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Activities & Events

Yangshao Culture: 100 Year Research History and Heritage Impact


Research Activities

2018-19: Research activities aim at establishing the crucial points in the developments of investigations of the past until 1921.

2019: Research activities aimed at tracing the impact of mining engineers and geologists in the discovery of the Yangshao culture and the beginning of ’modern’ archaeology in China.

2019: Identifying and create short biographies of key individuals related to these developments both in China and Europe.

2018-19: Locating relevant archival material, including photographs, diaries, and reports (in Europe and China).

2019: Produced paper “Under the surface”, by Prof Marie Louise Stig Sørensen and Dr Guohua YANG to be published in P. Crook and C. Williamson ‘Archaeology, History, Philosophy and Heritage: Essays in Honour of Tim Murray’.

2019: working on the volume “The Research History of the Yangshao Culture.


Recruitment Activities

The first project PhD studentship has been offered to Mrs XU Zhiyin. Mrs Xu will take up the PhD in Archaeology at the Department of Archaeology under the supervision of Prof Marie Louise Stig Sørensen in October 2019 having obtained a BA degree from Fudan University and a MA from University College London.


Communication & Dissemination Activities

Yangshao Culture Project Logo

The project logo (designed by O. Antczak) is composed of several elements.  The orange circle represents the land with the Yellow River running through it. The flower, considered by some scholars to be a symbol of ancient China, is derived from painted decoration on Neolithic pottery. The image of ‘Fish and Human Mask’ is borrowed from the ‘Pottery Bowl Decorated with Fish and Human Mask’, which was found in the Yangshao Culture site at Panpo village in 1955, and now in the collections of the National Museum of China. This pot has become a representative example of the Yangshao Banpo type pottery.




News on the research project “Yangshao Culture: 100 Year Research History and Heritage Impact”, was published at Cambridge Heritage Bulletin (page 1-2) on 15 January 2019.

Images of Chinese heritage sites feature on the Cambridge Heritage Research Centre (CHRC) Instagram account ( to share awareness of these sites widely. 


Events & Talks

Prof Marie Louise Stig Sørensen: ‘The Yangshao Culture: 100 Year Research History and Heritage Impact’, Paper given at the China Centre Intellectual Forum: Fellows’ China Day in Jesus College, University of Cambridge on 29 November 2018.

Dr Guohua YANG: ‘The Yangshao Culture: 100 Year Research History and Heritage Impact’ was presented to the Education Section in the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, in London on 10 April 2019.

Project poster ‘The Yangshao Culture: 100 Year Research History and Heritage Impact’ produced for the CHRC Heritage fair at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research in Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge in October 2018.