54AaABAg","Fulippu Annaghiti","So we basically need to remove the statues of any Roman emperor ( since romans killed and  enslaved many Britons ) Genghis khan ( which tortured, murdered and enslaved thousands of Chinese)  and so on on on because human history worldwide has always been made of conquerors and conquered? 2020 humans are a disaster.","0","8","2020-06-10 09:28:03","true",""
"UgwFFDvog0Zl7Vtq4n54AaABAg.99iTxzip4O_99ij-SD5hWM","Ra Ra","No. We only want to remove statues which glorify slavery.","1","","2020-06-10 11:48:12","false",""
"UgwFFDvog0Zl7Vtq4n54AaABAg.99iTxzip4O_99inOFjT0z3","Fulippu Annaghiti","@Ra Ra the Roman emperor statues  glorify people who supported slavery too. Do you want to erase any particular bit of history that offends you? Remove dictators who oppress black people in Africa not a piece of bronze you moron","0","","2020-06-10 12:26:32","false",""
"UgwFFDvog0Zl7Vtq4n54AaABAg.99iTxzip4O_99inabgXDXE","Ra Ra","@Fulippu Annaghiti I think you're being a bit hysterical to be honest. I'm not erasing history. I'm taking down statues which glorify slavery. You agree that slavery was a bad thing yes?","1","","2020-06-10 12:28:22","false",""
"UgwFFDvog0Zl7Vtq4n54AaABAg.99iTxzip4O_99iogpkX7d9","Fulippu Annaghiti","@Ra Ra I agree that everything that was bad or good is part of history therefore must be preserved for memory and education. Do you agree Auschwitz was a death camp? I suppose so. Why did the UNESCO declare it as a world cultural heritage? For education and memory. That's what you don't get.","0","","2020-06-10 12:37:57","false",""
"UgwFFDvog0Zl7Vtq4n54AaABAg.99iTxzip4O_99iqSm541ow","Ra Ra","@Fulippu Annaghiti Preserve Auschwitz, but don't leave statues of Hitler up in the city centre. Similarly, we must preserve cultural heritage, but not have statues glorifying people who did such harm.","1","","2020-06-10 12:53:22","false",""
"UgwFFDvog0Zl7Vtq4n54AaABAg.99iTxzip4O_99irslGXy66","Fulippu Annaghiti","@Ra Ra you and I are not those who decide how history has to exist, since I have my viewpoint on history, you have yours, thirds can have theirs. Therefore what for you is good for someone else can be evil.   That statue belonged to history not to us, it was there for more than a century, therefore it became part of history. Keep it there for those who love it and hate it. Destroying a historical site would harm memory and in facts won't change your situation. Go and liberate Africa by the XXI century slave traders, men harm other men not monuments which help keep memory alive.","0","","2020-06-10 13:05:48","false",""
"UgwFFDvog0Zl7Vtq4n54AaABAg.99iTxzip4O_99iuKmZMc2I","Ra Ra","@Fulippu Annaghiti Should we have statues of Hitler up? Because it's ""history""? Obviously not. We shouldn't have statues of slave traders either. It serves no purpose past glorifying atrocities.","1","","2020-06-10 13:27:14","false",""
"UgwFFDvog0Zl7Vtq4n54AaABAg.99iTxzip4O_99iv-4Ic1YD","Fulippu Annaghiti","@Ra Ra so let's pull down Nelson Mandela statue at parliament Square as he was known to be part of a terrorist organisation and it's offensive to me. And let's pull down any part of history we single individuals do not like. Absolutely no sense.","0","","2020-06-10 13:33:00","false",""
"UgxQ1ZMr67bHsqVLOLt4AaABAg","John B","I vote for a statue of Major Tom and a tribute to the NHS to be elected in the slave traders place. 🙂👍","1","1","2020-06-10 09:28:14","true",""
"UgxQ1ZMr67bHsqVLOLt4AaABAg.99iTzLEHaPc99idray4kn9","Bobby Bobster","Virtue signalling idiot.","0","","2020-06-10 11:03:18","false",""
"Ugy6fWTybew0PvgbUUx4AaABAg","Gr0ve St Ghost","Egyptians had slaves roughly 5000 years ago 😂 I'd say black people in Africa invented slavery if anything","16","1","2020-06-10 09:28:19","true",""
"Ugy6fWTybew0PvgbUUx4AaABAg.99iTztVZodD99jFfp1LGhJ","Chris Clarke","The word ""slave"" or even the existence therefore, has been translated from Egyptian language into modern terms with consideration of the time period and traditional labor laws. The distinction between servant, peasant, and slave describe different roles in different contexts. Egyptian texts refer to words 'bAk' and 'Hm' that mean laborer or servant. Some Egyptian language refer to slave-like people as 'sqrw-anx', meaning “bound for life”[5] Forms of forced labor and servitude are seen throughout all of ancient Egypt even though it wasn’t specifically declared as the well known term we have today, slavery. Egyptians wanted dominion over their kingdoms and would alter political and social ideas to benefit their economic state. The existence of slavery not only was profitable for ancient Egypt, but made it easier to keep power and stability of the Kingdoms.[5][6]

Slavery was pretty much invented there.","1","","2020-06-10 16:42:29","false",""
"Ugycf_DalHcY4CnZz-p4AaABAg","undeadmaster666","i understand the removal of these statues i really do. but dont you morons dare touch churchills statue. that man saved us all and yet you seem to forget that fact.","1","0","2020-06-10 09:28:44","true",""
"UgxyaL-KHPchEUIkAMd4AaABAg","Issei Diablos Dragon God Emporer Of Domination","Only reason for this protest, is because their thugs can't reach it up there. Lmao","0","0","2020-06-10 09:29:44","true",""
"UgxwBIWDoxvhnEoYuKt4AaABAg","MaryOnDex YT","Tbh theres protester are hugely disrespectful towards the police n the nhs why not protest next year not when hundreds of innocent people are dying from covid i hope they all get covid.","0","0","2020-06-10 09:29:59","true",""
"Ugx0-7lGY1VJ8bq3Umh4AaABAg","James W","We live on a rock in the vast vacuum of space orbiting a nuclear furnace. No ones life matters regardless of the colour of your skin. Social integration is a southern experiment pushed on the North it shall never work we are culturally divided and the sooner people accept that the better and we can all move on in our segregated communities.","0","0","2020-06-10 09:30:18","true",""
"UgxDCfpVllWNJEM-PH14AaABAg","Arnell","Prospero and ariel being taken down at all?","0","0","2020-06-10 09:31:34","true",""
"Ugxng-qIfRIlNph-Rw54AaABAg","Jaffaborn","It’s said Winston Churchill ordered a full regiment of Scots to sacrifice themselves for the rest of the British army to escape at Dunkirk. I’m Scottish and even knowing this I still believe he was the man who saved this country he empowered the people it’s our history don’t forget it","6","0","2020-06-10 09:31:35","true",""
"UgynEeobMIbbqk0ROqx4AaABAg","King Richard the Lionheart","He wasn't a slave owner. His father was.
This is NOT about racism or slavery.","21","9","2020-06-10 09:32:05","true",""
"UgynEeobMIbbqk0ROqx4AaABAg.99iUQRS5czk99iZm6PEYcY","JP","Nobody thinks Churchill was a Slave owner.","0","","2020-06-10 10:18:52","false",""
"UgynEeobMIbbqk0ROqx4AaABAg.99iUQRS5czk99io_Vunfsw","Nirmal","He killed 3 million Indians in a famine in Bengal stfu","2","","2020-06-10 12:36:57","false",""
"UgynEeobMIbbqk0ROqx4AaABAg.99iUQRS5czk99jIn5j4uem","Joe Bowbrick 273","nirmal , yeah but that has nothing to do with BLM","2","","2020-06-10 17:09:41","false",""
"UgynEeobMIbbqk0ROqx4AaABAg.99iUQRS5czk99jkRCcYFCQ","Superb Semoon","nirmal 4 mill","0","","2020-06-10 21:19:58","false",""
"UgynEeobMIbbqk0ROqx4AaABAg.99iUQRS5czk99lgFEnkwLl","Tammy Marbury","Yes it does if you know the DNA of a native the original people of America do your research and look at old pictures of their original skin color it was not light but dark.blacks have native in their DNA just like my mom's dad is native the DNA of native is black and native then later through slavery black native and European then they became lighter","1","","2020-06-11 15:21:52","false",""
"UgynEeobMIbbqk0ROqx4AaABAg.99iUQRS5czk99pH3jTnmw9","DangerDan","@Tammy Marbury Just because someone has darker skin doesn't mean that they are closely related to Sub-Saharan African people or people of with that ancestry.","2","","2020-06-13 00:50:04","false",""
"UgynEeobMIbbqk0ROqx4AaABAg.99iUQRS5czk99ryng9xt_v","Aj195","@Tammy Marbury yes brown doesn't necessarily mean modern African relationship, it would mean human migration out of Africa but like everyone is a migrant out of Africa from ancient human history...","0","","2020-06-14 01:59:26","false",""
"UgynEeobMIbbqk0ROqx4AaABAg.99iUQRS5czk9AQ8D2y1epj","Alfredo Alcantar","Aj195 you’re are wrong read the Bible Tower of Babel was the cradle of all races","0","","2020-06-27 17:43:50","false",""
"UgynEeobMIbbqk0ROqx4AaABAg.99iUQRS5czk9Ava38xhzBT","HabataBatata","Alfredo Alcantar sorry bro, but he’s right. I’m a Catholic, but sometimes you have to learn differentiating between religious beliefs and scientific facts.","0","","2020-07-10 08:11:35","false",""
"UgwvQRkPD2MwAbhr3754AaABAg","Juanito G","White washing history is always a great idea 👍","0","0","2020-06-10 09:33:02","true",""
"UgwNhJ9diu5l9OsmPzF4AaABAg","oofy_0807","NOOOOOO NOT CHURCHILL","0","0","2020-06-10 09:33:34","true",""
"UgxSE8jZlYXTCqDxWt14AaABAg","Ink Tamer","ALL LIVES MATTER!!!!!!!. In every country in all of history, there have been slaves. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE.....","0","0","2020-06-10 09:35:32","true",""
"UgzV49isdd4LvfhIboB4AaABAg","TheDrvel","Thanks","0","0","2020-06-10 09:36:23","true",""
"UgxyOPoyWfpch_7cItt4AaABAg","Lucas","I mean its a statue, it's there to remind everyone the good & bad of our history.","30","7","2020-06-10 09:37:10","true",""
"UgxyOPoyWfpch_7cItt4AaABAg.99iV-lQQC8q99iZdB1Zvdj","ํ","YES !!","2","","2020-06-10 10:17:38","false",""
"UgxyOPoyWfpch_7cItt4AaABAg.99iV-lQQC8q99jEY7Icikg","Tdr94 19","They want to change history though. 100 years from now no one will know what the slave trade was","2","","2020-06-10 16:32:33","false",""
"UgxyOPoyWfpch_7cItt4AaABAg.99iV-lQQC8q99jGEkc1YTM","Chris Clarke","@Tdr94 19 And because of their short sightedness it would then return. Do the Japanese hide away from Hiroshima? Nope the make the world remember.","2","","2020-06-10 16:47:23","false",""
"UgxyOPoyWfpch_7cItt4AaABAg.99iV-lQQC8q99lZWLgpbqv","Coco Pops","Tdr94 19 , or anything about the wars and the people that thought them. Such a snowflake society","1","","2020-06-11 14:14:18","false",""
"UgxyOPoyWfpch_7cItt4AaABAg.99iV-lQQC8q99nNJK7x2T3","Mary Winchester","@Tdr94 19 Removing history will just make people stupid and not be able to tell stories! We need to remember all the good and bad times to learn from our ancestors mistakes and move forward. I love history and for these people trying to prevent history from being taught or seen is so ridiculous! I don't feel sorry for that fact that statues hurt their feelings....","0","","2020-06-12 07:06:08","false",""
"UgxyOPoyWfpch_7cItt4AaABAg.99iV-lQQC8q99xI4djeQat","Sponge Bobb","Not my history. Could care less.","0","","2020-06-16 03:32:51","false",""
"UgxyOPoyWfpch_7cItt4AaABAg.99iV-lQQC8q9APV8HRoYn5","Kingdom of Gamers","@Sponge Bobb you deserve to go to prison","0","","2020-06-27 11:44:55","false",""
"UgzbySs0mbbvFe5SIU14AaABAg","Nev","It's amazing how the huge majority of people in the UK recognised true social justice. Now it has been hijacked and manipulated by a minority given a huge voice by the mainstream media for a narrative that does not fit the majority's views.","0","0","2020-06-10 09:37:19","true",""
"Ugy6j2KaKKocRzUd-ix4AaABAg","Itsonly Me","My father took part in the Arnhem landings and he told me some years ago that he and his fellow prisoners of war would have been happy to have seen Churchill strung up!","1","0","2020-06-10 09:37:54","true",""
"UgykNjBc2_ovrxFT0nJ4AaABAg","Saudi Prince","If you don’t remember and reflect on history then it is bound to repeat somewhere","46","1","2020-06-10 09:38:04","true",""
"UgykNjBc2_ovrxFT0nJ4AaABAg.99iV6HxW3fC99lgm26BZaX","Bumber Clot","These dudes don’t want to face the truth. We must eradicate them from the gene pool 😷☝️or die fighting","6","","2020-06-11 15:26:29","false",""
"UgyVIEHJ_xHm4MfMOBN4AaABAg","James Wilson","There is not onething the black man has invented that has contributed to the human race.....All you know is 419 scams. You do nothing but take and steal.","0","0","2020-06-10 09:38:31","true",""
"UgwtyPqd2R2S3EQlbh14AaABAg","Andrei Cociug","Thought they'd stop at Brexit","0","0","2020-06-10 09:38:32","true",""
"UgxQfKpPnUhZc86C7t94AaABAg","freddie b burkinshaw","I couldn't attend  my uncles funeral because the law said it was illegal! yet thousands can March and spread the virus my mothers been locked away 3 month yet vandals can vandalize our country while the police stand and watch! 40.000 have died in this country because of a virus thats spread through groups! these 40.000  ppl who died couldn't  have more than a few ppl attend there funeral! Yet one man  dies and thousands  are allowed to march and spread virus again  I'm sorry for goerge floyd but all lives matter and if any of these ppl spread the virus to a loved one and they die I hope it's worth it","3","3","2020-06-10 09:38:54","true",""
"UgxQfKpPnUhZc86C7t94AaABAg.99iVCSfJGnH99ijMNx5qS2","Kim Hind","I'm sorry for what happened to Mr Floyd as well, but these people are using his death as an excuse in Britain to cause divide, and at a time when people should be working together to fight this covid virus... I'm appalled.","1","","2020-06-10 11:51:20","false",""
"UgxQfKpPnUhZc86C7t94AaABAg.99iVCSfJGnH99ixPxl-7Jf","freddie b burkinshaw","@Kim Hind exactly well said yes it's terrible and I'm not saying it's not our problem! But the facts are it's not our fault if u want to demonstrate fine your lucky where a free nation to do so! But peacefully and after the lockdown! Weve lost 40.000 ppl thru a pandemic that's not over! And now thousands congregate and risk us all again! Do our lives not matter! The NHS dont matter now I blame the government for allowing  it because I couldnt say goodbye to my uncle  at his funeral!","1","","2020-06-10 13:54:09","false",""
"UgxQfKpPnUhZc86C7t94AaABAg.99iVCSfJGnH99j3ELlkZq6","Kim Hind","@freddie b burkinshaw the government are playing it very causiously, because these ""so called protesters"" are just ready to jump on anything, but your totally right about breaking lock down and social distancing rules, we've been through 3 long months of it to stop spread, and these crazies could undo it all.","1","","2020-06-10 14:53:44","false",""
"Ugyg5M7931pdyz1c3gl4AaABAg","Motorway to Roswell","They have crossed a line now and here is the play. You have achieved a stalemate situation. So which side is going to destroy the pieces and throw the board across the room first? Most people Refuse to play your twisted upside down Race game and will be here long after you are all extinct, to pick up the pieces as per usual!  🇬🇧","3","0","2020-06-10 09:39:06","true",""
"UgwQ5lO4MirGhTtNi6N4AaABAg","John Smith","Think outside the Box, why did India pay for Brexit??? Stop confusing your self about the protesters, the fake news doesn't report it???","0","0","2020-06-10 09:39:24","true",""
"Ugxmt3W7MwGHlULptUV4AaABAg","Gregory Almonte","Why they don’t go to protest  in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC ???The police will give em a lesson !!LOL..what is to do historical monuments with the murder of a black Americans?? Non sense !!! But in the uk , they know police won’t touch em , from now on ,  you won’t get sack  from work , BECAUSE YOU ARE BLACK .. or you may apply for benefit even if you are not eligible ,but beco use you are black.....I’m not agree with murder on no one regardless skin colour !! Or abuse  or discrimination,,but I know there lots people been waiting for these things happen to take advantage of the sistem....","0","0","2020-06-10 09:40:00","true",""
"UgwWd6LbCQSwA17wDWZ4AaABAg","Adrian Wild","It is all very sad that we are trying to destroy our history, some good and some bad! Shouldn't the cry be ""all lives matter...regardless of skin colour""","0","0","2020-06-10 09:42:00","true",""
"UgxPrQjJjize36ozvmJ4AaABAg","Jacob Salter","Churchill is a hero","1","0","2020-06-10 09:42:20","true",""
"Ugx2t6Ee4tODDfqU0294AaABAg","Four Eyed Dragon","I dare any of these ""protesters"" to research any other leader from across the world and find one that had a squeaky clean record. Otherwise we might as well just remove all statues from across the world because people from the past didn't pass the Left of today's insane purity tests. Doesn't matter what they achieved or how they helped shaped this country or the world for the better, just chuck it all in the river because they were not perfect human beings, am I right?","0","0","2020-06-10 09:42:58","true",""
"UgzagM_LKNwx13bJ4RB4AaABAg","Paul Manning","All 5 people clapping, this was truly a day to be marked in the annals of history, congratulations....","0","0","2020-06-10 09:43:12","true",""
"UgwO6cntFMS9wiBqNVV4AaABAg","Quillo","Are you going to report on the police moving off the men who were guarding the statue and so the police letting it get defaced in the first place","2","0","2020-06-10 09:43:51","true",""
"Ugwor5HStpA8GCv3Q1B4AaABAg","Tumbles","When are they going to take down the pyramids? Those monuments built by actual slaves?","3","1","2020-06-10 09:43:57","true",""
"Ugwor5HStpA8GCv3Q1B4AaABAg.99iVmRDi0Wm99m9avAGp-i","Zartan","don;t forget all the churches.  we all know what religions did/ do to people.","0","","2020-06-11 19:47:06","false",""
"UgwJCIw6mrKwblODKVh4AaABAg","Rosey Cooks","churchill's should be knocked down and smashed too","0","0","2020-06-10 09:44:01","true",""
"UgwNH-YC3Ua1Erh5qeN4AaABAg","Jacob Salter","Islam should be banned then as Mohammed was a slave trader","0","0","2020-06-10 09:44:04","true",""
"Ugzw7fkaiGFZIISSaRZ4AaABAg","Jamie Potter","What does vandalism have to do with black lives matter","1","1","2020-06-10 09:45:05","true",""
"Ugzw7fkaiGFZIISSaRZ4AaABAg.99iVukJAvlc99iW8VSPWtZ","Moe Lester","Jamie Potter they go hand in hand, those who can't build only destroy","1","","2020-06-10 09:47:06","false",""
"Ugw-CQ7j1PAKuicabjp4AaABAg","David Hignett","I wonder how many black people have been killed by statues... Strange how it's not about police brutality anymore, I guess it's hard to make that case when the police are getting beaten up at the ""mostly peaceful protests""","0","0","2020-06-10 09:45:31","true",""
"UgwPNa6zIbTPBUTv2op4AaABAg","Schematic","Why is it in every news comment section, they're full of morons","0","0","2020-06-10 09:45:32","true",""
"UgwNrFk7Rgk3veCJvPp4AaABAg","Cloakfiend","Taking down statutes most people don't even care about other than being art and a travel landmark is a visual shame, as an artist I'd rather have statues than not regardless of their meaning. I personally don't get get angry or upset over statues regardless no matter the subject or how offensive (apart from modern art which I hate) is. People have opinions about everything, nothing is universally liked, things don't mean the same thing now just because they were meant to mean something a long time ago. I've never seen people idolising ANY statues, just doing selfies and stuff. People are actively putting in too much relevance into statutes, and then getting themselves upset even more on both sides. Then some using the lack of relevance to remove them. It's like saying books disliked by some people need to be removed from libraries because they are offensive or irrelevant now even if they weren't before. Statues are statues, after losing their meaning they become art, people are only offended by them because they are educated to be offended by them. I couldn't care less about ANY statues good or bad, I'd rather have some kind of statues than none. Trouble is what happens when you run out of statues.....whats next? buildings, then what.....people? troubling times ahead. I dislike any movement that attacks art, no matter how controversial. Even good people have done bad things, but no one on this planet is perfect including all those people protesting. On their basis no statues what so ever should exist....ever. But my opinion is...If you do remove statues, then immediately replace them with something else that everyone likes.....but is that even possible? And will removing statues actually change anything for the better? I doubt it seeing as no one really cared much for them much before. just makes things less boring having them around. I wouldn't mind more mythical gods and creatures around please, hint hint. I would like more medusas and aphrodites please. We need more art around.","1","0","2020-06-10 09:46:06","true",""
"UgxaMtNzdMNxWWbLZOZ4AaABAg","Cyril Sneer","The slave trade is still going on today, like in Libya for example.  The left couldn't care less about it because it's not white people doing it.  Instead they go after people who died hundreds of years ago and ignore the plight of slaves who exist today because the left hate whites.","0","0","2020-06-10 09:46:23","true",""
"UgzH1gea7nvZpZdOjiJ4AaABAg","africanindiaspo","Give them an inch and they will take a mile...","0","0","2020-06-10 09:46:42","true",""
"UgwDnE7t9A41LUlYilV4AaABAg","pherkz_YT","A multi cultural country isnt it amazing one group wants it one way whereas some want it the other causing a civil war.","3","0","2020-06-10 09:47:05","true",""
"UgyHopwf_S1-i54Crt14AaABAg","Ian P A","Next, these muppet rioters, I mean protesters will be attacking museums because they have displays of history. These people have no respect for anything now. 
They think black lives matter. ALL lives matter.","0","0","2020-06-10 09:49:10","true",""
"UgxrAmaMTNbn8Rpbivd4AaABAg","Rights aren't Wrong","Why are they protecting the Churchill one? That should be ripped down first.","0","0","2020-06-10 09:50:48","true",""
"UgzWkWaHlyF8BORrpHR4AaABAg","Mike ol","Do they not realise they would all still be in Africa if their ancestors hadn't arrived as slaves.  History cant be judged by todays standards !!","0","0","2020-06-10 09:52:45","true",""
"UgxoiKAfofaLUraB-3x4AaABAg","Over Heated EsKim0","Lmao any excuse for you all to start a mad riot because you had to be locked inside your house. If you cared this much why didn't you rage at all the other black people when they were killed","0","0","2020-06-10 09:54:16","true",""
"UgySzcDUVfMNgRY02Ix4AaABAg","Eugene Krabs","I remember someone said we once pritty much ruled the world nw we can’t handle few rowdy protesters..who want to delete our history.","9","3","2020-06-10 09:54:23","true",""
"UgySzcDUVfMNgRY02Ix4AaABAg.99iWymu7BZr99m6TT7uIrY","Dan Nick","Pretty not pritty thicko","0","","2020-06-11 19:19:44","false",""
"UgySzcDUVfMNgRY02Ix4AaABAg.99iWymu7BZr99m9VCJwhD-","The Happy Channel","Dan Nick You’ll notice a strong correlation between supporting far right ideology and not being able to spell.","0","","2020-06-11 19:46:11","false",""
"UgySzcDUVfMNgRY02Ix4AaABAg.99iWymu7BZr99mGoxkUyj0","Eugene Krabs","😂 sorry lads my bad ..hurry up and get to your next statue 🤣","0","","2020-06-11 20:50:11","false",""
"UgwDMOerjMQgd2MkAox4AaABAg","Tomal4lo","They run after historic figures that had something to do with slavery yet they don't see current wage slave masters disguised within massive corporations who are prettending their support for this movement just to not land in a crosshair.  Talk about divide and rule. This will create only more racism and resentment.","0","0","2020-06-10 09:54:45","true",""
"Ugy3C5P94KgcHHCIUu94AaABAg","anne huvig","pathetique ces gens","0","0","2020-06-10 09:54:46","true",""
"UgxXWis6vwH0Y67hzWt4AaABAg","Matthew Morris","Snowflakes, uneducated snowflakes everywhere...","1","0","2020-06-10 09:55:43","true",""
"UgxHUbQaCE-zHYlDrrF4AaABAg","Tomal4lo","This is literally book burning","0","0","2020-06-10 09:55:45","true",""
"UgygCkxvgNlS5oDFOWR4AaABAg","anne huvig","apres on enleve quoi? les croix, les eglises....","0","0","2020-06-10 09:56:20","true",""
"Ugx_wjF6i0hT-acdCot4AaABAg","rob lyt","vile people","2","0","2020-06-10 09:56:35","true",""
"UgwwAzDYpNlWQcjkEeR4AaABAg","J2019","The entitlement, bigotry and delusion of these people is beyond belief. Everyone in Britain has equal rights, and has had for a long time. We are not a dictatorship or a totalitarian state. Their right to behave like barbarians and deface our cities is proof that their belief of their oppression is false. They're just enjoying abusing their freedoms and rights to vent their own feelings of inadequacy and victimhood. It shows disrespect and disregard for the freedoms and the liberties that they have in the country they live in. You don't see Jew's demanding the toppling of the pyramids in Cairo. Slavery was the way of the world in medieval and biblical times. Monuments and reminders of this are everywhere, but they are not in celebration of it. Only someone with a narcissistic level of victimhood would believe that a monument that has stood for centuries is an insult to them personally in 2020. Try doing that in a real fascist state like Saudi Arabia or China. See how the politicians and police capitulate to your demand there...","0","0","2020-06-10 09:56:52","true",""
"UgwyYCvOXJ_aOpgTFsh4AaABAg","Bluepurgatory1","If the people of this country do not wake up soon and ditch voting for the two party cartel who between them have ruined this country then we are all doomed.","2","1","2020-06-10 09:57:05","true",""
"UgwyYCvOXJ_aOpgTFsh4AaABAg.99iXHcpTJAZ99idD_BiYu7","Robert Burns","Bang on. A change is required asap","0","","2020-06-10 10:57:42","false",""
"UgyKJQ3rvLkwqGjvWy54AaABAg","John Mansel","Boooo people from history didn't live by our modern day standards, shame on them. Lets tear down the Pyramids because they were built by slaves. What a bunch or morons.","0","0","2020-06-10 09:57:25","true",""
"UgyIVsNHNY3_6CUDXNd4AaABAg","Adeel Ahmad","so many white women protesting, is this because when you go black you never look back? LOL","0","0","2020-06-10 09:58:25","true",""
"UgxfzXF2o98UIwE7D6R4AaABAg","philpott","the propthet of islam was a slave trader< but we wouldnt seee you cowards going after him. pick an choose","0","0","2020-06-10 09:58:30","true",""
"Ugzz0DG7-q-B3IGpoPZ4AaABAg","Alex D.","And don't forget, you can always return to the lands of your ancestors. You might not have electricity, but you won't get killed by the police either.","5","0","2020-06-10 09:59:05","true",""
"Ugw4D2jHQHtI_Hvhb9t4AaABAg","yourweebrother","when are we getting rid of statues of convicted terrorists? Theres a big one of Nelson Mandela just south of the river, is that on the list?","33","2","2020-06-10 09:59:43","true",""
"Ugw4D2jHQHtI_Hvhb9t4AaABAg.99iX_sAGUaA99jo0H7uSik","w3w3w3","YES! Lets all have a WLM (white lives matter protest) and remove some statues as well... srsly...","0","","2020-06-10 21:51:14","false",""
"Ugw4D2jHQHtI_Hvhb9t4AaABAg.99iX_sAGUaA99kqGelMCCt","Mosley Shoahs","No, because: brown.","0","","2020-06-11 07:30:12","false",""
"Ugylv4xtG7ryys8DaIt4AaABAg","jon w","I wonder how these protestors would react if someone put graffiti on these George Floyd murals stating he was a meth head coke dealer that broke into a pregnant womens house, pointed a gun to her belly and then robbed her while his mate pistol whipped her. George Floyd and Churchill had their pros and cons 
Churchill saved ww2 and Floyd was a good father to some of his kids","1","0","2020-06-10 10:00:46","true",""
"UgzhguL2c202_dRMePh4AaABAg","j t","Police moved the veterans away from the statue and then it was defaced again? So fake news.","1","0","2020-06-10 10:01:25","true",""
"UgzRdGCIGNSYDEpymS14AaABAg","Steve Smith","If BLM want a war, bring it on. Remember, you're the minority.","54","20","2020-06-10 10:02:05","true",""
"UgzRdGCIGNSYDEpymS14AaABAg.99iXr9mhosi99iZFC3LOdC","Khadija Aamir","But they won't be because they have LOTS of white support too.","4","","2020-06-10 10:14:14","false",""
"UgzRdGCIGNSYDEpymS14AaABAg.99iXr9mhosi99icdGECrQM","MMJ. Forst","You aren't very bright","2","","2020-06-10 10:52:36","false",""
"UgzRdGCIGNSYDEpymS14AaABAg.99iXr9mhosi99ilDIBogny","Tee Trotter","So bring it! 300!","2","","2020-06-10 12:07:34","false",""
"UgzRdGCIGNSYDEpymS14AaABAg.99iXr9mhosi99isR59JVXL","Adriano Montanino","No I think the protesters wish for everyone to love and accept one another as equals. You are of the  minority of people who are obsessed with hatred and war.","1","","2020-06-10 13:10:37","false",""
"UgzRdGCIGNSYDEpymS14AaABAg.99iXr9mhosi99ixqE9ObBK","Gollum","We're going to oppose this terror group this Saturday, 1pm Park Lane
If you love our country and want to defend our ancestors legacy you'll be there","13","","2020-06-10 13:57:53","false",""
"UgzRdGCIGNSYDEpymS14AaABAg.99iXr9mhosi99j0t8x60He","Steve Smith","@Adriano Montanino With a name like your's you'd best be working in a pizza parlour :)","1","","2020-06-10 14:33:14","false",""
"UgzRdGCIGNSYDEpymS14AaABAg.99iXr9mhosi99j0wH1NKx-","Steve Smith","@MMJ. Forst Brighter than a BLM member","6","","2020-06-10 14:33:39","false",""
"UgzRdGCIGNSYDEpymS14AaABAg.99iXr9mhosi99jFBXSwubY","Jesus LuvWilder","The difference is the blacks are standing up for equal rights, but your fighting white supremacy.  Also, Black's are the minority , but still dominate in sports.","1","","2020-06-10 16:38:12","false",""
"UgzRdGCIGNSYDEpymS14AaABAg.99iXr9mhosi99jk5LYllQp","Superb Semoon","To me you’re the minority. Asia stronk","0","","2020-06-10 21:16:59","false",""
"UgzRdGCIGNSYDEpymS14AaABAg.99iXr9mhosi99jpUoj9Ugp","Sherlock's cat","@Khadija Aamir support of kids...the adults now all hate obama's maggots","1","","2020-06-10 22:04:09","false",""
"UgzRdGCIGNSYDEpymS14AaABAg.99iXr9mhosi99jpYtv2yYE","Sherlock's cat","@MMJ. Forst if i gave you a free IQ you'ld only eat it","1","","2020-06-10 22:04:42","false",""
"UgzRdGCIGNSYDEpymS14AaABAg.99iXr9mhosi99jpfzuazpg","Sherlock's cat","@Jesus LuvWilder bs the blacks are just hating whiteppl and the adults now hate you all","3","","2020-06-10 22:05:49","false",""
"UgzRdGCIGNSYDEpymS14AaABAg.99iXr9mhosi99l1dsVn-9h","Khadija Aamir","@Sherlock's cat what has Obama got to do with anything? Oh and you are totally wrong on the supporters of BLM whom are white.  This one is certainly not a kid.","0","","2020-06-11 09:18:22","false",""
"UgzRdGCIGNSYDEpymS14AaABAg.99iXr9mhosi99wV0HlBPS_","The Italian Swordsman","Steve Smith they’re using our humanity against us, that’s how they divide us","0","","2020-06-15 20:06:37","false",""
"UgzRdGCIGNSYDEpymS14AaABAg.99iXr9mhosi9A-9FgKPnnk","Domnul Floca","i'm not british, but i'd love to help . UK is really great.","0","","2020-06-17 06:13:26","false",""
"UgzRdGCIGNSYDEpymS14AaABAg.99iXr9mhosi9A-9PJOFyyt","Domnul Floca","@Jesus LuvWilder they don't dominate in anything...if they did, maybe africa would be like america. But in africa they still eat flies....","0","","2020-06-17 06:14:45","false",""
"UgzRdGCIGNSYDEpymS14AaABAg.99iXr9mhosi9A5vu1JNhEn","MMJ. Forst","@Steve Smith ok","0","","2020-06-19 21:22:41","false",""
"UgzRdGCIGNSYDEpymS14AaABAg.99iXr9mhosi9A5vvlI7tJu","MMJ. Forst","@Sherlock's cat ok","0","","2020-06-19 21:22:56","false",""
"UgzRdGCIGNSYDEpymS14AaABAg.99iXr9mhosi9BD2ZRgQbql","jaspjody","@Jesus LuvWilder blacks are the majority on a world scale. And yes they do dominate sport .my buddy in college was a great runner. When I became a doctor and moved into  a big house my buddy from college use run pass my big house eveyday.","0","","2020-07-17 12:15:44","false",""
"UgzRdGCIGNSYDEpymS14AaABAg.99iXr9mhosi9BWS3XyxAw3","KevLar_gh0st","we want peace not thousands of people shouting
""BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!"" at the top of their lungs","0","","2020-07-25 01:04:08","false",""
"UgwBgdI9RjTDU88DGwt4AaABAg","Zafar Warrior","Should erect one for Hitler he had the biggest balls and took the whole Europe on in a fight ...","1","0","2020-06-10 10:02:43","true",""
"UgzebZ7lHFcpVrDLCtd4AaABAg","indierockhead","Hmmm..... Funny how these Soros funded 'useful idiots' don't protest at the statue of Nelson Mandela. Wasn't he a convicted terrorist?","31","6","2020-06-10 10:03:35","true",""
"UgzebZ7lHFcpVrDLCtd4AaABAg.99iY1ExRF5T99lF8DUouhY","chris wilson","Yes he was and his party the ANC admitted crimes against humanity using execution torture and landmines during his time as president","6","","2020-06-11 11:16:14","false",""
"UgzebZ7lHFcpVrDLCtd4AaABAg.99iY1ExRF5T99lUUJXeIqx","Echos Bunnywoman","He sure was","1","","2020-06-11 13:30:19","false",""
"UgzebZ7lHFcpVrDLCtd4AaABAg.99iY1ExRF5T99lhHqUeDnQ","Mark R","So you're an anti-Semite then?","0","","2020-06-11 15:30:57","false",""
"UgzebZ7lHFcpVrDLCtd4AaABAg.99iY1ExRF5T99noqUy-rQZ","shedrick orr","No people you got it wrong. The ANC thought for freedom against the White Apartheid government.","0","","2020-06-12 11:15:28","false",""
"UgzebZ7lHFcpVrDLCtd4AaABAg.99iY1ExRF5T99o1UPP-Iu_","Настас Милошевић","Soros is an enemy of many people like the Serbs I hate him but not because he is Jewish","0","","2020-06-12 13:14:39","false",""
"UgzebZ7lHFcpVrDLCtd4AaABAg.99iY1ExRF5T99pxROwgnlD","chris wilson","@shedrick orr the ANC murdered white people. They tortured white people. And they bombed white people. Maybe in America and the United we should reciprocate","0","","2020-06-13 07:09:02","false",""
"Ugw4M0kNmhZ0J9I3Qgp4AaABAg","WN MCK","Glad am alive to see this moment in history changes needed long time","0","0","2020-06-10 10:05:05","true",""
"UgyvsAdIRSmxGwruu6J4AaABAg","k k","There’ll be setting stately homes on fire next many around the country built of the back of the slave trade","2","0","2020-06-10 10:05:10","true",""
"Ugy2SMh0nu8NBNMDBpd4AaABAg","ํ","Honor/Honour George Floyd, his Family, and honor ALL life on this planet and ALL human beings","1","0","2020-06-10 10:05:28","true",""
"UgxohgtEKTbplH_3mKx4AaABAg","Toxic Placebo","Is there any difference between the edl and blm? No.","0","0","2020-06-10 10:05:38","true",""
"UgzHE570DzhkYpIBSnJ4AaABAg","ํ","This is not a peaceful demonstration as it obviously has small elements of violence hidden within it","13","0","2020-06-10 10:05:56","true",""
"UgwC-aVdIzPxqHG6b754AaABAg","ํ","ISIS Elements are lurking within these protests
WISE-up, GO HOME / work..... Do something good and loving for this planet","27","2","2020-06-10 10:06:29","true",""
"UgwC-aVdIzPxqHG6b754AaABAg.99iYMQzB-wD99jWwJdnpN8","Nathaniel Milner","Sargon of akkad lad👌","0","","2020-06-10 19:13:17","false",""
"UgwC-aVdIzPxqHG6b754AaABAg.99iYMQzB-wD99m9h-HcZLb","The Happy Channel","They’re trying to do something good for the planet.","0","","2020-06-11 19:47:56","false",""
"UgyL1EL0klt4rZFFdK14AaABAg","OperationFoxley19441","The Police can't protect Churchill's statue 24/7 It's only a matter of time.","0","1","2020-06-10 10:06:47","true",""
"UgyL1EL0klt4rZFFdK14AaABAg.99iYOa84rJM99idkauzWzF","james eustace","And it will just get replaced, you idiots are walking a very fine line here, just keep pushing it.","0","","2020-06-10 11:02:21","false",""
"Ugw3iSdPZU381aSHfLx4AaABAg","Qween Killer","yes black lives matter.... destroying history and this countries history is wrong its time the uk harden up if you arent happy with the historical side of the uk just pack up your belongings and leave","0","0","2020-06-10 10:07:15","true",""
"Ugy6u1jFbH_4aZmVIiB4AaABAg","Ummer Farooq","Churchill, what are you doing standing there, I thought you were dead and buried. Oh? Your a fake? A copy? The erRection of statutes is the mark of enslavers. History is not learned by statues. History is learned by information passed as it is heard.","0","0","2020-06-10 10:07:30","true",""
"UgxXyGQJqyKGXwK7ER94AaABAg","Da Hub","all the salty old boomers in the comments🤣 cant wait to you all die & the next generation fully takes over.","0","1","2020-06-10 10:07:48","true",""
"UgxXyGQJqyKGXwK7ER94AaABAg.99iYW3OvAuG99iZlabiREW","Mark Douglas","By the time they do they'll just be salty old millenials making all the same mistakes. You think the next generation will change anything? Read a book. Educate yourself.","1","","2020-06-10 10:18:47","false",""
"Ugz1Il_3JhBXiph3_2Z4AaABAg","lekvaroskilincs","by a JCB? lol it's called tractor ya cucks. or is it JCB sponsored vandalism?","0","0","2020-06-10 10:08:40","true",""
"UgxQOuMPWEYSmXtrUxZ4AaABAg","Peter Pan","What do we want?
A race war!
When do we want it?
Now!","19","2","2020-06-10 10:08:57","true",""
"UgxQOuMPWEYSmXtrUxZ4AaABAg.99iYdZyqzqp99wSpfpSBb4","w3w3w3","lmao... lets go... High impulse, Low IQ people vs High IQ people.... Uhmmmm, I wonder who will win.","1","","2020-06-15 19:47:33","false",""
"UgxQOuMPWEYSmXtrUxZ4AaABAg.99iYdZyqzqp9BL5qaCihSj","Max Larsen","lol😂👍🏻🧢","0","","2020-07-20 15:18:21","false",""
"UgwmyPIz2lZkVCHp7TJ4AaABAg","Sandra Samuel","Police's protection @ structure Winston Churchill, tax payer monies could be spending for a more worthy organisation. Totally waste of money on a man who  stole countries. How can he discover an island where people's already inhabit. White wash history, he was a thief.","0","0","2020-06-10 10:09:42","true",""
"UgxQJIw8TYszXK0rOIh4AaABAg","Benjo the Great","Also, may I just add, what has Churchill got to do with Fricken Black Lives Matter Protests","24","1","2020-06-10 10:10:21","true",""
"UgxQJIw8TYszXK0rOIh4AaABAg.99iYnmpAedp99jauNhdSIb","Yo Yu","They dont even know","2","","2020-06-10 19:56:42","false",""
"Ugy0pbJ-rF8LkYP_StB4AaABAg","Tee Trotter","To point out and protest about a race is raciest, to demand using violance against a population is terrisum! Or do black not count!?","0","0","2020-06-10 10:10:30","true",""
"UgwvX6EjUVYVMcP75S54AaABAg","davidian666","roll on saturday","1","1","2020-06-10 10:11:11","true",""
"UgwvX6EjUVYVMcP75S54AaABAg.99iYtrWidVE99ip0GCvNSB","Mark","what is happening saturday ?","0","","2020-06-10 12:40:44","false",""
"Ugwuirk4QwQZRyUxApF4AaABAg","93jwj","Expect nothing more from the race with an average IQ of 80; they are too incapable to build societies on their own. Our biggest mistake: giving them an inch, and allowing them to take a mile. Civil war is brewing folks, it's about time we put the 'great' back into Britain; let's return her back to her former glory. Rule Britannia! ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻","1","0","2020-06-10 10:11:55","true",""
"UgwPpunC_eGcZMjcm4R4AaABAg","Joseph stalin","They are probably antifaq","0","0","2020-06-10 10:12:15","true",""
"Ugy1MTOqTfNYRshwT2F4AaABAg","sss sss","Defund police 👮‍♀️","1","0","2020-06-10 10:12:37","true",""
"UgzU3Kyw38eDg21N3op4AaABAg","mustangdavid2010","We need to take down the pyramids thsy were built by slaves🙄🙄🙄🙄...................., yet millions of people from all over the world travel to Egypt to see these landmarks. Where dose this end people???????????? So if your a protester and you have ever traveled  to see the pyramids I suggest you just go home and get a hobby.","2","0","2020-06-10 10:13:51","true",""
"Ugx-qWVZ1oVCRIU_4kd4AaABAg","john hansberry","Now they decide to protect it?...just now?...the police are pathetic.","0","0","2020-06-10 10:14:10","true",""
"Ugw_QnB42tEoEFHj_qB4AaABAg","Murray Marshall","Mob rule 😡
Are we all just going to bow down to the most militant most outspoken and most violent/destructive in our society?
Not me!","6","0","2020-06-10 10:14:14","true",""
"Ugyx933_fWnd4FDi5Nx4AaABAg","ํ","Deleting Historical monuments and reminders will only bring about repetition of Those historical events again and again in the future.","1","1","2020-06-10 10:18:45","true",""
"Ugyx933_fWnd4FDi5Nx4AaABAg.99iZlJa4YNB99ieYxSWS53","GARYPUSSY","Mmm, quite fancy a slave.","0","","2020-06-10 11:09:21","false",""
"Ugz_0IUenvox1eoIhMB4AaABAg","ํ","The SUN is fanning the flames of violence and destruction","1","0","2020-06-10 10:21:51","true",""
"UgxlOtaCOUV65d2Ljw54AaABAg","Georgie Morgan","TEAR IT DOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!","0","0","2020-06-10 10:23:45","true",""
"UgwHNkEYINA_bkJcDtN4AaABAg","Serkan Çavuşoğlu","This is a scandal wow 😅 All lives matter, not only Black ones.","7","0","2020-06-10 10:27:58","true",""
"Ugxgj2jIBejEZUXq-Ld4AaABAg","Astrah Cat","Well, British people, it's time you all started publishing your own history books so that people don't forget it.","0","0","2020-06-10 10:29:10","true",""
"UgyDWFot2JoaZzfa6jN4AaABAg","Amadey","The English nation has had it's pants down. Embarrasment.","8","1","2020-06-10 10:37:44","true",""
"UgyDWFot2JoaZzfa6jN4AaABAg.99iawIZwwyH99pLAfkuWTg","Fiddle Sticks","A
Quite true ...  very much so   ...  And it has always had its pants down ...","0","","2020-06-13 01:25:58","false",""
"UgyEn3BCd-9bh2gakeZ4AaABAg","DJ Michael Mills","Black Lives Matter is powerful👊🏾","1","0","2020-06-10 10:38:12","true",""
"Ugxx05gEkb7DSnpAYHZ4AaABAg","andrew payne","Just take down all the statues and rewrite history and racism will stop what world do these people live in .","0","0","2020-06-10 10:43:11","true",""
"UgwZB3qxElTqA3D1so14AaABAg","Jigsaw John","I have yet to read a comment from any of the BLM supporters, who have condemned the defacing of the Cenotaph, on the anniversary of D day. I think that speaks volumes about the type of people who support this group.","2","0","2020-06-10 10:45:37","true",""
"Ugwzf1dGk8Pk89UMLht4AaABAg","Art Maker","Mob rule nothing more not an ounce of individuality among them","0","2","2020-06-10 10:46:47","true",""
"Ugwzf1dGk8Pk89UMLht4AaABAg.99ibyZQ0ASs99idqgE9ZSi","Ra Ra","What are you talking about? We all have different interests, hobbies, personalities and philosophies. The one thing which unites us is we are all taking a stand against racism.","2","","2020-06-10 11:03:10","false",""
"Ugwzf1dGk8Pk89UMLht4AaABAg.99ibyZQ0ASs99iiLZVTRnB","fat fat","@Ra Ra Nah just a mob. Not  a single demand has been made, just nonsense chants. In the US they have an idea of what needs to be done, police reforms and investigation into brutality.""we are all taking a stand against racism."" except when it comes to racism against white people.Also defacing Lincoln statues and Gandhi. Your right is protest not right to vandalise and hurt police officers.","1","","2020-06-10 11:42:29","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg","Stonehenge Minstrel","When will they remove every visible trace of what the Romans, Vikings, Saxons and Normans ever built in Britain? 
The councils are certainly going to be busy. 
Do we send the bill to Italy (the Romans), Norway, Denmark, Sweden, (the Vikings), Germany (the Saxons), France (the Normans)? or ask them to come on over and do it themselves?
Will they also deconstruct the Pyramids? 
Do we request they blow up mount Rushmore? 
Remove every statue of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, etc.? (list too long). 
Better still let us rewrite history altogether to make it all nice and pretty so everyone is happy in la la Land.","453","62","2020-06-10 10:50:46","true",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99ipwmDLxCv","Disconnected Roamer","They aren’t because we won’t let them without a fight","41","","2020-06-10 12:48:52","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99jAKJSdxZb","HatRack","Just as long as lillll 3 year old Timmy can become Cindy! 🤪🤪🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳","15","","2020-06-10 15:55:43","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99jE0gRWwDf","Jesus LuvWilder","When will you able to reply to this brother question. Search: Khalid Muhammad police brutality","0","","2020-06-10 16:27:59","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99jaY6m5VIw","Phil W","During China’s cultural revolution, those ignorant and violent “Red Guard” did exactly the same thing - rewriting history for the proletariat, smashing and destroying ancient artifacts, persecuting intellectuals... history is repeating itself again and again...","14","","2020-06-10 19:53:32","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99jf4Z6MT1q","mmtot","Mohammed was married to a 9 year old, therefor a paedophile, so when do the mosques all come down?","19","","2020-06-10 20:33:11","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99jvJ0ev4Um","4200 Rahat","@mmtot mosques aren't built for Mohammed lol. Do some research before trash talking...","5","","2020-06-10 22:54:58","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99jvco3NSnn","Jo Black","Those who do not remember history are condemned to repeat it. Understanding where we came from allows us to avoid repeating past mistakes. Ignorance is not bliss.","6","","2020-06-10 22:57:48","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99k-z_dhKS9","Finnic","This is the result of globalism and the Kalergi plan.","5","","2020-06-10 23:44:36","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99k66yGCPOe","Mr Irish","You are the idiots who built the statues.","0","","2020-06-11 00:38:11","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99k8YNow-kA","Lance Uppercut","Don’t forget to peel all the labels from your bottles of Captain Morgan too!! Dude ran sugar plantations in Jamaica. I wonder who worked there??🤔🤔hmm","10","","2020-06-11 00:59:24","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99kDOyJLMVG","HellsSelectiveAiden69","Oh man, if racism and slavery is what we are fighting, pyramids must definitely go down, not as if it wasn't force built by slaves.","6","","2020-06-11 01:41:48","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99kMybPLcK9","Tracy Garcia","Look like middle class is poor class 😂","4","","2020-06-11 03:05:27","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99kN1V1v6re","Tracy Garcia","It looks like middle class is poor class 😂","1","","2020-06-11 03:05:59","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99kPfoLHrNE","Alex Leaud","@Finnic Finns are a Chinese group.","1","","2020-06-11 03:29:06","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99kp17yc5qb","Ray Caballero","Pyramids can definitely stay, the early Egyptian rulers were black ✊🏾","2","","2020-06-11 07:19:20","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99kqOfGToJG","Matthew Lake","No matter where you look in the world, there was slavery. Korea, Japan, China, Islamic Empire, British Empire,  America, and so on...   History is just that; our history.  Should we start removing books now that contain hate and racism? What about the Al-Bukhari and the qur'an that talk about sexual slavery after winning battles. Should we ban those books? How far do people want to take this?  I do generally dislike ""whataboutism"" but at this point it's an interesting thought...","6","","2020-06-11 07:31:17","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99kyWojSAZ4","Doric Phalanx","imagine if the Celtic countries were to take down every Roman statue which sold them to slavery.","2","","2020-06-11 08:42:18","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99l0EaS0Vuw","kara g","@mizanur rahman lol treating slaves kindly ahah","0","","2020-06-11 09:06:02","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99l8dgzw-Bp","Dan Smith","@Phil W That’s right, every repressive group does this! so many examples. It is a type of oppression in its self. Our leaders are too weak to stand up against it. Racism is repulsive but the actions of these people is no better.","4","","2020-06-11 10:19:30","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99lBY0xcTX2","bobby midha","@Dan Smith Wow. You spoke my mind. I am a British born Indian and believe that such actions are completely counter productive to the cause of greater racial integration and improved relations between different sections of society.","5","","2020-06-11 10:44:48","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99lDEJip08h","Debra Yates","And he had slaves","0","","2020-06-11 10:59:35","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99lF7sdM4cd","mmtot","Muhammad Daniel Probably help if you thought about it, brain donor.","0","","2020-06-11 11:16:11","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99lHr8sqx8D","Rob","If they want to take down everything with ties to slavery then they need to take down all the mosques because muhammad had slaves and permitted Muslims to have them","4","","2020-06-11 11:39:59","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99lSn3uolTj","Nathan Barnes","@Mr Irish You definitely have the right user name.","1","","2020-06-11 13:15:33","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99lag7nRDbf","Macdonalds Mascot","These are the same people who think Egyptians were black and that they flew around in giant space pyramids.","3","","2020-06-11 14:33:14","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99lfPvzuqGL","Fred Bloggs","And when all the crowds have gone home, the dust has settled and- - - - Then what ?
The bloody history will still be there, and having murdered the bulk of the working population there will nobody working to pay tax to finance the Lefty Marxists that want free stuff provided somebody else pays for it.","4","","2020-06-11 15:14:35","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99lgZiO2T4b","Bumber Clot","Get real man and don’t be so ridiculous. This is about facist peoples not you’re silly play on it. 😷☝️","1","","2020-06-11 15:24:39","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99lsh-76eMl","allenvbarrett","This is just an excuse to rebel . It has to be stopped before it gets out of hand .","5","","2020-06-11 17:10:39","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99mGu-_fQw2","Kry Kry","they needed to stick with just removing those who were well renowned 'slave traders and owners' like the one in bristol and leave it at that. At this rate, Italy is going to be destroyed they will want to break down colloseum and destroy all of their magnificent statues and historical artifacts built by slaves, the emperors etc....","0","","2020-06-11 20:50:53","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99mKyziyUIo","Fred Bloggs","@allenvbarrett .
Well consider, today its statues, tomorrow will it be descendants of the people represented by the statues. Where does it stop ? Think about that before you curl up in bed tonight.","0","","2020-06-11 21:26:30","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99mY9AR53EU","Yorkshire Lass","@4200 Rahat you make up your own rules, so  can we.","1","","2020-06-11 23:21:38","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99mYhxu_tyL","Yorkshire Lass","@allenvbarrett it already has got out of hand. They should have brought in the water cannons long before now. Leave our statues alone!!!","2","","2020-06-11 23:26:31","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99mcgxyD30J","M!N!'S H!M4L4Y4S","You'd have to ask the real English people In Wales first!!!!","1","","2020-06-12 00:10:04","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99n9xviEbia","জীবনের গল্প Around The World","mmtot hi idiot, the age was BETWEEN 9-18 Not exactly 9. 

many say the optimal age for marriage at that time was 8-10 so don’t compare","0","","2020-06-12 05:09:29","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99nA7wKhL4M","জীবনের গল্প Around The World","mmtot also women who were unmarried after the age of 13 were shamed and shunned - killed or sent for enslavement , Muhammad (PBUH) changed that and gave women the rights - voting for example, first time in human history. 

So I tell you what, get your head out of your bottom and learn","0","","2020-06-12 05:10:59","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99nEqsD2WWE","Loc'D N Loaded","@Fred Bloggs It stop when everybody is treated as human beings and equally. Until then tear it all down✌","0","","2020-06-12 05:52:13","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99nHrfniwQp","buttwipe370 0","Yea","0","","2020-06-12 06:18:32","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99p-qFJ0raM","Drew Fisher","I am afraid that's what will happen in the next ten years.","2","","2020-06-12 22:19:32","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99p93Pqc_6W","Zhicong Daykin","@Phil W spot on!","0","","2020-06-12 23:40:07","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99qS4lgv7Kv","cat eats owl","@Mr Irish yeah to remember history mate not destroy it if you forgot history you will repeat we don't want the British slave trade again do we","0","","2020-06-13 11:45:34","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99qSdXt3p77","cat eats owl","@M!N!'S H!M4L4Y4S yeah the Welsh are supreme","1","","2020-06-13 11:50:27","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99qaDdcWBhj","Bradius Maximus","@Mr Irish The people who built the statues must be the oldest people in the world.","0","","2020-06-13 13:05:25","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99rOqcfBsA4","Wolfo","@Jeff Airplane too right it's an insult to Britain 🇬🇧 and we aren't happy about it. Yes protest but grow up and do it wisely. Not going round attacking officers, abusing people, vandalising areas. It's got out of hand.","2","","2020-06-13 20:36:31","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99rYCqtyX-x","White Waves","Lol So in control. Aren't ya? 😆","0","","2020-06-13 21:58:20","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99uRLkpppt3","rich smith","@Disconnected Roamer who are these imigrants","1","","2020-06-15 00:56:06","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99v81FYf3Cj","Sample Text","Stonehenge Minstrel As a historian I can say this a Utterly absurd we should remember why the statues are there and what they do to deserve them not what they have done you cannot compare now  to history it was a completely different time when racism was allowed but history is there to learn from our mistakes","1","","2020-06-15 07:26:31","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99vHgblX5pJ","Danzo","Isis teared down ancient monuments and statues of Babylon culture. Same mindset, People who erase their history are deemed to repeat it.","0","","2020-06-15 08:50:57","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99veoKcWgjl","Möbius Paw","EDL FOREVER!","1","","2020-06-15 12:21:43","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99wEkkV_hU7","Comrade Nordmann","As a Norwegian I would go to England and help out if people ruin England","2","","2020-06-15 17:44:32","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99yh0fTl8Eq","Quickening TJ","That is a ridiculous comment about the Romans. That was generations ago, people will still be alive who’s family members died in the bengal famine Churchill caused. He is responsible for more deaths that hitler and did it in a shorter time frame. Don’t defend a murder because they blood on his hands is real.","0","","2020-06-16 16:38:44","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU99zOsiOUq0K","Aditya Dev","@Disconnected Roamer r u people actually doing something or letting thise idiots remove the statues","1","","2020-06-16 23:10:44","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU9A0mjzKuxA5","Gary Beynon","And churches, as they supported slavery.","1","","2020-06-17 21:26:28","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU9A1lfHM4n2U","Quetzalcoatl","Excrement is pouring out of your mouth. Britain is still enjoying the fruits of colonialism and slavery. The vikings and Romans are no longer part of ongoing history while colonialism, racism and slavery still is part of modern history. You have to pay for everything you've stolen because you are benefiting from it.  You will return our artifacts or we will burn your country to the ground.","0","","2020-06-18 06:36:20","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU9A1rMVqVmE3","Aurelio T.","Are you out of your mind? English people would still live in a forest without the Romans. Who would have taught them how to make streets, cities, decent weapons, democracy, economy...?","0","","2020-06-18 07:26:04","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU9A72YPQ98sg","Aaron abreu","We should send a bill to royals for the looting of people land countries diamonds . Oh and there real name is not even winsdor look it up . Under Magna Carta theses royal and corrupt officials need to pay there bill.","0","","2020-06-20 07:48:45","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU9ABqkh5rpLh","Jorge Guerrero","Oh my! The Pyramids were built by slaves?  You don't say.","1","","2020-06-22 04:33:10","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU9ANH9_-9UJu","J M","@Daniel it means Mosques represent an oppressive religion that has no roots in England and should be sent back to whence it came.","0","","2020-06-26 15:04:17","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU9ANHFCUTTE-","J M","@Ray Caballero 😂😂😂😂 *KANNNGZZZ* yeah, OK cheech...","0","","2020-06-26 15:05:03","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU9ANH_bb0Z6W","J M","@জীবনের গল্প Around The World 😂😂😂😂 OK inbred, whatever you say.","0","","2020-06-26 15:07:58","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU9AX0-66mWct","Jessica Lynn","Democrats tearing down statues of of the Dems. Now this is GOLD🤣😂🤣👋🤣👋😂","1","","2020-06-30 09:46:42","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU9AedJPHv2l2","JRRnotTolkien","They want only themselves in la la land.  If they really gave a damn about slavery, they would get off their butts and do something about CURRENT BLACK SLAVERY (not from hundreds of years ago).  Go to the Middle East and cause some destruction in the name of BLM.  What?  You don't care about blacks THAT much?  Surprise, surprise.","1","","2020-07-03 18:12:56","false",""
"Ugwm_mSs7JOyQnUETWJ4AaABAg.99icQj8XNoU9BgAhV96X7R","Otakuismy bae","@Phil W luckily some artifacts were saved... and was preserved by the other fleeing Chinese.","0","","2020-07-29 05:04:05","false",""
"UgyjJKihGfjpC3Qzfrl4AaABAg","Robert Burns","You protestors aka rioters are no better than the slag walking her dog in central park.","0","0","2020-06-10 10:53:19","true",""
"Ugyl7ShtrRO-gEmp20R4AaABAg","tony boss","To anyone who wonders what the great leader Churchill could have done wrong, after he co-lead the Allied Force and defeated the Axis during WWII.
Well it was under Churchill's leadership that 1943 Bengal Famine occurred and 1951 Restrictions on Colonial Immigration occurred, which rippled as the Windrush Scandal, especially after  the African countries that were colonised by the British Empire fought alongside with the Allied Force and even helped the British take and control Burma from the Japanese in WWII.

Paraphrasing Hitler...
*_""To 'learn' history means to seek and find the forces which are the causes leading to the effects which we subsequently perceive as historical events.""_*

*_""The man who has no sense of history, is like a man who has no ears or eyes""_*","0","0","2020-06-10 11:01:40","true",""
"UgwzpW9GDKfXSvD5xOx4AaABAg","Nui Harime","I'm all for BLM but you don't need to take your dogs, leave them at home. If things get ugly it'll be the animals who get hurt needlessly.","2","1","2020-06-10 11:02:46","true",""
"UgwzpW9GDKfXSvD5xOx4AaABAg.99idniqpSw899ifRsePAB0","Bobby Bobster","They have already attacked police horses, they don’t care about animals.","3","","2020-06-10 11:17:08","false",""
"Ugw52N5xZcFk3yCErv94AaABAg","Jason Brown","Give people what they want and they will always want more. Who's oppressing who?","0","0","2020-06-10 11:08:07","true",""
"UgyyzsfyKgal3R4tlft4AaABAg","Fergus Moonshine","Another victory for Islam, cheered on by the rabid left. Our country is fast going down the toilet.","1","0","2020-06-10 11:14:17","true",""
"UgwOn1yeX8KbXja4aRZ4AaABAg","richies quest","Yet more evidence the Labour party are a ethnic party and one of the reasons they had a disaster at the last election.","2","0","2020-06-10 11:21:21","true",""
"UgwgpGs2H2oIszlRASN4AaABAg","Ken Masters","They will be burning books next.","1","3","2020-06-10 11:21:31","true",""
"UgwgpGs2H2oIszlRASN4AaABAg.99ifwxJLjz199iitYwRSrC","Ra Ra","Hysterical and dramatic comment. Nobody's going to be burning books. We just don't want statues glorifying slavery :)","1","","2020-06-10 11:47:15","false",""
"UgwgpGs2H2oIszlRASN4AaABAg.99ifwxJLjz199jPTFvXSp9","Ken Masters","We just don't want Hysterical and dramatic people setting fire to a flag on top of the cenotaph.","0","","2020-06-10 18:08:00","false",""
"UgwgpGs2H2oIszlRASN4AaABAg.99ifwxJLjz199jU4gRM5bj","Ra Ra","@Ken Masters Cool, me too.","0","","2020-06-10 18:48:21","false",""
"UgwaMgRh2wYg__0xiaV4AaABAg","Wade","This makes me sick. NOT Acceptable!!! Churchill was a Hero, he saved the world from the Germans!!! This is very sad, what has our country become. This is a hate crime against the British people!","2","0","2020-06-10 11:23:41","true",""
"Ugygw7sRf_0cgDlYvv94AaABAg","Andrew Bowen","I hate the idea that any one who now objects to this insanity must be considered far right.","172","11","2020-06-10 11:24:48","true",""
"Ugygw7sRf_0cgDlYvv94AaABAg.99igK5mldLA99nL5MHfbSf","M B","Insanity? Disgusting. The police shield a statue of a man but let black fathers and mothers get murdered. You’re racism is showing. Anyone worrying about a statue being removed is part of the racism problem. You’re worrying about an object instead of a human life. Get a bloody grip.","5","","2020-06-12 06:46:45","false",""
"Ugygw7sRf_0cgDlYvv94AaABAg.99igK5mldLA99ojtXwdH9N","Predator","@M B STFU","27","","2020-06-12 19:51:26","false",""
"Ugygw7sRf_0cgDlYvv94AaABAg.99igK5mldLA99p7hIWTLLC","Cats999","@M B if history is removed, it will inevitably be repeated","26","","2020-06-12 23:28:13","false",""
"Ugygw7sRf_0cgDlYvv94AaABAg.99igK5mldLA99rT15voRT8","Wolfo","@Bradders looks like a bunch of vandals to me! Protest or not!","9","","2020-06-13 21:13:02","false",""
"Ugygw7sRf_0cgDlYvv94AaABAg.99igK5mldLA99tIdtwPFIt","F Rodriguez","@M B u must be brain dead","9","","2020-06-14 14:20:50","false",""
"Ugygw7sRf_0cgDlYvv94AaABAg.99igK5mldLA99u7SHgrO7W","TimBhoy67","I would consider myself left wing and I support the blm cause but I don't agree with this","4","","2020-06-14 22:02:14","false",""
"Ugygw7sRf_0cgDlYvv94AaABAg.99igK5mldLA99vvza2r9Di","Andrew Bowen","@TimBhoy67 That is what was one back in the old days called a reasonable position. Genuinely know no one who thinks black lives don't matter though I am sure some are out there. Back in the late eighties I held a jacket over a young black guy who had been slashed across his abdomen in an argument over £20 .If removing every monument on the entire planet made that not happen again I would be all for it. We both know it wont","5","","2020-06-15 14:51:48","false",""
"Ugygw7sRf_0cgDlYvv94AaABAg.99igK5mldLA9A1-GW2zd_q","Jack Uk","M B Shut up! Makes me outraged to see idiot protesters do this","4","","2020-06-17 23:24:39","false",""
"Ugygw7sRf_0cgDlYvv94AaABAg.99igK5mldLA9AQErq-iwRW","Skyler Tremblay","M B only 9 unarmed black people were killed by police in the US in 2019 and in Britain cops don’t really carry guns, I think you need to get a grip","4","","2020-06-27 18:41:58","false",""
"Ugygw7sRf_0cgDlYvv94AaABAg.99igK5mldLA9AedP1grvWk","JRRnotTolkien","If that's what far right is now, then you must re-assess your idea of the term.  Just as we have reassessed what ""Democrat"" now means.","0","","2020-07-03 18:13:42","false",""
"Ugygw7sRf_0cgDlYvv94AaABAg.99igK5mldLA9AlUTLEiuDj","Blue Poo","Skyler Tremblay Thanks for those facts I was gonna type the same thing","0","","2020-07-06 10:01:35","false",""
"UgwL09uQSbcqeJ41MQh4AaABAg","Philip Bamford","Wonder what’s the next thing these left wing babies will take a disliking to what about Mandela the terrorists statue","0","0","2020-06-10 11:34:51","true",""
"UgwCZ1CcgQw6UTP0dhp4AaABAg","Fergus Moonshine","The far left attack the police and destroy our history, The far right are attacked by the police (and the media) for protecting our history. How is this right?","9","1","2020-06-10 11:36:24","true",""
"UgwCZ1CcgQw6UTP0dhp4AaABAg.99ihdzic1Gf99m0LBryxJy","Ray of Lyte","No room for racism I guess.","0","","2020-06-11 18:26:11","false",""
"UgwDY9hzmCyvpPMjWS54AaABAg","Philip Bamford","They’ll really ramp it up when we don’t get a brexit extention😂😂😂😂🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻","1","0","2020-06-10 11:37:30","true",""
"UgzkAdkhx38eFSrKIVh4AaABAg","Steven Meakin","Make sure that Mandela the terrorist statue is ripped down  it offends me I want it gone","0","0","2020-06-10 11:38:27","true",""
"Ugwgtxt0YIjl6YdqYhN4AaABAg","Ra Ra","PULL HIM DOWN!!! No more monuments glorifying slavery.","1","0","2020-06-10 11:42:41","true",""
"UgwVUzSiGnntL6CRP-N4AaABAg","Shelby B","This is like an episode of The Telebannies, where the Taliban destroyed all the Buddhist monuments and wiped out a whole culture.","3","0","2020-06-10 11:51:30","true",""
"UgwTNhModuk3T_Rlhul4AaABAg","ⰈⰀⰄⰑⰏⰔⰒⰓⰅⰏⰐⰉ","More migrants from Africa to UK ! DIVERSITY IS STRENGTH","4","2","2020-06-10 11:54:06","true",""
"UgwTNhModuk3T_Rlhul4AaABAg.99ijfbfmkxC9B4cOvLh0lL","The Bald Kid","UK: Decides to create a war in Middle East so that they can profit from it later
Also UK: Why are there so many refugees coming to my country?

UK: Decides to create border cancer in India and Middle East.
Also UK: Why are you guys fighting so much?","0","","2020-07-14 05:44:26","false",""
"UgwTNhModuk3T_Rlhul4AaABAg.99ijfbfmkxC9BL62iu3oUu","Max Larsen","👍🏻","0","","2020-07-20 15:20:08","false",""
"Ugytol38pNi4Jf94gnR4AaABAg","ⰈⰀⰄⰑⰏⰔⰒⰓⰅⰏⰐⰉ","More migrants from Africa to UK ! DIVERSITY IS STRENGTH","0","0","2020-06-10 11:59:54","true",""
"Ugyua8FBvvWFFvFGqEB4AaABAg","Brads Bits","What happened in Egypt 2000 years ago??? The original slave traders 💯 forced to build the pyramids brick by brick 💯 not a white man in site 💯 I guess it's time we start pulling them down 💯 at then end of the day it's just the big monument to slavery 🤦‍♂️💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯","1","0","2020-06-10 12:00:09","true",""
"UgwcDWF53p5SDg5Hv-B4AaABAg","pindrop","Crackdown now on this idiocy. Get the riot police out there and forcibly disperse these cretins.","1","0","2020-06-10 12:03:14","true",""
"UgyRocBAx26GpYte0sd4AaABAg","PJ !","These thugs are a tiny insignificant group that seem to think that the entire country agree with their opinion. Well guess what, we don’t, this is nothing other than anarchy!","0","0","2020-06-10 12:07:15","true",""
"UgxUm3Z6QWhxt5kINep4AaABAg","Willem","Clowns!","0","0","2020-06-10 12:10:10","true",""
"UgxCiPvmvt9prsi0slB4AaABAg","Nirmal","Jai hind! 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽","0","0","2020-06-10 12:36:22","true",""
"UgyXDx6He2p5VD0Jrcx4AaABAg","David Guffey","Let's just take down all the statues. The suspense of what will be censored next is killing me. Just take care of it all in one fell swoop.","0","0","2020-06-10 12:36:45","true",""
"UgwIVvrhJWF_In1onHV4AaABAg","SkyPirater","You all know that George Floyd was a felon with a decade's worth of crimes under his belt.","3","1","2020-06-10 12:41:10","true",""
"UgwIVvrhJWF_In1onHV4AaABAg.99ip3MK-RhM99jqghWVXG0","Sherlock's cat","couldnt care less not about that mofo's death this is a race war of blackswanting totake over","1","","2020-06-10 22:14:39","false",""
"UgxrWyo9vluvLiAKFst4AaABAg","Garry Smith","BLM u r a disgrace Churchill is a hero and saved this country. If it wasent for churchill and all thows men and woman who fought in world war 2 and lost there lifes  none of us would be here today to enjoy our freedoms that we have today. its the snowflake sjw left wing crap that we get all the time. stop blaming white people of today for things that happened many years ago","0","0","2020-06-10 12:44:34","true",""
"Ugy0ZRUkmq4v9dSZYZt4AaABAg","Austerus Tertius Tutelus","George Washington owned 317 slaves.Cannot wait to see them pulling HIS statue down and renaming all those US towns and state.","0","1","2020-06-10 12:44:45","true",""
"Ugy0ZRUkmq4v9dSZYZt4AaABAg.99ipT_RRjNY99jFTH9mo6U","Veer Savarkar, The Man Greater than Gandhi","I wonder who sold him the Slaves, That's right Black People themselves !!!","0","","2020-06-10 16:40:38","false",""
"UgyTq2QJwVkh4JS_eD94AaABAg","Nass British","Wooow these people looked up to Slave owners wowwww. never thought all these statues in west are slave owner. it should all burn.","0","0","2020-06-10 12:46:10","true",""
"UgwDVigbSXfdHeNiA-V4AaABAg","James Lahiffe Baker","History is history I'm sorry but this is just silly","1","3","2020-06-10 12:47:20","true",""
"UgwDVigbSXfdHeNiA-V4AaABAg.99iplWtv1tk99iqbbIbel8","Ra Ra","It's unacceptable to have statues glorifying slavery in our city centre.","1","","2020-06-10 12:54:43","false",""
"UgwDVigbSXfdHeNiA-V4AaABAg.99iplWtv1tk99jQkdMwJbE","Ken Masters","It's  unacceptable to be setting fire to the flags on top of the Cenotaph,You might as well have spit on the grave of millions of people of all race's that died for what we have today.","0","","2020-06-10 18:19:15","false",""
"UgwDVigbSXfdHeNiA-V4AaABAg.99iplWtv1tk99jU1Cac9XT","Ra Ra","@Ken Masters I didn't set fire to anything. I dragged down the statue of Colston, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.","1","","2020-06-10 18:47:52","false",""
"UgxVnR9cgK5jCu364RR4AaABAg","Disconnected Roamer","Once again, we weren’t asked","33","7","2020-06-10 12:48:19","true",""
"UgxVnR9cgK5jCu364RR4AaABAg.99ipsnLukli99jvoiE657Y","Whitesepulchre","😂😂","0","","2020-06-10 22:59:26","false",""
"UgxVnR9cgK5jCu364RR4AaABAg.99ipsnLukli99kF4hZbE-O","Ran Dom","Stfu","0","","2020-06-11 01:56:31","false",""
"UgxVnR9cgK5jCu364RR4AaABAg.99ipsnLukli99kPkkUnUSq","Alex Leaud","And you never will be, you tard. This is OUR COUNTRY now.","1","","2020-06-11 03:29:46","false",""
"UgxVnR9cgK5jCu364RR4AaABAg.99ipsnLukli9ATuJplKFNJ","Angela Drummond","Alex Leaud your country? What’s that meant to mean?","0","","2020-06-29 04:50:39","false",""
"UgxVnR9cgK5jCu364RR4AaABAg.99ipsnLukli9AUjvFSNt6_","Alex Leaud","@Angela Drummond The UK is ours now. WE WILL BE THE MAJORITY. Try and stop us.","0","","2020-06-29 12:39:01","false",""
"UgxVnR9cgK5jCu364RR4AaABAg.99ipsnLukli9AVL7e4aJ0r","Disconnected Roamer","Alex Leaud the civil war is coming, don’t worry","0","","2020-06-29 18:12:54","false",""
"UgxVnR9cgK5jCu364RR4AaABAg.99ipsnLukli9BfZia_vgUp","The Outcast","@Disconnected Roamer Don't worry if in Hungary we could kick out the Soviet union with an army of trained militant commie fanatics numbering in the millions with the worlds largest army in the world at the time then so can ye do it against a bunch of parasite heathens! Don't be afraid of nothing lads take Viktor Orbans advice: ""Don't let them in, and if they are in deport them into exile."" The future of the UK is in your hands! Take it and secure it!","0","","2020-07-28 23:23:27","false",""
"Ugx9iEM5xmeLTSjrPNZ4AaABAg","andy wise","You life did matter not now","0","0","2020-06-10 12:52:27","true",""
"UgySRDovZdWjKYZ_FBx4AaABAg","Stoo Fras","These issues can go on forever but unfortunately racism in the UK will never be eradicated,there will always be the silent
majority that are totally opposed to the coloureds,and no amount of protests or petition signing will change that,unfortunately
that's a fact of life in this day and age.","0","0","2020-06-10 12:54:21","true",""
"UgwwfJ5R9mwOhTuyuz54AaABAg","Sarah Khan","All lives matter","1","0","2020-06-10 12:56:49","true",""
"UgxoFPMmyxuQ5kciwKd4AaABAg","Irene 1943","History is history. Nothing's changing because some people take statues down. Only,when little  kids can't just ask ""mom,who is he?"" And you answer :::that was a General, a governor,an admiral  e.c.r.,that child has to search the Britannica to learn things that are every day knowledge. ..","0","0","2020-06-10 13:10:31","true",""
"Ugx-ao1lKNeP_fiReHB4AaABAg","Adam Campbell","Mob rule? Think I'll join the EDL or better yet UVF.","3","0","2020-06-10 13:13:41","true",""
"UgyDix4_UKfbEvReGJB4AaABAg","Adam Campbell","PATHETIC","0","0","2020-06-10 13:14:19","true",""
"UgxwchRooZHofarsAZt4AaABAg","abracadabrashazam","Got no love for slave traders or terrorists! Mandella must go too!","0","0","2020-06-10 13:18:14","true",""
"UgxgT0ErHCXTkhnXPvV4AaABAg","T T","All lives matter. Brown pink yellow black white green blue red .........","0","0","2020-06-10 13:20:04","true",""
"UgyEaTLg0hDJcXcyGOl4AaABAg","jamesw242","everyone's too comfortable and has too much time to think. It's weak","1","0","2020-06-10 13:25:52","true",""
"Ugxmh1TRSSc2eIdrRSF4AaABAg","John","Probably the last bloke who got an honest days work out of them","0","0","2020-06-10 13:26:26","true",""
"UgwxbRt1H7sL0MOUf_54AaABAg","mayfield norris","Pull Churchill ugly stone done!","0","0","2020-06-10 13:29:53","true",""
"UgxEFuWbvhKZoY5bNo14AaABAg","truth agenda","These protesters are just a sick joke and represent the new abnormal perfectly.This so called spontaneous Black Lives Matter movement is about as spontaneous as a Keir Starmer statement. It's purpose is to undermine Trumps election campaign,scuttle Brexit and orchestrate regime change in the UK.Martin Luther King Jr advocated peaceful protest not vandalism,violence and looting","1","0","2020-06-10 13:32:11","true",""
"UgxZ3CbuxGTNpIwiyOh4AaABAg","truth agenda","These protesters are just a sick joke and represent the new abnormal perfectly.This so called spontaneous Black Lives Matter movement is about as spontaneous as a Keir Starmer statement. It's purpose is to undermine Trumps election campaign,scuttle Brexit and orchestrate regime change in the UK.Martin Luther King Jr advocated peaceful protest not vandalism,violence and looting","0","0","2020-06-10 13:33:31","true",""
"UgySinrye4HqwtCvPoF4AaABAg","S R","Don't serve drinks and foods named after black Red white Brown etc it's also racism don't name movies and buildings after colours it's racism, Black widow next sequel will not be allowed to release😂😂😂we don't want colours we don't want Winston Churchill we don't want this planet anymore.","0","0","2020-06-10 13:36:39","true",""
"Ugx6GTKrVQRqXJZ01Zh4AaABAg","vijay hoodoo","The so called BLM movement is funded by George Soros and has the stated objective of replacing western democracy with governance by @t has various strategies to achieve its goal,which include propaganda,psychological and physical intimidation and moreover, violence.Peaceful protest is one of it's methods but is only useful to mask it's preferred options.The BLM movement employs paid propagandists to either organise or participate in mass @t aims to spread hate,division,confusion and fear within those deemed to be their enemy.","0","0","2020-06-10 13:41:06","true",""
"UgwYnA68RSlIydj-XxF4AaABAg","G G","Where are the protests to stop knife crime?","1","0","2020-06-10 13:47:20","true",""
"UgyRgDVOS1OPI0bJRZt4AaABAg","AP1520GBET","Thank God. I’ve lost the respect I had for this cause and I wonder how they expect us to respect them more when they show us that they are terrorists ... I don’t care what colour your skin is, terrorist lives don’t matter.","1","1","2020-06-10 13:47:46","true",""
"UgyRgDVOS1OPI0bJRZt4AaABAg.99iwg82yhJB9B4dpj8jwjb","The Bald Kid","Russia is a hero when it comes to defeating terrorism.","0","","2020-07-14 05:56:58","false",""
"Ugze52gZDTc3NCXsceh4AaABAg","AP1520GBET","Terrorist lives don’t matter!","2","0","2020-06-10 13:50:12","true",""
"Ugx7U5plTg1WtTMGLiR4AaABAg","Sami bigs","Now are we gonna burn 5 pound notes?","0","0","2020-06-10 13:59:53","true",""
"UgzyOiEGliBzExDm8_t4AaABAg","Movie Master","If they take down those statues than history will likely repeat itself. People forget easily.","1","0","2020-06-10 14:00:23","true",""
"UgyRS1oa0Unco2VO9Ch4AaABAg","Freddie Ferguson","more force in my little toe than the police send queens guards armed to guard","0","0","2020-06-10 14:02:54","true",""
"UgwW_HuVimMhbod7Iod4AaABAg","jesoby","Yanks better remove any statues of George Washington or Thomas Jefferson.","0","0","2020-06-10 14:05:09","true",""
"UgwIqGxhubtl71NxLl14AaABAg","boznia","So if we are not allowed to make people public figures with shady past then whats up with George floyd who held a pregnant women at gun point and pointed the gun at her preganant stomach and robbed her, ring leader in home invasions, arrested with possession of drugs multiple times and was taking drugs.","0","0","2020-06-10 14:05:26","true",""
"UgyqU2z-2hd5vIWa8Mt4AaABAg","Harikrishnan H","Churchill was a murderer","1","0","2020-06-10 14:06:21","true",""
"UgyNyB5ynBmkk5y3JPR4AaABAg","Mai Vançon","Irony that a historical statue outside a museum gets taken down. Now, future historians/generations will never know about this slave trader...","8","3","2020-06-10 14:06:29","true",""
"UgyNyB5ynBmkk5y3JPR4AaABAg.99iypGjFdS199juOR6zhdA","terry phidaheights","THERES LOADS OF THEM IN AFRICA THE PEOPLE OF COLOUR WERE ENSLAVED BY FELLOW AFRICANS","0","","2020-06-10 22:46:58","false",""
"UgyNyB5ynBmkk5y3JPR4AaABAg.99iypGjFdS199l0lMekp3x","Khadija Aamir","It is going in a museum, just not on general public display so???","0","","2020-06-11 09:10:39","false",""
"UgyNyB5ynBmkk5y3JPR4AaABAg.99iypGjFdS199oMnQK2xQy","LeoWolfish","@Khadija Aamir for now, there are calls for them to be destroyed all together which is what is upsetting people.","0","","2020-06-12 16:20:53","false",""
"UgxF_nYDeo570Gf4CEN4AaABAg","i just kan't locate the shift key","Can we now also remove all traces of the Roman occupation.  They took Slaves people!  And please pull down those colonial Norman castles","0","0","2020-06-10 14:06:39","true",""
"Ugz3OJnqYfXC1unPoC54AaABAg","Fatboy S FLSTBS","You can’t go back and change history just  because the current political crisis doesn’t like it","0","0","2020-06-10 14:15:44","true",""
"Ugw_hpG-WSR70LJXXi54AaABAg","Fatboy S FLSTBS","You can’t go back and change history just  because the current political crisis doesn’t like it","1","1","2020-06-10 14:16:00","true",""
"Ugw_hpG-WSR70LJXXi54AaABAg.99izuyKqlHx99j0fkU2Eto","Ra Ra","Nobody's changing history. What a hysterical comment. We are just taking down statues which glorify slavery. Good.","1","","2020-06-10 14:31:24","false",""
"UgxBp9-ReM0aQI85TiJ4AaABAg","JJ Massie","Why sadiq isn’t there?","0","0","2020-06-10 14:20:23","true",""
"UgzXN5N9Sod95p_4GiN4AaABAg","Spring と 秋","No Churchill, UK no longer exist at WWII, then no black life matter today.","0","0","2020-06-10 14:25:09","true",""
"UgxcFG-m8-K_h8pfOJx4AaABAg","Hhh Hhh","This is racism against white people remove anything related to Nelson Mandela,He advocated hate against white farmers.","3","1","2020-06-10 14:28:57","true",""
"UgxcFG-m8-K_h8pfOJx4AaABAg.99j0OqoBKVO99m0yKn_-Su","Ray of Lyte","Did he slave millions of whites and killed the women and children? Of course he didn't, he was imprisoned for 27 years by said whites.","0","","2020-06-11 18:31:39","false",""
"UgzFS_udDL4SBVzg_G14AaABAg","Пламен Иванов","Look at the bright side- at least by the end of the year the uk will be out of the uk","0","0","2020-06-10 14:42:48","true",""
"UgxOH2UASZP4XASxZcZ4AaABAg","sheehan Sheehan","Just like a hurd of zombies","0","0","2020-06-10 14:44:58","true",""
"Ugz_Gx8Dmd_2Z7cjIZR4AaABAg","Дмитрий Климов","Black doesn't like England?
A bag
The airport
Tanzania","210","15","2020-06-10 14:45:15","true",""
"Ugz_Gx8Dmd_2Z7cjIZR4AaABAg.99j2GCVDAb-99qaW2jTAOb","Bradius Maximus","I'd donate to that!","25","","2020-06-13 13:07:56","false",""
"Ugz_Gx8Dmd_2Z7cjIZR4AaABAg.99j2GCVDAb-99w7csnqnzQ","BN S","Exactly, go back home","23","","2020-06-15 16:42:18","false",""
"Ugz_Gx8Dmd_2Z7cjIZR4AaABAg.99j2GCVDAb-99wMSBgdP97","DJI dh","I'd support you","12","","2020-06-15 18:51:46","false",""
"Ugz_Gx8Dmd_2Z7cjIZR4AaABAg.99j2GCVDAb-99wUYKULCvw","Adi3","you brought them here brother","2","","2020-06-15 20:02:31","false",""
"Ugz_Gx8Dmd_2Z7cjIZR4AaABAg.99j2GCVDAb-9ALee1X7gZ9","Mario","Go to Russia. Talk Russian","4","","2020-06-25 23:59:48","false",""
"Ugz_Gx8Dmd_2Z7cjIZR4AaABAg.99j2GCVDAb-9ANH-x7p2b3","J M","@Adi3 nope, ""we"" didn't. Try again.","3","","2020-06-26 15:02:58","false",""
"Ugz_Gx8Dmd_2Z7cjIZR4AaABAg.99j2GCVDAb-9ATXVy_TgPv","Hollywood Gold","@Adi3 So they should be able to send them back, brother.","3","","2020-06-29 01:22:35","false",""
"Ugz_Gx8Dmd_2Z7cjIZR4AaABAg.99j2GCVDAb-9AedBqfg0Iy","JRRnotTolkien","Wasn't Liberia established so blacks could return to Africa and be ""liberated"" (thus, Liberia)?  I notice they don't want to go, though, do they?","1","","2020-07-03 18:11:54","false",""
"Ugz_Gx8Dmd_2Z7cjIZR4AaABAg.99j2GCVDAb-9Aj63vFtPqY","Max Larsen","they get everything for free in England thats why they dont want to leave","3","","2020-07-05 11:49:55","false",""
"Ugz_Gx8Dmd_2Z7cjIZR4AaABAg.99j2GCVDAb-9Aj67_Ee-3I","Max Larsen","Mario i wish.","0","","2020-07-05 11:50:25","false",""
"Ugz_Gx8Dmd_2Z7cjIZR4AaABAg.99j2GCVDAb-9Ax0MIMZkFW","Joseph Hutchinson","But the borders are closed due to covid.","0","","2020-07-10 21:29:22","false",""
"Ugz_Gx8Dmd_2Z7cjIZR4AaABAg.99j2GCVDAb-9B7UN3ud1-b","alex jervis","@JRRnotTolkien 
BLACKS: Post Bellum.
Those that stayed?
Way back, THEY, were given a COUNTRY of their own, LIBERIA!
They didn't make it a success to match their aspirations. (Whose fault was that?)
They would rather stay to be oppressed in the US!","0","","2020-07-15 08:23:16","false",""
"Ugz_Gx8Dmd_2Z7cjIZR4AaABAg.99j2GCVDAb-9BFO0Xlmp8F","Lovely bit Of bugle","It seems the simple solution to me. If you don't feel comfortable in a mans country, then go to a black man's country.","0","","2020-07-18 10:01:40","false",""
"Ugz_Gx8Dmd_2Z7cjIZR4AaABAg.99j2GCVDAb-9BFO64aGjS1","Lovely bit Of bugle","@Adi3 yes but we're not making them stay","0","","2020-07-18 10:02:26","false",""
"Ugz_Gx8Dmd_2Z7cjIZR4AaABAg.99j2GCVDAb-9BFOImByX0u","Lovely bit Of bugle","@Adi3 infact WE didn't bring anyone here, WE just inherited this problem mate.","0","","2020-07-18 10:04:10","false",""
"UgzPDf-S4CG5M6MmUJF4AaABAg","Sam Rowbotham","What next shall we dismantle London, Colchester and St Albans because the Romans enslaved the British for far longer? 
Its time to outlaw BLM its a terrorist organisation and its a threat to our Monarchy and our way of life. We have taken all these people in and this is the thanks we get.
Anyone engaged in serious unlawful disorder should be dealt with harshly by the courts. If they are Black Citizens they should be deported and if they are Subjects then they should be done for Treason. If the police cannot cope put the army on the streets they will cope this needs to be sorted out and nipped in the bud right away.
I am all for peaceful protest but not this wantoning breaking of the law of the land. Do not bite the hand that feeds you.","0","0","2020-06-10 14:55:53","true",""
"UgxbKOIzRGlGHk3JF0V4AaABAg","Phil 502","I’m sure statues of Mandela will be coming down in SA due to the excesses of the ANC.   There are blacks there advocating that at SA universities I know .","1","0","2020-06-10 14:57:55","true",""
"UgzDie5hSSPOsqiO7LF4AaABAg","Chris D","What a joke","0","0","2020-06-10 15:06:19","true",""
"Ugz4oBONiE72OT7wmhd4AaABAg","Jonathan Cousin","So all the violence and the intangible hysterical comments about systemic racism to remove a few statues. Well done.","0","0","2020-06-10 15:06:23","true",""
"UgzUe9MrxoRur0O39Sp4AaABAg","Chris D","Lets make it like it is in Africa then shall we","0","0","2020-06-10 15:07:32","true",""
"UgzQJ10pd9zr4kd8fKd4AaABAg","Stephen Sinclair","Interested in what this is REALLY about.
I used to live with black people.  Here's the thing.  The bookish white boy that I was believed in equality in the classical sense.  How they hated that phrase.  Things that are equal are by definition the same.  They did NOT believe it.  There was no question in their minds that black people were unique.
I still believe in equality.  Leave history alone and start using it to THINK.","1","0","2020-06-10 15:21:54","true",""
"UgweAoMa9X_ay1MYalN4AaABAg","Buggs Bunny","Thats khan jumping on the bandwagon...... so now the statues have gone, 

""what slavery you talking about fool""","0","0","2020-06-10 15:22:34","true",""
"UgzL_tSHYuffZh0R8GJ4AaABAg","Ai iA","Deport them..","0","0","2020-06-10 15:27:15","true",""
"UgxExTdH5-WubVv4s2t4AaABAg","Dave Lee","I don't expect the coloured guy that organised the Rhodes demo is going to pay back the money he accepted for his Rhodes funded scholarship","0","0","2020-06-10 15:34:20","true",""
"UgwG-H9LC-DPFMfOFcV4AaABAg","tracey","Churchill is a hero to millions of people in this country including our Queen and PM ..These people are disresprctful morons. Their protests lose all credibility behaving like this ,.idiots using the race card thinking if they shout loud enough theyll get what they want.","0","0","2020-06-10 15:37:23","true",""
"UgxA9t7vvAss1vCK-fB4AaABAg","scimg","If only the protestors knew how modern consumerism exists... truth hurts.","0","0","2020-06-10 15:46:45","true",""
"Ugy9_sckai_g6eaMPHZ4AaABAg","Sophie Dixon","They are taking it too far now","0","0","2020-06-10 15:51:01","true",""
"Ugwa5ZEY8YNEVCBnq2d4AaABAg","U Wot","This is just a crowd full of entitled white people.","1","0","2020-06-10 15:57:36","true",""
"Ugyaj4OxRp_5sPAxzbt4AaABAg","Hate_Virtual Signallers","The BLM and these idiots have done more encourage racism in the white populous than the KKK.","1","0","2020-06-10 16:09:00","true",""
"UgwisILIysSLQae4K514AaABAg","Ronald Shea","The result of enforced multiculturalism that the British people never asked for and never wanted.","1","1","2020-06-10 16:11:13","true",""
"UgwisILIysSLQae4K514AaABAg.99jC5q4GDVf99nE0pfq9qD","jon waddell","nor did the kiwis australians canadian french german everyone! , there must be some group organizing it all behind the scenes","0","","2020-06-12 05:44:58","false",""
"Ugx_kyTAn9BO1C3GELd4AaABAg","Bob Keane","innit doe.","0","0","2020-06-10 16:11:43","true",""
"UgwI_q75292eYyqCSvF4AaABAg","Divide et Impera","Churchill  was what he was but that does not change the fact that we are here today free and alive cuz of people like him who fought   and died in  WW2","0","0","2020-06-10 16:14:17","true",""
"Ugx5s8IOm4x37i_5vbp4AaABAg","Henk Fegelein","Remove statue from murderer and terrorist Nelson Mandela to and burn it!!!","4","0","2020-06-10 16:25:46","true",""
"UgzY9cWtTOYUYCKtfk14AaABAg","Tdr94 19","Wonder how much this is costing?","0","0","2020-06-10 16:31:04","true",""
"UgwoWJ9-3U-MgVeQ5mZ4AaABAg","Michael McKenna","Mr Khan, the London Mayor wants to remove statues, well how far back are we going? The 7th Century perhaps? When it was OK for some to marry 9-year-old girls - is it ok to honour them?.","1","1","2020-06-10 16:39:20","true",""
"UgwoWJ9-3U-MgVeQ5mZ4AaABAg.99jFJlFTI3u99jJSoWJZP_","Masood Akhter","You know nothing John snow 😂😂😂","0","","2020-06-10 17:15:31","false",""
"Ugw7RNyN6f7ItBrmVpp4AaABAg","Chris Clarke","Blacking out the past.....demolishing Penny lane next...and the Mob will lynch anyone with the Beatles record","2","0","2020-06-10 16:41:31","true",""
"UgxBGyHnym4YUiurSdV4AaABAg","shedrick orr","The world would not have existed if it was not for slavery. Imagine telling people that that half of them will die on a boat. The same as today just different they inslave your mind. Stay in your house everybody complies.Our civil l liberty right out the door nobody protest. The study is working.","0","0","2020-06-10 16:50:37","true",""
"Ugz1Ajh1sqsXiU_sYeN4AaABAg","Ray D","These left wing groups are just the wests version of ISIS. Vegan ISIS at that.","2","0","2020-06-10 16:55:41","true",""
"Ugwbjr_ZeEpT_rfuUpN4AaABAg","Barry Phillips","How many of the protesters are named after Winston 😂😂😂","6","2","2020-06-10 16:57:19","true",""
"Ugwbjr_ZeEpT_rfuUpN4AaABAg.99jHNXEZODh99n_fppGJxh","Daniel","Most of them are either mohammed, or some third world name","1","","2020-06-12 09:02:56","false",""
"Ugwbjr_ZeEpT_rfuUpN4AaABAg.99jHNXEZODh9BL6GU7hmg1","Max Larsen","Daniel Agubwaga Loogutu or Muhamad Arifat El Bazar Poopatad","0","","2020-07-20 15:22:01","false",""
"UgyV43l_bb61TJSTnoN4AaABAg","will_adamborn","It's a national disgrace that this is allowed to happen","2","1","2020-06-10 17:02:16","true",""
"UgyV43l_bb61TJSTnoN4AaABAg.99jHwl6svnX99kfMxKks5J","Almerich !APO statt AfD!","Well, you dont have a nation anymore since the Rothschild debt money banksters took over. It has been a nation simulation for way more than hundred years now. Welcome to the 666 shades of marxism leading to the NWO.","0","","2020-06-11 05:54:56","false",""
"UgwMUOY9xRkUfGBDEPN4AaABAg","LCFC 2016","Obviously not many of these protesters have jobs,or is it because most schools are still closed?..","5","0","2020-06-10 17:02:19","true",""
"Ugyln_iUx2OQGCCplhZ4AaABAg","Alan Patey","I agree that BAME 'heritage' is so important that some folk might be more comfortable moving back to their ancestral homelands especially since the African countries are doing so well for themselves having thrown off the colonial yoke half a century…..oh.....hang on....","0","0","2020-06-10 17:03:10","true",""
"UgwVfmmVpiZqsNO9lN94AaABAg","Alex are","Stop destroying our history","4","1","2020-06-10 17:08:15","true",""
"UgwVfmmVpiZqsNO9lN94AaABAg.99jIcZ02yoG9B4ch50iYTv","The Bald Kid","You cannot ""destroy"" history by physically removing a statue...","0","","2020-07-14 05:47:03","false",""
"Ugx5Ym6lB1ASH_8eR-V4AaABAg","Axe Murderer T1000","Why do so called whites english carry Israeli flags don't seem so patriotic to me.","0","0","2020-06-10 17:13:30","true",""
"Ugyrf78PVBj8O3fnhDp4AaABAg","Angela Prior","The statue has been there for about 100 years. Nobody objected before ! Mass hysteria","2","0","2020-06-10 17:28:21","true",""
"Ugwzp4o16C57-jeJKZ94AaABAg","Bernie Lugg.","Are we allowed to call BLM protesters Snowflakes?
(Asking for a friend)
🤔","1","0","2020-06-10 17:33:02","true",""
"UgzF0WPro9GcQGHdJKN4AaABAg","Harrison Jones aiko","All lifes matter. Black lifes should br equal. But im white and i have no extra privledges in london. I been followed in shops. Im 26 i got no car. Been in car lived in a hostel since 16 dont really have family. All lifes matter. Im white and have not really any extra privledges.","2","0","2020-06-10 17:34:07","true",""
"UgyXF9p4VEnHJ7f_Krl4AaABAg","Bernie Lugg.","If you ask me it seems BLM is becoming a white movement.","0","0","2020-06-10 17:34:37","true",""
"UgwTDmJrcckx8jl96hR4AaABAg","TyEng 12","This is about to turn from 'Black Lives Matter' to 'Reparations' - Its not about Equality it's about 'What can I get for free'","0","0","2020-06-10 17:41:40","true",""
"Ugyyh3KWJdLh3z68l_t4AaABAg","grumpyyyyy","The Taj Mahal is a symbol of the Mughal conquest and enslavement of India. The BJP government want it renamed or destroyed. How would our mayor feel about that? Let's look at every empire, the Mughals, the Ottamans, the Abbasid caliphate. Shall we tear down everything they built?","0","0","2020-06-10 17:51:34","true",""
"UgwS0dOHq0LooQ4sNTx4AaABAg","DogSoldier","Remember that you are an Englishman, and have consequently won first prize in the lottery of life. - Cecil Rhodes","0","0","2020-06-10 17:51:50","true",""
"UgxKCJLra6yMyhlEEXJ4AaABAg","4bigmonk","BRING ON BREXIT!","1","0","2020-06-10 18:07:35","true",""
"UgzqWH-ofRjwj6J1rrx4AaABAg","Unknown2234 Unknown","The people of oxford should decide to remove the statue or not.these muppets don’t have a say","1","0","2020-06-10 18:19:10","true",""
"Ugzt_ja5BqEMAeD22N54AaABAg","Gj C","When are these morons who know nothing of British history learn to look forward instead of the past. All this is doing is creating racism!","2","0","2020-06-10 18:34:22","true",""
"UgxlrlhZ0tM7AxkeTw94AaABAg","D A","This isn't going to end well.","3","1","2020-06-10 18:36:42","true",""
"UgxlrlhZ0tM7AxkeTw94AaABAg.99jSkPsKoAp99kOvq_aU2B","Almerich !APO statt AfD!","Say hello to upcoming Bolshevism!","0","","2020-06-11 03:22:33","false",""
"UgyrztBVn1NVSWXS1L14AaABAg","IEatpetrol 23","I not truing to be rude but with out Churchill they would not be protesting because they won’t have freedom of speech","6","3","2020-06-10 18:56:52","true",""
"UgyrztBVn1NVSWXS1L14AaABAg.99jV38y-V_g99odvwE_C3b","R QUBED","If it were left to Churchill blacks and Indians would have been torn from this earth and only their lands would remain. Had it nor been for the disapproving white mob he would have been converted to Islam too. Strange man.","0","","2020-06-12 18:59:20","false",""
"UgyrztBVn1NVSWXS1L14AaABAg.99jV38y-V_g99qKihBocdK","Joe King","R QUBED evidence?","0","","2020-06-13 10:41:15","false",""
"UgyrztBVn1NVSWXS1L14AaABAg.99jV38y-V_g99qZ6y6QH6M","R QUBED","@Joe King Read the Churchill project Hillsdale College...where in letters to family he is begged not to convert to Islam due to his fascination with its customs.","0","","2020-06-13 12:47:02","false",""
"Ugx6KEfPwOvQE0b_8Il4AaABAg","Lil Febo","whats next shall we just tear down the great pyramid of giza? as that was made by slaves. history is history if you destroy it all then people will make the same mistakes","1","0","2020-06-10 18:59:38","true",""
"UgwIqzumTKNRUQ9Ry754AaABAg","sha shazan ali","All fake    controlled opponents,   people need to relize they all pay themselves in the end","1","0","2020-06-10 19:12:41","true",""
"UgyJP6ZHOehz2Gz49pt4AaABAg","Rick M","not a peaceful protest, these people must be stoppe","1","0","2020-06-10 19:19:08","true",""
"UgyHpCy0NNEpI5YhC9l4AaABAg","Tronor123","You can't compare the leaders of our history with today's thought/view of how a leader should be. It was a complete different time that was more brutal with different laws and different view on each other. We stand closer then we ever have in history, yes things are not 100% but we have it way better then we could ever imagined 100 years ago.","1","0","2020-06-10 19:21:09","true",""
"UgxPFp7zECVXQLj1h4Z4AaABAg","Rick M","Africans may have sold their own people into slavery, in exchange for guns.
For a thousand years before Europeans arrived in Africa, slaves were commonly sold and taken by caravans north across the Sahara.","0","0","2020-06-10 19:23:31","true",""
"UgwTwDZhK4Ta2Vyh4-F4AaABAg","SHUSH SHAMBLES","he was a bit overweight anyways....","0","1","2020-06-10 19:35:00","true",""
"UgwTwDZhK4Ta2Vyh4-F4AaABAg.99jZQRbJ-XB99kOqGNsaQC","Almerich !APO statt AfD!","Well, financially saved by the shekels from *ew strakosch, drunkard churchill decided to become a nasty swine and lived his Anti-Germanic traitor life to the fullest.","0","","2020-06-11 03:21:47","false",""
"Ugxp-QxYysGmAsZ3pBV4AaABAg","themarbleking","Put plaques on the statues revising their status and deeds. Turn them into monuments against slavery much like the Jews do with their atrocities.","1","1","2020-06-10 19:42:14","true",""
"Ugxp-QxYysGmAsZ3pBV4AaABAg.99j_FIvtDLy99jeNCKL0Rc","jakiiboi8","Exactly.","0","","2020-06-10 20:26:59","false",""
"Ugx5XU25mVaAWyVYIrZ4AaABAg","haunted pumpkin 2020","You can't take that  down","1","0","2020-06-10 19:42:58","true",""
"UgyQHT9Gi7Alg4LfYqF4AaABAg","haunted pumpkin 2020","All lives matter","2","0","2020-06-10 19:43:37","true",""
"UgwbibmNvmIUZRhywxh4AaABAg","BREDATOR1","If it wasn't for Churchill most of them wouldn't be alive let alone being able to protest here!","2","0","2020-06-10 19:51:19","true",""
"UgyOpfl6Ev-cGShENS94AaABAg","Phil W","During China’s cultural revolution, those ignorant and violent “Red Guard” did exactly the same thing - rewriting history for the proletariat, smashing and destroying ancient artifacts, persecuting intellectuals... history is repeating itself again and again...","0","0","2020-06-10 19:54:02","true",""
"UgwhBBI-4xYBHZQb7X14AaABAg","skinnzthedon","i dont think people commenting know the history of cecil rhodes","0","0","2020-06-10 20:01:56","true",""
"UgxdNfS-TlAS_T0sBid4AaABAg","Tom Fu","So, you've left EU to get rid of Czechs, Slovaks, Romanians, Poles... Do they destroy your national heritage? I see no opposition to this. Where is BOJO and his Glum?","0","0","2020-06-10 20:17:48","true",""
"UgzQzvzPQuQ-OTu21Zl4AaABAg","ㅤㅤ","If you don't like Britain then leave. You won't be missed.","70","3","2020-06-10 20:22:26","true",""
"UgzQzvzPQuQ-OTu21Zl4AaABAg.99jdqqByz3w99kOKFYlpu9","Almerich !APO statt AfD!","@Manisha Naik Cool story, Afua.","2","","2020-06-11 03:17:17","false",""
"UgzQzvzPQuQ-OTu21Zl4AaABAg.99jdqqByz3w99p7z29fBAA","Cats999","@Manisha Naik yeah but nobody is keeping them here
Theyre staying of their own accord","1","","2020-06-12 23:30:38","false",""
"UgzQzvzPQuQ-OTu21Zl4AaABAg.99jdqqByz3w9BfWIFCKEqX","The Outcast","Do it like in Central Europe, first of all ye should've never let them in and since they are there deport them into exile forever and never let outsiders get it. Pure and Simple as that (Y)","0","","2020-07-28 22:53:30","false",""
"Ugz0ZABZWGjv_pv37JN4AaABAg","Graham Potter","Tear it down. Get rid.","0","0","2020-06-10 20:33:50","true",""
"Ugx3rYTQ7LsQ124jCbF4AaABAg","Margaret maclean","Destroy ing history.Another Knee-jerk reactionjust because   a Soros backed group of rioters demand it.People are blindthey can't see they are being playedfor a bigger agendaMartin Luther King would be so disappointed","1","0","2020-06-10 20:34:18","true",""
"UgzWMXnw4f-zcPUZhKl4AaABAg","callyharley","What about Arranged Marriages, FGM, Starving children, clean water, medicines. WTF a statue removal gonna do? It's simply lazy pathetic nonsense.","3","0","2020-06-10 20:42:50","true",""
"Ugzy_HKCsCBNtN2CPNF4AaABAg","Joseph Spencer","The greatest prime minister of our time being disgraced like this, disgusting.","32","1","2020-06-10 20:44:59","true",""
"Ugzy_HKCsCBNtN2CPNF4AaABAg.99jgR-TrEHW99pS6K7JMwu","youness alibane","UK should kick them out the country because they don't pay respect towards the icons of the nation where they live and benefit its democracy, rights and freedom.","3","","2020-06-13 02:26:32","false",""
"UgzAaOKpab_FHmzTK7F4AaABAg","ju last","Knobs","1","0","2020-06-10 20:49:24","true",""
"Ugy3uHbVWhIj4chAsG54AaABAg","Kissa MyAzz","Where will all these statutes go after this oh that’s right in a museum where they will still be praised 😂😂😂😂 this makes no sense to me who’s going to pay for these new stairs to be put up definitely not the ppl half of us are out of a job","1","0","2020-06-10 20:56:42","true",""
"UgwQpEYcr1WApwVbr594AaABAg","Ano Niem","BLM is funded by Chinese money to make us forget about Tiananmen Square, to inflict more damage after/during covid 19 and to keep us busy while they obtain more territory and political power.","3","1","2020-06-10 21:02:06","true",""
"UgwQpEYcr1WApwVbr594AaABAg.99jiOMZ6Y2H99lpYFWFchG","Roboko","You might have a good point. I smell a rat.","1","","2020-06-11 16:43:06","false",""
"UgybNSrCbPA4AEAHidJ4AaABAg","Bigun From wigun","Our country our history","1","0","2020-06-10 21:14:17","true",""
"Ugy9-4wxy3qpPvA84u14AaABAg","ShadowsAndDust 2","Bleep on huwhite.. Rope..ass.ault..rob.bery..was over 400k cases more than in reverse.  In 2019
In 2019 230 bleeps were k.i.l.l.e.d by cops..
In 2019..370 huwhites were k.i.l.l.e.d by cops..

Now.  Where did the Mainstream media cameras go during these stories?","1","1","2020-06-10 21:31:23","true",""
"Ugy9-4wxy3qpPvA84u14AaABAg.99jljks-oli99jls6_GUuJ","ShadowsAndDust 2","In 2019 bleeps killed nearly 2× the huwhites..than in reverse..

Dont believe the hype","0","","2020-06-10 21:32:31","false",""
"UgxDOFlG5tQaUvDjpBV4AaABAg","Voltaire's Ghost","Donate to the 'Reinstate Edward Colston's Statue' fund.

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"UgxDOFlG5tQaUvDjpBV4AaABAg.99jlkgS56Jg99jmHb9hO4x","Danny Ka","I like how you liked this post! Was it your official approval?","1","","2020-06-10 21:36:08","false",""
"UgxDOFlG5tQaUvDjpBV4AaABAg.99jlkgS56Jg99jn8Jk-5Zp","WolraadWoltemade 1652","Group of k4f f1rz Go ahead Voltaire I'm a white guy born as a African and I h8te k4f f1rz ie those of African blood delete this comment you pom but I feel sorry for you this is how we lost our Country to Nelson Mandela.

That the British government funded.","3","","2020-06-10 21:43:36","false",""
"UgxDOFlG5tQaUvDjpBV4AaABAg.99jlkgS56Jg99jrm98Cobc","IRON H34RT221","WolraadWoltemade 1652 Have you got Tourette’s or something, my man? 🤣","2","","2020-06-10 22:24:08","false",""
"UgxDOFlG5tQaUvDjpBV4AaABAg.99jlkgS56Jg99ju6tTW8Ms","Seventy-Three Elephants","Before there was a United Kingdom, but not before there was a Britain.","3","","2020-06-10 22:44:34","false",""
"UgxDOFlG5tQaUvDjpBV4AaABAg.99jlkgS56Jg99jwAW6lqyY","Seventy-Three Elephants","Also, Cromwell killed far more Englishmen than Irishmen. After the Restoration, he was disinterred, and his head was used as a football.","3","","2020-06-10 23:02:33","false",""
"UgxDOFlG5tQaUvDjpBV4AaABAg.99jlkgS56Jg99k9NBuIKbd","Fitness Philosopher","You didn't hear Khan's statement on removing all statues in London related to slavery?","1","","2020-06-11 01:06:37","false",""
"UgxDOFlG5tQaUvDjpBV4AaABAg.99jlkgS56Jg99kTXVRt2wt","Leona Bastet","@Seventy-Three Elephants I thought it was put up on a pike at the city gates a traitor.","5","","2020-06-11 04:02:47","false",""
"UgxDOFlG5tQaUvDjpBV4AaABAg.99jlkgS56Jg99kjIN30ScX","Seventy-Three Elephants","@Leona Bastet Now that I've looked it up, I see that our'e right! The football incident was someone else.","2","","2020-06-11 06:29:16","false",""
"UgxDOFlG5tQaUvDjpBV4AaABAg.99jlkgS56Jg99l8m45pR12","AnxiousPsycho","MLK had nothing to do with this country but we have a statue of him in London on Westminster Abbey, why?","4","","2020-06-11 10:20:39","false",""
"UgxDOFlG5tQaUvDjpBV4AaABAg.99jlkgS56Jg99lOIVogj48","Rafal Malicha","Not related question. There is a panorama of Gdańsk at 0:55 in your video. I've never seen this painting before. Would it be possible to have link to the source website?
Cheers from Poland, and good luck.
P. S. This marxist-communist revolution taking place in your country and You sir doing a good job exposing it. I'm only afraid this is to little, to late. You certainly overslept the beginning of it. Too many young minds were polluted by it at your universities already.","0","","2020-06-11 12:36:17","false",""
"UgxDOFlG5tQaUvDjpBV4AaABAg.99jlkgS56Jg99llAXROQ6u","Nahnya Bosiness","Why would you expect a non-human to defend a work of humans? Do you not understand this social engineering shit is inter-species conflict for sapient species. What needs tyo be done is the push for accepting reality and acknowledging the other sapient hominids will do whatever is needed to tear down their greatest competition, and that therefore humans need to only apply human rights to humans, not negroes, dravidians, semites, mongoloids, etc.","0","","2020-06-11 16:04:55","false",""
"UgxDOFlG5tQaUvDjpBV4AaABAg.99jlkgS56Jg99luvMUgSfp","Jonathan Same","But lol do we have the right to destroy ancient Rome  because of slavery over us Europeans . Plus do the Jewish people have the right to destroy ancient Egypt because of slavery so on and so on. Its disgraceful and disgusting i have no time for them at all yes i do believe there is in Justice's  past. We are all ancestors of slaves at one point or another. They have the option to leave but still they keep coming.","2","","2020-06-11 17:30:05","false",""
"UgxDOFlG5tQaUvDjpBV4AaABAg.99jlkgS56Jg99m6_hXIjj_","Scorndog","Thank you Devon Tracy for recommending Voltaire's Ghost!","3","","2020-06-11 19:20:43","false",""
"UgxDOFlG5tQaUvDjpBV4AaABAg.99jlkgS56Jg99mRj-n7cGt","MDOY79","Sir, I would like to buy you a beer..","2","","2020-06-11 22:25:30","false",""
"UgxDOFlG5tQaUvDjpBV4AaABAg.99jlkgS56Jg99nLc6101l5","scabthecat","at this point, I don't care about racism.      Churchill's statue and The Cenotaph are vandalised.   The mob now opposing the mob are ex soldiers.  What the fuck do people think will happen now?","1","","2020-06-12 06:51:22","false",""
"UgxDOFlG5tQaUvDjpBV4AaABAg.99jlkgS56Jg99qblnufM31","nymersic","You called it right early.  Straight out of 60's China.  Everything here is Mao's playbook.  Mao was a fucking genius at communist rebellion:  yes, every statue.  Every single one.  Every single last Terracotta Army your country might be proud of, it all must be destroyed for the glorious revolution.  Everything old must go away, only that which is new.  And as long as the commie agitators can keep provoking authoritarian crackdowns by police, the revolution continues, and in the end wins.
Yes, that's exactly what we're watching.
A hundred million people in the West are going to get murdered in the next fifty years.  Happened before elsewhere, and now the commie Reaper's coming for us.","1","","2020-06-13 13:18:57","false",""
"UgxDOFlG5tQaUvDjpBV4AaABAg.99jlkgS56Jg99rMsXsxuej","John McDermott.","Great Video 👋👋👋👋👋💪🙏✝️🙏","1","","2020-06-13 20:19:18","false",""
"UgxDOFlG5tQaUvDjpBV4AaABAg.99jlkgS56Jg99vFgiNLnR3","malcador the sigillite","scabthecat yet don’t you know that it’s somehow the alt right/white suprematist fault for all that’s going on ohh and that mean Trump to: some random person probably.","0","","2020-06-15 08:33:29","false",""
"UgxDOFlG5tQaUvDjpBV4AaABAg.99jlkgS56Jg99vwpivJXLd","john lewis","At this point i have more of a problem with the Tories than the rioters. We voted them into power in a landslide victory over labour and yet despite this they have done nothing in the last fortnight other than twiddle their thumbs while rome has been burning. That of course was till this saturday when the spineless Boris finally opened his mouth to call out the counter protestors as far right when  in actuality most of them were simply young men doing the stupid things that young men have always done. That said if you had told me twenty years ago that Britain needed another Thatcher i would have told you to fuck right off but that was then and this is now and to honest although i never thought i  would say this i would now welcome another Thatcher with open arms.","0","","2020-06-15 14:59:12","false",""
"UgyZaWV6a_FClMnNiyd4AaABAg","Crusty Juggler","Lot of white people there... jokes on them when they're all being used as useful tools for a hijacked cultural marxist anti-white movement.","0","0","2020-06-10 21:32:20","true",""
"Ugz8w0w8sE4uaWgh-Md4AaABAg","STAR OF DAVID67","The middle classes have found another bandwagon,  I have never known the British government to be so sheepish when it comes to dealing with public disorder.","2","0","2020-06-10 21:33:03","true",""
"UgwdUpKdD2y1tKZZdaF4AaABAg","Æthelwulf Eoforlic","Forgive the rioters they know not what they do and have become the new Taliban","3","0","2020-06-10 21:33:17","true",""
"UgzUlu9FDn3QX8fF-6B4AaABAg","Eagle Bearer","It's depressing watching mentally ill Zoomers and Millennials tearing down statues because of their pent up anger. These people don't need a revolution, they need therapy.","119","8","2020-06-10 21:33:25","true",""
"UgzUlu9FDn3QX8fF-6B4AaABAg.99jlyeTfQYK99jncMztw95","KH","Or shooting 😡","12","","2020-06-10 21:47:51","false",""
"UgzUlu9FDn3QX8fF-6B4AaABAg.99jlyeTfQYK99joF0XYSW6","Roxanne","That’s what I was thinking... I think a main reason why so many young people love to take part in these pointless protests is to feel important... to feel like they have a purpose and direction in this alienated society. We used to be told what our place in society was - building a family and meaningful connections. Which is only becoming more and more elusive. And for that reason... the industrial revolution and its-","3","","2020-06-10 21:53:15","false",""
"UgzUlu9FDn3QX8fF-6B4AaABAg.99jlyeTfQYK99joiqH13ep","Salomé Baptist Smith","They need a lobotomy for what's left.","4","","2020-06-10 21:57:28","false",""
"UgzUlu9FDn3QX8fF-6B4AaABAg.99jlyeTfQYK99jpQohw95O","Smokey Cat","Eagle Bearer If these are supposed to be educated, intellectuals, and the future of this country , we are well and truly fucked!","5","","2020-06-10 22:03:36","false",""
"UgzUlu9FDn3QX8fF-6B4AaABAg.99jlyeTfQYK99ju0539Hn-","Balthasar Gérard","@Salomé Baptist Smith agreed. I was reading about how 60-75% of lobotomies where done to women. Their histrionic behavior can be quelled by rearranging their brains. And i literally dont care if it makes them dumb(er).","0","","2020-06-10 22:43:39","false",""
"UgzUlu9FDn3QX8fF-6B4AaABAg.99jlyeTfQYK99kQUrt6FTR","azmanabdula","Im technically one of the eldest millennials and all i can think of was
Why the fuck are they doing this 
Self defeatist all of them 
They are building their own grinders
But then again im an Aussie
We are always a couple years behind in culture 
That may be why I disnt see this when i was younger","1","","2020-06-11 03:36:12","false",""
"UgzUlu9FDn3QX8fF-6B4AaABAg.99jlyeTfQYK99l2n_BpC96","City Of Figs","In their world the only statues left will be the ones you see in  retro wave graphic design. Not even joking. They are doing exactly what IS*S is doing.","0","","2020-06-11 09:28:25","false",""
"UgzUlu9FDn3QX8fF-6B4AaABAg.99jlyeTfQYK99lDTuv07tt","K_airo","People my age give me a headache. I dunno how many friends/acquaintances i’d have left if I actually called out all of their bullshit as I saw it. Maybe it’s a young-person thing - teenagers and young-adults always have had a fondness for “Vive la révolution” type thinking 🙄 Hopefully they grow out of it and gain a sense if gratitude for how fucking great they actually have it in comparison to the rest of today’s world and their ancestors.","0","","2020-06-11 11:01:43","false",""
"Ugworm3RJoUXZZbH56x4AaABAg","Max Robinson","These same people probably don't know the leaps and bounds we as an Empire took to end slavery.","357","28","2020-06-10 21:33:31","true",""
"Ugworm3RJoUXZZbH56x4AaABAg.99jlzNGnquS99jmuh_o61b","TheWhiteWhale","They dont care.","42","","2020-06-10 21:41:36","false",""
"Ugworm3RJoUXZZbH56x4AaABAg.99jlzNGnquS99jno8nEsJN","Anthony G","@TheWhiteWhale That is what I was going to say...They don't actually have an argument, they just flat out do not like us, and we need a war. Period!!","29","","2020-06-10 21:49:27","false",""
"Ugworm3RJoUXZZbH56x4AaABAg.99jlzNGnquS99jodzmHqHz","Thomas Stingemore","The British people have been paying a debt of freeing slaves from 1833 all the way up to 2015","31","","2020-06-10 21:56:48","false",""
"Ugworm3RJoUXZZbH56x4AaABAg.99jlzNGnquS99jrU8hXo85","tolpacourt","As a people, as a nation, the British ended slavery within their Empire.","19","","2020-06-10 22:21:32","false",""
"Ugworm3RJoUXZZbH56x4AaABAg.99jlzNGnquS99jwyM7PNfJ","Voltaire's Ghost","Muh Haiti...","26","","2020-06-10 23:09:29","false",""
"Ugworm3RJoUXZZbH56x4AaABAg.99jlzNGnquS99jymrWnwkE","Gary Chance","@Anthony G And we shall get one. Let's make sure we get ALL the traitors, compile a list.","2","","2020-06-10 23:25:24","false",""
"Ugworm3RJoUXZZbH56x4AaABAg.99jlzNGnquS99k-9lBxVEN","RyanEX2000","@tolpacourt Wasn't there an actual law that if a slave made it onto British soil he was a free man?","3","","2020-06-10 23:37:24","false",""
"Ugworm3RJoUXZZbH56x4AaABAg.99jlzNGnquS99k-heLWqyX","Astorath the Grim","Wasted British blood. Shoulda left it alone.","7","","2020-06-10 23:42:10","false",""
"Ugworm3RJoUXZZbH56x4AaABAg.99jlzNGnquS99k2aBWOLT8","Universal Suffrage is like Mob of Rome","i just realized.. We are using Latin alphabet to communicate.. And slaves were used in Rome like microwaves or washing machines today.. 
""So comrades: from now humming and monkey noises only! Progress!""","4","","2020-06-11 00:07:21","false",""
"Ugworm3RJoUXZZbH56x4AaABAg.99jlzNGnquS99k5ZviXU8B","Gary Chance","@Astorath the Grim Indeed, we fought the wrong enemy in those world wars. That austrian painter was right.","7","","2020-06-11 00:33:24","false",""
"Ugworm3RJoUXZZbH56x4AaABAg.99jlzNGnquS99k5mRM0WXQ","Barry Morris","So you agree with the protesters? Those who came before abolishment were wrong to have slaves and we should forget those who did? Thanks for agreeing with the right side of history. Good man.","0","","2020-06-11 00:35:14","false",""
"Ugworm3RJoUXZZbH56x4AaABAg.99jlzNGnquS99k74UL9XRv","David Empty","@Universal Suffrage is like Mob of Rome Does that mean that drinking wine is cultural appropriation?","2","","2020-06-11 00:46:35","false",""
"Ugworm3RJoUXZZbH56x4AaABAg.99jlzNGnquS99kZtspuiMG","JEN'S DEN","they know they just don't care","0","","2020-06-11 04:58:24","false",""
"Ugworm3RJoUXZZbH56x4AaABAg.99jlzNGnquS99k_XW1hnHg","Cartwright","@Voltaire's Ghost I wouldn't be surprised if the average communist dolt believes Haiti was a British colony.","4","","2020-06-11 05:03:57","false",""
"Ugworm3RJoUXZZbH56x4AaABAg.99jlzNGnquS99klEvOhF_M","Winston Smith","We didn't invent slavery. We got the idea from the Africans. It's just that, as usual, we did it better than them.","5","","2020-06-11 06:46:16","false",""
"Ugworm3RJoUXZZbH56x4AaABAg.99jlzNGnquS99knfz7_sUu","Abbiher Banfield","What about the leaps and bounds ""you as an empire"" took to START slavery. Why should anyone get celebrated for finally ending mass slavery. Should have never have happen. And reparations were paid to slave OWNERS until 2015 not to the slaves. The end of slavery was the continuation of systemic racism in a more covert way","1","","2020-06-11 07:07:35","false",""
"Ugworm3RJoUXZZbH56x4AaABAg.99jlzNGnquS99kw9fpcD4u","TheWormThatTurned","@Abbiher Banfield so the British started slavery did they Abbiher? 
Have you ever picked up a history book.
Why no outrage at the more prodigious slavers such as the Arabs, the Africans themselves, or the South Americans.
Is this selective outrage due to racial hatred?","9","","2020-06-11 08:21:40","false",""
"Ugworm3RJoUXZZbH56x4AaABAg.99jlzNGnquS99l1Ip5PtH3","Trevor Matthews","@Abbiher Banfield You've just made yourself look like an uneducated buffoon.  
Are you Diane Abbott and Jeeza's love child?","6","","2020-06-11 09:15:21","false",""
"Ugworm3RJoUXZZbH56x4AaABAg.99jlzNGnquS99lBC3XuRLT","Differently Abled Muslim Jewish Lesbian of Colour","@Anthony G *They don't actually have an argument they just flat out do not like the way we look and they want a war.","1","","2020-06-11 10:41:48","false",""
"Ugworm3RJoUXZZbH56x4AaABAg.99jlzNGnquS99lLTVi_-Do","Konigwolfen","These same people also praise and harshly protect countries which still enact slavery, simply because they match up politically, or they're part of a 'victim' group. In school slavery was only ever taught as something the western world did, and this does a disservice to the millions or perhaps billions of people who were or are currently enslaved across the world.","4","","2020-06-11 12:11:34","false",""
"Ugworm3RJoUXZZbH56x4AaABAg.99jlzNGnquS99lmfMnhT-d","TheWhiteWhale","@Konigwolfen there are 40 million modern day slaves.

Almost exclusively living in countries of color","4","","2020-06-11 16:18:00","false",""
"Ugworm3RJoUXZZbH56x4AaABAg.99jlzNGnquS99mJ55MThbT","Real Life Neanderthal","They do, they don’t care","0","","2020-06-11 21:10:00","false",""
"Ugworm3RJoUXZZbH56x4AaABAg.99jlzNGnquS99mRGNHiqIh","Kitt Spiken","Or how low he made black unemployment!","0","","2020-06-11 22:21:27","false",""
"Ugworm3RJoUXZZbH56x4AaABAg.99jlzNGnquS99mb6YOtvjY","Derek Moore","We pay the equivalent of 100 billion pounds to stop slavery the UK what's the biggest influence in the world to stop slavery we have fought Wars to stop slavery and to give people freedom. These rioters do not know what they