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A Taste for the Past: a symposium in honor of Prof Marie Louise Stig Sorensen

A Taste for the Past - Header

On 20 and 21 May 2021 the Cambridge Heritage Research Centre will host a symposium celebrating the career and achievements of Marie Louise Stig Sørensen in the year of her retirement as Professor of Prehistoric Europe and Heritage Studies at the University of Cambridge. The symposium brings together friends, colleagues and current and former students to acknowledge the huge influence of Marie Louise's research and teaching on the fields of archaeology and heritage studies.

The symposium is free to attend and will be held on Zoom. Registration is required and a link to provided below.  


Download the Booklet for Attendees


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The A Taste for the Past website includes the symposium booklet for attendees as well as an interactive map containing messages and recipes from friends and colleagues of Marie Louise Stig Sørensen from across the globe. You can also use the online form to leave your own message or anecdote for Marie Louise.



Register in advance for this meeting at:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.



Thursday 20 May 2021: Day 1 – Recasting the Bronze Age

Session A

09:50   Welcome – Liliana Janik 

10:00   Introduction - Cyprian Broodbank

10:10   ‘Some Bronze Age Travellers’ – Kristian Kristiansen 

10:40   Gender and Age Ideologies on the Periphery of the European Bronze Age’Mark Haughton

11:10   Coffee  break

11:20   ‘Multi layered identity of female warrior and feminine body’ - Kim Jong Il

11:50   Gender in Maltese prehistory’ - Simon Stoddart and Caroline Malone

12:20   Discussion – Margarita Díaz-Andreu

12:40   Q&A chaired by Liliana Janik


Session B

14:00   Welcome – Jo Sofaer 

14:10   ‘Role of the archaeologists in archaeological heritage management - Yumiko Nakanishi

14:40   ‘Beyond the excavation pit of archaeology: African archaeological heritage and sustainable development’ - Susan O.                  Keitumetse

15:10   Coffee Break

15:20   ‘Unlocking the secrets of cremated human remains’ - Katherina Rebay-Salisbury

15:50   ‘Small things do matter! Heavy fractions in context from Százhalombatta-FöldvárMagdolna Vicze 

16:20   Discussion – Kristian Kristiansen 

16:40   Q&A chaired by Jo Sofaer

17:00   Closing comments – Christopher Evans 


Friday 21 May 2021: Day 2 – Heritage in the Making

Session C

09:30   Welcome – Carsten Paludan Muller 

09:40   ‘The Orphaning of Millets: an investigation into the political economy of food and heritage – Shailaja Fennell

10.10   ‘British military heritage in contemporary Scotland: military museums, political change, and the battle for identities’ -                Calum Robertson

10:40   ‘Researching Children in Heritage Studies’Shadia Taha

11:10   Coffee Break

11:20   ‘Bermuda World Heritage: World Heritage management from the local experienceCharlotte Andrews

11:50   Questing for Industrial Heritage; from Limestone Quarries to Drinking Fountains’Masaaki Okada

12:20   Discussion – David Uzzell

12:40   Q&A chaired by Dacia Viejo Rose


Session D

14:00   Introduction – Andreas Pantazatos 

14:10   ‘Landscapes of the war-torn body’Paola Filippucci 

14:40   Memorialisation of Women’s Stories in South Korea: Comparative Analysis on ‘Comfort Women’ and                                        Female Independence Activists’Hyun Kyung Lee

15:10   Coffee Break

15:20   ‘The Ruins are in Ruins: The Constant Destruction of Heritage and Its Implications on Society’Lina Tahan

15:50   ‘The Fearful Object’Elizabeth Crooke

16:20   Discussion - Carsten Paludan-Muller

16:40   Q&A chaired by Andreas Pantazatos

17:00   Closing comments – Dacia Viejo Rose