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Dr John Carman is Senior Lecturer in Heritage Valuation in the Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage, University of Birmingham. After a career in commercial governance and compliance, he obtained his PhD in Archaeology from the University of Cambridge in 1993, examining the relationship between archaeological heritage and law; the PhD was subsequently published in 1996 as Valuing Ancient Things: archaeology and law. He has since taught, written and presented widely on issues in archaeological heritage and its management and has particular interests in theorising issues of value and property and in comparative approaches to heritage practice internationally. He has also published with his partner Patricia Carman on historic battlefields, deriving from their joint Bloody Meadows project, and their current project will produce an ontology of the historic battlefield as a particular category of place.


Affiliated Member, Cambridge Heritage Research Centre
Senior Lecturer in Heritage Valuation, Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage, University of Birmingham
Dr John  Carman
Not available for consultancy