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"UgzjYdbujOhrFYgybI54AaABAg","The Professor","Melt it down and use it for something better.","18","9","2020-06-17 21:27:03","true",""
"UgzjYdbujOhrFYgybI54AaABAg.9A0moE8vUwM9A0nG-Kgv02","The Cornfield","Like weapons to take back the UK from the traitors who are destroying history, voting has failed, democracy has failed, only action remains.","24","","2020-06-17 21:30:59","false",""
"UgzjYdbujOhrFYgybI54AaABAg.9A0moE8vUwM9A0nKzr6tOq","Josh","The Cornfield 👌🏼","1","","2020-06-17 21:31:40","false",""
"UgzjYdbujOhrFYgybI54AaABAg.9A0moE8vUwM9A0nP6ryTPN","Willma Fingerdoo","@The Cornfield Yep.  👍👍👍","2","","2020-06-17 21:32:14","false",""
"UgzjYdbujOhrFYgybI54AaABAg.9A0moE8vUwM9A0oPIidVo7","Matt Brame","​@The Cornfield Except nobody knew who Edward Colston was outside of Bristol before this happened so the traitors have done you a favour and educated you at least","4","","2020-06-17 21:40:59","false",""
"UgzjYdbujOhrFYgybI54AaABAg.9A0moE8vUwM9A0pMEjB55B","Blake Blake","yeah like more jailbars to store the criminals behind!","2","","2020-06-17 21:49:19","false",""
"UgzjYdbujOhrFYgybI54AaABAg.9A0moE8vUwM9A0q7FPtrdt","Stu McCabe","The Professor . You are poking a sleeping lion. Carry on doing what you're doing please - every day you do increases the number of people who will vote for the new parties that are emerging. Thank you.","4","","2020-06-17 21:56:00","false",""
"UgzjYdbujOhrFYgybI54AaABAg.9A0moE8vUwM9A0qqdHoaXp","The Professor","I'm not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep......","0","","2020-06-17 22:02:20","false",""
"UgzjYdbujOhrFYgybI54AaABAg.9A0moE8vUwM9A0rJ7jneAD","The Professor","I'm afraid of sheep led by a lion. You know who said that..","0","","2020-06-17 22:06:22","false",""
"UgzjYdbujOhrFYgybI54AaABAg.9A0moE8vUwM9A0t2Aois_U","Dog Poo Fairy","The Professor so where does it end? Which monuments linked to slavery will be torn down next to appease your offended chums? Maybe they won't stop at slavery, maybe terrorists, next, so I guess the Mandela statue, is that okay with you? Or how about paedophilia, the places of worship where they follow a paedophile prophet and call him the perfect role model, should they go too?","2","","2020-06-17 22:21:31","false",""
"Ugzvgm_1H7ANr77YxFF4AaABAg","Stevens","loved it","0","0","2020-06-17 21:28:59","true",""
"UgxTzrOSOlxGdBxdtNJ4AaABAg","Stevens","loved it","1","0","2020-06-17 21:29:00","true",""
"Ugy6upxoUElFXT9zZwN4AaABAg","Josh","Do the public a favour and show them how these people treat things they hate","46","7","2020-06-17 21:32:37","true",""
"Ugy6upxoUElFXT9zZwN4AaABAg.9A0nRwlaXuh9A0p_0fffQg","Blake Blake","we have all seen it","8","","2020-06-17 21:51:11","false",""
"Ugy6upxoUElFXT9zZwN4AaABAg.9A0nRwlaXuh9A2qskjtXdM","Sinn Harman","Destroying slave traders statues is a virtue","0","","2020-06-18 16:41:06","false",""
"Ugy6upxoUElFXT9zZwN4AaABAg.9A0nRwlaXuh9A2rkkj6NCD","Marcus","@Sinn Harman no, its virtue signalling. Integrity, inner strength and wisdom are examples of virtues.","0","","2020-06-18 16:48:45","false",""
"Ugy6upxoUElFXT9zZwN4AaABAg.9A0nRwlaXuh9A2t6-k9sjk","Sinn Harman","@Marcus all examples of destroying the establishment vanity statues to slave traders","0","","2020-06-18 17:00:32","false",""
"Ugy6upxoUElFXT9zZwN4AaABAg.9A0nRwlaXuh9A2ukM7-mJb","Marcus","@Sinn Harman eh?","0","","2020-06-18 17:14:55","false",""
"Ugy6upxoUElFXT9zZwN4AaABAg.9A0nRwlaXuh9A2zlhQuD0-","Sinn Harman","@Marcus integrity wisdom and inner strength is what it took to topple said statue","0","","2020-06-18 17:58:47","false",""
"Ugy6upxoUElFXT9zZwN4AaABAg.9A0nRwlaXuh9A31oyGkZrw","Marcus","@Sinn Harman Just a few thugs following orders, no virtues were required. Thanks for translating into English btw.","0","","2020-06-18 18:25:27","false",""
"Ugxz5FQzFBh6yXY_Srp4AaABAg","asowle","Sicking in not removing the red/blue paint... The Left are destroying so much and know so little... the children that they are....","19","8","2020-06-17 21:37:06","true",""
"Ugxz5FQzFBh6yXY_Srp4AaABAg.9A0nxoAL3YN9A0oKoBSCc_","qwertyuiop 1tiop","It's like art, I think it increases ethe value of the statue.","2","","2020-06-17 21:40:23","false",""
"Ugxz5FQzFBh6yXY_Srp4AaABAg.9A0nxoAL3YN9A0ocCBNtW2","L H","The paint should be kept as it is part of its history now , I'm sure future historian's will appreciate it.
If there are any","5","","2020-06-17 21:42:53","false",""
"Ugxz5FQzFBh6yXY_Srp4AaABAg.9A0nxoAL3YN9A0pQqC8cFI","Blake Blake","@L H i kinda guess ur right..","0","","2020-06-17 21:49:56","false",""
"Ugxz5FQzFBh6yXY_Srp4AaABAg.9A0nxoAL3YN9A0qQYsuuhM","Stu McCabe","Luke Harris . Would you say that if it had been graffitied with a slogan like "" stop immigration now ""? I think you are a hypocrite.","1","","2020-06-17 21:58:38","false",""
"Ugxz5FQzFBh6yXY_Srp4AaABAg.9A0nxoAL3YN9A0zoSi1Cnb","Blake Blake","@Stu McCabe naah he has a point, as much as I don't like it","0","","2020-06-17 23:20:41","false",""
"Ugxz5FQzFBh6yXY_Srp4AaABAg.9A0nxoAL3YN9A11HRpLDUU","L H","@Stu McCabe yes I would have  said it still because I have an interest in history and if a similar thing was done in the past I would find it interesting, as I'm sure future historian's might as it allows for an insightful look into the past","0","","2020-06-17 23:42:15","false",""
"Ugxz5FQzFBh6yXY_Srp4AaABAg.9A0nxoAL3YN9A11Kc5_6y3","L H","@Blake Blake no he doesn't","0","","2020-06-17 23:42:41","false",""
"Ugxz5FQzFBh6yXY_Srp4AaABAg.9A0nxoAL3YN9A137OdmSv_","Stu McCabe","Luke Harris . It isn't history - it's current. Take a f*cking photo of it. Not to restore it is to give in to the mob. I concede not one inch to them - they are fools and liars. Don't you appreciate that they will not be satisfied by tearing down every statue in the country and changing every street name - the retarded fanatics are poking a sleeping lion. The next general election will show a massive swing to the right. I predict the emergence of several new political parties in the wake of this hate spasm - all to the right of the Tories.","0","","2020-06-17 23:58:21","false",""
"UgxUJV_GOe6DiC77pVx4AaABAg","Maz Robinson","The leftists want to leave the paint on. Disgcrace.","17","1","2020-06-17 21:41:22","true",""
"UgxUJV_GOe6DiC77pVx4AaABAg.9A0oS3Y0W3n9A1-72x30yc","EtcEtcAndEtc","Yeah because it's part of history. Thought you wanted to preserve British history. Are you trying to pretend it didn't happen?","0","","2020-06-17 23:23:21","false",""
"UgzpANX8xIwEwW_7k494AaABAg","The Scottish Woodsman","this is ridiculous the spray paint should be removed. Does this mean that I can now go and spray paint what I want on whatever statue I want and it won't be removed?","34","20","2020-06-17 21:42:45","true",""
"UgzpANX8xIwEwW_7k494AaABAg.9A0obCQ58-q9A0pOJyxuB4","T MYTHoLogic T","They literally explain why...","2","","2020-06-17 21:49:36","false",""
"UgzpANX8xIwEwW_7k494AaABAg.9A0obCQ58-q9A0sBQ3ysOo","uncle joe","only if its a statue that the media deems ""racist""","5","","2020-06-17 22:14:03","false",""
"UgzpANX8xIwEwW_7k494AaABAg.9A0obCQ58-q9A2HJogtKW8","Ken Cur","T MYTHoLogic T no she didn’t. And he’s right. She just says “it has become part of the object’s history”. Well, wall graffiti made by some punk is also “part of the wall’s history”, and yet authorities are keen on removing it.

Now I understand this was a more “remarkable” event, with it being a protest and all, but it does seem to show that humans go by numbers, rather than the rational logic they proudly pretend to uphold.","0","","2020-06-18 11:21:37","false",""
"UgzpANX8xIwEwW_7k494AaABAg.9A0obCQ58-q9A2Ik0c4IVA","T MYTHoLogic T","@Ken Cur how ignorant of you to say that she didn't just because you don't like the answer.","0","","2020-06-18 11:34:05","false",""
"UgzpANX8xIwEwW_7k494AaABAg.9A0obCQ58-q9A2O8kJFEpC","Ken Cur","T MYTHoLogic T how ignorant of you to resort to name calling. Now, let’s grow up for a second and be civilized, shall we? That’s not an answer, like I clearly explained (we could say “how ignorant of you not to read my whole comment, or perhaps how convenient? But we won’t, right?) Just because she provides an idiotic “reason” does not make it a valid one. So no, she did not explain anything. Rather, she explained it away; quite a difference.","0","","2020-06-18 12:21:17","false",""
"UgzpANX8xIwEwW_7k494AaABAg.9A0obCQ58-q9A2OVtHcMOV","Ken Cur","I mean what’s your point exactly? The OP suggested that the paint be removed and you haughtily answer that “she explained why” as if there were some real reason behind not removing it (like, say, the state would crumble into bits) - so according to you just because she states a subjective “reason” then everybody else has to just shut up and accept that “reasoning”. Ok, I will now go rob banks “because I want the money”. That’s my reason, so the court cannot judge me... do you see the silliness in this kind of thinking?","1","","2020-06-18 12:24:26","false",""
"UgzpANX8xIwEwW_7k494AaABAg.9A0obCQ58-q9A2PoyIEZb0","T MYTHoLogic T","@Ken Cur ""and our main concern is we can conserve the painted graffite that is on him now, because that's actually become the most fragile  part of the scupture"" 

This is why you are being ignorant. You claim she ""just says it has become part of the object’s history” when clearly she did not ""just say"" that. You missed the actual reason.","0","","2020-06-18 12:35:55","false",""
"UgzpANX8xIwEwW_7k494AaABAg.9A0obCQ58-q9A2QFudPvRC","Ken Cur","T MYTHoLogic T no, I didn’t. But I didn’t interpret it the same way you did: to my mind, she only means to say that “keeping the paint is the most fragile exercise”. I fail to see how the paint made the actual statue fragile...","0","","2020-06-18 12:39:44","false",""
"UgzpANX8xIwEwW_7k494AaABAg.9A0obCQ58-q9A2QTYYsHD_","Ken Cur","P.s. when I first saw it. I actually thought like you did, but then her wording (that they intend to conserve the paint made me think my latest interpretation correct).","0","","2020-06-18 12:41:36","false",""
"UgzpANX8xIwEwW_7k494AaABAg.9A0obCQ58-q9A2RF7qHG7H","T MYTHoLogic T","@Ken Cur I'm done with this. I've made my point. You were being ignorant. 

And I have no idea about how the paint can do that. But I would imagine someone who's job it is to take care of something like this would know a lot more about this than either of us both. So how about we just let her do her job. I highly doubt she has some agenda and is keeping the paint on there for some ulterior motive.","0","","2020-06-18 12:48:22","false",""
"UgzpANX8xIwEwW_7k494AaABAg.9A0obCQ58-q9A2ReRFPuOh","Ken Cur","Yup, I’ve researched this and I’m pretty sure my interpretation is correct: their main concern is that they *can conserve the painting*, and that has become the most problematic (fragile) part of the exercise. Otherwise she wouldn’t care about conserving the paint: just remove as much as possible without damaging the statue. Clearly, that’s not what she says.

Who’s the ignorant now?","1","","2020-06-18 12:51:57","false",""
"UgzpANX8xIwEwW_7k494AaABAg.9A0obCQ58-q9A2Rpc-tPf-","Ken Cur","T MYTHoLogic T not at all. Lol you came with your haughty approach, accused people of being ignorant, while completely misunderstanding the whole situation and showing off your own incredible ignorance. And not learning anything from this, while continuing to wrongly accuse others of ignorance, just because you’re too thick to realise otherwise.

Yeah, you’re pretty much done. Incredible!","1","","2020-06-18 12:53:29","false",""
"UgzpANX8xIwEwW_7k494AaABAg.9A0obCQ58-q9A2S0t6Cdw9","Ken Cur","T MYTHoLogic T yes there is always an agenda, Mr Not Ignorant at all, since someone has to decide whether to keep or remove the paint. Perhaps it’s not her, perhaps she’s just following orders, but an agenda is there. Just cause you’re ignorant of this aspect doesn’t mean it’s not. So no, let’s not “let her do her job”.","1","","2020-06-18 12:55:10","false",""
"UgzpANX8xIwEwW_7k494AaABAg.9A0obCQ58-q9A2TI5rStHq","LKRTM","Would you say Edward Colston wasn't a racist? A man who sold tens of thousands of African's and murdered ~19,000 of them wasn't racist? He would be trialed for crimes against Humanity if he were alive today but you think we should glorify him with a statue? Get a grip.","0","","2020-06-18 13:06:15","false",""
"UgzpANX8xIwEwW_7k494AaABAg.9A0obCQ58-q9A2UYlWz00i","Ken Cur","LKRTM yeah, I think he wouldn’t be the only one on trial for crimes against humanity. Plenty of other statues of people who would be just as guilty, including royals and rulers. Get a history book.","0","","2020-06-18 13:17:16","false",""
"UgzpANX8xIwEwW_7k494AaABAg.9A0obCQ58-q9A2UhYrLjnZ","Ken Cur","If we were to go by present day standards of justice, I can assure you that not one historical figure would be completely innocent. Ever heard the expression “product of their times”?","1","","2020-06-18 13:18:36","false",""
"UgzpANX8xIwEwW_7k494AaABAg.9A0obCQ58-q9A2UmsE60X_","Nathan Gamble","@T MYTHoLogic T You have no idea how? It doesn't, you idiot. The point is to protect the paint, not the statue itself. Learn how to listen.","1","","2020-06-18 13:19:19","false",""
"UgzpANX8xIwEwW_7k494AaABAg.9A0obCQ58-q9A2VECodWaJ","Nathan Gamble","@LKRTM The point is not to glorify him, you fool, it's because the statue is an object of historical interest, so should be preserved for that sake. Should we go into history museums and trash every statue of Emperor Nero and Henry VIII just because they were horrible people?","1","","2020-06-18 13:23:12","false",""
"UgzpANX8xIwEwW_7k494AaABAg.9A0obCQ58-q9A2VfQ3jPyk","Ken Cur","Nathan Gamble lol, thank you!","0","","2020-06-18 13:27:03","false",""
"UgzpANX8xIwEwW_7k494AaABAg.9A0obCQ58-q9A2Xc_5olSo","robin mcgregor","Lets go spray Nelson Mandela white 😂","1","","2020-06-18 13:44:08","false",""
"Ugxw9z_fIvBoLZpC4eZ4AaABAg","LaughterVanguard","So we're rewarding children who misbehave and throw a tantrum now are we?","42","3","2020-06-17 21:43:02","true",""
"Ugxw9z_fIvBoLZpC4eZ4AaABAg.9A0odFy5u4s9A0rpHmbiQ7","Cybrus 16","Which ones, the children that threw him in the river or the children that attacked Police officers because of the others who tore him down, due to protests which started because of bad police officers...?","6","","2020-06-17 22:10:53","false",""
"Ugxw9z_fIvBoLZpC4eZ4AaABAg.9A0odFy5u4s9A12WbVLew4","Based Ares","@Cybrus 16 The ones who threw the statue in obviously. The right doesn't like the police because of the fact they go around covering up grooming gangs but arrest someone over a tweet. Not hard to wrap your head around, is it?","7","","2020-06-17 23:53:04","false",""
"Ugxw9z_fIvBoLZpC4eZ4AaABAg.9A0odFy5u4s9A22l55J7WA","freebeerfordworkers","@Based Ares Be fair people do not appreciate when they ignored the grooming gangs they were ""Only obeying orders.""","1","","2020-06-18 09:14:25","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg","Pugna","“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” ― George Orwell.","234","50","2020-06-17 21:43:49","true",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A0qjPCRL_9","John Murphy","Orwell was writing against the ""Whitewashing"" of history. This statue is an example of ""Whitewashing"".","50","","2020-06-17 22:01:21","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A0r8ZTKVI-","Louis Pugsley Birch","Did you find that infomation in a book, where histroy belongs?","11","","2020-06-17 22:04:55","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A0svDxoolK","John Murphy","@Louis Pugsley Birch Yes. Yes I did.","6","","2020-06-17 22:20:26","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A0y4s0QTpC","Louis Pugsley Birch","John Murphy So you didn’t learn it from a statue?","13","","2020-06-17 23:05:35","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A0yONY_1w6","Kingnotail","""Nice avatar and username, dickless"" - me","5","","2020-06-17 23:08:15","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A0zDxEoUxY","John Murphy","@Louis Pugsley Birch No. As I said. I read it in a book.","3","","2020-06-17 23:15:34","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A0zEXUn3QP","EtcEtcAndEtc","@John Murphy Indeed - victorian whitewashing, making a statue glorifying a man who represents a shameful chapter of our history. No one is going to forget the slave trade just because a statue has been removed from the town centre.","15","","2020-06-17 23:15:38","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A0zTr_Q8UO","L F",".....and how do you know this, rabbi ? Typical","0","","2020-06-17 23:17:44","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A1-40FVrf4","Michael ‘Hee Hee’ Jackson","Glorifying a slave trader does not equals understanding of history","11","","2020-06-17 23:22:56","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A1-4MZYMfG","Jonny G","In some distant future the human population has no where left to move as every single once available space is occupied by a statue that’s illegal to remove. When does this preserve statue madness end?!!","2","","2020-06-17 23:22:59","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A11iIbpKjj","Based Ares","@Michael ‘Hee Hee’ Jackson yes it does","1","","2020-06-17 23:46:03","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A12jiQ0sxq","larry povey","Are you understanding the history being made ( up ) everyday around a flu virus  ? . We are all winston now. orwell 1948 - 2020 , are you watching one of his novel unfolding in front of your eyes daily ?.","2","","2020-06-17 23:54:59","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A1znJIPG5U","freebeerfordworkers","@John Murphy in the early 19th century, the Zulu King Shaka caused the deaths of 2 million Africans expanding his empire, and got a statue in London about 10 years ago. You know what? I don't give a damn! Statues are bits of stone and we stopped believing statues were something mystical 400 years ago","3","","2020-06-18 08:39:46","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A2UZZHg3CT","Avalon Azure","Which... no one is doing. It's being preserved. The folks who pulled it down weren't trying to erase history, they were demonstrating their understanding of it.","6","","2020-06-18 13:17:22","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A2Uoi6sHgD","Algrenion","isn't it convenient then that the tearing down of this statue taught people more about the history of the man it represents, than the statue itself ever did in 200 years?","7","","2020-06-18 13:19:35","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A2V2KMJ3oH","Babs44sun","I hate this idea that taking down a statue of a slave trader is somehow Orwellian. Its not. If you want to get technical putting up a statue celebrating the community achievements of a slave trader whilst denying his role in the absolute misery that was the slave trade is the true 'obliterating history.' Whitewashing it so the current population doesn't realise the absolute misery that man caused. Taking it down and putting it in a museum where it belongs is not editing history. In fact there is a solid argument to made it is, for the first time, acknowledging it. This is not the onset of some Orwellian nightmare, it is however a sign that many people may have already been living in one. And if we are you and your ilk are proles that like the comfortable nightmare. You're Winston at the end of the book, not the beginning.","5","","2020-06-18 13:21:34","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A2W48tkUKa","Matthew Leigh","Removing statues is not going to cause people to forget history. It simply removes people who did questionable or outright immoral things from places of honour.","2","","2020-06-18 13:30:33","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A2Wy8h1iB_","Horatio Huskisson","Don’t you just love conservatives who’ve never read 1984 or don’t know about George Orwell quoting him when defending slave trader statues 😅","5","","2020-06-18 13:38:20","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A2XLbZ89U2","Bryan Moyna","You know that citations are just that, citations, not factual truth or higher truth right? you know that right?
We could cite hitler as well, or Mao, or Stalin. Nothing would make sense, but hey, hey.","0","","2020-06-18 13:41:41","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A2XWiilo0O","Josepho M","@Algrenion The statue taught everyone a lot. The man owned slaves, which by todays standards is frowned upon. However if it weren't for him enslaving ancestors and white people ending slavery our country wouldn't be as diverse and accepting as it is today. The statue wasn't celebrating him being a slave owner. It was celebrating how his work, although frowned upon today, made our country diverse and accepting. 

Now I don't care for history at all. But BLM is focusing on the work of ancestors rather than than focusing on how accepting people are today. White people who don't have a racist bone in their body are being compared to slave owners from 300 years ago, which is racist towards white people. We were so close to equality before the BLM movement gained press.","1","","2020-06-18 13:43:12","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A2Y5lfKaNW","Zentil","@larry povey I wouldn't bother mate, most of this population are dumbed down morons. They haven't got a clue who Winston is regarding one of Orwell's books. 
I wouldn't waste my time trying to tell them either.","1","","2020-06-18 13:48:15","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A2YBFdd93h","Patrick Kyle","@Michael ‘Hee Hee’ Jackson  - I don't think anyone today ""glorifies"" statues from the past. Colston's statue was erected 200 or so years ago by a population (of a different mindset) who wanted to thank him for his donations to the city of Bristol (something he did not have to do) at a time when slavery was worldwide - not just practiced by Britain. Do you think Nelson's column in Trafalgar square should be taken down - although he was a military hero his deeds were at a time when the trans-Atlantic trade was at its height? Where do we start and stop with this? Who will be the arbiters? Britain has some of the strongest anti- discrimination laws in the world. Isn't that a fact that derives from some of the questionable parts of history?","4","","2020-06-18 13:49:00","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A2YFmlO7tw","Azamat Bagatov","@Babs44sun Summed it up brilliantly. People somehow believe that taking down a statue is tantamount to erasing history, but being wilfully ignorant to his involvement in the slave trade (by having the statue in the first place) is not. Ironically, this is an exercise in doublethink!","1","","2020-06-18 13:49:37","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A2Z4jO793x","Josepho M","@Horatio Huskisson Assuming people are conservatives in relation to a ""equality movement"" is a bold statement. Me, I don't really care for politics and don't ""support"" a particular party. I just get on with life because at the end of the day politics will never effect me as I don't work in that sector.","0","","2020-06-18 13:56:51","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A2a35JlDQf","He Man","Except the primary function of a statue is not to record or teach history; it is to memorialise an individual through art. Preserving it in a museum that accurately records the history of the man & statue is exactly what Orwell would want.

What he certainly would not want though is a far-right antisemite & probable Holocaust-denying fascist cluelessly quoting his words out of context. George Orwell was a democratic socialist who fought with anarcho-communists against far-right fascists during the Spanish Civil War. In other words, he was on the side that would have shot people like you","1","","2020-06-18 14:14:06","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A2aqE7dfjG","KimJongUnoNo.1","He has a statue because he built in Bristol. He worked in the empire like a lot of men did, at a time when slavery was 'acceptable'. Now I'm not excusing it but every race and culture has been enslaved at some point in history so how far do we need to go? You'd literally have to tear down civilisation as we know it. 
I can't help but see all of this as a group of people getting angry at a lump of rock because the globalist controlled media printed 'racist attack', despite the fact it's statistically more dangerous to be white and under arrest in America (a different country).
By all means take him down if it's democratic. But let's stay away from mob rule.","1","","2020-06-18 14:20:57","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A2izf0y4iO","freebeerfordworkers","@Patrick Kyle For heaven's sake don't mention Nelson or he will be next. He married a daughter of a slave plantation owner and thought the antislavery movement were dangerous radicals.","0","","2020-06-18 15:32:08","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A2nOqbMCM-","Ian Hayes","I mean i can think of at least 10 things in less than 10 seconds that are worse than being told you got history wrong","0","","2020-06-18 16:10:40","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A2tk9TlzrD","Jon Beanz","@John Murphy I agree, but removing the statues and displaying them in museums, with context IS preserving history and surly retaining the graffiti adds to the history. In 200 years time (if we're still here) people can look at that statue and say ""oh look, that was one of the turning points in history"".","0","","2020-06-18 17:06:09","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A2yGsFA7EN","Jonathan F","George Orwell was an outspoken socialist, just so you know.","2","","2020-06-18 17:45:42","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A32czjmmGt","Clark Davison","@Algrenion No, the tearing down of this statue hasn't ""taught people more about the history of the man it represents, than the statue itself ever did in 200 years"" What it has done is show how SELECTIVE the mainstream and cultural Marxists can be when it comes to history and historical figures. The tearing down of this stature hasn't taught people that Colston wasn't a ""slave trader"" he was actually part of a company that he provided mercantile transport of all manner of goods and services including cloth, oil, wine, sherry and fruit with Spain, Portugal, Italy and North Africa for many years.
At that time slaves were considered a commodity, King Charles II encouraged the expansion of the slave trade. He granted a charter to a group of men, the Royal Adventurers, who later became the Royal African Company (RAC). The king and the Duke of York backed this enterprise by investing private funds. The charter stated that the Company 'had the whole, entire and only trade for buying and selling bartering and exchanging of for or with any slaves, goods, wares, merchandise whatsoever'. The king therefore gave full support to this system of trading. In other words the company he joined in 1680 was involved in the slave trade. Where is the outrage over every other member of this company? 
The stature was not erected to represent Colston's role in what has since been determined to be inhumane and is still happening on a daily basis around the world - where is the outrage over the modern slave trade. The statue was there to represent that Edward Colston was a renowned and respected philanthropist, giving immense sums to causes in and around Bristol.  Said to have been strongly motivated by the responsibility of wealthy people to support the less fortunate, Colston is attributed with founding almshouses in Bristol, donating money to Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital School, founding Colston’s Hospital as a boarding school for 100 boys, and funding other schools and churches.
To this day trusts and charities formed in his name have survived for over 250 years and are still supporting philanthropic causes in the region (in excess of £600,000 per year). Are the recipients of this funding and the families that have benefited from it over the last 250 going to hand this money back in protest?","1","","2020-06-18 18:32:33","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A37nQydnY3","Kingnotail","""Let's go shoot right-wing fascists in Spain"" - George Orwell","0","","2020-06-18 19:17:40","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A3IYjUHl5z","Clark Davison","@Kingnotail  “The most effective way to destroy people......""

This quotation, allegedly from George Orwell's 1984, is all over the social media at the moment, no doubt in response to the current wave of historical iconoclasm.

Sometimes it's 'a people' instead of just 'people', which makes better sense. While the sentiment is one that Orwell, who knew plenty about the historical iconoclasm of the Soviet Union, might well have endorsed, it seems he never wrote those words - certainly not in 1984 and, as far as anyone can discover, not in any other of his works.

In '1984' Orwell imagines the possibility of the absolute ending of history, a vision of a world closed in on itself. 

""1984"" is concerned with the understading of power and the fate of the narrative under such conditions. An actual quote from the book is perhaps more fitting. 

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

I for one am certain that George Orwell wrote ""1984"" as a warning against, not a guide book for cultural Marxists.","0","","2020-06-18 20:51:38","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79A3LRGpy9_B","Boyo","Yeah I agree, by removing the paint they'd be removing an integral part of the statue's history, thanks Orwell!","1","","2020-06-18 21:16:50","false",""
Exactly...the problem is that no matter what colour, creed,religion or gender, history has given “civilisation” plenty of time to balls things up, it’s how we move on from now that matters, not what happened in the past...otherwise we are All a slave to history","0","","2020-06-19 12:26:59","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79AARfWMOnoY","Ben Smith","@Louis Pugsley Birch history belongs in a book ? Wow you ignorant arse .. your thinking is in the minority.  Its because you minority are loud bullys that we are even having this debate.  THE VOCAL FEW .","0","","2020-06-21 15:26:02","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79AARhihwcQb","Ben Smith","@Louis Pugsley Birch wow tanya the most stupid thing I've ever heard ..","0","","2020-06-21 15:26:20","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79AARnHV7aML","Ben Smith","@John Murphy you wont get sense from this lunatic . He's a troll I think... he MUST be with how stupid his comebacks are","0","","2020-06-21 15:27:05","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79AARsioLfBJ","Ben Smith","@Avalon Azure you have just won the most stupid comment yet award","1","","2020-06-21 15:27:50","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79AAeh0lXQIn","Cheryl Johannsen","Really? Ya got your Hitler statue up in your synagogue?","0","","2020-06-21 17:28:34","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79AAf0G7XYfm","Cheryl Johannsen","@Josepho M You are a racist:(","0","","2020-06-21 17:31:20","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79AAf9wG92m0","Cheryl Johannsen","@KimJongUnoNo.1 Dumb da dum dum.....","0","","2020-06-21 17:32:39","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79AAfIMgKvPl","Cheryl Johannsen","@Clark Davison Dumb da dum dum....","0","","2020-06-21 17:33:48","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79AAfPiEc2y1","Cheryl Johannsen","@Ben Smith Dumb da dum dum","0","","2020-06-21 17:34:49","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79AAfbmvRUy6","Avalon Azure","@Ben Smith FANTASTIC! Thank you very much. Would you please now do your civic duty and enlighten me as to what was so monumentally stupid about my comment? That way, I can improve myself in future! Or, you could make a baseless claim unbacked by any evidence and I'll be forced to not take you seriously in the slightest, which would suck, cause then I'd lose my award and oh boy do I love a trophy.","0","","2020-06-21 17:36:36","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79AAkVce7p0J","Josepho M","@Cheryl Johannsen No, I'm not. Read what I said again and get back to me when you understand what racist means. As what I've said is not prejudice, discriminative, or antagonising towards a person or people based on their membership of a particular race or ethnic group typically one that is a minority or marginalized. I also don't have the belief that different races posses distinct charactaristics, abilities or qualities, especially so as to distinguish them as inferior or superior to one another.","0","","2020-06-21 18:19:18","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79AAqo0nn9-6","Clark Davison","@Cheryl Johannsen ""Dumb da dum dum...."" you have added so much to this debate, you didn't even stoop so low as to call somebody a ""racist"" who wasn't being racist.... Oh wait......","1","","2020-06-21 19:14:23","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79AFJqPPCVzY","Boris Johnson","That's what the Romans did","0","","2020-06-23 12:53:49","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79AdP0lUplQi","Horatio Huskisson","Josepho M throughout history, it is conservatives that oppose equality movements. Slavery abolition, women’s suffrage, welfare state, LGBT rights immigration. The reason for that because the entire philosophy of a conservative is to maintain social structures at all costs with them at the top, if any other minorities gain equality then that threatens their supremacy.","0","","2020-07-03 06:40:04","false",""
"Ugw6TII0okE5uIHPz194AaABAg.9A0oizVwda79AdpE61Cd3c","Josepho M","@Horatio Huskisson Theyres always going to be people at the top and inequalities in the world unfortunately matey. I just ignore politics and get on with life.","0","","2020-07-03 10:37:49","false",""
"Ugwm-mp-n-nklZijVfx4AaABAg","Blake Blake","how about you leave the stains on sexual assault victims while ur at it.","10","9","2020-06-17 21:48:48","true",""
"Ugwm-mp-n-nklZijVfx4AaABAg.9A0pIXp8d3L9A0qlu0YMJC","MAGA anti-globalist","One would hope she's leaving it as evidence for the police to investigate..... one also thinks he is  living on a sane planet","0","","2020-06-17 22:01:41","false",""
"Ugwm-mp-n-nklZijVfx4AaABAg.9A0pIXp8d3L9A0r1k-8AbJ","Louis Pugsley Birch","Are you comparing somebody being sexually asulted to a statue being thrown in a river? Were you a big fan of Colston's work?","3","","2020-06-17 22:03:59","false",""
"Ugwm-mp-n-nklZijVfx4AaABAg.9A0pIXp8d3L9A0rCNLNVmD","Crouching Hedgehog","@Louis Pugsley Birch I knew there would be one. Take a look around... you are outnumbered.","0","","2020-06-17 22:05:26","false",""
"Ugwm-mp-n-nklZijVfx4AaABAg.9A0pIXp8d3L9A0rb5yBEXi","Louis Pugsley Birch","@Crouching Hedgehog I know it's terrifying, so many slave trade apologists!","2","","2020-06-17 22:08:57","false",""
"Ugwm-mp-n-nklZijVfx4AaABAg.9A0pIXp8d3L9A0usJKIFg6","Paul Edmondson","@Louis Pugsley Birch You wish","0","","2020-06-17 22:37:31","false",""
"Ugwm-mp-n-nklZijVfx4AaABAg.9A0pIXp8d3L9A0wzVUhvSq","Pannal Sanna","U boomers are disgusting. Comparing sexual assault victims to some statue of a slave trader. Fking disgusting","3","","2020-06-17 22:55:58","false",""
"Ugwm-mp-n-nklZijVfx4AaABAg.9A0pIXp8d3L9A1-I2gjDTM","EtcEtcAndEtc","@Blake Blake but you do favour celebrating the man who committed those crimes. You're the weak one, Blakey.","2","","2020-06-17 23:24:51","false",""
"Ugwm-mp-n-nklZijVfx4AaABAg.9A0pIXp8d3L9AAo-TEI1tW","Cheryl Johannsen","RACIST and misogynist all in one liddle dripping snowball. Funny.","0","","2020-06-21 18:49:52","false",""
"Ugwm-mp-n-nklZijVfx4AaABAg.9A0pIXp8d3L9AAo6KiDXi8","Cheryl Johannsen","@Crouching Hedgehog Because you are the RACIST haters. Old, feeble mind.... RACIST LIVES DON'T MATTER","0","","2020-06-21 18:50:48","false",""
"UgxxjTANwMxThcBhScN4AaABAg","Stu McCabe","It is outrageous to not remove the paint. That is a political decision. If the graffiti had been  "" stop immigration now""  for example, we all know it would be removed posthaste. I want it restored to its original condition and position.","22","9","2020-06-17 21:51:44","true",""
"UgxxjTANwMxThcBhScN4AaABAg.9A0pd-CbHLK9A0pqt9vMNa","collin mccall","100% agree","3","","2020-06-17 21:53:38","false",""
"UgxxjTANwMxThcBhScN4AaABAg.9A0pd-CbHLK9A0rFdaWro9","Louis Pugsley Birch","You a big fan of Colston?","0","","2020-06-17 22:05:53","false",""
"UgxxjTANwMxThcBhScN4AaABAg.9A0pd-CbHLK9A0wNYGVfoC","SR1Records","*You* want it restored to its original condition? Well if you want it restored it must be restored! Why isn't everyone doing what you want!? Your desires are clearly so much more important than everyone else's! Do you realise how self entitled you come across as?","0","","2020-06-17 22:50:39","false",""
"UgxxjTANwMxThcBhScN4AaABAg.9A0pd-CbHLK9A0ybekg9q5","DisobeyToday","@Louis Pugsley Birch I am now.","0","","2020-06-17 23:10:12","false",""
"UgxxjTANwMxThcBhScN4AaABAg.9A0pd-CbHLK9A0yiLNB3ba","DisobeyToday","@SR1Records Why isn't everyone doing what he wants? Because he isn't Trending on social media. That's literally the ONLY reason","1","","2020-06-17 23:11:06","false",""
"UgxxjTANwMxThcBhScN4AaABAg.9A0pd-CbHLK9A0yrO_iplC","Stu McCabe","SR1Records . Yes my desires are more important than yours, obviously - I'm not a moron, you are.","1","","2020-06-17 23:12:21","false",""
"UgxxjTANwMxThcBhScN4AaABAg.9A0pd-CbHLK9A0ywYigg85","Stu McCabe","Louis Pugsley Birch . I'm a big fan of western civilisation.","1","","2020-06-17 23:13:03","false",""
"UgxxjTANwMxThcBhScN4AaABAg.9A0pd-CbHLK9A2YEOAnh_h","Ben Fagge","Cool. I don't.","0","","2020-06-18 13:49:26","false",""
"UgxxjTANwMxThcBhScN4AaABAg.9A0pd-CbHLK9A2av4p0JlA","SR1Records","@Stu McCabe I think you missed the point of my comment. Saying ""i want it to be restored"" comes across as self entitled,  they should do it just because you personally  want it to happen. Whereas if you said ""i think it should be restored"" has more meaning behind it or something. Like it should be repaired, for the benefit of others as well, not just you personally.","0","","2020-06-18 14:21:37","false",""
"UgyiNZ04nfAInws7KnN4AaABAg","collin mccall","Remove the paint fs.","16","0","2020-06-17 21:55:49","true",""
"Ugx8tqd0Nne39V3O7Q54AaABAg","MAGA anti-globalist","Preserving the graffiti? You wot mate?","8","2","2020-06-17 22:00:14","true",""
"Ugx8tqd0Nne39V3O7Q54AaABAg.9A0qbCVp3Fy9A1-1Atx6zW","EtcEtcAndEtc","it's part of history now, isn't it. Or did history stop in 1895 when the thing was put up to celebrate a man made incredibly wealthy through the sale of human beings?","0","","2020-06-17 23:22:33","false",""
"Ugx8tqd0Nne39V3O7Q54AaABAg.9A0qbCVp3Fy9A11UNpOQEu","MAGA anti-globalist","@EtcEtcAndEtc Commemorative statue put up to celebrate achievement vs mindless graffiti.","1","","2020-06-17 23:44:01","false",""
"UgxUkrj8_FCAWuH4nWp4AaABAg","Scratch The Surface","This is so fulfilling. Love the matter of fact the statue will be restored again, mainly just to irritate all those who made an effortless task to destroy it.","4","6","2020-06-17 22:02:34","true",""
"UgxUkrj8_FCAWuH4nWp4AaABAg.9A0qsHBMyWh9A0s9Jtkrx6","Cybrus 16","Did they say they're putting it back in its original place, or in a museum with the graffiti left on... the latters the best option... whatever it represented in the past its now part of history for a different reason anyway... 🤷‍♂️ place it in a museum with full context given to who he was and why he is problematic... probably the best, realistic outcome for the protesters and historians...","1","","2020-06-17 22:13:46","false",""
"UgxUkrj8_FCAWuH4nWp4AaABAg.9A0qsHBMyWh9A1-WS3Kv52","Gavin James","@Cybrus 16 The fact that an unruly mob of Lefty extremists took it upon themselves to vandalise a monument and polluted a nearby watercourse is, to the vast majority of people, problematic.
Regardless of its history - put it back!

Remember, the 'other side' may find statues that you don't find problematic, to be - problematic.

Where does it stop?! Once you've set a precedent, it's difficult to turn back the clock. Be careful what you wish for, because it won't necessarily turn out the way you expected.

Maybe the statues of Ghandi (alleged racist and paedophile), Mandela (convicted terrorist) and especially Marx (whose 'theories' lead to an estimated 100million deaths in the 20th Century, not to mention the economic ruin and oppression of entire nations, as well as the enslavement of millions of 'dissidents' in gulags, salt mines and State-run construction projects) should be the next to go?!","3","","2020-06-17 23:26:49","false",""
"UgxUkrj8_FCAWuH4nWp4AaABAg.9A0qsHBMyWh9AApC4dsrjc","Cheryl Johannsen","Your comprehension is low for a first grader:)","0","","2020-06-21 19:00:20","false",""
"UgxUkrj8_FCAWuH4nWp4AaABAg.9A0qsHBMyWh9AApLbj7nkw","Cheryl Johannsen","@Gavin James Sorry.. NOT the vast majority. Only your little trailer park. Or a shack:) What hole do racists live in?","0","","2020-06-21 19:01:38","false",""
"UgxUkrj8_FCAWuH4nWp4AaABAg.9A0qsHBMyWh9AAsCUHDISl","Gavin James","@Cheryl Johannsen What hole do racists live in? Hmmm. You'd need to ask BLM activists - they're the real racists. Normal people don't discriminate between race anymore.","0","","2020-06-21 19:26:36","false",""
"UgxUkrj8_FCAWuH4nWp4AaABAg.9A0qsHBMyWh9AAwhhUOyK9","Scratch The Surface","Civilisation works by democracy, not by mob rule. Its as simple as that. If everybody has such a problem with these historic monuments why havent they been calling for their removal before this all started? Its an excuse to misbehave.","0","","2020-06-21 20:05:57","false",""
"UgxkKo2jxrhBsywLa2N4AaABAg","dogtail2","Preserving the signs of vandalism.  Pathetic.","26","9","2020-06-17 22:10:15","true",""
"UgxkKo2jxrhBsywLa2N4AaABAg.9A0rkc-dk589A0s6XS0OGu","Henry King","vandalising a racist figure doesn’t seem that pathetic but ur the expert🤷🏻‍♂️","1","","2020-06-17 22:13:23","false",""
"UgxkKo2jxrhBsywLa2N4AaABAg.9A0rkc-dk589A0v44PyvrZ","Hoyt Volker","Preserving the signs of history. In 50+ years this will be in museums, educating others of the time when people had enough of having statues admiring past slave traders on their door step. They tried removing it peacefully in the past but failed every time, it should've gone to a museum long ago.","3","","2020-06-17 22:39:16","false",""
"UgxkKo2jxrhBsywLa2N4AaABAg.9A0rkc-dk589A0wQ6-nWcG","Mal Preece","Hoyt Volker Edward Colston was also a philanthropist. You can’t just oversimplify history to fit your facile narrative. If it’s acceptable to remove Colston’s statue because of historical links to slavery would it be acceptable to demolish mosques throughout the UK because the founder of Islam was also a slave owner and they stand as a tribute to his legacy? Seriously, the reasoning behind your support of mob rule is totally flawed.","6","","2020-06-17 22:51:00","false",""
"UgxkKo2jxrhBsywLa2N4AaABAg.9A0rkc-dk589A0wWLZT1PI","Steve aaron Defries","I'm surprised no one has mentioned that Downing Street is named after George downing.. Noted slaver..... I'll agree that white people have been racist and that slavery has always been a unspeakable horror , but I'm also confused as to why people aren't also talking about the more modern forms of slavery such as ""sweat shops"" in countries like China and India. The sad truth is that England especially Georgian era was built on slavery in all its forms and in just one moment I ended up saying to family that the whole of London would need to be ripped down and renamed. Regardless we should never forget and most importantly we need to change things in this world for a better society","0","","2020-06-17 22:51:51","false",""
"UgxkKo2jxrhBsywLa2N4AaABAg.9A0rkc-dk589A0zMGRCIyT","Null Void","BLM riots were a notable event in 2020 as a historical artifact/museum piece it is relevant.
It tells the story of how White leftists in the uk were inspired by *B* urn *L* oot *M* urder activists in America","1","","2020-06-17 23:16:42","false",""
"UgxkKo2jxrhBsywLa2N4AaABAg.9A0rkc-dk589A0zSoGNBOq","Hoyt Volker","​@Steve aaron Defries But how many people actually know that? A street name, although after someone, is not as direct as a statue. Downing can be anyone to whoever sees it. A statue, however, IS that person. Their face, their body, their years of life. That is why the situations are different.","0","","2020-06-17 23:17:35","false",""
"UgxkKo2jxrhBsywLa2N4AaABAg.9A0rkc-dk589A11oJ1j6_C","Blackbeards Brother","Agreed. so many are ignorant of history. Colston was born in 1636, nearly 400 years ago. please try to comprehend what times were like in England and around the world during that period of time? It was closer in time to the medieval age than it is to today... ""racist' no one even knew about other ""races"" until explorers ""discovered"" them. Every nation found, fought, enslaved and traded with each other..That was life back then.","3","","2020-06-17 23:46:52","false",""
"UgxkKo2jxrhBsywLa2N4AaABAg.9A0rkc-dk589AAqVuAV45k","Cheryl Johannsen","Awwww. RACIST'S will all die.","0","","2020-06-21 19:11:46","false",""
"UgxkKo2jxrhBsywLa2N4AaABAg.9A0rkc-dk589ABCPi6wHBb","dogtail2","@Cheryl Johannsen Everybody dies you moron.","0","","2020-06-21 22:31:54","false",""
"UgxnK_Pnn24ArfjoqE94AaABAg","JA Purnell","the statue is going to be kept for years to come and shown haw stupid and small minded people were in 2020","58","20","2020-06-17 22:17:05","true",""
"UgxnK_Pnn24ArfjoqE94AaABAg.9A0sXbJ9NCV9A0usDneiqy","Dave Henshaw","Sis- Speaking of small minded, check your spelling.","3","","2020-06-17 22:37:30","false",""
"UgxnK_Pnn24ArfjoqE94AaABAg.9A0sXbJ9NCV9A0vP5DRlVC","JA Purnell","@Dave Henshaw sori Saesneg yn fy yn ail tafod. cont gwirion","2","","2020-06-17 22:42:08","false",""
"UgxnK_Pnn24ArfjoqE94AaABAg.9A0sXbJ9NCV9A0vgLw8fOc","here and now","@Dave Henshaw mate who's cares about a couple of spelling mistakes on YouTube","6","","2020-06-17 22:44:37","false",""
"UgxnK_Pnn24ArfjoqE94AaABAg.9A0sXbJ9NCV9A0vqGS29Uu","Mitoo","You are right..that clearly defines your point of view and how much you care..","2","","2020-06-17 22:45:58","false",""
"UgxnK_Pnn24ArfjoqE94AaABAg.9A0sXbJ9NCV9A0xfMeia6g","Ben Smith","@Dave Henshaw nothing else to say apart from spelling errors? You little pleb .. you are the minority on this one sunshine. The country despises the animals that did this . We win","6","","2020-06-17 23:01:58","false",""
"UgxnK_Pnn24ArfjoqE94AaABAg.9A0sXbJ9NCV9A0xhtdysu0","Ben Smith","@here and now him because he has no points to make","1","","2020-06-17 23:02:18","false",""
"UgxnK_Pnn24ArfjoqE94AaABAg.9A0sXbJ9NCV9A0xoYLMAUu","Ben Smith","@Mitoo that's all you have for innit !? Spelling errors .... wow I didnt realise how stupid the left actually was till this year","0","","2020-06-17 23:03:13","false",""
"UgxnK_Pnn24ArfjoqE94AaABAg.9A0sXbJ9NCV9A0zi5brwtl","EtcEtcAndEtc","don't you mean stupid, cruel, and small minded people were in the 1700s?","1","","2020-06-17 23:19:49","false",""
"UgxnK_Pnn24ArfjoqE94AaABAg.9A0sXbJ9NCV9A10FCZI120","JA Purnell","@EtcEtcAndEtc that was a long time ago you have to let go of the past. cant live in the past you will have a poor and pathetic present and future if you cant let go of the past. we shoud learn from the past so we dont act out and repeat it agian and dont make the same mistakes. this is why we have statues and book and paintings and memorals to reminds us of what we have left behind and be grateful we dont live in the days of angry mobs and violent crowds stoning people in the streets and burning things down behaving like degenerates","0","","2020-06-17 23:33:12","false",""
"UgxnK_Pnn24ArfjoqE94AaABAg.9A0sXbJ9NCV9A2VAZh64Jt","thunder tick","No, it'll show how stupid and small minded people were for letting the statue carry on standing for over a century.","1","","2020-06-18 13:22:42","false",""
"UgxnK_Pnn24ArfjoqE94AaABAg.9A0sXbJ9NCV9A2VO2T5mmN","Avalon Azure","Yeah... thats not what it demonstrates.","0","","2020-06-18 13:24:32","false",""
"UgxnK_Pnn24ArfjoqE94AaABAg.9A0sXbJ9NCV9A2VmqIPuIt","Chris - SwearWazntMe","JA Purnell then why are we keeping the statues to resemble 2020 if we have to ‘let go of the past.’?","3","","2020-06-18 13:28:03","false",""
"UgxnK_Pnn24ArfjoqE94AaABAg.9A0sXbJ9NCV9A2WWWEKG5I","JA Purnell","@thunder tick you have any idea haw meany groups of people get offended by different things. okay so because i am cymru/british, then the entire english-anglo-saxon-german history culture monarchy language way of life should be removed because they invaded cymru/british lands and destroyed and killed they way threw history to be what they are today should be destoryed and removed from britian and be given back to the cymru/britons ?","0","","2020-06-18 13:34:26","false",""
"UgxnK_Pnn24ArfjoqE94AaABAg.9A0sXbJ9NCV9AAjE6_w96G","Cheryl Johannsen","Ha ha ha.. dreamer Racist:)","1","","2020-06-21 18:08:11","false",""
"UgxnK_Pnn24ArfjoqE94AaABAg.9A0sXbJ9NCV9AAjHy97jv7","Cheryl Johannsen","@JA Purnell Awww 1st graders are funny liddle racists.","0","","2020-06-21 18:08:42","false",""
"UgxnK_Pnn24ArfjoqE94AaABAg.9A0sXbJ9NCV9AAjN9p4FQx","Cheryl Johannsen","@Ben Smith Ha ha ha....NOT:) RACIST LIVES DON'T MATTER...never will...","1","","2020-06-21 18:09:25","false",""
"UgxnK_Pnn24ArfjoqE94AaABAg.9A0sXbJ9NCV9AAjT-vQy-y","Cheryl Johannsen","@Ben Smith Awww...felling badly about your 1st grade spelling:) You are showing your IQ:)","0","","2020-06-21 18:10:13","false",""
"UgxnK_Pnn24ArfjoqE94AaABAg.9A0sXbJ9NCV9AAjZEa980Z","Cheryl Johannsen","@JA Purnell Wow! 1st graders have a hard time with English:) Funny racist.","1","","2020-06-21 18:11:04","false",""
"UgxnK_Pnn24ArfjoqE94AaABAg.9A0sXbJ9NCV9AAjg71DGdO","Cheryl Johannsen","@JA Purnell Dumb da dum are showing your IQ:)","1","","2020-06-21 18:12:08","false",""
"UgxnK_Pnn24ArfjoqE94AaABAg.9A0sXbJ9NCV9AB-8P3a0bC","JA Purnell","@Cheryl Johannsen just so you know english is my second language. all your doing is showing your IQ level about as high as room temperature. heddwch","1","","2020-06-21 20:35:57","false",""
"UgxOpFU5xhakS9n6Zft4AaABAg","Dark Elf","Heres a better idea... fix it, clean it or  in other words restore it, put it back where it belongs and arrest the thugs who damaged it and set an example that lawless behaviour is not acceptable","10","1","2020-06-17 22:17:20","true",""
"UgxOpFU5xhakS9n6Zft4AaABAg.9A0sZQc-27n9AAnTsKxynb","Cheryl Johannsen","Ha ha ha.  RACIST'S are funny.","0","","2020-06-21 18:45:17","false",""
"UgzTYUJ4_u51tBeMmz94AaABAg","Brad Craig","I think keeping the paint is perfect. It ensures we can look back and remember this whole movement. This will be most educational for the future generations.  

However, damage should be totally repaired on statues such as Churchill and Victoria. They may have been flawed but they are heroes and leaders which accelerated our culture.","28","16","2020-06-17 22:18:49","true",""
"UgzTYUJ4_u51tBeMmz94AaABAg.9A0sjK1EqhU9A0v3QRqgy8","Casper Hiscock","Agree.","3","","2020-06-17 22:39:10","false",""
"UgzTYUJ4_u51tBeMmz94AaABAg.9A0sjK1EqhU9A0vJaWF5Xh","batch","Churchill was a racist not ""flawed"". He made concentration camps in South Africa.","8","","2020-06-17 22:41:22","false",""
"UgzTYUJ4_u51tBeMmz94AaABAg.9A0sjK1EqhU9A0xdbKuN6I","John Smith","@batch Yes, and?","10","","2020-06-17 23:01:43","false",""
"UgzTYUJ4_u51tBeMmz94AaABAg.9A0sjK1EqhU9A0xkMu-C7P","DisobeyToday","@batch You're absolutely right - being a racist doesn't automatically make a person flawed. Building concentration camps does.","3","","2020-06-17 23:02:39","false",""
"UgzTYUJ4_u51tBeMmz94AaABAg.9A0sjK1EqhU9A0y_Z0tSI4","Brad Craig","@batch Racist sounds like a flaw to me. 

I don't admire him for his obvious superiority complex. I admire him for his fighting spirit and willingness to push forward no matter how poor the odds. Stoicism is a key part of British Identity and he embodies resolve perfectly. 

If not for Churchill the British people would have folded to the nazis. He brought strength and we have built it into our culture. 

He is a flawed hero.","13","","2020-06-17 23:09:54","false",""
"UgzTYUJ4_u51tBeMmz94AaABAg.9A0sjK1EqhU9A13-zV05HT","Based Ares","@Brad Craig I'd rather the nazis over what we currently have, limp-wristed politicians who bend over for some BBC. Europe would be a much better place with mustache man. But oh well as long were not speaking German, right? :)","6","","2020-06-17 23:57:21","false",""
"UgzTYUJ4_u51tBeMmz94AaABAg.9A0sjK1EqhU9A224Ffai7A","freebeerfordworkers","@batch That was in 1900, when he was a 25-year-old cavalry officer moonlighting as a reporter cannot see how he had anything to do with those camps.","6","","2020-06-18 09:08:26","false",""
"UgzTYUJ4_u51tBeMmz94AaABAg.9A0sjK1EqhU9A2TPLXueaV","Alan Craighead","@Brad Craig built strength out of the expense of others. thats not strength, thats weakness.","0","","2020-06-18 13:07:14","false",""
"UgzTYUJ4_u51tBeMmz94AaABAg.9A0sjK1EqhU9A2VCu6aOD2","Brad Craig","@Alan Craighead I am not talking about manpower or munitions, I am talking about his fighting spirit.","1","","2020-06-18 13:23:01","false",""
"UgzTYUJ4_u51tBeMmz94AaABAg.9A0sjK1EqhU9A2VKQUahPw","A.G Owen","@batch It wasn't Churchill who invented the concentration camps, it was an irishman back in the early 1900s, 40 years before Churchill came to significant power.","4","","2020-06-18 13:24:02","false",""
"UgzTYUJ4_u51tBeMmz94AaABAg.9A0sjK1EqhU9A2YK4y45tp","piggypiggy pig","Haha, it was never a movement. Just some Lefty wanky middle class student vandals.","2","","2020-06-18 13:50:13","false",""
"UgzTYUJ4_u51tBeMmz94AaABAg.9A0sjK1EqhU9A2uiz1lDHR","Max Larsen","exactly","0","","2020-06-18 17:14:43","false",""
"UgzTYUJ4_u51tBeMmz94AaABAg.9A0sjK1EqhU9A2uqO8m7uh","Max Larsen","piggypiggy pig ive heard many of them were peer pressured by mates on their slave master social media, if they didnt go they would be labelled as racist by their degen mates","1","","2020-06-18 17:15:44","false",""
"UgzTYUJ4_u51tBeMmz94AaABAg.9A0sjK1EqhU9AGT1P38wYx","CJ","@DisobeyToday Churchill was a 26/27 year old junior officer with the South African Light horse in South Africa!!! He did not build concentration camps you idiot!!!! He actually recieved a reprimand from Gen Buller in 1901 for stating that the Boers should be treated as honourable foes and treated magnanimously and with respect!!! Learn some accurate history before making dumb statements!","1","","2020-06-23 23:33:20","false",""
"UgzTYUJ4_u51tBeMmz94AaABAg.9A0sjK1EqhU9AGT7_34NMY","CJ","@batch No he didnt you muppet! He was a 26/27yr old junior officer with the SALH!","1","","2020-06-23 23:34:11","false",""
"UgzTYUJ4_u51tBeMmz94AaABAg.9A0sjK1EqhU9AGXQs4UTrr","DisobeyToday","@CJ I didn't say he did. Im saying being racist doesn't automatically make you evil.","0","","2020-06-24 00:11:46","false",""
"UgyhhIb60DmZt4PdzvR4AaABAg","Sophia","If its about preserving history why why why are you removing the historical events which got it recently dragged and thrown in the harbour? Ahh thats right because its about white history not history in general, theres the answers folks!","3","4","2020-06-17 22:21:04","true",""
"UgyhhIb60DmZt4PdzvR4AaABAg.9A0szsKRYLG9A0vKsIUsj_","Steve aaron Defries","Sophia I'm sorry I'll admit I'm not sure how they are removing historical events, from my perspective I feel that it shouldn't be left at the bottom of the river and forgotten/become just some lines in a text book years from now, it should be displayed somehow with the message below explaining the anger and the injustice the everyone feels. Same to me that places like auschwitz shouldn't be torn down and forgotten as there is enough people who deny that events like the holocaust happens I'll admit I have a bias in that as my ancestors were victims and my family when asked if we would like the return of items from one of the museums returns to us my parents and there parents agreed that they should stay there so people could see the human loss and it not just remain words. I am genuinely interested in your meaning as I feel I'm misinterpreting your comment","1","","2020-06-17 22:41:33","false",""
"UgyhhIb60DmZt4PdzvR4AaABAg.9A0szsKRYLG9A0w2W8fWP3","Sophia","Steve aaron Defries I think you have misunderstood what I was saying, I didn’t say leave it at the bottom of the harbour did I? I was asking why the damage created by the biggest civil rights movement in our generation was to be scrubbed off of the all means have it in a civil rights wing of a museum so it’s definitely not forgotten so future generations can see that a life and wealth built off the backs of others suffering (to any intelligent person) one of the most evil things in our human world.","1","","2020-06-17 22:47:47","false",""
"UgyhhIb60DmZt4PdzvR4AaABAg.9A0szsKRYLG9A2aeYEG9s_","Gary Chance","White history in a white country. Yes correct and we will continue to defend and protect WHITE history. You got a problem with that?","1","","2020-06-18 14:19:21","false",""
"UgyhhIb60DmZt4PdzvR4AaABAg.9A0szsKRYLG9A2hwLdYqPo","Sophia","Gary Chance yes you racist twat","2","","2020-06-18 15:22:57","false",""
"Ugyup_o1DrxBYYJAZEN4AaABAg","StrongerAsOne","So your main concern is removing mud and sediment to avoid damaging the statue. But chemicals from the spray paint can remain. Right.","42","13","2020-06-17 22:23:51","true",""
"Ugyup_o1DrxBYYJAZEN4AaABAg.9A0tJGD9JiR9A0uuDKT799","William Hewison","Not sure you understand how corrosion works mate","12","","2020-06-17 22:37:47","false",""
"Ugyup_o1DrxBYYJAZEN4AaABAg.9A0tJGD9JiR9A0zV7oOu8d","Anthony","Three things:
1. The damage done from the paint has already been done. It now is inert and can damage it no further.
2. The removal of the paint would damage the statue even further, due to any damage the paint caused and the structural integrity of the paint being removed 
3. Removing the paint would be akin to removing the history of the statue.  It is an integral part of the history now.","8","","2020-06-17 23:17:54","false",""
"Ugyup_o1DrxBYYJAZEN4AaABAg.9A0tJGD9JiR9A1jvGff0L6","StrongerAsOne","@Anthony when it comes to avoiding corrosion and preserving metal that is exposed to water, the following link says, ""Some people claim that a badly applied coat of paint is worse than no paint at all. Badly applied paint can appear to protect the metal. However, oxygen may have gotten underneath and is secretly corroding the metal below. On the surface everything looks normal. Without the paint the corrosion would be obvious and could [be] rectified. However, the badly applied paint obscures the problem. Paint covers up the problem, [underneath it] could be a failing metal object waiting to collapse any time soon. Paint well or don't paint at all.""","1","","2020-06-18 06:21:02","false",""
"Ugyup_o1DrxBYYJAZEN4AaABAg.9A0tJGD9JiR9A24AAovaaz","Benjamin Clark","I may be missing something here but wasn't the statue located outside in the elements of a salty coastal environment for decades? recently it took a swim for a few days and needs professional stroking with a dry brush at £1000 per stroking motion or else it will crumble to dust?","3","","2020-06-18 09:26:43","false",""
"Ugyup_o1DrxBYYJAZEN4AaABAg.9A0tJGD9JiR9A2KfIJuJ-v","StrongerAsOne","@Benjamin Clark they could've left the statue in the water. But they have pulled it out under the guise of rescuing it from deterioration. As she keeps repeating to protect the paint (not the statue itself). They were clearly worried that the paint would disappear in the water. Now they can retain the spray paint, spin their version of history and display the defaced statue as a trophy in a leftist exhibition.","2","","2020-06-18 11:50:54","false",""
"Ugyup_o1DrxBYYJAZEN4AaABAg.9A0tJGD9JiR9A2T-cVCFVP","Mitchell Abercrombie","She said herself that the paint has now become a part of the story of the statue. All opf ancient Greece's statues were once painted but over time they lost all of their colour, we don't try and recreate the paint job because now them being white is part of the art
In a similar situation here, the grafiti is now part of the art of this piece, art tells a story and whether ti was intended as art or not, it has not gained artistic appeal","3","","2020-06-18 13:03:44","false",""
"Ugyup_o1DrxBYYJAZEN4AaABAg.9A0tJGD9JiR9A2ThGExJis","Donald Trump","Leave her alone shes just doing her job.  His vitals were very low when he was admited onto her ward, the mud is cause of concern as it can carry the deadly covid virus so her first treatment of patient has to he ti remove that if that operation goes well he will be sedated and undergo life changing stem cell therapy to remove the paint and grow and new walking stick. She is a true hero i pray he pulls through","1","","2020-06-18 13:09:49","false",""
"Ugyup_o1DrxBYYJAZEN4AaABAg.9A0tJGD9JiR9A2Tksy1Nth","Nathan Gamble","@StrongerAsOne You are completely missing the point. Whatever anyone thinks, you cannot erase history, but you can choose to ignore it or show it to people so they can learn from it. For better or for worse, this is now part of the story of this statue.","0","","2020-06-18 13:10:19","false",""
"Ugyup_o1DrxBYYJAZEN4AaABAg.9A0tJGD9JiR9A2TnViSAQR","Donald Trump","SLM","0","","2020-06-18 13:10:40","false",""
"Ugyup_o1DrxBYYJAZEN4AaABAg.9A0tJGD9JiR9A2VBslitcx","Avalon Azure","She explained why the paint was important...","0","","2020-06-18 13:22:53","false",""
"Ugyup_o1DrxBYYJAZEN4AaABAg.9A0tJGD9JiR9A2XqSgRW9p","Bryan Moyna","Its paint, not acid. The paint itself would be erased by nature way before it does anything to the sculpture itself.","0","","2020-06-18 13:46:02","false",""
"Ugyup_o1DrxBYYJAZEN4AaABAg.9A0tJGD9JiR9A2YqunEEWe","Libertarian Infidel","@Nathan Gamble Arresting all those who took part in taking down the statue and giving the maximum prison sentence should alos be a part of the history as well. We could even have a plaque with their names next to statue in the museum.","2","","2020-06-18 13:54:50","false",""
"Ugyup_o1DrxBYYJAZEN4AaABAg.9A0tJGD9JiR9A2uVmj9CtD","Max Larsen","yes sir","0","","2020-06-18 17:12:47","false",""
"UgxBtsj9FJrkp1NgmoN4AaABAg","Firsthgyhgyhuy Lastujhujhuj","Our history is not replaceable. End.","97","31","2020-06-17 22:26:23","true",""
"UgxBtsj9FJrkp1NgmoN4AaABAg.9A0talyn0Fv9A0ujklNg47","Hoyt Volker","Who said it was?","2","","2020-06-17 22:36:21","false",""
"UgxBtsj9FJrkp1NgmoN4AaABAg.9A0talyn0Fv9A0uuaOP2u0","Eleanor Jaeger","Go read a book then lol you sound like you need to","9","","2020-06-17 22:37:50","false",""
"UgxBtsj9FJrkp1NgmoN4AaABAg.9A0talyn0Fv9A0xNU5FVPp","Ben Smith","@Eleanor Jaeger with a name like that you must be 20 at the most . Dont speak about things that are beyond your tender years and brain capacity..","8","","2020-06-17 22:59:23","false",""
"UgxBtsj9FJrkp1NgmoN4AaABAg.9A0talyn0Fv9A0xqua3AUZ","Firsthgyhgyhuy Lastujhujhuj","@Eleanor Jaeger I am supposed to be impressed by a low IQ type. LOL? Grow up. If you want to meet up, date, time and place. Let's see how 'lol' we are then.","4","","2020-06-17 23:03:32","false",""
"UgxBtsj9FJrkp1NgmoN4AaABAg.9A0talyn0Fv9A0xvTEM5xM","Firsthgyhgyhuy Lastujhujhuj","@Hoyt Volker Who asked you to comment?","0","","2020-06-17 23:04:10","false",""
"UgxBtsj9FJrkp1NgmoN4AaABAg.9A0talyn0Fv9A0ycjj8oqZ","EtcEtcAndEtc","@Firsthgyhgyhuy Lastujhujhuj no one needs your permission, what kind of talk is that?! Free speech on a public forum upsets you?","3","","2020-06-17 23:10:20","false",""
"UgxBtsj9FJrkp1NgmoN4AaABAg.9A0talyn0Fv9A0ym7mzWSn","Louis Pugsley Birch","Are you very proud of the slave trading days?","3","","2020-06-17 23:11:37","false",""
"UgxBtsj9FJrkp1NgmoN4AaABAg.9A0talyn0Fv9A0ymvraLTT","EtcEtcAndEtc","@Ben Smith What's her name got to do with it?.. Are you having difficulty thinking?","1","","2020-06-17 23:11:44","false",""
"UgxBtsj9FJrkp1NgmoN4AaABAg.9A0talyn0Fv9A0yxWHr5_A","EtcEtcAndEtc","@Firsthgyhgyhuy Lastujhujhuj offering a woman you don't know, on youtube, out for a fight? Very mature of you!! What a smarty you must be.","2","","2020-06-17 23:13:11","false",""
"UgxBtsj9FJrkp1NgmoN4AaABAg.9A0talyn0Fv9A0zSWEGLN4","000 000","@EtcEtcAndEtc you have freedom of speech but I cannot guarantee you freedom of consequences for your speech. If you say something to anger another person willingly then do not be suprised to be harmed by a person who does it willingly","2","","2020-06-17 23:17:33","false",""
"UgxBtsj9FJrkp1NgmoN4AaABAg.9A0talyn0Fv9A0zWUUF2ir","Hoyt Volker","@Firsthgyhgyhuy Lastujhujhuj Who asked you to?","0","","2020-06-17 23:18:05","false",""
"UgxBtsj9FJrkp1NgmoN4AaABAg.9A0talyn0Fv9A11yQLqn_8","Based Ares","@Louis Pugsley Birch I am actually, thanks for asking <3","0","","2020-06-17 23:48:15","false",""
"UgxBtsj9FJrkp1NgmoN4AaABAg.9A0talyn0Fv9A2NB0fXLSu","A Google User","Same r*cism.","0","","2020-06-18 12:12:51","false",""
"UgxBtsj9FJrkp1NgmoN4AaABAg.9A0talyn0Fv9A2T9eZ2i-g","Pred Des","@Hoyt Volker you're obviously not very educated on current events. Must be a communist.","1","","2020-06-18 13:05:06","false",""
"UgxBtsj9FJrkp1NgmoN4AaABAg.9A0talyn0Fv9A2TGLYoySa","Pred Des","@Louis Pugsley Birch don't have to be proud. The statue doesn't commemorate slavery idiot.","5","","2020-06-18 13:06:00","false",""
"UgxBtsj9FJrkp1NgmoN4AaABAg.9A0talyn0Fv9A2UrVMv5-W","thunder tick","So, you'd have been all for keeping up the statues of Hitler that the Germans tore down after WW2, eh?","2","","2020-06-18 13:19:57","false",""
"UgxBtsj9FJrkp1NgmoN4AaABAg.9A0talyn0Fv9A2VFiOU7_u","Avalon Azure","No one is trying to","0","","2020-06-18 13:23:24","false",""
"UgxBtsj9FJrkp1NgmoN4AaABAg.9A0talyn0Fv9A2W4HHTM-u","blue fox","Your history was slave ownership lol guess you're proud of that","1","","2020-06-18 13:30:34","false",""
"UgxBtsj9FJrkp1NgmoN4AaABAg.9A0talyn0Fv9A2YYSUx1lR","Patrick Kyle","@Louis Pugsley Birch - the Arab caliphates (empires) took more slaves than the western nations combined. Are you going to ask them the same question?","2","","2020-06-18 13:52:10","false",""
"UgxBtsj9FJrkp1NgmoN4AaABAg.9A0talyn0Fv9A2cFLtUzef","Hoyt Volker","@Pred Des Hahaha, what makes you think I'm a communist?","0","","2020-06-18 14:33:15","false",""
"UgxBtsj9FJrkp1NgmoN4AaABAg.9A0talyn0Fv9A2fTaL7gyE","Dissociated Women Incorporated","Our history can, however, be seen in a more accurate perspective. One that would have certain statues moved from their current places of prominence and into museums where much more relevant information about them could be publicly displayed. Understanding our history is important, of course, and there's value in not automatically making a monster out of a flawed historical figure, but some flaws _are_ great enough that it would be worth reassessing if statues of them should be displayed in a way that unduly glorifies them.","1","","2020-06-18 15:01:25","false",""
"UgxBtsj9FJrkp1NgmoN4AaABAg.9A0talyn0Fv9A2koExqCJF","Firsthgyhgyhuy Lastujhujhuj","@Dissociated Women Incorporated Rather see you in a museum.  Puerile response. If certain entities can't cope they can go elsewhere.  The monument at Ground Zero (correct use of the expression) in Hiroshima isn't there to celebrate nuclear energy. It should not be negotiable.","0","","2020-06-18 15:48:03","false",""
"UgxBtsj9FJrkp1NgmoN4AaABAg.9A0talyn0Fv9A31F8nW2fC","Euan McCann","All of history is replaceable you gigantic mong. Why are Nazism and Fascism not celebrated in Germany anymore? You don't see Hitler statues. Further to my point do you celebrate and revel in your colonial racist past?","3","","2020-06-18 18:20:25","false",""
"UgxBtsj9FJrkp1NgmoN4AaABAg.9A0talyn0Fv9A36rbSE3mL","Dissociated Women Incorporated","@Firsthgyhgyhuy Lastujhujhuj I debate and your response is just to grumpily attack. Interesting, that. So if these monuments aren't glorifying those historical figures, what exactly _are_ they for? If they're for remembering our history then they should go to a museum where you can see a bunch of them with extra educational info, not have to trawl across the country seeking these statues that at best have some tiny plaque. You really don't seem to be arguing for history, because if you were, you'd be arguing for the betterment of historical education of the public.","0","","2020-06-18 19:09:30","false",""
"UgxBtsj9FJrkp1NgmoN4AaABAg.9A0talyn0Fv9A37Detyh9v","Dissociated Women Incorporated","@Traverse to be fair I have always been kind of _technically_ impressed that my tiny speck of an island country once ruled a third of the world. The actual colonialism was awful and some of my ancestors committed atrocities against various people, including some of my _other_ ancestors. And as much as I love tea and curry, our acquisition of them was not worth the cost to others.","0","","2020-06-18 19:12:39","false",""
"UgxBtsj9FJrkp1NgmoN4AaABAg.9A0talyn0Fv9A37UJGLomq","Firsthgyhgyhuy Lastujhujhuj","@Dissociated Women Incorporated Amazing how millennials can use so many words and say so little. A sound idea would be,occasionally, to mind your own business. The most useless generation.","1","","2020-06-18 19:14:55","false",""
"UgxBtsj9FJrkp1NgmoN4AaABAg.9A0talyn0Fv9A3c-4hM9WQ","larry povey","HISTORY WOULD BE A WONDERFUL THING , IF ONLY IT WAS TRUE . ITS BEEN REPLACED MANY MANY TIMES , AND WILL BE AGAIN .","1","","2020-06-18 23:50:16","false",""
"UgxBtsj9FJrkp1NgmoN4AaABAg.9A0talyn0Fv9A4IwCM9khr","Stedman75","@Hoyt Volker quite a lot of people are saying it is actually..","0","","2020-06-19 06:14:13","false",""
"UgxBtsj9FJrkp1NgmoN4AaABAg.9A0talyn0Fv9A4YOJqnnYD","Patricia Salvatore","@thunder tick Are you trying to put Churchill  in the same category as Hiitler ?","0","","2020-06-19 08:29:16","false",""
"UgxBtsj9FJrkp1NgmoN4AaABAg.9A0talyn0Fv9A4YvsEs_Rk","Patricia Salvatore","@Euan McCann I guess you've been feeling unloved these days, huh?   Why do you only see negativity in people who you don't  even know?","0","","2020-06-19 08:33:59","false",""
"UgxBtsj9FJrkp1NgmoN4AaABAg.9A0talyn0Fv9A4pUTbs_dH","Hoyt Volker","@Stedman75 Who is saying history is replaceable? Who is saying they want to remove him from history altogether? ""Quite a lot of people"" is super vague and speculative. Statues are not sources of education. You want that, read a book, browse online or visit a museum.","0","","2020-06-19 11:07:24","false",""
"UgxXrh2K3yHhFVcBlzl4AaABAg","Grunk","Nobody else dislike lets keep it at 69 

Never mind :( 
#rememberitwasonce69","12","2","2020-06-17 22:27:39","true",""
"UgxXrh2K3yHhFVcBlzl4AaABAg.9A0tk54mJ0c9A0uBrwBBDN","Jake Crow","Unlucky,","1","","2020-06-17 22:31:35","false",""
"UgxXrh2K3yHhFVcBlzl4AaABAg.9A0tk54mJ0c9A0up37z_t7","Grunk",":(","1","","2020-06-17 22:37:04","false",""
"UgwU7IMASGiFtlY0n3l4AaABAg","Tetnubis","""Him""? Its a just statue love.","8","6","2020-06-17 22:28:43","true",""
"UgwU7IMASGiFtlY0n3l4AaABAg.9A0trpgV5Te9A0uS0ok91n","Paul Edmondson","What do you mean its a just statue?","0","","2020-06-17 22:33:47","false",""
"UgwU7IMASGiFtlY0n3l4AaABAg.9A0trpgV5Te9A2VgTuE-pV","C A","Would have been different if it was Mandela swimming on his back","0","","2020-06-18 13:27:11","false",""
"UgwU7IMASGiFtlY0n3l4AaABAg.9A0trpgV5Te9A2Yl7h2pvJ","Rose","Yes, a statue of a male figure so referring it as 'him' makes sense.","0","","2020-06-18 13:54:02","false",""
"UgwU7IMASGiFtlY0n3l4AaABAg.9A0trpgV5Te9A2dwNCbvGG","wildcard1288","Ever hear about the guy that married a car? I am getting that kind of vibe from this chick","2","","2020-06-18 14:48:00","false",""
"UgwU7IMASGiFtlY0n3l4AaABAg.9A0trpgV5Te9A2v0dYBxJi","Max Larsen","i love him!","0","","2020-06-18 17:17:16","false",""
"UgwU7IMASGiFtlY0n3l4AaABAg.9A0trpgV5Te9A2v1hpAw8Z","Max Larsen","C A lol!","0","","2020-06-18 17:17:25","false",""
"UgyMT5gZDIjTOLEzNFJ4AaABAg","The Patriot","Vandals, they should be made to pay compensation","47","25","2020-06-17 22:28:49","true",""
"UgyMT5gZDIjTOLEzNFJ4AaABAg.9A0tsYzOw0y9A0vRQt2Sts","batch","for what ? putting a slave traders statue is its rightful place at the bottom of the harbour ?","13","","2020-06-17 22:42:27","false",""
"UgyMT5gZDIjTOLEzNFJ4AaABAg.9A0tsYzOw0y9A0xyUYkIvN","DisobeyToday","@batch I didn't see any of the protesters throwing their slave made NIKE trainers or slave made iPhones in","14","","2020-06-17 23:04:34","false",""
"UgyMT5gZDIjTOLEzNFJ4AaABAg.9A0tsYzOw0y9A0yIh1Is0m","ALLSPICE","compensation? what kinda liiiiiike..... Reparations???","3","","2020-06-17 23:07:28","false",""
"UgyMT5gZDIjTOLEzNFJ4AaABAg.9A0tsYzOw0y9A0yWN0hrtG","ALLSPICE","@DisobeyToday at least they don't vote for governments that allow corporations to treat the world like its filthy whore","0","","2020-06-17 23:09:20","false",""
"UgyMT5gZDIjTOLEzNFJ4AaABAg.9A0tsYzOw0y9A0zAlfArT2","The Patriot","No for vandalism","1","","2020-06-17 23:15:07","false",""
"UgyMT5gZDIjTOLEzNFJ4AaABAg.9A0tsYzOw0y9A0zOot89rp","The Patriot","ALLSPICE you have no idea what your talking about","0","","2020-06-17 23:17:03","false",""
"UgyMT5gZDIjTOLEzNFJ4AaABAg.9A0tsYzOw0y9A1-adWwqyP","The Patriot","batch you don't here me shouting to put Mandela, or Muhammad's statue's in the river, or are you saying we should as they were also involved with slaves","0","","2020-06-17 23:27:32","false",""
"UgyMT5gZDIjTOLEzNFJ4AaABAg.9A0tsYzOw0y9A15YGdX_ao","ALLSPICE","@The Patriot says the one demanding compensation for a slave trader's statue who killed tens of thousands of people. Yikes","3","","2020-06-18 00:19:30","false",""
"UgyMT5gZDIjTOLEzNFJ4AaABAg.9A0tsYzOw0y9A2JcwexDIV","batch","@DisobeyToday ah I see you have noticed that people are being critical of society while also participating in it .. well done .. there's no such thing as ethical consumption under capitalism babe","1","","2020-06-18 11:41:51","false",""
"UgyMT5gZDIjTOLEzNFJ4AaABAg.9A0tsYzOw0y9A2T4odpqOs","Epic","@batch Ethical consumption in that case would be not to consume it.","0","","2020-06-18 13:04:26","false",""
"UgyMT5gZDIjTOLEzNFJ4AaABAg.9A0tsYzOw0y9A2TDMoZg_a","Josh Roady","slavery supporters should be shot change my mind","2","","2020-06-18 13:05:36","false",""
"UgyMT5gZDIjTOLEzNFJ4AaABAg.9A0tsYzOw0y9A2Ucr3ACgY","The Patriot","Josh Roady no one has said slavery is ok, mob rule is wrong, if you believe that slavery is limited to the past, this will not change what has happened, look to what is going on today put your energy into that,","0","","2020-06-18 13:17:57","false",""
"UgyMT5gZDIjTOLEzNFJ4AaABAg.9A0tsYzOw0y9A2Y7fUpYb8","Libertarian Infidel","@ALLSPICE You're talking about the Labour party and the EU?","0","","2020-06-18 13:48:31","false",""
"UgyMT5gZDIjTOLEzNFJ4AaABAg.9A0tsYzOw0y9A2YCSQcDhl","Libertarian Infidel","@ALLSPICE Islam killed hundereds of millions of people and counting. Should we tear down the Mosques? According to your logic.","0","","2020-06-18 13:49:10","false",""
"UgyMT5gZDIjTOLEzNFJ4AaABAg.9A0tsYzOw0y9A2YM5aGw5X","batch","@Epic and how do suggest existing without consuming","0","","2020-06-18 13:50:29","false",""
"UgyMT5gZDIjTOLEzNFJ4AaABAg.9A0tsYzOw0y9A2YRxgBoNX","Libertarian Infidel","@ALLSPICE The UK ended the slave trade in nations all over the world in their colonies, then the UK Navy went around the rest of the world and ended slavery where they could. Then the UK allowed people from their colonies to come and live in the UK and then paid reperations.

And years later, far-left terrorists attack the UK for being 'racist'","1","","2020-06-18 13:51:17","false",""
"UgyMT5gZDIjTOLEzNFJ4AaABAg.9A0tsYzOw0y9A2Yk8Lr8ib","Epic","@batch only live within nature - go vegan and live in the wild. Existing is overrated though.","0","","2020-06-18 13:53:54","false",""
"UgyMT5gZDIjTOLEzNFJ4AaABAg.9A0tsYzOw0y9A2wdFe2TRM","Max Larsen","DisobeyToday they are brainwashed","0","","2020-06-18 17:31:25","false",""
"UgyMT5gZDIjTOLEzNFJ4AaABAg.9A0tsYzOw0y9AAkm0OLwP0","Cheryl Johannsen","They should be PAID FOR THEIR SERVICE! RACIST'S LIVES DON'T MATTER","0","","2020-06-21 18:21:41","false",""
"UgyMT5gZDIjTOLEzNFJ4AaABAg.9A0tsYzOw0y9AAkvnTFg7E","Cheryl Johannsen","@The Patriot Ha ha ha.. Dumb da dum dum. Your RACIST LIFE DOESN'T MATTER","0","","2020-06-21 18:23:01","false",""
"UgyMT5gZDIjTOLEzNFJ4AaABAg.9A0tsYzOw0y9AAl0xFYMNh","Cheryl Johannsen","@The Patriot You are a racist.  Funny snowballs melting?","0","","2020-06-21 18:23:51","false",""
"UgyMT5gZDIjTOLEzNFJ4AaABAg.9A0tsYzOw0y9AAlD4MbJuD","Cheryl Johannsen","@Libertarian Infidel Then why are you still a racist:) Funny liddle snowballs melting down...your leg.","0","","2020-06-21 18:25:31","false",""
"UgyMT5gZDIjTOLEzNFJ4AaABAg.9A0tsYzOw0y9AAlK1u366j","Cheryl Johannsen","@Max Larsen Yes you all are brainwashed by Christianity. Funny.","0","","2020-06-21 18:26:28","false",""
"UgyMT5gZDIjTOLEzNFJ4AaABAg.9A0tsYzOw0y9ABEgA8nbqh","The Patriot","Cheryl Johannsen you poor sad dissolutions muppet, does your mummy know you go on line unsupervised","0","","2020-06-21 22:51:46","false",""
"UgyMT5gZDIjTOLEzNFJ4AaABAg.9A0tsYzOw0y9ABEuw0zWHX","The Patriot","Cheryl Johannsen People like you are the racist, look up the word in a dictionary, then look in the mirror","0","","2020-06-21 22:53:47","false",""
"UgyWCr5Cxa1FremAFVp4AaABAg","thinklemonthink","Stop refering to the statue as he or him...","6","5","2020-06-17 22:29:27","true",""
"UgyWCr5Cxa1FremAFVp4AaABAg.9A0txFXZkKQ9A0vfVV6hPL","SR1Records","lol, i agree. It's clearly an ""it"".","2","","2020-06-17 22:44:30","false",""
"UgyWCr5Cxa1FremAFVp4AaABAg.9A0txFXZkKQ9A0ygfxGtuw","Null Void","@SR1Records Or is it a Xir , Bun  or Zqr","1","","2020-06-17 23:10:53","false",""
"UgyWCr5Cxa1FremAFVp4AaABAg.9A0txFXZkKQ9A2c7NxsKu8","Robert Fullard","Indeed, he actually gender identified as a potato.","0","","2020-06-18 14:32:10","false",""
"UgyWCr5Cxa1FremAFVp4AaABAg.9A0txFXZkKQ9A2xuYkMboB","Max Larsen","yes, start referring to it as trans, heshemale","0","","2020-06-18 17:42:31","false",""
"UgyWCr5Cxa1FremAFVp4AaABAg.9A0txFXZkKQ9A2zCAGKn0F","SR1Records","@Max Larsen But then you're implying that it's still a gender. And a fixed gender at that! hat it the statue feels like being a man one day, but a woman the next day? What if on another day it doesn't feel like a man or a woman? You're all so gender(?) I that what it's called? Probably not because it doesn't sound right. I don't know the term for those awful awful people who describe other people as either males or females. But it needs to stop!","0","","2020-06-18 17:53:48","false",""
"UgzLejAPYbVQZRSmqFB4AaABAg","Matthew Clark","Yes. Bow to the mob. Thats a proven and reliable way to keep law and order.","82","19","2020-06-17 22:33:10","true",""
"UgzLejAPYbVQZRSmqFB4AaABAg.9A0uNUv7jz39A0xzcssOtl","ALLSPICE","shut up nerd","16","","2020-06-17 23:04:44","false",""
"UgzLejAPYbVQZRSmqFB4AaABAg.9A0uNUv7jz39A0zVcRTiAK","EtcEtcAndEtc","Never heard of civil disobedience, apparently. Where's this tidal wave of violence that the football lads and right wing are so proud to be fighting. Oh, it hasn't happened, has it. Of course. That statue should have been taken down years ago. It was an eyesore.","6","","2020-06-17 23:17:58","false",""
"UgzLejAPYbVQZRSmqFB4AaABAg.9A0uNUv7jz39A0zqF649qo","Jonny G","You sound like Stalin","6","","2020-06-17 23:20:55","false",""
"UgzLejAPYbVQZRSmqFB4AaABAg.9A0uNUv7jz39A2TGAPdVjf","Epic","@ALLSPICE Literal starfish IQ.","8","","2020-06-18 13:05:59","false",""
"UgzLejAPYbVQZRSmqFB4AaABAg.9A0uNUv7jz39A2U0_IbQ7W","thesoundofjesse","Don't act like you care about the statues you just learned about. Lol people like you are hilarious.","5","","2020-06-18 13:12:36","false",""
"UgzLejAPYbVQZRSmqFB4AaABAg.9A0uNUv7jz39A2UeKuiTnv","thunder tick","Much better to bow to authority for ever, eh?  That way, slavery would never have ended, you wouldn't now have the vote and there'd be no workers' rights ... amongst millions of other things.","4","","2020-06-18 13:18:10","false",""
"UgzLejAPYbVQZRSmqFB4AaABAg.9A0uNUv7jz39A2VU9r8btN","Josh Stead","Call us the mob all you like, we're right on this one. If you won't reform and treat minorities with dignity and civility then we will drag you kicking and screaming into the future. 
And to be clear - allowing a monument to enslavement to stand proud in public is uncivil.","1","","2020-06-18 13:25:22","false",""
"UgzLejAPYbVQZRSmqFB4AaABAg.9A0uNUv7jz39A2YPjBx5va","Dawn Piper","@Josh Stead I am old and have always believed in fair and equal rights for all regardless of race.  There will always be those that don't agree. But threats to drag people kicking and screaming to agree with what you want gets you nowhere  and is very confrontational","8","","2020-06-18 13:50:59","false",""
"UgzLejAPYbVQZRSmqFB4AaABAg.9A0uNUv7jz39A2ZLFyKt0N","Sky Sky","@Josh Stead You are a mob and fully deserve the title. Rioting, violence and destruction will only make people despise you. Until you fuckwitts learn that calm discourse is the only way to change someone's mind, you'll get nowhere. Pulling down statues will not change the history of this country.","10","","2020-06-18 13:59:06","false",""
"UgzLejAPYbVQZRSmqFB4AaABAg.9A0uNUv7jz39A2bY50dBfZ","Clark Davison","@Josh Stead Not a monument to enslavement, facts don't care about your feelings. The monument was in recognition for everything Colston did for Bristol and is still being done by the charitable trusts that he established. You can't just select the bits of history that suits your narrative. Intellectual dishonesty does not further debate or help your cause. Why don't you protest about modern slavery, better still go to the countries that is is happening in right now and do something about it if you feel so strongly about it. How do you think your ""peaceful protests"" would go down there?

The civil way to deal with this would have been petitions, actual peaceful demonstration and working within the legal framework to effect change. Guess what, the petition that was set up had barely 100 signatures in three years until a week before the BLM protests were arranged, then suddenly more than ten thousands people signed it in a matter of days. Whenever the question was asked in the past two decades in opinion polls, letters pages and radio phone-ins, it  the majority of people in Bristol said they wanted the Colston Statue to stay.","8","","2020-06-18 14:27:04","false",""
"UgzLejAPYbVQZRSmqFB4AaABAg.9A0uNUv7jz39A2klZkssar","freebeerfordworkers","@Josh SteadHow uncivil is this?","0","","2020-06-18 15:47:42","false",""
"UgzLejAPYbVQZRSmqFB4AaABAg.9A0uNUv7jz39A2ppX3_kQE","Circle Master","The Police in Bristol stood and watch a riot take place.","2","","2020-06-18 16:31:56","false",""
"UgzLejAPYbVQZRSmqFB4AaABAg.9A0uNUv7jz39A39Oz_quC2","Max Larsen","Jonny G i love Stalin.","0","","2020-06-18 19:31:40","false",""
"UgzLejAPYbVQZRSmqFB4AaABAg.9A0uNUv7jz39AA7g1Qiqkz","Peteris Blaus","@Clark Davison Agree","0","","2020-06-21 12:31:20","false",""
"UgzLejAPYbVQZRSmqFB4AaABAg.9A0uNUv7jz39AAgOyQhIxQ","Cheryl Johannsen","RACIST'S are funny...","0","","2020-06-21 17:43:27","false",""
"UgzLejAPYbVQZRSmqFB4AaABAg.9A0uNUv7jz39AAgW4VeStp","Cheryl Johannsen","@Epic Ha ha have a racist IQ....80? Funny racist.","0","","2020-06-21 17:44:25","false",""
"UgzLejAPYbVQZRSmqFB4AaABAg.9A0uNUv7jz39AAgcell9aX","Cheryl Johannsen","@Dawn Piper Awwwww...kicking and screaming to the gallows?? RACIST'S LIVES DON'T MATTER","0","","2020-06-21 17:45:27","false",""
"UgzLejAPYbVQZRSmqFB4AaABAg.9A0uNUv7jz39AAgmkbAogU","Cheryl Johannsen","@Sky Sky Ha ha ha..fkin delusional:) RACIST'S LIVES DON'T MATTER","0","","2020-06-21 17:46:50","false",""
"UgzLejAPYbVQZRSmqFB4AaABAg.9A0uNUv7jz39AB2TtpatP4","Sky Sky","@Cheryl Johannsen  ""Ha ha ha..fkin delusional:) RACIST'S LIVES DON'T MATTER""

Why are you addressing this to me?","0","","2020-06-21 21:05:05","false",""
"UgwXGqz8obTTFpzob654AaABAg","Sachi Rae White","It’s a clump of metal, just melt it down","4","2","2020-06-17 22:33:46","true",""
"UgwXGqz8obTTFpzob654AaABAg.9A0uRmC2OIh9A2a4OBOZQ8","Baz Green","No it's publicly owned so how about we vote like civilised people. Even if some of us clearly are not.","0","","2020-06-18 14:14:17","false",""
"UgwXGqz8obTTFpzob654AaABAg.9A0uRmC2OIh9A2bbcb8t04","Sachi Rae White","Baz Green thats true, people who think it should be up are very uncivilised.","0","","2020-06-18 14:27:42","false",""
"UgxBDb_XB4ZR8ao5W7R4AaABAg","Toby Mcarey","I see this as job creation. Now we have millions on the dole. Possibly could have left it at the bottom of harbour and started dive trips....come on people pull together, we need to get the economy going somehow, think outside the box.  But in all seriousness (not) lets remember this is a distraction whilst the whole world is getting shafted. We ARE the slaves.","1","1","2020-06-17 22:37:41","true",""
"UgxBDb_XB4ZR8ao5W7R4AaABAg.9A0utZPUnWa9A0ysBH5HNv","Null Void","to be fair boats actually use that area they dumped it in","0","","2020-06-17 23:12:27","false",""
"UgwxrlsjNi8kHMm6_Pd4AaABAg","Martin Smith","you do not want to offend anyone by removing the paint more like. a little paint thinner will do or spend some money and use a bead blaster and give the whole statue  clean and shine","7","1","2020-06-17 22:40:41","true",""
"UgwxrlsjNi8kHMm6_Pd4AaABAg.9A0vER_m9-e9A0yCAXggi7","ALLSPICE","wow look at you. Licking the boots of the elite even in memory. impressive","0","","2020-06-17 23:06:35","false",""
"UgwuBhtxcV2hjuCTuvB4AaABAg","Mitoo","So much care and precaution to restore the Statue of someone who was a murderer...
 If you would have given so much energy and interest in what he was not doing at that time, the world would be a better place by now..","5","12","2020-06-17 22:40:54","true",""
"UgwuBhtxcV2hjuCTuvB4AaABAg.9A0vG485Uqn9A0w0avZYPS","here and now","pity party","0","","2020-06-17 22:47:31","false",""
"UgwuBhtxcV2hjuCTuvB4AaABAg.9A0vG485Uqn9A0y6B277YQ","Mal Preece","Mitoo Do you understand anything about how complicated history is? If you allow a mob to rip down monuments because of their historical links to slavery, where does it stop? Would you also rip down mosques throughout the UK because the founder of Islam was a slave owner and they stand as a tribute to his legacy? Colston’s statue was erected because he was a philanthropist, and I’m sure Muslims would argue that Muhammad was more than just a slave owner. This destruction of national monuments needs to be condemned.","4","","2020-06-17 23:05:46","false",""
"UgwuBhtxcV2hjuCTuvB4AaABAg.9A0vG485Uqn9A0yPIAFdFB","Blackbeards Brother","He wasn't an actual murderer, he never broke the law. Do you think he ordered executions?.... No obviously not. He was a trader, born in 1636 (think about that carefully)  he lived during the English Civil war and the subsequent ""Restoration"". 

He did trade in slaves as well as many other things at a time when humans traded each other off and were conquering and slaughtering each other around the world. It is a horrible thought today but thats how things were back  then, 400 years ago....

He wouldn't of wanted them to die, he would have lost money.  It makes no sense to denigrate a man of his time who commited no crime,  broke no law and donated the majority of his wealth to the  under privileged.","7","","2020-06-17 23:08:22","false",""
"UgwuBhtxcV2hjuCTuvB4AaABAg.9A0vG485Uqn9A0ya3Z2Uoi","Blackbeards Brother","@Mal Preece totally agree. Most of the ""offended"" know nothing of the history of these figures other than they had some link to the slave trade.","4","","2020-06-17 23:09:59","false",""
"UgwuBhtxcV2hjuCTuvB4AaABAg.9A0vG485Uqn9A0zkeLaw0t","Jonny G","Jedi Romeo Two questions statue lovers can’t answer- why does he or anyone deserve a statue? Why should a statue exist forever?","0","","2020-06-17 23:20:10","false",""
"UgwuBhtxcV2hjuCTuvB4AaABAg.9A0vG485Uqn9A0zqfzO1-3","Mal Preece","Jedi Romeo Thanks. It’s nice to know that some people understand how important it is to historically contextualise. 👍🏻","1","","2020-06-17 23:20:59","false",""
"UgwuBhtxcV2hjuCTuvB4AaABAg.9A0vG485Uqn9A10DqcyxSw","Blackbeards Brother","@Jonny G Edward Colston was a great philanthropist, a progressive for a man who was born nearly 400 years ago he built many schools, hospitals, almhouses in Bristol and London. He practically built Bristol, he was not being remembered for his role in the slave trade. He was remembered for his role in making his city grow. He was a great man of his time. 
His statue was a reminder he ""founded"" Bristol. 

Churchill for ww2, Nelson for Waterloo. Great achievements in British history, we are a small nation which has defended itself from invasion for  1000 years  and went on to rule a third of the world. Everyone was trying to ""play the Empire game"" Britain was just better at it.
 It's history, we ended the slave trade and we live in a very different and diverse Britain. But our history is our history and it needs to ge remembered.","6","","2020-06-17 23:33:01","false",""
"UgwuBhtxcV2hjuCTuvB4AaABAg.9A0vG485Uqn9A11VlFe04P","Mal Preece","Jonny G  1) He was a philanthropist responsible for the building of almshouses, schools and charitable foundations that are still benefiting people today. 2) Has anyone argued that statues should last forever? Does anything last forever? Knowing that an object doesn’t last forever is not a justification for destroying that object.","2","","2020-06-17 23:44:12","false",""
"UgwuBhtxcV2hjuCTuvB4AaABAg.9A0vG485Uqn9A2upwNh6me","Grave Peril","@Blackbeards Brother ""Nelson for Waterloo"" clues in the name of the square Nelson for Trafalgar, Wellington for Waterloo","0","","2020-06-18 17:15:40","false",""
"UgwuBhtxcV2hjuCTuvB4AaABAg.9A0vG485Uqn9AAxXvn5nuO","Mitoo","@Blackbeards Brother go and learn the word SLAVERY first. Don't fool yourself..
Learn also the word SLAVE and how they lived..just learn history. This will help you a lot. But learn in a human way, not in a white slaver's way.","0","","2020-06-21 20:13:13","false",""
"UgwuBhtxcV2hjuCTuvB4AaABAg.9A0vG485Uqn9AB5wXhvuv-","Mitoo","@Blackbeards Brother you are have no human values at all. I am losing my time in trying to open an ignorant, blind and racist person. Your arguement depics all that is you not as a person but as a slaver's supporter. Shame on you.","0","","2020-06-21 21:35:21","false",""
"UgwuBhtxcV2hjuCTuvB4AaABAg.9A0vG485Uqn9ABFYWABTU-","Mitoo","@Blackbeards Brother you idiot. These offended are still being offended because of their colour. People like you with your mentality create these actions. And like always, trying to be a very closed open minded person just to open your mouth and to let a stupid comment out of it just because you had to open your mouth! 

You are the type of person who is '' what is a potato? Your answer🤔ohhh...A potato is fish and chips on a plate '' but you would not care to know where potato come from or how it was introduced in your thick and greasy plate, or what is the difference between a real potato and a ready made chips.. The most important for you is to eat, and as long as your belly is full, you are ok with it. Doesn't matter if your wife or children even ate during the day..or never even ask if they have eaten or not and if they are fine or not, or happy or not..doesnt matter at all for concern at all but idiotic comments..

That's you.

Now go and look at yourself in the mirror. That's how ignorant and stupid you are..

By the way..nobody really knows exacly where potato is originated from..some say it is from Peru or something like this..

So now you know something to teach your children so that they finally know what a potato is and what it means..and who are the people who cultivate it and their values..

You idiot..grow up...","0","","2020-06-21 22:59:19","false",""
"UgyHG2oy2EDpyeKWgjx4AaABAg","Vexing","It's not like we need  the paint to remind us what a bunch of morons did...we have media for that.","40","10","2020-06-17 22:41:12","true",""
"UgyHG2oy2EDpyeKWgjx4AaABAg.9A0vIKEGDSF9A0xNhRt_rG","Rikke's Kitchen","its not like we need Animals we have Images of them","0","","2020-06-17 22:59:25","false",""
"UgyHG2oy2EDpyeKWgjx4AaABAg.9A0vIKEGDSF9A0xpK3l8GF","D G-W","Oh suddenly statues aren't history now? Can't have it both ways lol","1","","2020-06-17 23:03:19","false",""
"UgyHG2oy2EDpyeKWgjx4AaABAg.9A0vIKEGDSF9A2CnRlViZv","Tom Owen","It’s not like we need a statue to remind us what a bunch of slave trading racists did... we have idiots like you for that.","8","","2020-06-18 10:42:07","false",""
"UgyHG2oy2EDpyeKWgjx4AaABAg.9A0vIKEGDSF9A2TS1WSfAp","Josh Roady","you should be lobotomised with such stupid view as to support statues of slave traders","1","","2020-06-18 13:07:36","false",""
"UgyHG2oy2EDpyeKWgjx4AaABAg.9A0vIKEGDSF9A2TdHYXJ3x","Jan Spirit","@Vexing We also have youtube comments like yours...","1","","2020-06-18 13:09:17","false",""
"UgyHG2oy2EDpyeKWgjx4AaABAg.9A0vIKEGDSF9A2VzBGsgkV","Vexing","@Jan Spirit  salty.","0","","2020-06-18 13:29:45","false",""
"UgyHG2oy2EDpyeKWgjx4AaABAg.9A0vIKEGDSF9A2XVRepW1j","Jan Spirit","@Vexing ?","0","","2020-06-18 13:43:01","false",""
"UgyHG2oy2EDpyeKWgjx4AaABAg.9A0vIKEGDSF9A2YchSSds0","Vexing","@Josh Roady I like how you're framing that, i support preserving history, you think ripping down a statue by a bunch of reprobates will change police brutality in America? Where does it stop ? shall we burn books, churches,  blow up the pyramids?","1","","2020-06-18 13:52:53","false",""
"UgyHG2oy2EDpyeKWgjx4AaABAg.9A0vIKEGDSF9AAkDtyps6X","Cheryl Johannsen","RACIST'S LIVES DON'T MATTER","0","","2020-06-21 18:16:53","false",""
"UgyHG2oy2EDpyeKWgjx4AaABAg.9A0vIKEGDSF9AAkNh4xCGq","Cheryl Johannsen","@Vexing Yes to churches!!!!!! They lobotomized the world","0","","2020-06-21 18:18:13","false",""
"UgyYchu-lzj0UTVftTZ4AaABAg","Phil Doherty","Destroyed by ignorance and weak officials. Retake our streets and restore order. Do not apologise for history and things you haven’t done.","34","12","2020-06-17 22:42:48","true",""
"UgyYchu-lzj0UTVftTZ4AaABAg.9A0vTzf6YPA9A0yEjZaGdW","Mitoo","So as far as I understood by your comment, you we should also just build the statue of osama bin laden in front of your house and glorify it, and you would just ignore it??? A slaver is not less than a terrorist..and they don't deserve to be glorified..

Think 100 times before you make a comment..I am also against vandalism and terror and so on but not against humanity and its values. Racism is preserve the public peace instead of ignorantly posting an ignorant post.","11","","2020-06-17 23:06:56","false",""
"UgyYchu-lzj0UTVftTZ4AaABAg.9A0vTzf6YPA9A0ynbAsPiR","Phil Doherty","Mitoo. 
I bow to your genius or would you rather I kneel?","1","","2020-06-17 23:11:50","false",""
"UgyYchu-lzj0UTVftTZ4AaABAg.9A0vTzf6YPA9A2UbZKRZiD","Avalon Azure","Ignorance was commemorating him","3","","2020-06-18 13:17:47","false",""
"UgyYchu-lzj0UTVftTZ4AaABAg.9A0vTzf6YPA9A2_5g3noh7","Clark Davison","@Mitoo Edward Colston - born in 1636 into one of the most prominent merchant families in Bristol, Colston was a renowned and respected philanthropist, giving immense sums to causes in and around Bristol.  Said to have been strongly motivated by the responsibility of wealthy people to support the less fortunate, Colston is attributed with founding almshouses in Bristol, donating money to Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital School, founding Colston’s Hospital as a boarding school for 100 boys, and funding other schools and churches.

The extent of his charity was immense, exceptional and nationally recognised. When his portrait was published in London a year after his death in 1721, the engraved description described him as “the brightest Example of Christian Liberality that this Age has produced both for the extensiveness of his Charities and for the prudent Regulation of them.” For two hundred years Colston was revered and repeatedly memorialised in Bristol.

n 1708 Edward Colston appointed the Society of Merchant Venturers to manage the Colston’s Hospital Foundation and since then, the Society has managed a number of other trusts. By far the largest is the St Monica Trust endowment fund, currently valued at over £250 million. The fund distributes over £500,000 each year to individuals, families and organisations across the region, helping to tackle issues that affect the lives of older people. Providing gifts and grants to individuals who have a physical disability or long-term physical health problems.

Colston's Hospital Trust trust supports the advancement of the education of young people under the age of 25 by the provision of maintenance and support of Colston's Collegiate School and Colston's Girls' School (Academy),the support of educational activities anywhere in the area of benefit and the provision of bursaries, scholarships,grants or other payments to young people in need of financial assistance to pursue their education. 

During Colston's time the slave trade was promoted and endorsed by the King and pursued by other European trading countries as a legitimate trade.  It was some 30 years AFTER Colston’s death before the abolition movement started and it was not until 1833 that the Abolition of Slavery Act officially banned slavery.  

King Charles II encouraged the expansion of the slave trade. He granted a charter to a group of men, the Royal Adventurers, who later became the Royal African Company (RAC). The king and the Duke of York backed this enterprise by investing private funds. The charter stated that the Company 'had the whole, entire and only trade for buying and selling bartering and exchanging of for or with any slaves, goods, wares, merchandise whatsoever'. The king therefore gave full support to this system of trading.

Why don't you tell the whole story instead of just part of it. Why not fight against modern slavery in all it's forms (that is happening right now) instead of trying to judge historical events by standards of today. Do you really think that the statue is there to immortalise his part in the slave trade?  Trying to equate this to building a statue of Osama Bin Laden is intellectually dishonest. Colston was not a ""slaver"" in the way you are trying to paint him. The company he joined provided mercantile transport for all manner of ""goods"" and services. 

All over Britain families benefited from the Atlantic slave trade. Bristol and Liverpool were the most important ports. Approximately 1.5 million enslaved people - about half those taken by the British from Africa - were carried in ships from Liverpool. London was also one of the main trading centres.

A number of Londoners were closely involved with the Atlantic slave trade for example, Ambrose Crowley, an iron merchant, produced manacles and irons for tethering slaves on ships. John Angerstein, a Blackheath merchant and founder of Lloyd's of London, owned estates in Grenada. The Pett family, master shipbuilders in Deptford, built many of the ships that were involved in the Atlantic trade. Woodlands from their estate (today's Petts Wood) provided timber for their shipbuilding business. 

History is much more nuanced than your simplistic response which has nothing to do with a desire to ""preserve the public peace"" and more to do with virtue signalling and silencing those with a different opinion. Racism is NOT terrorism, that is why the two words have different definitions in the dictionary. The progressive left try to change the meaning of words all the time and conflate concepts to push their narrative. Do your own thinking and research - stop being spoon fed your opinion by the mainstream media and common purpose cultural Marxists.","1","","2020-06-18 14:05:43","false",""
"UgyYchu-lzj0UTVftTZ4AaABAg.9A0vTzf6YPA9A2_j8h_948","Clark Davison","@Avalon Azure No, ignorance is focusing solely on his ancillary role in the slave trade as part of a mercantile shipping company and completely ignoring the real reason for Colston's national recognition at the time as “the brightest Example of Christian Liberality that this Age has produced both for the extensiveness of his Charities and for the prudent Regulation of them.” 

Do your own research or if that is too much effort simply read my much longer response above.","0","","2020-06-18 14:11:15","false",""
"UgyYchu-lzj0UTVftTZ4AaABAg.9A0vTzf6YPA9AAjkKBjYn9","Cheryl Johannsen","Dumb da dum dum...but you are a racist:)","1","","2020-06-21 18:12:43","false",""
"UgyYchu-lzj0UTVftTZ4AaABAg.9A0vTzf6YPA9AAjqSbSJnv","Cheryl Johannsen","@Phil Doherty kneeling would be best:) because you are a racist DREG.","0","","2020-06-21 18:13:33","false",""
"UgyYchu-lzj0UTVftTZ4AaABAg.9A0vTzf6YPA9AAjyoUhvr7","Cheryl Johannsen","@Clark Davison Ha ha ha....we don't need to read the history of disgusting slaver...You are a racist..","1","","2020-06-21 18:14:41","false",""
"UgyYchu-lzj0UTVftTZ4AaABAg.9A0vTzf6YPA9AAmyXnsYce","Phil Doherty","Cheryl Johannsen 
I can’t thank you enough for identifying my “racist” genetics I think I was in denial but thanks to your genius I’m enlightened.😜","0","","2020-06-21 18:40:52","false",""
"UgyYchu-lzj0UTVftTZ4AaABAg.9A0vTzf6YPA9AB-kEdiGdE","Mitoo","You should not get your knees dirty..and the knee killed George..depend how and where you want to kneel down! On the floor or on the neck of someone. In this case you are kneeling on the neck of the slaves.","0","","2020-06-21 20:41:15","false",""
"UgyYchu-lzj0UTVftTZ4AaABAg.9A0vTzf6YPA9AB0F7IBsMd","Phil Doherty","Mitoo 
Why?","0","","2020-06-21 20:45:36","false",""
"UgyYchu-lzj0UTVftTZ4AaABAg.9A0vTzf6YPA9ABkvflnZ-f","Phil Doherty","Mitoo 

What are you smoking? That’s total nonsense. 🤪","0","","2020-06-22 03:42:14","false",""
"Ugzw9joTgU6McdA0dYZ4AaABAg","Luke T","This is now a historical piece for our time. The graffiti and breaks are physical reminders of the events.","5","0","2020-06-17 22:44:03","true",""
"UgzJX7dMCwP8j_r1LNt4AaABAg","Paul Edmondson","Anyone who wilfully damages public property shoud be banished to a penal colony for life. The only way to deal with a generation of spoilt children.","26","5","2020-06-17 22:44:16","true",""
"UgzJX7dMCwP8j_r1LNt4AaABAg.9A0vdlfmtMv9A2VbzGXb0K","Avalon Azure","Pull down a statue, life in prison. Lol","2","","2020-06-18 13:26:35","false",""
"UgzJX7dMCwP8j_r1LNt4AaABAg.9A0vdlfmtMv9A2v70YYJ49","Max Larsen","call Stalin for back up.","1","","2020-06-18 17:18:08","false",""
"UgzJX7dMCwP8j_r1LNt4AaABAg.9A0vdlfmtMv9A3T_-UqVFg","Paul Edmondson","@Max Larsen They are on Stalins side","0","","2020-06-18 22:27:56","false",""
"UgzJX7dMCwP8j_r1LNt4AaABAg.9A0vdlfmtMv9AAj4ek5ySZ","Cheryl Johannsen","RACIST'S LIVES DON'T MATTER","0","","2020-06-21 18:06:53","false",""
"UgzJX7dMCwP8j_r1LNt4AaABAg.9A0vdlfmtMv9AAj9bLC7B0","Cheryl Johannsen","@Paul Edmondson Nope:) You are the fascist sweetie. RACIST LIVES DON'T MATTER","0","","2020-06-21 18:07:34","false",""
"UgxyGVeI2OJk6WR-9-B4AaABAg","Mal Preece","They’re seriously trying to preserve the graffiti? How ridiculous. Will they also try and preserve the urine on PC Palmer’s plaque in London by putting a coat of lacquer over it? After all, that’s “a part of the story of the object now”! Just clean it and put it back up you useless pathetic cretin! Stop tolerating mob rule you cowards!","8","1","2020-06-17 22:44:48","true",""
"UgxyGVeI2OJk6WR-9-B4AaABAg.9A0vhdcxsVv9AAnZ7w13ag","Cheryl Johannsen","Ha ha ha...","0","","2020-06-21 18:46:00","false",""
"UgwwHCf700IvLDJHGmt4AaABAg","Gavin James","Remove the graffiti.
Repair the broken parts.
Replace the missing parts.
Restore the statue to it's original state.
Return the statue to its plinth.
Ruin the day of the morons who vandalised the monument.","34","19","2020-06-17 22:46:53","true",""
"UgwwHCf700IvLDJHGmt4AaABAg.9A0vwyG0d0P9A0wgtJ3prc","Mal Preece","Gavin James Well said.","9","","2020-06-17 22:53:26","false",""
"UgwwHCf700IvLDJHGmt4AaABAg.9A0vwyG0d0P9A0xQ5B_mwV","Ben Smith","Indeed","5","","2020-06-17 22:59:44","false",""
"UgwwHCf700IvLDJHGmt4AaABAg.9A0vwyG0d0P9A0zU1n3_fi","Jonny G","Why can’t you respect it’s history? It was vandalised by protestors, that’s part of its history now- You can’t just delete parts of history you don’t like...","2","","2020-06-17 23:17:45","false",""
"UgwwHCf700IvLDJHGmt4AaABAg.9A0vwyG0d0P9A1-kbhoi8o","Gavin James","@Jonny G You have a very strange conception of 'respect'!","2","","2020-06-17 23:28:54","false",""
"UgwwHCf700IvLDJHGmt4AaABAg.9A0vwyG0d0P9A106k5Fwts","Mal Preece","Jonny G And if it was restored that would be a part of history too, right? Rather than glorifying mob rule by preserving their graffiti, anyone who cares about the rule of law should want this statue to be fully restored and returned to its original plinth. The argument that it’s just a part of our historical reality is nonsense.","5","","2020-06-17 23:32:03","false",""
"UgwwHCf700IvLDJHGmt4AaABAg.9A0vwyG0d0P9A11DWDiBu4","Gavin James","@Mal Preece Don't worry! Johnny G will understand one day. Perhaps when his phone screen cracks, when his nice shiny car or bicycle gets keyed, or when someone puts a brick through his bedroom window.
These are examples only, designed to make him think. You see, according to his 'reasoning', he MUST NOT repair or restore what has been broken or vandalised, because, you see, it's a part of that object's history, which must be respected","2","","2020-06-17 23:41:43","false",""
"UgwwHCf700IvLDJHGmt4AaABAg.9A0vwyG0d0P9A141tKn-U3","The Patriot","Idea, put the statue, paint and all in the museum, and build a new statue and place it where the old one stood,","2","","2020-06-18 00:06:20","false",""
"UgwwHCf700IvLDJHGmt4AaABAg.9A0vwyG0d0P9A14pdC-L25","The Patriot","This is more than a statue, it's a principle, a mob tore it down, there can be no excuses for what they did, what are they going to target after all the statues are down","5","","2020-06-18 00:13:16","false",""
"UgwwHCf700IvLDJHGmt4AaABAg.9A0vwyG0d0P9A1GN_m24Um","brochan11","@The Patriot crap idea.","0","","2020-06-18 01:54:10","false",""
"UgwwHCf700IvLDJHGmt4AaABAg.9A0vwyG0d0P9A1fYz_hmW1","Gavin James","@brochan11 Of course you're right. We should erect a statue of George Floyd pointing his gun at the belly of a pregnant woman, just like he did when he committed that aggrievated burglary, for which he received a five year prison term? Now wouldn't that be better!","1","","2020-06-18 05:42:55","false",""
"UgwwHCf700IvLDJHGmt4AaABAg.9A0vwyG0d0P9AAikQ4nRrS","Cheryl Johannsen","Ha ha ha... RACIST LIVES DON'T MATTER","0","","2020-06-21 18:03:59","false",""
"UgwwHCf700IvLDJHGmt4AaABAg.9A0vwyG0d0P9AAimE-uaAV","Cheryl Johannsen","@Mal Preece ha ha ha RACIST'S LIVES DON'T MATTER","0","","2020-06-21 18:04:14","false",""
"UgwwHCf700IvLDJHGmt4AaABAg.9A0vwyG0d0P9AAioo_vLVa","Cheryl Johannsen","@Jonny G Yes we can:) RACIST LIVES DON'T MATTER","0","","2020-06-21 18:04:35","false",""
"UgwwHCf700IvLDJHGmt4AaABAg.9A0vwyG0d0P9AAiur8mXiq","Cheryl Johannsen","@Gavin James Nope...never:) You are a racist and RACIST LIVES DON'T MATTER","0","","2020-06-21 18:05:25","false",""
"UgwwHCf700IvLDJHGmt4AaABAg.9A0vwyG0d0P9AAixuAyMDu","Cheryl Johannsen","@The Patriot It needs a KKK hood:)","0","","2020-06-21 18:05:50","false",""
"UgwwHCf700IvLDJHGmt4AaABAg.9A0vwyG0d0P9AAj1nG0Y68","Cheryl Johannsen","@Gavin James RACIST LIVES DON'T MATTER... sweetie Gabby...snowballs dripping down...","0","","2020-06-21 18:06:30","false",""
"UgwwHCf700IvLDJHGmt4AaABAg.9A0vwyG0d0P9AAkd0B_lJQ","Gavin James","@Cheryl Johannsen Perhaps you could tell that to my Malawian fiance - bigot!
You have no argument - all you have are slogans.","1","","2020-06-21 18:20:27","false",""
"UgwwHCf700IvLDJHGmt4AaABAg.9A0vwyG0d0P9ABFmsateJl","The Patriot","Cheryl Johannsen are you for real you are the true definition of a racist, pointing the finger at other people is a classic sign of self loathing","0","","2020-06-21 23:01:25","false",""
"UgwwHCf700IvLDJHGmt4AaABAg.9A0vwyG0d0P9ABGeCM430J","Gavin James","@Cheryl Johannsen You have a disturbing lack of self awareness! A typical narcissist.","0","","2020-06-21 23:08:58","false",""
"UgxNBSQboopNti8m_LJ4AaABAg","Luke Garcia","Bristol is lost to the libtard chunts, the mayor and police force are a joke","1","0","2020-06-17 22:48:04","true",""
"Ugz09CfaBS6hGs57JBx4AaABAg","Aymen F","Yet again they will spend tax payer money to restore the statue of an evil .... What a shame","3","6","2020-06-17 22:49:26","true",""
"Ugz09CfaBS6hGs57JBx4AaABAg.9A0wEckAQna9A0xXHIbx5L","Ben Smith","Are you for real ?","0","","2020-06-17 23:00:43","false",""
"Ugz09CfaBS6hGs57JBx4AaABAg.9A0wEckAQna9A0y31QPsRK","DisobeyToday","Finally, my tax money well spent. Worth every penny.","1","","2020-06-17 23:05:20","false",""
"Ugz09CfaBS6hGs57JBx4AaABAg.9A0wEckAQna9A0zO7AHKib","Jonny G","We’ll just smash it up again 🤷‍♂️","0","","2020-06-17 23:16:57","false",""
"Ugz09CfaBS6hGs57JBx4AaABAg.9A0wEckAQna9A2aHzsNRX0","Gary Chance","@Jonny G Provide your real details pal, lets see how brave you are without primitive mobs. I truly hope you come to some serious harm.","2","","2020-06-18 14:16:08","false",""
"Ugz09CfaBS6hGs57JBx4AaABAg.9A0wEckAQna9A2bwS6V7YU","Robert Fullard","@Gary Chance Agreed. Brave behind a screen or a mask. I dare him to go do it in full public view.","1","","2020-06-18 14:30:32","false",""
"Ugz09CfaBS6hGs57JBx4AaABAg.9A0wEckAQna9A2yBgvkgmv","Max Larsen","DisobeyToday rofl!","0","","2020-06-18 17:45:00","false",""
"UgzZ7FY5TIWcEx0lowJ4AaABAg","khawar hussain","Overthrowing the statue of Saddam Hussein was seen as an achievement of end the horrid past

Now they pull it out of the water to remind them of the opposite","3","0","2020-06-17 22:50:24","true",""
"Ugy7gl7IbLH9zRZ4UoJ4AaABAg","Foot Soldier","Who's paying for the restoration?","7","15","2020-06-17 22:57:48","true",""
"Ugy7gl7IbLH9zRZ4UoJ4AaABAg.9A0xBuNiaqk9A0xpz7fK4t","DisobeyToday","I donated to a GoFundMe page within 3 hours of seeing that statue hit the water","4","","2020-06-17 23:03:25","false",""
"Ugy7gl7IbLH9zRZ4UoJ4AaABAg.9A0xBuNiaqk9A0zI_o3mIi","Jonny G","Tax payers as usual paying for elitist ornaments that remind us to know our place. Can’t wait to pull it down again.","6","","2020-06-17 23:16:11","false",""
"Ugy7gl7IbLH9zRZ4UoJ4AaABAg.9A0xBuNiaqk9A1BqYXy9Xm","Charlotte Thompson","Tax payer","2","","2020-06-18 01:14:34","false",""
"Ugy7gl7IbLH9zRZ4UoJ4AaABAg.9A0xBuNiaqk9A1Bv7w3zsJ","Charlotte Thompson","@DisobeyToday why would you pay for the restoration","1","","2020-06-18 01:15:11","false",""
"Ugy7gl7IbLH9zRZ4UoJ4AaABAg.9A0xBuNiaqk9A1omg3hsO8","DisobeyToday","@Charlotte Thompson Because white Europeans are under attack. Colston was white European.","2","","2020-06-18 07:03:33","false",""
"Ugy7gl7IbLH9zRZ4UoJ4AaABAg.9A0xBuNiaqk9A26SQQjcMx","Benjamin Clark","We all are and there will be no minimum wage brush stroking going on neither. They will have had to exaggerate what is required. Some quack with family ties to someone in power will have been specially flown in as though the world depends on it with his suitcase of snake oil. Work will have commenced and will go to at least treble the initial quote due to stronger snake oil being required. Someone else related to those in power who run the local catering racket will get wind of the nearing completion and thus lobby council to have grand revealing fair to bolster the flagging income of the past few months thus swelling the coffers of the family legacy ensuring young Rory can get his foot in Oxbridge and into local office.","1","","2020-06-18 09:46:41","false",""
"Ugy7gl7IbLH9zRZ4UoJ4AaABAg.9A0xBuNiaqk9A2EQCJDQDu","Charlotte Thompson","@DisobeyToday you do realise this man is a slave keeper?","3","","2020-06-18 10:56:17","false",""
"Ugy7gl7IbLH9zRZ4UoJ4AaABAg.9A0xBuNiaqk9A2SqqFgpg2","Josh Roady","@DisobeyToday no just you racist bastards under attack I'm white I don't see anyone attacking me don't know why your think you are maybe your just scared white people are losing their advantages they have over minorities","2","","2020-06-18 13:02:23","false",""
"Ugy7gl7IbLH9zRZ4UoJ4AaABAg.9A0xBuNiaqk9A2TMPqg3Jb","Martin Howe","@Jonny G Jonny is paying!","0","","2020-06-18 13:06:50","false",""
"Ugy7gl7IbLH9zRZ4UoJ4AaABAg.9A0xBuNiaqk9A2URZMiUIi","TheBurrellw","@Benjamin Clark you've just blown my mind.","0","","2020-06-18 13:16:17","false",""
"Ugy7gl7IbLH9zRZ4UoJ4AaABAg.9A0xBuNiaqk9A2mfbr7eRD","Floopy Doopey","@Charlotte Thompson More slavery going on in the world now than there ever has been, but nope, lets look back 200 years, that will sort out the BIGGER SLAVE trade in todays world haha
The elites love you guys.","1","","2020-06-18 16:04:21","false",""
"Ugy7gl7IbLH9zRZ4UoJ4AaABAg.9A0xBuNiaqk9A2r3yzQTmr","Charlotte Thompson","@Floopy Doopey I don't understand your comment, I just don't understand how people can't be equally important instead of one race thinking they are better than the rest. I'm white and I'm fighting for equality","0","","2020-06-18 16:42:46","false",""
"Ugy7gl7IbLH9zRZ4UoJ4AaABAg.9A0xBuNiaqk9A2tpAH6R1V","Floopy Doopey","@Charlotte Thompson Ok, I will try to explain. 

The amount of people in slavery today is a far far bigger problem than it was 200 years ago :(

More people than ever before are in slavery right now, yet those in power who control your thoughts have decided that right now you need to be angry at some white people from 200 years ago who had some slaves too, like all kinds of people, all over the world, throughout the ages :)

Wish the barbary trade got more attention, but again, YOU are not supposed to be thinking about that.

The narrative is very clear.

I dont care what colour you are, its irrelevant :)","1","","2020-06-18 17:06:50","false",""
"Ugy7gl7IbLH9zRZ4UoJ4AaABAg.9A0xBuNiaqk9A39RSKZ_dq","Max Larsen","you are, we will deduct it from your universal credit.","0","","2020-06-18 19:32:00","false",""
"Ugy7gl7IbLH9zRZ4UoJ4AaABAg.9A0xBuNiaqk9A3JCNt7GTv","Charlotte Thompson","@Max Larsen how did you know I was on universal credit. Ya lil minx","0","","2020-06-18 20:57:20","false",""
"Ugzw9OfhgRl2hztfwsR4AaABAg","Ben Smith","Disgusting people who did this . Need locking up or deporting . I prefer deporting the middle of the Atlantic ocean","8","9","2020-06-17 22:58:05","true",""
"Ugzw9OfhgRl2hztfwsR4AaABAg.9A0xDwnqjkH9A0zBAItEzz","Jonny G","Respect your history, the statue vandalism is now part of it","0","","2020-06-17 23:15:11","false",""
"Ugzw9OfhgRl2hztfwsR4AaABAg.9A0xDwnqjkH9A11inv8KlR","Jose Miguel Lillo","Ben Smith disgusting comment Ben, check on yourself you can do better","1","","2020-06-17 23:46:07","false",""
"Ugzw9OfhgRl2hztfwsR4AaABAg.9A0xDwnqjkH9A13-IyduIx","Martel Dibiase","what happened","0","","2020-06-17 23:57:15","false",""
"Ugzw9OfhgRl2hztfwsR4AaABAg.9A0xDwnqjkH9A2yPojLL4D","Max Larsen","too far","0","","2020-06-18 17:46:55","false",""
"Ugzw9OfhgRl2hztfwsR4AaABAg.9A0xDwnqjkH9AAOSA9gVAg","Ben Smith","@Jonny G its yours as well you idiot haha","0","","2020-06-21 14:57:51","false",""
"Ugzw9OfhgRl2hztfwsR4AaABAg.9A0xDwnqjkH9AAOYhgEgv9","Ben Smith","@Jose Miguel Lillo you sound like oprah and Michelle obama .. I dont need a moral lesson online from a randomer thanks","0","","2020-06-21 14:58:45","false",""
"Ugzw9OfhgRl2hztfwsR4AaABAg.9A0xDwnqjkH9AAOdeAbEHM","Ben Smith","@Max Larsen again leave your moral compass at home pal . I don't know you and you don't know me so leave the virtue signalling out too","0","","2020-06-21 14:59:34","false",""
"Ugzw9OfhgRl2hztfwsR4AaABAg.9A0xDwnqjkH9AATUmgeZx6","Max Larsen","Ben Smith be quiet please yer ginger pubes yer.","0","","2020-06-21 15:41:54","false",""
"Ugzw9OfhgRl2hztfwsR4AaABAg.9A0xDwnqjkH9AAtQoqRpGb","Ben Smith","@Max Larsen I'm blonde with blue eyes . But I suppose that's a shade of ginger so you got me ....","0","","2020-06-21 19:37:17","false",""
"UgxSYw6ZfAUtG-oPEap4AaABAg","Flying Frog","Colston was ripped down by a mob, spray-painted and vandalised. That's a part of our history. Far be it from us to erase our history. Put this scumbag up in a museum, spray paint and all.","14","0","2020-06-17 22:58:20","true",""
"UgysTRSN6QEnVje1ljt4AaABAg","Seal 47","lol imagine that being your job lmao get a real one","1","1","2020-06-17 23:01:34","true",""
"UgysTRSN6QEnVje1ljt4AaABAg.9A0xcRZEtpj9A0yFLvtR0V","DisobeyToday","""Welcome to Costco. I love you.""","0","","2020-06-17 23:07:01","false",""
"Ugzvhyv7lvsGLn_w8r14AaABAg","Grand Miser The 3rd","Have they arrested all the Marxists yet !!!","2","7","2020-06-17 23:04:44","true",""
"Ugzvhyv7lvsGLn_w8r14AaABAg.9A0xzcC2Cw-9A0z54_iIgS","Jonny G","Hitler did in 1939","0","","2020-06-17 23:14:21","false",""
"Ugzvhyv7lvsGLn_w8r14AaABAg.9A0xzcC2Cw-9AAnD_DX3bT","Cheryl Johannsen","Have you been arrested for your Fascism:)","0","","2020-06-21 18:43:03","false",""
"Ugzvhyv7lvsGLn_w8r14AaABAg.9A0xzcC2Cw-9AAnbBlu9K-","Grand Miser The 3rd","@Cheryl Johannsen","0","","2020-06-21 18:46:25","false",""
"Ugzvhyv7lvsGLn_w8r14AaABAg.9A0xzcC2Cw-9AAnmogPqpL","Grand Miser The 3rd","@Cheryl Johannsen","0","","2020-06-21 18:48:00","false",""
"Ugzvhyv7lvsGLn_w8r14AaABAg.9A0xzcC2Cw-9AAqp77gVW9","Grand Miser The 3rd","@Cheryl Johannsen","0","","2020-06-21 19:14:32","false",""
"Ugzvhyv7lvsGLn_w8r14AaABAg.9A0xzcC2Cw-9AAr0MKWwci","Grand Miser The 3rd","@Cheryl Johannsen","0","","2020-06-21 19:16:12","false",""
"Ugzvhyv7lvsGLn_w8r14AaABAg.9A0xzcC2Cw-9AB0r9juxzl","Grand Miser The 3rd","@Cheryl Johannsen","0","","2020-06-21 20:50:56","false",""
"Ugw-6LL-YEXd6Bp6kPN4AaABAg","brochan11","He can now be used to teach children about the evils of racism.","6","0","2020-06-17 23:08:48","true",""
"UgyuyFN47iMY0vHcmBV4AaABAg","daniel dunkley","So why not save it  for historical purposes but Why deprive him of the mud and paint that so perfectly epitomises his legacy","1","0","2020-06-17 23:10:39","true",""
"Ugxj5tlJy5uywC9ypux4AaABAg","Jonny G","Can’t wait to smash it up all again once she’s out all that hard work and wasted tax payer money into a pointless needless statue. She’s going to busy doing this for a while.","1","2","2020-06-17 23:13:48","true",""
"Ugxj5tlJy5uywC9ypux4AaABAg.9A0z12iwtWh9A2uGgYKQDr","Robert Fullard","Oh yeah because you're the billy big balls that smashed it up in the first place.","0","","2020-06-18 17:10:43","false",""
"Ugxj5tlJy5uywC9ypux4AaABAg.9A0z12iwtWh9A2w9t9BeDf","Grave Peril","well lets hope the police have grown a backbone by then so you can spend a few years in jail savouring your actions","1","","2020-06-18 17:27:16","false",""
"UgwgZ4Ni2Y39JLqT57J4AaABAg","TravelWell","It not he.","2","0","2020-06-17 23:16:21","true",""
"Ugx5-md_nAuvzGhR5qd4AaABAg","Misses Witch","Make them pay for the restorations.","11","3","2020-06-17 23:21:01","true",""
"Ugx5-md_nAuvzGhR5qd4AaABAg.9A0zqxkJlht9A2WW6TJf6T","Nixie N","who pay?","0","","2020-06-18 13:34:23","false",""
"Ugx5-md_nAuvzGhR5qd4AaABAg.9A0zqxkJlht9A2X7yZlYG9","bethany busby","What restoration?","0","","2020-06-18 13:39:49","false",""
"Ugx5-md_nAuvzGhR5qd4AaABAg.9A0zqxkJlht9A2h_ef_xH2","fat fat","@Nixie N the people that took it down.","0","","2020-06-18 15:19:51","false",""
"Ugxx1XnFgnBZkUA9ZZ94AaABAg","ExSapper Madman","Don't cover this type of history up, future generations need to know about it in order to not repeat it. I understand the anger but sweeping it under the carpet is not the best way forward.....Teaching and learning about the horrible cunts that sold human beings as commodities is what kids will understand, minus the swearing!......","1","6","2020-06-17 23:31:41","true",""
"Ugxx1XnFgnBZkUA9ZZ94AaABAg.9A1045M2-Tw9A2T8CUqoSH","jaxtraw","Every major civilisation had normalised slavery. Most everyone has ancestors who performed human sacrifice. Nobody in the past shared current values, and nobody in the future will either. The past is what it is.","4","","2020-06-18 13:04:54","false",""
"Ugxx1XnFgnBZkUA9ZZ94AaABAg.9A1045M2-Tw9A2XlM3NLcL","ExSapper Madman","@jaxtraw Yeap, but it still needs to be studied. Most people didn't know who this guy was and what he did until now.....","0","","2020-06-18 13:45:20","false",""
"Ugxx1XnFgnBZkUA9ZZ94AaABAg.9A1045M2-Tw9A2YgwjYJKn","jaxtraw","@ExSapper Madman True, but is he that interesting? Probably not. The statue is there because he was a beneficiary of the town, not because of his involvement in slavery.

There is a deliberate campaign to see the whole of history through a very narrow moral focus on slavery and colonialism (but only that practised by European nations, nobody gives two shits about e.g. Barbary pirates raiding the seas around Europe for slaves). It's the worst kind of history; history predicated not on a dispassionate discovery of the closest to truth we can get, but on making a moral point to achieve political power.","1","","2020-06-18 13:53:28","false",""
"Ugxx1XnFgnBZkUA9ZZ94AaABAg.9A1045M2-Tw9A2ZPawudSl","Libertarian Infidel","@ExSapper Madman It is studied. Only stupid people who choose not to study it or even do basic research would tear down a statue in the UK, the nation which ended widespread slavery, to make their point of enlightenment.

They should all be prosecuted.","0","","2020-06-18 13:59:42","false",""
"Ugxx1XnFgnBZkUA9ZZ94AaABAg.9A1045M2-Tw9A2ZVvC40F8","Gary Chance","Future generations of anti whites will not be present on this island mate. We will make sure of that.","1","","2020-06-18 14:00:34","false",""
"Ugxx1XnFgnBZkUA9ZZ94AaABAg.9A1045M2-Tw9A2_HkjfSGR","Libertarian Infidel","@Gary Chance They're already not, It's just a small minority. I'm not even white.","0","","2020-06-18 14:07:22","false",""
"UgzhsIqK7nTM_Jqa-D14AaABAg","4U 2NV","Big deal you twats.","0","0","2020-06-17 23:33:59","true",""
"UgzRfMIqWAitxN5Gpwx4AaABAg","J P","Let the statue rot!","5","0","2020-06-17 23:38:07","true",""
"UgxowyKGEtUcsDRdn0p4AaABAg","larry povey","The MSM is going batshit crazy over a statue of a man responsible for the deaths of thousands of people hundreds of years ago , meanwhile the policies of the present government ie the covid 19 scamdemic WILL be responsible  for hundreds of thousands of elderly patients deaths due to lack of medical treatment . WHEN IS THE MAIL GOING TO SPEAK ABOUT THAT ? .","14","5","2020-06-17 23:41:22","true",""
"UgxowyKGEtUcsDRdn0p4AaABAg.9A11AvmCu-M9A13gYfbVYh","Jonny G","larry povey too right mate!! 👏","0","","2020-06-18 00:03:17","false",""
"UgxowyKGEtUcsDRdn0p4AaABAg.9A11AvmCu-M9A2U4D99o_d","Nathan Gamble","the protests aren't exactly helping with the whole ""social distancing"" thing. It's not the government's fault people are stupid.","6","","2020-06-18 13:13:05","false",""
"UgxowyKGEtUcsDRdn0p4AaABAg.9A11AvmCu-M9A2V3G_1DUr","HoneyBadger","You do know the NHS was never overwhelmed throughout this entire ""pandemic"". That was made up by the MSM to perpetuate the lockdown so corporations could make billions","1","","2020-06-18 13:21:42","false",""
"UgxowyKGEtUcsDRdn0p4AaABAg.9A11AvmCu-M9A2Yuj8tNQf","Jack Archer","What are you taking about? The media has been overwhelmingly supportive of the statue removals. It’s you guys who are angry with inanimate objects of people from 200 years ago in the middle of a pandemic and an economic depression- stop projecting your own deficiencies onto other people.","0","","2020-06-18 13:55:21","false",""
"UgxowyKGEtUcsDRdn0p4AaABAg.9A11AvmCu-M9A2tC5SsDeh","Grave Peril","He did his best to keep them alive each death was lost profit","0","","2020-06-18 17:01:21","false",""
"UgzBn7NZSNJb9A0-pQ94AaABAg","Jonny G","Let’s build a statue of Boris so we can remember all the 30,000+ COVID19 deaths he directly let happen from a delayed lockdown so he could have a jolly with his mistress. Grandmothers and fathers sacrificed so he could sip mojitos in the sun.","11","7","2020-06-18 00:05:49","true",""
"UgzBn7NZSNJb9A0-pQ94AaABAg.9A13z5B_sK49A2SJHwRfEK","Ian Mclean","Or we could use logic and hold China responsible for the lies of the CCP which caused all the deaths and suffering in the first place.","13","","2020-06-18 12:57:40","false",""
"UgzBn7NZSNJb9A0-pQ94AaABAg.9A13z5B_sK49A2V1X374_m","Dog-Faced Pony Soldier","Cool story bro, tell me it again when I’m trying to get to sleep.","0","","2020-06-18 13:21:28","false",""
"UgzBn7NZSNJb9A0-pQ94AaABAg.9A13z5B_sK49A2h2PW1bVg","Ian Mclean","@Dog-Faced Pony Soldier  What's that? Lol","0","","2020-06-18 15:15:11","false",""
"UgzBn7NZSNJb9A0-pQ94AaABAg.9A13z5B_sK49A2j7686p_x","Dog-Faced Pony Soldier","Ian Mclean not you man, I was replying to the OP","0","","2020-06-18 15:33:18","false",""
"UgzBn7NZSNJb9A0-pQ94AaABAg.9A13z5B_sK49A38NLSM1Dj","Jonny G","Ian Mclean Britain hold China responsible???? Lmao. We have zero international clout anymore, leavers voted it away in 2016. Pay attention.","0","","2020-06-18 19:22:42","false",""
"UgzBn7NZSNJb9A0-pQ94AaABAg.9A13z5B_sK49A396L_1ITC","Ian Mclean","@Dog-Faced Pony Soldier  Oh ok I just didn't understand your comment is all lol.","0","","2020-06-18 19:29:07","false",""
"UgzBn7NZSNJb9A0-pQ94AaABAg.9A13z5B_sK49A39jdwfV6A","Ian Mclean","@Jonny G  No but the rest of the world does which China needs to do business with to sustain their economy. They need to be punished and it must be soon. And actually yes we do still have a huge amount of international power being one of the top 5 permanent U.N. Security council members and one of the top five nuclear and economic powers so go and sniff your Gaurdian reading farts elsewhere.","0","","2020-06-18 19:34:37","false",""
"UgzHn0UQwb_X0TLSjCt4AaABAg","cymaratechoverdragon","Find his coat tail and stick and fix it back on.","27","17","2020-06-18 04:57:40","true",""
"UgzHn0UQwb_X0TLSjCt4AaABAg.9A1aNa2ceFd9A2SWrIxpsd","Vinnie england","This statue should be returned to its original state, the terrorists who defaced and damaged it should be forced to pay","9","","2020-06-18 12:59:31","false",""
"UgzHn0UQwb_X0TLSjCt4AaABAg.9A1aNa2ceFd9A2T7nBnq61","Kyran O","@Vinnie england Terrorists?","5","","2020-06-18 13:04:50","false",""
"UgzHn0UQwb_X0TLSjCt4AaABAg.9A1aNa2ceFd9A2TLIxTBOy","Psycho Pat","@Vinnie england chill out vinnie","3","","2020-06-18 13:06:41","false",""
"UgzHn0UQwb_X0TLSjCt4AaABAg.9A1aNa2ceFd9A2TvrDYdw8","Coganada","@Vinnie england terrorists lol?","2","","2020-06-18 13:11:49","false",""
"UgzHn0UQwb_X0TLSjCt4AaABAg.9A1aNa2ceFd9A2VGB7GjO3","UKWEED","@Kyran O Isis also tear down statues, this is domestic terrorism","6","","2020-06-18 13:23:28","false",""
"UgzHn0UQwb_X0TLSjCt4AaABAg.9A1aNa2ceFd9A2Vwtol80R","ItzJayle","Vinnie Sabino yur defo a nazi and a fascism","2","","2020-06-18 13:29:26","false",""
"UgzHn0UQwb_X0TLSjCt4AaABAg.9A1aNa2ceFd9A2W9cts1Xm","Norbert smith","No it needs to not be reattached, it needs to be evidence of vandalism and the lack of  respect for heritage.","0","","2020-06-18 13:31:18","false",""
"UgzHn0UQwb_X0TLSjCt4AaABAg.9A1aNa2ceFd9A2WJKg-xka","Kyran O","@UKWEED ISIS also have 2 legs and 2 arms? Does that make me a terrorist","3","","2020-06-18 13:32:38","false",""
"UgzHn0UQwb_X0TLSjCt4AaABAg.9A1aNa2ceFd9A2XFnaf_bv","bethany busby","@Vinnie england terrorists? Right...","1","","2020-06-18 13:40:53","false",""
"UgzHn0UQwb_X0TLSjCt4AaABAg.9A1aNa2ceFd9A2Z07fIVQs","UKWEED","@Kyran O Normal people with 2 arms and 2 legs don't illegally tear down historic monuments, only terrorists. I doubt you are a terrorist.","2","","2020-06-18 13:56:13","false",""
"UgzHn0UQwb_X0TLSjCt4AaABAg.9A1aNa2ceFd9A2_Im8sVSN","Kyran O","@UKWEED Thanks man, I can rest easy now that I know I'm not a terrorist","2","","2020-06-18 14:07:30","false",""
"UgzHn0UQwb_X0TLSjCt4AaABAg.9A1aNa2ceFd9A2bJ2pKyb5","UKWEED","@Kyran O No problem :)","0","","2020-06-18 14:25:01","false",""
"UgzHn0UQwb_X0TLSjCt4AaABAg.9A1aNa2ceFd9AAh1FvTRJj","Cheryl Johannsen","LIZARD TAIL??? Ha ha ha","0","","2020-06-21 17:48:57","false",""
"UgzHn0UQwb_X0TLSjCt4AaABAg.9A1aNa2ceFd9AAh3w9yFub","Cheryl Johannsen","@Vinnie england Dumb da dum dum...funny racist:)","0","","2020-06-21 17:49:19","false",""
"UgzHn0UQwb_X0TLSjCt4AaABAg.9A1aNa2ceFd9AAhArDvtWr","Cheryl Johannsen","@UKWEED You forgot to tear down your Stalin and Hitler statues:(  Awwwwww","0","","2020-06-21 17:50:15","false",""
"UgzHn0UQwb_X0TLSjCt4AaABAg.9A1aNa2ceFd9AAhHnK2X0i","Cheryl Johannsen","@Norbert smith Ha ha ha Dumb da dum dum....You are a racist and RACIST LIVES DON'T MATTER sweetie.","0","","2020-06-21 17:51:12","false",""
"UgzHn0UQwb_X0TLSjCt4AaABAg.9A1aNa2ceFd9AAhLr6S5k-","Cheryl Johannsen","@UKWEED YOU ARE A RACIST:) RACIST LIVES DON'T MATTER","0","","2020-06-21 17:51:45","false",""
"UgzC7X1i9bzwLWQktcN4AaABAg","freebeerfordworkers","While Britain may have totally abolished slavery in 1834 it first passed laws to mitigate it in 1788. Then, in response to lobbying Parliament set limits to the number of slaves that could be carried on British ships depending on their size. This is of course discounted by modern commentators, but every major change has to start somewhere.
We will never know how many hundred men, women and children died in the coal pits of north-east England at the same time because inquests into deaths in mines were not held. Any other death in accidental or suspicious circumstances had to be investigated at an inquest, but mine owners claimed they were exempt. 
There was no regulation of coal mines in Britain until the Mines Act of 1842 and this was passed in the aftermath of a particular tragedy in 1838 when 26 children aged between eight and 16, were drowned in a single accident. As a result the first law was passed to regulate mining and ban children under 10 working underground. Like the 1788 act on the transport of slaves it was not a lot, but it was a start. So let’s look at the time line.
1788 act to regulate the transport of slaves in British ships.
1800. Mine owners in England ordered to hold inquests on deaths in mines for the first time.
1807 Slave trade abolished in Britain.
1837 slavery abolished within the British Empire 
1842 first mines act to ban children being employed underground
Point? British Parliament passed laws to mitigate slavery 50 years before they passed the first law to regulate mining and stop British children under 10 working underground.  Deaths in mines were not recorded in the north-east of England until about the time slavery was abolished.
Fun fact William Wilberforce generally credited with leading the successful campaign to abolish slavery was able to do so on his income from coalmines. That the antislavery campaign was funded by the lives, blood and sweat of British men, women and children seems to have no consequence. 
Capitalism is race and colour blind.
Anyone for pulling down Wilberforce's statue?","30","30","2020-06-18 08:37:48","true",""
"UgzC7X1i9bzwLWQktcN4AaABAg.9A1zZrMjQXu9A2YjHWJjBE","Jack Archer","Judge history by modern standards and guess what, you won’t find many pro trans, gay, non binary, anti racist, anti imperialist  activists. Who would have guessed? You will probably have views considered regressive by 2100 people- erasing the history of people like you probably would be in the public interest though- so I am conflicted now.","5","","2020-06-18 13:53:47","false",""
"UgzC7X1i9bzwLWQktcN4AaABAg.9A1zZrMjQXu9A2cJMD0cKl","wildcard1288","Too many people look at the world though a modern lense, thier view on the past is scewed.","7","","2020-06-18 14:33:48","false",""
"UgzC7X1i9bzwLWQktcN4AaABAg.9A1zZrMjQXu9A2pomqTkQH","Westy","I like this comment, point well made","4","","2020-06-18 16:31:49","false",""
"UgzC7X1i9bzwLWQktcN4AaABAg.9A1zZrMjQXu9A2uLPGOjHw","Ross Brown","Stop talking sense, you'll get idiots telling you, you're wrong and a racist.","5","","2020-06-18 17:11:22","false",""
"UgzC7X1i9bzwLWQktcN4AaABAg.9A1zZrMjQXu9A32JYQJjRd","Euan McCann","This argument is a complete straw man. No one is suggesting that poor working miners had it easy. In fact, no one even asked. What we are arguing, however, is against the mass transportation, forced labour and sale of human beings because of the colour of their skin (something miners did not face). And, furthermore, the celebration of said persons responsible for this trade. ""Capitalism is race and colour blind"" possibly one the most stupid comments I've seen. White supremacy has been created ground up hand in hand with these institutions. Take a look at studies linking SES with race (If you don't know what that is, it probably isn't worth your time rebutting me)","2","","2020-06-18 18:29:45","false",""
"UgzC7X1i9bzwLWQktcN4AaABAg.9A1zZrMjQXu9A3Qi7U1eJh","The SNES Man","You should keep in mind the standards and views of the past. If you judged everybody throughout history by modern standards the majority of them would be considered monsters. 

While we have changed as a society we should remember all of our history","2","","2020-06-18 22:02:58","false",""
"UgzC7X1i9bzwLWQktcN4AaABAg.9A1zZrMjQXu9A3vnYccqEV","Andrew Fishburn","@Euan McCann 
Only certain people were traded as slaves from Africa and the people who sold them were the same colour but not the same people. Slavery is alive and well in the world today, maybe we should focus on that instead of the past.","3","","2020-06-19 02:43:19","false",""
"UgzC7X1i9bzwLWQktcN4AaABAg.9A1zZrMjQXu9A4KIsWQSbn","The old Professor","Andrew Fishburn - unfortunately plebs like this don’t get that there are other forms of slavery, other than African slave trade.","2","","2020-06-19 06:26:12","false",""
"UgzC7X1i9bzwLWQktcN4AaABAg.9A1zZrMjQXu9A5LaI9f76Y","Euan McCann","@Andrew Fishburn Easily said when your ancestors weren't sold like cattle. Further to your point, tribal leaders sold prisoners of wars as slaves. Regardless, if the white financers and plantation owners weren't buying them there would be no trade.","0","","2020-06-19 15:56:41","false",""
"UgzC7X1i9bzwLWQktcN4AaABAg.9A1zZrMjQXu9A5LsVwi6tZ","Euan McCann","@The old Professor Actually I'm fully aware of this. Take a look at the current situation in Saudi Arabia.","0","","2020-06-19 15:59:10","false",""
"UgzC7X1i9bzwLWQktcN4AaABAg.9A1zZrMjQXu9A6QTLZcj1r","Andrew Fishburn","@Euan McCann 
Appealing to emotion is not a valid argument. Slaves were sold this way (and still are) long before any ""white"" people got involved. I'm going to need to see a source on your claim that the financers where ""white"".","1","","2020-06-20 01:58:32","false",""
"UgzC7X1i9bzwLWQktcN4AaABAg.9A1zZrMjQXu9A6ZNF00xhG","freebeerfordworkers","@Euan McCann ""Regardless, if the white financers and plantation owners weren't buying them there would be no trade.
""","1","","2020-06-20 03:16:20","false",""
"UgzC7X1i9bzwLWQktcN4AaABAg.9A1zZrMjQXu9A8FUAqL8Ts","Euan McCann","@freebeerfordworkers Again I didn't ask for an explanation into Islamic and Arabian states role in the slave trade. Pointing the finger at others responsible for the same thing does not diminish our cultures own role.","1","","2020-06-20 19:01:00","false",""
"UgzC7X1i9bzwLWQktcN4AaABAg.9A1zZrMjQXu9A8yykywpGH","Andrew Fishburn","@Euan McCann 
Others dealing in slaves is definitely a part of this conversation and you cannot just cherry pick one tiny fraction whilst ignoring the rest. Today ""white"" people are blamed like they invented slavery and were the main people behind it. This is not only grossly inaccurate, misleading and false but it conflates the issue to a whole race instead of the main people behind it. Shielding them from legitimate criticism. You talk about finger pointing, but totally ignore that that is what is going on, everyone is pointing the finger at others whilst ignoring the role they played in the trade.","0","","2020-06-21 01:47:16","false",""
"UgzC7X1i9bzwLWQktcN4AaABAg.9A1zZrMjQXu9A9rz8lij1x","freebeerfordworkers","@Euan McCann I wasn't giving one I was pointing out that because Islamic slavery predated them post dated the Atlantic slave trade your assertion that 
""Regardless, if the white financers and plantation owners weren't buying them there would be no trade.
was ridiculous.","1","","2020-06-21 10:05:24","false",""
"UgzC7X1i9bzwLWQktcN4AaABAg.9A1zZrMjQXu9AAfxr9qJsW","Cheryl Johannsen","@wildcard1288 Dumb da dum dum","1","","2020-06-21 17:39:36","false",""
"UgzC7X1i9bzwLWQktcN4AaABAg.9A1zZrMjQXu9AAg0EKTM2A","Cheryl Johannsen","@Ross Brown You're wrong and racist. How did you know:)","1","","2020-06-21 17:40:04","false",""
"UgzC7X1i9bzwLWQktcN4AaABAg.9A1zZrMjQXu9AAg5kMPQ0F","Cheryl Johannsen","@Andrew Fishburn Poor liddle Racist:) Snowballs dripping?","1","","2020-06-21 17:40:49","false",""
"UgzC7X1i9bzwLWQktcN4AaABAg.9A1zZrMjQXu9AAgF8XL6tz","Cheryl Johannsen","@Andrew Fishburn Dumb da dum dum...racist...","1","","2020-06-21 17:42:06","false",""
"UgzC7X1i9bzwLWQktcN4AaABAg.9A1zZrMjQXu9AAgJnFDg4A","Cheryl Johannsen","@Andrew Fishburn Dumb da dum dum.... irrelevant.","1","","2020-06-21 17:42:44","false",""
"UgzC7X1i9bzwLWQktcN4AaABAg.9A1zZrMjQXu9AAgLvSMHOB","Cheryl Johannsen","@freebeerfordworkers Dumb da dum dum","1","","2020-06-21 17:43:02","false",""
"UgzC7X1i9bzwLWQktcN4AaABAg.9A1zZrMjQXu9AAi9A347hu","Euan McCann","@freebeerfordworkers I would be correct in saying that there would be no transatlantic slave trade triangle formed with Europe and their plantations owned in the Americas. The Arabian slave trade took place across northern and eastern Africa whereas the transatlantic mainly enslaved those of central and west Africa. Your argument is still flawed on the basis that not all Africans are the same and their ancestor's enslavement is not all the same. You've gone too deep over protecting a statue check your priorities. Don't let me keep you though I'm sure there's gonna be hundreds of more statues to come down too!","0","","2020-06-21 17:58:46","false",""
"UgzC7X1i9bzwLWQktcN4AaABAg.9A1zZrMjQXu9AAiG-I0IZr","Euan McCann","@Cheryl Johannsen You're amazing x","0","","2020-06-21 17:59:42","false",""
"UgzC7X1i9bzwLWQktcN4AaABAg.9A1zZrMjQXu9AAimCkjylC","Euan McCann","@Andrew Fishburn Firstly, this was rather incoherent and I struggled to extract your message. Secondly, the possible point I inferred was ""look others are racist, stop blaming whites for their ancestors past""? Unsure of how this is relevant and your final sentence was quite literally illiterate. Whites are walking alongside these protests today. Stop being so scared. Come out of your racist shell <3","0","","2020-06-21 18:04:14","false",""
"UgzC7X1i9bzwLWQktcN4AaABAg.9A1zZrMjQXu9AAnkt_-Sim","Andrew Fishburn","@Euan McCann 
You don't understand and cannot dispute what I've said so resort to ad hominem attacks.","0","","2020-06-21 18:47:44","false",""
"UgzC7X1i9bzwLWQktcN4AaABAg.9A1zZrMjQXu9AApOzzW0MH","freebeerfordworkers","@Euan McCann Of course it clear from your answers to every other post that you are always right,","0","","2020-06-21 19:02:05","false",""
"UgzC7X1i9bzwLWQktcN4AaABAg.9A1zZrMjQXu9AAsdFB2Ioh","Euan McCann","@freebeerfordworkers Its just a statue of a racist.","0","","2020-06-21 19:30:23","false",""
"UgzC7X1i9bzwLWQktcN4AaABAg.9A1zZrMjQXu9AAtb4qldFo","Ross Brown","@Cheryl Johannsen Tell me, what am I wrong about?  While you're at it, tell me how I am a racist?  Or is this just your basic retort to an argument?  If no-one agrees with your point of view, are they automatically deemed a racist?","1","","2020-06-21 19:38:50","false",""
"UgzC7X1i9bzwLWQktcN4AaABAg.9A1zZrMjQXu9AB_Cx5hg_x","Andrew Fishburn","@Ross Brown 
Yup, every comment on that account is just trolling people calling them waycist. Just ignore them.","1","","2020-06-22 01:59:53","false",""
"UgzC7X1i9bzwLWQktcN4AaABAg.9A1zZrMjQXu9AGQ8JX9bYP","CJ","@Euan McCann So you are suggesting that if White people didn't finance the slave trade then the slave trade wouldn't have happened???? Complete rubbish!!!! Learn some accurate, reliable history on the slave trade in the last 1000 years before making totally uneducated stupid statements!","0","","2020-06-23 23:08:04","false",""
"UgwZAYQVRMwD6d3r_cZ4AaABAg","Defund the BBC","The half of these terrorist will be driving german cars, germans used slaves in living memory","4","1","2020-06-18 09:28:12","true",""
"UgwZAYQVRMwD6d3r_cZ4AaABAg.9A24L4DVR5J9AGMUbUAu9Z","Ben Tate","Are you trying to suggest that the British haven't used slaves in living memory? Our labour camps around the same time were no better than Adolf's concentration camps. They had a 95% death rate ffs.","0","","2020-06-23 22:36:09","false",""
"Ugzv5Sggx3c4oLJ-t4x4AaABAg","David Griffin","Isn’t rouge on a man offensive to someone? Come on!","1","0","2020-06-18 11:56:04","true",""
"Ugy3e8sHuTthsEMLdWd4AaABAg","Bri Goose","Needs putting back ASAP and the criminal students need fining and jailing","8","0","2020-06-18 12:59:18","true",""
"UgyPYLWK692JmmXto594AaABAg","Quarantined Boy","boooooooooooo","1","0","2020-06-18 13:00:38","true",""
"UgxvrZEbgNXvznXwmwh4AaABAg","Shaun Yates","They should put the statue back... in the canal.","9","5","2020-06-18 13:01:01","true",""
"UgxvrZEbgNXvznXwmwh4AaABAg.9A2SgmJJ3d69A2_27wX2So","Gary Chance","You slap head. How about we put you in the canal?","3","","2020-06-18 14:05:14","false",""
"UgxvrZEbgNXvznXwmwh4AaABAg.9A2SgmJJ3d69A2fPbdKGQR","Shaun Yates","@Gary Chance How did you know I'm bald?","1","","2020-06-18 15:00:52","false",""
"UgxvrZEbgNXvznXwmwh4AaABAg.9A2SgmJJ3d69A2xzZi1nfG","Max Larsen","eels lives matter!","1","","2020-06-18 17:43:12","false",""
"UgxvrZEbgNXvznXwmwh4AaABAg.9A2SgmJJ3d69A309Qd27QO","Shaun Yates","@Max Larsen are you making fun of us English people because we still eat Eel pie?","0","","2020-06-18 18:10:54","false",""
"UgxvrZEbgNXvznXwmwh4AaABAg.9A2SgmJJ3d69A30jmIsv_q","Max Larsen","Shaun Yates wtf are u on about....its a joke/troll....","0","","2020-06-18 18:16:00","false",""
"Ugwshf_7AOYzzmWha254AaABAg","jaxtraw","We are experiencing Cambodia's Year Zero in slow motion.","11","3","2020-06-18 13:01:26","true",""
"Ugwshf_7AOYzzmWha254AaABAg.9A2Sjosxt-x9A2UPivobUK","Josh Stead","No we're not you dramatic loser. We're watching a rejection of the celebration of slavery and colonialism. Your over the top whining is going to look very stupid in the years to come. Not that you'll ever admit it.","0","","2020-06-18 13:16:02","false",""
"Ugwshf_7AOYzzmWha254AaABAg.9A2Sjosxt-x9A2Ut7lGg0n","Appie Hartman","Let that people pay!    Also here in Holland ...there going crazy.","0","","2020-06-18 13:20:11","false",""
"Ugwshf_7AOYzzmWha254AaABAg.9A2Sjosxt-x9A2Vl9OKJp7","jaxtraw","@Josh Stead Spoken like a true believer. They are determined to erase all of the past, because everything is  by definition connected to colonialism and slavery, whether directly or indirectly. It's a cultural revolution, which is unsurprising since the analysis and method are Marxist in origin.
It's very telling that you use the language of triumphalism in your opening sentence. Being a loser does not make a person wrong, merely beaten. And as the Nazis and Communists demonstrated so well in the last century, the winners are often the arseholes.
Enjoy being one of the glassy eyed twats saluting yet another dramatic symbol on a flag, Josh. History repeating, and all that.","2","","2020-06-18 13:27:50","false",""
"UgwPKwVwYcA48W_vbHh4AaABAg","Gaming Kami","Sure keep the paint on to remind us how stupid this blm movement has been.","1","0","2020-06-18 13:01:45","true",""
"UgyxRl_Ih1kLYYCwKmd4AaABAg","ian carter","make it into art, well played.","15","0","2020-06-18 13:03:05","true",""
"UgwCtEpaF12rGezFzwx4AaABAg","Alan7997","“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

― George Orwell","11","1","2020-06-18 13:03:27","true",""
"UgwCtEpaF12rGezFzwx4AaABAg.9A2SyaFPnCS9A2WgHY2w2o","Zara Samuels","Could not agree more. This status (like many others) was never put up in the persons life but rather well 100 years later in attempt to subvert the past and pretty to make seem less awful. I'm sure as fell Orwell fan you understand it removal.","1","","2020-06-18 13:35:54","false",""
"Ugz1RLYMJsWTc8B8RPp4AaABAg","evie","the people in these comments are idiots. the staue shouldve been taken down years ago. he was a slave trador what happened to the statue was well deserved. it shouldnt go back up it should be replaced by chris from skins","7","1","2020-06-18 13:03:37","true",""
"Ugz1RLYMJsWTc8B8RPp4AaABAg.9A2SzqUrJOT9A2morSKcl7","Robert Fullard","Its not about if it should have been taken down or not. The problem is it was an act of vandalism by an extreme minority that took it down. I do think that it shouldn't have been allowed to stand for so long but that doesn't give me or anyone the right to subvert democratic process and decide to destroy public property.","1","","2020-06-18 16:05:37","false",""
"UgyFg8Q6Hd42g6CoPIF4AaABAg","Donald Trump","Did they let her out the loony bin just so she can do this interview, she taking like a surgeon or doctor would about a patient on life support machine. 🙈","3","0","2020-06-18 13:05:13","true",""
"UgwYSco77gNz9vAUX4p4AaABAg","Stephen Curtis","I'm so glad that words, statues and street names don't offend or terrify me... I'd be jumping at my own shadow next!","2","2","2020-06-18 13:06:10","true",""
"UgwYSco77gNz9vAUX4p4AaABAg.9A2THRrM6t69A2TfS1qkEH","The Bjorn","what are you even talking about?","0","","2020-06-18 13:09:34","false",""
"UgwYSco77gNz9vAUX4p4AaABAg.9A2THRrM6t69A2aRIB0olp","Gary Chance","You just have that white privilege they are always going on about lol.","2","","2020-06-18 14:17:24","false",""
"UgwEiI2S-KgAy6XnEIB4AaABAg","The Bjorn","should just melt it down. who is that being saved for? it was throw into the water for a reason.","5","24","2020-06-18 13:06:22","true",""
"UgwEiI2S-KgAy6XnEIB4AaABAg.9A2TIy21wFJ9A2UUpPKerN","Joe Bennett","Reason being a bunch of Marxists didn't like it? Marxists are the last people on Earth who can pretend to have the moral high ground.","1","","2020-06-18 13:16:43","false",""
"UgwEiI2S-KgAy6XnEIB4AaABAg.9A2TIy21wFJ9A2UWgU3ZXj","George Bailey","Mob rule should always be mercilessly crushed in a nation expects any chance of prosperity.","1","","2020-06-18 13:16:59","false",""
"UgwEiI2S-KgAy6XnEIB4AaABAg.9A2TIy21wFJ9A2VICETOk3","Robert Fullard","It was thrown into the water by people who had zero right at all to do so. Petty Vandals all of them! As for why it is being saved is because it should be judged by the standards of its time and can still stand today as a negative monument to slavery. He might have a statue but his name is not remembered fondly. Read about him and you will see that he did not want a statue and a statue where people vilify him is actually brilliant and is basically an insult. People can look at it and be reminded of the abhorence of slavery and discuss it. That discussion will lead to educating people about a great many issues that relate to race. To erase our past forces us to not learn from it and dooms us to repeat those same mistakes.","0","","2020-06-18 13:23:44","false",""
"UgwEiI2S-KgAy6XnEIB4AaABAg.9A2TIy21wFJ9A2WxwXfsTe","The Bjorn","okay guys listen up, lets use an example of why it doesnt belong up

hypothetically, if a statue of rolf harris, kevin spacey or oscar pistorius existed do you think those should remain to stand? i doubt you would agree to any of the 3 because their crimes against people overshadow who they are and whatever they have done.","0","","2020-06-18 13:38:19","false",""
"UgwEiI2S-KgAy6XnEIB4AaABAg.9A2TIy21wFJ9A2XXBh8dM-","The Bjorn","@Robert Fullard mate youre talking really silly. negative monuments of slavery? are you high? who wants a monument of slavery? please answer who wants that except for a racist","0","","2020-06-18 13:43:16","false",""
"UgwEiI2S-KgAy6XnEIB4AaABAg.9A2TIy21wFJ9A2Y1Rg7ABW","The Bjorn","@Joe Bennett is there a reason you feel the need to defend a statue of a racist? would you defend a statue or a rapist or murderer also? because all those things come with slavery","0","","2020-06-18 13:47:40","false",""
"UgwEiI2S-KgAy6XnEIB4AaABAg.9A2TIy21wFJ9A2YoJaLTtY","Robert Fullard","@The Bjorn because seeing it will get people talking. Ignoring it by drowning it is brushing over the past. Colston didn't want anything fancy for his burial so the biggest middle finger to him and his slaving ways is to let people see him, with his vandal paint on and talk about the disgusting things he did and why they were wrong.","0","","2020-06-18 13:54:28","false",""
"UgwEiI2S-KgAy6XnEIB4AaABAg.9A2TIy21wFJ9A2__UqP9YJ","The Bjorn","@Robert Fullard so lets get this straight, I'd like you to answer these 3 points and dont go off topic with more nonsense.

1. are you defending a racist right now?
2. do you understand when people have statues that its generally considered an honour?
3. you didnt answer my question of who actually wants a ""negative monument"" of a racist.

you're starting to sound really stupid.","0","","2020-06-18 14:09:55","false",""
"UgwEiI2S-KgAy6XnEIB4AaABAg.9A2TIy21wFJ9A2bIOsq1ar","Robert Fullard","@The Bjorn 
1. Absolutely not. Go and read about the guy and he was pretty damn awful. 
2. Yes i am aware of this. 
3. You didn't ask a question you made a statement and put a question mark at the end of it. So you are the silly one. But if i understand you correctly what i would say is A. Read all the comments on this video and you will find a significant portion of people think that tearing it down was wrong. B. I never said it should go back up in it's current place. I do think that getting it into a museum where it can be discussed is the right thing to do and that as a public monument it should have been taken down a long time ago. But that taking it down is not for an enraged mob to decide. 
4. I could indeed be high since my neighbour likes to smoke weed outside his house a hell of a lot and if i want to have my windows open i get stoned off second hand smoke. 

Any other questions? Sweeping statements? Insults you want to throw around, rather than intelligent discussion?","0","","2020-06-18 14:24:56","false",""
"UgwEiI2S-KgAy6XnEIB4AaABAg.9A2TIy21wFJ9A2bSxYKUZ-","The Bjorn","@Robert Fullard i hope you didnt disappear since i asked you difficult questions","0","","2020-06-18 14:26:22","false",""
"UgwEiI2S-KgAy6XnEIB4AaABAg.9A2TIy21wFJ9A2d8wSNJn7","Robert Fullard","@The Bjorn i think your definition of difficult is a very low bar to answer and they barely qualify as questions. More along the lines of angry semi-coherent grunts. You do you sweetcheeks.","0","","2020-06-18 14:41:07","false",""
"UgwEiI2S-KgAy6XnEIB4AaABAg.9A2TIy21wFJ9A2fRYeKBkw","The Bjorn","@Robert Fullard i love it, you couldnt defend your stupidity any longer and you want to avoid the conversation.

why is it so hard for you to just say your line of thinking was wrong?","0","","2020-06-18 15:01:08","false",""
"UgwEiI2S-KgAy6XnEIB4AaABAg.9A2TIy21wFJ9A2gV8nFE-a","Robert Fullard","@The Bjorn Ill paste in my answers again since you obviously didn't read them...

1. Absolutely not. Go and read about the guy and he was pretty damn awful. 
2. Yes i am aware of this. 
3. You didn't ask a question you made a statement and put a question mark at the end of it. So you are the silly one. But if i understand you correctly what i would say is A. Read all the comments on this video and you will find a significant portion of people think that tearing it down was wrong. B. I never said it should go back up in it's current place. I do think that getting it into a museum where it can be discussed is the right thing to do and that as a public monument it should have been taken down a long time ago. But that taking it down is not for an enraged mob to decide. 
4. I could indeed be high since my neighbour likes to smoke weed outside his house a hell of a lot and if i want to have my windows open i get stoned off second hand smoke. 
Any other questions? Sweeping statements? Insults you want to throw around, rather than intelligent discussion?","0","","2020-06-18 15:10:22","false",""
"UgwEiI2S-KgAy6XnEIB4AaABAg.9A2TIy21wFJ9A2iVJ4yflm","The Bjorn","@Robert Fullard mate i just confirmed what you said so you cant deny it so why are you pasting your answers?","0","","2020-06-18 15:27:52","false",""
"UgwEiI2S-KgAy6XnEIB4AaABAg.9A2TIy21wFJ9A2r0KCH33S","Robert Fullard","@The Bjorn i hope you didn't disappear since i asked you difficult questions. Do you have anything useful to say other than pointing and saying ""you're stupid, you're wrong, im right""?","0","","2020-06-18 16:42:16","false",""
"UgwEiI2S-KgAy6XnEIB4AaABAg.9A2TIy21wFJ9A2t26ZF3we","The Bjorn","​@Robert Fullard tell me how im wrong then","0","","2020-06-18 17:00:00","false",""
"UgwEiI2S-KgAy6XnEIB4AaABAg.9A2TIy21wFJ9A2txKwSR01","Robert Fullard","@The Bjorn no no no. I allowed you to speak to me like i was a thicko and i answered your questions. The onus is now on you to come up with a counter point to what i have written and backup your own stance. So far all you have done is make a statement and then spit your dummy out and tell me i am wrong. If you want to continue to debate then you need to answer the issues i have raised and backup your own point. Otherwise i will accept simply that you have conceded defeat to me and that you will go forward forever knowing that not only was i right but i debated better than you. I am a Master Debater... I bet even that simple joke goes over your head.","0","","2020-06-18 17:07:57","false",""
"UgwEiI2S-KgAy6XnEIB4AaABAg.9A2TIy21wFJ9A2u_k-M4TC","The Bjorn","@Robert Fullard ive told you counter points time and time again but youre choosing to ignore them just like when i asked you who wants to see a monument to racism

you even tried to tell me i never asked you when its right there unedited in the comments lol","0","","2020-06-18 17:13:28","false",""
"UgwEiI2S-KgAy6XnEIB4AaABAg.9A2TIy21wFJ9A2xYkYrIjA","Robert Fullard","@The Bjorn ""negative monuments of slavery?"" is not a question. It is a string of words that a person with very little grasp of the English language cobbled together. I told you that already. I also did answer your words by piecing together your meaning. But you chose to ignore it. You still haven't answered wether or not you think that the reason it was put into the water was a decent enough reason to destroy something that is public property. Nor, have you answered any of the other points i have raised. I will now fully accept that you have conceded victory to me and that you accept that my point was more valid than yours. Thanks for that. I needed a boost today. I have been talking to this complete idiot who can barely string a sentence together and thinks he is making points of his own when in fact if you read his stuff he hasn't said anything of any relevance. Thanks ""mate"".","0","","2020-06-18 17:39:24","false",""
"UgwEiI2S-KgAy6XnEIB4AaABAg.9A2TIy21wFJ9A2yYdhYcuN","Max Larsen","FISH lives matter!","1","","2020-06-18 17:48:08","false",""
"UgwEiI2S-KgAy6XnEIB4AaABAg.9A2TIy21wFJ9A3-8x9zRTs","The Bjorn","@Robert Fullard ""who wants a monument of slavery?"" is what i said like i said youre deflecting and im getting bored 

funny how you can see everything but what you dont want to see","0","","2020-06-18 18:02:06","false",""
"UgwEiI2S-KgAy6XnEIB4AaABAg.9A2TIy21wFJ9A3H7tCpONv","Robert Fullard","@The Bjorn What you said is pasted below so actually it is definitely 100% you that is wrong. I see plenty and i see you are a grade a prat who is not only stupid but cannot even read or recall their own statements. You are indeed boring.

@Robert Fullard mate youre talking really silly. negative monuments of slavery? are you high? who wants a monument of slavery? please answer who wants that except for a racist","0","","2020-06-18 20:39:14","false",""
"UgwEiI2S-KgAy6XnEIB4AaABAg.9A2TIy21wFJ9A3IvMVfNSc","The Bjorn","@Robert Fullard so now its pasted? my comment is unedited lol","0","","2020-06-18 20:54:52","false",""
"UgwEiI2S-KgAy6XnEIB4AaABAg.9A2TIy21wFJ9A3JwCx4a7A","The Bjorn","​@Robert Fullard this is getting so pathetic, first u said i didnt ask a question then you say its pasted below keep your story straight mate","0","","2020-06-18 21:03:43","false",""
"UgzZ3zLo2GajY_R2yPh4AaABAg","Andrei Mihut","Vandalism.","16","10","2020-06-18 13:06:55","true",""
"UgzZ3zLo2GajY_R2yPh4AaABAg.9A2TMyFJycy9A2UiFyhq9l","Avalon Azure","Absolutely. Vandalism, for a righteous cause. The two are not mutually exclusive","2","","2020-06-18 13:18:42","false",""
"UgzZ3zLo2GajY_R2yPh4AaABAg.9A2TMyFJycy9A2UzIOwUYZ","Kraken Visuals","@Avalon Azure Agreed. That statue had bad history","1","","2020-06-18 13:21:01","false",""
"UgzZ3zLo2GajY_R2yPh4AaABAg.9A2TMyFJycy9A2V9ldBALp","UKWEED","yep, illegal vandalism","1","","2020-06-18 13:22:35","false",""
"UgzZ3zLo2GajY_R2yPh4AaABAg.9A2TMyFJycy9A2W6txvZS5","Kraken Visuals","@UKWEED The law doesn't always equal morality. In some countries it's legal to murder each other. In most countries it's legal to unnecessarily exploit slaughter other animals for meat. (Although MUCH less people are eating meat every day).","0","","2020-06-18 13:30:56","false",""
"UgzZ3zLo2GajY_R2yPh4AaABAg.9A2TMyFJycy9A2Z6sMFIV6","UKWEED","@Kraken Visuals In the UK it is illegal. End of discussion.","0","","2020-06-18 13:57:09","false",""
"UgzZ3zLo2GajY_R2yPh4AaABAg.9A2TMyFJycy9A2ZSta2_Bd","Kraken Visuals","@UKWEED So is weed. I bet that doesn't stop you? Lmao, look at your profile name and picture. Don't be a hypocrite.","0","","2020-06-18 14:00:09","false",""
"UgzZ3zLo2GajY_R2yPh4AaABAg.9A2TMyFJycy9A2ZbAySoDs","UKWEED","If there is a problem, change it through democratic means, or leave and go to a country that suits your ideology. Don't infringe on others democratic rights, as if you are above other people within the democratic system. If you just want your ideology to win, even if it means breaking the law, join a dictatorship or form one. :D","1","","2020-06-18 14:01:25","false",""
"UgzZ3zLo2GajY_R2yPh4AaABAg.9A2TMyFJycy9A2ZvK14QXc","Kraken Visuals","@UKWEED And in what way is defacing an old monument of someone who was heavily involved in Human exploitation infringing on others rights? Please tell me?","0","","2020-06-18 14:04:10","false",""
"UgzZ3zLo2GajY_R2yPh4AaABAg.9A2TMyFJycy9A2eOmeKCAf","Avalon Azure","@UKWEED I'm not debating whether or not it was illegal. It obviously was. I'm saying it was justified.","0","","2020-06-18 14:52:01","false",""
"UgzZ3zLo2GajY_R2yPh4AaABAg.9A2TMyFJycy9A2iaa1m9dB","UKWEED","@Avalon Azure No illegal act is justified. Illegal acts go against justice. There are democratic mechanisms available to remove historic monuments like these statues. Illegal acts are never justified within a democracy. You can change the system through democratic means if your goal is justified. Clearly it isn't in this case or they'd have gone down a more democratic and well, legal route.","1","","2020-06-18 15:28:43","false",""
"Ugy4TyK_bEYhe2S41Ad4AaABAg","Pred Des","Ah the west's cultural Revolution is going along at an expedited rate. Welcome the new communist bloc of the third world  west.","12","5","2020-06-18 13:07:42","true",""
"Ugy4TyK_bEYhe2S41Ad4AaABAg.9A2TSeu-8vw9A2UjVmDkMM","thunder tick","Congratulations for writing the stupidest comment I've seen on the Internet this week.","0","","2020-06-18 13:18:52","false",""
"Ugy4TyK_bEYhe2S41Ad4AaABAg.9A2TSeu-8vw9A2VFYl0mjT","Josh Stead","You're right, rejecting racism is communism.","0","","2020-06-18 13:23:23","false",""
"Ugy4TyK_bEYhe2S41Ad4AaABAg.9A2TSeu-8vw9A2Ywj9rK_R","Libertarian Infidel","Revolution? This is will disapear as fast as it begun.","0","","2020-06-18 13:55:37","false",""
"Ugy4TyK_bEYhe2S41Ad4AaABAg.9A2TSeu-8vw9A2Z1_PQnP8","Libertarian Infidel","@Josh Stead forcing the idea of 'racism' for political gain is what emanates from comunism.","3","","2020-06-18 13:56:25","false",""
"Ugy4TyK_bEYhe2S41Ad4AaABAg.9A2TSeu-8vw9A2ueOisU4r","Max Larsen","free admission for the mission come along u will see loads of people out their tree.","0","","2020-06-18 17:14:06","false",""
"Ugztyj-hLw1eHswDVNl4AaABAg","Crom","All paid for by the tax payer! Lol","7","2","2020-06-18 13:07:45","true",""
"Ugztyj-hLw1eHswDVNl4AaABAg.9A2TT5ZFaB89A2mVVMJ_09","Floopy Doopey","None of those doing the damage across the country.","0","","2020-06-18 16:02:50","false",""
"Ugztyj-hLw1eHswDVNl4AaABAg.9A2TT5ZFaB89A2ui3mBs-7","Max Larsen","tax payers are sheep","0","","2020-06-18 17:14:36","false",""
"Ugyc7MfVoyYyG7n1RKF4AaABAg","Sam Stone","Beloved slave trader","3","0","2020-06-18 13:08:05","true",""
"Ugx9R7d7q6cMEI8XxKF4AaABAg","Anthony Roberts","Aren't we peaceful nationalists always lectured on tolerance?

Perhaps these rabid animals should learn tolerance before lecturing on it.","3","13","2020-06-18 13:09:49","true",""
"Ugx9R7d7q6cMEI8XxKF4AaABAg.9A2ThBm8DwQ9A2Ur7mtmwv","Avalon Azure","Stark differences between the two situations, but alright mate.","0","","2020-06-18 13:19:54","false",""
"Ugx9R7d7q6cMEI8XxKF4AaABAg.9A2ThBm8DwQ9A2Vy7mJLsF","Anthony Roberts","@Avalon Azure Outline them for me, I am very stupid on account of my nationalism and whiteness.","0","","2020-06-18 13:29:36","false",""
"Ugx9R7d7q6cMEI8XxKF4AaABAg.9A2ThBm8DwQ9A2WcszTVkN","Anthony Roberts","What's the difference between me not burning the Qur'an and them burning my flag?

Or me not destroying a mosque built in 1998 and them toppling a centuries old statue?

Bearing in mind Mohammed was a slave owning, p a e d o p h i l i c warlord and people have been imprisoned for placing bacon on a building.

Other than me not destroying it and them destroying it. My artifacts are historical and theirs are from the Blair administration, what is the difference? The colour of our skin?","0","","2020-06-18 13:35:26","false",""
"Ugx9R7d7q6cMEI8XxKF4AaABAg.9A2ThBm8DwQ9A2dOlTJk3H","Avalon Azure","@Anthony Roberts When did I ever bring our skin colour into this...? Or your intelligence?","0","","2020-06-18 14:43:17","false",""
"Ugx9R7d7q6cMEI8XxKF4AaABAg.9A2ThBm8DwQ9A2lPrsyjPA","Anthony Roberts","@Avalon Azure when did you obfuscate? The moment I asked you to do something, what a dishonest bore.","0","","2020-06-18 15:53:20","false",""
"Ugx9R7d7q6cMEI8XxKF4AaABAg.9A2ThBm8DwQ9A2mQ8tLBeX","Anthony Roberts","@Avalon Azure Do you support the tearing down of all mosques because they are religious centres for praising the word of a slave owning prophet? Do remember that 21st century majority Muslim nations still have slave markets.

If not why do your feelings differ for statues of my ancestors?","0","","2020-06-18 16:02:07","false",""
"Ugx9R7d7q6cMEI8XxKF4AaABAg.9A2ThBm8DwQ9A2tivGqLrS","Avalon Azure","@Anthony Roberts Our ancestors*
Yeah, sure, rip down all religious centres. Clear them away for something useful","1","","2020-06-18 17:05:59","false",""
"Ugx9R7d7q6cMEI8XxKF4AaABAg.9A2ThBm8DwQ9AAmUJiEc_X","Cheryl Johannsen","Sooooo dumb:) We hate racists and RACISM. YOUR RACIST LIFE DOESN'T MATTER","0","","2020-06-21 18:36:36","false",""
"Ugx9R7d7q6cMEI8XxKF4AaABAg.9A2ThBm8DwQ9AAmXZEfMiu","Cheryl Johannsen","@Anthony Roberts Wow! At last you agree. YOUR RACIST LIFE DOESN'T MATTER","0","","2020-06-21 18:37:03","false",""
"Ugx9R7d7q6cMEI8XxKF4AaABAg.9A2ThBm8DwQ9AAmaNplzsX","Cheryl Johannsen","@Anthony Roberts Ha ha ha.. RACISTS ARE FUNNY.","0","","2020-06-21 18:37:34","false",""
"Ugx9R7d7q6cMEI8XxKF4AaABAg.9A2ThBm8DwQ9AAmrWmsR39","Cheryl Johannsen","@Anthony Roberts oooo big word for a 1st grade RACIST:)","0","","2020-06-21 18:39:54","false",""
"Ugx9R7d7q6cMEI8XxKF4AaABAg.9A2ThBm8DwQ9AAn8-ZBpQK","Cheryl Johannsen","@Anthony Roberts Poor liddle racist. Then we would also tear down Christian churches...the worst form of RACIST'S ever. Look at you:) Slaves, rape, executions and continuation of YOUR RACIST history sweetie.","0","","2020-06-21 18:42:18","false",""
"Ugx9R7d7q6cMEI8XxKF4AaABAg.9A2ThBm8DwQ9AApaujEXtv","Anthony Roberts","@Cheryl Johannsen History is racist and the future will be too.

It is the natural order of things. Races self-segregate and they have in-group preferences.

People like me accept that and wish to peacefully coexist in separate societies. People like you want to genocide everyone that disagrees with your wish upon a star.

Racist would mean I have an unfounded prejudice based solely on race. That's simply not true. It's the decades of documented violence and incompatibility that I object to that has recently come to a crescendo of violent mobs harming Europeans and Western society at large. It's the perpetual and obvious in-group preference of every race but white being permitted.

In short, it is the visceral hatred for me from virulent racists (both self-hating and the regular kind) such as yourself that I am unhappy with. The racist hatred for my ancestors and myself is what I dislike.

You are a racist, you hate me for nothing other than my race. My objection to groups of people is based on their behaviour. If you are saying that antisocial behaviour is an intrinsic part of the non-white experience then that's your call.","0","","2020-06-21 19:03:51","false",""
"UgxtGi88bsIUHMaN-yp4AaABAg","Jan Spirit","Just report this video for being hateful","0","1","2020-06-18 13:10:36","true",""
"UgxtGi88bsIUHMaN-yp4AaABAg.9A2TmyRQ5AQ9A2Ue3e30cl","Avalon Azure","What's hateful about it? The woman was showing an immense amount of respect to the piece","1","","2020-06-18 13:18:07","false",""
"UgzqkC5nbk2rsBWtUm94AaABAg","Douglas Ratcliffe","","4","0","2020-06-18 13:11:48","true",""
"UgytodY12c7LRNKi-NZ4AaABAg","Maddie B","Why do people wanna Keep and preserve this statue tho","4","7","2020-06-18 13:11:59","true",""
"UgytodY12c7LRNKi-NZ4AaABAg.9A2Tx5yIwWN9A2US_ht7eQ","Avalon Azure","Because it's history, and while I agree with it being pulled down I don't agree with it being tossed away. Keep it, put it in a museum, tell people WHY it was pulled down.","4","","2020-06-18 13:16:25","false",""
"UgytodY12c7LRNKi-NZ4AaABAg.9A2Tx5yIwWN9A2Udnko_94","Alex Boyde","So they profit from people coming to see the statue in the museum","0","","2020-06-18 13:18:05","false",""
"UgytodY12c7LRNKi-NZ4AaABAg.9A2Tx5yIwWN9A2VeaRWg93","Algrenion","because fifty years from now people will look at it as a part of history, and it can be useful in teaching people about slavery and racism x","0","","2020-06-18 13:26:56","false",""
"UgytodY12c7LRNKi-NZ4AaABAg.9A2Tx5yIwWN9A2_kpOZC8Q","Gary Chance","@Algrenion Those anti white slurs will not be present in Europe in fifty years time because the people that use them will not be present in Europe.
Tolerance is over.","0","","2020-06-18 14:11:28","false",""
"UgytodY12c7LRNKi-NZ4AaABAg.9A2Tx5yIwWN9A2_xyvHHex","Baz Green","No one cares but when others try to cancel culture it then people want to fight back. It's not about the statue it's about the leftists running wild like wild animals destroying public property.","0","","2020-06-18 14:13:16","false",""
"UgytodY12c7LRNKi-NZ4AaABAg.9A2Tx5yIwWN9A2blTHvgHO","Algrenion","@Gary Chance you sound like someone that would stab me for existing no offense","0","","2020-06-18 14:29:02","false",""
"UgytodY12c7LRNKi-NZ4AaABAg.9A2Tx5yIwWN9A2dZjfpDtM","Gary Chance","@Algrenion I am white, it's a proven fact that in Britain the stabbings are predominantly done by non white men. Oh and don't forget the acid attacks.","1","","2020-06-18 14:44:47","false",""
"UgynSI9ZTqRsbLAdGQV4AaABAg","Al Roye","The statue should of never been removed. Its important that people remember how wicked some people are so we don't repeat the past.","5","4","2020-06-18 13:12:49","true",""
"UgynSI9ZTqRsbLAdGQV4AaABAg.9A2U2A2n9pX9A2UBR9kKbB","714ever","so should we put a statue up of hitler in the middle of poland?","7","","2020-06-18 13:14:05","false",""
"UgynSI9ZTqRsbLAdGQV4AaABAg.9A2U2A2n9pX9A2UOO6Zep3","Avalon Azure","But it WASNT talking about his misdeeds. It wasn't pointing them out, it was commemorating him. Put it in a museum, talk about why it was pulled down.","5","","2020-06-18 13:15:51","false",""
"UgynSI9ZTqRsbLAdGQV4AaABAg.9A2U2A2n9pX9A2Vl5yQIbH","Al Roye","I'm talking about removing I'm not talking about new statues. It was obvious that politicians of Bristol didn't want to get rid of it.. So they should of named him slave trader and murder. If everyone really wants the statues to stay.. give them the right title... Thats all I'm saying","1","","2020-06-18 13:27:49","false",""
"UgynSI9ZTqRsbLAdGQV4AaABAg.9A2U2A2n9pX9A2W0LyM7H_","Algrenion","how many people knew about his crimes before it was vandalised? its removal brought it into the spotlight and now the entire world knows that this man was a slave trader
it hasn't been destroyed, just defaced - and rightly so
now people are finally learning from that","0","","2020-06-18 13:30:02","false",""
"UgyQBDG_Cko-7LDG1yB4AaABAg","Cornish Watch Reviews","Where's Phil swift... Now that's a lot of damage","36","0","2020-06-18 13:13:22","true",""
"Ugxlk1FwAjhWLfoZE0p4AaABAg","gary kitson","Put it back up .","9","3","2020-06-18 13:13:34","true",""
"Ugxlk1FwAjhWLfoZE0p4AaABAg.9A2U7jKUr9X9A2UlkTaNWO","Avalon Azure","Why?","1","","2020-06-18 13:19:10","false",""
"Ugxlk1FwAjhWLfoZE0p4AaABAg.9A2U7jKUr9X9A2V6ZXfUzD","gary kitson","@Avalon Azure why not ?","0","","2020-06-18 13:22:09","false",""
"Ugxlk1FwAjhWLfoZE0p4AaABAg.9A2U7jKUr9X9A2WYdjkKNh","gary kitson","@Avalon Azure Or would you just rather decide everything in this country by howling mob rule ? There are 686 000 people in Bristol roughly . Why don't we ask them their opinion seeing as it's on their turf . Seems perfectly democratic to me .","2","","2020-06-18 13:34:43","false",""
"UgwJNBLubpgfFJVQR_l4AaABAg","Alex Boyde","The irony that this statue will now make lots of profit from museum entry fee...","2","7","2020-06-18 13:15:36","true",""
"UgwJNBLubpgfFJVQR_l4AaABAg.9A2UMWqCZ_w9A2UkujitXq","Avalon Azure","I must be missing something, what's the irony?","0","","2020-06-18 13:19:03","false",""
"UgwJNBLubpgfFJVQR_l4AaABAg.9A2UMWqCZ_w9A2X0lzOPJU","Taresh Patel","That's an interesting theory bro, but public museums are free entry","1","","2020-06-18 13:38:50","false",""
"UgwJNBLubpgfFJVQR_l4AaABAg.9A2UMWqCZ_w9A2XIhgtZUt","bethany busby","Are you stupid?","0","","2020-06-18 13:41:17","false",""
"UgwJNBLubpgfFJVQR_l4AaABAg.9A2UMWqCZ_w9A2ZQYd-hs0","Alex Boyde","Its been officially announced the statue is going to be displayed in a museum hence why they are spending £££'s on it. Even if the museum is free entry people will travel from all over the country to see it and spend money in the gift shop or café. So either way profit will be made","0","","2020-06-18 13:59:50","false",""
"UgwJNBLubpgfFJVQR_l4AaABAg.9A2UMWqCZ_w9A2Zw5EgAu1","bethany busby","@Alex Boyde 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️","0","","2020-06-18 14:04:16","false",""
"UgwJNBLubpgfFJVQR_l4AaABAg.9A2UMWqCZ_w9A2_2vftJ52","bethany busby","@Alex Boyde so nothing else in the museum matters, and that's the only thing they'll go there for? Tell me. When was the last time you paid for anything in a museum?","0","","2020-06-18 14:05:21","false",""
"UgwJNBLubpgfFJVQR_l4AaABAg.9A2UMWqCZ_w9A2y5H2qa-T","Max Larsen","hahahaaa","0","","2020-06-18 17:44:07","false",""
"Ugz3fWWZlMyNW4T7CDF4AaABAg","kahlesstiberius","Sue them for destroying public property.","4","3","2020-06-18 13:17:21","true",""
"Ugz3fWWZlMyNW4T7CDF4AaABAg.9A2UZN61YHP9A2VStm-nLi","thunder tick","Colston was never sued for being a slaver, and that was a much, much worse crime, even at the time the statue was erected.","0","","2020-06-18 13:25:12","false",""
"Ugz3fWWZlMyNW4T7CDF4AaABAg.9A2UZN61YHP9A2VU-pqoMa","ItzJayle","kahlesstiberius yur defo a fascism","0","","2020-06-18 13:25:21","false",""
"Ugz3fWWZlMyNW4T7CDF4AaABAg.9A2UZN61YHP9A2ZAnjb1ND","Robert Fullard","@thunder tick it was legal at the time so why would they have sue'd him? Judging all that by modern standards is just stupid and doesn't hold up. We all freely acknowledge that it was wrong back then but back then it wasn't. 400 years from now people will look back at us and won't be able to believe that we were allowed to drive cars that polluted the environment or things like that. But right now it is fine just as it was back then. Standards improve as time goes on, or so you would hope.","0","","2020-06-18 13:57:41","false",""
"UgyXk72_T-KynKM76_54AaABAg","lino249","the protesters gave us some epic artwork now to put in museums","4","1","2020-06-18 13:19:08","true",""
"UgyXk72_T-KynKM76_54AaABAg.9A2UlQjVAPC9A2V-DdlGID","Kraken Visuals","fr","1","","2020-06-18 13:21:09","false",""
"UgysxQN5E5reacm6lVt4AaABAg","Miguel Rosado","The fact that the statue will continue to exist with the graffiti as part of its history shows how history is not about cancelling, deleting and destroying facts and artistic objects but adding new meanings to them. Well done! The world needs moderate and reasonable decisions and some sort of middle ground where we can all exist, grow and move on.","1","0","2020-06-18 13:19:29","true",""
"UgwZr8El694ZPGe7evB4AaABAg","Taffy 83","Put it back on its plynth,this statue is not to glorify his slaver days its for what he did for the city of bristol PERIOD","7","16","2020-06-18 13:19:39","true",""
"UgwZr8El694ZPGe7evB4AaABAg.9A2UpI9NNRW9A2VKe41saF","thunder tick","Nobody cares why the statue was put up.  He was a slaver therefore a vile and  disgusting man, PERIOD.","3","","2020-06-18 13:24:04","false",""
"UgwZr8El694ZPGe7evB4AaABAg.9A2UpI9NNRW9A2VQeaOATL","James Pilcher","you wouldn't leave up a statue of jimmy saville just because he gave to charity","3","","2020-06-18 13:24:54","false",""
"UgwZr8El694ZPGe7evB4AaABAg.9A2UpI9NNRW9A2Vpi7AsWU","Darren Martin","Put up a statue of Enoch Powell","0","","2020-06-18 13:28:27","false",""
"UgwZr8El694ZPGe7evB4AaABAg.9A2UpI9NNRW9A2WyJ_8-vX","Taffy 83","@James Pilcher great arguement there well done,what a tool","0","","2020-06-18 13:38:22","false",""
"UgwZr8El694ZPGe7evB4AaABAg.9A2UpI9NNRW9A2Z1I-fyyJ","James Pilcher","@Taffy 83 do you have a counter-argument?","0","","2020-06-18 13:56:23","false",""
"UgwZr8El694ZPGe7evB4AaABAg.9A2UpI9NNRW9A2_j3RVXva","Taffy 83","@James Pilcher no point to counter arguement stupidity mate,you have a wonderful day","0","","2020-06-18 14:11:14","false",""
"UgwZr8El694ZPGe7evB4AaABAg.9A2UpI9NNRW9A2b8_ghxt2","Gary Chance","@thunder tick Oh people care, they will take this as great disrespect and a challenge for territory.
Those that think they won something by damaging this statue will get what's coming to them, they are so stupid to even realise what it is they have actually started here.
It was not the revolution they so desperately seek, they woke the sleeping majority.
Get ready for ethno nationalism. Hope all these non whites are looking forward to returning to their 3rd worlds.","1","","2020-06-18 14:23:35","false",""
"UgwZr8El694ZPGe7evB4AaABAg.9A2UpI9NNRW9A2ior0oD32","James Pilcher","@Taffy 83 so you can't think of a reason why I'm wrong","0","","2020-06-18 15:30:40","false",""
"UgwZr8El694ZPGe7evB4AaABAg.9A2UpI9NNRW9A2jw3dSJu6","Taffy 83","@James Pilcher i can think of plenty,but there is no point in talking to folks who are just idiotic","1","","2020-06-18 15:40:23","false",""
"UgwZr8El694ZPGe7evB4AaABAg.9A2UpI9NNRW9A2r3MOQnzS","James Pilcher","@Taffy 83 so there's no point in stating any of the rebuttals in your secret arsenal, but there is a point in repeatedly responding to say that you won't say what they are","0","","2020-06-18 16:42:41","false",""
"UgwZr8El694ZPGe7evB4AaABAg.9A2UpI9NNRW9A2vPU3Q-At","Grave Peril","@James Pilcher I would","0","","2020-06-18 17:20:40","false",""
"UgwZr8El694ZPGe7evB4AaABAg.9A2UpI9NNRW9A2vtIwP-k_","Grave Peril","@James Pilcher I can give you a few basic ones JS broke the law in his own time and people were not aware of it when the statute was put up, Colston never broke the law people knew where his money came from and still thanked him for investing in the city","0","","2020-06-18 17:24:52","false",""
"UgwZr8El694ZPGe7evB4AaABAg.9A2UpI9NNRW9A2xJ29RrCn","James Pilcher","​@Grave Peril So, if slavery were legal today, you would admire wealthy slave owners?","0","","2020-06-18 17:37:16","false",""
"UgwZr8El694ZPGe7evB4AaABAg.9A2UpI9NNRW9A2xPgfBoi3","James Pilcher","@Grave Peril and the only thing you find objectionable about Jimmy Saville molesting children was that it is illegal?","0","","2020-06-18 17:38:10","false",""
"UgwZr8El694ZPGe7evB4AaABAg.9A2UpI9NNRW9A2xtES7dZc","Grave Peril","@James Pilcher yes","0","","2020-06-18 17:42:20","false",""
"UgwZr8El694ZPGe7evB4AaABAg.9A2UpI9NNRW9A2zmnxIaa_","James Pilcher","@Grave Peril i appreciate the candour","0","","2020-06-18 17:58:56","false",""
"UgwvTs2MO95xoGP0Zcl4AaABAg","Algrenion","""the grafitti has become part of the story of the object""
a job well done from this woman
in its current state it will teach people more about history than it ever did before","44","13","2020-06-18 13:22:53","true",""
"UgwvTs2MO95xoGP0Zcl4AaABAg.9A2VBuZdTsY9A2Vgnf-3qg","JackOnWheels","@UCZh5YCH0_4YAm5FasVvUKWw ah, you're one of the challenged ones","4","","2020-06-18 13:27:14","false",""
"UgwvTs2MO95xoGP0Zcl4AaABAg.9A2VBuZdTsY9A2W9NdsYa2","Algrenion","@JackOnWheels ah, you have a superiority complex","2","","2020-06-18 13:31:16","false",""
"UgwvTs2MO95xoGP0Zcl4AaABAg.9A2VBuZdTsY9A2XbObj9sO","White Wolf","@Algrenion If the west is so inferior why are millions coming here???","3","","2020-06-18 13:43:58","false",""
"UgwvTs2MO95xoGP0Zcl4AaABAg.9A2VBuZdTsY9A2XgayK7Ao","Algrenion","@White Wolf literally when did i ever say the west is ""inferior""? you're reading between lines that aren't even there lmao","0","","2020-06-18 13:44:41","false",""
"UgwvTs2MO95xoGP0Zcl4AaABAg.9A2VBuZdTsY9A2XkAtK3Nd","Algrenion","@M C love you too","0","","2020-06-18 13:45:10","false",""
"UgwvTs2MO95xoGP0Zcl4AaABAg.9A2VBuZdTsY9A2YMUydLPj","White Wolf","@Algrenion You implied it 3rd worlder","1","","2020-06-18 13:50:32","false",""
"UgwvTs2MO95xoGP0Zcl4AaABAg.9A2VBuZdTsY9A2YdFKFrdD","Isaac","Yes I agree, it will teach future generations looking back at current times about the totalitarianism of identity politics and victimhood culture. It will display to them the catalysts of extreme censorship and show them that history did indeed repeat itself and they can look back at an example of how a far-left movement used a cleverly orchestrated name to manipulate people into collective narcissism to garner the numbers they needed to enforce their radical ideology of absolution.","3","","2020-06-18 13:52:58","false",""
"UgwvTs2MO95xoGP0Zcl4AaABAg.9A2VBuZdTsY9A2Z9tALl9n","Algrenion","@White Wolf point out where, exactly?
was it me stating that one guy in the comments has a superiority complex?
because in short; i wasn't talking to you","0","","2020-06-18 13:57:33","false",""
"UgwvTs2MO95xoGP0Zcl4AaABAg.9A2VBuZdTsY9A2ZsiL5S8T","Algrenion","@Isaac this is very longwinded

all i'm gonna say is there's no censorship in tearing down a statue that symbolises the deaths of millions - if they erected a statue of stalin or hitler tomorrow, i certainly hope you wouldn't call it ""censorship"" to have it torn down, and perhaps later placed in a museum, or storage

everyone is angry right now about history and our current societal norms in one way or another - you contribute to identity politics as much as anyone else, you just do it in a different way","0","","2020-06-18 14:03:49","false",""
"UgwvTs2MO95xoGP0Zcl4AaABAg.9A2VBuZdTsY9A2_XYjThyW","L B","Lmfao deleting my comment seriously fascist to boot as well as antifa/terrorist supporter 😂","0","","2020-06-18 14:09:31","false",""
"UgwvTs2MO95xoGP0Zcl4AaABAg.9A2VBuZdTsY9A2dfkkmXfR","James Unsworth","We should all be positive :)","2","","2020-06-18 14:45:44","false",""
"UgwvTs2MO95xoGP0Zcl4AaABAg.9A2VBuZdTsY9A2r1wTPxdl","Algrenion","@James Unsworth only comment that made me feel sane on this video, thank you x","1","","2020-06-18 16:42:30","false",""
"UgwvTs2MO95xoGP0Zcl4AaABAg.9A2VBuZdTsY9A2tl4dbgYg","James Unsworth","@Algrenion Your welcome 😁","2","","2020-06-18 17:06:16","false",""
"Ugyr2RNusYZ86Oy_g_F4AaABAg","Strizeks","One brown guy dead in america, statue landed in the water in UK butterfly effect.","12","9","2020-06-18 13:24:12","true",""
"Ugyr2RNusYZ86Oy_g_F4AaABAg.9A2VL_vMn789A2W2ah_0gq","Anthony Roberts","Guy/violent criminal","2","","2020-06-18 13:30:21","false",""
"Ugyr2RNusYZ86Oy_g_F4AaABAg.9A2VL_vMn789A2WN-MZWo4","GearyT 23","@Anthony Roberts correct, I'm always glad when I hear a violent criminal has died","1","","2020-06-18 13:33:08","false",""
"Ugyr2RNusYZ86Oy_g_F4AaABAg.9A2VL_vMn789A2YM31pAwJ","Jack Archer","It’s also known as complete stupidity. Race grifters saw this a chance to behave like thugs and the media, government indulged them.","1","","2020-06-18 13:50:29","false",""
"Ugyr2RNusYZ86Oy_g_F4AaABAg.9A2VL_vMn789A2ZGIVrFO6","Ben Fagge","@GearyT 23  I dont know why I need to tell you this but the police aren't meant to kill guilty people either","1","","2020-06-18 13:58:26","false",""
"Ugyr2RNusYZ86Oy_g_F4AaABAg.9A2VL_vMn789A2ZIHLeR7U","Rose","No one cared about the statues before Floyd died, flat out hypocrisy. Just gives them an excuse to be violent and cause vandalism.","5","","2020-06-18 13:58:42","false",""
"Ugyr2RNusYZ86Oy_g_F4AaABAg.9A2VL_vMn789A2ZnkSAHWt","GearyT 23","Ben Fagge  yeah, I know, it’s a personal thing","0","","2020-06-18 14:03:08","false",""
"Ugyr2RNusYZ86Oy_g_F4AaABAg.9A2VL_vMn789A2xnvkL9RG","Max Larsen","donk...plonk, off shee goess, eels be shitting and nibbling on it.","1","","2020-06-18 17:41:37","false",""
"Ugyr2RNusYZ86Oy_g_F4AaABAg.9A2VL_vMn789AAnJ8jAX5E","Cheryl Johannsen","@Anthony Roberts You are a violent hating racist??...","0","","2020-06-21 18:43:49","false",""
"Ugyr2RNusYZ86Oy_g_F4AaABAg.9A2VL_vMn789AAnLM-2U_y","Cheryl Johannsen","@GearyT 23 You are next:)","0","","2020-06-21 18:44:07","false",""
"UgwVfuQMk0Ci5uWDf9t4AaABAg","M C","Where’s this being kept 😂😉😉round 2 would be nice","5","3","2020-06-18 13:25:37","true",""
"UgwVfuQMk0Ci5uWDf9t4AaABAg.9A2VVw8Mkgd9A2XC50rJWf","Bryan Moyna","Commentaries like this are the reason why people believe you want to censor history and behave like fascists.","2","","2020-06-18 13:40:23","false",""
"UgwVfuQMk0Ci5uWDf9t4AaABAg.9A2VVw8Mkgd9ACUKIGotPQ","M C","Bryan Moyna are you going to forget about slavery, you idiotic mong","0","","2020-06-22 10:27:41","false",""
"UgwVfuQMk0Ci5uWDf9t4AaABAg.9A2VVw8Mkgd9ACUNHR0GdL","M C","Bryan Moyna awwwh is your racist statue being taken down?","0","","2020-06-22 10:28:06","false",""
"Ugx3sw_Z8x596lWak9x4AaABAg","Darren Martin","Never forget the mail called ex servicemen far right thugs","3","14","2020-06-18 13:27:36","true",""
"Ugx3sw_Z8x596lWak9x4AaABAg.9A2VjURwxBV9A2XLqrtm2q","Dangus Wangus","80% of servicemen only go into the forces because they're too stupid to make it in the real world. Naturally a career in shooting people tends to attract thugs.","2","","2020-06-18 13:41:43","false",""
"Ugx3sw_Z8x596lWak9x4AaABAg.9A2VjURwxBV9A2XStz2BxR","Darren Martin","@Dangus Wangus Where as you deal drugs","2","","2020-06-18 13:42:40","false",""
"Ugx3sw_Z8x596lWak9x4AaABAg.9A2VjURwxBV9A2XTGqq7Tc","Jazzeroo","silence snowflake","0","","2020-06-18 13:42:44","false",""
"Ugx3sw_Z8x596lWak9x4AaABAg.9A2VjURwxBV9A2XkO-Wjld","White Wolf","They are liberals ALL the media all the political class are closet commies who hate this country","0","","2020-06-18 13:45:12","false",""
"Ugx3sw_Z8x596lWak9x4AaABAg.9A2VjURwxBV9A2XvYdXTxR","White Wolf","@Dangus Wangus Coward you havent got the balls nor the brains to know how to take orders let alone give them.","2","","2020-06-18 13:46:43","false",""
"Ugx3sw_Z8x596lWak9x4AaABAg.9A2VjURwxBV9A2Y1PHMLdO","Ben Fagge","Never forget that the EDL organized an anti-BLM protest where they proudly chanted ""We are racist"", did the Nazi salute, and fought with/threw objects at police.","1","","2020-06-18 13:47:40","false",""
"Ugx3sw_Z8x596lWak9x4AaABAg.9A2VjURwxBV9A2YH9KavRr","He Man","Being ex-military and being a far-right thug aren't mutually exclusive. To blindly support someone just because they are a veteran no matter what they do shows that you lack critical thinking skills and are a victim of years of jingoistic propaganda. Bet you don't care as much about them when the government has failed to look after them either","3","","2020-06-18 13:49:49","false",""
"Ugx3sw_Z8x596lWak9x4AaABAg.9A2VjURwxBV9A2YIPCfaZn","Dangus Wangus","@Darren Martin I don't deal drugs, but at least drug dealers provide a valuable service to this country - all the armed forces have achieved in the past 30 years is directly causing the birth of ISIS.

I have sympathy for the squaddies that get tricked by recruiters into signing up, thinking they'll be looked after by their country, but let's not pretend that what they do in the army actually *helps* anyone.","1","","2020-06-18 13:49:59","false",""
"Ugx3sw_Z8x596lWak9x4AaABAg.9A2VjURwxBV9A2YhFEN1hE","He Man","@Dangus Wangus Calling all military and ex-military stupid is a highly classist statement. Many people join because they are from disadvantaged backgrounds and don't have many career options. If you're gonna attack far-right elements in the military do it from the left, not from the right","0","","2020-06-18 13:53:30","false",""
"Ugx3sw_Z8x596lWak9x4AaABAg.9A2VjURwxBV9AApkmm0v_V","Cheryl Johannsen","But they are what they are RACIST PIGS.","0","","2020-06-21 19:05:12","false",""
"Ugx3sw_Z8x596lWak9x4AaABAg.9A2VjURwxBV9AApukvRPRQ","Cheryl Johannsen","@White Wolf Liddle soldiers pissing their panties:) Ha ha...half are cops are racist military men. Great:)","0","","2020-06-21 19:06:34","false",""
"Ugx3sw_Z8x596lWak9x4AaABAg.9A2VjURwxBV9AAq0DZz4Py","Cheryl Johannsen","@White Wolf Awww...anti anxiety meds? Can't get it up? Saaad:)","0","","2020-06-21 19:07:27","false",""
"Ugx3sw_Z8x596lWak9x4AaABAg.9A2VjURwxBV9AAqA7W3Q7P","Cheryl Johannsen","@He Man No only half the military and police then:(","0","","2020-06-21 19:08:48","false",""
"Ugx3sw_Z8x596lWak9x4AaABAg.9A2VjURwxBV9AAt9ywsOLX","White Wolf","@Cheryl Johannsen Haha projection much","0","","2020-06-21 19:34:59","false",""
"Ugzlf_oz-2aHitzlsnl4AaABAg","Craig B","A symbol of Marxist tolerance","5","8","2020-06-18 13:27:52","true",""
"Ugzlf_oz-2aHitzlsnl4AaABAg.9A2VlMo82JH9A2X24Uvqce","M C","Craig YEAH BOIIII WE’RE COMING AFTER U TORIES","1","","2020-06-18 13:39:01","false",""
"Ugzlf_oz-2aHitzlsnl4AaABAg.9A2VlMo82JH9A2X5B12ZQA","M C","Craig better watch out, we’re not living in 2020 we’re living in 1970","0","","2020-06-18 13:39:26","false",""
"Ugzlf_oz-2aHitzlsnl4AaABAg.9A2VlMo82JH9A2X6ikhdPn","M C","Craig did you know they’re turning the frogs gay too","0","","2020-06-18 13:39:39","false",""
"Ugzlf_oz-2aHitzlsnl4AaABAg.9A2VlMo82JH9A2XF_-s59S","He Man","We don't tolerate nazi monuments, so why should we tolerate slave owner monuments? It's going in a museum so you'll still be able to worship at the altar of white supremacy like you want to","0","","2020-06-18 13:40:51","false",""
"Ugzlf_oz-2aHitzlsnl4AaABAg.9A2VlMo82JH9A2_5GIus06","Baz Green","@He Man you didn't know who he was 2 weeks ago so don't come that bs... Neither did I, but history is history and if you want something publicly owned changing then you should vote on it.","1","","2020-06-18 14:05:40","false",""
"Ugzlf_oz-2aHitzlsnl4AaABAg.9A2VlMo82JH9A2wqLKjI0s","Max Larsen","M C they are returning the gay parade then u will see millions flock the streets and cheer.","0","","2020-06-18 17:33:12","false",""
"Ugzlf_oz-2aHitzlsnl4AaABAg.9A2VlMo82JH9A3GFVF2Abn","Craig B","@He Man who's we? Oh I forgot the totalitarian leftists that want everyone just as brainwashed as themselves. Moron","0","","2020-06-18 20:31:32","false",""
"Ugzlf_oz-2aHitzlsnl4AaABAg.9A2VlMo82JH9A3L7ZtSp5D","Craig B","@He Man hey commie how about the mob start tearing down all the schools, hospitals, housing that Colstons money built. 
How about also finding those that sold the slaves to Westerns or do you just want to ignore that part because it doesnt fit your marxist identity politics.","0","","2020-06-18 21:14:09","false",""
"UgygWhvmBTVZzTqdQHl4AaABAg","Norbert smith","If they want to keep the paint, it must be clearly identified as vandalism, not protest or any other pandering phrase. The damage must be identified as vandalism as well.","7","2","2020-06-18 13:28:19","true",""
"UgygWhvmBTVZzTqdQHl4AaABAg.9A2Vofk5bv39A2WzMnarGB","Robert Fullard","Could not agree more!!! No pandering just the truth. It was vandalised and torn down by thugs in the name of a protest. Thats about as PC as i can make it.","3","","2020-06-18 13:38:30","false",""
"UgygWhvmBTVZzTqdQHl4AaABAg.9A2Vofk5bv39A2XWhA0ym8","Norbert smith","Robert Fullard We are a proud lot in Bristol, we respect our heritage and the truth. I would be prepared to bet that the hooligans have no Bristolian heritage, I can only trace mine back to the early 1800,s.","1","","2020-06-18 13:43:12","false",""
"UgxWCcgQmxBmp_FiANB4AaABAg","Townshend XXXVII","If I vandalised the Nelson Mandela statue and painted ""Commie terrorist"" would they preserve this graffiti as ""part of the history of the object""?","15","9","2020-06-18 13:30:50","true",""
"UgxWCcgQmxBmp_FiANB4AaABAg.9A2W672UZnF9A2WXQ0ZXmj","Hamish McIndy","No, because he wasn't a commie terrorist. Fail yet again from a right wing mong","4","","2020-06-18 13:34:33","false",""
"UgxWCcgQmxBmp_FiANB4AaABAg.9A2W672UZnF9A2Wd1iUOQ1","Tom Bennett","@Hamish McIndy how do you know","2","","2020-06-18 13:35:27","false",""
"UgxWCcgQmxBmp_FiANB4AaABAg.9A2W672UZnF9A2nACWtiDJ","Townshend XXXVII","@Hamish McIndy ""Ideologically an African nationalist and socialist""
""Influenced by Marxism, he secretly joined the banned South African Communist Party (SACP).""
""During the 1980s, Mandela was widely labelled a terrorist by prominent political figures in the Western world for his embrace of political violence.""
""In 1986, Winnie Mandela, then-wife of the imprisoned Nelson Mandela, stated, ""With our boxes of matches, and our necklaces, we shall liberate this country""""","1","","2020-06-18 16:08:40","false",""
"UgxWCcgQmxBmp_FiANB4AaABAg.9A2W672UZnF9A2tW_2WNdP","Grave Peril","@Hamish McIndy I doubt that ACAB  applies here either so remove it","0","","2020-06-18 17:04:09","false",""
"UgxWCcgQmxBmp_FiANB4AaABAg.9A2W672UZnF9A2x2WBn3wr","Max Larsen","russians are commie","0","","2020-06-18 17:35:00","false",""
"UgxWCcgQmxBmp_FiANB4AaABAg.9A2W672UZnF9AAkYlb5vs-","Cheryl Johannsen","No...because you are a racist and RACIST LIVES DON'T MATTER:)","0","","2020-06-21 18:19:44","false",""
"UgxWCcgQmxBmp_FiANB4AaABAg.9A2W672UZnF9AAkcMAdNjX","Cheryl Johannsen","@Townshend XXXVII Awwww...Po liddle SA racist. Dumb da dum dum...","0","","2020-06-21 18:20:22","false",""
"UgxWCcgQmxBmp_FiANB4AaABAg.9A2W672UZnF9AAkh1XBwcg","Cheryl Johannsen","@Townshend XXXVII Mandela was a are a racist.","0","","2020-06-21 18:21:00","false",""
"UgxWCcgQmxBmp_FiANB4AaABAg.9A2W672UZnF9AAnpmC1b2k","Townshend XXXVII","@Cheryl Johannsen Correct, I am racist. I accept scientific racial biological differences and believe that it is in the lower race's interests that the higher European and Eastasian races should dominate. Just look at the barbarous chaos that ensues when everyone is treated equal!","0","","2020-06-21 18:48:24","false",""
"Ugwsn8l22nf39jU4DAx4AaABAg","Townshend XXXVII","Remove the paint, put the statue back on the plinth and shoot anyone who thinks about removing it again.","10","4","2020-06-18 13:31:50","true",""
"Ugwsn8l22nf39jU4DAx4AaABAg.9A2WDSM3kGs9A2WTW6qbxR","blue fox","So you want anyone who doesn't glorify slave owners to die 🤔","1","","2020-06-18 13:34:01","false",""
"Ugwsn8l22nf39jU4DAx4AaABAg.9A2WDSM3kGs9A2_rtjQ5MH","Gary Chance","@blue fox So what if he does? Who are you to tell him how to think. You and people like you will get what's coming to you.","0","","2020-06-18 14:12:26","false",""
"Ugwsn8l22nf39jU4DAx4AaABAg.9A2WDSM3kGs9A2c6EPdTLd","blue fox","@Gary Chance senseless violence is all you guys know, all I'm saying","0","","2020-06-18 14:32:00","false",""
"Ugwsn8l22nf39jU4DAx4AaABAg.9A2WDSM3kGs9AAnbvMu_RT","Cheryl Johannsen","Awww poor liddle SAfrican racist:)","0","","2020-06-21 18:46:31","false",""
"UgyvqStDFFvndLhqDxV4AaABAg","Robert Fullard","It was thrown into the water by people who had zero right at all to do so. Petty Vandals all of them! As for why it is being saved is because it should be judged by the standards of its time and can still stand today as a negative monument to slavery. He might have a statue but his name is not remembered fondly. Read about him and you will see that he did not want a statue and a statue where people vilify him is actually brilliant and is basically an insult. People can look at it and be reminded of the abhorence of slavery and discuss it. That discussion will lead to educating people about a great many issues that relate to race. To erase our past forces us to not learn from it and dooms us to repeat those same mistakes.","5","4","2020-06-18 13:32:12","true",""
"UgyvqStDFFvndLhqDxV4AaABAg.9A2WG7Rjv2r9A2X3zdJlvF","bethany busby","^^ big dumb dumb over here","1","","2020-06-18 13:39:16","false",""
"UgyvqStDFFvndLhqDxV4AaABAg.9A2WG7Rjv2r9A2ZT_dbF9t","Robert Fullard","@bethany busby thank you for your comment on my intellect. I appreciate the feedback. Other than name calling do you have anything to backup your statement or were you actually calling yourself a big dumb dumb?","0","","2020-06-18 14:00:15","false",""
"UgyvqStDFFvndLhqDxV4AaABAg.9A2WG7Rjv2r9A2ZrZI8112","Mac Ward","I agree that the statue is part of history and should be on display, however as a public monument is not the place for it. Keeping the statue up in its original place doesn't protray the message that he was a bad man and doesn't provoke conversation about his real history. This statue belongs in a meuseum. A statue displayed in a public place has an underlying message of ""This person did somthing great, and we sould be thankful"". As for the people who tore it down, calling them ""Petty Vandals"" shows such little empathy, try to understand how they feel unheard and frustrated. The slave trade and subsequent ""legal racism"" is very recent history and tearing down statues that glorify major characters in this story should have happened a long time ago.","0","","2020-06-18 14:03:39","false",""
"UgyvqStDFFvndLhqDxV4AaABAg.9A2WG7Rjv2r9A2_hXQfjAk","Robert Fullard","@Mac Ward I agree with you completely except the unheard and frustrated part and/or my lack of empathy. I actually do get their point but disagree with the methods. It was vandalism by mob rule plain and simple. That is the aspect of it that i do not agree with. But yes, totally agree, take it down and put it somewhere where discussion can be encouraged, you are totally correct that there is a huge difference between a museum piece and a public monument. The former has capacity for positive and negative discussion, the latter glorifies the person regardless of their behaviour.","0","","2020-06-18 14:11:01","false",""
"UgxaCdisckvME5OrxVp4AaABAg","JJ sassey","Preserving the paint get it off and take it back to how it was before it was vandalised. We have video footage of what the scum of Bristol did you it.","4","0","2020-06-18 13:32:31","true",""
"Ugy9titFcHMebrGuu0R4AaABAg","Darren Martin","Enoch Powell statue.He told you what would happen","6","0","2020-06-18 13:32:48","true",""
"UgyIjDejQGQfiaGWX_V4AaABAg","Bryan Moyna","History is guarded in books, not sculptures; those are symbols, not history. Even the bible rejects symbols.","1","4","2020-06-18 13:32:54","true",""
"UgyIjDejQGQfiaGWX_V4AaABAg.9A2WLENl9Y29A2WjQqZI-I","Dillon Longland","Who cares? That statue has history, why does it need to be in a book?","2","","2020-06-18 13:36:20","false",""
"UgyIjDejQGQfiaGWX_V4AaABAg.9A2WLENl9Y29A2Y4E1DtJK","Bryan Moyna","@Dillon Longland X_DDDDDD","0","","2020-06-18 13:48:03","false",""
"UgyIjDejQGQfiaGWX_V4AaABAg.9A2WLENl9Y29A2mD1CiJiN","Robert Fullard","Tear down the sphinx and the pyramids, they're not history as they aren't in a book. According to this guy thats how it works. MORON!","0","","2020-06-18 16:00:19","false",""
"UgyIjDejQGQfiaGWX_V4AaABAg.9A2WLENl9Y29A2yNy7gvWY","Bryan Moyna","@Robert Fullard Theyre actually ruins of ancient civilizations from which we barely have data, theyre actually studied and researched to understand the history behind their civilizations, the technologies and way of living. Also the connections between them and other civilizations of the world. Therefore theyre a way to understand our past. Theyre not centuries old but millenial old.
Can you tell me what would a kid learn from looking at this recent sculpture unless he reads or is taught about its history? The reason why it was targeted is not because people dont like the sculpture, its because they studied the history behind it.
You got it wrong Jack.","0","","2020-06-18 17:46:40","false",""
"UgyBxGsNp5BRddy7ld94AaABAg","Hamish McIndy","Lol

I'm loving how angry this made all you right wing plebs 😂😂😂😂","3","2","2020-06-18 13:33:55","true",""
"UgyBxGsNp5BRddy7ld94AaABAg.9A2WSimot9i9A2Wj-qNKoO","Jack Archer","It’s your side which is angry with inanimate objects. What most people here object to is this cancel culture movement, where the whole of our history is held to account by today’s moral standards.","4","","2020-06-18 13:36:16","false",""
"UgyBxGsNp5BRddy7ld94AaABAg.9A2WSimot9i9A2_SsCPUyE","Baz Green","Not as angry as Brexit made you losers. You're still crying about it... Pathetic really, you can't get anything done by democratic means so you just try and use fear and violence. Like I said, pathetic.","2","","2020-06-18 14:08:53","false",""
"Ugwm4FXpelsETMrshZB4AaABAg","RaKuu","A lot of respect for this woman, but undoubtedly she'll get hate sent her way for just doing her job","2","1","2020-06-18 13:34:29","true",""
"Ugwm4FXpelsETMrshZB4AaABAg.9A2WWvyll059A2vACk-D_H","Grave Peril","to do her job she needs to remove the paint","0","","2020-06-18 17:18:35","false",""
"UgyPt18FeLOWVQPVxkt4AaABAg","Jac Crystal","With all the 'hims' flying about not only is she a revisionist historian of statutory red eyed sort but travels back in time and meets them in some safe space too.","0","0","2020-06-18 13:35:06","true",""
"UgwNCge4X2gGpkW4_rd4AaABAg","Flat Bastard Engineering Channel","How about we get rid of ungrateful foreigners rather than destroy our great history.","8","2","2020-06-18 13:35:40","true",""
"UgwNCge4X2gGpkW4_rd4AaABAg.9A2WeZ0518N9A2XTkoAG_9","blue fox","Would you be grateful for 400 years of abuse when all you do is work hard and provide for your family","0","","2020-06-18 13:42:47","false",""
"UgwNCge4X2gGpkW4_rd4AaABAg.9A2WeZ0518N9A2_1VfVC5i","Robert Fullard","@blue fox holy crap!!! Do people live for 400 years now? Sick of this tired refrain of my ancestors got treated badly wah wah wah. The past both ugly and beautiful should be remembered and talked about and learned from. The statue should not have been torn down by disgusting thugs.","3","","2020-06-18 14:05:09","false",""
"UgwFHTosIxfh5diF7HB4AaABAg","British Patriot","I’ll give anyone 1000 pounds to tear down nelson Mandelas statue","13","25","2020-06-18 13:35:54","true",""
"UgwFHTosIxfh5diF7HB4AaABAg.9A2WgHbenk29A2Wo0YDWui","Dillon Longland","Why?","2","","2020-06-18 13:36:57","false",""
"UgwFHTosIxfh5diF7HB4AaABAg.9A2WgHbenk29A2X0ioEn4D","British Patriot","Dillon Longland because he killed lots of people and why is his statue even in our country he has no place here","11","","2020-06-18 13:38:50","false",""
"UgwFHTosIxfh5diF7HB4AaABAg.9A2WgHbenk29A2X7AvFPSc","robin mcgregor","I'd happily do it for free. I'm sure a lot of people would.","8","","2020-06-18 13:39:43","false",""
"UgwFHTosIxfh5diF7HB4AaABAg.9A2WgHbenk29A2XFYbxiMa","Darren Martin","People biding their time..It will happen when they least expect it","2","","2020-06-18 13:40:51","false",""
"UgwFHTosIxfh5diF7HB4AaABAg.9A2WgHbenk29A2XNGZMCP4","White Wolf","@British Patriot Correct","1","","2020-06-18 13:41:54","false",""
"UgwFHTosIxfh5diF7HB4AaABAg.9A2WgHbenk29A2XNJCoevK","Jamie Walsh","Go back to school mate 🤣","0","","2020-06-18 13:41:55","false",""
"UgwFHTosIxfh5diF7HB4AaABAg.9A2WgHbenk29A2XUSuJLXF","White Wolf","@Traverse No moron hes here because we are ran by marxist liberals who hate their own people.","3","","2020-06-18 13:42:53","false",""
"UgwFHTosIxfh5diF7HB4AaABAg.9A2WgHbenk29A2XcFDGp-t","blue fox","He wanted to free his people, think that's a tad different to collecting slaves","4","","2020-06-18 13:44:05","false",""
"UgwFHTosIxfh5diF7HB4AaABAg.9A2WgHbenk29A2YerfU_PT","White Wolf","@blue fox By killing innocent people?","3","","2020-06-18 13:53:11","false",""
"UgwFHTosIxfh5diF7HB4AaABAg.9A2WgHbenk29A2YiUy0GpR","British Patriot","Jamie Walsh I think you should you do realise nelson Mandela was involved in the deaths of thousands of people","2","","2020-06-18 13:53:41","false",""
"UgwFHTosIxfh5diF7HB4AaABAg.9A2WgHbenk29A2Z6N-WEBt","Gary Chance","@Traverse Would that be the same white people that have been hunted down and executed for a long time? Going on till this very day.
Get back in your box.","2","","2020-06-18 13:57:05","false",""
"UgwFHTosIxfh5diF7HB4AaABAg.9A2WgHbenk29A2_bQ82phl","James McDougall","Traverse Dutch white people, do Kenyans  take responsibility for the Rwandan genocide?","2","","2020-06-18 14:10:11","false",""
"UgwFHTosIxfh5diF7HB4AaABAg.9A2WgHbenk29A2aGdC-Uzb","Prozac","WE should put all the BLM supporters in prison to reform them it worked for Mandela...he never got in trouble with the police once he was released !...prove me wrong","2","","2020-06-18 14:15:57","false",""
"UgwFHTosIxfh5diF7HB4AaABAg.9A2WgHbenk29A2ieawU71V","White Wolf","@Traverse Why do we have a foreigner as a statue in my country","1","","2020-06-18 15:29:16","false",""
"UgwFHTosIxfh5diF7HB4AaABAg.9A2WgHbenk29A2ijFWNu6V","White Wolf","@Gary Chance Why are you protesting for a druggie in America","0","","2020-06-18 15:29:54","false",""
"UgwFHTosIxfh5diF7HB4AaABAg.9A2WgHbenk29A2k4KaSO-d","Gary Chance","@White Wolf What? I'm no protester lol I would gladly drown all the anti whites.","2","","2020-06-18 15:41:39","false",""
"UgwFHTosIxfh5diF7HB4AaABAg.9A2WgHbenk29A2wtjpOMPy","Max Larsen","1000 is not enough, u need a few people, a van/4x4","0","","2020-06-18 17:33:40","false",""
"UgwFHTosIxfh5diF7HB4AaABAg.9A2WgHbenk29AAlUkD91fa","Cheryl Johannsen","Funny RACIST.... RACIST LIVES DON'T MATTER","0","","2020-06-21 18:27:55","false",""
"UgwFHTosIxfh5diF7HB4AaABAg.9A2WgHbenk29AAlZjjkTgR","Cheryl Johannsen","@British Patriot Ha ha murdered millions.....great racist Patriot?","0","","2020-06-21 18:28:36","false",""
"UgwFHTosIxfh5diF7HB4AaABAg.9A2WgHbenk29AAlh379r-t","Cheryl Johannsen","@White Wolf Ha ha ha..two liddle racists agree:) CUTE...your racists liddle snowballs are dripping:) together:)","0","","2020-06-21 18:29:44","false",""
"UgwFHTosIxfh5diF7HB4AaABAg.9A2WgHbenk29AAm-PeapmY","Cheryl Johannsen","@Gary Chance I hope so...they deserve it:) RACIST LIVES DON'T MATTER","0","","2020-06-21 18:32:23","false",""
"UgwFHTosIxfh5diF7HB4AaABAg.9A2WgHbenk29AAm6I7ZdFK","Cheryl Johannsen","@Prozac Sweetie...your Prozac isn't working. YOU ARE STILL A RACIST:)","0","","2020-06-21 18:33:19","false",""
"UgwFHTosIxfh5diF7HB4AaABAg.9A2WgHbenk29AAm9sS-EQW","Cheryl Johannsen","@White Wolf Your comprehension is 1st grade. Dumb da dum dum","0","","2020-06-21 18:33:49","false",""
"UgwFHTosIxfh5diF7HB4AaABAg.9A2WgHbenk29AAnWhHnc7c","White Wolf","@Cheryl Johannsen Hahaha you TRIGGER loser the world is NOT as you think it is. We are seeing the rebirth of the people of Europa. Rule Britannia freak lol","0","","2020-06-21 18:45:40","false",""
"UgwFHTosIxfh5diF7HB4AaABAg.9A2WgHbenk29AAqEYh_kZX","Prozac","@Cheryl Johannsen Please explain why Darling ?","0","","2020-06-21 19:09:24","false",""
"Ugw2i033Cbuc8cNhpbh4AaABAg","Raptor Jesus","just build an even bigger statue of him in the same spot.
these triggered SJWs need to learn that they can't just tear down our landmarks.","5","6","2020-06-18 13:36:27","true",""
"Ugw2i033Cbuc8cNhpbh4AaABAg.9A2WkGckbTa9A2X_7PHZNB","bethany busby","""our landmarks""??? It's their landmarks too, they live here as well. And I don't think we should glorify a slave trader no matter how much money they gained or put into a village or town. Don't get why people are against protests for racial equality.","1","","2020-06-18 13:43:40","false",""
"Ugw2i033Cbuc8cNhpbh4AaABAg.9A2WkGckbTa9A2XyeFZGy6","sneezer","@bethany busby You mean we don't have racial equality here in the UK?","2","","2020-06-18 13:47:09","false",""
"Ugw2i033Cbuc8cNhpbh4AaABAg.9A2WkGckbTa9A2XzwqvQkz","Sky Sky","@bethany busby  People aren't against peaceful protest but they are against rioting idiots causing twat.","3","","2020-06-18 13:47:19","false",""
"Ugw2i033Cbuc8cNhpbh4AaABAg.9A2WkGckbTa9A2YHK8C0Gn","bethany busby","@sneezer no. We dont.","0","","2020-06-18 13:49:50","false",""
"Ugw2i033Cbuc8cNhpbh4AaABAg.9A2WkGckbTa9A2YYALxh4G","bethany busby","@sneezer even if we did we can still stand with other countries. We do the same with famine and charity, why not BLM?","1","","2020-06-18 13:52:08","false",""
"Ugw2i033Cbuc8cNhpbh4AaABAg.9A2WkGckbTa9A2yUa9Ilu9","Max Larsen","LOL","0","","2020-06-18 17:47:34","false",""
"UgwN1vTCyMnZfiFexyB4AaABAg","Tom Soki","So when are they going to put all the people who tore it down in a court room and try them for it?","7","0","2020-06-18 13:36:38","true",""
"UgzNGOywSs_06xo14yp4AaABAg","likklej8","Actually that red  paint colour  improves the statue,maybe paint it all over. Our ancestors in Rome,Greece, Egypt and South America did.Art history","1","0","2020-06-18 13:37:12","true",""
"UgzWSP1rV1-lQFTkBI14AaABAg","hilton11000","why even have mandel statue in uk ,he does not represent uk ,get rid of it","22","24","2020-06-18 13:39:33","true",""
"UgzWSP1rV1-lQFTkBI14AaABAg.9A2X60hmpKo9A2YH1qlkGt","Hirbod Pirnia","It's history, why get rid of it?","8","","2020-06-18 13:49:48","false",""
"UgzWSP1rV1-lQFTkBI14AaABAg.9A2X60hmpKo9A2_IKQWT7M","Scott Ferguson","We have statues that represent a history we learned from, and progressed forword from. We should not forget it.

Don't let the media and social media manipulate you with emotional language. Go back 200 years and you'll find all traders, traded slaves. It was an institution. One Britain was happy to outlaw first in all the world.","4","","2020-06-18 14:07:27","false",""
"UgzWSP1rV1-lQFTkBI14AaABAg.9A2X60hmpKo9A2_Sp2oP0f","Shane Halliwell","Probably because the UK was the centre of the Anti-Apartheid Movement, mate. Use your noggin","4","","2020-06-18 14:08:53","false",""
"UgzWSP1rV1-lQFTkBI14AaABAg.9A2X60hmpKo9A2_xvxQSSu","John Mulligan","@Hirbod Pirnia He has nothing to do with this country. Why not Chopin?","2","","2020-06-18 14:13:16","false",""
"UgzWSP1rV1-lQFTkBI14AaABAg.9A2X60hmpKo9A2aBmjsTWk","Scott Ferguson","@John Mulligan Because, extremists pull down statues and burn books thinking they can fix history. We are not extremists.","3","","2020-06-18 14:15:17","false",""
"UgzWSP1rV1-lQFTkBI14AaABAg.9A2X60hmpKo9A2bq8HAwt-","Barrybadass","Mohammed was the biggest slave trader in the workd.","3","","2020-06-18 14:29:40","false",""
"UgzWSP1rV1-lQFTkBI14AaABAg.9A2X60hmpKo9A2bqN9AVVZ","John Mulligan","@Scott Ferguson Agreed. Nazis and Stalinists represent that.","2","","2020-06-18 14:29:42","false",""
"UgzWSP1rV1-lQFTkBI14AaABAg.9A2X60hmpKo9A2c5E4ovfs","Gone Gaming.","Domestic terrorist was Mandela.","5","","2020-06-18 14:31:52","false",""
"UgzWSP1rV1-lQFTkBI14AaABAg.9A2X60hmpKo9A2c7dJg8x0","Gary Chance","@Scott Ferguson No we are not, we just allow the mass rape of our indigenous children and the loss of our homeland. All because we are ""civil"".
The future will be a very intolerant place, changes are happening in the true British people as we speak. We are not so civil that we will not do what is necessary to preserve our people and our homeland. The gauntlet has been thrown down and we shall accept.","3","","2020-06-18 14:32:12","false",""
"UgzWSP1rV1-lQFTkBI14AaABAg.9A2X60hmpKo9A2cBgejMfB","Gone Gaming.","@John Mulligan Far left fascists Antifa and neo marxist BLM do that, fixed it for you soy boy.","2","","2020-06-18 14:32:45","false",""
"UgzWSP1rV1-lQFTkBI14AaABAg.9A2X60hmpKo9A2cPPiQYBX","John Mulligan","@Gone Gaming. He wasn''t  just a domestic terrorist.","1","","2020-06-18 14:34:38","false",""
"UgzWSP1rV1-lQFTkBI14AaABAg.9A2X60hmpKo9A2cUIEYQOi","Scott Ferguson","@John Mulligan Yep, the Nazi book burners and the Stalinists literally removing problem people from historical photographs to erase them.

If you find yourself thinking like them in how they treat history, then you need to stop and think seriously how you got to that point. Something has clearly gone wrong and usually it's cultish beliefs or allowing your emotions to run away with you.

Be careful people, it's all to easy to fall into that trap.","2","","2020-06-18 14:35:18","false",""
"UgzWSP1rV1-lQFTkBI14AaABAg.9A2X60hmpKo9A2cjikJHjS","John Mulligan","@Gone Gaming. Far left fascists is really an oxymoron","1","","2020-06-18 14:37:32","false",""
"UgzWSP1rV1-lQFTkBI14AaABAg.9A2X60hmpKo9A2d9Fst5Rk","Gone Gaming.","@Scott Ferguson 👍🏼","1","","2020-06-18 14:41:10","false",""
"UgzWSP1rV1-lQFTkBI14AaABAg.9A2X60hmpKo9A2dBq8WvGe","Scott Ferguson","@Gary Chance I'm not calling you an extremist, as far as I know you are not trying to erase history.
By the tone of your comment though I would suggest you might be being pushed into a more extreme view of the world. I'm not blaming you. The media and social media are trying to convince us 2+2=white people bad.

We must remain non-violent in our total resistance of far left ideology and only go so far as maintaining law and order, not extracting revenge of any kind. That's how you get demonized by the powerful and destroy your own goals. Peaceful resistance and protest will wind over the masses as it has throughout history.","1","","2020-06-18 14:41:31","false",""
"UgzWSP1rV1-lQFTkBI14AaABAg.9A2X60hmpKo9A2dG2q4D3m","John Mulligan","@Scott Ferguson Don't worry. I love the cultural, literary, social history and heritage of this country. It will not be destroyed by these imbeciles.","0","","2020-06-18 14:42:05","false",""
"UgzWSP1rV1-lQFTkBI14AaABAg.9A2X60hmpKo9A2dQAfCwTE","James Unsworth","Nelson Mandela was hero to the world we have the statue because of his service not just to South Africa but the world.  :)  be positive","3","","2020-06-18 14:43:28","false",""
"UgzWSP1rV1-lQFTkBI14AaABAg.9A2X60hmpKo9A2dnn0QiCu","John Mulligan","@James Unsworth I can name 500 people that are more worthy. Socrates for one.","0","","2020-06-18 14:46:50","false",""
"UgzWSP1rV1-lQFTkBI14AaABAg.9A2X60hmpKo9A2uuTw7D0L","Max Larsen","because he was a nonce","0","","2020-06-18 17:16:17","false",""
"UgzWSP1rV1-lQFTkBI14AaABAg.9A2X60hmpKo9AAi0bifkNn","Cheryl Johannsen","@Scott Ferguson But you are a extremist racist:) RACIST'S LIVES DON'T MATTER","0","","2020-06-21 17:57:36","false",""
"UgzWSP1rV1-lQFTkBI14AaABAg.9A2X60hmpKo9AAiA4VCo1K","Cheryl Johannsen","@Gone Gaming. ha ha...delusional racist. RACIST'S LIVES DON'T MATTER","0","","2020-06-21 17:58:53","false",""
"UgzWSP1rV1-lQFTkBI14AaABAg.9A2X60hmpKo9AAiM507VOh","Cheryl Johannsen","@Scott Ferguson RACIST'S LIVES DON'T MATTER","0","","2020-06-21 18:00:32","false",""
"UgzWSP1rV1-lQFTkBI14AaABAg.9A2X60hmpKo9AAiQfUIWxD","Cheryl Johannsen","@Scott Ferguson Racists are funny.","0","","2020-06-21 18:01:09","false",""
"UgzWSP1rV1-lQFTkBI14AaABAg.9A2X60hmpKo9AAj1oYopRe","Scott Ferguson","@Cheryl Johannsen Careful, that much *salt* could kill you 😂

Why do you even think I'm a racist? Literally nothing I've said would suggest that.","0","","2020-06-21 18:06:30","false",""
"UgzO0sKtNhOQ0o2BmHd4AaABAg","Darren Martin","When the cop held down the criminal was he Pink Floyd?","5","0","2020-06-18 13:39:48","true",""
"Ugx3e--eb0CNUNQuSxN4AaABAg","Barro the striker","Who ever got it out the canal what's wrong with u leave it there","1","2","2020-06-18 13:42:03","true",""
"Ugx3e--eb0CNUNQuSxN4AaABAg.9A2XOKOdhYO9A2Y-jFMUND","Tom Morgan","Why?","0","","2020-06-18 13:47:26","false",""
"Ugx3e--eb0CNUNQuSxN4AaABAg.9A2XOKOdhYO9A2yKLUkZT6","Max Larsen","fish lives matter","1","","2020-06-18 17:46:10","false",""
"Ugz-SPhvIK1dnf2uDYd4AaABAg","Libertarian Infidel","Keep the paint?
So can we exhume Geroge Floyds body and keep him in a museum so we can keep his crushed neck?","5","1","2020-06-18 13:42:25","true",""
"Ugz-SPhvIK1dnf2uDYd4AaABAg.9A2XQwnsZ3K9AAlQvN89h3","Cheryl Johannsen","Oooo...such a RACIST!!!!! RACIST'S LIVES DON'T MATTER","0","","2020-06-21 18:27:24","false",""
"Ugx49YQRmAbb4MZAwpd4AaABAg","shaolinskunks88","The queen should be shoved in a home. If it wasn’t for the choices Churchill made she might not be sitting on her throne. Bristol liked all the hospitals and schools funded by Edward colston they like slavery money 💰 when it benefits them.","4","1","2020-06-18 13:42:56","true",""
"Ugx49YQRmAbb4MZAwpd4AaABAg.9A2XUn5RUTS9A8u_4xLKrj","Stony Stevenson","Can't say I've heard of any mass exodus, it's almost as though they're a bunch of raging hypocrites.","0","","2020-06-21 01:08:49","false",""
"UgyivYg87KidAeIU_rF4AaABAg","Cricket Cycle","It should be kept down there for the fishies","8","7","2020-06-18 13:44:10","true",""
"UgyivYg87KidAeIU_rF4AaABAg.9A2XclCjEcu9A2YNLRYGFs","Gary Chance","So should the anti whites on this island. In time that will be the case. You will be among them.","2","","2020-06-18 13:50:39","false",""
"UgyivYg87KidAeIU_rF4AaABAg.9A2XclCjEcu9A2Z21WmUtR","Baz Green","No it should stay where it fkin was unless a vote is taken to decide otherwise. It's all UK tax payers property, so they had no right to touch it without our permission.","1","","2020-06-18 13:56:29","false",""
"UgyivYg87KidAeIU_rF4AaABAg.9A2XclCjEcu9A2__cnzeEs","Cricket Cycle","@Baz Green yep so true exactly what I mean","0","","2020-06-18 14:09:57","false",""
"UgyivYg87KidAeIU_rF4AaABAg.9A2XclCjEcu9A2bUX7oq85","Gary Chance","@Cricket Cycle Are you slow? Are you incapable of reading text?","0","","2020-06-18 14:26:35","false",""
"UgyivYg87KidAeIU_rF4AaABAg.9A2XclCjEcu9A2d3I3GFcu","Cricket Cycle","@Gary Chance ??? what you going on about?????","0","","2020-06-18 14:40:21","false",""
"UgyivYg87KidAeIU_rF4AaABAg.9A2XclCjEcu9BAuEjeqebi","Cricket Cycle","I ain't white bro!","0","","2020-07-16 16:15:46","false",""
"UgyivYg87KidAeIU_rF4AaABAg.9A2XclCjEcu9BAvUVcYyCs","Gary Chance","@Cricket Cycle The lack of IQ show here, I assumed as much.","0","","2020-07-16 16:26:40","false",""
"Ugybo-jYuymqG1mYrsl4AaABAg","U.K Air rifles Hunting&Target","what noot getting get rid of the Graffiti? bad scratch any compliments i gave b4","2","0","2020-06-18 13:46:18","true",""
"UgxohuLcuX21KWDsNxp4AaABAg","BantzOne","Chuck that stupid statue in the bin so we can all forget about that murderer. Better yet stick it in a museum that nobody goes to.","0","0","2020-06-18 13:46:23","true",""
"UgxIntHQkM7eXhyqIPV4AaABAg","U.K Air rifles Hunting&Target","so your gonna save a statue then also leave most of the damage. it isnt like it was discovered 500 years later. Wash it off","78","13","2020-06-18 13:47:39","true",""
"UgxIntHQkM7eXhyqIPV4AaABAg.9A2Y1LSugkC9A2blWem2hY","Rachael Hollifield","Don't you think it's right to protect our history tho?","7","","2020-06-18 14:29:03","false",""
"UgxIntHQkM7eXhyqIPV4AaABAg.9A2Y1LSugkC9A2bt6_RLZg","Gone Gaming.","@Rachael Hollifield Yes.","4","","2020-06-18 14:30:05","false",""
"UgxIntHQkM7eXhyqIPV4AaABAg.9A2Y1LSugkC9A2c2fcs-eb","Gone Gaming.","@Rachael Hollifield I say revoke all free scholarships for students from forgien countries who don't like our 400 plus history, find a suitable country to cater their pandering.","9","","2020-06-18 14:31:31","false",""
"UgxIntHQkM7eXhyqIPV4AaABAg.9A2Y1LSugkC9A2c_TnTxiw","dem blayards","Rachael Hollifield imagine thinking this post modernist hell hole is “our” history","6","","2020-06-18 14:36:08","false",""
"UgxIntHQkM7eXhyqIPV4AaABAg.9A2Y1LSugkC9A2d1SycNie","Rachael Hollifield","@dem blayards ye nightmare. I actually know the difference between history and mythology.","2","","2020-06-18 14:40:06","false",""
"UgxIntHQkM7eXhyqIPV4AaABAg.9A2Y1LSugkC9A2nB4dMx7O","Fred Mode","@dem blayards Can you define 'post modernist' for us?","4","","2020-06-18 16:08:47","false",""
"UgxIntHQkM7eXhyqIPV4AaABAg.9A2Y1LSugkC9A2nxjA-MaI","dem blayards","Fred Mode no","1","","2020-06-18 16:15:34","false",""
"UgxIntHQkM7eXhyqIPV4AaABAg.9A2Y1LSugkC9A2pOjhoqe1","Fred Mode","@dem blayards Thought not.","3","","2020-06-18 16:28:08","false",""
"UgxIntHQkM7eXhyqIPV4AaABAg.9A2Y1LSugkC9A2pWvxOyN1","michael parker","@Rachael Hollifield no!!!!","0","","2020-06-18 16:29:15","false",""
"UgxIntHQkM7eXhyqIPV4AaABAg.9A2Y1LSugkC9A2pr9lOE_c","dem blayards","Fred Mode okay","1","","2020-06-18 16:32:09","false",""
"UgxIntHQkM7eXhyqIPV4AaABAg.9A2Y1LSugkC9A2sZIzS_Zf","Fred Mode","@dem blayards yeah, not too bad thanks. Bit bored like; that's why I'm contributing to the crap on here.","1","","2020-06-18 16:55:47","false",""
"UgxIntHQkM7eXhyqIPV4AaABAg.9A2Y1LSugkC9A2sllagrnJ","Ross Brown","@Fred Mode 😂😂 👍🏻","0","","2020-06-18 16:57:38","false",""
"UgxIntHQkM7eXhyqIPV4AaABAg.9A2Y1LSugkC9A3LI0ErvL_","Boyo","""It's ok to erase history when I don't like it""","1","","2020-06-18 21:15:34","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg","Luke Davies","Don't worry soyboys, Nelson Mandela & Karl Marx are coming down next!!","46","42","2020-06-18 13:47:50","true",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A2ajw1iwlo","Declán Thomas","Mandela was the greatest freedom fighter of all time, apartheid was never going to be defeated by peaceful measures the only reason it did end reasonably peacefully was because the system was self destructing from the inside out and the white South Africans voted for it to end in 1992. Karl Marx’s only issue was not taking into account human imperfection within his political philosophies. Hence why socialism on a nationwide and constitutional scale hasn’t worked. 

You British are a strange bunch, no wonder we fought so hard for independence 😂","5","","2020-06-18 14:20:05","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A2bgUv8ikS","dem blayards","Declán Thomas all the best freedom fighters bomb school buses, do they?","20","","2020-06-18 14:28:22","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A2cWR_kvRm","Richard R","Leave Karl Marx. He would of been against zionism. He was also critcal of zews.","0","","2020-06-18 14:35:35","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A2dbQ9HTTX","Declán Thomas","dem blayards to end a system that did far worse, yes.","1","","2020-06-18 14:45:08","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A2eBjGmiYn","dem blayards","Declán Thomas 
>drugged up criminal dies by cops
Triggers world wide outrage and condemnation
>literal terrorist and child killer
ogay :DDD us afriganz nd whites need do celebate our great leader :DDDDDD","5","","2020-06-18 14:50:14","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A2ebYHGCUB","Kingnotail","Anyone using the term ""soyboys"" is automatically disqualified from grown up conversation","3","","2020-06-18 14:53:54","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A2elFdxZYl","Declán Thomas","dem blayards If you’re British I’ll say that I’m so glad we got our independence from you lot 🇮🇪","1","","2020-06-18 14:55:13","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A2ep_amME6","Dissociated Women Incorporated","@Richard R that's... ""would _have""._ Or, if you want to contract it, ""would've"". ""Of"" does not make sense, while ""have"" works similarly to if the word ""would"" was not in front of it.","0","","2020-06-18 14:55:49","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A2fZVYQuQW","Richard R","@Dissociated Women Incorporated Sorry about missing a word with an apostrophe. Is that all you have to say regarding zionism? Lmao","0","","2020-06-18 15:02:13","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A2o0GZigLA","Ian Mclean","@Kingnotail  Ok soyboy stay triggered lol.","3","","2020-06-18 16:16:03","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A2ozC26XqE","Fred Mode","@Richard R He was born into a Jewish family. He did not espouse freedom OF religion but freedom FROM  it.","0","","2020-06-18 16:24:30","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A2rMAw0ECQ","Sinn Harman","Slave trader statue lovers","0","","2020-06-18 16:45:16","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A2sAMZhieg","Max Larsen","Richard R karl marx was a jew....","1","","2020-06-18 16:52:23","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A2tAtPjsPw","Sinn Harman","Racist statues will be put in the museuem where they belong","0","","2020-06-18 17:01:12","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A2tqbqRh4i","Ross Brown","@Declán Thomas to the Taliban, Osama was a freedom fighter...","2","","2020-06-18 17:07:02","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A2wPBl12-s","Ross Brown","@Declán Thomas my comment seems to keep getting deleted..

To the ta li ba n, os am a was freedom fighter..","1","","2020-06-18 17:29:22","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A2wVoVeDeH","Ross Brown","@Sinn Harman statues can't be racist though.","2","","2020-06-18 17:30:16","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A2zekCfggg","Sinn Harman","@Ross Brown but the statue is of a racist","0","","2020-06-18 17:57:50","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A2zymeNohj","Richard R","@Max Larsen Not all Jews are zionists and Karl Marx wrote a book ""On the Jewish question"".","0","","2020-06-18 18:00:34","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A3-RB8byYb","Max Larsen","Richard R im just saying.","0","","2020-06-18 18:04:35","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A33-Gj63LY","Ross Brown","@Sinn Harman what would you call Mandela?","0","","2020-06-18 18:35:44","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A33oH5YjD6","Sinn Harman","@Ross Brown a south african","0","","2020-06-18 18:42:50","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A37aaDVL9-","Dissociated Women Incorporated","@Richard R I'm not talking about apostrophes at all. Or Zionism. I'm trying to teach you the difference between the word ""of"" and the word ""have"" so that you can avoid that common error in the future. The only relevance to the apostrophe was a ""by the way"" bonus that you can shorten ""have"" to ""'ve"". But I mean, if you don't care about the English language or English culture at all, feel free to just use any word you want in any way you bacon. Your choice! 😂","0","","2020-06-18 19:15:55","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A38EBBBVGk","Richard R","@Dissociated Women Incorporated it's a dialect issue. I just write as I would speak. It's nothing to do with my grammar. It's just regional dialect, and I write as i would speak. I appreciate the criticism.","0","","2020-06-18 19:21:27","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A38OWV-bYd","Richard R","@Max Larsen not all Jews are Zionists, so what makes you think Karl Marx would be pro Israel despite his criticism of religion?","0","","2020-06-18 19:22:52","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A38XxgOMKQ","Ross Brown","@Sinn Harman not a terr or ist then?","0","","2020-06-18 19:24:09","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A393ta6lPs","Max Larsen","Richard R zionists are those that believe that Israel is their chosen land.","0","","2020-06-18 19:28:47","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A3952YOHAX","Max Larsen","Ross Brown im","0","","2020-06-18 19:28:57","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A39yyC9nls","Ross Brown","@Max Larsen sorry?","0","","2020-06-18 19:36:43","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A3A6usYUwx","Richard R","@Max Larsen you're wrong. There's many Jewish people who oppose zionism, and I live near a large community of Jewish people which believe Zionism is еv!l.

Speak to Jewish people instead of the pro Zionists. Read some of the scriptures of Judaism, and check out ""the protocols of the elders of zion"".","1","","2020-06-18 19:37:56","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A3A7Ks0Hbl","simply lizy","@Declán Thomas what country are you from because I want to know what  counry fought for independent","0","","2020-06-18 19:38:00","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A3AJRAem0z","Max Larsen","Ross Brown im a nonce.","0","","2020-06-18 19:39:39","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A3AQx4jRfd","Declán Thomas","simply lizy one called the Republic of Ireland 🇮🇪","0","","2020-06-18 19:40:40","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A3Ab9kqgBS","simply lizy","@Declán Thomas ooohhh","0","","2020-06-18 19:42:12","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A3AuHlK6go","Max Larsen","Richard R i have aids, can u cure it?","0","","2020-06-18 19:44:49","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A3BYN5kcTM","Ross Brown","@Max Larsen well that's something you need to address","0","","2020-06-18 19:50:25","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A3Bqjzjb7g","Max Larsen","Ross Brown 👍🏻😔","0","","2020-06-18 19:53:04","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A3Eaa1FqnY","Declán Thomas","Ross Brown Aye, and to the apartheid regime and racists Mandela was a terrorist, which side are you on?","0","","2020-06-18 20:17:05","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A3Ei7ENyNy","Richard R","@Max Larsen great argument.","0","","2020-06-18 20:18:06","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A3FNwFdKAZ","Ross Brown","@Declán Thomas well the fact that he sanctioned an attack tbat killed innocent people, and that he was willing to inflict serious disfigurement to people that didn't agree with his actions, yes I'd call him a terro rist.  But that's going to invoke your next response to be calling me a racist.","1","","2020-06-18 20:23:57","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9A3S9AhrP9y","Kingnotail","@Max Larsen shrub rocketeer","0","","2020-06-18 22:15:32","false",""
"UgzrLBBtc8VANSul5Tx4AaABAg.9A2Y2auQcEy9AFE5Tayld9","Rick Sanchez C-137","Declán Thomas I’m Scottish.  Sadly we ain’t so lucky","1","","2020-06-23 12:03:35","false",""
"UgylZjVx5XUpIo52TRx4AaABAg","Gary Samuel Kay","How dickeshly funny would it be just to replace the statues with gold plated versions of the old ones.","1","0","2020-06-18 13:47:52","true",""
"UgwqxExDiD2Ud4qa3L54AaABAg","Terror Bite","The comments here make me cringe","4","1","2020-06-18 13:49:09","true",""
"UgwqxExDiD2Ud4qa3L54AaABAg.9A2YCKCW7nd9A2x0jXznex","Max Larsen","😂","0","","2020-06-18 17:34:46","false",""
"Ugx8r_JVB0L3WhgTG1N4AaABAg","Badger","Imagine thinking a statue is more important than the lives of people. All the closet racists in the comments lmaoooo","2","8","2020-06-18 13:49:33","true",""
"Ugx8r_JVB0L3WhgTG1N4AaABAg.9A2YFFvkxdv9A2ZFPzeu8-","Gary Chance","That statue is worth more than every non white on this island. Make no mistake about it.","0","","2020-06-18 13:58:19","false",""
"Ugx8r_JVB0L3WhgTG1N4AaABAg.9A2YFFvkxdv9A2ZYD4xb0g","Baz Green","IKR, crowding around a statue, spreading covid, costing lives. So selfish.","0","","2020-06-18 14:00:53","false",""
"Ugx8r_JVB0L3WhgTG1N4AaABAg.9A2YFFvkxdv9A2gv3qy4Hz","fat fat","@Gary Chance Why?","0","","2020-06-18 15:14:02","false",""
"Ugx8r_JVB0L3WhgTG1N4AaABAg.9A2YFFvkxdv9A2i6JUDl3C","Gary Chance","@fat fat Because it's British and they are not.","0","","2020-06-18 15:24:27","false",""
"Ugx8r_JVB0L3WhgTG1N4AaABAg.9A2YFFvkxdv9A2qluadrgi","fat fat","@Gary Chance they are by nationality","0","","2020-06-18 16:40:10","false",""
"Ugx8r_JVB0L3WhgTG1N4AaABAg.9A2YFFvkxdv9A2rHGCr8ic","Gary Chance","@fat fat Don't be silly. Is a white child born to two white parents in china, chinese? No. The same goes for anyone here. They are africans and whatever the rest are. They will never be British, no amount of traitorous politicians and laws will make it so.","0","","2020-06-18 16:44:35","false",""
"Ugx8r_JVB0L3WhgTG1N4AaABAg.9A2YFFvkxdv9A2tdJx3Q6d","fat fat","@Gary Chance or even boris johnson and dominic raab, since they are both descendants of immigrants. Do you believe that they should be deported?","0","","2020-06-18 17:05:13","false",""
"Ugx8r_JVB0L3WhgTG1N4AaABAg.9A2YFFvkxdv9A3RNq1dHJX","Dave Smith","@Gary Chance Gary believes everyone should live in the exact place they were born.   That's cute. In all serious tho, hate causes stress on the body and stress kills. And I know for one I want you to live a long life in the exact spot you were born.","0","","2020-06-18 22:08:48","false",""
"UgwCyyMZ5z607JocuEt4AaABAg","Bryan Moyna","They can sell its bath water now.","38","3","2020-06-18 13:50:23","true",""
"UgwCyyMZ5z607JocuEt4AaABAg.9A2YLMrDdcl9A3TYk06RnA","ian carter","I love you.","1","","2020-06-18 22:27:46","false",""
"UgwCyyMZ5z607JocuEt4AaABAg.9A2YLMrDdcl9A83MsmGWJN","Bobby LingLing","You made my day","2","","2020-06-20 17:15:09","false",""
"UgwCyyMZ5z607JocuEt4AaABAg.9A2YLMrDdcl9ADrJ54njSy","John Smith","Ladies and gentlemen, we got him.","1","","2020-06-22 23:16:29","false",""
"Ugzti3S4w0jzmQUP1gt4AaABAg","Gary Chance","By leaving the graffiti, you are agreeing that our history is literally being rewritten. Thanks for red pilling those that need it.","6","6","2020-06-18 13:54:08","true",""
"Ugzti3S4w0jzmQUP1gt4AaABAg.9A2Ylo7ZY1y9A2Z_db9BVN","Ben Fagge","It's not rewriting history. It's ending the glorification of our deeply racist colonial past. The toppling of a statue is just as much a part of history as it's erection.","1","","2020-06-18 14:01:13","false",""
"Ugzti3S4w0jzmQUP1gt4AaABAg.9A2Ylo7ZY1y9A2bi6Q7KVP","Gary Chance","@Ben Fagge Your name is bang on for describing you pal. 
Your anti white words mean nothing to me. You and everyone like you will get what's coming to them, whether you are a traitor or a ungrateful non white. The punishment will be the same.","2","","2020-06-18 14:28:35","false",""
"Ugzti3S4w0jzmQUP1gt4AaABAg.9A2Ylo7ZY1y9A2uYIXx7Q2","Max Larsen","he was a fkn slave trader u nonce","0","","2020-06-18 17:13:08","false",""
"Ugzti3S4w0jzmQUP1gt4AaABAg.9A2Ylo7ZY1y9AApRcV1qA4","Cheryl Johannsen","IT'S GREAT HUH?  Liddle angry man. . Did you get your meds yet?","0","","2020-06-21 19:02:27","false",""
"Ugzti3S4w0jzmQUP1gt4AaABAg.9A2Ylo7ZY1y9AApa62s55z","Cheryl Johannsen","@Gary Chance Awww..mama bring your meds sweetie. Messing your panties?","0","","2020-06-21 19:03:45","false",""
"Ugzti3S4w0jzmQUP1gt4AaABAg.9A2Ylo7ZY1y9AAposFaD6j","Max Larsen","Cheryl Johannsen hiya, could u be my doctor please?","0","","2020-06-21 19:05:46","false",""
"UgzKBLb_vPDWxo6Z0nd4AaABAg","Isaac","Keeping the graffiti on the statue is important. As the truth prevails in time, it will teach future generations looking back at current times about the totalitarianism of identity politics and victimhood culture. It will display to them the catalysts of extreme censorship and show them that history did indeed repeat itself and they can look back at an example of how a far-left movement used a cleverly orchestrated name to manipulate people into collective narcissism to garner the numbers they needed to enforce their radical ideology of absolution.","42","14","2020-06-18 13:54:37","true",""
"UgzKBLb_vPDWxo6Z0nd4AaABAg.9A2YpJVjJM59A2ZlLILoTY","Nixie N","okay boomer","6","","2020-06-18 14:02:48","false",""
"UgzKBLb_vPDWxo6Z0nd4AaABAg.9A2YpJVjJM59A2hA10m2UW","Ruby Tainton","It’s not extreme censorship it’s just the acknowledgement of white privilege and how people of colour have been oppressed. I don’t think that’s far left belief that something needs to change. I think it’s just a common sense to come to a realisation that what we have done to these people is wrong and to not allow it to continue any longer.","3","","2020-06-18 15:16:13","false",""
"UgzKBLb_vPDWxo6Z0nd4AaABAg.9A2YpJVjJM59A2nFso6Agw","123tommyyy","No it’s just vandalism and should be in prison or fined","3","","2020-06-18 16:09:27","false",""
"UgzKBLb_vPDWxo6Z0nd4AaABAg.9A2YpJVjJM59A2nmUZe038","sam h","I think I agree","0","","2020-06-18 16:14:02","false",""
"UgzKBLb_vPDWxo6Z0nd4AaABAg.9A2YpJVjJM59A2o7LsyUKT","Fred Mode","Isaac Thingybob, much of this country's 'glorious' history is hidden away in Hanslope Park. A shameful record of its crumbling post war empire. Narcissism cannot handle shame, it projects it.","0","","2020-06-18 16:17:01","false",""
"UgzKBLb_vPDWxo6Z0nd4AaABAg.9A2YpJVjJM59A2r6UO6iul","forthamandem","And you need an early night!","0","","2020-06-18 16:43:07","false",""
"UgzKBLb_vPDWxo6Z0nd4AaABAg.9A2YpJVjJM59A2rlDgo6KS","George A","Nixie N stfu leftie rat","2","","2020-06-18 16:48:49","false",""
"UgzKBLb_vPDWxo6Z0nd4AaABAg.9A2YpJVjJM59A2rv4bTFAu","Max Larsen","true.","0","","2020-06-18 16:50:10","false",""
"UgzKBLb_vPDWxo6Z0nd4AaABAg.9A2YpJVjJM59A2sBI7DSSf","Felix Furball","Nixie N Great counter argument. Did you benefit from a university‘education’ by any chance? Would you care to expand on your comment?","0","","2020-06-18 16:52:31","false",""
"UgzKBLb_vPDWxo6Z0nd4AaABAg.9A2YpJVjJM59A2sSf77yBr","Ross Brown","@Ruby Tainton there is absolutely no such thing as ""white privelidge"".  The fact that you use this term, shows how sheltered your life must have been or is.  The fact that businesses are actively employing POC's that may not have the required qualifications, to hit diversity quotas, as well as universities allowing POC's lower entry requirements to attend/study, shows that POC's are more likely to be privileged in comparison to their white counter parts.","2","","2020-06-18 16:54:53","false",""
"UgzKBLb_vPDWxo6Z0nd4AaABAg.9A2YpJVjJM59A2sarkNdQo","Dustin","@Felix Furball Why do you think a university education has anything to do with it? Do you think most people protesting have gone? I don't think its the main factor, more of a meme rather than anything substantial.","0","","2020-06-18 16:56:08","false",""
"UgzKBLb_vPDWxo6Z0nd4AaABAg.9A2YpJVjJM59A2vhvLbLy0","Felix Furball","Dustin Well, this cultural Marxist nonsense, including the politics of identity, is high on the agenda in universities the length and breadth of the country. So it’s a pretty safe guess. It’s like a game of Top Trumps, which group is the biggest victim. These groups are even starting to argue amongst themselves as to which group is the most oppressed. It’s pathetic, and embarrassing to have to watch and listen to.","0","","2020-06-18 17:23:19","false",""
"UgzKBLb_vPDWxo6Z0nd4AaABAg.9A2YpJVjJM59AAmWCKZTxn","Isaac","@Ruby Tainton Show me empirical evidence of my white privilege. I'm not asking for a subjective perspective of what you deem is 'common sense' which means absolutely nothing when compared to facts. I'm asking you for empirical evidence of white privilege.","2","","2020-06-21 18:36:52","false",""
"UgzKBLb_vPDWxo6Z0nd4AaABAg.9A2YpJVjJM59AAwFYOPZV-","Isaac","@Nixie N I'm 33 and voted Labour in the last three general elections you vacant, virtue signalling knob head. Just because other people don't blindly follow your false narratives of ideological absolution it doesn't mean they're what you assume them to be. People like you are the absolute worst.","0","","2020-06-21 20:01:58","false",""
"UgxPglOBB5yAY4Cc-Jh4AaABAg","Salpen9","I say put it in a museum in 100 years so everyone can see how these protests were. 2020 will change the future","11","6","2020-06-18 13:55:50","true",""
"UgxPglOBB5yAY4Cc-Jh4AaABAg.9A2YyGAVw0x9A2Zb3pDVuO","Gary Chance","You are correct, mass repatriation is in the very near future. For the whole of Europe.","5","","2020-06-18 14:01:24","false",""
"UgxPglOBB5yAY4Cc-Jh4AaABAg.9A2YyGAVw0x9A2a9EwoIqQ","Jack Archer","We will look back in embarrassment that in the middle of a pandemic,  a fringe minority of race grifters were enabled by a complicit media and spineless governments afraid of being called racist. What an achievement.","11","","2020-06-18 14:14:57","false",""
"UgxPglOBB5yAY4Cc-Jh4AaABAg.9A2YyGAVw0x9A2bzaYGYXN","Darren Martin","@Gary Chance Mass repatriation is the only choice now.BLM have woken up a lot of sheep","6","","2020-06-18 14:30:58","false",""
"UgxPglOBB5yAY4Cc-Jh4AaABAg.9A2YyGAVw0x9A2d5CuDSnN","Gary Chance","@Jack Archer No mate, they are not afraid of that, they are complicit in the fall of our people and our homeland. Do not think they are incompetent, this is happening because it is part of the plan.","1","","2020-06-18 14:40:36","false",""
"UgxPglOBB5yAY4Cc-Jh4AaABAg.9A2YyGAVw0x9A2dCkMSzsH","Gary Chance","@Darren Martin Indeed, they have created a lot of wolves as well. We know what the future holds, I look forward to participating.","1","","2020-06-18 14:41:38","false",""
"UgxPglOBB5yAY4Cc-Jh4AaABAg.9A2YyGAVw0x9A2nm1oj8U7","Ian Hayes","Has any thing changed tho? I dont think it really has","1","","2020-06-18 16:13:58","false",""
"Ugz5S2o9hB8Dzs4N3wF4AaABAg","plazid1","I bet they added the paint after it was retrieved from the river","0","0","2020-06-18 13:58:24","true",""
"Ugwrb7fWhD1eu5qax8t4AaABAg","YaBoyZ Reacts","Why are people taking down Churchill statues. Im pretty sure 95% of people were more racist in the 1940s and before. It was almost a 100 years ago. Obviously no, it does not make it acceptable, however people are a product of their environment. It was socially acceptable to be racist back then. People have learnt a great deal since then. Tearing down statues that represent a nations history will not change attitudes. We need to be taught from a young age and continue to put across the point that you should treat others how u would like to be treated. The correct socialisation and education is the only solution.","8","5","2020-06-18 14:05:54","true",""
"Ugwrb7fWhD1eu5qax8t4AaABAg.9A2_6zFhdBo9A2dmzW-zUW","James Unsworth","Very wise words. Correct words too","3","","2020-06-18 14:46:43","false",""
"Ugwrb7fWhD1eu5qax8t4AaABAg.9A2_6zFhdBo9A2dqJcMxkQ","wildcard1288","My nan is racist, she's not a bad person at all, she's quite sweet, just a product of another time, maybe this mob should vandalize every non-minority grandparents' home while they are at it. Of course, I am being satirical.","6","","2020-06-18 14:47:11","false",""
"Ugwrb7fWhD1eu5qax8t4AaABAg.9A2_6zFhdBo9A2qojIli2u","Sinn Harman","We defend are racist vanity statues coz we are engerlish","0","","2020-06-18 16:40:33","false",""
"Ugwrb7fWhD1eu5qax8t4AaABAg.9A2_6zFhdBo9A2v41MZ4Db","Max Larsen","here i go","0","","2020-06-18 17:17:44","false",""
"Ugwrb7fWhD1eu5qax8t4AaABAg.9A2_6zFhdBo9A2yMtv0w6W","YaBoyZ Reacts","@wildcard1288 exactly. I fully understand peaceful protests to raise awareness and I'm sure 99% of people are doing so. All they extreme protesters are teaching is how to start a race war. Its not like the suffragettes, they weren't equal legally. The inequality is in tangible in this case. Please people just teach your kids to treat others how they would like to be treated.","0","","2020-06-18 17:46:31","false",""
"Ugw4oEvVODpJIlaKe7B4AaABAg","Leon Hantz","If the graffiti has become part of the story of the object, then why did they remove it from the Churchill Statue in London?","3","0","2020-06-18 14:15:11","true",""
"UgzbIEBjLMeXurEAVrR4AaABAg","kakka carrotcake supersandlegend","The protesters / rioters and leftists need a bullet in the head  little commie shits","0","0","2020-06-18 14:23:11","true",""
"UgzB5TY8W-KrnFcEnCF4AaABAg","Obiwayne","Bristol council tax will be going up well done you 👏 👍 😀","23","2","2020-06-18 14:26:11","true",""
"UgzB5TY8W-KrnFcEnCF4AaABAg.9A2bRZf1Vlz9A2s-_9aQGq","Max Larsen","lol","0","","2020-06-18 16:50:55","false",""
"UgzB5TY8W-KrnFcEnCF4AaABAg.9A2bRZf1Vlz9A3Q_wugCGy","Dave Smith","Bloody hell, how much did the statue cost?","0","","2020-06-18 22:01:51","false",""
"UgzsV6nZMNmwAVByXf14AaABAg","Barrybadass","Clean it as it was get that vandals paint off it.","4","0","2020-06-18 14:28:02","true",""
"Ugz1CYC7nQ9uuRZQ5i54AaABAg","Gone Gaming.","*France is burning, zilch from the left wing media.*","1","1","2020-06-18 14:29:49","true",""
"Ugz1CYC7nQ9uuRZQ5i54AaABAg.9A2br5w-t2V9A2ekReETfz","Kingnotail","*world's smallest violin*","0","","2020-06-18 14:55:07","false",""
"UgxUXAPiXlbqmPaQ0ih4AaABAg","Chaz Walker","Oh come on - just get the power washer on him; why make it look such a delicate job, ffs - money 😒","15","1","2020-06-18 14:33:18","true",""
"UgxUXAPiXlbqmPaQ0ih4AaABAg.9A2cFj-m8HJ9AGKPaHtsqv","Ben Cunningham","Yeah power washer on a statue that long is just going to damage it dumb ass","0","","2020-06-23 22:18:00","false",""
"Ugwb_MCn9OovXXAykz94AaABAg","celic190","Priorities :/","0","0","2020-06-18 14:34:59","true",""
"Ugy4U72OQOgMeIliuK14AaABAg","C1 Tube","Wash the filth of","1","2","2020-06-18 14:37:22","true",""
"Ugy4U72OQOgMeIliuK14AaABAg.9A2ciUjG-qg9A2elxKiPRb","Kingnotail","The filth of what?","1","","2020-06-18 14:55:19","false",""
"Ugy4U72OQOgMeIliuK14AaABAg.9A2ciUjG-qg9A3pEq1Q4lO","Gareth H","That would leave only the paint.","0","","2020-06-19 01:46:01","false",""
"UgwyBXbNU7FVuJlN7YB4AaABAg","pug106 GTI","werrid! needs to be melted down n turned in to a better person! that not 2 do with slaves!!! its 2020 our culture n views have changed!","2","1","2020-06-18 14:44:12","true",""
"UgwyBXbNU7FVuJlN7YB4AaABAg.9A2dVYrYQyZ9A2sp9eks_0","Max Larsen","needs to be smelted down and donated to me so i can build a crop farm.","1","","2020-06-18 16:58:05","false",""
"UgwlWwFmav5CmpU3pT94AaABAg","Eric Ellis","Put it in a museum. In the basement.","2","0","2020-06-18 15:07:36","true",""
"UgwnW5f1bzL54pAfptF4AaABAg","Robbie","""Our main concern is making sure we can conserve the painted uh, uh, graffiti that is on him now; that's actually become the most fragile part of the sculpture"" - What a disgrace, Historians gone mad! You'd maybe (maybe!) make the exception for Banksy if he did something similar but even that's up for vast debate.","8","1","2020-06-18 15:38:15","true",""
"UgwnW5f1bzL54pAfptF4AaABAg.9A2jgKMSV1i9AAibKHRlbH","Cheryl Johannsen","Ha ha ha","0","","2020-06-21 18:02:45","false",""
"UgwSu43GPxIjx4TX5-94AaABAg","alan thomas","Make the idiotswho pulled it down pay then give them 10 years in prison","2","0","2020-06-18 15:41:04","true",""
"Ugx1GiyFKIEVVKOMDu94AaABAg","matthew willson","Restore it and put it back. History can not be changed","1","3","2020-06-18 16:07:17","true",""
"Ugx1GiyFKIEVVKOMDu94AaABAg.9A2n-z7H_o79A3p2aIDWcg","Gareth H","But the statue did rewrite history, no mention of his slaver past.","0","","2020-06-19 01:44:21","false",""
"Ugx1GiyFKIEVVKOMDu94AaABAg.9A2n-z7H_o79A4er_NyW8j","matthew willson","@Gareth H how?","0","","2020-06-19 09:34:34","false",""
"Ugx1GiyFKIEVVKOMDu94AaABAg.9A2n-z7H_o79A4giPbKlhN","Gareth H","@matthew willson I told you, by omitting his past as a slave trader. Put it in a museum and document his life story there, rather than glorifying a sanitised version on a plinth.","0","","2020-06-19 09:50:47","false",""
"Ugwie28W5KFD0iJG6zt4AaABAg","Jason","Conserve the paint? The fek?","23","1","2020-06-18 16:08:36","true",""
"Ugwie28W5KFD0iJG6zt4AaABAg.9A2n9gq54ig9A31IVhdJl2","Euan McCann","It means keeping the paint intact.","1","","2020-06-18 18:20:53","false",""
"UgxSUDke1kTdld44lj94AaABAg","rob007fen","Pathetic criminal damage endorsed by morons.","4","10","2020-06-18 16:09:57","true",""
"UgxSUDke1kTdld44lj94AaABAg.9A2nJVZI1Rc9A32odizrQV","Euan McCann","racist","1","","2020-06-18 18:34:08","false",""
"UgxSUDke1kTdld44lj94AaABAg.9A2nJVZI1Rc9A33WSsL0nY","rob007fen","Euan McCann moron","1","","2020-06-18 18:40:15","false",""
"UgxSUDke1kTdld44lj94AaABAg.9A2nJVZI1Rc9A36gJhdR54","Euan McCann","@rob007fen You a big fan of slave traders? what's the difference between him and those currently doing the same in Saudi Arabia. Defo a racist?","1","","2020-06-18 19:07:57","false",""
"UgxSUDke1kTdld44lj94AaABAg.9A2nJVZI1Rc9A37Q63OGDr","rob007fen","I am a fan of democracy and history, for better and for worse. Cancellation cutler changes nothing and educates no one. Congratulations, your a fool who believes in terrorism.","1","","2020-06-18 19:14:20","false",""
"UgxSUDke1kTdld44lj94AaABAg.9A2nJVZI1Rc9A38Y-JO6Up","rob007fen","Culture","1","","2020-06-18 19:24:09","false",""
"UgxSUDke1kTdld44lj94AaABAg.9A2nJVZI1Rc9A3JK0heCft","Euan McCann","@rob007fen Please you cannot describe BLM as terrorism and not be racist.","1","","2020-06-18 20:58:22","false",""
"UgxSUDke1kTdld44lj94AaABAg.9A2nJVZI1Rc9A3JOLCehYO","Euan McCann","@rob007fen You can't even find the edit button give up XD","1","","2020-06-18 20:58:58","false",""
"UgxSUDke1kTdld44lj94AaABAg.9A2nJVZI1Rc9A3KJ7ilgX2","rob007fen","No. There actions, behaviour threats and criminal damage for political reason, is hypocritical and worse terrorism. Read a book, better still visit the websites, listen to the voices and learn a definition. I disagree with BLM full stop. You know nothing else about me or what I believe.","0","","2020-06-18 21:06:59","false",""
"UgxSUDke1kTdld44lj94AaABAg.9A2nJVZI1Rc9A3KP_PDR2i","rob007fen","Euan McCann - P.S what are you three... nah nah na nah nah!","0","","2020-06-18 21:07:52","false",""
"UgxSUDke1kTdld44lj94AaABAg.9A2nJVZI1Rc9A5MI4p1jEA","Euan McCann","@rob007fen  What does the girlfriend think of your fascination with concrete pumps ahahahaha","1","","2020-06-19 16:02:48","false",""
"UgyvhiwYNwi9bwjZzS14AaABAg","L G","Irony being that these were acts of racism in themselves.. ""The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists"" - Winston Churchill.","0","2","2020-06-18 16:19:40","true",""
"UgyvhiwYNwi9bwjZzS14AaABAg.9A2oQlGmtLH9A3ou69R3f9","Gareth H","Bad quote, the International Churchill Society has said that is nonsense.","0","","2020-06-19 01:43:03","false",""
"UgyvhiwYNwi9bwjZzS14AaABAg.9A2oQlGmtLH9AAqR2OdEbq","Cheryl Johannsen"," are the fascist calling yourself anti fascist. Thanks for the clarification:) RACIST LIVES DON'T MATTER","0","","2020-06-21 19:11:07","false",""
"Ugyo-S6KQBiAIOhOBMN4AaABAg","rick Woods","youre looking after the graffiti paint on the statue ? Ive heard it all , Im out","33","9","2020-06-18 16:24:29","true",""
"Ugyo-S6KQBiAIOhOBMN4AaABAg.9A2oyxL2zb49A2sOI3tjpS","run 187","I saw a big swastika on the side of a Chinese restaurant and yet zero BLM people cleaned it off hypocrites..","3","","2020-06-18 16:54:17","false",""
"Ugyo-S6KQBiAIOhOBMN4AaABAg.9A2oyxL2zb49A2uFTmbv-6","⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻","@run 187 thats hot","0","","2020-06-18 17:10:33","false",""
"Ugyo-S6KQBiAIOhOBMN4AaABAg.9A2oyxL2zb49A3LC2CP7Y1","Boyo","As she said, getting rid of the graffiti would be erasing the history of the statue","2","","2020-06-18 21:14:45","false",""
"Ugyo-S6KQBiAIOhOBMN4AaABAg.9A2oyxL2zb49A3MEP1fUEG","Boyo","@UCRSmr_f8j3-H9VHcb3KKbwQ ""6 days ago"". Think beyond such a narrow scope. In 300 years that graffiti will be as historical as the statue itself now.
""hysterical overpaid marxist academics"", and John Cassidy was an overpaid slave trader sympathiser. See, I can use buzzwords too","2","","2020-06-18 21:23:49","false",""
"Ugyo-S6KQBiAIOhOBMN4AaABAg.9A2oyxL2zb49A4ImyAenCa","The old Professor","Boyo - but you’re erasing history by getting rid of the statue ??","2","","2020-06-19 06:12:58","false",""
"Ugyo-S6KQBiAIOhOBMN4AaABAg.9A2oyxL2zb49A5RaT9GuYp","Boyo","@The old Professor When did I say get rid of the statue? What would be the point of keeping the paint if you're not gonna show it off lol","1","","2020-06-19 16:49:08","false",""
"Ugyo-S6KQBiAIOhOBMN4AaABAg.9A2oyxL2zb49AAff52d4_j","Cheryl Johannsen","Yes... RACIST'S LIVES DON'T MATTER","0","","2020-06-21 17:37:03","false",""
"Ugyo-S6KQBiAIOhOBMN4AaABAg.9A2oyxL2zb49AAfiQurLwU","Cheryl Johannsen","@run 187 That's your history:)","0","","2020-06-21 17:37:30","false",""
"Ugyo-S6KQBiAIOhOBMN4AaABAg.9A2oyxL2zb49AFgFm2RqHh","k","@Cheryl Johannsen You're dull.","0","","2020-06-23 16:18:23","false",""
"UgxpBUbc_9qvOffNQBF4AaABAg","chris muskett","Just scrap it for materials","1","0","2020-06-18 16:28:31","true",""
"Ugxi5TsLCx8B6iQz7Wl4AaABAg","load714","The people who put a thumbs down on this are the people that don't understand history. All they believe in is hatred and are being brain washed by social media.","4","3","2020-06-18 16:29:02","true",""
"Ugxi5TsLCx8B6iQz7Wl4AaABAg.9A2pVNTsX739A2sp14SyAM","Grave Peril","I thumbed it down for the stupidity of leaving the paint on it, It should be repaired in full and returned to its original position","2","","2020-06-18 16:58:04","false",""
"Ugxi5TsLCx8B6iQz7Wl4AaABAg.9A2pVNTsX739A8pggC4VAq","DJ Titanium Mike","@load714 you don't understand history dummy, statues were not erected to tell our history or for historical purpose, they were erected to portray the individual as a mythical, memorize the individual for what they stood for when they were alive and because statues are always above  our height, it translate that we must look up to them. So , you need some history lesson dummy. In addition, why would you want to associate yourself with the wrong side of history. Do you not understand those Generals slaughtered thousands of Americans so that they can continue to profit from Cotton money made through slavery. You need some history lessons for sure.","1","","2020-06-21 00:26:10","false",""
"Ugxi5TsLCx8B6iQz7Wl4AaABAg.9A2pVNTsX739AAmLn5499G","Cheryl Johannsen","And idiots with comments like yours are RACIST. RACIST'S LIVES DON'T MATTER","0","","2020-06-21 18:35:26","false",""
"UgwJw6NDUtb4wXfnk1V4AaABAg","Unbearable Suffering","Now put it back up for fucks sake. Enough of this silliness.","1","0","2020-06-18 16:36:40","true",""
"UgzwI2qyW0ECJPHegFd4AaABAg","Free T TV","Put him back","5","3","2020-06-18 16:37:11","true",""
"UgzwI2qyW0ECJPHegFd4AaABAg.9A2qR-EJejg9A2uMqYlNJk","Max Larsen","in the water.","0","","2020-06-18 17:11:34","false",""
"UgzwI2qyW0ECJPHegFd4AaABAg.9A2qR-EJejg9A2us_oxssm","Free T TV","@Max Larsen 🐀","0","","2020-06-18 17:16:02","false",""
"UgzwI2qyW0ECJPHegFd4AaABAg.9A2qR-EJejg9A2yoWZUuop","Max Larsen","Free T TV 🖕🏾","0","","2020-06-18 17:50:26","false",""
"UgwZwW3DhbxBwMIVI0F4AaABAg","WMV Gaming","Yay lets glorify graffiti and the idiots who pulled it down because we are too scared to stand up for ourselves incase we be called racist and be hunted down on twitter yayyyy im so happy im alive yayyyy 😒","7","0","2020-06-18 16:38:15","true",""
"Ugw7rdTJYq9EvrCPYKB4AaABAg","Marc Argento","Why leave the paint on? would you leave it on for another peice of non contengious art? maybe not","2","6","2020-06-18 16:43:44","true",""
"Ugw7rdTJYq9EvrCPYKB4AaABAg.9A2rAxDCVTG9A2s5cOIY67","Grave Peril","well buckets of paint and art gallery's await my import additions","0","","2020-06-18 16:51:44","false",""
"Ugw7rdTJYq9EvrCPYKB4AaABAg.9A2rAxDCVTG9A2uAKDHMyg","Max Larsen","paint is the sign of waking up, rebellion against the slavery","0","","2020-06-18 17:09:51","false",""
"Ugw7rdTJYq9EvrCPYKB4AaABAg.9A2rAxDCVTG9A2uNY7spQU","Marc Argento","@Max Larsen pathetic left wing answer as always","2","","2020-06-18 17:11:40","false",""
"Ugw7rdTJYq9EvrCPYKB4AaABAg.9A2rAxDCVTG9A39M0IR-eb","Max Larsen","Marc Argento the buses arent running.","0","","2020-06-18 19:31:16","false",""
"Ugw7rdTJYq9EvrCPYKB4AaABAg.9A2rAxDCVTG9AAheJ8Fx8p","Cheryl Johannsen","Do you speak English?","0","","2020-06-21 17:54:25","false",""
"Ugw7rdTJYq9EvrCPYKB4AaABAg.9A2rAxDCVTG9AAhhWSURKO","Cheryl Johannsen","@Marc Argento Pathetic always. RACIST'S LIVES DON'T MATTER","0","","2020-06-21 17:54:51","false",""
"UgwvsrDoXb5pZ-l2Q_94AaABAg","Max Larsen","Russians took more african and carribean slaves than the france, england, america, portugal and spain put together, nobody talks about that!","0","1","2020-06-18 16:49:16","true",""
"UgwvsrDoXb5pZ-l2Q_94AaABAg.9A2roTIsKBN9AAkC5bGzw6","Cheryl Johannsen","Whataboutisms... RACIST'S LIVES DON'T MATTER","0","","2020-06-21 18:16:38","false",""
"Ugx69x2pGSrii0n2VeJ4AaABAg","Marcus","Clean it up and hang the commies that pulled it down.","0","1","2020-06-18 16:49:31","true",""
"Ugx69x2pGSrii0n2VeJ4AaABAg.9A2rqPHbV5R9A3QGkhhTv1","Dave Smith","Hear hear. I for one an like you. A believer in murder","0","","2020-06-18 21:59:05","false",""
"Ugz75FEaysBZYIlaHCV4AaABAg","ํ","NEVER EVER try to Destroy or Delete HISTORY","1","2","2020-06-18 17:04:40","true",""
"Ugz75FEaysBZYIlaHCV4AaABAg.9A2t_MLaieD9A3oPIsoek0","Gareth H","You mean, like the statue was doing?","0","","2020-06-19 01:38:43","false",""
"Ugz75FEaysBZYIlaHCV4AaABAg.9A2t_MLaieD9AAqHJzQ5PW","Cheryl Johannsen","ALWAYS... ALWAYS destroy RACIST monuments:) There:)","0","","2020-06-21 19:09:47","false",""
"Ugzj-OWTAYllG-DAtQp4AaABAg","ํ","!!!!","0","0","2020-06-18 17:07:29","true",""
"UgwgLkV3Khua2vSInQJ4AaABAg","Charles Beau de l'Air","I'm looking forward to the reinstallation ceremony!!","8","3","2020-06-18 19:16:29","true",""
"UgwgLkV3Khua2vSInQJ4AaABAg.9A37ejrOgoU9A39HDjicqn","Max Larsen","😂","0","","2020-06-18 19:30:36","false",""
"UgwgLkV3Khua2vSInQJ4AaABAg.9A37ejrOgoU9A3vwHoClS4","Andrew Fishburn","I want every statue they took down to be put on a column just like Nelson. Try taking that down.","1","","2020-06-19 02:44:31","false",""
"UgwgLkV3Khua2vSInQJ4AaABAg.9A37ejrOgoU9AAhPe6ebjs","Cheryl Johannsen","Dreamer racist? Funny.","0","","2020-06-21 17:52:16","false",""
"UgyXkH506iQbU3n1Y8x4AaABAg","Tuco The rat","Put it back on the pedestal WLM","12","0","2020-06-18 19:32:06","true",""
"Ugy3xMIyoSz_K2wIHNF4AaABAg","It’s only a game Uk","I’d leave paint on n put a plaque next to statue, sayin damaged by race baiting thugs off Bristol 👍","11","1","2020-06-18 20:51:38","true",""
"Ugy3xMIyoSz_K2wIHNF4AaABAg.9A3IYcVI3L99AAhnp5nCBN","Cheryl Johannsen","RACIST'S LIVES DON'T MATTER","0","","2020-06-21 17:55:43","false",""
"Ugwwol-f0V5mekTYMAx4AaABAg","Boyd Boyett","Vandals, really, destroying material culture is as bad as what they are trying to fight against","6","1","2020-06-18 20:56:51","true",""
"Ugwwol-f0V5mekTYMAx4AaABAg.9A3J8raWeRj9A7GwKUJ6ci","Joaquim Dias Fernandea","Porque não destruíram a estátua de Albert Pike ....o criador do KKK?","0","","2020-06-20 09:54:29","false",""
"UgzObJetne5NGaDQkbR4AaABAg","Malik Hussain","Restoring a your racist history","1","0","2020-06-18 21:44:54","true",""
"Ugw35o9VHPjIQ5xVFaR4AaABAg","The SNES Man","Oh boy! This comments section is an inferno right now","0","0","2020-06-18 22:04:05","true",""
"Ugw2-AOvCTnT_l0SzkN4AaABAg","PerfectionsProducts","He he he watched when the statue is .... He he he","1","0","2020-06-18 22:18:02","true",""
"UgyJGuL7LeLUroPmoWx4AaABAg","Sell when overpriced","Why is Nazi party and KkK not considered to be terrorist organization?","0","4","2020-06-19 00:14:42","true",""
"UgyJGuL7LeLUroPmoWx4AaABAg.9A3emySiNoe9A3oIcfqKF_","Gareth H","Have they planned or committed terrorist acts?","0","","2020-06-19 01:37:48","false",""
"UgyJGuL7LeLUroPmoWx4AaABAg.9A3emySiNoe9A5SYH5RFVb","Sell when overpriced","@Gareth H domestic terrorism is  violence by a group or individual based and operating entirely within the United States","0","","2020-06-19 16:57:26","false",""
"UgyJGuL7LeLUroPmoWx4AaABAg.9A3emySiNoe9A5WMyz4QQM","Gareth H","@Sell when overpriced So the police are terrorists.","0","","2020-06-19 17:30:51","false",""
"UgyJGuL7LeLUroPmoWx4AaABAg.9A3emySiNoe9A69_mssZ1k","Sell when overpriced","Gareth H so the police are working in groups to commit violence?","0","","2020-06-19 23:31:00","false",""
"UgynjiuTx_HIYbxcz9F4AaABAg","John","Keep a straight face and your laughin.","0","0","2020-06-19 01:02:22","true",""
"Ugymt6i7bkqEjdu53DF4AaABAg","Worrior300 UAC","Joker is that you ,some people just want to see the world burn.","1","2","2020-06-19 02:51:36","true",""
"Ugymt6i7bkqEjdu53DF4AaABAg.9A3wk9YIXu79AAS-dJDQcr","Ben Smith","About 3 blue haired students maybe . The rest of people have a job and a life and are too busy to be smashing things","0","","2020-06-21 15:28:55","false",""
"Ugymt6i7bkqEjdu53DF4AaABAg.9A3wk9YIXu79AAW-bWiwdZ","Worrior300 UAC","@Ben Smith consider yourself lucky mate .","0","","2020-06-21 16:03:52","false",""
"Ugw89az4ZGxdfZS5Dqh4AaABAg","Paul Ungureanu","Mark my words Brits,

If you do not stop this vandalism madness now, you will see statues of all your greatest men and women being torn down and humiliated by this savage mindset that reduces everything to simplistic contemporary ideas and slogans, without any lack of respect for history, context, why it occured in a certain manner et al et al et al. 

Peace to all!","11","5","2020-06-19 03:18:46","true",""
"Ugw89az4ZGxdfZS5Dqh4AaABAg.9A3zr9lIosc9A8NJPaTuFX","K R AY N E","And that is where you are wrong, but okay.","2","","2020-06-20 20:09:26","false",""
"Ugw89az4ZGxdfZS5Dqh4AaABAg.9A3zr9lIosc9A8a11aH_ob","Mizfit","Kill all statues.","0","","2020-06-20 22:09:16","false",""
"Ugw89az4ZGxdfZS5Dqh4AaABAg.9A3zr9lIosc9A8cxLjtRiV","Paul Ungureanu","@K R AY N E Why am I wrong? Why are you right, by default? On what grounds?","0","","2020-06-20 22:34:50","false",""
"Ugw89az4ZGxdfZS5Dqh4AaABAg.9A3zr9lIosc9A8d6lttzIZ","Paul Ungureanu","@Mizfit Start with yourself first, and we might afterwards if justified or not to follow suit. But just start with yourself first, let's see what happens","0","","2020-06-20 22:36:16","false",""
"Ugw89az4ZGxdfZS5Dqh4AaABAg.9A3zr9lIosc9A8e4nCVO3O","Mizfit","Paul Ungureanu Its called a slippery-slope fallacy.

Lots of slippery statues though lately.","0","","2020-06-20 22:44:44","false",""
"UgwkdhwRcRgXF1_O4Kx4AaABAg","Xaverus ,","Muhammad was a slave owner as well as a child rapist. Are we going to start taking down mosques?
Mahatma Ghandi called Africans savages and animals. His statue is still standing in London. When are they going to take it down?

No, the protestors only take down slave owners/racists who were white but if they were non-white then it’s ok apparently.","0","0","2020-06-19 04:54:32","true",""
"UgwJnMaKtmiZjnGqEU14AaABAg","DrTheKay","I dig the idea to keep the graffiti. An ironic middle-finger to the stupid zoomers.","2","0","2020-06-19 05:32:32","true",""
"Ugx4Em7rh0atjbxLWPZ4AaABAg","peter kreisler","Slavery was a myth anything to prove there was slavery.
Why have the rioters not been arrested? Because their mummys and daddies have a Barrister paid for by the BBC paycheck they get.","4","3","2020-06-19 06:16:25","true",""
"Ugx4Em7rh0atjbxLWPZ4AaABAg.9A4JBIC8i0M9A7iaZDa7S9","Galvatron","A myth? What planet are you from?","2","","2020-06-20 14:04:55","false",""
"Ugx4Em7rh0atjbxLWPZ4AaABAg.9A4JBIC8i0M9A8_Ozcm1aV","Mizfit","Clown.","1","","2020-06-20 22:03:48","false",""
"Ugx4Em7rh0atjbxLWPZ4AaABAg.9A4JBIC8i0M9AAkT9U9OeE","Cheryl Johannsen","Dumb da dum dum... RACIST'S ARE FUNNY:)","0","","2020-06-21 18:18:58","false",""
"UgzWCdnfFJni8o5NS8J4AaABAg","Michael A","This is a joke right ? Preserve the grafitti ?","13","1","2020-06-19 06:18:18","true",""
"UgzWCdnfFJni8o5NS8J4AaABAg.9A4JP3_QHim9AFIZ_CoEtb","Thewindyman Thelongmover","Bristol init","1","","2020-06-23 12:42:38","false",""
"UgzMas59cST_Yl3QZXp4AaABAg","CODEX Scrolls","Should fetch a few quid at the scrappy","1","0","2020-06-19 06:42:31","true",""
"UgwhrdIVpj2wjy75AqR4AaABAg","MrFunkia","I want to see him cleaned of his graffiti and restored to his pedestal, just like he was in my youth. I think the people of Bristol are going to need to break some skulls next time something similar happens.","9","4","2020-06-19 06:57:44","true",""
"UgwhrdIVpj2wjy75AqR4AaABAg.9A4Nut07FFr9A8oDmZ_b1K","T4LH4","Let me guess
 you are white 
And proud of a statue which represents the slave trade.","2","","2020-06-21 00:13:20","false",""
"UgwhrdIVpj2wjy75AqR4AaABAg.9A4Nut07FFr9AA8fa0BPPg","Peteris Blaus","Yes, need to put it back. And on higher pedestal, then no one can reach and pull it down again","1","","2020-06-21 12:40:01","false",""
"UgwhrdIVpj2wjy75AqR4AaABAg.9A4Nut07FFr9AAiengJlqE","Cheryl Johannsen","Ha ha ha... RACIST'S LIVES DON'T MATTER:)","1","","2020-06-21 18:03:13","false",""
"UgwhrdIVpj2wjy75AqR4AaABAg.9A4Nut07FFr9AAigy4fBaV","Cheryl Johannsen","@Peteris Blaus Ha ha ha","0","","2020-06-21 18:03:31","false",""
"UgzI8580PxAlg4KobFV4AaABAg","Matt T","See you in a few months with some paint stripper.

Just to add some history of course.

🙄","11","0","2020-06-19 09:06:47","true",""
"Ugxylk6QICbqoCyc8hV4AaABAg","J T","Omg if you think that the paint needs to be removed in order to preserve the statue, or even if you think that the statue deserves to be anywhere other than a museum with the damage done to it fully visible...then you're a sadcase sorry. Where did the idea come from that statues are how we record history and they must be protected? Bore off this man was trash and he should never have had a statue.","0","0","2020-06-19 09:28:11","true",""
"UgyJ5j59JRAl1JmgdWx4AaABAg","steven welsh","That disgusting graffiti should be cleaned off completely, its disgraceful for it to be left on there. It should be restored as best as it can be and then put back on it's plinth where it belongs. It's shameful that bristol council is this far gone.","2","3","2020-06-19 09:50:56","true",""
"UgyJ5j59JRAl1JmgdWx4AaABAg.9A4gjNLxbah9A9qfd1Mp82","Ivan Steenkamp","I agree. If the graffiti is left on and it is reinstated then more graffiti is likely to be added. Restore it to its intended state.","0","","2020-06-21 09:54:00","false",""
"UgyJ5j59JRAl1JmgdWx4AaABAg.9A4gjNLxbah9AAhTGsVR77","Cheryl Johannsen","RACIST'S LIVES DON'T MATTER:)","0","","2020-06-21 17:52:46","false",""
"UgyJ5j59JRAl1JmgdWx4AaABAg.9A4gjNLxbah9AAhVUxOhkK","Cheryl Johannsen","@Ivan Steenkamp NEVER! RACIST'S LIVES DON'T MATTER","0","","2020-06-21 17:53:04","false",""
"UgwiXZNN-aPBB9PQQAZ4AaABAg","Genghis khan","Are you kidding me 
I actually hate humanity","1","0","2020-06-19 11:18:35","true",""
"Ugy7EzB3DnkcmWwmImp4AaABAg","Izvkhil l","Report Ellie Williams court case today!","1","0","2020-06-19 12:20:59","true",""
"UgzO68HRqWDDRqSgyDd4AaABAg","fab","The ppl of Bristol had a poll on this statue in 2014, they voted to keep it.  Why is another vote not happening?","3","0","2020-06-19 13:38:45","true",""
"Ugyn0IKB0MSodjZbvOh4AaABAg","Wretched Gamer","When are the book burnings starting?","5","0","2020-06-19 13:50:47","true",""
"UgzWVUH4k7W_Nis6T1x4AaABAg","Sassy TheDriller","Why she cleaning it  u gonna get bare hate if ur seen on the streets girl","1","1","2020-06-19 20:37:21","true",""
"UgzWVUH4k7W_Nis6T1x4AaABAg.9A5qhvV2msC9A6bQsucr4r","Leeann Mansfield","You clearly need to improve your english...I  REALLY HATE IT...WHEN PEOPLE TRY TO  WRITE IN ENGLISH..WHEN THEY CAN CONSTRUCT A CORRECT SENTENCE IN ENGLISH....","0","","2020-06-20 03:43:03","false",""
"UgzYC9HpSxmaFkOOY2x4AaABAg","Leeann Mansfield","WHY HAVE WE  CONDONED  VANDALISM?   BY KEEPING IT DOWN......NOW THATS GOING DOWN IN HISTORY......DETROY  AND  GET REWARDED...","0","0","2020-06-20 03:39:40","true",""
"UgwEQDxJ2ILX2FbZr8h4AaABAg","Leeann Mansfield","Anyone who isnt true British and dosnt like our history and memorial statues...Go  back home  to your  poor run down  country.....WHY are you here at all?","0","1","2020-06-20 03:49:34","true",""
"UgwEQDxJ2ILX2FbZr8h4AaABAg.9A6cAXckSpC9A8_yZkx4z_","Mizfit","“True British”

Ok racist.","0","","2020-06-20 22:08:48","false",""
"UgxZlnweJbGZnzA9qKh4AaABAg","Joaquim Dias Fernandea","Incentivaram esta escumalha a vandalizar e a destruírem as estátuas da...digamos....velha ordem mundial....para que os ídolos e falsos deuses da nova ordem mundial....sejam idolatrados....mas esta canalha está convencida que isto que fazem é por esse....freemason George Floyd.....ritualizado em nome da agenda comunista globalista.....ordem fora do caos....pois...sim....","0","0","2020-06-20 09:50:00","true",""
"UgzO6qohGwyuEGZ2FRN4AaABAg","Galvatron","Him? Its not a living person, melt it down for manhole covers","2","0","2020-06-20 14:06:31","true",""
"UgzDx9QUiwO-Jp1ILZl4AaABAg","Donny Bear","Put the Statue back and arrest anyone that takes it down, they'll soon stop. If you are unhappy with the way things are going, join Patriotic Alternative, and put an end to this and get our country back","1","1","2020-06-20 16:03:43","true",""
"UgzDx9QUiwO-Jp1ILZl4AaABAg.9A7wBdrpBfF9AAhlGBj5nB","Cheryl Johannsen","Ha ha ha.  RACIST'S LIVES DON'T MATTER","0","","2020-06-21 17:55:22","false",""
"UgwBCTk4C0j2CsMaaa14AaABAg","Ricky James","Setting a bad example by allowing the graffiti to remain on there. 
It is encouraging mob rule. If we all threw tantrums and smashed up things that upset us every time we have an issue, there would be nothing left of this country. Have to draw the line somewhere surely?","2","2","2020-06-20 16:10:30","true",""
"UgwBCTk4C0j2CsMaaa14AaABAg.9A7wyLENmxd9A8aAib-cgF","Mizfit","🥾🥾*slurp*","0","","2020-06-20 22:10:35","false",""
"UgwBCTk4C0j2CsMaaa14AaABAg.9A7wyLENmxd9A9X3dxpWcJ","Ricky James","@Mizfit what do you mean by that?","0","","2020-06-21 06:53:55","false",""
"Ugw7A-V1QxRMLKGfDvR4AaABAg","A Cook","4 the elite the more deaths the more hate the more money they make","0","0","2020-06-20 20:02:40","true",""
"UgxXnSgVmv6ATcQsMet4AaABAg","Caélum Green","Put it back in the river 💖","1","0","2020-06-20 21:29:15","true",""
"UgyrMgCAhQ5fPWiPbih4AaABAg","Stony Stevenson","Bristol was built on slavery. Okay. Then leave. Or do your principles only extend as far as vandalising an inanimate object?","4","0","2020-06-21 04:53:59","true",""
"UgxJQXJ-onbuEoav8xR4AaABAg","Byrhtnoth","The graffiti should be removed & statue fully restored","6","1","2020-06-21 05:36:07","true",""
"UgxJQXJ-onbuEoav8xR4AaABAg.9A9O9ovJ92f9AAfU-F6zbp","Cheryl Johannsen","Ha ha ha....","0","","2020-06-21 17:35:24","false",""
"Ugz1uG3fhDJFR0Xa7K54AaABAg","Terry Bunch","Mohammed was a slaveholder (among other things), and far more influential than some random slaver in Bristol, but I don't see anyone clamouring to tear down mosques and burn the Quran? Fancy that 🤔","2","0","2020-06-21 11:02:42","true",""
"UgwL1gRpXUaRhMbEeRh4AaABAg","Josh Copeland","Put it back up","5","1","2020-06-21 11:13:16","true",""
"UgwL1gRpXUaRhMbEeRh4AaABAg.9A9zkD4h-fR9AAgzMQz-oW","Cheryl Johannsen","Dumb da dum dum","1","","2020-06-21 17:48:33","false",""
"UgxjRNyJyzMfbZZvnyx4AaABAg","CMB","Islam condones slavery. Why do we have mosques in the uk?","2","0","2020-06-21 14:23:56","true",""
"Ugyt-wJmyPnuTCR4fdp4AaABAg","Adam Somerset","We must close all mosques as the prophet Muhammad was a slave trader who had intercourse with a 9 year old.","4","0","2020-06-21 20:22:22","true",""
"UgxCeKbCshFT0A10j554AaABAg","isfahamka umada","I still dont understand the title of the video😱","1","0","2020-06-22 00:16:57","true",""
"UgzcT6a7wioc2cPQX8x4AaABAg","new era","His statue was trashed before by a white army vet!! No one did anything!!! Just pick and choose when be  statue defending bellends!!","0","0","2020-06-22 06:32:30","true",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg","Nickle","What a waste of money. Why not arrest them when they were committing the crimes?","376","40","2020-06-22 09:29:19","true",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACNvPQ1Ctv","River Smith","I wonder.. perhaps the same reason rape packs are called grooming gangs and were allowed to continue for decades.","68","","2020-06-22 09:31:44","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACP8mEocn5","matt austin","because of the riot. 10 minutes after your bright idea. They send football hooligans a letter for the same reason. Divide and conquer is the underlying principle.","15","","2020-06-22 09:42:26","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACPNB7wXzH","Patrick B","I would rather they track them down and prosecute them still.","24","","2020-06-22 09:44:24","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACQUqV2OpJ","pinkie perky","Because that would of meant going in heavy and enciting the idiots futher. The police are aware of the medias unique ability surrounding editing things out of context","32","","2020-06-22 09:54:11","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACRRl8w536","AJ 64","The police tracked down and prosecuted every looting  theif in the London riots of 2011  !","8","","2020-06-22 10:02:30","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACReG_imRO","1000 subs before the end of quarantine","pinkie perky someone with a brain","1","","2020-06-22 10:04:20","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACRos6ipUZ","David","@River Smith Spot on. A lack of a spine from the native population & a fear & pandering of the PC horde.","9","","2020-06-22 10:05:47","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACRrRtWKW1","Steve Jones","People in power are using the difference between truth, fact and lies against us","0","","2020-06-22 10:06:08","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACT1XxiaUK","streaky","Demonstrating you're prepared to enforce the law doesn't incite worse, it has the opposite effect. This is clear from decades worth of similar events. You have to do it fairly and as safely as reasonably possible, but it always works - every time police haven't things like this have happened, and worse.","5","","2020-06-22 10:16:24","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACToJnuLVU","River Smith","@David paralysed by fear of judgement, indeedy.","1","","2020-06-22 10:23:11","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACUnWwtx4s","Azan Ali","Nickle, because 50 police officers were not enough to arrest 15 people surrounded by a crowd of 15,000.","6","","2020-06-22 10:31:49","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACVB3jmYkh","gary kitson","@River Smith You can't say that . It's a wholely accurate statement of fact . How dare you speak unpalatable truths . How on earth will the Safe space , PC loving , democracy hating , infinite gender brigade cope ?","4","","2020-06-22 10:35:10","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACX_qJ6l59","TizerisT","@pinkie perky so what? the iron fist is all they understand","1","","2020-06-22 10:56:10","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACXbL445Ln","Blake Blake","you guys are so jaded its sad...","0","","2020-06-22 10:56:22","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACZs9S8IJm","ALLSPICE","@Patrick B ur definitely a victim lol","0","","2020-06-22 11:16:08","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACZssjBO3e","mic9check","Because it will cause a stir. This is the perfect moment to grab the criminals forcefully.","0","","2020-06-22 11:16:14","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9AC_DmGx2pO","Xhs Hdd","@gary kitson are you one of the snowflakes triggered by the pride flag replacing the traitors flag in nascar because it somehow infringes on your rights?","0","","2020-06-22 11:19:14","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9AC_kNs7fvW","CrunchyNorbert","but you can lock them up for longer when they do the crime","0","","2020-06-22 11:23:49","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACaOnIB3Qi","pinkie perky","@TizerisT Thats exactly what they want, the interests behind all this dont care about racism. They control the media and how things are reported, we are in very dangerous times and need to tread very carefully. You can see one card and they are hiding there true hand","0","","2020-06-22 11:29:28","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACaaTTkoPm","pinkie perky","@Xhs Hdd would you feel the same way if they had used a ""straight pride flag""? Excluded?","1","","2020-06-22 11:31:12","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACagWNRNPy","crackedoutclown","Because their was a protest happening and removing people also removes police from the area making it harder to control a large crowd. It's not exactly rocket science.","0","","2020-06-22 11:32:02","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACb-LPBfYH","Nickle","@crackedoutclown So not controlling the area is controlling the area. 
How's life at the Ministry of Truth?","1","","2020-06-22 11:34:44","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACb8oDtcvU","shaolinskunks88","Can we arrest the police that allow terrorists to walk the streets are they accomplice to murder","1","","2020-06-22 11:36:02","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACbDREydWs","Nickle","@pinkie perky I agree. They just care about cheap labour for their profits","0","","2020-06-22 11:36:40","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACb_7jmvrw","Kwarkool","Their objective at the time was keep the peace and not let things escalate into violence.","0","","2020-06-22 11:39:45","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACbapb0gMJ","pinkie perky","@crackedoutclown its not as simple as that. Ita standard practise to remove the key trouble makers using snatch squads that move in and out of police lines. The police just will not be baited into becoming media stars for all the wrong reasons","0","","2020-06-22 11:39:59","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACbfkdqIAq","pinkie perky","@Nickle Who?","0","","2020-06-22 11:40:40","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACcpt7VFqb","crackedoutclown","@Nickle firstly I've no idea what you're talking about, it's not a political answer it's just a fact.","0","","2020-06-22 11:50:47","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACcvYFV_CG","crackedoutclown","@pinkie perky I'm ex infantry, I'm fully aware of how crowd control works.","0","","2020-06-22 11:51:33","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACdkvewCSX","pinkie perky","@crackedoutclown why ignore the obvious and point to that then? No evidence the police were overwhelmed to the point they couldnt use normal tactics like removing trouble makers","0","","2020-06-22 11:58:51","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9AChAdTbA-c","crackedoutclown","@pinkie perky because the question asked was ""why didn't they arrest them then"" I was merely pointing out the thinking behind why they didn't arrest someone at that exact point. Because multiple arrests uses up man power that could be utilised elsewhere. That's all, I'm not putting polotics in my response because it wasn't a political question as far as I was concerned.","0","","2020-06-22 12:28:42","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACiqpetRQu","K13ran","AJ 64 not all of them....","0","","2020-06-22 12:43:21","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACkatQ456i","Patrick B","@ALLSPICE 
Well seeing as it's my country, yes, I am. If they don't like the old statues they can go back to Africa. Nobody is stopping them.","1","","2020-06-22 12:58:38","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACrsiHI9De","jane jan","@pinkie perky doing nothing incites them further. The only way to stop it is to stop them then and there, by force. That's the only thing they can understand. Standing down is basically just a free pass to commit as many crimes as they'd like as often as they like, because they know the police will do nothing.","0","","2020-06-22 14:02:15","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACs7BeSqYQ","pinkie perky","@Russian Bot For good reason. The media and how they would of portrayed either situation. Heavy handed against the ""far right"" would be framed as hero police officers fighting against the racist neanderthals. Heavy handed against the anarchists would be framed as racist police officers attacking the virtuous","0","","2020-06-22 14:04:21","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ACuoddnDsv","Strider9655","Because then nobody would have set up the counter protest to protect the statues, and without them there would be nobody to demonise and turn the attention onto. It's all been very carefully planned.......","0","","2020-06-22 14:27:54","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ADF8ijKwv0","El Birdo","River Smith actually you saying that would be a lie, they choose not arrest due to the fact it would endanger the offices due to the fact that the crowd involved could get violent and also at the time the people may not have met the criteria needed for arrest. So next time research or engages some of those brain cells that humans are known for before you comment!","0","","2020-06-22 17:34:17","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ADV6yKMQME","Martha belle","@pinkie perky besides the fact they didnt want to risk thier own LIVES over some poxy lifeless""statutes.","0","","2020-06-22 19:53:51","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9ADVtDfc7nI","pinkie perky","@Martha belle so you also think these extremists capable of killing? I wouod have to agree. Animals","0","","2020-06-22 20:00:35","false",""
"UgwktrJhu6ozy5wfv454AaABAg.9ACNdmLLKzW9AFYpy6VNLC","geeza Lee","Those young people who demolished the statue that represented the evil slave trade, they are on the right side of history. I now recommend erecting statue of Thomas Clarkson who was the leading figure in abolishing slavery at the same spot where the evil statue was torn down.","1","","2020-06-23 15:04:50","false",""
"UgzWQRbgxkdJ5CQjZe14AaABAg","PapaB Deaks","Wouldn’t of happened if the police were there and not running with there tails between there legs. Don’t you get it no one gives a toss anymore oh no they toppled a statue wow what about all the people who suffered violent attacks in front of the police? And the police done nothing but let’s pull people in for tipping over a statue wow.","24","4","2020-06-22 09:31:34","true",""
"UgzWQRbgxkdJ5CQjZe14AaABAg.9ACNu9Ipdgu9ACR_LNsF0f","Andy Capp","PapaB Deaks Yes   the police should pull in and prosecute these arseholes who don't care about virus spread, or proper democratic process.
These statue toppling pea brains stink.","2","","2020-06-22 10:03:40","false",""
"UgzWQRbgxkdJ5CQjZe14AaABAg.9ACNu9Ipdgu9ACRsurKJYs","AJ 64","""Police"" those shit less cowards would make piss poor traffic wardens.","2","","2020-06-22 10:06:20","false",""
"UgzWQRbgxkdJ5CQjZe14AaABAg.9ACNu9Ipdgu9ACTki54Aj2","John Beaker","Have you ever had a coherant thought in your life?","0","","2020-06-22 10:22:42","false",""
"UgzWQRbgxkdJ5CQjZe14AaABAg.9ACNu9Ipdgu9ACWc5y_UMw","Chris","@John Beaker highly unlikely, its hard enough to read his sentences god only knows how it is to think them! Especially with his highly diminished brain capacity thats clearly apparent.","0","","2020-06-22 10:47:44","false",""
"Ugz7X08etWLfGIWphnx4AaABAg","Moussaoui Ahmed","..........................................AM","0","1","2020-06-22 09:40:35","true",""
"Ugz7X08etWLfGIWphnx4AaABAg.9ACOwFRurJ99ACZLYcyPvZ","Versace Pythonz","Grooming gang","0","","2020-06-22 11:11:33","false",""
"Ugy0YaZ_hoWMZNL8zSR4AaABAg","Simon Ross Price","Avon and Somerset police HAVE ALWAYS BEEN LAUGHABLE......","92","8","2020-06-22 09:48:21","true",""
"Ugy0YaZ_hoWMZNL8zSR4AaABAg.9ACPpAFFpkl9ACZ_OOHLID","supertubemind","After seeing this pathetic appeal, have to agree!","1","","2020-06-22 11:13:35","false",""
"Ugy0YaZ_hoWMZNL8zSR4AaABAg.9ACPpAFFpkl9ACZcCyRXB7","Craig S","I raise you South Yorkshire Police.","5","","2020-06-22 11:13:58","false",""
"Ugy0YaZ_hoWMZNL8zSR4AaABAg.9ACPpAFFpkl9AC_sMrWJ96","CrunchyNorbert","but its such a nice place","2","","2020-06-22 11:24:54","false",""
"Ugy0YaZ_hoWMZNL8zSR4AaABAg.9ACPpAFFpkl9ACi3D2xMjJ","Mike Hazell","You are right one of them walked into a friend of mine the other day and knocked him over it was totally the officers fault to the point I had a pop at the dick because he just ignored the fact he had seen us and purposefully walked into my mate giving him a on the spot fine because he was embarrassed that 1 I had told him off in front of everybody and 2 he wouldn’t accept that it was his fault","0","","2020-06-22 12:36:26","false",""
"Ugy0YaZ_hoWMZNL8zSR4AaABAg.9ACPpAFFpkl9ACiAoJT9VA","Mike Hazell","I would like to add that I live in the area these useless muppets operate","1","","2020-06-22 12:37:28","false",""
"Ugy0YaZ_hoWMZNL8zSR4AaABAg.9ACPpAFFpkl9ACkyORhUai","Lion Tamer","Simon ross  not police force police farce more like.
They are a disgrace!","2","","2020-06-22 13:01:51","false",""
"Ugy0YaZ_hoWMZNL8zSR4AaABAg.9ACPpAFFpkl9AF_F38lVo_","Simon Ross Price","I'm from Bristol, Long Ashton in fact i now live in the midlands. For more years than i care to mention they're were WITHOUT DOUBT the modern day keystone cops.. if you wanted to commit a murder A and Som was the place to do it... without snitches and D.N.A i doubt they'd solve anything.... knicking motorists is their speciality mind... 
The day DNA came they must have thrown a party..🤔🤔🤔
Avon and Somerset the force who couldnt find their arse with both hands....","0","","2020-06-23 15:17:07","false",""
"Ugy0YaZ_hoWMZNL8zSR4AaABAg.9ACPpAFFpkl9AF_zfIxivQ","Simon Ross Price","@Lion Tamer totally agree m8...","0","","2020-06-23 15:23:38","false",""
"Ugxzt4Fx4aPSbt1mCsB4AaABAg","warriorprince101010","Edward Colston worked for the Rothschild family. He was just another of their evil puppets.","5","0","2020-06-22 09:53:47","true",""
"Ugzd4htJ3MUMvoZHPSl4AaABAg","Barney Price","Yes! We can hunt them. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.","3","5","2020-06-22 09:54:44","true",""
"Ugzd4htJ3MUMvoZHPSl4AaABAg.9ACQYqy5V2B9ACQfiTBaax","Notorious ETA","Give it a rest Barney","2","","2020-06-22 09:55:48","false",""
"Ugzd4htJ3MUMvoZHPSl4AaABAg.9ACQYqy5V2B9ACR34ttSmT","Clarence beeks","Mug","2","","2020-06-22 09:59:08","false",""
"Ugzd4htJ3MUMvoZHPSl4AaABAg.9ACQYqy5V2B9ACR7UnFBs2","Lemmingofdoom","Except for when we both start rapping","0","","2020-06-22 09:59:44","false",""
"Ugzd4htJ3MUMvoZHPSl4AaABAg.9ACQYqy5V2B9ACSbfEHxfa","Lewis Sowerby","Oh no sad you lost your favourite slave trader?","0","","2020-06-22 10:12:43","false",""
"Ugzd4htJ3MUMvoZHPSl4AaABAg.9ACQYqy5V2B9ACYRrmCJXr","Barney Price","@Lewis Sowerby I'm a black man but I still appreciate our history, and if it wasn't for slavery, I wouldn't be in this country. Slavery was done by every single civilisation on earth, including Africans, but it was Britain that was the first to end it.

You should learn about your history","0","","2020-06-22 11:03:41","false",""
"UgwLbV0XckciCHubkK94AaABAg","James mcaulay","Ha fuckin ha . Better to do it this way without mob rule intervention.","0","0","2020-06-22 09:56:16","true",""
"UgzaLVJ8vIKYHvlpOSN4AaABAg","MrLewizz","Destroy British Monuments = Stunning and Brave.
Defend British Monuments = Far Right Naziiiiiiiissssss.","35","13","2020-06-22 09:56:21","true",""
"UgzaLVJ8vIKYHvlpOSN4AaABAg.9ACQjhA9Y5U9ACS756hqrO","Bbb","MrLewizz if the statue is racist, bigoted, slave trader then yes. Obviously🤣","4","","2020-06-22 10:08:25","false",""
"UgzaLVJ8vIKYHvlpOSN4AaABAg.9ACQjhA9Y5U9ACSPCXqm8T","Arfur Fuxxakes","Far-right nazis were in attendance in London. 

We saw them 'saluting' the police that were guarding the statues. 

Just before they starting attacking the police.","4","","2020-06-22 10:10:53","false",""
"UgzaLVJ8vIKYHvlpOSN4AaABAg.9ACQjhA9Y5U9ACTPVInhJu","Mc Frosty","​@Bbb But the statues aren't there because that person was a racist/bigot... they aren't glorifying that. So you want to topple the statues what next? Scrub them from history? Bit of book burning?","1","","2020-06-22 10:19:40","false",""
"UgzaLVJ8vIKYHvlpOSN4AaABAg.9ACQjhA9Y5U9ACU3gji99j","somthingbrutal","@Mc Frosty they are their because they made a lot of money being a professional a racist/bigot and to whitewash the blood off the family name","2","","2020-06-22 10:25:25","false",""
"UgzaLVJ8vIKYHvlpOSN4AaABAg.9ACQjhA9Y5U9ACUNYHPmSK","montizzy","@Arfur Fuxxakes you haven't got a clue, a nations history is its history, good or bad, you only see the bad things , george floyd was a career criminal who held a gun to a pregnant womans stomach whilst he and his friends robbed her, caught driving a vehicle whilst highly intoxicated unable to stand, passing counterfeit money, the man did not deserve to die but is now held up like an angel, I do not agree with slavery, it is a terrible act of inhumanity but was legal at the time that edward colston did such things, he ensured that his wealth was shared for the good of the people, surely this at least entitled his statue to be removed legally , mob rule is not the way forward, it is unpredictable and dangerous, it is all well and good when it supports your argument but when it does not its not so good, we are a civilised country, please lets keep it that way","1","","2020-06-22 10:28:08","false",""
"UgzaLVJ8vIKYHvlpOSN4AaABAg.9ACQjhA9Y5U9ACUipuD424","ForTheVirtue","Mc Frosty Don’t be ridiculous. 

Any educated person knows that these statutes are moved to museums where the racial equality movement is added to their plaque and a more fitting hero who deserves to be honoured replaces them. 

This slave trader might have a few accomplishments stemming from the work of slaves, but there are many others with even more honourable accomplishments which didn’t include spilling blood. 

Stop over exaggerating. If you’re not racist you shouldn’t feel personally attacked or offended at all.","3","","2020-06-22 10:31:11","false",""
"UgzaLVJ8vIKYHvlpOSN4AaABAg.9ACQjhA9Y5U9ACVRJOlZqW","Arfur Fuxxakes","@montizzy 


History is history. 

You can't just remember all the glory and pretend nothing else happened. 

You demand censorship. 

History is what it is, I prefer it to be honest, true and accurate. 

How can anyone learn from history if it's recorded as lies.

George Floyd was a symptom, not a cause. 

You'd like it to be all about him, but that's because it suits your agenda. 

Try to be more honest.

Thanks.","2","","2020-06-22 10:37:23","false",""
"UgzaLVJ8vIKYHvlpOSN4AaABAg.9ACQjhA9Y5U9ACWSRRB_K4","Chris Williams","@Mc Frosty we should erect statues of Jimmy Savile, as long as they only celebrate his charity work... It doesn't work like that obviously","1","","2020-06-22 10:46:17","false",""
"UgzaLVJ8vIKYHvlpOSN4AaABAg.9ACQjhA9Y5U9AC_qvZmDzq","fat fat","@Chris Williams Except raping children isnt a normal accepted practice.","1","","2020-06-22 11:24:43","false",""
"UgzaLVJ8vIKYHvlpOSN4AaABAg.9ACQjhA9Y5U9AF-jByBW9W","Arfur Fuxxakes","@Chris Williams 

There was a statue of Savile in Glasgow that was taken down.

I don't remember the far-right defending the statue and claiming it had to stay up as part of our history then.","1","","2020-06-23 09:58:04","false",""
"UgzaLVJ8vIKYHvlpOSN4AaABAg.9ACQjhA9Y5U9AFL4PCF4rN","Chris Williams","@fat fat and using humans as slaves is?","0","","2020-06-23 13:04:36","false",""
"UgzaLVJ8vIKYHvlpOSN4AaABAg.9ACQjhA9Y5U9AFLXkpKx67","Chris Williams","@Arfur Fuxxakes Exactly my point... When people say the statue is because of the good the person did,  the Savile example brings home the point. The other defence used, is it's part of our history and heritage, warts and all and shouldn't be suppressed... Therefore it would be OK for Germany to have statues of Hitler?","0","","2020-06-23 13:08:36","false",""
"UgzaLVJ8vIKYHvlpOSN4AaABAg.9ACQjhA9Y5U9AH-lLIMif3","fat fat","@Chris Williams Yes it was, during Colstons time and for thousands of years before in all continents.  Are people really so brainwashed these days they think slavery was really just a US and British thing?","0","","2020-06-24 04:36:50","false",""
"UgzIXnpKEAMpPK-7vVx4AaABAg","ไมเคิล Mike การหายใจ","Worrying about a damm statue lol","19","10","2020-06-22 09:56:58","true",""
"UgzIXnpKEAMpPK-7vVx4AaABAg.9ACQoBYzekk9ACR6p-3odl","Legit Clapping","Not so much the statue, more the actions.","4","","2020-06-22 09:59:38","false",""
"UgzIXnpKEAMpPK-7vVx4AaABAg.9ACQoBYzekk9ACRE0R0O_6","David","Your photo seems apt.","5","","2020-06-22 10:00:37","false",""
"UgzIXnpKEAMpPK-7vVx4AaABAg.9ACQoBYzekk9ACRTV6xuuk","Mickey Mouse","ไมเคิล Mike การหายใจ wanker","1","","2020-06-22 10:02:44","false",""
"UgzIXnpKEAMpPK-7vVx4AaABAg.9ACQoBYzekk9ACRbA6j6db","AJ 64","Principles involved here !","0","","2020-06-22 10:03:55","false",""
"UgzIXnpKEAMpPK-7vVx4AaABAg.9ACQoBYzekk9ACRgU7ORck","hetrodoxly sonov","Of course we're worried about our history, heritage and architecture, these thugs need to be made to pay for the damage and repair and then go to prison, it will be book burning next.","1","","2020-06-22 10:04:39","false",""
"UgzIXnpKEAMpPK-7vVx4AaABAg.9ACQoBYzekk9ACRj2Emmt8","Poke Hype","More of the actions pal, vandalism even if it was a racist slave trader statue. It’s still vandalism, more of an action.","1","","2020-06-22 10:05:00","false",""
"UgzIXnpKEAMpPK-7vVx4AaABAg.9ACQoBYzekk9ACRsAbKVh2","Steve Jones","People in power are using the difference between truth, fact and lies against us","0","","2020-06-22 10:06:14","false",""
"UgzIXnpKEAMpPK-7vVx4AaABAg.9ACQoBYzekk9ACSY_XqNX3","kM Kelin","N0, worried about brain-dead Communist anarchists running riot in the streets and the Common Purpose regime condones it.","0","","2020-06-22 10:12:10","false",""
"UgzIXnpKEAMpPK-7vVx4AaABAg.9ACQoBYzekk9AC_799vD-i","What About Love Speech?","I worry for the University, schools, hospital that were founded/paid for by Colston, Bristol would not be on the map","0","","2020-06-22 11:18:19","false",""
"UgzIXnpKEAMpPK-7vVx4AaABAg.9ACQoBYzekk9ACkSLwYaJN","Peach Silvera","hetrodoxly sonov hopefully books well balanced telling the truth.... THE WHOLE DAMN TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH SO HELP ME GOD....!! Everything must me told and nothing swept under the rug!! How about that?","0","","2020-06-22 12:57:20","false",""
"UgwJFAhGAgxzrJwpVYJ4AaABAg","ItsArchie","Bring back public hanging for these scum","0","0","2020-06-22 09:57:14","true",""
"UgwqLocSJU-_AIbOWwl4AaABAg","The EdBaron","Pointless video of a woman talking, with no pictures of the scumbags.","4","0","2020-06-22 09:57:37","true",""
"UgzsA3D6WD0Fuf1s2o94AaABAg","Truth","DONT SNITCH!","23","4","2020-06-22 09:57:47","true",""
"UgzsA3D6WD0Fuf1s2o94AaABAg.9ACQuBdjD139ACSIGd7r6M","Thunder Paradise.","Snitch on people who hate England? Ermm yes. Do snitch.","5","","2020-06-22 10:09:56","false",""
"UgzsA3D6WD0Fuf1s2o94AaABAg.9ACQuBdjD139ACSsNHi9O7","Joe Bhoy","Thunder Paradise. How is wanting statues of slave traders hating England? You’re a total fanny. Away bile yer heed ya bike seat sniffer.","5","","2020-06-22 10:15:00","false",""
"UgzsA3D6WD0Fuf1s2o94AaABAg.9ACQuBdjD139ACUI3QCylO","ForTheVirtue","Thunder Paradise. They remove the monuments to slave trading devils because they love England and don’t want animals with no humanity representing them. 

Anyone who can’t see that is frankly uneducated and of no use to this progressive nation. They should leave with their backwards views.","5","","2020-06-22 10:27:23","false",""
"UgzsA3D6WD0Fuf1s2o94AaABAg.9ACQuBdjD139ACdZDgjuUF","Carrot your favourite one","ForTheVirtue Thunder Paradise is uneducated the because all the funding is going to policemen like this","0","","2020-06-22 11:57:07","false",""
"UgwX7X8XDSlvQn_MMdZ4AaABAg","Carolina","Bit silly to release images of possible teenagers and up personal information when they probably weren’t there.","2","1","2020-06-22 09:57:57","true",""
"UgwX7X8XDSlvQn_MMdZ4AaABAg.9ACQvTlIQ0z9ACROWSoEgv","GothicKittyMadness","They clearly were...... Do you even watch the news? Everyone doing it was filmed.","1","","2020-06-22 10:02:03","false",""
"UgwkG_S_NcGVMrttMrZ4AaABAg","David","How about you stop the destruction in the first place. Gutless.","43","1","2020-06-22 09:58:05","true",""
"UgwkG_S_NcGVMrttMrZ4AaABAg.9ACQwQGzFGn9ACc8KMc-Z9","itchy toes","you know that the police  prefer sitting in their safe (on their fat arses...ooops  i might not  get away  with that )stations scrolling thru pics of faces off  cctv","2","","2020-06-22 11:44:42","false",""
"Ugw_pHi_rV2oGTcAeGV4AaABAg","tedstriker2000","and then WE can have everyone else pay their fine.....get back to fkn work, go catch some real criminals","0","0","2020-06-22 09:58:12","true",""
"Ugx7z_qtu1wMBL1x0Mp4AaABAg","Clarence beeks","John was one ☝🏾 & Dave 
From the EDL and Britain’s first","0","0","2020-06-22 09:58:32","true",""
"UgyNj-hTvFU94Dokzn54AaABAg","Sun Seeker","Let’s find them and topple them","10","2","2020-06-22 09:58:42","true",""
"UgyNj-hTvFU94Dokzn54AaABAg.9ACR-vU0ZE09ACRwA4W3lS","Thomas Buckley","WHATS YOUR ADDRESS PLEASE .. DM ME WITH IT AND WE WILL SEE :)","0","","2020-06-22 10:06:47","false",""
"UgyNj-hTvFU94Dokzn54AaABAg.9ACR-vU0ZE09ACSfa7br92","Alex","@Thomas Buckley shut up","1","","2020-06-22 10:13:16","false",""
"UgxdDcFWfyG81Bqfu214AaABAg","Egode Stroyer","Police force admit they are racist. About time 😂😂","1","0","2020-06-22 09:58:54","true",""
"UgypI8dlygdZYPoAjgZ4AaABAg","Sir-Flex","I would like to know who's idea it was to make a statue of a man would do some of the things he's done 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔","4","1","2020-06-22 10:00:16","true",""
"UgypI8dlygdZYPoAjgZ4AaABAg.9ACRBP4dXRU9ACRaYiCVHb","Jetstream Jack","People from the early 19th century, when racism wasn't considered any kind of serious issue maybe?
Put things in context.","0","","2020-06-22 10:03:50","false",""
"Ugw_731GP2Q-vewYJK54AaABAg","Carlos Massa","this is not a protest, a bunch of vandals who are destroying history.
these are all people with leftist and communist thoughts.
congratulations, justice be done!","10","2","2020-06-22 10:00:39","true",""
"Ugw_731GP2Q-vewYJK54AaABAg.9ACREDnMp989ACTHqQxnHW","Moebius","You can’t destroy history.

History is what happened in the past and is untouchable.

By DESTROYING these racist ‘historical’ monuments, new ‘history’ is created.","0","","2020-06-22 10:18:37","false",""
"Ugw_731GP2Q-vewYJK54AaABAg.9ACREDnMp989ACVMaLJeXT","Lewis GoPro Adventures","Just looking for an excuse to rebel and destroy stuff.","0","","2020-06-22 10:36:44","false",""
"UgzGAzct_o5yQdegiz54AaABAg","GothicKittyMadness","String them up! Make an example of the fuckers!","0","0","2020-06-22 10:00:48","true",""
"Ugwvktk-wmSWPAwDyvN4AaABAg","Jack Harvey","Ffs","1","0","2020-06-22 10:01:59","true",""
"UgyKxD2K43TrE4eOmgx4AaABAg","LowleyUK","Arrest the police officers who aided the culprits by standing back and watching","33","8","2020-06-22 10:02:26","true",""
"UgyKxD2K43TrE4eOmgx4AaABAg.9ACRRDxjFIC9ACRtcCTXHw","Thomas Buckley","NAH","1","","2020-06-22 10:06:26","false",""
"UgyKxD2K43TrE4eOmgx4AaABAg.9ACRRDxjFIC9ACS6IrtHfG","Arfur Fuxxakes","They were outnumbered. 

Get a grip.","8","","2020-06-22 10:08:18","false",""
"UgyKxD2K43TrE4eOmgx4AaABAg.9ACRRDxjFIC9ACUuVAq8nk","Gary Powell","They were only following orders.","0","","2020-06-22 10:32:46","false",""
"UgyKxD2K43TrE4eOmgx4AaABAg.9ACRRDxjFIC9ACeRMG5Jbv","LowleyUK","@Gary Powell Arrest whoever gave the orders then. Somebody must be held accountable","0","","2020-06-22 12:04:46","false",""
"UgyKxD2K43TrE4eOmgx4AaABAg.9ACRRDxjFIC9ACein4GFb5","LowleyUK","@Arfur Fuxxakes You're an idiot. They took ages to topple it, roll it to the water & throw it in. The police had plenty of time to react. If far-right protesters had toppled Mandela, there is no way the police would have stood around watching.","0","","2020-06-22 12:07:17","false",""
"UgyKxD2K43TrE4eOmgx4AaABAg.9ACRRDxjFIC9ACjmyJPU0-","Peach Silvera","LowleyUK who is to be held accountable for the millions of enslaved dark/chocolate skinned people who were  killed, raped and tortured and made to work for nothing....? Or are they less than animals.. ? Young children were killed.... listen I beg you please go read, dig into history and I assure you you’ll probably get a shock as to what happened to these folks from Africa over 400 hundred years!! It’s only a bloody statue.... people were torn from their families, lost there names and language.... it’s painful to this day!! Please show empathy... thank you and good day to you","0","","2020-06-22 12:51:33","false",""
"UgyKxD2K43TrE4eOmgx4AaABAg.9ACRRDxjFIC9AD3DJtUM5s","English Gentleman","Peach Silvera Why don't you read Roman history and see what they did to the people of ancient Britain or what the Normans did? We all have experiences like that in our past you know.","0","","2020-06-22 15:50:03","false",""
"UgyKxD2K43TrE4eOmgx4AaABAg.9ACRRDxjFIC9ADW_5HK6S9","franklingoodwin","Your cretinry is beyond words","0","","2020-06-22 20:06:34","false",""
"Ugz5nnRVpIRMp_zByn94AaABAg","cameron pike","Law and order","2","0","2020-06-22 10:02:33","true",""
"UgwNIiJKJz9h4hqFqoB4AaABAg","Ben Vincent","surprising people are angry that the statue was toppled","4","2","2020-06-22 10:05:28","true",""
"UgwNIiJKJz9h4hqFqoB4AaABAg.9ACRmXDnqyX9ACSEYwdxTx","Thunder Paradise.","Go to an Eastern nation and pull down their history, culture,  origins. See what happens.","2","","2020-06-22 10:09:26","false",""
"UgwNIiJKJz9h4hqFqoB4AaABAg.9ACRmXDnqyX9ACWK7navjW","yearofmars","Why? I hate censorship of all art. Would you support fundamentalist Christians smashing up Chris Ofili’s ‘Holy Virgin Mary’ or the Islamic attack on Charlie Hebdo? 
These people are just more Mary Whitehouse types that what to ‘protect the public’ from naughty art like Monty Pythons ‘The life of Brian’ or Rushdie’s Satanic Verses. 
And what are you left with? a city centre full of Costa-bucks coffee and King-spoon pubs. A world of beige walls where no-one can say anything that might offend anyone, and where art and history are erased. 
So yes, I’m angry that a bunch of half-wit cry-bullies who couldn’t make an origami crane let alone a sculpture decided to smash up a work of public art.","0","","2020-06-22 10:45:09","false",""
"Ugz-kaK-wo5YmmqRPhh4AaABAg","Thomas Buckley","Slaver trader statues --- no damage or you get prison ---- fell untold numbers of ancient trees for a Train line and that's ok .... What about ancient sacred sites that get steamrolled over ---- This is the racist system protecting itself whilst ignoring abuses elsewhere --- THE UK IS A SHAM COUNTRY","13","5","2020-06-22 10:05:54","true",""
"Ugz-kaK-wo5YmmqRPhh4AaABAg.9ACRpgXDf2k9ACS86IE1ZV","Aaron URIAH YASHARAHLA","Glad you see it brother.","0","","2020-06-22 10:08:33","false",""
"Ugz-kaK-wo5YmmqRPhh4AaABAg.9ACRpgXDf2k9ACSBoLX-qa","Aaron URIAH YASHARAHLA","YouTube the term YAH only chapter 2.
You deserve too be free for that comment.","0","","2020-06-22 10:09:03","false",""
"Ugz-kaK-wo5YmmqRPhh4AaABAg.9ACRpgXDf2k9ACTRTQo81v","streaky","Protip: Colston wasn't a slave trader. He was a member of the board of a shipping company that had a small side-business in moving slaves that other people owned. Yes, it's shit, yes, maybe they shouldn't have been doing that (though we shouldn't pretend it was in any way unusual at the time) - it's arguable how much they made doing that given how many ships they lost doing it and how profitable the rest of the business was, but he also built schools and hospitals for the poorest in society at a time when people didn't do that, you have to weigh these things up in the balance.","4","","2020-06-22 10:19:56","false",""
"Ugz-kaK-wo5YmmqRPhh4AaABAg.9ACRpgXDf2k9ACVE2q0Fxo","baldieman64","You are free to leave.","1","","2020-06-22 10:35:35","false",""
"Ugz-kaK-wo5YmmqRPhh4AaABAg.9ACRpgXDf2k9ACWtH3gbRv","Gary Powell","Cutting down ancient trees is done after proper consultation and local authority permission. The same way statues are supposed to be removed. This is known as the rule of law, which applies to both ancient trees and public statues. The law has been used to preserve ancient trees as well as many other things. Before you choose which ones you wish to respect and which ones you don't, remember that breaking the law has consequences, which you may not like. If you think that you have the right to do so, then so others people may start to think likewise, also with consequences you may not like.
If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.","0","","2020-06-22 10:50:05","false",""
"UgwBWo42Pus8FKBFFfN4AaABAg","Paul Smith","About bloody time the police pulled themselves away from tackling thought-policing & taking a knee ... And did what the taxpayer actually pays them for. 
 Hell,  would've been nice if they'd done what they're paid to do on the day of vandalism. Think of the money the taxpayer would've saved.","4","3","2020-06-22 10:06:00","true",""
"UgwBWo42Pus8FKBFFfN4AaABAg.9ACRqOGN2UN9ACTQudO9v6","fhxashj","Think of the riot that would have ensued. The only thing targeted that day was the Colston statue. Nothing else was touched. If you want tax money saved, this was the best course of action.","0","","2020-06-22 10:19:51","false",""
"UgwBWo42Pus8FKBFFfN4AaABAg.9ACRqOGN2UN9ACU0rMzD3U","ForTheVirtue","What money saved? When have you ever had your taxes lowered because the government ‘saved’ money. The tax payer line is outdated. A way to drum up irrelevant drama.","0","","2020-06-22 10:25:02","false",""
"UgwBWo42Pus8FKBFFfN4AaABAg.9ACRqOGN2UN9ACUxbd9FrH","baldieman64","I don't think they were available on the day of the vandalism.
I hear that they were on special assignment painting rainbows on their vehicles in preparation for Pride month..","0","","2020-06-22 10:33:12","false",""
"Ugy1HqruTRclW20epBx4AaABAg","A furious Brit","Put a bigger heavier statue in its place and secure it down","6","5","2020-06-22 10:06:02","true",""
"Ugy1HqruTRclW20epBx4AaABAg.9ACRqfUPppm9ACTTsSOAHi","Aaron URIAH YASHARAHLA","🤣🤣🤣🤣 oh dear all these ignorants are in for a wake up call very soon. Yaaaaaay","0","","2020-06-22 10:20:16","false",""
"Ugy1HqruTRclW20epBx4AaABAg.9ACRqfUPppm9ACTZEUs1is","Aaron URIAH YASHARAHLA","A monster is coming for you buddy. And it's not gonna be black people. You going to be begging for our help in 3 years time.","0","","2020-06-22 10:21:00","false",""
"Ugy1HqruTRclW20epBx4AaABAg.9ACRqfUPppm9ACTw8j_V41","A furious Brit","Aaron URIAH YASHARAHLA what under your tyrannical machine destroying our history 1984 here we come","1","","2020-06-22 10:24:15","false",""
"Ugy1HqruTRclW20epBx4AaABAg.9ACRqfUPppm9ACUbWAEE3r","Aaron URIAH YASHARAHLA","@A furious Brit Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with black people. It's owned by white Zionists with an agenda. There's some black people involved and some white people.
Black people in general are not for this bullshit mate. There's millions of us here if we had an issue with you son you'd know it. 
The enemy had you focused on us when we're not your threat. There's a monster none of you see coming. Silly people. Always hating on black people when you have an enemy which has destroyed you already and you didn't see it coming.","0","","2020-06-22 10:30:11","false",""
"Ugy1HqruTRclW20epBx4AaABAg.9ACRqfUPppm9ACUt_cmkrt","Aaron URIAH YASHARAHLA","@A furious Brit just stop being racist. It is not your answer. That road will only lead you to great harm. Division and boarders should be respected. But racism will have you overlook the truth. Every time. Sort yourself out bud.","0","","2020-06-22 10:32:39","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg","liv Tube","Wow the independent left they comments section open and I don't think it will be open for long or will end well.","254","45","2020-06-22 10:06:04","true",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9ACTnD7AtYx","andrew daley","Fact. Andy England 🇬🇧👍","2","","2020-06-22 10:23:02","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9ACUaHlYL6T","MAVERICK 42","Oh 100% they will close them when the comment section doesn't fit there narrative.","10","","2020-06-22 10:30:01","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9ACWCtYA7Xr","Arfur Fuxxakes","Seeing as rightwing censors want to charge 'publishers' for the content on their channels I'm not surprised that comments get closed, because of the hate and racism in the comments section, from the same rightwingers. 

You are the cause of the very thing you're bleating about.","12","","2020-06-22 10:44:09","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9ACW_s2yxYu","Tom Ashe","@Arfur Fuxxakes if you werent tearing down statues and causing riots we wouldnt be complaining","11","","2020-06-22 10:47:26","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9ACXBHzvuRG","Ball Bag","Every single video this channel has posted in the past 5 days still has open comments. I only say the past 5 days because I can’t be bothered checking further. 
Anyone who believes what this person is saying is irredeemably stupid.","5","","2020-06-22 10:52:41","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9ACXbJi_Koq","Unknown Zone","@liv Tube its a good way of doing research, seeing who's for and against, who's worth tracking.","2","","2020-06-22 10:56:22","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9ACZ7IuKT1-","supertubemind","@Tom Ashe By the same token ""if you weren't erecting statues to Nazis and slavers, they wouldn't need to come down"".","11","","2020-06-22 11:09:36","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9AC_Qn8iGzB","Alex Gowers","Oh no a story that paints protesters in a bad light is filled with racists. What a surprise. It’s like they’re drawn to them like a moth to a flame. If only we knew why. Maybe it’s because they like to moan as dictate to people? This reminds of the BBCs points of view, a show entirely filled with outrage at things no one cares about.","5","","2020-06-22 11:21:00","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9AC_QyEH9WH","ASIUS courageous committed a war crime in 1937","liv Tube there only on 67k what do un expect","0","","2020-06-22 11:21:02","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9ACaKjMZehe","Ginger Inferno","@supertubemind they aren't erecting the statues for the purpose of their bad deeds they do it for their good deeds. why do you think they have stayed up all this time up until george floyd overdose","8","","2020-06-22 11:28:55","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9ACaouHDHvG","pumpkineater23","@supertubemind  But where does it end? Statues are now removed or boarded up because violent anarchy is permissible as long as you say you’re protesting against racism. You can even rely on the media to cheer you on, and to pretend that public opinion is on your side.. when it isn’t.","5","","2020-06-22 11:33:10","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9ACbPhTnBB3","Nickle","@Arfur Fuxxakes So come on, how its going with the Slaver who founded the Guardian? Done your googling?
Other the Guardians off shore assets to avoid tax by putting them into a tax haven?","2","","2020-06-22 11:38:20","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9ACbd2Uqn-8","ANBU EVERYTHING","Lol do you actually know what you are saying 😂😂😂

using his slave money to do good things is still evil....he sold and trafficked HUMAN BEINGS that’s the scummiest thing on the earth that a person could do or be involved in if you support that what does that make you ????","3","","2020-06-22 11:40:18","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9ACc7uHGq_7","Ty Ghrt","🤭cos they are spy's for the government... don't know why they call themselves INDEPENDENT 😂
INDEPENDENT from the people... perhaps 🤔","0","","2020-06-22 11:44:39","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9ACe1eg4uZ1","Sean David","Arfur Fuxxakes I believe the lefties are the censors the right seem to be marching two step for free speech something the left has given up because they’ve gone mad.","1","","2020-06-22 12:01:16","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9ACeGPUwAzg","Kieran Tyndall","ANBU EVERYTHING he’s not saying he supports slavery though is he? We should destroy the civilisation that was created because of them? That makes no sense. It happened cause views back then were different to what they are now. Doesn’t mean we should tarnish the society we now have because of it","1","","2020-06-22 12:03:17","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9ACeY_0cFNn","Sean David","supertubemind  not one nazi statue and the slavers were most prominent people at that time it’s not worth the worry on that end. I was born in Bristol and know the history behind colston. Him being a business man (slaving being but one of his ventures) and a grate charity giver building schools and hospitals all over Bristol and it’s his charity that made Bristol the city it is today hence the statue.","1","","2020-06-22 12:05:46","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9ACedrsMsfW","Samel Bamel","@ANBU EVERYTHING Except at that time it was completely legal by their standards. You're judging them based from a modern day perspective. Didn't they teach you how to analyze historical sources in school? This is basic highschool History.","1","","2020-06-22 12:06:37","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9ACfbFypyrF","julia cosgrove","People have been asking for these statues to come down for years. They should have come down. 
I dont care where the money went...the horrific brutality,murder and torture of a people should not be celebrated. The decendants of those people probably go to public schools with expensive homes and businesses built with the money of slavers whilst the decendants of the slaves themselves probably live in poverty.
Passing these monuments everyday is not a great reminder of the type of people WE are but a legacy to those with wealth and admiration for being slave traders.","3","","2020-06-22 12:15:00","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9ACfgdvsOLg","Strider9655","@Arfur Fuxxakes Are you really so dumb? Anyone right of left is being censored and deplatformed, forget the right to form your own opinions, the ministry of truth will tell you what to believe...... Why? because dividing humanity is profitable, THAT is what ALL of this is really about, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, social class, mode of transport, etc etc etc, the media makes money by creating division.","1","","2020-06-22 12:15:44","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9AChessie5N","Daimon","I swear they've only opened them so they can identify us","0","","2020-06-22 12:32:58","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9ACjuiRUhLb","aroundtenpercent","Just wanted to clear up that according to the Defamation Act 2013 regarding reader's comments, publishers of content have to prove that they are not the author of public comments, that they took reasonable care in publication, that they had no reason to believe a defamatory statement was published.
Removing readers comments gives publishers those defences, so its no wonder many newsy YouTube channels (RIGHT AND LEFT) block comments on their touchy videos - better to be safe than sorry.

Then again, this is YouTube which is technically an American company, so there's a discrepancy on whether we're following UK defamation laws here or US laws.","0","","2020-06-22 12:52:37","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9ACmRfvG0nP","Hussain Khan","@Tom Ashe what riots ?","0","","2020-06-22 13:14:43","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9ACmpQv-GM9","Hussain Khan","@Daimon thats what i call a ""healthy paranoia "" yes big brother is watching , but make his job harder , do not use your real name online","1","","2020-06-22 13:18:06","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9ACoGOVbSTn","Daimon","@Hussain Khan Fair one but I've got nothing to lose.","0","","2020-06-22 13:30:40","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9ACpstZ8AUR","Fafski11","@ANBU EVERYTHING Except slavery (and not just black slavery) was the 'norm' back then and was for thousands of years before that. We might look back on It and see it now as being despicable and evil, but back then in his particular era, it was deemed as being normal in every life and was deemed by many, too be an acceptable part of their society. I've no doubt in a few hundred years from now, that peoples views and opinions on particular things will have also greatly changed. When they look back into the past to our way of life, undoubtedly they'll deem some things that we are doing now, as being barbaric, despicable or even evil, within their society. It could be anything, from the way we pollute the planet and our wasteful lifestyle, to our warmongering or even our political systems or religious beliefs. Does that mean this 'future generation' has a right to tear down our statues and 'blot' us from history books, simply because some of the things we are now doing in our era, that is deemed despicable to their society?..... A generation which ignores or destroys it's own history, no longer has a past and since our knowledge and wisdom is gained from the acts and records of our past forefathers. Therefore they will also have no future.","2","","2020-06-22 13:44:47","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9ACsCqVe2bF","Kieron Johnson","@Ginger Inferno And the good deeds conveniently covered up the evil way Colston made his money. Must be great to be a city living off immoral earnings..","2","","2020-06-22 14:05:08","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9ACsLas24w4","GENERAL SOMA- ART OF WAR TACTICS","Im on the phone to them
Lol 😅🤣🤣🤣","0","","2020-06-22 14:06:19","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9AD1CS_CuCU","Hamish McIndy","@Tom Ashe if you weren't supporting racists and slave owners, you wouldn't be seen as the stupid people you are","0","","2020-06-22 15:32:27","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9AD1M4OQ7EQ","Hamish McIndy","@Alex Gowers most of them are people employed by the government to push the racist narrative and paint themselves to be the victims.","0","","2020-06-22 15:33:46","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9AD1O4kWOrC","Hamish McIndy","@Ginger Inferno lol

Good one, racist","0","","2020-06-22 15:34:03","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9AD1_WZyT0a","Hamish McIndy","@pumpkineater23 violent anarchy isn't permissable you sad little right wing victim. People being angry that we proudly made statues of slavers is a legit grievance. Or, would you welcome a statue of Lenin in one of your communities? Moron","0","","2020-06-22 15:35:44","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9AD1eWHHSpI","Hamish McIndy","@Sean David you are literally too stupid to insult","0","","2020-06-22 15:36:25","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9AD1s_RKd8e","Hamish McIndy","@Daimon good. Can't wait for you racists to be identified and ridiculed.","0","","2020-06-22 15:38:21","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9AD24AStH9Q","Hamish McIndy","@Fafski11 yes, they do have a right. Just like the Germans had a right to push out Nazi propaganda, and statues were ripped down. If you weren't brain-dead, you'd understand that","0","","2020-06-22 15:40:04","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9AD4rkS1WNN","Ginger Inferno","@Hamish McIndy i am not racist, George floyd had three times of the lethal doseage of Fentanyl which restrains the breathing system. the restraint technique used by the officer does not restrict the air flow he died of over dose","1","","2020-06-22 16:04:27","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9ADHGPaIXxS","Thomas F","@Hamish McIndy The statue was put up to commemorate his charitable work funding schools, hospitals, social housing, and other institutions like the university.  It was not there to commemorate him being a slave owner. Wanting to keep a statue up for these reasons doesn't make one a racist or stupid.","2","","2020-06-22 17:52:48","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9ADIX0WlYGw","Thomas F","@julia cosgrove They have, and a poll was resultantly conducted a few years ago in Bristol - a majority voted for it to stay. A majority may now want it to be removed, but the democratic aspect has now been taken away. His statue was erected to commemorate his charitable work funding schools, hospitals, social housing etc for the poor in Bristol, so his legacy is what you decide to see - the good or what today is considered bad.","2","","2020-06-22 18:03:49","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9ADW3A3cerm","julia cosgrove","@Thomas F how can good come from torture and murder? How can you seperate them
""This school was built by selling people into torture, slavery and murder with many raped and beaten and kept in small cages, lets keep this statue here to remind those affected by the horror to face it every day and to celebrate the wealth this man amassed from slave trading....""? 
The good in it?
I find it odd that there have been campaigns to take it down based on what it represents and it went to a poll?? I will have to google that.
I will be honest I dont know who these statues are of and what half of them did because it wasnt taught in history and I dont live in these areas. But even a five year old would wonder why there was a statue of a person like that! I mean we dont have statues of fred west or dr harold shipman and im sure at some point they both did something good! I just feel as a multicultural, civilised society that we should be careful of what we idolise and celebrate...back when he was alive im sure people didnt think twice about that sort of behaviour...till they hands down out voted it! ...but this is 2020 and we should teach this stuff at schools...but there is absolutely no need to keep statues of him on the street. Maybe in a museum surrounded by pictures of slave traders and cruel practices and photographs and his personal history of spending some money on a school but....its time these statues came down.","0","","2020-06-22 20:02:04","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9AFDJnIhIG5","Clark Davison","@julia cosgrove At that time the slave trade was promoted by the King and pursued by other European trading countries as a legitimate trade. The Royal African Company, that Colston joined in 1680 was an English mercantile company set up in 1660 by the royal Stuart family and City of London merchants to trade along the west coast of Africa. It was led by the Duke of York, the brother of Charles II who later took the throne as James II. It seems that these ""statue topplers"" want to cherry pick the bits of history that suit their narrative and judge historical figures by todays standards. Intellectual dishonesty at it's finest - are they going to Rome next to topple statues of all the Roman Emperors who enslaved Ancient Britons?","0","","2020-06-23 11:56:48","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9AFDWxxcCg_","Clark Davison","@julia cosgrove What about all the banks with historical links to the slave trade including Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC and Lloyds Banking Group, insurance market Lloyd’s of London and the brewer Greene King. What about The Guardian - originally called the Manchester Guardian, the paper was founded in 1821 by John Edward Taylor using profits from a cotton plantation that used slaves. Do these have to be brought down as well? Where does it stop?","0","","2020-06-23 11:58:36","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9AFVa1_icUl","julia cosgrove","@Clark Davison then those are peoples choices on whether to bank there or not. I for one dont bank there but if people understand the history which I doubt few people actually fact it isnt even about the history for some places its putting back into specific communitys, fighting for the rights of those involved in windrush scandal etc etc etc....It happened people cant gloss over it but some form of compensating the generations afterwards by supporting those people affected by racism etc instead of just accumulating masses of wealth. There are ways they can do these things and sticking their head in the sand doesnt make it ever go away....and I hope it doesnt stop! I hope people start to realise how utterly disgusting racism is and how harmful it is ... and how ridiculous it actually is. Kids should be taught about this side of history and it shouldnt be hidden. We should be supporting the victims of slavery and their familys...there are people alive now that will have heard storys of abuse about grandparents and parents from slave was barbaric. Some people are bothered about a few statues and it should be over and done with??? Is that what we say to victims of the holocaust or to familys who lost people in the wars...or is that slogan... lest we forget? But this specific group of people should hurry up and get over it? Why?","0","","2020-06-23 14:36:26","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9AFfsA5JpK2","Clark Davison","@julia cosgrove ""I hope people start to realise how utterly disgusting racism is and how harmful it is"" .... What makes you think that people don't understand how disgusting racism is? Which country do you think it the most racist, surely you are not suggesting it is the UK?

Of course most people understand that racism is wrong. Do you know what else is wrong - calling people racist who aren't. Using ""race"" and branding people as racist as a means of dividing people ideologically, not because they are racist but because they don't share your political beliefs. 

""We should be supporting the victims of slavery and their familys..""

Why should we be doing this, did I or my family have anything to do with it? Did you or your family? Are we to assume the guilt or be blamed for slavery because of the colour of our skin - isn't that, you know, racist?

""there are people alive now that will have heard storys of abuse about grandparents and parents from slave owners""

In the UK there are millions of people whose grandparents and great-grandparents died in two world wars, fighting for King and country, defending democracy both at home and abroad. Do you think it is justified for them to watch the country's most famous war memorial (and actual grave of the ""Unknown Soldier"") being vandalised? See how this works?

Did you know that Under the terms of the Slavery Abolition Act 1833, the British government raised £20 million ( £1.43 billion in 2020) to pay out for the loss of the slaves as business assets to the registered owners of the freed slaves. In 1833, £20 million amounted to 40% of the Treasury's annual income[or approximately 5% of the British GDP (5% of the British GDP in 2016 was around £100 billion)

The British government took on a £15 million loan, finalised on 3 August 1835, with banker Nathan Mayer Rothschild and his brother-in-law Moses Montefiore. 

£5 million was paid out directly in government stock. The money was not paid back by the British taxpayers until 2015.

So going back to your previous point, every British Taxpayer has been literally paying for bringing an end to slavery for almost 200 years. 99% of those taxpayers didn't own slaves, trade slaves or transport slaves.

""Kids should be taught about this side of history and it shouldn't be hidden.""

Did you know how long the British Taxpayers have been paying back the debt of freeing slaves? Was that hidden?

""But this specific group of people should hurry up and get over it? Why?""

Who said this group of people should hurry up and get over it - certainly not me. This is a strawman argument that Kathy Newman would be proud of.

Which is worse, historical slavery or modern slavery? Why are all these protesters transfixed on historical slavery yet doing nothing about slavery that is happening today?

Why do donations to BLM go to ActBlue, the slush fund for the Democratic party in the US? If you want to discuss and debate this topic honestly then you have to look at the wider issues and treat historical events not by the morals, standards and agendas of today but in the context and time that they occurred.","0","","2020-06-23 16:15:02","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9AFj5bED3PQ","julia cosgrove","@Clark Davison number ONE dont raise the money that tax payers are paying as per usual only the wealthy benefited financially from that! The only people recompensed were the wealthy...not those where the money should have gone. The wealthy just basically wrote themselves cheques and we are back to slavery paying off the debts of the wealthy and filling their pockets. In this country money is going to community projects. 
Your arguement for the familys of soldiers once again is a ""f"" them what about me"" they are both the same thing both should be is not one or the other but the fact you dont want to part with any shared compassion and understanding cos YOU were not responsible for slavery??? Neither was I or my ancesters but I can still see racism in this country whether it be worst or not its there as much as people say ""im not a racist"" it makes no difference and yes kids should be taught this stuff why shouldnt they? 
Morals and standards of today is WHY people are STILL protesting racism. 
Its happening and by not protesting what are you saying to these people? Why dont you want to support them? Why cant you understand things like windrush are todays issues and racism is prevalent today. 
I dont know a lot of what blm money goes to in US ive just seen the protests and the thousands of police brutality videos on you tube. I know money collected by groups here goes into community projects here.
Why do you think you have to apologise cos your white? 😂 you just dont get it! Its your attitudes towards people with black skin....things like I dont care about them cos I wasnt involved in slavery but I care about ww because my family were in family was in ww too but I can totally empathise with the horrific treatment that people of colour go through and have gone through historically. I can support them in getting equality. I can support them in their wanting. 
If someone doesnt share my ""political ideas"" it makes them racist??....what are my political ideals?","0","","2020-06-23 16:43:13","false",""
"Ugw4y5VIE-CT_lxXZrl4AaABAg.9ACRqw0s-6b9AFvpswf6h0","Clark Davison","@julia cosgrove ""number ONE dont raise the money that tax payers are paying as per usual only the wealthy benefited financially from that! ""

Who are you to tell me what I can and can't raise? Do you want to try and tell me what I can think next?

Are you claiming the slaves that were freed because they were essentially ""bought"" by the British Government on behalf of the taxpayer in order to be released from slavery didn't benefit, nor did their descendants who were born ""free""?  

It is hard to debate with with somebody who is being intellectually dishonest.

""Your arguement for the familys of soldiers once again is a ""f"" them what about me""""

No, that is not my argument - can you write a response that doesn't misrepresent what I wrote? Is that possible?

""they are both the same thing both should be is not one or the other but the fact you dont want to part with any shared compassion and understanding cos YOU were not responsible for slavery?""

Again, no, they are not the same thing at all. I didn't conflate the two things, perhaps you should read it again. Logical fallacies don't help your argument.

What exactly is shared compassion and understanding. You are making assumptions about me and what I am prepared or not prepared to part with instead of answering my questions.

""Why do you think you have to apologise cos your white?""

I don't think I have to apologise or feel guilty, I asked if I should be expected to assume those? BLM as an organisation think so, they think white people should give their houses to poor black people because they can always work (with the benefit of their white privilege) and buy another one.

""you just dont get it! Its your attitudes towards people with black skin""

Wrong again, you know nothing about my attitudes towards people with black skin, nor have I expressed any in any of my comments. I didn't say ""I don't care"" I asked you why me or my family should be expected to compensate the descendants of slaves any more than has already been paid in the taxes of four generations. Can you see the diference? Or do you just not care about it?

""I can support them in getting equality. I can support them in their wanting. ""

All genders and races already have equality enshrined in law. It is illegal to discriminate based on gender or race. What equality is it you are  looking for exactly, equality of opportunity or equality of outcome?

""If someone doesnt share my ""political ideas"" it makes them racist??....what are my political ideals?""

Firstly I didn't assign that to you personally, for the second time, here it is again :

[Do you know what else is wrong - calling people racist who aren't. Using ""race"" and branding people as racist as a means of dividing people ideologically, not because they are racist but because they don't share your political beliefs.]

This has been happening in the UK for years. People who voted to leave the EU have been slandered with this label and type of ad hominem attack since 2016. 

I stated this is wrong,  albeit in the form of a question to see if you can see how this actually damages the case against racism by misusing the word, abusing the word and removing it's power. Do you think that 17.4 million registered UK voters are racist simply because they voted to leave a majority white European political union?","0","","2020-06-23 18:34:32","false",""
"UgyRKS4npBaIZsPzzxl4AaABAg","Arfur Fuxxakes","Where is the gallery of faces from when Britain First and their ilk were attacking living police officers, not a stone statue?

Or are stone statues more valuable than living beings?","30","22","2020-06-22 10:06:23","true",""
"UgyRKS4npBaIZsPzzxl4AaABAg.9ACRtBD0fQU9ACSK9yeshL","Lewis Sowerby","The fact that so many people can’t see their hypocrisy is both sad and exactly what’s wrong with our society :(","4","","2020-06-22 10:10:12","false",""
"UgyRKS4npBaIZsPzzxl4AaABAg.9ACRtBD0fQU9ACSVbSe5e2","Moebius","They are not ‘just’ statues .. They are monuments to white supremacy.

An example MUST be made. ANY attack against the dominant order will be met with IMPRISONMENT.","2","","2020-06-22 10:11:46","false",""
"UgyRKS4npBaIZsPzzxl4AaABAg.9ACRtBD0fQU9ACSj6bAqV2","QUAK ACE","Where is the gallery of faces for the people who injured 27 police officers days before that, seeing as we are asking totally unrelated partisan framing questions. This story doesn’t help my side! Reeeee","8","","2020-06-22 10:13:44","false",""
"UgyRKS4npBaIZsPzzxl4AaABAg.9ACRtBD0fQU9ACSnPoRsND","OJ Moran","Moebius Africa is nice this time of year. Flights are cheap too. Take your whole family.","6","","2020-06-22 10:14:20","false",""
"UgyRKS4npBaIZsPzzxl4AaABAg.9ACRtBD0fQU9ACT8dpU6tW","arcanerhythm lennon","what like BLM were not doing that? they were much worse ,30 police injured , one seriously because a ferel thug threw a bike at a police horse,  gangs of black kids chasing police down the street after throwing all kinds of missiles and attacking journalists, but no a few dopes get in the polices face and that's ""attacking""? you need to get the blinkers off, that first weekend with BLM was a disgrace, and if they would of had their protest instead of defacing the Churchill statue and trying to set fire to the cenotaph the counter protest wouldn't of had to happen, pure provocation from BLM , imagine if mandelas statue got defaced you would be screaming your head off so please....shut the fuck up","11","","2020-06-22 10:17:22","false",""
"UgyRKS4npBaIZsPzzxl4AaABAg.9ACRtBD0fQU9ACUKXlRZX3","Leslie Cowie","@Moebius what you living here for if your so oppressed move to another country or do you enjoy the benefits Britain has to offer","2","","2020-06-22 10:27:43","false",""
"UgyRKS4npBaIZsPzzxl4AaABAg.9ACRtBD0fQU9ACVm1EVnjb","Arfur Fuxxakes","@QUAK ACE 

I agree with part of what you say, before you become ludicrous. 

All violence must be punished. 

Including any done by Agent Provocateurs to undermine peaceful protests.

Now quit screeching like a fool.","0","","2020-06-22 10:40:21","false",""
"UgyRKS4npBaIZsPzzxl4AaABAg.9ACRtBD0fQU9ACWVENA89I","lachlan Bastin","QUAK ACE truly intelligent arguing, but surely the point is more that this particular act did no significant harm, whereas there are plenty of other acts on both sides that warrant an investigation more? Edward Colton is dead and buried, but the legacy of pain he left remains. Taking down his statue is nothing more than a symbolic act of rejection, it’s only significance is in the message people choose to take from it. as a crime it is nothing more than an act of vandalism, maybe property damage, on a statue that belonged to the city, not any individual.","1","","2020-06-22 10:46:40","false",""
"UgyRKS4npBaIZsPzzxl4AaABAg.9ACRtBD0fQU9ACeW20Mrot","bartman01021988","erm before you start that nonsense,more officers were injured when it was just the antifa lead blm protests.less were harmed when rival protests were happening","2","","2020-06-22 12:05:25","false",""
"UgyRKS4npBaIZsPzzxl4AaABAg.9ACRtBD0fQU9ACjmCfYOrm","Chris","Attacking living police officers? you cant attack dead ones can you ya wanker","1","","2020-06-22 12:51:27","false",""
"UgyRKS4npBaIZsPzzxl4AaABAg.9ACRtBD0fQU9ACn78zbZk1","Tim Wade","@Moebius so criminal damage should not be a crime now?.  Let rioters ( for any reason ) get away with this sort of thing and anything will be seen as fair game. Perhaps something of your, you would expect the police to get involved then.","0","","2020-06-22 13:20:40","false",""
"UgyRKS4npBaIZsPzzxl4AaABAg.9ACRtBD0fQU9AF-v5SF0XO","Arfur Fuxxakes","@bartman01021988 

BLM is not led by Antifa. 

Grow up, kid.","0","","2020-06-23 09:59:41","false",""
"UgyRKS4npBaIZsPzzxl4AaABAg.9ACRtBD0fQU9AF06KDkZmd","Arfur Fuxxakes","@Chris 

I'm sorry you are so thick you couldn't understand the comparison I made.

The difference between living police and stone statues.

No wonder you were triggered and felt offended.

Dumbass.","0","","2020-06-23 10:01:22","false",""
"UgyRKS4npBaIZsPzzxl4AaABAg.9ACRtBD0fQU9AF0Ko1VRfR","Arfur Fuxxakes","@Tim Wade 

Why do you have to be so ridiculous? 

No-one is condoning senseless criminal damage.

I expect you would have criticised the French Resistance for vandalism for blowing up train tracks too.

Get a grip.","0","","2020-06-23 10:03:20","false",""
"UgyRKS4npBaIZsPzzxl4AaABAg.9ACRtBD0fQU9AF3wWYFPG2","Tim Wade","@Arfur Fuxxakes Of course not, that was in war time and done to hinder the enemy.  Taking your analigy , do you liken this to a war then.If the police had got involved at the time the event would have escalated and somebody could have been seriously injured. If it had been a rioter it would  have been the police's fault, if a copper had been hurt I doubt the mob would have cared .","0","","2020-06-23 10:34:50","false",""
"UgyRKS4npBaIZsPzzxl4AaABAg.9ACRtBD0fQU9AF8T1oYvPR","Tim Wade","@Arfur Fuxxakes no there both marxists with the same agenda","0","","2020-06-23 11:14:22","false",""
"UgyRKS4npBaIZsPzzxl4AaABAg.9ACRtBD0fQU9AFAUAjy7DY","Arfur Fuxxakes","@Tim Wade 

Nothing I say is going to get through your thick head, because you don't want to understand. 

There has been a cold war on black people in the UK by your sort for far too long.

People just want to be treated fairly,  I can't see why that frightens you so much you want to denigrate those trying to make a country a fairer place.

I guess it goes against your prejudices. 

What other reason could there be?

I think we're done now, because you aren't interested in equity,  just in your supremacy over p.o.c.

I hope you wake up one day and stop being part of the problem.","0","","2020-06-23 11:32:00","false",""
"UgyRKS4npBaIZsPzzxl4AaABAg.9ACRtBD0fQU9AFAc-7xSQg","Arfur Fuxxakes","@Tim Wade 


You utter bellend. 

Stop using words you don't understand,  it merely flaunts your ignorance.","1","","2020-06-23 11:33:12","false",""
"UgyRKS4npBaIZsPzzxl4AaABAg.9ACRtBD0fQU9AFLMrK0_Al","Tim Wade","@Arfur Fuxxakes So  Patrisse Callors never made a broadcast saying the she and Alicia Garza are quote"" trained marxist""  unquote it can be found on a number of posts on you tube. If you don't know Antifa is a marxist group then your the bell end.","0","","2020-06-23 13:07:07","false",""
"UgyRKS4npBaIZsPzzxl4AaABAg.9ACRtBD0fQU9AFMUBcDLdK","Tim Wade","@Arfur Fuxxakes Do you know me, No. Do you know my politics,No Do you know my religion, No. Do you know my race, No. Do you know my colour , No.You stop trying to paint everybody that has a different opinion too with that big wide brush . You wake up take people as individuals not by grouping or colour or religion or politics. You don't know what a person has gone through to hold the beliefs they have. You just want to force your stereotyping view in them because it easier than getting to know them as individuals.","0","","2020-06-23 13:16:51","false",""
"UgyRKS4npBaIZsPzzxl4AaABAg.9ACRtBD0fQU9AG0KIfNdse","Arfur Fuxxakes","@Tim Wade 

If you don't know that antifa isn't an organisation, you know fuckall. 

All I need to know about you is that you're clueless. 

You prove it with every comment you make.","0","","2020-06-23 19:22:31","false",""
"UgyRKS4npBaIZsPzzxl4AaABAg.9ACRtBD0fQU9ALJHF_-5L4","Tim Wade","@Arfur Fuxxakes A well thought out response, perfectly argued. I take it your reply to the Patrisse Callors quoat will be posted later. I can't wait. As for antifa it seems pretty well organised for a non organisation with no funding at all.","0","","2020-06-25 20:44:19","false",""
"UgwWn80577iV6q2gLkV4AaABAg","Nabil Abdulrashid","If they used this same energy to watch police there wouldn’t be riots in the first place","29","5","2020-06-22 10:07:13","true",""
"UgwWn80577iV6q2gLkV4AaABAg.9ACRzI-_zOm9ACSrgkr2-8","herc20000","I agree, if people watched their kids and taught them to respect others and the law, then maybe we would not need so many police to begin with!","0","","2020-06-22 10:14:55","false",""
"UgwWn80577iV6q2gLkV4AaABAg.9ACRzI-_zOm9ACVuq1wvZm","Aardvarked","What do Avon and Somerset police have to do with the murder of someone on another continent?","1","","2020-06-22 10:41:33","false",""
"UgwWn80577iV6q2gLkV4AaABAg.9ACRzI-_zOm9ACX0dEovHz","CoolDerp202","@herc20000 Oh they are definitely respecting others, imagine your ancestors were slaves in the past and you're walking along a river path, only to see a statue of the man who enslaved them and threatened their life.  I don't know what kind of person would look at that statue and think: Oh what a great country we have been and still are! Great to remember our slave traders!","0","","2020-06-22 10:51:13","false",""
"UgwWn80577iV6q2gLkV4AaABAg.9ACRzI-_zOm9ACXsYSAsL7","Aspar White","@CoolDerp202 alot of our ancestors were slaves you dingus. Look at the workhouses, look at children sent down mines and up chimneys. Finally have a look at where the word slave comes from, its from the slavic people taken. Fyi slavic people are white","1","","2020-06-22 10:58:43","false",""
"UgwWn80577iV6q2gLkV4AaABAg.9ACRzI-_zOm9ACXuov8tC5","dirkbogarde44","@CoolDerp202  They can always go back to Africa. I hear they have air travel these days.","1","","2020-06-22 10:59:02","false",""
"UgxzpGzU9I2Ugf_vq2N4AaABAg","Terry Nutkins Ball Sack","British law and order is laughable","23","2","2020-06-22 10:07:14","true",""
"UgxzpGzU9I2Ugf_vq2N4AaABAg.9ACRzOzaHjo9ACTZ_YJCxq","bam-skater","No such thing as 'British' law and order, it happened in England!","4","","2020-06-22 10:21:02","false",""
"UgxzpGzU9I2Ugf_vq2N4AaABAg.9ACRzOzaHjo9ACTsrOIQoT","Christian Thomas","@bam-skater well your obviously scottish","8","","2020-06-22 10:23:48","false",""
"Ugz4i1J_8NAqZsH4K0R4AaABAg","Have faith in Britain","THIS IS JUST WINDOW-DRESSING THEY WILL DO NOTHING.....","60","2","2020-06-22 10:07:16","true",""
"Ugz4i1J_8NAqZsH4K0R4AaABAg.9ACRzcQBKgV9ACiUpyRCjX","Tom Monks","Hopefully","1","","2020-06-22 12:40:12","false",""
"Ugz4i1J_8NAqZsH4K0R4AaABAg.9ACRzcQBKgV9ACuIj9QdaH","Strider9655","When they find out that half of them were privileged white kids with rich and influential parents, all this will disappear.","1","","2020-06-22 14:23:24","false",""
"UgwMd_5fU1eKzoO7K4l4AaABAg","marksav1981","Perhaps BLM would have more backing from everyone if they stopped acting like thugs. This started out as a investigation into a corrupt police officer, now it's a race protest. We can't change the past, only learn from it. There is child trafficking, sex trafficking, sweatshops and still slavery abundent today, why don't we ALL get together and stop that!?!","0","0","2020-06-22 10:07:33","true",""
"Ugzdlz2W8G0f4zsAjDB4AaABAg","PointBlank Racer","The respect for the police is rock bottom and rightly so,  we need major reform, also get back to how they policed 80 years ago before the Lefty reared it's ugly head. These police wimps we have are order taking social workers without critical thought and morals. Public sector Jobsworths without accountability. Most can't even dress themselves correctly let alone stop crime like child grooming and much more.","3","4","2020-06-22 10:07:39","true",""
"Ugzdlz2W8G0f4zsAjDB4AaABAg.9ACS1UY_fp99ACTk6UUFoj","somthingbrutal","ah the good old days where they beat confessions out of the innocent and  took every bribe going. when no one talked about child abuse at all. remember Jimmy savile and how he got away with decades of rape and abuse these are the days you want to go back to ?","2","","2020-06-22 10:22:37","false",""
"Ugzdlz2W8G0f4zsAjDB4AaABAg.9ACS1UY_fp99ACU-Cri7i-","the pain","LOL 80 years ago where the local police department turned a blind eye to their priests fiddling with children. How ironic, you moron","1","","2020-06-22 10:24:49","false",""
"Ugzdlz2W8G0f4zsAjDB4AaABAg.9ACS1UY_fp99ACVDY3_RfS","PointBlank Racer","@somthingbrutal Of course not fool, I am talking when the Police had respect for the General public they served and respected freedom of speech and liberty/rights, all these have been trampled by these power tripping order following tyrannical lowlifes. That's my issue fella.","0","","2020-06-22 10:35:30","false",""
"Ugzdlz2W8G0f4zsAjDB4AaABAg.9ACS1UY_fp99ACVV1zRUI2","PointBlank Racer","@the Pain of no brain, it must be painful not to understand meaning.","0","","2020-06-22 10:37:54","false",""
"UgxBDTC09zhofpwr01J4AaABAg","Vox Boggie","We should be applauding those individuals for highlighting the Dis-United Kingdom's horrible past.","10","2","2020-06-22 10:07:40","true",""
"UgxBDTC09zhofpwr01J4AaABAg.9ACS1caSidO9ACTIK5N16C","ollie 1012","No we shouldn't. It was in the PAST. By todays standards it was bad. But it doesnt happen in the UK today. Learn some history please.","1","","2020-06-22 10:18:41","false",""
"UgxBDTC09zhofpwr01J4AaABAg.9ACS1caSidO9ACV1Luj7NY","baldieman64","Leave then.","0","","2020-06-22 10:33:50","false",""
"UgwLpdirCXdp1iVZDtZ4AaABAg","mrgeorge118","Lol, love it.

Same as the idiots in the last riots, all crying when they're given custodial sentences for stealing a pair of trainers.

When will they learn....","6","0","2020-06-22 10:08:22","true",""
"Ugx-47ejycGqFLk6kjB4AaABAg","stoneroses22","Although the statue came down unlawfully and should have gone through a democratic process, you can't blame the anger and sentiment towards the statue and what it symbolises.","4","6","2020-06-22 10:08:24","true",""
"Ugx-47ejycGqFLk6kjB4AaABAg.9ACS6wFYnmk9ACT73Iaj1a","Clark Davison","Please tell us all what ""exactly"" it symbolises","1","","2020-06-22 10:17:09","false",""
"Ugx-47ejycGqFLk6kjB4AaABAg.9ACS6wFYnmk9ACUlzbQ19s","Stu McCabe","stoneroses22 . Bollocks. The ""anger and sentiment"" you claim is manufactured. Nobody thought the statue was there to celebrate slavery - that's retarded. Who the hell walks past a statue of a man who died.300 years ago and feels affronted? No one unless they've been indoctrinated with Marxist idiocy. And, in any case, I don't care - they have no right to destroy what is not theirs. Remember, the fanatical Puritans in the 17 th century went around smashing stained glass windows and destroying beautiful artworks in churches - exactly the same mentality; the Puritans saw sin everywhere, the new Puritans see racism everywhere.","1","","2020-06-22 10:31:36","false",""
"Ugx-47ejycGqFLk6kjB4AaABAg.9ACS6wFYnmk9ACV4xzNoFx","baldieman64","Moron","0","","2020-06-22 10:34:20","false",""
"Ugx-47ejycGqFLk6kjB4AaABAg.9ACS6wFYnmk9ACW-sCokEJ","stoneroses22","@Clark Davison Have you been living under a rock?","0","","2020-06-22 10:42:23","false",""
"Ugx-47ejycGqFLk6kjB4AaABAg.9ACS6wFYnmk9ACWCcn5lnd","stoneroses22","@Stu McCabe I like how you deflect away from the original argument. That anger and resentment has fostered for years, they have been down the democratic process as late as last year to get it moved for it to rejected.","0","","2020-06-22 10:44:07","false",""
"Ugx-47ejycGqFLk6kjB4AaABAg.9ACS6wFYnmk9ACWE_J1JeH","stoneroses22","@baldieman64 pleb","0","","2020-06-22 10:44:23","false",""
"UgyA1vClVsXozmc6hCN4AaABAg","kahlesstiberius","Declare BLM and antifa as terrorist organisations and fyi for those who dont know, both are funded by George Soros, a billionaire ex nazi prison camp guard who's pushing the racist agenda.
And make sure you prosecute them equally for destroying public property.","0","1","2020-06-22 10:08:48","true",""
"UgyA1vClVsXozmc6hCN4AaABAg.9ACS9x98KFH9ACUTQ2Floj","2manynegativewaves","Lol,moron.","0","","2020-06-22 10:28:56","false",""
"UgzhfbbFuEBG5DnWnq14AaABAg","Dan Palmer","Police have launched a criminal damage investigation, 
why are they preserving the graffiti then?","3","0","2020-06-22 10:08:51","true",""
"UgzY8hg_JJbtXbgchxR4AaABAg","Alan 59","Coming in for  "" Voluntary"" interviews ? That means they don't have to come in , Police are a Joke in this Country , and have become "" Political ""  and stand and watch if they decide it' is 
a worthy cause !","11","3","2020-06-22 10:09:03","true",""
"UgzY8hg_JJbtXbgchxR4AaABAg.9ACSBiTlwUb9ACT_WQ5f-L","Paul Graves","What it means is the vandals have been invited in for interviews, if they do not attend they WILL be arrested and interviewed. Simples.","0","","2020-06-22 10:21:10","false",""
"UgzY8hg_JJbtXbgchxR4AaABAg.9ACSBiTlwUb9ACXGYL-cAA","Chris","@Paul Graves careful Paul, these comment sections aren't used to someone with a brain. You'll be called a witch and ousted in no time if any of the knuckle draggers notice someone speaking the truth.","0","","2020-06-22 10:53:24","false",""
"UgzY8hg_JJbtXbgchxR4AaABAg.9ACSBiTlwUb9ACacWw7Spw","Raymond Nickolds","Paul and Chris are soy boy commie wankers, snowflakes take note 😂😭😭","0","","2020-06-22 11:31:29","false",""
"UgxGzsBrJ3T10kO-ob54AaABAg","Paul Smith","These p.c. social-workers  running the police now.. they need replacing by those to whom doing the job & upholding the law is more important than appearances & what 'some' might say.. And become less Orwellian in their now thought-policing.  I'd like to meet the tit that came up with that one.. they need a bloody good kicking.","2","1","2020-06-22 10:09:23","true",""
"UgxGzsBrJ3T10kO-ob54AaABAg.9ACSEAL1dGt9ACUR9z5n2s","2manynegativewaves","Yeah,ok,elderly incel...","0","","2020-06-22 10:28:38","false",""
"UgwP_7XBz9efqGLbMdh4AaABAg","troll bagienny","hahahahaha rainbow police hahaha","6","3","2020-06-22 10:09:25","true",""
"UgwP_7XBz9efqGLbMdh4AaABAg.9ACSEQ6fC2-9ACUKPDUpMT","Lindhardt Von Hevring","diverse variations of light hohohoh","0","","2020-06-22 10:27:42","false",""
"UgwP_7XBz9efqGLbMdh4AaABAg.9ACSEQ6fC2-9ACWl_SSGcS","Godis Love","Physics says Black is an absence of colour. I don't like the term black, for people. Some may but I'm far too rigid in my thinking. I'm sure all people have names beyond ""Oi Human"".","1","","2020-06-22 10:49:02","false",""
"UgwP_7XBz9efqGLbMdh4AaABAg.9ACSEQ6fC2-9ACZFoM9nGh","Versace Pythonz","Oh no the rainbow flashing light police have pulled me over for a thought crime, sorry officers I promise to recognise trans woman as woman","2","","2020-06-22 11:10:46","false",""
"UgwuBAm5CZ8FJD6mK8x4AaABAg","daniel nathan","Why was it allowed in the beginning?? did the stabbing!!??:. Police are aware of both and allowed both to evolve into todays sad news... and the narrative is to praise the police?!... they failed to protect the public","8","2","2020-06-22 10:09:57","true",""
"UgwuBAm5CZ8FJD6mK8x4AaABAg.9ACSIMUHLoG9ACYN4SFDyH","Blake Blake","if only real life was like GTA, right? just get in there and stop them, simple as that, right?","0","","2020-06-22 11:03:01","false",""
"UgwuBAm5CZ8FJD6mK8x4AaABAg.9ACSIMUHLoG9ACZzewx_uX","fat fat","@Blake Blake yer, something police dont do. They dont even care about kids getting raped.","0","","2020-06-22 11:17:10","false",""
"UgxFDuX-KNwpUMRI2OR4AaABAg","Benton","Why? This is putting them at risk now for bringing down a monument to a slave trader. DIsgusting","1","2","2020-06-22 10:10:04","true",""
"UgxFDuX-KNwpUMRI2OR4AaABAg.9ACSJ8Mfzmb9ACVqslRXzs","Clark Davison","What is disgusting is the fact that the only thing you know, or seem to want to know about Colston was that he was a ""slave trader"", historical cherry picking of only the facts that suit your narrative is intellectually dishonest.","1","","2020-06-22 10:41:01","false",""
"UgxFDuX-KNwpUMRI2OR4AaABAg.9ACSJ8Mfzmb9ACVx3HgQ1L","OriginalYithian","He wasn’t actually a slave trader. He served on the board of a shipping company which had a side business transporting other people’s slaves. At the time it was something the whole of western society considered unremarkable (something I personally find far more shocking). The monument was raised in recognition of his public philanthropy. He built - amongst other things - schools and hospitals to improve the lives of the poor and disadvantaged of Bristol.
Things are rarely as simple as the media - and social media in particular - portray them. Very few historical figures are uncomplicated enough to be seen as all good or or evil.","0","","2020-06-22 10:41:51","false",""
"UgwizB1iNDoe68As2Xd4AaABAg","The Ambivalent PS2 Bloke","*The Tory party responsible for tens of thousands of deaths over the last few months... while they live in luxury, the angry peasants will pay for the petty crimes they committed over the last few weeks*


_There is no justice here_","16","16","2020-06-22 10:10:29","true",""
"UgwizB1iNDoe68As2Xd4AaABAg.9ACSMDBrxlW9ACT46CdUvE","Howard Jones","The Ambivalent PS2 Bloke : In your case, you got the peasant bit right, moron","2","","2020-06-22 10:16:45","false",""
"UgwizB1iNDoe68As2Xd4AaABAg.9ACSMDBrxlW9ACT4Knd_8G","ollie 1012","Except its not the governments fault. Yes they shouldve acted faster, but Its mostly the British public. Over 9000 fines in the first few weeks of lockdown. Thats disgusting behaviour from our own citizens. Ignorant pricks.","2","","2020-06-22 10:16:46","false",""
"UgwizB1iNDoe68As2Xd4AaABAg.9ACSMDBrxlW9ACT9_WMZbJ","Shitty Bumhole","I can't see how you're linking torys to tens of thousands of deaths, when these BLM protesters can't follow the guidelines.","2","","2020-06-22 10:17:29","false",""
"UgwizB1iNDoe68As2Xd4AaABAg.9ACSMDBrxlW9ACVACSPy1R","The Ambivalent PS2 Bloke","@Howard Jones so you're upper class are you? Or just one of the blind, weak minded, brainwashed Tory supporters?.. if you're not rich & you support the Tories, you're the real moron here","0","","2020-06-22 10:35:03","false",""
"UgwizB1iNDoe68As2Xd4AaABAg.9ACSMDBrxlW9ACVWulcbD-","The Ambivalent PS2 Bloke","@ollie 1012 if they acted faster? They don't care, it's as simple as that. Look at Grenfell, all these years later, no justice & no changes to the dangerous housing for lower class people all across the country. They are also still moving forward with privatisation of the NHS, after everything we've been through recently... They care about power & money, nothing else","0","","2020-06-22 10:38:09","false",""
"UgwizB1iNDoe68As2Xd4AaABAg.9ACSMDBrxlW9ACVjFdgfpW","The Ambivalent PS2 Bloke","@Shitty Bumhole you can thank Mr Cummings for pubilcy sh*tting all over the guidelines way before these protests... just another example of serious failings by this government during a pandemic... I'm not justifying riots, looting & vandalism but let's get things in perspective here","0","","2020-06-22 10:39:58","false",""
"UgwizB1iNDoe68As2Xd4AaABAg.9ACSMDBrxlW9ACWhBHMmib","ollie 1012","@The Ambivalent PS2 Bloke Im not sure where the myth that the NHS is being privatised has actually come from. Not once has anyone ever said that its going to get privatised.","0","","2020-06-22 10:48:26","false",""
"UgwizB1iNDoe68As2Xd4AaABAg.9ACSMDBrxlW9ACY1beVGwg","The Ambivalent PS2 Bloke","@ollie 1012 they've already privatised parts of the NHS & prison service (look at the services Serco, G4S, Mitie and Sodexo provide, to name a few). You think that's were it ends? Before the pandemic there were legitimate talks / plans to fully privatise the NHS. These plans have just been delayed not cancelled. If the ruling party priorities money & power over human life (which this government has proved time & time again) then you should expect changes like this. It started with Thatcher, was continued by Cameron / May & now by Johnson","0","","2020-06-22 11:00:06","false",""
"UgwizB1iNDoe68As2Xd4AaABAg.9ACSMDBrxlW9ACY_649_5m","Jetstream Jack","It's a world-wide pandemic, but sure, the Tories did it... 😂","0","","2020-06-22 11:04:48","false",""
"UgwizB1iNDoe68As2Xd4AaABAg.9ACSMDBrxlW9AC_0rheg2x","The Ambivalent PS2 Bloke","@Jetstream Jack no one is blaming the Tory government for Covid-19 but people are holding the government accountable for their reckless & haphazard methods when dealing with the crisis. Trump & Johnson lead two nations that are considered amongst the most developed in the world but have had the worst results with covid. This isn't a coincidence, times of crisis can expose bad leadership, this is exactly what's happened in the UK & US. Open your eyes","0","","2020-06-22 11:17:28","false",""
"UgwizB1iNDoe68As2Xd4AaABAg.9ACSMDBrxlW9ACaQFUm_qp","The Ambivalent PS2 Bloke","@Shitty Bumhole you didn't seem to mention the far right protesters that met BLM in the streets for confrontations? Are they not breaking the rules because they're white or is ok because they want to beat up BLM? You can try & blame one group for widespread issues but it doesn't change the reality of the situation","0","","2020-06-22 11:29:40","false",""
"UgwizB1iNDoe68As2Xd4AaABAg.9ACSMDBrxlW9ACcObo5NS0","Shitty Bumhole","@The Ambivalent PS2 Bloke Well I didn't mention left or right. And initially it was BLM that came out first to take a knee, which some how turned in to taking down statues, in return provoking normal citizens to take action against the stupidity from this movement. But now we've derailed from the original topic at hand all because you only see left and right.","0","","2020-06-22 11:46:55","false",""
"UgwizB1iNDoe68As2Xd4AaABAg.9ACSMDBrxlW9AChLI6iZN2","The Ambivalent PS2 Bloke","@Shitty Bumhole BLM is only made up of members of the left wing... so technically you did. You pointed the finger at one group only. If you think those protests & the vandalism committed requires a violent response from normal citizens then you're delusional. You can vilify the marginalized if you feel the need but the revolution will be 'televised'","0","","2020-06-22 12:30:10","false",""
"UgwizB1iNDoe68As2Xd4AaABAg.9ACSMDBrxlW9ACqcmtBk0B","Shitty Bumhole","@The Ambivalent PS2 Bloke the only one pointing fingers is you Mate, You're making up assumption, And you have nerve to say I'm delusional. I kept to your original post, however I've obviously hit a nerve and set you off like a firework, how easy XD.

I only pointed out the hypocrisy from your OP, and I mentioned one group that initially went out to protest, dispite the guildlines that was set in place.

I Don't agree with your ""Tory bashing"" as your logic is flawed, you have people more concerned about the death of a black man from another country then they're about their own lifes.","0","","2020-06-22 13:51:20","false",""
"UgwizB1iNDoe68As2Xd4AaABAg.9ACSMDBrxlW9ACuEL5t8LC","The Ambivalent PS2 Bloke","@Shitty Bumhole you've not hit a nerve but I did think it was necessary to point out some obvious facts (like the government themselves breaking the lock down rules, as well as the general public before the protests & then the right wing response on the streets). If you're small minded enough to think these global protests are just about the death of one person, rather than facing the reality of the unfair & imorral systems that are in place then I really don't see the point of discussing these matters further with you. Have a great day","0","","2020-06-22 14:22:48","false",""
"UgwizB1iNDoe68As2Xd4AaABAg.9ACSMDBrxlW9ADDl6oeMnm","Shitty Bumhole","@The Ambivalent PS2 Bloke You're the one that derailed from your original post. But I guess the only way you can score points is by changing the original post to to fit your narrative.","0","","2020-06-22 17:22:11","false",""
"UgzNtdzQBcBdHgSGZPV4AaABAg","simon hodgkinson","How many of the people whinging about the toppling of the Colston statue were cheering when our troops illegitametly invaded Iraq for oil and toppled Saddam's? Both men committed evil acts remember","12","7","2020-06-22 10:12:07","true",""
"UgzNtdzQBcBdHgSGZPV4AaABAg.9ACSYADv00x9ACTBAWSvdN","Shamti.","Because Saddam was a dictator😂","1","","2020-06-22 10:17:42","false",""
"UgzNtdzQBcBdHgSGZPV4AaABAg.9ACSYADv00x9ACTLGDUuK1","R B","Should we tear down Mandela statues and George Floyd Murals? They were criminals too.","4","","2020-06-22 10:19:05","false",""
"UgzNtdzQBcBdHgSGZPV4AaABAg.9ACSYADv00x9ACTfayOKTC","shaun mcsorland","Yes because mass genocide and building hospitals for children are totally comparable.","2","","2020-06-22 10:22:00","false",""
"UgzNtdzQBcBdHgSGZPV4AaABAg.9ACSYADv00x9ACTi0zJ9ry","Gary Johnston","Eh dont think you will get to many complaints, if Miranda was in the Haugue and was given a death sentence  for crimes against humanity.","0","","2020-06-22 10:22:20","false",""
"UgzNtdzQBcBdHgSGZPV4AaABAg.9ACSYADv00x9ACV3dBY2ka","Stu McCabe","simon hodgkinson Colston died 300 years ago! Trying to relate this to Saddam Hussein is idiotic.","4","","2020-06-22 10:34:09","false",""
"UgzNtdzQBcBdHgSGZPV4AaABAg.9ACSYADv00x9ACX7-OZjC1","yearofmars","How many people cheering on the destruction of the statue were appalled by the attack on Charlie Hebdo or mocked Mary Whitehouse and the Irish ban on ‘The life of Brian’? 
Censorship of ‘naughty’ art to ‘protect the public’ is always presented as a moral virtue when all it comes to is an authoritarian impulse to lock up people in little beige cages of corporate blandness. 
The Taliban destroying the Buddhas of Bamyan were just as sure of their moral right and the necessity to ‘protect the public morality’ as the protestors that toppled that statue.","2","","2020-06-22 10:52:05","false",""
"UgzNtdzQBcBdHgSGZPV4AaABAg.9ACSYADv00x9ACeRztrS6G","Stu McCabe","yearofmars . Good points. And let's not forget the fanatical Puritans smashing stained glass windows and other works of art they deemed ""sinful""; they saw sin everywhere, our new Puritans see racism everywhere. History will remember them as crazed vandals engaged in an orgy of destruction.","0","","2020-06-22 12:04:52","false",""
"Ugy45LmfWNpGa1Y7xoV4AaABAg","Joe Bhoy","Grass on the anti racists ? No thanks. ACAB.","6","0","2020-06-22 10:12:18","true",""
"UgxLQxd1MOooKS8uDyd4AaABAg","zappy008","are they gonna arrest the police who stood by and watched it happen.","175","25","2020-06-22 10:12:39","true",""
"UgxLQxd1MOooKS8uDyd4AaABAg.9ACSbAULjHE9ACTUVrGKZw","Gary Johnston","You mean the coppers?..","3","","2020-06-22 10:20:21","false",""
"UgxLQxd1MOooKS8uDyd4AaABAg.9ACSbAULjHE9ACTa8L4FXg","grimSleeper59","why the fuck would they do that?","4","","2020-06-22 10:21:15","false",""
"UgxLQxd1MOooKS8uDyd4AaABAg.9ACSbAULjHE9ACTnnBXQga","Christian Thomas","ive seen some stupid comments, this is included","11","","2020-06-22 10:23:07","false",""
"UgxLQxd1MOooKS8uDyd4AaABAg.9ACSbAULjHE9ACTzdUtPqy","BugCatcher Wade","There is no grounds to arrest them, just fire them for failing to do there jobs...","13","","2020-06-22 10:24:44","false",""
"UgxLQxd1MOooKS8uDyd4AaABAg.9ACSbAULjHE9ACUE0Z2aL1","chris carney","Zappy008: Yes. Very insightful point. The police wilfully negected their responsibilities, they should indeed be arrested and charge as accessories to a crime.","9","","2020-06-22 10:26:50","false",""
"UgxLQxd1MOooKS8uDyd4AaABAg.9ACSbAULjHE9ACUELbSfhK","Christian Thomas","@BugCatcher Wade if they had tried to intervene it would of caused more problems","2","","2020-06-22 10:26:53","false",""
"UgxLQxd1MOooKS8uDyd4AaABAg.9ACSbAULjHE9ACU_7moe3Y","BugCatcher Wade","@Christian Thomas So we accept mob rule? That’ll end well...","11","","2020-06-22 10:29:51","false",""
"UgxLQxd1MOooKS8uDyd4AaABAg.9ACSbAULjHE9ACUvyBLXr4","Chris","Their job isn't to knowingly put themselves in the middle of a potential riot and risk their lives. This is about prosecution for criminal damage. I don't think the statue should have stood but I also didn't commit a crime to have it removed. If the people taking it down cared so much, why didn't they take it down years ago and why only do it when they think they can get away with it due to the large crowds that formed on the day of protest?","4","","2020-06-22 10:32:58","false",""
"UgxLQxd1MOooKS8uDyd4AaABAg.9ACSbAULjHE9ACV6SVG5oH","Jon Average","@Gary Johnston copper cowards","2","","2020-06-22 10:34:32","false",""
"UgxLQxd1MOooKS8uDyd4AaABAg.9ACSbAULjHE9ACX01g1dHM","Winston . Churchill","No just the pricks","0","","2020-06-22 10:51:08","false",""
"UgxLQxd1MOooKS8uDyd4AaABAg.9ACSbAULjHE9ACXSrY9x34","dirkbogarde44","@Christian Thomas  More problems? Like what? Murder? Grow a pair.","3","","2020-06-22 10:55:04","false",""
"UgxLQxd1MOooKS8uDyd4AaABAg.9ACSbAULjHE9ACXXqaO1Db","dirkbogarde44","@Chris  Actually it completely is. It's to stop riots and damage to public property. They absconded from their duty. It was complete cowardice.","3","","2020-06-22 10:55:45","false",""
"UgxLQxd1MOooKS8uDyd4AaABAg.9ACSbAULjHE9ACZfymNrBa","tallthinkev","If even 10% refuse to pay the police as part of there council  tax, things may change","0","","2020-06-22 11:14:29","false",""
"UgxLQxd1MOooKS8uDyd4AaABAg.9ACSbAULjHE9AC_5i0p1ze","Debra Yates","So true and god forbid it was a man of color","0","","2020-06-22 11:18:08","false",""
"UgxLQxd1MOooKS8uDyd4AaABAg.9ACSbAULjHE9AC_9a4TEyf","dafuzzymonster","they stood by as the poor slave trader was dropped into the ocean :'(","0","","2020-06-22 11:18:39","false",""
"UgxLQxd1MOooKS8uDyd4AaABAg.9ACSbAULjHE9AC_MzA4o5c","Xhs Hdd","Yes you're right the police who surveyed the situation and deemed that it could be dangerous for them to intervene should be arrested for daring to be a part of wrongthink","0","","2020-06-22 11:20:29","false",""
"UgxLQxd1MOooKS8uDyd4AaABAg.9ACSbAULjHE9ACbEZTIFaN","Mr T","I love all the keyboard law experts that come out in these comments sections 😂","2","","2020-06-22 11:36:49","false",""
"UgxLQxd1MOooKS8uDyd4AaABAg.9ACSbAULjHE9ACbNwRuK_k","Mr T","dirkbogarde44 like you would have waded in to a huge mob to stop it shut up you melon you wouldn’t have done shit","3","","2020-06-22 11:38:06","false",""
"UgxLQxd1MOooKS8uDyd4AaABAg.9ACSbAULjHE9ACeJQ7lghh","G M","They are guilty of 3rd degree criminal damage","2","","2020-06-22 12:03:41","false",""
"UgxLQxd1MOooKS8uDyd4AaABAg.9ACSbAULjHE9ACgqpp0BWy","Daniel I","Police have absolutely no obligation or requirement to turn up, or intervene. Whether you like it or not, their duty of care only begins when you are taken into custody. They are under no obligation to stop crimes being committed, even if they are told about it, see it, or it is reported. Most people don't realise this, you could be being murdered and calling for help, and the police are under no obligation to even arrive.","0","","2020-06-22 12:25:52","false",""
"UgxLQxd1MOooKS8uDyd4AaABAg.9ACSbAULjHE9ACi5_g6kKe","Daimon","Remember when Police Commissioner Craig Mackey watched his officer get stabbed by a terrorist? He got a Knighthood","0","","2020-06-22 12:36:45","false",""
"UgxLQxd1MOooKS8uDyd4AaABAg.9ACSbAULjHE9ACiL0p70qg","ali ray","The police can’t arrest themselves or is this the twilight zone","0","","2020-06-22 12:38:52","false",""
"UgxLQxd1MOooKS8uDyd4AaABAg.9ACSbAULjHE9ACuzN1JXzC","Strider9655","They were doing their job, operation velour.","0","","2020-06-22 14:29:22","false",""
"UgxLQxd1MOooKS8uDyd4AaABAg.9ACSbAULjHE9ACxY1HFCr8","gaz trent","@Christian Thomas only a feckin snowflake would say that, what is this world coming to!!","0","","2020-06-22 14:51:43","false",""
"UgxLQxd1MOooKS8uDyd4AaABAg.9ACSbAULjHE9AD1g0ak5ZB","2faced Judgenent","i would love to see all of u brave people to try stopping an angry mob :D","0","","2020-06-22 15:36:38","false",""
"Ugwa9S0h0S7ymbLdGI14AaABAg","MaNa VeSt nAtioN","Bit irresponsible considering people could target any of those pictured.
Let's hope none are the victim of an attack for destroying British history.
Who would be to blame if one was found dead in a week?
The police and media not the killer as it's racial tensions are being influenced by the media at present.
So really the media should be to blame for the statue in the first place.","15","8","2020-06-22 10:14:07","true",""
"Ugwa9S0h0S7ymbLdGI14AaABAg.9ACSlsWtb7T9ACVKCeJbLW","Admiral Jezza","Well maybe you shouldn't destroy history if you don't want people to ""attack"" them. ISIS also been known for destroying statues in the Middle East, should we let them go?","3","","2020-06-22 10:36:25","false",""
"Ugwa9S0h0S7ymbLdGI14AaABAg.9ACSlsWtb7T9ACVRvf9UoS","Badbeagle2","@Admiral JezzaI don't quite understand how it is 'destroying history'. Nothing has been wiped from existing mate it's just a statue.","2","","2020-06-22 10:37:28","false",""
"Ugwa9S0h0S7ymbLdGI14AaABAg.9ACSlsWtb7T9ACWIoU4kwX","Raptor Jesus","might make people think twice about tearing down our landmarks.
name and shame the maggots.","2","","2020-06-22 10:44:58","false",""
"Ugwa9S0h0S7ymbLdGI14AaABAg.9ACSlsWtb7T9ACYtH0FX9c","Blake Blake","Thats exactly why they have done it. Police have their hands tied, let the streets sort out this issue.","0","","2020-06-22 11:07:33","false",""
"Ugwa9S0h0S7ymbLdGI14AaABAg.9ACSlsWtb7T9ACZb-v0L1d","MaNa VeSt nAtioN","@Badbeagle2 
The books and statues are what pulls history in to our knowing.
Are you aware of anything I have done?
No, because their is no statue or book written to remember or remind of what happened.
Are you aware of censorship and how history can be manipulated by the controllers of information.
Maybe I could word it better for the pedantic, destroying the information and relics of our history.
I have many books, but none are really history, so if the internet was deleted and the books burned, who would have a record?
Or if the information was changed or multiple wrong accounts added will effect our knowing of those events.
Ever heard of the library of Alexandria?
Any idea of the information that was in their?
No because it was burned down and destroyed.
This is exactly what's going on here, this is all being pushed by the media for a reason.","2","","2020-06-22 11:13:48","false",""
"Ugwa9S0h0S7ymbLdGI14AaABAg.9ACSlsWtb7T9ACZbrxyvQ4","rayeasom","Wouldn’t that be Khama at work, mob justice being served on those who would enact mob justice.","1","","2020-06-22 11:13:55","false",""
"Ugwa9S0h0S7ymbLdGI14AaABAg.9ACSlsWtb7T9ACaVzQOUnj","MaNa VeSt nAtioN","@Admiral Jezza 
Indoctrinated puppets are not the true enemies.
The media, governments and large companies are the ones doing it.
What was the initial spark that caused these events?
You can't demonize the idiots following the propaganda and lies.
You have to target the ones creating the events.
Do you trust the police?
Do you trust the GOV?
Do you trust the media?
Do you trust large companies?
How about when people actually target the real aggressors, will those people be touted as terrorists and demonized?
Because the media is fully controlled and a tool to influence our society.
And to compare this to Isis is a bit extreme but they are just as fooled and influenced to follow the wrong path.
BLM is a tool used against us so go after the ones controlling the tool.
You don't blame the dog that's been trained to fight, you blame the trainer.
And how do you rehabilitate a fighting dog?
Compassion, understanding, love and empathy.
The trainers needs throwing to the dogs!","0","","2020-06-22 11:30:27","false",""
"Ugwa9S0h0S7ymbLdGI14AaABAg.9ACSlsWtb7T9AD1metEqAZ","English Gentleman","Badbeagle2 And the great wall of china is just a wall is it....are you John Trewick?","0","","2020-06-22 15:37:32","false",""
"UgwsZuX7Q_QPfAGKSh94AaABAg","MrAbnormalt","Good","1","0","2020-06-22 10:14:07","true",""
"UgwRWnpmYvFVQWqNKLB4AaABAg","David Stewart","Put it back up. And kick the ones that pulled it down out of the country. If not all kids don't do history","4","3","2020-06-22 10:14:35","true",""
"UgwRWnpmYvFVQWqNKLB4AaABAg.9ACSpFAPt929ACTEKfSFM9","Megan C","silly silly david","1","","2020-06-22 10:18:08","false",""
"UgwRWnpmYvFVQWqNKLB4AaABAg.9ACSpFAPt929ACTlODtXar","Mulan_velaris","The ones that pulled it down were more than likely BRITISH too. People like you are the problem. Assume if someone’s not white they must be from another country... flid.","1","","2020-06-22 10:22:47","false",""
"UgwRWnpmYvFVQWqNKLB4AaABAg.9ACSpFAPt929ACWeBAk9gE","Maxine McKenzie","t","0","","2020-06-22 10:48:01","false",""
"Ugxll2udBgJPLBCAwx54AaABAg","Apenisa Dranivesi","UK cops some jumped up, tea drinkin, pinky up lookin muffkas","0","0","2020-06-22 10:15:31","true",""
"Ugzs5CUUwXtnbO1_Dqd4AaABAg","J Wright","no one cares.....this is a waste of money...","0","0","2020-06-22 10:16:10","true",""
"UgygDqaMgPuLmKx1CqB4AaABAg","A1 Gas Certificate","Anyone that snitches is a scumbag","0","0","2020-06-22 10:16:44","true",""
"UgylL22X7Xx8mTQOTsp4AaABAg","Anxiety Rave UK","Wow, so your releasing the images to the public so that the extreme far right can go and get revenge for a racist slave trader. This is exactly how its going to go down and this is simply more dangerous than simply doing your own research to find these people. Well done Avon & Somerset police you have added fuel to a fire that ain't gonna go out any time soon. (Y)","22","6","2020-06-22 10:17:11","true",""
"UgylL22X7Xx8mTQOTsp4AaABAg.9ACT7HkZGsT9ACUniyLOLW","J","Intolerance from the left and the right will lead to tyranny and violence. Always has always will. Civil debate and communication is the only way to get real solutions.","1","","2020-06-22 10:31:51","false",""
"UgylL22X7Xx8mTQOTsp4AaABAg.9ACT7HkZGsT9ACUrIMITQX","Gary Powell","What extreme right wing would that be? `There is no such thing. If there is, please enlighten me as to what they are called, where they are, and some idea as to why we have not heard so much as a queek out of them. Far right is a term attributed to antisemitic SOCIALISTS, which long since embedded themselves within the Labour Party, or have you not noticed?
Or do you mean extreme right has now become the judicial system? You know that thing that uses courts of law, judges and juries? You do don't you.","2","","2020-06-22 10:32:20","false",""
"UgylL22X7Xx8mTQOTsp4AaABAg.9ACT7HkZGsT9AC_1veCK2h","jakstrike1","These morons CHOSE to tear down the statue, and you are blaming the police for attempting to uphold the law?","0","","2020-06-22 11:17:37","false",""
"UgylL22X7Xx8mTQOTsp4AaABAg.9ACT7HkZGsT9ACd5TCUrGz","Carrot your favourite one","jakstrike1 yes, you are very intelligent. Deal with criminals by inciting violence against these criminals breeding more criminals.","0","","2020-06-22 11:53:03","false",""
"UgylL22X7Xx8mTQOTsp4AaABAg.9ACT7HkZGsT9ACel9LG-vv","bartman01021988","@Carrot your favourite one you mean like they do with anybody even remotely far right?","0","","2020-06-22 12:07:37","false",""
The far right are those thugs and hooligans by churchills statue giving nazi salutes. 
Like i said, continue spreading the hatred and we will continue tearing it down, both pshyically and metaphorically. Good day.","0","","2020-06-22 14:18:48","false",""
"UgwwLc1GyyTvlo4fOQJ4AaABAg","J To","What a load BS, UK authorities/leadership love to pretend that they're on top things when reality the public (for the most part) KNOW these fools have no idea what they're doing.","196","10","2020-06-22 10:18:20","true",""
"UgwwLc1GyyTvlo4fOQJ4AaABAg.9ACTFmd6ze79ACZcSNaIer","supertubemind","It's knee jerk politics.","1","","2020-06-22 11:14:00","false",""
"UgwwLc1GyyTvlo4fOQJ4AaABAg.9ACTFmd6ze79AC_prM1RQO","CrunchyNorbert","we're not really a police state, its all citizen run, things are mostly civil because people are mostly civil","2","","2020-06-22 11:24:34","false",""
"UgwwLc1GyyTvlo4fOQJ4AaABAg.9ACTFmd6ze79ACanBOra8Q","BeanWorld","Still, did it deserve retaliation of the desecration of an actual grave?","1","","2020-06-22 11:32:56","false",""
"UgwwLc1GyyTvlo4fOQJ4AaABAg.9ACTFmd6ze79ACeK61TLGD","Both barrels","Oh they do my friend,these Zionists know exactly what they are doing!!!!","0","","2020-06-22 12:03:47","false",""
"UgwwLc1GyyTvlo4fOQJ4AaABAg.9ACTFmd6ze79ACg5HE_2kg","Strider9655","They got it wrong, they thought most of the public would support the BLM protests, just as they wrongly predicted the result of the brexit referendum, the UK has a silent majority who do not subscribe to all the left or right wing politics, a majority who are not easily swayed by media bias and that majority is extremely pissed off.","3","","2020-06-22 12:19:14","false",""
"UgwwLc1GyyTvlo4fOQJ4AaABAg.9ACTFmd6ze79AChR0pUfAh","Neil","@Strider9655 According to who/what? Seems like you're just spouting nonsense based on Brexit being a surprising result.","3","","2020-06-22 12:30:57","false",""
"UgwwLc1GyyTvlo4fOQJ4AaABAg.9ACTFmd6ze79ACjj9ddu2e","Patrick Sullivan","@Neil 
It's was a massive surprise too some of the idiots in parliament they thought people will just go along with the bull shit they where saying but not all off us are sheep's","0","","2020-06-22 12:51:02","false",""
"UgwwLc1GyyTvlo4fOQJ4AaABAg.9ACTFmd6ze79ACtYLRjL8w","Strider9655","@Neil The media live in a left wing, remoaning, middle class, uni pals, gap yah, globalist bubble, they don't live in the real world, they overestimate how many people think they way they do and they persistently under estimate the silent majority in this country, the people who have their heads screwed on straight. When there's a vote, we win, and that's why our freedom of speech is under attack, that's why people are getting deplatformed from social media.
They also think that by demonising the working class, they can use our social class vanity to make us think and vote the way they want us too, they've been doing it for decades, for an example go read up about the 1984 miners strike and the lies they were telling the public, calling the miners nazis (sound familiar?), cutting their footage to make the miners look like the aggressors, it's all available online.","1","","2020-06-22 14:16:48","false",""
"UgwwLc1GyyTvlo4fOQJ4AaABAg.9ACTFmd6ze79ACwX0RKfiM","EnterTheVoid","Oh they know full well what they are doing. Make no mistake, they are cunning. They are just saving the full force of the law against its own loyal citizens... tyranny for us, anarchism for them...","0","","2020-06-22 14:42:50","false",""
"UgwwLc1GyyTvlo4fOQJ4AaABAg.9ACTFmd6ze79ADFS8MqBU1","El Birdo","Strider9655 thank you some one who can comment and still have a working understanding of basic politics and social sciences","0","","2020-06-22 17:36:56","false",""
"UgwA87NjNORsWtvSfo14AaABAg","mondingo67","Bristol you better not snitch.👀🤭😂⚔","2","0","2020-06-22 10:19:30","true",""
"Ugzb69kUU0LjJSQfHcF4AaABAg","Mal Preece","They should all be prosecuted for vandalism and criminal damage. Regardless of what people think of the statue, and from what I’ve seen most people have no appreciation for historical complexities, mob rule should not be tolerated. The statue should be cleaned and returned to its plinth.","3","0","2020-06-22 10:19:32","true",""
"Ugy6bidWjtbr25NdHbZ4AaABAg","keith pearson","They should have been arrested while they were in the act 🇬🇧🐟🐟🇬🇧","4","0","2020-06-22 10:19:39","true",""
"UgxPjkO5UZAn1ZNTZrd4AaABAg","LaughterVanguard","Arrest all the Marxists bastards and put Colston back up whilst your at it","0","0","2020-06-22 10:20:56","true",""
"UgxvSjjun-lOCZkB8cF4AaABAg","Ryan Seatherton","The way some people are so defensive about this statue, you'd think the dude had rescued their baby or puppy from a burning building, and hadn't shipped more than 80,000 slaves between countries, and also allowed around 19,000 of them to die and be thrown overboard. Absolutely disgusting. Maybe address the systemic racism within the police service before worrying about a hunk of metal and rock in the shape of a slave-trading dead guy - not that 95% of people had any idea who the guy was before his statue was torn down, but it's funny how only after it happens, the right and the Tories chirp up about 'erasing history'. 🙄 Look at how many public libraries full of history books have closed, and how history education in schools leaves out anything that doesn't paint the UK / Great Britain in a positive light, then talk to me about who's 'erasing history'.","8","5","2020-06-22 10:21:01","true",""
"UgxvSjjun-lOCZkB8cF4AaABAg.9ACTZMd5TU_9ACUDXXUkrN","Undiscovered Stars","There is no systematic racism in the police.","1","","2020-06-22 10:26:46","false",""
"UgxvSjjun-lOCZkB8cF4AaABAg.9ACTZMd5TU_9ACUFd1KLTb","Andrew Think","Do you have any evidence for your claim of systematic racism in UK?","1","","2020-06-22 10:27:03","false",""
"UgxvSjjun-lOCZkB8cF4AaABAg.9ACTZMd5TU_9ACUQQzpoFI","Rowan Melton","Bang on. The Right are just to stubborn and proudly ignorant to admit when they're wrong. They'll always play devil's advocate to the left, no matter what the situation","0","","2020-06-22 10:28:32","false",""
"UgxvSjjun-lOCZkB8cF4AaABAg.9ACTZMd5TU_9ACXuk5_4Ck","yearofmars","How does censoring art help tackle this supposed systemic racism? 
Do you think that people who are against censorship in art are ‘Tories’ or ‘right wing’? 
I’m sure you approved of the banning of the life of Brian in Ireland, the attack on Charlie Hebdo, the Bowdlerisation of Shakespeare, the destruction of Palmyra and the Buddhas of Bamyan, but the non-authoritarians in the crowd would like to live in a world that isn’t just beige walls and McStarbucks Coffee shops. 
If that offends you and your morality police buddies, good.","0","","2020-06-22 10:59:01","false",""
"UgxvSjjun-lOCZkB8cF4AaABAg.9ACTZMd5TU_9ACXxbYGBEp","J","Andrew Think No it’s based purely on emotion and ignorance. Just copy and paste American social culture.","0","","2020-06-22 10:59:25","false",""
"UgwirLqUn7V1Cc4qFl94AaABAg","fastDYING93","Think you guys should actually be looking for the guys that vandalized Scipio Africanus's grave, to try to victimize a statue of an evil minded individual submitting thousands of people to suffering, it was only a matter of time until the people did something. we should be looking after those who suffered as a result of this, instead you're wasting your time arresting people that want a more inclusive future, but allow malicious acts of grave desecration. sort your priorities out people.","2","0","2020-06-22 10:21:22","true",""
"Ugwxc8sfXOdjwNNteOF4AaABAg","christopher Peach","What about the 2 blm blokes punching the police","2","0","2020-06-22 10:21:26","true",""
"UgxJp3xKcOtjA0G6LbJ4AaABAg","1STMAN","We should be happy, this isn't an offense. The offense was keeping the statue up for so long. The people being arrested should be those who rejected the appeals to take the statue down lawfully for years. Backwards society!","6","5","2020-06-22 10:21:33","true",""
"UgxJp3xKcOtjA0G6LbJ4AaABAg.9ACTcLAA5M19ACUn6B38Du","MAVERICK 42","Erm it is an offence, it's criminal damage as stated in the video.","1","","2020-06-22 10:31:46","false",""
"UgxJp3xKcOtjA0G6LbJ4AaABAg.9ACTcLAA5M19ACUsTZrRFU","Ifan Morgan","I agree about the statue but criminal damage is a crime whether you like the thing being damaged or not.","1","","2020-06-22 10:32:30","false",""
"UgxJp3xKcOtjA0G6LbJ4AaABAg.9ACTcLAA5M19ACVCmD0MyO","Chris","not an offence? where do you live? I'll come put your windows through, see if you think criminal damage isn't an issue then?","0","","2020-06-22 10:35:24","false",""
"UgxJp3xKcOtjA0G6LbJ4AaABAg.9ACTcLAA5M19ACVvDQ7NVf","1STMAN","@Chris Sure you will. You're far too passionate here about a racist statue, that's worrying","0","","2020-06-22 10:41:36","false",""
"UgxJp3xKcOtjA0G6LbJ4AaABAg.9ACTcLAA5M19ACbB9GgJ4X","fat fat","@1STMAN Lol ""appeals"" for three years petition for taking down the statue had less than a 100 signatures you clown.","0","","2020-06-22 11:36:21","false",""
"Ugwf41cFCuO-DKrWJep4AaABAg","cl0ud 9","lmao arrest the people who got rid of a racist statue but never the police who have committed acts of brutality","5","2","2020-06-22 10:21:45","true",""
"Ugwf41cFCuO-DKrWJep4AaABAg.9ACTdoBAr3b9ACUBaml1gS","Pellet Head","What are you going on about.","0","","2020-06-22 10:26:30","false",""
"Ugwf41cFCuO-DKrWJep4AaABAg.9ACTdoBAr3b9ACUf8dauWR","Louis Moore","It’s not a racist statue it was put up because he was a philanthropist and built hospitals. Grow up, stop being so closed minded accept the history and instead of getting rid of it learn from it. Look at all the other examples where statues and monuments have been pulled down around the world it never ends well.","0","","2020-06-22 10:30:40","false",""
"Ugzht_H_bA2rs1ehb794AaABAg","Dog Poo Fairy","I thought they were your kind of people Independent.","1","0","2020-06-22 10:21:54","true",""
"UgyK9vWgkDS8JiUW3154AaABAg","Peter Hockley","If I recognised anyone, my mouth would be sewn shut.","10","6","2020-06-22 10:22:02","true",""
"UgyK9vWgkDS8JiUW3154AaABAg.9ACTfoMytTj9ACZiaLUGv9","Zara Samuels","Ahh see i think a better tactics is to flood there tip page with ridiculous suggestions like pokemon names.","2","","2020-06-22 11:14:50","false",""
"UgyK9vWgkDS8JiUW3154AaABAg.9ACTfoMytTj9AC_6GvlYPl","Peter Hockley","@Zara Samuels LMAO! and phoning the tip line!","2","","2020-06-22 11:18:12","false",""
"UgyK9vWgkDS8JiUW3154AaABAg.9ACTfoMytTj9AC_Rsdt0P5","Andrew Ers","What was the good thing that they did which would make you not want to help the police? Genuinely interested, let me know","0","","2020-06-22 11:21:09","false",""
"UgyK9vWgkDS8JiUW3154AaABAg.9ACTfoMytTj9ACbIGJUWjW","ᛄᛖᚱᚩᛗᛖ ᛫ᚻᚢᚸᛁᚾᛋ","1 pulling down statues of people who profited form slaves and 2 you don't grass to the old bill over something so minor. Someone trying to murder someone in the street? Yeah fine ring the old bill.","1","","2020-06-22 11:37:19","false",""
"UgyK9vWgkDS8JiUW3154AaABAg.9ACTfoMytTj9ACgbzWjhUJ","bartman01021988","@ᛄᛖᚱᚩᛗᛖ ᛫ᚻᚢᚸᛁᚾᛋ you mean pulling down statues of people who acted within the law?why are these utter morons not doing anything about the ongoing slave trade within africa and the middle east?put all this effort into a statue yet turn a blind eye to current slavery","1","","2020-06-22 12:23:50","false",""
"UgyK9vWgkDS8JiUW3154AaABAg.9ACTfoMytTj9ACrGijWGLu","Tim Wade","@bartman01021988 they don't want you to know about that.","0","","2020-06-22 13:56:55","false",""
"UgykPeoRnoUYjPWS8D14AaABAg","ForTheVirtue","None of this would have happened in the first place if you put this much effort into policing the police.","7","0","2020-06-22 10:22:12","true",""
"UgxACDJvUDJc376z-Ex4AaABAg","fhxashj","Statue tripped and fell. Statue was armed and dangerous. Statue made protesters fear for their lives.","13","1","2020-06-22 10:22:16","true",""
"UgxACDJvUDJc376z-Ex4AaABAg.9ACThWzceMy9ACUveqEHwj","J and M","And worse, MUCH worse, Statue failed to maintain social distancing !!!","2","","2020-06-22 10:32:56","false",""
"UgyL5vC5ST8BA7qkDA14AaABAg","Mindhumble","nice to know that there are some things that is better in england than the us. At least we have police doing the job they are meant to (to an extent) and not being interfered with by politiciaians.","2","0","2020-06-22 10:22:47","true",""
"Ugz3i4wwm5W4xkXrz0t4AaABAg","RIFLE","Arrest the person that build it","4","1","2020-06-22 10:22:56","true",""
"Ugz3i4wwm5W4xkXrz0t4AaABAg.9ACTmUB19Bz9ACUg0YgOfQ","Rowan Melton","The person that built will be dead","0","","2020-06-22 10:30:48","false",""
"UgzH8e5E_zdZasx1oa54AaABAg","Sharon Brown","Im not for the statue toppling but even worse than that is someone grassing on the people who done it.

How about arresting the Police tgat stood back and allowed it to happen ... or the sergeant who told them to stay back. Hypocrisy at its finest","1","0","2020-06-22 10:23:44","true",""
"UgyChhsVZNQV8-KjJgV4AaABAg","Lewis Cole","Instead of arresting them people who did a good thing toppling a statue of a criminal , why not use are tax money to arrest the child nonces paedo's put them in prison that wouldn't be wasting are tax money","8","5","2020-06-22 10:24:10","true",""
"UgyChhsVZNQV8-KjJgV4AaABAg.9ACTvT5aGx19ACW8ovLYE5","Gary Powell","Lots of things were not crimes 350 years ago, transporting slaves was one of them.","2","","2020-06-22 10:43:36","false",""
"UgyChhsVZNQV8-KjJgV4AaABAg.9ACTvT5aGx19ACX5u0AXCy","Mike Warner","@Gary PowellYep, The King was the largest share holder of Colson's slave trading company.","2","","2020-06-22 10:51:56","false",""
"UgyChhsVZNQV8-KjJgV4AaABAg.9ACTvT5aGx19ACXuvd4NBJ","OriginalYithian","Mike Warner It wasn’t a slave trading company, it was a shipping company that had a side business transporting other people’s slaves. Also it wasn’t his company, he was one of numerous board members.","2","","2020-06-22 10:59:03","false",""
"UgyChhsVZNQV8-KjJgV4AaABAg.9ACTvT5aGx19ACYcWIuZCR","What About Love Speech?","Get off The Guardian's website 
The Manchester Guardian  on the liberator of America’s slaves Abraham Lincoln.

“It was an evil day both for America and the world when he was chosen President of the United States” Manchester Guardian, 10th October 1862

On news of his assassination, the Guardian described Lincoln’s Proclamation of Emancipation – the act that declared “all persons held as slaves are, and henceforward shall be free.” as abhorrent

The newspaper’s founder, John Edward Taylor, made his money in the cotton trade – an industry that prospered on the backs of cotton-picking slaves. After his death in 1844, the paper continued its relationship with its cotton merchant advertisers, going as far as demanding Manchester’s cotton workers, who refused to touch cotton picked by US slaves, should be forced back into work. Source Media Guido","1","","2020-06-22 11:05:16","false",""
"UgyChhsVZNQV8-KjJgV4AaABAg.9ACTvT5aGx19ACuxHL3hMI","Peach Silvera","Gary Powell says who? Oh I know the Caucasian.....🤔 LET ME PUT YOU STRAIGHT, it’s a damn crime and inhumane then and NOW!!! SO DON’T EVER TRY TO NORMALISE IT!!! Go read and dig a little since they’re trying to hide what happened and you’ll find out the living hell these enslaved folks endured!😳 good day to you","0","","2020-06-22 14:29:05","false",""
"UgzzD1fD-PdoOiXXpaN4AaABAg","Kayla Mitchell","ok but they’re statues of racist slave traders, the people who pulled them down aren’t bad people, they’re doing the right thing","7","5","2020-06-22 10:24:48","true",""
"UgzzD1fD-PdoOiXXpaN4AaABAg.9ACU-3tm7t19ACUOExOyTR","Ben Barrett","Idiot","0","","2020-06-22 10:28:14","false",""
"UgzzD1fD-PdoOiXXpaN4AaABAg.9ACU-3tm7t19ACUYgN91N3","Ifan Morgan","Nah. You don’t get to demolish things you don’t like without due democratic process.","0","","2020-06-22 10:29:39","false",""
"UgzzD1fD-PdoOiXXpaN4AaABAg.9ACU-3tm7t19ACUr5OF1uP","Henshin0101","I think the wider argument is where else does this apply and when does it stop? If a mob could attack a known paedophile is that assault or allowed behaviour because they're doing the right thing.","0","","2020-06-22 10:32:18","false",""
"UgzzD1fD-PdoOiXXpaN4AaABAg.9ACU-3tm7t19ACVEmrsjTW","Kayla Mitchell","@Henshin0101 depends on the circumstances","0","","2020-06-22 10:35:41","false",""
"UgzzD1fD-PdoOiXXpaN4AaABAg.9ACU-3tm7t19ACWwKVNoQF","Aspar White","@Kayla Mitchell thats vigilante justice and is illegal.","0","","2020-06-22 10:50:30","false",""
"UgzRnxhdiJyL-wDQh8N4AaABAg","Moravian Lion","Those who, ""we believe"", are involved...
So, my dear, either you are pregnant or not. Anything else is an assumption.
Anyway, who gives a shit.","1","0","2020-06-22 10:24:49","true",""
"Ugz_baV6cVPH8G-Pk-V4AaABAg","Joey DR14","So people toppled a statue that should have come down years ago and are being arrested for it","7","3","2020-06-22 10:24:58","true",""
"Ugz_baV6cVPH8G-Pk-V4AaABAg.9ACU0H3H2T59ACV5fjCQMp","Chris","Being arrested for criminal damage. What was damaged is irrelevant with respect to the law.","4","","2020-06-22 10:34:26","false",""
"Ugz_baV6cVPH8G-Pk-V4AaABAg.9ACU0H3H2T59ADU5i-KHgR","mhffc","You're an idiot...","1","","2020-06-22 19:44:56","false",""
"Ugz_baV6cVPH8G-Pk-V4AaABAg.9ACU0H3H2T59ADUJj8XeEU","Kyraxes","""History is not there for you to like or dislike. It is there for you to learn from it. And if it offends you, even better. Because you are less likely to repeat it. It's not yours to erase. It belongs to all of us."" Move the statue elsewhere and let us learn the importance of the history and to never repeat it.
(taken from cfowler7's post)","1","","2020-06-22 19:46:51","false",""
"UgzPKVetxWSScZAk-XF4AaABAg","Enoch's Ghost","In this age of facial recognition technology do the police seriously expect us to believe that they haven't a clue who these people are when some of them have already been identified online as anarchists and antifa scum who have been bragging about tearing down the statue?
This appeal is nothing more than the usual PR crap that the police pump out when they criticised.","2","1","2020-06-22 10:25:34","true",""
"UgzPKVetxWSScZAk-XF4AaABAg.9ACU4eOKjOn9ACUwFXl804","ToxicatedLum","EDL arent scum but those who oppose slavers being memorialised are scum? How does that make sense? Why dont you care about the right wing governments closing down libraries at unprecedented rates?","2","","2020-06-22 10:33:01","false",""
"UgzpjYX_ySvEaWQ6izR4AaABAg","Jackie Ward","don’t care tear them down their photos should only be released so they can be applauded for the heroes they are","4","0","2020-06-22 10:25:57","true",""
"Ugx6zmyS3AxRcd09Rh14AaABAg","Marco A.","Has Edward Colston every been arrested for the crimes he commited?","15","18","2020-06-22 10:26:44","true",""
"Ugx6zmyS3AxRcd09Rh14AaABAg.9ACUDJCp2l89ACUtMTpWpH","Rowan Melton","What?? He's long dead, and slavery was legal then","4","","2020-06-22 10:32:37","false",""
"Ugx6zmyS3AxRcd09Rh14AaABAg.9ACUDJCp2l89ACV-utO0Lt","Thomas Birtles","Marco A. Technically, he didn’t commit any crimes regarding the slave trading stuff since he died in 1721 and slavery wasn’t abolished in the uk until 1807.","6","","2020-06-22 10:33:39","false",""
"Ugx6zmyS3AxRcd09Rh14AaABAg.9ACUDJCp2l89ACV3VISjze","Don Felipe","Well no, because it was HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO AND HE IS LONG DEAD.","3","","2020-06-22 10:34:08","false",""
"Ugx6zmyS3AxRcd09Rh14AaABAg.9ACUDJCp2l89ACVMW6XDxG","Admiral Jezza","Wanna arrest bones?","3","","2020-06-22 10:36:44","false",""
"Ugx6zmyS3AxRcd09Rh14AaABAg.9ACUDJCp2l89ACVVog4Sgy","Gary Powell","What crimes would that be? Slavery was not illegal 350 years ago. However vandalism was then, and still is today.","4","","2020-06-22 10:38:00","false",""
"Ugx6zmyS3AxRcd09Rh14AaABAg.9ACUDJCp2l89ACWCI4MtBm","Don Felipe","I think it's unlikely that Edward Colston was actually directly involved in slavery, he didn't go to the market and pick them out himself, probably just had many financial interests that were associated with the practise like owning plantations. By having a part in plantations was probably no different from any other wealthy gentleman of the time. He did however spend his money on good causes here in Britain like poor relief and education for working classes. It must be remembered that working class people until fairly recently were practically slaves in all but name. Your livlihood, your home, your family were all dependant on your employer and his financial fortunes.","3","","2020-06-22 10:44:04","false",""
"Ugx6zmyS3AxRcd09Rh14AaABAg.9ACUDJCp2l89ACWVsNm9qr","X-No. 22843","People subtly justifying slavery in the comments.","4","","2020-06-22 10:46:45","false",""
"Ugx6zmyS3AxRcd09Rh14AaABAg.9ACUDJCp2l89ACWZs2dh-l","LordAxe","People really don't get sarcasm or they are so keen to be 'right' and get those keys a tappin'","1","","2020-06-22 10:47:18","false",""
"Ugx6zmyS3AxRcd09Rh14AaABAg.9ACUDJCp2l89ACWx8D_j98","Clark Davison","@Don Felipe At that time the slave trade was promoted by the King and pursued by other European trading countries as a legitimate trade. The Royal African Company, that Colston joined in 1680 was an English mercantile company set up in 1660 by the royal Stuart family and City of London merchants to trade along the west coast of Africa. It was led by the Duke of York, the brother of Charles II who later took the throne as James II. It seems that these ""statue topplers"" want to cherry pick the bits of history that suit their narrative and judge historical figures by todays standards. Intellectual dishonesty at it's finest - are they going to Rome next to topple statues of all the Roman Emperors who enslaved Ancient Britons?","3","","2020-06-22 10:50:36","false",""
"Ugx6zmyS3AxRcd09Rh14AaABAg.9ACUDJCp2l89ACX14jmOqs","OriginalYithian","He neither bought, sold, owned or traded slaves. He served on the board of a shipping company which had a side business transporting other people’s slaves.
The monument was raised in recognition of his public philanthropy. He built - amongst other things - schools and hospitals to improve the lives of the poor and disadvantaged of Bristol.","3","","2020-06-22 10:51:17","false",""
"Ugx6zmyS3AxRcd09Rh14AaABAg.9ACUDJCp2l89ACXkSraobY","Clark Davison","What about all the banks with historical links to the slave trade including Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC and Lloyds Banking Group, insurance market Lloyd’s of London and the brewer Greene King. What about The Guardian - originally called the Manchester Guardian, the paper was founded in 1821 by John Edward Taylor using profits from a cotton plantation that used slaves.","2","","2020-06-22 10:57:37","false",""
"Ugx6zmyS3AxRcd09Rh14AaABAg.9ACUDJCp2l89ACYPH9w5cb","What About Love Speech?","Another Holier Than Thou Guardianista

The Manchester Guardian  on the liberator of America’s slaves Abraham Lincoln.

“It was an evil day both for America and the world when he was chosen President of the United States” Manchester Guardian, 10th October 1862

On news of his assassination, the Guardian described Lincoln’s Proclamation of Emancipation – the act that declared “all persons held as slaves are, and henceforward shall be free.” as abhorrent

The newspaper’s founder, John Edward Taylor, made his money in the cotton trade – an industry that prospered on the backs of cotton-picking slaves. After his death in 1844, the paper continued its relationship with its cotton merchant advertisers, going as far as demanding Manchester’s cotton workers, who refused to touch cotton picked by US slaves, should be forced back into work. Source Media Guido","1","","2020-06-22 11:03:19","false",""
"Ugx6zmyS3AxRcd09Rh14AaABAg.9ACUDJCp2l89ACZ-UAexwt","boosomentity","right or wrong the laws were different then than they are today, so it's absurd to apply such falacious logic to to any argument as to whether or not these people should be arrested for criminal damge of a publicaly owned monument. fact is Bristol is a hub of degenerate communist sympathisers if they'd only put it to a vote they may have succeeded in having the statue removed democratically.","0","","2020-06-22 11:08:32","false",""
"Ugx6zmyS3AxRcd09Rh14AaABAg.9ACUDJCp2l89ACZGT2EOQl","OriginalYithian","What About Love Speech? Lincoln was indeed an ardent abolitionist, but also a racist who believed in the supremacy of the white race. His wife’s family were prominent slave owners too. He also said at one point if slavery was the price of a united nation it was one he would happily pay. History is really anything other than shades of grey and historical figures are always more complicated than we might find comfortable.","1","","2020-06-22 11:10:51","false",""
"Ugx6zmyS3AxRcd09Rh14AaABAg.9ACUDJCp2l89AC_vcdXHQr","Karl Harris","@OriginalYithian how dare you bring an educated opinion to social media. Be gone! lol","0","","2020-06-22 11:25:21","false",""
"Ugx6zmyS3AxRcd09Rh14AaABAg.9ACUDJCp2l89ACnCBa9yFD","mic9check","@Marco A. Dumbest comment in here by far !","0","","2020-06-22 13:21:21","false",""
"Ugx6zmyS3AxRcd09Rh14AaABAg.9ACUDJCp2l89ADdpk7Icnn","Clark Davison","@X-No. 22843 ""People subtly justifying slavery in the comments."" Try reading them again, nobody is justifying slavery they are simply arguing against taking a selective view of history and misrepresenting the man, the time and the culture by applying modern standards. Otherwise your comment was a great strawman. Do you have any other logical fallacies to share with us?","0","","2020-06-22 21:18:45","false",""
"Ugx6zmyS3AxRcd09Rh14AaABAg.9ACUDJCp2l89AEQDdmivx5","Gary Powell","@Don Felipe Quite so, we were and still are all in many ways slaves to a system that none of us created. We keep hearing how bad conditions where on the slave ships for the slaves, but they were not a whole lot better for the sailors either, many of which also never made it to their destination. Life was pretty shit for just about everyone 350 years ago. Even the rich people did not have it so easy 350 years ago, as supposedly poor people do these days.","0","","2020-06-23 04:30:19","false",""
"UgyRSN-fCAj0CtAnzBZ4AaABAg","Bruh Juice","First of all it’s a statue the police shouldn’t give one second of all what’s gonna happen is little eddy going to pop out the ground and go mymy stop that","1","0","2020-06-22 10:27:03","true",""
"UgzgkkdldYpnVeVMayh4AaABAg","Louis Moore","Good lock those scummy vandals up!","2","0","2020-06-22 10:27:11","true",""
"UgywHxuTSBAZHEudgoB4AaABAg","chris carney","The police should be arrested as accessories to a crime as they just stood there scratching their heads.","12","2","2020-06-22 10:28:57","true",""
"UgywHxuTSBAZHEudgoB4AaABAg.9ACUTV_p4iS9ACVUao9DoL","Chris","Comments like this demonstrate the issues with education in this country.","2","","2020-06-22 10:37:50","false",""
"UgywHxuTSBAZHEudgoB4AaABAg.9ACUTV_p4iS9ACWZ3S61_4","chris carney","Chris: I would find it more helpful if you adressed the actual issue itself.","0","","2020-06-22 10:47:11","false",""
"UgwOYEVnbiMwF0RPQvt4AaABAg","Nasaraptor","What a great idea make people targets for far right groups. As if there's wasn't enough going on already.....fuck the system literally. Made my elites for the elite payed for by the everyday person. Can know one see who the enemy is? It's not BLM or the Muslims or the the guys thinking there being patriotic. They turn everyone against each so that they can continue whatever agenda they are aiming for with little resistance.","0","9","2020-06-22 10:29:05","true",""
"UgwOYEVnbiMwF0RPQvt4AaABAg.9ACUUUJ1UdG9ACV5YoV83P","Hadoken 91","Preach it!","0","","2020-06-22 10:34:25","false",""
"UgwOYEVnbiMwF0RPQvt4AaABAg.9ACUUUJ1UdG9ACV8ebK8s7","Hadoken 91","I've been saying this for years. The media are the real enemy","1","","2020-06-22 10:34:50","false",""
"UgwOYEVnbiMwF0RPQvt4AaABAg.9ACUUUJ1UdG9ACVHfi7yjg","Gary Powell","What far right wing groups would that be, for I know of none? This is the usual police method of gaining arrests, and evidence for convictions.","0","","2020-06-22 10:36:04","false",""
"UgwOYEVnbiMwF0RPQvt4AaABAg.9ACUUUJ1UdG9ACgcW9IHxr","Nasaraptor","@Gary PowellI may be wrong but are you one of the  people who went down to London to ""protect the statues"" but really just wanted to smack some people up? There one of the groups who I'm talking about. Making the UK look worst then it already does. What's patriotic about causing more damage and destruction in one day then the whole  BLM protests apparently caused since it started in the uk?","0","","2020-06-22 12:23:55","false",""
"UgwOYEVnbiMwF0RPQvt4AaABAg.9ACUUUJ1UdG9AD1ND2xb-J","Gary Powell","@Nasaraptor You most definitely are wrong, and I am sure you know it. So by Far Right you are not actually talking about a group who have access to millions of George Soros funds, and a name. How do you know what happened were you there? If so then you should be able to provide a name for this Far Right wing group. What was their aim? Where are they from? Where do they get their funding from etc? 

So as long as BLM are never opposed by anyone at all, then not so much damage will be done, is that what you are saying? Sounds like Fascism to me.
You do understand that vandalism, is criminal damage, which is against the law, or don't you? The police issue pictures of lawbreakers if they have one, that is how the police gain arrests and gather evidence. 

Do you really think any of these people of which you speak are going to hunt you down and intimidate you or your friends? Or are you talking out of your arse and you know it? From what I have seen they can't even find a cool place to take a piss.

If you smash up government or otherwise property and there is clear evidence that you did so, then you will be charged, as the common criminal that you are. However don't worry if you are a BLM organiser, as good old George will pay for your lawyer and come up with your bail money, whether you know that he has or not.","0","","2020-06-22 15:33:55","false",""
"UgwOYEVnbiMwF0RPQvt4AaABAg.9ACUUUJ1UdG9ADEACr7-ue","Nasaraptor","@Gary Powell Far-right politics, also referred to as the extreme right or right-wing extremism, are politics further on the right of the left–right political spectrum than the standard political right, particularly in terms of extreme nationalism

The Football Lads Alliance (FLA) is a right-wing movement in the United Kingdom founded by John Meighan in 2017. According to The Times, ""the movement was set up as a self-proclaimed 'anti-extremist' movement"" but has increasingly become associated with far-right politics and far-right activists.

The English Defence League (EDL) is a far-right, Islamophobic organisation in the United Kingdom. A social movement and pressure group that employs street demonstrations as its main tactic, the EDL presents itself as a single-issue movement opposed to Islamism and Islamic extremism, although its rhetoric and actions target Islam and Muslims 

these are two of the far - right groups which i was was speaking about. who were both at the blm protests and sturred  up a load of trouble. There you go Gary. It's all on the internet.","0","","2020-06-22 17:25:45","false",""
"UgwOYEVnbiMwF0RPQvt4AaABAg.9ACUUUJ1UdG9ADEb_YqeSP","Nasaraptor","@Gary Powell you should do you research before listening to Tommy Robinson and others like him. Also I'm not saying that BLM is perfect at all I'm clearly stating what I have seen and watch on live YouTube videos of all the events antifa are just as bad. BLM is an important movement but it's not without its problems, but as I said what I watched for hours was edl and fla causing more trouble then BLM and antifa seemed to do in 2 weeks in ONE DAY. ✌🏽","0","","2020-06-22 17:29:37","false",""
"UgwOYEVnbiMwF0RPQvt4AaABAg.9ACUUUJ1UdG9AESDu4T0bh","Gary Powell","@Nasaraptor Ok, you have given me some names, now tell me how much criminal damage they have EVER done? How many members they have, and which multi billionaire funds them? Also how much representation does any of these people have within the establishment or the institutions. When was the last time any of them were interviewed on any MS broadcaster, so we can hear what they really want or represent, rather then having to take your word for it? How many MP's do these people have in parliament, or local councillors?
As most football clubs have at least 4-6 black players, you aren't seriously telling me that football fans really care what colour skin their own players have? My local team usually takes the field with all but 11 black players.

These kind of Far Right groups exist almost entirely within your own imagination. The only Far Right endemically racist, anti semitic groups I worry about are ones like BLM, The Labour Party, The Green Party, SNP, and ANTIFA. Which look, and act more like NAZI brownshirts everyday.","0","","2020-06-23 04:47:49","false",""
"UgwOYEVnbiMwF0RPQvt4AaABAg.9ACUUUJ1UdG9AI91p4aKSW","Nasaraptor","@Gary Powell You not very good at this are you Gary. You asked me to name you them because you don't believe there were far right groups there. I named two big groups that were there that didn't go there to be patriotic and protect statues they weren't there for other reasons and you don't need to ask me to tell you how much criminal damage they've done, you can look that up yourself. The green party really 🤣 I can already tell your a Tommy Robinson, Nigel garage and Katie Hopkins  fan who reads the sun newspaper and spews the same Garbage they do. I personally know people who were there and who aren't funded by anyone...just normal Londoner's who live and work there, and they have all said protest where peaceful until later on in the evening other groups came and started provoking people and that is when the horses were attacked. I watched everything unfold live for hours on multiple channels not just your big media channels but people's phones and small news outlets aswell as mainstream and I saw the same thing far right groups such as the fla attacking police, police horses protestors and media. Now you saying about football supporters are you joking me the amount of racist stuff that has been in the newspapers and on TV over the years about players of different ethnic backgrounds receiving racial abuse from ""supporters"" is ridiculous. You are very ignorant. And you will never change because your stuck in your ways. Your come back was terrible. Next time have some actual facts behind what you say before you come ranting and raving into a comment section. ✌🏽 Don't write back as im not reading anymore of your shite 🤣. Bye Gary.","0","","2020-06-24 15:17:07","false",""
"UgwpqNZMpVgNkWBX10d4AaABAg","Patrick Gillespie","Good!","3","0","2020-06-22 10:29:16","true",""
"Ugw0xsHe5DhudbbkkG14AaABAg","baldieman64","Silly little girls like this have no place in the police.
We need a modern day Sir Percy Sillitoe to sort out the hoards of Antifa and BLM shysters who are intent upon the ruination of our history, our culture and our way of life with judicious use of big sticks.
Still, on a positive note, they are going to publish the pictures...
This should be fun.","0","2","2020-06-22 10:29:48","true",""
"Ugw0xsHe5DhudbbkkG14AaABAg.9ACUZlhTZoJ9ACUv0BoOzc","michael lynch","What culture? .... i'm waiting Antifa is not a group, Blm is a movement you will never be able to stop now.","0","","2020-06-22 10:32:50","false",""
"Ugw0xsHe5DhudbbkkG14AaABAg.9ACUZlhTZoJ9ACWDruSmfA","baldieman64","And that's your problem.
Perhaps you should go out into the world and experience the other, in Asia, in Africa, in other parts of Europe and elsewhere and then perhaps, you will learn to recognise and appreciate what is uniquely your own before it is totally destroyed by globalism.","0","","2020-06-22 10:44:17","false",""
"UgyPrnJSAbJHUY1PaSt4AaABAg","Nerijas","Police should go to next BLM protest with cameras and will find all criminals","1","0","2020-06-22 10:30:19","true",""
"UgxxLl4dc7nTvcEilf94AaABAg","Lewis GoPro Adventures","Police were there and did fuck all. Yet when told there were thousands of them patrolling parks making sure we aren't sun bathing. Absolute joke. You should be ashamed of yourselves.","0","0","2020-06-22 10:30:36","true",""
"UgylwiK_0YafLqnHHkt4AaABAg","FM","U arested and another riot","3","1","2020-06-22 10:31:17","true",""
"UgylwiK_0YafLqnHHkt4AaABAg.9ACUjbFijyf9ACZzIGVBVn","dafuzzymonster","simple, concise, to the point.","0","","2020-06-22 11:17:07","false",""
"UgzL81s2VxyDH6WxZ6V4AaABAg","EJG","its a slave trader statue it shouldn't have been there anyway.","10","7","2020-06-22 10:31:37","true",""
"UgzL81s2VxyDH6WxZ6V4AaABAg.9ACUm333UCO9ACV3FCh8bf","Jonh Smith","Statue was not for being a slave trader tho","1","","2020-06-22 10:34:06","false",""
"UgzL81s2VxyDH6WxZ6V4AaABAg.9ACUm333UCO9ACVC-x3bA0","Jake Rayner","@Jonh Smith so?","0","","2020-06-22 10:35:18","false",""
"UgzL81s2VxyDH6WxZ6V4AaABAg.9ACUm333UCO9ACVWsPdVCQ","Aardvarked","@Jonh Smith No doubt you support statues of Jimmy Saville for his charity work as well","0","","2020-06-22 10:38:09","false",""
"UgzL81s2VxyDH6WxZ6V4AaABAg.9ACUm333UCO9ACViK9oME6","Chris Williams","@Jonh Smithif that is your argument, it would be OK to erect a statue of Jimmy Saville, not for his pedophilia but for his charity work?","0","","2020-06-22 10:39:51","false",""
"UgzL81s2VxyDH6WxZ6V4AaABAg.9ACUm333UCO9ACVtmSp-7L","Chuck Grant","Jonh Smith bear with me here, imagine hitler had a statue for his contributions in developing German infrastructure. You would not be okay with that and you would not argue that his statue should remain. I’m not trying to directly compare hitler and colston but both did terrible things and have so much blood on their hands.","0","","2020-06-22 10:41:25","false",""
"UgzL81s2VxyDH6WxZ6V4AaABAg.9ACUm333UCO9ACWFVdsV4C","OriginalYithian","He wasn’t actually a slave trader. He served on the board of a shipping company which had a side business transporting other people’s slaves. At the time it was something the whole of western society considered unremarkable (something I personally find far more shocking). The monument was raised in recognition of his public philanthropy. He built - amongst other things - schools and hospitals to improve the lives of the poor and disadvantaged of Bristol.
Things are rarely as simple as the media - and social media in particular - portray them. Very few historical figures are uncomplicated enough to be seen as all good or or evil.","0","","2020-06-22 10:44:31","false",""
"UgzL81s2VxyDH6WxZ6V4AaABAg.9ACUm333UCO9ACaf9DcMhd","fat fat","@Chris Williams Raping children wasnt considered a normal practice. Gonna pull down Caesars statue next?","0","","2020-06-22 11:31:50","false",""
"Ugx7YyVqz4_GV-ucvE54AaABAg","divahoof","Haven’t they got anything better to do. Absolutely Pathetic!","6","1","2020-06-22 10:31:40","true",""
"Ugx7YyVqz4_GV-ucvE54AaABAg.9ACUmNNw8ec9ACWoa_ihVq","Chris","than attempt to hold people accountable for crimes committed? what do you think the police are supposed to do?! Happy to brick your windows if you're not concerned with criminal damage...will keep you cool with the upcoming heatwave?","0","","2020-06-22 10:49:26","false",""
"UgwbDE_bL90yKcjIc7p4AaABAg","Bex Raph","are you also going to open an immediate investigation into reparations owed in the millions/billions to ancestral victims of slavery at the hands of Colston ? EDIT: it's laughable how the (I am educatedly assuming) white men responding to this comment seem to assume I am black and that would be the only reason for my concern, I'm not. I think it's fucking stupid to try and arrest people for the removal of a statue which upholds a SLAVE OWNER and invest tax payers money into that effort, when relatives of those enslavers were receiving reparations for 'lost business' due to slave abolition up until 2015, where are reparations for the victims' families and the generational trauma they have endured? The homes and histories they will have been robbed of with or without knowing? don't come at me with generic white male bullshit because you're scared not to be the centre of the world's attention and adoration anymore please, thank you and goodnight","13","15","2020-06-22 10:32:17","true",""
"UgwbDE_bL90yKcjIc7p4AaABAg.9ACUquklJIr9ACV8kUlX6T","Rowan Melton","You aren't the victim of something which happened to your ancestors. In that case, I want my money from Scandinavia, France and Italy","8","","2020-06-22 10:34:51","false",""
"UgwbDE_bL90yKcjIc7p4AaABAg.9ACUquklJIr9ACVGwyolIY","Aspar White","Nothing, NOTHING is owed.","5","","2020-06-22 10:35:58","false",""
"UgwbDE_bL90yKcjIc7p4AaABAg.9ACUquklJIr9ACVYiR8xTK","Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicavolcaniconiosis","Well damn then i want millions from basically all of Europe","3","","2020-06-22 10:38:24","false",""
"UgwbDE_bL90yKcjIc7p4AaABAg.9ACUquklJIr9ACVekSuXm3","Jack M","What a stupid comment my friend, stop playing the victim and go make your own choices in life, ffs.","3","","2020-06-22 10:39:21","false",""
"UgwbDE_bL90yKcjIc7p4AaABAg.9ACUquklJIr9ACVekJmT7l","Chris","Maybe the charities that were formed and funded from his wealth post death would like to return all the money then? No? oh ok, its important if you benefit, right?","1","","2020-06-22 10:39:22","false",""
"UgwbDE_bL90yKcjIc7p4AaABAg.9ACUquklJIr9ACWHk5Lu7D","roryhigsmit","@Rowan Melton if u think that institutional racism went away just because people weren't allowed to keep slaves anymore then you're incredibly naive. Put your ego away for one minute when considering what it's like to be a BAME in the UK.","1","","2020-06-22 10:44:49","false",""
"UgwbDE_bL90yKcjIc7p4AaABAg.9ACUquklJIr9ACWWQ-MvGd","roryhigsmit","all the racists are coming for this comment cause its reminding them of how truly different the lives of BAME people are. Slavery was not a long time ago, it was only a 2-3 generations ago.","1","","2020-06-22 10:46:49","false",""
"UgwbDE_bL90yKcjIc7p4AaABAg.9ACUquklJIr9ACWmXZHf9H","roryhigsmit","@Jack M slavery was only few generations ago. Do some reading before you make stupid remarks like this.","1","","2020-06-22 10:49:10","false",""
"UgwbDE_bL90yKcjIc7p4AaABAg.9ACUquklJIr9ACXRXpFr5c","James","I hear there are vast swathes of people who virtually worships a slave owner rapist Peodo and murderer. 
Should really go destroy all the monuments to him, and demand name changes of anything with his name in. If we are being Intellectually consistent the mosques need to go, too much praise for a slaver and calling him a perfect man. ;) 
But we know that won’t happen despite the East African slave trade being much bigger/longer lasting and more brutal than the west African one.","0","","2020-06-22 10:54:54","false",""
"UgwbDE_bL90yKcjIc7p4AaABAg.9ACUquklJIr9ACXaQdrDAP","Bex Raph","@Jack M assuming I am black and therefore the (rightful) victim in this scenario really was your first mistake, 'ffs'","0","","2020-06-22 10:56:15","false",""
"UgwbDE_bL90yKcjIc7p4AaABAg.9ACUquklJIr9ACYSzuDdUz","Blake Blake","I want reparations from the dinosaurs, they totally fked my ancestors!!! slimy, dark, scuzzy person, be silent.","1","","2020-06-22 11:03:50","false",""
"UgwbDE_bL90yKcjIc7p4AaABAg.9ACUquklJIr9ACYXq_dwtR","Blake Blake","@roryhigsmit so what? you want handouts forever? this is why they are in the position that they are, they refuse to take accountability and sort themselves out.","1","","2020-06-22 11:04:30","false",""
"UgwbDE_bL90yKcjIc7p4AaABAg.9ACUquklJIr9ACYj1G2IWL","Original KK","@roryhigsmit Utter, utter BS. 2-3 generations would be at most 90 years. There were no slaves in Britain or the British Empire long before that. Stop whining and playing the victim.","1","","2020-06-22 11:06:09","false",""
"UgwbDE_bL90yKcjIc7p4AaABAg.9ACUquklJIr9ACYmxWOIT_","Original KK","@roryhigsmit Not true - unless you include modern slavery which Britain has no part in.","1","","2020-06-22 11:06:42","false",""
"UgwbDE_bL90yKcjIc7p4AaABAg.9ACUquklJIr9AC_vlNUBDO","Andrew Ers","@roryhigsmit Lives of BAME people are greatly cushioned, I am from an ethnic minority and I've been handed a lot more opportunities within the civil service than if I hadn't been. This is fine, but it can't keep going further as is being pushed currently. Go see how South Africa are doing, that's a peak into the future of reparations - it doesn't end well","0","","2020-06-22 11:25:22","false",""
"UgwUR37hjcUH2nlHWSp4AaABAg","Christopher","Those protestors are heroes, thank you.","3","0","2020-06-22 10:32:32","true",""
"UgxgsQQIO4ZIDQiZZeR4AaABAg","Jordan Kerr","I ain't no snitch fool!!!! Whoever the people are keep it up cause there many more statues to be damaged.","12","2","2020-06-22 10:32:47","true",""
"UgxgsQQIO4ZIDQiZZeR4AaABAg.9ACUu_AMC6W9ACVmNf4Cyb","Cash Blaster","What a free thinking, shining example of humanity you must be","1","","2020-06-22 10:40:24","false",""
"UgxgsQQIO4ZIDQiZZeR4AaABAg.9ACUu_AMC6W9ACv3278Ir4","Jordan Kerr","@Cash Blaster what small minded,  example of humanity you are more like 🤣🤣🤣","0","","2020-06-22 14:30:00","false",""
"Ugz9M5g4djOoyH1613V4AaABAg","William Davis-Ellard","DeSTRoyInG BRItiSh HiStOry lol, 
go to a museum, or better yet vote for a party that doesn't constantly defund our children's educations and public libraries if you care so much about preserving/learning our history.
A statue is not designed for history lessons, it is for commemorating and celebrating an individual.","43","12","2020-06-22 10:32:56","true",""
"Ugz9M5g4djOoyH1613V4AaABAg.9ACUvdmRB3k9ACWU_5uSyJ","Fondue Jones","Fucking well said","4","","2020-06-22 10:46:34","false",""
"Ugz9M5g4djOoyH1613V4AaABAg.9ACUvdmRB3k9ACWjpYfUKm","Youwantsum","Yeah bruh why souldnt we destroy the statues i mean foking hell imma just go out now and destroy the statue of Karl Marx","3","","2020-06-22 10:48:47","false",""
"Ugz9M5g4djOoyH1613V4AaABAg.9ACUvdmRB3k9ACWl2eyKp-","lachlan Bastin","couldn’t have put it any better lol. Statues only depict an individual as the patron desired them - in the case of Edward Colton, what is being displayed is merely a propaganda piece touting his benevolent acts and downplaying his horrific ones","3","","2020-06-22 10:48:57","false",""
"Ugz9M5g4djOoyH1613V4AaABAg.9ACUvdmRB3k9ACXOglYQ_V","OriginalYithian","lachlan Bastin His “horrific act” was to serve on the board of a shipping company which had a side business in transporting other people’s slaves. He never owned, bought, sold or traded slaves. Stop believing social media.","3","","2020-06-22 10:54:30","false",""
"Ugz9M5g4djOoyH1613V4AaABAg.9ACUvdmRB3k9ACXieIbeWM","Blake Blake","are you 12 years old? this is how you deal with things you dont agree with, this is how you justify what has been done? grow up!","3","","2020-06-22 10:57:22","false",""
"Ugz9M5g4djOoyH1613V4AaABAg.9ACUvdmRB3k9ACZ7qBxhaT","jakiiboi8","This is why people are against your movement. Not because of racism and they don't care about black lives, not because they agree with George Floyd murder. It's because you think it's okay to destroy statues and a countries history and do not see an issue with it.

You claim that its not history so should we knock down MLK statues and Nelson Mandela statues, heck let's go knock down the pyramids. All were created by or had done evil in there lives.. Does that mean we should hold them to that bad and ignore the good? Of course not but understand you wanna keep doing this don't be surprised when your standards are used to justify the damage of statues that don't fit the narrative, being white British.","3","","2020-06-22 11:09:41","false",""
"Ugz9M5g4djOoyH1613V4AaABAg.9ACUvdmRB3k9ACb8Rcc02G","Carrot your favourite one","jakiiboi8 did you read his comment. Statues are for celebrating people. If you aren’t racist I hope you believe slave traders shouldn’t be celebrated.","4","","2020-06-22 11:35:59","false",""
"Ugz9M5g4djOoyH1613V4AaABAg.9ACUvdmRB3k9AChxf793Z7","Quillo","@Carrot your favourite one Yes, and Colston had a statue for building half of Bristol, for building schools and hospitals that are still standing today. He wasnt being celebrated for being a slave trader, trading slaves was perfectly normal, legal and moral for his time, he was a merchant, a 17th century merchant inevitably sold slaves. Applying 2020 morals to 1600 is insanity, christ, go back another 100 years further and Aztecs were still sacrificing slaves to appease their gods","1","","2020-06-22 12:35:32","false",""
"Ugz9M5g4djOoyH1613V4AaABAg.9ACUvdmRB3k9ACiwc5CuJ1","William Davis-Ellard","Look you can all argue about what he was being celebrated for or how involved you think he was, but at the end of the day this guy was part of a group of individuals that utilised the slave trade for profit. He joined the RAC who literally held a monopoly on slave trading. You can argue all you want about the good things he was being celebrated for but the good does not wash put the bad when the bad was literally ferrying human beings like cattle.","0","","2020-06-22 12:44:08","false",""
"Ugz9M5g4djOoyH1613V4AaABAg.9ACUvdmRB3k9ACk5SC771q","William Davis-Ellard","@Youwantsum not a great example when you consider that Marx wrote a letter to Lincoln  saying ""We congratulate the American people upon your re-election by a large majority. If resistance to the Slave Power was the reserved watchword of your first election, the triumphant war""","0","","2020-06-22 12:54:13","false",""
"Ugz9M5g4djOoyH1613V4AaABAg.9ACUvdmRB3k9ACktkDki7b","jakiiboi8","@William Davis-Ellard like I said so let's knock down MLK, Nelson Mandela, the pyramids, the valley of the Kings, great Wall of China, Taj Mahal, Gandhi statues and literally all historical monuments because they all done evil in their lives and do not measure up to the standards of modern society. Many of them even connected to slavery.

What this comes down to is wanting to remove white historical figures and remove the history. This is why it didn't stop with Colston and moved on to Nelson column and Churchill statues which are literally the biggest historical figures in British history.

Removing history and statues is wrong period. It was wrong when Europeans and Arabs done it to Egypt and Africa, it was wrong in every example of history and it is still wrong now.

Knocking down statues literally does nothing to stop racism. This is just how the media and the elite divide us when we was united around one cause. I wanna see racism ended, policy change and not the deleting of a history specially based on race.","0","","2020-06-22 13:01:13","false",""
"Ugz9M5g4djOoyH1613V4AaABAg.9ACUvdmRB3k9ACzur5hocz","William Davis-Ellard","@jakiiboi8 if you're going to equate MLK's affairs and plagiarism to literally facilitating slavery then I'm afraid this conversation isn't going to go very far. I think we just have to respectfully disagree with and forget about each other in the next few hours","0","","2020-06-22 15:12:26","false",""
"Ugwl5mCaSeiXFONW2xd4AaABAg","Chris Williams","Absolutely appalling, the statue should have been pulled down decades ago... This it's the guy who used to take the wives and children of the slaves on board the ships to 'encourage' the slaves to comply, then throw them overboard to drown once they had served their purpose... The police should be interviewing local councillors as to why this statue was allowed to stay for so long...","8","5","2020-06-22 10:33:36","true",""
"Ugwl5mCaSeiXFONW2xd4AaABAg.9ACV-W2zHp89ACVYs6mPW3","Tom Ashe","You made that part up","1","","2020-06-22 10:38:25","false",""
"Ugwl5mCaSeiXFONW2xd4AaABAg.9ACV-W2zHp89ACVwIG_rOl","Chris","so much to say after the fact. Didn't fancy the campaigning years ago to get it done the right way given you're so passionate about the matter?","0","","2020-06-22 10:41:45","false",""
"Ugwl5mCaSeiXFONW2xd4AaABAg.9ACV-W2zHp89ACWWpY06s7","OriginalYithian","He did nothing of the sort. He served on the board of a shipping company which had a side business transporting other people’s slaves. At the time it was something the whole of western society considered unremarkable (something I personally find far more shocking). The monument was raised in recognition of his public philanthropy. He built - amongst other things - schools and hospitals to improve the lives of the poor and disadvantaged of Bristol.
Things are rarely as simple as the media - and social media in particular - portray them. Very few historical figures are uncomplicated enough to be seen as all good or or evil.","1","","2020-06-22 10:46:53","false",""
"Ugwl5mCaSeiXFONW2xd4AaABAg.9ACV-W2zHp89ACZ83ffxe4","What About Love Speech?","Go and read the Guardian
The Manchester Guardian  on the liberator of America’s slaves Abraham Lincoln.

“It was an evil day both for America and the world when he was chosen President of the United States” Manchester Guardian, 10th October 1862

On news of his assassination, the Guardian described Lincoln’s Proclamation of Emancipation – the act that declared “all persons held as slaves are, and henceforward shall be free.” as abhorrent

The newspaper’s founder, John Edward Taylor, made his money in the cotton trade – an industry that prospered on the backs of cotton-picking slaves. After his death in 1844, the paper continued its relationship with its cotton merchant advertisers, going as far as demanding Manchester’s cotton workers, who refused to touch cotton picked by US slaves, should be forced back into work. Source Media Guido","0","","2020-06-22 11:09:43","false",""
"Ugwl5mCaSeiXFONW2xd4AaABAg.9ACV-W2zHp89ADS8EsWqEp","OriginalYithian","What About Love Speech? Lincoln was indeed an ardent abolitionist, but also by modern standards he was a dedicated racist who believed in the supremacy of the white race and opposed the mixing of the races. He didn’t even think blacks should serve on juries. His wife’s family were prominent slave owners too. He also said at one point if slavery was the price of a united nation it was one he would happily pay. History is really anything other than shades of grey and historical figures are always more complicated than we might find comfortable.","0","","2020-06-22 19:27:48","false",""
"UgxhKY0vuUal9e2TGDR4AaABAg","Gregor Thomas","If you snitch on the statue topplers, you're a rat","7","7","2020-06-22 10:33:55","true",""
"UgxhKY0vuUal9e2TGDR4AaABAg.9ACV1qKdFMV9ACW-XPrea0","Chris","Highly unlikely, rats can't speak.","2","","2020-06-22 10:42:20","false",""
"UgxhKY0vuUal9e2TGDR4AaABAg.9ACV1qKdFMV9ACW3Qp7p-V","LordAxe","That's going to act as a major deterrent.","1","","2020-06-22 10:42:52","false",""
"UgxhKY0vuUal9e2TGDR4AaABAg.9ACV1qKdFMV9ACW4YEkJA7","James","If you toppled a statue your a mong","2","","2020-06-22 10:43:01","false",""
"UgxhKY0vuUal9e2TGDR4AaABAg.9ACV1qKdFMV9ACW6SXej9-","QuadQ","Hope they all go to jail, bunch of pathetic morons trying to change history. Let hope they find the idiots that did this & lock them away for a long time, pay people to inform on them is the way to go with this","1","","2020-06-22 10:43:17","false",""
"UgxhKY0vuUal9e2TGDR4AaABAg.9ACV1qKdFMV9ACnNE_tl5F","mic9check","We are not in the mafia here. Just a concerned citizen, wishing to remove garbage from the street ! Snitch on everybody ! haha","0","","2020-06-22 13:22:51","false",""
"UgxhKY0vuUal9e2TGDR4AaABAg.9ACV1qKdFMV9ADA8fD8Pcq","Gregor Thomas","@mic9check lmao that's literally what the protesters were doing.","0","","2020-06-22 16:50:35","false",""
"UgxhKY0vuUal9e2TGDR4AaABAg.9ACV1qKdFMV9ADARAaFxJi","Gregor Thomas","@QuadQ they're adding to history, even the museum that took in the statue said so. If you're angry about people trying to change history, look into the destruction of documents by the British to hide their evil history.","0","","2020-06-22 16:53:07","false",""
"UgwoRRcPZkpUc35gcHd4AaABAg","Geoff Currie","Coming in for voluntary interviews??? What???","106","8","2020-06-22 10:34:49","true",""
"UgwoRRcPZkpUc35gcHd4AaABAg.9ACV8Qkuc329ACakHMN87u","Steve King","There's no requirement to arrest if all that's needed is an interview and the suspect is cooperating.","1","","2020-06-22 11:32:33","false",""
"UgwoRRcPZkpUc35gcHd4AaABAg.9ACV8Qkuc329ACaxosFkui","Mr T","You need a necessity for arrest if they don’t show up for their VAs then they will be circulated to be arrested","0","","2020-06-22 11:34:23","false",""
"UgwoRRcPZkpUc35gcHd4AaABAg.9ACV8Qkuc329ACmbcwICn7","Steve King","@Mr T Too many fools here Mr T, they need some of your pity...","2","","2020-06-22 13:16:13","false",""
"UgwoRRcPZkpUc35gcHd4AaABAg.9ACV8Qkuc329ACqi-7bZ-2","- spudman","It's just a way for people to speak themselves into being guilty","1","","2020-06-22 13:52:02","false",""
"UgwoRRcPZkpUc35gcHd4AaABAg.9ACV8Qkuc329B87g6avo9b","Roger Francis","Say nothing without a solicitor, let them prove you've done something if they can, don't make their job easy, it's a fishing expedition.","0","","2020-07-15 14:24:16","false",""
"UgwoRRcPZkpUc35gcHd4AaABAg.9ACV8Qkuc329B89vB1HQLA","Mr T","Roger Francis everyone is entitled to free and independent legal advice and the burden of proof lies on the prosecution. That’s part of our legal system","0","","2020-07-15 14:43:48","false",""
"UgwoRRcPZkpUc35gcHd4AaABAg.9ACV8Qkuc329B8C-2UR_IJ","Steve King","@Roger Francis With respect, your statement contradicts itself. Saying nothing  will likely make it easier to prosecute as there is no line of defence that's being offered. It's too complex to address in a YouTube comment section but for anyone without an understanding of the system, I'd agree with you that taking advice from a legal representative might be a good idea.","1","","2020-07-15 15:01:56","false",""
"UgwoRRcPZkpUc35gcHd4AaABAg.9ACV8Qkuc329BCI63s31CH","Roger Francis","Innocent till proven guilty, the onus is in them to prove your guilty, not on you to prove your innocence.","0","","2020-07-17 05:12:17","false",""
"Ugw-2Mop801eTgTTFol4AaABAg","Bing Bing","WOOT WOOT 💫 Down with slave trader statues. Finally some progress in 2020","13","13","2020-06-22 10:35:18","true",""
"Ugw-2Mop801eTgTTFol4AaABAg.9ACVC1PK9_U9ACVcQ_nRHF","Tom Ashe","Not many likes for that comment","1","","2020-06-22 10:39:02","false",""
"Ugw-2Mop801eTgTTFol4AaABAg.9ACVC1PK9_U9ACVulYjoYP","roryhigsmit","@Tom Ashe u thought you were being funny there didn't u tom haha","3","","2020-06-22 10:41:33","false",""
"Ugw-2Mop801eTgTTFol4AaABAg.9ACVC1PK9_U9ACWczCp_vt","OriginalYithian","He wasn’t a slave trader. He served on the board of a shipping company which had a side business transporting other people’s slaves. At the time it was something the whole of western society considered unremarkable (something I personally find far more shocking). The monument was raised in recognition of his public philanthropy. He built - amongst other things - schools and hospitals to improve the lives of the poor and disadvantaged of Bristol.","1","","2020-06-22 10:47:51","false",""
"Ugw-2Mop801eTgTTFol4AaABAg.9ACVC1PK9_U9ACWy4JTpkr","vanisha karna","yessir","0","","2020-06-22 10:50:44","false",""
"Ugw-2Mop801eTgTTFol4AaABAg.9ACVC1PK9_U9ACYCCNG9wW","Tom Ashe","@roryhigsmit no its not comedy just a fact that support for your riot is not that great , i see just a few losers and leftys and the majority of this country arent there supporting you","0","","2020-06-22 11:01:32","false",""
"Ugw-2Mop801eTgTTFol4AaABAg.9ACVC1PK9_U9ACYZKg-axy","boilingpoint","WOOT WOOT Get kicked out of a country you are only a guest in. Finally some progress","0","","2020-06-22 11:04:42","false",""
"Ugw-2Mop801eTgTTFol4AaABAg.9ACVC1PK9_U9ACbp2w-oBT","Carrot your favourite one","boilingpoint I have never met someone so stupid. You may be as white as snow but you are an immigrant in your own country. Humanity started out in Pangea (Africa) and then people immigrated to other countries. The difference between you and an “immigrant” is when you immigrated. If the useless police weren’t overfunded maybe you could get a decent education.","1","","2020-06-22 11:41:56","false",""
"Ugw-2Mop801eTgTTFol4AaABAg.9ACVC1PK9_U9ACcYmK8dbW","Tom Ashe","@Carrot your favourite one what a pompous bore you are.","0","","2020-06-22 11:48:19","false",""
"Ugw-2Mop801eTgTTFol4AaABAg.9ACVC1PK9_U9ACgKgq_YmE","bartman01021988","instead of pulling down statues why dont these morons do something worthwhile and do something about the large slave trade still happening in africa and the middle east?you know where people are still enslaved.","0","","2020-06-22 12:21:20","false",""
"Ugw-2Mop801eTgTTFol4AaABAg.9ACVC1PK9_U9ACgWm8K8dF","Tom Ashe","@bartman01021988 are you trying to apply common sense to these idiots","0","","2020-06-22 12:22:59","false",""
"Ugw-2Mop801eTgTTFol4AaABAg.9ACVC1PK9_U9AD4cBBx1oa","Marjory Stewart-Baxter","@Carrot your favourite one that's absolute nonsense. Pangea was the name of the single continent/landmass before it broke up into the continents we have today. This was millions of years even before the dinosaurs existed, let alone humanity. Humanity did start in Africa, but that was also many tens of thousands of years ago. You're historically illiterate.","0","","2020-06-22 16:02:19","false",""
"Ugw-2Mop801eTgTTFol4AaABAg.9ACVC1PK9_U9AD8JIKUFLh","Carrot your favourite one","Marjory Stewart-Baxter yes this happened a very long time ago. Now reread my comment. I’ll help you out, second to last sentence.","0","","2020-06-22 16:34:33","false",""
"Ugw-2Mop801eTgTTFol4AaABAg.9ACVC1PK9_U9AD8TRB-GKb","Carrot your favourite one","Tom Ashdown Okay, good for you. Now shut up, because I will not listen to anything you have to say unless it involves logic.","0","","2020-06-22 16:35:56","false",""
"UgzNFvGEqIY2JFPWmap4AaABAg","yoitshamza123","these people are nothing but dirty little racists","0","0","2020-06-22 10:35:21","true",""
"UgxHxsMwboagrkc64j14AaABAg","TKYO RIDER","Vandalism is vandalism. Justice matters.","4","0","2020-06-22 10:35:43","true",""
"UgzY4XgARahz9X3Uymd4AaABAg","SV Lagonda","What a waste of time. I'd give those 15 people a medal for not wanting to celebrate a slave trader.","5","3","2020-06-22 10:35:59","true",""
"UgzY4XgARahz9X3Uymd4AaABAg.9ACVH3OOyr49ACVbJhSHp0","Aspar White","Those people deserve a harsh prison sentence","2","","2020-06-22 10:38:53","false",""
"UgzY4XgARahz9X3Uymd4AaABAg.9ACVH3OOyr49ACVsDiTT2l","Gary Powell","Nobody asked or try to force any of these people to celebrate a slave trader. Vandalism of council property is a crime, and long should it remain so.","3","","2020-06-22 10:41:12","false",""
"UgzY4XgARahz9X3Uymd4AaABAg.9ACVH3OOyr49ACWsy3POzs","Paul Hebblethwaite","So says another brainwashed BLM supporter. That slave trader pumped money into various facets of Bristol and in so doing provided education and employment for everyone. Black pink yellow and white. It's history. Get over it. Or shall we discuss the black slave traders in Africa who made all this possible by selling their kin folk to the likes of Colston.","0","","2020-06-22 10:50:02","false",""
"UgxMsX0QHi8ABjC3K-54AaABAg","trouble time","Haven't you heard? Snitches get stitches 😱","10","2","2020-06-22 10:36:05","true",""
"UgxMsX0QHi8ABjC3K-54AaABAg.9ACVHhO8vVv9ACWGADqX8g","Sam Ireland","Its that kind of moronic statement that still allows bullying, rape culture and all manner of horrendous acts to thrive in today’s society.","5","","2020-06-22 10:44:36","false",""
"UgxMsX0QHi8ABjC3K-54AaABAg.9ACVHhO8vVv9ACZWHsEKVF","DVTX Media","Yes cos were all scared of some 60 year old boomer threatening to stab us gtfo lol","0","","2020-06-22 11:13:01","false",""
"UgzPEUWeMU4911GDpwp4AaABAg","S M","Regardless of what the statue is of, it’s still vandalism. The people who pulled these down/spray painted etc should face charges.","8","4","2020-06-22 10:36:08","true",""
"UgzPEUWeMU4911GDpwp4AaABAg.9ACVI7txdI-9ACVXwQKHbr","MR M","What should happen to the people who pulled down the Sadaam statue?","2","","2020-06-22 10:38:18","false",""
"UgzPEUWeMU4911GDpwp4AaABAg.9ACVI7txdI-9ACVrlNcGoZ","lachlan Bastin","S M it’s a minor crime that didn’t hurt anyone, the police are going after it because it’s high-profile and not because it’s an efficient use of their resources","0","","2020-06-22 10:41:08","false",""
"UgzPEUWeMU4911GDpwp4AaABAg.9ACVI7txdI-9ACWGuX5HS5","S M","lachlan Bastin it’s still vandalism which is against the law. The law needs to be consistent.","2","","2020-06-22 10:44:42","false",""
"UgzPEUWeMU4911GDpwp4AaABAg.9ACVI7txdI-9ACWKRVWv0h","S M","MR M that’s a completely redundant point.","2","","2020-06-22 10:45:11","false",""
"UgzV9WvIEr-CGnGdilN4AaABAg","Tom Alebine","Members of Bristol community have been trying to get rid of that statue for years and the council blocked it. At some point people are going to take matters into their own hands after being completely ignored by the authorities. You should concentrate arresting the paedophiles in parliament or prince Andrew before you arrest this kids","23","7","2020-06-22 10:36:36","true",""
"UgzV9WvIEr-CGnGdilN4AaABAg.9ACVLZE9TUP9ACWGj2uJeM","Clark Davison","Funny the petition that was set up had barely 100 signatures in three years until a week before the BLM protests were arranged, then suddenly more than ten thousands people signed it in a matter of days (most of whom were not from Bristol). Whenever the question was asked in the past two decades in opinion polls, letters pages and radio phone-ins, it  the majority of people in Bristol said they wanted the Colston Statue to stay. But please don't let the facts get in the way of your narrative.","8","","2020-06-22 10:44:41","false",""
"UgzV9WvIEr-CGnGdilN4AaABAg.9ACVLZE9TUP9ACWJojo5Pu","Lone Snip3rWolf","We live in a democracy, unless there's a vote and a large majority vote for it to be taken down peacefully the statue should not have been vandalised illegally. Anarchy leads to ugly divisions in society and I think it's clear to see that's happening at the moment.","5","","2020-06-22 10:45:06","false",""
"UgzV9WvIEr-CGnGdilN4AaABAg.9ACVLZE9TUP9ACXVovPhSo","Gary Powell","Oh dear democracy not such a great thing when you can't get your way? Or did you not know that Bristol council are elected by the people of Bristol to represent their wants and interests and not those of BLM?","3","","2020-06-22 10:55:29","false",""
"UgzV9WvIEr-CGnGdilN4AaABAg.9ACVLZE9TUP9ACYc5KpyUy","Blake Blake","Jordan is a dummy, why dont u go and delete your comment..","0","","2020-06-22 11:05:13","false",""
"UgzV9WvIEr-CGnGdilN4AaABAg.9ACVLZE9TUP9ACYrZEBQCP","rayeasom","You obviously don’t get how a democracy works. You may have had a signature of approximately 100,000 signatures but you failed to take into account that this is less than a quarter of the population of Bristol. Assuming that all of the signatures were residents of Bristol. That means more than 3 quarters of the residents didn’t support the statue being removed. That’s called democracy. We go with the majority. 
These vandals went against the overwhelming majority and took the law into their own hands, they deserve to be punished for breaking the law, no matter how justified some may think their actions they still broke the law.","0","","2020-06-22 11:07:19","false",""
"UgzV9WvIEr-CGnGdilN4AaABAg.9ACVLZE9TUP9ACZLVx_OFe","jakiiboi8","Your an idiot and part of the reason why people are against this movement.","0","","2020-06-22 11:11:33","false",""
"UgzV9WvIEr-CGnGdilN4AaABAg.9ACVLZE9TUP9AC_DorFsC_","Karl Harris","Awesome logic there. ""Why are you arresting muggers when you should be chasing the murderers!"" Destroying property because you feel like it is a crime just like any other. Henry the VIII had black servants, lets demolish St Bartholomew's Hospital!!! Lord Nelson defended the right of slave owners, LETS BURN NELSONs COLUMN!!! Or we can accept that at the time these things were ""Normal Business"" and people made money from it. However, our past relatives decided that such things were unacceptable and stopped it all. But apparently we are the real heroes for smashing a statue.","1","","2020-06-22 11:19:14","false",""
"Ugyvv8Fss-lPKTkTPQ94AaABAg","Reason Toospeak","Why would that women care is the question? Hmm","6","6","2020-06-22 10:36:58","true",""
"Ugyvv8Fss-lPKTkTPQ94AaABAg.9ACVOAsq5jV9ACWKY8Gl2L","Raptor Jesus","because criminals who tear down our landmarks need to be dealt with.","7","","2020-06-22 10:45:12","false",""
"Ugyvv8Fss-lPKTkTPQ94AaABAg.9ACVOAsq5jV9ACXOj17irf","M H","Because if she doesn’t take it seriously, she’ll be dealing with EDL and FLA protests next.","0","","2020-06-22 10:54:31","false",""
"Ugyvv8Fss-lPKTkTPQ94AaABAg.9ACVOAsq5jV9ACXPtXAZNf","Ball Bag","Raptor Jesus Why do you care about a statue of a slaver being torn down? What impact does it have on your life now that it’s no longer standing?","0","","2020-06-22 10:54:40","false",""
"Ugyvv8Fss-lPKTkTPQ94AaABAg.9ACVOAsq5jV9ACY8NhLk0s","Aspar White","@Ball Bag because it should have been done democratically not through mob rule. Thats illegal and they should be punished harshly. We cannot have mob justice","0","","2020-06-22 11:01:01","false",""
"Ugyvv8Fss-lPKTkTPQ94AaABAg.9ACVOAsq5jV9ACYp41c8jv","boilingpoint","@Ball Bag because this country has an identity and a history","0","","2020-06-22 11:06:59","false",""
"Ugyvv8Fss-lPKTkTPQ94AaABAg.9ACVOAsq5jV9AC_jCwcEzv","Ball Bag","boilingpoint and how does tearing down a statue erase that history?","1","","2020-06-22 11:23:39","false",""
"Ugx79MPUgx4siZUXCKJ4AaABAg","selfmade boss","No snitch zone, no snitch zone, you know better, you know better lol 😂😂😂","34","1","2020-06-22 10:37:04","true",""
"Ugx79MPUgx4siZUXCKJ4AaABAg.9ACVOt742EI9ACYrl9JyH8","Mia Mia","That made me laugh","1","","2020-06-22 11:07:21","false",""
"UgyGYbLbIv_21uLFfzh4AaABAg","Admiral Jezza","How long will the comments be up?","2","1","2020-06-22 10:37:26","true",""
"UgyGYbLbIv_21uLFfzh4AaABAg.9ACVRf4BKqL9ACamdDcJxt","ATruckk","Probs until they realise that everyone is against them. Also the only ones that comment in favour of the police, are probs racist bigots themselves!","0","","2020-06-22 11:32:52","false",""
"UgzFVippgskhaptrP-V4AaABAg","JNC","The police should have put an end to that mob in the first place!","1","0","2020-06-22 10:37:30","true",""
"UgzoZJ06q9Evuf0byMl4AaABAg","Deane Minister","Once again the poLICE are not crime stoppers just costumed janitors mopping up after the TWATS 😬👍.✌","0","0","2020-06-22 10:37:40","true",""
"UgxujNrwnmrLcb9flLd4AaABAg","Tom Alebine","Will you be arresting the murderer of Belly Mujinga?","16","6","2020-06-22 10:38:09","true",""
"UgxujNrwnmrLcb9flLd4AaABAg.9ACVWsxLcMS9ACWmbj9j0e","Pred Des","No because there's no evidence...","0","","2020-06-22 10:49:10","false",""
"UgxujNrwnmrLcb9flLd4AaABAg.9ACVWsxLcMS9ACX8TSrg4H","streaky","It is being looked at again, sounds remarkably like they tested him to see if he'd had the virus and hadn't - knowing that if they arrested him for a crime they know he didn't commit up-front the lawsuit payouts would be massive.","0","","2020-06-22 10:52:17","false",""
"UgxujNrwnmrLcb9flLd4AaABAg.9ACVWsxLcMS9ACXPam8eBY","Steve Collins","Whoever spat on that lady should be hung,
I'm sick of the inhumanity within our society.","1","","2020-06-22 10:54:38","false",""
"UgxujNrwnmrLcb9flLd4AaABAg.9ACVWsxLcMS9ACXcLjmXAj","Just A Guy Trying To Figure It All Out","Jordan Dobson you can't arrest an underlying health condition, dude you need to research a little more. She died ""with covid"" not because of it, meaning it had no contribution to her death. Still RIP Ms Mujinga","0","","2020-06-22 10:56:30","false",""
"UgxujNrwnmrLcb9flLd4AaABAg.9ACVWsxLcMS9ACXdxyoy0U","jakiiboi8","She come down with symptoms days later not weeks therefore he couldn't of given it to her. Plus he was tested and never had the virus so the fact you call it murder is nothing more than race baiting and trying to distract from a completely different incident.

The guy should do time for it anyway but murder? Come on. Remember this is not America.","0","","2020-06-22 10:56:44","false",""
"UgxujNrwnmrLcb9flLd4AaABAg.9ACVWsxLcMS9ACYADp7CdY","Tom Alebine","@streaky they supposedly gave him an anti body test, not an antigen test, that came up negative but even WHO have said that the antibody test doesnt necessarily prove if you had covid 19 or not. So who knows. However she had underlying respiratory issues and should not have been working in that vulnerable position with no PPE. And the likelihood of someone spitting in your face who claims to have covid 19, then you dying a few days later of covid 19, and it not being from that incident is ludicrous","0","","2020-06-22 11:01:16","false",""
"Ugz65TzIuM43POSehp94AaABAg","John Piffington","dont grass","5","2","2020-06-22 10:38:55","true",""
"Ugz65TzIuM43POSehp94AaABAg.9ACVbUzxG8K9ACWuneOTZF","Jack","snitches get stitches","0","","2020-06-22 10:50:17","false",""
"Ugz65TzIuM43POSehp94AaABAg.9ACVbUzxG8K9ACXusbGh86","Versace Pythonz","Imagine having a mine name Jeff profile pic in 2020, more embarrassing than tearing down a statue of someone who isn’t even alive 😭","0","","2020-06-22 10:59:02","false",""
"UgygPsrk2cZtHBtbsbh4AaABAg","lachlan Bastin","This does not feel like the right move, all this is going to do is attract hatred towards the people who toppled the statue, just feels like an irresponsible move by the police for what was frankly a victimless crime that only did what should’ve been done sooner.","3","1","2020-06-22 10:38:57","true",""
"UgygPsrk2cZtHBtbsbh4AaABAg.9ACVbj8Q7EA9ACXCqo8DPF","Gary Powell","Tax payers are the victims. The people who are forced to pay for clearing up the mess, and police overtime. If they don't pay their council tax they ultimately go to jail. You might get to understand that one day when you leave your parents basement.","1","","2020-06-22 10:52:53","false",""
"UgziwDs-bZ6YbIK4FMt4AaABAg","Grand Miser The 3rd","Sex Pistols :      Anarchy in the UK  ","0","0","2020-06-22 10:39:04","true",""
"UgyuarwKgtPd1S3-UFx4AaABAg","Tom Ashe","Shes not exactly from the Sweeney this one , looks more like a lefty social worker","9","2","2020-06-22 10:39:57","true",""
"UgyuarwKgtPd1S3-UFx4AaABAg.9ACVj6Ujw2W9ACWFD6JDbd","Godis Love","Mole?","0","","2020-06-22 10:44:28","false",""
"UgyuarwKgtPd1S3-UFx4AaABAg.9ACVj6Ujw2W9ACYJREMMqt","Tom Ashe","@Godis Love eh ?","0","","2020-06-22 11:02:32","false",""
"UgxlmUWv4WdaqkoGUIx4AaABAg","Hugh Oxford","These thugs attacked our democracy, not just a statue. The ringleaders should be given lengthy prison sentences and made to pay to have the statue resurrected.","2","0","2020-06-22 10:40:02","true",""
"UgyVxJUFWs_yZzqyjFl4AaABAg","QuadQ","Good, lock the bastards up but you should have arrested them on the spot instead of wasting money doing it later - I very much hope you  find this filth & throw the book at them","1","0","2020-06-22 10:40:09","true",""
"UgwaZwWtYFSZc5XosdN4AaABAg","CookieCrispYeet","This is pathetic","28","0","2020-06-22 10:41:07","true",""
"UgxR5k--vU5DZRcyLWZ4AaABAg","S B","Waste of money","0","0","2020-06-22 10:43:27","true",""
"Ugz0Jkh9-tXXPHEt1wR4AaABAg","Carla Clarke","Minimum of ten years jail set an example judge","1","0","2020-06-22 10:44:07","true",""
"UgwJNi_PJByMUH_G8DN4AaABAg","Woody The Artist","Nail them to the wall","2","0","2020-06-22 10:44:32","true",""
"UgxHudtVD4QwF8d1mrB4AaABAg","A P","They should have been arrested on the spot. Police present, one could argue should be fired. We can not tolerate ignorant idiots doing these actions.
Also, Anthony Joshua should face ramifications for encouraging the protests to go on, part taking at it. Unacceptable behaviour from someone supported by all the British community. Shame on all of you!","2","0","2020-06-22 10:44:49","true",""
"UgwNLHKsVZHFMdjvebl4AaABAg","AngryDuck76","Great news. Protest for whatever you want to but commit acts of violence or damage to property then pay the price. Lets hope they all get caught and fined appropriately.","1","0","2020-06-22 10:45:09","true",""
"UgyE3jNSow2AOEW9pNB4AaABAg","Ellie L","Prosecute Bristol Council for glorifying a mass murderer.  The protesters were within the spirit of the law - anti-murder, anti-rape, anti-exploitation.","1","2","2020-06-22 10:45:13","true",""
"UgyE3jNSow2AOEW9pNB4AaABAg.9ACWKeuwRvJ9ACWomIRGKo","Stop The World I Wanna Get Off!","Ok to burn down Mosques then?","0","","2020-06-22 10:49:28","false",""
"UgyE3jNSow2AOEW9pNB4AaABAg.9ACWKeuwRvJ9ACaVmokSa6","fat fat","@Ellie LGlorifying someone isnt a crime chum. Besides its up to the people to decide whether the statue stays or not,no?","0","","2020-06-22 11:30:26","false",""
"UgzzjBptkyq6GjsWxWJ4AaABAg","Terry Fandango","I say topple all the statues of racists .","0","0","2020-06-22 10:45:20","true",""
"UgwfUmY4Uru4qS19xtV4AaABAg","iboggit","👏","1","0","2020-06-22 10:45:27","true",""
"UgxNTwVArGHs9PiC9wZ4AaABAg","Raptor Jesus","good, i hope we catch the scum.","2","0","2020-06-22 10:45:37","true",""
"UgzkUTemYj7hJw-jFUZ4AaABAg","Edie Barry","Buy a book.  Go to a museum.  Forget stupid statues.
#FreeProtesters","8","8","2020-06-22 10:46:58","true",""
"UgzkUTemYj7hJw-jFUZ4AaABAg.9ACWXRCWxLc9ACXDUhApvD","Versace Pythonz","No don’t free the protests if your so upset over a statue of a dead man enough to pull it down I would say the real world probably isn’t for you...","4","","2020-06-22 10:52:59","false",""
"UgzkUTemYj7hJw-jFUZ4AaABAg.9ACWXRCWxLc9ACXPOOIBu2","vincent mcgurran","Lock them up...","2","","2020-06-22 10:54:36","false",""
"UgzkUTemYj7hJw-jFUZ4AaABAg.9ACWXRCWxLc9ACXYyg3CZT","ᛄᛖᚱᚩᛗᛖ ᛫ᚻᚢᚸᛁᚾᛋ","Getting upset over people that had a big hand in the slave trade and the fact they have statues up is completely justified. Winston on the over hand I can't get behind, he was just a product of the time.","0","","2020-06-22 10:55:55","false",""
"UgzkUTemYj7hJw-jFUZ4AaABAg.9ACWXRCWxLc9ACX_L-5z4I","Tubbothedwarf","okay, so aslong as people are ""protesting"" they can legally commit criminal damage of government property. ur so braindead, people like u are the problem. IGNORANT","2","","2020-06-22 10:56:06","false",""
"UgzkUTemYj7hJw-jFUZ4AaABAg.9ACWXRCWxLc9ACYGioCQM0","jakiiboi8","Your the reason protestors are mixed in with rioters. Destroying statues is not a protests it's criminal damage.","2","","2020-06-22 11:02:09","false",""
"UgzkUTemYj7hJw-jFUZ4AaABAg.9ACWXRCWxLc9ACYol1qNIr","Steve Collins","@ᛄᛖᚱᚩᛗᛖ ᛫ᚻᚢᚸᛁᚾᛋ what about the African warlords who chased captured and sold their own people's? should they pay reparations? Ghana 🇬🇭 for example. 
What about the people who owned the boats?
Should the synagogue in New York be pulled down it was built by slaves
I'm Scottish and I want reparations because the first slaves in America were Scottish and Irish oh don't forget the poorest in Wales,
Remember ""Feed the world""
Band-Aid, Do they know its Christmas?,
How many billions and billions of £ pounds sent to Africa is enough?
Why is it that this country which was the first in the world to introduce the abolition of slavery act in 1807 (I think it was) is still being portrayed as evil and racist?","0","","2020-06-22 11:06:56","false",""
"UgzkUTemYj7hJw-jFUZ4AaABAg.9ACWXRCWxLc9ACZ39L-5LW","Steve Collins","@Tubbothedwarf they were peacefully throwing bottles and bricks at the police,
What's your problem you racist white supremacist nazi 👈 words which now have no meaning as these lunatics scream them at you for pointing out facts,
P.s I know you're not 😂","1","","2020-06-22 11:09:02","false",""
"UgzkUTemYj7hJw-jFUZ4AaABAg.9ACWXRCWxLc9ACaQfBvgV-","Tubbothedwarf","@Steve Collins hahaha my thoughts exactly bro, n dw i get the joke","1","","2020-06-22 11:29:44","false",""
"Ugzv_g0MWROkExSEn194AaABAg","Jack 2509 wr","How sad. They care more about a statue than the those in our country less fortunate that really need help.","14","10","2020-06-22 10:47:38","true",""
"Ugzv_g0MWROkExSEn194AaABAg.9ACWbJwSPXd9ACXjoj4EJy","dirkbogarde44","You mean the poor black people? They need our help sooooo badly. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa","0","","2020-06-22 10:57:32","false",""
"Ugzv_g0MWROkExSEn194AaABAg.9ACWbJwSPXd9ACXqgTSure","Lady Boy","Like who?
The people who got stabbed in Reading??","2","","2020-06-22 10:58:28","false",""
"Ugzv_g0MWROkExSEn194AaABAg.9ACWbJwSPXd9ACXvNO78Jo","Blake Blake","those 2 things have nothing to do with each other, infantile fool. this is the reason you should not have an opinion on anything, youre stupid.","1","","2020-06-22 10:59:06","false",""
"Ugzv_g0MWROkExSEn194AaABAg.9ACWbJwSPXd9ACYcpnZgvU","ᛄᛖᚱᚩᛗᛖ ᛫ᚻᚢᚸᛁᚾᛋ","Calling people stupid whilst not being able to use simple grammar and spelling, priceless.","0","","2020-06-22 11:05:19","false",""
"Ugzv_g0MWROkExSEn194AaABAg.9ACWbJwSPXd9ACZ9Xdu9Zv","Blake Blake","@ᛄᛖᚱᚩᛗᛖ ᛫ᚻᚢᚸᛁᚾᛋ are you so dumb you honestly believe i cant use correct grammar, or i just dont bother? stupid person..","0","","2020-06-22 11:09:55","false",""
"Ugzv_g0MWROkExSEn194AaABAg.9ACWbJwSPXd9ACcs_rmtMq","Carrot your favourite one","Blake Blake you realised he was talking about you so to some extent his statement must be true.","1","","2020-06-22 11:51:09","false",""
"Ugzv_g0MWROkExSEn194AaABAg.9ACWbJwSPXd9ACfRnpJpav","bartman01021988","and who are these people you speak of in need that need the help of the police?","0","","2020-06-22 12:13:34","false",""
"Ugzv_g0MWROkExSEn194AaABAg.9ACWbJwSPXd9ADLnVtr39k","Jack 2509 wr","dirkbogarde44 no little piggy. Those in poverty, veterans, nhs staff. Grow up you absent minded prick.","0","","2020-06-22 18:32:25","false",""
"Ugzv_g0MWROkExSEn194AaABAg.9ACWbJwSPXd9ADM0G2Uyha","Jack 2509 wr","bartman01021988 homeless, children born into postcode wars. And more.","0","","2020-06-22 18:34:17","false",""
"Ugzv_g0MWROkExSEn194AaABAg.9ACWbJwSPXd9AlISzVBZux","bartman01021988","@Jack 2509 wr oh right you mean the sort of people that edward colston left his money to help?would those be the people yes?","0","","2020-07-06 08:16:41","false",""
"UgzDipJhC3vV_iTvapR4AaABAg","Jack","So are they trying to find them to give them medals?","2","0","2020-06-22 10:48:16","true",""
"Ugw-x6uSI_yYkNeH1VZ4AaABAg","Bradley Simpson","It’s like statues are more valuable than human life because the independent are targeting people involved through social media not caring what kind of backlash happeneds to those involved. Believe me on this someone’s gonna be wrongfully accused of this soon. In all good faith and in the name of slavery just wanna say a BIG FUKK YOUR STATUES.","0","0","2020-06-22 10:48:21","true",""
"UgwOJg8FEqzao1ayYLJ4AaABAg","George joy","Imagine snitching on someone for knocking down a statue of a racist 🤮","10","9","2020-06-22 10:48:56","true",""
"UgwOJg8FEqzao1ayYLJ4AaABAg.9ACWknl-Fcf9ACX5pFk9mV","Versace Pythonz","lol imagine crying over a statue and wanting to commit a crime to tear it down 😂","2","","2020-06-22 10:51:56","false",""
"UgwOJg8FEqzao1ayYLJ4AaABAg.9ACWknl-Fcf9ACX8YWZBaQ","Fraser Ross","the statue was built because he funded many public buildings such a schools in the area","4","","2020-06-22 10:52:18","false",""
"UgwOJg8FEqzao1ayYLJ4AaABAg.9ACWknl-Fcf9ACY413kjIg","jakiiboi8","Imagine pulling down a statue in front of a huge crowd with cameras and thinking you will get away with it. Imagine pulling down a statue of a guy for the wrongs he done while ignoring the fact you could pull every monument in the world down under the same moral principles.

MLK, Nelson Mandela, the pyramids, the great Wall of China, literally all of them.","3","","2020-06-22 11:00:25","false",""
"UgwOJg8FEqzao1ayYLJ4AaABAg.9ACWknl-Fcf9AC_LjGrz7b","Andrew Ers","What made him a racist? Genuinely interested, let me know","1","","2020-06-22 11:20:19","false",""
"UgwOJg8FEqzao1ayYLJ4AaABAg.9ACWknl-Fcf9AC_j2ZiQN6","Raymond Nickolds","Soy boy wankstain","0","","2020-06-22 11:23:38","false",""
"UgwOJg8FEqzao1ayYLJ4AaABAg.9ACWknl-Fcf9AC_zZn_4rD","George joy","jakiiboi8 except MLK wasn’t a slave trader neither was Mandela and the Great Wall and pyramids aren’t their to commemorate slave traders so no you couldn’t","0","","2020-06-22 11:25:53","false",""
"UgwOJg8FEqzao1ayYLJ4AaABAg.9ACWknl-Fcf9ACa07oEsHw","George joy","Andrew Ers him buying a selling black people","0","","2020-06-22 11:26:06","false",""
"UgwOJg8FEqzao1ayYLJ4AaABAg.9ACWknl-Fcf9ACbARAH9sJ","jakiiboi8","@George joy nobody says they was slave traders so I don't get what your point is at all. These statues that you want to bring down are not there to celebrate slavery or the slave trade. They are there to celebrate the good things these people done.

But got to love your ending because you do get that slaves built and literally gave their bodies to the pyramids and great Wall. Millions died building them as slaves. Yet you care more about statues that gave thanks to people who saved the world from Nazi invasion, you care more about the statue of a working class man who literally had to fight to become the first working class ship captain to defend from the invasion of not one but two countries at the same time and it was working class people that had to pay for and build that monument because the elite wouldn't and a guy who funded his community by working for a shipping company that also traded in slaves.

This is why people like you have no argument because white man does something and you act like it's the most evil act ever, someone non white does something way worse and well its just not the same thing is it lol","1","","2020-06-22 11:36:15","false",""
"UgwOJg8FEqzao1ayYLJ4AaABAg.9ACWknl-Fcf9ACbOSlUvRi","Andrew Ers","@George joy He was part of a company that transported African men, which were sold by other African men, to the company. The fact they were bought from other Africans means there can't have been a belief of superiority there, which is a prerequisite of racism. It was a man doing his job in a different culture, would you incriminate cannibals acting in Amazonian tribes?","0","","2020-06-22 11:38:10","false",""
"Ugxs2XmaqJPgz417L9x4AaABAg","ivan ashley","Regardless of peoples varied views on the statement of these statues, they are still stand alone historical works of art that cannot be replaced. Most people look at these statues purely for their aesthetics, then walk away none the wiser about the artist or the subject, let alone any sinister undertones (which are often very obscure or forgotten). Even if those undertones were far more obvious, say in a picture of a slavemaster killing a slave, it would, in this day and age be seen as an important, if shocking, reminder of how greed, cruelty and ignorance formed a part of our past and has no place in our future. You can't destroy the past,  but you can hide it, but how then would we be aware of those that suffered so badly, or learn the lessons that prevent more cruelty and suffering.
People are claiming that the Windrush scandal shows Britons learnt nothing from the past, but I would say that is far from the truth. The deportation of hundreds of non nationals after a lifetime of contribution was stopped by ""The British people"" who once  aware of the developing situation stood up and admonished those small minded public servants for what we all saw as a travesty of justice against our friends neighbours and COUNTRYFOLK.","10","0","2020-06-22 10:49:08","true",""
"UgwlZFdZs8_h1LJtXaF4AaABAg","vanisha karna","we all saw it, the statue clearly tripped and fell into the river accidentally, no one pushed it bruh","24","7","2020-06-22 10:49:17","true",""
"UgwlZFdZs8_h1LJtXaF4AaABAg.9ACWnSX1IZ49ACZiGPignr","DVTX Media","Lol ofcourse an immigrant wants the statue gone","1","","2020-06-22 11:14:47","false",""
"UgwlZFdZs8_h1LJtXaF4AaABAg.9ACWnSX1IZ49AC_7LHlTcR","ᛄᛖᚱᚩᛗᛖ ᛫ᚻᚢᚸᛁᚾᛋ","This native also wants any statues of slave traders gone, so what's your point?","4","","2020-06-22 11:18:21","false",""
"UgwlZFdZs8_h1LJtXaF4AaABAg.9ACWnSX1IZ49AC_K_bczfK","namjoons left tiddie","@DVTX Media ok racist","1","","2020-06-22 11:20:10","false",""
"UgwlZFdZs8_h1LJtXaF4AaABAg.9ACWnSX1IZ49AC_cPRXewJ","El Salvador","ᛄᛖᚱᚩᛗᛖ ᛫ᚻᚢᚸᛁᚾᛋ Native of where timbucktoo?","0","","2020-06-22 11:22:44","false",""
"UgwlZFdZs8_h1LJtXaF4AaABAg.9ACWnSX1IZ49ACa43RqrQG","ᛄᛖᚱᚩᛗᛖ ᛫ᚻᚢᚸᛁᚾᛋ","East Anglia born and bred. Anyone who has a problem with statues of slave traders being torn down really need to have a word with themselves. They are still in books so don't worry you can still read about them.","4","","2020-06-22 11:26:39","false",""
"UgwlZFdZs8_h1LJtXaF4AaABAg.9ACWnSX1IZ49ACaJM6ePz9","barrie watson","@ᛄᛖᚱᚩᛗᛖ ᛫ᚻᚢᚸᛁᚾᛋ point is F-off","0","","2020-06-22 11:28:44","false",""
"UgwlZFdZs8_h1LJtXaF4AaABAg.9ACWnSX1IZ49ACastKcY4m","ᛄᛖᚱᚩᛗᛖ ᛫ᚻᚢᚸᛁᚾᛋ","The word you're looking for is ""fuck"" I believe. It's okay, your mama won't beat you for swearing. Either way, nah I'm good. Want to learn about slave traders read a book. Not hard to find and not hard to do if you have a basic primary school education.","4","","2020-06-22 11:33:43","false",""
"Ugywl8E4G64DAgAJYwl4AaABAg","Winston . Churchill","Good lock them up!","11","1","2020-06-22 10:49:23","true",""
"Ugywl8E4G64DAgAJYwl4AaABAg.9ACWoB2EPwJ9ACXpASvQFE","Versace Pythonz","Carry on old chap","2","","2020-06-22 10:58:15","false",""
"Ugw-1YEmiSjDauoB7Y54AaABAg","josh gardner","this is insane! I was praising Avon and somerset for how they acted , I take everything back","1","7","2020-06-22 10:49:40","true",""
"Ugw-1YEmiSjDauoB7Y54AaABAg.9ACWqGc80Kj9ACXOm45HDG","Chris","Luckily no one cares about your opinion on the law, Josh.","5","","2020-06-22 10:54:31","false",""
"Ugw-1YEmiSjDauoB7Y54AaABAg.9ACWqGc80Kj9ACXnltg4F1","Blake Blake","wtf is your complaint exactly?","0","","2020-06-22 10:58:04","false",""
"Ugw-1YEmiSjDauoB7Y54AaABAg.9ACWqGc80Kj9ACYBAgF2Tm","rayeasom","So you don’t think the law should be applied equally to everyone. I thought that was the whole point of the BLM protests. FFS make your mind up.","3","","2020-06-22 11:01:24","false",""
"Ugw-1YEmiSjDauoB7Y54AaABAg.9ACWqGc80Kj9ACYlUGZSJG","Zara Samuels","Snap! Well let's just hope it results in thousand of people giving them names like Paddington bear, Ironman ect.","0","","2020-06-22 11:06:30","false",""
"Ugw-1YEmiSjDauoB7Y54AaABAg.9ACWqGc80Kj9ACZ-49w3y-","josh gardner","@Chris clearly you do , u prat","0","","2020-06-22 11:08:29","false",""
"Ugw-1YEmiSjDauoB7Y54AaABAg.9ACWqGc80Kj9ACZGr8Jo1t","Blake Blake","@Zara Samuels Ur a wretch of a person, the police are not the bad guys here, ungreatful rat..","0","","2020-06-22 11:10:55","false",""
"Ugw-1YEmiSjDauoB7Y54AaABAg.9ACWqGc80Kj9AC_TupVMKu","josh gardner","@Blake Blake I think you have come off looking more of a wretch here mate, hate to break it to ya , but you sound vile","0","","2020-06-22 11:21:26","false",""
"Ugysctp9AMyQxJU26cl4AaABAg","Just A Guy Trying To Figure It All Out","""I would really encourage people to snitch on your family and friends, so we can get their account(snitch on others) of what happened"" looooool","73","23","2020-06-22 10:49:44","true",""
"Ugysctp9AMyQxJU26cl4AaABAg.9ACWqhDDNmd9ACXdgBQal6","Ben","You're so cool aren't you","7","","2020-06-22 10:56:41","false",""
"Ugysctp9AMyQxJU26cl4AaABAg.9ACWqhDDNmd9ACYTacygPZ","Hot Chocolate","Lol it is true","1","","2020-06-22 11:03:55","false",""
"Ugysctp9AMyQxJU26cl4AaABAg.9ACWqhDDNmd9ACYmdm11gZ","user name","""Were so advanced, look at us catching paedophiles and stopping  world terrorism"" ""so 15 people caught on CCTV in the middle of town vandalised something Please HeLp uS find TheM""","6","","2020-06-22 11:06:39","false",""
"Ugysctp9AMyQxJU26cl4AaABAg.9ACWqhDDNmd9ACZ0i7T4iI","Blake Blake","@user name you have a messed up view of how this all works. life is not a video game kid..","3","","2020-06-22 11:08:42","false",""
"Ugysctp9AMyQxJU26cl4AaABAg.9ACWqhDDNmd9ACZRxHKI5I","Chris L","@Just A Guy Trying To Figure It All Out: Seriously dude are you one of these BLM Activists, protestors, snowflakes?","2","","2020-06-22 11:12:26","false",""
"Ugysctp9AMyQxJU26cl4AaABAg.9ACWqhDDNmd9ACZky1Buv1","Just A Guy Trying To Figure It All Out","Chris L are you one of these snitches? 😂","3","","2020-06-22 11:15:10","false",""
"Ugysctp9AMyQxJU26cl4AaABAg.9ACWqhDDNmd9AC_2i_fvL7","Sean David","Just A Guy Trying To Figure It All Out 

The real question is are you loyal to your country or this cult.","3","","2020-06-22 11:17:43","false",""
"Ugysctp9AMyQxJU26cl4AaABAg.9ACWqhDDNmd9AC_DAkP2uR","Just A Guy Trying To Figure It All Out","Sean David ... the cult? Meaning the racist people that put the statue up in the first place","2","","2020-06-22 11:19:09","false",""
"Ugysctp9AMyQxJU26cl4AaABAg.9ACWqhDDNmd9AC_V5cB8ao","ᛄᛖᚱᚩᛗᛖ ᛫ᚻᚢᚸᛁᚾᛋ","A lot of stupid coming out over statues of slave traders. It's like some people think it's okay for them to have shines. Don't worry, they are still in books so you can read about your heroes :)","5","","2020-06-22 11:21:36","false",""
"Ugysctp9AMyQxJU26cl4AaABAg.9ACWqhDDNmd9ACaiOsXezF","Chris L","@Just A Guy Trying To Figure It All Out snitches no way pal don't even live in bristol.blm cannot be allowed to erase history there is a right way and a wrong way to make change its just unfortunate the organization of the blm they're just using your blind devotion grow a pair grow a backbone","1","","2020-06-22 11:32:17","false",""
"Ugysctp9AMyQxJU26cl4AaABAg.9ACWqhDDNmd9ACbKd1BXJe","user name","@ᛄᛖᚱᚩᛗᛖ ᛫ᚻᚢᚸᛁᚾᛋ isnt it silly that your name is taken from vikings tho? How would they have felt about peplle with darker skin tone than theirs??? What we really need to do is find the first ever slave traders!","0","","2020-06-22 11:37:39","false",""
"Ugysctp9AMyQxJU26cl4AaABAg.9ACWqhDDNmd9ACbjbOr5lg","ᛄᛖᚱᚩᛗᛖ ᛫ᚻᚢᚸᛁᚾᛋ","@ping bong, well getting technical most languages are evolutions of others. My name is actually futhorc aka old English. Vikings traded more than anything and some of the people they traded with more than anyone was Arabs, so to answer your question, pretty much the same as anyone back then. If you didn't trade you'd kill each other. I would suggest doing some actual research on the ""Vikings"" because they are not what you see in films and TV, quiet far from it actually.","4","","2020-06-22 11:41:11","false",""
"Ugysctp9AMyQxJU26cl4AaABAg.9ACWqhDDNmd9ACbtFKp0Dj","ᛄᛖᚱᚩᛗᛖ ᛫ᚻᚢᚸᛁᚾᛋ","Erasing history lol, why are so many people unaware of the existence of books.","1","","2020-06-22 11:42:30","false",""
"Ugysctp9AMyQxJU26cl4AaABAg.9ACWqhDDNmd9ACcbrJXlmQ","Chris L","@user name totally excellent point, I just used the term loosely it's always the sheeple that get used, but unfortunately, the sheeple can't see that, which was the point I was making","1","","2020-06-22 11:48:52","false",""
"Ugysctp9AMyQxJU26cl4AaABAg.9ACWqhDDNmd9ACd0HaEhJR","ᛄᛖᚱᚩᛗᛖ ᛫ᚻᚢᚸᛁᚾᛋ","Calling people sheep whilst not understanding the need for BLM, you can't make this shit up. I agree that they shouldn't have acted how they did but it's a statue, to get your knickers in such a twist is some next level snowflake shit. If you lefties and righters could take your heads out your arses we could actually start getting shit done. Books books books. They all contain the history you're so worried about protecting.","1","","2020-06-22 11:52:20","false",""
"Ugysctp9AMyQxJU26cl4AaABAg.9ACWqhDDNmd9ACjlXblwjy","Robert Watson","Snitching term can only be used on traitors involved with in a group commiting a criminal act , To snitch one would have needed to condone and aided a criminal act , 
Witnessing crime and telling is not snitching thats genuine honesty of a progressive society.","1","","2020-06-22 12:51:21","false",""
"Ugysctp9AMyQxJU26cl4AaABAg.9ACWqhDDNmd9ACnKgsxB44","to share","@Just A Guy Trying To Figure It All Out youre a criminal, im a criminal, dont snitch, your children will be shameful","0","","2020-06-22 13:22:30","false",""
"Ugysctp9AMyQxJU26cl4AaABAg.9ACWqhDDNmd9ACrf5YCJ27","Pure","@user name Ok, sure. Found em. Welcome to Ancient Egypt, where all slave owners were black and enslaved black people. Congratulations you played yourself.","1","","2020-06-22 14:00:23","false",""
"Ugysctp9AMyQxJU26cl4AaABAg.9ACWqhDDNmd9AD-urKHx8u","English Gentleman","Just A Guy Trying To Figure It All Out To criminals? You hero!","0","","2020-06-22 15:21:11","false",""
"Ugysctp9AMyQxJU26cl4AaABAg.9ACWqhDDNmd9AD01dQJjsO","English Gentleman","ᛄᛖᚱᚩᛗᛖ ᛫ᚻᚢᚸᛁᚾᛋ Until people like you burn the books.","0","","2020-06-22 15:22:14","false",""
"Ugysctp9AMyQxJU26cl4AaABAg.9ACWqhDDNmd9AD7nPGMcOp","user name","@Pure my point was that they weren't white. How did I ""play myself""? Touche??","1","","2020-06-22 16:30:04","false",""
"Ugysctp9AMyQxJU26cl4AaABAg.9ACWqhDDNmd9ADUZlicZUU","franklingoodwin","@Chris L I doubt it,, but he's not a snitch that's for sure","0","","2020-06-22 19:49:03","false",""
"Ugysctp9AMyQxJU26cl4AaABAg.9ACWqhDDNmd9ADm75zlZ3R","Chris L","@franklingoodwin thanks for sharing your view, He's gone silent now, apparently couldn't handle the heat, that's a characteristic of being spineless,gutless, Yella you get the picture","0","","2020-06-22 22:31:09","false",""
"UgzU4yaxuez5xCmleu14AaABAg","Eurotrash on Tour","String ‘em up, bloody hard left loonie Marxists.","2","0","2020-06-22 10:50:01","true",""
"UgxXC3JzuYwr_9UKwtp4AaABAg","DA 29","Lol so they remove statues afterwards but we still gonna take the punishment line. Yeah Britain ain't racist at all...","0","2","2020-06-22 10:50:09","true",""
"UgxXC3JzuYwr_9UKwtp4AaABAg.9ACWti_Pmk_9ACZ4-WYCyx","rayeasom","Try going and living in China or Saudi Arabia; then you’ll see what actual racism looks like, not your western perception of racism but actual racism where you will be killed if you look at an official the wrong way. Go to parts of Russia where you will be physical man handles out of the town because of the colour of your skin, go to some of the balkland countries where you will be physically beaten to within an inch of your death for walking down the wrong street, then maybe your mind will be changed about Britain.","1","","2020-06-22 11:09:09","false",""
"UgxXC3JzuYwr_9UKwtp4AaABAg.9ACWti_Pmk_9AC_Ag7uhwi","Andrew Ers","Be thankful for where you live, you have it better than most of the world","1","","2020-06-22 11:18:48","false",""
"Ugzq6RZS0PxHKNHqQaF4AaABAg","Origins686720","Racist Statues lives matter, all anti- black Racists step forward to give evidence.","7","4","2020-06-22 10:50:23","true",""
"Ugzq6RZS0PxHKNHqQaF4AaABAg.9ACWvRhFaqx9ACYKGGihFA","Erin Quinn","gladly","3","","2020-06-22 11:02:38","false",""
"Ugzq6RZS0PxHKNHqQaF4AaABAg.9ACWvRhFaqx9ACZ7PwgvH4","DVTX Media","Will do hahaha","2","","2020-06-22 11:09:37","false",""
"Ugzq6RZS0PxHKNHqQaF4AaABAg.9ACWvRhFaqx9ACZDTOZDTB","Tim Anderson","Actually, all people who care about a law abiding society step forward. How pathetic that you actually believe someone would be racist if they help to prosecute violent thugs 🙄","1","","2020-06-22 11:10:27","false",""
"Ugzq6RZS0PxHKNHqQaF4AaABAg.9ACWvRhFaqx9ACa21TF63J","Origins686720","@Tim Anderson What violence!? Peacefull, Statue removers, of racist celebration made legal, actualy. Racist will invent and hide, so typical.","0","","2020-06-22 11:26:22","false",""
"UgwM_o_2IVtOKp3mPI94AaABAg","TandM Services","Definitely looked to me that the statue tripped and fell

Nothing to see here.

Move on please","17","0","2020-06-22 10:50:27","true",""
"UgwpPSnxOjzIlriqaxB4AaABAg","Zafar Warrior","Are the getting a prizes who came first","1","0","2020-06-22 10:50:28","true",""
"UgycxtSWN7ucpD3RXIh4AaABAg","Horatio Huskisson","Why aren’t they interviewing members of Bristol City council asking why they though it was appropriate to have a statue to a slave trader in a public area in 2020.","6","6","2020-06-22 10:50:45","true",""
"UgycxtSWN7ucpD3RXIh4AaABAg.9ACWyAHfjdt9ACXX54egP_","Versace Pythonz","You do realise he wasn’t just a slave trader, they didn’t give him a statue for being top slave owner😭 he has a statue because he gave generously to Bristol city and helped to build and fund some pretty important things... it’s a statue, he is dead, stop crying.","2","","2020-06-22 10:55:39","false",""
"UgycxtSWN7ucpD3RXIh4AaABAg.9ACWyAHfjdt9ACXePO1NIB","dirkbogarde44","Who cares.","0","","2020-06-22 10:56:47","false",""
"UgycxtSWN7ucpD3RXIh4AaABAg.9ACWyAHfjdt9ACXvLzWEVA","rayeasom","There was a petition of nearly 100,000 signatures delivered to the council but since this makes up such a minority of the population of Bristol and that most of the signatures were not residents of Bristol, we have to assume that the other 360,000 people didn’t want it down. 
That’s called democracy 360,000 is more than 100,000. Therefor the will of the majority of the people was democratically followed. Unlike the actions of a tiny minority of vandals.","1","","2020-06-22 10:59:06","false",""
"UgycxtSWN7ucpD3RXIh4AaABAg.9ACWyAHfjdt9ACY8wmKyj-","Tim Anderson","Why not make a peaceful petition to remove the statue to Bristol City Council, explaining your reasons in an appropriate manner, instead of acting like a bunch of wild animals?","1","","2020-06-22 11:01:06","false",""
"UgycxtSWN7ucpD3RXIh4AaABAg.9ACWyAHfjdt9ACZO7D3Mn4","Horatio Huskisson","rayeasom I have many friends from Bristol, they’ve either never heard or Colston or never known of his involvement in the slave trade. This speaks to the level of historical propaganda ingrained in british society. I don’t think you need a referendum to determine whether slavery is bad or whether it’s appropriate to celebrate a slave trader. It shouldn’t be destroyed but it should be put into a museum.","0","","2020-06-22 11:11:54","false",""
"UgycxtSWN7ucpD3RXIh4AaABAg.9ACWyAHfjdt9ACZfi3rUBp","Horatio Huskisson","Tim Anderson I don’t condone the actions of the people who took it down but I do understand the frustrations after decades of campaigning. There’s no grey area with slavery, it should have been taken years ago. So as I said above, I would question the council on why they thought it was appropriate in their multi racial city to keep celebrating a slave trader rather than the protesters.","0","","2020-06-22 11:14:27","false",""
"UgxKFWYbXzzPvwY2x054AaABAg","Miira Ducale","But u can’t find the one involved in the brutal murder of shukri or belly","6","5","2020-06-22 10:51:34","true",""
"UgxKFWYbXzzPvwY2x054AaABAg.9ACX37sggBx9ACY2q1dc-t","Blake Blake","do you think they have a magic ball kid? i bet you would be able to solve all crimes instantly, wouldnt you? stfu.","2","","2020-06-22 11:00:16","false",""
"UgxKFWYbXzzPvwY2x054AaABAg.9ACX37sggBx9ACb-G2if7O","Miira Ducale","Blake Blake maybe just maybe it’s because I’m not qualified to work in law and enforcement","0","","2020-06-22 11:34:43","false",""
"UgxKFWYbXzzPvwY2x054AaABAg.9ACX37sggBx9ACiwxKSAVp","Chris","@Miira Ducale shukri or belly ? sounds like a dose of the shits you get in spain","1","","2020-06-22 12:44:11","false",""
"UgxKFWYbXzzPvwY2x054AaABAg.9ACX37sggBx9ACkV85btgC","BangtanBin","Chris they were people who were MURDERED. Please refrain yourself from being insensitive","1","","2020-06-22 12:57:43","false",""
"UgxKFWYbXzzPvwY2x054AaABAg.9ACX37sggBx9ADTORxFPLM","Blake Blake","@Miira Ducale then you are not qualified to critisize. As I said kid, stfu.","0","","2020-06-22 19:38:46","false",""
"Ugx7ZdUNCXVsicgLRqV4AaABAg","Billy","Police will waste resources chasing teenagers and activists, but will not lift a finger to arrest the paedophiles in the royal family or House of Commons","85","6","2020-06-22 10:51:43","true",""
"Ugx7ZdUNCXVsicgLRqV4AaABAg.9ACX4FHqa-L9ACZCCTH4j9","Liban Suleiman","This comment deserves waayyy more recognition","2","","2020-06-22 11:10:17","false",""
"Ugx7ZdUNCXVsicgLRqV4AaABAg.9ACX4FHqa-L9ACZO2yNVCn","supertubemind","Come on Cummings got away with his blatant lies. These Royal members and House of Commoners are only testing their eyesight!","0","","2020-06-22 11:11:54","false",""
"Ugx7ZdUNCXVsicgLRqV4AaABAg.9ACX4FHqa-L9AC_71zYl6U","mic9check","Well, although they may not be arrested, they are frowned upon by the public, and their reputation is lost. A form of lifelong penalty.","0","","2020-06-22 11:18:19","false",""
"Ugx7ZdUNCXVsicgLRqV4AaABAg.9ACX4FHqa-L9ACaFKlz0UF","Debra Yates","Maybe to get information someone has to come forward and maybe snitch","0","","2020-06-22 11:28:11","false",""
"Ugx7ZdUNCXVsicgLRqV4AaABAg.9ACX4FHqa-L9AIuEiE4_ij","Liban Suleiman","@mic9check and you’re honestly content with that? What’s happened to the passionate pursuit of justice? I know your tune would change dramatically if you had a child that was a victim of this evil.","0","","2020-06-24 22:18:18","false",""
"Ugx7ZdUNCXVsicgLRqV4AaABAg.9ACX4FHqa-L9AIufbGLJkE","mic9check","@Liban Suleiman You are probably right","0","","2020-06-24 22:22:07","false",""
"Ugz2giagL-6L7K_9RvB4AaABAg","VanReiley","Am I supposed to be outraged they ripped down a statue of a slave trader?","5","2","2020-06-22 10:51:44","true",""
"Ugz2giagL-6L7K_9RvB4AaABAg.9ACX4OE5YGZ9ACXzSHpnUL","Blake Blake","no, you are supposed to stfu and let adults deal with this. little rat, be quiet.","1","","2020-06-22 10:59:40","false",""
"Ugz2giagL-6L7K_9RvB4AaABAg.9ACX4OE5YGZ9ACZQkbpZOa","VanReiley","No. Make me.","0","","2020-06-22 11:12:16","false",""
"Ugzx0aHB9ekgYkLlJRZ4AaABAg","AA RD","I feel like I need reparations from Italy as the Romans enslaved my ancestors for 400 years. Also, I will be removing the statues of Emperor Constantine in York as he clearly profited from the slave trade. The slave masters committed atrocity's such as whipping Boudicca and raping her daughters. This is institutional misogyny. I feel like we need a protest asap.","42","14","2020-06-22 10:51:46","true",""
"Ugzx0aHB9ekgYkLlJRZ4AaABAg.9ACX4aTgRxB9ACXkz8pDZw","Versace Pythonz","This is quality, and leads me to also request repression’s from the descents of Viking’s, I know current day Scandinavians have nothing to do with the raping murder and pillaging of my country however I feel that there “Viking guilt” is still present and we need reparations...","8","","2020-06-22 10:57:41","false",""
"Ugzx0aHB9ekgYkLlJRZ4AaABAg.9ACX4aTgRxB9ACXnnhNzSC","Genie1 X","No one is stopping you. Go for it","4","","2020-06-22 10:58:04","false",""
"Ugzx0aHB9ekgYkLlJRZ4AaABAg.9ACX4aTgRxB9ACY5OcQHxX","Cla Udio","You can do it no one is stopping you","3","","2020-06-22 11:00:37","false",""
"Ugzx0aHB9ekgYkLlJRZ4AaABAg.9ACX4aTgRxB9ACYRCkRJ9y","R Gonzales","Genie1 X lol I think he’s being sarcastic and just pointing out how this is getting ridiculous. The moralities of the past lies in the past.","5","","2020-06-22 11:03:35","false",""
"Ugzx0aHB9ekgYkLlJRZ4AaABAg.9ACX4aTgRxB9ACYjuRUe1K","TALLATV","They just paid the slaves master back in 2015 so check ya facts. Literally just finished being paid back","3","","2020-06-22 11:06:17","false",""
"Ugzx0aHB9ekgYkLlJRZ4AaABAg.9ACX4aTgRxB9AC_3aV2vew","Ben Rowley","If you help me rip down the Colosseum where my ancestors died in gruesome battle I will help you with your fight

#gladiatorlivesmatter","3","","2020-06-22 11:17:50","false",""
"Ugzx0aHB9ekgYkLlJRZ4AaABAg.9ACX4aTgRxB9AC_AKSE1wm","smeg head","@TALLATV no, the slave masters were paid off in 1833.
The British tax payer had just finished paying for that debt in 2015.
Just think, almost 200 years of ordinary British people paying for the freedom of slaves.
Are these the facts you speak of?","2","","2020-06-22 11:18:46","false",""
"Ugzx0aHB9ekgYkLlJRZ4AaABAg.9ACX4aTgRxB9ACaSCv9RkU","Mouthwash Gloop","@gary schofield Read it again, he wrote, enslave FOR 400 years not 400 years ago. 400 years ago would have been North Africans taking his ancestors as slaves from England and force converted to Islam #Barbary Pirates.","1","","2020-06-22 11:29:56","false",""
"Ugzx0aHB9ekgYkLlJRZ4AaABAg.9ACX4aTgRxB9ACa_yWqwq0","Damian","@smeg head this is exactly correct. Ordinary British tax payers paying off the debt to slave owners and traders for loss of their ""property"" after the abolition right up to 2015 is a point that so many people will happily choose to ignore.","2","","2020-06-22 11:31:08","false",""
"Ugzx0aHB9ekgYkLlJRZ4AaABAg.9ACX4aTgRxB9ACbGwFyONB","Paul Alexander","Barbary pirates, and the Ottoman empire.  Responsible for slavery of Europeans, from Ireland to Bulgaria. 
Conveniently forgotten.","0","","2020-06-22 11:37:08","false",""
"Ugzx0aHB9ekgYkLlJRZ4AaABAg.9ACX4aTgRxB9ACceLF7wZ0","Nickle","You've missed destroying the pyramids. Built by slaves for their slave owner.","0","","2020-06-22 11:49:12","false",""
"Ugzx0aHB9ekgYkLlJRZ4AaABAg.9ACX4aTgRxB9ACcsHloLaQ","Nickle","@smeg head Paid off by enslaving Brits to pay for the debt.
Debt bondage is modern day slavery","1","","2020-06-22 11:51:07","false",""
"Ugzx0aHB9ekgYkLlJRZ4AaABAg.9ACX4aTgRxB9ACdbej1FsO","smeg head","@Nickle 👍 always a scam going, run by the elites. All the way back to the original feudal land owners.","0","","2020-06-22 11:57:35","false",""
"Ugzx0aHB9ekgYkLlJRZ4AaABAg.9ACX4aTgRxB9ACeM3BlMPc","TalkToTheBody","AA RD try 2000 years ago","0","","2020-06-22 12:04:03","false",""
"Ugxctc9JRaVvl5-YJAd4AaABAg","matthewwilliamsmatty","I can just imagine those criminals going for a job interview after this. And its not just the ones that pulled the statue down they want to talk to. Its the ones that were egging them on they need to speak too also.","10","5","2020-06-22 10:51:49","true",""
"Ugxctc9JRaVvl5-YJAd4AaABAg.9ACX4zFiOSF9ACZDK3hGIf","Pining for the fjords","Local heros.","0","","2020-06-22 11:10:26","false",""
"Ugxctc9JRaVvl5-YJAd4AaABAg.9ACX4zFiOSF9ACZMxM4glY","Alex Gowers","Oh I see here on your cv you removed a hate filled statue from your local area after officials denied your pleas. Well done you have the job.","2","","2020-06-22 11:11:45","false",""
"Ugxctc9JRaVvl5-YJAd4AaABAg.9ACX4zFiOSF9ACZSTQAOFo","supertubemind","I can't imagine you going for an interview, ever!","0","","2020-06-22 11:12:30","false",""
"Ugxctc9JRaVvl5-YJAd4AaABAg.9ACX4zFiOSF9AD-6WXxtPZ","matthewwilliamsmatty","@supertubemind i wouldnt like to interview the likes of you. Ever!","1","","2020-06-22 15:14:10","false",""
"Ugxctc9JRaVvl5-YJAd4AaABAg.9ACX4zFiOSF9AEuMca_Mb7","supertubemind","@matthewwilliamsmatty You'd be lucky, in your dreams.","0","","2020-06-23 09:02:25","false",""
"Ugxh0ccXNusnf0SVf814AaABAg","Grymbaldknight","If you vandalise public property, you are a criminal. It doesn't matter whether you think the property needed to be removed or not.","7","6","2020-06-22 10:51:57","true",""
"Ugxh0ccXNusnf0SVf814AaABAg.9ACX5uK2-cL9ACYGtB0_H_","Storm Coulson Johnson","So therefore you believe that the statue of saddam should have stayed and the berlin wall should never have been knocked down?","8","","2020-06-22 11:02:11","false",""
"Ugxh0ccXNusnf0SVf814AaABAg.9ACX5uK2-cL9ACYtD1Vj2U","Gaz S","That statue has been petitioned against for many years and nothing was done about it... its 2020 why are we still idolising slavers and mass murderes.","2","","2020-06-22 11:07:33","false",""
"Ugxh0ccXNusnf0SVf814AaABAg.9ACX5uK2-cL9ACZ4AtZv3d","Charlie Eight","If you rape, pillage and enslave another country you are a criminal and do not deserve a statue made in your image.","1","","2020-06-22 11:09:11","false",""
"Ugxh0ccXNusnf0SVf814AaABAg.9ACX5uK2-cL9AC_OwsrvSa","Grymbaldknight","​@Gaz S -- 1) Colston lived in a time when slavery had always been considered normal. He's a good man within the context of his own time.
-- 2) You do not have the moral or legal right to destroy property just because a petition to peacefully remove it failed. 
Maybe the statue ought to have been removed. It's possible. However, it should *never* have been vandalised. Political violence is never acceptable, unless the state is oppressing your rights... which is isn't in this instance.
Moreover, tearing down the statue won't solve any problems. Slavery has already been abolished. If you tear down every statue in the land, it won't change a damn thing about the real world.","0","","2020-06-22 11:20:45","false",""
"Ugxh0ccXNusnf0SVf814AaABAg.9ACX5uK2-cL9ACaHh6B5C5","Grymbaldknight","​@Charlie Eight Remember that European slavers bought slaves _from other Africans_ in exchange for goods. We didn't go around kidnapping Africans; neighbouring African states did that, and then sold those slaves to the Europeans (usually in exchange for weapons).
That doesn't make slavery acceptable, of course. It's just interesting to note that it's not a case ""whites bad, blacks good"".
Remember also that Europeans (mostly the British) were responsible for ending the African slave trade. Long after Europeans stopped engaging in slavery, they pressured African states into dropping the practice of slavery as well, because slavery had always existed in Africa whether Europeans had participated or not.","0","","2020-06-22 11:28:30","false",""
"Ugxh0ccXNusnf0SVf814AaABAg.9ACX5uK2-cL9ACbTksF_Kv","Charlie Eight","Grymbaldknight Thanks, but not needed. I know the history of slavery.","0","","2020-06-22 11:38:53","false",""
"UgwXX3yDVoE0KIWy7Kd4AaABAg","Kris Brooks","Good, they have no right to do this. The majority did not consent to this, this Marxist destruction of history because there is one part of it that they don't like and whant to erase. Any excuse for their criminal behaviour.","4","0","2020-06-22 10:52:09","true",""
"UgyKtGNrgb0Fy-3mDeV4AaABAg","Jaime Conchado A","China Social Credit System anyone?","5","0","2020-06-22 10:52:24","true",""
"UgwX5qoX8PXaby2sEYR4AaABAg","boosomentity","Edward Colston was far more than a slave trader,  just like other historical figures such as Shaka Zulu, Cleopatra, Napolean etc; not necessarily good people by the standards of our time but great people by the standards of theirs'.  it's obvious to anyone with an ounce of sense that the title of this video is designed to indirectly excuse the actions of those involved with this act of politially motivated vandalism to further promote the Marxist agenda that is the driving force behind pretty much every news provider in this country.","3","0","2020-06-22 10:52:53","true",""
"UgwggXkUIbLW11YHTQt4AaABAg","Zac realist","Good get them locked up","2","0","2020-06-22 10:52:55","true",""
"UgxRC85080toSD5s5jx4AaABAg","Winston . Churchill","It will be great to see them heavily fined! Excellent news!","3","0","2020-06-22 10:53:46","true",""
"UgxoamST6BPtri5EC4p4AaABAg","dirkbogarde44","Bit late now pussy police....should have nicked them at the time, when you should have been doing your job.","0","0","2020-06-22 10:53:48","true",""
"UgxrT94g-B_WqdhTn-x4AaABAg","Joe Amey","Good they deserve punishment.","2","0","2020-06-22 10:53:51","true",""
"UgyPfQ9fnhq7TD5Akld4AaABAg","NOJ","Those 15 people are going to get awards for toppling a statue of a racist murder I presume.

In other news Avon and Somerset police are unveiling a statue of Jimmy Savile for his charity work.","2","2","2020-06-22 10:54:21","true",""
"UgyPfQ9fnhq7TD5Akld4AaABAg.9ACXNYK5IFi9ACYoTn6986","Tim Anderson","Justifying lawlessness for reasonable principles is just plain stupid. There are ways and means to effect change without knuckle dragging thuggery.","0","","2020-06-22 11:06:54","false",""
"UgyPfQ9fnhq7TD5Akld4AaABAg.9ACXNYK5IFi9ACcvl1lCE4","NOJ","@Tim Anderson breaking the law for the betterment of humanity is not thuggery, it's heroism. Not all laws are what's best for the people. A short history lesson soon shows you that laws are dependent on those in charge, not the good of the people who have to abide by them. I assume you would say ""don't break the law"" to resistance fighters in occupied Europe during WWII and you'd be happy to stick to laws created by Nazis because those are the laws? I hope you see how quickly and easily your argument falls apart. 

You should also look up how long the fight to remove these symbols of hate and percussion, these statues, has been going on for. Lifetimes and nothing has come of it. Are we to sit and wait for another lifetime because those in charge want to continue to display symbols of depravity, barbarity and hate? Why should we the people have to sit idly by and look at grand images of mass murders placed on pedestals in our city centers, they do not represent our people today, they do not represent our ambitions, they do not represent who we want on pedestals, who we want to be looking up to. They represent a past we should be very ashamed of and actively seeking to correct, today.

Take them down, put them in a museum, put them in the context of the horrible things that they did to innocent people to achieve their wealth. Or have the people do it for you again.","0","","2020-06-22 11:51:35","false",""
"UgwPOItdrnRmUhFm_194AaABAg","Nass British","if they arrest these people wont they make thing worse 🤔why hasnt the slave master been interviewed","0","0","2020-06-22 10:54:29","true",""
"UgyQ5JiJGsk_Iybl84Z4AaABAg","Don Lewis","I hope they get humiliated in court.  Weak snowflakes.","0","0","2020-06-22 10:54:57","true",""
"UgzvjkHKYxm2FdiE-Vl4AaABAg","- Jak -","Pwease help us do our jobs we are too incompetent 😳👉👈","39","8","2020-06-22 10:55:26","true",""
"UgzvjkHKYxm2FdiE-Vl4AaABAg.9ACXVS0xl_89ACadC7S3lU","Northern Monkey","They let the public do the work for them, saves them time and money, I seen it before where disorder is concerned","1","","2020-06-22 11:31:34","false",""
"UgzvjkHKYxm2FdiE-Vl4AaABAg.9ACXVS0xl_89ACdmiWeMrj","G Field","🤦🏻‍♂️ they don’t have a massive database of everyone’s name and photograph... officers might be able to ID regular offenders but if people are not known to the police then the only people that will know who they are is the community...use some common sense.","1","","2020-06-22 11:59:05","false",""
"UgzvjkHKYxm2FdiE-Vl4AaABAg.9ACXVS0xl_89AChmLsbwCP","Ziz Arthur","G Field I’m pretty sure they have their photographs from the dvla or passport office. Guess it’s too much work to trawl through all of that for a petty fine. Looks like actual police work doesn’t come as naturally as swinging a baton","2","","2020-06-22 12:34:00","false",""
"UgzvjkHKYxm2FdiE-Vl4AaABAg.9ACXVS0xl_89ACsVDJyNB8","G Field","Ziz Arthur it’s doesn’t work like that, the pictures from passports and DVLA are not linked to police systems if you’re arrested or VA’d your picture is taken then put on the system. 

Also there is no way of telling if the suspects are local, so if the system does work how you think it does (which it doesn’t) then where do you limit your address search 10, 20 100 miles around Bristol your talking 10s if not 100s of 1000s of pictures to trawl through. 
So do you want a copper doing that for weeks if not months on end or going to that violent domestic that’s happening next door. 
Plus then ID would have to be in line with code D of PACE (google it) which along with along almost all of PACE was brought in to protect people from being wrongfully ID’d for crimes. 

Again common sense..... might need to google that as well. 

I won’t say “you wouldn’t last 2 minutes as a copper” but I would say to anyone that moans about how police work is conducted is that if you think you can do a better job then join up..if people genuinely believe they could provide a better service then surely the community that you live in that you will police will only thank you for it.","0","","2020-06-22 14:07:38","false",""
"UgzvjkHKYxm2FdiE-Vl4AaABAg.9ACXVS0xl_89AD-cyeu2GK","English Gentleman","G Field I agree with most of what you say but if the public pay for something they have every right to say if they think that something is not being performed adequately.","0","","2020-06-22 15:18:44","false",""
"UgzvjkHKYxm2FdiE-Vl4AaABAg.9ACXVS0xl_89AD2bejghSj","G Field","English Gentleman yes of course they do and I am all for accountability for the police if they fall below what is expected All I’m saying is that police procedures are done in a particular way and are detailed within the Police And Criminal Evidence act. 

So it’s easy for someone to generally say the police aren’t doing their job when unless you have worked in prosecuting offences, people don’t understand what is needed (and what is written in law) in order to lawfully investigate crime and build case files ready for charge and successful conviction. 

It’s not like TV programs","0","","2020-06-22 15:44:46","false",""
"UgzvjkHKYxm2FdiE-Vl4AaABAg.9ACXVS0xl_89AD59VC0fws","G Field","Take this case for example and ease of explanation that’s say the event unfolded as it did but it was only 1 (massive) unknown male that pulled down the statue and causing criminal damage. 

Police would look for footage (cctv, social media or from the public) and witness statements. 

They have footage, so without a statement from a member of the public naming the male. Their picture will be passed to officers and circulated to the public  to ID him. Code D PACE

Someone then has to complete a statement to say “I’ve seen the picture, that’s Joe Bloggs, he’s my ex boyfriend” for example. Code D PACE 

Only then can that person be interviewed. It will likely that there isn’t any further risk of damage so an arrest reason will not be present so they would be interviewed on a voluntary basis. 
Section 24 PACE, CODE E of PACE 

If there is enough evidence, the police will process the charge (if under £5000) if over, then case file (which takes time to complete) will be passed to the CPS for them to decide to charge or not. 

If they say yes then a case file will then have to be completed before the court date. 

All this for one person causing criminal damage. 

This process is written in law","0","","2020-06-22 16:07:00","false",""
"UgzvjkHKYxm2FdiE-Vl4AaABAg.9ACXVS0xl_89AE6_S1WYMI","- Jak -","@G Field yeah mate I'm just having a joke, it's just funny how badly the government have presented themselves recently. I know theres no magic database and that theres no csi hollywood tools.","0","","2020-06-23 01:38:40","false",""
"Ugw0Spt3oUVPkBwqX314AaABAg","Fake News Sucks","Nice to see the police doing something about it.","2","0","2020-06-22 10:56:07","true",""
"Ugz_hoHi6HWnNBYs1tJ4AaABAg","Morgan Kendall","Pricks","0","0","2020-06-22 10:56:24","true",""
"UgyJHQgMdcvjXfR9_ER4AaABAg","Gaz S","From what i saw in the videos, the statue was blown over buy a freak gust of wind","22","6","2020-06-22 10:56:51","true",""
"UgyJHQgMdcvjXfR9_ER4AaABAg.9ACXeuBDDqZ9ACYBGlHx3_","Versace Pythonz","Yes I heard that it was that terrible storm from the left, even a few snowflakes in the storm also, terrible shame.","1","","2020-06-22 11:01:25","false",""
"UgyJHQgMdcvjXfR9_ER4AaABAg.9ACXeuBDDqZ9ACcr5FniCC","Chris L","of course it did","0","","2020-06-22 11:50:57","false",""
"UgyJHQgMdcvjXfR9_ER4AaABAg.9ACXeuBDDqZ9ACdn1FervZ","Huw chardon","Buy? You gomess commie gastropod","0","","2020-06-22 11:59:08","false",""
"UgyJHQgMdcvjXfR9_ER4AaABAg.9ACXeuBDDqZ9ADYD_5w-d3","Gaz S","@Chris L it tripped and fell! Case closed","0","","2020-06-22 20:20:58","false",""
"UgyJHQgMdcvjXfR9_ER4AaABAg.9ACXeuBDDqZ9ADYUbGao7I","Gaz S","@Huw chardon gomess?","0","","2020-06-22 20:23:18","false",""
"UgyJHQgMdcvjXfR9_ER4AaABAg.9ACXeuBDDqZ9AFp095DeJn","Chris L","@Gaz S hahahahaha clearly you didn't see the video so here it is BTW nice beautiful day in bristol when this video was taken.","0","","2020-06-23 17:34:54","false",""
"UgzpyTwrPHoHEtjuKLp4AaABAg","Gary Powell","If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.","9","0","2020-06-22 10:56:51","true",""
"Ugz4Zse4rk_Q_rgWKSF4AaABAg","Borussia Doormat","Let’s get these freaks found!","3","0","2020-06-22 10:57:44","true",""
"Ugw5bi3UiHQdE_5l7xd4AaABAg","Aaron Lapaul","Good.  Lock them all up","2","0","2020-06-22 10:57:46","true",""
"UgyU4vuz-3VKbMjmbOp4AaABAg","mjribes","Make the dickheads pay for the damage.","1","0","2020-06-22 10:57:49","true",""
"UgwhILXUjVfU8buuo-14AaABAg","Jimbo's Farm","MAKE THEM CLEAN EVERY STATUE WITH A TOOTHBRUSH","6","0","2020-06-22 10:58:31","true",""
"UgxPg5AfvNlB0Lw6oI54AaABAg","로지Rosie","Why would you punish someone over pushing over a statue of a slave trader","0","3","2020-06-22 10:58:54","true",""
"UgxPg5AfvNlB0Lw6oI54AaABAg.9ACXttIo3te9ACYUvp5nd4","Versace Pythonz","Because by the Literal definition of law it’s criminal damage, but if you want to keep destroying statues I heard Karl Marx was a massive racist, maybe topple his statue next...","1","","2020-06-22 11:04:06","false",""
"UgxPg5AfvNlB0Lw6oI54AaABAg.9ACXttIo3te9ACZO9wh-5q","baldieman64","Why would you condemn the Taliban for destroying the Buddhas of Bamyan.
The statue is  a work of art with historical and cultural significance.","0","","2020-06-22 11:11:55","false",""
"UgxPg5AfvNlB0Lw6oI54AaABAg.9ACXttIo3te9ACZmxsdvRl","Versace Pythonz","baldieman64 exactly give the talliban free range, after all I’m sure there are some black talliban memebers","0","","2020-06-22 11:15:26","false",""
"UgwkJzUZPylZuz8Nr6Z4AaABAg","Tommy C","LOL YOU KNOW ALREADY !! YOU PAID THEM I BET !!!!!","1","0","2020-06-22 10:59:07","true",""
"Ugx9f-JvstGo7jcUMqx4AaABAg","Moon Man","Just remember people loose lips sinks ships","5","0","2020-06-22 10:59:08","true",""
"UgwHxmCEQfrK2G6wqml4AaABAg","Jamie Osborne","The statue just fell and rolled into the river no one damaged the statue","11","1","2020-06-22 10:59:20","true",""
"UgwHxmCEQfrK2G6wqml4AaABAg.9ACXx1RNn-k9ACd_CVqC_d","bartman01021988","could not give a damn about the statue but lets make sure these morons are arrested.why the hell should the tax payer foot the bill for pavement/road repairs from the damage the statue caused?dont prosecute them for anything,just hand them a repair bill","0","","2020-06-22 11:57:15","false",""
"Ugw4exSS_F9nqV9F2XB4AaABAg","loveday bebe","You absolute toss ers !","1","0","2020-06-22 11:00:54","true",""
"Ugz3QUKnK0Tt3ZqNWot4AaABAg","SUuch An aura","No snitching","0","0","2020-06-22 11:00:54","true",""
"Ugw1Xr367NDguMYDgFt4AaABAg","Danny Bray","Criminal offence and they're asking people to come forward... BULLSH#T.  The police Wasted money on investigation now go and justify the spend by getting convictions.. all on video been streamed worldwide.. best we cover our arses and make it look like we're doing something...  UK policing at its finest...lmao","0","0","2020-06-22 11:01:03","true",""
"UgyN-5E9IarZhz8uKPF4AaABAg","Monad Proxy","Anyone who calls in to identify them needs to unclutch their pearls and get in the harbour.","6","0","2020-06-22 11:02:16","true",""
"UgwgbxSyrhe_2JSzPxp4AaABAg","KANSCIOUS REBEL","So you want us to help you to snitch on good people for a Slave trader? Good luck with that.","13","4","2020-06-22 11:03:14","true",""
"UgwgbxSyrhe_2JSzPxp4AaABAg.9ACYOaefqBB9AC_WwWSq1_","Raymond Nickolds","You are thick as a short plank of wood 👍","4","","2020-06-22 11:21:51","false",""
"UgwgbxSyrhe_2JSzPxp4AaABAg.9ACYOaefqBB9ACa2IPu5Cj","barrie watson","I  agree with Raymond  thick as a plank","1","","2020-06-22 11:26:24","false",""
"UgwgbxSyrhe_2JSzPxp4AaABAg.9ACYOaefqBB9ACpdOw4x8l","Tim Wade","Rioters are good people, since when","0","","2020-06-22 13:42:40","false",""
"UgwgbxSyrhe_2JSzPxp4AaABAg.9ACYOaefqBB9ADWnSibkWs","franklingoodwin","@Raymond Nickolds Why a short plank? Surely the length is irrelevant","0","","2020-06-22 20:08:31","false",""
"UgzNLsmZeZnqunHNAxl4AaABAg","Zara Samuels","Hope everyone floods them with made up names.","7","5","2020-06-22 11:03:16","true",""
"UgzNLsmZeZnqunHNAxl4AaABAg.9ACYOt310L39ACYrOR6blY","baldieman64","You go right ahead with that.The resulting confusion will prevent the police getting to the perpetrators before the vigilantes dish out a little extra-judicial justice.","0","","2020-06-22 11:07:18","false",""
"UgzNLsmZeZnqunHNAxl4AaABAg.9ACYOt310L39ACZXHWvSHa","Tim Anderson","Zara, you won't like anarchy, you won't be safe dear.","0","","2020-06-22 11:13:09","false",""
"UgzNLsmZeZnqunHNAxl4AaABAg.9ACYOt310L39AC_C50zvuJ","Zara Samuels","@baldieman64 vigilant? Who cares that much, not being funny or anything but vast majority of public had no clue of his name let alone that there was status in Bristol to him.","0","","2020-06-22 11:19:00","false",""
"UgzNLsmZeZnqunHNAxl4AaABAg.9ACYOt310L39AC_WdDpfZn","baldieman64","But it wasn't an attack on the man. It was an attack on British history and culture and we're heartily sick of it.","0","","2020-06-22 11:21:48","false",""
"UgzNLsmZeZnqunHNAxl4AaABAg.9ACYOt310L39ADAlMI99nj","Zara Samuels","@baldieman64 ok ok first off got to ask who's this we? Secondly it's being put in a museum with an accurate account of the man. Thirdly wasn't status erected well over 100 yrs after his death, finally and most importantly we as country have alot terrible things in our past, the decent thing is to acknowledge it and grow not try and hide it by glorifying it something it wasn't.","0","","2020-06-22 16:56:00","false",""
"UgxAUlU4ix_k3dWSW-14AaABAg","Soulboy69 Wigan","Hope they get prison","1","0","2020-06-22 11:03:18","true",""
"Ugy3DHwmyk26BNBsJNB4AaABAg","Erin Quinn","lock up the hipsters with white saviour complex","1","0","2020-06-22 11:03:22","true",""
"Ugyxyde1lAda2CO47rp4AaABAg","Tlug Life","I hope 6ix9ine doesnt get involved","75","8","2020-06-22 11:04:06","true",""
"Ugyxyde1lAda2CO47rp4AaABAg.9ACYUu4g_-j9ACZT0SanNL","BronzieGold Model","🤣🤣🤣","0","","2020-06-22 11:12:34","false",""
"Ugyxyde1lAda2CO47rp4AaABAg.9ACYUu4g_-j9AD02emejt0","matthewwilliamsmatty","Why would he? Hes white lol","0","","2020-06-22 15:22:23","false",""
"Ugyxyde1lAda2CO47rp4AaABAg.9ACYUu4g_-j9AD28bHVpS_","Hamish McIndy","@matthewwilliamsmatty ignorance from a mong","2","","2020-06-22 15:40:40","false",""
"Ugyxyde1lAda2CO47rp4AaABAg.9ACYUu4g_-j9ADB1TrHJig","shamanahaboolist","He's gonna come all the way over to snitch.","1","","2020-06-22 16:58:20","false",""
"Ugyxyde1lAda2CO47rp4AaABAg.9ACYUu4g_-j9ADU3kHcwfl","franklingoodwin","😂","1","","2020-06-22 19:44:40","false",""
"Ugyxyde1lAda2CO47rp4AaABAg.9ACYUu4g_-j9AE4XWG5xeN","Lapin Logic","Had to google him, He looks like a circus clown that got dreads","0","","2020-06-23 01:20:47","false",""
"Ugyxyde1lAda2CO47rp4AaABAg.9ACYUu4g_-j9AE80PoD7nG","matthewwilliamsmatty","@Hamish McIndy mong? Does your mother know your not using YouTube kids?","1","","2020-06-23 01:51:13","false",""
"Ugyxyde1lAda2CO47rp4AaABAg.9ACYUu4g_-j9AF4gSeYVV1","Dan Fogg","😂😂😂😂😂","0","","2020-06-23 10:41:23","false",""
"Ugx1UKsdYBQYd6dEo5F4AaABAg","simply lizy","""Oh well we don't want to take it down because it's British history"" TAKE THEM DOWN and instead of putting slave trader statues put real hero's who fought to stop slavery like Harriet tubman","2","0","2020-06-22 11:04:28","true",""
"UgwRBR4sxd6UBItl6994AaABAg","TALLATV","Burn Down her office lol","0","0","2020-06-22 11:04:44","true",""
"UgwzNbH_iLQwEE0Cnht4AaABAg","TALLATV","Alot of work for nothing. An no work to catch pedophile rings I  the government","62","8","2020-06-22 11:05:12","true",""
"UgwzNbH_iLQwEE0Cnht4AaABAg.9ACYc1vH_Lp9ACafq1QaO_","Liam O'Sullivan","TALLATV Oh yeah, let’s not arrest people for vandalising public property because there’s paedophiles...maybe we should stop catching rapists until we’ve caught all the murderers we haven’t caught🤔","9","","2020-06-22 11:31:56","false",""
"UgwzNbH_iLQwEE0Cnht4AaABAg.9ACYc1vH_Lp9ACb7EVaGFS","Mr T","If there’s no work to catch pedo rings how do you explain the cases that have gone through the courts recently and are pending trial. Just because the left wing media won’t report on it doesn’t mean it’s not happening.","1","","2020-06-22 11:35:49","false",""
"UgwzNbH_iLQwEE0Cnht4AaABAg.9ACYc1vH_Lp9ACc-GdHuZa","Ben Davison","Mr T fact brother","2","","2020-06-22 11:43:28","false",""
"UgwzNbH_iLQwEE0Cnht4AaABAg.9ACYc1vH_Lp9ACc9lbzO1x","Gonelegit ❶","Mr T Lol don’t let that fool you. We’ve been waiting forever and it seems we will continue to do so. The only people who get held accountable are scapegoats and nobodies. Meanwhile the atrocities continue behind closed doors involving the same people who will get up on camera and boast the conviction of the said scapegoats.","3","","2020-06-22 11:44:54","false",""
"UgwzNbH_iLQwEE0Cnht4AaABAg.9ACYc1vH_Lp9ACcdiph8uC","Mr T","Gonelegit ❶ sorry do you work for the police or the crown prosecution service ? What’s your source of information?","1","","2020-06-22 11:49:07","false",""
"UgwzNbH_iLQwEE0Cnht4AaABAg.9ACYc1vH_Lp9AChlPznx_o","Dingus Doofus","@Mr T Well the royal family seems to be immune to prosecution.","2","","2020-06-22 12:33:52","false",""
"UgwzNbH_iLQwEE0Cnht4AaABAg.9ACYc1vH_Lp9ACskWbxaFC","Google Sucks","@Liam O'Sullivan The police first ignored the grooming gangs, and then they ignored the vandals. That's a lot more work for nothing.","1","","2020-06-22 14:09:52","false",""
"UgwzNbH_iLQwEE0Cnht4AaABAg.9ACYc1vH_Lp9ADJv75KDBp","Liam O'Sullivan","Google Sucks Okay well if that is in fact true and not some story in the paper then obviously the departments within the police who have been put in charge of catching these grooming gangs have done a poor job and I’d hope there will be an inquest in to it because that would be disgusting. However, I don’t know what that has to do with this? It’s as childish as robbing a bank and your defence being ‘yeah well some people kill people and haven’t been caught’...all those who have broken the law should expect to be punished and it doesn’t matter if someone else has gotten away with something or not.","0","","2020-06-22 18:15:59","false",""
"UgzDCVJuzlegB5Iow354AaABAg","OperationFoxley19441","This won't stop the toppling of the racist statues, more will fall.","1","0","2020-06-22 11:05:57","true",""
"UgzZLh7l8HFDjDyt73J4AaABAg","Jan Day","Look at all the criminals giving this a thumbs down.

They have lost a sense of law and order with their radical destruction.","2","2","2020-06-22 11:06:09","true",""
"UgzZLh7l8HFDjDyt73J4AaABAg.9ACYitt1K1z9ACZJd_g96h","Collie House","👍","0","","2020-06-22 11:11:18","false",""
"UgzZLh7l8HFDjDyt73J4AaABAg.9ACYitt1K1z9ACa5QckFSi","Colin Clark","Well when the people in charge of making and enforcing laws keep breaking them, and shoving it in everyone’s faces like they are above it, law and order don’t mean a damn thing","0","","2020-06-22 11:26:50","false",""
"Ugw_tE1g4Ms55ziCklZ4AaABAg","A","Black lives matter... let’s smash stuff up!!","0","1","2020-06-22 11:06:42","true",""
"Ugw_tE1g4Ms55ziCklZ4AaABAg.9ACYn-byOE99ACZZAEzGJ6","Versace Pythonz","“The mostly peaceful protests”","0","","2020-06-22 11:13:25","false",""
"UgxjVs1GncUh4yrf4Zl4AaABAg","allright den","Dont be a snitch lol.","2","0","2020-06-22 11:07:31","true",""
"UgxX-aFlUgJ8oTG-cFB4AaABAg","Flying Cloud","I recognize them it was nigel farrage, dominic cummings and their mates","0","0","2020-06-22 11:08:06","true",""
"UgwkPozF_KAjjFpOQfN4AaABAg","Alex Gowers","These hardened criminals must be caught and praised for their actions.","16","2","2020-06-22 11:08:34","true",""
"UgwkPozF_KAjjFpOQfN4AaABAg.9ACZ-f6jqP-9ACZg0L7B1f","Andrew Ers","Haha! On a geniune note, what did they do that deserves the praise? I haven't heard the full story","0","","2020-06-22 11:14:29","false",""
"UgwkPozF_KAjjFpOQfN4AaABAg.9ACZ-f6jqP-9ACcdEDOBAb","bartman01021988","@Andrew Ers they tore down a statue then rolled it through the streets causing damage to roads and pathways.","0","","2020-06-22 11:49:03","false",""
"UgydrT0bo0AOBJNko1h4AaABAg","Thomas Haigh","We tople statue, now we turn ourselves in. Of course they'll obligate 100%, not like they give two fs about the statue which is why they topped it in the first place","0","0","2020-06-22 11:10:11","true",""
"Ugy1BUt4wGucVORJfzt4AaABAg","C More","Avon and Somerset pigs make me sick so useless.","2","0","2020-06-22 11:10:48","true",""
"UgyKM5dkrFjZO3Su4594AaABAg","Dante Stamp","don't anymore dare snitch these men and women activists are heroes","1","0","2020-06-22 11:10:51","true",""
"UgxjbWE5objLMqGvvbJ4AaABAg","Ali Doves","Wish I can help , but alll I see are heroes .....","8","0","2020-06-22 11:11:09","true",""
"Ugwbv6SMP9BP0nDIaYB4AaABAg","bleubleu","This is not a crime the statue should have been taken down there is nothing to rejoice in the slave trade it is shameful to think that this what you think is right","3","1","2020-06-22 11:11:35","true",""
"Ugwbv6SMP9BP0nDIaYB4AaABAg.9ACZLmRQxeu9ACZrLomLzH","fat fat","Damaging property is a crime chump.","0","","2020-06-22 11:16:02","false",""
"UgzR4UVDph-a3xklj-Z4AaABAg","joshua19942","All this over a racist slave master statue??? Ludicrous 🙄🙄🙄","2","0","2020-06-22 11:12:21","true",""
"UgxFZIOf92ihGTUml2J4AaABAg","stoneyard100","Colston should be in the drink","1","0","2020-06-22 11:12:39","true",""
"UgxnS2rM0ZtJHgAnR6x4AaABAg","Collie House","Grass up the criminals if you know them. Do the right thing folks. 👍","2","0","2020-06-22 11:12:43","true",""
"UgyDnCuumUruV8b0gUZ4AaABAg","G S","Police finally doing their jobs","0","3","2020-06-22 11:12:44","true",""
"UgyDnCuumUruV8b0gUZ4AaABAg.9ACZU94Uf1M9AC_5mLAUlw","dafuzzymonster","trying to get people to snitch?","0","","2020-06-22 11:18:08","false",""
"UgyDnCuumUruV8b0gUZ4AaABAg.9ACZU94Uf1M9ACbwa2-fsg","G S","Actively looking for criminals","0","","2020-06-22 11:42:58","false",""
"UgyDnCuumUruV8b0gUZ4AaABAg.9ACZU94Uf1M9ACiUdrtHdM","dafuzzymonster","@G S you've probably broken the law several times this week without even realising it. I guess it raises a question about laws and morality. Morally it was a good thing to get rid of that cunty statue. Legally Lobbying is fine, but it doesn't serve anyone besides big business. Legally the cladding around Grenfell Tower was fine but it doesn't stop almost all Landlords being parasites. Could actively try and find some evidence that prince Andrew likes to fuck children, but instead they looking into some kids who took down a statue of a cunt.","0","","2020-06-22 12:40:11","false",""
"UgweRSMEQYkMkNGCtht4AaABAg","Mathius S","They are hero's!  Should be given a medal of honor not arrested","3","0","2020-06-22 11:13:53","true",""
"UgzJLwvSrjekql3g5bl4AaABAg","A L P","""... I would really encourage anyone to phone in and shop your family-members..."" says DS Hughes.
[ ^ paraphrased a little, that as maybe 😅 ]
UK community policing fishing for hearts and minds in 2020
X","0","0","2020-06-22 11:13:54","true",""
"UgxwurNDxdJ-ds9e2_R4AaABAg","MARTIN A1","is there a Crime Stoppers reward?  If they are prosecuted will they be given immediate prison terms like the poor chap who had to have a piss ?  Or maybe they will get unpaid community service.....a bit like slavery !","7","2","2020-06-22 11:14:10","true",""
"UgxwurNDxdJ-ds9e2_R4AaABAg.9ACZdiY_20a9ACeK7gQUu9","Ryan Cummins","They should get a meddle, Colson was no better than Hitler.","0","","2020-06-22 12:03:47","false",""
"UgxwurNDxdJ-ds9e2_R4AaABAg.9ACZdiY_20a9ACep-wXLEE","MARTIN A1","@Ryan Cummins or a spelling book so they know how to spell medal.....and the ultra left call the right wing thick","0","","2020-06-22 12:08:08","false",""
"UgwJdxOqWqX72epWS1l4AaABAg","Tom Wheeler","If they had any brains they would let this one go. If they get anybody I'd give money to a fundraiser to get them the best lawyer in the country","0","2","2020-06-22 11:15:04","true",""
"UgwJdxOqWqX72epWS1l4AaABAg.9ACZkHw0RE-9ACZsd3MhD6","jakstrike1","Even 'the best lawyer in the country' is going to have trouble defending a video tape of their client causing obvious criminal damage.","0","","2020-06-22 11:16:12","false",""
"UgwJdxOqWqX72epWS1l4AaABAg.9ACZkHw0RE-9ACZwIowhSJ","Andrew Ers","I don't understand why you'd want to help out a group of criminals?","0","","2020-06-22 11:16:42","false",""
"UgwxOkoJuG9QJ8HJJIh4AaABAg","Too young to be old","They watched it happen, why didn't they act then? Scared maybe? Snowflake police these days.","1","2","2020-06-22 11:15:21","true",""
"UgwxOkoJuG9QJ8HJJIh4AaABAg.9ACZmLb2B179AC_2H2UUnt","Andrew Ers","Because it would fuel the media (and social media's) narrative on police brutality","2","","2020-06-22 11:17:40","false",""
"UgwxOkoJuG9QJ8HJJIh4AaABAg.9ACZmLb2B179ACko871Act","Tim Wade","@Andrew Ers to right, the police get the shitty end of the stick. Its either police brutality , oppression or where were the police, why wen't the police doing anything.  I hope they get at least some of them.","0","","2020-06-22 13:00:27","false",""
"UgyZKFl1hZd_WVadNLd4AaABAg","Eeesh","Get the bastards arrested now!","0","0","2020-06-22 11:15:50","true",""
"Ugx63n0Ubzkd0-QAfDN4AaABAg","jamesofarcadia","Don't really understand why they are bothering, especially with the risk of a public backlash. Why not focus on finding protestors, black and white, who were being anti social during the protests.","0","0","2020-06-22 11:15:57","true",""
"UgxqyAWLK9J9PstQ7cd4AaABAg","Ian Sear","About time","3","0","2020-06-22 11:16:15","true",""
"UgwcQ-nICEauZWKLYyl4AaABAg","Sam Carpenter","I will personally break them out of prison like that GTA heist","0","1","2020-06-22 11:16:21","true",""
"UgwcQ-nICEauZWKLYyl4AaABAg.9ACZtdbD7tf9AC_eyJkFgv","barrie watson","Sam carpenter you are a slob","0","","2020-06-22 11:23:05","false",""
"UgzhfFo60osyZY75nS94AaABAg","George Peacock","Good, can't let ppl think they can get away with crimes just because someone hurt their feelings","2","0","2020-06-22 11:16:23","true",""
"UgxkFS2AbAGjJUjRXal4AaABAg","Luke Not Skywalker","Good! These are criminal acts and should be properly prosecuted!","9","2","2020-06-22 11:16:37","true",""
"UgxkFS2AbAGjJUjRXal4AaABAg.9ACZv_KG_dx9AFx1NuBTTh","Anthony Burke","Hilarious,  a socialist sf supporter wants people prosecuted for criminal acts!🤣🤣🤣 you couldn't make it up🤔","0","","2020-06-23 18:44:58","false",""
"UgxkFS2AbAGjJUjRXal4AaABAg.9ACZv_KG_dx9AHk2woU2Wv","Luke Not Skywalker","Anthony Burke I’m no socialist pal, don’t know where you get that assumption from.","0","","2020-06-24 11:30:04","false",""
"Ugw7BiQFvtfa8Rxw1Jd4AaABAg","Archie Leigh","The statue toppling team are on the right side of history. Leave them be.","0","1","2020-06-22 11:16:39","true",""
"Ugw7BiQFvtfa8Rxw1Jd4AaABAg.9ACZvuVV7k29AC_INl1hir","Firosh Saris","Not sure if this is sarcasm.","0","","2020-06-22 11:19:52","false",""
"UgzQ7hu1c3yBFXOPGlt4AaABAg","supertubemind","The people who took the slavers statues down deserve praise and a medal. The people who erect the statues of slavers and murders and permit the statues to remain are the ones that should be prosecuted.","4","4","2020-06-22 11:16:48","true",""
"UgzQ7hu1c3yBFXOPGlt4AaABAg.9ACZwvqwwUg9ACajmoTHA4","mic9check","What an extremist, haha","1","","2020-06-22 11:32:28","false",""
"UgzQ7hu1c3yBFXOPGlt4AaABAg.9ACZwvqwwUg9ACbiTM0-dH","Mr T","So you must advocate the Pyramids in Egypt being destroyed and the colosseum in Rome then ?","0","","2020-06-22 11:41:02","false",""
"UgzQ7hu1c3yBFXOPGlt4AaABAg.9ACZwvqwwUg9A_OZ5z0i9N","supertubemind","@Mr T Now you are taking the p*ss. There's a world of difference between recent history and ancient history.","0","","2020-07-01 17:19:03","false",""
"UgzQ7hu1c3yBFXOPGlt4AaABAg.9ACZwvqwwUg9A_Of_YqXpl","supertubemind","@mic9check Nope the opposite is the extreme. Suppose you think statues of Hitler, Pol Pot, Saddam is not extremist.","0","","2020-07-01 17:20:05","false",""
"Ugw4hi3y1ATrvPKIQ3t4AaABAg","rayeasom","BLM Protester: the law should apply equally to everyone!!
Also BLM Protester: ...except when we break the law.","17","4","2020-06-22 11:16:51","true",""
"Ugw4hi3y1ATrvPKIQ3t4AaABAg.9ACZxGn8edn9AC_eT7p18K","Chris L","hahaha, but you make a good point","0","","2020-06-22 11:23:01","false",""
"Ugw4hi3y1ATrvPKIQ3t4AaABAg.9ACZxGn8edn9ACaw5M5Z0V","BeanWorld","BLM protestor: please stop killing black people

You: some piss poor disrespectful joke about a serious issue.","1","","2020-06-22 11:34:09","false",""
"Ugw4hi3y1ATrvPKIQ3t4AaABAg.9ACZxGn8edn9ACbPoDBTwm","rayeasom","BeanWorld it isn’t a joke. BLM would also disband the police force and judicial system, dismantle our free market economy and trade system, redistribute white wealth to black families and dismantle our nuclear family unit. That’s all written on their website in clear English. I wonder if you support those goals. The darker political goals of black lives matter than hide beneath are no laughing matter.","1","","2020-06-22 11:38:21","false",""
"Ugw4hi3y1ATrvPKIQ3t4AaABAg.9ACZxGn8edn9ACfFAdP3vO","bartman01021988","@BeanWorld fact is though he is completely correct in what he wrote.","0","","2020-06-22 12:11:51","false",""
"UgyK_Uq0rP9oEUa_jX14AaABAg","Paul Reich","Snitch 😂","0","0","2020-06-22 11:16:53","true",""
"UgzHsezuZAhZkILiV5V4AaABAg","Lord Ronin, The Compassionate","One would think that the police should be dealing with far more urgent issues than chasing suspects that might have damaged a statue?","0","1","2020-06-22 11:17:05","true",""
"UgzHsezuZAhZkILiV5V4AaABAg.9ACZz0mHDJa9AC_PDD8GXv","Ian Sear","When someone damages your property then you can tell the police not to bother looking into it as there's far more urgent issues. Yeah?","0","","2020-06-22 11:20:47","false",""
"UgxZiuT_Y7VfCJCQd1N4AaABAg","Stephen Usher","It's like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted","0","0","2020-06-22 11:17:08","true",""
"Ugyu-HP-UHofHuS4la94AaABAg","pug106 GTI","they spray painted Edward's face red! life changing ripping the old statue down! little gain from wreaking things!!!","1","0","2020-06-22 11:17:23","true",""
"Ugy66uBuAyX7vOMmhHt4AaABAg","Bob Bob","Stop George Soros.","4","0","2020-06-22 11:17:31","true",""
"UgxrcQcFYB-AYJPF6TJ4AaABAg","Yaz Tunc","and The snitching starts🤐👮🏻‍♂️🖤","0","2","2020-06-22 11:17:38","true",""
"UgxrcQcFYB-AYJPF6TJ4AaABAg.9AC_24j7A8f9AC_sR27TA3","barrie watson","Should have thought of this before you ran amok.","0","","2020-06-22 11:24:55","false",""
"UgxrcQcFYB-AYJPF6TJ4AaABAg.9AC_24j7A8f9ADW6HwS5py","franklingoodwin","@barrie watson Yeah, it was Yaz and Yaz just incriminated him/herself 😂 Give your head a wobble","0","","2020-06-22 20:02:30","false",""
"UgwgiWD64HqKTiZkUZZ4AaABAg","BTW_JJ","ain't nobody gonna snitch on their friends and family","0","0","2020-06-22 11:17:47","true",""
"Ugxqy0PS5QivAem99ih4AaABAg","Jac Crystal","Colston today and who knows, Kings and Queens tomorrow whose exchequers benefited from the slave trade and allowed it to continue assuming of course, that the fierce resistance of the trading  corporations of their day could have been overcome. before Wilberforce and others finally succeeded.","2","0","2020-06-22 11:18:10","true",""
"UgyOKswukMtXsVjXVnJ4AaABAg","Paul Eckersley","About time girl. Make sure that somebody gets to pay for this affray n breach of the peace.","10","0","2020-06-22 11:18:12","true",""
"UgxSqD7HJoHKP9bLZbZ4AaABAg","Raymond Nickolds","If I knew who the scumbags were I’d defo tell the po po","1","1","2020-06-22 11:19:00","true",""
"UgxSqD7HJoHKP9bLZbZ4AaABAg.9AC_C5eiDEm9ACaYN_gvaQ","JETJOOBOY","Why, they won't do anything","0","","2020-06-22 11:30:47","false",""
"UgwIxkM4rWQFeSBcFPp4AaABAg","jack gaming","This government has know clue what they are doing","1","1","2020-06-22 11:19:10","true",""
"UgwIxkM4rWQFeSBcFPp4AaABAg.9AC_DL1TRjc9AC_keqb6Sg","twistmynips","I no not what you no. Do you know? I no","0","","2020-06-22 11:23:51","false",""
"UgyneaVu-GjVEJOJKHt4AaABAg","Robert Benton","F*ck Colston, and his statue, which quite frankly deserves to still be at the bottom of the canal. That being said, I have it on good authority that the 15 people behind the toppling are as follows;

1. Mr. Kipling
2. Rod Hull
3. Benny Hill
4. Dominic Cummings
5. Paul Daniels
6. Barry Chuckle
7. Richard Branson
8. Bryan Cranston
9. Brian May
10. Teresa May
11. Mother Teresa
12. Mother Mary
13. Mary Whitehouse
14. Paul Whitehouse
15. Donald Trump

Bring these people to justice!","0","0","2020-06-22 11:21:40","true",""
"UgzszoA_Z0uEVcNgrFV4AaABAg","Phil Doherty","So your posting pictures of a crime that you watched take place live and chose to do fuck all about it any wonder there’s zero respect for the police from these scumbags.","0","0","2020-06-22 11:21:50","true",""
"Ugzv1sjmRHU1NnjrORt4AaABAg","mrpositronia","""Let's focus on the crime of vandalism and not the message.""","15","7","2020-06-22 11:22:00","true",""
"Ugzv1sjmRHU1NnjrORt4AaABAg.9AC_Y1wNUVf9AC_tSxYzzh","Tiger Gaming05","It's not happening in the uk! It's in America no where near here(I'm talking about police killing black people)","2","","2020-06-22 11:25:03","false",""
"Ugzv1sjmRHU1NnjrORt4AaABAg.9AC_Y1wNUVf9ACaOnCUxE0","ᛄᛖᚱᚩᛗᛖ ᛫ᚻᚢᚸᛁᚾᛋ","Doesn't matter where it's happening, any stsaues idolising people who were a big part of the slave trade is just darft. We still have books, they will always be in there. Not that I think many of the people supporting these statues know what a book is but that's besides the point.","5","","2020-06-22 11:29:28","false",""
"Ugzv1sjmRHU1NnjrORt4AaABAg.9AC_Y1wNUVf9ACe-q-bIgW","NOJ","@Tiger Gaming05 I think you need to educate yourself on what systemic racism looks like. It's still, unfortunately, very much a part of the UK. The fact that these status, the symbols of hate that they are, still stand tall and proud in our city centers is an obvious demonstration of that systemic racism. Please take some time to educate yourself on how Edward Colston made his money and what horrific things he did to innocent people. Please take some time to educate yourself on the slave trade and the global damage that Britain's empire building did. This is an opportunity to teach yourself the things that they won't teach you at school.","2","","2020-06-22 12:01:01","false",""
"Ugzv1sjmRHU1NnjrORt4AaABAg.9AC_Y1wNUVf9ACglBZm7JJ","Leonard 21 London","Well it was a crime not a message . Violence is not a way to send a good message","1","","2020-06-22 12:25:06","false",""
"Ugzv1sjmRHU1NnjrORt4AaABAg.9AC_Y1wNUVf9AChr7N1_i6","mrpositronia","@Leonard 21 London Agreed. So how do they get the message?  It's a bit like when the police ignore stuff until someone gets hurt.  Fortunately, the only thing that got hurt, here, was an oversized ornament.","0","","2020-06-22 12:34:39","false",""
"Ugzv1sjmRHU1NnjrORt4AaABAg.9AC_Y1wNUVf9ACiCG3iUXG","NOJ","@Leonard 21 London  what violence? Violence against an inanimate object that is a symbol of hate aka the statue of Edward Colston? Or the violence Edward Colston committed on a daily basis against tens of thousands of people? Vandalism for the betterment of humanity is not violence, it's heroism.","1","","2020-06-22 12:37:40","false",""
"Ugzv1sjmRHU1NnjrORt4AaABAg.9AC_Y1wNUVf9ACjcD8-_ei","yearofmars","NOJ Would you say Charlie Hebdo’s Mohamed cartoon, Chris Ofili’s ‘Holy Virgin Mary’, Andres Serrano’s ‘Piss Christ’  are  less ‘hate symbols’ than this statue?  What about the statues of Ghengis Kahn in Mongolia or Amir Timur in Tashkent? Do you support the destruction of Palmyra and the Buddhas of Banyam because they were ‘offensive’. 
‘Hate’ is a very subjective criteria for censorship of art. Who ever censored art for any other reason than their opinion the art was immoral?

As for ‘systemic racism’ I suggest you educate yourself more thoroughly in international history and multivariate analysis of social phenomena. For example, there is a far greater inequality by gender in the justice system than by race but the debate is framed to ignore this.  Why do Nigerian Americans outperform Somalian Americans? Why are Indian Brits outperforming Pakistani Brits? You can’t answer this just with a one dimensional answer and historical grievance mongering.
In art and politics all you know how to do is criticise and tear down. You make nothing and improve nothing. Pure idiotic destruction and unearned claims to moral and educational superiority. 
I’ve lived in many countries and speak multiple languages and I would say the UK is the most open and egalitarian I’ve ever seen. Most of the world is mono racial cultures. Go anywhere in the Far East and see how foreigners are regarded. If you know of anywhere better than the UK, I’d love to hear about it.","0","","2020-06-22 12:50:05","false",""
"UgwLceuCyN5eEt9Ypx54AaABAg","pumpkineater23","These people need to be found before they start tearing down Mosques and demanding that boys are stopped being named after the prophet Muhammad. Because, as I'm sure everyone is aware, Muhammad bought, sold, captured and owned his own slaves. He was also a mass murderer and married a girl who was just six years old!","7","1","2020-06-22 11:22:28","true",""
"UgwLceuCyN5eEt9Ypx54AaABAg.9AC_aVHgMLr9ACjaj39hu0","Nobby Heads","How old was Mary?","0","","2020-06-22 12:49:53","false",""
"UgywaRa3ymb79nJj-Mx4AaABAg","Joel Leask","As if people are gonna turn themselves in lmao, Very stupid idea","181","24","2020-06-22 11:24:04","true",""
"UgywaRa3ymb79nJj-Mx4AaABAg.9AC_mDnu8b19ACbj4hsSmI","baldieman64","Might be better than walking around knowing the world has seen your photograph.","6","","2020-06-22 11:41:07","false",""
"UgywaRa3ymb79nJj-Mx4AaABAg.9AC_mDnu8b19ACcNv5jJVX","Everything Cool","They're asking for witnesses","2","","2020-06-22 11:46:50","false",""
"UgywaRa3ymb79nJj-Mx4AaABAg.9AC_mDnu8b19ACcaF8i20K","Lee Taylor","Is it? The guy who took a piss on the memorial of the dead PC turned himself in.","5","","2020-06-22 11:48:39","false",""
"UgywaRa3ymb79nJj-Mx4AaABAg.9AC_mDnu8b19ACdulHE15I","Carrot your favourite one","Lee Taylor “turned himself in” okay mate.","4","","2020-06-22 12:00:11","false",""
"UgywaRa3ymb79nJj-Mx4AaABAg.9AC_mDnu8b19ACeUo2Dm5Y","Jim West","They'll be tracked down and identified in the end if not.","1","","2020-06-22 12:05:15","false",""
"UgywaRa3ymb79nJj-Mx4AaABAg.9AC_mDnu8b19ACetezmz4T","Adam Atch","Joel Leask they ain’t expecting them selfs to turn them selfs in they will get there identity’s find out where they live and arrest them","0","","2020-06-22 12:08:47","false",""
"UgywaRa3ymb79nJj-Mx4AaABAg.9AC_mDnu8b19ACf1KcwTWs","Strider9655","@Lee Taylor He didn't even piss on the memorial, he did it in the alcove next to it...... AND he probably did it because the toilets had all been closed and his group had been kettled in by the Police for several hours.","0","","2020-06-22 12:09:58","false",""
"UgywaRa3ymb79nJj-Mx4AaABAg.9AC_mDnu8b19ACfuSpxjjO","Jimmy S","@Strider9655 He was an idiot. In a crowd you always piss in the next guy's pocket or,  if he's gay,  his handbag  -  here is the technique explained","2","","2020-06-22 12:17:37","false",""
"UgywaRa3ymb79nJj-Mx4AaABAg.9AC_mDnu8b19ACgG_16QgY","Lee Taylor","@Strider9655 I'm not going to be grudge the guy wanting to have a piss. Just don't  piss on a memorial. Simples.","1","","2020-06-22 12:20:47","false",""
"UgywaRa3ymb79nJj-Mx4AaABAg.9AC_mDnu8b19ACgNg0ns0d","Lee Taylor","@Carrot your favourite one His old man recognised him, 14 days inside for having a piss.","0","","2020-06-22 12:21:45","false",""
"UgywaRa3ymb79nJj-Mx4AaABAg.9AC_mDnu8b19ACgVWNqDCS","colin minhinnick","traditionally its the English way..  going back to medieval times. ppl would be called on to hand themselves in or face being outlawed...  if outlawed you could be killed on sight...  maybe time we reinstated traditional community policing.","0","","2020-06-22 12:22:49","false",""
"UgywaRa3ymb79nJj-Mx4AaABAg.9AC_mDnu8b19AChvdLty8L","Ironbuket","Better to just go in and say 'no comment' to everything, else the cops will hound you for ages. Voluntary interviews exist for you to give them a reason to arrest you if you arent already aware. If they had grounds for arrest now, they would be saying that - so they dont. i.e. So Mr Smith we have seen you were present on the dock. Did you at any point  etc. All I did was ... in the cells!","0","","2020-06-22 12:35:16","false",""
"UgywaRa3ymb79nJj-Mx4AaABAg.9AC_mDnu8b19ACi0iMdEoj","Bear","They mean it will be easier for them if they turn themselves in dipshit","0","","2020-06-22 12:36:05","false",""
"UgywaRa3ymb79nJj-Mx4AaABAg.9AC_mDnu8b19ACi4d953vU","vinm300","Of course they will turn themselves in.
You don't understand the psychology : life becomes an unbearable strain
knowing everyone has your mugshot and can turn you in any time.
Every knock at the door takes 5yrs off your lifespan.","1","","2020-06-22 12:36:37","false",""
"UgywaRa3ymb79nJj-Mx4AaABAg.9AC_mDnu8b19ACkodH53Yg","Pample_Mousse","Joel Leask What should they do then know-it-all? I’m not saying it’s the best idea (or the worst), but don’t just criticise if you have no better alternative to offer.","0","","2020-06-22 13:00:31","false",""
"UgywaRa3ymb79nJj-Mx4AaABAg.9AC_mDnu8b19ACqKStv-OK","David Haney","i bet they will ....100%","0","","2020-06-22 13:48:41","false",""
"UgywaRa3ymb79nJj-Mx4AaABAg.9AC_mDnu8b19ACqNvDjImZ","Ironbuket","@Bear They will already know who all of them (or least most of them) are. They cant force people to come in without strong evidence. There are many crimes where even if you know who did it, you cant arrest people in their homes because the crime isnt serious enough to allow that. So they use this kind of thing to have friends/family/the public pressure suspects into coming in for an interview. At the 'interview' they either arrest the person and then immediatly release them or try to get people to incriminate themselves and/or others so that they do then have grounds for arrest. Turning yourself in, is admitting you did something wrong. Listen to what she said again, 'obtain their involvement in the offence'. This is a fishing trip.","1","","2020-06-22 13:49:10","false",""
"UgywaRa3ymb79nJj-Mx4AaABAg.9AC_mDnu8b19ACrVz-Qlpw","Leif Greenhalgh","@Ironbuket don't go in voluntarily. And if they arrest you, for which, they need to provide evidence n'all or sound basis. But, aye, never answer a fuckin question. 'No comment' all the way. They Interview you for evidence: ""Anything you say CAN AND Will be taken down and used AGAINST you as evidence"".  That's if they read you said rights.","0","","2020-06-22 13:59:00","false",""
"UgywaRa3ymb79nJj-Mx4AaABAg.9AC_mDnu8b19ACrWYfTkuP","Vasile Enache","There is always a ""good friend""  who can help the police","0","","2020-06-22 13:59:05","false",""
"UgywaRa3ymb79nJj-Mx4AaABAg.9AC_mDnu8b19ACs3Cv_yz6","20quid","@baldieman64 The vast majority of people don't care, and of those who do care the majority support their actions.","0","","2020-06-22 14:03:48","false",""
"UgywaRa3ymb79nJj-Mx4AaABAg.9AC_mDnu8b19ACsUJQD5NG","Ironbuket","​@Leif Greenhalgh I get what you are saying, but I would choose to go in and just say nothing - not even acknowledge your name. If you are known to them and they want you to come to interview they will arrest you at some really inconvenient time. Like when you pop out to the shops and once you are at the station de-arrest you without charge and you will end up doing the interview anyway before they let you go.","1","","2020-06-22 14:07:31","false",""
"UgywaRa3ymb79nJj-Mx4AaABAg.9AC_mDnu8b19ACw0GDzWLJ","Leif Greenhalgh","@Ironbuket but going in could be presented as confirmation you are on of the people in pics, whereas if you don't they will have to prove you are on of those pictured (a LOT harder for them). So, even by not sayin owt, you could be 'admitting' summat. Feel me?","0","","2020-06-22 14:38:22","false",""
"UgywaRa3ymb79nJj-Mx4AaABAg.9AC_mDnu8b19AD2UZv0Pcx","Hamish McIndy","@vinm300 sure, bootlicking serf","0","","2020-06-22 15:43:40","false",""
"UgywaRa3ymb79nJj-Mx4AaABAg.9AC_mDnu8b19ADUDydFH71","franklingoodwin","@Everything Cool You mean snitches","0","","2020-06-22 19:46:04","false",""
"UgwPug6f_1p_7PFlCBp4AaABAg.9AC_okRE3TF9ACqG3JTEu_","Tim Wade","When did criminal damage stop becoming a crime","0","","2020-06-22 13:48:05","false",""
"UgzfGBUP6LI5dy-_iLd4AaABAg","Merida O'hara","No one likes a grass","0","0","2020-06-22 11:24:50","true",""
"Ugw9mKq6BhfjqPVbusd4AaABAg","Will 08","who really cares, no one even knew who he was anyway","0","3","2020-06-22 11:24:55","true",""
"Ugw9mKq6BhfjqPVbusd4AaABAg.9AC_sMY68L-9ACaV1uRhcF","JETJOOBOY","No one knows who you are but I bet you wouldn't be happy if some oiks painted you then rolled you into the Sea!","2","","2020-06-22 11:30:19","false",""
"Ugw9mKq6BhfjqPVbusd4AaABAg.9AC_sMY68L-9ACaqkB_sgu","Paul Alexander","He practically built Bristol. 
Proving ignorance is bliss for some.","0","","2020-06-22 11:33:25","false",""
"Ugw9mKq6BhfjqPVbusd4AaABAg.9AC_sMY68L-9ACb0K3Uns1","Will 08","@JETJOOBOY i'm not a statue you din, if they were gonna arrest them, they should have done it at the time, but they didn't, it happened, why waste the public services time and money now, there's other things that need fixing","0","","2020-06-22 11:34:52","false",""
"UgzDhzTpnNyNNohXNDp4AaABAg","Volcanic Cheese","HAHAHAHAHA","0","0","2020-06-22 11:25:57","true",""
"UgyAqxmUKLGLY3QPlqF4AaABAg","HULL GRAFFITI","Anybody low and scummy enough to snitch these ppl up ?","2","1","2020-06-22 11:27:02","true",""
"UgyAqxmUKLGLY3QPlqF4AaABAg.9ACa6wMvPuK9ACcjxhguhr","Chris L","there will be some","0","","2020-06-22 11:49:58","false",""
"UgwNj-XVAM0ciRPVV9B4AaABAg","Oliver Janes",""" Please help us ID them because we have no leads.. ""","108","19","2020-06-22 11:27:03","true",""
"UgwNj-XVAM0ciRPVV9B4AaABAg.9ACa7-XUnoI9ACf3SeLYlW","Charles Windsor","it's okay, they will have most of them once people start sending names in.","1","","2020-06-22 12:10:15","false",""
"UgwNj-XVAM0ciRPVV9B4AaABAg.9ACa7-XUnoI9ACg-bBRvnJ","Four Eyed Dragon","This looks like a job for 4chan!","3","","2020-06-22 12:18:28","false",""
"UgwNj-XVAM0ciRPVV9B4AaABAg.9ACa7-XUnoI9ACgL6L-zIH","ivan ashley","Better buy some ""Jump leads"" and get started.","1","","2020-06-22 12:21:24","false",""
"UgwNj-XVAM0ciRPVV9B4AaABAg.9ACa7-XUnoI9AChDp5y2m0","Neil","@Charles Windsor Imagine being a rat...","2","","2020-06-22 12:29:08","false",""
"UgwNj-XVAM0ciRPVV9B4AaABAg.9ACa7-XUnoI9AChY3Hnif7","Dingus Doofus","@Neil Imagine not standing behind vandalism.","8","","2020-06-22 12:31:54","false",""
"UgwNj-XVAM0ciRPVV9B4AaABAg.9ACa7-XUnoI9ACh_1tBIbE","Robert Watson","I'm sure several of them have been identified already via facebook and otheres social media posts they made .","2","","2020-06-22 12:32:10","false",""
"UgwNj-XVAM0ciRPVV9B4AaABAg.9ACa7-XUnoI9ACibish8GJ","K13ran","Dingus Doofus to be fair the statue of the dude was a slave owner. Why do we need his statue?","2","","2020-06-22 12:41:17","false",""
"UgwNj-XVAM0ciRPVV9B4AaABAg.9ACa7-XUnoI9ACn6nyGZzt","Zoe Freeman","If only they’d arrested them when the police were standing there doing nothing 🤷‍♀️","3","","2020-06-22 13:20:37","false",""
"UgwNj-XVAM0ciRPVV9B4AaABAg.9ACa7-XUnoI9ACq49imWas","gerard dearie","Translation: help us we are really bad and don't know what we are doing.","2","","2020-06-22 13:46:28","false",""
"UgwNj-XVAM0ciRPVV9B4AaABAg.9ACa7-XUnoI9ACsOIaV0bN","EzyC","@Dingus Doofus Imagine caring for a worthless statue","0","","2020-06-22 14:06:41","false",""
"UgwNj-XVAM0ciRPVV9B4AaABAg.9ACa7-XUnoI9ACxbpsdBBK","Daniel Rayson","No leads?  They have their pictures!","1","","2020-06-22 14:52:22","false",""
"UgwNj-XVAM0ciRPVV9B4AaABAg.9ACa7-XUnoI9ACyVdRytGx","English Gentleman","K13ran Well you act and campaign LEGALLY to have it removed!","1","","2020-06-22 15:00:07","false",""
"UgwNj-XVAM0ciRPVV9B4AaABAg.9ACa7-XUnoI9ACyaVIadS4","English Gentleman","EzyC Imagine caring for law and order against the rule of the mob.","3","","2020-06-22 15:00:55","false",""
"UgwNj-XVAM0ciRPVV9B4AaABAg.9ACa7-XUnoI9ACz2qQFpcX","EzyC","@English Gentleman What like the corrupt system we live by today?","0","","2020-06-22 15:04:56","false",""
"UgwNj-XVAM0ciRPVV9B4AaABAg.9ACa7-XUnoI9AD6JZt8CJR","Are you still talking?","I heard one of the suspects is a professional dog walker but the police have no leads","1","","2020-06-22 16:17:07","false",""
"UgwNj-XVAM0ciRPVV9B4AaABAg.9ACa7-XUnoI9AD6XXbGxJr","EzyC","@Are you still talking? 😂😂😂😂","0","","2020-06-22 16:19:01","false",""
"UgwNj-XVAM0ciRPVV9B4AaABAg.9ACa7-XUnoI9AEEdwuK8ZZ","Charles Windsor","@Neil is it difficult being so inept that you fail to understand very simple concepts of morality and the need for civilized processes as opposed to mob rule? have you fully thought out the potential implications of the actions of the few who brought down the statue? and no, i'm not making reference to any token measures which will be made in order to placate, the supporters of and, the people who committed this act of vandalism.","0","","2020-06-23 02:49:11","false",""
"UgwNj-XVAM0ciRPVV9B4AaABAg.9ACa7-XUnoI9AEF7rP3ewi","Charles Windsor","@K13ran why don't we just go around removing all the things which we don't like? if we give it a couple of years we can do it all again when another bunch of people have decided that they don't like something and so on and so on... eventually there will be nothing to remind people of anything that has happened in the past and so finally we can make the same mistakes all over again.","0","","2020-06-23 02:53:24","false",""
"UgwNj-XVAM0ciRPVV9B4AaABAg.9ACa7-XUnoI9B8IAjNSqKL","Bloodgod40","@Dingus Doofus It's not vandalism to smash up a memorial to a literal monster.","0","","2020-07-15 15:55:58","false",""
"UgwO6wUj0FMVU25pWLJ4AaABAg","Benji Winger","Bet there all ugly.","0","0","2020-06-22 11:27:14","true",""
"Ugy4461lqPK8Zl2J5hl4AaABAg","Northern Monkey","2 years mandatory in the clink for affray, was it worth it 🤔","0","2","2020-06-22 11:27:58","true",""
"Ugy4461lqPK8Zl2J5hl4AaABAg.9ACaDgm-UCd9ACaudXQPz9","Quincy M-e","2 years😂😂😂 stupid 😂😂😂😂😂","0","","2020-06-22 11:33:57","false",""
"Ugy4461lqPK8Zl2J5hl4AaABAg.9ACaDgm-UCd9ACbSW5Pdx_","Xavi","Bollocks.","0","","2020-06-22 11:38:43","false",""
"UgyAg1QEqurnfjewJ2V4AaABAg","Akyaren","So they wait till the storm has calmed and then start a witch hunt to take them out.. smart.","2","0","2020-06-22 11:28:01","true",""
"Ugw2iTtpLvTII-8AhZp4AaABAg","John Morsley","Typical! This is why people hate the Police! Edward Colston was a c*nt and the place is better without a statue celebrating him...","0","2","2020-06-22 11:29:50","true",""
"Ugw2iTtpLvTII-8AhZp4AaABAg.9ACaRSz2yLr9ACalLDK9Rf","fat fat","Law is the law you degenerate.","0","","2020-06-22 11:32:41","false",""
"Ugw2iTtpLvTII-8AhZp4AaABAg.9ACaRSz2yLr9ADEp9LT-hq","John Morsley","fat fat, I love you too!","0","","2020-06-22 17:31:28","false",""
"UgzpbwpYgDrIF1UkP4h4AaABAg","John Beaton","SEND THEM TO THE COLONIES! No, wait I mean.......ehm,","13","4","2020-06-22 11:29:51","true",""
"UgzpbwpYgDrIF1UkP4h4AaABAg.9ACaRWVdIjo9ACdCDjEgls","444","Lol ( I'm black by the way, I find racism hilarious! ) Especially as the colony was to import free labour ! Now you want to export!? Your a dick","1","","2020-06-22 11:53:58","false",""
"UgzpbwpYgDrIF1UkP4h4AaABAg.9ACaRWVdIjo9ACdc0Lphlw","mic9check","@444 Nothing is better than black people who find racism hilarious! Salute!","2","","2020-06-22 11:57:38","false",""
"UgzpbwpYgDrIF1UkP4h4AaABAg.9ACaRWVdIjo9ACdjjJblW7","Sean David","Rickardo Gallardo  prison colony’s dipshit. Plus mass immigration now a days does pretty much the same thing just cheap not free. Not every colony had slaves at least not the one ran by the British.","2","","2020-06-22 11:58:41","false",""
"UgzpbwpYgDrIF1UkP4h4AaABAg.9ACaRWVdIjo9ACmkOL2YfL","Peach Silvera","Sean David  GREAT BRITAIN 🇬🇧 IS GREAT FOR A REASON..... GO DO HISTORY LESSON.... I MEAN REAL HISTORY, RAW AND THE TRUTH.... I GUARANTEE YOU WOULDN’T LIKE IT!!! GOOD DAY TO YOU","0","","2020-06-22 13:17:25","false",""
"UgwkTT8axPXNIW3lIl54AaABAg","BeanWorld","I hope this much attention if not more is being given to the thugs that desicrated the grave of the slave grave in Bristol. I hope even the police can accept that such a crime is more disgusting and dishonorable that the toppling of a statue.","1","2","2020-06-22 11:32:02","true",""
"UgwkTT8axPXNIW3lIl54AaABAg.9ACagYqECuj9ACoMjTyGJj","Tim Wade","Bean World I hope they catch both lots that are responsible and they all get prosecuted. A message of no tolerance to this behaviour no matter what the reason will be tolerated.","0","","2020-06-22 13:31:31","false",""
"UgwkTT8axPXNIW3lIl54AaABAg.9ACagYqECuj9ACp18ZCasr","azamonra","What's the difference?","0","","2020-06-22 13:37:19","false",""
"UgxByZtKBE13mVMn6ox4AaABAg","rakib rox","tell the police to f*** off","0","0","2020-06-22 11:33:00","true",""
"Ugxq6Jl45BxYS5r1omh4AaABAg","peace n love yall","ACAB","0","0","2020-06-22 11:33:28","true",""
"Ugz59PHjuSpAUC5hZPV4AaABAg","ATruckk","CAN WE GET THIS VIDEO TO BE THE MOST DISLIKED VIDEO ON YOUTUBE? <3","1","0","2020-06-22 11:33:29","true",""
"UgyGR-e4DRTlL8XGmZ14AaABAg","andyjames63","These people deserve the full force of the law.Racist scum","0","0","2020-06-22 11:33:59","true",""
"Ugwf4iKG5m5YgGG4rlN4AaABAg","shaolinskunks88","Can you give he’s money back then that he funded to build schools n hospitals can we tare all the buildings down please they love slavery money 💰","49","18","2020-06-22 11:34:44","true",""
"Ugwf4iKG5m5YgGG4rlN4AaABAg.9ACb-H3Uwbt9ACcZOuyOH8","Gonelegit ❶","That’s where the slavery money should have gone in the first place! If not right back to the former slaves - it should at least go to providing for those who need support. NOT back to the slave owners and their descendants OR any MPs sketchy off-shore bank accounts.","13","","2020-06-22 11:48:24","false",""
"Ugwf4iKG5m5YgGG4rlN4AaABAg.9ACb-H3Uwbt9ACcdWS4Gkx","Martin Tebb","Did you attend one of them schools by any chance?","2","","2020-06-22 11:49:06","false",""
"Ugwf4iKG5m5YgGG4rlN4AaABAg.9ACb-H3Uwbt9ACcpaX4GnJ","Amaya Strata","Martin Tebb exactly. Not a good advertisement!","1","","2020-06-22 11:50:45","false",""
"Ugwf4iKG5m5YgGG4rlN4AaABAg.9ACb-H3Uwbt9ACdyUiEW5k","jia melrose","Can his ancestries pay the slaves thir hard earned wages and compensation of the losing their lives on Sea and for all the hardship","4","","2020-06-22 12:00:42","false",""
"Ugwf4iKG5m5YgGG4rlN4AaABAg.9ACb-H3Uwbt9ACeBUfodl0","Both barrels","Gonelegit ❶ I agree so all those fake white middle and upper class that fill your BLM ranks should get their cheque books out and pay as they are the privileged and entitled ones you hate so much!","3","","2020-06-22 12:02:36","false",""
"Ugwf4iKG5m5YgGG4rlN4AaABAg.9ACb-H3Uwbt9ACehUBa4K3","luke","Both barrels why are people in the comments just looking for free money? it was your ancestors that were horrifically punished and treated horribly, not you, you just want financial gain smh.","7","","2020-06-22 12:07:07","false",""
"Ugwf4iKG5m5YgGG4rlN4AaABAg.9ACb-H3Uwbt9ACfDHscMiT","ANBU EVERYTHING","You’re  so uneducated on this matter, it’s cringe worthy.","2","","2020-06-22 12:11:36","false",""
"Ugwf4iKG5m5YgGG4rlN4AaABAg.9ACb-H3Uwbt9ACfEVxpioo","Quillo","@Gonelegit ❶ The money did go to the slaves, far more money was spent freeing slaves and fighting a global war to end slavery than was ever made from slavery. The debt from that was only paid back in 2015, everyone who was a taxpayer has been paying money to end slavery","3","","2020-06-22 12:11:45","false",""
"Ugwf4iKG5m5YgGG4rlN4AaABAg.9ACb-H3Uwbt9ACfjlpVEyq","lewisdean22","And yet Africa and Asia still have servitude. Just another form of slavery, they leave their home lands to tell us how bad we are and yet there home land is just one big 🤮","2","","2020-06-22 12:16:10","false",""
"Ugwf4iKG5m5YgGG4rlN4AaABAg.9ACb-H3Uwbt9ACgBI_L9Uk","Daniel I","@Quillo the debt was compensation given to those that had slaves, for the ""loss of property""","2","","2020-06-22 12:20:04","false",""
"Ugwf4iKG5m5YgGG4rlN4AaABAg.9ACb-H3Uwbt9ACh0yHllw3","Lord Noor NR","Yeah I am sure everyone is happy to give his money back if he's ready to give the thousands of families he used as slaves back","1","","2020-06-22 12:27:23","false",""
"Ugwf4iKG5m5YgGG4rlN4AaABAg.9ACb-H3Uwbt9ACh93WI5ve","Sinn Harman","@Quillo no the money went to tge owners so they would free their slaves and be compensated","1","","2020-06-22 12:28:29","false",""
"Ugwf4iKG5m5YgGG4rlN4AaABAg.9ACb-H3Uwbt9AChFPIYmh7","Sinn Harman","@lewisdean22 and you are in servitude to the tax man modern day peasantry","0","","2020-06-22 12:29:21","false",""
"Ugwf4iKG5m5YgGG4rlN4AaABAg.9ACb-H3Uwbt9ACid5J79IT","So Angry","@Gonelegit ❶ You seem very low information.","0","","2020-06-22 12:41:28","false",""
"Ugwf4iKG5m5YgGG4rlN4AaABAg.9ACb-H3Uwbt9ACjRwgP771","Nobby Heads","It would only be like the charities Jimmie Saville donated to giving it back. It was his guilt that gave them the money. He's dead. What difference would it make now? At least we're not celebrating him anymore.","1","","2020-06-22 12:48:33","false",""
"Ugwf4iKG5m5YgGG4rlN4AaABAg.9ACb-H3Uwbt9ACz9N7HzEQ","Both barrels","luke yes but it was the working class paying tax that was used to pay these criminals! They should have been in jail not compensated.I’d rather that money goes to the (hate the word) slaves family’s so empty the Swiss/Zionist banks and maybe build up their countries and educate?! I’m right of centre as well.","0","","2020-06-22 15:05:49","false",""
"Ugwf4iKG5m5YgGG4rlN4AaABAg.9ACb-H3Uwbt9ACzEpBWZZZ","English Gentleman","ANBU EVERYTHING Well educate us all......we're waiting!","0","","2020-06-22 15:06:34","false",""
"Ugxc3KIJOmHQT9OBEvB4AaABAg","ANBU EVERYTHING","Comments section full of triggered far right racist 😂😂😂 love it ❤️

“They broke the law” 
“Our statue 😭”
“My privilege is melting”
“I don’t care about other people”
“I’ma racist but don’t call me one”

Crocodile tears everywhere lol Amazing","17","7","2020-06-22 11:35:10","true",""
"Ugxc3KIJOmHQT9OBEvB4AaABAg.9ACb2VA3fQT9ACbOI2SMHV","baldieman64","Everybody's ""far right"" if you're far enough wrong.","8","","2020-06-22 11:38:09","false",""
"Ugxc3KIJOmHQT9OBEvB4AaABAg.9ACb2VA3fQT9ACc1n-_QF4","ᛄᛖᚱᚩᛗᛖ ᛫ᚻᚢᚸᛁᚾᛋ","My favourite is ""they are destroying history!"" Like buh, you know books exist right?","3","","2020-06-22 11:43:48","false",""
"Ugxc3KIJOmHQT9OBEvB4AaABAg.9ACb2VA3fQT9ACddOBR-fQ","Shitty Bumhole","Sorry to be a grammar nazi, but grammar.","0","","2020-06-22 11:57:49","false",""
"Ugxc3KIJOmHQT9OBEvB4AaABAg.9ACb2VA3fQT9ACdqgvGeuO","The fat Controller","People like you, your time is up my friend.","0","","2020-06-22 11:59:38","false",""
"Ugxc3KIJOmHQT9OBEvB4AaABAg.9ACb2VA3fQT9ACeaTvBswM","ANBU EVERYTHING","People like me?? I’m sorry I thought you knew me for a second 😂😂
Our time is up??? How??  there are less racist the more people are educated, it’s more like your time is up.","1","","2020-06-22 12:06:09","false",""
"Ugxc3KIJOmHQT9OBEvB4AaABAg.9ACb2VA3fQT9ACiCXzTll3","Quillo","@ANBU EVERYTHING If you love books so much pick one up about Weimar Germany and what the communists destroying statues there led to","2","","2020-06-22 12:37:42","false",""
"Ugxc3KIJOmHQT9OBEvB4AaABAg.9ACb2VA3fQT9ACqxmiarH0","Tim Wade","@ANBU EVERYTHING the only education I can see is, if you don't like it destroy it.","1","","2020-06-22 13:54:12","false",""
"UgzTIZpidZuU5XVVMah4AaABAg","Alan Gould","We've got a military-USE IT!
Time these BLM/Antifa scum got a taste of real British justice!
Or shall we get on our knees and crawl?
Like rich,nancy footballers?
😱🤫🤐😷","0","0","2020-06-22 11:36:22","true",""
"Ugy-_5HNZas2xUWezZx4AaABAg","Bishop White","Polluting is wrong.","0","0","2020-06-22 11:36:48","true",""
"UgxesJLYdXbG8PvcCgR4AaABAg","Forse_btw","😂😂😂😂😂","0","0","2020-06-22 11:37:33","true",""
"Ugz18zT5Ukv7FE5n-fZ4AaABAg","Forse_btw","Idiots 🤣🤣","1","0","2020-06-22 11:37:41","true",""
"UgyFSHsCpfIFj2w8blZ4AaABAg","Bishop White","Further evidence that police can be replaced by insurance.","0","0","2020-06-22 11:37:42","true",""
"UgyDQ5aHSkNyuNiw57J4AaABAg","Kwarkool","I think they have enhanced it. It should be put in the museum without any changes to paint or damage.","0","0","2020-06-22 11:37:55","true",""
"Ugx_K4TOK5Cu1LbJ8MR4AaABAg","David C","This is a waste of time. The police should not be pursuing this because it is a result of the local council’s failure to act. Because if it had this incident would have never happened. Also given the police being underfunding and understaffed wouldn’t it be better for what limited resources they have to be used for more serious matters like catching terrorists!","0","0","2020-06-22 11:37:56","true",""
"Ugwa6HBSIDEmpFr5nUt4AaABAg","alexizdabestPSN","The Independent don't want to show the pictures because they are biased leftist media. Showing the pictures would mean becoming a traitor the political agenda of BLM","0","0","2020-06-22 11:39:21","true",""
"Ugz9Nh-s7tdcYFDAfBh4AaABAg","Steve Ryan","They should bring back hanging for these people","5","0","2020-06-22 11:40:01","true",""
"Ugz6uX4oYHW3nGNPfWt4AaABAg","Harith rashid","how tf can we honour the people who kidnapped and beaten and killed AND RAPED AND ENCOURAGED RACISM upon fellow Africans IN THE UNITED KINGDOM how?????????","2","0","2020-06-22 11:40:20","true",""
"UgyUbjiTYqet4EPVx_h4AaABAg","ARIZE Clan","What I don’t understand is like what’s the point? What is vandalising statues going to do? What are they actually getting form it? This generation are stupid and like in America with the Massachusetts they vandalising there memorial and they were a whole black platoon that fought in the war! And another one with tadeusz kościuszko he wasn’t even American he was polish and fought for equal rights and fought through the civil war. I just hope people do their research before taking action. What happens to blacks happens to whites end of even black people do it to black people and white to white, so you can’t call it racism all the time. Yes it’s a big problem and some people like to be better than others but you can’t change that, you also can’t change history. We will still learn about these people in school and we’ll still remember these people for what they did. Also why are you vandalising memorials about slavery that ended in the 1865!     Like are we not going to worry about the modern slavery as in child trafficking and also human trafficking? Because that’s classed as slavery do you want your child, brother, sister, cousin, mum, dad, grandad, grandma or best friend being shipped around the world to then get auctioned off at some shit hole to then be addicted to drugs and sells their body for money and work for pimps? But no that’s irrelevant because it’s all about racism 🥱. Yes it’s upsetting and what derek did to George was disgusting and abuse of power. And people are saying we need to change the system yet how can you change a racist mind by changing the system? Please someone explain that?","1","1","2020-06-22 11:40:35","true",""
"UgyUbjiTYqet4EPVx_h4AaABAg.9ACbf5SnoJV9ACd4aN_0vK","ARIZE Clan","All you need to do is create a new law where if a human being is being miss treated by anyone you can step in and stop another fucking riot! And also add another law on top of that so if you are being racist in any way to anyone whites/blacks/Mexican/Asian/Latin etc then you have a life sentence done ✅. Then there wouldn’t be any of this because people are scared of the police and I would be to if I was targeted.         I am going to make a statement and I don’t know how it’s going to go. Okay so you wanna know why the police target blacks more than whites?!   You look at the gangs in our country’s mainly blacks right and more crime are done by blacks correct? 54% I believe please correct me if I’m wrong and blacks are the ones that are mainly in high poverty areas (this is an observation not stereotyping) so no wonder they get up to what they do. They trynna make it out the game! They wanna live a better life but have to do so by breaking the law because they aren’t going to make money and get out believe me. There are some lucky ones like john boyega, rapman, Fredo, Deno etc but they were lucky because they used their gift to get out some people are stuck there and they can’t get out so the only other option is do sell drugs, join a gang, walk round with machete and rob because that’s how they’ll make money! Just saying.    #blacklivesmatter 💛📝","0","","2020-06-22 11:52:56","false",""
"UgwVy5KhPs7HGpbi0WJ4AaABAg","Alanya Fay","It’s not an offence. That statue was a slave trader. He didn’t deserve a statue","6","5","2020-06-22 11:41:20","true",""
"UgwVy5KhPs7HGpbi0WJ4AaABAg.9ACbkeeGHUR9ACc1YDuZ-j","toby jones","Still vandalism thought doesn't matter what you think they knew what they were doing before they did it but they still vandalised a statue soooo.....they broke the law","0","","2020-06-22 11:43:46","false",""
"UgwVy5KhPs7HGpbi0WJ4AaABAg.9ACbkeeGHUR9ACcVz1yrvs","bartman01021988","he was involved in a terrible but at the time a legal and global trade of humans.something that had been going on throughout history to and by all races.1 thing the mindless idiots have not understood is the fact that colston has done more for the city than all those law breakers put together will ever do for the city","0","","2020-06-22 11:47:56","false",""
"UgwVy5KhPs7HGpbi0WJ4AaABAg.9ACbkeeGHUR9ACcY2z1K-I","Carrot your favourite one","Statues are to celebrate the good that people have done. The man the statue is of, funded local schools. He is a terrible person in but the statue is about the schools he funded not the slaves he traded.","0","","2020-06-22 11:48:13","false",""
"UgwVy5KhPs7HGpbi0WJ4AaABAg.9ACbkeeGHUR9ACcdgo9B9X","Aegis Kay","It is criminal damage no matter how you spin it. Instead of petitioning to get the statue taken down and put in a museum where people can learn about Britain's darker past, these things will be melted down and this part of our history, where the world became more aware of its history will be erased. Our children will know less of the criminality of our ancestors which will make it harder for those who came from slavery to make a case for recompense. 
We celebrate the World Wars because of our victory for a free Europe. We should celebrate the end of slavery with the same vigor, and yet we don't, because that part of our history is always being erased.","0","","2020-06-22 11:49:07","false",""
"UgwVy5KhPs7HGpbi0WJ4AaABAg.9ACbkeeGHUR9ACdEVg9BCu","Fenris","The statue was not celebrating him as a slave trader. It was in recognition for all the good he did for Bristol and other towns. He built and funded schools, almhouses and hospitals... Eastern Europe was raided for a millenia by Mongols, Cumans, Khazars, Ottomans and so on. They took millions of white slaves. Do you see the people of Eastern Europe tearing down monuments built by those nations? No, because history is there to remind us not to repeat certain mistakes... now go ahead and call me a racist for telling the truth... I expect nothing less in these idiotic times we live in...","0","","2020-06-22 11:54:17","false",""
"UgwXkP7Bt0em-2fK-Kl4AaABAg","Barrie Ward","If only the police had been there at the time . . .","13","4","2020-06-22 11:41:35","true",""
"UgwXkP7Bt0em-2fK-Kl4AaABAg.9ACbmVxV3Cl9AClkU_jOEj","Sam A","They were, they watched. To be honest, it was the correct thing to do at the time, if they would have intervened it would have only caused more controversy. Imagine the reports ‘police defend statue of racist slaver’ - the tabloids would have had a field-day. The footage shows the individuals responsible, they are probably bricking it now and the potential arrest of future rioters acts as a deterrent; essentially, they are now aware that the authorities will follow up on these acts of vandalism.","1","","2020-06-22 13:08:41","false",""
"UgwXkP7Bt0em-2fK-Kl4AaABAg.9ACbmVxV3Cl9ACrW1zo44G","pumpkineater23","@Sam A I take your point but I think it's more about the police being afraid. Did you see the footage of the police being chased away in Bristol at these 'protests'? It was the same at the London Riots (Aug 2011). The police 'observed from a safe distance'. They were afraid then too. But the previous year (2010) during the genuinely peaceful protests by (mostly middle class) students against plans to raise student tuition fees the police were extremely tough. They were kettling, smashing kids and their parents with their truncheons and shields and dragging students off to be arrested. They tend to go for the soft targets.","2","","2020-06-22 13:59:00","false",""
"UgwXkP7Bt0em-2fK-Kl4AaABAg.9ACbmVxV3Cl9AD0Fz1O7YY","fab","Sam A by not acting at the time tells us the voters that we have a big problem with the way government and police operate in the uk, and will surely push more ppl to the right. They should have acted, now they look very weak","1","","2020-06-22 15:24:12","false",""
"UgwXkP7Bt0em-2fK-Kl4AaABAg.9ACbmVxV3Cl9AD1ZjC98Ty","English Gentleman","Sam A Whoosh!","0","","2020-06-22 15:35:38","false",""
"UgzWvzbu4wj_WfNtxKJ4AaABAg","samia elmi","UK racism is main street!","0","0","2020-06-22 11:41:57","true",""
"Ugz5XsCx-5k1xzfi3fp4AaABAg","Gamma Rat","I can identify all 15 they are all MI5","0","0","2020-06-22 11:42:04","true",""
"UgxJP1e-ETLgBNe0LMl4AaABAg","MrFunkia","Perhaps the police should have stopped them pulling down Mr Colston? That's just an idea then you wouldn't be inviting people to grass up their mates. Is Liz a rainbow copper? Absolutely pathetic!
PS I was born in Bristol","5","0","2020-06-22 11:42:53","true",""
"UgxhvedcUYEBcXgqt4V4AaABAg","Robo Bongo","Bring all the little fuckers to justice. Running around destroying other peoples property and expect respect😂 what little they had non gone.","0","0","2020-06-22 11:42:59","true",""
"Ugx-9vp3di5dwVVNew94AaABAg","A World Under A Spell","Showing the love for your local ""Slave Trader"" huh... loooool..... May he rot in the Gulag!!!","1","7","2020-06-22 11:43:37","true",""
"Ugx-9vp3di5dwVVNew94AaABAg.9ACc0QZ01ws9ACdEVbq6Cv","ᛄᛖᚱᚩᛗᛖ ᛫ᚻᚢᚸᛁᚾᛋ","DeStRoYiNg HiStOrY","1","","2020-06-22 11:54:17","false",""
"Ugx-9vp3di5dwVVNew94AaABAg.9ACc0QZ01ws9ACdSAblY68","A World Under A Spell","@ᛄᛖᚱᚩᛗᛖ ᛫ᚻᚢᚸᛁᚾᛋ Ask your government why they would want to do that, as they actually did it... NOT US... No matter what they want you to beleive... And oh yeah.. MAY COLSTON ROT IN THE GULAG.. HAHAHAH","0","","2020-06-22 11:56:09","false",""
"Ugx-9vp3di5dwVVNew94AaABAg.9ACc0QZ01ws9ACeIs04lcK","TalkToTheBody","Since the day Bristol uni was opened I didn’t hear any black or white students refuse to go in and receive and education from the profits of slavery, did you?","0","","2020-06-22 12:03:37","false",""
"Ugx-9vp3di5dwVVNew94AaABAg.9ACc0QZ01ws9ACeUN6kjE8","ᛄᛖᚱᚩᛗᛖ ᛫ᚻᚢᚸᛁᚾᛋ","I'm with you dude lol I was taking the piss out of idiots that keep saying that shit.","2","","2020-06-22 12:05:11","false",""
"Ugx-9vp3di5dwVVNew94AaABAg.9ACc0QZ01ws9ACg0hUGhtK","A World Under A Spell","@TalkToTheBody Nope... Hope that makes you feel great tho... People suffering in silence and that, just to get what they ""Need""... Says alot about you and people like you... BUT do carry on... This is highly entertaining.. loool... Oh and May he rest in piss or just the gulag... lol.. you choose..","0","","2020-06-22 12:18:37","false",""
"Ugx-9vp3di5dwVVNew94AaABAg.9ACc0QZ01ws9ACgMSqh7TT","A World Under A Spell","@ᛄᛖᚱᚩᛗᛖ ᛫ᚻᚢᚸᛁᚾᛋ Lol, these people are actually rotten to the core... There rage is immensely hilarious tho... Hahaha","0","","2020-06-22 12:21:35","false",""
"Ugx-9vp3di5dwVVNew94AaABAg.9ACc0QZ01ws9AHvhDHX4QI","A World Under A Spell","@TalkToTheBody lol... Cat got you tongue ???","0","","2020-06-24 13:11:50","false",""
"UgxK6yGHlKFvNwB11ht4AaABAg","scareneb","Bristol City Council already pretty much said they don't give a shit that it was tore down, and that they wouldn't be pressing criminal damage charges. Why are Avon & Somerset police so intent on charging individuals now? They chose to stand back and not intervene during the protest, going after people now just looks weak. No one wants it. There is no victim here.","1","1","2020-06-22 11:44:07","true",""
"UgxK6yGHlKFvNwB11ht4AaABAg.9ACc4-Sc8Iq9ACdi7U-66E","bartman01021988","have to be seen to be unbiased.the scumbag who pissed next to the memorial was sent to prison and rightly it makes sense to be equal and go after the others","0","","2020-06-22 11:58:28","false",""
"UgzhK7sa31k3GkmBN6V4AaABAg","Steve King","This comment section is 95% full of keyboard warriors with either a criminal record or no idea how the police in the UK operate. You expect them to jump all over protestors, only investigate crimes that interest you, find those guilty without the assistance of the general public and answer for the actions of the US police.","1","1","2020-06-22 11:44:53","true",""
"UgzhK7sa31k3GkmBN6V4AaABAg.9ACc9beRAty9ACdQsb9JS8","Carrot your favourite one","Well said. Most of the people in the comments on both sides are stupid as hell.","0","","2020-06-22 11:55:58","false",""
"UgwuDG570cUheRhFXq54AaABAg","stringer 2295","About time. Prosecute the scum.","0","0","2020-06-22 11:45:08","true",""
"Ugy_81BPUvlC1zkycc54AaABAg","Everything Cool","Cops where there","2","0","2020-06-22 11:45:31","true",""
"Ugy0bzR2DA_d2VJ-qvp4AaABAg","john hansberry","It's not as if there's a lack of video to prove their guilt.","33","2","2020-06-22 11:46:44","true",""
"Ugy0bzR2DA_d2VJ-qvp4AaABAg.9ACcN9qMC8q9AClvhrA4Ta","Nobby Heads","I didn't see anybody I could pinpoint and be 100% sure... Too many masks and hoodies.  It's annoying when the left use the same tactics the EDL used for years isn't it? lol","5","","2020-06-22 13:10:13","false",""
"Ugy0bzR2DA_d2VJ-qvp4AaABAg.9ACcN9qMC8q9ACysDGoYSD","English Gentleman","Nobby Heads You earn your title don't you!","1","","2020-06-22 15:03:20","false",""
"UgzT4BnaJPUKZsxC6zd4AaABAg","toddbod94","This is about the scummiest possible thing the police could do.","1","2","2020-06-22 11:47:02","true",""
"UgzT4BnaJPUKZsxC6zd4AaABAg.9ACcPQmsS5K9ACdEgMAw3v","bartman01021988","what arresting criminals?it is literally their job pal","0","","2020-06-22 11:54:18","false",""
"UgzT4BnaJPUKZsxC6zd4AaABAg.9ACcPQmsS5K9ACdSABgjWz","ᛄᛖᚱᚩᛗᛖ ᛫ᚻᚢᚸᛁᚾᛋ","Shit I think they need a new job then cause they can't even keep an eye on people they are meant to be watching, especially those links to terrorism.","0","","2020-06-22 11:56:09","false",""
"UgyektY1FNqDEZpFRYt4AaABAg","Laura Leigh","I’m Brian and so is my wife Spartacus!","16","1","2020-06-22 11:48:07","true",""
"UgyektY1FNqDEZpFRYt4AaABAg.9ACcXIHY6mU9AFvN-LXmQz","Death Of Rats","""I'm Brian!!!""","0","","2020-06-23 18:30:27","false",""
"UgxBORkuqqKjhouQ8_J4AaABAg","Tr15tan","Please release the images so we can congratulate the people who did it for ripping down the glorification of monsters.
When the laws are immoral we are all criminals.","1","4","2020-06-22 11:48:40","true",""
"UgxBORkuqqKjhouQ8_J4AaABAg.9ACcaPRwJoF9ACdNdO7ReF","bartman01021988","but colston acted within the laws.not sure if it was your intention but you have just defended colston right there","1","","2020-06-22 11:55:32","false",""
"UgxBORkuqqKjhouQ8_J4AaABAg.9ACcaPRwJoF9AChBsOVfjf","Quillo","500 years ago slavery was legal and perfectly moral
500 years ago Aztecs were still sacrificing slaves to appease their gods
Colston did nothing illegal or immoral for his time","2","","2020-06-22 12:28:52","false",""
"UgxBORkuqqKjhouQ8_J4AaABAg.9ACcaPRwJoF9ACkWG34yo_","yearofmars","You want to censor all art and speech that you consider immoral by ripping it down and destroying it even if it is illegal to do so?  
So basically you condone the attack on Charlie Hebdo?","0","","2020-06-22 12:57:52","false",""
"UgxBORkuqqKjhouQ8_J4AaABAg.9ACcaPRwJoF9ACw2WiBc61","Tr15tan","Oh boy here we go time to simplify and educate for you lot I guess.
The time in which Colston was slaving it was perfectly legal, still equally as immoral as it is today the only thing that changed there was the law which stepped in line with human morality.
I am not denying Colstons part in history nor asking for him to be altered out of it, what does need to change though is the idolisation and glorification of the immoral actions that these people carried out.
Just because another civilization did it at some point doesnt make something less immoral, as for it not being immoral at the time, i'm sure the people enslaved under whichever culture/civilization at the time would argue otherwise.
And at no point did I even mention Hebdo so please go shove your assumptions where the sun doesn't shine.","0","","2020-06-22 14:38:40","false",""
"UgymqBOr5h61Xhfo89V4AaABAg","Intuitive Empath","Wow it’s surprisingly strange how so many ppl are proud of this type History of this child and women killer..
If there was a child killers Hero’s statue being put up in your area that got pulled down, would y’all still be so angry?? Specially the ppl who suffered the aftermath and what he did has to see this statue, so it was put up with no regards to the feelings of the ppl he affected, like there feelings don’t matter..
Do some of y’all even no the history?. And just how many man, women and children he killed ?. 
If you’re still proud of this type history that shows how sick some of y’all are still are Today.
The pulling down and the Rolling down the street of that statue looked like a peaceful Community Project to Me🤣😂😁
It’s the first time I’ve seen a community of all ppl coming together like this..
I was plane to see that normal ppl with empathy was not proud of that type history and as a community wonted to make there own history.
Maybe they should put a statue of a new community that care about each other up in its place to represent Unity/ quality for all.
All Life Matters..","3","10","2020-06-22 11:50:20","true",""
"UgymqBOr5h61Xhfo89V4AaABAg.9ACcmZNNHgT9ACd9E-yCen","bartman01021988","got nothing to do with that but everything to do with the fact that by allowing 1 set of criminal acts to go unpunished they instantly tie their hands when dealing with other criminal acts.for instance the scumbag who urinated next to the memorial who handed himself in was given a prison sentence,so they have to be seen policing all sides","3","","2020-06-22 11:53:34","false",""
"UgymqBOr5h61Xhfo89V4AaABAg.9ACcmZNNHgT9ACf9gfjkmD","Blah Blah Blah","Lol, you really have no idea.","0","","2020-06-22 12:11:06","false",""
"UgymqBOr5h61Xhfo89V4AaABAg.9ACcmZNNHgT9ACfsD-FYFV","Quillo","You have no idea about the history either. 
Any merchant in the 16th and 17th centuries had some involvement in slavery, its pointless applying modern day morals to history, your talking the same era where Aztecs were still sacrificing slaves and virgins to appease the gods, at the time this guy wasnt doing anything out of the ordinary.
He wasnt given a statue for trading slaves, he had a statue for building half of Bristol, for building schools and hospitals that are still standing today","1","","2020-06-22 12:17:19","false",""
"UgymqBOr5h61Xhfo89V4AaABAg.9ACcmZNNHgT9ACg61_1ZXV","Intuitive Empath","bartman01021988 So it’s got nothing to do The the men, women and Children he killed, sry but do you think it would’ve got pulled down if this was not the history?. Sounds like another excuse making to me..  if there won’t to arrest someone, they would have to  arrest the Hole community 
Because it was the Hole community who united to remove it 😆😁😄  what you are still not seeing is that the killer of man, women, children killing is a much bigger crime then the pulling down a statue of the man who committed the crime..
For me, it was also i crime to have a hero’s statue of this man that killed so much ppl up there in the first place with any consideration of he effected.
Why can’t you see this..???
It’s like having a Hero’s statue of adult Hitler up around a mix Jewish community.. can you imagine the out rage..","1","","2020-06-22 12:19:20","false",""
"UgymqBOr5h61Xhfo89V4AaABAg.9ACcmZNNHgT9ACh-Ob9YlD","Intuitive Empath","Maximus yes and present day makes History also, the pulling down of that statue is Now Historical😆😄😂.. maybe one we all can be proud of..
But don’t tell me that what he did don’t matter, because it did matter. What Happened to the statue is also Historical and something now we can all be a part of.. only ppl who are proud of that type history will have a argument..
I say good luck trying to arrest that Hole community project who pulled the statue down 🤣😂 because the Hole community was happily aiding and abetting 😆","1","","2020-06-22 12:27:10","false",""
"UgymqBOr5h61Xhfo89V4AaABAg.9ACcmZNNHgT9ACiV_ZIy-d","Coppergrass","You don't so much engage with the matter, rather fumble around it like a child in the dark. Standing on the ethereal graves of suffering you know nothing about.The assertion of pride in each aspect of UK history is wretched one. Accepting the nuance of our history with objectivity, revering the best qualities and learning from the worst without obfuscation. In the context of Colston's era, the slave trade was a valid market under the law of the times. Retroactively applying modern laws and morality to judge a person is disingenuous and malicious. As history does not change for the whims of such sophistry. So if criminals, vandals and fair weather revolutionaries attempt to pervert or revise that history. They should be judged by the institutions and society that history formed. Shallow thoughts such as yours are best left unstated, less you reveal yourself for the fool you are.","2","","2020-06-22 12:40:18","false",""
"UgymqBOr5h61Xhfo89V4AaABAg.9ACcmZNNHgT9ACiqB2c-jt","Intuitive Empath","Quillo in fact I do known the history very well, so don’t be insulting just because I have a deferent opinion to you. this shows your Level of intelligence when you try to insult.. I know this Hole country had a part to play in the slave trade including your banks that made the most money from it. But if the truth is not being told/ tourt properly or These ppl are being held as heroes, for the ppl it affected. Nothing has changed.
Surly you can see this.. or are you Blind to these FACTS ?? As well.. there is a right way of teaching history, having a Hero’s statue of this dude is not the right way, it was actually insulting to the ppl who had to see it, are you Blind to this also?? why in this modern time you can’t see this ?? But you won’t to insult ppl with a deferent opinion to your own..","1","","2020-06-22 12:43:15","false",""
"UgymqBOr5h61Xhfo89V4AaABAg.9ACcmZNNHgT9ACl1qMjF-n","Intuitive Empath","Quillo and were did the funding to do this come From ?? The Backs of all the money he made from the slave trade, you see this is the problem.
Ppl not tell the Hole truths, to make this man out to be some kind of a hero, the building of schools and hospitals don’t bring back all the life’s he has barbarically killed.. and it don’t make you No hero to the ppl he affected.. he is only a hero to the ppl who are proud of this..
You getting my point yet.. or do you still won’t to insult because I have a deferent point of view..","1","","2020-06-22 13:02:27","false",""
"UgymqBOr5h61Xhfo89V4AaABAg.9ACcmZNNHgT9AlJFWflFdy","bartman01021988","@Intuitive Empath he almost certainly gas saved and improved far more lives than he damaged/ended.he also was doing nothing wrong.he was acting within the laws of the day","0","","2020-07-06 08:23:35","false",""
"UgymqBOr5h61Xhfo89V4AaABAg.9ACcmZNNHgT9AlJUM1NoKH","bartman01021988","@Maximus why do people keep talking like slavery still isnt happening,it is still a major problem in africa and the middle east,maybe blm should take a trip to africa and try and stop the black race enslaving the black race","0","","2020-07-06 08:25:36","false",""
"UgwcNSNO6MvxsYxGWId4AaABAg","Callum Gilchrist","Why are these criminals being treated like the snowflakes they are? Dont pussy foot around it kick their door down and hail them in. What a joke","0","0","2020-06-22 11:51:11","true",""
"UgypR2kxRtbfdkwDu_94AaABAg","Lunkis","Ok 🙄","0","0","2020-06-22 11:51:22","true",""
"UgySXLV50fSYgrzbxed4AaABAg","Amaya Strata","Well, if the council had paid attention years ago this wouldn’t have happened as it would have been put somewhere more discreet for the racists to go and revere. The sewer is a good place.","2","4","2020-06-22 11:53:14","true",""
"UgySXLV50fSYgrzbxed4AaABAg.9ACd6mJlcQR9ACe28TO4Q2","bartman01021988","so those who praise his donations that have saved lives are racists to?you do understand that the human race can both praise a man for certain actions and condemn the same person for other actions right?","0","","2020-06-22 12:01:20","false",""
"UgySXLV50fSYgrzbxed4AaABAg.9ACd6mJlcQR9ACeB59MN6O","Pibie","Irrelevant. If you don't like something, do something about it within the framework of the law. Even if the statue should have been moved, everyone involved should be facing prison time.","0","","2020-06-22 12:02:33","false",""
"UgySXLV50fSYgrzbxed4AaABAg.9ACd6mJlcQR9ACeRCCoLzG","Virgil Blaze","Where are the racists again? I don't care what the statue represents, you can't go around tearing down statues and monuments you don't like. There's a democratic process, the petition was signed, and they lost. Move on","1","","2020-06-22 12:04:45","false",""
"UgySXLV50fSYgrzbxed4AaABAg.9ACd6mJlcQR9ACenHzte2R","Little Sparrow","So you have to pull down or move every statue, university, hospital, or major ancient structure across the whole earth that wasn’t built with slaves involved. That would be pretty much everything apart form the past hundred years in the West. Demolish all the cities in the US whilst you’re at it because the US was built on the gravestones of American Indians. Demolish South Africa because of apartheid. Demolish every mosque because of Mohammed’s slaves. Let’s keep going... burn all the science books of scientists that were financed by wealthy people who directly or indirectly would have benefited at some point from slaves. The current phenomenon is a ridiculous notion that you should edit the past in line with the feelings of a minority of people alive who feel as if your ancestors somehow influence their present.","1","","2020-06-22 12:07:54","false",""
"UgzN6gy5Wf8DP9hpd0t4AaABAg","Will Darling","i thought the public supported toppling that thing?","4","4","2020-06-22 11:53:25","true",""
"UgzN6gy5Wf8DP9hpd0t4AaABAg.9ACd88VMPew9ACgWp0YGbo","baldieman64","The public support burning mosques - that's why we have democratic process.","0","","2020-06-22 12:23:00","false",""
"UgzN6gy5Wf8DP9hpd0t4AaABAg.9ACd88VMPew9ACjq0b3fvo","Nobby Heads","We do.","0","","2020-06-22 12:51:58","false",""
"UgzN6gy5Wf8DP9hpd0t4AaABAg.9ACd88VMPew9ACk4uYNGbK","Nobby Heads","@baldieman64 We don't.. It is. It's a shame people are willing to believe anything they're told by gammon faced purveyors of medieval myths though..","0","","2020-06-22 12:54:08","false",""
"UgzN6gy5Wf8DP9hpd0t4AaABAg.9ACd88VMPew9ACknzaX_mP","GrantW92","There was a vote on removing it a while back and the locals voted to keep it in place, obviously lefties can't stand to lose a vote or do anything the democratic way they have to kick scream and break the law to get their own way.","0","","2020-06-22 13:00:26","false",""
"UgxaoTIJ3-UKNhIBj_h4AaABAg","England till I die","Hey police, have a look on the non left wing media sites coz there's loads of pictures of their faces on there. Just a tip on how to do your job","20","0","2020-06-22 11:54:13","true",""
"Ugy-B7HmEgSHWhHt7Ax4AaABAg","TalkToTheBody","I do believe the chief of police said that they decided to not intervene in this act of racial vandalism as they were sympathetic to the “protestors”,  and yet the Police had every opportunity to arrest them all on the spot. The Police have absolutely no moral soapbox to stand upon and the police, government and mainstream media have fuelled all of this and that’s disgraceful.","0","0","2020-06-22 11:54:41","true",""
"UgzN8Eq-dNgmAqYJd1N4AaABAg","JA Purnell","they should be made pay for damages to the satue, a statue like that worth at least £10.000","0","1","2020-06-22 11:55:11","true",""
"UgzN8Eq-dNgmAqYJd1N4AaABAg.9ACdL3WA0CH9ACgNlNudGV","baldieman64","More like half a million.","0","","2020-06-22 12:21:46","false",""
"UgxsDolnIsZMeTOG9kR4AaABAg","Charlie :/","Hope she doesn't get shot shanked runover anytime soon .","0","0","2020-06-22 11:57:01","true",""
"Ugw-5M2vOzgknXdITNN4AaABAg","flink","e","0","0","2020-06-22 11:57:04","true",""
"Ugw8Sfqo1fkdr8an21J4AaABAg","Gavin Reid","Nobody of any morality & decency actually cares about that statue. All those involved in taking it down should be given a large cash reward. When the Iraqi people took down the statue of Saddam Hussein the west conveyed that event as a symbol of freedom & as an opposition to oppression.  The reason the British government & some people have a problem with evil Edwards statue being taken down is because they have no issue with the horrendous oppression that he took part in & are actually proud of him and what he represents.","0","1","2020-06-22 11:57:38","true",""
"Ugw8Sfqo1fkdr8an21J4AaABAg.9ACdc10BxDi9ACfsF8p8Xt","marius offing","It's from a different era, and it's a record of history. It has nothing to do with being proud of something. You don't live in the 18th century, do you?","0","","2020-06-22 12:17:19","false",""
"Ugw-zFv9DUq7UaRomdN4AaABAg","Mark Calvert","No one is going to grass.","0","0","2020-06-22 11:57:55","true",""
"Ugw9QTYFutPy-dYOPt94AaABAg","Poncenby Smithe","So they can receive a medal?  Great detective work you goddamn oinkiots","0","0","2020-06-22 11:58:47","true",""
"UgzqwAGP_9f6tgJipFt4AaABAg","marius offing","It won't take too long, I should imagine. What will happen to the vandals? A pat on the shoulder, and I feel your pain (seeing as a lot of them were white)? Here's 20 quid for your next fix, don't do it again?","2","0","2020-06-22 12:00:13","true",""
"Ugzrk3oDyYioGSFDHuF4AaABAg","UwUtism _","anon has a new target 
(Bristol police will regret this trust me)","9","5","2020-06-22 12:00:35","true",""
"Ugzrk3oDyYioGSFDHuF4AaABAg.9ACdxaGLHeo9ACgdrgRqnY","Connor Mackenzie","UwUtism _ doubt it","2","","2020-06-22 12:24:06","false",""
"Ugzrk3oDyYioGSFDHuF4AaABAg.9ACdxaGLHeo9ACggvydUCJ","Yoshi Desu","ooooooooOOooh scary","2","","2020-06-22 12:24:31","false",""
"Ugzrk3oDyYioGSFDHuF4AaABAg.9ACdxaGLHeo9ACiFtOdav1","Mike Hazell","I hope so I hate them as they try to bully me all the time","0","","2020-06-22 12:38:10","false",""
"Ugzrk3oDyYioGSFDHuF4AaABAg.9ACdxaGLHeo9ACiJDI5naI","Stefan Nilsson","UwUtism _ I’m so scared","1","","2020-06-22 12:38:37","false",""
"Ugzrk3oDyYioGSFDHuF4AaABAg.9ACdxaGLHeo9ACoP_AQTJJ","Edd Ritchie","Nah lol ..  They acted really well during the protests.  Now they're literally doing their job.  anon aint gunna do shit","2","","2020-06-22 13:31:55","false",""
"Ugy3DGbUOXsDU5i8ZIZ4AaABAg","Vicky Viking","Will they be hunted down and thrown in prison just like the chap who urinated against the wall ??","1","0","2020-06-22 12:00:42","true",""
"UgwXAJhjW-Z8voDgF_B4AaABAg","Modern Spirit","What's the reward money?","0","1","2020-06-22 12:01:12","true",""
"UgwXAJhjW-Z8voDgF_B4AaABAg.9ACe178CGnp9ACo1OX8Ebp","Thomas F","Reward for criminal damage?","1","","2020-06-22 13:28:37","false",""
"Ugycj1y4yXHWOT-I3eJ4AaABAg","niamh","the statue fell over, no one took it down.","1","0","2020-06-22 12:01:44","true",""
"UgxRlXhv0Bv81_YLuWZ4AaABAg","Jim West","Hope they get criminal records and have ruined their lives.","2","0","2020-06-22 12:04:07","true",""
"UgxcyUW_Z9i3DFk_zal4AaABAg","MrRocknrolla4u","Why don’t you release the images of the slaves he worked to death and profited from? Shameless institutionalised racism, instead of convicting the actual criminal who unlawfully profited from slavery you erect a statute in his honour, and then attempt to convict those who tore down a statute of a criminal who committed crimes against humanity. Irrational sense of self righteousness. You have no moral authority. If a statute of Jimmy Saville was torn down, who also contributed donations to charity would the same law enforcement bodies be in up roar about the rule of law being broken? I think not because his crimes were evident, so why are they not for Colston et al? I think you’ll find their horrendous crimes are self evident, a catalogue of historical injustices and crimes against humanity. The difference between Colston and Saville is that Saville committed crimes against his own people, hence why he is hated and would have been subject to prosecution had he not died. Colston committed crimes against another race and culture, therefore it is ignored as a “lesser crime”.","1","4","2020-06-22 12:07:07","true",""
"UgxcyUW_Z9i3DFk_zal4AaABAg.9ACehVH8Ex79ACf7vUgRrs","bartman01021988","actually the only criminals are the stutue warriors.although atrocious mr colston acted within the laws of the time.if you want somebody to blame then blame the law makers of the time.","0","","2020-06-22 12:10:52","false",""
"UgxcyUW_Z9i3DFk_zal4AaABAg.9ACehVH8Ex79ACfPemzMq5","marius offing","@bartman01021988 The irony is lost on Rocknrolla.","0","","2020-06-22 12:13:17","false",""
"UgxcyUW_Z9i3DFk_zal4AaABAg.9ACehVH8Ex79ACgoOD_KdL","MrRocknrolla4u","bartman01021988 any human being a mere quanta of conscience objectively speaking can tell right from wrong. If the “law” says it’s right it doesn’t actually make it right, especially if the powerful are able to influence the law to their advantage by means of monetary donations. The law was created by an entire institution and system which at its core was racist. So yeah, why don’t we all go make our own laws and recognise them by legalising them ourselves? I don’t recognise “your law or your instituons which serve solely your interests”, where you pathetically diffuse any responsibility because your actions were considered within the law. Irrational sense of self righteousness underpins a sense of greater superiority and supremacy over others for all those who argue in favour of Colston et al.","0","","2020-06-22 12:25:32","false",""
"UgxcyUW_Z9i3DFk_zal4AaABAg.9ACehVH8Ex79AChJ8U7ciz","MrRocknrolla4u","marius offing Diffusion of responsibility by hiding behind the “law makers”, laws who served the interests of whom? Colston or his slaves? Who had democratic or monetary influence over the law? Colston or the slaves? The irony is you don’t understand irony.","0","","2020-06-22 12:29:52","false",""
"Ugx-bDKJDCZ0bjRH3Tl4AaABAg","Oli CrankMaster","😂I’m gonna turn myself in to the police for breaking a statue so I can arrested😂 (are they thick)","5","2","2020-06-22 12:07:18","true",""
"Ugx-bDKJDCZ0bjRH3Tl4AaABAg.9ACeioNS9jl9ACg6uUuAtk","baldieman64","Keep looking over your shoulder then because someone will find you...","1","","2020-06-22 12:19:28","false",""
"Ugx-bDKJDCZ0bjRH3Tl4AaABAg.9ACeioNS9jl9ACpSVRLbMZ","Autumn Mystic","No need for arrest if you go in. So many ignorants on here.","1","","2020-06-22 13:41:03","false",""
"Ugzer1iAMhMsuvTBbMh4AaABAg","Brett Leonard","Isn’t that supposed to be your job???","4","0","2020-06-22 12:07:33","true",""
"UgwolqiS4eAk4p4LjSt4AaABAg","Sixty Nine","Arrest soros","0","0","2020-06-22 12:08:09","true",""
"UgzJNFpdDpYljcpP8s94AaABAg","eastsaxon67","Should be given medals","0","0","2020-06-22 12:09:53","true",""
"UgxkKcwRUJFmC-Etr7h4AaABAg","Henry James","My God!! Is what she's doing really in the public interest - I don't think so for one.","0","0","2020-06-22 12:11:45","true",""
"UgzFRwiLnbDypTCD73l4AaABAg","UKWEED","Lynch them","1","2","2020-06-22 12:12:26","true",""
"UgzFRwiLnbDypTCD73l4AaABAg.9ACfJTEz1cg9AChWCHFTJq","gingerjessy","Controversial...","0","","2020-06-22 12:31:39","false",""
"UgzFRwiLnbDypTCD73l4AaABAg.9ACfJTEz1cg9ACjrCOGHyE","Chris","@gingerjessy No it aint","0","","2020-06-22 12:52:08","false",""
"UgwitS7e30qS9OvZ81N4AaABAg","starterforten10","No, I don't think I will.","1","0","2020-06-22 12:12:27","true",""
"UgwbAM4b2pqG9AWrvbZ4AaABAg","Alex Walker","The statue should have come down but not in the way it did, it has galvanized the two sides with further statues coming down around the world, however what they do not say in this piece is they are also pursuing the revenge attacks on the graves of freed slaves in Bristol which contained a threat of further reprisals.  Both should be treated with the same charges vandalism and destruction of property.  In Bristol everyone has benefited from the Slave trade indirectly if not directly, my degree is from UWE which was founded using merchant money.  The main issue is where do you draw the line who was immoral or just from a less educated time. Finally what does it say about the future will in 300 years will people be tearing down statues of people today because they where involved in something that is then considered terrible.","0","1","2020-06-22 12:13:11","true",""
"UgwbAM4b2pqG9AWrvbZ4AaABAg.9ACfOs26QcB9ACg52oR9DY","bartman01021988","as disgusting as it is,at the time colston was acting within the laws of the time.
guarenteed there are people who pulled his statue down who h7ndreds of years ago would have been happily involved in what was a legal slave trade","0","","2020-06-22 12:19:12","false",""
"UgyKPiW2soX29upZHdl4AaABAg","Tom Barber","Thats right, hunt them down! So we can shake their hands for the great deed they committed.","1","1","2020-06-22 12:13:12","true",""
"UgyKPiW2soX29upZHdl4AaABAg.9ACfP4l_WUl9ACfnsUYshE","bartman01021988","a great deed would be leaving money to a city that has gone on to help thousands if not millions of people.
a great deed is not gathering in a huge group during a global pandemic when the rest of the country are in lockdown,tearing down a statue then rolling it into a harbour.they damaged the pathways and the road and then cost the tax payer money by having to remove the stue from the water.
the very least those muppets could do is cover the cost of the damage caused","0","","2020-06-22 12:16:43","false",""
"UgzPi6SPHcrCXNDEHuJ4AaABAg","channing1989","how about you bastards pay for all the fake news and fear mongering ???????????","0","0","2020-06-22 12:13:14","true",""
"Ugw3NjMY3Vt0v8hnl3l4AaABAg","OneMaiKi","The Home Secretary makes them do this shit I think; there's no way decent police want to waste time chasing this shit up and stirring racial tensions further.","0","1","2020-06-22 12:13:19","true",""
"Ugw3NjMY3Vt0v8hnl3l4AaABAg.9ACfPsHdsOI9ACpCfvMGMH","azamonra","I doubt it would stir racial tension since the majority of the ones that did it were white.","0","","2020-06-22 13:38:53","false",""
"Ugx9EZLZGDztEfIAwKt4AaABAg","diesel92kj1","Police & country is a joke, we are at the mercy of criminals.","0","0","2020-06-22 12:13:36","true",""
"UgxDr32zoaF_P3DO3hB4AaABAg","British Patriot","Blm can kiss my white a**","0","0","2020-06-22 12:14:19","true",""
"UgwdtPIt-WPr8_qjopt4AaABAg","Petal Blossom","Hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂","0","0","2020-06-22 12:14:24","true",""
"UgwO9vsD_J8RO4rUZt54AaABAg","Ronan","snitches get stitches","0","1","2020-06-22 12:15:02","true",""
"UgwO9vsD_J8RO4rUZt54AaABAg.9ACfbTmrs-V9ACftxP4h-P","baldieman64","Grow up you tit.","0","","2020-06-22 12:17:33","false",""
"UgzmjNH1BB6AkFM2qVt4AaABAg","katie john","instead of putting so much work into punishing the people who did it, why don’t you put more work into fixing what made them do it","0","6","2020-06-22 12:16:52","true",""
"UgzmjNH1BB6AkFM2qVt4AaABAg.9ACfowaAtGc9ACglioMlhJ","bartman01021988","the people pulling the statue down could not give a fuck about slavery.if they did they would be doing something about the ongoing large scale  slavery in africa and the middle east","1","","2020-06-22 12:25:10","false",""
"UgzmjNH1BB6AkFM2qVt4AaABAg.9ACfowaAtGc9ACiLI7o6W5","Quillo","Because changing the universities that have been indoctrinating students into a communist ideology where they hate the west isnt straight forward","1","","2020-06-22 12:38:54","false",""
"UgzmjNH1BB6AkFM2qVt4AaABAg.9ACfowaAtGc9ACjBw2c4Tp","katie john","bartman01021988 they clearly do, how can white people like me or i’m guessing you too by your statement, understand what it’s like to have a statue celebrating someone who enslaved your ancestors looking down on you 24/7. the statue was celebrating slavery and taking it down was the easiest thing for protestors to do to show that they want change.","0","","2020-06-22 12:46:21","false",""
"UgzmjNH1BB6AkFM2qVt4AaABAg.9ACfowaAtGc9AClct8_KCd","yearofmars","katie john 
We do. There’s tons of Roman sculpture in the UK.  
Destroying ‘immoral’ art is what the attack on Charlie Hebdo was about. From Thomas Bowdler and Mary Whitehouse to Putin, Isis and the Taliban, there are always moral authoritarians like you will to destroy art to ‘protect public morality’.
The argument that people of group X can’t understand people of group Y’s feelings is pure discrimination. As is the argument of collective guilt. You might not believe different races are capable of mutual empathy but most people do. So you can stick your racism.","0","","2020-06-22 13:07:39","false",""
"UgzmjNH1BB6AkFM2qVt4AaABAg.9ACfowaAtGc9ADQ_-b062_","katie john","yearofmars mate you’re really missing the point of what i said, i said the gov should spend more time trying to stop racism in the uk instead of hunting people down for the statue. your comment is all over the place, please present a more relevant point instead of calling me a racist, when nothing i said was in fact racist and was actually backing the move to topple the statue.","0","","2020-06-22 19:14:07","false",""
"UgzmjNH1BB6AkFM2qVt4AaABAg.9ACfowaAtGc9AEs2NVLX49","yearofmars","katie john First you stated that white people cannot understand what it is like to have a statue of someone who enslaved their ancestors on public display, which is an argument that empathy is impossible across racial groups. That’s a racist claim. You’re racist. 
Then you incorrectly stated that white people don’t have statues of people who slaughtered and enslaved their people on display in the UK which ignores the Roman, Viking and Norman French. 
Finally you advocate for destroying art because the subject is by your standards immoral, which is exactly what ISIS did in Palmyra and the Taliban did to the Buddhas of Banyam. It’s not tolerant or inclusive to only allow art that doesn’t offend you, and it’s racist to expect lower civil standards from different ethnic groups when it comes to destroying art. 
I’ve lived abroad. I’ve experienced plenty of racism. I actually speak six languages to varying levels of ability and I overhear casual racism all the damn time in London because I understand conversations people think I can’t. People like you are simply the worst.","0","","2020-06-23 08:42:11","false",""
"UgxxHz1upKdFGBXSd8J4AaABAg","kizzy p","Watch all the lefties  falling over themselves to grass each other up now ....because that's what they are like !!!","2","1","2020-06-22 12:17:02","true",""
"UgxxHz1upKdFGBXSd8J4AaABAg.9ACfqAtznw29ACgJ5xONiP","ᛄᛖᚱᚩᛗᛖ ᛫ᚻᚢᚸᛁᚾᛋ","The left and right are as bad as each other. Both idiots.","0","","2020-06-22 12:21:07","false",""
"UgxN3WrLE2S11px9ukR4AaABAg","lionwith manbun","We're infested with lefties.","0","0","2020-06-22 12:18:19","true",""
"Ugy9Kxw7OtYmw9-w_SJ4AaABAg","Free Peace Sweet.","Please help us identify them because we hold slave traders close to our heart.","1","0","2020-06-22 12:19:42","true",""
"Ugx_IxDJ4Vvq9fXQCGB4AaABAg","KarmA Rush","We r not gonna snitch on  nobody!@!!","2","2","2020-06-22 12:20:00","true",""
"Ugx_IxDJ4Vvq9fXQCGB4AaABAg.9ACgAtezYva9ACh1JUol1R","ThaSlymes","Not even your school teacher who failed to teach you proper grammar?!","0","","2020-06-22 12:27:26","false",""
"Ugx_IxDJ4Vvq9fXQCGB4AaABAg.9ACgAtezYva9ACro8UkTF2","Peach Silvera","ThaSlymes lol 😂😂😂😂😂 how about this.... we’re not going to snitch on anyone....? This better 😂😂😂😂😂","0","","2020-06-22 14:01:37","false",""
"Ugyf1qeqFku6epsxdvB4AaABAg","Michael","Thats brilliant, I recommend capital punishment for pulling down any statues.","0","0","2020-06-22 12:21:21","true",""
"UgwrsSYUxSZzs2hLpMV4AaABAg","colin minhinnick","man pees next to police memorial - gives himself up and is jailed for 14 days! ...   rioters tear down statue while police stand down. don't expect them to do the same.. if any do i will be looking to see what sentences they get for violent disorder and damage to public property.... the imbecile running Bristol police couldn't find his own ass.","1","2","2020-06-22 12:21:33","true",""
"UgwrsSYUxSZzs2hLpMV4AaABAg.9ACgM8h5j4N9ACkNM3k7z3","Nobby Heads","Cool.","0","","2020-06-22 12:56:39","false",""
"UgwrsSYUxSZzs2hLpMV4AaABAg.9ACgM8h5j4N9AD2uzlQUt2","English Gentleman","colin minhinnick Yes it will be interesting to see any sentencing. You can bet the inconsistency will be startling!","0","","2020-06-22 15:47:25","false",""
"UgyoNlOI6XsMXj0OOBV4AaABAg","fatyowls","Like as if you don't know who they are, what a farce.","0","1","2020-06-22 12:22:00","true",""
"UgyoNlOI6XsMXj0OOBV4AaABAg.9ACgPYHI3Pb9ACi-G3fV5g","Ziz Arthur","Yeah they might as well not have been there as they did f all.","0","","2020-06-22 12:35:53","false",""
"UgxQ7SabLYD4Bgk6b3B4AaABAg","40th Street Black","""Snitches Get Stitches"", so that means you'll probably get no response at all. What a shame.","0","0","2020-06-22 12:24:11","true",""
"UgwKyx81Yb6nuPjaI_p4AaABAg","Fidelisjoff","Lengthy.prison sentences for sedition and anti white British racism.  Encourage them all to immigrate to Africa where they can spend the rest of their life apologising for.what they think we should apologise for.","0","0","2020-06-22 12:24:26","true",""
"Ugwhm0otjij8xxtIoid4AaABAg","Tinted Media","If you see any of these people give them a high five.","0","1","2020-06-22 12:26:19","true",""
"Ugwhm0otjij8xxtIoid4AaABAg.9ACguAFQ2ZX9AChKwYZ64N","ThaSlymes","Will do sir!
But it will be with a clenched fist straight to their weak chins.","0","","2020-06-22 12:30:07","false",""
"UgyOV2zpa2dYkcFznuV4AaABAg","Sinn Harman","Now i can congratulate them all","0","0","2020-06-22 12:26:41","true",""
"Ugzu04PnAWywWRJmMBJ4AaABAg","robert ely","How do we send donations to the topplers?","0","0","2020-06-22 12:28:36","true",""
"Ugy7bRTCXRt9JcfC6x14AaABAg","SuperLordpig","Maybe just maybe instead of watching them do the crime and waiting for a week or so, maybe the police could have arrested them when they saw them doing it?","4","2","2020-06-22 12:28:37","true",""
"Ugy7bRTCXRt9JcfC6x14AaABAg.9ACh9z6VXCq9ACiYBYnND8","ThaSlymes","Don't be daft, if the police did anything it would prove how much they hate black people remember?
So let's all take a knee and let England burn, just as long as no one calls us racist...","0","","2020-06-22 12:40:39","false",""
"Ugy7bRTCXRt9JcfC6x14AaABAg.9ACh9z6VXCq9ACikNvkRXR","Dingus Doofus","I bet they had to stand down while the top brass nervously watched public opinion.","0","","2020-06-22 12:42:28","false",""
"UgzORTfVRdlLjMrdRm14AaABAg","Craig Dobbin","Independent opening the comments for the grasses","3","0","2020-06-22 12:29:20","true",""
"Ugza8hNSEVrHTHwFK154AaABAg","chrisdaveclark","Somerset police  LAUGHABLE","4","0","2020-06-22 12:29:29","true",""
"UgxQWxYyh3uOqhOFfqB4AaABAg","Patrick Kyle","The behaviour of the Avon and Somerset police on the day was disgraceful and cowardly (no surprise when we have ""hurty feelings"" policing now) and if they had acted in a professional way there would be no need for these online appeals.","2","0","2020-06-22 12:30:09","true",""
"Ugy4eiXFH31j3GFkqiN4AaABAg","Ziz Arthur","We can’t seem to do the job, so can you the public do it for us please?","1","0","2020-06-22 12:30:18","true",""
"Ugz9vDhkAsw0XhE2LOF4AaABAg","Sinn Harman","Fundraiser for the legal defence im in","0","0","2020-06-22 12:30:20","true",""
"Ugzqr0x2Etv9-mJr8fF4AaABAg","Brian Johnson","I definitely saw Spartacus in the crowd. I think Gannicus and Crixus were there too.","3","0","2020-06-22 12:31:03","true",""
"UgwUlnZ105rfU11b4sR4AaABAg","Winston Smith","They're probably all students from Bristol university, which was founded using money from Edward Colston. They should all hand back their degrees as, according to their own logic, their qualifications are the result of slavery.","3","1","2020-06-22 12:31:58","true",""
"UgwUlnZ105rfU11b4sR4AaABAg.9AChYYBOStl9ACiP1vu67h","Ziz Arthur","Here I was thinking the students actually took out loans to pay for education, not some freebie from slavery money","0","","2020-06-22 12:39:25","false",""
"UgzGPogSm32AUgpVzVB4AaABAg","Mike Hazell","I feel sorry for the people about to grass these people up there gonna get a kicking","0","2","2020-06-22 12:32:05","true",""
"UgzGPogSm32AUgpVzVB4AaABAg.9AChZJ9Jhf_9ACoxJEs8Sz","Tim Wade","From who","0","","2020-06-22 13:36:39","false",""
"UgzGPogSm32AUgpVzVB4AaABAg.9AChZJ9Jhf_9ACpRLfg_3v","Mike Hazell","Tim Wade from the person they grass up dude could you not work that out for yourself or are u just board and wanna see who the best keyboard warrior is you dope","0","","2020-06-22 13:40:54","false",""
"UgyKrCeeQzxJGvqOi2V4AaABAg","AcidOllie","Everyone needs to phone this number and bombard them with false names.","1","0","2020-06-22 12:32:26","true",""
"UgzzuscFAzgg9nEQj794AaABAg","Wilkinson","Public hanging.","0","1","2020-06-22 12:32:47","true",""
"UgzzuscFAzgg9nEQj794AaABAg.9AChdXVNYKu9ADVv_3O6Xe","franklingoodwin","For snitches, definitely","1","","2020-06-22 20:00:54","false",""
"UgzBxm-yVGdAjzQS3XB4AaABAg","Neil","Imagine caring this much about a slave owners statue. These comments are wild man. None of you even knew this statue existed until after it had been taken down, yet somehow it's the crime of the century? It was the public doing what the council should have done years ago.","9","9","2020-06-22 12:33:31","true",""
"UgzBxm-yVGdAjzQS3XB4AaABAg.9AChiou1TTB9ACi4d52OME","FeydRautha Harkonnen","Neil the cultural revolutionary is the public now? Looked to me like they were soyboys and race pimps!","2","","2020-06-22 12:36:38","false",""
"UgzBxm-yVGdAjzQS3XB4AaABAg.9AChiou1TTB9ACiXra7TqZ","Dingus Doofus","It's not the crime of the century, but it rightly is a crime. It is also symbolic of a misguided sanctimonious holier-than-thou activism that has been infecting and spreading around the anglophone world for a while now. That's the real reason people talk about it.","1","","2020-06-22 12:40:37","false",""
"UgzBxm-yVGdAjzQS3XB4AaABAg.9AChiou1TTB9ACieyVnu3L","Quillo","Imagine having some reverence for your own history. Most people opposed to the statues being torn down likely know little more than those doing the tearing, the difference is they dont want violent mobs destroying their cultural symbols","1","","2020-06-22 12:41:43","false",""
"UgzBxm-yVGdAjzQS3XB4AaABAg.9AChiou1TTB9ACincUyvdk","ali ray","Imagine not caring about vandalism of your own country. Imagine being that brain dead that you think the professionally offended will stop once they have achieved this pitiful goal. Further things will be ruined, books will be destroyed, artworks destroyed, independent thought will be outlawed. You just don’t care because it doesn’t affect you yet.","1","","2020-06-22 12:42:54","false",""
"UgzBxm-yVGdAjzQS3XB4AaABAg.9AChiou1TTB9ACjAWREUXC","Paolo Luckyluke","There should have been a referendum with the people of Bristol.  This is a grotesque violation of democracy, and since the police were instructed not to intervene, the mayor, who is obviously one-sided, should step down.","0","","2020-06-22 12:46:10","false",""
"UgzBxm-yVGdAjzQS3XB4AaABAg.9AChiou1TTB9ACjuBGmL1Q","MrRobtwothirds","And should they also tear down all the public buildings in Bristol that he built? Mob mentality is the same, whatever the cause the mob bays for, , this is no different than ISIS destroying priceless relics of human history. To be offended by a statue that is part of human history, good or bad, is a primitive reaction, to tear it down is to sweep one's shameful past under the carpet.","0","","2020-06-22 12:52:32","false",""
"UgzBxm-yVGdAjzQS3XB4AaABAg.9AChiou1TTB9ADcA6ef6V-","Neil","Here come the cry babies again 😂 Guys, it's really not that big of a deal. You're all acting like it's some massive cultural shift. I think you just need to get over it, it happened already. You're all more interested in arguing in defence of a racists statue, than you are in defending living people against current racism - says all there is to say really. You call them 'soy boys' yet you're crying over statues, it's pathetic. History is for books and museums, not public displays we all pay to maintain.","0","","2020-06-22 21:04:11","false",""
"UgzBxm-yVGdAjzQS3XB4AaABAg.9AChiou1TTB9ADf3WEvSO_","ali ray","Neil there you are pretending to act like the voice of reason when you’re raging inside. I mean your post is just dripping in hatred. Get over it? What, vandalism? Fuck off! History does not stop with books and museums ya dolt! It’s buildings, it’s clothes, it’s monuments, it’s art, it’s SCULPTURE. These cultural markers are works of art, no different to a painting, and that’s all you’ve done, you’ve gone through an open art gallery and ripped a painting off a wall. You’re Neanderthals but what’s worse you all screech the same shit to each other desperate for each other’s approval about how culturally enlightened you are. Newsflash, you’re the scum.","1","","2020-06-22 21:29:30","false",""
"UgzBxm-yVGdAjzQS3XB4AaABAg.9AChiou1TTB9ADmED2bp84","Paolo Luckyluke","Neil  People who immigrated to the UK, or whose families did, came of their own free will, and should be grateful that their application to live here was granted.  The same goes for asylum seekers, and both are cases that through welfare and other reasons frequently at some point or other have weighed on the shoulders of British tax payers.   Normal, decent, civilised people who apply to live in other countries go there with the intention of respecting that country in all ways, be that with regard to its people, culture, values, customs, history, identity, monuments, infrastructure, and so on.   They realise that as non-natives it is for them to conform to the country they have sought to live in, and not for the native population to have to adapt their country to the new-comer.   Obviously, nobody expects an immigrant, or the descendants of immigrants to like everything about the country they elected to live in, but the onus is on them in such circumstances to ignore the aspects they dislike.   As to the few radical members of the native population who repudiate their own history, ancestry, culture and identity, doing violence to the public heritage of their own people is not an acceptable or civilised solution.   To gloss over such behaviour by trivialising it does not work.  Since for you it is a statue of no consequence, don’t get involved, and let those decide for whom the history and monuments of their city do have significance.   There is only one course of action that is respectful of everybody.   The people of Bristol should all be consulted by referendum, and allowed to decide whether or not the statue should remain in place.","0","","2020-06-22 22:32:07","false",""
"UgzDczNEo_dOE4h-GyF4AaABAg","Nobby Heads","If I see any of them, I'll give them enough cash for a pint and tell them to watch msm.","3","2","2020-06-22 12:34:30","true",""
"UgzDczNEo_dOE4h-GyF4AaABAg.9AChq18NefD9ACoETvyL81","azamonra","What's msm?","0","","2020-06-22 13:30:24","false",""
"UgzDczNEo_dOE4h-GyF4AaABAg.9AChq18NefD9ACz_8iVWPb","English Gentleman","Nobby Heads Your dole won't cover that.","1","","2020-06-22 15:09:29","false",""
"UgxF5aBGg-tz6ez-eQ54AaABAg","Tom Higson","It would be sensible to link the police page with the images in the description","4","0","2020-06-22 12:36:08","true",""
"UgzYG4bDz1l_o5iQeYB4AaABAg","David James","Why aren't people marching for our rights when their are so many terrorist attacks.are we not allowed.?","4","1","2020-06-22 12:37:05","true",""
"UgzYG4bDz1l_o5iQeYB4AaABAg.9ACi7xWTQQ59AFKSJ18ZR-","Andrey Libovsky","Obviously you tried to help, but said stupid shit","1","","2020-06-23 12:59:07","false",""
"UgzEPKdSlFaCNeF631J4AaABAg","ali ray","“Slave trader” that’s frankly irrelevant, it’s a historical piece of sculpture, it’s not promoting the slave trade! These people need to get a grip, you don’t get to rampage through the national gallery tearing up paintings you don’t like do you?!?! Just get lost if you can’t understand cultural monuments are there to represent history, not worship it.","2","2","2020-06-22 12:37:19","true",""
"UgzEPKdSlFaCNeF631J4AaABAg.9ACi9cUchrf9ACiTuID4Uf","Ewan","Why the hell are you defending it so much if you dont think it matters?","0","","2020-06-22 12:40:05","false",""
"UgzEPKdSlFaCNeF631J4AaABAg.9ACi9cUchrf9ADSkphfrUk","ali ray","Ewan i didn’t say it didn’t matter. You’re inferring a straw man argument there.","0","","2020-06-22 19:33:13","false",""
"Ugxywpoe85-BaAcwF2h4AaABAg","Ewan","What a crap thing to do on the part of the police.. The tearing down of that statue is the best thing that happened during lockdown!","2","5","2020-06-22 12:37:43","true",""
"Ugxywpoe85-BaAcwF2h4AaABAg.9ACiCeZR6qS9ACpuPLfP84","azamonra","No it wasn't.  It was an act of criminality by a mob of mindless thugs that should have been arrested by now.  And if I had my way, hanged as well.","1","","2020-06-22 13:45:00","false",""
"Ugxywpoe85-BaAcwF2h4AaABAg.9ACiCeZR6qS9ACqdMG41lD","Ewan","@azamonra you are out of your mind! Go see a therapist!","1","","2020-06-22 13:51:24","false",""
"Ugxywpoe85-BaAcwF2h4AaABAg.9ACiCeZR6qS9AD1Eb86CN3","fab","They had a poll a few years ago, and keeping it won.  It’s not anyone’s right to force it down when the ppl who live there decide to keep it","2","","2020-06-22 15:32:45","false",""
"Ugxywpoe85-BaAcwF2h4AaABAg.9ACiCeZR6qS9AD2kTkWkXc","English Gentleman","Ewan You are the one who believes in the law of the mob. It's you that needs therapy.","1","","2020-06-22 15:45:58","false",""
"Ugxywpoe85-BaAcwF2h4AaABAg.9ACiCeZR6qS9AD3E1KV1u7","Ewan","@English Gentleman That person suggested people should be hung.. You seriously comparing these two things?","1","","2020-06-22 15:50:09","false",""
"UgyyBqWnubez0voP3bB4AaABAg","Ash England","shows your bias when you refuse to show the pictures","2","1","2020-06-22 12:37:54","true",""
"UgyyBqWnubez0voP3bB4AaABAg.9ACiDvqJXeo9ACmLEa0rbd","Josh","Go cry about it some more","0","","2020-06-22 13:13:51","false",""
"UgxXaE-GgCmQlpBzuA94AaABAg","MrRobtwothirds","Just wait til the public realize the depths of Bill Gates' depravity, garden gnomes throughout the country will be toppled.for looking like him.","0","1","2020-06-22 12:39:05","true",""
"UgxXaE-GgCmQlpBzuA94AaABAg.9ACiMcOQSrA9ACkrkIwt5g","Nobby Heads","I think everyone knows he's a big time eugenicist.. So are half of the British government and all of Robert Mercer/ Steve Bannons friends but does anybody really care, if they keep promising the earth, if you just believe them for a bit longer...... again?.........","0","","2020-06-22 13:00:57","false",""
"UgwOE-P255VM6IO--Dx4AaABAg","OWEN","they should have statues made of the people who where brave enough to pull down these statues against our racist normalizing society","0","1","2020-06-22 12:39:16","true",""
"UgwOE-P255VM6IO--Dx4AaABAg.9ACiO0FER7U9ACik2PZ4fP","dat vergil doe","It’s brave to run into a building that’s on fire and save someone. It’s brave to put your life on the line to protect your community. It is brave to turn up to a shift where at any minute you could catch a deadly disease and die alone. It is not “brave” to pull down a fucking statue you soy boy.","0","","2020-06-22 12:42:25","false",""
"UgxdRyi_zWxg-o5k1nF4AaABAg","Ahmed Tawe3na","We have to find those responsible for leaving the comment section open.","0","0","2020-06-22 12:39:43","true",""
"UgxuFM5JdGgEH_oJ61R4AaABAg","DAVE DAN","Shut up","0","0","2020-06-22 12:39:56","true",""
"UgxjLVRoFXNDqduJ-pt4AaABAg","DAVE DAN","She looks stupid","0","0","2020-06-22 12:40:42","true",""
"UgxmS3ba8SHp7v0Xue54AaABAg","andy smerdon","Avon and Somerset.. Hot on the trail 2 weeks after the event .. Great work there 👍🤔","2","0","2020-06-22 12:42:15","true",""
"UgwyP1Gau7rYRzBBE014AaABAg","So Angry","Wouldn't it have been better if you had stopped a mob from committing criminal damage in the first place? One of the duties of the police is protection of property. Stable door and horse springs to mind.","0","0","2020-06-22 12:42:41","true",""
"UgxyPnVJXvP8rbcXsWp4AaABAg","Don","How about All the money you gonna spend on the investigation you actually spend it on the poor hungry kids","0","0","2020-06-22 12:44:03","true",""
"UgyaSPeAoTXXXJPDTqx4AaABAg","Jenn","You can encourage all you want, I would never give anyone up!","2","0","2020-06-22 12:45:20","true",""
"Ugw8avCira7ueNsNrU54AaABAg","Paolo Luckyluke","Well done to the Independent for giving this airtime.   There should have been a referendum with the people of Bristol.  This is a grotesque violation of democracy, and since the police were instructed not to intervene, the mayor, who is obviously one-sided, should step down.","17","2","2020-06-22 12:46:54","true",""
"Ugw8avCira7ueNsNrU54AaABAg.9ACjFoTVxA39AD1XLGWzl9","Ceitidh","There was a big movement in Bristol to erect a plaque beside the statue explaining his ties to slavery. A Bristol business vetoed the original wording and basically used it to excuse ties with slavery.

Basically; there were many, many people trying to peacefully get action. Pulling it down only happened after calls fell on deaf ears.","1","","2020-06-22 15:35:18","false",""
"Ugw8avCira7ueNsNrU54AaABAg.9ACjFoTVxA39AD20yYsrEu","Paolo Luckyluke","Ceitidh And how big is the silent majority?   You don’t here from them because they are not radical, but they too have feelings and wishes.   Why are those against the statue unwilling to decide by city referendum?","0","","2020-06-22 15:39:37","false",""
"UgwhPSHRK_W0YSqtVwF4AaABAg","stevie b","And why should the public help the police when YouTube is full of people posting videos of people breaking the law and the police dont do anything,","0","0","2020-06-22 12:48:33","true",""
"Ugw88ujnfVSRSlp1j0Z4AaABAg","Leif Greenhalgh","Don't be a rat!

The police are appealin fer info as they don't have enough to prosecute, so not help them in any way. They are an uninvited, occupational force of legitimised state violence. 1312.","2","2","2020-06-22 12:50:11","true",""
"Ugw88ujnfVSRSlp1j0Z4AaABAg.9ACjcrvXcaE9ACooB4UTBH","azamonra","uninvited occupational force?  I'm going to assume you're a troll cause you can't possibly be believe that.","0","","2020-06-22 13:35:25","false",""
"Ugw88ujnfVSRSlp1j0Z4AaABAg.9ACjcrvXcaE9ACqRPUhipd","Leif Greenhalgh","@azamonra Don't assume; I am no troll. No cop lives on my estate so they have no business here and I tell every single one of them when they come here.","0","","2020-06-22 13:49:38","false",""
"Ugxaww2SFVsaWRexOdZ4AaABAg","is that a fact","just an idea , but maybe just arrest them there and then .... might be upsetting for the poor dears i know . but might be an idea next time chaps eh,","2","0","2020-06-22 12:50:56","true",""
"Ugx-7StX6LagX2Tjoyt4AaABAg","The Big Blind","Was a non violent protest. No one was hurt and nothing was looted people just had enough of the inequality and seeding daily reminders of their tragic history. You want to punish people now that it has cooled down. It hasn’t. Nothing’s changed.","0","0","2020-06-22 12:55:58","true",""
"UgwnrsSZmhfKeWutHPp4AaABAg","William Davis-Ellard","So many people on here trying to defend a statue of a slaver, 
Its like find the vegan but with closet racists instead, except everytime I win i lose a bit more faith in humanity.","1","2","2020-06-22 12:56:17","true",""
"UgwnrsSZmhfKeWutHPp4AaABAg.9ACkKdLtpll9ACmW-IOHbc","to share","why? is the statue committing illegal crimes today in the current law or should we build a time machine so we can bring present day crime proceeding to the past and arrest people in a time before it became illegal","2","","2020-06-22 13:15:19","false",""
"UgwnrsSZmhfKeWutHPp4AaABAg.9ACkKdLtpll9ACqqO70dDR","Thomas F","I don't think the statue was there to commemorate him as a slave trader. He stood out from the other slave traders in Bristol and was being commemorated for what he did with his money - funding schools, hospitals, social housing, and other institutions. Defending that, and wanting a democratic vote rather than people taking the law into their own hands doesn't make one a racist.","2","","2020-06-22 13:53:11","false",""
"UgxZfnL5cvu-wBbDirN4AaABAg","BangtanBin","The statues should have been taken down upon request in the first place.","0","0","2020-06-22 12:56:18","true",""
"Ugz9xWJCzBL3Q3hz2SN4AaABAg","Lion Tamer","The police know full well who these people are they should have done their job at the time and prevented criminal damage.
The police are a disgrace giving the knee in support of criminality and running away.
Utterly disgusting and shameful.","0","1","2020-06-22 12:59:15","true",""
"Ugz9xWJCzBL3Q3hz2SN4AaABAg.9ACkfHylDet9ACpSSr_ird","Tim Wade","Ever thought if they had stepped in it would have escalated the trouble and more people could have been injured. Then it would have been the police's fault.","0","","2020-06-22 13:41:03","false",""
"Ugym-1lijyDciZfftbR4AaABAg","lDelussion San","There was 100s of people there all with the intent to destroy your vile statues why are you focusing these 15 people and also using the public to do your bidding, you lot are wankers","0","0","2020-06-22 13:00:45","true",""
"UgzFG_zyReX_fG3O9c14AaABAg","tonebonetones","She has incompetence down pat.   Yet, we wonder how the child grooming gangs in Rotherham flourished so easily?   Find them,  arrest them,  charge them, woman!","0","0","2020-06-22 13:01:41","true",""
"UgwhupZkjEh5iCfojrZ4AaABAg","GrantW92","Good I hope these stinking left wing rats get sent to prison and it ruins their lives.","1","0","2020-06-22 13:01:55","true",""
"Ugx63GZcDbn89pyyKip4AaABAg","Woxo","boooooooooo","1","0","2020-06-22 13:03:17","true",""
"Ugy76W7oAgNh2cV62Vx4AaABAg","JOSEFF D","get a life","0","0","2020-06-22 13:04:11","true",""
"UgwqeOkkBxT68AijQll4AaABAg","Jack","About time really init","2","0","2020-06-22 13:04:18","true",""
"Ugz2TqIIA9H5U911tp54AaABAg","Polar Corpuscle","I think they ought to punish these thoughtless vandals the same way they used to punish thieves in Islamic countries. Chop off their hands!","1","1","2020-06-22 13:04:40","true",""
"Ugz2TqIIA9H5U911tp54AaABAg.9AClI1m70S79ACowf1DhGE","Milky1944","Polar Corpuscle Edgey stuff coming from an adult with an anime profile pic","0","","2020-06-22 13:36:34","false",""
"Ugz2hwHARI9kh4d0N9d4AaABAg","A. Volt","If the authorities had listened for 25 years, they wouldn't have had to topple it.

Don't anyone dare rat these people out.","12","3","2020-06-22 13:05:38","true",""
"Ugz2hwHARI9kh4d0N9d4AaABAg.9AClP7VjqMe9ACm6KkYQas","Daniel Whyatt","A. Volt Too late","0","","2020-06-22 13:11:49","false",""
"Ugz2hwHARI9kh4d0N9d4AaABAg.9AClP7VjqMe9AD0YJWScec","fab","They conducted a poll on the statue a few years ago, and resulted in a win to keep it....","1","","2020-06-22 15:26:42","false",""
"Ugz2hwHARI9kh4d0N9d4AaABAg.9AClP7VjqMe9AD8xUqgzXP","A. Volt","@fab Not really convinced that a poll about whether a council authority should remain insensitive about the slave trade or not is really worth recognising, tbh.","0","","2020-06-22 16:40:11","false",""
"UgyHKLLMzsLsunMAFUF4AaABAg","jadagod","“The images have been streamed worldwide”  
They’ve also been praised worldwide 👍🏾","11","6","2020-06-22 13:05:41","true",""
"UgyHKLLMzsLsunMAFUF4AaABAg.9AClPRVfH4A9ACm7S8hdVT","Robbie","They divided more people, worldwide. A culture war is not what the left, BLM or any other group needs right now.","7","","2020-06-22 13:11:58","false",""
"UgyHKLLMzsLsunMAFUF4AaABAg.9AClPRVfH4A9ACnnU-UTpy","PPP Pugh","Not universally praised by any account. You only listen to those who you want to hear.","4","","2020-06-22 13:26:35","false",""
"UgyHKLLMzsLsunMAFUF4AaABAg.9AClPRVfH4A9ACrXkLE2px","jadagod","PPP Pugh how did you get that from what I said? You can’t change my statement to “praised universally” just so you can argue with it. 🤦🏽‍♂️","1","","2020-06-22 13:59:15","false",""
"UgyHKLLMzsLsunMAFUF4AaABAg.9AClPRVfH4A9AD3QEJ8-8C","English Gentleman","jadagod And condemned universally outside of your echo chamber.","1","","2020-06-22 15:51:49","false",""
"UgyHKLLMzsLsunMAFUF4AaABAg.9AClPRVfH4A9ADWMZimGk5","franklingoodwin","@English Gentleman Or both. Maybe you should get out of your echo chamber too","0","","2020-06-22 20:04:43","false",""
"UgyHKLLMzsLsunMAFUF4AaABAg.9AClPRVfH4A9ADiDOjqz1m","English Gentleman","franklingoodwin I wasn't the one who said only praised was I!! If you had comprehension you would see I said ""And"" didn't I!?","0","","2020-06-22 21:57:04","false",""
"UgxHYYw3IdPG4Z2tia14AaABAg","Agrilla 'keyz'","Ok now lets go get the people throwing punches at police","10","0","2020-06-22 13:06:07","true",""
"UgxwbvIJa9JBDEz2QO14AaABAg","PESTcrEEper","AKA no one will be punished.","0","0","2020-06-22 13:06:50","true",""
"Ugz4QeMul4IoCBcfdyp4AaABAg","catchfish205","Moron police are going to make heroes out of them. Fine them and there will be a collection for them. They will win in the end and the statue will disappear from public sight as others not cited yet.","1","0","2020-06-22 13:07:09","true",""
"Ugx1uTsi1_PdrB_HcHJ4AaABAg","graham harris","This getting more like 'Hot Fuzz' by the minute! It's a job for the 'Swede'!","4","0","2020-06-22 13:08:25","true",""
"UgyJ7kcbh5hFBU07yRp4AaABAg","Luke Howe","So wheres the link to the pictures?","1","0","2020-06-22 13:09:26","true",""
"Ugzgal0xkr9eXNrp4yp4AaABAg","andylaauk","Look how fast the man urinating next to a memorial was jailed.","30","16","2020-06-22 13:09:50","true",""
"Ugzgal0xkr9eXNrp4yp4AaABAg.9AClstA7Tyj9ACmSPXvztl","Prathamesh P","The statue of PC Keith Palmer wasn't a memorial of a slave trader, was it?","11","","2020-06-22 13:14:49","false",""
"Ugzgal0xkr9eXNrp4yp4AaABAg.9AClstA7Tyj9ACnO9J4fG-","Hussain Khan","@Prathamesh P it was a plaque , not a statue  but thats a small thing to pull you up on , me i reckon the lad nicked for pissing on the plaque had just drunk too much , i think he said 16 pints and in that state he would have pissed anywhere so i dont think it was intentional , im for giving him the benefit of the doubt even though i might not agree with his political views","8","","2020-06-22 13:22:59","false",""
"Ugzgal0xkr9eXNrp4yp4AaABAg.9AClstA7Tyj9ACoUJLfUwU","Prathamesh P","@Hussain Khan Yeah, I heard the same, I don't think he meant to disrespect the officer; he was just too drunk.","5","","2020-06-22 13:32:34","false",""
"Ugzgal0xkr9eXNrp4yp4AaABAg.9AClstA7Tyj9ACpfMOvgaN","Thomas F","@Prathamesh P The thing is, the statue of EC was up there to commemorate what he did funding schools, hospitals, social housing and public institutions - he wasn't being commemorated for being a slave trader exactly. Its similar in a way to Winston Churchill, his statue represents what he did to help win the war rather than anything else.","8","","2020-06-22 13:42:57","false",""
"Ugzgal0xkr9eXNrp4yp4AaABAg.9AClstA7Tyj9ACt1RkQ9hl","Google Sucks","@Prathamesh P Are you deliberately applying double stands for vandalism?","3","","2020-06-22 14:12:18","false",""
"Ugzgal0xkr9eXNrp4yp4AaABAg.9AClstA7Tyj9AD-gD_TD5d","fab","Prathamesh P which was a crime?","1","","2020-06-22 15:19:11","false",""
"Ugzgal0xkr9eXNrp4yp4AaABAg.9AClstA7Tyj9ADUHHFim6q","GARYPUSSY","@Prathamesh P will you please limit your views for your own country, thankyou","0","","2020-06-22 19:46:31","false",""
"Ugzgal0xkr9eXNrp4yp4AaABAg.9AClstA7Tyj9ADVIdSoUXN","Martha belle","@Google Sucks probably not,.however there are ""different laws for certain ""crimes"".","0","","2020-06-22 19:55:27","false",""
"Ugzgal0xkr9eXNrp4yp4AaABAg.9AClstA7Tyj9ADZ8Llr3nN","Google Sucks","@Martha belle Urinating in public and pulling down a public monument are certainly two different crimes.","2","","2020-06-22 20:28:59","false",""
"Ugzgal0xkr9eXNrp4yp4AaABAg.9AClstA7Tyj9AEk3Ea_BJI","Higgins_123","yeah but that a memorial to a brave figure. Not someone who if they were alive today would be serving multiple life sentences and guilty of warcrimes.","0","","2020-06-23 07:32:23","false",""
"Ugzgal0xkr9eXNrp4yp4AaABAg.9AClstA7Tyj9AEvE2HV2GZ","RichJW","Thomas F Very well put.","1","","2020-06-23 09:09:59","false",""
"Ugzgal0xkr9eXNrp4yp4AaABAg.9AClstA7Tyj9AFlLIcVh2Z","Lion Tamer","There was absoulutley no malice intended the poor guy gave himself up he was was just desparate for a piss.","0","","2020-06-23 17:02:50","false",""
"Ugzgal0xkr9eXNrp4yp4AaABAg.9AClstA7Tyj9AFsRChCrGr","***","The very people stoking up this Slavery nonsense ate guilty of the most Slavery in History.
78% of Slave owners.
Google it.","0","","2020-06-23 18:04:49","false",""
"Ugzgal0xkr9eXNrp4yp4AaABAg.9AClstA7Tyj9AFuQ6Me_on","Death Of Rats","...and he didn't even pee ON the plaque...just next to it...28 days in jail...seems fair...should've hung the bastard!!!","0","","2020-06-23 18:22:08","false",""
"Ugzgal0xkr9eXNrp4yp4AaABAg.9AClstA7Tyj9A_Oo2x-ryw","supertubemind","That was an own goal from a brain dead alt righter! He got his just desserts and deserves no sympathy.","0","","2020-07-01 17:21:14","false",""
"Ugzgal0xkr9eXNrp4yp4AaABAg.9AClstA7Tyj9A_PCFtTBpw","supertubemind","@Thomas F The funding that EC got to do these fine things was of the back of colonialism and slavery. So no, he doesn't get a free get out of jail card.
As for Churchill... I am sure Hitler did a lot of fine things for Germany that Germans would like to commemorate, but his evils override all that. Churchill was responsible for the deaths of 3 million Bengalis. That is unforgivable.","0","","2020-07-01 17:24:40","false",""
"UgxDBF33GH0aw1piyeR4AaABAg","andylaauk","#ScumMedia #fakenews","0","1","2020-06-22 13:10:03","true",""
"UgxDBF33GH0aw1piyeR4AaABAg.9ACluOscnSe9ACowtfyvaf","Sid Snot","Idiot","0","","2020-06-22 13:36:36","false",""
"Ugx5xPmx3skYMU69OzR4AaABAg","Emik Zotic","Seems like they did a job for free one that the council ignored for years.
Something tells me you aren't going to be thanking them for the free labor.","2","0","2020-06-22 13:10:06","true",""
"Ugwr9oYhWKzPrVgSbOt4AaABAg","Hussain Khan","not the first time for this , the media after the poll tax demonstration was the same with their ""if you know them shop them "" this led to many going prison only to get out on appeal , but for some that meant a year inside , but at least organisations such as Trafalgar Square Defendents campaign was successful in getting many of these unjust incarcerations overturned","0","0","2020-06-22 13:10:11","true",""
"UgySrxCxyDjLuJC4jMl4AaABAg","Tom Soki","Let’s hope they put them all in prison","0","0","2020-06-22 13:10:46","true",""
"UgzmBcYjHB0sASzCWdx4AaABAg","carol berry","Hope they're getting a medal!","0","0","2020-06-22 13:12:37","true",""
"Ugxg60LC7a4KYcAYtSt4AaABAg","YouNeedM3","I really do hope these people get caught","3","0","2020-06-22 13:16:44","true",""
"UgxF4RJ_0G_1nx05KXd4AaABAg","Zoe Freeman","Avon and Somerset clearly got a telling off because they weren’t interested at all for nearly 2 weeks 🤷‍♀️","0","0","2020-06-22 13:19:51","true",""
"Ugx1dsh_xJDakE6XNxt4AaABAg","Yas Moncler","Shut up!","0","0","2020-06-22 13:20:09","true",""
"UgwWFrobnP65Jt5VSOV4AaABAg","Mortuary Artist","You wouldn’t need to ask if they had been stopped or arrested at the time.","49","7","2020-06-22 13:20:19","true",""
"UgwWFrobnP65Jt5VSOV4AaABAg.9ACn4awLAjc9ACo1gXylIx","azamonra","Yeah and what's all this ""voluntary interview to give their account"" nonsense?  Arrest them for what they did, which was filmed and seen by millions.  This should be the easiest crime in the world to solve.","6","","2020-06-22 13:28:39","false",""
"UgwWFrobnP65Jt5VSOV4AaABAg.9ACn4awLAjc9ACo5khRMLN","PPP Pugh","It's racist to arrest certain criminals in 2020.","10","","2020-06-22 13:29:12","false",""
"UgwWFrobnP65Jt5VSOV4AaABAg.9ACn4awLAjc9ACqcClwkRp","Time To Wake Up","PPP Pugh lmao 😂","1","","2020-06-22 13:51:15","false",""
"UgwWFrobnP65Jt5VSOV4AaABAg.9ACn4awLAjc9ACqlEi5N33","Leachking LDN","PPP Pugh 
If you have nothing to add of substance, you should just kept quite","1","","2020-06-22 13:52:29","false",""
"UgwWFrobnP65Jt5VSOV4AaABAg.9ACn4awLAjc9ACsAaWBmxJ","Google Sucks","@Leachking LDN It didn't stop you.","6","","2020-06-22 14:04:49","false",""
"UgwWFrobnP65Jt5VSOV4AaABAg.9ACn4awLAjc9ACx9HjJl8A","PPP Pugh","@Leachking LDN and herein lies the irony of your warped left thinking - you are allowed to silence other people because of their lack of substance but you use even less substance to try to silence them! You are a perfect example of outrageous outrage.","4","","2020-06-22 14:48:20","false",""
"UgwWFrobnP65Jt5VSOV4AaABAg.9ACn4awLAjc9ADFdHaH5fJ","El Birdo","Leachking LDN and you are being hypocritical by randomly commenting on a perfectly valid and may I add correct point","2","","2020-06-22 17:38:35","false",""
"UgxzxVD8nL-XljIKUcN4AaABAg","Voice7Marie","The king is resetting his world!  Repent, turn away from your wicked ways and get right with God! JESUS IS KING! Seated on the throne, above all. 
The globalist think they are in control, they are delusional! Jesus is in control and is coming very soon. Get ready! Blessing","0","1","2020-06-22 13:20:50","true",""
"UgxzxVD8nL-XljIKUcN4AaABAg.9ACn8OTBgGH9ACoWZHZ_af","Hussain Khan","look to each other not a figment of human imagination , there is no god there is no jesus , put down the halleluyah bollocks  and grow your communities so they can withstand govt attack","0","","2020-06-22 13:32:52","false",""
"UgznPwTI1mNADaMchc14AaABAg","M S","In other words, we'll say this to make it look like we're doing something, but actually we're doing sod all!","46","1","2020-06-22 13:21:10","true",""
"UgznPwTI1mNADaMchc14AaABAg.9ACnAueWXLg9AD189IzaWw","Nathaniel Milner","The point is not for police to do anything...its for us to batter them ourselves.","2","","2020-06-22 15:31:52","false",""
"UgxHCPKgwuJcg3YWIG94AaABAg","3Slippers","Bravo to the 15 and to the cool headed policing on the day. This was no riot. The statue was revisionist post-colonial propaganda that shamed the city for far too long.","1","2","2020-06-22 13:24:58","true",""
"UgxHCPKgwuJcg3YWIG94AaABAg.9ACnbiZFfsN9ACogOWTicH","Sid Snot","It was a violent mob. I hope they are punished.","0","","2020-06-22 13:34:21","false",""
"UgxHCPKgwuJcg3YWIG94AaABAg.9ACnbiZFfsN9ADZr4Lm1M7","Clark Davison","How did the statue shame the city?","0","","2020-06-22 20:35:14","false",""
"UgzGiU_UkueZKTE_Xhx4AaABAg","Bobby Crush","A waste of police time and money - the police stood there and watched them do it.","88","6","2020-06-22 13:28:17","true",""
"UgzGiU_UkueZKTE_Xhx4AaABAg.9ACo-1AC_Bk9ACu50ejr2D","Strider9655","It's all part of the plan, a race war on UK soil. Stock market goes mental, the economy crashes, the super rich step in and buy everything up before it all settles again. That's if the communists don't jump in, because so far all this instability is text book communist tactics and lets face it, we've been pissing off Russia and China a lot lately.","4","","2020-06-22 14:21:32","false",""
"UgzGiU_UkueZKTE_Xhx4AaABAg.9ACo-1AC_Bk9ACw4_HLHfh","CragScrambler","@Strider9655 😆 :Tinfoil:","3","","2020-06-22 14:38:57","false",""
"UgzGiU_UkueZKTE_Xhx4AaABAg.9ACo-1AC_Bk9ACwZO2ve-L","Leif Greenhalgh","A waste of public money: the police.","2","","2020-06-22 14:43:09","false",""
"UgzGiU_UkueZKTE_Xhx4AaABAg.9ACo-1AC_Bk9ACyurO_dlz","James Attwood","Leif Greenhalgh if you get attacked who you gonna call, if your house gets robbed or car stolen who you gonna call, if you have children and god forbid they get assaulted who are you gonna call..... a waste... the only waste is your mind set my small minded idiotic friend","4","","2020-06-22 15:03:42","false",""
"UgzGiU_UkueZKTE_Xhx4AaABAg.9ACo-1AC_Bk9ACzTz_jXLt","TheMighty Derp","@Strider9655 Stop with your conspiracy theory nonsense. Scaremongering about communism you utter waste. No one wants communism, people want the rich to pay their share of taxes. Instead of the government borrowing the deficit which, the working class will foot the bill for! An for that we get a worse NHS, privatized public services, less or no support for the vulnerable, avid homelessness and no community centers for our children leading to increased gang related crime. Go educate yourself.","2","","2020-06-22 15:08:38","false",""
"UgzGiU_UkueZKTE_Xhx4AaABAg.9ACo-1AC_Bk9ACzisdEZXA","AAA Gaming","It's much easier to let the toddlers have their tantrum and just clean up the mess afterwards, particularly when it has such high tension political implications of acting against it at the time, but the law is the law, and that is what makes Britain great, we don't let punks get away with breaking the law even if they have a valid argument, particularly if it's in the public eye and do nothing about it, the next thing you will see if they are left to it is that people will go out and do other things like this for less just causes... and so we have a break down of our great society.","2","","2020-06-22 15:10:48","false",""
"Ugy2dmjxQbhJNUYqGBN4AaABAg","where there's a will","at least we get to see the heroes !
the statue came down the best way.","0","1","2020-06-22 13:28:42","true",""
"Ugy2dmjxQbhJNUYqGBN4AaABAg.9ACo1ylnCDm9ACpShUMjZD","azamonra","Being pulled down by a bunch of middle class white uni-students to prove they're super woke?  Sure that's the best way.  Than god for those white savours.","0","","2020-06-22 13:41:05","false",""
"UgyUXKbyKrepZwT71yV4AaABAg","Tattie2005","More people disliked, they damaged a statue","0","2","2020-06-22 13:29:35","true",""
"UgyUXKbyKrepZwT71yV4AaABAg.9ACo8T9JIyI9ADVbGIMowL","franklingoodwin","Maybe people don't like snitches, which is perfectly reasonable","0","","2020-06-22 19:58:07","false",""
"UgyUXKbyKrepZwT71yV4AaABAg.9ACo8T9JIyI9ADZj9W6a5K","Clark Davison","@franklingoodwin Unless they are ""snitching on people who broke covid restrictions"", apart from those who were on the right side of the political debate (which would be the progressive left side of course), they get a free pass.","0","","2020-06-22 20:34:09","false",""
"UgwfeAN1SJHAff0MHbV4AaABAg","Kieron Johnson","Slavery: criminal damage to a human being.","6","13","2020-06-22 13:30:55","true",""
"UgwfeAN1SJHAff0MHbV4AaABAg.9ACoIGrIF1F9ACpzTT8jDD","gerard dearie","Who aren't alive. And haven't been for two hundred years. How's tracking down Jack The Ripper going?","0","","2020-06-22 13:45:41","false",""
"UgwfeAN1SJHAff0MHbV4AaABAg.9ACoIGrIF1F9ACqWsMND8t","Leachking LDN","gerard dearie 
Would you be fine with a statue of jack the ripper? I ask because a lot of white people are fine with statue of people that did MUCH worst to other HUMANS then jack the ripper. They dont care because Black lives never mattered to them.","1","","2020-06-22 13:50:23","false",""
"UgwfeAN1SJHAff0MHbV4AaABAg.9ACoIGrIF1F9ACrZhoc_8g","Kieron Johnson","@gerard dearie You'll be dead one day too, like me. Done anything to be proud of? Please, this 'it happened so long ago' BS doesn't pass the sniff test.","1","","2020-06-22 13:59:31","false",""
"UgwfeAN1SJHAff0MHbV4AaABAg.9ACoIGrIF1F9ACwvBwWGT8","gerard dearie","@Leachking LDN Not really engaging with the point I made. Not surprising, really.","0","","2020-06-22 14:46:16","false",""
"UgwfeAN1SJHAff0MHbV4AaABAg.9ACoIGrIF1F9ACx5BLeCTj","gerard dearie","@Leachking LDN If only white people had your unimpeachable moral compass. Maybe you could run classes.","0","","2020-06-22 14:47:46","false",""
"UgwfeAN1SJHAff0MHbV4AaABAg.9ACoIGrIF1F9ACxMuJqhoK","gerard dearie","@Kieron Johnson That wasn't my point. My point is that the fact that there was slavery doesn't make the toppling of the statue not a crime. I never said anything about whether the statue should be there in the first place. It's almost like you are arguing strawmen for teeny tiny rush moral dopamine, doesn't it?","0","","2020-06-22 14:50:11","false",""
"UgwfeAN1SJHAff0MHbV4AaABAg.9ACoIGrIF1F9AD23-BpL-l","Kieron Johnson","@gerard dearie O.K. do you think it should be there? A simple yes or no will suffice.","1","","2020-06-22 15:39:54","false",""
"UgwfeAN1SJHAff0MHbV4AaABAg.9ACoIGrIF1F9AD2vEDd9fE","gerard dearie","@Kieron Johnson Right little moral busy body aren't you? Who are you Torquemada? I'm saying nothing, not because I lack opinion, but rather that I enjoy the thought of that little Kafka-equse hamster wheel ,which is your brain, spinning.","0","","2020-06-22 15:47:27","false",""
"UgwfeAN1SJHAff0MHbV4AaABAg.9ACoIGrIF1F9AD4aiJdehY","Kieron Johnson","@gerard dearie Oh dear, blame me for being a 'moral busybody' as you slink away with your cowardly, unprincipled tail between your legs. 
Beneath the flowery language your garden is quite bare. What's wrong? I asked a simple question. Surely someone with your intellectual rigour can give a simple answer and support it with a persuasive case. You've been back-pedalling from the start and now your bicycle has a puncture.","1","","2020-06-22 16:02:07","false",""
"UgwfeAN1SJHAff0MHbV4AaABAg.9ACoIGrIF1F9AD648DAu-x","gerard dearie","@Kieron Johnson It's not my job to write to your level of sub-literacy. Re-read what I said in my previous comment-you have done exactly what I said you would. Very smart. Also. a garden can't be both flowery and bare.","0","","2020-06-22 16:15:01","false",""
"UgwfeAN1SJHAff0MHbV4AaABAg.9ACoIGrIF1F9ADGo3BFtH9","Kieron Johnson","@gerard dearie You wade in to diminish criticism of slavery because all the slaves are dead, thus making this issue an irrelevance. Then you state this isn't about slavery at all, just about good old fashioned coppering and bringing miscreants to justice. But what's this? You want to see the vandals caught but you can't bring yourself to admit that you want the statue to remain? Like I said, cowardly and duplicitous. Oh, and I described your language as 'flowery' and your garden as 'bare'. Try to keep up.","0","","2020-06-22 17:48:48","false",""
"UgwfeAN1SJHAff0MHbV4AaABAg.9ACoIGrIF1F9ADZXMOyPdC","Clark Davison","@Kieron Johnson What about all the banks with historical links to the slave trade including Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC and Lloyds Banking Group, insurance market Lloyd’s of London and the brewer Greene King. What about The Guardian - originally called the Manchester Guardian, the paper was founded in 1821 by John Edward Taylor using profits from a cotton plantation that used slaves. Should they be there?","1","","2020-06-22 20:32:24","false",""
"UgwfeAN1SJHAff0MHbV4AaABAg.9ACoIGrIF1F9AE8-pgayHL","Kieron Johnson","@Clark Davison Simple, close your account with them if that's where your money is and put it in the Co-operative Bank. That's what I did years ago. Barclays were happy to support apartheid in South Africa, they've been scumbags since forever.
Greene King issued an apology recently, that's  something to applaud. I think you'll find the Guardian has made more of a contribution to reporting human rights abuses than The Sun and I expect that to remain the case. Since you seem to like 'whataboutism' don't forget Lord Northcliffe' s Daily Mail and his support for Hitler, Mussolini and Mosley. We had a king for a time who was quite sweet on Nazism too. Wanna wave bye bye to the Windsors?","0","","2020-06-23 01:51:08","false",""
"UgzL2Us831ZFp7oeDhF4AaABAg","J Goldstein","Bet its not the ring leaders though right!!
They're are all back at barracks. They'll be back out to cause mayhem and hijack more Civil rights movements soon though","4","0","2020-06-22 13:34:53","true",""
"Ugy-_tQgfEw31bFCrcp4AaABAg","Esa UK","No no no no no no no","2","0","2020-06-22 13:35:27","true",""
"UgwYdAa0NAPuJfFT-Pt4AaABAg","The Scary Truth Catalyst","Oh please, please, pretty please come in to the local police station and we can all take a knee together and virtue signal in a cathartic understanding of white privilege and black oppression. 💩","0","0","2020-06-22 13:35:27","true",""
"UgxeaiVNdCcJc_ACyJh4AaABAg","cfowler7","""History is not there for you to like or dislike. It is there for you to learn from it. And if it offends you, even better. Because you are less likely to repeat it. It's not yours to erase. It belongs to all of us."" Move the statue elsewhere and let us learn the importance of the history and to never repeat it.","3","1","2020-06-22 13:36:00","true",""
"UgxeaiVNdCcJc_ACyJh4AaABAg.9ACosVFXR7d9ADYweiOtv_","Clark Davison","That was not why the statue was erected, despite the selective use of historical facts that suite the protesters.  Edward Colston was a renowned and respected philanthropist, giving immense sums to causes in and around Bristol.  Said to have been strongly motivated by the responsibility of wealthy people to support the less fortunate, Colston is attributed with founding almshouses in Bristol, donating money to Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital School, founding Colston’s Hospital as a boarding school for 100 boys, and funding other schools and churches

The extent of his charity was immense, exceptional and nationally recognised. When his portrait was published in London a year after his death in 1721, the engraved description described him as “the brightest Example of Christian Liberality that this Age has produced both for the extensiveness of his Charities and for the prudent Regulation of them.” For two hundred years Colston was revered and repeatedly memorialised in Bristol.","0","","2020-06-22 20:27:16","false",""
"UgwX2v0njsSV8BpY9Fx4AaABAg","steph p","They should get jail time.","0","0","2020-06-22 13:37:50","true",""
"Ugwz6U_8bUrmkr2ZvT54AaABAg","Milky1944","Don’t snitch!","2","2","2020-06-22 13:38:34","true",""
"Ugwz6U_8bUrmkr2ZvT54AaABAg.9ACpAGqRfLW9ADYh0p3yRz","Clark Davison","Did you support ""snitching"" on those who broke Covid restrictions? Or was that different?","0","","2020-06-22 20:25:07","false",""
"Ugwz6U_8bUrmkr2ZvT54AaABAg.9ACpAGqRfLW9AFHKbkmez5","Milky1944","@Clark Davison no I do not","0","","2020-06-23 12:31:52","false",""
"Ugy4f4TnFsaEB5qyXR14AaABAg","Knight Hood","its not that hard to find this traitors, Go find them","0","0","2020-06-22 13:39:05","true",""
"UgzCPiUdDhrFRRlDJXJ4AaABAg","Jason Devon","I do NOT want my country ruled by a mob!  Find and arrest those vandals.","2","0","2020-06-22 13:42:59","true",""
"Ugz2TtO2jGSxTBL1Gfh4AaABAg","gerard dearie","So they didn't stop it whilst it was happening,  and they are only now doing something about it? Jeez, read the room guys.","0","0","2020-06-22 13:44:08","true",""
"UgxyQGi_twod647Z4754AaABAg","Jack","They need to stop being so pansyish and make arrests and the interviews compulsory. They all broke the law, vandalism is illegal. If you don't properly enforce the law, it becomes ineffective and decent law abiding citizens suffer.","7","1","2020-06-22 13:44:43","true",""
"UgxyQGi_twod647Z4754AaABAg.9ACpsHmu_Wl9B8IselyY9x","Bloodgod40","Literally nobody in Bristol wants them arrested. The police are doing no service at all to the community by trying to go after the people who pulled down the statue.","0","","2020-07-15 16:02:06","false",""
"Ugxx-Iwkw61KYMY0dXh4AaABAg","Daddo And Son.","So doing nothing then","0","0","2020-06-22 13:48:53","true",""
"Ugw_iQJOTGK41Pv6Q1F4AaABAg","John Webster","Shame they can't publish photos of the 100,00 slaves they transported","0","0","2020-06-22 13:49:34","true",""
"UgyLuzYsK_dFPf14Uix4AaABAg","Jed ward","I don’t believe in idolatry in general, so the place for it is the bottom of a river.","3","1","2020-06-22 13:50:41","true",""
"UgyLuzYsK_dFPf14Uix4AaABAg.9ACqZ1vPwBU9ADYUGGZD1c","Clark Davison","So what are you, an Iconoclast? You really think statues are erected in order to idolise a person?","0","","2020-06-22 20:23:15","false",""
"Ugzf4IIBPLpL5NdlUk14AaABAg","Ben Whelan","Find them and award them with medals or something for doing the right thing.","4","1","2020-06-22 13:51:20","true",""
"Ugzf4IIBPLpL5NdlUk14AaABAg.9ACqckChPlT9ACvPnhxtk6","David Thornton","Dumd arse.","0","","2020-06-22 14:33:07","false",""
"UgyhdIRSNTPlWc2i1Lp4AaABAg","Arandora Press","Shame on anyone who shops these people.","0","0","2020-06-22 13:52:41","true",""
"UgyUQxPslO2hpjoYVSR4AaABAg","james ferry","We, on behalf of the police, politely ask if all murderers, rapists and theives please report to your local police station( if it's open that is) and fill in the appropriate forms.  Please do not ring 101 or 999 as refusal to do anything about crime may cause offence","0","0","2020-06-22 13:55:35","true",""
"Ugyz2vrrhhXLldvvhF94AaABAg","Helsync","Considering the politically charged situation surrounding this situation, it seems extremely reckless releasing photographs to the public... either they're incompetent or they're actually wanting groups like the EDL to hunt down and attack these people (the smirk suggests this may be the case).","1","4","2020-06-22 13:57:08","true",""
"Ugyz2vrrhhXLldvvhF94AaABAg.9ACrII69xjA9AD-P_1VXwn","English Gentleman","Helsync Don't be think EDL is that well organised????","0","","2020-06-22 15:16:46","false",""
"Ugyz2vrrhhXLldvvhF94AaABAg.9ACrII69xjA9AD4D9eXdlm","Helsync","@English Gentleman you dont think they have facebook groups where they share stuff like this?
It just takes one of them to recognise a staff member or co-worker and one of them to think it justified to hunt them down and dispense their own sick sense of 'justice'.","0","","2020-06-22 15:58:46","false",""
"Ugyz2vrrhhXLldvvhF94AaABAg.9ACrII69xjA9AD6zOkF5vg","English Gentleman","Helsync Even if they do they would do bugger all about it. I don't share the narrative that the so called ""hard right"" is a threat in this country. Most of the people the msm call hard right are just patriotic citizens like veterans and working class people who have had enough of the lies. The true ""hard right"" are a bunch of fantasists who couldn't find their own bum with two hands and a map!","0","","2020-06-22 16:22:58","false",""
"Ugyz2vrrhhXLldvvhF94AaABAg.9ACrII69xjA9ADYGjHxRlh","Clark Davison","@English Gentleman The Overton window has shifted so far left that Tony Blair would be considered hard right, along with Chairman Mao and Stalin.","0","","2020-06-22 20:21:24","false",""
"Ugy6dUm2iYx8_BkCOXF4AaABAg","Jay E","Lol can't wait to see these scum in jail.","0","0","2020-06-22 13:58:58","true",""
"Ugz35YybVr6571h-7_V4AaABAg","Cam Povey","So what we doing finding them to give thank them?","0","0","2020-06-22 14:00:56","true",""
"Ugy_JKz_iDp8Cdpr5GR4AaABAg","If it ain't woke,don't fix it","We all know these pathetic clowns won't do anything because... meh racism","0","0","2020-06-22 14:02:48","true",""
"UgyC2ETdY5WS4DSE4Ah4AaABAg","jane jan","Arm the police. With real bullets. And give them permission to shoot.","0","0","2020-06-22 14:03:05","true",""
"Ugy3jbdodzo1DUYXF2l4AaABAg","EzyC","Lol, they care about a statue from a man who traded slaves, smh","1","2","2020-06-22 14:04:55","true",""
"Ugy3jbdodzo1DUYXF2l4AaABAg.9ACsBJkoCOd9ACvQhYrsNf","Strider9655","He's also the man who made Bristol what it is today, Bristol was a primary hub during industrial revolution, without it we'd probably be one of the poorest western nations.
People can do good and bad, this isn't some comic book.","1","","2020-06-22 14:33:14","false",""
"Ugy3jbdodzo1DUYXF2l4AaABAg.9ACsBJkoCOd9ADY-uC3NZD","Clark Davison","At that time the slave trade was promoted by the King and pursued by other European trading countries as a legitimate trade.  It was some 30 years after Colston’s death before the abolition movement started and it was not until 1833 that the Abolition of Slavery Act officially banned slavery.  

What about all the banks with historical links to the slave trade including Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC and Lloyds Banking Group, insurance market Lloyd’s of London and the brewer Greene King. What about The Guardian - originally called the Manchester Guardian, the paper was founded in 1821 by John Edward Taylor using profits from a cotton plantation that used slaves. Do they have to be pulled down as well?","0","","2020-06-22 20:19:06","false",""
"Ugz899ty5Nqsm3Ec25t4AaABAg","Male Intellectis","6ix9ine knows","0","0","2020-06-22 14:06:55","true",""
"UgyUgjM1DPbXwJbXL3x4AaABAg","joejoejoejoejoejoej","I notice the photos aren’t on this video !!!!
The Independent condoning the toppling ?! 🤔","4","0","2020-06-22 14:09:22","true",""
"UgzcAdqzlS1ksAWR-QR4AaABAg","Kate Libby","Anybody who snitches on those people is an absolute dick in my opinion.","0","0","2020-06-22 14:15:59","true",""
"Ugz3h0LaEarz04aChLZ4AaABAg","Leigh Ferguson","Why would you want a statue of a slave trader. Surly that would be like having a statue of the Yorkshire ripper, ,Fred West, or Peter Tobin.
I mean if a slave trader can be immortalised then why not every low life. Slave trading is just another word for human trafficking. Don't you agree","2","5","2020-06-22 14:19:20","true",""
"Ugz3h0LaEarz04aChLZ4AaABAg.9ACtpseOfcn9ACzHn17tWI","Banana Man","He built Bristol with that money. imagine how it would be if left to the miserable west country bumpkins to build alone. William Wilberforce statue is safe. Bad man was from Yorkshire, no racists here 😉","2","","2020-06-22 15:06:58","false",""
"Ugz3h0LaEarz04aChLZ4AaABAg.9ACtpseOfcn9AD176LekGc","fab","They had a poll a few years ago, and keeping it won.  It’s not anyone’s right to force it down when the ppl who live there decide to keep it","1","","2020-06-22 15:31:43","false",""
"Ugz3h0LaEarz04aChLZ4AaABAg.9ACtpseOfcn9AD8dnmjgEO","manhunt48","We up for demolishing the pyramids as well right?","0","","2020-06-22 16:37:29","false",""
"Ugz3h0LaEarz04aChLZ4AaABAg.9ACtpseOfcn9ADFFn3meK2","Kieron Johnson","@manhunt48 The pyramids were NOT built by slaves. They were basically a job creation scheme to support the Egyptian economy during the annual Nile floods. They were built by farmers and craftsmen who were paid.","0","","2020-06-22 17:35:15","false",""
"Ugz3h0LaEarz04aChLZ4AaABAg.9ACtpseOfcn9ADXe9leG_W","Clark Davison","@Kieron Johnson How can you be so sure, were you there? Or, like the BLM protesters are you just selecting the bits of history that support your narrative. Can you guarantee that not a single slave was involved in the construction of the pyramids. If not what were all the Egyptians slaves at that time actually being used for?","1","","2020-06-22 20:16:00","false",""
"UgyRTPJGOSsGRH6HOUV4AaABAg","Aaron abreu","Hope you don't get them. Why your there you need to arrest the criminal royal  family if you're looking for criminals.","1","0","2020-06-22 14:20:54","true",""
"UgyBIHUoKW5OTevcVnV4AaABAg","Aaron abreu","The royals and the corpirations and governments and rich elite who keep us prisoners are the true criminals  your looking in the wrong place.","0","0","2020-06-22 14:22:29","true",""
"UgyE5j8poHSz0Sz4hyR4AaABAg","Simmosa","why not just stop them at the time? fucking pointless, what a waste of police time and money","0","0","2020-06-22 14:24:49","true",""
"Ugyiu8_AeJPhrMDsoq14AaABAg","Juliana Storace","This is all a ploy to make people think that the police are doing their job. The only people who would recognise these terrorists, would be the scumbags that were terrorising the police. So it’s all wool over the eyes. Total disgrace. We are completely the laughing stock of the world!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡","0","0","2020-06-22 14:29:30","true",""
"UgwzdrzcLP4HZae3ETZ4AaABAg","David Thornton","Well that's a scummy title.","0","0","2020-06-22 14:31:26","true",""
"UgxLrvJsXnBt6vMySqh4AaABAg","Oliver","This is ridiculous. We see people power and democracy in action and now the pigs want to crack down on those carrying out the will of the people in this country. Shameful","0","1","2020-06-22 14:33:08","true",""
"UgxLrvJsXnBt6vMySqh4AaABAg.9ACvPtHfIOx9ADXKMB52P0","Clark Davison","Not ""the will of the people in this country"" not even the will of the people of Bristol. Over the last 20 years the people of Bristol have voted multiple times to keep the statue. Maybe some of them know more about Colston than the historical cherry picking media and protestors. 

What is shameful is the level of cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias displayed by those with an agenda to select only the historical facts that suit their narrative.

What about all the banks with historical links to the slave trade including Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC and Lloyds Banking Group, insurance market Lloyd’s of London and the brewer Greene King. What about The Guardian - originally called the Manchester Guardian, the paper was founded in 1821 by John Edward Taylor using profits from a cotton plantation that used slaves. Do they have to be pulled down as well?","0","","2020-06-22 20:13:09","false",""
"UgyeDaOuQ7OOEy9GQu94AaABAg","Aaron G","Why not arrest them while they were committing the crime instead of watching and trying to find them later? They were right in front of you morons. 

But you were afraid of being called racist. Just do your jobs probably mate, no one cares about race.","2","0","2020-06-22 14:41:00","true",""
"UgwcvnwmNKih3h5VrIh4AaABAg","AB","A part of moving forward is taking out the trash","0","0","2020-06-22 14:41:39","true",""
"UgwkcKeWCzSxKwxCnyt4AaABAg","SuperAp0calypse","Racist statue gets pulled down and police do nothing, yet want the general public to do all the work? Did I get that right?","1","1","2020-06-22 14:45:04","true",""
"UgwkcKeWCzSxKwxCnyt4AaABAg.9ACwmL_OWVn9ADWOuvKwkC","Clark Davison","Apart from claiming the stature was racist you did just great","0","","2020-06-22 20:05:02","false",""
"Ugz14O4XQu9Yj5PvRYp4AaABAg","gaz trent","there is AMPLE evidence, video etc, about time the useless police actually did their job, if it was a right wing demo, the perps would already be in jail!!!","3","0","2020-06-22 14:49:26","true",""
"UgyAsfB5VvpILvxA9Jl4AaABAg","Daniel Rayson","Independent forgot to add this to their description:
I thought facial recognition was a thing these days?","2","1","2020-06-22 14:51:43","true",""
"UgyAsfB5VvpILvxA9Jl4AaABAg.9ACxY6JWlJm9ADWGEFQR6q","Clark Davison","Yep, you can be sure if they had been reported for a ""non-crime hate incident"" or ""wrongthink"" they would have already been traced and contacted by the police.","0","","2020-06-22 20:03:51","false",""
"UgxLbd1p7A4yenSOhrZ4AaABAg","James Mcmenamin","send them to prison leave our history alone","3","1","2020-06-22 14:54:38","true",""
"UgxLbd1p7A4yenSOhrZ4AaABAg.9ACxsRCKy5T9AD1ErhXGCD","Ceitidh","I'm gonna take a guess and say that you'd never heard of Colston before the statue was taken down.","1","","2020-06-22 15:32:47","false",""
"Ugz5OTvK054kGj_3RSp4AaABAg","gaz trent","so why have the independent not linked the pix/video to this article, if they are THAT KEEN to see justice served ?? beggars belief!","2","1","2020-06-22 14:55:40","true",""
"Ugz5OTvK054kGj_3RSp4AaABAg.9ACxzw7QWHE9AD1C075Hx5","English Gentleman","gaz trent Because they aren't!! Don't forget it's the independent!","0","","2020-06-22 15:32:24","false",""
"UgzJMgQBU7X6CZbnPZl4AaABAg","kay doyle","Police pretending to be tough on crime and putting on a no nonsense attitude - paint a rainbow on that sweet face and take a knee darling LOL","6","1","2020-06-22 14:55:42","true",""
"UgzJMgQBU7X6CZbnPZl4AaABAg.9ACy-C2u0ec9AFucAkZRo5","Death Of Rats","...don't forget to pull your pants down sweetie...","0","","2020-06-23 18:23:55","false",""
"UgygYN_I6WjFIo6Cqtl4AaABAg","mcfcguvnors","gettin a woman 2 do that is such a cuntish thing 2 do like she can soften the blow by fluttering her eyelashes at a camera","0","0","2020-06-22 14:56:39","true",""
"UgzCetX5VZvcaJkZ0I54AaABAg","Samantha Taylor","The statues had to come down, they must let it go.","1","3","2020-06-22 15:02:17","true",""
"UgzCetX5VZvcaJkZ0I54AaABAg.9ACykSBNGYP9AD-593ix0e","English Gentleman","Samantha Taylor Why? Because you say so?","0","","2020-06-22 15:13:59","false",""
"UgzCetX5VZvcaJkZ0I54AaABAg.9ACykSBNGYP9ADVi_t-WUF","Clark Davison","Do you also want the £1,000,000 per year that Colston charities distribute to be removed too? Should all the people who over the last 250 years have benefited from his philanthropy give that money back and reject all future grants, awards and funds, perhaps they should forget the education it provided them?","0","","2020-06-22 19:59:07","false",""
"UgzCetX5VZvcaJkZ0I54AaABAg.9ACykSBNGYP9ADVvZSf_wp","Clark Davison","What about all the banks with historical links to the slave trade including Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC and Lloyds Banking Group, insurance market Lloyd’s of London and the brewer Greene King. What about The Guardian - originally called the Manchester Guardian, the paper was founded in 1821 by John Edward Taylor using profits from a cotton plantation that used slaves. Does all this have to go too?","0","","2020-06-22 20:00:54","false",""
"UgwN5obUYgjJQKACqft4AaABAg","James Attwood","May they all be arrested for breaking the law and charged, this kind of “protesting” only works to set back the changes that you want, peaceful protest and working through political aisles is how things get changed for the better in the modern world in the peaceful society, this ridiculous violence and damaging of public and or private property serves no purpose and will achieve nothing, don’t follow the American public doing this stuff those people are idiots and frequently denounced by the black lives matter movement, to those of you who read this and are one of the more aggressive protesters, know this, the black lives matter movement DISAPPROVES you and your mantra your doing a dis-justice to a worthy cause","4","3","2020-06-22 15:08:03","true",""
"UgwN5obUYgjJQKACqft4AaABAg.9ACzPiDwWGZ9ADVKrtDvcu","Clark Davison","Isn't it weird how on the BLM website, the donation button links to ActBlue, which is fundraiser slush fund for the DNC. No coincidences at all.....","0","","2020-06-22 19:55:45","false",""
"UgwN5obUYgjJQKACqft4AaABAg.9ACzPiDwWGZ9ADd5uJuqwG","James Attwood","Clark Davison nope, not a single one, nothing to see here","0","","2020-06-22 21:12:21","false",""
"UgwN5obUYgjJQKACqft4AaABAg.9ACzPiDwWGZ9ADe-1XfEny","Clark Davison","@James Attwood You might enjoy this :","0","","2020-06-22 21:20:09","false",""
"UgyYRI66vI5mihKb_yR4AaABAg","G Jones","""We want to act like the Stasi but laws prevent us from doing so""","0","0","2020-06-22 15:08:38","true",""
"UgzssvsQ07RAQzwz8nF4AaABAg","JACOB TAYLOR","best news yet, lock em up, dirty little rotters, 12 years hard labour, bread and water.","2","0","2020-06-22 15:10:19","true",""
"Ugypas7vagFEQkLTl8p4AaABAg","Hal","So the police want to arrest those who stand against racist slave traders statute. Its amazing you're celebrating racists and arresting those who stand against their celebration! How do you think black people feel having to look at that statute","0","0","2020-06-22 15:13:32","true",""
"UgwmASojnx8K2Oy2bqN4AaABAg","Neil Kitson","Think one of them was called Edward Colson. About 7 ft, bronzed , leader of a gang called the ‘ demented snowflakes’ . Hope this helps.","0","0","2020-06-22 15:16:51","true",""
"Ugzg2xHCi9JQ5LPmljB4AaABAg","Wayne Fraser","The Government should take them down 2020","1","2","2020-06-22 15:17:08","true",""
"Ugzg2xHCi9JQ5LPmljB4AaABAg.9AD-SAocQqc9ADU7yK1wgE","mhffc","Why????","1","","2020-06-22 19:45:15","false",""
"Ugzg2xHCi9JQ5LPmljB4AaABAg.9AD-SAocQqc9ADUxAj18Ml","Clark Davison","Who??","1","","2020-06-22 19:52:23","false",""
"UgwOLRmnqMOaRySCRz14AaABAg","tealeafuk","all 15 people need to be arrested and made examples of, you don't break the law no matter what your cause. Also think the statue should be put back on the principle that you can't go pulling down statues and doing what you want. The rule of law you leftie wankers its very important.","1","0","2020-06-22 15:17:27","true",""
"UgwiYVle43UpDfENupl4AaABAg","ann barns","Fake ,you can tell by the way she is reporting this","1","0","2020-06-22 15:18:22","true",""
"Ugznu9vyLhKyqRLv08N4AaABAg","Magiktcup","Holy shit i was just about to block the independent from my recommendations solely because they never turn on the comments. Mite just stick around for a while","1","1","2020-06-22 15:19:46","true",""
"Ugznu9vyLhKyqRLv08N4AaABAg.9AD-kS8s5qR9ADUsb7G8TU","Clark Davison","If only to see how long the comment section stays up for, some of my comments have already disappeared because they don't fit the narrative.","0","","2020-06-22 19:51:45","false",""
"UgyuFUudugdI3oUYV8Z4AaABAg","Kev McCormick","So the system is saying they want to stop racism ect but then the actions are the opposite.

I predict just now if any of them are arrested and charged the protests will go into overdrive and will turn violent but then again that's what they want so they are justified to send in the army.","0","0","2020-06-22 15:19:51","true",""
"UgxN1njdkb8EkGVzBMh4AaABAg","Marie Muckle","Oh gives a shit. Seriously!","0","0","2020-06-22 15:21:18","true",""
"UgxwRPbudSTCegCyXsR4AaABAg","Willma Fingerdoo","BLM are just a joke now.  They'll be a viral meme soon enough, I mean honestly....what are they trying to accomplish?  ""End racism!!!""   Fine, I agree.  But there's only one way to end racism.

""STOP TALKING ABOUT IT.""  Morgan Freeman.","18","13","2020-06-22 15:22:38","true",""
"UgxwRPbudSTCegCyXsR4AaABAg.9AD04XDPtP19AD59ng_cFz","Lukas Buivydas","you are part of the problem and living proof racism exists. You are saying a civil rights movement for black people is a joke. Do you hear yourself?","7","","2020-06-22 16:07:03","false",""
"UgxwRPbudSTCegCyXsR4AaABAg.9AD04XDPtP19AD69WpGJ1e","Irishtradchannel","@Lukas Buivydas Is that what you think it is?","5","","2020-06-22 16:15:45","false",""
"UgxwRPbudSTCegCyXsR4AaABAg.9AD04XDPtP19AD6NGW_HrZ","Willma Fingerdoo","@Lukas Buivydas Yes I hear myself.
Do you support the murder of David Dorn?  Your fellow BLM members killed him.  I look forward to your reply.","5","","2020-06-22 16:17:37","false",""
"UgxwRPbudSTCegCyXsR4AaABAg.9AD04XDPtP19AD7ynnhbtW","manhunt48","@Lukas Buivydas So the guy who wants racism to end is racist.... and you actually compared the civil rights movement to BLM, who vandalise, loot and attack innocents..... Well done, you literally proved his point for him.","2","","2020-06-22 16:31:37","false",""
"UgxwRPbudSTCegCyXsR4AaABAg.9AD04XDPtP19AD8a-9ugj7","Willma Fingerdoo","@manhunt48 Comical really isn't it?  I agree that racism should end and I'm racist.  So is that reverse racism or anti, anti racism?  There's so many types of racism now it's becoming the new LGBTQKSLA or whatever they are these days.  
Being called a racist means nothing now, it's a word so diluted to nothing due to overuse by idiots with no argument.","1","","2020-06-22 16:36:58","false",""
"UgxwRPbudSTCegCyXsR4AaABAg.9AD04XDPtP19AD8wMUUTOB","Siobhan","Stigs yeah you are the one who does not want to talk about it..a lot of people with your mindset hate BLM cos you don't want to Challenge Racism as it makes you have to face yourself..BLM Came about because of police brutality against black people and they are not looters or violent as the liars try to say..this is ordinary people standing up for what is Right.","0","","2020-06-22 16:40:02","false",""
"UgxwRPbudSTCegCyXsR4AaABAg.9AD04XDPtP19AD9wGUFRwy","Willma Fingerdoo","@Siobhan So do you support the murder of David Dorn?  BLM protesters killed him.  Why doesn't anyone want to answer my question?  Instead of calling people names and cherry picking who your members are, face yourself and realise you are defending Marxists and murderers.
So, question 1, Do you support the murder of Mr Dorn? (as your members killed him)
Question 2, Do you know who Asatta Shakur is?
I look forward to YOUR reply as the other one has gone quiet.","2","","2020-06-22 16:48:45","false",""
"UgxwRPbudSTCegCyXsR4AaABAg.9AD04XDPtP19ADF18ccLoz","Willma Fingerdoo","Why do these BLM members keep going quiet when asked plain and simple questions?  I only asked two, I have many, many more but I never get an answer.  I get called a racist (which means the square root of jack these days),  but never get a sensible answer.  Would it be because these snowflakes don't actually know what they're protesting about?","0","","2020-06-22 17:33:15","false",""
"UgxwRPbudSTCegCyXsR4AaABAg.9AD04XDPtP19ADKhXAwwjP","Siobhan","@Willma Fingerdoo in the midst of such big protests bad things can happen..some will be there looking for trouble and don't actually care about the matter at hand..I'm sure you realise this anyway unless your looking for a reason to hate the BLM Protests?in Reality people have a right to protest  when they see a cop once again killing black people in cold blood..this is not what police are meant to be doing??I'm unsure why you are so against people standing up for their rights?","0","","2020-06-22 18:22:51","false",""
"UgxwRPbudSTCegCyXsR4AaABAg.9AD04XDPtP19ADNmy-k_iX","Willma Fingerdoo","@Siobhan Oh,  I see after taking the time to write a nice, clear and concise reply it's deleted.  Well thank you YouTube.  Seems the left really do hate the truth.

Seems it's just sad lefties who can't handle the truth are reporting my factual comments.  These are your BLM supporters Siobhan.  Believing lies and deleting the facts that are available on any US government website.","0","","2020-06-22 18:49:49","false",""
"UgxwRPbudSTCegCyXsR4AaABAg.9AD04XDPtP19ADOBstwtDD","Willma Fingerdoo","@Siobhan Ill try again and keep it short.  Google these names...
Justine Damond, Jeremy Mardis, Tony Timpa, 
And yes I do hate BLM protests. They wrecked the lives of good black people and killed Mr Dorn. A proper hero, not a criminal been made out to be some kind of saint.","0","","2020-06-22 18:53:21","false",""
"UgxwRPbudSTCegCyXsR4AaABAg.9AD04XDPtP19ADQGmj0gj_","Clark Davison","@Willma Fingerdoo Isn't it strange how Youtube comments disappear, how the notifications stop working and content from people we subscribe to or topics were are discussing get shadowbanned. Always when there is a big issue - like Brexit, US Elections, ""Peaceful protests"" - almost like it happens on purpose, but I'm sure it is just a coincidence.","0","","2020-06-22 19:11:30","false",""
"UgxwRPbudSTCegCyXsR4AaABAg.9AD04XDPtP19ADRoTxN-aU","Clark Davison","@Willma Fingerdoo When questioned about Justine Damond at the Australian BLM protests none of the protesters (Black or White) had heard of Justine (an Australian citizen) yet they had all heard about and supported Floyd - funny that! I wonder if they even knew where Minneapolis or Minnesota was before being would up and let loose on cities to cause disruption, dishonesty and division.","0","","2020-06-22 19:24:58","false",""
"UgwIUm3Gb8s9OWNf91p4AaABAg","you know i am right","Don't bother commenting,
when they have enough off people saying things that don't comply with their anti white, anti British agenda they just delete them all and then turn them off. They never learn.
We must learn, don't comment.
Your comment will be gone in a day or two when their temper explodes and they can't handle anymore truths.","3","0","2020-06-22 15:25:35","true",""
"Ugzi2xj7LlUm-ctrI5R4AaABAg","Sash Campbell","What I don't understand is why people are so outraged by this statue of a SLAVE TRADER being destroyed? That's mostly what that guy was known for. Why is he being celebrated in the first place?","3","3","2020-06-22 15:27:34","true",""
"Ugzi2xj7LlUm-ctrI5R4AaABAg.9AD0dedaBGG9AD1bmHgEBD","fab","They had a poll a few years ago, and keeping it won.  It’s not anyone’s right to force it down when the ppl who live there decide to keep it.  People only care that the police are allowing it, like they have the power of a rabbit in headlights. That is the problem, no one outside the town really cares about the statue.. it’s the getting away with a crime that has pissed everyone off","2","","2020-06-22 15:36:03","false",""
"Ugzi2xj7LlUm-ctrI5R4AaABAg.9AD0dedaBGG9AD8S0WpiDD","manhunt48","*""That's mostly what that guy was known for. ""* No, it's not... you're lying.  Maybe in your echo chamber that's true where your morons didn't know a damn thing about the person before it was torn down, but that's an outright lie for society at large.
HE was remembers and the reason he was given a statue was because of his charity work and investment in the town, be basically built it from nothing. Does that mean we should ignore his horrifc actions as well? No. But to pretend like slavery is all he did is pathetic and if we're going down that line, then lets tear down statues of Nelson Mandela, who took part in Necklacing. MLK who was a MASSIVE homophobe. right?","2","","2020-06-22 16:35:45","false",""
"Ugzi2xj7LlUm-ctrI5R4AaABAg.9AD0dedaBGG9ADUfXxLZ-7","Clark Davison","Having no heirs, Edward Colston gave away his vast fortune both before and after his death. Edward Colston was a renowned and respected philanthropist, giving immense sums to causes in and around Bristol.  Said to have been strongly motivated by the responsibility of wealthy people to support the less fortunate, Colston is attributed with founding almshouses in Bristol, donating money to Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital School, founding Colston’s Hospital as a boarding school for 100 boys, and funding other schools and churches.

The extent of his charity was immense, exceptional and nationally recognised. When his portrait was published in London a year after his death in 1721, the engraved description described him as “the brightest Example of Christian Liberality that this Age has produced both for the extensiveness of his Charities and for the prudent Regulation of them.” For two hundred years Colston was revered and repeatedly memorialised in Bristol.

Still today, over 250 years later, in the region of £1,000,000 anually is distributed by charities he set up and inspired, what a monster, how dare he!

Cherry picking only the parts of history that align with your cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias is intellectually dishonest and does nothing to promote debate or further your ""cause"".","0","","2020-06-22 19:49:58","false",""
"Ugw6-_awjqidT1ZXEtJ4AaABAg","Hamish McIndy","Lol

Pity they don't want to charge the people who were throwing up Nazi salutes 😂","0","0","2020-06-22 15:31:35","true",""
"UgzUzFYMheCkX2ZIMxZ4AaABAg","2faced Judgenent","so polie and u guys are useless ,u want someone to rat on others for you, bravo...","0","0","2020-06-22 15:34:07","true",""
"UgwG3AHkxJyFMwIxpf54AaABAg","Higgins_123","the guy was a slave trader ffs, it's like if there was a statue of gary glitter, i'm not getting upset if it gets pulled down. Not great doing it as a mob but still.","1","4","2020-06-22 15:38:07","true",""
"UgwG3AHkxJyFMwIxpf54AaABAg.9AD1qws5LOr9ADA-1v9xxY","Thomas F","Yes he was a slave trader, but he wasn't being commemorated for that. He was being commemorated for using his money to build up Bristol, funding schools, hospitals, social housing, and other institutions.","1","","2020-06-22 16:49:16","false",""
"UgwG3AHkxJyFMwIxpf54AaABAg.9AD1qws5LOr9ADUbmW5XN8","Clark Davison","Having no heirs, Edward Colston gave away his vast fortune both before and after his death. Edward Colston was a renowned and respected philanthropist, giving immense sums to causes in and around Bristol.  Said to have been strongly motivated by the responsibility of wealthy people to support the less fortunate, Colston is attributed with founding almshouses in Bristol, donating money to Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital School, founding Colston’s Hospital as a boarding school for 100 boys, and funding other schools and churches.

The extent of his charity was immense, exceptional and nationally recognised. When his portrait was published in London a year after his death in 1721, the engraved description described him as “the brightest Example of Christian Liberality that this Age has produced both for the extensiveness of his Charities and for the prudent Regulation of them.” For two hundred years Colston was revered and repeatedly memorialised in Bristol.

Still today, over 250 years later, in the region of £1,000,000 anually is distributed by charities he set up and inspired, what a monster, how dare he!

Cherry picking only the parts of history that align with your cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias is intellectually dishonest and does nothing to promote debate or further your ""cause"".","0","","2020-06-22 19:49:27","false",""
"UgwG3AHkxJyFMwIxpf54AaABAg.9AD1qws5LOr9AEjwH2yZAL","Higgins_123","@Thomas F yeah jimmy saville and pablo escobar donated to their communities alot as well, but when you make that money by enslaving and destroying peoples lives then does it really matter what he did. 
In Cambodia they have a big problem with convicting paedophiles because the family will often accept money from the perpetrator. Their is a price for their children effectively. Do you think bristol is so deprived and poor that we should have such a low price for our moral authority that no matter who you are or what you've done then if you donate a bit of money then you are absolved of your wrongs forever? 
I say we dont need his statue because we're better than that.","0","","2020-06-23 07:31:18","false",""
"UgwG3AHkxJyFMwIxpf54AaABAg.9AD1qws5LOr9AFHuTxJv3X","Higgins_123","@Clark Davison Clark do you know why we put up statues of people, it's to show the sort of people who are good examples to emulate. Colston during Colstons time as a slave trader his cooperative kidnapped and sold an estimated 80,000 people(also the population of bristol then) into slavery(to work continuously until they died, and then their children and their grandchildren would have the same fate). 
His organisation was important in setting up the bristol slave trade which sold an estimated 500,000 (also coincidentally the current population of bristol) into slavery. He never reformed like others of his time. even when he retired he continued to finance and organise the capture and enslavement of thousands of people, to be transported to the otherside of the world to live horrible lives until they died(like a concentration camp). Colston donated alot of this money to charity i agree. But how he got that money was by commiting unspeakable attrocities. Just like serbians lionising slobodan milosovic or alawites assad, just because he doesn't commit crimes against you shouldn't mean that you pretend like they didn't happen. I hope you continue your reading in a more balanced manner.","0","","2020-06-23 12:36:53","false",""
"UgzlCYelCokwldhGbBl4AaABAg","James Mcmenamin","yes i have lived in bristol for 30 years i know what he did have you ever been to gambia","1","2","2020-06-22 15:38:46","true",""
"UgzlCYelCokwldhGbBl4AaABAg.9AD1vgyHclm9ADUL4CveR8","Clark Davison","Not being antagonistic here but do you know everything he did or just the bit the protesters seem to care about? I'm not from Bristol but it appears that I know more about Colston than all the protesters combined.","0","","2020-06-22 19:47:02","false",""
"UgzlCYelCokwldhGbBl4AaABAg.9AD1vgyHclm9ADVnW8pyOu","franklingoodwin","@Clark Davison of course you do, and you're not full of your own self-importance at all 🙄","0","","2020-06-22 19:59:48","false",""
"UgzFgzz5DfxQ2j4RPwR4AaABAg","fab","They had a poll a few years ago, and keeping it won.  It’s not anyone’s right to force it down when the ppl who live there decide to keep it.  People only care that the police are allowing it, like they have the power of a rabbit in headlights. That is the problem, no one outside the town really cares about the statue.. it’s the getting away with a crime that has pissed everyone off","0","0","2020-06-22 15:39:02","true",""
"Ugx0pUEXldKugFmp95p4AaABAg","Clan Clapertron","Why should the people come when that is a racist statue","0","5","2020-06-22 15:39:03","true",""
"Ugx0pUEXldKugFmp95p4AaABAg.9AD1xiiOulw9ADU9G5aK5r","Clark Davison","How is the statue racist? I'm really interested in how an inanimate object can exhibit ""prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group"".","0","","2020-06-22 19:45:25","false",""
"Ugx0pUEXldKugFmp95p4AaABAg.9AD1xiiOulw9AD_-wg3pao","Clark Davison","@Oliver O'Donovan What, the statue was a slave trader, do other statures sell drugs to kids? Perhaps we should remove them all then.","0","","2020-06-22 20:36:35","false",""
"Ugx0pUEXldKugFmp95p4AaABAg.9AD1xiiOulw9AD_IDBqCdB","Clan Clapertron","The guy was rascit he got slave from Asia and Africa","0","","2020-06-22 20:39:05","false",""
"Ugx0pUEXldKugFmp95p4AaABAg.9AD1xiiOulw9AD_YIhfXm_","Clan Clapertron","Clark Davison I’m Asian I go through racism so yeah I know how racist that statue is and a anthour fact he paid for them","0","","2020-06-22 20:41:16","false",""
"Ugx0pUEXldKugFmp95p4AaABAg.9AD1xiiOulw9ADc82GIfFz","Clark Davison","@Clan Clapertron You go through racism in the UK? It is a shame that you don't even understand my comments at all, yet you want to be taken seriously in this discourse.

It is not a FACT the Colston paid for slaves but please don't let that get in the way of your narrative.

Edward Colston had been trading in cloth, oil, wine, sherry and fruit with Spain, Portugal, Italy and North Africa for many years when he joined London’s Royal Africa Company in 1680 at the age of 44. 

He was already a very wealthy man. He became closely involved in the management of the company over the next eleven years and was its Deputy Governor for two years.  

Colston will have benefited financially from his membership and was actively involved in decisions concerning the TRANSPORTATION of many thousands of enslaved Africans.

The company he joined was transporting slaves for the King and his brother the Duke of York. 
Perhaps a better understanding of history would be prudent?","0","","2020-06-22 21:03:54","false",""
"UgyMNB8QvHmBRtFTuet4AaABAg","Andy Tromp","Kunta Kinte did it.","0","0","2020-06-22 15:39:17","true",""
"UgyXfqFB0SO4c_FJwu14AaABAg","James Mcmenamin","and yes he built bristol","7","0","2020-06-22 15:39:27","true",""
"Ugw4bz3yzhLneEzdYg94AaABAg","fpvxart","feel free to arrest my ex-wife have my permission to lock her up for life ..honsestly she was there have my word..","7","2","2020-06-22 15:40:37","true",""
"Ugw4bz3yzhLneEzdYg94AaABAg.9AD28EwBesT9ADUKgLhP79","franklingoodwin","🤣🤣🤣","0","","2020-06-22 19:46:59","false",""
"Ugw4bz3yzhLneEzdYg94AaABAg.9AD28EwBesT9ADUqsRXnYI","Bee Bee Three Adventures.","And mine 😂","0","","2020-06-22 19:51:31","false",""
"UgzNZxPxPzAU9Y5xKJ54AaABAg","C1 Tube","Execute the whole crowd that was present when they pulled it down.","3","0","2020-06-22 15:44:18","true",""
"UgxtK5GQsdQt16plNHR4AaABAg","reddogchi","Where's the link to these photos? I don't believe they want us to see them....","1","0","2020-06-22 15:45:02","true",""
"Ugz07_9et6H0XgxlZWN4AaABAg","Craig Davies","Imagine ratting out your family and friends 0:24","0","0","2020-06-22 15:46:05","true",""
"UgxjzPN0-y2UbV2G6Ip4AaABAg","Stedman75","the police MOVED PEOPEL AWAY WHO WERE DEFENDING THE STATUE so that the mobs could get to it. They dont give a fuck.","0","0","2020-06-22 15:46:53","true",""
"UgyGkQN2sQY5cXGW18l4AaABAg","Ajay Bass","Please help the police do their jobs because they are useless. Thank you. BLM","2","0","2020-06-22 15:55:06","true",""
"UgyUHfl259dmmIu2LYd4AaABAg","MG","The Party of Law and Order, HaH don't make me laugh yet another spineless Tory Government.","1","0","2020-06-22 15:57:47","true",""
"Ugzjl3Oewrc3uoyjXUB4AaABAg","Maltesegooner 07","The first thing that should be cleaned is the paint. 
Not preserveing it? 
This is really infuriating to watch. 😡😡","3","2","2020-06-22 15:58:13","true",""
"Ugzjl3Oewrc3uoyjXUB4AaABAg.9AD493K_3dt9AGjVdcyPQu","APOCO 73","Then don't watch it.","2","","2020-06-24 02:06:01","false",""
"Ugzjl3Oewrc3uoyjXUB4AaABAg.9AD493K_3dt9AHf1tMuKgd","Maltesegooner 07","@APOCO 73will you be burning books next? you people are just causing more division. Any person with half a brain cell, realises what your about. . Discraceful.","0","","2020-06-24 10:46:14","false",""
"Ugw35Ee9S1ALGkONwEh4AaABAg","Gordon Welford","Why weren't they arrested during the commission of the crime? Are they expecting citizens to do the Police work and identify them? Pathetic Stupid Kneeling Cowards!","0","0","2020-06-22 15:59:06","true",""
"UgwT2MSgbGyPcHdneS54AaABAg","Oliver Richard","Good make them pay!","1","0","2020-06-22 16:00:37","true",""
"Ugz4yEZGmOHxaXqRwKJ4AaABAg","Dalena","Racist statues","0","0","2020-06-22 16:04:53","true",""
"Ugw8QpLN76ZyC6t7ZeN4AaABAg","Lukas Buivydas","why does a statue matter, they are putting more effort into a investigation to do with statues than people.","6","0","2020-06-22 16:05:44","true",""
"UgwNNEbIAFZ4aZoc-Ht4AaABAg","Andrew Barker","why did you not arrest them at the time??","1","0","2020-06-22 16:06:19","true",""
"Ugwi-6RGRFueATcFyiV4AaABAg","Rick Molton","Bull-shit. 
You are supposed to attempt prevention of a crime, not witness this and pretend to act later

Ie; I am being physically assaulted but the police just stand by and take notes for action later!
Ex Bristolian.","0","0","2020-06-22 16:08:36","true",""
"Ugz-9cm37Q1lJSySzWh4AaABAg","Richard Cole","Stand and watch a crime and then want the perpetrators to hand themselves in ...😂","4","0","2020-06-22 16:09:22","true",""
"Ugwv81e4OuIfvTFh3oB4AaABAg","ragnor1980","Lame Duck Britain with a justice system the laughing stock of the western world !!  🤣🤣🤣","4","0","2020-06-22 16:13:21","true",""
"UgxSd24pMsPMVtGfHXd4AaABAg","Irishtradchannel","These rich kids will have Daddy's lawyer defending them, friends on the bench etc.","3","0","2020-06-22 16:14:50","true",""
"UgyjZpcAczYgv2F_jwd4AaABAg","Kate Kate Pavey","Arrest for criminal damage","1","0","2020-06-22 16:28:35","true",""
"Ugwo4qmduFA5i0Hg0rB4AaABAg","Siobhan","All the Informers be on the Hotline..","0","0","2020-06-22 16:32:30","true",""
"UgyxUqSa9itKjYUc8Pd4AaABAg","The Professor","How about all the faces of those killed, beaten, raped, taken away from their homes and used for kind shameful things, maybe someone can we the picture of  their descendent in the from page. the educated person out there slavery was NOT 400 years ago, was early but your ignorance and self importance is mesmerising, please have a look at your family history and then wonder if the black human being we have in your country have the same history.","0","1","2020-06-22 16:33:31","true",""
"UgyxUqSa9itKjYUc8Pd4AaABAg.9AD8Bd9J0bF9ADTnYdA7gx","Clark Davison","For ""The Professor"" your grammar is not very good. Tried multiple times to read this and understand what you were actually trying to say - to no avail.","0","","2020-06-22 19:42:19","false",""
"Ugw21f-tgos6Z0J_Evd4AaABAg","Hugh Munro","What’s taken so long?","0","0","2020-06-22 16:34:58","true",""
"Ugz-tOdHIAk4zAmk7yh4AaABAg","Matt C","Good, about time.","0","0","2020-06-22 16:35:06","true",""
Yer a joke love","0","0","2020-06-22 16:37:51","true",""
"Ugzk_5574wmLeLyQ3Zp4AaABAg","imaknexus","They will be coming in for voluntary interviews LOL","0","0","2020-06-22 16:38:33","true",""
"UgytSgCXaeEQpp1iApR4AaABAg","Reflection","Yawn","0","0","2020-06-22 16:38:38","true",""
"UgwNSMgUEOIt_h_kaPV4AaABAg","Libby mae","There bigger things in the world that is happening right now. I don’t understand why they’re waisting all this time and money on finding out who toppled a statue. Smh 🤦🏼‍♀️ the British government is a joke","0","0","2020-06-22 16:38:46","true",""
"Ugydqskluq9Ems4HrPJ4AaABAg","Fin_Wilson 05","Why should these people get arrested, the man was a monster, they did the world a great deal of good","0","1","2020-06-22 16:38:57","true",""
"Ugydqskluq9Ems4HrPJ4AaABAg.9AD8oSAMvYO9ADTWQ0C87q","Clark Davison","Yep he was a real monster, with no heirs, Edward Colston gave away his vast fortune both before and after his death. Edward Colston was a renowned and respected philanthropist, giving immense sums to causes in and around Bristol.  Said to have been strongly motivated by the responsibility of wealthy people to support the less fortunate, Colston is attributed with founding almshouses in Bristol, donating money to Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital School, founding Colston’s Hospital as a boarding school for 100 boys, and funding other schools and churches.

The extent of his charity was immense, exceptional and nationally recognised. When his portrait was published in London a year after his death in 1721, the engraved description described him as “the brightest Example of Christian Liberality that this Age has produced both for the extensiveness of his Charities and for the prudent Regulation of them.” For two hundred years Colston was revered and repeatedly memorialised in Bristol.

Still today, over 250 years later, in the region of £1,000,000 anually is distributed by charities he set up and inspired, what a monster, how dare he!

Cherry picking only the parts of history that align with your cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias is intellectually dishonest and does nothing to promote debate or further your ""cause"".","0","","2020-06-22 19:39:51","false",""
"Ugy4ckATT0BqpTtu0ax4AaABAg","Reflection","Who cares he was a criminal himself? Its 2020 we don't need those statues tbh. We don't need your insignificant 'protection' you are trying to project towards us.","0","1","2020-06-22 16:40:30","true",""
"Ugy4ckATT0BqpTtu0ax4AaABAg.9AD8zlpV7pe9ADSlihCoeO","Clark Davison","Please explain how exactly he was a criminal.","0","","2020-06-22 19:33:20","false",""
"UgyCzwuX_zW0QCYrmFt4AaABAg","Thomas Williams","So they will give them a slap on the hand, and ask them to go home LOL. They should spend 6 months in prison at least","0","0","2020-06-22 16:40:36","true",""
"UgxMx5Wchi76xBYQo794AaABAg","Reekie Reekie","You should give them medals not prosecute them there the first British people doing any thing to be proud ofi in a !long tme","1","0","2020-06-22 16:44:25","true",""
"UgzTOOkuMFBq3knnieZ4AaABAg","Studebaker","Do we take it that the police officer who decided not to enforce the law that day in Bristol, or the more senior officer who directed him, is being fired? WARNING: Holding your breath could be dangerous.","1","0","2020-06-22 16:48:27","true",""
"Ugx8wy1jc545woBIcGd4AaABAg","Marc Argento","Police should have acted straight away instead of standing watching with their finger up their arse's","1","0","2020-06-22 16:50:16","true",""
"UgzsRr5wnUKlBjGdKMt4AaABAg","Gordon Smith","Not a single MSM will dare mention just how Marxist and Racist really BLM are!  Here's just a couple of demades from Chanelle Helen an American BLM organiser -White women should try and get white men sacked from jobs. Any white person who owns a second home will have to give it to a black person, adding the white person will make the money back because of their ""white privilege.""  Not just batshit crazy but seriously dangerous mob!","0","0","2020-06-22 16:51:36","true",""
"Ugx02NmOgoE-2_LE7Fl4AaABAg","Realist 1801","How about the three whites stabbed in reading, was this racist ?","0","0","2020-06-22 16:54:30","true",""
"UgzkQufofsoRnBjrpc14AaABAg","Harould Sparks","Bollocks","0","0","2020-06-22 16:55:29","true",""
"UgzH7mief8dGDPcplEV4AaABAg","Miklowery","🤣🤣🤣 guttered","0","0","2020-06-22 17:00:16","true",""
"UgwPc5d8klbqi-6wuYR4AaABAg","sgtgrash","It would be more appropriate to posthumously charge Edward Colston with crimes against humanity, don't you think? To the 15 people responsible for bringing Colston to his knees? THANK YOU...!!!","1","0","2020-06-22 17:05:37","true",""
"Ugxk3-U4SyZGYfa5bKZ4AaABAg","Kriegs Blod666","Arrest and charge. Also charge with treason, same with the defacing of any statues which has taken place, this is our history and culture.","4","4","2020-06-22 17:10:47","true",""
"Ugxk3-U4SyZGYfa5bKZ4AaABAg.9ADCSeLCaFV9ADVQZ7C5vp","franklingoodwin","Treason isn't a thing anymore. Besides taking down a statue of a slave trader isn't treasonable anyway. Let me guess you're a ""patriot"" and yet you don't know what is and isn't treason and that treason hasn't existed in your lifetime 😂","0","","2020-06-22 19:56:31","false",""
"Ugxk3-U4SyZGYfa5bKZ4AaABAg.9ADCSeLCaFV9ADixEVEq4m","Kriegs Blod666","@franklingoodwin Slavery hasn't existed in this country in these peoples lifetime and they're banging on about it.","2","","2020-06-22 22:03:27","false",""
"Ugxk3-U4SyZGYfa5bKZ4AaABAg.9ADCSeLCaFV9ADjanMtLw_","Kriegs Blod666","@franklingoodwin Oh and treason IS still a punishable offence in the UK btw.","2","","2020-06-22 22:09:08","false",""
"Ugxk3-U4SyZGYfa5bKZ4AaABAg.9ADCSeLCaFV9B8IgLkN_TR","Bloodgod40","Get help.
Hmmm... a name like ""Kriegs Blod666"" does make me suspicious. Gratuitous German mixed with this attitude, gives off a Neo Nazi vibe...","0","","2020-07-15 16:00:25","false",""
"UgwFwxLFPVb-LOZG8Cp4AaABAg","MARKO","Is it too much to expect  the police to do there job for a change. If I went to Hyde Park And smashed up the busk Of Karl Marx Who supported an ideology That murdered over 100 million people. You can bet your bottom dollar The police would be arresting me On the spot. No wonder The public have no faith in them anymore","1","0","2020-06-22 17:15:58","true",""
"UgyPNuQ78q5GtbrRoYx4AaABAg","Spud Icini","This is absolutely DISGUSTING. These people will get targeted. Sickening.","0","0","2020-06-22 17:20:02","true",""
"Ugxm_m3j-KDKG7HHClN4AaABAg","Stu Longy","WTF is this really worth the time n money wen u didn’t even try n stop it happening anyway smh","3","0","2020-06-22 17:42:52","true",""
"Ugx85IQFQ4h7cpQiUcB4AaABAg","UFBMusic","If you see any of these people, buy them a pint immediately.","0","0","2020-06-22 18:08:24","true",""
"Ugy_XPxtJ3Idjz_u2NF4AaABAg","Youssii","Great, a spotters guide for right wing drunks to use when they decide which black people to harass. UK police once again showing how they’re no better than those anywhere else.","0","0","2020-06-22 19:15:18","true",""
"Ugx8ZWuGwDPQsc1EiZ94AaABAg","brett harter","The media is controlled by a foreign power. If you know you know....","0","0","2020-06-22 19:38:37","true",""
"Ugxgzmhm2uhh9MmZ1k54AaABAg","franklingoodwin","So the police want people to snitch? You know what happens to snitches...","0","0","2020-06-22 19:44:05","true",""
"UgwoSlDE58ToniMDl6V4AaABAg","HostileLemons","Whenever I visit Bristol I will remove the grafitti myself","0","2","2020-06-22 20:32:01","true",""
"UgwoSlDE58ToniMDl6V4AaABAg.9ADZUVSoP489AFDfnAkD6C","Rick Sanchez C-137","You will be removed before the paint is","0","","2020-06-23 11:59:56","false",""
"UgwoSlDE58ToniMDl6V4AaABAg.9ADZUVSoP489AFF_K-C-U1","HostileLemons","@Rick Sanchez C-137 lol","0","","2020-06-23 12:16:32","false",""
"UgyMm-N8i1ShCxAOxBF4AaABAg","Saiqa Nazam","This is not a crime annoying person 
Why is that staue begin fixed 
Whoever is fixing that dusting nonetheless staue 
F you the world is better off without
It gets topped again 
Black lives matter 
These people are rascit","0","1","2020-06-22 20:38:43","true",""
"UgyMm-N8i1ShCxAOxBF4AaABAg.9AD_FZ6SJ8g9ADalHMZ_cc","Clark Davison","So please tell us what you are doing right now to oppose and end modern slavery, that would be much more interesting and relevant than your distorted and uninformed view of events that occurred more than 250 years ago. These protesters are actually setting race relations back 50 years.","0","","2020-06-22 20:51:55","false",""
"UgzzL54iPT8feKW42ZN4AaABAg","Perfect Gentlemen","THROW AWAY THE KEY! not sure what key just I want one thrown away.","0","0","2020-06-22 20:43:34","true",""
"Ugw3bnxRd5GMZSNva-R4AaABAg","terry phidaheights","i saw three grown men with skateboards............","0","0","2020-06-22 22:35:18","true",""
"UgxDLD1-pA5qmjvT4Ep4AaABAg","ELDRED PLAYz","What was the point fishing it back up","0","0","2020-06-22 23:34:30","true",""
"UgxiQxl-1nRLEhwVUah4AaABAg","Lapin Logic","""Voluntary Interviews"" wow, tough on Crime, do they get a free milkshake and gluten free muffin with that?","0","1","2020-06-23 01:18:46","true",""
"UgxiQxl-1nRLEhwVUah4AaABAg.9AE4IkMtz7O9AFv8NY0Vr6","Death Of Rats","...muffin only comes with a full confession...","0","","2020-06-23 18:28:27","false",""
"UgxfFo-rU_Kp6cTo8Z94AaABAg","matthewwilliamsmatty","People are taking advantage of freedom. And biting the hand that feeds them","0","0","2020-06-23 01:55:09","true",""
"Ugy-GmH1UVVo7dnCQfp4AaABAg","RPG Guy","lol lol lol","0","0","2020-06-23 04:08:32","true",""
"UgxuGSMP1UiVS7n597Z4AaABAg","Johnny Mac","So where are the images?  Mainstream media lying again.","1","0","2020-06-23 04:49:42","true",""
"UgydvZE11hVs7krmxMl4AaABAg","Roninja 69","Arrest people who destroyed a statue glorifying an evil man. Yes how righteous.  I am glad all these statues of these old Berkshire hunts will be torn down. It is about time.","0","0","2020-06-23 06:47:32","true",""
"UgzcgoaJzh6c8h0q4yx4AaABAg","ampoules1","Poor Liz has her panties in a knot.","1","0","2020-06-23 08:48:03","true",""
"Ugyh70tB80WFG9hy7Zx4AaABAg","Tom Roland","The Police allowed the protest and failed in their duty of care to Bristol's sick, elderly and disabled. These people are frightened to leave their homes because of the virus and struggle every day just to get by. The protesters were mainly younger people who will be at the front of the queue for treatment if they become sick. Bristol is an ""open city"" for raves and protests, Police do nothing to enforce the law.","1","0","2020-06-23 10:14:40","true",""
"UgxuW5ZCOQLLZGZ4YGZ4AaABAg","JN cooking","Well done and highly agreed! Kick these left wing idiots down under 💪","0","0","2020-06-23 10:17:35","true",""
"UgyAvc8-dvP7RMvZgV14AaABAg","Khalifa _wayy","Evil","0","0","2020-06-23 11:17:40","true",""
"UgyMKg_wEWK26v0awSN4AaABAg","iain hill","Anyone needing somewhere to hide in scotland..gies a shout 😉","0","0","2020-06-23 12:13:39","true",""
"UgwWT15oadGMrnZMnex4AaABAg","alistair clark","I am so so angry we are not racist its alright to be white","0","0","2020-06-23 12:32:50","true",""
"UgzHjadiy0qXruqp3RJ4AaABAg","X X","Are they going to identify the officers shoving protestors to the ground and beating them? Or are they only concerned about the slave trader statue.","0","0","2020-06-23 13:53:40","true",""
"UgzkdWTneIMxKQoMT8l4AaABAg","HAMMMAR KLF","Haha absolute idiots, they are trying to make them villains, but they have just created 15 heros","0","0","2020-06-23 13:56:30","true",""
"UgygvpksIAL_qlrIFdl4AaABAg","Ben Tate","Just melt it down for scrap already.","0","0","2020-06-23 22:34:03","true",""
"UgykUUyn9HaRLB_gTMh4AaABAg","Bushwacker 1962","Can’t wait to see these in Prison see how funny they find it then lol Snowflake’s","0","0","2020-06-23 22:48:25","true",""
"UgwhcSq973jCCZRkUuF4AaABAg","Happy Camper","As if she's trying to preserve the spray paint....... the fact that the statue is missing parts is enough to mark the occasion. This woman and her team shouldn't be doing this.","0","0","2020-06-23 23:14:53","true",""
"UgyY5AG7PkIPagFbT094AaABAg","JG","If they were gonna fish his slave owning ass out of the water they knew it only fair to leave the graffiti on and show in the museum why it was vandalized","0","0","2020-06-23 23:51:10","true",""
"Ugx57EN_xNMn_pS6_PZ4AaABAg","ukgrime987","I hope a shaman curse those that snitch on them. The statue needed coming down.","0","0","2020-06-24 16:28:01","true",""
"UgxehHkdQN-Bh_rN1bB4AaABAg","nakie Bear","In the words of Amy winehouse
""what kind of f******y is this""
Seriously its  a statue (a vulgar one of that) no one was hurt, no one vandalised the shops or streets this statue represents a time when it was acceptable to slave and kill people of colour. how about you the police  hunt down the people who vandalised  scipio Africanus grave. it's funny cause the protesters took the statue down in plane sight of the police and the the scum who vandalised scipio Africanus had to do it at night..... What a bunch of cowards... Next time you wanna go something like that have the balls or tits to do it in plain sight!","0","0","2020-06-24 16:32:53","true",""
"Ugx2Dmd4KF3P6ojvcgx4AaABAg","trans haul","I will never tell you if I know. That man kill hundreds of people back in he's days","0","0","2020-06-24 18:47:53","true",""
"UgzUA1QFJOgdRqdodQt4AaABAg","Lisa Thompson","Silly please cach burglars it’s tax payers money","0","0","2020-06-25 07:42:09","true",""
"UgwuKnI--MzDzy-QLwx4AaABAg","Haywood","At least show us the images","0","0","2020-06-26 13:26:56","true",""
"UgwjSVsSIk1VQSXo9GV4AaABAg","Simon Nowicki","Who is this lady defender of trader slaves ... disgusting","0","0","2020-06-30 19:42:53","true",""
"UgzO8DEz9gfDlEDrih54AaABAg","Simon Nowicki","The responsabilidad shut to take  the guy who permitted put ths statue in this place ..","0","0","2020-06-30 19:45:44","true",""
"Ugyhb0WfvymKZb0hT1R4AaABAg","Simon Nowicki","Black Friday","0","0","2020-06-30 19:46:15","true",""
"UgyEQCOUYR7d1Sj0y3V4AaABAg","Simon Nowicki","Criminal damage .. ????!","0","0","2020-06-30 19:46:33","true",""
"Ugz_xdWiR5Pc3fLwIrl4AaABAg","Simon Nowicki","I’m really disgusting with the people like this lady.. it’s make me seek ... she can put this statue in his garden or in her bed","0","0","2020-06-30 19:51:48","true",""
"UgxkbxhSnqbFX6_dy5B4AaABAg","Manuqtix Manuqtix","You can't arrest these people.

They removed an evil statue!","0","0","2020-07-01 17:50:31","true",""
"UgxiuLkED9YLfWvGb814AaABAg","tom hilton","lock em up🇬🇧","0","0","2020-07-10 22:49:12","true",""
"Ugwr_mnKyQdJ2MekuBh4AaABAg","Dave","Beautiful.","21","0","2020-07-15 08:15:29","true",""
"UgwaGx0ZGxHDiZ5Dplt4AaABAg","julie finlayson","Awesome,  really  great.  BLM NZ","16","0","2020-07-15 08:17:21","true",""
"UgzkbXyKEg_DgTlWY9R4AaABAg","Someone Else","Uhm ... really? I share no love for Edward Colston and I'm not sad he's gone. But how arrogant do you have to be to assume people want to see a sculpture of you? Like - this person was told she'd be a statue and was like, ""Oh yeah - great idea - I deserve that. I raised my fist in the air. I'm a hero.""","329","1","2020-07-15 08:24:49","true",""
"UgzkbXyKEg_DgTlWY9R4AaABAg.9B7UYTbL2YG9B7cvsYVWZN","Sarah Jones","Seriously? She was chosen, I imagine, because that photo, at that moment, represented what was going on at the time. An iconic moment recorded in statue form.","15","","2020-07-15 09:46:48","false",""
"UgxENMPTrVFOQWZIzYl4AaABAg","WeeWeeJumbo","Long overdue, and exquisitely beautiful","12","0","2020-07-15 08:28:19","true",""
"UgwJC9HLahd6wyYbRZZ4AaABAg","David Harris","My mum went to Colstons Girls School in Bristol and I am glad they replaced the statue because Colston’s life sullies my memories of my mother.","11","1","2020-07-15 08:28:34","true",""
"UgwJC9HLahd6wyYbRZZ4AaABAg.9B7UyvNEOOk9B7dghmiBrC","TONY1ALEX2","Well said mate","0","","2020-07-15 09:53:28","false",""
"UgwAqIHpW5jJK5Q-YxZ4AaABAg","nelson 100","That looks great","10","0","2020-07-15 08:31:06","true",""
"UgxZ0URx4RX7D-E8TEN4AaABAg","Swagger liketrax","Great way to represent a new way of thinking.","7","1","2020-07-15 08:33:38","true",""
"UgxZ0URx4RX7D-E8TEN4AaABAg.9B7VZ0J8Q7e9B7ax1ZfUaK","Lisa","@Chris Davis Ah yes replacing a statue of a slave trader with a black woman is racist. You're more offended with the notion of being called racist than of racist acts.","0","","2020-07-15 09:29:29","false",""
"UgwXi_dC0VU4Ofgr0354AaABAg","Be Low Below","_Do you hear that? The free speech fascists are seething._","3","0","2020-07-15 08:34:41","true",""
"Ugx1urLl_4455wk2gGx4AaABAg","Black messiah Is coming !","Beautiful beautiful","13","0","2020-07-15 08:36:40","true",""
"UgxC0jt8XyZQ3qrvRwp4AaABAg","ITS YOUR FAULT","We need to live somewhere equal what happens when equality is given","6","0","2020-07-15 08:37:51","true",""
"UgzMgUUmlRUJlIprbN94AaABAg","Magnetic Vortex","The ""we're not racist"" gang ganging up, hating on BLM. They're living contradictions. No wonder they need pubs open to have a drink. I'd drink too if I was that conflicted.","12","2","2020-07-15 08:38:51","true",""
"UgzMgUUmlRUJlIprbN94AaABAg.9B7W9A_UVAE9B7WSk7rqHy","Siân-Monique Evans","So accurate 😂😂","4","","2020-07-15 08:41:31","false",""
"UgzMgUUmlRUJlIprbN94AaABAg.9B7W9A_UVAE9B7YBacNp1l","Siân-Monique Evans","King Richard the Lionheart yes, do u know anything about your own racism and where it stems from?","6","","2020-07-15 08:56:39","false",""
"UgzeV2KSVKNUg00CKL14AaABAg","Angela Maria Del Rosario","Wonderful! 💕","12","0","2020-07-15 08:39:34","true",""
"UgyE8bIrX4FaVSfw8xd4AaABAg","infinitejest","Bristol is a dump anyway","6","0","2020-07-15 08:41:33","true",""
"UgysWYLP-NR1JM0hixV4AaABAg","Lee Jones","F#$king joke, in the comrade pose. blm=communism","2","0","2020-07-15 08:43:31","true",""
"Ugx5K2Mkf2Zh3MIJh0F4AaABAg","Lesley Cope","Enjoy it","3","0","2020-07-15 08:43:51","true",""
"UgyiQ53cLxtcmEzggox4AaABAg","Connor Mactavish","tear it down BLM are racists, ALM","3","0","2020-07-15 08:43:59","true",""
"Ugy9sPaSTj-rLoByj3F4AaABAg","Guardian News","Edward Colston statue replaced by sculpture of Black Lives Matter protester ►","18","0","2020-07-15 08:45:00","true",""
"UgzSC4XAU3IMNzRer7x4AaABAg","Jordan Bell","What a joke","276","2","2020-07-15 08:45:22","true",""
"UgzSC4XAU3IMNzRer7x4AaABAg.9B7WtvfIqn09B7a-Dviet-","Black messiah Is coming !","Jordan Bell Blm 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏽👊🏿👊🏿👑","6","","2020-07-15 09:21:10","false",""
"UgzSC4XAU3IMNzRer7x4AaABAg.9B7WtvfIqn09B7cqi5ZDJU","Alex North","Yes you are a joke.","7","","2020-07-15 09:46:05","false",""
"UgxR-_0GMox9iRYyHP94AaABAg","J MUSE","Ok people are too sensitive if they find this offensive","9","3","2020-07-15 08:45:40","true",""
"UgxR-_0GMox9iRYyHP94AaABAg.9B7WwD-ei5Y9B7X9q5dqqV","Chris","Not offensive just really dumb","27","","2020-07-15 08:47:40","false",""
"UgxR-_0GMox9iRYyHP94AaABAg.9B7WwD-ei5Y9B7bFBuPC6-","Lisa","@Chris And it's not dumb having a statue of a slave trader? What kind of logic is that lol","0","","2020-07-15 09:32:05","false",""
"UgxR-_0GMox9iRYyHP94AaABAg.9B7WwD-ei5Y9B7jQoGXXlz","Antoine Wilson","@Lisa the slave trader probably didn't build his own statue 
and was surely not erected for his engagement in the slave trade.","10","","2020-07-15 10:43:35","false",""
"Ugz1_W_qcuNXO4jLqPJ4AaABAg","Street Skater 66","BLM IS A FAR LEFT MOVEMENT. 🖕","13","0","2020-07-15 08:45:45","true",""
"UgyFeqNVlE3FOXWjXd94AaABAg","Ayron 00","They shouldn’t of taken it down they had a poll whether to remove it and it was chose to stay","47","0","2020-07-15 08:46:22","true",""
"UgwBJmDj2rsv_88P0Kd4AaABAg","J King","Yes, Bristol! 👏👏👏👏","11","0","2020-07-15 08:46:27","true",""
"UgyFzxBAHRsRUDYsLkJ4AaABAg","Kayle User","Interesting. Like i agre with the movement to an extent. But personaly would it be better to have a statue of a black historical figure long past? I dono im not that social able lol","11","0","2020-07-15 08:46:34","true",""
"UgxJRi3yLvu2zfXw-UF4AaABAg","G Jones","I love how the English are so insulted by this. Seeing what it's like wearing the other shoe for the first time eh? Encore!!!","17","1","2020-07-15 08:46:36","true",""
"UgxJRi3yLvu2zfXw-UF4AaABAg.9B7X20i5nc09B7_7Oi2Izg","G Jones","@Shaun H Nice gaslighting. Do you want a match to burn it off?","10","","2020-07-15 09:13:33","false",""
"UgyNv7wA7BywcrKNiiV4AaABAg","Kaitlin Green","Apparently a lot of racists watch The Guardian. Some of these comments 🤦‍♀️","15","0","2020-07-15 08:47:10","true",""
"UgxkxF-K-mD2YrsOK454AaABAg","NeckBonë","😭😭😭😭😭 true representation of everyone I marched with and their feelings captured.  Thank you Bristol ‼️‼️","10","0","2020-07-15 08:47:35","true",""
"UgxozZveO1Y6vfu0CkJ4AaABAg","David Sexton","This is facism served to us on a plate .","176","6","2020-07-15 08:48:23","true",""
"UgxozZveO1Y6vfu0CkJ4AaABAg.9B7XF64sWvl9B7Xii40cq3","HR TheFlameBladesWielder","that's so wrong it's laughable","16","","2020-07-15 08:52:34","false",""
"UgxozZveO1Y6vfu0CkJ4AaABAg.9B7XF64sWvl9B7XkBb4YY2","Karus.","Because BLM runs the government... Of course","12","","2020-07-15 08:52:46","false",""
"UgxozZveO1Y6vfu0CkJ4AaABAg.9B7XF64sWvl9B7YJ-hyHS1","John","LMAO what? 🤣🤣","2","","2020-07-15 08:57:39","false",""
"UgxozZveO1Y6vfu0CkJ4AaABAg.9B7XF64sWvl9B7aT6oRHSJ","Angus HD","Explain, how?? 😂😂","2","","2020-07-15 09:25:15","false",""
"UgxozZveO1Y6vfu0CkJ4AaABAg.9B7XF64sWvl9B7ayY1TXYg","franklingoodwin","It's an art piece not an official statue. If you weren't so busy getting TRIGGERED then you'd probably already know this 😂","9","","2020-07-15 09:29:41","false",""
"UgxozZveO1Y6vfu0CkJ4AaABAg.9B7XF64sWvl9B7lMMGR92U","Glyn S","It's a statue, David","2","","2020-07-15 11:00:27","false",""
"Ugyt1DOardCpBAhdTth4AaABAg","Walking Hazards","I read the comments knowing I'd be ashamed of what I found. I'm just so relieved that Scotland has far fewer - though unfortunately not none - of these bigoted racist fools in the comments calling the statue hideous. I'm proud to be Scottish, and I hope all those facing adversity in the shit show that is now England can find a place they can call home here in Scotland. 
The statue is dope by the way, ten people got it up before anyone even managed to call it in, that's more honest work than I reckon most of the fools complaining about it will ever do, and they did it in one morning.","9","0","2020-07-15 08:49:48","true",""
"UgwMhGwTVxRl3djDYz14AaABAg","harleyblue999","How about one of all you need is love,whats this one saying,oh you should be ashamed,of what i ain't done nothing.","17","0","2020-07-15 08:50:33","true",""
"UgxxhgioVft3OMLaTeB4AaABAg","Johnny","Jesus Christ...

This is not going to end well","526","2","2020-07-15 08:50:42","true",""
"UgxxhgioVft3OMLaTeB4AaABAg.9B7XW-5TgJ79B7ZmCcSNRl","DonaId J Trump","This is why we need America more than ever!!! if I was prime minister, I would never allow this to happen","63","","2020-07-15 09:10:31","false",""
"UgxxhgioVft3OMLaTeB4AaABAg.9B7XW-5TgJ79B7eNnkHcVi","Noah Noah","DonaId J Trump perhaps we need a republican but not you no disrespect","16","","2020-07-15 09:59:29","false",""
"Ugy-UWCgC6B1_rDGzUB4AaABAg","Karus.","Personally I think this is a very welcome and respectful gesture. Why you all so mad? Colston was a slaving shitbag. Sure it was ok back then, but doesn't change the fact of the matter.
This isn't a matter of white vs black. It's simply a matter of respecting eachother!","1","2","2020-07-15 08:51:38","true",""
"Ugy-UWCgC6B1_rDGzUB4AaABAg.9B7XbrZFQNo9B7ZH8TwEYK","Karus.","@akshay singh That's precisely the same argument that was used to tear down the Colston statue. So if you're against this one, you should just as well be against the Colston one.
Either way, it's but a statue. A small politicial statement in an absolutely massive pond. Not sure why so many are so angry to be honest.","0","","2020-07-15 09:06:09","false",""
"Ugy-UWCgC6B1_rDGzUB4AaABAg.9B7XbrZFQNo9B7ZowpXt_W","Karus.","akshay singh I’m not sure I understand. You said many of your own people suffered under the idea of marxism. BLM say many of their people suffered under Colston.
Same argument.","0","","2020-07-15 09:10:54","false",""
"Ugz-shnrkkeh6-xiNf14AaABAg","Jacqueline Brown","That's nice and all but real change and education is essential to long term development","2","0","2020-07-15 08:52:42","true",""
"Ugw48Yypxb-8Kioa6RV4AaABAg","Daniel Vachy","This plays ‘right’ into their hands. I thought we knew the game better than that. The war is and has always been a psychological one. ✌🏽&🖤","15","1","2020-07-15 08:53:12","true",""
"Ugw48Yypxb-8Kioa6RV4AaABAg.9B7XnJDvAa59B7agxEkhd5","franklingoodwin","Take your meds 😂 It might help with your psychology","8","","2020-07-15 09:27:17","false",""
"Ugwp9jL1Xfn8ovQ8RO94AaABAg","eon001","Can we just get rid of statues altogether? Statues are not going to cut knife crime or poverty. Why don't we invest in black business and not these monuments.","14","1","2020-07-15 08:55:37","true",""
"Ugwp9jL1Xfn8ovQ8RO94AaABAg.9B7Y40G6t9z9B7Z0Z91HWD","DubbyDominate","Agreed","3","","2020-07-15 09:03:53","false",""
"UgyaD3zxyF9ZNKpZdct4AaABAg","Marvin Cooper","What do the people of Bristol think?","59","4","2020-07-15 08:56:02","true",""
"UgyaD3zxyF9ZNKpZdct4AaABAg.9B7Y74tx35N9B7b1ItHXi8","Laura Meakin","I think it's excellent.","14","","2020-07-15 09:30:12","false",""
"UgyaD3zxyF9ZNKpZdct4AaABAg.9B7Y74tx35N9B7cg0D_RKH","Sadiq Mohamed","The first intelligent question!","10","","2020-07-15 09:44:38","false",""
"UgyaD3zxyF9ZNKpZdct4AaABAg.9B7Y74tx35N9B7dwfxLCYB","Dead Meme","I think if you pay attention to the video that will answer your question.","6","","2020-07-15 09:55:39","false",""
"UgyaD3zxyF9ZNKpZdct4AaABAg.9B7Y74tx35N9B7ehP0EHD1","alan dickson","Exactly if your not from Bristol, have never made your home there, have no connection to the area, then your opinions an irrelevance!","8","","2020-07-15 10:02:18","false",""
"UgyTYxDDePTeRQBJhCF4AaABAg","HUNTER MC THC","Has every right 2 be there","7","0","2020-07-15 08:56:15","true",""
"UgyNXPReAoJAB-GBQlN4AaABAg","GODLESS101","It seems to me that just about every statue ever erected is in some way a ""fuck you"" aimed at someone else . . . maybe we shouldn't have any statues?","1","0","2020-07-15 08:56:25","true",""
"UgwMzowwSx_AtFVGr_R4AaABAg","Jamie Clarke","This comment section is truly showing Britain's true nature.","35","3","2020-07-15 08:56:31","true",""
"UgwMzowwSx_AtFVGr_R4AaABAg.9B7YAfPBjUq9B7Z45dS09b","DonaId J Trump","you're right! why do you think America left Britain so long ago! we should become more like America, and have trump as PM!","20","","2020-07-15 09:04:22","false",""
"UgwMzowwSx_AtFVGr_R4AaABAg.9B7YAfPBjUq9B7aKDz7jZa","Andrea Legg","The fact is that half of Bristol dont know who this person is, and no poll was asked from residents, just done quickly before anybody could question it.  I think that is the problem with most posters on here.","14","","2020-07-15 09:24:02","false",""
"UgwMzowwSx_AtFVGr_R4AaABAg.9B7YAfPBjUq9B7am-oyS7w","Lisa","Yeah, people say they're not racist but would rather have a statue of a slave trader! People are way more offended by being called racist than of their racist acts.","3","","2020-07-15 09:27:58","false",""
"UgyXhAqaxDqqDLHHuzR4AaABAg","toad","@ everyone in the comments, your racism is showing","11","0","2020-07-15 08:56:36","true",""
"UgzKxqdIDuY3lBd58qZ4AaABAg","Alex Walker","There are far more deserving Bristolians that should be considered for this.  I would say if anything the pulling down of the statue and the actions after have caused more for anti BAME sentiment in Bristol, we have seen the multiple reprisals and I doubt this will last too long before some tank top wearing hooligan crawls out of a Wetherspoons and pulls it down.  I don't deny something had to be done and that this was a pain to the BAME community in Bristol and should have been removed decades ago, but I wonder if the people who premeditated this thought of the possible consequences, and when and how the true retaliation will come.","19","1","2020-07-15 08:57:13","true",""
"UgzKxqdIDuY3lBd58qZ4AaABAg.9B7YFmLE79G9B7bxz3-hXq","xirsamoht x","chill, it's a temporary piece of art put up by an artist. It is still being decided what will replace the Colston statue","0","","2020-07-15 09:38:21","false",""
"Ugxn8D6mLIa3c102kO54AaABAg","Ryzkx","well done to the artist, the city of Bristol, and everyone involved in this decision. This comment section proves how important it is to actively fight  for equal rights for all.","11","0","2020-07-15 08:57:59","true",""
"UgzYcBmbd1nK5pqrM6Z4AaABAg","Ed Spinna","The amount of racism and hatred in the comments section is disgusting. If you're really more offended by a statue representing a global movement to end the inequality of black people than you are by a statue of a fucking slave trader then you seriously need to take a long hard look at yourself. You are the problem, grow up.","1","0","2020-07-15 08:58:08","true",""
"UgxZQWrFZ2e7k0aLc0R4AaABAg","LateStart1","Bristolian here.   This piece of garbage , showing a political agitator raising the Black Power salute must not be allowed to stand !","4","0","2020-07-15 08:58:20","true",""
"Ugz9hsb6d8RLzEGhYxl4AaABAg","courtney ballard","I'm sure in history there have been more influential black people to commemorate the movement!","23","0","2020-07-15 08:58:30","true",""
"UgxaOZKW-I0dmZwV98B4AaABAg","Luke Davies","The comment section dropped out of school and sound like a bunch of thick twats who have nothing between their ears. Grow a brain would you?","0","0","2020-07-15 08:58:46","true",""
"UgyDgzHTNvTK8r9TSwp4AaABAg","DonaId J Trump","Disasterous! How could they do something so evil! Put up a statue, unbelievable!","14","0","2020-07-15 08:59:33","true",""
"UgwxWQIvSbdtGpRQCJp4AaABAg","franklingoodwin","Triggered racists (sorry, statue defending patriots) frothing at the mouth in...😂. There's no need to get triggered, it's not an official statue but guerilla art","0","0","2020-07-15 09:00:06","true",""
"Ugwl5y1uFtjRu47Z_I94AaABAg","Kyle Bailey","I would like to have seen a statue of George Muller, who did so much for the orphans of Bristol. The only thing this woman did was ‘be black’.","765","10","2020-07-15 09:00:27","true",""
"Ugwl5y1uFtjRu47Z_I94AaABAg.9B7YcRxSkEd9B7ZVOvBsjn","Hema Dear","Kyle Bailey, I agree.  I would’ve liked to see a statue of George Floyd even, rather than let someone like the artist of this statue to get the glory.   Someone who has experienced real hardship in life, who was killed for being black and someone who stood up for what he or she believed in.","24","","2020-07-15 09:08:05","false",""
"Ugwl5y1uFtjRu47Z_I94AaABAg.9B7YcRxSkEd9B7_TLW0b0M","Alice Scheppers","I would have liked to have seen a comment written by someone with a brain capable of processing complex emotions and engaging in meaningful debate. Instead I have to read your pitiful venom.","32","","2020-07-15 09:16:33","false",""
"Ugwl5y1uFtjRu47Z_I94AaABAg.9B7YcRxSkEd9B7_bBQ0p1x","Planetary Citizen","Why don't you suggest it then?","0","","2020-07-15 09:17:45","false",""
"Ugwl5y1uFtjRu47Z_I94AaABAg.9B7YcRxSkEd9B7_kqKO2WJ","franklingoodwin","She did being black? That literally made no sense. You don't do ""being black"" - you are black or you're not","18","","2020-07-15 09:19:04","false",""
"Ugwl5y1uFtjRu47Z_I94AaABAg.9B7YcRxSkEd9B7ahnZMSbE","mo sharif","Be black? Or maybe she participated in a protest to fight against inequality while you just sat at safe distance in the comfort of your own home.","26","","2020-07-15 09:27:24","false",""
"Ugwl5y1uFtjRu47Z_I94AaABAg.9B7YcRxSkEd9B7b78RmOZ5","mo sharif","And on George muller, I would definitely like to see a statue of him. But just because we don't have a statue of george muller doesn't mean we can't have another statue that demonstrates an iconic event.","20","","2020-07-15 09:31:00","false",""
"Ugwl5y1uFtjRu47Z_I94AaABAg.9B7YcRxSkEd9B7cXEVNfUi","TONY1ALEX2","Comments on social media need to be abolished - they allow a platform for brain-dead, vomit-inducing ignorance (as above) to be spread and perpetuated.","12","","2020-07-15 09:43:17","false",""
"Ugwl5y1uFtjRu47Z_I94AaABAg.9B7YcRxSkEd9B7e4BSdmj5","JP","@Hema Dear Breonna Taylor* 

Or a Windrush Generation nurse.","4","","2020-07-15 09:56:48","false",""
"Ugwl5y1uFtjRu47Z_I94AaABAg.9B7YcRxSkEd9B7gP31MH5R","Lee Sylvester","​ @TONY1ALEX2  They also allow people to promote abolishing free speech, freedom of expression, thought and independent ideology.  No voice should be silenced, however poorly considered.  What you think is right today, people may consider wrong tomorrow.  The irony of your comment in a topic about oppression leaves me astounded!","57","","2020-07-15 10:17:08","false",""
"Ugwl5y1uFtjRu47Z_I94AaABAg.9B7YcRxSkEd9B7lFkAPeA4","Angie","@Hema Dear I see where you are coming from and I don't live in Bristol, but I think a lot of the point was to have someone unknown, and had these people not removed the statue, it would have still been there. Says a lot when they put a black woman no name in place of a slave trader.","3","","2020-07-15 10:59:33","false",""
"UgxYv83dz62vP_ohgIN4AaABAg","Gavin","Worrying to see so many triggered racists. I don't think this was a smart move.","6","1","2020-07-15 09:00:38","true",""
"UgxYv83dz62vP_ohgIN4AaABAg.9B7YdiMaHSV9B7cBmEa-0_","franklingoodwin","It was a smart move. It's guerilla art. The entire purpose was to get a strong reaction","3","","2020-07-15 09:40:22","false",""
"UgzDPR6_GyeX6jewQqN4AaABAg","Adnaan Bread","People in the comment section are vile","16","1","2020-07-15 09:00:45","true",""
"UgzDPR6_GyeX6jewQqN4AaABAg.9B7YeetPNPo9B7awEUQK2-","Gpza-rila","Awww 😋","4","","2020-07-15 09:29:22","false",""
"UgxZhqukULcdz44rs7J4AaABAg","Adam Perkins","How ridiculous 😏","100","1","2020-07-15 09:00:50","true",""
"UgxZhqukULcdz44rs7J4AaABAg.9B7YfEpfBim9B7cu4ApFms","franklingoodwin","How ridiculous that you're getting TRIGGERED over a SCULPTURE. It's not a statue. If you had taken a few seconds to read the pinned comment by the Guardian you'd know that. But why get the facts when you can get angry? 🤣","2","","2020-07-15 09:46:33","false",""
"UgxSLun4iwubVKQvBDl4AaABAg","mic9check","Statue of socialism.","80","1","2020-07-15 09:01:12","true",""
"UgxSLun4iwubVKQvBDl4AaABAg.9B7YhuQ8NEz9B7fFjSkRw2","TONY1ALEX2","So, if you're not a racist then you're a socialist? Yup, makes perfect sense.","1","","2020-07-15 10:07:07","false",""
"Ugx6ziz2TUYVUHoo15B4AaABAg","SimZ ZimS THE DarkLennial","Black Lives Matters - we stay strong","9","0","2020-07-15 09:01:21","true",""
"UgyQZS5ZgtUp4c1VzTl4AaABAg","Ocean Nash","they say this isn't offensive, and I certainly am.","49","6","2020-07-15 09:01:24","true",""
"UgyQZS5ZgtUp4c1VzTl4AaABAg.9B7YjP7XpYj9B7ZrNsiYP-","Toby Baker","You are offensive. Very true.","4","","2020-07-15 09:11:14","false",""
"UgyQZS5ZgtUp4c1VzTl4AaABAg.9B7YjP7XpYj9B7baBcEHaS","Sadiq Mohamed","Correct. You are offensive.","3","","2020-07-15 09:35:06","false",""
"UgyQZS5ZgtUp4c1VzTl4AaABAg.9B7YjP7XpYj9B7eyu_3Aux","TONY1ALEX2","You certainly are....","3","","2020-07-15 10:04:41","false",""
"UgyQZS5ZgtUp4c1VzTl4AaABAg.9B7YjP7XpYj9B7f26LCvux","Toshisan Motonaka","sounds like a personal problem","1","","2020-07-15 10:05:15","false",""
"UgyQZS5ZgtUp4c1VzTl4AaABAg.9B7YjP7XpYj9B7frUL0wc_","Antonio Novais","Não é questão de ser ofensivo,mas é provocação.","0","","2020-07-15 10:12:24","false",""
"UgyQZS5ZgtUp4c1VzTl4AaABAg.9B7YjP7XpYj9B7h6KJtzKl","Lone Snip3rWolf","@Sadiq Mohamed guess what... no one has the right to not be offended! We all live our own lives, have our own beliefs and have the freedom to Express them. If something so mundane offends you than honestly you need to grow a backbone!","6","","2020-07-15 10:23:18","false",""
"UgwNWF-RoZAV1-VhmP14AaABAg","David Cooper","The whole episode doesn't feel right.","268","6","2020-07-15 09:01:50","true",""
"UgwNWF-RoZAV1-VhmP14AaABAg.9B7YmY1pCyu9B7Zsjv2N4w","Tizzas 123","Why?","3","","2020-07-15 09:11:25","false",""
"UgwNWF-RoZAV1-VhmP14AaABAg.9B7YmY1pCyu9B7_iOOBsXB","DonaId J Trump","it needs more patriotism! trump has shown dedication to the usa and would do Britain proud if he was in control","18","","2020-07-15 09:18:44","false",""
"UgwNWF-RoZAV1-VhmP14AaABAg.9B7YmY1pCyu9B7bKTcJRcU","Sadiq Mohamed","In what way? Explain if you can.","2","","2020-07-15 09:32:49","false",""
"UgwNWF-RoZAV1-VhmP14AaABAg.9B7YmY1pCyu9B7c_N36jWs","The ZESTY1","Personally i think they should put just an edward colston statue up but with a description of the bad things that he did as well. Either that or I think that they should put one of a black person who actually did something for the community and then next to it one of colston, again describing what he did good but also bad.","16","","2020-07-15 09:43:43","false",""
"UgwNWF-RoZAV1-VhmP14AaABAg.9B7YmY1pCyu9B7dSPDwZDM","stargirl xo.","@DonaId J Trump lol no","2","","2020-07-15 09:51:22","false",""
"UgwNWF-RoZAV1-VhmP14AaABAg.9B7YmY1pCyu9B7elJ5EPP-","David Cooper","@Sadiq Mohamed The way the old statue was pulled down(in a Pandemic) and then the new one erected. Just seems odd and maybe non democratic.","31","","2020-07-15 10:02:50","false",""
"UgyccXaWqyKOUHf-p3t4AaABAg","DubbyDominate","Why isn't a service worker? Like someone who's done something great like save someone's life or helped various charities or NHS staff? Maybe the statues should be of those whom have lost there lives fighting this disease?","34","4","2020-07-15 09:02:09","true",""
"UgyccXaWqyKOUHf-p3t4AaABAg.9B7YoszkiJl9B7aBZOeIAM","Alice Scheppers","I have spend my entire career working and volunteering for the NHS. Stop talking on my behalf. I like this statue. I feel sorry for you.","6","","2020-07-15 09:22:51","false",""
"UgyccXaWqyKOUHf-p3t4AaABAg.9B7YoszkiJl9B7ai7Bt8u3","Cintia Queta","More black and other minorities NHS workers died fighting this disease.... that should tell you something.","3","","2020-07-15 09:27:26","false",""
"UgyccXaWqyKOUHf-p3t4AaABAg.9B7YoszkiJl9B7cTKjuVd7","Sadiq Mohamed","What is it with you idiots? Can't you read? The artist did this as an art piece and at his own expense! FFS! So many ignorant, racist, privileged morons on here.","5","","2020-07-15 09:42:46","false",""
"UgyccXaWqyKOUHf-p3t4AaABAg.9B7YoszkiJl9B7g5t6HgD9","Cyberpunk JC","@Sadiq Mohamed 
Did you know you are entirely capable of having a civilised conversation without resorting to petty insults like a 2 year old?","5","","2020-07-15 10:14:31","false",""
"UgwxmN3Df7-hHAUR8lJ4AaABAg","Ben Vincent","This comment section is shameful","13","0","2020-07-15 09:03:25","true",""
"UgzmTlxrPPMpKFZ4hiJ4AaABAg","Blue harmony","Who is this random woman may I ask?","124","2","2020-07-15 09:03:44","true",""
"UgzmTlxrPPMpKFZ4hiJ4AaABAg.9B7Z-RS47l_9B7Zin1s6Ef","Honey Farah","Blue harmony who are you ?","5","","2020-07-15 09:10:03","false",""
"UgzmTlxrPPMpKFZ4hiJ4AaABAg.9B7Z-RS47l_9B7bcY9uH3B","Sadiq Mohamed","READ THE CAPTIONS! IDIOT!","6","","2020-07-15 09:35:25","false",""
"UgzJfoi62j2TYgtoz494AaABAg","Sam Suave","The outrage in the comments already at the idea of a slave owner NOT being celebrated lol. Also note the ethnic and racial make up of the individuals who tore the old statue down","4","0","2020-07-15 09:03:47","true",""
"UgyJpBjLT6MyVq6KrTR4AaABAg","Messi Finessi","🍿...","15","0","2020-07-15 09:04:30","true",""
"UgxuTGS6_MwivyZZ_KV4AaABAg","J Risner","Beautiful and brilliant

Tragic comment section though 😬","12","0","2020-07-15 09:07:59","true",""
"Ugy9yGLlcDU0zhQgWzZ4AaABAg","misfit","A missed opportunity","4","0","2020-07-15 09:08:16","true",""
"UgzpsavsT0NuH0yBPsx4AaABAg","mo brown","This is a start now systematic racism must be removed","6","0","2020-07-15 09:08:33","true",""
"UgxfLc46P_rqfOGs7TB4AaABAg","J King","Love the fact that I've been blocked from a comment for being too anti-racist! (I assume because someone who can't articulate a debate well deemed me racist towards white people!). Not that it matters but I'm white btw.

If you dont want people to debate your racists agenda, don't write comments on YouTube! 

❤✌","16","2","2020-07-15 09:08:57","true",""
"UgxfLc46P_rqfOGs7TB4AaABAg.9B7ZaggDzxj9B7c0Eka6G0","Sadiq Mohamed","Seconded! Some of the idiots on here need to go back to school.","2","","2020-07-15 09:38:47","false",""
"UgxfLc46P_rqfOGs7TB4AaABAg.9B7ZaggDzxj9B7dH1ntKoa","TONY1ALEX2","Me too! Comments need to be stopped - they are hate-filled, alt-right, destructive garbage and young people are affected ad turned by them.","1","","2020-07-15 09:49:49","false",""
"Ugz0HMUTybuHwI_o93J4AaABAg","Alison Oxholm","what about a statue to remember all those that have died of covid","53","2","2020-07-15 09:09:21","true",""
"Ugz0HMUTybuHwI_o93J4AaABAg.9B7ZdbmqohJ9B7bxP1NWES","Alex O'Neill","good idea- but a completely different matter","3","","2020-07-15 09:38:16","false",""
"Ugz0HMUTybuHwI_o93J4AaABAg.9B7ZdbmqohJ9B7c4RhgfzY","TONY1ALEX2","Were they dragged from their homes and sold into slavery?","2","","2020-07-15 09:39:22","false",""
"Ugzfqrv8pH6BdDCutZl4AaABAg","U.K Air rifles Hunting&Target","Bristol is a town with history but so is most of the world.","54","0","2020-07-15 09:09:36","true",""
"UgzSRPmKrhMXryLqhXx4AaABAg","Peter Field","Pathetic","328","1","2020-07-15 09:10:50","true",""
"UgzSRPmKrhMXryLqhXx4AaABAg.9B7ZoWXU9Pp9B7bTAdRRRF","franklingoodwin","Yes, you are 😆","16","","2020-07-15 09:34:00","false",""
"Ugx5p1ciWRPFkQ8Uwud4AaABAg","Anthony Taylor","In a democratic society shouldn't their be a vote.","116","3","2020-07-15 09:11:39","true",""
"Ugx5p1ciWRPFkQ8Uwud4AaABAg.9B7ZuPfdtHo9B7i5S7Ve4Q","Refuge G","A democracy, are u kidding. Ever tried to speak at a council meeting?","7","","2020-07-15 10:31:56","false",""
"Ugx5p1ciWRPFkQ8Uwud4AaABAg.9B7ZuPfdtHo9B7jHLltglh","YEETGOD","nobody voted for the edward colston statue","13","","2020-07-15 10:42:17","false",""
"Ugx5p1ciWRPFkQ8Uwud4AaABAg.9B7ZuPfdtHo9B7p3_FFcSJ","TONY1ALEX2","In a democratic society shouldn't people be able to write ""their"" own language before spouting ""their"" misguided opinions?","3","","2020-07-15 11:32:50","false",""
"Ugz2Y9Pwz4i0O3t4_ld4AaABAg","slamm0161","fuck sake man can we all just put this behind us and live as ONE united we stand devided we fall, who is this woman?","1","0","2020-07-15 09:12:28","true",""
"UgyN9Vt39uJ3NQ6AXfJ4AaABAg","human","To the “all lives matter” commenters who clearly have not done any research on the movement.. to put it simply= our systems evidence inequality and racism, black lives do not matter, if black lives do not matter then as a whole all lives do not matter. Only when black lives matter will all lives matter.","3","1","2020-07-15 09:12:54","true",""
"UgyN9Vt39uJ3NQ6AXfJ4AaABAg.9B7_2_Q7gMQ9B7_opLuhbd","human","& please do some research and consider your privilege as a non black person. I like to go for runs in the middle of the night.. I never worry someone will assume I’m running from a crime  and shoot me, that’s privilege","2","","2020-07-15 09:19:37","false",""
"Ugzt10JCQpGn3cFt3eN4AaABAg","G. Free","The comments herein are disgraceful. The sooner Scotland becomes independent the better.","4","1","2020-07-15 09:13:21","true",""
"Ugzt10JCQpGn3cFt3eN4AaABAg.9B7_5w87Nhl9B7bQgQDbI2","Laura Meakin","Sadly I agree with you, but spare a thought for those of us stuck in England bombarded with this level of nastiness and stupidity on a daily basis.","1","","2020-07-15 09:33:40","false",""
"UgzYtoqbl5alO0erCwt4AaABAg","Philothea75","Tasteless at best 😖","231","2","2020-07-15 09:13:21","true",""
"UgzYtoqbl5alO0erCwt4AaABAg.9B7_5r6wk2G9B7b-RB2o3T","ContactLight","Just like your singing.","7","","2020-07-15 09:29:56","false",""
"UgzYtoqbl5alO0erCwt4AaABAg.9B7_5r6wk2G9B7hPYSxSR5","Philothea75","ContactLight 🤣 well if we’re gonna get personal! nice touch glad ya nipped on my account 🙏🏼 be well 😘","29","","2020-07-15 10:25:56","false",""
"UgwNPXGoMoRQoZx-7PN4AaABAg","nelson 100","all the haters.. are racists","7","0","2020-07-15 09:14:56","true",""
"Ugz0Q36ufMo8Wst-6JZ4AaABAg","Honey Farah","People of colour of colour have had to deal with historically racist figures be glorified in a statue for decades  and  when we get a statue signifying a movement for equal rights you guys in the section are outraged by the first one . Imagine how tired we are","3","0","2020-07-15 09:15:06","true",""
"UgxC9cnt-0iy-u0JhGZ4AaABAg","Tom Salt","Yet no statue of Paul Stephenson?","20","3","2020-07-15 09:15:20","true",""
"UgxC9cnt-0iy-u0JhGZ4AaABAg.9B7_KRGNnYX9B7doNkzY0b","Dead Meme","Who?","0","","2020-07-15 09:54:31","false",""
"UgxC9cnt-0iy-u0JhGZ4AaABAg.9B7_KRGNnYX9B7fQ0ZXKYB","Tom Salt","@Dead Meme Paul Stephenson OBE is a community worker, activist and long-time campaigner for civil rights for the British African-Caribbean community in Bristol","6","","2020-07-15 10:08:31","false",""
"UgxC9cnt-0iy-u0JhGZ4AaABAg.9B7_KRGNnYX9B7fYQE5Vhb","Tom Salt","@Dead Meme The man organised the Bristol Bus Boycott in the 60s which gained equal employment opportunities for minorities on the bus services","5","","2020-07-15 10:09:40","false",""
"Ugyzlr3yx_l2-p5GZfZ4AaABAg","Aaron Stone","It's a statue. I dont know why they dont take them all down and put something useful in the spots that the statues were in, everyone wins","6","0","2020-07-15 09:15:54","true",""
"UgwoVXXtwwkVGqccm-N4AaABAg","Tim Squance","WTF","4","0","2020-07-15 09:16:40","true",""
"UgzSqPnQHjBGKMHL8UZ4AaABAg","Planetary Citizen","Well done Marc Quinn. This is awesome!","4","0","2020-07-15 09:16:49","true",""
"Ugyj7ga-P8zEqSVaGhF4AaABAg","Tracey Reid","A desperate attempt by an artist looking for attention by creating a political piece of public work! Maybe Marc Quinn should have made it out of frozen blood like he did with his 'Self' self-portrait in the '90s! It would be melted by now! Just a thought and much more the kind of thing a reactionary artist would be expected to create!","66","0","2020-07-15 09:18:09","true",""
"Ugy9K9NSyL-qHbz8Xc94AaABAg","Don Chambers","i see a lot of peoples true colours coming out in this thread... 

poor atempts at trying to suggest blm is wrong for wanting equality...

i think the people of Bristol should decide...
but some of the rhetoric here is alarming to say the least.

like serioursly???","1","2","2020-07-15 09:19:55","true",""
"Ugy9K9NSyL-qHbz8Xc94AaABAg.9B7_qzMOMG-9B7abEAWeSq","franklingoodwin","I agree. They also seem to be missing the point that it's not a permanent statue and is in fact a guerilla art piece. But hey, don't let facts get in the way of a rant. I think some people just like being angry","0","","2020-07-15 09:26:30","false",""
"Ugy9K9NSyL-qHbz8Xc94AaABAg.9B7_qzMOMG-9B7auShh9i0","Andrea Legg","I think people are upset because they dont look at the statue what represents. They looking at a person and dont know who she is and what has done for Bristol. Also the council didn't take a poll to ask bristolians what statue they want. Hopefully the uproar will die down","2","","2020-07-15 09:29:07","false",""
"UgzG-2ahLhLXG3LSWWR4AaABAg","Stephen Needham","A good idea for a replacement? No Doubt, a statue in the place of the offending old one to commemorate the BLM movement is a good idea, but doing it without permission will anger the racists, one quick look at the comments shows this, so I would say it wasnt a smart move, maybe put some other ideas in the mix to be considered, and let the people of Bristol decide, and do it officially, NHS worker would be a good one, and it could also be a black nurse or doctor, maybe one of the brave selfless souls who lost thier life helping to save countless white lives, because they knew that every life matters...... ahhh its such a shame that there are countless white people who still struggle with the term, BLACK LIVES MATTER, and what it represents. #blacklivesmatter","2","1","2020-07-15 09:20:59","true",""
"UgzG-2ahLhLXG3LSWWR4AaABAg.9B7_ypBCoNA9B7e8S4BQge","Stephen Needham","I will add, I personally think its a good statue and would be more than happy for it to stay, and if it offends certain racist people, I dont care, because being a bit offended and having your white privilege slighty bruised  and being reminded that the country you live in, and are entitled to live in, celebrates people who brutally murdered and enslaved your ancestors just to make a profit are not really comparable. FACTS. #BLACKLIVESMATTER","1","","2020-07-15 09:57:23","false",""
"Ugw0s2nbbKHDZqwfhCp4AaABAg","xirsamoht x","ffs, this isn't a permanent statue, so some people can calm down....","7","1","2020-07-15 09:21:01","true",""
"Ugw0s2nbbKHDZqwfhCp4AaABAg.9B7_z7J2BEG9B7baBTRZY8","franklingoodwin","They were too TRIGGERED to research or read 😆","0","","2020-07-15 09:35:06","false",""
"UgwYPru1NkNJWP77ckl4AaABAg","ShadowDugify","What hypocrites, who voted for this up?","81","0","2020-07-15 09:21:12","true",""
"Ugzq_i19YuYhpe6GNgF4AaABAg","Jeremy Bennett","Black lives matter","0","0","2020-07-15 09:21:34","true",""
"Ugw25Z3bcgXfqlhbYPR4AaABAg","Frank Whittle","PATRIOTIC ALTERNATIVE -REPATRIATION - DEMOGRAPHICS - WE CAN REVERSE MASS MIGRATION","35","2","2020-07-15 09:23:55","true",""
"UgwbKtOt4hlHiiAOCVx4AaABAg","John Hunter","What on earth is that","60","0","2020-07-15 09:24:06","true",""
"UgzS8cawVRe6Spb-Hhl4AaABAg","The Antibody","This is wrong.","425","3","2020-07-15 09:24:11","true",""
"UgzS8cawVRe6Spb-Hhl4AaABAg.9B7aLHynHr39B7clwAF-eK","Alex North","Nope.","7","","2020-07-15 09:45:26","false",""
"UgzS8cawVRe6Spb-Hhl4AaABAg.9B7aLHynHr39B7detubiJ1","cryptocerebral","In your Upside Down world where bad is good, and good, like standing up to oppression, is apparently bad","6","","2020-07-15 09:53:13","false",""
"UgzS8cawVRe6Spb-Hhl4AaABAg.9B7aLHynHr39B7osOe0hFD","Public Public","wrong only in the racists dim world of lies and sociopathy.","10","","2020-07-15 11:31:11","false",""
"Ugxi0B5Y_vZ-xGIPKNZ4AaABAg","Anthony Taylor","Who is she?","46","13","2020-07-15 09:24:28","true",""
"Ugyr7v-6ADdw45pduNF4AaABAg","Glen Armstrong","disgusting","138","8","2020-07-15 09:24:31","true",""
"Ugx8w9QIIshNBPUkcTJ4AaABAg","Mind Blast","All lives matter  next zzzzd😴","20","10","2020-07-15 09:24:41","true",""
"UgxV3TFfpelcLS1P_ip4AaABAg","ann pegg","ridiculous ,stop bowing down to this lying rubbish","1","0","2020-07-15 09:24:44","true",""
"UgzD5nDxOgdPkMv9JWJ4AaABAg","Barry Mills","I think she got my white privilege card by accident","413","15","2020-07-15 09:24:50","true",""
"UgzxuR7NPafEhK69DVd4AaABAg","Stacey Mclacey","Topple it!!!!!!!","58","0","2020-07-15 09:25:18","true",""
"UgwHx-mANnkRX-2Bzx54AaABAg","Polluting Penguin","Should we go and topple that as well now? Tit for tat?","8","0","2020-07-15 09:25:19","true",""
"Ugw13EgJQ_WvdNw24kx4AaABAg","Tony Hill","Please tear it down immediately. I find it offensive!!","120","9","2020-07-15 09:25:23","true",""
"UgxIwS9sdynm1XcHy2F4AaABAg","ZXD Gaming","That needs to pulled down! All this far left BLM stuff has gone way way too far! The average person is getting annoyed with and the far left BBC","142","8","2020-07-15 09:25:35","true",""
"UgzDfDrAxyLQLv5AH8x4AaABAg","Paul Shutt","That's coming down ASAP","65","2","2020-07-15 09:25:39","true",""
"Ugw9wv43sUNC0Xxm1T54AaABAg","G G","Avon and Somerset Police haven’t charged anyone with criminal damage yet, the public want their hard earned tax money back.","371","27","2020-07-15 09:25:42","true",""
"UgxQ5-1LtQLA8OEY5qB4AaABAg","Patrick B","Done without public support or government permissions. RIP IT DOWN!!!","90","6","2020-07-15 09:25:56","true",""
"Ugxlh1y9psBR22x-IfB4AaABAg","PickingGaz1972","Heresy","7","0","2020-07-15 09:25:57","true",""
"UgwVwjYsYTJ-TBsth3Z4AaABAg","ContactLight","I'm just here to see all the pathetic right-wingers crying their eyes out as per-usual.","1","0","2020-07-15 09:26:02","true",""
"Ugy4euVyOplMQ2l-hAx4AaABAg","Tom Thumb","Quietened down a lot did they gain anything from the blm protest??","92","19","2020-07-15 09:26:22","true",""
"UgwiDTstM1JkOOEFpnF4AaABAg","Antoninus Pius","So that’s what funding from George soros gets you. Here I thought BLM was about helping the black community. Instead they spend money on useless agendas.","222","13","2020-07-15 09:26:26","true",""
"UgzJzBtKpbno7_PzctZ4AaABAg","legrandmaitre","I think it's magnificent.","4","0","2020-07-15 09:26:30","true",""
"Ugw2l5VUxrtzh56u-MV4AaABAg","Alan Harries","We were never asked......","279","32","2020-07-15 09:26:34","true",""
"UgyRluW-OxEuTuivQzl4AaABAg","trist L2GGS","tear it down","105","1","2020-07-15 09:26:44","true",""
"UgxHyH-2ZiPiyQP9dbV4AaABAg","Andy Elliott","I don't see this ending well!","231","7","2020-07-15 09:26:52","true",""
"UgzaZXlQ6P02UZPdgFN4AaABAg","Edmund of the Angles","Celebrating a murderous terrorist movement. Well played. Let's have a statue of Osam bin Laden next.","3","1","2020-07-15 09:27:04","true",""
"UgxGKvySVyP3fmjogkR4AaABAg","Maxine Blick","country take  over by stealth.","32","1","2020-07-15 09:27:12","true",""
"Ugx81CW_uP8qlIELm494AaABAg","Jimbo's Farm","Last time I saw a hand gesture similar to that it was a German moustached man.","31","7","2020-07-15 09:27:24","true",""
"Ugz3OYD3fPPyq6UoeDB4AaABAg","Robert Baird","My feelings are hurt.","98","9","2020-07-15 09:27:44","true",""
"Ugzw1KiGsvKd8zsXnJ14AaABAg","Aza Lit","So now we worship at the feet of Black Lives Matter instead of Massa?
No thanks sis","0","0","2020-07-15 09:28:09","true",""
"Ugykt6HcoeviUdX8xdZ4AaABAg","Ralph","You people are weak. I would snatch that crap down, just like they pulled the original. Weakness!","0","0","2020-07-15 09:28:13","true",""
"UgymbDW6f9MpGw4gOq14AaABAg","Richard R","Who is this woman and why is she so important?","187","53","2020-07-15 09:28:32","true",""
"Ugxmf5wajvdgfpssbnJ4AaABAg","Andres K","Nice I love it :)","1","4","2020-07-15 09:28:54","true",""
"Ugw4u_IanqmX6OpSmzR4AaABAg","Tom Toms","tear it down immediately disgusting tear it down","110","6","2020-07-15 09:29:03","true",""
"UgzAlZ8iszpfM4FsRmx4AaABAg","Co Fa","It's nice. Now take it down and do things with others, for good, and stop making BS for fame and psudo glory of protesters.... Erect a 15m high tribute to slaves and other true historical freedom fighters and i'll be fine. Take that ""Surge of Power"" in the same museum that cointains other historicaly inappropriate art pieces... That will provide a perfect context.","9","0","2020-07-15 09:29:31","true",""
"UgzooqJQHE1EPyoDv4p4AaABAg","barbara seymour","Pull it down.  Citizens should be consulted.","159","16","2020-07-15 09:30:19","true",""
"UgxjaQ3RSgXu6W7pKot4AaABAg","Matt ST2","If the council give this their approval I think people in Bristol should pull down this race baiting attempt from the activists in Bristol. We can't allow this to happen guys. It can't stay.","12","0","2020-07-15 09:30:50","true",""
"UgyUz4wQiDm0MojTL3R4AaABAg","GeekyDoodles","why would take away the history that teaches generations to come about how we messed up and makes us see what the problem is and know what not to do.","11","1","2020-07-15 09:30:53","true",""
"UgyUz4wQiDm0MojTL3R4AaABAg.9B7b6INK1XG9B7dZXyDU5v","TONY1ALEX2","No need to honour someone who made shitloads of dosh by selling other humans - he was pure evil.","1","","2020-07-15 09:52:21","false",""
"UgyKJuRmRJYiQs94td14AaABAg","Henry Hope","Africans far out number white people already. Africa is a big continent Europe is a small continent. This is very Lord of the Rings.","62","42","2020-07-15 09:31:12","true",""
"UgwShOXryH5eAMIyOoF4AaABAg","Cat On a mushroom","Who is paying for this???","84","12","2020-07-15 09:32:33","true",""
"UgwnMOKYb4I1_JSf6-x4AaABAg","Omegacube","This is getting old.","38","4","2020-07-15 09:32:38","true",""
"Ugzf4SPd-KjeWggcYnl4AaABAg","Peter N.","some funny days ahead of us","76","0","2020-07-15 09:33:00","true",""
"UgzMkOAFyt1wead5FCB4AaABAg","Gnarkz 0","The amount of other black british icons I could think of that could go up there instead of this nobody...","1194","158","2020-07-15 09:33:08","true",""
"UgzoIut6_bUPabOfKqx4AaABAg","Drea the Bandalore","I love it tbh and it's a woman. They done good 😊","1","0","2020-07-15 09:33:15","true",""
"Ugy2O43Zu-YGldtuOLp4AaABAg","poe jineapples","replaced an offensive statue with a far left extremist. bristol council is so divisive.","142","27","2020-07-15 09:33:31","true",""
"UgwbIQcCapVzyzY728V4AaABAg","Chris Round","Give it twelve hours, and someone should have this abomination removed.

No permission for it, it's a bloody outrage. This is going way to far.","29","5","2020-07-15 09:33:32","true",""
"Ugz1gOtVLp0vI12uQhJ4AaABAg","last orders","She ?","3","0","2020-07-15 09:33:40","true",""
"Ugxc08Ph-Efgc3FL4FF4AaABAg","Sheep","Throw it in the river!","173","5","2020-07-15 09:33:41","true",""
"Ugx1H7q5iwj8qWl2nQN4AaABAg","perk70","Oh dear!","17","0","2020-07-15 09:33:41","true",""
"UgxP3ExJH_Fhh56myzF4AaABAg","Tom Oxley","Rip it down needs planning permission","36","0","2020-07-15 09:34:01","true",""
"UgxOeWCod1bXaEE1BJN4AaABAg","Crusaders hu Akbar","sheeeeeeeit. why don't they just let them build a mega blm mosque instead....CUCKED","0","0","2020-07-15 09:34:40","true",""
"Ugy_PfahqpXJ53PdfZN4AaABAg","Florence Upton","May as well have put Lenin up there, same difference and probably better clothed.","180","5","2020-07-15 09:35:06","true",""
"UgzWYzQhmNVKEiKyHmR4AaABAg","JonnyK","Yes! I love seeing the Alt Right raging over this its hilarious","9","0","2020-07-15 09:35:13","true",""
"UgymcCvQ2HpWPKgzmM94AaABAg","Sheep","Burn, loot and murder.","44","1","2020-07-15 09:35:41","true",""
"UgxIyNxn5tra32R95K14AaABAg","Andy","I wonder if the police will intervene when people pull this statue down?","841","81","2020-07-15 09:36:26","true",""
"Ugy7bmFgl1KrpAMsTOh4AaABAg","TheRiojablues","The last straw ..I put up with BLM I hate it !","21","0","2020-07-15 09:36:28","true",""
"UgwzWfpbOrIUw2Lcj314AaABAg","Aj","ugly","5","0","2020-07-15 09:36:31","true",""
"UgxXQV2dHBvsGFrcvQN4AaABAg","Za za Zoom","Do these idiots know that BLM is a Marxist communist group bent on destroying the country? Their out to destroy the family. Insane. There is no systemic racism anymore. Their all bonkers.","0","0","2020-07-15 09:36:36","true",""
"UgxGJw6ZeJWl-1WIv8l4AaABAg","Every_life_matters_worldwide","Friday the statue will be removed by the people of Bristol. Pass on the news and come down and help.","21","2","2020-07-15 09:36:49","true",""
"UgxBFBKnua2acG4z5qp4AaABAg","Blue -eyed","Cant believe people accept this. Why they dont tear it right down is beyond me. And how can the town officials allow this???","28","7","2020-07-15 09:37:02","true",""
"UgwTCeApR2ub93ng_lF4AaABAg","Alfie Noakes","maybe we are being demographically replaced","89","17","2020-07-15 09:37:22","true",""
"UgzxzgLzCG2JdDJz4t14AaABAg","Dave Hesketh","statues erected for anti capitalist movement >     hmmm kay","0","0","2020-07-15 09:37:35","true",""
"UgzWQHJ694D-cI8pfvV4AaABAg","Ali Mohammad","I think a statue of the queen will be less controvercial....","33","4","2020-07-15 09:37:36","true",""
"UgzZUzrflI6b_IWdXid4AaABAg","Adi Stokes","Illegal monuments need to be pulled down it’s that simple","579","73","2020-07-15 09:37:45","true",""
"Ugxov0PjHe7ZJOGs9qV4AaABAg","Alexander Dunlop","Jesus Christ all lives matter!!","47","33","2020-07-15 09:38:13","true",""
"UgzGBQsgQ4gsxCCz6Tx4AaABAg","Isaac Perry","There's something very Orwellian  about that statue, I feel the rewriting of history is just around the corner....","64","11","2020-07-15 09:38:47","true",""
"Ugxj5UNjWsgKjeatxdd4AaABAg","David Brooks","What a discusting Neo Marxist statue, pull it down people, stand up and pull it down","89","5","2020-07-15 09:39:02","true",""
"UgxbnZoQgOXH9eaW82B4AaABAg","Blue -eyed","This is genocide.","29","15","2020-07-15 09:39:23","true",""
"Ugyru3UQOysyZNdzT-Z4AaABAg","Trev Tall10","Usually someone has to do great deeds to get a statue of them, all she did was stand on a plith and make a pose.
If that isn't privilege I don't know what is a
PULL IT DOWN","537","45","2020-07-15 09:39:27","true",""
"UgwYrTyqiZHd8M-rDOF4AaABAg","Kevin Wellwrought","So that is what the whole protest was about: to replace one power figure with another. This is then all about power.","120","4","2020-07-15 09:39:44","true",""
"UgydnhVD_xvHtijk2pt4AaABAg","Jerry Cornelius","Are we allowed to put statues of ourselves anywhere? Cool, I’ll get one of me commissioned and put it up in the city centre.

On a serious note, the council, the police, the authorities have shown how utterly inept they are and the government needs to get this tackled and sorted out. Starting with the swift removal of an uncommissioned piece of work on exhibition without permission or support of the community it’s exhibited in.","75","3","2020-07-15 09:39:50","true",""
"UgxPUXEg72vodhus6Vt4AaABAg","Pete Mayne","Who are you to have your own statue?","219","2","2020-07-15 09:39:54","true",""
"UgxPUXEg72vodhus6Vt4AaABAg.9B7c8LHk9xg9B7h1sTMlnb","Pidols","A black powerful woman","10","","2020-07-15 10:22:42","false",""
"UgxPUXEg72vodhus6Vt4AaABAg.9B7c8LHk9xg9B7jBoegJ-0","Sun Seeker","LOL shut up you actual idiot","4","","2020-07-15 10:41:32","false",""
"UgzJ3jUUeYwG6q2PL3l4AaABAg","Ultimate Gamer","Someone topple that disgusting statue","0","0","2020-07-15 09:40:01","true",""
"Ugymaeqv810lOVV8z-F4AaABAg","Gordon Welford","RIP IT DOWN!","21","0","2020-07-15 09:40:04","true",""
"Ugwvxir2Ao_nDqbKXTR4AaABAg","brian taylor","diane abbots love child","34","2","2020-07-15 09:40:15","true",""
"UgyGhVSQCV3twq-kkNB4AaABAg","Karen Joy","You've got to be kidding me?! Well that can be thrown on the bonfire.","50","6","2020-07-15 09:40:55","true",""
"UgybDozwUV8qZcnmet94AaABAg","Zachary Scott","I don’t like, tear it down. 😂😂😂","96","4","2020-07-15 09:41:02","true",""
"Ugy8QBq85kUe--b_46l4AaABAg","gary stewart","It would look a lot better with a can of red paint dumped over its head........just saying wink wink","15","5","2020-07-15 09:41:03","true",""
"Ugw0mFHjfkvKjntc5MZ4AaABAg","ShawnShawn The Leprecaun","That Marxist symbol of hate & racism  will be coming down. You can take that to the bank.","59","14","2020-07-15 09:41:24","true",""
"Ugwa4HcMdhuxk937rQh4AaABAg","Jerry Cornelius","Statue looks like fraggle...
Fraggle Rock Lives Matter.","1","0","2020-07-15 09:41:26","true",""
"UgwXrrwGsGLbdVLjKXd4AaABAg","SH","Edward Colsten statue replaced by sculpture of Black Lives Matter protester... 

All LIES Matter / White LIES Matter rioters left the chat. 🤣🤣🤣","1","0","2020-07-15 09:41:27","true",""
"UgxRfcgSErIuslMXaBx4AaABAg","Neil Wallace","When I see the statue I don't think BLM, it looks like a Black Panther statue with beret and raised clench fist. The obvious kick back will be that is ""Revolutionary Socialists hijacking BLM for their own ends"". Although the statue is temporary - I suspect it would have been ..temporary anyway.","172","0","2020-07-15 09:41:30","true",""
"Ugx89zTY4QQt_aDERDR4AaABAg","5HINee property of Lee Taemin","😂😂😂","0","0","2020-07-15 09:41:32","true",""
"UgxxnfBK1XRmvcUJlhN4AaABAg","Jesus Kenobi","Why don't we instead build a statue for someone who's done more for black rights than posing for a photo... Eg Doreen Lawrence","0","0","2020-07-15 09:41:32","true",""
"UgydFcUX29cCi422ud94AaABAg","Freshman Junior","THE DISLIKES 😂😂😂😂😂. So many haters!! ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾","1","2","2020-07-15 09:41:43","true",""
"UgxVffJGNAz3tbb6Crh4AaABAg","Charlie Tanner","I very much disagree with the destroying of statues, you're taking down history. *But*, to see a movement so powerful it's made new history. I can't disagree with that. They just keep the statue as a reminder to everything that happened. A second Edward Colston statue can be created if it's so desperate.","1","1","2020-07-15 09:41:45","true",""
"Ugz4pQ622JKGSqNOL954AaABAg","Christine Mary","I am offended , I want it removed ,  I can't put statues up wherever I choose","74","11","2020-07-15 09:42:04","true",""
"UgxRn5VCK3NdyIORrI54AaABAg","denbydish","Not officially approved???? Who erected it then??? And so it begins.","0","0","2020-07-15 09:42:47","true",""
"UgxTt9SS_zFh3KiO8jl4AaABAg","Rampart","Native Britons - the time has come for you to cede your land to those who want it more.","1","2","2020-07-15 09:43:22","true",""
"Ugyl0rYiMQZ2NhfYhuV4AaABAg","Hannah Ashton","Are ppl really this pressed about a temporary art installation replacing a SLAVE TRADER statue? The artist [Marc Quinn] and the subject [Jen Reid] said themselves that the sculpture is not a ""permanent solution to what should be there"" but acts as a highlight to the ongoing ""unacceptable problem of institutionalized and systemic racism"".","4","0","2020-07-15 09:43:32","true",""
"UgwZhSt2vpQOxWAc8_B4AaABAg","Hein Noordewind","This is insane. Wiping out your history and replacing it with new icons whos only acomplishment is protesting... BLM is marxist movement! Are you British just going to accept being taken over by Marxists?!?!?","38","7","2020-07-15 09:43:33","true",""
"UgwndPf_R28yv2auLbZ4AaABAg","Paul Buckle Buckle","This is fantastic what a great day","1","0","2020-07-15 09:43:42","true",""
"UgyxOAkklVSyc60ilJZ4AaABAg","Brian","A statue of a protester. What an affront to the decent people of the country.","10","0","2020-07-15 09:43:47","true",""
"UgxppdoDTNhCVjjxcS54AaABAg","Carol Dickens","So only black statutes matter then 🤔 they don't have to done anything with their live , apart from demonstrate about historic people that had different views of today ! Then hey presto , she got her own statue 😡😡 needs to come down asap. It's undemocratic & put up illegally !!!","1","0","2020-07-15 09:43:48","true",""
"UgyVYHaq4-vFntrPX8p4AaABAg","Kawhoot","""Killing a black person is like saying the N word. They don't like it when whites join in""","4","1","2020-07-15 09:44:10","true",""
"Ugy3YR_4NZLthP1-PPJ4AaABAg","SHD 46","So if I see that statue as a symbol of anti-democratic marxists mob rule and choose to pull it down because I'm offended.
How will that play out in terms of legislative repercussions.","461","45","2020-07-15 09:44:15","true",""
"Ugxm0tNH0VamENUL8uh4AaABAg","Kevin Goodwin","what the hell did she do to deserve a statue","1","1","2020-07-15 09:44:19","true",""
"UgzcwS3pGzo1Uy4GMIp4AaABAg","Fat Cat","Waving  her black power fist in Defiance","0","0","2020-07-15 09:44:27","true",""
"Ugxz3-eRgJZMYrlnfvB4AaABAg","Adam Malinski","👎","3","0","2020-07-15 09:44:27","true",""
"Ugz-nShexJVCuNB3Nqx4AaABAg","Alex North","I LOVE how upset the snowflakes are. Cry more, we are laughing at you!!!","7","0","2020-07-15 09:44:27","true",""
"UgwPmXXgDJU5h3YvZVV4AaABAg","DarlnDar","***TEAR IT DOWN!***  ***ALL LIVES MATTER & SO DOES HISTORY!***","13","0","2020-07-15 09:44:33","true",""
"UgwYMw8AECOcg7IM89p4AaABAg","Mitjitsu","*Cringe* >_<","2","0","2020-07-15 09:44:40","true",""
"UgznvlQlcofhrQSr3Ft4AaABAg","Mother Algorithm","O no, pandering to Marxists will not end well.","50","1","2020-07-15 09:44:55","true",""
"UgxWzeEy_pZxGnGwg8t4AaABAg","epsilon945","Since when did a Ho of a pimp Marxist represent western culture Bets are on it’s coming down before the end of the week 😂😂😂😂😂👻👻👻👌👌😛","0","0","2020-07-15 09:45:16","true",""
"UgyRgvcirdZO81cblOV4AaABAg","Tony Agw","I do hope so people rip that one down and the council do take it down","68","6","2020-07-15 09:45:34","true",""
"UgzLY0RS5U3oNbkjAc14AaABAg","Sainsburys dad","To be fair it's a visual improvement","1","0","2020-07-15 09:46:03","true",""
"Ugyr8seC8rrZbPv_svh4AaABAg","Samuel Evans","I think I just cringed my spine out of the top of my head.","67","0","2020-07-15 09:46:09","true",""
"UgxbsNIDtflWy-46qN14AaABAg","sperz35","So rather than prosecute those who tore down the last statue we give them one to remember their vandalism by? 
Build a new statue somewhere instead of whitewashing it over history.","39","2","2020-07-15 09:46:29","true",""
"UgzmUlsWKXTO_lMWQ3t4AaABAg","Rowan Melton","So they'll put up a statue of some nobody but they won't put up a statue of Alan Turing: the man who solved the Enigma code, and is credited with setting the foundations for computing and computer science, who was also homosexual. 

Seems a bit homophobic to me..

^(sarcasm)","0","0","2020-07-15 09:46:29","true",""
"UgzwEThcmS7woIsp9LJ4AaABAg","Djura","This should be removed immediately.","64","0","2020-07-15 09:46:31","true",""
"UgxZOetwOLYCs4dHl2Z4AaABAg","Hein Noordewind","Take down this left wing propaganda!!!","0","0","2020-07-15 09:46:34","true",""
"UgxdZmFqJISntW_iYzh4AaABAg","Dan World","utterly stupid - who the hell even is this woman !!
im all for a new statue but it needs to be someone who actually did something worthwhile","0","0","2020-07-15 09:46:38","true",""
"UgxWmOHduaUq6zw9oqJ4AaABAg","afyzilla shaqattack","Taking down the Colston statue was right, but putting this up there is merely a publicity stunt and one that will backfire.","52","0","2020-07-15 09:46:48","true",""
"UgzNIpEzG_X8VuCN6Xd4AaABAg","Richie90090","That has to go, it's disgusting! .. Police will be there soon to take the knee in front of it","98","8","2020-07-15 09:46:55","true",""
"UgycIObbWPDHR7LjjkJ4AaABAg","Steven Bibby","here today gone tomorrow","20","1","2020-07-15 09:47:07","true",""
"Ugw_dRgCV1WGprEqVWx4AaABAg","Peter Turley","😠","1","0","2020-07-15 09:47:18","true",""
"UgyFwYTQTI_CfFHghG94AaABAg","Brad Jones","Daré I be bold enough to say this is ridiculous. The removal of Edward Colston’s statue was to protest against his involvement in the Atlantic slave trade in 1680, some 340 years ago. We have come a long way since then yet we see no protests about the current slave trades in Ma