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Project Funding

Yangshao Culture: 100 Year Research History and Heritage Impact


Yangshao Culture: 100 Year Research History and Heritage Impact is generously funded by the Beifang International Education Group and Shanghai Academy of Guyewang Studies


Beifang International Education Group was founded by the Northern Investment Group in February, 2013, as a platform for sharing resources, improving operations, and promoting internationalization in higher education. Since then, BIEG has undergone a period of rapid development, with a steady increase in both enrolment and overall quality.

Northern Investment Group (NIG) is a large-scale, privately-owned and socially responsible investment corporation, established in Beijing in 1991. With forward-looking vision grounded in cutting-edge scientific management principles, NIG has invested significantly in education among it other fields of investment. 


The Shanghai Academy of Guyewang Studies is a cultural and historical research institution registered within Jinshan District in Shanghai Municipality (Address: No. 311 Longping Road, Jinshan District, Shanghai Municipality, P.R. China; Post code: 200540). 

The Academy is established as a legal entity in China. The aim of the Academy is to unite the power of government with the expertise of universities and museums to study China’s outstanding traditional culture, history and heritage. Its aim is to spread and carry forward the spirit of excellence in Chinese traditional culture, history and heritage. Accordingly, its objectives are to carry out in-depth research on Chinese culture, and promote its protection, together with the display, exchange, and development of this heritage and other related work. In order to realise these aims and objectives, the Academy intends to bring Chinese culture research experts and scholars at home and abroad, together with the relevant national, provincial, municipal units and institutions to build innovative collaborative projects. The Academy has good scholarly communication and cooperative relationships with cultural education, archaeology, heritage and cultural organizations all over in China and on this basis, strives to build up an international culture and academic research base.  

The Academy’s research interest is the Yangshao Culture, especially its potential as national heritage and World Heritage. Since the Yangshao Culture sites are spread over ten provinces in China, the Academy hopes to overcome existing administrative barriers by establishing the project in Cambridge University. The Academy also aims to promote an interdisciplinary approach, especially developing heritage perspectives, in order to reassess the significance of the Yangshao Culture regarding perceptions of the origin of the Chinese nation.

In recent years, the Academy has been published such historical and heritage books as the “Biography of Zhu Kaixuan”, the “Biography of Gao Pingzi”, the “Chronicle of Guyewang” (2016), and “Confucius Guyewang in Jiangdong”(2018), Chinese Literature and History Press: Beijing.