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Cambridge Heritage Research Centre


Title: Why do historic places matter? Emotional Attachments to Urban Heritage

Speaker: Prof Rebecca Madgin (University of Glasgow)

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Historic urban places matter economically, environmentally and socially. Much of the evidence for this view has focused on positive outputs in terms of facilitating urban and economic development and, increasingly, drawing connections to wellbeing. This talk suggests a different narrative, asking instead, why these places matter emotionally and in particular why and how people form emotional relationships with historic urban places. The talk will also open up a discussion of how we could use this information within designation and management policies and practices. The talk draws on the findings of a four-year research project that examined emotional attachments in a range of urban settings across England and Scotland since 1975 and includes the voices of a range of different people.



Thursday, 10 March, 2022 - 13:00
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Online on Zoom