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Cambridge Heritage Research Centre


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The Cambridge Heritage Research Group (HRG) meets regularly in term-time for discussions on the theme of heritage. The program includes talks by invited speakers as well as members of the Cambridge Heritage Research Centre. Forthcoming talks are also advertised on our Events pages.


Contact name: Isavella Voulgareli

Contact email: or

Event location: Seminar Room, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Downing Street, Cambridge and online via Zoom (registration is required for online attendance, sign up via the dedicated link for each talk)

Time: Thursdays, 1pm during term time (unless specified)


Lent Term 2024

1pm Thu, 25 January Dr. Alexandra Green The British Museum 'Burma to Myanmar'
1pm Thu, 1 February Dr. Camille Westmont Cambridge Heritage Research Centre, University of Cambridge 'Redemption Rising: Heritage-Making and Forced Prison Labor in the American South'
1pm Thu, 8 February Prof. Kalliopi Fouseki UCL TBC
1pm Thu, 15 February Dr. Jenny Bulstrode UCL 'The Cogs and the Wheels; the intangible heritage of Black precision engineers in C18th Jamaica and the untouchable status of British industrial triumphalism'
1pm Thu, 22 February Prof. Jovan Byford The Open University 'A site remember, forgotten, contested: Semlin/Sajmište camp in Serbian public memory'
1pm Thu, 29 February Dr. Erin O'Halloran Cambridge Heritage Research Centre, University of Cambridge 'From Gernika to Gaza: Painting Against the Bombs'
1pm Thu, 7 March Dr. Alisa Santikarn ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Cambridge 'Elephants, Temples & Nationalism: Impacts of the Preah Vihear Temple Conflict on the Kui Ajiang'
1pm Thu, 14 March Dr. Eva Namusoke The Fitzwilliam Museum 'Eight Museums and a Garden: Exploring the University of Cambridge's African Collections'
1pm Thu, 21 March Dr. Bryan Lintott Associate Professor of Polar History and Heritage at UiT Norway's Arctic University in Tromso 'Heritage in Extremis'


Past Heritage Seminars

Michaelmas Term 2023

1pm Thu, 12 October Dr. Vanessa Paloma Elbaz Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge 'Is My Voice Future Heritage? - the Politics and Processes of Jewish Sound Archiving in the Mediterranean'
1pm Thu, 26 October Dr. Miriam Saqqa Carazo Cambridge Heritage Research Centre, University of Cambridge '(Re)thinking about the Recent Past through Forensic Archives'
1pm Thu, 9 November Dr. Domenico Sergi Museum of London 'Reclaiming the Centrality of Class in Contemporary Museum Theory and Practice'
1pm Thu, 23 November Prof. Sybille Frank Technical University Darmstadt 'Entrepreneurial Heritage-Making in Post-Wall Berlin: The Case of New Potsdamer Platz'
1pm Thu, 30 November Prof. Caitlin DeSilvey University of Exeter 'Heritage Lost and Found: Cruel Optimism and Climate Futures'

Easter Term 2023

1pm Thu, 27 April Mila Wolpert (Fulbright Program) Transatlantic Ties: Fulbright Research on the Rothschild Legacy at the U.S. Ambassador's Residence in Paris  
1pm Thu, 4 May Dr Andrea Roberts (University of Virginia) Co-Creating Counternarratives: Foundations for Just Planning & Preservation  



Lent Term 2023

1pm Thu, 26 January Dr Kevin Lane (CONICET) Past Water Futures: heritage, water security and dam restoration in the Andes View the recording
1pm Thu, 2 February Prof. Caitlin DeSilvey (University of Exeter) Letting Be(come): undoings at the museum POSTPONED
1pm Thu, 16 February Prof. Stefan Berger (Ruhr University) Title to be confirmed POSTPONED
1pm Thu, 23 February

Prof Ruth Mandel*

(University College London) Creating Heritage: exploring the tangible and intangible of Stolpersteine/Stumbling Stones POSTPONED
1pm Thu, 2 March Dr Rebecca Haboucha* (University of Pennsylvania) Language in the Landscape: Exploring Cultural Inclusions and Exclusions in Canadian Heritage Interpretation POSTPONED

*Speaker presenting online


Michaelmas Term 2022

1pm Thu, 3 November Dr Ethan Cochrane (University of Auckland) Niche Construction, Heritage Ecology, and Ancient Sāmoan Agriculture  
1pm Thu, 10 November Dr Lauren Yapp  (Brown University) The making of a “heritage citizen”: historic preservation, urban gentrification, and personal transformation in Indonesia  
1pm Thu, 17 November Dr Tanja Hoffmann (University of York) Humility, Hubris, and Heritage: Tales from the Frontlines of Community-Based Research  
1pm Thu, 24 November Laura Searson (Victoria & Albert Museum) Culture in Crisis: Leveraging the Power of Museums in Heritage Preservation Internationally - a conversation with Dr Dacia Viejo Rose POSTPONED
1pm Thu, 1 December Prof John Scofield (University of York) 'The Moon and the Ghetto': How Cultural Heritage Solutions Can Help Solve the World’s Wicked Problems  


Easter Term 2022


Thu, 28 April

Dr Frigga Kruse

(Kiel University)

Beginning with Barentsz: first historical-archaeological steps in the reconstruction of a pre-contact Arctic ecosystem  

Thu, 5 May

Dr Kirstine Møller (National Museum and Archives of Greenland and Memorial University of Newfoundland and Greenland, Ilismatusarfik—the University of Greenland)

Towards an ethical archaeology: challenges in bridging the gap between Indigenous knowledge and archaeological practice in Kalaallit Nunaat



Lent Term 2022


Thu, 20 January

Ben Stephenson (BAS Consultancy) Conducting reviews of contested heritage in the public realm: processes and principles for public bodies  

Thu, 27 January

Dr Banu Pekol (Berghof Foundation) Soft Diplomacy through Difficult Cultural Heritage: Perspectives from Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation  
12pm Thu, 3 February Dr. Ege Yildirim (Heritage Planner) Insights on Cultural Heritage and Sustainability: Global and Local, Policy and Practice Available on YouTube
1pm Thu, 10 February Dr Gilly Carr (University of Cambridge) Safeguarding Sites: Writing a European charter to safeguard Holocaust sites in Europe  
1pm Thu, 3 March Dr James Bulgin (Imperial War Museum) Re-framing the Holocaust at IWM  
1pm Thu, 10 March Prof Rebecca Madgin (University of Glasgow) Why do historic places matter? Emotional attachments to Urban Heritage  
1pm Wed, 16 March Dr Peter Bille Larsen (Universite de Geneve) Equitable World Heritage:  contradiction in terms or real possibility?   
1pm Thu, 24 March Dr Lauren Yapp (Brown University) The making of a “heritage citizen”: historic preservation, urban gentrification, and personal transformation in Indonesia   



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