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Selected publications by CHRC members after 2013. For a full lists of publications by member can be found on the CHRC directory.

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Bennison, A.

The Almoravid and Almohad Empires

Amira Bennison
Bennison 2016

This is the first book in English to provide a comprehensive account of the rise and fall of the Almoravids and the Almohads, the two most important Berber dynasties of the medieval Islamic west, an area that encompassed southern Spain and Portugal, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

Paperback | £29.99 | ISBN-9780748646807 | 2016 | 

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The Articulation of Power in Medieval Iberia and the Maghrib

edited by Amira Bennison
Bennison 2014

How do rulers make their rule palatable and appealing to their subjects or citizens? Drawing on the expertise of several international scholars, this volume explores how rulers in medieval Iberia and the Maghrib presented their rule and what strategies they adopted to persuade their subjects of their legitimacy. It focuses on the Nasrids of Granada and the Marinids of Morocco, who both ruled from the mid-13th century to the later 15th century.

Hardback | £60 | ISBN-9780197265697 | 2014 | 

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Broodbank, C.

The Making of the Middle Sea: a history of the Mediterranean from the beginning to the emergence of the Classical World

Cyprian Broodbank
Broodbank 2015

The Mediterranean has been for millennia one of the global cockpits of human endeavour. World-class interpretations exist of its Classical and subsequent history, but there has been remarkably little holistic exploration of how its societies, culture and economies first came into being, despite the fact that almost all the fundamental developments originated well before 500 bc . This book is the first full, interpretive synthesis for a generation on the rise of the Mediterranean world from its beginning, before the emergence of our own species, up to the threshold of Classical times.

Paperback | £24.95 | ISBN-9780500292082 | 2015 | 

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Carr, G. C. 

Legacies of Occupation: heritage, memory and archaeology in the Channel Islands

Gilly Carr
Carr 2014

This book explores the way in which the legacy of the German occupation of the Channel Islands has been turned into heritage (or, conversely, neglected) over the last 70 years. Once seen as the ‘taint of the mark of the beast’, the perception of much of what the Germans left behind has slowly changed from being despised and reviled, buried underground or dumped at sea, to being reclaimed, restored, highly valued and treated as ‘heritage’.

Handback | £89.99 | ISBN-9783319034065 | 2014 | 

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Denial of the darkness, identity and nation-building in small islands: a case study from the Channel Islands [book chapter]

By Gilly Carr, in The Palgrave Handbook of Dark Tourism Studies edited by Stone P., Hartmann R., Seaton T., Sharpley R., White L.
Carr 2018

This chapter takes as its point of departure the opening chapter of the work of Gabriella Elgenius (2011) and, to a lesser extent, the work of Benedict Anderson (2006) who has argued that nations are but ‘cultural artefacts’ and ‘imagined communities’. I am drawn to the idea that the nation as an entity exists first and foremost in the imagination, an artefact comprising various elements chosen to fit that imagining. For, as will be discussed in this chapter, just as nations are cultural artefacts, so too are the aspects of heritage that they choose to symbolise, imagine, define and build themselves.

eBook | £160.55 | ISBN-9781137475664 | 2018 | 

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Fennell, S. 

China’s Rural–Urban Inequality in the Countryside

Shailaja Fennell
 Fennell 2018

This book approaches the issue of rural-urban inequality through fieldwork conducted in a specific township (Zuogang) in Qinggang County, part of Heilongjiang Province in northeastern China. Presenting painstaking fieldwork in a single location, it successfully illuminates fundamental aspects of the reality and the complexity of rural-urban inequality that cannot be found in macro-level studies, most of which are prepared by economists. The book offers a unique combination of rigorous economic analysis with insightful social and anthropological analysis, as well as revealing interviews with local government officials. This approach provides a rich tapestry of rural perceptions of rural-urban inequality.

eBook | £80.50 | ISBN-9789811082733 | 2018 | 

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Donors, Private Actors and Contracts: Recasting the Making and Ownership of Education Policy in Pakistan [book chapter] 

By Shailaja Fennell and Rabea Malik, in World Yearbook of Education 2016: The Global Education Industry edited by Verger, A., Lubienski, C., Steiner-Khamsi, G.
Fennell 2016

This latest volume in the World Yearbook of Education series examines the global education industry both in OECD* countries as well as developing countries, and presents the works of scholars based in different parts of the word who have significantly contributed to this area of research. Focusing on the areas of cross-over in public-private partnerships in education, WYBE 2016 critically examines the actors and factors that have propelled the global rise of the education industry.

Paperback | £34.99 | ISBN-9781138855403 | 2016 | 

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Filippucci, P. 

‘The cemetery of France’: the Ossuary at Douaumont and the Victory Monument at Verdun (France) [book chapter] 

By Jean-Paul Amat, Paola Filippucci, Edwige Savouret, in War and cultural heritage: biographies of place Edited by Sørensen, M. L. S., Viejo-Rose, D.
Sorensen 2015

A shift in the symbolic ‘site of memory’ at Verdun substantially shaped the creation of the physical landscape of remembrance post-1916, examined in this chapter through the ‘biographies’ of the two monuments already mentioned, the Ossuary at Douaumont and the Monument to Victory. Both monuments commemorate the same event and were erected as elements of a memorial landscape uniting the city and ‘its’ battlefield through ritual and symbolism. However, this picture is complicated by the fact that monuments are physical entities located in a concrete landscape.

Hardback | £67 | ISBN-9781107059337 | 2015 | 

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Galanakis, Y. 

Codebreakers and Groundbreakers

Edited by Galanakis, Y., Christophilopoulou, A., Grime, J.
Galanakis 2017

In this book two stories are told:of the people who worked on breaking vital codes in the Second World War and those who deciphered the Linear B script – Europe’s earliest comprehensible writing system.  Here experts in the fields of Mycenaean epigraphy and the study of the Aegean Bronze Age join with fellow specialists in mathematics, cryptography and the history of the computer.

Paperback | £12 | SKU: CODEBRPB | 2017 | 

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The Aegean World: A Guide to Cycladic, Minoan, and Mycenaean Antiquities in the Ashmolean

Edited by Yannis Galanakis
Galanakis 2014

The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford is home to one of the finest collections of art and archaeology in the world. With some 10,000 objects, it is also the home of the best and most comprehensive collection of Aegean antiquities outside of Greece. The collection, along with its rich archival documentation, provides a continuing source of study and inspiration for scholars and the public alike. With the expertise of a distinguished group of contributors, this book draws out many of the stories presented in the museum.

Paperback | £20 | ISBN: 9606878597 | 2014 |

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Gelsthrope, L. 

Research Ethics in Criminology: Dilemmas, Issues and Solutions

Edited by Cowburn, M., Gelsthorpe, L., Wahidin, A.
Gelsthorpe 2017

Ethical principles and concerns are at the heart of criminological research and can arise at the planning, implementation and reporting stages. It is vital that researchers are aware of the issues involved so that they can make informed decisions about the implications of certain choices. This cutting-edge book charts the changing topography of ethics, governance and accountability for social science research in criminology, contributes to the developing discourse on research ethics and demonstrates the importance as to why research ethics should be taken seriously.

Paperback | £37.99 | ISBN-9781138803701 | 2017 | 

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Janik, L. 

Making community: Rock art and the creative acts of accumulation [book chapter]

Liliana Janik and Mark Sapwell, in Ritual landscapes and borders within rock art research edited by Stebergløkken, H.M.V., Berge, R., Lindgaard, E., Vangen Stuedal, H.
Janik 2015

Ritual landscapes and borders are recurring themes running through Professor Kalle Sognnes' long research career. This anthology contains 13 articles written by colleagues from his broad network in appreciation of his many contributions to the field of rock art research. The contributions discuss many different kinds of borders: those between landscapes, cultures, traditions, settlements, power relations, symbolism, research traditions, theory and methods

Paperback | £61.70 | ISBN-9781784911584 | 2015 | 

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'Preservation by Record': The Case from Eastern Scandinavia [book chapter]

Liliana Janik, in Open-Air Rock-Art Conservation and Management: State of the Art and Future Perspectives edited by Darvill, T., Batarda Fernandes, A. P.
Janik 2014

Preservation by record is a key concept in heritage management. It applies where preservation in situ (keeping a site  in an unchanged state) is impossible or impractical and involves making a  detailed and comprehensive record before the material is lost. In the case of  the White Sea rock-art, complex ‘preservation by record’ becomes essential  when rock surfaces are stripped bare of any vegetation and the area is too  big to install a protective cover.

Hardback | £115 | ISBN-9780415843775 | 2014 | 

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Liu, Y. 

The unfamiliar and the indeterminate: Language, identity and social integration in the school experience of newly-arrived migrant children in England [journal article]

Michael Evans and Yongcan Liu in Journal of Language, Identity & Education
Lui 2018

Research into the language socialisation of migrant-background children in new educational contexts has pointed to a complex relationship between language, identity, and social integration. This article helps us to further define this relationship in two main ways. Firstly, through focusing on the specific (and largely neglected) context of the experiences of newly-arrived migrant school children from disadvantaged backgrounds and with little initial command of English, in the East of England, which has in recent years seen a steep rise in the population of children from Eastern Europe in particular. Secondly, through inductive analysis of the pupils' accounts of their experience in the new environment, the article identifies four key themes which shed light on the overlap between language, identity, and social integration in this context: perceptions of exclusion in the new language environment, the social boundaries of language use, L1 exchange as communicative capital, and languages and identity simulation.

DOI: 10.1080/15348458.2018.1433043 | 2018

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Chinese heritage language learning: Negotiating identities, ideologies and institutionalisation [book chapter]

Patricia A. Duff, Yongcan Liu, and Duanduan Li, in Routledge Handbook of Heritage Language Education: From Innovation to Program Building edited by Kagan, O. E., Carreira, M. M., Hitchens Chik, C.

Lui 2017

The Routledge Handbook of Heritage Language Education provides the rapidly growing and globalizing field of heritage language (HL) education with a cohesive overview of HL programs and practices relating to language maintenance and development, setting the stage for future work in the field. Driving this effort is the belief that if research and pedagogical advances in the HL field are to have the greatest impact, HL programs need to become firmly rooted in educational systems..

Hardback | £18 | ISBN-9781138845787 | 2017| 

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Sørensen M. L. S.  

War and cultural heritage: biographies of place

Edited by Marie Louise Stig Sørensen and Dacia Viejo Rose
Sorensen 2015

The reconstruction of society after conflict is complex and multifaceted. This book investigates this theme as it relates to cultural heritage through a number of case studies relating to European wars since 1864. The case studies show in detail how buildings, landscapes, and monuments become important agents in post-conflict reconstruction, as well as how their meanings change and how they become sites of competition over historical narratives and claims.

Hardback | £67 | ISBN-9781107059337 | 2015 | 

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 Heritage Studies: Methods and Approaches

Edited by Marie Louise Stig Sørensen and John Carman
Sorensen 2009

This is the first volume specifically dedicated to the consolidation and clarification of Heritage Studies as a distinct field with its own means of investigation. It presents the range of methods that can be used and illustrates their application through case studies from different parts of the world, including the UK and USA. The challenge that the collection makes explicit is that Heritage Studies must develop a stronger recognition of the scope and nature of its data and a concise yet explorative understanding of its analytical methods.

Paperback | £33.99 | ISBN-9780415431859 | 2009 | 

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Viejo Rose, D.   

Reconstructing Spain: cultural heritage and memory after civil war

Dacia Viejo Rose
Viejo Rose 2011

This book explores the role of cultural heritage in post-conflict reconstruction, whether as a motor for the prolongation of violence or as a resource for building reconciliation. The research was driven by two main goals: first, to understand the post-conflict reconstruction process in terms of cultural heritage, and second, to identify how this process evolves in the medium term and the impact it has on society. The Spanish Civil War (1936–39) and its subsequent phases of reconstruction provides the primary material for this exploration.

Hardback | £65 | ISBN-9781845194352 | 2011 | 

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Cultural Heritage and Armed Conflict: New Questions for an Old Relationship

Dacia Viejo-Rose and Marie Louise Stig Sørensen, in The Palgrave Handbook of Contemporary Heritage Research edited by Waterton, E., Watson, S.

Viejo Rose 2015

It has become increasingly clear that cultural heritage is an important agent in the interfacing between culture generally and the specificities of politics. This has particular significant repercussions regarding the roles that heritage plays in armed conflict. Analyses of this intersection have therefore become an important field within heritage studies. Such studies have begun to reveal the multifaceted and profound ways that cultural heritage is affected by armed conflicts: it is looted, damaged and destroyed either as a result of deliberate targeting or as part of the general violence.

eBook | £108 | ISBN-9781137293565 | 2015 | 

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Winterbottom M.   

Ksar Said: Building Tunisian Young People’s Critical Engagement with Their Heritage [journal article]

Di Giuseppantonio Di Franco, P.; Winterbottom, M.; Galeazzi, F.; Gogan, M. 


This paper describes the work undertaken as part of the ‘Digital Documentation of Ksar Said’ Project. This project, funded by the British Council, combined education, history, and heritage for the digital preservation of tangible and intangible aspects of heritage associated with the 19th century Said Palace (Ksar Said) in Tunis. We produced an interactive 3D model of Ksar Said and developed learning resources to build Tunisian students’ critical engagement with their heritage through inquiry learning activities within the 3D model. Results demonstrate the potential of this novel approach to virtual learning and inform future co-design, evaluation and implementation choices for improving the generative power of three dimensional virtual replication of heritage sites in the cultural heritage sector.

DOI: 10.3390/su11051373 | 2019 |

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Why do parrots talk? Co-investigation as a model for promoting family learning through conversation in a natural history gallery [journal article]

Emily Harris and Mark Winterbottom in Journal of Biological Education
Winterbottom 2018


Research into how and what families learn in science museums and other informal science learning settings suggests that parent-child interactions play an important role in shaping children’s learning experiences. Our exploratory case study set out to discover and analyse learning happening within family groups during a visit to a traditional museum natural history gallery. Research methods were influenced by a growing body of literature that looks for learning in family visitor talk.

DOI: 10.1080/00219266.2017.1408934 | 2018 | 

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