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Cambridge Heritage Research Centre

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About CHRC

Launched in 2018, the Cambridge Heritage Research Centre brings together researchers in heritage studies from across the University of Cambridge. The Centre acts as focus for the sharing and advancement of heritage research within the University. It also organises a range of seminars, lectures and workshops for academics and professionals working in the field of Heritage Studies.

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Heritage Research at Cambridge

Find out more about the wide range of heritage research being carried out by partners of the Cambridge Heritage Research Centre.

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Postgraduate Programmes in Heritage

Find out more about the University of Cambridge's MPhil in Heritage Studies and the range of Departments offering PhD programmes for researcher in heritage.

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Spotlight On...

Since December 2011 the gaze of a ‘comfort women’ statue has been directed at the Japanese Embassy in Seoul. Erected to mark the 1000th weekly civic rally calling on the Japanese government to issue an apology and compensation to Korean victims of the Japanese army’s WWII sexual enslavement. In this piece Hyun Kyung Lee and Shu-Mei Huang consider multiple meanings and motivations of such statues and their role in East Asia difficult memories of WWII.

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The Heritage Alliance

The Cambridge Heritage Research Centre is a member of the Heritage Alliance. The Heritage Alliance is the largest coalition of individuals and heritage organisations in the UK, working for the promotion, advocacy, development and preservation of heritage interests.

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CHRC Written Logo

The CHRC is a collaboration of six departments. This is symbolized through six stripes in Cambridge Blue in the CHRC logo. The mesh-work arising from the darker stripes represents the collaboration of the CHRC and the heritage field at large.